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Statistics Project

- Statistics Project I have been given instructions to collect data for my GCSE statistics coursework and then to represent them by interpreting them using graphs and attributes, which I think influence the prices of a second hand car. Below is my coursework flowchart that will show the steps I will take to complete my coursework. FLOWCHART ========= 1.Formulate my hypothesis [IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE] 8. Ideas for further investigation 7....   [tags: Papers]

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Statistics Project

- Statistics Project I aim to compare mass-appeal tabloid newspapers and quality newspapers by attempting to find statistical differences. To represent the mass-appeal papers, I chose the Daily Mirror and for the text-quality based newspapers, I chose the Times. Hopefully, there will be some significant statistical differences in the style of journalism which I will be able to comment on. Pre-Test Data Collection: I decided to choose similar pages from both the Times and the Mirror with roughly equal numbers of paragraphs and adverts, pages 4-5, or 4-6, as in the Mirror there were not enough sentences to take samples from....   [tags: Papers]

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Football Statistics Project

- Football Statistics Project Introduction ------------ I have chosen to base my project on football statistics because they are both readily available and interesting enough for deep analysis. As a starting point I decided to look at the generally accepted theory of 'Home Advantage'. Home advantage, or the tendency for the home team to do better than they would away, could have several causes. It could be partly psychological - the home team would almost always have the majority of the crowd behind them, cheering them on....   [tags: Papers]

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Math Statistics Project

- Math Statistics Project My main factor I am investigating is going to be weight. For the majority I aim to investigate the effect of weight on height. I am also going to look at the frequency of different weight groups among people. · The height will be measured in cm. I will keep it continuous by not asking the people to place their heights into groups, but instead enter their heights. This will be Quantitive data. · The weight will be measured in cm. I will keep it continuous by not asking the people to place their weights into groups, but instead enter their weights....   [tags: Papers]

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Statistics Project to Compare House Prices

- Statistics Project to Compare House Prices Comparison of House Prices' in two areas: Hypothesis: I believe that the house prices in the Consett area will be more expensive that the house prices in the Washington area. Introduction: I obtained a list of seventy houses for each area. I decided to do seventy, as I felt I would obtain a more accurate reading for my report. I attained my information from the internet, from various estate agents sites, and ....   [tags: Papers]

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Statistics Project

- My task during this statistics coursework is to gather relevant information regarding the memories of people with regard to many different factors. I shall need to create numerous hypotheses that are sensible and are practical to carry out, get information relevant to the hypotheses and present the data in different methods which are relevant to the experiment. Hypothesis My primary hypothesis is that pictures are easier to memorise than words, and words are easier to memorise rather than numbers....   [tags: Papers]

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Distressed Real Estate Project

- Purchasing a distressed property and turning it into a gem that you can be proud of begins with a confident investor, willing to take a risk, and a confident project manager, willing to diligently plan and efficiently coordinate the project. In the next few paragraphs I will effectively analyze and outline a scenario to utilize a budget of $150,000 towards a distressed property. There is certainly an opportunity to make a large monetary profit and maximize the return on investment. But if this project is approached correctly there is an opportunity to include an even greater gain: to leave a beneficial, green footprint on the community....   [tags: Project Proposal]

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Illiteracy Project Proposal

- Did you know that many children as well as adults cannot read. Statistics show that if they have the resources they need that reading can be enhanced. For my senior project I plan to do an extensive book drive for educators to assist children as well as adults still in school learn to read by providing proper books for daycares, elementary schools and adult learning centers to use. After receiving authorization from the following facilities, I will set up boxes and bins at places such as Publix, different public schools, and my parent’s work....   [tags: Project Proposal]

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The Adam Shepard Project: Homeless Man

- ... He would say, “any work was better than no work.” (Chapter 4, page 48) because he promote making a difference in lives, either the difference was made in their own life or others' lives. The audience would be described as skeptics who are questioning the American Dream's actuality and anyone looking for guidance, but are unsure of American Dream because Shepard forms many warning of his story/project; for example, Shepard points out that he would not “flood[ing] people [you] with a wide range of statistics” (Introduction Chapter, page ix) to assure that his story is based on his own personal experience during his project and not off of numbers and factual information....   [tags: book, project, apartment, family]

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Research Statistics and Psychology

- Since the beginning of time research and statistics have exercised a vital role in psychology. In this succinct writing an elaboration of how research and statistics are utilized in psychology is revealed. Furthermore, the how and why of such components are expounded herein and a detailed look at primary and secondary data are exposed. Research, statistics, primary, and secondary data are imperative in psychological analysis. Implementing each of these variants in psychological research may prove beneficial to the researcher when properly appropriated in psychological exploration....   [tags: Psychology]

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Jewish: The Diploma Project Analysis

- ... The first chapter, entitled The Jewish identity, is divided into five subsections. In this chapter the author deals with the problem of identity. The meaning of the word 'identity' is described as well as the division into three components such as the cultural, ethnic and religious identity. The term of 'The Chosen Nation' is specified. Jews were chosen by God to fulfill a religious mission. The bond which links the Jews with God is created by covenant between them. What is more, there are shown problems related to the difficulty in extracting if the Jewish community is more religious or more ethnic group....   [tags: antisemitic movements, jewish identity]

