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Stream of Consciousness

- Let the stream begin. Some body, some things, life and me, communicated the idea to talk now, not to leave it, to stay, and face up to the past, the places, the people, the pain, the many reasons why I left my home and family, all those years ago, to become a drug addict, an alcoholic, a wanderer, move nomadically from house to house, year to year, to live inside a prison, real and imaginary. I met hell. I met the devil. I met them both inside my head. I found out the hard way that humans could easily imagine evil....   [tags: Stream of Consciousness, ]

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The On The Outer Stream Banks

- One issue that requires restoration is the stability issue on the outer stream banks. Currently, there is a significant amount of erosion and undercutting located on one side of of the stream; the bank is extremely steep, and is only held together (in part) by woody riparian vegetation located on the surface. One option for remediating this situation would be to reduce the current slope of the embankment and attempt to re-introduce appropriate riparian species in appropriate spatial order. It would be ideal to utilize species which are native and thriving in the specific area....   [tags: Stream, River, Riparian zone, Hydrology]

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A Research On Stream Team Research

- Stream Team Research What is in your stream is very important to know. What runs through your streams will eventually run into creeks and then those creeks will run into the lake. In our case we will be testing Cole Camp Creek. Cole Camp Creek runs into the Lake of the Ozarks. So, whatever pollutants that could be in the creek will eventually end up in Lake of the Ozarks. This paper will be telling what those stream pollutants can do to water systems. Nitrates Nitrate is essential for all living things because it is a protein necessary for life....   [tags: Water, Water pollution, Surface runoff, Stream]

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Stream of consciousness

- ‘Stream of Consciousness’ is a technique, deployed by modernist writers like James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, which is supposed to authentically document the mental process or to capture the ‘atmosphere of mind’. This technique is used to explore the inner reality or the psychic being of characters. Virginia Woolf makes use of this technique in her novel Mrs. Dalloway. For Woolf “life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of the consciousness to the end.” As a novelist she wanted to “record the atoms as they fall upon the mind…trace a pattern, however disconnected and incoherent in appearance, which each sight or incident scores upon that consciousn...   [tags: Literature]

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The Development of Algorithm for Data Stream

- The past decade has seen a lot of research on various time series representations. Various researches have been carried out that focused on representations that are processed in batch mode and visualize each value with almost equal dependability. As the tremendous usage of mobile devices and real time sensors has released the necessity and importance for representations that can simultaneously be updated, and can estimate the time oriented data with reliability and proportional to its time period for extended analysis....   [tags: data, computational resources]

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Psychology : ' The Stream Of Consciousness '

- The word, “Psychology” can strike fear and anxiety in many people. Usually when hearing the word, they develop a sense of insecurity through the belief that it is the picking of one’s brain, but that 's simply not the case. Founded by William Wundt in 1879 with the start of the experiment, “The Stream of Consciousness” and the first laboratory for the intent of psychological research, Psychology in its definite terms, is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. As quoted by a famous psychologist named Ivan Pavlov, "Don 't become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin." In my personal life I have traced many of my successes, failures,...   [tags: Classical conditioning, Psychology, Ivan Pavlov]

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Seneca Creek Stream Testing

- pH is used to indicate the acidity of a substance as ranked on a scale from 1.0 to 14.0. Acidity increases as the pH gets lower. pH affects many chemical and biological processes in the water and different organisms flourish best within different ranges of pH. Most aquatic animals prefer a range of 6.5-8.0. Having a pH outside this range reduces the diversity in the stream because it stresses the physical systems of most organisms and can reduce reproduction. Low pH can allow toxic elements and compounds to become mobile and "available" for uptake by aquatic plants and animals, producing conditions that are toxic to aquatic life....   [tags: pH analysis, nitrates]

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Stream Restoration

- Different physical structures may be used in stream restoration in order to provide channel stability and in order to provide habitat and other beneficial functions. Some of the typical structures that are used are revetments made of gabions or riprap and woody debris. Each type of structure has benefits and costs that should be considered before installation and some are more appropriate in certain situations than others. Gabion revetments are used to control stream bank erosion. Gabions are stone filled wire baskets that are placed along stream banks....   [tags: Ecology ]

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Communal Stream Pollutiono

- Communal stream pollution This paper on “More Sex Is Safer Sex – The Unconventional Wisdom of Economics,” a book written by Steven E. Landsburg, highlights the author’s reference that we all share a “communal stream,” we all pollute that communal stream, and therefore we all share the responsibility to respect and protect that communal stream. Sometimes unknowingly and sometimes intentionally, we ignore this responsibility and it’s not long before any pattern of this behavior is met with much resistance, even hostility....   [tags: respect, protect, costs, benefits]

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To The Lighthouse : The Importance of a Stream of Consciousness Narrative

- Virginia Woolf was one of the first authors to utilize the stream of consciousness narrative during its emergence in the early twentieth century. This literary device attempts to capture the realistic thought processes of the human mind in order to create a more true-to-life fiction, compared to the traditional plot and narrative. In her 1927 novel, “To the Lighthouse”, Virginia Woolf uses the stream of consciousness narrative in order to create a more intimate and relatable experience between her readers and the characters in her book....   [tags: literary device, internal conflict]

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Use of Stream of Consciousness in Faulkner and Salinger

- Use of Stream of Consciousness in Faulkner and Salinger How does an author paint a vivid picture of a character’s thoughts. Stream of consciousness, an elaborate, somewhat complicated technique of writing, is a successful method of getting inside of a character’s head. It is not only seeing their actions and environment, it is also understanding their entire thought process through what seems to be a chain reaction. While a character is performing actions and taking in surroundings through senses, thought flows through his or her mind mimicking the mind of a real person....   [tags: William Faulkner, Salinger, Literary Analysis]

