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The Science of Spin: Spin on Baseball

- The direction of baseballs after they are thrown is caused by spin on the ball. Spin is defined as rotations around the axis of the baseball. Major league pitchers have clocked the spin on their pitches at 1500rpm so when a baseball is spinning through the air the threads on the ball cause a self-made “air pocket” that causes changes in direction. This is known as the Magnus affect. The spin on a baseball is defined as a vector that points on the axis’s rotation. And the magnitude of this spin vector is the number of revolutions per/sec, this is known as an angular velocity vector (Horney, A., Lowry, T., Schwenker, E., & wray, E....   [tags: speed, pitcher, curveball]

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The Spin Bike

- he TriFit system was designed by Polar, the technological innovators in heart rate monitors since 1977. Polar, which was once known as Healthfirst, swtiched its name to Polar in the 1990's which is when it developed the firt model of the Trifit software. The first EKG accurate wireless heart rate monitor was invented by Polar back in 1977 as a training tool for the Finnish National Cross Country Ski Team. The concept of "intensity training" by heart rate swept the athletic world in the eighties....   [tags: Exercise]

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Spin Rewriter : An Innovative Software

- Spin Rewriter Software Review Spin Rewriter is an innovative software, which generates new articles from an original content. Aaron Sustar from SmileyTech Solutions launched this article spinning tool in 2011. Its advance program analyzes the words, sentences, and paragraphs. Aaron Sustar developed this tool form his in-depth research undertaken at two prominent universities in the United States and from a European based research team. His team devoted considerable time to enhance its features and upgrade its interface....   [tags: Computer software, Application software]

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Mass Media and Spin Doctors

- In order to concentrate on what you are doing best, it is advisable for an organization to maintain the best public relations with its partners. This should be ensured when coming up with an original business plan and special emphasis should be paid on the payroll services being provided for the workers. This is attributed to the fact that pay determines the hard work that will be impacted by the workers on the duties they are assigned (York 11). Politicians on the other hand should be able to understand the grievances of their subjects so that they can become effective in their style of leadership....   [tags: Political Science]

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The Theory and Practice of Spin-Out Management

- ... In external spin-out companies are working independently but in internal spin-out companies are work under the supervision of parent company. By implementing spin-out management increases flexibility. It can decrease harmful aspects of large companies such as structure and weak innovation. In spinout speculation, spinouts are too tight to the parent organization and its not let the spinout to collect the benefits on its own business model and create its own values. He also criticized that the first potential disadvantage for an organization to set-up spinouts is the high risk of failure....   [tags: implementation, flexibility, inernet]

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D & N 's Cajun Spin

- For our static menu assignment, we created D & N’s Cajun Spin to be the name of our restaurant. It is located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in the Turtle Creek Mall. The hours of operation for our restaurant is Monday through Thursday, 10:30am through 8:30pm, and Friday through Saturday, 10:30am through 9 o’clock pm. We chose retail operations to be our type of foodservice because we believe that retail shoppers would appreciate a restaurant that is different from the usual food vendors. We realize that our competition would be food operations, such as Chick-Fil-A, McAlister’s, and J & J Cajun Grill....   [tags: Restaurant, Food, Take-out, Types of restaurants]

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Spin Training For Pilots: Preventing Aviation Incident

- Imagine spinning towards the ground in your aircraft and not knowing when impact is going to occur. Your mind is racing frantically to decide how to recover, but panic sets in and there’s nothing more you can do. It’s too late. Private pilots who pilot small aircraft should have to go through more extensive spin and stall training. At the onset of a spin the pilot in control should know the exact steps, instinctively, to recover their aircraft. The most important thing to consider when flying an aircraft is safety; not only the safety of yourself, but the safety of your passengers, too....   [tags: private pilot flight, panic]

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Successful and Unsuccessful Spin Doctoring Case in Public Relations

- This essay focuses on how spin doctoring became a phenomenon among public relations, journalists, politician and even a massive campaign. This essay considers the tool used by the spin doctoring team to engage and steer public opinion. Spin team must have a strategy in using each tool and we will discuss how this strategy affected how well the result will be. Overall, this essay has been written to show two spin teams use different spin tools in order to change public’s perspectives. The brief explanation shows how well the strategy they use to the success of the campaign and how it can be unsuccessful....   [tags: political aides, ]

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Building a Simple Motor Puts a New Spin on Magnets

- You can build a simple motor with magnet, wire, jumbo paper clips, sandpaper, neodymium magnets, and a compass. There are motors all over the place in your house. You use electric motors in your everyday life. When you connect the wires and connect it completes the current and makes the motor start. The copper wire will start to spin when the current is completed. I am build a simple motor and see if it spins slower or faster with bigger and smaller batteries I think it will spin faster with bigger batteries....   [tags: current, forces, electromagnet ]

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Comparing Successful and Unsuccessful Spin in the XX Century

- According to Eric Louw (2010), twentieth century politics has been intruded by public relations, spin-doctoring and hype (media-ization). He (Louw, 2010) defines spin doctors as demagogues who work to steer journalists toward the direction they wanted mass media and public to see. This essay will look at two spins as examples of successful and unsuccessful spin. The successful spin will be of Joko Widodo’s blusukan campaign during Jakarta Gubernatorial Election 2012 and the unsuccessful spin will discuss Australia’s management and public relation responses regarding Indonesian officials spying scandal....   [tags: public relations, hype]

