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The Path of Food and Alcohol

- Your food goes through a lot before it is fully digested by your body. Your body must take in all of the nutrients from your food to benefit and affect your body. Pablo, Jimmy Bob, Akihuro, and Darius ate fully loaded nachos and beer while celebrating at a World Series Party. All the food they have eaten will go through the path of the digestive system, to the blood in the circulatory system, and in this case, the alcohol will affect the central nervous system. The digestion system's job is to break down food into small molecules to be absorbed by villi in the small intestine....   [tags: the human digestive system]

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Topic 5: A Designer’s Work

- Born as Chris O’Doherty artist, designer, musician, is one of the most successful commercial artists in Australia. He is recognised as a Mambo designer, a landscape artist and founding member of award winning band, Mental as Anything. I will be analysing three pieces of Reg Mombassa art work, a songbook called “The Great Australian Songbook”, the Mental as Anything “Garàge” CD cover and an iGoogle banner designed by Reg Mombassa. The Great Australian Songbook is a collaboration book of 300 Australian songs....   [tags: Art]

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Methods for Weight Loss

- According to the CDC, obesity is the number one health threat facing America. More than 1/3 of U.S. adults andc16% of children are obese. Obesity rates have increased exponentially over the last 40 years in every socio-economic group causing health care costs of an estimated $117 billion. There is a push across the country for Americans to get healthy. The business of weight loss is a $40 - $50 billion industry with many paths to shedding those unwanted pounds. Be it a fad diet, a surgery for weight loss, a support program or good old diet and exercise; the path to losing weight and getting healthy is achievable with hard work and determination....   [tags: Health]

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Cytotec: Safe or Deadly?

- Cytotec: Safe or Deadly. A medically induced labor becomes necessary for many reasons. Some pregnancies develop complications such as hypertension, preeclampsia, heart disease, gestational diabetes, or bleeding during pregnancy (1).Many pregnancies go beyond forty two weeks and “there is evidence that some babies are at risk after this stage due to a gradual decrease in the supply of nutrients from the placenta” (1). In order to begin labor that has not started naturally, “a mechanical or chemical stimulus is needed” (1)....   [tags: Health, Medicine, Pregnancies ]

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Discarding Intuitively Appealing Explanations

- Intuitively appealing explanations are those of which that have no basis of reason or logic. These justifications are completely emotion based and entirely subjective. These intuitive “gut feelings” shape our decisions and our views of the world around us. Our intuition is constantly used throughout everything that we do. Every decision that we make is usually based to some extent upon what feels right to us. Intuition can be very tricky and dependent upon the situation one is faced with. Making hasty decisions without weighing all options and considering alternatives can cause major problems....   [tags: Logic]

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The Perils of Alcoholism

- Alcoholism Introduction I chose to do a research paper on Alcoholism due to the overwhelming effects and dependency that so many people suffer through this addiction or disease. It is alarming to find out that so many Americans have become so dependent upon alcohol. Not only are adults addicts of this horrible disease but many young children and teenagers are struggling with this type of addiction. It may start of as a way of coping or perhaps from peer pressure. There are many varying factors that have come into play when you begin to examine as to why so many adults, young adults, and adolescents begin drinking....   [tags: dependency, addiction, cirrhosis]

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The History of Anthrax

- ... Each type is named by the way the infection enters the body. Humans, through a cut or scrape, can receive Cutaneous Anthrax, a type of Anthrax that is not contagious. This kind of Anthrax is the most common, but also the least dangerous. When a person handles livestock without careful protection, they become vulnerable to the disease, and if the disease does happen to affect them through a cut, then the skin becomes affected and the tissue around the scrape gets damaged. Though humans receive the disease through direct contact, the infection only develops 1-7 days after exposure....   [tags: egypt, inhalation, cutaneous anthrax]

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The Army of Potomac

- “Wake up men!” My eyes slowly opened and then reality dawned on me as a cold lump in my stomach. We knew this morning was the moment that we had been preparing for, when the Union engineers finished our pontoon pathway so we could cross the bridge to Fredericksburg- and then travel to the capital of the South, Richmond. In my heart, I knew that something was going to fail- but as a private of the Union Army of Potomac, I was to hold steadfast. I slowly sat up and heard a chorus of groans with mine....   [tags: confederate army, US civil war]

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Vital Role of Nutrition

- Nutrition is essential to healthy aging; it has been shown to play a vital role in the development of dementia, memory loss, vitamin deficiencies and stroke. An estimated 10%–30% of people over the age of 65 suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiency most commonly caused by malabsorption. It is advised that people over 70 years of age obtain 2.4 μg/day of Vitamin B12. People suffering from inadequate Vitamin B12 levels can experience fatigue, weight loss, weakness, depression, memory impairment, heart attack and stroke....   [tags: Dementia, Memory Loss, Vitamin Deficiency]

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Health Benefits of Ginger

- Health Benefits of Ginger Ginger has been widely used in different culinary cuisines and has numerous therapeutic qualities. It is a rhizome or mass of roots from the plant Zingiber officinale and with the numerous members of this plant family, all has its own uses as a delicacy, medicine, and spice. It can be served in solid form as fresh, dried, or powdered and in liquid form such as juice, extract, or oil. Ginger has been found to be highly effective in fighting a variety of diseases and conditions because of its impact in relieving excessive inflammation, which is a notable underlying cause of many illnesses....   [tags: zingiber officinale, thearpeutic qualities]