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The Sound and the Fury: Riding the Stream of Conciousness

- ... Through Benjy, the reader is able to see how Caddy leaving has made a deep impact on the Compsons. Although being the most difficult character to understand throughout the novel, he is the most transparent. Quentin's section goes back to the day of his suicide. This section is compiled out of his jumbled inner thoughts before he kills himself. The use of the stream of consciousness helps demonstrate Quentin's puzzlement and astonishment toward both Caddy and the concept of time (Alirezazadeh)....   [tags: William Faulkner novel analysis]

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The Chimpanzees On The Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve

- Goodall’s team initially encountered difficulties when attempting to study the chimpanzees on the Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve. The chimpanzees were very distant and afraid of the new company. It is clear that it took quite a significant amount of time before Goodall could closely observe the chimpanzees without scaring them away. Goodall attempted to get closer observation in the beginning, but as the chimpanzees realized she was getting close they quickly fled. It was only after Goodall decided to go alone to the peak she often visited, that the chimps were less apprehensive of her presence....   [tags: Chimpanzee, Jane Goodall]

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Use of Stream of Consciousness by Virginia Woolf and T.S. Eliot

- Stream of consciousness is a key technique used most famously by modernist writers T.S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf. The Oxford-English Dictionary defines consciousness as “Internal knowledge or conviction; the state or fact of being mentally conscious or aware of something.” The term “stream of consciousness” is what is going through an individual’s mind. There is always a conversation going on within a person’s mind, whether it is an internal debate or just a general observation. The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms defines stream of consciousness as “The continuous flow of sense-perceptions, thoughts, feelings and memories in the human mind.” To put in simpler terms, stream of consciousn...   [tags: psychology, william james, monologue]

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Writing Tool of the Twentieth Century: Stream of Consciousness

- ... Prufrock’s insecurities are on full display during the entire poem, and are apparent in the fifth stanza, line 39, as he thinks “Time to turn back and descend the stair, / With a bald spot in the middle of my hair- / (They will say: ‘How his hair is growing thin!’)” (39-41). The parenthesis indicates a break in his original thought. As he notices the bald spot in his hair, he seems to immediately think to himself what “they” will say. He adds, “My morning coat, my collar mounting firmly to the chin, / My necktie rich and modest, but asserted by a simple pin- / (They will say: ‘But how his arms and legs are thin!’) (42-44)....   [tags: virginia woof, T.S. Elliot]

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Hemingway's Achievement of Stream of Consciousness

- Hemingway's Achievement of Stream of Consciousness In Hemingway's In Our Time, the author refers to clean water in the form of lakes, rivers, and streams in almost all of his short stories, while he makes direct reference to water in his chapters only when that water is stagnant or contaminated. Perhaps this collection of Hemingway's is representative of the conscious mind through his stories, and the subconscious through his chapters. Read as such, water can be seen as a central element in consciousness for Hemingway....   [tags: American Literature]

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Value Stream Mapping A case study of automotive industry

- Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is an important tool for implementing lean philosophy. The concept of Lean is a systematical approach to identify and eliminate waste through continuous improvement. The value stream initiates at the concept and ends when delivered to customer. In this case study a current state map is prepared and analyzed and suggested to improve the process. A case study is carried out at Lear Corporation Halol. Keywords –Value Stream Mapping, Lean, Current State Map 1. Introduction Companies are continually striving to increase productivity and output of their operations....   [tags: implementing lean philosophy, system]

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Elizabeth Alexander 's Poems Of Witnessing And Stream Of Consciousness

- One poet who was found immense success in the last twenty years in Elizabeth Alexander.An African American woman, Alexander published her first collection of poetry in 1995 and has continued to produce outstanding works since then. Elizabeth Alexander is well known for her poems because of the skillful use of techniques such as diction, enjambment, and asyndeton. In addition, Alexander has garnered attention by adhering to traditional topics such as family, motherhood, and love. Yet, her work does not fit all of the conventional expectations of poetry....   [tags: Poetry, Rhyme, Stanza, Poetic form]

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The Effects Of Riparian Vegetation On The Populations Of The Riparian Zone Is The Most Obvious Observation Of Briar Creek

- A lack of and, in some cases, complete absence of riparian vegetation is the most obvious observation of Briar Creek, with regard to vegetation. This site is located in a well-maintained public park in a highly urbanized, residential area and the vegetation present is indicative of highly altered riparian plant conditions. With regard to the immediate area around the stream, there is the proliferation of bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon), and other turf grasses, which are well-established and maintained....   [tags: Stream, River, Hydrology, Stream bed]

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Mining Data Stream is Extracts Knowledge from Rapid Data Records

- ... Valuable item is nothing but finding the costliest item or most valuable items in a data base. Predicting this information helps businesses to know about the sales details about the valuable items which guide to make important decisions, such as catalogue drawing, cross marketing, consumer shopping and performance scrutiny. In this research work, two new algorithms namely VIM (Valuable Item Mining) and TVIM (Tree based Valuable Item Mining) are proposed for finding the valuable items in data streams....   [tags: algorithm, business, pattern]

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Data Stream Mining Addresses Research Issues Addressed by the Data Mining Community

