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The Perils of Obedience, by Stanley Milgram

- If a person of authority ordered you inflict a 15 to 400 volt electrical shock on another innocent human being, would you follow your direct orders. That is the question that Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale University tested in the 1960’s. Most people would answer “no,” to imposing pain on innocent human beings but Milgram wanted to go further with his study. Writing and Reading across the Curriculum holds a shortened edition of Stanley Milgram’s “The Perils of Obedience,” where he displays an eye-opening experiment that tests the true obedience of people under authority figures....   [tags: the perils of obedience, stanley milgram]

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A Clockwork Orange, by Stanley Kubrick

- Adaptation, or the conversion of historical or fictional narratives into film, has been a common practice for many years. It is this very practice that has bound the two medias of film and narrative together. It has brought readers and viewers together in understanding a similar storyline with a similar structure. Sometimes, filmmakers have adapted films from novels successfully because of their ability to accurately portray the structure, characters and plotline from the novel throughout every aspect of the film....   [tags: Stanley Kubrick, cinema, adaptation]

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The Background on the Stanley Milgram Theory

- The social psychology theory that I will be analyzing is based on the Stanley Milgram experiment done in 1965 following the start of the Nazi war. He was curios on all the violence taking place during this time. As a Jew himself, he wanted to find out whether or not the Adolf Eichmann accomplice had the same intent and hate towards the Jewish people during the holocaust. Based on Solomon Asch’s past experiments on conformity, Milgram’s experiment was done to determine whether or not the power of the situation could cause average people to conform to obedience....   [tags: Stanley Milgram Theory, psychology, social psychol]

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Stanley Milgrim's Obedience to Authority Experiment

- The experiment performed by Stanley Milgrim at Yale University was both fascinating and thought provoking. Milgrim’s famous experiment explored “Obedience to authority.” In his experiment Milgrim explained to his students what was going to happen. He told his students that they would be the “teacher” who was going to administer a volunteered “student “a word-pairing test. Milgrim told them for every incorrect answer the “student” gave they would give a shock to the “student”. Each shock would increase in voltage after every incorrect answer....   [tags: Stanley Milgrim, Obedience to Authority, Experimen]

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A Streetcar Named Desire By Stanley Kowalski

- A Streetcar Named Desire During early times men were regarded as superior to women. In Tennessee William’s play, “A Streetcar Named Desire”, Stanley Kowalski, the work’s imposing antagonist, thrives on power. He embodies the traits found in a world of old fashioned ideals where men were meant to be dominant figures. This is evident in Stanley’s relationship with Stella, his behavior towards Blanche, and his attitude towards women in general. He enjoys judging women and playing with their feelings as well....   [tags: Blanche DuBois, Stanley Kowalski, Stella Kowalski]

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Analysis Of Stanley Kubrick 's ' The Old Ultraviolence On A Tramp '

- The arrangement of scenery that appears in a frame has a crucial impact on our perception of the film. Everything observable exists to help establish the director’s vision. The lighting, set, and costume all come together to create a powerful technique called mise-en-scene. The director employs the technique to gravitate our attention towards important details, while using other details to support the frames focal point. A scene that shows elements for mise-en-scene is the ‘’the old ultraviolence on a tramp’’ scene from the cult classic A Clockwork Orange....   [tags: A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick, Light]

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The Worldwide Reputation of Morgan Stanley

- The Worldwide Reputation of Morgan Stanley Morgan Stanley has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence in financial advice and market execution. Today, Morgan Stanley is employing over 51,000 members in about 27 countries connect people, ideas and capital to help their clients reach their financial needs and future goals. ( Ever since the year 1997, Morgan Stanley has joined forces with two respected organizations. Morgan Stanley, which was established in New York in 1935 combined with Dean Witter, which was as big and well-known as Morgan Stanley....   [tags: Morgan Stanley Employment Essays]

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The Perils of Obedience by Stanley Milgram

- “The Perils of Obedience” was written by Stanley Milgram in 1974. In the essay he describes his experiments on obedience to authority. I feel as though this is a great psychology essay and will be used in psychology 101 classes for generations to come. The essay describes how people are willing to do almost anything that they are told no matter how immoral the action is or how much pain it may cause.      This essay even though it was written in 1974 is still used today because of its historical importance....   [tags: Stanley Milgram The Perils of Obedience]

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Genre Criticism of Stanley Kubricks The Shining

- Genre Criticism of Stanley Kubricks The Shining The true measure of success for any film lies in its ability to establish a relationship with its audience. Perhaps more than in any other genre, the horror film must be aware of this relationship and manage it carefully. After all, the purpose of a horror film is not necessarily to invoke thought, but rather to evoke an emotional reaction from its audience. Horror films of all types have used frightening images, disturbing characters, and thrilling sequences to inspire fear....   [tags: Shining Stanley Kubricks Essays]

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Stanley Kubrick: Artist, Explorer and Pioneer

- Stanley Kubrick: Artist, Explorer and Pioneer Introduction The line between art and entertainment has become malleable in the last century. Critics of fine art define its quality by its message, innovation and complexity. Both are founded on intent to communicate. Art seeks to engage the viewer and generally attempts to tap into more complicated and rarer emotions. (Krush Web Site) Stanley Kubrick uses the medium of film to convey an understanding of the world around him. I see his work as art rather than entertainment and I propose his inclusion in Howard Gardner’s model of Multiple Intelligences....   [tags: Stanley Kubrick Biography Essays]

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Sympathy for Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire

- Sympathy for Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire Can we view Stanley sympathetically in scene 3. However to be able to view Stanley sympathetically we need to understand his emotion and mentality, before we make a full judgment on him. I personally feel Stanley is a harsh character but I also believe he is pushed into doing such actions and I cannot help feel that if Blanche had not visited none of this would have happened. In this particular scene I do sympathise with Stanley and I will go into greater detail to explain why I commiserate with his character....   [tags: A Streetcar Named Desire Stanley Essays]

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Is it Homer Kowalski or Stanley Kowalski?

