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Is State Funding Necessary For College?

- If you could change your life or another individual’s life with just one decision…. would you. There are many citizens in society today that had the potential for college but could not afford it. Now their knowledge being put to waste. Also,many careers are asking for college degrees as well as high school diplomas. So those who are smart enough for college have to settle for low paying jobs. Some may how are you going to afford it. The money today is being used for ineffective reasons, such as construction projects getting started but not getting finished....   [tags: College, Higher education, United States]

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Northwest State College

- Northwest State College Introduction Recruiting is becoming an essential function of Human Resource Management. As labor markets continue to shift, recruiting needs to be incorporated into strategic HR planning since its fundamental purpose is to fill positions that are critical in achieving organizational goals. This paper will focus on what would cause an individual to not consider a position, the approval procedure for applicants, and components of an ideal recruiting system using the supplemental case: Northwest State College....   [tags: Human Resources, Recruiting]

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Pensacola State College: Student Experience

- With this semester being my first at Pensacola State College, it has gave me the opportunity to compare it to other schools I have been enrolled in. Currently, I am over half way done the semester, but during the course of it, I have gained a great amount of knowledge that I do not believe that I would of got at another college. Pensacola State College has been great in every aspect, from the online schooling to registration, which made becoming a student here seamless. Registering for classes at Pensacola State College was as easy as could be....   [tags: Online, Courses]

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The Issue Of The State Community College

- Introduction: I come from a nation where education is cheaper and standard of living is comparatively lower and less expensive. However, I decided to gain knowledge that would help me in a long run. It’s not like the education system in my country is not good, but it’s just that the degree is definitely not going to help in other places; the degree is not accepted universally. So I decided to come here in United States. I chose the Bishop State Community College because the education here is comparatively good and cheaper than the other well known universities....   [tags: Student, Education, International student]

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Democratic State Of The Electoral College

- The current system that elects Presidents in the United States, the Electoral College, is in dire need of reform that would update the process to more accurately represent the will of voters. The outdated system that is the Electoral College concentrates its focus particularly on higher populated areas within states that then casts its Electoral votes to only one Presidential candidate. Despite multiple attempts by federal and state governments to change the process, only two states, Maine and Nebraska, implore a district voting system that tallies votes within a respective district and then awards its Electoral votes to a Presidential candidate regardless of how other districts within the s...   [tags: Elections, Election, Voting]

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Questions On State Community College

- Motlow State Community College Department of Nursing Education NURS 1420 Perioperative Written Assignment Answer the following questions related to a client you followed in the perioperative experience. 1. What preoperative tests were done on your client. If no preoperative tests were done, discuss the purpose of a CBC, BMP, INR and UA for the client going to surgery. In-text citations may be appropriate. Name of Test Result Significance of test IN THE SURGICAL CLIENT CBC RBC Count, Anemia, Bleeding, and Infection (Pagana & Pagana, 2014, p.440, 526) BMP Kidney Function, Glucose Levels, Electrolytes/Fluids (WebMD, 2014) INR Clotting Mechanisms (Pagana & Pagana, 2014, p....   [tags: Anesthesia, Surgery, Opioid, Surgical instrument]

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Racism and Prejudice at State College

- Racism and Prejudice at State College America: the home of the brave and the free, the "melting pot." America: a society of endless possibilities and promises. We as Americans have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Or do we. On what do these rights depend. Power. Power is the ability to influence another's mind. Though expressed in many ways, power is not always accessible. One's social, economic, ethical, and racial status determine how much power one can have--the cultural majority has the power....   [tags: Sociology Racism Prejudice Essays]

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How The Palm Beach State College Registration Process

- Upon analyzing on how the Palm Beach State College registration process was being used by students, we can see that technology is the main focus of the registration process. Technology and job design have been incorporated into the registration process to make it an easier process. There are numerous steps in the design of the registration process that need to be followed step by step. However, there is one step in the registration process that should be reengineered into the system to help a degree seeking student to register for a course in the Bachelors of Applied Science degree program....   [tags: University, Academic degree, Associate's degree]

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Leadership Styles At Palm Beach State College

- Leadership Styles at Palm Beach State College Palm Beach State College (PBSC) has been serving its community since nineteen thirty three. During these eighty three years of service, PBSC has become the go to college for traditional students leaving high school and nontraditional students returning after several years. An approximation of sixty percent of the students that leave high school attend PBSC, thirty percent attend the nearby Florida Atlantic University (FAU), and the remaining ten percent attend elsewhere (Executive 5, personal communication, April 12, 2016)....   [tags: Management, Leadership]

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Making State College a Student Friendly Campus

- There are many advantages to attending a small college when you choose to further your academic journey: cheaper tuition, lower teacher-student ratio, as well as, guaranteed placement into a four year college upon completion. However, the gross discrimination between resources made available to full time students as opposed to those made available to part time, working, nontraditional students, overshadows the benefits, and this is the reason students consider spending their educational dollars at other institutions....   [tags: Argumentative Essay, Persuasive Essay]