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Effect of Spin on the Trajectory of a Kicked Soccer Ball

- Introduction: I chose this project because soccer is one of the things I love to do. Soccer is one of the most popular sports across the whole world. In soccer being able to curve a soccer ball is very helpful for multiple reasons. One reason is to bend a ball around the a wall of players. Second to possibly score an amazing goal. And last of all to make a simple pass around a defender to a teammate. Anybody that plays soccer and enjoys it probably knows about the famous Roberto Carlos free kick....   [tags: Laws of Motion, Magnus Effect]

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Spin Cycle

- SPIN CYCLE 	With so many different scandal to his credit and numerous ongoing investigations pending, President Clinton has been bombarded by the media in a fashion not seen since the last days of the Nixon administration. Despite this unwanted attention, Clinton has managed to maintain lofty approval ratings and successfully deflect even the most ardent attacks. How does he do it. This question is answered in full in Spin Cycle, a backroom look at how news is created and packaged in the White House and the methods used to distribute it to the public....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Living in Spin by Cynthia L. Kemper

- What’s all the ‘hype’ about this “media-controlled universe”. Cynthia L. Kemper writes in her article “Living in Spin” about how the twenty-first century has a corrupt sense of honesty. Her paper, published in “Communication World”, is generally a reaction to her findings about the new age style of communication. She bases it mostly on interviews and supports it by the many quotes weaved between her logic-based trails of thought. Appealing mostly to logos and pathos, she carries a conversational tone with her audience....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Othello vs O the Modern Spin

- ‘O is a modern spin on Othello that attempts to address issues that are relevant for a contemporary audience. However, ultimately the literary value of Othello is lost in this appropriation” The film ‘O’ directed by Tim Blake Nelson is a recognised contemporary interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Othello, which addresses a number of issues that are relevant to a modern day audience compared to that of the past. The director of the film has changed crucial parts of the play which makes the play such a classic, which has essentially ruined the literary value of Othello....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Physics of Basketball

- When you play the game of basketball, you are not aware of at the time some of the physics that are going on all around you. For example, you have all the players using force to accelerate and go to top speed. You have the jump shot which uses vertical and horizontal forces. The spin of the ball affects its place once it hits the rim or the backboard. Dribbling comes into major play because of all the different types of forces and actions going on around it. There is two different types of shots that you do in basketball, first being a jump shot, and the second being a layup....   [tags: shot, stop, spin]

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Father Of Spin: Analysis Of Book On Edward Bernays

- Edward L. Bernays deserves recognition far greater than that which he receives. "The father of spin" documents the career of Edward Bernays, the man himself and the monumental findings that precede him. Bernays not only fathered public relations as we know it he also shaped molded and embodied ideal practices of public relations and spin in everything that he did. Bernays and his studies did the unthinkable in that they were able to grasp the social, political, economic and cultural developments and to live on with a sense of timelessness....   [tags: Larry Tye]

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Essay from Things They Carried- Spin Assignment

- Spin Assignment Wrestling; a sport for only the top athletes, contenders if you will. We struggle through the hardest of physical, mental and emotional beatings. I could give every detail of every match I have ever wrestled in, from match score, to the people around me, to what I could have done to make it better. You remember everything about the sport. I remember doing the same thing for four years straight before every match. When I was younger my father taught me prayers to recite every night....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Movie Analysis : Home, A Clever Animated Spin On Alien Attack Thrillers Directed By Tim Johnson

- A quick way to feel at Home The film called Home, a comical animated spin on alien attack thrillers directed by Tim Johnson tells a story about Aliens who call themselves the Boov. The Boov conquer the earth and they relocate the planets ' human population, all except for a little girl named Tip. Tip is a normal teenager with not so perfect hair, a tomboy look alike, sassy and that’s what makes her different. She isn 't just some fake or over enthusiastic girly girl that wants to find prince charming....   [tags: Earth, Human, Meaning of life, World population]

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Serial Podcast, A Spin Off Of The Radio Series American Life Produced By Wbez Chicago

- Searching The Truth It would be unfair not to mention fact that the Serial podcast story about finding the truth weather was Adnan Syed guilty or not. Therefore, the Serial podcast draws picture of investigative journalism and also the inner part of the American criminal justice system. Furthermore, we have seen the nature of investigative research, even though we might admit that the Serial podcast is a story about storytelling....   [tags: Criminal justice, Crime, Police, Law]

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Serial Podcast, A Spin Off Of The Radio Series American Life Produced By Wbez Chicago

- It would be unfair not to mention fact that the Serial podcast story about finding the truth weather was Adnan Syed guilty or not. Therefore, the Serial podcast draws picture of investigative journalism and also the inner part of the American criminal justice system. Furthermore, we have seen the nature of investigative research, even though we might admit that the Serial podcast is a story about storytelling. Serial podcast is a spin-off of the radio series American life produced by WBEZ Chicago....   [tags: Criminal justice, Crime, Police, Law]

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Public Relations And Journalism Go Together Well

- Public relations and journalism go together well, but there is always conflict. The two media work with each other to promote their content. In the journalists’ conversation in the YouTube video, they talk badly about PR professionals. In the article PR and the Media: A collaborative relationship, they are not quite as blunt about their dislike of PR. They mainly just feel that PR people are annoying. PR professionals contact journalists “10 to 15 times a day” according to some reporters. The journalists’ conversation in the video somewhat validates the opinions in the article....   [tags: Public relations, Mass media, Journalism, Spin]