- The Simpsons episode, “ A Streetcar Named Marge” is a satire of the Tennessee Williams play, A Streetcar Named Desire. In addition, the episode makes allusions to the Williams’ play, Ayn Rand, Hitchcock’s “Birds”, Mission Impossible, and The Great Escape. In this episode, Marge is casted for the role of Blanche Dubois in a showing of A Streetcar Named Desire. Ironically, the show is a musical, which conveys a happy, lively, and youth like tone, compared to the serious, and mature tone of A Streetcar Named Desire....   [tags: TV Review]

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The Misunderstandings Of Knowledge By Jason Stanley

- The Misunderstandings of Knowledge If one were to open up a thesaurus, he or she would find that the word theoretical is synonymous to knowledge-based notion and academia, while the word practical lays equivalent to empirical thought and heuristics. The distinction between the two concepts’ definitions suggests that a person would not be able to identify with both words. One is strictly based in pure logic and ideology. The other finds itself confided within the walls of actuality and evidential and easily understood products....   [tags: Knowledge, Epistemology, Scientific method]

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The Characters of Blanche and Stanley

- In the beginning Tennessee Williams formed Stanley and Blanche from the soil of repression and indulgence; he breathes desire into their nostrils causing them to become living souls. In the mist of the Elysian Fields garden was the tree of knowledge of death and redemption. Stanley the merciless predator of Blanche used the knowledge of the death of Belle Reve to expose Blanche’s nakedness. Blanche covers herself with puritanical fig leaves inadvertently exposing the primitive beast like qualities in Stanley....   [tags: A Streetcar Named Desire Essays]

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The Characters of Blanche and Stanley

- 1.1 Protagonist Blanche DuBois is the younger sister of Stella Kowalski. She comes to visit Stella and her husband, Stanley at their small home in New Orleans. Blanche is described as a Southern Belle that presents a tragic flaw stemmed from her lack of self- esteem. There are many words that can be used to describe Blanche; however her most dominant traits are unstable, flirtatious, and deceitful. Blanche has a devastating and scarring past in which her tragic flaw originates from. The elements of love, sex, and death haunt her until she is unable to handle it any longer and loses what is left of her sanity and sparks her unstable mind....   [tags: A Streetcar Named Desire Essays]

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Analysis of The Shining, by Stanley Kubrick

- What is horror. Webster's Collegiate Dictionary gives the primary definition of horror as "a painful and intense fear, dread, or dismay." It stands to reason then that "horror fiction" is fiction that elicits those emotions in the reader. An example of a horror film is "The Shining", directed by Stanley Kubrick. Stanley Kubrick was a well-known director, producer, writer and cinematographer. His films comprised of unique, qualitative scenes that are still memorable but one iconic film in his collection of work is The Shining....   [tags: Film Analysis]

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Communicating For A Change By Andy Stanley

- The first chapter in part one of Andy Stanley’s book titled Communicating For a Change, is about people not listening. This chapter, and the first part of the book for that matter are written like a story, with the main character being Pastor Ray Martin. In the beginning of this chapter, pastor Martin is preaching when he begins to realize that the crowd is not listening at all. In fact, they are so unentertained that it is starting to throw off his whole sermon, so he makes a brilliant decision; he decides to grab his notes and leave the pulpit in order to gain their attention....   [tags: Christianity, Bible, God, Attention span]

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A Poetics for Bullies by Stanley Elkin

- In the story “A Poetics for Bullies” written by Stanley Elkin, a young boy nicknamed Push recieves his enjoyment from torturing the school kids. From controlling kids on playgrounds to attempting to control the new kid on the block by the name of John Williams. John Williams then comes in and displays an alternative way of getting everyone to do what he wants. Ultimately, Push should be looked at as the better person because he knew exactly who he was and refused to change for anybody, on the other hand John Williams offered help regarding different issues the kids had to get them to follow him instead of Push....   [tags: push, controlling kids, power]

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The Perils Of Obedience By Stanley Milgram

- A former Yale psychologist, Stanley Milgram, administered an experiment to test the obedience of "ordinary" people as explained in his article, "The Perils of Obedience". An unexpected outcome came from this experiment by watching the teacher administer shocks to the learner for not remembering sets of words. By executing greater shocks for every wrong answer created tremendous stress and a low comfort levels within the "teacher", the one being observed unknowingly, uncomfortable and feel the need to stop....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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The Life of Stanley Milgram

- “It may be that we are puppets-puppets controlled by the strings of society. But at least we are puppets with perception, with awareness. And perhaps our awareness is the first step to our liberation.” Stanley Milgram made ground breaking discoveries in the field of psychology with his many experiments on obedience and people’s ability to have an effect on the actions of others. From one of his experiments was derived “The Six Degrees of Separation,” which is still studied today in psychology classes (Biography)....   [tags: Biography]

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The Perils Of Obedience, By Stanley Milgram

