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Minority Report: From Story to Screen

- Minority Report: From Story to Screen Adaptations are never carbon copies. A prime example is Philip K. Dick’s short story and Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film, Minority Report. The structure of the storytelling is indeed different as well as other key elements. The narrative transforms its structure into a more episodic approach when brought to the screen. Words on paper take on a new identity when brought to life on a visual basis. Philip K. Dick’s Minority Report, written in 1956, was ahead of its time....   [tags: Movies Film Comparison Contrast Essays]

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Analysis of a Story in the Newspaper

- Introduction ‘News media investigate, analyze, and report to stakeholder publics on issues and event s that occur around the globe in a twenty-four-hour, 365-day news cycle’ (Richard,2007:98). Because of the way news media works, we know what is happening in the world and we can have ‘connection’ to other places. With new media arising, the information transmission process become even faster. Though new media is getting more prevalent, still, a considerable amount of people rely on one of the traditional news media – newspaper....   [tags: Media Publication]

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The Story of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew

- In Matthew 24:43–25:13, it gives us a story of Jesus. We see Jesus painted as a thief in the night and as a bridegroom, both being mirrored images of Jesus as the returning King. The central message in both stories is to watch and be ready, because the day and hour of His coming are unknown. In Matthew 24:43-51, it gives a parable of two slaves, one whom is a wise and faithful servant, found caring for the master’s household (God’s people). The other is an evil servant whom beats the other slaves, lives among the world, and commits worldly acts....   [tags: interpretation project, Biblical studies]

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Short Story: Collide and Fall

- It was a typical day for Chad, going about the halls picking on every vulnerable person they saw, that was until he saw her. It was the first day in years Sophia had worn short sleeves, being scared that people might judge her for being ‘attention seeking’, but today she felt content with herself, brave enough to show people how strong she is. When Chad saw her scars, he realized every single one of these people had their own stories. That was the day Chad Willington had stood up to his friends....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Story Teller Rewrite

- On a hot Saturday during the summer, my parents called my brother, John, and I downstairs. John and I raced down stairs to see what my parents needed. They replayed the voicemail to us. It was my aunt saying to pack our bags, because she was taking us on a surprise trip. My brother and I were overcome with excitement as we packed our stuff and awaited my aunt on the steps of our house. After what seemed like many hours later, my aunt showed up to get us. We quickly told our parents “Bye!” and jumped in the car, guessing our surprise destination....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Watching the Story Unfold

- Whether it is finding out “who shot J.R.” on Dallas or how Dr. Doug Ross will leave County General on E.R. it is the serialized storytelling format that has continually grasped the attention of television viewers around the world. What is it about these shows that keep viewers coming back for more. This essay will be answering that question and more by taking a look at how serialized stories came to be, and more importantly what shows made it the success that it has become in television. This will be done by looking at where the genera has gone, what struggles it has faced, and will finish with a look towards the future to see where the genera is headed....   [tags: Television Series]

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The Ninwocka: Adam's Story

- “Master, our engines have failed,” yelled Ninwocka B-23, “We are currently falling towards the main populous center of Sol 3. What should we do?” After a few seconds, the shrill voice of the master filled B-23's ears. “Try to crash in a city. Then, kill all sentient beings that reside there. We will send a mono-pod to collect you and any loot you find there.” B-23 readjusted his trajectory course. The city was still asleep as the ship crashed into a small island in the largest sea of the planet, which, to its residents, was known as earth....   [tags: science fiction, ]

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Story OF A Lion

- Night of the Lion One dark night Jim, Jake, and their little brother Adam decided to stay home to watch the Haley’s Comet fly over. The news stations had been airing story, after story about the rarity of the comet’s pass over the sky’s and it seemed to them that to not watch it would be completely stupid. Little did they know that this night was not going to be a fun filled night instead the worst night of their lives. Jim and Jake are 18 year-old fraternal twins that were inseparable and loved life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Story of an Immigrant

- Story of an Immigrant The focus of this paper is Shimma. His tribal home is in Sudan. He is believed to be 21 and has resided as a refugee in the USA since August 2001. He is known as a “Lost Boy of Sudan.” I met Shimma while shopping at Wal-Mart in central Phoenix. I had been fascinated by the reports of the Lost Boys that I had heard on TV and read in the newspapers. I knew that some of the Lost Boys were being relocated to Phoenix and hoped to meet some of them along the way on my travels through out Phoenix....   [tags: Sudan Lost Boys Immigration Essays Papers]

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The Hours: A Story of Three Women Trapped in the Roles of Society

- The Hours: A Story of Three Women Trapped in the Roles of Society Many books have been written about women and their problems in life. "The Hours" is not just about women, It is a novel about life. It is about contemporary American society. "The Hours is about passion, depression, obsession and especially the ways women are shaped ,hindered and occasionally even inspired by masculine structures and expectations that engulf them"(1) It is a story that tells us how the behavior of mother can affect the life of a child....   [tags: Cunningham Hours Essays]

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Coming of Aage and Love in the Story Araby