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Rise Above 650 feet

- The sound of people discussing about how high it was, how small the carts are, and how many people had to fit into the carts made me want to pass out. I was scared of heights and I knew that the St. Louis Arch was not the best match for me. It was a beautiful day on the riverside of St. Louis. The shadow of the arch was gigantic. Many people were playing ball in the grassy null under it while others, including me, stood in line to go inside of it. My dad and I were excited to finally be doing something neither of us had ever experienced before....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The African Bush Elephant

- ... (Inside Natures Giants, 2011, video.) By an elephant flapping its ears it also helps with cooling the blood as there is an air current. Teeth: An elephant tooth is made up of narrow, separate sections which grow and cement together (inside Natures Giants, 2011, book.) Teeth which are growing from the back of the mouth gradually over time push towards the front, the very front teeth will then break off. Elephants have 8 molar teeth which work at any one time and they are located at the top and bottom of the mouth....   [tags: Zimbabwe and Botswana]

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Calvin Klein’s Ad Campaign

- An array of young models, each idealized and every one showing themselves off in a beautiful, yet sexual stance. The focus on flowing dark hair and thin bodies draped with trendy clothes that in some cases leave a lot of skin to be seen and admired. The idea of perfection personified through facial expressions of self-confidence and uncompromising appearances in each image. These are just a few ways in which Calvin Klein’s ad campaign tries to attract costumers. Attempting to convince the public that Calvin Klein clothing will look as impressive on anyone and will have people staring in envy like many do at the ads is the technique being used in this ad campaign along with many other aspect...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

- Introduction to CWD; Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a fatal neuro-degenerative, transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) of the family Cervidae (Hamir,, 2006). The family Cervidae includes mule deer, Odocolileus hemionus, white-tailed deer, Odocolileus virginianus, Rocky Mountain elk, Cervus elaphus nelsoni, and moose, Alces alces shirasi, among others (Sigurdon & Aguzzi, 2007). CWD is a prion disease, meaning it is a protein caused infection, that occurs naturally in the deer family (Song & Lawson, 2009)....   [tags: Medical Research, Medicine]

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Eating Meat Is Ethical

- ... 1). Even though, people who are vegetarian or vegan can include complementary proteins in their diet to supply the body with essential amino acids, there is always a deficiency in micronutrients. According to Craig (2009), “Vitamins B-12 and D, calcium, and long-chain n-3 (omega-3) fatty acids” are absent in vegan diet and people who are vegan commonly take the supplements to replace that (p. 1). In my own opinion, if the diet is not balanced, meaning that it does not provide all nutritional value and I have to take the synthetic substance instead, that diet should be reconsidered....   [tags: consuming livestock is morally correct]

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Hara-kiri - the spirit of Japan

- Almost one million people die in Japan every year. In other words, people die every 31 seconds. Some people die because of illness. Some people die because of car accident. Some people commit suicide. There are many kinds of death in this world. I believe most of those deaths are disconsolate and absurd. However, the honorable but unbelievable death existed in Japan in the middle ages. We call that hara-kiri. Hara-kiri is basically an act of killing your self by cutting open your stomach with a sword, performed especially by the warrior, to avoid shame or losing honor....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- SINGING Singing, to me, is not just a hobby. It is a lifestyle and it is also what I enjoy most. To the uneducated eye, singing appears to be a simple process. However, that thought is far from accurate. There are several reasons that have prompted me to become the singer and performer I am today. Many of which are attributed to the beauty of vocal technique and a desire to learn more about the internal instrument that I am so lucky to possess. If one is to ask any singer or teacher of voice, they will explain that it is imminent to understand how the voice works and how to obtain proper breathing in order to take the first steps in becoming a singer....   [tags: Voice]

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Essay on Eating Disorder - Bulimia, the Destruction of Self

- Bulimia - The Destruction of Self Bulimia nervosa, more commonly known simply as bulimia or binge and purge disorder, is an eating disorder that affects 1 in 4 college-aged women in America, or 1 in 10,000 Americans. The most common misconception concerning bulimia is that it is simply a physical or mental problem. Many people do not understand that bulimia is a disease that affects both the mind and the body, and in its course can destroy both aspects of the diseased individual....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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The Consumption of Alcohol and its Effects on the Body

- The Consumption of Alcohol and its Effects on the Body Alcohol, probably the oldest drug known, has been used at least since the earliest societies for which records exist. Of the numerous types of alcohol, ethyl alcohol is the type consumed in drinking. In its pure form it is a clear substance with little odor. People drink alcohol in three main kinds of beverages: BEERS, which are made from grain through brewing and fermentation and contain from 3% to 8% alcohol; WINES, which are fermented from fruits such as grapes and contain from 8% to 12% alcohol naturally, and up to 21% when fortified by adding alcohol; and distilled beverages (spirits) such as WHISKEY, GIN, and VODKA, which on the...   [tags: Alcohol Health Drug Abuse Essays]

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Free Essays - All Quiet on the Western Front