- Stanley Milgram, author of "The Perils of Obedience," conducted an experiment at Yale University to see if average citizens would partake in a study revolving around obedience to authority (Milgram 78). In said experiment, a professor from Yale would give an ordinary individual the authority to shock another person. If the ordinary individual asked to stop, the professor would coax them to continue and remind them they hold no responsibility (78). Not only did Milgram 's study revolve around obedience to authority, it also stressed the point of every person could be capable of torture and doing so without feeling responsible....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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The Perils Of Obedience By Stanley Milgram

- In Stanley Milgram 's "The Perils of Obedience" (77-89) the author addresses the results of an ethically questionable social experiment and how they explain the behavior of obedience in human nature. This experiment was conducted by Milgram, a Yale psychologist, in his effort to understand why people are capable terrible things, such as those who did the actually killing during the Holocaust. His results , while derived in an ethically questionable manor, shed light on the nature of obedience, leading to Milgram developing his argument that responsibility is the thing that hold ordinary people back from being completely obedient....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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The Freedom Of Speech By Stanley Fish

- Stanley Fish states in his essay “The Free-Speech Follies”, “The modern American version of crying wolf is crying First Amendment” (496). The First Amendment is made up of five basic freedoms given to the United States citizens that consist of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to hold a peaceful protest, freedom of press, and the right to protest. Within the Constitution there are no words that state the rights include for society to speak rudely to, or about, others. The article “Freedom of Speech” explains, “Slander consists of orally making and libel consists of publishing false statements that are damaging to the reputation of another” (1)....   [tags: First Amendment to the United States Constitution]

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A Clockwork Orange, by Stanley Kubrick

- A Clockwork Orange is a Stanley Kubrick film from 1971. Kubrick directed the film and wrote the screen play based on the 1962 novel from author Anthony Burgess. A Clockwork Orange was originally rated, “X” and nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Film Editing and Best Screenplay, but lost in each category to William Friedkin's The French Connection ( The set design is by John Barry, costume design by Milena Canonero, music by Wendy Carlos and cinematography by John Alcott....   [tags: Film Analysis]

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Obedience to Authority by Stanley Milgram

- Stanley Milgram’s 1963 studies into obedience have provided important and shocking insights into the power of authority. The study set out to discover how obedient people really are. Debate and controversy have surrounded the study since the results were first published. Predictions made by psychologists before the experiment proved dramatically inaccurate. The experiment led volunteers to believe they were administering increasingly painful and dangerous electric shocks to another volunteer for the purposes of a study on memory....   [tags: Obedience to Authority, 1974]

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The Shining, by Stanley Kubrick

- 1. Background: From Ideology to Problematic/Systematic Readings Louis Althusser) was a French Marxist philosopher who “revolutionized Marxist theory” with his own ideology theories and their influence upon politics and culture (Ferretter, 2006, p.i). Karl Marx distinguished the hierarchy found in society: the infrastructure or economic base, which consists of “a combination of the ‘forces of production’ and the ‘relations of the production’”(Storey, 2009, p. 60), and the superstructure that contains two levels in itself- political and legal institutions (law, the police, the government) and ideology (religious, moral, legal, political, ect.) (Blunden, n.d.)....   [tags: Film]

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Stanley's Change of Character

- Stanley Yelnats the 4th was a teenager who came from a poor family. He was accused of stealing sneakers, belonged to a famous baseball player named Clyde Livingstone. In the court he was asked to choose between jail and Camp Green Lake. His family did not have enough money for a lawyer and they did not have enough time to find out more about Camp Green Lake. They thought whatever place it is, it had to be better than spending time in jail, so they chose the Camp Green Lake. The time Stanley spent in that camp turned him into a better and stronger person....   [tags: time at Camp Green Lake]

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Stanley Milgam's Study of Obedience

- Stanley Milgram conducted a study of obedience in the early 1960’s that became extremely well-known. Milgram grew up in the Bronx and Queens, New York. He attended Harvard University under the mentorship of Gordon Allport and was a teaching assistant to Solomon Asch, who studied conformity. Milgram wrote his dissertation of the behavioral differences across several European countries to help reveal social pressure and conformity among different ethnic groups. During his studies, Asch moved to Princeton and later contacted Milgram asking him to help edit a book on conformity that Asch was writing....   [tags: behavioral research and analysis]

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The Shining By Stanley Kubrick

- Throughout history, we have seen vampires come in every form and shape, which commonly comes through the medium of film or television. The traditional vampire is often ingrained into many Americans heads as a dark and bat-like figure with a lust for blood supplied through his innocent victims and large fangs, yet we constantly see movies that differ from this stereotype. The 1980 movie “The Shining” directed by Stanley Kubrick exemplifies a very modern and mutated image of the vampire in the form of psychosis while the 1931 movie “Dracula” displays the vampire in a more traditional sense, however, both films show the apparent influence of Slavic roots....   [tags: Vampire, Dracula, Horror film]

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The Stanley Milgram 's Obedience

- 1. The Stanley Milgram “Obedience” Study was an experiment conducted at Yale University in 1962 by Milgram, who’s goal was to test the power of obedience to authority. Milgram was in search to understand how the Nazis, who were normal German citizens, could willingly inflict pain onto innocent people. In order to find the answer to this, Milgram decided to perform a research that measured the willingness of an ordinary individual to commit cruel acts on a civilian. The experiment had an intricate set up which involved three participants that all had a different role....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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Stanley Milgram's Obedience Experiments