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IT Project

- Code This project consist of 4 classes 1. 2. 3. 4. The central class among these four is The client class sends the RTP Packets constructed using to The receives the RTP Packets, computes latency and jitter, send the results back to client. All these happen in a real-time environment. Find the details and description of each class below. This class doesn’t have a main function, as it never executes by itself, however, it act as a helper class for the and to construct RTP Packets....   [tags: Information Technology]

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Chinese Energy Plan Project

- With our modern world being so absorbed in technology, it would be “behind the times” to allow ISA students to not use the new technological tools that dangle at our finger tips. Not only are we so graciously allowed to us smart phones to do work but we are encouraged and often expected to use tools to enhance our presentations and research. This essay is being read from a blog, with a Power Point presentation as the artifact, which had been stored in “Google Docs” the online work server. All of this newfangled technology really progressed our knowledge of technological application in presentational mediums as well as easing the burden of research and communication within groups....   [tags: Benefits of Technology]

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Distressed Property Project

- Purchasing a distressed property and turning it into a gem that you can be proud of begins with a confident investor, willing to take a risk, and a confident project manager, willing to diligently plan and efficiently coordinate the project. In the next few paragraphs I will effectively analyze and outline a scenario to utilize a budget of $150,000 towards a distressed property. There is certainly an opportunity to make a large monetary profit and maximize the return on investment. But if this project is approached correctly there is an opportunity to include an even greater gain: to leave a beneficial, green footprint on the community....   [tags: Analyzation, Budget, Profit]

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Project Development

- Decisions in Paradise The corporation of CIGNA Healthcare has hired an employee Gardline as key person in the implementation of having CIGNA Healthcare have a presence in Kava, South Pacific (University of Phoenix, 2007). The presence of CIGNA Healthcare is needed to assist in the overall development of the Kava Island for its people, lively hood and healthcare epidemic. Using the decision making process, Gardline will use various techniques and principles to implement a change in Kava and bring a needed presence to the KAVA people....   [tags: Project Development]

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Statistics Experiment

- Statistics Experiment For my maths coursework I will be conducting an investigation into statistics. I had a choice for this coursework of both statistics on year 10 to 11 school children, and facts about them and also their likes in terms of sport and subjects at school. I chose not to do this project on that information; instead I chose data on 100 different cars, the reason for this is that I like cars more and may perhaps pursue it as a career. I did not want to do a project on data that I have no interest in....   [tags: Papers]

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Polaris Project

- There are many aid projects across the world who claim to help millions of people, but because these aid projects claim to help millions of people, that does not always mean that is the case There are many different aid types, and there can be aid for almost anything an area needs help with. One aid project that not many people know about is called the Polaris Project. After being exposed to a story of six South Korean women being forced to work in a brothel, Katherine Chon and Derek Ellerman were inspired to do something about modern-day slavery (“Katherine Chon and Derek Ellerman: Fighting Human Trafficking" 3)....   [tags: Aid Projects, Human Trafficking]

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Use of Project Management Software in Business

- Use of Project Management Software in Business Project Management is using the concepts of information technology in businesses to meet the requirements of a particular project. It depends on the process it needs to take to implement a project. The application of knowledge, skills, and tools and techniques is needed ( There are 3 main phases of project management, they are planning, scheduling and controlling. How the process is implemented is through different types of software applications used to efficiently and effectively run a business to save time, money and resources....   [tags: Business Management]

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Statement of Purpose: My Interests in Math, Physics, Statistics and Computer Science

- For years, I was surrounded by people who would react astonishingly when I told them my academic profession. In high school it was physics, in Fudan University it was computer science, and I’m beginning statistics - all fields that aren’t as common for girls. “Wow…” they’d say, as they scanned me from face to toes. It would be unreasonable if I claim that I had never questioned my choice, especially during the adaptation period into computer science as a rookie. I can still recall the desperation I felt in my first program designing class....   [tags: Educational Goals, application essays]

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Statistical Analysis of Daytime Sleepiness and Educational Level

- Despite convictions about the significance of sleep amounts necessary for health and typical development, there are no momentous principles related to the physiology of rest (National Center on Sleep Disorders Research, 2011). The National Institutes of Health (NIH) does demonstrate that sufficient rest is fundamental for sound working and survival, however the definition of “sufficient rest” differs from person to person. Inadequate rest and suboptimal sleep practices are commonplace, particularly in the very young and as individuals increase in age....   [tags: A Statistical Analysis Project]

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Mobile Phones Relationship to Brain Tumors

- ... My purpose is to convince this specific audience to believe that using a mobile phone does not increase the risk of having brain tumor. This following paragraphs will explain how, and why i choose to use the rhetorical strategy of , statistic, and greater good in my infographics project, to persuade my particular audience that using mobile phone doesn’t cause brain tumor. The first rhetorical strategy i used in my infographics project is definition. I used definition because it gives my audience a clear understanding of the terms associated with my topic of choice.The definition i used ( radio frequency energy) can be found approximately under my introductory text that talks about how a...   [tags: infographic project, radio frequency]

