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We Must Stop The Gas Station

- Our customers have places to go, but hate stopping at the gas station. Whether they’re home, at the office, or out running errands, GEasy will solve the tedious, and irritating experience of having to find a gas station and fill up their tank. They simply download our app, choose the type of fuel, the amount they want, where their car is located and the timeframe they want it in. We take care of the rest. Our app will automatically find the lowest price of gas within a 20 mile radius of our customer’s vehicle, adjust our pricing accordingly, and simply add a $5 fee....   [tags: Gasoline, Petroleum, Filling station, Diesel fuel]

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Ezra Pound's In a Station of the Metro

- Ezra Pound's In a Station of the Metro Before this week, I had never read any poetry by Ezra Pound. I noticed immediately that many of the poems are very short. "In a Station of the Metro," for example, is two lines. In the essay "Imagism," the second rule of imagistes is said to be "to use absolutely no word that did not contribute to the presentation." I think this rule helps explain why some of Pound's poems are so short. Obeying the second rule of imagistes will be harder the longer the poem is....   [tags: Ezra Pound Station of the Metro Essays]

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Autobiography at an Air-Station by Philip Larkin

- Autobiography at an Air-Station by Philip Larkin Progress is in the eye of the beholder. Throughout the years society has forced nature out of its life and has instead adopted a new mechanical and industrialized lifestyle. Technology may be deemed as progress by some, where it is thought of as a positive advancement for mankind. Yet technology can also be a hindrance for society, by imposing itself on society and emptying the meaning out of life. In “Autobiography at an Air-Station,” Philip Larkin conveys his distaste of how society has denounced nature....   [tags: Autobiography Air-Station Philip Larkin Essays]

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Elizabeth Bishop's Poem Filling Station

- Elizabeth Bishop's Poem "Filling Station" In poetry many elements are used to bring life to a literary work. Some of these include style, structure, imagery, diction, and allusion. In Elizabeth Bishop's poem, Filling Station, the author uses them skillfully to create meaning in a story that otherwise would be banal. Her usage of expressive details supports the writing which helps the reader to imagine what the author is describing. Her style also appeals to the readers emotions and imagination to draw them into her harsh reality....   [tags: Elizabeth Bishop Filling Station Poetry Essays]

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The Station Fire

- Station Fire “How is it that one match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box of matches to start a campfire?” The Station fire started Wednesday August 26th, 2009 at approx. 03:30 PM at the Los Angeles River Ranger District / Angeles National Forest, burning over 250 square miles equivalent to 160,577 acres. This fire has claimed the lives of 2 L.A. county fire fighters. Even though the Station Fire was controlled using the unified command with experienced personal, was the number of resources assigned, the level of training of officers, and response time adequate for such a large and devastating wild land fire....   [tags: Case Study, solution]

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The Story of the Skylab Space Station

- Human minds cannot comprehend how colossal an idea like space is. To obtain a firmer understanding of what or who is floating around up there, scientists all around the world invest their entire fortune and lives into exploring the unknown. Many explorations have proven successful in expanding human knowledge about space, but Skylab, America’s first space station, has demonstrated triumphant in three different space missions documenting the foreign world (Dunbar, “Part I”). Skylab Space Station was a revolutionary development in the history of space exploration with its many missions and daily life for its astronauts....   [tags: successful NASA projects]

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My Service At The Way Station

- I decided to do my service ours at the Way Station in downtown Frederick. The Way Station is a not-for-profit organization providing behavioral health care, housing and employment services to adults with mental illness and developmental disabilities. They also work with children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral challenges. The Way station is run by mostly psychology graduates providing evidence based programs and activities to help these unfournate people through everyday activities....   [tags: Psychology, Educational psychology, Disability]

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Research Methods For A Radio Station

- RESEARCH METHODS In my time in Lakeland radio (8 working days – 55 hours) I focused on collecting qualitative data mainly from observing and interviewing vie email. Initially I wanted to conduct a survey with other students but after a few days in the radio station I realised I would like to do my research with a perspective focusing more on what happens in the studio and processes that keep a radio station going than focus on the audience they are trying to reach. I realise that collecting quantitative data with methods like surveys would benefit my research with another point of view, it also allows “for a broader study, involving a greater number of subjects, and enhancing the generalisat...   [tags: Scientific method, Qualitative research]

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An Expressionist Play : A Station Drama

- An expressionist play makes subjectivity the main point. It also is known as a station drama that refers to religion process to being saved. Some formal features that are in an expressionist play have many characters with big monologs. Characters with titles instead of names. The play would have crossfading scenes because this was a moment in theater in the 1920s when cinema expanded. The dialogue was more lyrically poetry based with sound escapes throughout the scenes. A play that has these traits to classify as an expressionist play is The Good Person Of Setzuan....   [tags: God, Good and evil, English-language films]

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The Death Of The Gas Station

- On September 14th, 2015 he left the apartment that he was living at to pick up some food to bring back to the apartment, but before he could buy any food he had to make a stop at a gas station to fill up his dad’s truck that he had been driving at the time. When he arrived at the gas station, he pulled up to one of the gas pumps and parked. After he put the truck in park, he unintentionally nodded off to sleep because of the opiates that he had consumed before leaving the apartment. While he was in a blackout, he began talking to himself because he was malnourished and running on a minimal amount of sleep....   [tags: American films, English-language films]

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Your search returned over 400 essays for "station"
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