- Love often times is one of the strongest motivators. Love can inspire acts of extreme bravery, crush one’s heart, and can even force a person to move on and grow up. In this novel, Araby is a bazaar that conveyed an ill-assorted blend of pseudo-Eastern romanticism and blatant commercialism. For one shilling, as the advertisement put it, one could visit "Araby in Dublin" and at the same time aid the Jervis Street Hospital (Stone). What does love have to do with a foreign bazaar. In the short story a young boy secretly falls in love with a girl and promises to bring her a gift from Araby....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Coming of Age]

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Cinderella's Reality Story

- Many people know her as a princess who is sitting in house where her step-mother and her two step-sisters abused her. One day, she went to the ball from the help of her fairy godmother. The prince fell in love with her of her talents. In reality, she was mostly not have survived. In reality, this is Cinderella’s story. Cinderella was an ordinary girl who lived with her step-mother and step-mother. They lived in London. She was abused at home a lot and at school too because her step-sisters always embarrasses her....   [tags: a modern twist on a classic fairy tale]

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A Villain and a Heroine. A story told in rhyme.

- The blush of love's awakening as hearts are intertwined. What shall this Ever After bring. A bridal veil, a golden ring. But Fate is such a fickle thing when love is on the line. Our tale unfolds beneath the boughs of ancient woodland glade, where night-wind stirs the restless leaves and moonlight-dappled shade as shards of crystal, deadly, gleaming, weave the threads of magic's seeming. Caught within this web of Dreaming sleeps the spellbound maid. A chamber of immensity immersed in candlelight, bedecked in glowing tapestry and hung with streamer bright....   [tags: Poetry]

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Recounting the Story of The Battle of Iwo Jima

- ... The two Divisions represented four assault regiments and they were to take control of specific beachheads. Sweeping east and then north, securing the airfields in order (Airfields One, Two, and the one under construction). One division would split itself and take Mount Suribachi and the other would sweep northeast flushing out the remaining Japanese fighting force. The 3rd Marine division was to stay in reserve but after the fifth day of battle, fighting was fierce and they had to push the 3rd Marine division forward....   [tags: land, bombers, marines]

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Titanic - Story

- Titanic - Story Hello, my name is Richard Peterson, I am travelling first class, on the Titanic from Ireland, I am moving to New York because I want to make something out of my deep interest in motorcars. I am travelling with my Wife - Mary, Mum - Jean, and brother - John. On the evening of 11th April 1912 at about 11 O'clock I was having a cup of tea with my wife in our cabin when we felt a rather large shudder. We didn't think much of it at the time as we thought that is could have been anything....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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The Use of Force, A Story of Guilt

- The Use of Force, A Story of Guilt "The Use of Force" by William Carlos Williams is a window into one doctor's guilt over the negligent loss of a child patient. This story focuses on the disillusionment caused by his self-pity and guilt. The doctor's guilt triggers a fanciful illusion of "The Use of Force" that gives him giddy delight in his envisioned torture of the young, beautiful girl. His disgust for her uneducated, immigrant parents and their poor, humble surroundings only heighten this image....   [tags: American Literature William Carlos Williams]

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The Story of Chris Smith the Vampire

- The Story of Chris Smith the Vampire It was a perfectly normal cold, wet winter's day as Chris a polite and co-operative businessman drove his car home from a hard day at work. Chris was seen as a likeable guy, not married, but still a nice guy. Chris was relieved at the sight of his house, he just wanted to get home and watch Television. He parked his new Lotus Elise in his garage and slowly walked in with a satisfied grin on his face....   [tags: Papers]

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The Story of Hamlet in Hamlet

- The Story of Hamlet in Hamlet         Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet has one outstanding character, namely the protagonist Hamlet. His character is so complex that this essay will scarcely present an adequate portrayal of his character.   John Russell Brown in “Soliloquies and Other Wordplay Let the Audience Share Some of Hamlet’s Thoughts” explains the interplay of dialogue, soliloquies and narrative in Hamlet’s role:   By any reckoning Hamlet is one of the most complex of Shakespeare’s characters, and a series of soliloquies is only one of the means which encourage the audience to enter imaginatively into his very personal and frightening predicament....   [tags: Shakespeare Hamlet Essays]

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A Freaky Story - Original Writing

- A Freaky Story - Original Writing I was sitting in my room doing nothing. There was silence in the whole house. I was alone at home. There was a faint ‘thump, thump’ coming from somewhere downstairs as if someone was walking on the floorboards. I ignored it thinking it was the tick-tock of the clock. I was too tired and bored to think of anything at the moment. My mind was blank. I would have gone over to a friend’s place but I wasn’t allowed out of the house until my parents and my sister came back....   [tags: Papers]

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The Phone Call - Short Story

- The Phone Call - Short Story She ran, not knowing where she was heading. The only thoughts in her head at that time were "Must run. Must keep going. Can't stop!" She was starting to regret eating the snack earlier. As she hardly ate a thing, the tiniest morsel of food could seem like she had eaten a three course meal. But if she had known before about what was going to happen she would have lost her minute appetite. But she couldn't have known it was going to go pear-shaped, could she....   [tags: Papers]

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A Horror Story - Original Writing

- A Horror Story - Original Writing It was a windy night. John was home alone,because,his Mom and Dad had gone out to dinner.John was doing his homework,because,he was bored. After a half an hour John rang his girlfriend up.He asked her to come over and bring her girlfriends with her,because,his friends are coming too.His girlfriend(Mary) said; 'okey,I'll come and I will bring my friends with me too'.What Mary did not know was that John had an plan.Not just a plan but an evil plan....   [tags: Papers]