- Paul Bäumer Paul told the story of the war as it happened to him. The reader is taken from the front line, to a catholic hospital, to his home while he is away on leave. His story tells of the sacrifice the soldiers gave defending their country. It also tells of the difficulties of losing friends, killing another man, and going day after day without much, if any, sleep. He died in October of 1918, just before the war ended. His death was described as this, "...his face had an expression of calm, as though almost glad the end had come." Stanislaus Katczinsky Katczinsky, or "Kat" as he is referred to, is the leader of this group of men....   [tags: All Quiet on the Western Front Essays]

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Red Riding Hood from the Wolf's Point of View

- Story from wolfs point of view. Here I am, lying on my deathbed. I cant believe i got myself into this mess. It really wasnt my fault. It was the Red Riding Hood brat who got me all these problems. If it wasnt for her, I would have still been running around free. Because of her, I am dying and the worst part is that they wont give me a burial in a jail. After I got sent here 50 years ago, I experienced every kind of diseace known to mankind. It all started one sunny afternoon whenI was very hungry....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Excessive Alcohol Consumption--its Effects And Social Accept

- Excessive Alcohol Consumption&#8212; Its Effects and Social Acceptance Rumors and old wives&#8217; tales such as stress makes women heavier drinkers, divorce prompts heavy alcohol use, people drive better when they are drinking, and teenagers are the main group of drunk drivers, are being thrown at today&#8217;s society left and right in an effort to blame the other guy. With all the talk about alcohol use and abuse these days, people are lost between fact and fiction. All of this tossed in with the truth leads to confusion where most of society is torn between tradition and personal beliefs....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Psychological Research on Attempts to Lose Weight

- Psychological research on attempts to lose weight have led to the derivation of notions such as set-point theory, the externality hypothesis and the restrained eating hypothesis, each of which imply that not only are most of these attempts detrimental to ones health, but are also rather futile and may even result in the opposite of the desired effects occurring. Obesity is most common amongst people living in Western society, with evidence suggesting that about 24% of men and 27% of women in the United States being regarded as thus (Williamson, 1995)....   [tags: Psychology]

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The Affects Alcohol has on the Brain

- The Affects Alcohol has on the Brain As many of us may know, alcohol is a very dangerous substance that is highly abused by many people. Many people, such as parents and other grown-ups, affiliate alcohol with young teenagers. The fact of the matter is that more than seventy percent of high school age students don't drink. It is only a rare percentage of students that do in fact drink, and those are the people who make a bad reputation for teenagers. It always seems that the ignorant and uniformed people who believe they know everything always speak the wrong news instead of finding the factual information....   [tags: Papers]

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Personal Narrative- Accepting a New Dad

- Personal Narrative- Accepting a New Dad Tim is my second dad’s name. My mom brought him home for my brother and me to meet when I was in first grade. I think I was six. I didn’t like Tim at first because he was shorter than my mother, and I doubted he would stay. My mom and I left the first dad when she was eight months pregnant with my brother. Although I was only three years old, I remember the night. I was eating those silly orange peanut-shaped circus candies. To this day, I cannot tolerate the taste of them....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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The American Diet

- The world’s dietary functionality differs from region to region, but a consensus remains constant; americans have an unfulfilling diet overall. In other countries the have their diet scheduled for three structured meals for each day, whereas americans eat whenever their minds tell them that they are hungry. The problem with the american way is when americans eat, they eat food that is filling to the brain but not to the stomach. Americans are always on the run, therefore there is not sufficient time to prepare a structured meals; instead americans rely on fast food....   [tags: Health, Eating Habits, Lifestyle]

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What is Pharmacology?

- What is Pharmacology. Pharmacology is the study of the interaction of drugs with living organisms, such as humans, animals and even microorganisms. Pharmacology also includes sources, adverse effects, absorption, physiological factors, biotransformation, dosage forms, methods of administration, excretion, and history. So, what are drugs and what exactly do they do. Drugs, also known as narcotics, are chemicals that alter functions of living organisms. They are generally given for the diagnosis, prevention, control or cure of disease....   [tags: drugs, microorganisms]

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Report on Anthrax

- Anthrax is a living organism in the genus Bacillus and its species name is anthracis. This specific bacterium is gram-positive which means that it has a thick, protective peptidoglycan coating. It is also rod-shaped and only a few micrometers in length. It is also one of the few bacteria to synthesize a protein capsule. Like other species in the genus Bacillus, it can form and release endospores, commonly known as spores. These spores are able to survive in extremely harsh conditions and can survive for years and even decades dormant in the soil....   [tags: Living Organism, Bacillus, Species, Anthracis]

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Stress of America

- Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Every human goes through stress. No matter how much you try to escape it’s always there. No matter how old anyone is or how young. A baby stresses out when it’s diaper needs changed or learning how to crawl. Teenagers have school, clubs, five page research papers, and figuring out there life. As for adults they have kids, jobs, and daily expenses. Everyone experiences stress there are silent stresses and some that make your physically sick....   [tags: relation to health issues]

