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Saskatchewan doctor shortages: Humanism vs. Structuralism

- Government more recently has thrown money at the problem. Believing that money can solve any problem. The ministry of health consulted with physicians and health care stakeholders to create initiates to help attract more physicians to Saskatchewan (“Physician Recruitment,”2010). The government signed new contracts with emergency rooms doctors in hope that higher salaries will help recruit more physicians (“Saskatchewan ER,” 2013). The expected salaries range from about 300,000 to 400,0000 yearly (“Saskatchewan ER,” 2013)....   [tags: Saskatchewan, Maslow, structuralism]

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- Structuralism Structuralism is a mode of thinking and a method of analysis practiced in 20th-century social sciences and humanities; it focuses on recurring patterns of thought and behaviour – it seeks to analyse social relationships in terms of highly abstract relational structures. Structuralism is distinctly different from that applied to Radcliffe-Brown – it involves more the bio and psychological aspect of human studies rather than social structures. Claude Levi-Strauss was the one to pioneer structuralism; he suggested that cultural phenomena such as myths, art, kinship systems and language display certain ordered patterns or structures....   [tags: Social Sciences Structuralism Essays]

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Moving from Structuralism to Post-Structuralism

- As the North American intellectual society developed over the 1950s, by growing more rigidly scientific and managerial in its modes of thought and intellect, a more ambitious form of critical approach seemed demanded which was the structural one. Undoubtedly, ‘new’ ideas often provoke anti-intellectual reactions and this has been especially true of the reception of the theories of ‘structuralism’ (Selden 51). Structuralism has had a profound impact on disciplines ranging from literary theory to sociology; from history to psychoanalysis....   [tags: modern phylosophical/literary movements]

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Structuralism and Functionalism of Psychology

- Psychology formerly integrated with the subject philosophy; these two formerly considered as one. Philosophy was the center of all learning but many academicians focus more on mathematics, physics, and biology. By the late 1800s, many philosophers created their own disciplines and the era of modern psychology slowly emerged. They soon began calling themselves psychologist. Authors have varying opinion about the founding fathers of the said science; some traces its roots as far as Aristotle and Plato (Benjafield 1996)....   [tags: Comparison, Role, Development]

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Structuralism as a Literary Movement

- Structuralism as a literary movement first emerged in the 1960s in the field of linguistics. It expanded to other areas of studies as well by philosophers such as Louis Althusser in Marxist theory, Roland Barthes in literary studies, Jacques Lacan in psychoanalysis, Gerard Genette in narratology, and Claude Levi-Strauss in anthropology. This paper focuses on Strauss’s Structure and Dialectics, Genette’s Five Types of Transtextuality, and Barthes’s The Death of the Author....   [tags: linguistics, philosophers, life, god]

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Structuralism and Reality in Wrestling

- When discussing structuralism, I find that it takes a realistic viewpoint of how the world is represented, as we essentially are awash in concepts and signs via the structures of communication and language. In this week's readings I found more depth to the ideas behind structuralism that my previous exposures, especially when looking to Roland Barthes' "The World of Wrestling" from his collection Mythologies. "The World of Wrestling" provided ample insight into how the structuralist idea of difference plays into deriving meaning (or meanings) from literature in innumerable ways, especially in how the reception of specific mythemes and signifiers evoke structurally conditioned responses from...   [tags: Literature]

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Structuralism, Behaviorism, And Cognitivism

- In psychology, the roots of structuralism, behaviorism, and cognitivism have significantly impacted its methods of critical thinking to analyze data. Structuralism focuses on introspection of conscious experiences, behaviorism is associated with the principles of learning, and cognitivism is defined through mental processes. Structuralism can also be perceived as the study of inputs, whereas behaviorism is outputs and cognitivism makes connections with both factors. Although these perspectives differ and have slightly diminished over the years, they have marked an everlasting influence on psychology today to help it evolve over time....   [tags: Psychology, Psychiatry, Mind, Clinical psychology]

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Structuralism Developed by Ferdinand de Saussure

- Structuralism was developed by Ferdinand de Saussure in the mid-twentieth century (Cuddon and Preston 923). This creation was brought on, in part, by the French existentialism period and is often combined with the semiotic theory of literary criticism; both are the source of development for other literary criticisms from the formalist schools of thought. As the name suggests, structuralism examines the structure of the work, investigating the ramifications of the organizations of literatures (McManus, 1998)....   [tags: literary theories, french existentialism]

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Structuralism

- Frankenstein and Structuralism    Professor John Lye of Brock University, California describes literary theory as: "a collection of related theoretical concepts and practices which are marked by a number of premises, although not all of the theoretical approaches share or agree on all of them."   The first segment of this essay aims to define the main views of structuralism, one of these theoretical approaches. Structuralism, in particular the work of Ferdinand de Saussure, created controversy as it directly challenged some of the values of the everyday reader in the way it attempts to disregard the actual content of writings, and instead concentrates on form and diagrammatic...   [tags: Frankenstein essays]

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The Usefulness of Structuralism as an Analytical Tool for Uncovering How Meaning is Generated in The Wizard of Oz

- In the words of Michael O’Shaughnessy, ‘narratives, or stories, are a basic way of making sense of our experience’ (1999: 266). As a society and a culture, we use stories to comprehend and share our experiences, typically by constructing them with a beginning, middle and an end. In fact, the order that a narrative is structured will directly impact the way it is understood, particularly across cultures. This idea originated through Claude Lévi-Strauss’s concept of structuralism in anthropology which ‘is concerned with uncovering the common structural principles underlying specific and historically variable cultures and myth’ in pre-industrial societies (Strinati 2003: 85)....   [tags: Media]

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Structuralism and Intentionalism Explanations for the Causes of World War One

- Structuralism and Intentionalism Explanations for the Causes of World War One The main causes of World War 1 can be roughly divided into Structuralist, long-term forces and attitudes, and Intentionalist, where individuals make premeditated acts, explanations. I think that Structuralism is a more convincing explanation for the causes of World War 1, as I do not personally believe that any individual was solely to blame for the First World War. I do not believe that any individual went out of their way to purposely cause the First World War....   [tags: Papers]

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In What Ways Has Structuralism Impacted on Literary Criticism?