- The complexities of a human’s willingness to submit to another person’s will have intrigued mankind since the formation of societal groups. Only in recent history has there been any studies conducted which so completely capture the layman’s imagination as the obedience experiments conducted by Stanley Milgram. As one of the few psychological experiments to have such an attention grabbing significance, Milgram discovered a hidden trait of the human psyche that seemed to show a hidden psychotic in even the most demure person....   [tags: Psychology]

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Essay on Stanley Milgram

- This quote, by Stanley Milgram (1974, p. 205), exemplifies the debate that exists around the topic of obedience. Obedient behaviours have been studied in Milgram’s famous obedience experiments, and evidence of atrocities being carried out as a result of obedience can be seen in situations such as the holocaust in World War Two (Mastroianni, 2000) and more recent events such as (My Lai). This essay will explain both sides of the debate, arguing for situation and individual factors that influence people to behave in particular ways....   [tags: obedience, debate, experiments]

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Analysis Of Stanley Mcchrystal 's ' The Video '

- Leadership is a multidimensional skill that in necessary in a wide variety of situations. In the video, Stanley McChrystal describes how he found himself in a situation where leadership was essential, yet exceedingly difficult. Stanley found that the situation had unique obstacles and that the environment had changed dramatically from the one to which he was accustomed. Yet similarly to many great leaders before him, Stanley utilized his skills and knowledge to learn and to grow his leadership ability to provide quality leadership to those who followed him....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Military]

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The Book Deep And Wide By Adam Stanley

- Summary (Why Make Church for the Unchurched?) The thesis of the book Deep and Wide by Adam Stanley is simply put as making a church that the unchurched can’t resist to attend. This book may cause controversy in some Christian circles by leaving a traditional church view of the church’s purpose being for the churched, however, in this paradigm shift Stanley presents that the church’s purpose should be to reach the unchurched in order for people to receive the Gospel that would never step foot into a traditional church....   [tags: Christian terms, Christianity, Christian Church]

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Mr. Stanley's Message

- ”I will say it again, it is impossible for you to forgive.” No, no…not me, I didn’t say that. The Preacher on my car radio made that absurd claim. My attention peeked when I heard him repeat it again. Lord, who is this man. This guy’s a nutcase; why is my local Christian Radio Station, allowing him to continue. Are they not convicted of this distorted truth. Not wanting to hear anymore of this false preaching, I smugly reached for the off knob, but before I was able to send him into a deafened oblivion, he captured my attention once again....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Overview of the Career of Dr. Stanley Sue

- Dr. Stanley Sue is an Asian American clinical psychologist whose research focus is on Asian American minorities. Dr. Sue was born in Portland, Oregon and was the third of six children to his Chinese immigrant parents. As a child “his first career ambition was to repair televisions, but soon he got bored with shop classes. Then, he developed great fascination with psychotherapy and the idea of helping emotionally disturbed individuals (Rockwell 2001).” Dr. Sue recalled, “I told my parents that I wanted to become a clinical psychologist, not fully knowing what a clinical psychologists did (Rockwell 2001).” He also remembered what his father said and thought after making this declaration: “My...   [tags: Clinical Psychologist, Asian American Minorities]

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Sociocultural Psychology : Vygotsky And Stanley Milgram

- Sociocultural psychology began with Lev Vygotsky in 1931 in dealing with how people react to their environments, pressures, and influences that surround the individual in everyday life. This is a slowly expanding approach that is working towards treating psychological diseases such as obsessive compulsive disorder, also commonly known as OCD.Social psychology focuses mainly on how people react to their surroundings and others in society. Many psychologists go about treating illnesses, such as OCD and eating disorders, by placing people into situations where they have to confront their problems....   [tags: Psychology, Stanford prison experiment]

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The Holy Spirit By Stanley M. Burgess

- For many Believers, there is a lack of clear understanding between the different natures of the Holy Spirit. Many, due to theological dogma, have failed to teach the multifaceted manner the Holy Spirit operates in the lives of Believers, while others have neglected the unity of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of this paper is to show both the unity and the unique distinctions in the nature of the Holy Spirit. Throughout the history of the Church there has been conflicted regarding the nature and purpose of the Holy Spirit....   [tags: Holy Spirit, Christianity, Jesus, New Testament]

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America Is Too Big, By Stanley Mcchrystal

- In the conversation of universal national service being a mandatory “rite of passage,” author Stanley McChrystal suggests in his essay titled “Lincoln’s Call to Service—and Ours” that we standardize it to pass “Lincoln’s test.” While his intent to resolve problems our nation faces isn’t badly hearted, this plainly does not sit well socially in both American tradition and how we understand this country today. A good start to illustrate how his piece is flawed, is demonstrated through the statement on page 566 where McChrystal claims “America is too big, and our challenges too expansive, for small ideas.” If a social change on federal basis is to take place, my hope is that our politicians wil...   [tags: Abraham Lincoln, United States]

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Stanley Williams: Murderer, Thief, Philanthropist

- “Stanley Williams – Murderer, Thief, Philanthropist.” This was how a bibliography website described the occupation of Stanley Williams. It was very bizarre to see those three strikingly different words in the same sentence because they don’t normally belong together. Stanley Williams was not at all what anyone would classify as normal though. He grew up with very bizarre living conditions. Stanley Williams was born on December 23rd 1953 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His father left the family early on and forced Stanley’s mother, who was seventeen at the time to raise him....   [tags: West Side Crips, American gang member]

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The Experiments On Obedience Conducted By Stanley Milgram