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Healthy Eating Habits

- More than half of adults in the United States are estimated to be overweight or obese (cite-hp pg 28). Obesity is a result of complex variety of social, behavioral, cultural, environmental, physiological and genetic factors (cite-hp pg 28). Efforts to develop healthy eating habits to maintain a healthy weight index should start early in childhood throughout teenage years to adulthood. Studies have shown the different eating habits according to gender and socioeconomic factors as well as, ways to enhance healthy eating habits and discourage poor eating habits....   [tags: obesity, nutrition, food]

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School Lunch

- The students of our school should rally together and hang the cooks in the Cafeteria. Well, maybe that is a little too dramatic, but something has to be done about the school lunch. The stuff that they serve the students is truly awful. Students should not be forced to eat in the cafeteria because the meals are not prepared well, there are foreign objects in the deserts, and many kids have gotten ill after eating certain items. Initially, sometimes the lunch is left over. To know if it is left over it will look wrinkly or dried up....   [tags: School Food]

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The Debate Over Artificial Intelligence

- The Debate Over Artificial Intelligence   Can machines think. Or rather, can we develop true artificial intelligence in the sense of machines that think and understand as we humans do. This is an interesting problem that is becoming more and more relevant in our lives as computers become more complex and integral to our lives. Two articles, John Searle's "Minds, Brains, and Programs" and William Lycan's "Robots and Minds", present two different answers to this question and also raise several new questions....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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The Traditional Medicine of China

- The Traditional Medicine of China Traditional medicine of China has a long historical and cultural background dating back about 2500 years. The ancient Chinese people were able to reach a level of social stability that included the ability to treat disease of emotional, physical, and spiritual origins. Although a belief in spirits as the cause of disease has remained in China even to the present day, the view that the body obeyed a natural order struck a chord in the intellectual elite of ancient China....   [tags: China Chinese Culture Medicine Health Essays]

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Garnish with Humanity

- “Currently, according to the statistics made by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 10 billion animals are killed for food each year, which equals to…more than a million animals killed every hour…19,011 animals killed per minute…317 animals killed per second” (Sinilong). This is due to America’s supply and demand of meat, dairy and eggs, and the creation of factory farms. There are many reasons to eat a vegan diet, one being the unnecessary cruelty farm animals endure at the profit of factory farms....   [tags: veganism, lifestyle choices]

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- Heartburn is a burning sensation that develops in the chest. It is also known as pyrosis or acid indigestion. The pain goes further towards the neck, throat and angle of the jaw. Why do you get heartburn. The main reason behind this is that acid from the stomach backs up into the esophagus which is the food tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach. It is estimated around 40 percent of the Americans which comes to around 108 million people gets heartburn for atleast once a month. During heartburn the hydrochloric acid which is used to digest the food is released in the food pipe....   [tags: Health]

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Perspectives On Society And Culture

- Perspectives on Society and Culture It is very difficult as a reader to make any sense of the rituals performed by the Nacirema. The Nacirema are a people who stress the importance of physical wellness and go to great and to the outsider horrific lengths to ensure this. A professor Linton was the first to shed light on the particularly bizarre lifestyle that is lived by the Nacirema. Physical wellness being so heavily stressed is not the bizarre aspect, it is the spiritual sense and seemingly blind faith they put into their beliefs that is bewildering....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Gastric Bypass

- Gastric Bypass More than 40,000 people a year are so desperate to lose weight they turn to the controversial, sometimes life-threatening surgery such as Gastric Bypass. I will be explaining what the surgery entitles, disadvantages vs. advantages. And most important, is Gastric bypass surgery the right choice when considering the risks. The most common form of “stomach stapling” is gastric bypass. In this procedure, a small pouch is formed in the stomach and stapled shut. The small intestine is then cut and stapled onto the pouch, shrinking the stomach’s ability to take in food....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Enzyme Reactions and Temperature

- Enzyme Reactions and Temperature Purpose Aim - To determine the effect of temperature on the rate of reaction of rennin when it reacts with milk to cause coagulation. Hypothesis - As rennin is naturally found in the human stomach I believe that the optimal temperature for reaction will be approximately 37°C as this is the regular human body temperature. This is shown by the graph below. [IMAGE][1] Background Research Rennin is "an enzyme that catalyses the coagulation of milk, found in the gastric juice of the fourth stomach of young ruminants and used in making cheeses and junkets....   [tags: Papers]

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Animal Testing

- So the next big question is, isn’t animal testing essential. Doesn’t it cure disease and save human lives. Well the answer is no. Animal testing is unreliable, expensive, time consuming, and most of all it’s not necessary. Animals are not good models for humans. They are allergic to certain basic compounds that are fine for humans, like Paracetamol (“used to treat many conditions such as headache, muscle aches, arthritis, backache, toothaches, colds, fevers, and relieves pain in mild arthritis” (Paracetamol), and vice versa....   [tags: animal rights, research, ethics]

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I Corinthians 6:12-13

- I Corinthians 6:12-13 "Everything is permissible for me" — but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible for me" — but I will not be mastered by anything. "Food for the stomach and the stomach for the food" — but God will destroy them both. The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body (NIV). The broadest of freedom is being able to do what you want, when you want to do it, and wherever and however you want to do it. Freedom is being able to control our lives to do what pleases us, or what we think is going to give us the highest amount of pleasure....   [tags: Christianity Christian Biblical Essays]

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The Effects of Temperature on the Rate of Clotting Milk and Rennet

