• Tag Switching

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    Description of tag switching Tag switching is a protocol that is developed by Cisco as a solution to join the benefits of layer 2 data link layer (switching) with layer 3 network layer (routing). Moreover, the Tag switching can professionally be enabled the delivery of IP over ATM switching network. It uses tags between the layer 3 and layer 2 headers to provide high speed method of packet switching. The idea of the tag switching is that each tag has a fixed length label that will be told the tag switching

  • Tag Ad Analysis

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    deodorants which have earned them a handsome customer base that keep coming back for more. Every product they have on the market promises that beautiful young women will be more attracted to them as a result of its use. One such product is TAG Body Spray; this ad for TAG is right on target for reaching those average young males who feel they are in need of a little extra help with the ladies. By using relatable models, humor, and its well-known promise that it will magically make the wearer desirable to

  • Meta Tag Description

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    Meta Tag Description: Vitamins for acne explained in just 10 simple points here. Inter-relationship between hormonal and metabolic regulation to cure acne...scary facts about vitamins, and a sure cure solution for acne. Alternate Title: The 10 Important Vitamins For Acne and Their Roles In Healing 10 important Vitamins For Acne ! The Complete Guide A lot has been said about minerals and vitamins for acne... What causes acne and skin damage? Excess sebum secretion in the skin, hormonal

  • Athletes Price Tag

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    your life. Vikings punter Chris Kluwe leads all specialists at $5 million a year for only kicking a ball maybe five times a game at most. That more than triples a salary cap for the lead doctor or surgeon in a well-known medical hospital. The price tags get more outrageous as you go on but the most disturbing is the story of Michael Vick before and after his alleged dog fighting incident. “The Bad Newz Kennels dog fighting investigation began in April 2007 with a search of property in Surry County

  • Meta Tags and Meta Keywords

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    Meta Tags and Meta Keywords Meta Tags are thought to be the be all-end all of search engine rankings. This is not true. Meta Tags are a necessary, but not a sufficient condition for high rankings. Meta tags are designed to provide basic information to the search engine about the site. Meta tags appear at the top of the HTML document within the <head></head> section of the document. In the following example, nine different types of Meta Tags are identified: Content-Type, Copyright

  • Use of ID Tags by Schools

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    implementation of i.d. tags as an efficient way to monitor kids. Attendance-taking is streamlined thereby eliminating a level of record keeping. The Principal also notes that the potential exists for school vandalism to be reduced, which reinforces economic concerns expressed by the managerial view. Less vandalism means less expense in repairing damage caused by vandals. Another concern with the managerial approach is effectiveness. Graham states in the article that i.d. tags will improve student safety

  • HTML/Head/Body Tags

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    By learning the “tags” or “code” of html, it is possible to publish all sorts of information globally via the World Wide Web. HTML is not difficult to master once the fundamentals of the language are understood. HTML/Head/Body Tags – There are several tags that are essential when writing an HTML document. The four foundation tags to learn are: <html>, <head>, <title> and <body>. The html tag is always first, as it identifies the type document. Next in place is the header tag, which will show

  • The Benefits of Wearable Identification Tags

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    Purpose of Report The purpose of this report is to outline the benefits that an investment in wearable identification tags could bring to the business. This organisation is very human resource intensive and this technology will save resources in this department which will directly benefit the business. Assumptions In preparing this business case, I have made several assumptions regarding the implementation of this technology: • As this is an international company, each separate office has

  • High Price Tag Of College

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    they end up stumbling across that river, and maybe even drowning without the stability of the college stepping stone. This college stepping stone leads to a comfortable life and an easier way to reach a desired point in life. Despite the high price tag of going to college, the hopeful outcome is that it will provide future benefits like job flexibility and personal growth in order to outweigh the price. Many current and former student can agree that college is expensive. It 's a large investment

  • It’s not about the Price Tag

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    find job openings in that category. He or she is expected to pay back those loans within six months after graduating, but he or she cannot because there are no job openings. This is the reason for most debt in America. College should not have a price tag. Nobody wants to spend so much time paying off student loans. College is in fact necessary for those wanting higher paychecks for their dream jobs. It is necessary for those who want to be successful in life and not have to have money ever be an issue