- The experiments on obedience conducted by Stanley Milgram shed a previously unforeseen light on human nature and the evil tendencies therein. Since it was conducted, many professionals have reviewed Milgram 's work and inserted their own opinions into the work. One of these many is Ian Parker, who, in his article titled "Obedience," critiques Milgram 's experiment with other professionals, thus stating that the experiment is corrupted and false in almost any way conceivable. Later, Parker states that the comparison asserted by Milgram to the Holocaust is quite a stretch, asserting that the Holocaust was nothing even near what was studied by Milgram (Parker 97)....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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`` Sacred Space `` By Kim Stanley Robinson

- Whether it is caused by deforestation, increase in the Earth’s temperatures, or a decrease in water supply, the world’s climate is always changing. Humankind’s romanticized views of nature are currently being distorted. Instead of driving up to the mountains to see lush forests and deep lakes, we see vast patches of trees burnt to ashes and dwindling water levels turning lakes into ponds. Through the stories from I’m with the Bears, nature is described post- human environmental destruction. The relationship between nature and humankind is slowly deteriorating until there is no more of nature left to share....   [tags: Human, Short story, Water resources]

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Stanley Milgram Set of Reading on Obedience

- Why so many people obey when they feel coerced. Social psychologist Stanley Milgram made an experiment to find the effect of authority on obedience. He concluded that people obey either out of fear or out of a desire to cooperate with the authority, even when acting against their own better judgment and desires. Milgram’s experiment illustrates that people's reluctance to confront those who abuse power. The point of the experiment was to see how far a person will proceed in a concrete and measurable situation in which he is ordered to inflict increasing pain on a protesting victim, at what point will the subject refuse to obey the experimenter....   [tags: social psychology]

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Behavioral Study Of Obedience By Stanley Milgram

- In July of 1961, Stanley Milgram began his experiment of obedience. He first published an article, Behavioral Study of Obedience, in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology in 1963. This article, Behavioral Study of Obedience, is what this paper will be critiquing. He then wrote a book, Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View, in 1974 discussing his results in more detail. Milgram’s inspiration was the World War II and Adolf Hitler. During World War II, millions of innocent people were killed in a very organized manor....   [tags: Milgram experiment, Stanford prison experiment]

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Rediscovering The Triune God By Stanley J.

- Rediscovering The Triune God by Stanley J. Grenz was filled with numerous and diverse theologians making the selection difficult. I selected Elizabeth A. Johnson for this assignment but not because I believed her to be the most engaging or knowledgeable in theology. My decision was based on what she represents and the movement she has set in place. Elizabeth A. Johnson is a Christian reformist feminist theologian. She is presently a notable professor of theology at Fordham University, a Jesuit institution in New York City....   [tags: Gender, God, Male, Female]

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A Few Good Men By Stanley Milgram

- A Few Good Men, a film starring the actors Tom Cruise and Demi Moore, depicts the trial of two marines after they follow a specific order which results in the death of a fellow marine. Once again, the topic of blind obedience is revived in this major motion picture. The authors Stanley Milgram, Herbert Kelman, Lee Hamilton, and Philip Zimbardo address their concerns with blind obedience in their articles. Milgram, a former psychologist at Yale University and author of “Perils of Obedience,” conducted a groundbreaking experiment that dealt with the levels of obedience people possessed when orders were established to inflict physical pain on another human (Milgram 77)....   [tags: Milgram experiment, Stanford prison experiment]

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A Clockwork Orange Directed By Stanley Kubrick

- Are we human if we don’t have a choice to choose between acting good or acting evil. A Clockwork Orange directed by Stanley Kubrick is a brutal film that entails many sociological meanings. Alex DeLarge and his “droogs” (gang) live in a derange society of “ultra-violence” and rape. Alex and his gang cause havoc around the town that leads to the “droogs” turning on Alex during a mischievous act on an innocent women and Alex getting arrested. While in prison he is chosen for “treatment” that is suppose to purify Alex and turn him into the “perfect citizen”....   [tags: Sociology, Morality, A Clockwork Orange]

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A Shocking Surprise: Dr. Stanley Milgram

- Obedience is described as a compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority. The majority of the world would say when pushed to a certain extreme that would lead to the harming of other people, humans would be not obedient to such a request because of our morals. Dr. Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale University, set up an experiment to prove this theory wrong. Dr. Milgram devised this experiment to focus on the conflict between obedience of the every day normal guy to the authority and personal conscience of their superiors....   [tags: obedience to authority, psychological research]

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Stanley Milgram 's Obedience And Authority

- In 1961, Stanley Milgram wanted to study obedience to authority. He wanted to examine to what extent people would go to obey an authority figure, and how far they would go, even if it meant harming another person. Milgram believed that in any persuasive situation, people would abandon their morals and commit wicked actions if they were ordered to. Milgram posted an ad in the newspaper saying he would pay them if they joined his experiment. He said that his experiment was going to test memory. His experiment consisted of three people; the experimenter, the teacher, and the learner....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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Stanley Milgram 's Obedience Experiment

- While discussing Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiment, conducted in 1963, Ian Parker and Theodore Dalrymple subconsciously yet substantially concur throughout their prestigious articles, “Obedience” and “Just Do What the Pilot Tells You” respectively. Psychologist Ian Parker thoroughly writes and describes his interpretation on the Milgram experiment: He explains why Milgram finally was able to publish this piece in proper scientific context when comparing his results to the conductors of the Holocaust while also coming to the aid of Milgram when discussing the ethics of the experiment and how it affected him as a human being (Parker 95)....   [tags: Milgram experiment, Stanford prison experiment]