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Graduation Speech : College At Kent State University

- When you look at young people today I think it’s safe to say that they all share the same hopes and dreams to a certain degree. For some it is the dream of continuing their education at the college level and deciding on a major that will not only help them be successful but will also provide a level of happiness. For me, As I progress through my first semester as a college freshman at Kent State University There are aspects of college that have surprised me, things that have made me proud, and certain things that I have learned that I need to be better at....   [tags: High school, University, College, Youth]

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Strike at San Fransisco State College

- Strike at San Fransisco State College In the meantime at San Francisco State College, students in the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF), a coalition of African-American, Latino, and Asian-American student groups, began demanding reforms that addressed the concerns of students of color and the surrounding community. After more than a year of negotiating with the school and organizing students, they called a strike on November 6, 1968, that became the longest student strikein United States history....   [tags: Papers]

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Attending Bishop State Community College After High School

- I made my decision to attend Bishop State Community College after high school because it was important to my parents ' ' and myself to have a great transition from high school to college at a gradual pace; with the goal of eventually transferring to a university. I was extremely focused on finding a career that matches my passion in the areas of sciences and the years I would like to spend on my education. I never gave a thought about looking into honor societies at my college. In fact, I did not think I had the qualification to be invited to join any honor society; for Instant, I assume I had to have a large resume of volunteering and had the assumption that my grade point average had to be...   [tags: High school, College, Phi Theta Kappa]

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The New Text Messaging Reference Service at Prairie State College Library

- This proposal recommends the implementation of a new text- messaging reference service at the Prairie State College library. This service would extend the library’s current limited virtual services, by allowing students to send and receive answers to reference questions via text outside the library’s physical location, as well as normal business hours. To ensure cost effective implementation, the service would take advantage of the university’s current email system, allowing librarians to receive and respond to reference inquiries sent via text through an online platform....   [tags: library, online, cost, plan]

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The Russian Federation Palm Beach State College : Position Paper For The Security Council

- Delegation from Represented by Russian Federation Palm Beach State College Position Paper for the Security Council The topics before the Security Council are: The Situation in Iraq; Measures to Combat Terrorism in Africa; and Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Security Sector Reform. The Russian Federation recognizes sovereignty and multilateralism as fundamental pillars for the peaceful and respectful coexistence among all members of the international community. We look forward to working with other delegations in order to achieve best results in our common endeavors....   [tags: United Nations, United Nations Security Council]

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Analysis Of ' Doubt By John Patrick Shanley At The Gordon State College Theatre

- The play I attended and am doing my performance analysis on is “Doubt, a Parable” by John Patrick Shanley at the Gordon State College Theatre. I would like to start off by saying the play was quite moving and had a lot of meaning behind it. Shanley did a wonderful job at touching on subjects that were problematic for that time period. In 1964 homosexuality and race were not the only issues present but they were tremendous issues then, some may argue that they still are today. In this analysis I will focus on my opinion of the acting, design, and directing of the production....   [tags: Actor, Acting, Character, Theatre]

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The State Of The Outdated Electoral College

- A recent article published by The Week news, Paul Waldman declares it is time to be rid of the outdated Electoral College. Waldman claims that the current system does not give Presidential candidates incentive to campaign in any states and not just swing states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. To prove this, a tweet by President Elect Donald Trump was quoted, "If the election were based on total popular vote I would have campaigned in N.Y., Florida, and California, and won even bigger and more easily," showing where candidates prioritize their campaigns: to win states, not people....   [tags: Election, Elections, Voting, Voting system]

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College Campus Of Kansas State University

- Now, the ultimate question, are the people of today 's society addicted to their phones or media devices in general. A study was done on the college campus of Kansas State University asking students questions about their phones. Ninety-nine percent of the college students on campus owned a cell phone, to which the researcher behind the project replied with surprise that it was not 100 percent. One reason that people seem to be attached to their phone is because it is one 's own possession. A phone is not shared or lent to others; it is something with "individual ownership." Ownership of something as nice as a phone makes people feel like they have a little piece of power....   [tags: Mobile phone, Cellular network]

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College Students At Arizona State University

- This is the simplest and also the hardest question that people ask themselves every day. What should I eat today. People concern themselves with this question everyday. As college students at Arizona State University, students eat a lot in the Memorial Union which is the cafeteria at ASU. There are several different kinds of food for students to eat, but there is still a limited type of food for students to choose. It is because most of food shops in Memorial Union provide greasy food. For example, students can find both Burger King and Chick-Fil-A in Memorial Union, but both of them are selling fast food which are fried and really greasy....   [tags: Nutrition, Time, Fruit, Food]

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Black Mountain State : A Positive Portrayal Of College Drug