  • Use Of Tags For Business Communication

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    Use of Tags for business communication Tags are keywords that are used to describe items such as a webpages, web bookmarks, graphics or multimedia content and to organize data in a manner that is practical and convenient (Shelly and Frydenberg, 2011). Websites display the tags that have been used on the site in varying fonts sizes indicating the popularity of the various tags in what is known as a tag cloud. A tag cloud allows the website owner to communicate with the visitor by pointing out the

  • Annotated Bibliography On Html Tag

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    Document has two main sections the first one called head section, the head section can be written in html tag, its represented by for opening tag and for closing tag. Head section contains Links, Metadata, styling code, JavaScript codes, and the title of html document. The second section is called body section can be represented by opining tag and closing tag , body tag includes all html5 tags such as for paragraphs and for alignment sections for document images. 2- CSS3: is an acronym for Cascading

  • How Does A Strain This Tag?

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    has always been a part of society and its moral entrepreneurs. Whether the delinquent is able to reintegrate back to a normal functioning society or not; he will always carry the tag of being neglectful, troublesome and even in some cases stupidity with himself. In this essay we will examine how much of a strain this tag puts on individual’s life by evaluating the observations made by sociologists and psychologists throughout the years in order to test labeling theory. Moreover, we will analyse the

  • It's Not About the Price Tags

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    In everyday life in a teenager’s retrospect, he or she faces constant battle throughout the day that he or she must overcome in order to continue with life. These battles include homework, relationships, family problems, and even financial issues for universities. Overall, however, the largest inconvenience for high schoolers would have to be the fact that students who attend, whose parents have a large sum of money, do not usually work for their education, as one with a low income would. Throughout

  • Unexpected Price Tag on Technology

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    The use of technology has propelled our modern day lives into being productive, efficient, and convenient. Society holds in high regards our ability to simultaneously send a text, watch a video, and use the restroom. It has become the goal of our existence to share the most tweets, and have the latest apple product. The advancements in technology are what make these wonders possible. Even so, all good things must come at a price. The down payment one places on an iPhone is nothing in comparison to

  • Why Are Meta Tags Important For Seo Or Not?

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    Meta tags are important for SEO or not that has been a debate which is going for some time now. Some SEO experts claim that these tags are useless and have no importance while some say that although they have importance but they are not regarded that highly by search engines and also some tell that these tags must be given importance. Different people have different views about it. What are meta tags? These tags are Special HTML tags which stores information about a web page which is not displayed

  • Radio Frequency Identification Tags and PositiveID

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    definition of Positive Corporation. The time has come for the CEO of PositiveID, Scott Silverman to face the truth. After suffering from years of negative press and public outrage, the company has stopped marketing the Radio Frequency Identification Tags for humans, or so they say. Approved for human use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in 2004, the implant was originally marketed as a medical records microchip, and potentially life saving device. This cannot be further from the truth. It

  • RFID Tags and Invasion of Personal Privacy

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    RFID Tags and Invasion of Personal Privacy Historically, the advent of innovative, influential technology has reformed our lives in post-industrial America, creating new amenities on hand, along with altering conventional laws governing this facet of modern living.  The revolutionary and global capability of telecommunications has shaped new means for dealing with information, and changed the role of a private citizen among this new technology.  Traditionally in America, private citizens have

  • Preventing Tag Collision in Radio Frequency Identification

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    components. Among them most important are tags, readers and the antenna. Both tag and reader has many sub components for its operation. The object is recognized by the reader in terms of transmitting the signal to the tag [4]. RFID system has the following features such as long lifetime, less maintenance, no need of Line-of-Sight, contact-less technology, work in harsh environments and duplication of tags is difficult [10]. A tag collision occurs, if more than one tag attempts to communicate with a reader

  • Research on the Expressed Sequence Tag of Olives

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    Olive, or scientific name Olea europaea L which belongs to Oleacea family is a valuable plant species where it can produce oil and table olives. Gene at certain tissue in species will be expressed where cDNA are sequenced to produce expressed sequence tag (EST) library. EST database is beneficial as it allows new gene discovery, marker discovery, gene mapping, and functional studies to be carried out. This research has contributed EST library of 2304 clone sequences from the young olive leaf and 1536

