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How Better to Support Our Gifted and Talented Students in Schools

- IDEA, Section 504, and ADA are laws that benefit students with disabilities; however, there is no federal legislation that supports students who are classified as gifted or talented. Other disabilities as opposed to gifted and talented are easily defined. Most states adopt (with modification) the federal definition. The definition most commonly used or modified is: The term “gifted and talented children” means children and, whenever applicable, youth, who are identified at the preschool, elementary , or secondary level as possessing demonstrated or potential abilities that give evidence of high performance capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, specific academic, or leadership...   [tags: modified, gifted, talented, students]

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The Talented Freak

- The music industry has taken a wrong turn, and it affects our new generation; music videos becoming more like pornographic trailers causing men and women to objectify each other as a sex object. According to Camille Paglia (lecturer, educator, and feminist) in “Lady Gaga and The Death of Sex,” “Hollywood discovered that sex was great box office” (2). Because sex sells, it is a market technique used by record companies to sell more record. So does sex usage really empower women. In Paglia’s article, “Madonna I: Animality and Artifice,” she claims that dominatrix (used by Madonna) empowers women, and it should be praised by all female musicians (89)....   [tags: Music, Lady Gaga, Sex]

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Implementation of the Gifted and Talented Program

- ... The campus coordinator has two weeks to gain signatures for the parental consent form. Consent is sent back to Stephanie and she will facilitate student assessments. These assessments include the Torrence Test of Creative Thinking, Cognitive Abilities Test, Primary Test of Cognitive Skills, Terra Nova, and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Passing on these tests indicates an invitation into the program. A student profile with test scores and three recommending signatures is provided to the Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Cindy, and she will notify the parents of the invite into the Gifted and Talented Program....   [tags: teachers, grade, committee]

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A Working Definition Of Gifted And Talented

- Before moving on in the research, a working definition of gifted and talented needs to be developed. This definition has evolved on both the federal and the state level. The first definition was given by the federal government in The Education Amendments of 1969 (Stephens & Karnes, 2000). It defines gifted and talented as “’children who have outstanding intellectual ability or creative talent, the development of which requires special activities or services not ordinarily provided by local education agencies ‘” (Stephens & Karnes, 2000, p....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Gifted education]

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Teaching Gifted and Talented Students

- Part I: Introduction Gifted and talented students are so “smart” that they can be left alone with a textbook and will learn the material without much help from the teacher. Gifted and talented students are blessed with such skill, it is unfair to the average students if I spend time with the gifted students. Gifted and talented students have no problems. Gifted and talented students do not deserve more educational funding or resources. The preceding statements are all myths about gifted and talented students....   [tags: Education]

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Identifying The Identification Of Talented Students

- Introduction According to Frasier (1997), schools have most of the times struggled to figure out exceptionally gifted learners, and the process has been marred with controversies. The political issues and the implications in labeling children as talented instigate such controversies. However, the identified gifts is important, considering the schools commitment in nurturing the talent (Frasier, 1997). This paper examines the identification of talented students, the challenges involved, as well as the appropriate identification procedure and practices to nurture the identified talent....   [tags: Education, Standardized test]

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A Talented Artist From The Hood

- A talented artist from the hood gets an opportunity to further his hopeful career and help his troubled brother and mother get out of the ghetto, but his journey to fame is tougher than he thought when his past won’t let him or his family go. BRIEF SYNOPSIS: ANGELO MURPHY (22) is a budding talented artist. He lives in the ghetto with his mother, OLIVIA, (38), a recovering alcoholic, and his younger, troubled brother, RICKY (15). Shootings in their neighborhood are common. Angelo and his family stay secluded in their home....   [tags: Gang, Crime, Los Angeles, KILL]

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Where Are The Talented Teachers Going?

- Introduction The following critical analysis was conducted on an article about teacher resilience in urban schools by Yonezawa, Jones & Singer (2011). This author does concur with the authors’ result that a large problem facing education today is the early and frequent loss of new and talented teachers. To elevate this issue administrators need to provide teachers with professional development opportunities to enhance their resiliency and self-efficacy. According to the authors and other research conducted while preparing this critical analysis, teacher retention on average is rather consistent in that the first five years of teaching is when new teachers are most susceptible to leave the pr...   [tags: Educational Issues]

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Andrew Is Extremely Talented : Andrew

- Andrew is a college-aged caucasian male attending a music school for drumming. Andrew is extremely talented. Andrew has acquired this talent from obsessive practicing, often resulting with staying up all hours of the night, playing past the point where his hands have become broken and bloody. Andrew became increasingly verbally aggressive with the other drummers in the band over the performing seat; before a performance, Andrew was involved in a severe car accident, refused medical attention, and ran to his performance so that the other drummers would not take his spot....   [tags: Narcissistic personality disorder, Narcissism]

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How to Retain Talented Staff?