- Many depictions of drugs in today’s media are portrayed in several ways, such as positive and a fun activity, or illegal and mind-altering. College settings are open to either portraying drugs as something acceptable that everyone does or singling out a specific person and making it a big deal. A television show titled Blue Mountain State, airing from 2010-2011, is a prime example of a positive portrayal of college drug use. Positive is not to say that it is good for health, but rather that it is acceptable and everyone does it....   [tags: Drug, Drug addiction, Illegal drug trade]

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College Life at Bemidji State University

- Bemidji State University is considered a small campus, yet, there is a descent amount of different buildings that encompass the campus. After observing the campus, there were so many different things I had ideas for that would change the social experience for student on this campus. Being a freshman, the area that I feel I have the best knowledge of on campus is the dorms, and how it can affect your overall experience at school. The dorms are designed by grouping together different students; which are based on what year they are in, if they play sports, what their major is, and if they are a foreign exchange student, then it can also be based on where they came from....   [tags: segregation and judgement in higher education]

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The State Of Louisiana 's First College Tuition Program

- In 1989, the state of Louisiana founded its first college tuition program as a result of the educational initiatives of Mr. Patrick Taylor, which was funded through personal funds. The name of this program eventually evolved to TOPS which stands for the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students. This plan was put into place to encourage students to maintain high academic standards in high school and to promote the option of college at no cost to the student as a reward for meeting the requirements and standards that has been set....   [tags: High school, Education, Standardized test]

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My First Year Of College At Oklahoma State University

- There is a vast expanse of human relationships possible in the world. Some last and some do not. Some are friendly and some are loving. When you think relationship, you associate it with a bond to someone or something that you would go through thick and thin with to keep that bond, such as a best friend or a romantic partner. I did not know it in the beginning but I was lucky enough to have my best friend and partner in the same person. I met Leah at a Basketball tournament I was attending on Christmas break during my first year of college at Oklahoma State University....   [tags: Interpersonal relationship, Friendship]

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Bemidji State University - The Right College For Me

- College is a serious path through life that guides and pushes a person to complete their goals and dreams. That is why it’s important to chose carefully and plan for a solid investment for life. Bemidji State University has been leading towards this point, providing an excellent business and science department with an active and open campus. The other school of interest is the University of Minnesota, which is in the abundant Twin Cities and has one of the Top management schools in the nation, which is Carlson school of Business....   [tags: Education Goals]

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Free Narrative Essay - Our Big Trip to State College

- Our Big Trip to State College Overwhelming, there is simply no other way of putting the impact that my first "big trip to State College" had on me. The weekend had the potential to be an explosive one, but I had no idea that it would take the turn it did. We began our trip with a stop at Sheetz, picking up all of the necessary goods, such as gas, beef jerky, and cigarettes. One might be thinking, how can one trip to State College be any different than any other....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essays]

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The Soft-serve Ice Cream Machine has Improved Life at State College

- The Soft-serve Ice Cream Machine has Improved Life at State College When students returned to State College after Christmas vacation, they found a new entity in the Marriott. In the southern corner of the rust tiled dining room—inconspicuous yet bright like the last present under the Christmas tree—stood a stainless steel, soft-serve ice cream machine. Like it or not, the students had known the machine was coming. As much as they had loved their scoop-it-yourself ice cream freezer with its vast selection of hard ice creams and sherbets, they had accepted the fact that change was inevitable—that a mechanized, stylish, and expensive contraption would replace their bicep-pumping scoop system....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Personal Narrative : My Undergraduate College Degree At Weber State University

- Tania’s Autobiographical Essay Finishing my undergraduate college degree at Weber State University and obtaining a BS in Psychology and a minor in Women and Gender Studies made it clearer my innate desire to become a Social worker. I am a Hispanic American originally born in Peru that immigrated to the states about 17 years ago. When I came to the states I started working cleaning cars in a car wash and later a worked in a production manufacturing. I knew I have to do whatever it takes for the survival of my family, but in my mind always was the desire to go to college and get an education to be a better provider for my family and fulfill the requirements that would allow me to have the cre...   [tags: Sociology, Master of Social Work, High school]

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The Second Goal Of This Program

- The second goal of this program is to motivate students to do better in classes, learn more, and create a more knowledgeable youth. Although there has been an increase in GPAs due to these programs in the states in which they are implemented. Studies show that these changes may not be due to increase in knowledge but rather due to students trying to cheat the system. Students try to take fewer credits, take easier classes, drop out of hard courses, choose easier majors, and petition poor grades to maintain their merit aid....   [tags: University, College, Education, State]

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The Differences Between The And Oxford And Cambridge

- Aristocratic. Ha... I hear you muttering under your breath. You know that Oxbridge only exists for the worlds’ privileged aristocratic youth strutting their arrogant stuff with expectations of wealth and power. You think it is rare that a state educated pupil makes an impact in these hallowed halls and cloisters. Think again. Both Oxford and Cambridge are vibrant, diverse and complicated places that defy a ‘pigeon hole’ description. Yes, there are still pockets that try and preserve that aristocratic perception....   [tags: Education, University, College, State]