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Motion of the Earth

- The Earth spins around an axis. The Earth takes (a bit more than) one day to go around once. This axis is pointing off somewhere in space. This axis (mostly) doesn’t move. At the same time, the Earth is orbiting the Sun. It takes (a bit more than) one year to go around once. The plane of the Earth’s orbit (mostly) doesn’t move. The spin axis of the Earth’s daily rotation is not perpendicular to the plane of the Earth’s orbit.It is tilted (approximately) 23.4 degrees. The angle of tilt (mostly) doesn’t change....   [tags: physics earth spin]

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The Power of Revolutionary Propaganda in the American Revolution

- “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman” (Paine). With these words Thomas Paine’s inspiring, but inflated rhetoric helped to transform a dispute about taxes into a struggle for the soul of man. This kind of language united the feuding colonies around a principle greater than their own economic interests. The American Revolution was headed for failure before it could begin....   [tags: Spin Doctors of the American Revolution]

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The Mysteries of Table Tennis

- The Mysteries of Table Tennis The ball comes toward me fast, faster than I expected, and I flail the paddle, hoping to connect and return the ball successfully. The ball smacks into the rubber, and the ball shoots back over the net. Right after the bounce, my opponent slices the ball, making it float slowly back to my side. This ball looks vulnerable and easy to hit, so I put all my energy into one drive, and the ball barely bypasses the net. There is topspin, and the ball curves downward. I mentally scream in joy, but that is short lived....   [tags: Sport, Ping Pong, Topspin]

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Music News, or Just News?

- Rolling Stone and Spin Magazine are two of the foremost Rock-and-Roll publications of the past twenty years. With its first issue printed in 1967, Rolling Stone instantly became the leading Rock-and-Roll magazine of the United States. Overflowing with gritty news articles and classic rock icons, Rolling Stone attracts highly educated and mature audiences. Introduced little over 20 years ago, Spin is geared towards a younger generation and focuses on their interest in music and current events. Though Rolling Stone and Spin are both Rock-and¬-Roll publications, they implement different ideas of magazine size, articles, and cover art to reach their audience....   [tags: Free Essays]

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The Lives Of The Dead By Tim O ' Brien

- "But this too is true," Tim O 'Brien 's narrator insists in the first line of the chapter that concludes The Things They Carried: "Stories can save us" (224). Entitled "The Lives of the Dead," this final chapter thus begins with a promise not only of healing, but of redemption as well. Stories, the narrator suggests, can heal the traumatized veteran of the Vietnam War and provoke an amnesiac nation into "working through" its troubled past. If, as John Hellemann has written, "the legacy of Vietnam is the disruption of our story, of our explanation of the past and vision of the future" (x), then O 'Brien 's narrator apparently points "the disrupted story" and the nation toward a narrative cure...   [tags: Narrative, Narratology, Fiction]

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Positron Generators and Heat Energy

- Ever since the Industrial Revolution, we have been burning fossil fuels to create energy (History, n.d.). Traditionally, coal is burned and heat is created, that heat then causes water in pipes to turn into steam. The steam is kept under high pressure, the pressure then drives the steam over the blades of a steam turbine, causing it to spin. This converts the heat energy into mechanical energy which is then converted into electrical energy using a generator (Union of Concerned Scientists, n.d.)....   [tags: Industrial Revolution, Fossil Fuels, Evergy]

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Female Leadership in Scandal

- Background: Scandal is a show that premiered on ABC in April of 2012. It caught the attention of many people across the country following the main character, Olivia Pope. Pope is the head of a crisis management team with a very interesting and complex background. As the show continues we learn a little bit more about her upbringing and past employers. One of which is the current President of the United States on the show. Pope’s background brings an action packed dynamic that attracts so many viewers on a weekly basis....   [tags: Olivia Pope, self-control, leader, network]

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An Adventure of the Quantum Universe in Alice in Quantumland by Robert Gilmore

- The novel, Alice and Quantum Land, by Robert Gilmore is an adventure in the Quantum universe. Alice, a normal teenage girl, goes through quantum land and understands what quantum is and how it works. The quantum world is a difficult one to understand, as its nature is one of complex states of being, natures, principles, notions, and the like. When these principles or concepts are compared with the macro world, one can find great similarities and even greater dissimilarities between the world wherein electrons rule, and the world wherein human beings live....   [tags: electrons, superpositions, anthropomorphic]

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Comparison Of Clicker Training Techniques : Luring Vs. Shaping By Approximation

- The Comparison of Clicker Training Techniques: Luring vs. Shaping by Approximation Rescued in Charleston from a friend of a friend’s backyard, Penny is a lab and pitbull mix. Penny was the runt of her litter and only six weeks old when given a new home in August of 2015. At the time of adoption, Penny was living with her biological sister. Her original owners were breeders and were giving her away for free. For this assignment, Penny was trained to spin and close the door on her cage. Although both tricks were learned through a process known as clicker training, the methods by which the behaviors were taught differed....   [tags: Reinforcement, Operant conditioning, Behaviorism]

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Movie Review : ' N Go Kick Off August '