- ... Approximation algorithms as mentioned earlier can guarantee error bounds. Also sampling Techniques adopt the same concept as it has been used in VFML. Transferring data mining results over a wireless network with a limited bandwidth Knowledge structure representation is another essential research problem. After extracting models and patterns locally from data stream generators, it is essential to transfer these structures to the user. Modeling changes of mining results over time In some cases, the user is not interested in mining data stream results, but how these results are changed overtime....   [tags: bandwidth, algorithms, computing]

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Exploration of Climate Change, Feedback Loops, and The Polar Jet Stream

- Introduction “Climate change is real. It is human-caused. We’re seeing the effects now.” (Romm, 2014). Climate change is an important issue the public is aware of, but do not see how their individual responses can have an impact on such a large global issue. Changing people’s temporal habits and attitudes about climate change will be a challenge. As the impacts of anthropogenic climate change are felt more often in our daily lives, people around the world will begin to adjust their temporal habits for greater sustainability of the natural environment we solely depend on for our survival....   [tags: gas emissions, natural enviornment]

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The Impact Of Internet On Society 's Vast Stream Of Information On The Wellbeing Of Man

- Mankind have always exhibited a great aversion to intellectual labour. From the invention of the wheel and the mechanical clock to the printing press, telephone and in recent times, the Internet, mankind have bought about countless breakthrough innovations throughout history that have changed the way we live- always with the primary motivation to move forward, make tasks easier, more convenient and more efficient. Today’s society has been deemed the Information Age, characterised by the increasingly dominant role of the production, storage, exchange, distribution, and control of information....   [tags: World Wide Web, History of the Internet]

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Anti Vaccination And Its Effects On The Body 's Blood Stream

- From the very start vaccines have been a trivial subject, many people question vaccines from not only a scientific aspect but an ethical one as well. There are a range of reasons why these individuals oppose vaccines. To examine them we will start with the history of the opposition of vaccinations, then move to vaccination persecution and personal liberties, and last we will examine the current connection of autism and vaccination. Vaccination has been opposed from the start, for reasons varying from religion to distrust of what it does to the body....   [tags: Vaccination, Vaccine, Public health]

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Types Of Modern Day Firefighting Nozzles

- Nozzles Used in Firefighting Modern day firefighting nozzles can be divided into three main types, smoothbore, fog, and broken stream. For arguments sake this paper will focus on the smoothbore and fog nozzles, as they are the most widely accepted to be used for direct fire attack, as opposed to the broken stream nozzle. Typically both types of nozzles have some type of control valve attached which allows the operator to start, stop or reduce the flow of water to the nozzle discharge. Smoothbore Nozzle The original nozzle used in the fire service was the smooth bore....   [tags: Water, Temperature, Stream, Firefighter]

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Effect Of The Fire Steam On The Hot Gas Layer ( Ifsta )

- absorbs heat, and cools the hot gas layer( IFSTA, 2013). The fire steam can be solid, straight, or narrow fog patterns, although the smaller droplets of the fog nozzle are preferred. The indirect attack is not advisable were victims may be trapped, or were fire spread to uninvolved areas of the structure cannot be contained. As indicated by Connors (2006), nowhere in Chief Layman 's scientific arguments did he advocate spraying water over a firefighters head to create a steam-bath conditions. On the contrary, he said firefighters would be burned if they were unfortunate enough to find themselves enveloped in a hurricane of water converting to steam....   [tags: Heat, Temperature, Stream, Water]

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The Relationship between the pH and Biotic Index of a Stream

- The Relationship between the pH and Biotic Index of a Stream Aim: An investigation to find out the water quality in a stream at three different sites and see whether pH affects the biotic index. Hypothesis: I predict that the stream will be most polluted at the third site which is lowest down the stream, and the stream will be cleanest at the beginning. I think this because at the end of the stream, more pollution has been able to enter into the stream, and at the beginning of the stream, less pollution has entered into the stream....   [tags: Papers]

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Drainage Density and Stream Order in a Drainage Basin

- Drainage Density and Stream Order in a Drainage Basin Drainage Density represents an approach to the quantitative analysis of drainage basin. It is the average length of channel per unit area of the drainage basin. It is calculated as shown below. Drainage density is a qualitative analysis of the areal properties of a river basin . Drainage density is useful as a measure of frequency and spacing of streams within the drainage basin. It also helps to determine the texture of dissection of a drainage basin- the extent to which the landscape is cut into by river valleys and in turn influence slope development....   [tags: Papers]

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Stream of Consciousness in Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms

- Stream of Consciousness in A Farewell to Arms       Many important American writers came to prominence during the Jazz Age, but their commonalities often stopped there. From lyrical to sparse, many different styles can be seen among these authors, such as those of Henry James, Edith Wharton, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce, and Ernest Hemingway. One stylistic technique, stream of consciousness, was most associated with Joyce. Yet, Hemingway also used this technique with regularity and it is an important element in his war novel, A Farewell to Arms....   [tags: Farewell Arms Essays]

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Literary and Character Analysis of Ulysses by James Joyce, Specifically Episode 18: Penelope

- ... Molly is far from perfect, which is precisely what makes her human. It could be said that Joyce asks that no judgement be made, for the reader has only been given a single days introduction into the life of Molly Bloom. I think a very important takeaway from "Penelope" is that a new approach should be made when considering the character of a person, specifically women. Joyce offers the notion that in order to love or even understand an individual, we must accept everything about that person, the good the bad and the ugly....   [tags: women, body, stream-of-consciousness]

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Methods Of A Desalinization Generator Within A Survival Situation

- How to construct a desalinization generator in a survival situation Bodies can survive up to three weeks without food, but in the same situation a regular person needs water after only three days. The average adult’s body is sixty percent water, because of this fresh water is an absolute necessity in any survival situation. Sadly though consuming unpurified water could end up being just as harmful as having no water at all. To solve this problem desalination generators were created. Desalination is a tactic that uses the process of evaporation to purify water with physical sediments....   [tags: Water, Evaporation, Desalination, Stream]

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Stream of Consciousness in Faulkner’s Absolam, Absolam!

