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Use of human subjects in research

- The use of human subjects in research is very controversial in today’s society. However, there is a certain push to do certain experiments on humans, such as clinical trials for new medications or surgical procedures and social experiments on humans. It is believed that those results are more reliable than if those studies were carried out on other ‘model’ organisms in these fields. I have picked two cases from Shamoo and Resnik (2009) that relate to different aspects of the issue of human subjects in research....   [tags: Human Subjects, Society, Controversy]

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Gender: Women Underrepresentation in Certain Subjects in Universities in Australia.

- Although women continue to dominate in many professional fields such as teaching, nursing and human welfare, they are underrepresented in areas of study such as engineering and Information Technology (Tadros 2014). There are many factors that can be attributed to this such as attitude, gender bias and stereotyping, the role of women in society, and perceived ability and skills. A 2011 report by the University of Sydney (2013) revealed that the number of girls studying mathematics and science was on the decline....   [tags: girls, science subject, engineering, math]

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Medical Research on Human Subjects

- The issue discussed by Ron, Williams’s ad Dickens is the conditions in which the use of human subjects in medical research justified. Roy and his colleagues believe that the health, life and dignity of persons involved as subjects in medical research must be protected in order for the research to be ethically justifiable. Roy and his colleagues believe four conditions should be met for a medical research or clinical trial to be ethically justified, the research have to be scientific adequate; the rights of human subjects protected; clinicians obtain informed consent from patients; patients must be informed about randomization....   [tags: Medicine]

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Subjects of International Law

- In any kind of legal relations, subject always play an important role, and it is one of the signals to determine the relation that pertaining the adjustment of any legislation system. International law is a legislation system that is a set of thousands of documents from various sources. The research about the subjects is necessary since it helps to find out the source of law, which relation pertains the adjustment of law. The subjects of international law include sovereign states and analogous entities, intergovernmental organizations, the individuals, and multinational corporations....   [tags: International Law]

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The Delivery of Foundation Subjects in a Primary Curriculum

- Creativity in was defined by National Advisory Committee for Creativity and Culture in Education (NACCC 1999) by 4 main characteristics. The first is the use of imagination thinking or behaviour concerned with original or unusual ideas or actions. Second is using imagination to pursue a purpose relating to using imagination for purpose and having resilience to keep reinventing this. Third is originality; this is not only in reference to historic originality of anything gone before, but It can be personal originality or peer originality....   [tags: Creative Approaches, Creativity, Education]

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Human Test Subjects and the Need for Guidelines

- Test subjects in medical experiments have always been a controversial topic, but this argument is often only thought of when animals come in to play. What about the humans who get tested on unwillingly, or people who do not possess the capability to consent to such procedures. They are also in need of someone to look out for them. Throughout time, many governments have done extreme testing to move forward their population’s health and for what they call the greater good. Yet, more often than not, these test have no rules or regulations....   [tags: Morals&Ethics, Nuremberg Code]

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Between vs. Within-subjects Designs

- In simplest terms, an experiment that uses only between-subjects factors is said to use a between-subjects design, and an experiment that uses only within-subjects factors is called a within-subjects design. The fundamental hallmark of a between-subjects design is that each participant is assigned to one and only one level of each factor. For instance, participants might be randomly assigned to either receive negative feedback or positive feedback. Feedback is the independent variable, and it has two levels: positive or negative....   [tags: fatigue, experimental method,practice]

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Subject Verb Agreement: Agreement with Conjoined Subjects

- ... 4- The use of the verb' be' is different in English but Arabic do not have the verb ' be' and do not use it to be between the noun or pronoun subject . So some Arabic learners leave out the verb 'be' in the progressive tense because it does not exist in Arabic. 5- In Arabic, there is a repetition of the object, that occurs when the object of the verb is moved to the initial part of the sentence. Its original position after the verb gets occupied by an object pronoun otherwise, the sentence will be inconvenient ....   [tags: English grammar]

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Personal Experience: Subjects in Which I Have Excelled

- ... I heard my great-grandmother groan. This was unusual because I had never heard the sound of pain coming from my great-grandmother before. I peeped into my great-grandmother’s room and saw that she was rubbing on the region where her legs were removed. She rubbed her legs with a grimace expression on her face until she notice I was watching her. Tears had already started to roll down my face and all that I could do was run into my great-grandmother’s arm and embrace her firmly. At that time I had truly hoped that my hug would make her pain go away....   [tags: narrative, math, science]

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Artist Exploring Socially Sensitive Subjects: Sex

- Over the years many artist have viewed sensitive subjects within their work. Sex is one of the sensitive subjects that has been viewed in a positive and negative way. Before and during the 19th century, most paintings, sculptures, and art pieces focused on the features of a human's body. During this time, most artist believed that showing these features of a human could show the role a woman and man had in life. Sculptures in early times focused on the body of a man and showed distinctive features from head to toe....   [tags: The Roman Oil Lamp, Adam and Eve]

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Subjects for Other Conversations

- Categorized Poems from Subjects for other Conversations In John Stigall’s book, Subjects for Other Conversations, all of the thirty-seven poems can be placed into one of five different categories. These categories include sadness, racism, happiness, sex, and religion. Sadness, the first category, includes ten of the thirty seven poems. These poems express hate, anger, and depression about many things in life, from growing old to losing a child. These poems are “Poem on Turning Forty,” “Poem on Turning Forty-Five,” “Blues,” “Impromptu,” “Into the Life of This World,” “Some People,” “The Revenant,” “In the Bibleblack Air,” “Approaching,” and “Final Approach”....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Masters, Slaves, and Subjects