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The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

- Following social conventions is one critical aspect that is required to be accepted by society. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion shows that being accepted into society is based on socially acceptable behaviors and lifestyles. The novel is about a 39 year old professor by the name of Don Tillman who is in search of a wife. Don is highly intelligent, incredibly organized, and extremely fit; however, social behavior escapes his understanding and has caused him to live a lonely life. Although it is never explicitly stated, it can be inferred that Don has Asperger’s Syndrome....   [tags: socially aceptable, social conventions]

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Retirement Project

- After working on the retirement spreadsheet and doing research about my field of study, I have come up with an ideal retirement plan that I believe will serve me well throughout my retirement years. I used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine my initial starting salary as an Industrial Engineer. I am assuming that my first job will be paying me around that salary. My plan is to work for a single major company with a pension plan for about 38 years. I plan to graduate at age 22 and start working immediately after graduation which would put my retirement age 60....   [tags: Personal Ambition]

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Blood Donation Project

- I have never donated blood before. I personally have never thought of it, so as I start this assignment I am asking myself why have I never even thought of donating before. Is it the lack of advertising, my lack of time, my selflessness or laziness. To be honest looking back on it now it was probably a combination of everything. As a relatively young person (22) with not having encountered a serious medical problem with myself or any of my close family , thank god, I don’t think I realise the importance of good health yet I just take it all for granted ....   [tags: personal reflections]

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Research Project Acknowledgments

- First and foremost, my deepest appreciation goes to my supervisors Dr. Hermann Moisl and Professor Claire Lamont. If it had not been for their knowledge, persistence, and kindness, this work would never have been completed. I am under a considerable obligation to express here a feeling which may not appear in the sequel: my deepest sense of gratitude to them both for unforgettable experiences and unlimited support. It was Dr. Moisl who first introduced me to the world of computational linguistics and has since then been a great source of inspiration....   [tags: Personal Statement]

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Community Involvement Project: Reading Partners

- For my community involvement project, I volunteered at Memminger Elementary School for a program called “Reading Partners.” The program focuses on helping children build strong literacy skills to carry with them into their academic careers. It requires the tutor to read to the student that has been assigned and in turn the student reads to the tutor. The program assists in teaching the students valuable reading skills. Being able to read is critical to a child’s educational success. The program works with more than 100 schools within seven states....   [tags: literacy, careers, reading tutor]

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Diabetic Foot Ulcer Teaching Project

- I- Introduction: Diabetes is one of the most discussed and debated chronic disease amongst many conditions in the category, and has been studied extensively. This is undoubtedly related to just how common diabetes is. In fact, in 2013, according to the IDF Diabetes Atlas (2013), 382 million individuals had diabetes, around 6% of the roughly 7 billion world population. Amongst those, about 80% live in low to middle income countries (IDF, 2013). Considering that those countries form the majority of the world and that they encompass a majority of diabetics, we can notice a very wide spread pattern of diabetes in the world....   [tags: Medicine, Health]

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Expanding SG's Free Printing to the Hub

- Budget and Schedule Expanding SG’s free printing to the Hub is a fairly inexpensive project, and it is easily manageable by Student Government’s annual budget. Currently, SG’s free printing at the Reitz Union is funded from the Computer Lab Printing fund, and the yearly budget comes from the Activity and Service Fee of the student tuition ($14.55/credit hour). The approved printing fund is calculated to be $125,740 for the 2013-2014 fiscal year, and it is approximately 0.66 percent of SG’s $18 million budget [1]....   [tags: project proposal]

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Converting Raw Medical Data Into Informative Data Through Data-Mining Tools

- ... Methodology: The proposed approach uses ‘Process Mining’ technique, which aims at extracting useful information from health care data or event logs. This Technique will also help organizations to improve their services, manage the data properly and control their processes [4]. The Importance of process mining has proved itself in the field of health care domain in following literature [5-6]. The proposed approach will adopt itemset-tree (An itemset is set of re-occurring items) method to get frequent surgical specimen [7]....   [tags: statistics, laboratory, evaluation]

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Brochure To Help Rape Victimes Find a Healthy Approach to Recovery

- Chapter one Purpose The purpose of this project is to introduce a brochure, based on current evidence, that can help rape victims find a healthy approach to recovery. It is important to provide victims with support, contact numbers, counselors and self help strategies in case they do not follow up with a medical professional. If victims refuse to talk it is important to teach them about therapeutic poetry and journaling which are optimal ways of expressing emotions. Holding in feelings over time can lead to self directed violence, nightmares, trust issues, and changes in relationships....   [tags: Project Analysis]

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The Roma Issue and the Slovak Republic

- Introduction According to the latest census in 2011 carried out by the National Statistics Office (2011) there were 105 738 Romas in Slovakia, which corresponds to the 2 % of the population as a whole. But this number is really distorting the reality. Carying out a survey on such a huge group of people, the whole country, has its disadvantages and issues. Over 7 % of the population has an unknown nationality, which is almost 400 000 citizens. The estimate of the project ATLAS of Roma communities in Slovakia (2013) the Roma minority comprises slightly over 7% of the whole population of the republic, which is about 402 000 persons....   [tags: geography, statistics, atlas of roma]