- In what ways has structuralism impacted on literary criticism. Since the mid twentieth century, the rise of structuralist methodology in literary theory has created seismic shifts opening up the study of text to cultural study and assisting in the development of other theories such as poststructuralism, feminism and postcolonialism. Structuralism challenged the idea of a politically detached study of text, epitomised in the then dominant new/practical criticism approaches. It reinforced the challenge to the tradition of the Leavisite canon already under attack with feminist writers, and encouraged the development of other critical theories which have radically influenced the study of literat...   [tags: Personal Essays]

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Saskatchewan Doctor Shortages: Humanism vs. Structuralism

- Saskatchewan’s governmental agencies approach to the shortage of doctors in the province favors too much the structuralist approach and would be more effective in the long term if switched to a humanistic approach. Throwing money at a problem may work for a little bit but what happens when the money runs out. So are current programs a true fix or a short-term solution doomed to fail. We look at the possible causes for the shortage of doctors and then examine the governmental responses put in place to deal with the problem, both past and present....   [tags: health care, patients, recruiting]

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French Structural Anthropology

- French Structural Anthropology evolved throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and was shaped by many well known theorists, sociologist and anthropologists. Their influence lead to the theories of Structural Marxism and the thought processes involved continue to influence anthropological study in modern times. Classic cultural anthropology never really took hold in France, thanks to Emile Durkheim. The identity of French anthropology was not an innate departure from its nineteenth century legacy, but instead a continuation of previous theory....   [tags: History, Structuralism]

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The Role of the Audiences in Culture

- ... An instance of this is the case of the Korean wave in recent years which saw rising numbers of Korean boy/girl bands and the influx of upbeat, repetitive dance tracks similar in musical composition. Cultural industries capitalize on these trends to produce identical products which people may perceive initially as a variety, when in fact are simply synonymous products packaged differently. Weaknesses of Structuralism However, because the sign is essentially 'the combination of a concept and a sound pattern' whereby 'the link between a concept and a sound pattern is arbitrary', 'meanings are never fixed but always contingent on shifting and arbitrary systems of relationships defined by par...   [tags: terms, structuralism, popular, agency]

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The Question in the Origins of Psychology is What Drives Us and Why

- ... (Feist and Rosenberg) According to Freud, childhood events shape the way we behave as adults and because of this much of human behavior is an effect of our unconscious thoughts and past experiences. Psychoanalysis was developed as both a theory and a therapy that inspired psychologists to come to develop other psychodynamic theories. (Mcleod) There are seven major perspectives of modern psychology; psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, biological, evolutionary, and sociocultural....   [tags: psychoanalytic, functionalism, structuralism]

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The Contribution of Different Approaches to Psychology for the Development of Modern Psychology

- Psychology is a vast field which consists of theories and approaches where it involves certain assumptions on human behavior. How they function and the aspects of the behavior that needs to be studied, in addition to the research methods that are needed to be followed in order to understand it thoroughly. These approaches provide characteristic viewpoints and emphasize different factors. These approaches have contributed towards the development of modern psychology in various ways. There are many historical approaches that lead to determining of psychology to the field it is today....   [tags: human behavior, behaviorism, structuralism]

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Beginning Theory: An Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory by Peter Barry

- “Beginning Theory: An Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory” by Peter Barry is a book that presents literary and cultural theory in a systematic, simple and coherent way. The book provides clear explanations and demonstrations of 12 important critical and cultural theories, the main ones include: Structuralism, Post Structuralism, Post Modernism, Psychoanalytic Criticism, Feminism, Lesbian/gay criticism, Marxist criticism, New historicism, Postcolonial Criticism, Stylistics, Narratology and Ecocriticism....   [tags: structuralism, feminism, marxism criticism]

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Research on The Relationship of the Male Identity from a Social Construct

- The purpose of this paper is to discuss the relationship of the male identity from a social construct which pertains to the process of time. This will thus further propose social practises that undermine the ambiguities of the male gender which often have signifiers of masculinity that men use in the dialogue of social power and the affirmation of Mass Media. This chauvinism will be examined with a feminist perspective which will demonstrate masculinity in the form violence using Fight Club strictly as an example....   [tags: post-structuralism perspective, masculinity]

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Discourse Analysis And An Approach Of Social Science Philosophy

- Discourse analysis is considered to be discipline/area of linguistics and an approach of social-science philosophy. It interprets how people construct their own version of world and outside reality by employing language as a tool of communication. Recently, discourse analysis has been used to express contemporary socio-political ideas; like freedom fighter, terrorism to contextualise/ legalised certain themes or ideologies/perspectives. It helps people to express how they think, shape, and revolutionized perspective through medium of language in society....   [tags: Linguistics, Discourse analysis, Structuralism]

