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The Poverty Of Sub Saharan Africa

- The youth population in Sub-Saharan Africa is increasing rapidly. Nearly one in three people living in the region, or about 297 million, are between the ages of 10 and 24. The population of Sub-Saharan Africa has over 56 million people aged between 15 to 24, who have not yet completed primary school, and require many alternatives to be able to gain employment to survive. Youth unemployment remains a barrier to the region 's development. Some of the highest rates on the continent are in southern Africa, where 51% of young women and 43% of young men are unemployed (The World’s Youth, 2013)....   [tags: Africa, Education, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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The Problem Of Sub Saharan Africa

- Despite the improvements within the last decade the vast majority of sub-Saharan Africa remains corrupt. Corruption is a complex phenomenon. The inability for the country as a whole to solve their own issues is indeed the reason the country till this day is considered a developing nation. But as much as sub-Saharan is said to be ethical, stats and numbers illustrate many forms of corruption. Corruption within the country’s policies, bureaucratic traditions, political development, and social history....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Political corruption]

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The Abolition Of Colonialism On Sub Saharan Africa

- Since 1960, the imposition of colonialism on sub-Saharan Africa has affected the continent in many ways. Pacifically political and economic development. Africa has gone through so much just to become an independent country. Going back 1870 when Belgians began to trade with Africans in the Congo. The other European countries began to worry about missing out on the many amazing raw materials Africa possessed. The most important factor that motivated European colonial expansion was economic gain. This is due to industrial revolution, which began in Britain in the second half of the eighteenth century....   [tags: Africa, Colonialism, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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Women And Women During Sub Saharan Africa

- Men and women in Sub-Saharan Africa are unintentionally perpetuating disadvantaging situations by remaining ignorant to women’s education and restraining them from participating in their local economies. They were raised in a society that institutionally disadvantages women and that relies heavily on tradition. From the laws of the land to the culture that permeates the lives of Sub-Saharan denizens, women are not seen as productive members of the economy. These beliefs subjugate women from proper education, and the lack of education thereby reinforces the notion that women are unfit to take part in business....   [tags: Africa, Education, Sub-Saharan Africa, Sahara]

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South African and the International Politics in sub-Saharan Africa

- The global network of super powers has claimed many regions through human security, political actions, and economic development. One of the largest landscapes is that of sub-Saharan Africa, in which 50 plus countries make up the geographical landscape (Library of Congress, 2010). In consideration of the long history of changing powers and the colonization of the different countries by Dutch, French, and British influences giving up power after WWII; the prospect of democracy for the sub-Saharan African countries is an ongoing battle (Braithwaite, 2014)....   [tags: political change, south africa, sub-saharan]

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Developing Sub Saharan Africa

- ... In order for Sub Saharan to stabilize their flourishing population, they must enforce the need to slow down birth rates. To achieve this goal, couples must have easy access to a wide range of contraceptive methods (Bridge). In addition to reducing fertility, the use of family planning also has a direct and positive impact on reducing maternal deaths as well as preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV. For the two past decades, Sub Saharan Africa has become synonymous for the spread of HIV and AIDS....   [tags: world´s poorest country, illiteracy rate, hiv]

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Malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa

- Malaria is blood disease caused by a parasite called Plasmodium. This disease occurs widely in poor, subtropical and tropical regions of the world. One subtropical region that has been greatly affected by this disease is Sub-Saharan Africa. According to Olowookere, Adeleke, Kuteyi, and Mbakwe (2013) malaria is one of the leading causes of death and illness in sub-Saharan Africa. It is important to be aware of the impacts this disease carries and how it has greatly affected millions of people. This paper will explain the impacts of Malaria and discuss, compare, and contrast the malaria research conducted by various researchers and reflect on the issue....   [tags: blood disease, plasmodium, mortality, impact]

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Immunization in Sub-Saharan Africa

- INTRODUCTION Immunization is one of the most powerful tools available to improve public and global health. In sub-Saharan Africa immunizations form the basis of primary health care activities, it is the most important and sometimes the only activity in primary health care that brings mothers and children into repeated contact with the health system (Shirley, 1999). Immunisation services have also been used in sub-Saharan Africa to establish a basis for other health care activities where these are lacking, for example distribution of Insecticide Treated Nets, provision of antenatal care and family planning services (Ehreth, 2003).By combining three innovative preventative approaches, it was h...   [tags: Health Care]

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The Hunger Crisis Of Sub Saharan Africa

- In 1798, the political economist Thomas Malthus referred to extensive hunger as a natural system that ensured a properly sized population that was balanced with the food supply, and the global population adapted this idea as their view on world hunger (Dando 197). It was not until the 1970s when this idea began to be truly challenged. Today, commercials displaying starving African children are no rare sight. In Sub-Saharan Africa, more than 33 million children under 5 are malnourished (Stanford 46)....   [tags: Poverty, Africa, Malnutrition, Famine]

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The Spread Of Islam And Sub Saharan Africa

- The spread of Islam to Sub-Saharan Africa was peaceful and steady and the Islamic beliefs easily coexisted with the native traditions. Islam brought new culture, the Qur’an, and political changes with the spread of Islam. Sub-Saharan Muslims had a tendency to keep their old-fashioned culture while including Islam into their beliefs. In East Africa, Islam influenced the development of Swahili culture. The link between the Arabian Peninsula and the coast of East Africa is called the Sahel, which became the channel for people seeking refuge from the Arabian world....   [tags: Africa, Islam, Arabian Peninsula, Muhammad]