- Masters, Slaves, and Subjects In his book “Masters, Slaves, and Subjects”, Robert Olwell examines the complex relationships and power structures of colonial-era Charles Towne. Charles Towne, as Charleston was known in the years between its founding and its independence from the British Empire, is portrayed by Olwell as dominated by a rigid agrarian slave society which served as an intermediary in a more complex power structure that extended from the royal halls of London to the plantation fields of the Lowcountry....   [tags: Robert Olwell Charles Towne Essays]

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Various Subjects

- According to Peter’s map – the north is rich and the south is poor, this is also stated by the Brandt Report. The Brandt Report works on the principle that; if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day but if you teach him to fish, you will feed him for life. This basically means that if you give someone in a poor country some fish for example, it will only last for a limited amount of time, because it gets eaten – a short term solution. Whereas if you teach him how to fish, he can go and fish for himself and feed himself free of charge to him or anyone else – a long term solution....   [tags: Various]

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Ethical Issues of Human Test Subjects

- Ethical Issues of Human Test Subjects As we achieve burgeons of new technologies, we must also face the irreprehensible sacrifices. The old scientific adage reminds us that no trial can go without error. Many of the present day technologies may prove beneficial but the processes of development and discovery often come at high prices. Countless experiments have been conducted in the names of science and the advancement of mankind. Regardless of their outcomes, these experiments require some form of a test subject....   [tags: Radioactive Technology Science Essays]

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Frosts Use of Simple Everday Subjects

- Frosts Use of Simple Everday Subjects "Robert Frost is a poet of genius because he could so often make his subtleties inextricable from an apparent availability." Frost uses simple everyday subjects such as nature, man, and home to get his point across in his poetry. Robert Frost was born on March 26, 1874, in San Francisco California. His father, William Prescott Frost, was a journalist who worked for the Daily Evening Post in San Francisco. His mother, Isabelle Moodie Frost, came into the United State when she was 12 years old....   [tags: essays papers]

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Mathematics and Science: My Favorite Subjects

- My pedestal quality lies in the area of mathematics. It polishes my academic armor and sharpens my sword of educational merit. Mathematics is the backbone of my academic figure. Arithmetic and functions come like breathing and a math challenge is always appreciated; however, in no way is my prestige in math providing even the smallest level of interest for me. In fact, mathematics to me is comparable to a wrench in a toolbox: useful when needed, but otherwise useless. Nevertheless, my understanding of this subject provides exceptional resources to students in need....   [tags: Mathematics, career,]

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The Myth of a Warm Welcome to the United States Revealed in Impossible Subjects by Mae Ngai

- In Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America, Mae Ngai relegates the hospitable reception of immigrants to the United States into the realm of myth and fantasy. She successfully argues that the United States was much more selective with whom it permitted to enter the country. She indicates that most immigration historians focus on the periods of open immigration from Europe before 1924 or the era after the abolishment of the national origins quota system in 1965. Her book fills an important gap in the historiography of American immigration, from 1924 to 1965....   [tags: immigration, race, restrictions]

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The Subjects of Love and War Shine Through Hemingway’s Writing Style

- In the novel, A Farewell to Arms, Ernest Hemingway creates a moving and intense portrayal of love between Catherine Barkley and Frederic Henry, which is set mainly on the Italian Front during World War I. The novel was originally published in 1929, after Hemingway himself served as an ambulance driver for the Italian Red Cross. Due to this experience, Hemingway is able to show great detail and description when writing about the scenes of war on the Italian Front. Additionally, he draws on his experiences with a nurse and similarities can be seen in the events in his novel and in the events in his life leading up to the writing of A Farewell to Arms....   [tags: A Farewell To Arms, Ernest Hemingway, Analysis]

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Other Ways Other than Formal Schooling for Learning Core Subjects

- ... This suggests that if an individual has a high level of motivation to learn, then it could lead to a higher learning performance. Therefore, in classes, teachers should support individuals on making lessons and homework’s comprehensible to pupils. Weinert, Scharder and Helmke, (1989, Cited in Seidel and Shavelson, 2007) stated that these types of characteristics within teachers are believed to influence the students’ interest and involvement during lessons and to promote learning on a higher and more influential level that can maximise the students learning abilities....   [tags: youth centers]

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Social Intellectual, Economic, and Political Factors Separating the Colonists and the Subjects of England

- “The war is inevitable--and let it come. I repeat it, sir, let it come… Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace-- but there is no peace… I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” (Henry). This heartfelt speech delivered by Patrick Henry in March, 1775, raises question. Why were a large minority of the North American colonists ready to rebel from King George III in the mid-1770s. In the period between the discovery of the Americas and the Revolutionary War, a striking change occurred in the outlook of colonists....   [tags: U.S. History ]

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Compare and Contrast Academic Geography and Academic Chinese Studies

- To a novice Geography and Chinese Studies may look as two completely separate parts of academia. Geography or ‘geographia’ translated from Ancient Greek to the ‘earth’s description’ has been used since 276 BC and was the groundings for now modern Geography categorised by Human Geography; the study of places, the space they occupy, the environment in which they are located in and the Human implications caused by this (Gregory, D. et al. eds 2009 The Dictionary Of Human Geography). The other Physical Geography; is the characterization and explanation of geological, hydrological, biological and atmospheric phenomena and their interactions at, or near the Earth’s surface....   [tags: subjects in the pool of academia]