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Saussure Used On Language And Speech

- An important distinction that Saussure used was between language and speech. Language (langue) is a system, an universal structure and arrangement of rules shared by a community with principal linguistic patterns, as seen in forge in languages. Speech (parole) is the use of language individually, any particular act of language that is experienced in everyday life. It is diverse, it varies, it changes and is manipulated by time, social groups and the generation using it. A simpler way to put it is “if langue is the whole of language, parole is the part, or parts, which operates within the whole” (Kearney 241)....   [tags: Linguistics, Structuralism, Ferdinand de Saussure]

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The Literary Theory Of Deconstruction

- The literary theory of deconstruction, derived from the the poststructuralist movement, asserted that structuralist theory that language shapes our world consequently meant that “we enter a universe of radical uncertainty, since we can have no access to a landmark”Barry. If language had no shape, there is no need for a reliable narrator to tell a story and why an unreliable narrator cannot. The unreliable narrative structure, is simply a fixed piece of the story, there are themes, motifs and allegories involved in the piece as well....   [tags: Narrative, Narratology, Narrator, Structuralism]

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Edgar Allan Poe

- Edgar Allan Poe Though an innumerable amount of interpretations of any given text might be drawn from a variety of perspectives, a structuralist analysis of two of Poe’s works help place their symbols within a theme related to myth and heroism. Peter Barry attempts to define structuralism succinctly by narrowing it down as “the belief that things cannot be understood in isolation—they have to be seen in the context of the larger structures they are part of”; he goes on to add that “meaning is always an attribute of things, in the literal sense that meanings are ATTRIBUTED to the things by the human mind, not contained within them” (39)....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe Structure Structuralism]

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Analysis Of Roland Barthes 's An Analytical System

- In 1977, Roland Barthes built an analytical system in his book called Rhetoric of the Image. He believes that images are representative, which can reflect reputed antipathetic to live experience. Although the technologies of illustrating a sign have been changing a lot all the time, those images still can include the superficial meaning and behind meanings up to forty years later. In this easy, therefore, I will show that how to frame the myth through signs in the contemporary advertisement. We have two advertisements here....   [tags: Semiotics, Structuralism, Advertising, Culture]

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The Conflict Of World War I And II

- After the atrocities of World War I and II, society as a whole began to change their perceptions of one another during the mid-20th century. The traditional colonialistic views of class, and race began to alter socially and academically. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) helped to solidify globally what the Western world’s view of universal man is, and that we are all part of one race Homo sapiens (Haraway 1990: 209-211). The fields of anthropology were pushing to broaden the scope of understanding, by taking a deeper look at our past, in order to make well-rounded inferences of societies, both ancient and modern....   [tags: Anthropology, Culture, Structuralism]

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A Post-Structuralist Take: Herman Melville's Bartleby the Scrivener: A story of Wall-Steet

- “Bartleby the Scrivener : A story of Wall-Street” was first published in two parts , appearing in the November and December 1853 issues of the magazine before finally in 1856 being published as part of a collection. The author Herman Melville by that time had found himself, much acclaim and recognition and everyone expected his latest work to be up to his previous standards. “Bartleby the Scrivener” provides almost a window to the struggle that Herman Melville faced during that time of his life and career; his works such as “Moby Dick” were loved but his shorter stories seemed not to receive the same appraise....   [tags: Story Analysis, Employee Relationship]

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The Advertisement Of The Katy Perry Perfume ' Killer Queen

- Advertising draws both from non-linguistic elements and linguistic cues designed to communicate a desired message to a targeted audience. Communication transpires through decoding and encoding levels of messages from the sender to the receiver via a particular medium. The overall connotative meaning of the message perceived, potentially impacts from one’s cultural perspective. This essay examines the advertisement of the Katy Perry perfume ‘Killer Queen’ in terms of a semiotic analysis. The advert itself is a conglomeration of symbolic signs, indexical signs, connotations, denotations, paradigmatic and syntagmatic relations combined....   [tags: Semiotics, Ferdinand de Saussure, Structuralism]

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Realism : Classical, Structuralist And Offensive

- REALISM: CLASSICAL, STRUCTURALIST AND OFFENSIVE Gumplowicz is described by Malešević (2012, pp. 33-35), while arguing against a biological or hereditary basis, as considering social life as intrinsically linked to inter-collective existence and warfare as the basis for the formation of states as ‘territorially based organisations’. Continuing this theme, Malešević cites Sumner as describing man as essentially a ‘peaceful animal’ with war a result of ‘civilization’ linked to political forces: “Real warfare comes with the collision of more developed societies” (2012, p....   [tags: International relations, State, War]

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Structuralist and Intentionalist approaches to Nazi Germany

- Historians are often divided into categories in regard to dealing with Nazi Germany foreign policy and its relation to Hitler: 'intentionalist', and 'structuralist'. The intentionalist interpretation focuses on Hitler's own steerage of Nazi foreign policy in accordance with a clear, concise 'programme' planned long in advance. The 'structuralist' approach puts forth the idea that Hitler seized opportunities as they came, radicalizing the foreign policies of the Nazi regime in response. Structuralists reject the idea of a specific Hitlerian ideological 'programme', and instead argue for an emphasis on expansion no clear aims or objectives, and radicalized with the dynamism of the Nazi movem...   [tags: Political Ideology, Adolf Hitler]

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A Structuralist View of "Macbeth"