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The Story of Elizabeth- Personal Narrative

- The Story of Elizabeth- Personal Narrative In 1987, when I was 5, I discovered television commercials. I would watch television for hours, and every time a new toy would be advertised I would run to my mother. "Mommy. Mommy. I want that!" I would tell her. I always received the same response. "Maybe Santa will bring you one." One day, shortly after preschool, I was watching my favorite show, when a commercial came on for a doll. The commercial showed little cartoon babies sleeping between cabbages....   [tags: Papers]

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A Storm Story - Original Writing

- A Storm Story - Original Writing Usually I could have cared less about a the arrival of a hurricane. Many had come and gone causing little damage in their wake. This one though, with winds traveling upwards to one hundred and forty miles per hour, proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Hurricane Jeff had left a devastating path of destruction every where it went and made everyone fearful. It was large and it moved extremely slow, as if to relish its work. Many were killed so far and hundreds were still missing ....   [tags: Papers]

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The Essential Nature of Each Story in Beowulf by Gummere

- ... She punished the innocent because of her hubris and beauty (1932-1939). A bad queen, in the expectations of the Anglo-Saxons and narrator’s perspective, had causes for their actions, dismissed moral obligations, and did not care about their citizens’ futures or lives. Modthryth ignored these morals and therefore presented herself with the reputation of a bad queen in Hygelac's kingdom. Yet, “[she was] less cruel minded after she married the brave Offa… In days to come she would grace the throne and grow famous for… [her] high devotion to the hero king” (1947-1954)....   [tags: ruler, relationships, enemy]

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Short Story - The Thud

- Short Story - The Thud The thud came again. Rose clicked the television on mute, straining her ear against the storm that splattered the roof with a mixture of rain and hail. The soft thump came from the basement, as though someone, or something, had knocked a book to the floor. Rose gripped the arms of the chair and cursed her husband for leaving her alone on a night like this, knowing she was fearful of storms, empty houses and prowlers, however imaginary they might be. She'd already lit every lamp and overhead light in the house, but they failed to dispel the damp, dreary feeling of impending doom....   [tags: Papers]

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Digitally Deprived: A Survival Story

- Digitally Deprived: A Survival Story As I sit here and recall my last nineteen long years on this planet and my various interactions with different mediums of technology, it has become very obvious to me that I, like most people where I am from, have had really no major interactions with technology compared to others in my age group. I sit in coffee joints at night and watch people become more introverted than a turtle, ducking into their little shells of technological safety. They look at you through their faux, so-call trendy DKNY knock-off glasses, dressed in their Abercrombie clothes, hiding behind nothing but the glow of a laptop or in the corner talking to someone on their cell phone...   [tags: Personal Narrative Technology Essays]

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A Small, Good Thing A Short Story by Raymound Carver

- Ingrained within the American identity is a restless spirit that is never content to be defined by the same terms for too long. Yet the things Americans value remain the same, evidenced by the titles they strive so hard to attain—husband, wife, mother, father. These titles represent who Americans are as much as what they are. They are the roles that give Americans purpose and meaning. The defining aspect of Raymond Carver's short story, “A Small, Good Thing,” is the fact that its characters are undeniably American....   [tags: blue-collar american, sorrow, mind set]

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Bank Robbery - Short Story

- Bank Robbery - Short Story Ned now decided to be an outlaw in earnest. To maintain supplies of arms and food he needed money, so he decided to rob a bank. He chose a bank at Euroa and decided that the right moment for a robbery would be when the court was in session. He reasoned that few people would be in the streets on a mid-summer afternoon, when most would either be at home or in the courthouse. He had also found that there was only one foot constable stationed at Euroa to protect the bank, post office, railway station, two or three hotels, and all the stores....   [tags: Papers]

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Creative Story: The Golden Sock

- Creative Story: The Golden Sock Years after Odysseus came from his twenty year trip, Odysseus began to feel restless; he wanted to go on an adventure. He knew that his wife, Penelope would not agree to his decision to go seek the long stolen, "golden sock". To many people, this may be any ordinary sock, but to Ithica, it was different. It was the sock worn on the first person to set foot on the land of Ithica. Odysseus finally decided to go on the journey to seek the "golden sock." He snuck away leaving Penelope a note telling where he is, and what he wants to do....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Evil Spirits - Short Story

- Evil Spirits - Short Story A number of years ago, as a poor student, I was renting the top 2 floors of a house with 7 other school friends. We thought ourselves lucky to get the house for such a low rent, plus all utilities paid for. With eleven of us, we each paid about $75.00 a month. The house had its fair share of windows facing east and west, so it should be a brightly lit house in the daytime, but, somehow, the house was always rather dark and dim. We could never figure this out....   [tags: Papers]

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Zora Neale Hurston’s short story Sweat

- Zora Neale Hurston’s short story Sweat is a visceral reminder of the acute oppression and sexism women have always faced in American society. The protagonist of the story, Delia, is married to a cruel and angry man named Sykes. Through a depiction of their married life this short story shows that despite patriarchal oppression, women have exercised their agency and resisted in a myriad of ways. The story begins with Delia, a working Black woman in Florida, who is a wash woman. It is a warm spring day and she is sorting and soaking the clothing she washes for the white residents of her town....   [tags: sexism, women, delia]