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Project Proposal on Poverty Reduction

- Project Proposal on Poverty Reduction "Poverty reduction through pro-active, participatory, income- generating involvement of Rural youth in goat rearing" 1. Name of the project: Income generation through goat rearing. 2. Implementing organisation: Lemon grass 3. Objectives of the project: I) Income generation of the distressed women and land less farmers, II) Establishment of small scale goat rearing enterprise, III) Raise nutritional status through goat rearing and increase supply of animal protein, IV) Develop saving habit of the beneficiaries, V) Reduce poverty....   [tags: Poverty Essays]

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Is the Pipeline Project in British Columbia Worth the Cost?

- The purpose of this briefing is to explore the benefits and costs of pipelines within and cross the British Columbia province, which can help us to seek economic gains and loss and decide whether the pipeline project is worthwhile to build or not. I would analysis my opinions and give couples of solution for this pipeline project. Obviously, the advantages to develop pipelines within and cross the British Columbia province are diverse. First of all, in term of potential, B.C. is the second largest provincial producer of natural gas in Canada....   [tags: emissions, economy, resources]

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Honors in Action Project: Many Forms of Incivility

- We began this journey early with proposed themes from the prior officer team. Following the training at the July Summer Institute at Washington University, the new officer team had a plan for disseminating information to the members, gaining interest and creating a committee, but it was not that easy. Months in to the process, little was accomplished. Our chapter experienced incivility first-hand as we impeached our elected Hallmark Secretary who was unreliable, unresponsive, and disrespectful. Fortunately, something good came from the experience....   [tags: social issues, bullying, bullies]

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Measurement Scales

- Most people have been asked to participate in a survey or questionnaire at some point in their lives. The question was probably in the form of a scale that the research team setup in the questionnaire. Scales help researchers by giving respondents a way of conveying their thoughts and feelings in a subjective and measurable way. The survey or questionnaire is a tool for the researcher to capture the respondent’s thoughts and feelings. Each scale has different characteristics, depending on the answers to be measured....   [tags: Marketing, Statistics]

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Sony Ericsson Sales Project

- Sony Ericsson Sales Project KNOWLEDGE OF THE PRODUCT OR SERVICE AND EVERYTHING RELATED TO IT, IS A PREREQUISITE FOR SUCCESS IN PERSONAL SELLING 1) I agree with the above statement. You have to outsmart your competitors, and the only way is to know your product, consumers and even your competition....   [tags: Business Analysis ]

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The Horrors and Statistics on Human Trafficking in the United States

- ... Ships coming into port are not the only mode of transportation of victims; ground and air vehicles are utilized as well. It is easy to understand that no amount of people working in law enforcement will completely stop human trafficking, but more employees could possibly rescue more victims. A way that this is currently being addressed is through the bill that President Obama signed which granted Customs and Border Protection the ability to recruit at least 2 thousand people within the next year....   [tags: crimes across borders, human exploitation]

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Human Genome Project

- It all started back in 1953 with two men by the names of James D. Watson and Francis Crick when they discovered the double-helical structure of DNA. Little did they know they were opening the door to the creation of a perfect world. In 1986, the Human Genome Project, led up by the National Institution of Health(NIH), took a giant leap through this door. They began the long process of mapping out the entire genetic makeup of the human body. The main purpose of the HGP was originally for the use of preventing inherent diseases....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Six-Sigma: A Data-Driven Approach and Methodology for Eliminating Defects in Any Process

- Six Sigma Methodologies: MAIC was developed, and this evolved into DMAIC, where D stands for define, M stands for measure, A stands for analyze, I stands for improve and C stands for control. Experience shows that D is the essential phase for achieving dramatic improvement quickly, and C is the most critical phase for realizing return on investment in six sigma projects. The define phase requires the implementation of many tools, and the control phase can aid in sustaining improved result, which requires the use of internal controls as well as management involvement....   [tags: DMAIC, project analysis tools]

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What Drives Employees to Yield a High Work Performance?

- Introduction & Background When approaching any type of research, there is a final goal that the researcher(s) wants to achieve, whether there is a hypothesis to test or exploratory data to gather and analyze. With my research, I wanted to relate to my current position at work and future promotion opportunities. In my current position as a Project Engineer, I have responsibilities of managing a project from start to finish while working with a cross functional team. Many times while working on a project, there are items that need to be assigned and/or completed and I can have a difficult time doing this because I do not have any direct reports....   [tags: project engineering point of view]

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The Life and Accomplishments of Tony Hsieh

- Introduction Zappos is an online shoe and clothing store. The idea of an online shoe store originally came from Nick Swinmurn in the year 1999. He then pitched the idea to Alfred Lin and Zappos’ current CEO Tony Hsieh. Zappos quick rise to success is mostly attributed to their ten core values. These values vary from creating fun and weirdness to being humble. However, the root of this company’s success lies only on one important thing: their regard for customer service. They value the quality time spent with customers over the phone rather than the quantity of customers....   [tags: Downtown Project, Zappos, Amazon]