- The Effects of Temperature on the Rate of Clotting Milk and Rennet Introduction ------------ The following experiment investigates the effects of different temperatures on a mixture of rennet and whole milk. On having the choice between testing the mixtures reactions at various temperatures, or testing the mixture with various amounts of concentration of rennet, my partner and I decided upon the first option. We made this decision as we felt it would be valuable to our scientific knowledge if we had a better understanding of how different temperatures can effect the behaviour of an enzyme, such as Rennin, which is also known as Chymosin....   [tags: Papers]

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Child Development

- How To Prepare For The Birth Of A Child First of all Don’t be doing stuff that would make you at the risk for being pregnant, consider all alternatives, such as delivery, abortions, and adoption, and make a decision. If you decide to carry the child full term, continue on to the following step Make sure you have the means to pay for the options you choose. You will either need a very rich husband, or medical insurance. Vitamins, are very important take some every morning until the end of your pregnancy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Track State Championship

- Track State Championship The pit of my stomach felt as if it was being eaten away by gnawing insects inside. It wasn't just the ordinary butterflies but evil-biting insects. I was standing impatiently on the track quickly sliding further toward the inside as the incoming runner completed her handoff. Screaming encouragements, I waited for Rachel to make her way down the last stretch. We successfully completed our exchange of the baton and I was off. We arrived at Dutch Clark Stadium in Pueblo, Colorado our normal two hours early on a dark, rainy Friday morning....   [tags: Memoir Essays]

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The Butcher Shop

- Around noon on Thursday, my roommate and I walked drearily to the local slaughterhouse, or abattoir, where we would see a pig slaughter. The building we arrived at looked eerie on the school’s campus. The abattoir stood alone, next to the bullpen and at the end of a dirt road. We walked in and a female student greeted us and told us to put on an apron, a hairnet, and a hardhat. The room smelled of warm blood. There were five people in yellow aprons and white hardhats amiably working together butchering a pig, which was currently hanging by its feet, bleeding from its neck....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Descriptive, Observation]

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Chondrichthyes vs Arthropod

- Chondrichthyes vs Arthropod The black widow is most easily recognized by the hourglass marking on the underside of its abdomen. When bitten, a neurotoxin is released that can cause dull pain and cramping in muscles, that can be accompanied by sweating and vomiting. Less than 1% of black widow bites result in death. Black widow spiders are usually not aggressive. If disturbed, they will retreat to a corner of their web. These spiders are more aggressive if they are protecting an egg sac. The natural habitat of a black widow is outdoors, under rocks, brush or piles of debris....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Drug Heroin

- Drugs Drugs have been around for hundreds of years. Indians were known to have used Opium and other drugs for medical and various other purposes. During the 7th Century A.D. in China a drug emerged called Opium. Opium, the dry juice from immature seed pods of the opium poppy plant, is a narcotic drug that is very powerful in the relief of pain but is also very addictive. At the beginning Opium was like any other drug, but then people unaware of the harm it could cause began to use it more and more often....   [tags: Drugs History Narcotics Abuse Essays Illegal]

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Gastric Bypass Surgery

- A Second Chance at Life: Gastric Bypass Surgery In the recent years, American adults and even children have become morbidly obese, which has fueled a campaign for an effective intervention. The intervention that is beginning to receive widespread popularity is gastric bypass surgery. According to Tish Davidson and Teresa G. Odle in the article ‘Obesity Surgery,’ “gastric bypass surgery [is] probably the most common type of obesity surgery; gastric bypass surgery has been performed in the United States for about 25 years....   [tags: Obesity Surgery]

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Humans as Organisms

- Humans as Organisms Human cells are made from a nucleus, cell membrane and cytoplasm. Sperm cells have a tail so they can swim. Muscle cells are able to contract so that they can become shorter. White blood cells can change shape to destroy bacteria, which can infect your body. A group of cells that have a similar structure and work together make tissue. Tissues group together to build an organ. Different organs group together and make an organ system. Protein produces 'amino acids' when digested....   [tags: Papers]

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Tragedy in Literature

- Tragedy in Literature A tragic story represents the downfall of goods and destruction by evil. Tragedy is a descending story shape. It can be compared to the season of fall because both fall and tragedy go from good to evil where living things die. Tragedy starts with "Destruction of the Beautiful," in which virtuous characters are destroyed through no fault of their own; this descends to "The Death of Innocence" where faultless characters meet the realities of life and are changed forever; "Triumph and Defeat" shows us a state where a quest either fails or triumphs but in the midst of suffering; "Pride and Death" in which a character who is familiar with evil is presented with affliction...   [tags: Papers]

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Why the Whitechapel Murders Attracted So Much Attention in 1888

- Why the Whitechapel Murders Attracted So Much Attention in 1888 The Ripper murders attracted lots of attention in 1888, causing widespread panic and conspiracy. I am going to discuss the Ripper victims, what Jack the Ripper actually did to his victims, the press and the Victorians obsession with the macabre. -Jack the Ripper murdered 5 woman, they were all prostitutes. Their names were Polly Nicholls, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Kelly. The 1st 4 victims were all in their late 40s, but the last woman was only 25....   [tags: Papers]

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The Self-hatred of Kochan in Confessions of a Mask