- In "The Structural Study of Myth" Claude Levi-Strauss explains that we can discover a myth's meaning by identifying and isolating what he calls mythemes. Like phonemes in language studies, mythemes are the constituent units of myths and they find meaning in and through their relationships within the mythic structure. The meaning of any individual myth, then, depends on the interaction and order of the mythemes within the story. Many critics believe that the primary signifying system is best found as a series of binary oppositions that the reader organizes, values, and then uses to interpret the text....   [tags: World Literature]

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A Structuralist Reading of Austen's Sense and Sensibility

- A Structuralist Reading of Austen's Sense and Sensibility The fundamental structural dynamic underlying the whole manifested universe, much less literature, is duality; therefore, Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility is easily analyzed from the structuralist perspective. Each of us is a complex mixture of polar opposites, the most primary of which being the division between right brain and left brain, or, more commonly, "heart and mind." Austen's technique in this novel is that of eliminating altogether the corpus callosum, thus juxtaposing the two halves into a "binary opposition," a split between the heart that throbs and exults and the mind which ascertains and evaluates....   [tags: Austen Sense Sensibility Essays]

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Influences of the Rationalist, Structuralist and Culturalist Theoretical Approaches on Comparative Politics

- ... Political theorist Antonio Gramsci pointed out that coherence between these two schools of thought can be found when considering the fact that whilst, according to Marxist teachings, capitalist societies are based on underlying structural conflict between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, the manifestation of such conflict is dependent on the cultural circumstances of the country concerned. Similarly to culturalists, structuralists adopt a form of methodological holism. Structuralists task themselves with identifying the underlying dynamics that govern social systems as a whole, and upon doing so are able to embark on comparison between larger groups of countries governed by similar s...   [tags: behavior, cost, society]

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The Main Models of Comparative Politics

- ... The rationalist school of modeling has a common ancestry with economics. Adam Smith, the prominent economic theorist and advocate of the free market is credited with helping to lay out the path for this model. Many of the predominate thinkers in this school of modeling were also established economists, for example Anthony Downs and Mancur Olson. This background in economics was a clear influence on these important contributors, as many of the approaches they take are borrowed from economics....   [tags: rationalist, structuralist, culturalist]

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Free Billy Budd Essays: A Structuralist Reading

- A Structuralist Reading of Billy Budd . . . truth is revealed only when formal order is destroyed. - Dryden, p. 209 Not on your life, says Edgar A. Dryden (though not in so many words, of course) to the above in his splendid Melville's Thematics of Form. His argument is essentially to show that while most readers (erroneously) assume that Captain Vere is the story's tragic hero, the fact of the matter is that a "better" reading will reveal him as Melville's target, if you want to know the "truth." I want to emphasize at the outset is that EVERYTHING DRYDEN SAYS IS SUPPORTED BY THE TEXT he is analyzing....   [tags: Billy Budd Essays]

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Hegemonic Masculinity : Not Associate Hegemony With The Governance Of A Solitary Individual Or Any Structuralist Energy Phenomena

- In The Prison Notebooks (1971) Gramsci does not associate hegemony with the governance of a solitary individual or any structuralist energy phenomena, such as a discourse, collective conscience, deep structure or culture. Instead, hegemony from a Gramscian perspective signifies a variety of different organizations of people and agents in state formations, such as a structure, a practice, an apparatus, a unity of opposing structures or a function of leadership (Gramsci, 1971). Hegemony is always considered to be a process (Gramsci, 1971)....   [tags: Gender, Sociology, Masculinity, Gender studies]

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Law and Emotion and Lacan: Should We Let Our Emotions Control Us?

- Law and Emotion and Lacan Should we let our emotions control us. Should we base our decisions on how we are feeling at a specific time. Perhaps emotion shouldn’t factor at all into our decisions. Some of the characters we have studied exhibit both sides of this question. Luther and Alice from the show Luther fall on opposite sides of the spectrum while Billy Budd takes a hybrid approach. Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher who is considered to be a major figure of modern philosophy, developed the idea of the “pathological object.” This idea, when put up against the “categorical imperative,” is what can lead a person to make a certain decision....   [tags: kant, categorical imperatives, pathological object]

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The Five Schools Of Thought

- In psychology, we have the five schools of thought. Structuralism, Functionalism, Behaviorism, Gestalt Psychology, and Psychoanalysis. Famous psychologists used all of these schools of thought throughout history. Some were kept around and some ended. They all had an effect on psychology in their own way. We will discuss the major themes and concepts from each of the schools of thought. Structuralism became the first school of thought and some of the ideas associated with the structuralist school were advocated by the founder of the first psychology lab, Wilhelm Wundt....   [tags: Psychology, Mind, Clinical psychology, Cognition]

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Functionalism Is A Top Down Macro Theory That Views Social Structure

- Functionalism is a top down macro theory that views social structure as more crucial than people. Individuals are given a predetermined role based on social influences around them, which will serve a purpose in society to encourage balance and survival. You can utilize functionalism to interpret how another institution such as religion participates in society. Functionalists believe that sociology should always have scientific evidence, otherwise known as Positivism. The first theorist and founder of Positivism, Auguste Comte, created an idea that society is similar to a body....   [tags: Sociology, Marxism, Social class, Karl Marx]

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Rhetorical Analysis Of Gilman 's The Yellow Wallpaper