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Violence Within Sub Saharan Africa

- In recent history, violence within Africa has increased from previous levels, this current phase of violence follows a pattern of being concentrated in small pockets of high profile conflicts. As Clifton Crais suggests “Formal wars between nation-states have declined, but civil conflict, sectarian bloodletting, and other forms of violence have been increasing” (Crais, 2011) From Boko Haram in central Africa, to al-Shabaab in the east and al Qaeda in the north, this essay will discuss how these groups have evolved the face of violence in regards to the agents of violence, their motives, and how the violence is executed....   [tags: Islam, Africa, Nigeria, Extremism]

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Sub Saharan Africa

- Over the last ten years, sub-Saharan Africa has come across economic growth of coarsely five percent per year. Today, 21 African countries are considered “middle income”(Christiaensen and Devarajan). Regardless of strong growth, the impact on poverty is much less than hoped. Today, many countries in Africa add up among the world’s poorest. To tackle this poverty problem the collective prescription is economic development. Economic development refers to the continuous actions of policy makers and societies that encourage the standard of living and economic health of a precise area....   [tags: Economic Growth, Middle Income, Poverty]

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Prevalence of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa

- In 2009 an estimated 33.2 million human beings were unfortunate enough to be infected with AIDS or HIV. A hefty 22.4 million of those individuals live in where the story of humanity began, Sub-Saharan Africa. The good-fortuned United States on the other end of the spectrum ,is home to 1.2 million infected. The statistics for the amount of infected in the U.S. is almost negligible in comparison to those of Africa’s ,because of the obvious difference in amount of infected ,but also in the amount of power the disease has in the confines of each spatial variation....   [tags: AIDS, medicine, medical]

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Cultural Awareness Of Sub-Saharan Africa

- What is culture, one might ask. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, culture is the “customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group or the characteristic features of everyday existence (as diversions or a way of life} shared by people in a place or time” (Culture). Five major characteristics that define a culture include culture is learned, culture is shared, culture is symbolic, culture is all-encompassing, and culture is integrated. Culture depends on the human capacity for cultural learning that encompasses shared rules for conduct and that are dependent upon symbols....   [tags: Culture ]

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South African and the International Politics in sub-Saharan Africa

- In sub-Sahara Africa, previous U.S. Presidential administrations of 1996 and the 2000 era realized the importance of investing. Together Clinton and Bush provided millions and billions of dollars towards operations in aid, construction, conflict resolution, and political intervention (Braithwaite, 2014). Critics of the current administration say that the current President has not done enough investing in the African regions because Obama has made contact with a minimal three countries. Current policies are weak because only privatized small individual holders have access to open markets, while superpowers like China currently are trading 2 billion in capital....   [tags: sub sahara africa, south africa, africans]

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Impact Of Colonialism On The Economic Development Of Sub Saharan Africa

- What is the impact of colonialism on the economic development of Sub-Saharan Africa (Africa) or more generally the colonized countries. This is a question which has reiterated itself through the social sciences for over a century. Colonialism refers to the establishment of political and economic control by one state over another. The colonial experience began in the late 1400s, when Europeans arrived and set up trading posts in Africa. They became interested in Africa as a whole. Europeans were impressed with the abundance of natural resources....   [tags: Africa, Algeria, Colonialism, Slavery]

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Sub-Saharan Africa and The Challenge of Food Security

- Food is a necessity for meaningful living and as such an important element for the survival of any living thing. Sub-Saharan Africa as it is today is a vital section of the African continent covering the entire region south of the Sahara spanning through western, eastern, and southern Africa. The region had experienced series of neck-breaking incidents that threatened the survival of some of her people at different times in the past few decades. Even now, this region still confronts series of challenges ranging from civil unrest in Ivory Coast and occasionally, some parts of Nigeria, war in Sudan and Somalia, and an epidemic in Zimbabwe....   [tags: Health]

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Economic Water Scarcity Of Sub Saharan Africa

- An estimated 1.6 billion people around the world live in regions of economic water scarcity, with 780 million of these people living in areas with no basic water facilities. Economic water scarcity means that investments in water resources and relevant human labour forces are not substantial enough to meet water demands in an area where the population does not have the financial means to make use of an adequate water source on their own. Economic water scarcity is about an unequal distribution of resources for many reasons, including political and cultural conflict....   [tags: Water, Water resources, Water management]

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Childhood Mortality Rates in Sub-Saharan Africa

- Since World War II, Sub-Saharan Africa has seen notable improvements in child survival; however, childhood mortality conditions continue to lag behind. Ghana is said to be “an island of peace and stability” in the volatile landscape of Sub-Saharan West Africa; a success story of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (Atakpu, 2004). Its success has put Ghana as the leader in human development among the countries in that region. Although, the infant mortality rate and mortality rate of children under the age of five is still rather high compared to the rest of the world....   [tags: Health Services]

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HIV and Aids in Sub Saharan Africa

- HIV and Aids in Sub Saharan Africa Introduction Sub Saharan Africa has a very serious HIV / AIDS epidemic with millions of its people living with the disease. It has now become a human tragedy in many areas of the world, but most affected is sub Saharan Africa. It is no coincidence that the countries suffering most with HIV / AIDS are also the poorest. HIV / AIDS is now considered to be the single most important impediment to social progress to many countries in Africa .This report will analyse the current situation using up to date sources from articles, books and the World Wide Web....   [tags: HIV in Africa]

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African Literature : The Sub Saharan African Society Of India