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Arizona State University ( Asu ) College Of Nursing & Health Innovation 's ( Con ) Undergraduate Program Completion

- Arizona State University (ASU) College of Nursing & Health Innovation’s (CON) undergraduate program has ten undergraduate program completion outcomes. ASU’s outcomes are brief but concise reflecting the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP) recommendations, nursing courses and sufficiently reflecting the mission statement. The language utilized in the outcomes appropriately describes student behaviors and describe learning outcomes not processes. Overall the outcomes were well written with a few suggestions to make the statements stronger by using Bloom’s Taxonomy verbs....   [tags: Nursing, Nursing care plan, Health promotion]

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Choosing a College: Case Western Reserve University vs. The Ohio State University

- Graduating from high school is a huge achievement. Senior year is when all the important decisions had to be made, including whether to attend college or not. The next major choice I had to make as a high school student was selecting a college to attend. There are a variety of factors that finfluenced the final decision. Some of these factors included financial aid, reputation , college experience and college size. Choosing acceptance to Case Western Reserve University was a better choice compared to The Ohio State University....   [tags: compare and contrast]

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My Life At A First World Country

- My hardships and problems come in few, compared to others. I live in a first world country, and my family is in good health and social standing. A problem I have had is finding the inspiration and drive to think about applying and attending to college, I thought my interests were too simple, I thought they were something I could not find a successful job in. The resolution to this problem was my realization of the huge group of supporters I have and my drive to accomplish my goals. These realizations led me to Morgan State University....   [tags: College, High school, Morgan State University]

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My Life After High School

- Two years ago if someone would have asked me what I was doing with my life after high school I would have giving a totally different answer then where I actually ended up. As a junior in high school I went through a roller-coaster of emotions as I was trying to figure out who I was and where I was going to be in the next few years. I have always loved being artsy and creative so I began my junior year thinking that I was going to go to either Ball State or the School of Advertising Art for visual communications....   [tags: High school, Want, College, Kent State University]

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The Fight Against Tuition

- Many college students depend on grants from the government to pay for their college education. Unfortunately, now more than ever, students are going to depend on those grants, because the Arizona Board of Regents has approved the raise of tuition at ASU, U of A, and NAU. The meeting for this approval took place on April 4, 2013. Regents gathered, and after the vote took place, the choice to spike up tuition was made. The incoming students at Arizona’s three major universities face a tuition rise of 3-5%; depending on which university they will attend (Associated Press)....   [tags: college, education, state funding, Arizona, funds]

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Pursuing My Graphic Design Program

- Times is ticking down until I finally get to walk the stage and receive a Scottsburg High School diploma along my friends and fellow classmates. One thing rushes through my head as time gets closer. I can not decide where I want to pursue my graphic design career. Indiana University Southeast a public college, closest to home and very affordable, also a division three school has much to offer and wonderful campus life. Austin Peay State University is an out-of-state public school that has a great art and design program....   [tags: College, High school, Austin Peay State University]

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Laptops Vs. Tablets Essay

- Laptops vs. Tablets As you are transitioning from high school to college you are faced with many arduous decisions. One of these dilemmas would be choosing what kind of technology you want to use at school: a laptop or a tablet. My opinion for you, as a high school student transitioning to college, would be to choose a laptop because they are superior to tablets in many ways. Imagine yourself in a college classroom writing an essay or making a power-point on your tablet. Suddenly, you attempt to save the assignment, and you get a notification that says you do not have any storage left to save the work you have slaved over to get finished....   [tags: High school, College, Solid-state drive]

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Failing School Or Struggling Students?

- Failing School or Struggling Students. Most people say that going to elementary school, middle school, and high school is one of the easiest moments in a person’s life, but for some kids in Georgia the same cannot be said. It’s hard to focus on school when there are other problems on a child’s mind. In the article, “Big Test Ahead for Struggling Ga. Schools,” Andre Jackson addressed both sides the debate of letting the state control failing schools. He creates a strong argument by using pathos to create sympathy for the struggling children but is weakened by the lack of statistics and sources....   [tags: High school, College, Middle school, State]

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Difference Between State And Out Of State Tuition

- Works Cited “What Is The Difference Between In-State And Out-Of-State Tuition?” Education USA. United States Department of State, n.d. Web. 9 Oct. 2016. . This video explains what “In-State” and “Out-of-State” means. It explains why you may be considered an in-state student and how you can potentially become one, if you are not already in a state. It is very reliable because the government produced this video to help educate teens and parents with college choices. They use very simple language and are not trying to sugar coat it....   [tags: Education, College, School, 2015]

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Portland State University : University