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Stanley Milgram 's Torture Experiment

- We like to think that “evil” is something that people—and monsters—are, or aren’t. But this is mistaken. Only actions, not persons, can be good or evil. Most people­—ones we’d want to call “good”—will commit horrific acts when put under sufficient emotional pressure. Do you know about Stanley Milgram’s torture experiment. He showed that two thirds of ordinary Americans would torture other ordinary Americans to death—ones they believed to be entirely innocent. The torture and deaths were faked, but the experimental subjects believed that they had killed another person, simply because Milgram told them they had to....   [tags: Psychology, Stanford prison experiment, Human]

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A Streetcar Named Desire: Relationship Between Stanley and Blanche

- A Streetcar Named Desire is a play of multifaceted themes and diverse characters with the main antagonists of the play, Blanche and Stanley infused by their polarized attitudes towards reality and society ‘structured on the basis of the oppositions past/present and paradise lost/present chaos’(*1). The effect of these conflicting views is the mental deterioration of Blanche’s cerebral health that, it has been said; Stanley an insensitive brute destroyed Blanche with cruel relish and is the architect of her tragic end....   [tags: A Streetcar Named Desire Essays]

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Stanley Yelnat in Louis Sachar’s Holes

- In Louis Sachar’s Holes, Stanley changes his perspective of life through fear, courage, and perseverance. Louis Sachar began Holes as a basic concept of the area which would later be called Camp Green Lake (Sachar). The story puts us into the streets of Stanley’s neighborhood and immediately into the action. We meet the young Stanley Yelnats, who is about to embark on an unexpected journey that takes him through the extremely painful and unforgettable Camp Green Lake where he is forced to fight for survival against the unbearable heat and all of the dangers lurking in the sandy pit of a camp....   [tags: Holes Essays]

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Stanley Kowalski’s Violence in A Streetcar Named Desire

- Stanley Kowalski’s Violence in A Streetcar Named Desire In the play, A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, a main theme was domestic violence and how women were not respected before the 1970’s. Beating your wife was considered “family matters” and many people ignored this huge issue. Women were supposed to take care of the situation by themselves or ignore it. Ruby Cohn argues that Stanley is the “protector of the family” and that his cruelest gesture in the play is “to tear the paper lantern off the light bulb” (Bloom 15)....   [tags: domestic violence, torture]

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The Millionaire Next Door By Thomas J. Stanley

- The Millionaire Next Door written by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D. and William D. Danko, Ph.D. is a highly informative book about what it takes to become wealthy. Some of the information I knew, such as the obvious fact that you need money to be a millionaire, but some information, such as millionaires not owning big luxury items, surprised me. People become wealthy by saving money, not by living in a huge house or driving an expensive car. Most households generate a lot of money, but, because people love buying things, they live from paycheck to paycheck....   [tags: Wealth, Distribution of wealth]

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The Stanley Cup and Online Communities

- The Stanley Cup and Online Communities What I Know, Assume, or Imagine I will start off by giving a bit of background as to why I chose this particular topic. I consider myself an amateur in online communities, and in particular chat rooms. I have always considered chat rooms places people with no friends can go. I have plenty of friends, so I never really saw the need to chat. The few times I have gone into chat rooms, they are usually sport related. The problem I have found is that the conversation is usually on everything except sports....   [tags: Internet Web Essays]

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Paths of Glory, by Stanley Kubrick

- Paths of Glory, by Stanley Kubrick The movie Paths of Glory, directed by Stanley Kubrick, dealt with the harsh conditions in the trenches during WWI. In the movie several fighters were persecuted for pulling back during an impossible attack. The movie tactfully questioned the authority of superior officers. The way the hierarchy in the army is depicted in the film made me question the integrity of the unit. I was perplexed by the concept that one person could have so much power over another....   [tags: Papers Film Cinematography Essays]

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A Clockwork Orange, by Stanley Kubrick

- "A Clockwork Orange", directed by the immeasurable Stanley Kubrick, starring Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Adirenne Corri, Aubrey Morris and James Marcus and produced by Stanley Kubrick in 1971, is, in my opinion, one of the greatest morality plays ever captured on film. It leads viewer in to many different pathways of thought about the time we live in, and about the validity of the concepts of law and morality, and the applications of the two in general society. Vincent Canby was on to something when he called "A Clockwork Orange" perversely moral and essentially Christian....   [tags: Film Analysis, Movie Analysis]

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The Genius of Stanley Kubrick

- The Genius of Stanley Kubrick Many movie directors have mastered a genre or two. Wes Craven and John Carpenter are two of the horror film legends. Alfred Hitchcock is probably one of the five greatest directors of all time, with thrillers being his primary claim to fame. George Lucas has been the reigning king of science fiction ever since the release of Star Wars. John Ford is arguably the premier director of westerns. In my opinion, however, Stanley Kubrick may be the person who mastered more genres than any other director....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Soiling of Old Glory: Photograph by Stanley J. Forman

- ... It shows that Americans were still deliberately committing violent acts in public because of racial tension, despite laws that had been established to abolish segregation prior to the event that took place. This became apparent in the eyes of many that any progress made in the Civil Rights movement during the 50’s and 60’s did not achieve what it was set out to achieve – remove racism and segregation. The fact that they brutalized an innocent black man, reveals that the protestors were frustrated by more than just the desegregation of schools....   [tags: racial tension between black and white]

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Stanley Victor Lloyd And Elsie Lena Bartelt