  • K-Tag Ceremony a Poem by Luci Tapahonso

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    during the K-Tag ceremony in the poem entitled “K-Tag Ceremony”. Ceremonies and rituals with ties to nature are also seen in the chapter entitled “Tune Up”. In “Tune Up” we also see the important role of the Medicine Men in Native American spirituality which would be classified under the analytical lens of religious specialists as well as power. Finally, we see the connection with the analytical lens of integration through nature in the poem “The Canyon was Serene”. In the poem “K-Tag”, we see the

  • Identifying and Tracking Tags with Radio-Frquency Identification

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    automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. Some tags are powered by and read at short ranges (a few meters) via magnetic fields (electromagnetic induction), and then act as a passive transponder to emit microwaves or UHF radio waves (i.e., electromagnetic radiation at high frequencies). Others use a local power source such as a battery, and may operate at hundreds of meters. Unlike a bar code, the tag does not necessarily need to be

  • Radio Frequency Identity Tags in Supply Chain Management

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    Radio Frequency Identity Tags (RFID) can greatly improve a company’s performance. RFID can be used as a tool for optimizing business processes and improve the efficiency of operations. It is used in a wide variety of areas. Here, in this report we will explore the possibility of RFID in supply chain management. It may improve the potential benefits of supply chain management through increase of the four factors: efficiency, accuracy, visibility, and security. RFID technology has a great potential

  • Sandra Bland : More Than A Hash Tag

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    What Happened to Sandra Bland: More Than a Hash-tag As the buzz begins to build surrounding the death of a beautiful and vibrant young 28-year-old black woman from Illinois, Sandra Bland, it is important that blacks take the time to examine their mindset and approach to confronting the suspicious circumstances behind her death. According to an article by ABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News in Chicago, this young lady had just completed an interview with her alma mater, Prairie View A&M, for a job position

  • The Superficial Tag Between East Egg And West Egg

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    The superficial tag between East Egg and West Egg is the hollowness of the upper class. They put on a façade to show that they are the same and one is not from Wolfsheim’s gang and the other from old money. F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby,” the author based the novel on failure and success in the illusional age of materialism. Fitzgerald was inspired by other authors such as Joseph Conrad. Conrad’s style is extremely dense and Fitzgerald wanted simplicity in his writing .Daisy, Gatsby and

  • Birth Order and Personality Tag: Does Birth Order Affect Anything?

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    Is there a “personality tag” for each child, depending on their birth order? Does the family size, or even the parents’ life styles, affect anything? Birth order is more than just an old wives’ tale about predicting the personalities of each child in every family. “Birth order, put in its proper context, is a key that can unlock personalities and give you a new perspective on human nature.” (First- born?,1). Every child of every family has a personality tag, just because of their spot on the immediate

  • The Impact of e-Toll or e-Tags on Daily Commuters of Johanesburg Metropolitan

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    Title Investigation the impact of e-toll/e-tags on daily commuters of Johannesburg metropolitan Keywords Johannesburg metropolitan city, unemployment, poverty, road users, impacts, e-tolls, motorists, sanral, increases in prices and fares, improving, corruption. Introduction The majority or road users have been against the implementation of e-tolls since the beginning of its implementation in June 2010, and since then there has been no social unrest concerning this matter because citizens of Johannesburg

  • Toyo Jidoki TT-9CW Offering Value Beyond the Numbers on a Price Tag

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    Everyone knows the price of buying a new piece of equipment, but very few understand the value. When searching for large growth opportunities it is the value of the equipment that matters, not the price tag. For your company, the Toyo Jidoki TT-9CW offers value far beyond the numbers on the price tag. The Toyo Jidoki TT-9CW is a 2011 state of the art automated pre-formed rotary pouch filling machine. This machine has a fill volume range of 50-350 cc, and can accommodate various pouch sizes from

  • The Use of Social Networks in Adapting Description Tags for Each Photo and the Person Viewing Them at the Moment

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    proposes the use of social networks in adapting description tags for each photo and the person viewing them at the moment. This approach will also help search the photos instead of using keywords which has been the traditional method of searching. With this the social networks can create new search criteria that are more user friendly and time saving for the users visiting their websites. The approach also allows for the enrichment of the tags in such a way that if a person is linked to a photo, their

  • Assessing Influenza Vaccine Pootency by Analyzing Specific Binding of CCR5 to CCL5 using Tag-lite® Technology