- No one literary theory is specific enough to explain a literary body of work, various approaches are needed to truly analyze and evaluate the structured themes in literature. The Feminist Approach is the most common literary device used in theorizing Charlotte Perkin Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper; the story is a tale of a Victorian Age woman controlled by a patriarchal society, which is not in question. The second most common approach is the Psychoanalyze criticism, our protagonist Jane is most likely suffering from post-partum depression as theorized by Beate Schöpp-Schilling....   [tags: Feminism, Gender role, Literary criticism, Woman]

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Modernism versus Post-Modernism

- Modernism versus Post-Modernism Modernism explains science as the process of learning and that everything needs to be tested and measured in order to be truth and reality. Modernists believe that knowledge and expertise will ultimately solve problems and seek progression. Educators’ value discipline and order in their classroom and their goal is to measure the input and output of examinations by completing standardized testing. They look to create learners who strive to think analytically and critically....   [tags: Education, History]

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Combating Terrorism in the 21st Century

- The coordinated attack September 11th 2001 on the United States resulted in a prolonged war on terror; that is still active today. Many people are asking how this could happen. Others want to know how to prevent it from happing again. Some wonder if world peace will ever be possible. The United States does not think peace can be possible until the threat of terrorism becomes obsolete. There is no clear answer to the questions and concerns over terrorism although there are several schools of thought on how to respond to terrorism....   [tags: Terrorism ]

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Psychology Is A Neutral Person That Provides Guidance Or Counseling?

- Most people tend to believe that psychology relates to insanity, shrinks and psychics, but these thoughts do not represent psychology justly and are misguiding. Psychology is based on perception that we experience that others cannot see as well as what we can observe; in other words, the mind and behavior. A psychologist is a neutral person that provides guidance or counseling. Psychologist may focus on how people learn, behavior, personality, and the brain; each topic contributed to different fields in psychology....   [tags: Psychology, Mind, Wilhelm Wundt, Perception]

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Analysis of Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar

- “Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.” ( The Bell Jar is a very complicated book that deals with very complex issues. There are numerous ways this book can be examined this paper will focus on analysis through the use of theories. There are a plethora of different theories that could be utilized to dissect this book this paper will focus on five. The first theory to be discussed is structuralism, this theory is composed of many different branches....   [tags: Sylvia Plath]

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How Psychology Has Developed Over The Centuries

- This essay intends to explore and examine how psychology has developed over the centuries; whether it has become scientific and objective along with how it originated. In particular the various schools of psychology and their evolution over time. Psychology has its modern roots in the thinking of the French philosopher Rene Descartes who argued that the mind and body were split into two separate entities which interacted – this view is known as (philosophical) dualism. He divided the universe into two fundamentally different realms or ‘realities’; there was the physical matter (res extensa), which is extended to space and time and there was non-material, non-extended mind (res cogitans)....   [tags: Psychology, Cognition, Mind, Philosophy of mind]

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The Rise And Fall Of The Asylum System

- INTRO (150) The following will be a critical discussion of the impact the rise and fall of the asylum system has had on contemporary understandings of mental health issues, incorporating the concept of post-structuralism and its underpinning in this context. 1600: How have historical institutions, such as the asylum, shaped contemporary medicines understanding of ‘mental health. Critically discuss this question using the theoretical frameworks Classical references to the modern-day concept of mental health have been found within the work of Plato, Hippocrates and Galen (Harris, 2013) and in the fourth and fifth centuries, astrologers began referring to neurological and psychiatric disorders...   [tags: Psychiatry, Mental disorder, Psychiatric hospital]

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George Orwell 's Nineteen Eighty Four

- George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four has been extolled by Western critics for its incisive political commentary on the social and cultural ramifications of a totalitarian government. After witnessing the alarming extent to which totalitarian governments in Russia and Spain would exercise their power over the proletariat, Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four in 1949 to alert Western nations on how to approach the imminent rise of communism. The text is generally received as a “negative dystopian” novel that focuses on depicting the degeneration of humanity through the ubiquitous influence of technology, propaganda and political discourse....   [tags: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Totalitarianism, Semiotics]

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Advantages Of Conducting Naturalistic Observations

- 7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of conducting naturalistic observations. What are the advantages and disadvantages to conducting laboratory research. If you were a researcher, which type of research would you prefer to use. One advantages of conducting naturalistic observation is that we can observe behavior in a natural setting, which will be less likely that the subject will alter his or her behavior. The disadvantage of it, its that the observation is not controlled, anything can happen, this is especially important when observing children or animal....   [tags: Scientific method, Psychology, Mind, Nature]

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Toward The End Of The Enlightenment Era

- Toward the end of the Enlightenment Era, psychology was born. (Unit 8 Introduction.) Two early experimenters, Weber and Fechner, focused on the study of sensory abilities, later terming this study psychophysics. (Fechner Video.) Currently, this study includes the concepts of the absolute threshold, the terminal threshold and the difference threshold. (Hergenhahn & Henley, 2014.) The absolute threshold is the weakest stimuli people can perceive. Many examples of this concept includes the use of sound to prove that there are some levels of pitches that people may not be able to hear....   [tags: Perception, Sense, Wilhelm Wundt]

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The Theory Of Psychology : The Mind And Physical Behavior Of The Human Body

- Nataly Hill Foundations of Psychology PSY300: General Psychology August 4, 2016 Dr. Pamela Poulos   Foundations of Psychology Psychology is the area of science that studies the mind and physical behavior of the human body. The need for this field of study arose because we cannot physically see mental processes such as memories, thoughts, dreams, and perceptions. There are many schools of thought within the psychology field of study. Some of these schools include structuralism and functionalism, psychoanalysis, and behaviorism (Nordqvist, 2015)....   [tags: Psychology, Nervous system, Mind, Brain]

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Foundations of Psychology

- When psychology first emerged as a science, the process of explaining the human mind and human behavior began. In this essay we will present a brief synopsis of what psychology is and introduce the reader to the primary biological foundations of psychology that are linked to behavior as well as introducing the reader to the major schools of thought in psychology. In Kowalski and Westen Fifth Edition of Psychology, psychology is define as “the scientific investigation of mental processes such as; thinking, remembering, feeling, and behavior....   [tags: What Is Psychology, Define Psychology]

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What Makes Cultures Unique And Different From One Another?