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Stereotyping of Asian American Youth: The Effects on Performance in Academics

- ... The first wave of Chinese Americans immigrated during the mid 1800’s. Followed up by Japanese, Koreans, and other Asian races. At this time period the Asian community was not yet connected as a collective group. They would identify themselves by Chinese American, Vietnamese American, Hmong American, Filipino American, etc. The death of Vincent Chin was the key that unlocked the Asian American civil rights movement and brought together Asian communities among many others like African or Mexican....   [tags: scores, sterotyping, academics, subjects]

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Malaysia's Education Curriculum's Correlation With Malaysia's National Philosophy of Education

- Introduction Since it attained its independence from Britain in 1957, Malaysia has gone through many changes in various fields. Among these changes were implementations of policies related to educational syllabus and the medium of instruction. The most important feature of this reform is that it was based on philosophy of education which was first documented. The National Philosophy of Education (NPE) which was introduced in 1989 acts as a guide for all educational activities in Malaysia. It sets the values and principles of the Malaysian education system from primary to tertiary level....   [tags: Language Subjects, Speaking Skills]

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Syncretism: Adapting Religious Beliefs to Traditional Customs

- ... The early converts of Central and West Africa did not entirely abandon their old ways of life, they blended and understood the new religion through the old religions and practices. This method is known as syncretism and its practice was somewhat frowned upon, because it did not strictly follow the customs of Islam. It was seen as a tainted practice of Islam, due to the observance of pagan observances. As the Ghana kingdoms fell, their successor the Mali Empire, was built on the success of the dynasty’s founder, Sundiata, who is commonly referred to as Mali’s greatest king....   [tags: beliefs, transformed, kingdoms, subjects]

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Sexual and Bodily Subjects in The Miller's Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer

- "The Miller's Tale," a short story by Geoffrey Chaucer, deals frankly with sexual and bodily subjects. Chaucer is never obscene, he allows the reader to use his imagination to determine what some of the events actually mean. The tale is a "fabliau," which is a short story in verse that deals satiracally and humorously about sexual or monetary deception. When Chaucer describes the characters, he creates a unique theme for each person that helps the reader determine their role in the story. For example, he describes Alisoun as being a young, playful, and attractive girl that enjoys showing off what she has....   [tags: Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales]

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T.A.L.O.S. Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit

- Understand how yesterday's imagined technology is effecting our current technological basis. We take a step back and look at "cause and effect." Because we have imagined characters like Iron Man, Halo, and the video game Mech Assault, we wonder what it would be like to be in that character's shoes. These ideas and fantasies may seem harmless as a movie or game although it has affected a few individuals to the point of wanting to make a real suit out of a dream. "The goal is to begin integrating capabilities over the next 12 months and have the first suit ready for full field testing in four to five years." said Michel Fieldson, TALOS lead, SOCOM....   [tags: Test Subjects, Iron Man]

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Ethical Issues Concerning Human Research Subjects

- Ethical Issues Concerning Human Research Subjects in Phase I Cancer related Clinical trials Personal History What are clinical trials and how are they brought about. Personal History On Mothers Day, May 9, 1999, my mother, Deborah Ann Hall was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I spent the majority of my day in a church, hoping and praying for some new and improved drug to come about for my mother. I thought, “anything is possible, anything could happen and that she could survive. New drugs and treatments are developed all the time....   [tags: Ethics Medicine Research]

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Primary National Curriculum: Cross-Curricular Learning

- Introduction In this assignment I will justify the place of the following subjects within the primary national curriculum: Geography, History, Physical Education, Religious Education, Drama and Music. The reason I have chosen these subjects is because I have had an experience of them within my teaching placements and within seminars at university. In addition to this, I will analyse the use of cross-curricular learning in primary education and I will aim to explore the benefits and challenges of the approach....   [tags: education, subjects, geography, history]

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Intimate Life in Contemporary Art

- ... As an American Documentary Photographer Goldin was very keen on recording reality the way it really was having a psychological need to have her camera wherever she went. It was an instrument that functioned partially as her memory. The quality of the pictures wasn’t as important as the content she presented. The use of artificial light was frequent in Godin’s work since she couldn’t see well and found out that colors change according to light later on in life. Her work explores the roles gender and sexual desire....   [tags: styles, subjects, chapter, art]

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Great Spirits: Albert Eistein

- “Great spirits have always encountered … opposition from mediocre minds.” –Albert Einstein. Many gifted high school students are being prevented from reaching their full potential in school by class structures and classmates. Independent study would solve this problem. Independent study is a form of education in which students work under little to no supervision, and take sole responsibility for their education in one or more subjects. It is implemented in many high schools, universities, and other educational institutions across the nation....   [tags: education, subjects, social problems]

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In what ways was Napoleon a warrior overloard in his Treatment of his subjects?