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Living in a Violent Society in Gang for a Day: A Rogue Socialist Takes to the Street by Sadhir Venkatesh

- Like thousands of students, Sudhir entered the University of Chicago graduate school in 1989 and was despatched by his professors to do some research about American urban poor. To that point, he had had little exposure to suburban neighbourhood in Chicago. It happens that he knocked on one of the roughest areas in Chicago on his first visiting where detained and nearly killed him. Fortunately, he didn’t have any injured, and instead, he knocked up an acquaintance with the gang leader J.T. This initiated his odd friend relationship with J.T for the following decade....   [tags: housing project, dentish, ghetto]

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The New Crossin ove the River Don

- The new crossing over the River Don, is a proposed scheme comprising of a new car, cycle and pedestrian crossing at a point between the Danestone and Grandholm areas on the north side of the River Don, and the Tillydrone area the river’s south bank, in Aberdeen (figure 1.1). The River Don provides a natural barrier to north-south travel movements across both Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Within the Aberdeen area, the River Don currently has two main crossings points; the Bridge of Don located in the King Street and A956 corridor; and Persley Bridge located in the A90 and Parkway corridors (Davidson, 2010, pp1)....   [tags: proposed urban project in Aberdeen]

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The Impact of Race, Geographic Location, and Time on the Prevalence of Diabetes

- 1. What is the outcome of interest. The outcome of interest for my epidemiology project is the prevalence of diabetes in a national population (United States), and how factors such as race, geographic location, and time, have an impact on the outcome. 2. Briefly define and describe your outcome. You may want to do a bit of research on some of the characteristics of your outcome. For example, what is diabetes. Or, how do we define cases of HIV, and what are some of the health implications. Diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar (or glucose) levels are above what they should be in a normal person....   [tags: Descriptive Epidemiology Project, Diabetes]

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Career Project: Radiologic Technology

- The career I have chosen to pursue is radiologic technology. I have been interested in x-ray for quite some time. At first, a simple picture of a broken wrist sparked my interest. It was beautiful. The advanced technology that allows us to see the inside of the human body without exploratory surgery for a diagnosis amazed me. As I looked further into this career, I found out just how fascinating this field is. Not only are the pictures helpful in finding loose fragments and setting a bone back in place, x-ray pictures can show pneumonia, cancer, and even heart failure....   [tags: Career Research ]

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The Current Account Deficit

- Macro Economics Project Executive Summary Balance of Payment BoP, also known as balance of international payments, deals with an economy’s transactions with the rest of the world, for a specified time period. It involves goods, services and income, financial claims and liabilities and transfers such as gifts and foreign aid. Balance of Payment involves two kinds of accounts – Trade balance, or for India’s case, Trade Deficit, is a major component of Current Account Deficit. It the output in the economy can be characterised as Y, below equations can be derived as follows: Y = C + I + G + NX NX=Y– (C+ I + G ) NX = (Y– C– G ) – I = S – I Where, C: Consumption; I: Inve...   [tags: macro economics project]

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A Review of the Federally Subsidized Greenbelt Construction Project

- A Review of the Federally Subsidized Greenbelt Construction Project In 1935, the Resettlement Administration undertook the Greenbelt construction project which was to serve three major purposes: 1. Provide useful employment for thousands of jobless workers who were hit hard by the Great Depression 2. Demonstrate a new type of community planning, combining city conveniences with many advantages of rural life 3. Demonstrate better utilization of land in suburban areas (Walker 16)....   [tags: City Planning Public Administration]

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Personal Narrative: My Senior Project on Starting a Business

- I began my senior project expedition probably my junior year. I was in A.V.I.D. and I became aware of the need to think about ideas of what I intended to do my senior project on. It truly wasn’t until the first month of my senior year where my English teacher mentioned to us that we would begin to work on our senior project. I had a plethora of ideas on what I pictured myself on doing my project on. One of my many ideas was on auto-customization. I enjoy learning about cars and their different attributes....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Research Project About Likelihood of Smoking for Children of Smokers

- Research Project About Likelihood of Smoking for Children of Smokers The research question I have chosen to study is: If a parent smokes does that increase the likeliness of a child to pick up the habit. In my hypothesis I believe that the presence of a parent who smokes in the family will not inspire the child to pick up the habit as well. The research design I chose to use in my research was the quasi-experimental with interrupted time series. I think this is a very important topic to talk about considering all the attention tobacco companies have been receiving....   [tags: Papers]

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Current Business Research Project Paper Synopsis

- Current Business Research Project Paper Synopsis Abstract This assignment was designed to address several subjects related to an article of the student's choosing. The subjects discussed in this synopsis answer the definition of the business research article reviewed, the article's research purpose, the business problem investigated, data collection methods used in the research, and the researchers' conclusions. The article chosen from the University of Phoenix library is entitled, "International Reality of Internet Use as Marketing Tool"....   [tags: Business Analysis Strategy]

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Vitamin D Status of Children with Severe Early Childhood Caries