- Culture, similarly to language, are composed of systems that govern the behavior of its practitioners. What makes cultures unique and different from one another are the hidden rules individuals of a group understand and expose via cultural acts. Because the elements of culture are comprehended in terms of their relationship to a system, it can be argued that different semantics such as structuralism and cognitive processes can assume the universality of human thought existing in cultural phenomena....   [tags: Thought, Psychology, Anthropology, Cognition]

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Maslow 's Theory Of Humanistic Psychology

- Abraham Maslow’s theories made a significant contribution to modern particularly in the field of humanistic psychology. While his predecessor focused on the mentally ill and emotionally disturbed, Maslow focused on the ways in which optimal human performance could be achieved. Maslow contribution to modern psychology is the art of self-actualization which can be seen through his hierarchy of needs theory. The theory posits the view that there are the most necessary needs that have to be met before the highest human potential is achieved....   [tags: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Psychology]

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Why Postmodernism Failed to End History

- ‘Why did postmodernism threaten to end History, and why did fail?’ This question poses two clear questions, why postmodernism threatened the end of history, and why it failed to do so. While few would counter the assumption that it did fail, it can be argued that it massively changed history, and through answering the questions posed, this can also be addressed. In 1986 A. Huyssen claimed that postmodernism possessed ‘the unshaken confidence of being at the edge of history’, in regard to its ability to offer explanation and understanding....   [tags: Postmodernism Essay]

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Understanding Latin America's International and Economic Relations with Import Substitution Industrialization Model

- ... On a negative note, these nations led to become greatly dependent on technology, there was an increase of external capital control over developed areas, an under qualified labour force for factory jobs, increase in prices of manufactured goods and inflation, migration from rural to urban areas and as a result an increase in social problems, and finally, the industrial sector did not bother to conquer external markets which essentially contradicted the whole purpose of ISI. For these reasons ISI was seen as a short-term solution, leading to rapid economic growth that was unsustainable in the long run....   [tags: politics, borders, inflation]

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Deconstructing Deconstruction

- The term “Deconstruction” was first employed in the philosophical sense by Jacques Derrida in his 1967 book Of Grammatology. As such, the concept and movement of Deconstruction was founded solely by Derrida, without much influence from contemporary sources. However, Derrida did draw from previous philosophers such as Nietzsche, Husserl, the linguist Saussure, Heidegger, and the psychologist Sigmund Freud. Deconstruction began as both an expansion and reaction to Structuralism, a movement that was particularly popular in 1960’s France....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Gestalt Psychology and Perception

- Gestalt psychology was founded by German thinkers Max Wertheimer, Wolfgang Kohler and Kurt Koffka. They mainly focused on how people interpret the world around them. The Gestalt perspective formed partially as a response to the structuralism of Wilhelm Wundt, who focused on breaking down mental events and experiences to the smallest elements. Structuralists had failed in explaining the concept of ‘apparent motion’ and ‘illusory contours’. Gestalt psychologists further recognized that structuralism could not explain many perceptual phenomena....   [tags: Laws, Perception]

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Liberalism and Globalization

- Liberalism and Globalization For the most part, liberalism is a reaction to the realist issue of insurgency. Realists contend that security quandary will result if there is no central control in a revolutionary system. In the end, an offset of power might be unavoidable. Liberalists, then again, are idealistic and contend that there is potential concordance of interest between states, and cooperation are conceivable so common additions could be attained. This is dependent upon the essential suspicion that all states are levelheaded and comprehend their interest....   [tags: capitalism, economic, commerce]

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The History of Psychology

- The History of Psychology In order to discuss Psychology's history, it is important to understand that psychology still does not have one unifying approach unlike the natural sciences; even the definition of Psychology and what it truly means is still undecided. However I shall attempt to review chronologically its philosophical origins, include how the science of Physics and Biology were placed in history and how they influenced research and determined the development of Psychology as its recognised today....   [tags: Papers]

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Western Art History

- December 7, 2013 Topics in Western Art History Mikash Exam Paper The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago is an icon of feminist art that represents one thousand and thirty eight women in history. Nine hundred and ninety nine names are inscribed in the Heritage Floor on which the table rests while the other thirty-nine women are represented by place settings. It is an epic piece of work comprised of a triangular table divided by three wings, each wing being forty-eight feet long. This piece of artwork explores numerous media, which includes Chinese painting, ceramics and an array of needle and fiber techniques....   [tags: Judy Chicago, Other, Homi Bhabha, colonialism]

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Family Guy: One Big Dysfunctional Family

- Family Guy, an animated sitcom about a New England family and their everyday dilemmas, is a way for viewers to see the comedic side of a dysfunctional family. The Griffins consist of Peter and Lois, the patriarch and matriarch, and Meg, Chris, and Stewie are the children(Family Guy). Every character is different from the next character. They are also weird in their own way. The television show itself displays feminism, structuralism, and gay and lesbian criticism. Each character in the show also displays those criticisms in a certain fashion....   [tags: new england family, comedy, the friffins]

