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Swimming At The Age Of 23

- I learn swimming at the age of 23 I remember going in the water for the first time it was in one of the beaches in NH I cannot remember really well. My husband and his family just assume I knew how to swim. Most especially coming from a warm continent. I have been to the beach before, but we do not get into the water, it much more for hanging out and dating spot dressed in sun dresses while the wind blow your skirt left and right not getting wet. I remember my husband and I got in the water and his parent were in the water as well, I was just standing everyone were swimming I was asked to join and swim under the water I looked at them as if they were crazy....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Swimming, Swimming]

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The Importance Of Learning To Swimming : The Benefits Of Swimming

- Learning to swim always seem to be a difficult skill for me. The difficult part was overcoming my fears of potential drowning or never learning the skill or technique properly. The importance of learning how to swim will increase my fate, confidence, and stamina. Swimming is consistently among top public recreational activities especially during the summer. There are techniques and benefits from swimming, in which, is a formalized sport of features local, international, and national competitions. Moreover, during a summer vacation with family and a co-worker I decided to face my fears and learn to swim at a local pool....   [tags: Swimming, Learning, Lesson plan, Education]

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The History of Swimming

- Swimming is a physical activity that has that has a long part in human history, that has evolved a lot since the past, and is very beneficial to the health of your not only your body but also your mind. The history of swimming is something that is dated back before the start of time and has always been a part of human culture in one shape or form. It has been around for a millennia, because human beings have always used swimming as a technique to stay above water and to move and flow through the water....   [tags: organized swimming, obesity]

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Essay On Synchronized Swimming

- Synchronized swimming, also known as pattern swimming or water ballet, is an Olympic sport that mixes swimming with ballet and gymnastics, and includes diving, stunts, lifts, and endurance movements. It developed from ornamental swimming and into a recognized sport in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with swimmers performing round-dances in the water as a swimming art form. Who invented ornamental swimming. One of the American founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, was actually a pioneer for synchronized swimming and is thought to have possibly invented it....   [tags: Synchronized swimming, Olympic sports, Swimming]

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Benefits Of Swimming Essay

- What type of sport delivers an extremely hard workout yet still teaches good life skills and provides good friends. Swimming can supply all of those and more. Working out can help provide a healthy lifestyle. Having skills and friends that can help in life is also important because they can be beneficial later in life. I have participated on swim team for ten years and through all that time I have met many people. Those people that I met I consider the best friends that I have ever made. They helped me enjoy swimming and workout to my max....   [tags: Swimming, Friendship, Human body, Swimming]

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Importance Of Swimming

- Swimming is a very important physical activity. Swimming is a sport that exercises many muscles. Some muscles that swimming develops are: chest, back, hamstrings, shoulder, lat muscles. Anybody who would swim for a while would benefit from swimming. Swimming burns a lot of calories per hour. Depending on your weight, you can burn hundreds of calories. For example, if you weigh approximately 150 pounds, you can burn up to 700 calories. If I was required to swim three days a week, i could access a pool at a local gym....   [tags: Swimming, Backstroke, Butterfly stroke]

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Just Keep Swimming At The Age Of Five

- Just keep swimming: I started swimming competitively at the age of five. I started swimming for a summer league team call the Mission Valley Barracudas. Once I turned seven years old, I started swimming with the older kids, which were technically categorized as the faster kids. My coaches wanted me to swim with the older group, which consisted with junior high, and high school aged kids because swimming with my age group bracket was no longer challenging. Swimming was my favorite thing to do and still is....   [tags: High school, College, Swimming, Swimming]

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Swimming Occupation

- The occupation that is displayed in the following pictures is the occupation of swimming; specifically competitive swimming. How does this occupation contribute to the person’s identity, quality of life, and well-being. The occupation of swimming can influence people differently. For my client it is not just a form of leisure, an IADL or form of social participation. It is an occupation that has provided a specific role for him, it has become a part of his routine, and it has influenced what he wants in a future career....   [tags: Swimming, Swimming, Human]

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Pros And Cons Of Swimming Essay

- Have you noticed advertisements to register in a local swim club or a competitive team. Have you been thinking about joining, but you don’t know anything about the swim community. In this article, you will learn the basic strokes, turns, pros, and cons of swimming. Let us start with the pros and cons of being on a swim team. My first pro is that it is the only activity that works every muscle in your body. Swimming works your heart, lungs, legs, arms, core, back. It also works upper body, and lower body parts we don't use daily....   [tags: Front crawl, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Swimming]

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Biomechanical Principles In Swimming

- 1. Explain the meaning of the term biomechanical principles. Check out the meaning from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary listed below. Now relate this definition to your activity. Briefly describe the biomechanical principles of your activity. Write your answer in paragraph form. Biomechanical principles are the mechanics or study of biological and muscular activity. It also includes the mechanics of locomotion. Scientific research on swimming is one of the most challenging; not only because of the fact that the human body is very complex, but also because aquatic environment factors have to be considered....   [tags: Blood sugar, Metabolism, Sugar, Swimming]

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Your search returned over 400 essays for "swimming"
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