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Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance

- In section two (Chicago) of Baracks book, Dreams from My father: A story of Race and Inheritance marks an experience of learning for Obama. Obama throws himself into his new job as a community organizer with determination. His specific role includes the mobilization of local churches of all backgrounds, politics and community representatives, but he is up against a wall of cynicism. Of the numerous lessons he learned, the most drastic would be learning how to move in towards the centers of people’s lives by communicating with them and his change in faith....   [tags: lessons in Chicago, Barack Obama's book review]

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Short Story: A Stranger on a Cold Winter Day

- He awoke to the sun's beam hitting his face, the yellow ray had snuck through a small hole in his drapes. He adjusted to the unconventional alarm, sliding slightly getting the ray off of him. He continued to lay in bed,staring at the ceiling a dull grey-stone color. His room remained quiet and dark, as it would always if he didn't wish it not. He let out a long sigh. 'Here comes another day.' He thought bitterly. He threw his covers off and stood, stretching and letting out a yawn. He pulled aside his drapes, dispensing the red hue that bathed his bedroom....   [tags: Books, Wolves]

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Creative Story: In Short

- Creative Story: In Short It all started not so long ago. In fact, though I can't be completely sure about it, I think it was only five months ago. My name is Jeff Washburn and I am a surgeon. Not that long ago my life under went a huge change. Unfortunately a huge misfortune had to take place first. Not that long ago, I had a terrible thing happen to me. A misfortune led to my being expelled from the hospital and my medical license being revoked. Two patients died on me. I might have gotten away with only one but the board of directors are good at finding patterns....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Terry Shiavo Story

- Terry Shiavo was a young female, who became sick after she had an accident in which left her brain dead for the rest of her life. Her husband, Michael Shiavo was her caretaker and was later appointed as her legal guardian on June 18, 1990. ( This was a struggle for Mr. Shiavo, as it would have been for me and many others. From this point on, Mr. Shiavo knew that he had a hard and long struggle dealing with the fact that his wife, whom he loved, is now brain dead, and he is the one left to care for her and make medical decision on her behalf....   [tags: Euthanasia Assisted Suicide]

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Ghost Story of the Jamesport Manor Inn, Long Island, New York

- Jamesport Manor Inn, Long Island, New York The storyteller is a 65 year old Hispanic woman from Riverhead, New York. I collected the story over the phone on April 2, 2006. She started off by telling me that the story took place in 1988 on Long Island. Her landlord had told her about a wonderful restaurant that she just had to go to, so on a Friday night the storyteller and her husband decided to try it out. When stepping up to the Jamesport Manor Inn she had a creepy feeling just from looking at the old mansion....   [tags: Ghost Stories Urban Legends]

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Short Story

- Short Story Joe stepped out of the revolving doors. His sigh could easily be identified as one of relief. The dreary London rain could be seen disturbing the image of the people on the other side of the road. People's breath could be seen in the cold air. Many people were hurrying down the street armed with umbrellas like they were defending against the invading rain. Joe put up his umbrella and joined the rest of London rushing down the streets. One guy could be seen running down the road cradling what looked like his only belongings in his arms....   [tags: Free Essays]

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short story

- Short Story It was about one-thirty in the morning in the town of Homestead Michigan. The almost florescent light of the moon bouncing off the fresh puddles that covered the ground. The grass and trees were covered in a thin layer of water causing every little beam of light to reflect back up. Anyone who may have been outside at this time would have without double, smelled the mix of fresh dirt and night crawlers. As the moonlight started to fade away through the cloud cover, three buses made there way through the streets and parked in front of HHS, the local high school....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Short Story

- Short Story A cold Tuesday morning in November DCI Evans is on his way to work pondering on what the day will bring. he enters his office when a colleague opens his door and asks. "James do you want a coffee?" the detective replies "Yes sure thanks" his colleague leaves. James looks though some old case files when he came across a murder that brings him Horrifying visions. There's a knock on his door, it brings him out of his trance its his boss. He comes in and announcers that he has another case "James im sorry to call you into work today but there's been a suspected murder at Southampton University" James replies "Never mind it'll take my mind of it, I'll...   [tags: Papers]

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Short Story

- Short Story ‘’Now I fine my way to ‘ere hafta heveryone h’even mi gran-mudda tell mee se Hinglan’ is so mahagnificent. D’streets dem made of gol’ and dem have ‘ouses like cahstle. Dem tell me se, de people dem smile at chu in di streets like you and dem is fren’ once apon a time. Blasphemy!’’ Akeem was in the center of the room, forever the centre of attention, hailing at the top of his lungs. Eyes that could kill filled to the brim with tears, as an uncontrolled arm caught the tray of an over cautious waitress, on her first day, that sent steaming coffee and plates of food crashing to the floor....   [tags: Papers]

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Short Story

- Short Story A tall, thin looking girl emerged at the top of the stairway. She had a face as pale as milk with a scruffy mop of long curly ginger hair flowing down around it. She had a look of deep sadness on her face but still seemed to have a warm essence about her. Samantha ambled slowly down the dusty stairway humming to herself along the way. She was one of those people who was always stringing words together to make tunes, this was her one escape from reality, well that and long walks along the quarry side on Thursday afternoons....   [tags: Papers]