- In what ways was Napoleon a warrior overloard in his Treatment of his subjects. The question asks what was Napoleons treatment of his European subjects. However first we need to learn what these subjects were and distinguish the differences between them. The states of the Grand Empire fell into one of two categories - lands annexed directly to France, or satallite states under French control but allegedly enjoying a 'modicum' of independence. The extent of Napoleon's influence varied, depending on the length of time a particular country remained under his authority....   [tags: European Europe History]

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Monarchial Governments Forcing their Subjects to a Harsh and Oppressive Doctrine of Divine Order

- Monarchial Governments Forcing their Subjects to a Harsh and Oppressive Doctrine of Divine Order Man knows no Master save creating HEAVEN, Or those whom Choice and common Good ordain. Thomson. Throughout the course of human civilization, monarchial governments have reigned supreme, commonly forcing their particular subjects to subscribe to a harsh and oppressive doctrine of "divine" order. From the ancient and rather fruitful ruling of King Tutankhamun, to the unbearable monarchs witnessed throughout Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages, this powerful presence of kings and queens has made a lasting impression on their empire's current customs and traditions....   [tags: Papers]

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Response to Nomadic Subjects

- Brandotti's conception of the nomad, as a sort of allegory for post modernist subjectivity, is very interesting. It liberates the mind from the idea of nomadism being related to physical disconnectedness and movement, to something more akin to the cultural identity of the nomad, as being in a state of flux that does not fall into the psychological ruts and categories that typically govern our thought patterns. She demonstrates throughout the essay how we may apply this sort of thought to avoid ethnocentric patterns of thought when we concern ourselves with aesthetics, language, and even every day interactions....   [tags: thoguth, aesthetics, language, interactions]

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Various Subjects

- Cure panic attacks and stop living in fear. Since this disorder can occur without warning, it can take a toll on those afflicted, preventing them from living a healthy, productive lifestyle. Common symptoms include feeling weak, faint, or dizzy; tingling or numbness in the hands; sweating or chills; chest pains including "racing" heart and difficulty in breathing; and a sense of losing control. Anti-anxiety medicines like Xanax, Klonopin, and Ativan are some of the medications prescribed at the onset of the treatment for panic attacks....   [tags: Various]

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Ethnographic Writing and Relationships with Research Subjects

- Anthropologists conduct research in order to answer specific questions about a particular group of people and their culture. Most anthropologists use fieldwork to collect their data, which is then interpreted within their ethnographic writing. When collecting their data, anthropologists use many different approaches such as developing relationships with their informants, but do not illustrate these relationships in their actual writing. Anthropologists Claire E. Sterk and Philippe Bourgois are two of the anthropologists that emphasize their relationships and the importance of gaining trust of their informants in their perspective articles studied....   [tags: Anthropology]

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The Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South

- ... Stampp suggests that the state of the African American was in limbo, “They (the South) found themselves increasingly isolated… as the code by which their fathers had justified the holding of slaves became less and less tangible.” By the mid-1800s, slavery was no longer widely accepted in the United States; only the South clung to slavery. Because of this, the peculiar institution of slavery became a fixture in the culture of the ante-bellum South as Stampp states, “Slavery, now an integral part of the southern way of life, was to be preserved, not as a transitory evil, an unfortunate legacy of the past, but as a permanent institution – a positive good.” Chattel slavery, according to S...   [tags: polarizing subjects in American history]

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The data protection act was introduced in the UK in 1984. It gives rights to data subjects (i.e. people who have data

- Dean Smith 11k LEGISLATION The data protection act was introduced in the UK in 1984. It gives rights to data subjects (i.e. people who have data about them stored on computer systems). The act was updated in 1998 to take the increasing use of computers, and changes in European Union law, into account. The 8 principles of the data protection act are: 1. Data must not be processed unless there is a specific lawful reason to do so. 2. Data must only be obtained and then used for a specified purposes....   [tags: Papers]

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Violence in Video Games

- ... An example of that is the Manhunt series. The trailers for that game were very horror-like, almost to the point where it seemed like an old horror movie. But upon playing it, it turned out to be one of the most ultra-violent series of its time. It even caused an uproar and people demanded that the game must be changed in order for it to even be released to the public. These sorts of call outs are also up for debate. Are the products really that violent. Are the products being targeted by a certain group of people who want to take this specific content down for their own reasons, outside of it being violent....   [tags: controversial subjects, influence on young minds]

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Overcoming Bias While Promoting Hospitality in the Subject Catalog

- Overcoming Bias While Promoting Hospitality in the Subject Catalog Is it possible for the subject catalog to remain hospitable to users while also striving to be unbiased. This question has undoubtedly been raised in many professional circles during discussions surrounding subject analysis and the subject catalog. Perhaps the key is acknowledging the inherent subjectivity of subject analyzation and therefore acknowledge the continual existence of a certain amount of bias and inhospitality within the subject catalog....   [tags: Subject Catalog]

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Stephen Crane and His Unique Choice of Subjects

- Stephen Crane Stephen Crane was born on November 1, 1871 in New Jersey. Crane became a writer at the age of twenty-one and died of tuberculosis at the age of twenty-eight. Crane’s sister, Agnes, raised him and tutored him. She eventually became a schoolteacher. His parents were very religious and his father had an essay published in an 1869 issue of Popular Amusements. Crane “felt himself unworthy of his father because he fell short of his father’s moral principles and his nobility of spiritual outlook.”He studied poverty, war, and life and death struggle....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Experimentation: Necessary or Unnecessary?