- Talent retention refers to the ability and the efforts of a company to keep with top performance employees in their workforce, in other words, avoid turnover. Over the last decades talent retention has become a main concern for companies, as a shortage cause by different factors struck the market. While companies struggle not to suffer the setbacks of turnovers, employees benefit from the new practices applied for talent retention. Further, this pursuit to improve talent retention on the 21st century is improving employees’ quality of life....   [tags: human capital, workforce, employees]

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Gifted and Talented Case Study

- After reading Eduardo’s situation I believe that his instruction that he has been given does not cater to his interest such as role playing such as he would do in the Hispanic drama club. I would need to incorporate Eduardo’s strengths in my 9th grade history lessons. If there is a gifted and talented program in the high school that I am teaching in, I would refer him to the gifted and talented program. Students who are labeled as gifted and talented in the classroom face challenges of acceptance from their peers....   [tags: Case Study]

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Educating Exceptionally Talented Students

- Concern for at-risk learners forces the education of high ability learners to take a backseat in traditional classroom. Standard instruction and curriculum based on a pacing and sequencing method does not always allow students to accelerate. By definition, the term “gifted” exemplifies exceptionality often regarding intellect, creativity and leadership. An identification of gifted suggests that an individual requires specialized services and curriculum that are not always addressed by traditional methods of education....   [tags: Special Education, gifted]

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The Gifted and Talented

- The Gifted and Talented The term “gifted” can mean many things. Up until recently it was the word used to describe people with profoundly high intelligence. Now, adding the words “creative” and “talented”, the category of giftedness has been extended to include not only exceptionally intelligent people, but also people with extraordinary ability in other areas, not just with IQ tests (Drew, Egan, & Hardman, 2002). The identification and definition of giftedness have been controversial for many, many decades....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Adressing the Needs of the Gifted and Talented Students

- Abstract The education of the gifted and talented student is often neglected in this country. The neglect is not done on purpose but it is sometimes due to the lack of information on the education of this particular student. Teachers must first understand the gifted and talented student, familiarize themselves on more appropriately educating the student and learn to work with parents, guardians and other teaching professionals to provide for the academic needs of the gifted and talented student....   [tags: Special Education, teaching]

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Talented teenagers: The roots of success and failure

- 1. Complex attentional structure is mentalities formed by habits enforced in early childhood development environment that eventually become the person natural behavior such as personality trait. Related because the perspective of the theory is defined by a process of two opposing forces that mutually combined to further an individual’s development to a higher level. Piaget thought that cognitive development was stimulated by the mind taking new information comparing or incorporates with already existing learned information....   [tags: teenagers, learning, integration]

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Mozart : The Son Of Leopold A Talented Violinist

- One of the greatest composers in 1756 Salzburg, Austria was born. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was the son of Leopold a talented violinist. Brother of Maria Anna a talented clavier and a brilliant performer. Mozart at the age of four was composing his own pieces, and at the age of six he was performing for the Empress Maria Theresa. His father presented his son and daughter throughout Europe in his early childhood. Mozart became the most celebrated child prodigy of his time as a violinist, violist, pianist, and as a great composer....   [tags: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Opera]

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Analysis of a Program for the Gifted and Talented Students

- A. Background Information CCC Kei Faat Primary School is a public school directly under the HK CCCC (The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China), which founded in 1965. The school has a long history and excellent school spirit. It pledges to provide quality “Whole Person Education” which emphasizes on cultivating students’ morality, intelligence, physical and social ability. Gifted and talented education has been included in the scope of school development plan. Besides, the school regards “to popularize and optimize gifted and talented education” as their educational concept....   [tags: Education Design, Education Philosophy]

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Critique of the Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scales

- There are six sections in the response/summary forms (Jarosewich, Pfeiffer, & Morris, 2002). Section one is for identifying information of the student; while section two is where the assessor records the student’s raw scores. Section three plots the results of the GATES in a clear illustration to show the student’s performance against other gifted and talented students. Section four, five, and six all further detail the raw score of the student by converting the raw score into percentiles, etc. Once the scores are completed they can be assessed against the individual scales....   [tags: scoring, standardization]

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Career Counseling for Gifted and Talented Youth

- Providing career counseling to youth is not always an easy task; it comes with many obstacles and considerations, especially since it is a critical time in career decision-making and exploration (Gibson, 2005; Anderson & Vandehey, 2012). Through the work of various researchers, this paper provides helpful approaches regarding the guidance of gifted and talented youth in exploring and identifying career opportunities. According to the National Society for the Gifted and Talented (2012), gifted children and youth are those that are capable of performing at extraordinarily high levels and achieve accomplishments at great volume, while exercising exceptional talents in comparison to other child...   [tags: guidance, decisions, theories]

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What Makes A Child Gifted And Talented

- “What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning.” That’s what the senior United States Senator from Iowa Chuck Grassley once said. When students get a “F” on their exam, that does not necessary means they are stupid, or they do not know the material. It could only mean they have a different way of learning, or a different way of explaining the material which the teacher is not aware of. There are different ways of learning that students have, and there are different ways they apply their knowledge into real life....   [tags: Psychology, Learning, Education, Intelligence]

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The Most Talented Guys I Know

- “You know, if I was born before these watches, I’d actually be considered cool,” Danny said, sipping on a beer. “Amy Winehouse. Janis Joplin. Kurt Cobain. They were twenty-seven when they died. And everyone mourned them like crazy. It was so tragic, so unexpected to lose someone so young. It almost made you seem special, you know. Seem mysterious.” “The only difference is that they had talent, and you don’t,” I teased. He rightfully jabbed me in the ribs with his elbow. I was kidding, of course; Danny was one of the most talented guys I know....   [tags: 2006 singles, 2007 singles, Debut albums, Anxiety]