- In most of the reading up till now in our course African Literature, we have read poems, novels and stories written by men. For example, the Sub-Saharan Africa’s literary history in a nutshell, by A.S Gerad only mentions all scholarly articles, novels and stories by men. Which shows that according to A.S Gerad only male authors have cultivated the African Literature. This exemplifies the dominance of males in the African Society. According to Nura Abubakar, Fullbright foreign language scholar at the University of Wisconsin-madison, till date in contempory African society females have traditional roles of birthing and raising children while the males have the roles of being providers....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Gender role]

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Aid to Africa: A Review of the Efficacy of International Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa

- ... For example, The 2002 U.S. Pan-Sahelian Initiative involved over half a billion dollars of U.S. military aid to four Sahelian states, which enabled some of the recipient militaries to overthrow their democratic governments. “To the dismay of the US, junior Malian officers trained as part of $620m pan-Sahelian counter-terrorism initiative launched in 2002 to help four semi-desert states resist Islamic militancy took part in a coup in March last year...In two of the three other Sahelian states involved in the Pentagon’s pan-Sahelian initiative, Mauritania and Niger, armies trained by the US, have also taken power in the past eight years....   [tags: poorest contintent world, development efforts ]

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Why Does Poverty Persist?: A Look at International Aid in Sub-Saharan Africa

- In 2011, World Bank (2013) aided the amount equivalent to 54 US dollars per individual in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the question is if 910.4 million of people in sub-Saharan Africa have equally enjoyed its benefit. Despite the regional and international aid dedicated to eradicate poverty in the last 60 years, about 442 million, the half of population in sub-Saharan Africa, are still living on under 1.25 US dollars everyday (World Bank, 2013). Although the efficacy of international aid on poverty reduction has been questioned in a large number of public and academic discourses, many so called developed countries such as G8 are yet encouraged to provide more aid (Sachs, 2005) while less dev...   [tags: aid, international, poverty, consequences]

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Hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Astonishing Truth Behind Starvation

- At this moment in sub-Saharan Africa, every 3 seconds a child under five dies from AIDS and hunger, and more than 90 percent of the people are suffering long term malnourishment. (World Health Organization) In addition to this, measles are taking the life of a boy almost every minute, when a measles vaccine cost less than $1. (WHO, World Health Organization) "Things are moving in the wrong direction," says Marc Cohen (International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) Washington). "If we look at sub-Saharan Africa as a whole, all the projections are that poverty and hunger are going to get worse." There are 31.1 million food-deprived masses, scattered across the region surrounding Ethiopi...   [tags: World Hunger]

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Using Communication Theory in AIDS Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa

- Summary The following essay deals with the question how communication strategies contribute to increase the prevention of AIDS in poor rural settings in Sub-Saharan Africa. The author approaches this topic using communication theory. Due to the lack of space, a selection of appropriate theories is made. The first chapter gives a short introduction to the topic. It explains why the author choses for this topic, how the target group is defined and how it is being approached in the following chapters....   [tags: Communication Research Papers]

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The Water Crisis Between Sub Saharan Africa And The Islamic Civilizations

- Jordan Yeoman Mr. Dexter Christian Ethnics from a Global Perspective 6 September 2016 Topic: For my Global issue I will be discussing the water crisis between Sub-Saharan Africa and the Islamic civilizations. I am going to talk about the ethnical issues of the massive droughts in the Sub-Saharan, and how water negatively affects population health in countries like Iraq for example. Sheffield, Justin, et al. "A Drought Monitoring And Forecasting System For Sub-Sahara African Water Resources And Food Security." Bulletin Of The American Meteorological Society 95.6 (2014): 861....   [tags: Water, Water supply, Water crisis, Drinking water]

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The Necessary Mitigated Evil: Humanitarian Aid in Sub-Saharan Africa

- Due in part to its tumultuous past, sub-Saharan Africa is a region of the world that is stricken with war, famine, and poverty. Many people in richer parts of the world, including North America and Europe, view helping the people who inhabit this part of the world as their duty and obligation. Both non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governmental organizations such as the United Nations (UN) alike send humanitarian aid to sub-Saharan Africa. While this aid helps countless individuals and their families, humanitarian aid in sub-Saharan Africa fuels further conflict and enables violent groups, undermining the goals of the aid itself....   [tags: war, famine, poverty, soldiers]

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World Music: Middle East, Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa

- There are various aspects of our lives and of those there is music. Music is an inextricable part of life. It can be dated back to the most primitive of time. Where there are humans there is some form of music varying from culture to culture. Languages, belief systems and many other variables within a nation have great influence on what is considered music and what’s not music. This is why it is very important when listening to music to consider the context in which it was created in. This will enable you to appreciate the different sounds and musical constructions such as rhythm, melody, harmony and also the lack thereof....   [tags: human expression]

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Sub-Saharan Africa

- Sub-Saharan Africa Africa is the second largest of the earth's seven continents, covering about twenty-two percent of the world's total land area. From its northern most point, to its southern most tip is the distance of nearly five thousand miles. Africa is both north and south of the equator. The Atlantic Ocean is located west of the continent, and the Indian Ocean is on the east. Width of the continent is also nearly five thousand miles. Although Africa is so large, much of it is inhabitable....   [tags: Africa Geography Essays Geographical]

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African And Public Schooling : Africa

- Africa is a continent that is full of life, history, and future discoveries that should be regarded as one of the learning meccas of the world. It is the second largest continent by area and population, which makes it three times as large as the United States. Africa is a place many people travel to in order to learn, relax, and discover new ideas in order to improve the country. Africa is sometimes shed a bad light on due to its poverty in some parts of the continent. But many of the everyday things we use come from African countries....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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How Did External Debt And / Or Remittances Impact The Politico Economic Development Of Sub Saharan Africa?