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A Feminist Methodology By Judith Baxter

- Positioning Gender in Discourse: A Feminist Methodology by Judith Baxter This book by Judith Baxter makes a valuable contribution to the debate surrounding theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of gender and language in the newly emerging field of feminist post-structural discourse analysis (FDPA). She uses her book both to show that FDPA has both “theoretical virtues as well as fundamental, practical value for empirical research” (Baxter, 1). Baxter, in particular wants to explore the way FDPA analyzes the ways in which “speakers negotiate their identities, relationships, and positions in their world according to the ways in which they are located by competing yet interwov...   [tags: Feminism, Gender, Judith Butler, Gender studies]

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Is Diamonds Valuable, And Why Do We Revere Them So Much?

- makes diamonds valuable, and why do we revere them so much. “…diamonds have meant different things to different societies. Until the 15th century, they were seen by leaders as symbols of supreme strength. The name itself comes from the Greek word "adamas", meaning indestructible. The Greeks were a romantic sort, and for them the dancing sparkle of the diamond was the sign of the extinguishable flame of love” add (Savage, 2008). Diamonds are now easily accessible to us and all we have to do is visit the nearest jewelry store with deep pockets....   [tags: Diamond, Blood diamond, Sierra Leone, Slavery]

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Psychology : The Mind, Soul, Mental Processes And Behaviors

- The Unknown Psychology is the study of the mind, soul, mental processes and behaviors in a human being. The mental processes included internal and the covert activity in our minds. The studies of these everyday processes have made human beings into what they are today. If humans did not know how the mind worked everyone would be completely confused on how things happen in the mind. The mind is one of the most difficult body parts to study because it has many processes going on at once that people cannot control....   [tags: Psychology, Thought, Mind, Cognitive science]

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Pride: A Virtue Not a Sin

- 1) Well, I believe that pride is a virtue and not a sin. Pride is a stage where an individual thinks highly of himself. This individual is happy within his own norms, values, and desires. They are happy about their own characteristics and no one else can do anything to mess that up. A virtue means excellence of pride (according to St. Augustine). Virtue also means something that is right and just. Some religions are cultures of their own. Every culture wants people to follow their way of life over someone else's....   [tags: Sociology ]

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The Discourse of the Human Sciences

- ‘Structure, Sign and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences’ (Derrida, 1978: 278 –293) may be read as the document of an event, although Derrida actually commences the essay with a reservation regarding the word “event”, as it entails a meaning “which it is precisely the function of structural – or structuralist – thought to reduce or suspect” (278). This, I infer, refers to the emphasis within structuralist discourse on the synchronous analysis of systems and relations within them, as opposed to a diachronic schemata occupied with uncovering genetic and teleological content in the transformations of history....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Weary Blues By Langston Hughes

- "The Weary Blues” by Langston Hughes outlines Hughes type of writing in an energetic beat. Hughes is known for his lyrics about the accounts of African American lives amid the many years of the most recent century. His verse is normally effortlessly comprehended and straight forward to the point. However, it could be analyzed in three different theories; New Historicism, Post-Colonial Criticism, and Queer Theory. “The Weary Blues” is a verse ballad with two voices. The focal story voice portrays an African American or Negro, in this 1923 sonnet, in Harlem, New York, who is watched singing and playing a soul number....   [tags: African American, Langston Hughes, Gender role]

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The Works Of Ludwig Wittgenstein And Max Weber : A Great Impact On Social And Cultural Theory

- Clifford Geertz, the most emblematic figure of interpretive anthropology, has a great impact on social and cultural theory. His analysis and interpretation of Balinese Cockfight and their relevance in social science is going to be discussed in this paper. After that, the event of Balinese Cockfight be again analyzed in respect of Levi-Strauss’s Structuralism and Victor Turner’s symbolic analysis. A range of disciplines from anthropology to sociology to cultural studies and history are theoretically and methodically influenced by his very own “cultural system”....   [tags: Sociology, Anthropology, Culture, Max Weber]

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How Critical Hermeneutics and Descriptive Sociology Disavow Traditional Humanist Categories

- An examination of Humanist Hermeneutics in Literary Studies- the practice of close reading- but from a distance presents a room for relation between Literary Studies and other disciplines. Such practices lead to possibilities for renewed interdisciplinary exchange. Viewed within the framework of present day social constructionist theory or simply post- theory, the current essay Close but not Deep: Literary Ethics and the Descriptive Turn show how both Critical Hermeneutics and Descriptive Sociology disavow Traditional Humanist categories....   [tags: Humanist Hermeneutics in Literary Studies]

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Corporations As People : Canadian Business Corporations Act

- Corporations as People: Canadian Business Corporations Act According to the Canadian Business Corporations Act, “A corporation has the capacity and, subject to this Act, the rights, powers and privileges of a natural person” (CBCA R.S.C., 1985, c. C-44). This enables corporations their own entity, with benefits individuals themselves do not possess. Corporations have full maturity upon creation, or ‘birth’. They also have the capability for eternal life. This personhood enables Canadian corporations to conduct business globally with ease....   [tags: Corporation, Types of business entity, Business]

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College Should Require Psychology For College Students