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Classification of Gifted and Talented Students

- Classification of Gifted and Talented Students Many people have varying views on what classifies a student as gifted and talented. According to the Office of Gifted and Talented, six qualities determine giftedness. These qualities are intellectual ability as well as talent, scoring in the 97th percentile and above on aptitude tests, creative thinking, leadership ability, talents in the fine arts, and psychomotor abilities. Using the definition supplied by Bruce User, “a school system could expect to identify 10% to 15% or more of its student population as gifted and talented” (2000, p....   [tags: Education Intellect School Intelligence Essays]

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Identification of Gifted and Talented Students

- Identification of Gifted and Talented Students When I was in the second grade, all of the students at my elementary school were given a special test one day in class. We were told that it was not for a grade, but that it was to help the school know more about us. None of us really understood what the test was, or what the school would use it for, and it is certain that no one in my class that day understood the implications of what those results would mean for us the rest of our lives. The topic of gifted and talented education is one that has always sparked debates among parents and teachers, and recent movements towards totally integrating classrooms have added to this debate....   [tags: Education Learning Papers]

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Talented but Unconfident - Original Essay

- Talented but Unconfident - Original Essay He played like a virtuoso that moved me to tears by the feeling and expression he out in, on top of the nuances in his playing. Vincent had the making of a concert pianist. He had a tremendous gift for music, which strangely had only been evident recently. “Why don’t you become a pianist. You have such immense talent to be one,” I asked inquisitively one day. “Oh, nothing of that sort,” he brushed away my suggestion. “I am not that good....   [tags: Free Essays]

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Does Being Talented Affect A Child 's Intelligence?

- Does Being Musically Talented Affect A Child’s Intelligence. When people see young children play instruments skillfully, they say, “ That child must be really talented.” But have you ever witnessed or heard someone say, “ That child must be really intelligent” when they see a child who is musically talented. No right. Not many have ever really considered the concept that musical talent could be correlated to human intellect. So does being musically talented affect a child’s intelligence. According to my research, music does have a direct impact on human intellect....   [tags: Theory of multiple intelligences, Intelligence]

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Effective Curriculum Models for Gifted and Talented Students

- ... This type of curriculum helps the students understand discipline-based content by using representative topics, inductive teaching, and analytic learning activities. The next component of the Parallel Curriculum is the curriculum of connections. This parallel is helping students connect concepts, principles, and skills within and across discipline, and events. Students are not only making connections with time, events, and other disciplines but also making connections to self, other text, and other people....   [tags: integrated curriculum model, education]

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My Opinion About Gifted And Talented Students

- This week’s reading was very interesting, especially after reading my colleagues opinion about gifted and talented students. According to Heward, gifted and talented students are in need of special education because they have special needs too (Heward, 2013). I have learned that all children are special and unique; some children may have special needs based on disabilities, disorders, learning styles, gifts and talents. Thus, I believe is crucial for educators to be ready to provide the accommodations their students need in order to succeed....   [tags: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder]

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Music And Lyrics By The Very Talented Phil Darg

- Sasquatched was the longest play that I have seen in life so far, as a un-experienced musical watcher. From the beginning to the end of the musical production I was hooked, whether it was from jokes that were incorporated into the story, or from the message that the story was trying to portray to the audience members. The book, music and lyrics was written by the very talented Phil Darg, who is a North Hennepin Community College Alumnus. The musical Sasquatched was directed by the one and only Mike Ricci, the acting was done by the talented and few theatre artists from North Hennepin, along with a couple other people from the community....   [tags: Actor, Acting, Theatre, Lateral pass]

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Secondary Talented and Gifted Programming: Challenges and Successes

- Iowa Code 257.42 specifies that all public schools in Iowa must offer talented and gifted (TAG) programming; however, that same code does not specify what that programming must include (Iowa Department of Education, TAG FAQs). The Iowa Department of Education provides further guidance for how TAG monies cannot be spent but very little information on how to use TAG funds. Iowa schools have a lot of local control and discretion for what TAG programming occurs within their district. All districts have the challenge of providing effective programming for their TAG students....   [tags: Education]

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Talented Jazz Musician: Harry Connick, Jr

- Harry Connick, Jr. Harry Connick, Jr., is an extremely talented jazz musician. He was born September 11, 1967. His parents, Harry Connick Sr. and Anita Livingston, are a big part of Connick’s life. They have contributed so much to his career and have helped to form him into the magnificent jazz musician he is today. It was apparent from a very young age that Connick would become a jazz musician. He had many early influences as a young boy. In his childhood he studied jazz piano under James Booker, a very talented jazz musician....   [tags: biography, influence, family]

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In a World of Highly Competitive Business, Talented Leadership is the Anwer

- ... This would cause huge negative repercussion for entire structure of the organization. Therefore, with a mission, the company will be able to have a strong foundation and the senior managers will be able to clearly direct and motivate the company’s manpower. Based on the mind map above, there has to be a strong sense of foresight. Having a mission is not enough but to have a mission to remains relevant in the long run is very important for a company to grow and to inspire its management level employees to perform better....   [tags: management, mind map, performance]