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    tested for their efficacy and safety. Different antibody-based assays are used for this purpose; however, methods without relying on antibodies are rare in assessment of vaccine potency. Here we want to suggest a fluorescent ligand-binding of CCR5 Using Tag-lite® Technology as an alternative way of assessing vaccine potency. It is able to detect that CCR5 binds to CCL5, chemokine that plays an important role in migration of effector and memory T cells. This binding makes Th1 cells to secrete IFNγ which

  • Radio Frequency Identification RFID

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    basic components of RFID systems are • Tags • Readers • Host Computer RFID Tags RFID tags are small devices containing semiconductor chip and an antenna. Antenna’s responsibility is to transmit and receive radio waves for the purpose of communication. Generally, the chip contains memory where data may be stored and read from and sometimes written too. Each tag is programmed with a unique identification number that allows tracking of the object. Tags can be used on containers, applied to boxes

  • How RFID is Improving Short-Range Communication,

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    it does not require direct contact or line-of-sight scanning. An RFID system consists of three components: an antenna and transceiver (often combined into one reader) and a transponder (the tag). The antenna uses radio frequency waves to transmit a signal that activates the transponder. When activated, the tag transmits data back to the antenna. The data is used to notify a programmable logic controller that an action should occur. The action could be as simple as raising an access gate or as complicated

  • RFID Standards And Regulation

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    must standards of regulation and operation be developed, but RFID technology raises privacy and security issues because of the passive and open nature of the technology. In order for the RFID tag industry to be successful in implementation there needs to be uniform standards and regulation so that tags and readers from different manufactures will be able to communicate with each other. The Internationals Organization Standardization in partnership with the International Electronics Commission has

  • Secondary Talented and Gifted Programming: Challenges and Successes

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    and gifted (TAG) programming; however, that same code does not specify what that programming must include (Iowa Department of Education, TAG FAQs). The Iowa Department of Education provides further guidance for how TAG monies cannot be spent but very little information on how to use TAG funds. Iowa schools have a lot of local control and discretion for what TAG programming occurs within their district. All districts have the challenge of providing effective programming for their TAG students. At

  • RFID Core Technology

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    transmitter is a tag. The tag is encoded with a unique identification number. This number is transmitted to the reader anytime the tag is queried. The unique ID number can then be referenced in a database for additional information regarding the tagged item. Any RFID system is made of two main components: hardware, software/database. The hardware consists of tags, reader and antennas. The software consists of middleware and a database table containing a list of all encoded tags and at least one

  • The Radio Frequency Identification Technology

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    Frequency Identification is the wireless technology that uses radio waves to identify objects within its proximity range. This process involves tagging an object to a transmitter which will emit a burst of information including identification of the tag. The identification process and the various components involved in the transmission, identification and receiving of the radio waves are discussed. RFID is gaining a huge popularity these days and it has a wide range of applications in industries like

  • Web Design Essay

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    work together, but the term web design is an actual category of web development. The main way of creating websites is building it from scratch using HTML language; which stands for Hypertext markup language. Web designers build websites using HTML tags that define the content of each page. The layout of the webpage and the appearance of all the elements will be built by using CSS; which stands for Cascading Style sheets. Therefore, all of the websites are being of combination of HTML and CSS files

  • RFID-Enabled Applications

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    its adoption is the challenge of consistently reading the tags in the real world environment. There are numerous methods which suggest different ways to improve the reading performance. Paper [4-6] suggests designing of RFID tag antenna by which effects of different materials around them (such as metal and water), as described in [7-10], can be decreased. Ideally, reading performance should not be affected by the tag orientation. But tag orientation has a considerable effect, especially when coupled

  • RFID Technology

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    RFID is in use all around us. If you have ever chipped your pet with an ID tag, used EZPass through a toll booth, or paid for gas using SpeedPass, you've used RFID. In addition, RFID is increasingly used with biometric technologies for security. Unlike ubiquitous UPC bar-code technology, RFID technology does not require contact or line of sight for communication. RFID data can be read through the human body, clothing and non-metallic materials. Components A basic RFID system consists of three

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

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    stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is the use of a wireless non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a tag attached to an object (Wikipedia.com, 2012). RFID is a type of identification system devices that stored data, identification or location of the products. The RFID tag can be put onto an object and used to track and manage inventory, assets, people, etc. For example, it can be put into cars, computer equipment, books, mobile phones