- The Self-hatred of Kochan in Confessions of a Mask In his semi-autobiographical novel, Confessions of a Mask, Yukio Mishima examines the struggle for acceptance by a man living outside of the socially accepted norms. A motif that strongly pervades this novel is death and the images of blood associated with it. Kochan, a Japanese adolescent living in post-war Japan, struggles with his homosexuality and his desire to be "normal." In order to survive, he must hide behind a mask of propriety. At a young age, Kochan shows signs of being attracted to male beauty....   [tags: Confessions Mask Essays]

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Free Essays - I'm the King of the Castle

- I'm the King of the Castle While reading I'm the King of the Castle, I noticed that Susan Hill used many different techniques to put a point across, the most important being her use of imagery. However her writing also has many other qualities such as good structure and her ability to think like her characters. In addition she manages to build up tension and uses different ways of emphasising words or phrases. All of these factors contribute to her unique evocative style and add to her reputation of being a very talented writer....   [tags: Kafka Castle Essays]

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Should We Respect Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestlers?

- Pro Wrestlers – Why Can’t They Get Any Respect. Time to point out the obvious: pro-wrestling is not a sport. Why. Because pro-wrestling involves no sport[ing]. Wrestlers do not show up to work every day trying to do all they can to win; they show up to work trying to do all they can to do their job, which is entertain the fans. However, this line of thinking often leads to another conclusion: If pro wrestling is not a sport, then wrestlers are not athletes. This could not be further from the truth....   [tags: Expository Exemplification Essays]

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Narrative Essay - My Most Memorable Experience

- My Most Memorable Experience The beaten up old Pontiac sputtered violently as we rolled leisurely out of our driveway. With my mom in the passenger seat and my dad behind the wheel, the front of the car was up with excitement for our trip to Arizona. My brother Allan was quietly asleep next to me, and as for my sister, Jacqueline, and youngest brother J.D.; they played quietly in the car. I sat quietly behind my mother, still delirious of the situation and dreading the long exhausting trip that I was to endure....   [tags: Personal Narrative essay about myself]

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Intoxication Will Slow Down Your Reaction Time

- Intoxication Will Slow Down Your Reaction Time The experiment tests how long it takes the brain to translate visual information (falling ruler) into your voluntary (or conscious) motor commands and actions (grasping finger movements) that lead to the ruler being caught. The shorter the time, the faster your reactions. That’s if you were paying attention in the first place. Indeed practice specifically affects the ‘associative centers’ in the brain, so that you can respond faster to what’s happening in your visual world....   [tags: Papers]

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Sports Narrative - Track State Champion

- Personal Narrative- Track State Champion With shaky knees, I hesitantly made my way up the large white steps. With the back of my hand, I brushed away a few salty tears of relief. As I stood at the top of the podium and looked up into the packed stadium, my mind drifted back to everything I had gone through to achieve this moment, the day I became a state champion. The start of the 2002 track season found me concerned with how I would perform. After a disastrous bout with mononucleosis ended my freshmen track season, the fear of failure weighed heavily on my mind....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essays]

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First Date in A Bad Restaurant

- First Date in A Bad Resteraunt It was a beautiful fall evening. The sun was just beginning to give way to incoming twilight. I could smell winter in the air, even through my closed window. Soon there'd be snow on the ground. Matchbox Twenty was playing on my clock radio." I want to push you around...” The mood was set for a soft autumn night. However the mood inside my room was quite different. I was running around trying to do a million things a one time. My makeup was all wrong for my outfit....   [tags: essays papers]

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Investigating Factors That Affect The Action of Pepsin on Photographic Film

- Investigating Factors That Affect The Action of Pepsin on Photographic Film Introduction ============ [IMAGE] This is an experiment to investigate the factors that affect the action of pepsin on photographic film. The photographic film is made up of three layers, plastic, photographic pigment and gelatine in between. See diagram: The protease enzyme digests the gelatine section, causing the other two layers to fall apart. Pepsin is a digestive enzyme found in the gastric juice of the stomach....   [tags: Papers]

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Sports Narrative - Volleyball Tryouts

- Personal Narrative- Volleyball Tryouts Six long hours after departing Hotchkiss, we finally reached our destination. We pulled into the parking lot of the Super 8 just off Interstate 76 in Sterling, Colorado. Since I had been to this hotel on a previous trip to Sterling, I began wishing I had brought my swimsuit along. Mom and dad went inside and got the keys for room 129. I was so sick of riding in the car that I did not care what the room looked like as long as there was a bed for me to sleep on....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essays]

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Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot

- Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot POZZO: Wait. (He doubles up in an attempt to apply his ear to his stomach, listens. Silence.) I hear nothing. (He beckons them to approach. Vladimir and Estragon go towards him, bend over his stomach.) Surely one should hear the tick-tick. VLADIMIR: Silence. (All listen, bent double.) ESTRAGON: I hear something. POZZO: Where. VLADIMIR: It's the heart. POZZO: (disappointed) Damnation. VLADIMIR: Silence. ESTRAGON: Perhaps it has stopped. (Beckett 46) If an important feature of the novelization of any genre is the element of indeterminate uncertainty (Bakhtin 7), Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot may be said to have taken novelization of drama to gre...   [tags: Literature Writing Papers]

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Biography of a Homeless Man

- I hear them get closer and closer as the porch creaks every step to the door. My heart feels like its pounding through my chest, and sweat is pouring off my face as I sprint in a panic. I hear the key turning and the door opening just as I jump out the window.      I’ve been staying in that house for over a week now. It’s for sale and real estate agents come by every few days to show it. I’m a light sleeper and I’ve been able to slip out before anyone can see I’ve been staying there. I have no where to go except the street, mission centers, and buildings I break into....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Costs of Cigarette Smoking.