- Stream of Consciousness in Faulkner’s Absolam, Absolam. While I was reading Absolam, Absolam. I was reminded once again of Faulkner’s particular writing style of stream of consciousness. The book itself is laid out very confusing having multiple narrators depicting incidents of the past, a recurrent theme of Faulkner’s identifying man’s connection to his past. The first narrator of Absolam, Absolam is Rosa, the sister in law of Thomas Sutpen. She describes Sutpen with so much hatred that he almost takes form of a monster, which is incapable of feelings....   [tags: Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! Essays]

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Effect of Male Stream Knowledge on Sociological Explanations of Behavior

- Effect of Male Stream Knowledge on Sociological Explanations of Behavior One effect of male stream knowledge in sociological explanations of behaviour is that men tend to be very much in favour of positivist methods, like scientific research and proof. Whereas feminists think that the sympathetic approach is better therefore using things like observations, this mainly due to the fact that positivist research has many flaws. Another effect is that due to the fact that men develop most sociological explanations of crime and therefore they only talk bout men....   [tags: Papers]

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The Earth Magnetic Field

- It’s the magnetic field that extends from the earth’s interior to where it meets the solaria stream of charged particles emanating from the sun. The magnetic field resembles the field of a large bar magnet near its center or that due to a uniformly magnetized sphere. Its origin is thought to be generated deep down in the earth’s core. At the surface of the earth, the pole of this equivalent bar magnet, nearest the north geographical pole is actually a south” magnetic pole. This paradoxical situation exists since by convention a north seeking end of a compass needle is defined as pointing north yet must point to a pole of opposite sense or South Pole of the earth’s magnetic field....   [tags: solaria stream, magnetic storms]

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How Does Monitoring Nutrients For Total System Wellness?

- Introduction Streams are like arteries in a human body. In the sense that both flow and require a delicate balance for total system wellness. A balance that must be understand to get an accurate picture of an ecosystem as a whole. Much how monitoring nutrients in blood is necessary to understand overall health. This balance is checked by looking at abiotic factors, such as chemical variables and habitat structures in the ecosystem and biotic factors. A particular biotic factor that is a sign that a stream is healthy is macroinvertebrate life....   [tags: Biotic component, Abiotic component, Stream]

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Stream of Consciousness in Faulkner’s Barn Burning, All the Dead Pilots, and Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye

- How does an author paint a vivid picture of a character’s thoughts. The answer is stream of consciousness. Faulkner and Salinger both used this literary technique but suited it their individual tastes. The purpose of this paper on the comparison of the use of stream of consciousness in the works of two American authors, William Faulkner and J.D. Salinger, is to define stream of consciousness, explain the use of it in Faulkner’s “Barn Burning,” “All the Dead Pilots,” and Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, compare the stream of consciousness in both writers’ literary work, and examine the influence their writing had on others....   [tags: Argumentative, Faulkner, Salinger]

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Effects of Psychoactive Drugs

- Development is a never ending cycle in life. Each person begins to develop from conception until passing away. Now, while most people think that development starts after birth that is incorrect. Development starts as soon as the baby is conceived. Everything that a woman carrying a baby does or takes place in will translate into the baby. The baby shares a blood flow with the mother. Drugs, even legal drugs, will go into the mother’s blood stream which will then go into the baby’s blood stream. The “maternal blood flows through the uterine arteries to the spaces housing the placenta, and it returns through the uterine vein to the maternal circulation” (Santrock, 2012, p....   [tags: Pregnancy, Blood Stream, Baby. Drugs]

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Constant Stream through the Internet

- At the beginning of the music industry artists got income from sources like touring, merchandising, records, and publishing. They had those choices and they can decide how much emphasis they gonna put on these things in order to grow. Some artist didn't care about some of these things, and were still successful because they had a strong fan base. Artist now goal to have a career while expand options by growing fan base and popularity. The Internet brought another avenue for exposure with more possibilities like ads on Face book, interacting with fans on twitter, and videos on YouTube for the world to view....   [tags: Music Industry, Touring, Merchandising, Records]

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Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Essay: Stream of Consciousness

- Stream of Consciousness in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock is a uniquely styled piece of literature.  In this poem Eliot employs a literary method of writing called "stream of consciousness."  This is a difficult method to grasp outside of the literary genre to attempt to understand it within the context of the higher language of poetry can further confuse readers.                Stream of consciousness is simply how our brain thinks.  Perhaps as the teacher reads through this poem we hear the word "Mermaid".  Our minds see the singing mermaids on the rocks in "Jason and the Argonauts" and then jump to Peter Pan and from Peter Pan to Mary Popp...   [tags: Love Song J. Alfred Prufrock Essays]

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Impressionism and Stream of Consciousness Writers Comparison between Henry James and Walter Sickert

- During the modernist movement artists and writers alike stepped away from traditional values, and radically changed the rules of perception in art. Before the modernist period traditional artistic values focused on realism, and art closely resembled life as it was. Boredom set in, and many artists began to manipulate the dimensions of reality. Reality was no longer viewed as perfect, but as series of fleeting impressions. Impressionism took the place of realism, and the ideas of individual perception took hold....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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Value Stream Map