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Adolf Hitler: One of the Most Talented Orators in History

- Throughout the course of time there have been many world renowned orators, that have forever changed history. The power to speak and captivate an audience is a gift that not many possess. There are have been numerous leaders throughout the world that have achieved this gift and have put it to use. There have been both positive and negative outcomes of public speaking by famous leaders. Whether it was African-American civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., changing the world and the views of people for the better with his “I Have A Dream” speech, or German dictator, Adolf Hitler, pushing his anti-semitic views through his Nazi speeches, people listened....   [tags: Communication ]

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Antisocial Personality Disorder in the Film The Talented Mr. Ripley

- ... He did not own the jacket, yet when asked if he had went to the school he said he did. The man, Mr. Greenleaf then asked if he knew his son Dickie. Instead of saying he didn’t, he continued further with his lie to say he did and asked how Dickie was. Mr. Greenleaf begs Tom whom he believes is a friend of Dickie’s to go to Italy and bring his son back home and he would give him $1000 for his troubles. Tom shows intelligence in digging up information about Dickie so he could form a relationship with him based on interests....   [tags: remorse, aggressive, responsibility, plan]

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First Break All The Rules Co-authored by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman

- First, Break All the Rules – Book Review Introduction First, Break all the Rules, a true in-depth study, utilized an enormous amount of data to uncover the 12 needs of the most talented employees. In this book co-authored by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman, the first research study conducted asked the question, ‘What do the most talented employees need from their workplace?’ The key breakthrough to answer this question was that talented employees need great managers. Using interviews of one million employees, Gallup Inc., an American research-based consulting company, came up with a dozen questions to determine if these needs are being met (Buckingham and Coffman 11)....   [tags: talented employees, satisfaction, jobs]

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Helping Gifted Learners Soar by VanTassel-Baska

- Question 1 Based on the information you have read in the text and any experiences you have had as a teacher, what do you think are the issues gifted students face as they go through school. Based from the information provided by VanTassel-Baska, et. Al. (2009), gifted and talented students face the same issues as their regular peers but they have different way of viewing these issues and it affects them differently as well. The book discussed different issues that gifted learners face and recommendations on how to address these issues were also available for teachers, administrators and other school personnel....   [tags: gifted and talented students]

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Gifted and Talented Education Research Paper

- Gifted and Talented Education Research Paper It is important to understand the many different methods of educating gifted and talented students. Most people, whether as teachers, students, or parents, will at some point be faced with the many options of educating the gifted and talented. In the United States today, 3-5 percent of students are considered gifted. Defining whether or not a student is gifted can be quite difficult, but many would agree that gifted students “are able to learn material rapidly and understand concepts deeply” (Lynch, 1999)....   [tags: essays papers]

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Human Resources Information Systems

- INTRODUCTION Human Resources Information Systems in simple words can be easily described as the combination of the Information system and the Human Resources through Human Resource software which helps in the function of the human resource process and activity to occur through electronic. Most of the Research conducted shown that HRIS installation leads to increase in the productivity of the employees in the organisation which includes both the managers and the employees and the efficiency improved a lot....   [tags: talented employees, efficiency]

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School System Of A Strategy For Identifying And Selecting Academically Talented Students

- “Impact in the school system of a strategy for identifying and selecting academically talented students: the experience of Program PENTA-UC” by Arancibia, Lissi, and Narea. Arancibia and Lissi are Ph.D.’s in Psychology and Narea a Ph.D. in Social Policy. Each of these doctors is very respected in their fields and is experts on children in school. This article talks about the development of programs in schools to help those who are talented, gifted and rise above the rest. Individuals that place above the normal curve are the talented ones....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Gifted education]

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The Challenges Human Resource and Management have Holding Talented Workers

- As the 21st century unfolds, major changes are starting to occur in the workplace. An awareness of unavoidable demographics is creating urgency for businesses to focus more attention and energy on keeping hold of talented employees and keeping them actively engaged in their work. For successful advance, sustainability and profitability, companies have to focus on practices that will universally motivate their workers. Human Resource and Management are using new approaches beyond the traditional solutions in training, development interventions, motivation initiatives, and others....   [tags: Business Management]

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John Updike: One of the Most Talented Writers of the Twentieth Century

- Thesis statement: John Updike’s writing style and versatility made him one of the most accomplished writers of the Postmodernism Movement. John Updike was born on March 18, 1932 in Reading, Pennsylvania (Academy of Achievement). Updike grew up with psoriasis and a stuttering problem, which caused him to feel isolated and lonely during his childhood (The Independent). He used drawing as an outlet, which sparked his interest in cartooning (TIME) and his dream of being a cartoonist for the New Yorker (Encyclopedia for World Biography)....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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William Wordsworth: The Most Extravagant and Talented Writer of the Romantic Era

- When glancing through the capacious history of literature, an ample amount of literary categories can be classified. One fragment of history that is in a league of its own is the Romantic Era (1785-1832). This phase of literature emphasizes emotion, imagination, personality, vision, and even irrationality. It is truly a generation of literature based on nature and it recognizably celebrates the habitual people over the aristocrats. Authors who wrote during this time rebelled against the conventional forms of Neoclassicism and rather decided to created works that sparked a dramatic modification in literature's history....   [tags: Biography ]