- Portland State University Located in the “Heart” of Portland Oregon is PSU, a large public university, 50 acres, with a total student population of 28,000, with 21,980 undergraduates and 41% graduating within six years of admittance. 70% return for sophomore year and the calendar type for this college is Quarters. This college offers certificate, bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees and the most popular for a bachelor 's degree is business/marketing, social sciences, health professions and psychology....   [tags: Academic degree, High school, College]

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College Students All Over The World Need Grants

- College students all over the world need grants and scholarships to be able to get an education, and many cannot get this education if there were no such thing as government and state grants. The United States offers a great amount of financial aid and help to their college students, but Illinois is taking its toll on this. The state of Illinois is planning on getting rid of the MAP grant, which is known as the biggest source of money for students. The MAP grant is known as the Monetary Award Program that provides grants to Illinois students based off of their need for it and it does not need to be repaid (Monetary)....   [tags: Education, University, U.S. state]

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Working And Studying At Georgia State University

- Working and studying at Georgia State University, Perimeter College has changed my outlook for the better in so many aspects. When I started college, late and halfway through the semester, my views on life and school were mediocre at best. It seemed, at the time, the only logical explanation was because I was dissatisfied and desperately discontent with my life. Under these circumstances, I entered Student Life. From then, it was like there was no other place I could have ever belonged. November 21, 2015 was the first day I started my involvement as a student worker....   [tags: High school, College, Leadership, School]

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Chief Academic Officer At Penn State University

- I appreciate the opportunity to be considered as a candidate for the position of Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer at Penn State Greater Allegheny. Over my long academic career I have had opportunities to gain a wide variety of experiences that prepared me well for this position. My current position is Dean of the College of Information and Mathematical Sciences at Clayton State University, a 4-year comprehensive state university in the University System of Georgia. As the chief academic officer for the College, I am responsible for leading the college forward in the areas of curriculum development and assessment, providing support for faculty and student development, managing a budget o...   [tags: University, Academia, Academic degree, College]

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A New High School At Austin Peay State University

- A New High School What is the most difficult thing for one to do. This answer varies from person to person. However, for me the answer is facing my fears. I had to do this my junior year of high school when I decided to transfer to a new high school. My biggest fear at the time was being in new situations and new places. It made me anxious to be in a situation or place I was not comfortable with. This fear was keeping me from new opportunities and experiences in my life. Then one day I heard about a school on Austin Peay’s campus called Middle College at Austin Peay State University....   [tags: High school, Middle school, College, School]

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The Rules Of Weber State University

- One of the rules of Weber State University that I do not agree with is the school not paying their athletes. It is also not just Weber State, it is all the colleges in the United States. I understand that schools give out numerous scholarships and money for certain things. However that is still not enough for what athletes bring to college sports. I think schools should give a percentage of what teams make off the players. Athletes have also reported to their coaches and others that sometimes they go to bed hungry....   [tags: Education, College, School, Student]

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From The Bureau Of State Lottery

- From the Bureau of State Lottery Dr. Martin distributed training information that will take place on October 27 in Taylor, Michigan. They are offering training on Charity Game Tickets, Bingo, and Raffles. Lighthouse Status Dr. Martin congratulated Terry Joseph and the Manor community for being awarded Lighthouse Status. Terry mentioned that Manor is in its fourth year as a Leader in Me school. This program is about providing students with opportunities to be leaders and to understand what being a leader means....   [tags: High school, College, Education]

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The Common Core State Standards

- Common Core—two words that incite fear into many education professionals. However, since it was first introduced in 2009, the storm has somewhat calmed. Yes, it is still a topic of great debate and a heated political subject, but the difference that six years has made is that we now have a wealth of information based on facts and research rather than just hasty and passionate opinions. You will still find a plethora of opinions from educators and bystanders alike, but amongst the opinions are well-rooted facts that if sifted through, can leave you standing with an opinion of your own....   [tags: Education, United States, College]

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State Universities Should Lower Tuition

- What to do after graduation. This is a question many high school students ask themselves as they near the end of their senior year. Most students will want to go on to higher education and continue their studies to receive a degree in something they are passionate about. Unfortunately, some of these students don't have enough money or receive enough financial aid to attend the schools they dream of; and most of the ones that do, graduate with a huge debt due caused by student loans. Over recent years, state universities, whether public or private, have been raising their tuition rates and fees....   [tags: State Colleges Should Lower Tuition]

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The Power of Penn State University

- The importance of a college degree and a good education remains indisputable, yet college carries a secondary purpose in providing an experience full of freedom and opportunities. The nation recognizes Penn State University for not only its academic excellence, but also for the “college experience” that accompanies the education. When older adults look back on their own college experiences, many think back on the “stupid things they did” with endearing feelings and refer to them as “good times” or “golden days”....   [tags: Penn State Essays]

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Starting at State University

- Since starting at Community College, my first and foremost priority has been my academics. I started as a fulltime student in the fall of 2009 nevertheless, I will have enough credits to transfer with an associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences for the spring semester of 2010. This is partially because I took college classes in high school and partially because I am not the type of person to take a light course load. I strive for academic excellence and I accept nothing less. I hope to transfer to the University of Pittsburgh because I want to complete a bachelor’s degree in biology and unfortunately, the Community College is only a two-year institution....   [tags: college admissions essays]