- Firstly the manager calls the local grocery and orders the food and ingredients needed for the upcoming day in the restaurant. When the products arrive in the restaurant the chef checks the products for their quality and with the help of the rest of the kitchen crew, they start to store them. In the meantime, the waiter and the cashier start making the necessary preparations, such as cleaning the tables and storing coins and notes inside the cash machine. When everything is in order, the restaurant opens and after a while the first costumer comes in the restaurant....   [tags: restaurant case analysis]

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The Mining Of Surface Mining

- Final project One of the biggest debates that I think is wrong with surface mining is that there isn’t much being enforced on how it is being done and nobody really knows a lot about it right now as far as what it is or what it is doing as far as damaging ecosystems and the environment goes. One example of this is that surface mining didn’t start until in the later 1900’s as a means for coal miners to reach coal more effectively at a cheaper cost for less work to be done. Surface mining occurs on the tops of mountains and here in KY we live close to the Appalachian Mountains and they are always being mined and blasted for the coal that is found inside of them....   [tags: Water, Drinking water, Coal, Stream]

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Supply Chain Management at Gulf Stream

- Introduction Gulfstream Aerospace is one of leading corporate jet manufacturers in the world. They have been building jets since the late 50’s and continue to create top of the line aircraft which have become the status symbol of success. With their success comes an extensive company infrastructure and supply chain. First, we will discuss how Gulfstream uses the location to maximize the effectiveness of its supply chain. Then we will look at the business case for Gulfstream’s approach to its supply chain, and in particular, does it make sense to have a car follow supplies while it is on the rail system....   [tags: SCM JIT Just in Time]

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Jig and the Stream of Life in Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants”

- I see many people as I wander through the streets, yet I can only hear silence. I see couples getting into a restaurant, order, check their smartphones, eat, and I wonder why they do not look up, face each other and genuinely communicate. What I perceive, are men and women living not with, but next to each other. This is exactly what I imagined when I read Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants”. A couple waiting to catch a train and as they sit and drink some beers, they start talking about Jig’s pregnancy and the option of abortion....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Ernest Hemingway, Comparisons]

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Land System Change : A Large Impact On The Biodiversity Of The World Is Land Systems Change

- One of the pie slices that make a large impact on the biodiversity of the world is land system change. Land-system change is measured in the percent of forested area compared to the original forested area. The boundary for the amount of forested area that the world needs before we begin to experience issues is 75%, approximately 85% of the tropical biome, 50% of the temperate biome needs to be covered for the world to function properly with minimal issues in relation to land system use. Currently we are at 62% of the earth’s potential forested areas surviving....   [tags: Pollution, Water, Stream, River]

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Chemistry: Effects of Digestive Supplement on the Human Body

- Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to determine the effects that pH had on lactase activity of four different digestive supplements that assist in the breakdown of lactose in the body. Lactase is an enzyme that digests lactose, it is also the primary sugar found in milk (BIOB 260 Lab Manual, 2014). Before it can be broken down lactose needs to be broken down into glucose and galactose for easy absorption into the bloodstream, this is done by the hydrolying of the monosaccharide (BIOB 260 Lab Manual, 2014)....   [tags: pH, lactase, blood stream]

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Lab Report On Water Quality

- Introduction: For Science 100’s final task the groups where given a lab to test for water quality in any body of water around the campus of UMBC or relatively close to your home. So my group decided to test the Patapsco River near Ellicott city and the Northwest branch of Anacostia River in Silver Spring. With Ellicott city being in a rural location compared to sliver spring we wondered which body of water would be cleaner. From everything we learned in class and the Documentary from frontline we understood polluted water has an increased rate of happening in the city because of construction, sewage, and water run off....   [tags: Water, Water pollution, Water quality, Stream]

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Streams Assessments

- ABSTRACT What is the water quality in Covington Creek, Soos Creek, Jenkins Creek, Jenkins Pond Creek, and Jenkins Pond. Does the water quality meet or exceed the Washington State water quality criteria. Several parameters were sampled at each sample site. The sampled parameters at each creek and pond site were temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, discharge, bank stability, and vegetation plots. Tests for the presence of nitrates and phosphates were also conducted. In addition to these tests, samples of benthic macroinvertebrates were collected....   [tags: Ecology]

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Importance of Streams of Consciousness in A Farewell To Arms

- Importance of Streams of Consciousness in A Farewell To Arms       Suddenly, it enters your thoughts and streams throughout your mind; you begin to think, you are in a stream of consciousness. You are in your own world of random words and sentences, amounting to nothing, and at times making all the sense in your world, a world that only exists within your mind. That is exactly how a stream of consciousness works, according to Charles Bohner and Dean Dougherty (1216).  Ernest Hemingway himself traverses into three streams of consciousness of his own in order to develop Henry's character and the over all theme of A Farewell to Arms, war and love and all feelings in between.  For in...   [tags: Farewell Arms Essays]

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A Brief Comparison of Historical Paths for the Clinical and Counselling Streams of Psychology

- A Brief Comparison of Historical Paths for the Clinical and Counselling Streams of Psychology The current practices of the clinical and counselling psychological streams are not entirely dissimilar as both are concerned with the application of psychotherapy, education, research, and instruction (Mayne, Norcross, & Sayette, 2000; Norcross, 2000). Clinical psychology is primarily concerned with the assessment, treatment, and study of populations who experience severe mental illness (Bechtoldt, Campbell, Norcross, Wyckoff, & Pokrywa, 2000; Norcross, 2000) clinical psychologists mostly employ behavioral and psychoanalytic theoretical orientations when treating clients (Norcross, 2000)....   [tags: Compare Contract, Psychology, Mental Health]