- Blog 4 – IGT and Play’n GO kick off November in style with new releases November will always be one of the more important months on the online casino calendar. Halloween has just passed and Christmas is right around the corner, which means players can expect a slew of new online slot games to soon arrive. Making sure that players have plenty to get their teeth stuck into this November, it seems like popular developers International Game Technology (IGT) and Play’n GO have been hard at work. From the TV show themed Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin to the 1980s arcade inspired Rage to Riches, it seems that online casino portals of the world are going to be showcasing a selection of brand...   [tags: Casino, Slot machine, Casino game, Casinos]

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The Design of An Electric Generator

- Introduction: The design of simple electric generator is performed to testify three important physics concepts by three hypothesizes. Based on the transformation and conservation of energy,knowing that the total energy of an isolated system cannot change, but can be transformed from other forms. The first hypothesize is spinning the nail can lighten the bulb which can testify the basic idea of electromagnetic Induction.The second hypothesize is the number of the coils which are winded on the device is deciding factor of whether the bulb is lightened or not....   [tags: magnets, energy, test]

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Personal Statement : ' Rumpelstiltskin '

- Rumpelstiltskin Growing up, my family did not have much, it was often difficult for my father to put food on the table so when we all heard that he would be visiting the king we jumped and cheered with joy. The joy vanished when my father returned home after his trip with news I could not believe. He sat down and explained to me that he must have panicked causing him to tell the king a lie which had backfired on him, and would either be great for me or perhaps end me. “I told the king that I have a daughter who can spin straw into gold....   [tags: Tears, Crying, English-language films]

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Wedding Speech - Original Writing

- Growing up my family did not have much, it was often difficult for my father to put food on the table so when we all heard that he would be visiting the king we jumped and clapped with joy. The joy vanished when my father returned home after his trip with news I could not believe. He sat down and explained to me that he must have panicked because he told the king a lie which had backfired on him, and would either be great for me or perhaps end me. “I have told the king that I have a daughter that can spin straw into gold....   [tags: Tears, Crying, English-language films]

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Presidential Debates

- Presidential Debates Presidential debates are becoming a large part of a campaign plan. ("Where the voters are") Who would think that such a short confrontation between the candidates would sway the vote of so many viewers. A presidential campaign could be won or lost from a single debate. The candidate must keep their cool and not go over the edge; they must be have a strong stand point on all of the topics, don't avoid anything. When debates first started they did not have this much effect on the voters, but now that a debate can be heard over the internet and through the television voters don't have to put forth any effort....   [tags: Papers]

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Black Holes: What Scientist Know About Them

- ... Dieter Brill states that “a black hole grows as more matter falls through its horizon.” The Schwarzchild black hole was the first type of black hole to be discovered. Einstein created a mathematical formula that he thought was purely hypothetical, however, an astronomer by the name of Karl Schwarzchild discovered a way to apply Einstein’s formula in a manner that would prove black hole existence. Scientist then knew what to look for in space and discovered black holes shortly after. The Reissner-Nordstrøm black hole is more common than the Schwarzchild black hole....   [tags: made, objects, spot, types, form]

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The Game Of Dr. James Naismith

- December 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts a man by the name of Dr. James Naismith invented a world famous game called basketball. The game was invented to condition the young athletes for the winter. The game consisted of peach baskets and a soccer style ball. Dr. Naismith published 13 rules for the game. Naismith had a class of 18 and divided them to 2 teams of 9. The objective of the game was to throw the ball into the fruit baskets that were nailed on the gym balcony. The game was stopped until the janitor got the ladder and got the ball out of the baskets....   [tags: Basketball, James Naismith, YMCA, Springfield]

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The Benefits of Space Exploration

- Space exploration can be described as many things, each of us interpret in our own ways. Space exploration, defined by Wikapedia, is the use of astronomy and space technology to explore outer space. Many of us don't understand all of the benefits that come along with space exploration. The ones we are most commonly aware of are the advancing in scientific research and helping to ensure the future survival of humanity. However, space exploration benefits us in much greater detail than what it may appear....   [tags: Space Exploration Essays]

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Quantum Mechanics and Marc Lange's "An Introduction to The Philosophy of Physics"

- Of the many counter intuitive quirks of quantum mechanics, the strangest quirk is perhaps the notion of quantum entanglement. Very roughly, quantum entanglement a phenomenon where the state of a large system cannot be described by the state of the smaller systems that compose it. On the standard metaphysical interpretation of quantum entanglement, this is taken to show that there exists emergent properties1. If this standard interpretation is correct, it seems that physics paints a far different picture of the world then commonsense leads one to believe....   [tags: Quantum Mechanics, science, Marc Lange, Introducti]

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Tennis Science: The Power of the Racket and the Ball

- Tennis Science: The Power of the Racket and the Ball Introduction Tennis is a popular sport mostly in western part of the world. This is played as single or double players. Each players has a racket that should be used in smashing the ball in to the other side of the court and take advantage in getting a score. This sport can enhance our physical fitness same as some hard core athletic sports like swimming, basketball, and many more. The mechanics in this game, make sure you should avoid to commit a mistake, make the opponent make a mistake and score a point....   [tags: maneuver the racket, velocity, direction]

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Crazy Gems : The World Of Casino Gaming

- Meta: Marking the arrival of a great new online slots developer, Crazy Gems is a title that meshes together old school and new school in a single release. Eye catching and heart racing, will these jewels fall in your favour. Crazy Gems Revew The world of casino gaming has received an influx of new content from a whole slew of developers as of late, as the slot games of the moment have everyone excited. This is good news for all casino slot lovers out there, as everyone is getting to enjoy new games, new themes, and new ideas....   [tags: Left-wing politics, Political spectrum]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Miss Liberty '