- Choose a chronic disease Epid Subject covered in this course and write a proposal for research that you think needs to be done in this area. The sections need to fit into the space provided. Title: Vitamin D status of children with severe early childhood caries: a case-control study Background and significance----- Severe Early Childhood Caries (S-ECC) affects the health and well-being of young children. Quality of life is reduced among those suffering from S-ECC. This can include pain, disturbed sleep and behavioral changes....   [tags: design, project, specific, patient, instruments]

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Variables in Statistics

- Introduction to variables in statistics tutor: The variable which is available in the statistics it is called as statistical variable. It is a feature that may acquire choice in adding of one group of data to which a mathematical enumerates can be allocated. Some of the variables are altitude, period, quantity of profit, region or nation of birth, grades acquired at school and category of housing, etc,. Our statistics tutor defines the different types of statistics variables and the example of these types....   [tags: Statistics]

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Weight Loss Research Project

- In the American Culture we have adapted many ways of the Greek and Roman Empires. Our society has the laid back lifestyle of the Greeks and the physical fitness of the Romans. Statistics show 45 percent of Americans set a goal every year to achieve weight loss/fitness. Of that 45 percent, and just under half of Americans still maintain their New Year’s Resolution (Hub Pages). The question is why is weight-loss so important in America. There are many answers and factors that play into figuring out the equation....   [tags: Health]

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Generating a Mini Project Report Regarding the Monitoring the CMS Performance for Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Kuala Lumpur

- CHAPTER 1 1.1 Project Background The purpose of this document is to generate a mini project report regarding the monitoring the CMS performance for Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Kuala Lumpur. This analysis is conducted because I want to identify the peak hour usage of the CMS. I ‘m choosing to monitor this CMS performance access because I need a specific time to identify the off-peak hour within working hour. All the analysis will give me the benefit as a CMS user to access the CMS during off-peak hour 1.2 Problem Statement There’s a few problem statement can be recognize from the proposal such as: - Student may encounter the slow access to the CMS during peak hour - Within the slow access,...   [tags: content management systems]

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Proceed With Caution: The Danger of Interpreting Statistics

- Statistics should be interpreted with caution as they can be misleading; they can both lie and tell the truth. Whether or not people notice the importance of statistics, statistics are used by different cohorts of people from a farmer to an academician and a politician in their everyday life. For example, Cambodian famers produce an average of three tons or rice per hectare, connection about eighty per cent of Cambodian population is a farmer, and at least two million people support party A?. According to the University of Melbourne, statistics are about making conclusive estimates about the present or to predict the future (The University of Melbourne, 2009)....   [tags: Statistics]

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Capstone Project

- An economic management issue in the public sector is unemployment (or joblessness) occurs when individuals are without work and actively applying and looking for work. The unemployment rate is a measure of the prevalence of redundancy and it is calculated as a percentage by dividing the quantity of those unemployed by all individuals currently in the labor force. Throughout periods of recession, an economy usually encounters a relatively high unemployment rate. According to International Labor Organization report, “more than 197 million individuals globally are not in workforce or six percent of the individuals were without a job in 2012.” (Allegretto & Lynch, 2010) Persistently high rates o...   [tags: Unemployment, BLS, GDP]

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Romania: Tourism Project

- Romania is situated in southeast Europe .The Carpathian Mountains divide Romania’s upper half from north to south. North and west of these ranges lies the Transylvanian plateau, and to the south and east are the plains of Moldavia and Walachia. In its last 306 km, the Danube River flows through Romania only. It enters the Black Sea in the northern Dobruja, jut south of the border with Ukraine. Romania, in southeast Europe, is mountainous in the north while the main feature in the south is the vast Danube valley....   [tags: industrial pollution, poor roads, ]

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Research Study on Interactions Between Genes and the Environment in the Causation of Chronic Disease

- Enrolment of community-dwelling adults was performed from the Multi-ethnic Cohort (MEC) of the Singapore Consortium of Cohort Studies (SCCS), a long-term research project started to investigate the interactions between gene and environment in chronic disease causation (Chen et al., 2010). Being a sub cohort of the SCCS, the MEC consists of 9000 community-dwelling healthy Singaporeans with age between 21 to 75 years old, enrolled through public outreach activities and referral for which enrolment is going on (SCCS, 2006)....   [tags: samples, statistics, diagnostics]

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Data and Methodology in Brazil

- Data and Methodology This section will project the parameters of the economic models through its data sources, sample size, and evidently the estimation techniques. This chapter consists of two parts. The first part will introduce the variables together with the reasoning of their selection. The second part will test the variables through hypothesis testing to ensure a fair degree of adequacy for regression analysis. Model Specification The study adopts a comparative approach to examine the effectiveness of fiscal policy in stimulating economic growth under periods of high and/or low economic activity in Brazil....   [tags: economy, statistics, investment]

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Data Collection And Quality Management

- Data Collection and Quality Management Paper Data is collected to learn the effectiveness of a particular tool in preventing defects or to look into the cause of a particular defect (Burrill, Ledolter, p.381 ¶1). Data removes the trepidation and uncertainty of an unknown element. For example, opinions vary from person to person and what one person thinks as good, there is another that thinks otherwise and yet another that may have a neutral opinion. One reason for collecting data is to gain an understanding of the data by organizing and graphing the individual values (Albert, Rossman, p.1 ¶2)....   [tags: Data Statistics]