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The Common Core State Standards

- The Common Core State Standards, or CCSS, are high-quality academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy (ELA) (Core, n.d.). The CCSS were designed by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSS0) and the National Governors Association (Wallender, 2014). The effort to launch this state-led initiative started in 2009 (Core, n.d.). Teachers, administrators, and content experts drafted the ELA and Mathematics CCSS by evaluating feedback from the public to prepare students for college and the workplace (VanTassel-Baska, 2015)....   [tags: Education, High school, College, School]

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Making College Beneficial

- Furthering one’s education beyond high school level should be a benefit rather than a burden. Many people believe it is the key to social mobility and an opportunity to become successful. However, with the increasing tuition of institution of higher education, students find it rather hard to decide whether continuing their education is beneficial. Most people will agree that furthering your educational career is beneficial, whether it is to move up to a higher class or just nurturing the minds....   [tags: Student Aid, State Legislature]

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Disabilities and Poverty in Washington State

- My service project took me back to Special Olympics Washington where I volunteered in 3 different program opportunities; Coaching Bowling, Assistant Directing the play for Friendship Theatre, and acting as a college member to the States Youth Activation Committee. I spent roughly 36 hours total this quarter working directly with the local Tacoma, Federal Way and Seattle Special Populations, 12 of these hours as part of a paid coaching program for the Federal Way Special Populations Grade School Bowling Program....   [tags: State Programs, Special Olympics, Disabled]

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The Separation Of Government Between State And Federal Laws

- Federalism has a very important impact on american history, it 's based on the relationship between the u.s. government and the each government in our fifty states. That 's very important because we have laws that need to be enforced everyday. The separation of government between state and federal laws can help give us an understanding of what both mean and how big of an impact it has on us as a nation. A major topic that always gets discussed is the legalization of marijuana. Many people smoke pot because in some states it 's legal, but if they go to court they can be guilty because it 's against federal law to smoke pot....   [tags: U.S. state]

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Overview of San Diego State University and Admissions

- San Diego State University was founded to educate elementary school teachers in 1897, making it the oldest university in the geographic region. The original training center for students was a room located over a retail establishment in the city. By the 1930s, the university had its own 17-acre campus and began to expand to offer additional majors. Today, 20,000 students each year are able to enroll in majors such as science, business and engineering at a larger campus with multiple specialized buildings....   [tags: College, California]

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College Is A Stressful Topic For College

- In life people are asked to make decisions that could potentially affect them for the rest of their time on earth. Decisions affect every part of you mentally, emotionally, and physically. A major time in a life to make decisions is senior year of high school. Students not only have to worry about making the grades and keeping up with the extracurricular activities, they have to worry about college. College is a stressful topic for almost any senior in high school. The decisions the students make now could be life changing....   [tags: High school, College, Independent school]

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The Presidential Election As Separate State Elections

- Sorry I couldn 't get to you sooner, I had midterms. The issue is not whether votes count or not. My post was initially about most votes don 't matter (not for the candidate nor for the result of the election) for reasons mentioned bellow (unless we’re taking about swing states). And, I’ve left out 3rd parties. Even if you look at the presidential election as separate state elections (aside from Nebraska and Maine, which don’t go with the winner takes all system), 48 states +D.C. only need 50.01% of the votes to get the EVs....   [tags: Elections, Election, Voting, Electoral College]

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San Diego State University ( Sdsu )

- San Diego State University (SDSU) is located on 283-acres in beautiful California. Founded in 1897 and home to more than 28,000 students, the university is one of oldest and the largest institutions of higher learning in San Diego county. Consistently topping the list for most applied to universities in California, acceptance rates are selective for undergraduates and highly selective for transfer students. SDSU is nationally recognized for many outstanding aspects, including academics, athletics, community engagement, and student life....   [tags: University, Student, College, Higher education]

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Graduation Speech : College For College

- Many college students are coming out of college with massive amounts of debt. Leaving many college students in debt for the first years of their life outside of schooling. Having thought of this for a few years there are a few steps that you can take in high school to prepare yourself for the amount of money that college costs. I have talked to many of my fellow high school schoolmates and it is really surprising how many of them don 't know what they are going to major in, let alone know how they are going to afford college....   [tags: High school, College, Education, Student]

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Benefits Of Attending College For College

- Disadvantages While there are benefits of attending college, there are also significant challenges that affect students. Specifically, high school students can be intimidated with the overall process of going to college. For example, finalizing paperwork, completing financial aid, adjusting to their new environment, and meeting new people can be cumbersome. In addition to these adjustments, students have to deal with the increased costs, which make college more expensive and less affordable. The increase in college expenses is a result of the decline in state appropriations, which affects tuition and other expenses associated with attending college....   [tags: Debt, University, Higher education, College]