- Meta: New York is known as the city that never sleeps, now thanks to Espresso, players can experience a game that carries the very same theme. Miss Liberty is nothing short of all action, but is it worth taking a bite out of the big apple. Miss Liberty Review Miss Liberty is a fun little slot machine from Espresso with a New York theme, which as you can probably guess, is all centred around Lady Liberty herself. Considering that this game is based around the city that never sleeps, you are right to expect it to come packed with great gameplay and big time winning potential....   [tags: New York City, Statue of Liberty, Slot machine]

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Teach Work Sample Review and Results

- After completing this Teacher Work Sample and reviewing the results from all of the assessments, I have learned a great deal of valuable information about my teaching and about the students’ learning that has made me further develop and grow as a future physical educator. One thing that I learned from my students’ learning is that all students’ progress, develop, and learn at different rates. From teaching this Drums Alive Unit, I noticed that some students were able to pick up on the Drums Alive skills and concepts right away while others needed more time to develop further on into the unit....   [tags: progress, teaching, learning, develop]

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The Various Aspects Of Culture

- The Various Aspects of Culture In the orature stories you will find various aspects of morals, traditions and art such as spinning. In “Three Spinners” you will find a mother who must lie because she is ashamed to have a lazy daughter, so she must lie to the Queen. In, “Tom Tit Tot” you will find a mother who is ashamed to have to explain that singing of her song in degrading her daughter but she must turn it around and say something else to the King as he is in passing, for the sake to save her daughter....   [tags: Woman, Girl, Rumpelstiltskin, Family]

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Using Diffusion-Weighted Imaging to Detect the Early Stages of Acute Ischemic Stroke

- Using Diffusion-Weighted Imaging to Detect the Early Stages of Acute Ischemic Stroke Water compries approximately 70% of the body. Water molecules are in constant random motion called diffusion. Diffusion is a physical property of molecules referring to their ability to move randomly in relation to their thermal energy. Diffusion weighted imaging has made its greatest impact on the imaging evaluation of ischemic stroke. It is a new and efficient method that detects acute ischemic stroke much earlier than conventional T2-weighted MRI and computed tomography....   [tags: Papers]

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Planet Venus and Its Relationship to Earth

- My research paper will be a collection of information that I have gathered about the planet Venus and its relationship to Earth. I will go over some of the creation background of the solar system because Venus is in it. Talk about some of the characteristics of the planet Venus and its atmosphere. Then later show some of the explorations to Venus. There are several theories of how our solar system was created. But one widely accepted called the Nebular Hypothesis first introduced by Emanuel Swedenborg then later further work on by Immanuel Kant and Pierre Simon De Laplace in the 1700s....   [tags: solar, system, atmosphere, explorations]

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Flower Fed Buffaloes by Vachel Lindsay

- My static image is on the poem ‘Flower-Fed Buffaloes’ written by Vachel Lindsay. Urbanisation is one of the dominant and important themes, which is supported by the idea of nature and man. Therefore, my static image is based on this theme. Urbanisation is the process associated with the development of civilisation and technology in a rural area, in which is shown in this poem. ‘Flower-Fed Buffaloes’ is about the rapid extinction and disappearance of not only the buffaloes in America, but also Native American tribes, as a result of urbanisation (shown in the poem through objects like locomotives)....   [tags: Poetic Analysis, Native American]

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The Complexity of the Copper Atom

- To understand the complexity of the copper atom, there must first be an understanding of the basic structure of a general atom. Atoms are considered to be the simplest of matter; impossible to dice into smaller pieces. There are, however, subatomic particles that are the building blocks of the uncountable atoms that make up the earth: protons, neutrons, and electrons. The positively charge particles (protons) and neutrally charged particles (neutrons) make up the nucleus, the electrons surround the nucleus in a cloud....   [tags: elements of the periodic table, chemistry]

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The Process of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

- Introduction Nuclear magnetic resonance of proteins (protein NMR) (Wikipedia, 2014) is an important field of structural biology in which NMR spectroscopy is employed to get information about the structure of proteins and their Flexibility. The field was originated and pioneered by Richard R. Ernst and Kurt Wüthrich, and others. NMR measurements are composed of phases. In each phase a separate set of highly specialized techniques are used. First, the sample is prepared accurately. Second is measuring tools....   [tags: protein, molecules, signals]

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Golf Is The Most Gentlemanly Sport

- Meta: Golf is arguably the most gentlemanly sport in the world, with Pipeline49 now taking the game of the green and giving it a gambling edge. Closest to the Pin is the name, but will you be able to sink a putt when it matters most. Closest to the Pin Review In the world of sport, a selection of game’s have been labeled as the “gentleman’s choice”. However, when push comes to shove, only one sport can rightfully stake claim to the tag, with that sport being golf. Many decisions and bonds have been done while playing this grass-laden game....   [tags: Golf, Golf club, Rules of golf, Golf equipment]

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NVE Corporation Analysis

- NVE Corporation was founded in 1989 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Originally called Nonvolatile Electronics, the company changed its name to NVE Corporation after going public on the Nasdaq stock exchange in 2000; their ticker symbol is NVEC. The word “nonvolatile” refers to memory that retains information after a power source has been removed. Since their founding, NVEC has been granted over $50 million in government research contracts, especially for their research in the nonvolatile memory called MRAM or magnetoresistive random access memory....   [tags: Business Analysis]