- (1) GENERAL AREA OF INVESTIGATION For this essay, my general area of investigation will be surrounding the impacts of colonization, as well as the process of decolonization on developing nations; namely, those in Sub-Saharan Africa. Furthermore, this paper will look into The World Bank, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), SAPs (Structural Adjustment Programs), and more institutional implementations within the continent of Africa that ultimately lead to a colossal number of remittances. This area of research is personally interesting to me as a first generation immigrant and child of the diaspora, wherein the aftereffects of colonialism and neo-colonialism are still felt....   [tags: Africa, World Bank, International Monetary Fund]

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Failure of IMF and World Bank Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa

- Failure of IMF and World Bank Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa Over the last several hundred years, Africa has been deprived of the peace that it so desperately needs. For over 400 years, Africa was subjected to the harsh trans-Atlantic slave trade. Europeans and Americans brutally uprooted millions of Africans and shipped them away. Torn away from their homes, Africans were inhumanely exploited for their labor. The slave trade had a devastating effect not only on those involved, but also on future generations to come....   [tags: Africa World Bank Essays]

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The African Of African Africa

- The African Continent has a storied past that has intrigued many for generations. Africa had mostly always been a continent of ethnic or tribal culture. Africa’s history had often been passed down through the spoken word of storytellers for generations. This led many 18th and 19th Century historians to believe that Africa had no real history and that the way things were then are the way they had always been for millennia. Often times a western education creates a bias as to what can be regarded as a trusted and accurate source of information....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Colonialism]

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Africa Is The World 's Poorest Inhabited Continent

- Africa is the world’s poorest inhabited continent, with more than one third of its residents living on less than a comparative US dollar per day. Africa is often stereotyped as poor, overpopulated, and uncivilized. Africa is commonly interpreted as one united land mass rather than multiple independent nations. Africa’s limited use of technology, agriculture and market based economy, and independent self-governing prior to independence have made gathering data on the continent difficult. Africa as a whole has little data collected about its past and as a result many studies conducted and published refer to the continent as a whole rather than referring to individual nations....   [tags: Africa, Colonialism, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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Cross Cultural Misunderstandings Between Chinese Mnc 's And Local Human Resource Development Sub Saharan Africa

- COURSE WORK 4 RESEARCH METHODS THE IMPACT EXTERNALISATION HAS MADE TO REDUCE CROSS-CULTURAL MISUNDERSTANDINGS BETWEEN CHINESE MNC`s AND LOCAL HUMAN RESOURCE IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA. QN What role has externalization by Chinese MNCs played in limiting cross-cultural misunderstandings in sub-Saharan Africa. Abstract According to the IMF China has the world`s largest purchasing power parity and as by 2015, it was the world’s second largest economy with growth rates averaging about 10% annually. This environment has generated the development of multinational companies which are keen to maximize their economies of scale and economies of scope through expansion and setting up in new countries....   [tags: Cross-cultural communication, Geert Hofstede]

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What Factors Are Involved in the Increasing Prevalence of Type II Diabetes in Adolescents living in Sub-Saharan Africa?

- ... These databases can subject specific or it could include all materials on different disciplines. However, it is safe to remember that not all relevant articles will be published in journals that have been indexed in these databases (Bowling, 2009). As a result of this, grey and unpublished literatures have to be included as much as possible. First, deciding whether to use primary studies or secondary studies is important as primary studies tend to report their findings first hand while secondary studies synthesize results from multiple primary studies....   [tags: risk factors, practice, further research]

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The Econometric Analysis of the Dynamics of Economic Growth, Debts and Budget Deficits of Sub-Saharan Africa

- ABSTRACT Many researches had done by others on analyzing the relationship between debt and economic growth. However, little attention has been paid to the econometric analysis of the dynamics of economic growth, debts and budget deficits of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The main purpose of this paper is to re-examine the relationship between debt and growth for SSA, by using Granger causality to test between debts, economic growth and budget deficit. In addition, we will be using the Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) and Augmented Vector Autoregressive (VAR) to test the presence of co-integration....   [tags: Economics]

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Fixing the Hunger Crisis Through Transgenic Crops in Sub-Saharan Africa

- “The science of GM food is a miracle. The abuse of GM food by corporations is a tragedy.”1 In 2011, the World Health Organization stated in Africa the average percent for malnourished children under 5 years of age was 22%.2 Malnourishment stems from economic, social, and environmental issues throughout Africa. The introduction of Genetically Modified (GM) crops in Africa is debated as a possible solution to the food crisis. The Infection-Malnutrition cycle shows how the food crisis is complexly interrelated to infection....   [tags: genetically modified food, monopoly]

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The Out Of Africa Theory

- “Out of Africa theory” which is the most widely accepted theory about the modern human origins tells us that the Humans first evolved in African Continent and Most of the Human Evolution happened in this Black Continent. African continent to which human roots belongs, saw the most brutal suppression of one Human Being by another. Africa, which had a well mature democratic tribal administration, today consists of a bunch of failed states having huge trust deficit among the people and the state. Causes of this failure story of Africa includes hasty privatisation policies, the growing influence of non-state forces, degraded democratic conventions and institutions, pollution of cultural and soci...   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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International And Local Non Governmental Organizations