- Stanley Victor Lloyd, age 81, was born on August 15, 1934 to Harry Garfield Lloyd and Elsie Lena Bartelt in Springdale Pennsylvania. Both Harry and Elsie had no more than an 8th grade education. Harry’s father died in Wales and his mother traveled to America with her children and her three brothers where they set up house. Harry and Elsie were both born in 1893 and met in Tarentum Pennsylvania where they wed in 1913 and their first child John was born in 1916. They had a total of 12 children, nine boys and 3 girls....   [tags: Family, Sibling, Mother, Old age]

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The Films of Stanley Kubrick

- The Films of Stanley Kubrick The films of director Stanley Kubrick divert from any categorized genre upon analysis. Instead they use themes that also expand into cinematic concepts due to certain construction processes used in the making of his films. This distinguishes Stanley Kubrick as a film maker and also places his films in their own genre....   [tags: Papers]

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Review Of Stanley Milgram 's Experiments On Obedience

- Stanly Milgram, former psychologist at the prestigious Yale University, writes an article entitled, "The Perils of Obedience." He claims the article was compiled to explain his astounding findings from his psychological experiment that displayed people 's natural tendency to disobey authority. Milgram conducted an experiment to test the obedience of individuals by placing the subjects in stressful situations. To further elaborate on his article, Diana Baumrind, psychologist at the Institute of Human Development University of California, Berkley, reviews Milgram 's experiments on obedience in "Review of Stanley Milgram 's Experiments on Obedience" by critiquing his procedures and experimental...   [tags: Milgram experiment, Stanford prison experiment]

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Stanley Kubrick and his 2001: Space Odyssey

- The aim of this seminar paper is to describe one of the science-fiction classics – 2001: Space Odyssey and its creator. The introduction talks mainly about the director and the co-author Stanley Kubrick, who is regarded as one of the best filmmakers of the 20th century. The paper includes and summarizes his philosophy of film-making and his general stances to work with actors, scene and other aspects of the film. The introductory part tries to answer two questions: Why can be Stanley Kubrick called the pioneer of film art, and why his name and personality became immortal....   [tags: Film, Movie, Science]

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The Shining: All Meaning and No Play by Stanley Kubrick

- Initially tanking at the box office, Stanley Kubrick's The Shining garnered a cult following and high appreciation many years after premiering. The film, differing from Stephen King's original novel, lacked speed and coherence; however, fans accumulated after noticing small details that conveyed entirely different messages. The director dedicated attention to every detail, causing confusion after noticeable inconsistencies and pointless-seeming deviations from the book. Stanley Kubrick's The Shining spawned numerous discussions through multiple enigmatic, open-ended components and deep-reaching symbolism....   [tags: film analysis, symbolism, greek]

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Obedience, And By Stanley Milgram 's Experiments On Obedience

- On numerous accounts, Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiments have proven to be unethical and incomparable to authentic examples of obedience (Baumrind 90; Parker 98-100). So persuade authors Ian Parker and Diana Baumrind in their respective articles, “Obedience” and “Review of Stanley Milgram’s Experiments on obedience.” In “Obedience,” Parker reasons via multiple scenarios that the trials conducted by Milgram do not provide a realistic presentation of the scenarios in which people will obey or disobey (101)....   [tags: Milgram experiment, Stanford prison experiment]

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Toxicity of Enron and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

- The condoning or condemnation of toxic leaders may be prevalent in organizations as well as in government. Corruption, narcissism, and unethical behaviors may be cancerous for the stability and sustainability of any organization or individuals for that matter. However, a person that possesses competence, resilience, vision, and character may learn to become an effective and transformational leader. More so, the personality of a leader may be a pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting with regard to the environment, including other people....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Comparing Views on Stanley Milgram's Experiment on Obedience

- In 1963 a psychologist named Stanley Milgram conducted one of the greatest controversial experiments of all time. Milgram tested students from Yale to discover the obedience of people to an authoritative figure. The subjects, whom did not know the shocks would not hurt, had to shock a “learner” when the “learner” answered questions incorrectly. Milgram came under fire for this experiment, which many proclaimed was unethical. This experiment of Milgram’s stimulated the creation of several responsive articles....   [tags: Ethics, Article Comparison]

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The Millionaire Next Door, by Thomas J. Stanley

- The book I chose to review for this course is titled, “The Millionaire Next Door”, by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D., and William D. Danko, Ph.D. After learning that it was published in 1996, prior to the widespread availability of the internet, and subsequent e­business boom, I was slightly sceptical that the information held within might not be relevant for someone like myself trying to thrive in today’s chaotic economy. Fortunately, I was wrong. The Millionaire Next Door is full of concepts and principles that put into perspective how we view money and status in our society, and also debunks the myth that America’s wealthy are the ones doing most of the spending while living elaborate and care...   [tags: The Millionaire Next Door]

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Dr. Strangelove, by Stanley Kubrick

-      In Dr. Strangelove, Stanley Kubrick took a serious issue and turned it into a political comedy. He was able to illustrate a satire of the hazardous notion of a nuclear war and the insane individuals who were coordinating it, and furthermore, addressed the issue of stereotyping. This movie was created in 1964; today in 2005, we still have nuclear weapons. Yes, the United States and other countries still have nuclear weapons, however, a question does arise, do we still have insane individuals coordinating war plans and security procedures....   [tags: Dr. Strangelove Essays]

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Stanley Milgram 's A Code Red Issued