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The Ethical And Moral Values

- Ethically Speaking After already taking a class on ethics in a variety of fields, I can confidently say that I am intrigued by the many persuasive ways of thinking in this day and age. The ethical and moral values that I hold, may or may not be held by others, and this paper is going to explore the ethical and moral values that are described in the book and one that I have utilized for a number of years. The topics that will be discussed in this paper will include some formulaic terminologies along with a positive and negative examination of varying ethical approaches, some examples of ethical values for each term, and a few opinions of my own that demonstrate where I stand ethically and why...   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Value, Value theory]

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Summary : ' Reels '

- No. of Reels: 5 No. of Paylines: 243 ways to win MinBet: 50.00 MaxBet: 10.000 Bonus Round: N Free Spins: N Gamble Feature: Y Can you play on Mobile: Y Software Provider: Novomatic Spectrum Review When most people think of online slots they think of software powerhouses like IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, and of course Novomatic. Speaking on the latter, the developer has been around the industry since the early 1980s, having been making games that many players have seemingly got a real kick out of. While there is plenty of Novomatic games that carry serious levels of flash and sizzle, they’ve not abandoned the brand’s classic slots roots entirely....   [tags: Play, Game, The Sims, Games]

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The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

- The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle People are familiar with measuring things in the macroscopic world around them. Someone pulls out a tape measure and determines the length of a table. A state trooper aims his radar gun at a car and knows what direction the car is traveling, as well as how fast. They get the information they want and don't worry whether the measurement itself has changed what they were measuring. After all, what would be the sense in determining that a table is 80 cm long if the very act of measuring it changed its length....   [tags: Papers]

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The Physics of a Golf Ball

- The Physics of a Golf Ball The first written reference of golf was in 1457. Golf balls have had extraordinary changes since that time; they've gone from leather pouches to dried gum to today's dimpled balls. These dimples help decrease the drag and increase the lift. Different forces are applied to the golf ball when struck by the club. Golf clubs have grooves to create backspin. And then there are different variables that affect how a golf ball will travel, these include: lie angle and the shaft length....   [tags: Papers]

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The Physics of Basketball

- The Physics of Basketball There are many aspects to the game of basketball and physics can be applied to all of them. Although to be good at basketball it is not necessary to play it from a physics point of view. Basketball players become good by developing muscle memory for the actions that must be performed in the game of basketball from years of practice. Nevertheless knowing some of the physics in the game of basketball can help a good player be a better player. In this paper I will cover the three most important aspects of the game, shooting, dribbling and passing....   [tags: Science Sports Athletics Essays]

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Cancer and NMR Spectroscopy

- Cancer is a disease that will most likely affect each and every one of us throughout our lives. There are approximately 560,000 people that die from cancer each year. To put it in perspective, between 1/4 and 1/3 of all Americans will die from this deadly disease. These statistics could be greatly reduced if people would stop smoking. Approximately 35% of all cancer cases are direct results of tobacco use. Many people do not fully understand what cancer really is. Cancer is simply a mutation in the cells which causes them to replicate continuously without bond....   [tags: Biology ]

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Physics chemistry

- ATHENS, Ohio -- Today's computers and other technological gizmos operate on electronic charges, but researchers predict that a new generation of smaller, faster, more efficient devices could be developed based on another scientific concept -- electronic "spin." The problem, however, is that researchers have found it challenging to control or predict spin – which keeps practical applications out of reach. But physicists in Europe, California and at Ohio University now have found a way to manipulate the spin of an electron with a jolt of voltage from a battery, according to research findings published in the recent issue of the journal Physical Review Letters....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Anchors in Reality

- Mystery fiction often involves the introduction of scenarios and ideas that are completely foreign and not thought about by the public. Modern detective dramas, can be simplified as a chase between the hero and the villain. Of course hero and villain are subjective terms meaning the term “hero” does not imply moral or just by a specific society or faction. Rather, the reader is almost always the protagonist and seeks justice against the person or persons that the protagonist was wronged by. Mystery dramas can involve more complex plots and pursuits than simple “catch the criminal” sort of mysteries, they require a change in the way that either character behaves or perceives the world around...   [tags: Literature]

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Casino Hands Out € / £ In Free Money For Double Your Honey

- mFortune Casino hands out €/£8 in free money for Double Your Honey mFortune Casino have become far and away the name to watch in the realm of mobile casino play, largely as they seem to do everything with an extra added oomph. Showing that they are truly committed to giving players that little bit extra, they have new offer on the horizon that it is linked to the impressive new Double Your Honey slot. This offer will only be live for two weeks and has the power to put €/£8 in your hands. Considering that the offer is time sensitive, it really is going to pay for players to get a move on....   [tags: Michael Jackson, Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller]

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Analysis Of Yggdrasil Gaming Announces Brand New Slot Game Vikings Go Wild

- Blog 18 – Yggdrasil Gaming announces brand new slot game Vikings Go Wild Given how well received the ‘Super Free Spins’ concept has been received, it is no surprise to see how many analysts are talking up the potential of Yggdrasil Gaming. The developer has been making plenty of noise as of late, with their latest development sure have fans around the world flooding online casino portal comment boxes with praise. Vikings Go Wild is the newest game to come off of the Yggdrasil Gaming production line and is sure to be of interest to those who play at the likes of Vera and John and Mr Green online casinos....   [tags: Casino, Slot machine, Casinos, Online casino]