- The Costs of Cigarette Smoking Cigarette smoking causes a variety of life threatening diseases, including lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease. In the UK about 120,000 people die each year due to smoking. A half of all smokers die from smoking related diseases.0 There are many ingredients in tobacco smoke which are harmful to our health in different ways.1 Some of the ingredients are tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine and other chemicals and additives such as ammonia, arsenic (a poison used in insecticides and weed killers), benzene, hydrogen cyanide and many other.2 Tar deposits on the lungs can cause lung diseases....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Example Essays]

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The Role of B Vitamins

- The Role of B Vitamins Water-soluble vitamins were collectively called water soluble B in the beginning. When more water-soluble vitamins were discovered, they were referred to as B1, B2, B6, B12 and so on. Later when more vitamins were discovered in both the categories, they were referred as vitamins C, D, E and K. Now, most are known by a word that indicates either chemical nature or function. Some vitamins are synthesized in the body itself by intestinal micro-organisms. Antibiotics and sulfa drugs may destroy these organisms resulting in decreased vitamin synthesis....   [tags: Papers]

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How To Fight In Hockey Successfully

- How to Fight in Hockey Successfully Sometimes hockey players lose their cool on the ice and get into a fight with an opponent. The fights look spontaneous and unplanned, but there are many techniques and tricks that will help a player to be a better fighter. When a fight begins, the first thing to do is to drop your stick and gloves onto the ice. It is always better to punch with your bare fists so it hurts the opponent more. Also, it is easier to grab with your bare hands. Next, you must rip off the opponents helmet by grabbing the back of the helmet and pulling it toward yourself....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Signs of Physical and Psychological Signs

- People with anxiety disorders are often out of touch with their bodies. If you are anxious or preoccupied with worrying, you may, as the expression goes, be "living in your head"--not feeling strongly connected with the rest of your body below the neck. Try checking in with yourself as you are reading right now. Do you feel as if most of your energy-your "center of gravity"-is situated from your neck up. Or do you feel solidly connected with the rest of your body, in touch with your chest, stomach, arms, and legs....   [tags: Psychology]

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My First Visit to the Dentist

- My First Visit to the Dentist One of my earliest memories is going out with my mum to visit the dentist. It was half past two on a bright, cheery day in spring. Being only five years old, I was convinced by my mom to visit the dentist and check out my then milk teeth. Boy was I excited. I wasn’t so sure what a “dentist” was. I only knew that I was a truly ‘brave and courageous’ boy, according to my mum, to agree so readily to the trip. On the way to the dentist, my stomach grumbled suddenly....   [tags: Papers]

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Proof of the Biblical Flood

- "All the fountains of the great deep [were] broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened . . . And the flood was forty days upon the earth; and the waters increased; . . . and the ark went upon the face of the waters."(Holy Bible, Genesis 7:11b, 17a, 18b). The flood was a catastrophic event that changed the earth in traumatic ways, but many people deny that this event ever took place. The main documentation of this occurrence is found in the Bible, but since many people refuse to believe that it is a valid source of history and has no weight in science, it cannot be used to say whether or not the earth was ever completely submerged in water....   [tags: Holy Bible Genesis Essays]

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The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

- The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien Don't judge a book by its cover. This famous phrase can very well be applied to the hobbit a small human like creature that goes along with 13 dwarves and a wizard. The wizard, Gandalf, has total faith in the little hobbit knowing full well that when the time comes he will serve the dwarves quite well. He does this with the help of a ring that makes him invisible. He saves the dwarves from evil spiders that wish to eat them. Uses it to help them escape the clutches of elves that would keep them in their clutches for some time....   [tags: Papers]

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Everybody wants to be thin

- Unfortunately, Americans today are obsessed with losing weight. Everybody wants to be thin. Everywhere I go, there’s someone counting calories, cutting "carbs", and running themselves to death on a treadmill. Dieting can be beneficial, when done properly and with discussion with a doctor. Sadly, some people fall into these bad habits when the desperation to lose weight has become tremendous. Everyone wants to lose way quickly and more importantly very easily. Therefore, any fad diet will become the new obsession of the fad dieter....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Food and Eating in Areopagitia

- In Areopagitica, Milton talks heavily about the topic of food and eating because it was something that was familiar to all his readers. Not only does everyone eat, but in the Bible that all his good Christian readers would have read there is much said about what foods are right or wrong to eat. Milton uses passages in the Bible to support his analogy that if man is free to choose what is right or wrong to consume in order to nourish his physical body, why should he not be able to judge what books should nourish him mentally....   [tags: Poetry]