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The Essentials of Studying Statistics

- The Essentials of Studying Statistics Introduction Making effective business decisions are always based on cost, time and prospect. Calculating money cost, time cost and forecast of return, all are based on marketing research, data mining, information analysis and findings. The way of the finding the answer is statistics. Statistics – The Method of Organizing Data Broadly, statistics is a set of disciplines for study quantitative information. Implied that several methods used to collect or process or interpret quantitative data from large amount of information, then finally generate a calculated number, for example average, mean, standard deviation…etc....   [tags: Statistics]

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What are Descriptive Statistics?

- ... The software that researchers use is often very expensive and has a steep learning curve. But, you don’t have to be a statistician or mathematical genius to use data. Descriptive statistics do not require one to have the statistical software or the statistical knowledge to describe the basic features of the data, but more often than not, descriptive statistics can be very powerful and persuasive when used appropriately. Defenders can use descriptive statistics to present quantitative descriptions of the data in a manageable form and it helps defenders to simplify large amounts of data numerically and/or graphically....   [tags: data, inferencial statistics]

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Descriptive or Expressive Statistics

- Statistics We define statistics as a branch of mathematics as a means to analyze, understand what we observe and explain synopses, so as to create sense and meaning of our explanations and observations. Each day in life we come across information that originates in various forms. This is to means in order to put sense in this information; there is the necessity to use statistics. Though, due to its empirical applications and focus, statistics is typically regarded as a distinctive math’s sciences and not only a math’s branch (Chance et al, 2005) Therefore, in certain tasks a statistician use is less mathematical; for example, ensuring that collection of data is carried out in a way that yie...   [tags: numerical summaries, inferencial statistics]

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Use of Statistics to Analyze the Motion Picture Industry

- Report on the Motion Picture Industry The motion picture industry is just like any other industry and to be successful it must turn a profit on the movies it creates and produces. Everyone loves movies and the motion picture industry does everything in its power to produce movies that will bring in millions of dollars in profits. The motion picture industry has created high grossing movies such as Spider-Man 3 with a total gross of $336,530,303 as well as flops such as Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure, which only brought in $23,746,066....   [tags: descriptive statistics]

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The Clinical Effectiveness of Exercise Training for Patients With Chronic Heart Failure Critique

- Leslie and Buckley (2010) stated that the population they studied was Caucasian males and females between the ages of 47 and 81 years of age. There were twenty two total participants 18 were male and 4 were female. The intervention was identified as Patients attended outpatient supervised exercise training sessions twice a week for 12 weeks…. Each session began with a 10 to 15 minute warm up period, consisting of free arm and leg movements, stretches and breathing exercises. This was followed by 22 minutes of exercise training, comprising of aerobic and low intensity resistance exercises…....   [tags: Nursing Research Project]

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Statistic: Data Collection and Sampling

- Sampling is the raw resource which enables the quantitative researcher gain insight on the target population. In the past half-century, Haer & Becher (2012) note that surveys have become the ubiquitous data gathering devices serving many researchers purposes for assembling data in person or by mail. Nevertheless, the purpose of the survey is designed to gather valuable data, however, even more important is the design and in the way it is conducted ethically. Sampling strategies can be diverse depending on the resources and time available to a researcher....   [tags: target population, statistics]

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Statistical Methods in Quality Management: Descriptive Statistics

- Quality management frequently uses statistical methods to identify the existence of a quality problem and to analyze the root cause of the problem. Statistical methods require the collection of numerical data related to a process under investigation. The data can then be used to identify trends that can affect quality such as the rate of variance in the outcomes of a production process. The descriptive or inferential analysis of the statistical methods can also provide information about the most likely causes of the problem....   [tags: histogram, inferencial statistics, data]

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The Importance of Statistics

- Whether or not people notice the importance of statistics, people is using them in their everyday life. Statistics have been more and more important for different cohorts of people from a farmer to an academician and a politician. For example, Cambodian famers produce an average of three tons or rice per hectare, about eighty per cent of Cambodian population is a farmer, at least two million people support party A, and so on. According to the University of Melbourne, statistics are about to make conclusive estimates about the present or to predict the future (The University of Melbourne, 2009)....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Establishing a Project Vision for the Recruiting Solutions Project

- Introduction Project Management. The very term evokes images of project managers pouring over Gantt charts, assigning work out to their teams, and soliciting updates. By definition, project management entails significant management, but what about leadership. The two are by no means mutually exclusive, but how do they differ. One definition suggests management is the art of getting people to get things done; leadership is the art of getting people to want to get things done. Researchers Dale Christenson and Derek Walker believe leadership is critical for any project and a project vision “is a significant contributing factor to project success” (39)....   [tags: Project Analysis]