- Every individual has the right for education no matter their gender, race, or status in society. This fundamental right allows individuals to better their living conditions by opening new doors for future opportunities and employment. However, many countries in the world do not provide formal education to their residents, especially to girls, leaving them vulnerable to living their entire lives in poverty. In recent years, both international and local non-governmental organizations (NGO) have addressed gender and education issues through various projects, predominantly in African states....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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Forming Public Policy on AIDS epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa

- Jarrod Stafford Government 9 A.M. Forming Public Policy on AIDS epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa Strengths of Current Policy • 15 billion dollars of aid over 5 years • Bring African AIDS epidemic to forefront • Dispersing resources quickly • Using new approaches and leadership model • Employing evidence-based decisions • Demanding accountability for results Weaknesses of Current Policy • Not attacking root causes of problem • Waited many years to act effectively Opportunities • Drug testing • Drug market • Showing long term good will around world • Increase influence in government and economy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Gretest Poverty of All: Bieng Unwanted, Unloved and Uncared For

- ... To understand this phenomenon, one has to identify the characteristics of the poverty is South Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa is know for it’s numerous LEDCs; South Africa might be on of the fastest developing, most constantly changing countries there, however is also one of the most exposed. “In sub-Saharan Africa where about 51% of the people lived in extreme poverty when the poverty line of $1.25 per day was used (UNEC for Africa 2010). Although South Africa is a middle-income country, a large proportion (26.2%) of its population lived in poverty when the same poverty line of $1.25 per day was used.” (Gouws 1202) This being said South Africa has a vulnerable economy due to the constant...   [tags: children, sub-saharan africa]

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Views on Sustainable Development with Specific Reference to Sub-Saharan Africa

- Views on Sustainable Development with Specific Reference to Sub-Saharan Africa Allen (1980) puts forward his definition of sustainable development as "development that is likely to achieve lasting satisfaction of human needs and improvement of the quality of human life." The important phrase to consider in this definition is "likely to achieve". This concept in theory can be effective and implemented successfully, however we can critically discuss the concept in terms of what and who is to be involved, with relevance to the world that we live in today....   [tags: Papers]

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The Media And Its Effects On Africa

- Misrepresented Africa ​Images have the power to shape the mind of an individual’s knowledge of a place. The world is full of beautiful cities, states, and countries. The large continent of Africa is brought together by fifty-four beautiful countries, but in the media the images misrepresent Africa as a continent. Africa is constantly portrayed as victims of poverty, violence, hunger and diseases. Also, Africans are stereotyped to be uncivilized and uneducated. These images in the media neglect the upside to these countries....   [tags: Africa, Atlantic slave trade, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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Hiv And Its Effects On Africa

- HIV commonness in East Africa is generally medium to high, and second behind southern Africa. On the other hand, general predominance has been in decay for as long as two decades. For instance, Kenya has seen its HIV prevalence decrease from a height of 14 percent to about 6 percent. Uganda and Tanzania likewise have infection rate of more than 5 percent, with the most reduced found in Madagascar which is 0.5 percent and Mauritius with 1.2 percent. Regardless of this advancement, there are new regions of worry with HIV prevalence on the ascent among vulnerable groups including individuals who infuse drugs, detainees and uniformed services (for example, the military and the police)....   [tags: Africa, AIDS, HIV, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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My Heritage And International History South Africa

- For my international paper this time I decided to do my paper analysis on a state. For my state I choose reflected part of my heritage and international history South Africa was my state I choose. So with that being said, I looked up the definition of Africa. According to the definition it stated: “A continent S of Europe and between the Atlantic and Indian oceans.”(Dictionary, 2016).Though I find this to be extremely accurate. I wanted to go more in dept. with Africa and its definition. In fact, I continued to scroll and found the British version on Africa....   [tags: Africa, South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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Analyzing Bullets For Sections 3.2 And 3.3

- Summary bullets for Sections 3.2 and 3.3 • From 2015 to 2025 the number of young people in Africa aged between 15-25 years old is expected to increase from 259 million to 293 million. • From 2015 to 2030, Africa’s workforce will represent two-thirds of the growth in the workforce worldwide. • Currently, between 10 to 20 million young Africans enter the workforce annually. • However, only three million formal jobs are being created annually. • The rapid increase in the working-age population adds pressure to the African labour market to create jobs on a sufficient scale....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Unemployment]

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The Scramble For Africa During The Late 1800 ' S

- The Scramble For Africa In Africa during the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, Europe sought to seize all of Africa for its own. Any powerful European country made a mad dash for Africa and began carving up the continent, each country taking chunks of territory for themselves, oftentimes without any kind of permission from the native people of the land they were taking for their own. The reactions of the native peoples to the invasion was mixed, with some groups seeking peace with the invaders, and others urging their fellow Africans to violently take action against the imperialists, many battles were fought over the land during this time....   [tags: Africa, Colonialism, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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Economic Gains ( Alcott )

- economic gains (Alcott). Prior to colonization many African states relied on agriculture to meet the level of subsistence and selling or trading excess crops. The British did not recognize this type of economic system as a sufficient, alternative method. They did not respect the African’s cultural differences and lifestyles; instead, they saw the lack of technology and modernization as merely unacceptable. Instead of respecting ethnic differences across the continent, the British began to exploit them for their own gain....   [tags: Africa, Colonialism, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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The Impact Of Political Instability On African Countries