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Creative Story: Dorko

- Creative Story: Dorko One day, Dorko walks into a popular fast food joint for no other reason than that is where his feet took him. Taking haphazard bites from other customer's food, he crookedly makes his way to the line at a cash register. Of course, the act of getting in line was a complete accident. He stares at the menu; he stares at the employees; he stares at a man picking his pockets. "Need help?" start Dorko, "Here, it makes things a lot easier if I just hand you my wallet....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Claude’s Life Story

- Claude’s Life Story Throughout his life, Claude Monet had an unbelievable talent for painting. With an ingenious mind and the creativeness to paint the sky, Monet created a world of magic and emotions. He set the standards of Impressionism with determination. His painting method brought a sense of beauty of light and reflections to the world, letting it understand where he made his mark in the history of art today. Claude Oscar Monet was born in Paris, France, on the fourteenth day of November, in 1840....   [tags: essays papers]

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Creative Story: Deadlock

- Creative Story: Deadlock "Bzzz. Bzzz!" The alarm went off, and Susan Calvin rolled over. It was 6:30 in the morning, and RoboTimer™ had done its job admirably, waking her up to the second of the time that it had been factory-programmed. Unfortunately, it hadn't been set to the correct date, and when it announced "Saturday, December 14th. Good morning!" in a load cheery tone, she groaned out load with the realization that it was Saturday, and after that affair with the hyperdrive motor, she wanted to sleep in, since it she had just come back to earth....   [tags: essays research papers]

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math graph story

- Between study group, debate, and chess tournaments there wasn’t much of a social scene around Winchester University in Omaha, Nebraska. The school year at this college was year round, but the students were given a 30 day summer vacation in July. The majority of the students went back home to visit their families during this time. But as juniors at the University Charles, Fredrick, and Stanley, all childhood buddies, decided it was time for a change and that they needed a little more spice in their life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Frederick Douglass: The Story of Slaves by a Slave

- Frederick Douglass: The Story of Slaves by a Slave After the American Revolution, slavery became a more significant component in the American economy. As a result of many slave owners being materialistic, slaves were overworked and treated callously. One such slave was Frederick Douglass. Through most of his life, Douglass was trapped in a typical slave environment. However, Douglass taught himself to read and eventually escaped the desolate life of a slave. After his freedom, Douglass wrote his autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, which chronicled his life story....   [tags: World Literature]

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The Story of Bob Marley, Women and their Children

- The Story of Bob Marley, Women and their Children Introduction The music genre of reggae has become indelibly linked with artist Bob Marley. To this day, nearly two decades after his death from cancer, Bob's legacy lives on in his popular songs of oppression, racial strife and resistance. Yet, his heritage is also carried on by the people who he touched. Like any rock star, famed musician or celebrity, women surrounded him wherever he went. "That Bob was not a one woman man was common knowledge," says Don Taylor, though Bob had been married to Rita Anderson throughout his climb to the top rungs of the musical ladder (Taylor)....   [tags: essays papers]

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Ghost Story of College Ghost Lure

- College Ghost Lore If one were to take the beltway to I-270 north, about an hour north of Washington, DC one would arrive at a town called Emmitsburg, Maryland. Is the town haunted. I collected several stories from a senior in college who is from Emmitsburg. This senior is a white female. The stories I collected, many of which have to do with the small Catholic college indicate a rich ghost lore in the town. There are several stories that this woman told me concerning her hometown. The first is one that most people who live in the town know....   [tags: Ghost Stories Urban Legends]

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My Antonia by Villa Cather

- ... They were big and warm and full of light, like the sun shining on brown pools in the wood.” pg. 17. This is Jim’s description of Antonia. Her family has encountered many hardships. They immigrated from Bohemia, which uprooted them from their past lives. After they reached America, Antonia’s father committed suicide, leaving her family in poverty. Antonia is forced to work as a servant, but she somehow retains the independence and eternal cheerfulness that makes her stand out as a character. Through the story, Jim grows to love Antonia, although she can only love him as a friend....   [tags: story analysis]

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Creative Story: The Chronic Swamp Murders

- Creative Story: The Chronic Swamp Murders One day while Joe and Jill Hemp were walking through Chronic swamp they came across a trail of blood in the water. They followed the trail until it stopped at a dead body. The body was of a man who was wearing a camouflage outfit. They immediately ran back to their house, which was not far from the murder site and called the police. Their house was located right on the edge of the swamp. When the police got there they roped off the whole area so they could start their investigation....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Creative Story: Racing Along Walls

- Creative Story: Racing Along Walls "Hey Joe, hand me the 3/16 socket," I mumbled into the underside of my car. I felt a nudge in my ribs as my friend, Joe, handed me the socket I asked for. Matching the ends of the hexagonal shaped socket with the stub on my wrench, I pushed the two together. A loud click signaled the two ends of the socket and wrench fit perfectly. Reluctantly, I went to work tightening the chassis of my car. I felt overwhelmed by the number of lugs I would have to check and tighten....   [tags: essays research papers]

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It’s All About the Drive in Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