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My Most Embarrassing Moment

- It was in December, during my Christmas vacation, when I decided to start looking for a summer job. There were many options but the job I decided to apply for was a position as a lifeguard at a waterpark. I filled out an application and was accepted almost immediately. The only thing left was the lifeguard training; little did I know that it was going to be an experience I would never forget. The aquatic rescue part of the training was held the week of my spring break. I was excited about the training session because I was finally going to meet some of the people that would work with me and get to see what the job was like....   [tags: Personal Narrative, essay about myself]

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Everyone Needs Dietary Supplements

- Everyone Needs Health Supplements       Some people may say, "why bother with health supplements?"  Some people today would like to believe that all we have to do to keep ourselves healthy is to eat a proper diet.  That's where the problem lies.  The question I propose is, "What is a proper diet, and how do you go about getting it into your system?"  Some would say, "Well by eating healthy food."  There's another problem. What is healthy food and where do you find it?  You won't find it at your local grocery store as you will soon find out.  Others might say, "We have a garden where we grow our food."  That's a start, and it also tells me that you are already aware of the fact th...   [tags: Health Nutrition Diet Exercise Essays]

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My Father

- I flip my pillow around to the cold side and keep turning side to side until I find a comfortable position. Ahhh, there I’m comfortable. But wait, I still feel that ball in my stomach taking over my entire body. I go to the kitchen to drink a glass of milk and eat a cookie, yet the ball in my stomach is still there. I go back to bed and feel the cold air of the fan on my skin; goose bumps. The sound of my younger sister snoring makes it even more difficult for me to fall asleep. At most, I have slept for an hour....   [tags: Personal Relationship]

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Food poisoning

- Food poisoning is a condition that results from eating contaminated food. It is also referred to as food-borne illness. These may attack people from any age group and lasts from few hours to several days. Food poisoning in severe case may cause chronic and fatal disease like arthritis and can attack lungs and kidneys. According to the recent studies around 76 million illness i.e. 325,000 hospitalization in the United States are caused because of food poisoning. Causes of Food Poisoning Contamination of food is the key factor that is responsible for food poisoning....   [tags: Health]

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Anti-arrhythmic Drugs

- Digoxin is originated from the foxglove plant. It is usually given to patients who suffer from arrhythmias. Arrhythmia is a condition in which the myocardium beings to either beat too fast (tachycardia) or beat too slow (bradycardia). Antiarrhythmic drugs are given to the patient to correct these non-synchronous contractions and bring the myocardium back into a normal rhythm. Pharmacodynamics Digoxin is a cardiac glycoside; its pharmacological properties are related to its ability to inhibit the sodium-potassium ATPase....   [tags: Medicine]

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Turtle Rampage

- Do people like having a turtle as a pet. I do. Turtles are not that hard to take care of if people have the right equipment. Many factors come in as the turtles environment changes from their natural environment to being in a human home environment. Turtles are ancient animals that have evolved. “From man’s viewpoint turtles are slow, harmless creatures, and in this characterization they have an important role in mythology and folklore” (Carl H. Ernest and Roger W. Barbour, 1). Many people seem to think that turtles are just another animal that are easy to care for, but that is not always true; a lot of factors come into play when taking care of turtles, and the things people discover while...   [tags: Animal Research ]

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Elderly Dehydration

- Most people don’t think about dehydration; let alone elderly dehydration. It is a common problem, in the aging, and often recognition along with treatment may be delayed; contributing to a high mortality rate. (Lavizzo-Mourey, 1987) By recognizing a potential problem early, you may save an older adult from a debilitating complication. (Hamilton, 2001) The prevention of elderly dehydration will deter illness and increases life expectancy, along with decreasing unnecessary hospitalization and cost....   [tags: Health Elderly]

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Disease Outbreak

- Disease Outbreak An inhuman sound disrupted my peaceful slumber. My eyes shifted slowly toward my clock. The red numbers confirmed my suspicion. "Christ," I thought to myself. "3:30 in the morning. This is going to be a bad day of work." I pushed my blankets off of me and sat up in bed. To my left, the sheets were already pushed back and Marissa was nowhere to be seen. At first, I didn't make the connection; I was too tired from working 12-hour shifts at the hospital and thinking was not my number one priority right now....   [tags: Epidemic Short Story Essays]

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Bald Eagles: Interesting Animals

- Bald Eagle Bald eagles are interesting animals. Bald eagles contain, symbolism, endangered, and outstanding physical abilities. Two types of baled eagles: Haliaeetus Leucocephalus Leucocephalus, found in southern parts of North America, Haliaeetus leucocephalus alascanus, founding northern locations of North America. Because of discovering bald eagle species in disordered locations people have discontinued divisions of spices among bald eagles. Differences in color have been found in matured and juvenile bald eagles....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Moms Creamy Potato Soup

- Mom’s Creamy Potato Soup One reason I like fall is because of the crisp, cool mornings. Football is very big at my house. That is very apparent in the fall. When Thanksgiving comes, all my family and I do is eat turkey and watch football games. Mom’s rich and creamy potato soup is served during the cold, winter months. People usually think of soup as being tomato or chicken noodle, but not potato. The color of her soup is that of an off-white or yellow. The texture of the soup is very thick. It looks like creamy potatoes in a bowl when it is done....   [tags: essays research papers]

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