- Lunde underscores that military coup d’états in sub-Saharan Africa have been reduced due to several factors. (CITEZZ) Coup d’états have been responsible for political instability in many sub-Saharan African countries soon after independence in early 1960s. Overtime however, African countries have been somewhat “insulated” from military takeovers due to institutionalization measures reducing the likelihood of military takeovers and decline in the density of coup d’états. (CITE) Lunde’s research supports the hypothesis that political stability is achieved when modernization of a country is reached; the likelihood of political instability is high during the process of modernization due to weak...   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa]

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Epidemiology in The Book Public Health Medicine for the Tropics by Lucas and Gilles

- EPIDEMIOLOGY OF THREE COMMUNICABLE DISEASES IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA Introduction In the book Public Health Medicine for the Tropics, Lucas and Gilles (2003) states that the term ‘epidemiology’ which originally meant ‘the study of epidemics’ employed techniques that were used in the study and control of epidemics but have now been usefully employed to include ‘study of non-communicable diseases and accidents’, ‘study of distribution of disease in human population’, ‘study of patterns of disease’ as well as ‘search for determinants of disease’....   [tags: sub-saharan africa, communicable disease]

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HIV/Aids in the African Continent

- HIV/AIDS, the latest, contemporary disease that is afflicting and devastating millions, about thirty-five million of the worlds population, a little less than one percent, of which seventy percent inhabits the cotenant of Africa, where a great many developing countries are found. As of the late nineties, researchers have concluded, taken from SIV infected chimpanzees samples, that developed because of a chimpanzee had slaughtered and consumed two other monkeys, infected with their own diseases, and a poacher had shot, cooked, and had eaten the gruesomely infected SIV chimpanzee, only to be infected with a new, severe disease, known as AIDS (   [tags: infected chimpazees, sub-Saharan Africa]

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Information And Communication Technologies ( Icts )

- INTRODUCTION • According to ICT Government of Africa, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) consist of a range of technological products that enable the transmission, and reception of information. These ICT products include computers, e-mail and telecommunications services, satellite communications, and the Internet services. • Their usage is essential and they improve the quality of life of people, particularly in the health system, education, and agriculture sectors (Mansell & Wehn, 1998)....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa]

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The Project Raised 120 Million Dollars

- Countries across the world have poured in over two trillion dollars in aid to sub-Saharan Africa throughout the past half-century (Moyo). Whether the aid was given to Africa for moral or political reason, it has not worked. The money dumped into the country has not alleviated the poverty of the citizens and has not created economic growth. On top of aid given by countries, other projects have been replicated in the country to assist Africa citizens dealing with issues, such as poverty, disease, clean water and many more....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, Malawi]

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Brac On The Development Fund ( Brac )

- In Uganda, BRAC has contributed to the community in assisting poultry and livestock farmers in 64 districts by developing 1,890 community and livestock poultry promoters, and trained 1,000 livestock and poultry rearers by 2014 respectively (BRAC Uganda Annual Report, 2014). By educating and training local farmers, BRAC’s aim is to promote technology and increase livestock productivity. Furthermore, the agriculture and food security sector was developed by training 1,000 community agriculture promoters and 132,848 general farmers by 2014 respectively (BRAC Uganda Annual Report, 2014)....   [tags: Poverty, Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa]

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The Spread Of Islam And Islam

- From the years 600-1450 CE, religious civilizations were beginning to form throughout Africa. First, Christianity and Islam spread throughout Africa, which were adopted in different manners throughout Africa. Second, trade had a significant influence on the developments of Ancient Ghana. Lastly, the spread of Islam had a lasting impact on life in Ghana and Mali. Ultimately, Chapter 14 of Patterns of World History: Volume One: to 1600, encompassed the influence Christianity and Islam had on Africa....   [tags: Africa, Sahara, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa]

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The Fight Against Malaria

- The Fight Against Malaria The scorching temperature of the hot sun beats down on the sandy ground. Flies and mosquitoes roam the air, and the sound of suffering children fill the atmosphere. This is sub-saharan Africa, and the noise of the children in agony is due to a deadly parasitic disease known as malaria. Every year, nearly one million deaths occur because of it (World of Health). Fortunately, this sickness was eradicated in the U.S. through various techniques. They used DDT utilization to areas that were known to have malaria present there in latter years....   [tags: mosquitores, children, sub-saharan africa]

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International Views Of Africa By George Browne

- Essay #1 International views of Africa often labeled the country as having impoverished resources, archaic agriculture techniques, and solely subsistence based farming. Popular historians and scientists like Maddison, John Iliffe, and Jared Diamond became some of the forerunners of these claims. One thing to note is that these individuals have not spent a prolonged period of time in Africa and their writings on reflect the small time they have been on the large continent. Other individuals such as Mungo Park and William George Browne both have first hand accounts of being in Africa for six months or even longer....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, African people]

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Human Trafficking And Its Effects On Africa

- Human Trafficking in Africa In America, slavery is considered as an issue that had been solved in the past. However, most people don’t know that slavery actually still exists. Especially in Southern Africa, this region is known as the destination of human trafficking. Young African girls are kidnapped within their own country for sexual use and domestic servitude. Meanwhile, young African boys are trafficked for street vending, agriculture, and food service purposes. Today, there are many non-profit organizations that are attempting to prosecute, prevent, and protect children from human trafficking organizations....   [tags: Africa, Slavery, African Union, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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Development Of New Cities And On The Indian Ocean Coast Of East Africa