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Gifted and Talented Program Admissions: Needed Improvements and Reforms

- Gifted and Talented Program Admissions: Needed Improvements and Reforms Gifted and talented programs are intrinsically valuable to many children’s education as they provide a system in which all students involved are engaged, challenged, and intellectually stimulated. In "How People Learn", Donovan, Bransford, and Pellegrino (1999) stress the importance of each student being given reasonable and appropriate goals based on his or her level of understanding and competency (p. 20). Gifted and talented programs help institutionalize the attempt to meet all student’s needs by providing uniquely appropriate challenges which aim to keep every student engaged, thus receiving the best chance at suc...   [tags: Learning School Teaching Education Papers]

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Intellectual Women Work Through the Theories of the Talented Tenth

- Intellectual Women Work Through the Theories of the Talented Tenth In this article I will attempt to demonstrate a coherent link between the actions of Anna Julia Cooper, bell hooks, and Patricia Hill Collins as each intellectual carries (or carried) on the work of the Talented Tenth. This research will include a discussion of Cooper's educational work as well as her speaking career; in both areas she advocated equal education opportunities for Black women. The central concern of DuBois' theory, his advocacy for education and the creation of an upper class of Blacks, was thus promoted by Cooper through these vehicles....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Broken Dreams and Predictable Future in Ex-Basketball Player by John Updike

- Ex–Basketball Player – John Updike Never put all your eggs in one basket. It is the ever so common tale of a talented kid with broken dreams. Flick was an extremely gifted basketball player in high school with endless talent and lofty expectations but had nothing to fall back on once those dreams where shattered. In the poem, Ex-Basketball player, John Updike uses basketball imagery and puns to relate to the larger themes of broken dreams, and a predictable future. In the first stanza, John Updike writes about Pearl Avenue....   [tags: poem, basket ball items, talented kid]

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Academic Competitions

- Academic Competitions As many of us know, we do not have many academic competitions here in United States. While in other countries, however, students are combating for getting the top marks, so they can gain entry into good colleges. This will automatically raises their chances for receiving opportunities in the career fields they are striving for. The need to be the best has become the motivation behind many students in today’s academic settings. Our country has a problem with education and students dropping out of school, but if we have more academic competitions which bring out the best in students, we will have a lower percentage of dropouts and the newer generations will have the po...   [tags: Education, Talented Students]

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Treating and Educating Talented Children

- Often in our society, and in our educational systems, approximately 3 million gifted children in the United States of America-accounting for “approximately 6% of the student population” -get overlooked and do not receive the guidance that they need to flourish in the world today. These unusually gifted children can be categorized as children with “special needs…not covered by federal laws for the disabled.” To accommodate these special needs, parents, and teachers must understand how these children, and how to deal with their ups, and downs....   [tags: gifted children, children with special needs]

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The Talented P.T. Barnum

- ... (Kunhardt 8) When he was finally able to see Ivy Island for himself, he found that there were no “mines of silver and gold” but instead only an excess of snakes and poison ivy existed on the swampy land. P.T. realized that he had been the laughing stock of the family for years. This event was meant to strip him of his boyhood dreams and turn him into a hard-boiled Yankee, but instead it not only hardened him to life, but also seemed to compel him to hoax others as well. (Kunhardt 9) In P.T. Barnum, all the good traits of his family came to fruition....   [tags: politician, showman, businessman]

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Talented Writers Known as The Alabama Connection

- Native born and migrators to Alabama have been displaying their writing talents for centuries. The Alabama Connection is a family of writers either born in Alabama or who have migrated to Alabama. Some authors are from other states but wrote about Alabama. Alabama has a rich heritage and extraordinary genres including autobiographies, humor, poetry, drama, and fiction. Some of these intelligent, award winning, classic literature poets are: Booker T Washington, F.S. Fitzgerald, and Zora Neal Hurtsen....   [tags: washington, hurtsen, fitzgerald]

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Influential Activist and Talented Militry Leader

- Georgios Grivas is arguably the most influential character in the political Cyprus events of the last century. His undying passion for Cypriot Enosis and leadership through the conception of EOKA, was crucial to the Greek Cypriot movements towards independence and unity. A natural leader and man of action, Grivas founded several organizations, such as Organization X, EOKA, and EOKA B, and orchestrated countless resistance movements and attacks to fulfill his vision of a Greek Cyprus. Grivas had military ambitions from a young age....   [tags: georgios grivas, greek cyprus, eoka]

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Biography of Caravaggio (Michelangelo)

- CABAVAGGIO, ka'ra-va'jo, properly MichelAngelo Merisi or Mebisio (improperly Amerioi, Merioi, or. Mobigt) Da (c. 1565-1609). An eminent Italian painter, founder of the Naturalistic school. He is usually called after his birthplace Caravaggio, in the Province of Bergamo, where his father was master of the household and architect to the Marquis of Caravaggio. According to most recent research, he probably studied four or five years at Milan, perhaps with one of the Campi (q.v.), then passed some time in Venice....   [tags: Talented Naturalist Artist]

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High And Appropriate Public Education

- Our ways have changed over time because of different laws that have been put in place and because of the different social acceptances that our generation has come to have. Under laws, people who are considered to be gifted and talented must have access to a fair and equal education. Under IDEA 2004 and FAPE, all students are able to receive Free and Appropriate Public Education. This is meaning that every student must be given the materials that challenge them academically and encourage them to be the best student that they can be....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, University]

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What Affects Your Talents?