- ... Practice needs to be structured and focused so you can develop your strengths while improving your weaknesses. While 10,000 hours may not make one an expert, with proper practice it should at least make them better. Gladwell references Bill Joy, a cofounder of Sun Microsystems, as an example where his mastery of programming was dependent upon rare opportunity and being at the right place at the right time. He attended a university that had exceptional computer facilities during a time when access to such facilities was rare around the nation....   [tags: practice, hours, opportunity]

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The Writing style of Oscar Wilde in His Story: The Picture of Dorian Gray

- ... The last line of the passage indicates that the ideas are supposed to be Dorian's, but the narrator's first person ‘I’ in the answer to the rhetorical question implies that they are the narrator's thoughts as well. But however, the narration is really thoughtful and complete, if nothing. The figurative language is one of the most prominent elements of writing style in The Picture of Dorian Gray. Symbolism, metaphor and allegory are the most common ones. The most noticeable allegory is the picture itself, which is an interpretation of Dorian's soul....   [tags: Language, Vocabulary, Narration]

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Drawing on the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, and the Character Development of Joseph and Mary in the Nativity Story

- The 2006 film The Nativity Story, is a retelling of the birth of Jesus and the events surrounding it. The film takes pieces both from the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke in order to create its narrative. The film takes some of its key scenes as well as aspects of both Mary and Joseph from the Bible. The advantage of using both gospels as a basis for the film is that it allows for the dual perspective of Mary and Joseph instead of being limited to one or the other, and allows for a more complete feeling narrative....   [tags: film analysis, cinematography, Christianity]

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An Unlikely Holiday Tradition

- An Unlikely Holiday Tradition “People look forward to this,” Ward said. “It’s become a Christmas hit for us. People just keep their TV’s on.” Walter Ward is a spokesperson for the television station TNT. In 1998, TNT called it a “Ralphie marathon.” According to Ward, it was only a “stunt” but, when TNT saw how much the viewers liked it, it became a sort of tradition. Each year TNT runs a twenty-four hour marathon of the movie, A Christmas Story. That’s seventeen times from seven o’clock on Christmas Eve until seven o’clock on Christmas Day....   [tags: A Christmas Story Essays]

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

- Frankenstein Frankenstein, the classic novel written by English author Mary Shelley at the young age of nineteen, contains heavy influences of the Christian religion, which played an imperative role in European culture during the early nineteenth century. Shelley's novel is replete with biblical allusions and parallels as it tells the story of a young, knowledge-seeking scientist, Victor Frankenstein, and his human-inspired monstrous Creation. Throughout Frankenstein, connections to Christianity through biblical references such as Paradise Lost by John Milton are evident, as well as the overwhelming and undeniable notion that God will undoubtedly punish those who threaten his superiority....   [tags: story analysis]

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Plot in the Story "Happy Endings"by Margaret Atwood

- The game almost over, several seconds left, score is equal and suddenly you receive the ball right under the basket, you are not the best player of the team but you won't miss for sure. Everyone's eyes on you. What would I feel in this situation. Opportunity. Chance. Responsibility. Blood pressure. Stress. Tension. Writing "Happy Endings", Atwood uses the standard plot, characterization and point of view to make the reader think nonstandard. I feel the same way after reading Happy Endings. I feel like the reading is not over and is going on in my head....   [tags: American Literature]

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Response to Speech Titled An American Success Story

- Dear Mr. Nakasian, Your speech has been capable of showing people your thoughts and ideas on “An American Success story”. In “An American Success story“, you tell your audience that forty years ago you entered America through a U.S. District Court in New York. I believe that the U.S. District Court is in the same area as the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. You spoke of applying and receiving your American Citizenship, then going through an honored ceremony. Also you spoke of the meanings and feelings that this Certificate has expressed on you, which showed your public viewers....   [tags: Nakasian]

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Cunningham's The Hours: A Story about Life and Death

- Cunningham's The Hours: A Story about Life and Death "The Hours" by Michael Cunningham is a complicated story that explores life and death. Cunningham attempts to distinguish his writings from author Virginia Woolf's by characterizing sanity and insanity while each protagonist contemplates their own life and suicide. Each woman in The Hours wrestles tension and confusion throughout the novel giving a sense that these issues transcend time. By introducing issues of homosexuality, infidelity, and suicide the reader is invited to think of life's experiences within the context of daily life....   [tags: Cunningham Hours Essays]

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Love story set in World War One

- Love story set in WWI A shell struck near the trench, forcing debris towards Robert. He awoke with start. His friend laughed at Robert's startled expression. "Are you still not used to that?" Dougie said wryly, knowing that no-one could ever overcome the shock of the trenches. "Here, I saved you these." He handed over some biscuits. Robert thanked him. He tried to break the biscuit to see how hard it was. He found it very difficult to snap so he wet it and smashed it to small pieces with a brick....   [tags: English Literature Essays]

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The End of The World: A Short Story

- The dying light of the sun nipped against your shoulders, beaming upon your cotton back like a spotlight, promising a drowsy blissfulness that would diminish as the day-blind stars sprouted from their hiding spots among the cosmos. The gentle huff of the breeze dappled over the rolling hills, causing the foliage on the sparse collection of trees surrounding you to ruffle. And it was a wonder to your eyes to watch such a phenomenon. However, you couldn’t help but allow your eyes to drift towards Farrah, who sat next to you in haze of blonde hair and skin like the glow of the moon....   [tags: Meteorite, Love, Life]