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Promotion Streams Of Advertising On Facebook

- Promotion Streams 6.3.1 T-Shirts Silver Spoon will be printing 150 T-Shirts with their logo, phone number and location at a cost of $3.94 per shirt (Appendix 6.2). These will act as conversation starters with people in the community at the Halloween Howl Run in support of diabetes. Handing out promotional shirts will act as a walking billboard sparking a pyramid of conversation surrounding Silver Spoon. The second phase of the shirt promotion will be out front of our storefront in Kensington just prior to opening day, this gives Silver Spoon the chance to gauge the buzz in the community as well as meet prospective customers....   [tags: Advertising, Facebook, Target market, Target]

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Hot Streak Continues With New Tipexbet Content Deal

- BetSoft hot streak continues with new Tipexbet content deal Within the world of online casino gaming BetSoft Gaming is a brand on a hot streak unlike anybody else, as their newfound aggressive approach to business is reaping dividends. In the company’s latest move it seems that they are set to add a fresh new client to its ranks. Through a new deal with Austria bookmaker Tipexbet Sportwetten, BetSoft Gaming will soon be placing its content in front of brand new eyes. While predominantly known as a bookmaker, it seems that Tipexbet is now looking to make a major play within the world of online casino gaming....   [tags: Casino, Slot machine, Charles Evans Hughes]

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How Different Aspects of the Community, Government, and Media Brought Florida House Bill 0991 onto the Docket According to Streams by John Kingdon

- How Different Aspects of the Community, Government, and Media Brought Florida House Bill 0991 onto the Docket According to Streams by John Kingdon In the past few decades political scientists have been looking at ways to categorize different patterns which have emerged during their in depth study on why certain issues shoulder their way onto the calendar, and why others are left in the trashcan. John Kindogon is one such political scientist, his perceptive on agenda formation suggests that there are interactions between three “streams” of society: Problem stream, Policy stream and Political stream....   [tags: Papers]

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Flow Assurance of Hydrocarbon Streams in Subsea Systems

- Introduction Flow assurance of hydrocarbon streams in subsea systems, such as pipelines, is a very important subject in the oil and gas industry. It is diverse and encompasses many branches of engineering disciplines. Flow assurance involves handling many solids deposits from hydrocarbon fluid streams that can form in subsea flow lines. Some of the flow assurance risks in subsea pipelines include gas hydrates, slugging, corrosion, reservoir souring, wax, scales etc. Among these flow assurance risks, hydrate formation is of major concern in the oil and gas industry....   [tags: oil and gas indystry]

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Diverse Streams : African Migration And The United States

- Diverse Streams Black Africans are among the fastest-growing groups of United States immigrants. Today, there are an estimated 1.1 million Black African immigrants in the United States. In the Migration Policy Institute’s scholarly paper titled, Diverse Streams: African Migration to the United States, authors Randy Capps, Kristen McCabe, and Michael Fix dig articulate how black immigrant families remain neglected backing their facts up with research literature. In this essay, I will review the journal, thoroughly examine its key topics, and connect it to class lessons in an analytical voice....   [tags: Immigration, Immigration to the United States]

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The Silver Streak Racing Team is Made Up of All Girls

- A girl that races!. Many men are convinced its a joke, but Silver Streak Racing is a nearly all woman team. With Taylor Arneson as their first driver. Taylor races in the NHRA, National Hot Rod Association, with her sister, Tracy, who also races, her mom who is the team “supervisor” and her dad, who they call “Head Wrench”, is the mechanic for the team. Taylor started racing last year and won two complete races, which earned her enough points to win the championship in her class, which is called Street Trophy....   [tags: National Hot Rod Association]

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A Game Losing Streak Really Tear Apart A Team, But Not The Mountaineers

- Morgantown, W.Va.- A four game losing streak could really tear apart a team, but not the Mountaineers. It seems that it has brought them closer together with the determination to get back on track. Head Coach Dana Holgorsen met with the seniors a couple weeks ago and set-up some goals and they are on their way to reaching them. Jared Barber wanted to keep the meeting between the senior and coach. However, he believes the seniors need to be the leaders. "It is all up to our seniors. When it comes down to it, that 's who younger guys listen to....   [tags: American football, 2009 singles, 2005 singles]

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How to Design Your Own Model Railroad Scenery

- Model railroad scenery adds an element of realism like no other feature of a model train layout. The hills, lakes, streams, and trees provide a way to transport yourself to a different place and time. Using some of the tips that follow will allow any beginning hobbyist to add a unique touch to any railroad layout. Many materials for creating the scenery of a model railroad layout are available commercially and this makes the job of designing your layout very easy. Everything from pine trees to the largest deciduous trees are available in the market of model railroad scenery....   [tags: Hills, Lakes, Streams, Trees]

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Improving Partnerships with Big Companies to Help the ARC Increase Donations for the Aid of Individuals in Need

- ... As the Red Cross example showed, the nonprofits agencies need to pay more attention to transparency. They should disclose in a clear and non-misleading manner the percentage of funds spent on administrative costs, information that affects many nonprofit organizations. Transparency is also necessary in solicitation materials, grant proposals, and donor agreements (Rhode & Packel, 2009). I personally believe that a better relationship with Better Business Bureau (BBB) would also contribute to regain people trust and to prove that the agency is not repeating the same mistakes from the past (9/11) by avoiding to report how the money from donations were managed....   [tags: alternative income streams development]

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Migration Streams of Russia Since the End of Communism