- Mayer adds by saying that the development of new cities with the growth of trading in West Africa and on the Indian Ocean coast of East Africa had some resemblance to the cities developed during this period in Italy and Germany; however, because of the differences in technology advancements, helped with the differences of the way the societies were being developed. Not until the 15th century, with the arrival of many Europeans that helped Africa build a stronger relationship with the rest of the world....   [tags: Africa, Islam, West Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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Women 's Greater Freedom Under African Customs

- Two religions that were very popular in Africa, as well as in Europe and the Middle East, were Christianity and Islam. Mansa Musa built many mosques and buildings dedicated to Islam (Lecture 9/22). Kings of Ghana converted to Islam in the 10th century (Lecture 9/22). Ruling elites in East Africa accept Islam without forcing the general population to convert. Islam serves as social glue with other merchants and states (Lecture 9/22). Islam adapted to women’s greater freedom under African customs (Lecture 9/22)....   [tags: Africa, Islam, Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia]

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Hiv Prevention Plan For African Heterosexual Adults

- HIV Prevention Plan for African Heterosexual Adults In 2014, approximately 36.9 million individuals were living with HIV, a international HIV occurrence of 0.8%. The bulk of this number reside in low and middle revenue countries. In the same year, 1.2 million individuals died of AIDS-associated infections. Of the 36.9 million people living with HIV, 25.8 million live in sub-Saharan Africa, accounting for 70% of the global total ("HIV and AIDS in Sub-Saharan," 2015). Dissimilarities between the epidemiology of cases of AIDS in Africa and those in Western cultures has provoked speculation about health factors that may be specific to Africa....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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African Religions, Christianity, And The Islamic Religion

- Mbiti observed in 1969 that Africa people are “notoriously religious” consciously or unconsciously, and is still true of a large majority of people, urban or rural, educated or less educated (Moyo 2013). No matter the time or what decade it is, religion will still dominate the world and especially Africa. Over the years’ religions from all over the world have formed and people from all over the world have taken up and practiced those religions, making some religions well known while others most people still don’t know about it....   [tags: Islam, Africa, Christianity, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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Orphans And Vulnerable Children : The Concept Of Vulnerable Disadvantaged Children

- Orphans and vulnerable children: The concept of “vulnerable” children in Africa Key words: children’s rights, Orphaned and Vulnerable Children, OVC, vernacularization, language, human rights and culture Introduction Language and the words we use matter in human rights. Words are of greater importance when we use them to describe both simple and complex concepts in our surroundings. Furthermore, language and culture are powerful forces in the understanding, translation, transmission and protection of human rights, especially the rights of children....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, HIV, Botswana]

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Secondhand Clothing Can Hurt A Country 's Economy

- Have you ever wondered where your clothes once you donated them. Probably not, since you gave them away you are hoping that someone else likes them as much as you did. Is it possible that selling secondhand clothing can hurt a country 's economy. The Global Trade of Secondhand Clothing isn’t a new thing, we have all donated old clothing to places like the Salvation Army, Goodwill and other charities. You would think that donating your clothing is better than throwing it away, but at the same time donating clothing can have a negative impact....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Used good, Sahara]

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Quality Education And Acceptance Of Gender Equality

- Access to quality education and acceptance of gender equality in Sub-Saharan Africa will lower poverty and increase economic productivity because it will expand the impact women have on business. The prevailing society in Sub-Saharan Africa unintentionally perpetuates disadvantaging situations by remaining ignorant to women’s education and figuratively restraining them from participating in their local economies. Women were raised in a society that institutionally disadvantages women and that relies heavily on tradition....   [tags: Africa, Education, Economics, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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Globalization Has Shaped The Way Africans Live, Behave, And Succeed

- Globalization in Sub-Saharan Africa Globalization has shaped the way Africans live, behave, and succeed in the present day. As the continent of Africa is a huge landmass divided by the Saharan Desert, and various mountain ranges, it is impossible to talk about globalization for the entire continent. Each region of Africa came into contact with other Africans and non-Africans at different times, causing each region to develop differently. Contrary to the way the media portrays it, Africa does not have a monolithic culture or history....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Atlantic slave trade]

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Secondhand Clothing Can Hurt A Country 's Economy

- Have you ever wondered to your clothes once you donated them. Probably not, since you gave them away you are hoping that someone else likes them as much as you did. Is it possible that selling secondhand clothing can hurt a country 's economy. The Global Trade of Secondhand Clothing isn’t a new thing, we have all donated old clothing to places like the Salvation Army, Goodwill and other charities. You would think that donating your clothing is better than throwing it away, but at the same time donating clothing can have a negative impact....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Used good, Sahara]

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The Masai Tribe And Non Kinship Rituals

- (750)The Masai Tribe: An analysis of Non-Kinship Traditions in African Tribes in Age, Skill, and Residence The importance of non-kinship traditions in African tribes is part of the way in which social and political organizations are formed through age, skill sets, and residency. The separation of members of the society can determine the age set of the individual, and the political power that they wield in certain social situations. The Masai tribe is sub-Sahara Africa defines the role of age sets for men, which determine boys, warriors, and elders in the community,....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, African people, Tribe]

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The Ethnic Factor : An Act Of Racialisation

- 1.1. The Ethnic Factor: An Act of Racialisation During the interviews and studying the report, I repeatedly stumbled over what Max had called the ‘ethnic constant’ as one possible influencing factors. For example, the report discussed the possible ‘influence of ethnic affiliation’ of the subject – he Ethiopian – in detail. I quote it in full. INFLUENCE OF ETHNIC AFFILIATION […] On the basis of the international literature at hand results no indication for serious inter-ethnic difference in the temporal course of skeletal maturation and sexual maturation....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethnic group]