- "The word talent is plagued by almost as much ambiguities as the word genius" (Olson 99). No one person knows how you become talented at a hobby or task. It is an uncertainty that has perplexed researchers throughout the years. What affects talents. If a young student wants to be valedictorian, it will take a great amount of devotion and determination. It will not come to them over night. This goes for athletes as well. They are not going to become the greatest athlete by watching the sport. People must devote themselves to what they want to be talented in....   [tags: devotion, determination, practice]

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Evaluation Of An Effective Tool For Student Performance

- It has been brought to the school’s attention that there is a need for a more perpetual and comprehensive assessment of students while they are served in the Gifted and Talented Program. Formative assessments provide opportunities to evaluate student performance while the students are being served in the Gifted and Talented Program. Portfolios are an excellent way to evaluate student performance while also helping self-direct their learning and there by improving students’ aim in attaining particular educational goals....   [tags: Assessment, Evaluation, Education, Student]

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Accomplishments And Accomplishments Of Abraham Lincoln

- Austin Samuels Lincoln paper Nov. 4 2015 How does one define talented. That question can be answered in many ways. Would it be someone who won the Civil War, or went from poverty to president. Maybe it would be someone who pushed through the 13th amendment in a very divided congress. America’s 16th President, Abraham Lincoln was a talented leader, as demonstrated by his humor, thoughtfulness, intelligence, and his communication skills which will all be discussed through the duration of this paper....   [tags: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War]

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Case Study : Kevin Miller 's Moral Judgement And Self Concept

- Case Study Journal Six The case study on Kevin Miller is very challenging. Kevin Miller is White 5th grade student, and his parent are very supportive. Kevin has a problem with attention span; consequently, he I has been identified as a candidate for Greentree Elementary School Gifted and Talented Program. I will attempt to describe the issues related to Kevin’s moral judgement and self-concept; furthermore, I will make recommendations on his part. The Millers appear to be permissive parents; therefore, the Millers seem to support Kevin in his behavior and his maladaptive ways of coping....   [tags: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder]

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The Dictation of Learning

- The academic instruction given to students caused numerous approaches to form in order to best determine how concepts were received, sought throughout life, and utilized out of schooling. The debate over the dictation of learning has and continues to be a controversial topic. W. E. B. Du Bois made a point in his essay “The Talented Tenth” that higher education should focus on intellectually privileged, promising, and exceptional blacks in order to raise the academic level for their race. His essay, written in 1903, tackles the issue of education in an equally important, but different way than Charlotte Perkins Gilman, who protests against the idea of (the then) conventional instruction in he...   [tags: working class, talents, academic instruction]

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The 21st Century American Classroom

- The 21st Century American Classroom The 21st century American classroom, by most accounts, is diverse. According to Snowman and McCown (2014), “diversity can be a strength in the classroom; it supplies the learning environment with different perspectives and experiences that can enrich discussions and lead to new questions (p. 143). However, in order to fully realize diversity as a strength, diversity must be understood. What do you think about when you are asked to define diversity. Most people would list different skin tones, food preferences, native languages, all traits centering on ethnicity....   [tags: Gender, Feminism, Educational psychology, Sexism]

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The Impact of HR Practices on the Retention of Employees

- Introduction: Employee retention has become the fundamental challenge for the organizations. Hiring knowledgeable employees on the job is essential for an employer but keeping those employees is even more important than hiring. Companies are always searching for talented employees who have a large number of opportunities available to them. In this era, employee retention is becoming a critical issue as the result of lack of skilled labor, economic growth and employee turnover. It is hard to measure the exact cost for company associated with turnover....   [tags: Business Management ]

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What Creates Economic Inequality And Stratification With The Following Premises

- Functionalists believe everything exists for a purpose. They justify economic inequality/stratification with the following premises. 1. Some people are more talented than others. 2. Some jobs are more important than others. 3. More important jobs need to be taken by the more talented people. 4. Therefore, keep them interested by rewarding them with a higher pay. For them, economic inequality is a great thing and without it, society would collapse. Specifically, pay is what creates economic inequality....   [tags: High school, Higher education, Manager]

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Benefits Of A Two Tier Wages

- Introduction The concept of having a two-tier wages program is an issue that continues to elicit mixed reactions. The rationale used in the adoption of a two tier wages plan is that organizations will be maintaining a high number of talented employees within the organization. However, the outcome of the two tier wages plan is not as one would expect. On the contrary, the inherent wage disparity for groups in the same job category causes differences in the level of motivation. The argument here is that the two tier wages plan provide an enormous amount of problems than it solves....   [tags: Employment, Wage, Minimum wage, Management]

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Acceleration Within the School System