- Humans are constantly pressured to be obedient and abide by rules and orders. Time outs are enforced for children when they act against their parents. Schools have strict guidelines for behavior. When a student acts out, administrators impose immediate consequences. Individuals are conditioned to follow orders through the punishments for poor behavior. Stanley Milgram conducted as social experiment aimed at determining the extent of human obedience to authority figures without being forced to comply....   [tags: Milgram experiment, Stanford prison experiment]

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Analysis Of Stanley Milgram 's ' Obey At Any Cost '

- In the research article “OBEY AT ANY COST”, Stanley Milgram conducted a study to examine the concept of obedience and composed disturbing findings. Milgram’s findings on obedience were considered one of the most influential and famous works in the history of psychology. His examination on obedience was that people were possibly capable of doing abuse to other individuals by being demanded to do so. Milgram pertained this to World War II and the inhumanity that has been bolstered and the barbarity....   [tags: Psychology, Milgram experiment, Experiment]

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Analysis of the Film The Power of A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick

- A Clockwork Orange (1971) helped establish director Stanley Kubrick as one of the most innovative filmmakers of all time. For him film must be a work of art, and art exists for its own sake. The film has no goal beyond its own enjoyment. Given its subject matter—political corruption, hedonism, violence, and the elusiveness of moral certitudes—one might even go so far as to call A Clockwork Orange a nihilistic film in both form and content. This style of filmmaking would later heavily influence the “New Hollywood” directors....   [tags: vilet, message, director, filming]

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It Is A Beautiful Day At Charles R. Stanley High School

- It is a beautiful day at Charles R. Stanley High School. A cool fall breeze blows a cluster of dead leaves off the front steps as Tom Fernigan, a current student, approaches the front doors of the school. Tom opens the doors with his sweaty hands and proceeds to walk into the school with a somewhat angry expression on his face. He does not look at any of the other students and walks with his head down whispering under his breath, “they are all going to pay.” Tom walks into the cafeteria, stops, and pulls out his dad’s semi-automatic rifle....   [tags: Video game, Nonviolent video game, Violence]

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Analysis Of Stanley Milgram 's ' The Book ' Obedience '

- The book Obedience to authority by Stanley Milgram is about a series of experiments performed by Milgram himself, on unsuspecting participants. The experiments were performed to answer the question if people had a tendency to comply with authority figures. Milgram drew inspiration from Adolf Eichmann’s trial, to create a study to explain the actions of the Nazis. As quoted “The point of the experiment is to see how far a person will proceed in a concrete and measurable situation in which he is ordered to inflict increasing pain on a protesting victim.” (pg....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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The Perils Of Obedience By Stanley Milgram 's Experiment On Obedience

- During an intense episode of Jessica Jones, Jessica Jones, a poor private investigator / superhero orders her half-sister, Trish Walker, to electrocute a villain Jones captured by the name of Killgrave. With Trish being extremely hesitant, Jones convinces her by telling her that Killgrave has kidnapped dozens of people and the only way to get him to reveal their location is to electrocute him. Even though electrocuting Killgrave clearly went against Trish’s moral beliefs, she obeyed Jessica’s command and electrocuted him....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Psychology, Human]

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An Analysis of Freedom Riders: The Documentary by Stanley Nelson

- Stanley Nelson chronicles the journey of a group of individuals, known as the Freedom Riders, whom fought for the rights of African Americans to have the same amenities and access as the Caucasians. The purpose of the Freedom Rides was to deliberately violate the Jim Crow laws of the south that prohibited blacks and whites from mixing together on buses and trains. Expectedly, many of the Freedom Riders were beaten and the majority was imprisoned. This carried on for the majority of 1961 and culminated with the Interstate Commerce Commission issuing an order to end the segregation in bus and rail stations....   [tags: rights, african american, movement]

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Short Story : The Rain, By Kelly And Stanley Donen

- “You dance love, and you dance joy, and you dance dreams. And I know if I can make you smile by jumping over a couple of couches or running through a rainstorm, then I 'll be very glad to be a song and dance man.”, these words spoken by the legendary Gene Kelly are just one of the reasons why I have come to have a great respect for his acting and singing. Singin’ In The Rain, which was released in 1952 and directed by Kelly and Stanley Donen, wasn’t the only thing I was introduced to that Monday in class, but my attention was brought to an electrifying performer who was amazing at what he did....   [tags: Dance, Choreography, Fred Astaire]

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The Murder They Heard By Stanley Milgram And Paul Hollander

- The article “The Murder They Heard” written by Stanley Milgram and Paul Hollander is a response to the article that Martin Gansberg “38 Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police”. Milgram and Hollander explain why they do not agree that the neighbors of Catherine Genovese should have called the police. Milgram and Hollander give reasons why they disagree with Gansberg, and why I should agree with what they are saying. After reading both articles, I felt very conflicted with who I agree with, but after much deliberation, I realized that I agree more with Milgram and Hollander....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Kitty Genovese, Kew Gardens]

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Analysis Of Stanley Schultz 's Influence On Childhood Experiences

- Stanley Schultz (2005) posits that radio shows were the most prevalent method of showbiz in America during the 1930s. As previously discussed, motion pictures had just come about, therefore radio shows were all that Americans really had to entertain them aside from live performances. Jigsaw puzzles arose as the most widespread games available to people during the Great Depression (Young & Young, 2007). This type of puzzle is less popular today and they cost little to nothing. The Great Depression caused several Americans to suffer and one can envision that this cheap form of entertainment was all they could afford....   [tags: Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, Penis envy]

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