- ... in AMP). The reason the most people say experimentation is okay is because they don’t know the extent of it. Some scientists argue that anesthesia is administered to the animals; however, there are cases that do not need anesthesia but are still painful. If this is true, the Institutional Animal Care and use Committee should ensure anesthesia is administered to the animals; however, it still doesn’t depict from the 95% of animals that have no federal law offering any sort of protection on animal rights....   [tags: animal subjects for experimentation]

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Creating an E. Coli Strain to Produce Antivenom

- Background Each year snakes envenomate 421,000 people, 20,000 of whom die. These injuries are especially concentrated in developing countries, where snake bites are an occupational hazard. (Kasturiratne et al. 2008). The negative impact of this could be alleviated by the creation and production of a low-cost, human-compatible universal antivenom. Lethal Toxin Neutralizing Factor, henceforth LTNF, is a substance that has been isolated from opossum (Didelphis virginiana) serum, liquid component of blood....   [tags: Animal Subjects, Human Growth Hormone]

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Analysis of The Loyal Subject by Heinch Mann

- The Loyal subject novel, published originally in 1988 under the title “Man of Straw” gives Heinrich Mann’s satirical connection of the nineteenth century European literal works. The writer of this novel derives the word subject from the word “Der Untertan” in German language. The novel highlights the difficulties encountered during nineteenth century Europe. As early as the 1950, Heinrich Mann’s novel plays a major role in the European’s history. The novel goes beyond the art bounds in its polemics and its structure fits into neither its modern challenge nor its realist tradition....   [tags: loyal, subject, difficulties, indictment]

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Considerations of Human Subject Research

- Human Subject Research Human medical experiments are also known as human subject research. The Department of Health and Human Services describes a human research subject as a living person whom a researcher obtains data from. Human subject research is basically an experiment that is conducted to be used as research or clinically oriented that involves the use of humans for the experimentation. It involves both the gathering and evaluation of the information collected to answer a specific question....   [tags: experimentation, protection, ethics]

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Fleas as a Subject in the Renaissance Era

- Fleas were a popular subject of poetry in the Renaissance Era because poets were fascinated by the insects fearlessness and were inspired, soon becoming a popular subject among poets (Andy). Since the seventeenth century, the idea of “mingling of the blood” was an idea that Donne was interested, realizing that the courageous, tiny creature has drawn both of his blood and his mistress's blood which is something the woman wouldn't dare to do even to herself....   [tags: intimacy, fleas, christians]

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The Tricky Subject of Nationalism

- The first six weeks of the semester have revealed plenty of new perspectives and various different subjects. Notable subjects that have been covered include: Ethnicity, Nation, and Religion. I’ve found these to carry the most interest and have the largest synergy of the topics presented. Ethnicity was the first big idea the class discussed. It was an especially fortunate topic for myself, as I had just recently completed an Anthropology course which has helped define my thoughts the subject matter....   [tags: ethnicity, nation, religion]

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On the Futures of the Subject

- On the Futures of the Subject ABSTRACT: This paper is intended as an inquiry regarding contemporary critical assays of subjectivity. In response to the contemporary politics of representation, both in expressions of essentialist identity politics and in versions of social constructivism, and their implication of all pedagogical practices in transfers of power, I wish to project the question of the subject’s futures. I choose to discuss the limits of the interior, monadic subject for consideration not only its historical and contemporary effects in the politics of representation, but also for the possibility of thinking beyond it....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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Literature - Power and the Subject

- Power and the Subject   Power is a misnomer. An attempt to adequately define power will ultimately reveal more about the invisible but all too real limits of language. Such a result may seem horrifying, a direct assault on our sense of reason, and, perhaps, it is. Power resists the reasonable request to adhere to the boundaries of its own definition. Power can and upon occasion does exhibit a quality or intensity observed and captured in the written word; yet there is something slippery which allows power to defy a totalizing description....   [tags: Literature Essays Literary Criticism]

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Modeling Subject Recruitment in Medical and Clinical Investigations

- Evaluating and monitoring subject recruitment is important in medical research (Schroen et al., 2010). Delayed subject recruitment will increase the cost of study and/or can lead researchers to settle for smaller sample sizes than originally proposed. If the proposed sample size is not achieved, the study will have low power and may fail to recognize a treatment effect. Slow recruitment tends to increasing resource utilization, which includes the goodwill contribution of patient volunteers. The delayed recruitment may also lead to delay in the adoption of new therapies and slow the advancement of medical progress (Philipson et al., 2010)....   [tags: Accrual, Process, Data]

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Apophatical Metaphysics of a Subject

- Apophatical Metaphysics of a Subject ABSTRACT: In this paper, the inevitability of the metaphysics of a subject for the philosophical understanding of a person’s being in the world is established, and the apophatic character of this type of metaphysics is discussed. Analysis of the categories of being and non-being which allow the interpretation of a subject as transcendent and as transcendental being that is characterized by uniformity, spontaneity and irreversibility is also mentioned. The suggested interpretation of a subject discloses both the rational sense of the classical points of view on the absolute, unconditional, timeless and spaceless character of the subject of knowledge, and...   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Essays]

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English is the Most Important School Subject for Students to Learn

- English is, almost certainly, the most important subject that a child can learn in school. Without knowing proper English, a child will not be able to communicate effectively with the English speaking nation. They would be shut off from education and other people in this country. A person who does not poses proper English limits his or her ability to achieve their highest potential. Knowledge of the English language is important to learn to be able to communicate with others, in the teaching of immigrant students, and in finding and maintaining a job....   [tags: Language ]