- Papers on the topic, acceleration within in the school system, have had two very distinct arguments. There are those who believe that accelerating students, enhances their psychological welfare and academic achievements. On the other hand there are those who raise concerns as to whether, accelerating students does negatively affect them in some dimension. The aim of this paper is to give an overview of acceleration in relation to the educational setting, and to discuss the impact (both negative and positive) that acceleration has on the lives of students....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Old African American Male Whom Is Homeless, Single, And Does Not Have Any Children As Reported

- Demographics Nathaniel Ayers, 64 year old African American male whom is homeless, single, and does not have any children as reported. No information received on employment. It was reported that he was born in Cleveland, Ohio on January 31, 1951. No information received on his religious practices. It was reported that Nathaniel has completed high school and started college at Julliard on a scholarship where he played the double bass. Background It was reported that Nathaniel Ayers has two sisters, Jennifer and Delsenia, and a brother whom the family called “Tony”....   [tags: Schizophrenia, The Soloist, Jazz, Violin]

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The Problem of Elitism in Schools and the Workplace

- Elitism is the belief in “concept of superiority: the belief that some people or things are inherently superior to others and deserve preeminence, preferential treatment, or higher rewards because of their superiority.” Academic elitism refers to the idea that in highly competitive academic environments only those individuals who are involved in scholarship are regarded as having worthwhile actions and ideas. Academic elitism proposes that those individuals who do not engage in such acts of scholarship are unimportant....   [tags: superiority, education, gifted]

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The Amazing Work of Composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote amazing works of art decades beyond his own time. He was a musical prodigy that people could not even conceive to understand. At the innocent age of four years old he learned to play songs with perfect grace. At age six he was composing his own music. Then by age eight he was composing his own symphonies that would be heard by thousands of people. For more than two hundred years his music has been heard by millions. He is without a doubt one of the greatest musicians that ever lived....   [tags: prodigy, music, symphony]

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A Third Factor That Affects Second Generation Mexicans

- A third factor that affects second-generation Mexicans in their strive for a higher education is the institutional lack of resources. These are the obstacles put forth by schools, ranging from geography-based resources, to the effect of standardized tests. Both bring forth additional problems Mexican students must face in attempting to reach a higher education. Geography plays a huge role in the education of these students and the availability of resources. Hispanics are the most likely to be enrolled in large schools with large class sizes, and these schools are also more likely to be underfunded and deficient in resources (Schhneider et....   [tags: Secondary education, High school, College]

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Student Participation And Create A Livelier Learning Environment

- Purpose The purpose of this interview was to gain some new information about using drama in the classroom in order to increase student participation and create a livelier learning environment. The person that I interviewed is a drama teacher at the talented program of EBR. She is working in this system almost two years. Also, she is a Ph.D. candidate who is working using drama in the classroom for her thesis. These are the questions that I prepared before the interview: 1. Can you describe your current position and expertise, and past experience as an educator....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Gifted education, Classroom]

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Elsa Schiaparelli: The "Poor" Fashion Designer

- Elsa Schiaparelli, an extremely talented, Italian fashion designer, gave beautiful, curvy women a perfect glow with her shocking pink and ice-cold blue dresses. Schiaparelli’s name remains unknown to the world while a large amount of her overrated competitors receive much credit for little effort. Schiaparelli strived for success through her new inventions, her film wardrobes, her irresistible perfumes, and her unique dresses while still being placed at the bottom of the fashion totem pole. Schiaparelli was born in Rome, Italy and started her career as a script writer in the United States before she moved to Paris to begin her life as a fashion designer....   [tags: Fashion & Style]

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Inclusive, Diverse Classroom: Prevent Behavior Problems

- Introduction Did you know our educational system is faced with a new enemy. The enemy has teachers, administrators, and counselors working around the clock trying to figure out how to get classrooms across the nation back in line. The name of this new, but familiar, enemy is called, “behavior problems”. Behavior problems, first, reared its ugly head in students who were in gangs, on drugs or just bullies. Now in the 21 century, classrooms are being filled more with students from diverse backgrounds....   [tags: Education, Disabilities, Diversity, Classroom Mana]

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Changes Brewing For African American History

- Changes Brewing for African Americans in the 1950s Determined to write a play about the African American experience in the United States for every decade during the 20th century, Wilson has written many plays representing each of these decades. “Fences” is one of such plays about African Americans in the 1950s. It began in 1957 and ended in 1965; however, the 1950s mark the time period when the struggle against segregation and racial discrimination became strong in the mainstream of American life, showing that the wind of change was blowing....   [tags: African American, Racial segregation]

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Personal Statement : ' Gosh '

- Hey there Eric, Gosh, where to start. Maybe at the beginning. I know I 've only known you for a few months, but since the moment I met you I liked you. I think you 're such a sweet and wonderful guy, and I 'm so happy that you chose to pursue my dear friend Kate. I 'm so happy that she has such a wonderful guy in her life. I know she 's super grateful to have you in her life, and I am too. You 're such a blessing to everyone here on base. Everybody loves you man. Seriously. I hear from a lot of people about how funny you are, or how silly you can be....   [tags: 2007 singles, Debut albums, Love, 2006 singles]

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Renaissance, the Rebirth in Europe