- Migration Streams of Russia Since the End of Communism Since the liberalisation of Russia from the control of the Soviet Union there have been several new trends in the form of major migration streams. The first of these is the migration of some of the countries brightest and most skilled workers travelling to the west. The second is and influx of Russian speakers, ethnic Russians and other from the former Soviet Union. And the next is the depopulation of Siberia and the Far East....   [tags: Papers]

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Field Trip: Freshwater Habitat

- Our group had to conduct this field visit to a freshwater habitat to get hands-on experience about local habitats and the animals and plants around it. We think that going to the site and observing the animals, plants and the habitat will make it a interesting learning experience since we are allowed to actually here and everything is real-life not just pictures or words in a textbook. Also, our group wants to learn the proper methods to observe and examine the habitat without causing any damage to the area....   [tags: Aquatic Animals, Insects, Biology]

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Toluene Hydroealkylation Process

- TOLUENE HYDRODEALKYLATION PROCESS Toluene hydrodealkylation or hydrodealkylation of toluene (HDA) is a process that used to produce benzene. The reaction occurs as: Toluene + H2 Benzene + CH4 The process need toluene and hydrogen as a main reactor. Then, toluene and hydrogen are converted in a reactor packed with catalyst to produce benzene and methane. This reaction is exothermic and the operating conditions are 500 0C to 660 0C, and 20 to 60 bar of pressure. This process begins with mixing fresh toluene with a stream of recycle unreacted toluene, and the mixing is achieved in a storage tank....   [tags: reaction, benzene, catalyst]

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Culvert Design for Fish Passage

- Culvert design is extremely important because fish passage in rivers, creeks and other waterways are essential for reproduction and survival of many fish species. If poor designs of culverts are installed, upstream fish migration can be impeded. Many culverts have been designed especially for fish migration and passage. Culverts have many impacts to stream system even when fish passage is successful including; channel disruption during construction, hydraulic effects up and downstream, increased or decreased flow rates or many other impacts....   [tags: essentials for reproduction and survival]

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The Role Of Canada International Negotiations On Climate Change

- Introduction Climate change can be viewed as a transnational problem that requires unprecedented levels of cooperation between states, and more importantly, sustained responses from the major emitters. The issue of climate change and proposed climate policies have been discussed at the international level on a number of occasions. Studies have shown that Canada is one of the five largest energy producers in the world, however the country has fallen short in their commitments to emissions reduction targets established under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol (Pandey, 2014)....   [tags: Global warming, Kyoto Protocol, Greenhouse gas]

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Biology Lab Report On The Environment

- Nicole Lichtenberg Professor Hancock Biology Lab 1107- 06 September 29, 2015 Introduction Austin, TX has a massive population that seems to grow bigger every day. The city has had to develop thousands of new residential areas and with that comes many types of pollution. This increase in residential areas has led to new research on ecology in urban areas. Streams around these new homes are a huge part of the research because the streams provide habitat and life to many animals, as well us humans....   [tags: Water, Hydrology, Water pollution, Nalgene]

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Knowledge, Experience, and Morality in The Sufi Masters’ parable The Tale of the Sands

- The knowledge and experience that is gained through everyday life forms the basis of wisdom. Wisdom can be attained through numerous ways. For example, it can be created from performing a personal mistake. Lessons can be learned from those mistakes, which in turn, form knowledge and experience. The Sufi Masters’ parable “The Tale of the Sands” illustrates how knowledge can be attained from other people. The Stream of Life gains knowledge, experience, and morality from passing through the desert to its destiny....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Various Kinds of Heat Exchangers Analysis

- This is another type of heat exchanger, which is vital during energy recovery systems and normally finds its application in HVAC systems. It has the general appearance of a plate-finned water coil although in this case, the tubes are never interconnected. A typical heat pipe is separated into two sections using a closed/sealed dividing wall. When placed in an air handling system, hot exhaust air stream passes through the evaporator and gets cooled, while the cool incoming air stream is passed through the condenser....   [tags: heat pipes, hvac systems, energy recovery]

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A Content Marketer Guide For Facebook Live Streaming

- ESSAYS44936 #1 A Content Marketer Guide to Facebook live streaming Video marketing used to cost a lot of money for what was typically a very limited result. Yet, these days, thanks mostly to YouTube and partially to Google, video marketing has a measurable return on investment. Even rank amateur videographers can pull in a comparatively and relatively sizable crowd. Technology and globalization has led to a situation where viewers are able to stream high-definition videos directly to whichever device they happen to have on them without a lag, without freezing, compatibility issues, stalling, rights issues, errors and poor quality loading....   [tags: Streaming media, Multimedia]

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Business Innovation and Investment: Immigration to Australia

- Business Innovation and Investment Business Talent Visa is a part of the program Australian Business Innovation and Investment. This program has been initiated to expand the economy of Australia. As this visa is available through invitation only, you need to use SkillSelect service for submitting Expression of Interest (EOI). Your EOI needs to specify the stream that you are applying for towards this visa. You should also indicate whether are interested in a single or all states and territories....   [tags: business talent visa ]

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Salt Dilution Method

- Salt Dilution Method Salt dilution method is used in mountain rivers with rough cross section, big boulders and turbulent flow. An electrical conductivity (EC) meter was used for discharge measurement. Salt dilution method is particularly used for measurement of flow in mountainous stream and any other sites where high degree of turbulence exists to ensure complete mixing of injected solution in the pre-determined length of the channel. Under such condition of flow, the conventional approach to flow gauging such as current meter or calibrated structure are not feasible....   [tags: Research Anlaysis ]

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What A Policy Or Pubic Problem?