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The Edge Project

- The Edge Project was a combined project between the Australian Government Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS) and Centrelink in order to develop a professional system for the Family Assistance Office (FAO). It was a processing application, for the administration of claims and payments for people applying for entitlement to family-related payments. However, SoftLaw is a private sector company that supplied software and expertise for the development. Thus, the ANAO considers whether management of the project, and decisions made during the project, were in accordance with better practice for the Edge project....   [tags: Project Analysis ]

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Gold Selling Project Analysis

- The project will move into the development phase after each of the agreement parties approve and sign off the information of this document. These parties are: firstly, the mullock heap owner which is the government of NSW including Northern NSW, Safeguarding the Environment Dept, and the NSW town of Kempsey (The mayor); secondly, the gold buyer which is the Australian Mint (Mint); Finally, The gold seller which is the company Eastern Gold Pty Limited (Eastern) including the board members, and project team members....   [tags: Project Analysis]

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Sothwark Cathendraw Millenium Project

- The Southwark Cathedral is the oldest cathedral church building in London with evidence showing that there might have been a church on the site since AD 606. It lies on the south bank of the river Thames close to London Bridge and it acquired the status of cathedral in the year 1905 after it became the seat of the Anglican Bishop of the new diocese of Southwark (Sacred destinations, 1995-2011). The millennium commission partly funded a project on the cathedral renovations which was given the name; Southwark Cathedral Millennium Project....   [tags: Project Analysis ]

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3M Mining Project Proposal

- Executive Summary Summary and Conclusions The proposed 3M mining project would provide measurable benefits to the Shasta County economy. It would also provide much needed revenue to Shasta County, as well as its incorporated cities, and schools. Economic activity would be enhanced through expenditures for construction, maintenance, fees, taxes, capital expenditures, and general day to day operations. Spending by the mine during construction will give a large one time boost to the Shasta County economy, and annual operation costs will provided economic and fiscal impact far into the future....   [tags: Project Proposal]

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Project Plan Inception

- A Project Introduction and a Project Plan Project Deliverable 1: Project Plan Inception: The scope of this project revolves around the addition of new resources and expansion of existing systems and hardware. This will provide an avenue for a larger entity that has the capability to deliver in an efficient and effective manner. A hybrid model such as cloud technologies will provide the appropriate structure relevant for a large and growing entity as per the proposed merger. A cloud technology can be hosted within and outside the entity for security reasons and maintenance issues....   [tags: project introduction, project plan]

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Regional Planning

- A lot of people do not understand that regional planning is important for land development but most of them don’t care. Land development is very important to a community because without it,it would not be anything there or just a useless spot with nothing there.(According to Dr. David Prytherch on November 13,2013).In Miami University they teach planners techniques about being a regional planner. When individuals are at the University everyone has to be dedicated to the program. Plus individuals have to be willing to want to learn about the job and take it seriously....   [tags: land development, technology, group, project]

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Definition and Phases of Project Management

- ... Project Must be complete within the giving budget. Project must be within the scope. Project must be according to the standard of the customer quality or as per customer demand. Phases of project Life cycle There are four types of phases in the project Life cycle all are mentioned bellow: 1. Initiation Phase 2. Planning Phase 3. Execution Phase 4. Closure Phase Initiation Phase: It describes the initial phase of your current project. In this phase you define scope of the project and the purpose of the project....   [tags: project management triangle, planning]

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Barron's AP Statistics

- I read Barron’s How to Prepare for the AP Statistics Exam. A very educational book helped a lot on the AP test. It clarified ideas that I was uncertain on. It helped me to understand when to use each test and the assumptions needed for each test. Type I and Type II errors were explained in such a way that they became crystal clear to me instead of muddy. Computer and Minitab outputs were thoroughly explained, and I became comfortable with them after reading this book. The Barron’s guide also formatted equations in the same manner as the AP equation sheet, which helped me become familiar with this format before going into the AP test....   [tags: Advanced Placement Statistics]

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Optimism Bias in Project Management

- Introduction Projects are widely used by many organizations and government institutions in the course of conducting their business. One of the reasons for this is because they have been proven to be effective in initiating change and translating strategic programs into daily activities. However, it has been established that most projects fail to deliver on time, budget, and customer specifications. In most cases, this failure is caused by over-optimism by the project management team. This over-optimism commonly referred to as optimism bias can simply be defined as overestimating the projects benefits and conversely underestimating its cost and duration time....   [tags: Project Management Essays]

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Impact of the Manhattan Project

- The Manhattan Project had various short and long term affects around the world. Primarily, the research done to create an atomic bomb led to the discovery of how to harness nuclear power which affects our lives to this day. However, the Manhattan Project also led to the creation of two more atomic bombs which would be used in WWII, radiation poisoning resulting in the death of many , fear of nuclear weapons during the Cold War, the end of the Second World War which was still taking place in Japan, and the threat of nuclear weapons around the world that still exists....   [tags: Manhattan Project, atomic bombs, ]

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Mustard Seed Project

- He told them another parable, “The Kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and perch in its branches”. Matthew 13:31-32 This was the verse the Lord has put in our heart when the WEC Team was preparing to hand over Community Health & Education project (CHE) comprising of an informal primary school as well as a local church started by WEC Cambodia in 2001 & 2004 respectively....   [tags: Project Reflection]

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