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The Ball State University 's Mission

- The Ball State University’s mission led me to apply for the Assistant Provost for Learning Initiatives position. This position would allow me to share my higher education experiences successfully leading and working collaboratively with the community, institutional leadership, faculty and staff. The position of Assistant Provost for Learning Initiatives would also allow me to contribute in a significant way to advance the institution’s online and distance education initiatives. I believe that my professional experiences and academic background would make me a promising candidate for this position....   [tags: Education, University, College, Higher education]

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College Readiness Is Not A For College

- Who or what is to say that a student is ready for college. No one person or entity can tell a high school graduate concretely that they are or are not ready to enter into the higher institute of learning. What they can do is provide relevant insight or guidelines to self assess if one believes they are ready for college. College readiness is not a term that can be packaged in one definition. There are numerous definitions for college readiness. Conley has defined the word in similar but different terminology himself....   [tags: High school, Higher education, College, Graduation]

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College Essay : College For All

- College for All From the words of the famous educational thinker and rights activist Malcolm X, “education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today” (Search Quotes) . In our quick evolving flat world, jobs are given to those who have more education and the skills to work more efficiently and faster; we all have to adapt and educate ourselves to compete with the rest of the globalized world. What can our country do to adapt. The plan for free college tuition for two years in Washington State allows our county to evolve with the rest of flat world....   [tags: Education, High school, Higher education, College]

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Should College For College?

- College is one of the most expensive things most people will do in their life. With that being said, should everyone go to college. The experience may not be for everyone. Particularly if it’s something you can’t pay off in the long run. Most people’s families will help them out as much as possible with the expenses of college. Most people can’t afford college out of pocket so they rely on loans from the government. How long will it take for a student to pay off the loans they accrue of the time in college; how many years will the student be going to college....   [tags: Graduate school, College, Higher education]

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My Growth as a Writer at State University

- If I had to describe my year at State University it would be just as describing a rollercoaster ride with a good experience afterwards. At first, you are convinced with the idea that the rollercoaster is going to be all fun full with laughter. All those advertisements and pictures of people having a good time and people saying it was fun afterwards. The real thing though, happens during the rollercoaster ride when you feel like the life you are living is going to end so badly....   [tags: My First Year at State University]

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The Problems With Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

- Although most senators, representatives and school officials support common core state standards (CCSS), they have not received or researched the history of how CCSS introduced itself. Furthermore, they do not understand that local control is being taken away, which results in the eventual destruction of excellent, local schools, students, and future generations. Two private trade organizations located in Washington, D.C, wrote the CCSS at the request of Achieve, a company created by Bill and Melinda Gates....   [tags: common core state standards]

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Candidates for College

- I’ve been greatly attracted to the idea of attending Denison College ever since I went to the College Fair in Aspen, CO last October and talked to your representatives there. A close friend of mine and her mother also visited Denison last spring and spoke highly of the exquisite beauty of the campus which sits on top of a ridge surrounded by many other hills, a different but appealing kind of terrain for me. They enjoyed the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff and students whom they encountered and the smallness of the classes they attended....   [tags: college, candidates,]

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Common Core State Standards For Higher Levels Of Education

- Common Core State Standards The Common Core State Standards has been adopted by many states in the United States already. This issue is gaining both positive and negative opinions within the education world and society. Some want to know why the standards were created and what the meaning behind these standards is. What is the reasoning for implementing these standards, and why is there so much controversy that follows. Why do these four words cause such controversy. The following will analyze and evaluate The Common Core State Standards in hopes to understand why education is being overtaken by them....   [tags: Education, Learning, Michigan State University]

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Is College Worth It?

- Is College Worth It. In today 's society, there are multitudes of pressure high school students face. One of the biggest pressures put on high school students is the decision of going to college. From the moment students enter into a secondary education, they are constantly asked questions about their future plans. Teachers and parents expect students to perform their best, while giving them no chance but to look towards college. In some cases, however, college might not be the answer. Other options exist as alternate avenues after high school, however, these are not as often expressed as the idea of a four year university....   [tags: High school, Higher education, College]

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What 's The Matter With College

- In “Two Years Are Better than Four”, Liz Addison argues against Rick Perlstein’s article “What’s the Matter With College?”. While Perlstein questions the value of college as it currently is, Addison argues that the “community college system is America’s hidden public service gem”(Addison 257). By way of that, she defends the value of college. Unsurprisingly, as with most situations, the truth is somewhere in between ends of a spectrum created by these two articles. While I agree with Addison’s idea of community college being an accessible starting point for everyone, she fails to appropriately represent the unique culture often found in these types of colleges....   [tags: College, Community college, Associate's degree]

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Paying For College Or Not?