- 1) Based on your reading explain what a policy or pubic problem is and also explain why they can be so complex to identify or resolve at times. (Open to all students which means any student from other group can respond) Public problems are problems that affect numerous of people and having a wider effect, including consequences, whether you are part of the problem or not. A public problem becomes a problem if something can be done to resolve the problem. Public problems are difficult to resolve by a single individual’s action....   [tags: United States Congress]

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Leading Congregational Change

- During my tenure as a student at Barclay College, I have been consistently challenged and affirmed in multiple areas of my spiritual life. In many cases I was, it seems, laboring under a delusion that these areas were either totally secure, or fatally flawed in some way that left them beyond the reach of redemption or change. These flaws in particular were brought to light last semester, and by the grace of God I have seen that there is a path forward for me. My own stream, to use Fosters analogy, cutting thought the once barren landscape of my spiritual journey....   [tags: christianity, god, bible]

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The Five Principles Of Lean Thinking

- 1. Lean thinking is focused on eliminating waste throughout the company. It also places emphasis on looking through the customer’s point of view and providing value to them. 2. The five principles of lean thinking are: a. Define value – this focuses on defining what the customer’s value in different products and services provided by the company. The emphasis is on the customer and how the company can provide value to them. b. Identify the value streams – this requires company’s employees to see how the organization functions through the eyes of the customer....   [tags: Manufacturing, Lean manufacturing]

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Forest Roads and Their Effect on Water Quality

- Forest Roads and Their Effect On Water Quality Roads are often necessary to perform certain tasks in the forests. When roads are made, they often pose the problem of erosion, and damage to nearby water sources. The two articles I read on this topic were both from the August 1999 issue of the Journal of Forestry. Both discuss the different techniques and methods for trying to limit the amount of silt that contaminates roads due to disturbance. The first article, “What We Know- and don’t know- about Water Quality at Stream Crossings,” discusses the different methods used to cross streams, and which method causes the most long term, and short term damage to water supplies....   [tags: Free Essays]

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A Review of the Role of Capsules in the Pathogenesis of Bacterial Meningitis

- Meningitis is a disease that affects the meninges, the name given to the three membranes that surround the brain and the spinal cord. The three membranes are called the Dura Mater, the Arachnoid Mater and the Pia Mater. The function of these membranes is to protect the central nervous system. Meningitis can be caused by both viruses and bacteria. Viral meningitis is more often than harmless and is usually resolved in about a week. Viral meningitis can be caused by viruses such as Entero Viruses and Herpes Viruses....   [tags: meningitis, meninges, phagocytosis]

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Coronary Illness Is The Main Source Of Death

- Coronary illness is the main source of death in Australia furthermore the world, it influences 1.4 million Australians a year. In 2013 13% of all passings were created by coronary illness. In 2012 7.4 million individuals kicked the bucket as a consequence of coronary illness. Coronary illness is the development of plaque (fat store on the inward dividers of the veins) in the coronary conduits that supply O2 rich blood to the heart muscle, the development of plaque is called atherosclerosis. After some time passes plaques may solidify therefore limiting blood stream or totally obstructing the corridor....   [tags: Heart, Artery, Atherosclerosis, Blood]

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Research Paper : Rivers ( The Mississippi )

- Research Paper: Rivers (the Mississippi) The Mississippi River is one of the world 's extraordinary rivers. It is the longest in the United States, more than twenty-three hundred miles in length, as it structures the outskirts of ten states, just about bisecting the mainland (Currie,2003, 8). This waterway has a long history also, and it has touched the lives of numerous individuals. The Mississippi is said to start at Lake Itasca in Minnesota. In 1832, pilgrim Henry Schoolcraft named this lake, not after any neighborhood Indian name, but rather from the Latin words for "genuine head" which are veritas caput abbreviated to "Itasca" (Currie, 2003, 4)....   [tags: Mississippi River, River, Louisiana]

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Can Consciousness Be A State Of Awareness?

- Consciousness is considered to be a state of awareness, in which we are able to observe external events and internal sensations, which can occur under conditions of arousal. (King, 2014) In other words, consciousness is awareness or perception of some stimuli. There are levels of consciousness, which I will discuss, and there is the topic of “stream of consciousness”, which I will cover in a later paragraph. One state of consciousness is higher-level consciousness, which is characterized by a higher level of alertness and attention, what is known as the “executive function”, or the ability to plan, focus on a goal, and engage in problem solving activities, and a controlled form of mental pro...   [tags: Consciousness, Mind, Psychology]

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Summary Of ' Jacob 's Room '

- A story that lacks a plot may cause readers to question what the underlying motive in writing a novel is. Virginia Woolf’s novel, Jacob’s Room, causes readers to do just this. Jacob’s Room appears to have no plot, but this lack of purpose is no accident. Through experimental narrative techniques Woolf develops a novel that emphasizes the psychological realm of her characters rather than the plot or action; though this experimentation does not come without problems, Jacob’s Room is still one of her most famous works today....   [tags: Fiction, Style, Narrative, Narratology]

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Modernism and Dylan Thomas

- The early to mid 1900s was a time of great and rapid change, known as Modernism. The period demonstrated drastic deviations in “viewing and interacting with the world” (“Modernism”-Literature Periods and Movements). This cultural movement exhibited the breaking away from Victorian morals. Some of the Victorian morals that Modernism rejected were the belief in a single way at viewing the world, the idea that every person has a certain role in life, and the division of society into groups: “civilized” and “savage”....   [tags: victorian morals, consciousness and repetition]

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