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Diffusion And Its Effect On The Mass Centrifugal Force ( Rcf )

- Centrifugation is used to separate different classes of particles in a heterogeneous mixture by rapid centrifugation at increase relative centrifugal force (RCF) in terms of gravitational units (x g). After each centrifugation, heterogeneous mixture released subcellular organelles such as nuclei, mitochondria as sediment. Sediment material is large, heavy organelles such as nuclei or plasma membrane that called pellet. A homogenates is subjected to low speed centrifugation. Also, other material remains in the fluid called the supernatant fraction....   [tags: Cell, Organelle, Golgi apparatus, Protein]

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Preventing Starvation, The Scheduler Is Responsible For Deadlock Detection And Avoidance

- In addition to preventing starvation, the scheduler is also responsible for deadlock detection and avoidance. Windows utilizes a locking system to prevent deadlocking between threads. This locking system is referred to as a spin lock (or busy wait) and is comparable to a physical key and lock. Threads must check if they “have the key” (resource) for the lock before entering their critical sections. If the lock is closed, the thread will continually loop through its check until it is given the resource required to enter its critical section....   [tags: Virtual memory, Memory management]

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A Comparison of Different Oils Usable in a Diesel Engine

- History: Since the invention of the diesel engine there has been biodiesel. Rudolf Diesel invented the engine in 1892, and at that time, was already crediting the engine with running off of plant oils[1]. However, at that time there were limited concerns for the environment, and the price of petroleum based fuel was significantly cheaper than the cost of plant based oils[1]; consequently, the usage of plant oil in the diesel engine was ignored. Presently, we live in a world that places far more importance on environmental concerns and the impacts of human action....   [tags: NMR spectroscopy, nuclei]

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Meg The Chameleon Is The Most Illusive Of All Reptiles

- Mega: The chameleon is the most illusive of all reptiles; with this master of camouflage now being given its very own dedicated slots title. Simbat have raised the curtain on Kameleon, buy does it do the squamate justice. Kameleon Review Chameleons are wonderful little creatures that can disguise themselves at the drop of hat. But now, with a little help from Simbat, you’ll be able to spot them within brand new online slots game Kameleon. Kameleon may very well have an odd theme, but it is a game that is definitely appears to have all of the makings of a classic title that will live long in the memory....   [tags: Play, Game, Poker, Toy]

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I Learned A Great Deal About Myself As A Teacher

- From planning, collaborating and implementing this lesson I have learned a great deal about myself as a teacher, my students and the importance of being a part of this class. The goal of this lesson was for students to understand how they can use everyday objects to demonstrate the patterns of movement and I think we accomplished way more than that overall, which is a really satisfying and fulfilling feeling. Even if some ideas were missed or some students had some misunderstandings, I can see how much the hands on and minds on process affected their learning....   [tags: Understanding, Knowledge, Learning, Science]

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Energy Sources Of Solar Hydrogen Production For A Large Scale

- Harvesting renewable energy sources has become an increasing demand to meet the global energy consumption. Hydrogen is an ideal renewable energy source that can be stored, transportable, and convertible to electricity using fuel cells as clean energy source without producing CO2. A key challenge, however, is to produce cost-effective and environmentally friendly renewable hydrogen for a large scale. To this end, many researchers are developing advanced process to produce hydrogen from a sustainable resource....   [tags: Solar cell, Renewable energy, Fossil fuel]

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The Quantum Computer and the Impact If Made Profitable

- The Quantum Computer and the Impact If Made Profitable The first all around computer was the ENIAC that was created 1940's. This computer was basically calculator, capable of addition, subtraction, multiplying, division, sign differentiation, and square root extraction. Computers since then have continually been getting more compact while improving in memory, RAM, speed and user friendliness. The modern computer now has transistors the size of eleven atoms. Because of such minuscule scales that computers now use, computers have now reached a theoretical speed bump in proficiency....   [tags: modern computer, eniac, bits, software]

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The Dynamics Of R & D Within The Universities

- University Research and Development This paper summarizes the ideas of Stephan (1996), Auerswald and Branscomb (2003), Nelson (2006), Niosi (2006), and Rasmussen (2008) regarding the dynamics of R&D within the universities. From the paper The economics of science (Stephan, 1996) it is possible to draw five key ideas. First, it is important to give recognition, rewards, and incentives to the pioneers of scientific developments and to those that share knowledge in a timely way . These incentives may include financial remuneration and non-financial awards....   [tags: Science, Research, Technology, Innovation]

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Helping Students Meet the Challenges of Academic Writing

- A Critical Review of "Helping Students Meet the Challenges of Academic Writing", by Fernsten, Linda A.; Reda, Mary The authors make a plausible attempt to propose a psychological strategy that education professionals can use to encourage students, and overcome the challenges of academic writing. This paper will be focused on summarizing, critiquing, and interpreting the proposed concepts in my personal perspectives. This should allow the reader to evaluate the article’s credibility and reliability....   [tags: Linda Fernsten]

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Alternative Resources for Energy Instead of Fossil Fuels