- Paying for College As students near the end of the academic year, they are constantly faced with some of the same choices the generations before them have been presented with too. The biggest question a lot of seniors in high school have to answer is if they are going to be attending college or not. There are a lot of legitimate reasons as to why a person might not attend a college, but I personally feel like everybody should have a higher education if they have the opportunity to do so....   [tags: College, High school, Debt, Higher education]

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Graduation Speech On Bowling Green State University

- “You aren’t going to be able to get good grades in college like you did in high school”, “You don’t have what it takes to go to school for another four years”, “You will never be able to pay for college by yourself”, “You are wasting your time and money by going to school”. These are just a few of the things that I have been told throughout my first year of college, and they were said to me by people very close to me. The last year of my life has been one of the hardest I have ever been through, despite how much I have accomplished....   [tags: High school, College, Academic term, Aerosmith]

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Should College Athletes Be Paid?

- In the world of today, saying college D1 athletics is huge in the U.S. is an understatement. For many people, their lives revolve around these so called “student” athletes. There are colleges where the mere mention of the name of the school brings to mind major college sports. For example, when hearing the name University of Alabama, many people think of football, not about the college’s academic standing. Since so much attention is given to these large D1 teams, and there is so much money involved, that the athletes at these large sports schools are treated more like celebrities than students....   [tags: University, College, Academia, College football]

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The Electoral College

- I choose to agree with the Electoral College. I don’t want a direct popular election because I want the smaller states to still have a voice, but, if America switches to direct popular election, the way things are, might just go worse. There are some good reasons for a direct popular election, and there are not good reasons for one too. I like the Electoral College a lot, and I would like the voting system to keep it that way. However, our founding fathers created the Electoral College, being the geniuses they are, created a good way to elect a president that would not cause chaos or havoc in the country....   [tags: Electoral College, USA,]

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How the College Bubble Will Pop

- "Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today" (Richardson 382). One of the most amazing things people have dreamt to obtain is the “American Dream”. It is so profound in all the things it can symbolize. It is freedom, justice, but most of all, it is a hope for a better way of life. The immigrants who made the long and dangerous voyage to America wanted their children to have experiences that they never got to experience, one of those things being to have an education....   [tags: college cost, education demand, college bubble]

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High School College Debt Free Such As Scholarships, Working, And Community College

- How do struggling families afford to send their soon to be high school graduate to college. Every parent wants their child to be successful. Many families want to send their child to college, but cannot afford it. They think of many ways to help them pay for some of the tuition. There are many ways to graduate college debt free such as scholarships, working, and community college. Families pay to send their children to college can put that family in a lot of debt. Each year college tuition increases....   [tags: College, High school, College tuition]

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The Cost Of College Is Becoming An Issue For Most College Students

- The cost of college is becoming an issue for most college students. It is no secret that a college education is expensive, and it just keeps rising. With the cost of college becoming outrageous and students are leaving college students with high amounts of debt. Some students can’t even afford college. That’s something that shouldn’t be happening. Colleges need to lower their tuition for college students. One college in mind is Lourdes University. Lourdes University is a small private institution, with a little over 1,500 students who are currently enrolled in the 2015 fall semester....   [tags: University, Higher education, Education, College]

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Community College Education : An Example Of Earning A Higher Education College

- Many students looking to continue their education ask themselves many questions. For example: What they wish to major in. What are the options available and how much money is involved. David Hosansky discusses educational institutions in his article “Community Colleges.” De Los Santos of the League for Innovation in the Community College says, “community colleges are filling a gap that is not being met” (qtd. in Hosansky 393). The initiative of allowing some community colleges to offer four-year degrees is a just another way collaborating together to improve education....   [tags: Higher education, College, Community college]

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Time Out For The Electoral College

- Time Out for the Electoral College American citizens are naïve of the function of the Electoral College because they believe in error that they directly elect the President and Vice President when in fact the “Electors” representing the candidates cast the Electoral College votes. The Electoral College Two hundred years ago, the Framers of the Constitution outlined the Electoral College when they disagreed on who should elect the president, and disagreed on the role of the people, the congress, and the states in the political process....   [tags: Elections Electoral College Government]

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College Costs Are Out Of Control

- People with college degrees are paid 80% more than people with only a high school education. When the college degree is from a more prestigious school, that percentage increases even further (McArdle). Even President Barack Obama acknowledged this in a 2012 speech, saying that “The incomes of folks with a college degree are twice as high as those who don't have a high-school diploma” (Lemann). While a college education is a good investment for the long run, the cost of college is not a positive....   [tags: College Tuition is Too High]

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College Athletes Deserve to Be Paid

- College athletes should be paid. College athletes are often considered to be some of the luckiest students in the world. Most of them receiving all inclusive scholarships that cover all the costs of their education. They are also in a position to make a reputation for themselves in the sporting world preparing them for the next step. The ongoing debate whether student athletes should be paid has been going on for years. These athletes bring in millions of dollars for their respective schools and receive zero in return....   [tags: Payig College Athletes]

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