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Stacy's Story: There is Beauty in Aging

- Stacy* and I met with each other in her office on a Friday morning in February. She owns a small, quaint flower shop in a city about an hour south of Houston. Her shop, which has been in her family for almost a hundred years, had not yet opened for business that day. While Stacy prepared herself for our interview, I occupied myself by admiring the thick piles of paper on her work desk. She had invoices, emails, check stubs and letters of appreciation covering the surface entirely. Empty and half-full coffee mugs were placed strategically about the room in places ranging from the printer, to the floor, and I even spotted one six feet above the ground on top of the dark, wooden cabinetry that...   [tags: living life fully]

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Short Story: The ‘Syntaxers’ and the ‘Codewielders’

- Legend has it that there is a DVD located in a brown building on an obscure street, unknown to the public. No one knows how the DVD got there in the first place, but there are two gangs who looked into the matter for decades. Since the year 1992, these gangs gave up, seeing that their search is hopeless. They decided to let it rest for 50 years. The gangs were disintegrated, but now, in the year 2042, each gang was reestablished and the members of both gangs found the route to one another, all with the aim of finding this intricate, complex and miraculous pinnacle of code, ‘REACON.EXE’....   [tags: gang rivals, trojans, mgl]

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Music of the Night: A Short Story

- ... As soon as the music began a surge of energy flowed through her. She forgot her problems; she closed her eyes lost to this world. Heaven seemed open to her. At the end of each piece, she reluctantly opened her eyes. It was custom for the performer to receive applause at the end of each piece. In Denver she broke with tradition. Instead of rising she remained seated. Unsure of what to do the conductor started the next piece. The newspapers reviews tore at her, calling her erigent, snobbish, unclassed ....   [tags: stage, hands, clean, piano, play]

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The Story of a Holocaust Survivor

- When I was a child, a very close family friend of ours from Israel, Joyce Kleinman (now Wilner), and her sister Reisi Kleinman (now Greenbaum) entered the Auschwitz concentration camp at the ages of 15 and 12 years old. Years later, Joyce’s son Mike Wilner composed an interview that included his mother Joyce and Aunt Reisi outlining the significant events that led to the survival of both sisters and illustrated the events that took place during the Holocaust in which an estimated 6 million Jews were killed....   [tags: auschwitz, jews, nazi]

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Short Story: The Legend of Tamriel

- The Legend of Tamriel You finish eating your smoked steak, and begin to pack your things for the day of travel ahead. You have been asked to be a runner from your hometown, Markarth. A grand city built entirely of stone, carved into the side of a mountain long ago. It was said to be built by the Dwemer, an ancient race, who left their mark with ruins dotting the map all over Tamriel. Your name, Enthir the Fearless. You are a Nord. Nords are know to be pale skinned, tall, fair-haired humans reigning from Atmora, and are known for their spectacular resistance to cold and frost....   [tags: Nords, Dragon, Quest]

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Analysis of The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe

- Imagine the sight of an old man's eye, vultures, pale blue, with a film covering it. (Farooq). Could this make one’s self so insane that one would murder a man because of it. This is the event that occurs in Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart". Every night at midnight, the narrator, ventured into the old man's room without making a sound, to observe the very eye at which made his blood run cold. The old man did not suspect a thing. During the day the narrator continued to go about his daily routine, and even went so far as to ask the old man every morning if he slept well the night before....   [tags: symbolism, murder, to the point story]

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The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence

- ... The mother’s desire for money is the cause of her mental anxiety, and anxiety attacks. Even after receiving Paul’s anonymous winning she remains unsatisfied, making it evident that there is no end to the desire of money. Hester’s want for money brings her to state of depression. Depression is defined as, a condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal ( Leon Lewis’s critique on “The Rocking-Horse Winner”, describes Hester’s depression, “She herself is deeply troubled by what she feels is a ‘hard little place’ at the center of her being that prevents her from loving anybody.” (“The Rocking-Horse Winner’’)....   [tags: short story analysis]

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And No Birds Sang By: Farley Mowat

- And No Birds Sang is the story of a young Canadian man, Farley Mowat. The story begins September 2nd, 1939 with a young Farley painting his parents porch when his dad pulls into the driveway and excitedly claims the war is on. Farley was an eager eighteen year old with the aspiration of joining the air force and becoming a fighter pilot. In one month he presented to the Royal Canadian Air Force, he was rejected due to his young age and slim build. Instead he was enlisted in the 2nd Battalion called the Hasty Pees, with the expectation of being transferred to the 1st Battalion and active service....   [tags: story and character analysis]

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Story of a Foreigner's Education

- Where I am Today It was a beautiful sunny day in the summer; it was my mother’s birthday. There was a lot of people and food. My mother was turning thirty nine. She works for home health aid agency as a homemaker. Taking care of disable and old seniors at their house or one of the homes that the state provides. Also she’s stylist, doing peoples hair, nails, and waxing. August 2006, my mom asked me if I wanted to go to a sickek house. I’ve said to her okay. A sickek person is someone that is born with natural, spiritual gift that can read cards, hands and tell your past, present and future....   [tags: Autobiography Essay, Personal Narrative]

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Short Story on Love Relationship