- ... Solar power is a useful type of green energy. Wind energy is another alternative power resource. The Earth is unevenly heated so it causes hot air to rise and expand; the cooler air comes to fill in the space. This creates wind that the wind turbine can capture. The blades on the turbine are shaped so when blown on they spin. The blades and the hub that holds them are called the rotor (Spilsbury, Let's Discuss Energy Resources Wind Power 6). The rotor is mounted at the top of a tower called the nacelle (Spilsbury, Let's Discuss Energy Resources Wind Power 6)....   [tags: green energy, solar, wind, hydro]

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Extraordinary Impact of Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

- ... One of the best examples was English inventor James Hargreaves. Hargreaves invented the spinning jenny, a device in which spinners would use his right hand to quickly spin a wheel to rotate spindles and spin 8 threads around 8 spindles attached to a wooden frame. Since each spinning jenny could spin several threads simultaneously, the device dramatically increased the rate at which cloth was produced and the quantity of cloth that was made. This allowed for the textile industry to meet the large demand for cloth goods of the time and enhance their method of production....   [tags: spinning jenny, locomotive, steam engine]

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The King Of The Nile Cleopatra 's Choice

- Meta: Embodying all things Ancient Egypt, the latest game from Novomatic proves to be a throwback in more ways than one. Cleopatra’s Choice is an enchanting game to say the very least, but will it reward you with riches. Cleopatra’s Choice Review Egypt, in particular ancient Egypt, is a rich in history. There are so many different myths and legends that have carried over from those ancient times to today. One particular piece of Egyptian history that has lasted the test of time is the Queen of the Nile Cleopatra....   [tags: Ancient Egypt, Ancient history, Nile, Egypt]

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Analysis Of Cayetano Gaming 's Hidden Riches

- Meta: Taking the road less travelled, through clear Aztec inspiration, Cayetano Gaming is taking players directly to Golde’Erado. Laced with gold, will you uncover this game’s hidden riches. Golde’Erado Review What’s one of the first things you think of when you imagine an online casino. There’s a good chance it’s an online slots game. Online slot machines have quickly become the new “in thing”, with online casinos popping up that are filled with nothing but slot machines. Casino slots are so enjoyed because there are many different variations of them, leaving people with an almost infinite number of slot games to get their hands on....   [tags: Casino, Slot machine, Poker, Online poker]

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Alternative Source Of Energy : Wind Energy

- Alternative Source of Energy: Wind Energy Over the last couple of years, scientists have discovered the alarming environmental damages that result with the use of traditional fossil fuels. Not only are fossil fuels a threat to the environment, but they are also an expensive source of energy that is being used up very quickly with such high consumption rates. As a result, scientists are currently developing cheaper renewable sources that can be used as alternative sources of energy. Among the several alternative sources of energy that scientists have developed is wind energy....   [tags: Wind power, Renewable energy, Fossil fuel]

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The Formation of Major Weather Events

- ... When the warm air is still rising, the surrounding air swirls in to take its place. When the warm and moist air starts to cool down, the water in the air forms clouds. All of the clouds will spin and grow, using the ocean’s heat as fuel. Hurricanes occur over tropical oceans. When they start, they will usually move westward, when they spin, they spin clockwise. They are measured by the Saffir-Simpson Scale. Some safety rules to go by during a hurricane is to remain in a place where you are away from doors and windows....   [tags: tornado, hurricane, floods]

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The Minute Discoveries Made About Space

- Space What is space. Space is the dimension of height, depth and width within which everything exists. Space is a near vacuum but again there is something that makes space. Space is made up of Planets, Dwarf planets, Asteroids, Meteoroids, Galaxies, Stars, Quasars and Black Holes. Our universe is big and we still don’t know what’s out there. But there are things that we found out over time, Interesting facts about: how the planets are formed, how the asteroids and meteoroids are formed, how the stars are formed and how everything out there works....   [tags: planets, stars, black holes]

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Descriptive Essay : ' Candy '

- Meta: Candy is the theme of the moment within the world of slots, with Mobilots jumping on the trend with its latest release. Promising to deliver a taste worth savouring, is this game as sugary sweet as it proclaims. Sugar and Ice Review Everyone loves candy. The sugar coated delicious goodness that it delivers has a soft spot in many people’s hearts without any doubt. You can see candy influences all over the place, especially within the insanely popular mobile game Candy Crush. You can see that same candy influence take hold within fresh casino slot game release Sugar and Ice....   [tags: Play, Game, Snoop Dogg, Sweetness]

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The Principles Of Moral And Legislation

- In the campaign, the practitioner 's duty to their employer was met under the utilitarian ethical framework. Utilitarianism, as an ethical framework, states the right course of action in any situation is the one that results in the greatest balance of benefits for anyone affected (Markkula Centre For Applied Ethics, 2014). Bentham wrote in the principles of moral and legislation what made a consequence ethical under utilitarianism was how much happiness, pleasure or benefit was created for all involved (Bentham cited in Panza & Potthast, 2010, p 126)....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics]

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An Impressive Looking Online Slot Game

- Meta: In true Cozy Games fashion, it appears that the developer has taken another simple premise and created an impressive looking online slots game. Loading up for the road, Gas Money is a “can’t miss” affair. Gas Money Review If you were to go anywhere in a car, there is one thing you definitely want to have in your tank. That special little something is a car’s vitality, as gas is certainly the aim of the game. Without gas, you certainly won’t be going from A to B any time soon. Gas Money is the latest slot by Cozy Games and it looks to be a charming release at that....   [tags: Casino, Slot machine, Automobile]

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