  • An Efficient Secure and Private Ownership Transfer Protocol For Ubiquitous Networks

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    privacy sensitive is entrusted to tag or server. In some applications, ownership transfer of RFID labels is another significant requirement. Specifically, the owner of RFID tags could be required to change several times during its lifetime. During the transfer, new owner first obtains necessary private information from the old owner, with these information he then takes over tag identification and authorization so as to have secure communication with tags. Security and privacy are major issue

  • Radio Frequency Identification

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    between a reader and a tag being attached to the object that includes the data associated with the object. This can be used to detect and classify vehicles, animals, patients, shipment goods and airline baggage. [1] RFID technology involves two main components, they are transponders which are also known as tags or labels, contain the relevant information about the object and other the interrogators, also known as readers or transceivers, that extract the data from the tags. These tags can be passive or

  • Many Industries Use Radio Frequency Identification

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    identifying and tracking tags to attached objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. Some tags are powerde by and read at short ranges via magnetic field. But barcode tags does not necessary need to be within line of sight of reder and may be embeded in the tracked object. Many industries have been using RFID tags. RFID tags have been used by vehicles such as cars to track progress the ranks og the installer. Farm animals were also injected for using RFID tags to track positive identification

  • Website Design

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    many different HTML codes, Java Script, and Flash. Website developers in the past did not have the technology to make websites come to life and pop off of the screen like more modern developers do. Code is what makes up a webpage. It is assorted tags and attributes that show up as graphics and texts on a browser. Code is a very broad term because there are different types of code. The three main types are HTML, XHTML, and CSS. These three versions of HTML code make it easier to organize a webpage

  • HTML Essay

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    application of SGML which stands for Standard Generalized Markup Language and was defined as that in 1993 by the Internet Engineering Task Force. When released, it was publicly known as HTML Tags. It contained almost 20 elements that were in the original designs of the first HTML but lacked the vital hyperlink tag which when clicked will take you to another document. Those drafts were soon to expire after half a year. In 1994-1995, IETF responded to the drafts expiring by creating an HTML working group

  • Ethics of RFID in the Consumer Industry

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    Frequency Identification. RFID is a combination of many tags to few readers that communicate with each other to determine a part or person’s whereabouts in a supply chain or surrounding area. RFID tags, like bar codes, share the central purpose of representing a data chunk. The RFID tag does not actually do anything (i.e. calculations, manual counting, etc.); rather it just transmits the data that is stored within it upon request. RFID tags are very small (and getting smaller as technology advances)

  • The Swiss Watch Industry

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    see the threat to their business. TAG Heuer (herewith referred to as TAG), a leading Swiss watchmaker, and part of the LVMH Group, has recognised this threat and will be entering the smartwatch market in Quarter 4 2015. TAG will release the "TAG smartwatch" in a partnership with technology giants Intel and Google. This paper has identified that TAG has a significant opportunity to enter, carve out a niche, and be profitable in the luxury smartwatch market. TAG has the necessary business strengths

  • RFID Essay

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    that uses an RFID tag, RFID reader, and back-end system in order to communicate back and forth and requires no line of sight. As simple as it may sound, this technology has its fair share of complications and the security issues that have presented themselves are at the forefront of this expanding technology. As mentioned above the RFID system has three major components; the tag, the reader, and the back-end system. There are two types of RFID tags: active and passive. Active tags have a battery

  • RFID: A Future Potential Technology

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    Abstract: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology uses radio frequency to track or detect objects using tags and readers. This is similar to the barcode detection but barcode detection requires the object to be in the line of sight. Due to the wireless nature of RFID, we find its use in various applications such as in retail management, healthcare, toll stations, postal service and many other areas. However, RFID has various problems and concerns associated with it. This paper focuses on

  • What's Radio Frequency Identification

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    coupling in the radio frequency to identify an object, animal or person. RFID consists of three components: a scanning antenna, a transceiver with decoder and a transponder. The antenna contained in the RFID tag transmits a signal that activates a transponder through radio frequency waves. The RFID tag or transponder transmits the data back to the antenna providing information such as product identification, location status or pricing. The transmitted data signals a programmable controller, which routes