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Foreign Aid For African Countries

- Man has always long sought a society where there is no poverty, disease or death. We as humans love to extend out a loving hand and a lot of us believe that it is the right thing to do to help struggling people and places. Recently there has been a considerable amount of attention given to countries in need of such help. The United States being the super power it is will be looked upon from weaker, less economically sound countries in desperate need for foreign aid. In 2014 the U.S spent about $46 Billion in funding towards humanitarian assistance and international development through out 183 countries, yet it seems like no matter how much money is given to help these developing countries,...   [tags: Africa, Poverty, Sub-Saharan Africa, Malaria]

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African Migrations Up to the 19th Century

- Migrations have taken place by slaves and by free people of sub-Saharan Africa for over seventy thousand years, beginning with the tropical areas of the Old World and followed by Eurasia and the Americas. These migrations, or Diasporas, began with religious voyages and cultural exchanges and evolved to the slave trade and the deportation of black men, women and children to new colonies as workers and servants. Long before the Atlantic slave trade grew, merchants from Greece and the Roman Empire traveled to the East African coast....   [tags: slaves, sub-saharan africa, african diaspora]

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African Wild Dogs: The Lives and Loss of the Painted Wolves

- African Wild Dogs, or Lycaon pictus, are indigenous to many parts of sub-Saharan Africa. They, along with wolves and domesticated dogs, are classified in the kingdom Animalia, phylum Chordata, class Mammalia, order Carnivora, and family Canidae, so all three species share many similar characteristics (Woodroffe & Sillero-Zubiri, 2012). Lycaon pictus translates to “painted wolf,” referring to the unique brown, gold, black, and white mottling of their coats which allows recognition of individuals....   [tags: Lycaon Pictus, Wild Dogs, Sub Saharan Africa]

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Aids : An Important Epidemic

- Bill Gates once said “AIDS itself is subject to incredible stigma” (Brainy Quotes). It is only understandable why people would feel such disgrace being diagnosed with AIDS, including a girl named Eve. “I feel like my life was totally ruined the moment and day I found out, sometimes I think it might have been better to have gone on not knowing.” Eve’s life was changed completely when she was diagnosed with AIDS three years ago. She continues to feel the same as she did when she found out, dirty and ashamed....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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Aids : Hiv And Aids

- AIDS in Africa The continent most affected by AIDS today is Africa. HIV originally evolved from SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus) in Africa, and first spread to humans there as well. When Africans hunted primates with the virus, they contracted the virus from the bushmeat, and spread. AIDS hit Africa with surprise, and the continent was not ready for it. The HIV virus was able to spread so quickly because of the poor healthcare Africa has, and its governance as well. After the epidemic that took place in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and then the spread of HIV throughout all of Africa in 1980....   [tags: AIDS, Africa, HIV, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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The Political Landscape and Colonial History

- The various countries that make up sub-Saharan Africa have a dynamic political landscape of institutions, conflict, and human security that have been influenced by colonial history (Braithwaite, 2014). 50 plus countries make up the geographical landscape of sub-Saharan Africa (Library of Congress, 2010). Using South Africa as one example, the context of colonial legacies, history of power, trade production, independence, government type, and changes to domestic politics serves as an example for understanding the make-up of one section of sub-Saharan Africa....   [tags: sub-saharan africa,liberal government, mandela]

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The Problem Of The Aids Epidemic

- Fear is contagious. Fear of the unknown, fear of the known - it’s all the same. It infects those around it, sending them into a panic. Causing them to treat what is immediately in front of them rather than taking the time to discover the underlying problem. It’s easier avoid the storm and simply play in the rain; step into a tide pool rather than diving into the ocean. Unfortunately, our inability to face the problem causes more harm. The AIDS epidemic in Africa caused an extreme increase in the population of orphans....   [tags: HIV, AIDS, Botswana, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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The Clinton Health Access Iniciative

- For this paper, I have chosen the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and their work in sub-Saharan Africa. Research for this paper was a mixed bag of results. The web had plenty of articles that were reports on how donations were gathered, and “feel-good” public relations stories. It a substantial amount of digging to finally get the main link – CHAI must work with an African countries’ local Ministry of Health. Without that partnership, all the knowledge and experience the CHAI has had building successful health care models are squandered....   [tags: health care workers, Sub-Saharan Africa ]

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The Cultural Values Of Joe

- Considering the cultural values of Joe, there are several factors which will influence how The Gospel is presented and revived. Joe is from a collectivist culture, so instead of presenting things as would generally be presented in an individualist culture I must focus more on the group benefit than the personal benefit. Joe will be more interested in how the group is affected, in this case I would focus on the benefit to his family and focus on the family aspects of Christianity. Joe clearly thinks in terms of group benefit, as he often uses the phrase “for the good of the facility” when addressing issues and proposed changes....   [tags: Geert Hofstede, Culture, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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The Spread Of Islam Throughout The African Continent

- The spread of Islam throughout the African continent was predominantly influenced by the trading routes in North and East Africa. While Islam was very influential in the political and economic sphere of these areas, many of the original practices and traditions of Africa remained. The dominant people who facilitated the spread of Islam throughout the continent were the elite of Africa, such as the kings, and the traders themselves. While the spread of religion is typically looked at as a spreading of faith or a way to exclude yourself from warring nations, Africa’s conversion to Islam was incredibly economical and political....   [tags: Africa, Islam, Sub-Saharan Africa, Egypt]

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