- Psychology has infinite possibilities for learning how to change behavior to become a successful student in college. While the average college freshman may have no interest in the topic of psychology, the benefits of learning psychology extend beyond just studying the brain and the body. Many colleges require or recommend students take psychology before entering higher level courses, so students will have the necessary knowledge to be successful in their work. Psychology also covers the mental processes, the science behind those processes, and how those processes affect everyday life....   [tags: Psychology, Mind, Education, Wilhelm Wundt]

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Language Analysis : Othello By William Shakespeare

- Words can be beautiful, destructive, and manipulative. Language is central to all our lives, and arguably the cultural tool that sets humans apart from any other species. Language enables us to express our wishes, feelings, likes, dislikes, and ideas; it can be a symbolic function. Language also plays a role in how we affect other people, and how we make others feel, achieved just by our choice of words. By observing the language and the behavior of other people, one is provided with valuable information about personality type....   [tags: Othello, Iago, Pragmatics, Evidence]

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Psychology : A System Of Psychology

- Structuralism- A system of psychology originally advocated by William Wundt, to identify the components of the mind. E.B. Titchener, a student and follower of Wundt, translated material brought from Germany to the United States. While he claimed it was Wundt’s material, his translations were drastically different, misrepresented even, from those ideas originally formed by Wundt. Structuralism to Wundt was organization of consciousness of the mind; furthermore, the mind could voluntarily order and organize mental elements....   [tags: Psychology, Behaviorism, Mind, Philosophy of mind]

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The Theories Of International Politics

- Several theoretical approaches have been developed as an attempt to explain the workings of International Politics. These different perspectives which use different methods and assumptions can be helpful in studying and predicting the actions and interactions of the actors they concentrate on and include, realism, liberalism and feminism. No single approach however succeeds in taking into consideration all factors and outcomes in world politics and each of them has distinct benefits as well as certain limitations....   [tags: International Politics Relations Theory]

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Taking Sides: Was WWII Solely Hitler's Fault?

- ... Hitler is seen as an opportunist who makes spur-of-the-moment decisions, rather than a man with a concrete plan (354). Kershaw provides support for his argument by including the views of other structuralists, such as Hans Mommsen, Martin Broszat, and Tim Mason. Mommsen’s approach displays an emphasis on “Hitler’s improvised, spontaneous responses to developments he did little directly to shape”, and views Hitler “as little more than a gifted opportunist”. The execution of Germany’s foreign policy was inconsistent and illogical, and only appears to be consistent in retrospect (354)....   [tags: German foreign policy execution]

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Psychology of Drug Abuse

- Understanding the Psychology of Drug Abuse Drug abuse is on the rise. While the use of drugs like cocaine and heroin is in a state of decline in certain parts of the world, prescription drugs abuse is on the rise (UNODC, 2013). Prescription drugs that were prescribed with the intention to do well are now one of the leading causes of self-harm. Drug abuse has no gender or social class, it can affect people regardless of social status and wealth, and now more than ever we need to understand the reason behind the abuse....   [tags: Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse]

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Psychology and William Wundt

- William Wundt conceived psychology as a science that could be experimented. His work majored on the concept of voluntarism as a way of coming into terms with psychological problems. Wundt’s ideas of understanding psychological problems explored mental disorders and abnormal behavior, religious beliefs, and pronouncement of the damaged parts of the brain. Through his experiments, he was able to distinguish psychology as a distinct science from other topics. He believed that analyzing consciousness as an individual’s subjective experience of the mind and the world, should inform scientific psychology (Rieber, 2001)....   [tags: titchener, sensations, feelings ]

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Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida

- This book is a note written by Roland Barthes to record the dialectical way he thought about the eidos(form, essence, type, species) of Photographs. Roland Barthes was a French literary theorist, philosopher, linguist in his lifetime, but surprisingly he was not a photographer. As Barthes had a belief that art works consists with signs and structures, he had investigated semiotics and structuralism. However, through Camera Lucida, he realized the limitation of structuralism and the impression to analyze Photography with only semiotics and structuralism....   [tags: Book Review, Literary Analysis, Dialectical Ways]

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History of the Functionalism Theory

- Functionalism originated in the United States and initially coexisted with structuralism. Although functionalist beliefs diverged, their emphasis was always the same, the utility of consciousness and behavior in adjusting to the environment. The founder of the functionalist movement is usually thought to be William James (1842-1910). In addition to James, two of the most influential members of the functionalist movement were John Dewey (1859-1952) and James R. Angell (1869-1949)....   [tags: psychology]

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Semiotics: A Literary Genre Universal

- Semiotics is a branch of communication and study of signs and symbols. Strictly speaking, this comes under non verbal communication. Some objects that are visual and non verbal may be used to communicate rightly or wrongly in a limited area as that of a green light indicating a positiveness and of a red light, a danger. A set of boulders put nocturnally on a major highway is indicative of a deliberate scheme of waywardly robbers to loot lorries and cargo movers. A white flag from the enemy soldiers is an indication of not only a plea for ceasefire but also an abject surrender....   [tags: communications, signs, symbols]

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The Many Personalities of Lolita and Humbert in Nabokov’s Lolita

- The Many Personalities of Lolita and Humbert in Nabokov’s Lolita Although they are intimately involved, the title character of Nabokov's Lolita never fully reveals her true self to Humbert. Likewise, Humbert pours his physical love into Lolita, but he never reveals to his stepdaughter a self that is separate from his obsession with her. These two characters mask large parts of their personalities from each other and the rest of the world, creating different images and personas in regard to different people and situations....   [tags: Nabokov Lolita Essays]

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