- I can spot his mistake. Previously, he would confess to being wrong before anyone could tell. Now she is making him so happy he forgets to notice his own faults. She shows him the features she loves, and he must believe her, because he loves her more than he could ever hate himself. So now he is happy, he is loved. He no longer dwells on what he's done, but rather what he does. So he puts all he is into being everything she needs and wants. Now she is the only thing he cares about. Yes, he is happy....   [tags: Creative Writing, Fiction Writing]

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The Moment: A Fictional Story

- This was it. This was the moment he was waiting for. The moment to step up on the green, hard court and show everyone, what he was really made of. This was his chance to prove his doubters wrong and make his parents proud. The bright summer weather, and the luscious green trees in the background welcomed Max onto the court. He slowly ambled toward the court with its freshly painted lines, seeming calmer than he was really was. The only thing that separated him from his opponent was the net, looking as high as it had ever been....   [tags: tournament, tennis, goals]

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Teen Wolf: A Love Story

- His hands. He couldn’t steady his hands. Wring, wring, wringing them between each other, trying to massage the blood from his skin, from the caked up red in every nail bed. Every fidget, every shuffle felt like he was exacerbating the situation. Inhale, exhale. This wasn’t a lacrosse game. This wasn’t Scott crawling home embarrassed and bloody from his fledgling lycanthropy’s accidental rabbit massacre. This was serious, and he couldn’t focus. Stiles willed himself to pick up his feet to tread in the direction of the window in his dormitory room, only to circle back and wear down the floor one more invisible increment into the track he’d been pacing for the latter part of an hour....   [tags: hands, blood, dirt, rabbit]

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The Knife: A Short Story

- Revenge. Desire. Death. These first three words entered into me the instant the man grabbed me inside his pocket. His thumb rubbed against my ornately designed handle. His body felt tense as he crept forward. Although I had no eyes I could sense we were in a large building. The man, a thief, slowly pulled me out of his pocket as he entered a dimly lit, but largely furnished room. I felt excited and nervous, the man’s energy pouring into me. The only other person in the room was a richly dressed man who loafed on a red velvet couch....   [tags: theif, man, boy, master]

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DR Smelly: A Short Story

- ... That's understandable ,maybe even a good thing sometimes but it makes U a very difficult patient to treat really should come see me on a more regular basis rather than just every few months when someone says you are driving them nuts and they are about to strangle you ... In fact .It is NOW the law according to Obama .I have to see my patients that i prescribe regular medication to on a once a month basis and prescribe the same thing for at least six months and if it appears to be working ,document every thing very closely ..what this means for me when you don't is TONS of paperwork ,unfortunate as that is .....   [tags: travel, doctor, medicine]

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The Caller: A Short Story

- Hello led to a Big Mistake Hello, can I talk with deli, please. The answers was, “yes sure”, but she is not here right now, and do you want her personal number to call her. She said that yes, please. This yes change her life forever; if, she could stop that all her life would be different and better than today. I was a student in a high school. After two weeks one of my classmates asked me to take my math notes because I was a good student. Deli was the student who asked me to take my notes. I gave her the notes, and I gave her permission to take it, and she would return the notes next day....   [tags: Girl, Student, Unmarried]

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The Story of IN-N-OUT Burger

- In-N-Out Burger, Quality You Can Taste Today what is known as In-N-Out Burger was first founded by Harry Snyder and his wife Esther Snyder in 1948. The first location was in Baldwin Park California ( Now with over 200 locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Texas it has been ranked number one in many polls ( Today its headquarters are in Irvine California. As you may know In-N-Out’s menu consists of the double-double (two patties with two slices of cheese), the classic cheeseburger and the basic hamburger....   [tags: Fast food, Hamburgers]

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Creative Writing: A Love Story

- "Ok, now let's see what you can do with this pistol alright" I gave her five shells to load and told her, "always leave the hammer on an empty chamber for your safety" I stood behind her and watched as she took aim not expecting her to hit any of the targets. Boy was I wrong, with every shot a target flew through the air with a hole dead center. After she unloaded the pistol she motioned for me to give her more ammo. I gave her five more shells, she loaded the gun, aimed and fired with the same results....   [tags: firearms, cabin, parents]

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The Other Wes Moore: One Name Two Fates

- Although I grew up with both my parents, my dad was working a 12 hour shift, so he could provide for all his children. Even though I had the love of both my parents, I chose to hang out with my neighbors most of the day. The neighborhood I lived in was full of drugs, violence, and money. I wasn’t really into the violence part. My dad was working all day just so we could have the things we required. I didn’t want to waist our family’s money so I would never ask my Mom or Dad for any. I started hustling anything I had or could get my hands on....   [tags: story/biographical analysis]

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The Wrong Turn down Slang Hollows Lane

- ... As the noises increased the car slowed down. Several seconds later it finally came to an abrupt stop right in front of a sign. This brought shivers down Arissa’s spine; it read: “You have successfully reached half way through Slang Hollows Lane.” It was then Arissa knew that they had entered the wrong lane. Slang Hollows Lane was well known in the area for all the wrong reasons. Rumors were that this was the same lane Slang Worchay, an Amish farmer, had killed his daughter on, with an axe, for making a grave mistake....   [tags: fictional short story, suspense]

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