- As the middle ages came to an end in Europe and new time period was next, the Renaissance. The Renaissance means the rebirth and thats what it truly was in Europe. This was a transformation from the medieval times to the modern times. The Renaissance helped Europe make more jumps in arts. Artists who painted, sculpted and made music produce art that had more individualism and creativity. Two people impacted the Renaissance with new art and with new effects on society was Donatello and Leonardo Da Vinci....   [tags: artists, davinci, painters]

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William Edward Burghardt 's Theory Of The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People

- William Edward Burghardt (W.E.B) DuBois was born on February 23, 1868 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts and died in Accra, Ghana on August 27, 1963. He was an African-American sociologist, historian, civil rights activist, Pan-Africanist, author, and editor. During the first half of the 20th century he was one of the most significant black protest leaders in the United States. Dubois contributed his social theories on the black race through his writings, the Niagara movement, creation of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Pan-Africanism and his philosophy the “Talented Tenth”....   [tags: African American, W. E. B. Du Bois, Black people]

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Booker T Washington vs. W.E.B Dubois, Two Different Styles of African American Leadership

- In the early history of the civil rights movement two prominent African American leaders, Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois arose to accomplish one goal, education for all African Americans. During the turn of the century, between the years 1895 and 1915 there were many theories on how African Americans were going to achieve first-class citizenship. With two separate views on how to accomplish this goal, the African American community was split in half on who to support. While Booker T. Washington believed in industrial and agricultural labor, W.E.B....   [tags: civil rights, racism, ]

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A Case Study Of Customer And Enterprise Services ( Ces ) Division

- The first assigned reading was a case study of Customer and Enterprise Services (CES) Division. It is the back end customer service & support provider for majority of the insurance companies in the United States. The issue they faced was the demoralization of their work force. A lackadaisical quota based approach to work was prevalent among most levels due to the archaic & heartless management & leadership approach in place. The case study analyzes CES’s transformational process to counter this issue....   [tags: Management, Case study, Leadership, Employment]

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The Impact of Human Resource Practices on the Retention of Employees

- Introduction: Today, It has become the fundamental gainsay for the organizations to retain the most talented employees. Hiring knowledgeable employees on the job is essential for an employer but keeping those employees even more important than that of hiring. There are many companies who are always searching for talented employees so such employees have no shortage of opportunities. In this era, employee retention is becoming a critical issue as the result of shortage of skilled labor, economic growth and employee turnover....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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The Greatest Mark Of Respect During The 1920s World War I

- fortune.” Sweet decided to become a doctor and was accepted to medical school at Howard University. “A life in medicine would give Ossian the status he dreamed of –and the money he craved. A high income would give him the outward signs of success: the dapper clothes he never had the chance to wear, the fashionable home so different from the farmhouse his father had built. But to be called doctor-Doctor Ossian H. Sweet-that would be the greatest mark of respect he could imagine.” In the 1920s World War I had caused extreme Nationalism in American people....   [tags: Black people, White people, Ku Klux Klan, Race]

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Three Learning Themes Relevant to My Concept of Education

- ... (Clinkenbeard, 2012) For gifted and talented students, praising their independence is likely to have a much more positive impact on the student then praising the students’ abilities alone, suggesting that appropriate feedback upon success will lead to increases in self-efficacy. (Clinkenbeard, 2012) When I consider group learning situations in my lesson planning I would envisage composing groups myself. Research suggests students who select their own groups generally construct ones that are not heterogeneous, ones having for example high achievers with high achievers, minorities with minorities or females with other females....   [tags: schooling, teaching in Australia]

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Worldwide Relocation : A Powerful Constrain Around The World

- Worldwide relocation is a powerful constrain around the world. An excess of 175 million individuals, representing 3% of the world’s populace, live for the rest of their lives outside their home nations (UN 2002). Toward the beginning of the new millennium, European movement examples are exceptionally different than those from even 50 years back. Europeans emigrated vigorously in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, yet today the gathering and absorption of outsiders is a significant monetary and social sensation in numerous past emigration countries ("The Impact of Immigration on Germany’s Society." 9)....   [tags: Immigration, Spain, Europe, European Union]

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Critical Thinking Is A Good Strategy For Gifted Student

- There are many strategies that are helping all students to meet their education needs, one of the strategy is Critical-Thinking. Critical-Thinking is a good strategy for gifted student. I believe that using the critical thinking will help students gain self-esteem and teaching to their thinking. Teacher should has the idea to use critical thinking and when he or she can use this strategy and improve students thinking. I found study that was talking about the Dixon-Hegelian method. That study used with 4th and 5th grade class of gifted in the spring semester of the 1998-99 school year....   [tags: Critical thinking, Education, Gifted education]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' The Get Down '

- Back in the Bronx during the 1960’s and 1970’s it was common to see poverty, violence, gangs and drug dealers. This city was forgotten about and it was filled with poor people living inhumane places. Buildings were being burned to the ground by gangs hired by landlords, so they could collect insurance money. This lead to the evolution of music which changed society for years to come. In the episode of “The Get Down,” hope, violence and music is used illustrate the character lives and hardships they face in the Bronx....   [tags: Illegal drug trade, Gang, Crime, Drug]

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