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Prevalence of Masked Hypertenstion in Type 2 Diabetic Patients and Correlation with HBA1C Levels

- The main finding of this study is that the serum ADMA levels were significantly increased in MHT patients with DM compared to normotensive diabetic subjects. ADMA levels, BMI, and low HDL levels were independent predictors of MHT in patients with DM. ADMA levels positively correlated with ABPM measurements, especially daytime measurements, but were not related to office BP measurements. ADMA levels may play a role in prediction, with a good sensitivity and negative predictive value but poor specificity and positive predictive value....   [tags: study, level, subject, concentration]

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Integrated Curriculum Design or Subject-based Approach - You Decide

- Introduction/Definition “The Integrated Curriculum Design or Subject Based Approach. You decide!” Educators are now at odds because of their view on which is the best practice approach to teaching young children. There are those that believe that teaching and learning should offer separate and distinct courses that are offered by the Subject Based Approach Curriculum. While others believe that teaching and learning, should involve the fusion of all the disciplines in the courses as offered by the Integrated Curriculum Design....   [tags: teach, education, learn]

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Comparing the Sonnets of Petrarchan and Shakespearean in Style, Structure and Subject Approach

- Shakespeare and Petrarch, two poets popular for their contributions on the issue of love, both tackle the subject of their work through sonnet, yet there are key contrasts in their style, structure, and in the way, each approaches their subjects. Moreover, it is clear that in "Sonnet 130," Shakespeare in fact parodies Petrarch's style and thoughts as his storyteller describes his mistress, whose "eyes are in no way as the sun" (Shakespeare 1918). Shakespeare seems, by all accounts, to mock the exaggerated descriptions expanded throughout Petrarch’s piece by giving an English poem portraying the speaker’s love in terms that are characteristic of a flawed woman not a goddess....   [tags: classic, sonnetes]

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Analyze Statistics in the News

- Analyze Statistics in the News The correlation within a subject provides a prediction to how subjects connect. Although the correlation may show the likelihood of a reason and its impact on a relationship, yet it doesn't demonstrate causation. Correlation indicates the possibility of a cause-effect relationship but it does not necessarily prove causation On a basic level, all of these articles demonstrated that fundamentally if Subject 1 (S1) is bringing about Subject 2 (S2) to happen, or what is the same, that S2 is an outcome of S1....   [tags: Subject, Correlation, Relationship, Causation]

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Why I Want to Study Enligh Lanugage and Literature

- I enjoy English above all other subjects because of the complete escapism it can offer. I am always amazed at the extent words can affect our emotions; making us laugh or cry, uniting people and dividing them. Our world would be nothing without words. This is why I have chosen to study English Language and Literature at University. My fascination with the way we speak and write dictates a substantial part of my academic and private life; I have always made sure to surround myself with literature, whilst studying the English language is a more recent discovery of enjoyment....   [tags: speak, transcript, studying, subject]

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Study of the Mobility and Fall Risks of Elderly Subject and Vitamin D Intake

- ... 2004; Wicherts et al. 2007]. As such, correlations between serum 25(OH)D levels and fall risk levels should be ascertained by performance measures analogous to the muscle function; hence, this pilot study will emphasize dynamic stability and nonlinear human movement analysis, as well as standard measures utilized in previous studies. These findings warrant the execution of additional studies to provide a better understanding of the therapeutic value of vitamin D on improving muscle function and mobility, while decreasing the risk of falls among the elderly....   [tags: vitamins, analyze, stabiity, fall, mobility]

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Comparison: Petrarchan and Shakespearean Sonnets

- Through the form of sonnet, Shakespeare and Petrarch both address the subject of love, yet there are key contrasts in their style, structure, and in the manner, each approaches their subjects. Moreover, in "Sonnet 130," Shakespeare, in fact, parodies Petrarch's style and thoughts as his storyteller describes his mistress, whose "eyes are in no way as the sun" (Shakespeare 1918). Through his English poem, Shakespeare seems to mock the exaggerated descriptions expanded throughout Petrarch’s work by portraying the speaker’s love in terms that are characteristic of a flawed woman not a goddess....   [tags: Style, Structure, Subject Approach]

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Evil Experiment to Create Superhuman Warriors

- ... The evil corporation sends Silus a superhuman solider with a group of soldiers to capture the “Subjects”. Subject 42 must unite and lead her group of survivors to stand against the evil cooperation for once and all so they can one day return home to their families they were abducted from. Finally the resolution, during the endless fighting between the “subjects” and the stand down between subject 42 our protagonist and antagonist Silus boils down to the “subjects” escaping with their dear lives only to find out the subject 42 missing in action and they must find her....   [tags: plot, project, conflict, subject 42]

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Theme, Subject and Meaning in Breathless and Citizen Kane

- Theme, Subject and Meaning in Breathless and Citizen Kane Many devices such as theme, subject and meaning reflect different aspects of a film. The time and place that the movie is made are usually affected but this. A great example of this would be the film Breathless, directed by Godard. This is a story of the love between a small-time crook who is wanted for killing a cop, and an American woman who works for a French newspaper. Their relationship develops as the man hides out from the police....   [tags: Film Movies]

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Article Critique: Hemodialysis Educational Training Methods and Their Impact on the Subject Fluid and Dietary Regulation

- The article chosen for critique is by Baraz, Parvardeh, Mohammadi, and Broumand (2009). The study by Baraz et al (2009), evaluated two separate hemodialysis educational training methods and their impact on the subjects fluid and dietary regulation. A video presentation and a lecture based presentation performed by one principal investigator, a renal nurse expert, were the contrasting methods studied. Overview The aim of the study by Baraz et al. (2009) was to “determine the effect of an educational intervention on dietary and fluid compliance in patients having haemodialysis” (p....   [tags: Art Analysis ]

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Examining the Basic Principles of the Belmont Report in Relevance to the Clinical Trial Involving Human Subject, Jesse Gelsinger. Sara Schultze BTC6

- In the United States, the basis for ethical protection for human research subjects in clinical research trials are outlined by the Belmont Report developed in the late 1970’s. This document, published by the Nation Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research, highlights three important basic principles that are to be considered when any clinical trial will involve human research subjects. They are; respect for persons, beneficence, and justice. (Chadwick & Gunn, 2004) Over 20 years after the proclamation of these specific ethical guidelines, we are introduced to the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute for Human Gene Therapy’s study on a del...   [tags: Case Study]

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Subject-Object Relation in Mullâ Sadrâ’s Theory of Knowledge

- Subject-Object Relation in Mullâ Sadrâ’s Theory of Knowledge ABSTRACT: Dividing knowledge to knowledge by presence and knowledge by representation, Mullâ Sadrâ treats the subject-object relation with regard to each one of them differently. In the former, the subject is united with the object, or rather they are one, and the reality of knowledge is this very unity. In this type of knowledge, there is no medium. Such unity culminates, on the one hand, in knowledge by presence comprehensively and completely conveying the objective reality, and in its untransferability on the other....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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On the Subject of Prayer in School

- Prayer is a touchy subject these days. If one were to see an Islamic man kneeling towards Mecca in a public place, say a grocery store or on a sidewalk or a school, it would cause no little fuss. It would be a strange sight indeed. People would certainly stare and talk; some might even take offence. There has been much controversy concerning the issue of public prayer. Most of it pertains to the conduction and leading of a prayer, especially in instances where school is the setting. Many individuals are ignorant of the actual laws in our country regarding the matter of prayer in schools: there are no laws against individual prayer....   [tags: islamic religion, mecca, freedom of religion]

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Subject Placement in American Gothic, The Third of May, Acrobat’s Family, and Waterseller

- Subject Placement in “American Gothic,” “The Third of May,” “The Acrobat’s Family,” and “The Waterseller” Besides bright or dim colors, and fine or rough brush strokes, artists use centralized composition to convey their interpretations in "The Acrobat's Family with a Monkey," "Amercian Gothic," "The Water-Seller," and "The Third of May,1808.” Grant Wood strategically places objects and characters to emphasize the central object, the pitchfork, expressing an atmosphere of unwelcomness, in his painting "American Gothic." The pitchfork attracts the viewer's attention as the most prominent feature of the painting....   [tags: Art Artists Artwork Essays]

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The Passionate Subject of Religious Liberty

- ... For instance, the trend towards criminalization of homosexuality in most African countries is predicated on the prohibition of such sexual orientation and practice by Christianity and Islamic religions. Regardless of which ideology a state adopts, a common issue which arises is the protection of religious liberty of the people of the state. Religious liberty simply means the freedom of citizens to practice their chosen religion without fear, harassment, or suppression either by virtue of state policy or as a result of religious intolerance by fellow citizens or groups....   [tags: alligence, sexual, laws]

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Developmental Transitions in a Subject

- ... As there are different types of aggression, it is important to note that my subject was not labeled angry or harmful at preschool, his forceful actions were generally impassive attacks done in order to get a toy he wanted or to simply be given more space by other children (Berk, 2012). The type of aggression my subject was displaying is known as, proactive, physical aggression (Berk, 2012). Because there is a driving purpose behind aggressive acts, proactive aggression is defined as actions done in order fulfill a need or desire, and in which children unemotionally attack others to achieve their goal of obtaining an object, privilege, space, or social reward (Berk, 2012, p....   [tags: preschool, home, friends, school]

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The Escape of Subject Zero

- “I hate this,” I mutter. I sat on my flat, steel bed, imagining what it must feel like to be a normal teenager. Being an average guy meant getting girls. Being average meant having friends, and being average meant having fun. But I’m not average, and I don’t have any of those things. For as long as I can remember, David’s Laboratory has been both my home and my prison. According to Nelly, it isn’t safe outside the glass; but I know better. Why else would the scientists be so eager to leave the lab at nine o’clock sharp....   [tags: personal narrarive]

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Abortion: A Controversial Subject

- Abortion can lead to unwanted memories, serious health complications, stress, depression, guilt, and burden ( Most women think that they should have the right to choose, they are considered as Pro-Choice. The other women who don’t agree and think that abortion is wrong and shouldn’t be legal are considered Pro-Life. Abortion is a controversial subject that many don’t agree on. Pro-Life is women that want all mothers to be happy and wanting all children to live and are against abortion....   [tags: pro-life, pro-choice]

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Self-Analysis on Subject Me

- My subject of self-analysis is myself. I am currently twenty six years old. I am a college student that is pursuing a degree in psychology and human service. I have been with my husband since I was the age of fifteen. We have been married for almost eight years. I married young because my boyfriend at the time was joining the military. I left my home, my schooling, my friends, my family, my entire life to be with my husband. My personality has changed drastically throughout the years due to the many obstacles that I have been faced with....   [tags: psychology, psychoanalysis, personality]

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Curriculum Mapping

- Curriculum mapping is a process that focuses on the subject matter to be taught, the manner in which it is taught, the timeline involved, available resources, and ultimately the means of assessment. With the inclusion of technology into the mapping process, web-based curriculum management can bring vital information easily into the hands of all curriculum decisions makers. Curriculum mapping invites all individuals who deal with curricular concerns to enter into the curriculum analysis process. The values present in a web-based curriculum mapping tool are plentiful....   [tags: Subject Matter, Education, Teaching]

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Teaching is Not All About Subject Matter

- The way teachers administer the teaching learning process will definitely be influenced by their belief of a particular teaching methodology. It has the same meaning with Gage’s (1964 as cited in Brown, 2001) statement that teachers’ understanding of how the learners learn will determine their philosophy of education, teaching style, approach, methods and classroom techniques. As a matter of fact, the teachers who belong to essentialists run the teaching process following four beliefs which one of them deals with the subject matter....   [tags: Education]

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Desire To Purse Subject Of Control Systems

- Robotics has been the ultimate form of man’s inspiration from nature as he tries to copy all of his own attributes and implement them on a “non-living” object. Most of its underlying principles, dictated by Physics and Mathematics, culminated in due course of my baccalaureate degree to be encapsulated in a subject called Control Systems. The past few years have given me the chance to explore several areas of Robotics in my projects, ranging from industrial solutions to mathematical issues and this has shaped my desire to pursue graduate studies in this field....   [tags: Personal Reflection]

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Subject to Different Cultural and Educational Manipulations

- 3.3 Subject to Different Cultural and Educational Manipulations Culture has been severally defined as the way of living of a given people residing in a particular geographical region. To this end, the way of living may incorporate a wide range of values, beliefs, doctrines, ethics, and rituals. These values are normally embodied in practices such as clothing styles, eating habits, political systems, communication styles, as well as economic systems. It is generally agreed that culture may change from time to time due to social influences such as intermarriage, education, trade as well as through adventurous interactions....   [tags: Culture ]

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Visual Mental Imagery and the Average Subject

- Introduction The enduring differences between individuals are an intriguing subject area in modern psychology. An interest in examining how people differ in their thinking, feeling and behaviour has developed over time. Even over 2000 years ago, Plato stated “No two persons are born exactly alike; but each differs from the other in natural endowments, one being suited for one occupation and the other for another”. Moving forward in time to 1984, Shackleton and Fletcher pointed out that within the study of scientific psychology of human behaviour, individual differences can easily get lost and brushed off as noise to data....   [tags: Neuroscience]

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A Secret Life by Stephen Dunn, and Michael Foucault’s idea Panopticism

- Everything is subject to something in the world, whether it’s living, nonliving, tangible or nontangible. Forces act upon things making them subject to others such as society, law, institutions, religion, self-expectations, etc. Those able to inflict those forces on others successfully without retaliation hold all the power. However, power does corrupt, there are rare occasions where power remains completely absolute, in fact it’s almost impossible. While forces are working to overthrow absolute power, forces are working to preserve power; therefore, the concept of ‘subject’s relation to power’ can always be going back and forth....   [tags: subject and power]

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Sociology of Death and Dying

- De Spelder and Strickland (1983) say that the understanding of death is communicated through the process of socialization by which children learn the concepts and conversations that have value in modern society (p.64). Geoffrey Goer believes that there is evidence to suggest that death has become a taboo and has replaced sex as the unspoken subject of today’s society. Goer says children “are initiated in their early years to love (the concept of sex); But they no longer see their grandfather and express astonishment, they are told that he is resting in a beautiful garden among the flowers” (Walter, p.92-3, 1991)....   [tags: tabooed subject]

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Dealing with the Subject of Change in the Anthology

- Dealing with the Subject of Change in the Anthology The authors in all three stories are similar in many different ways. However they are somewhat different as they all have different meanings but in the end the event that has happened to the characters in each of the stories is life changing. The three stories are called 'Your Shoes' which is written by Michèle Roberts who is a novelist and poet, 'Superman and Paula Brown's new Snowsuit' which is written by Sylvia Plath who is also a poet and a novelist....   [tags: Papers]

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A Comparison of Poetry on the Subject of Nature

- A Comparison of Poetry on the Subject of Nature Seamus Heaney was the winner of the noble price for literature in 1995; he is a prominent living past. Born Northern Ireland in 1939 his work stands against the background of the 'Troubles' In Death of a naturalist he confronts a frog both of these experiences changed him. Many of Heaney's early poems dealt with his experiences of childhood, he considers a childhood fear confronted in both of the poems mentioned above. A frequent theme is now these experiences affect us; how apparently trivial moments can change the way we look at the world....   [tags: Papers]

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The Subject of Choice in Shakespeare's Hamlet

- The Subject of Choice in Shakespeare's Hamlet It is said that life is nothing more than an endless stream of choices. Every day before work or school, we must all make choices—what to eat, what to wear, whether or not to bother with that homework assignment—some of which are trivial, while others have the direst consequences. In Shakespeare’s classic play Hamlet, the inner thoughts that accompany each decision, as well as the quest for what is actually truth and what is lie, is brought to light in Act 2.2....   [tags: Shakespeare Hamlet Essays]

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