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Driving Speed And The Risk Of Road Crashes

- Driving Over The Speed Limit Speeding has been a serious problem that drivers face on the roads every day. Most of the drivers recognize the risks of driving and they know what could happen by going over the speed limit. In the article “Driving speed and the risk of road crashes” , in this article the authors show the risks of going over the speed “They concluded from this function that a 1% increase in free speed is related to an increase of 7.8% in crash liability.” (Aarts, and Van Schagen 217), it is clear how risky is driving over the speed that one percent can relate to 7.8 % in crash liability....   [tags: Risk, Investment, Speed limit]

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Speed Control of Linear Induction Motor

- ... Advantages of Energy Saving As outlined in 2, the MTR is approaching the problem of energy costs mainly through energy conservation and greater energy efficiency. With the possibility of energy saving in mind, advantages of this approach will be discussed.   One advantage emerges Due to planned expansion of the transit system, it is not expected that overall consumption of electricity by the Commission will reduce in the long term. Essentially, by taking only a conservative energy use approach, the system’s energy use grows with its size, regardless of how conservative or efficient the system may be....   [tags: speed, energy, control, function]

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Is it Possible to Travel at the Speed of Light?

- Ever since 1966, when the first episode of Star Trek aired, there has been a question lingering in the mind of humans; fans, children, and scientists alike. To some, it is just wishful fantasizing, but to others, it is a goal to pursue and an idea that may not be so far-fetched -- Is it possible for humans to travel at the speed of light. If so, why should humans attempt this and will they. If not, what are some of the limitations of travel at the speed of light and are researchers trying to resolve them....   [tags: light speed, star trek, star wars]

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How Speed Cameras Be A Common Occurrence Nowadays?

- Speed cameras seem to be a common occurrence nowadays. On your way to work, school, or just out and about, you’re sure to see a “Photo Enforced” sign somewhere along the way. These things seem to be everywhere, but are they effective in what they’re put in place to accomplish. What are they there to accomplish, one may ask. Some say to make roadways safer by curbing speeders with moderate fines while others think it’s purely a revenue generator for the local and state governments. A fine of $100 or less isn’t going to keep a driver from speeding, at some point or another they will speed therefore deeming the cameras useless....   [tags: Speed limit, Miles per hour, Speed]

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How The Temperature Of Water Affects The Speed Of Sound

- Name and Title Laura Standen, Mrs. Satinoff, 10/12/16, Stirring Up Sound Objectives • demonstrate how the temperature of water affects the speed of sound • demonstrate how dissolved particulates and bubbles scatter sound Hypothesis Do the properties of water affect the way sound travels through it. Why or why not. If the temperature of make up of the water changes, then the way sound travels through it changes. Materials • 2 mugs (ceramic work best) • 2 metal teaspoons • 2 plastic straws • very hot (boiling) water (be careful as the water is very hot) • ice water • instant coffee Procedures 1 Predict how sound may or may not change as the properties of water change....   [tags: Ocean, Water, Speed of sound, Sound]

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The Master Speed by Robert Frost

- 'The Master Speed' by Robert Frost Throughout the poem The Master Speed, Frost addresses the idea that marriage is a sacred bond that must be treasured all through our lives. The main reason for the apparent matrimony theme was due to the engagement of Frost's daughter. Because of this great influence over his life, Frost reiterated the advice to his daughter to stay at 'the master speed'; in order to fully enjoy the rest of her life as well as her future commitment. By this Frost suggests that one should not rush through life but instead take in life, nice and slow so that it may be savored....   [tags: Robert Frost Poem Master Speed]

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Response to Rain, Steam and Speed by Joseph Mallord William Turner

- Response to Rain, Steam and Speed by Joseph Mallord William Turner Turner has out-prodiged almost all former prodigies. He has made a picture with real rain, behind which is real sunshine, and you expect a rainbow every minute. Meanwhile, there comes a train down upon you, really moving at the rate of fifty miles a hour, and which the reader had best make haste to see, lest it should dash out of the for the manner in which 'Speed' is done, of that the less is said the better, -only it is a positive fact that there is a steam coach going fifty miles and hour....   [tags: Paintings Rain, Steam and Speed Essays]

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The Speed of Reaction.

- Method Step 1 – Remove blazer and put goggles on for health and safety reasons. Step 2 – Collect the following equipment – Thermometer – to check the temperate Conical flask – to hold acid 1 litre breaker – contain water Measuring cylinders x2 50ml 25ml Blanco – to weight out the marble chips Marble chips CaCO3 – which react with Hydrochloric acid Stopwatch – to time when the reaction starts Delivery tube – to pass the air Camp stand – to hold the equipment Boson – it heats up the water Tripod – to hold the beaker at a certain height that has the most heat Ice – to cool down the water of a certain temperate Test tube holder – so you don’t burn your hand and it is...   [tags: Science Experiment]

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Need for Speed

- Criterion Games are known for the Burnout series of arcade racers, and let's face it: if you haven't played a Burnout game by now, why are you reading this magazine. Oh, nobody told you that Burnout is a cornerstone of the industry. A shining example of fun crashing into gameplay while both explode into nuclear fireballs made from explosions and glitter. An experience that anyone can enjoy irrespective of race, nationality, creed or how you might feel about muffins. Consider yourself told. When news slip that Criterion was developing the next installment in the 16-year-old and perpetually estranged Need for Speed franchise, it sparked more than just expectations....   [tags: Video Game Review]

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The Rms Titanic Was The Speed That It Was Sailing

- The RMS Titanic was an Olympic-class ocean liner that set sail on April 10, 1912. It was billed the largest and fastest passenger liner of its time. Compared to previous ocean liners it was massive. It stood 175 ft. and was 882 ft. long. The name Titanic came from Greek mythology, and means gigantic. The Titanic had ten decks, eight of which were for passenger use. There were around 885 crew members on board. There were 2,224 passengers some of which were the most prominent and rich of the time....   [tags: RMS Titanic, RMS Olympic, Iceberg, Passenger ship]

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Speed Perception and the Brain

- The cortical pathway responsible for motion processing is relatively well defined (see e.g. Britten, 2003 for review). However, an understanding of the precise mechanisms involved in encoding the speed of a moving image has proven evasive. A variety of models have been proposed, including labelled line, ratio and Bayesian models (e.g. Priebe & Lisberger, 2004; Smith & Edgar, 1994; Thompson, Brooks, & Hammett, 2006; Hammett, Champion, Thompson, & Morland, 2007; Stocker & Simoncelli, 2006; Langley & Anderson, 2007) but there is still no clear, agreed picture of exactly where in the pathway speed-tuning arises, nor how it is achieved....   [tags: neurology]

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Application Of The Wave Speed Equation

- Three learning targets were pre-assessed: application of the wave speed equation, vocabulary, and wavelength measurements. The pre-assessment measured student ability to apply the wave speed equation v=λf when given the initial conditions that form standing waves. It also measured student knowledge of the vocabulary on the topic of standing waves, such as harmonics, nodes, and antinodes. Furthermore, it measured student ability to determine the wavelength of a standing wave. These three measured criteria are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standard HS-PS4-1, which requires the use of mathematical representations to support a claim regarding relationships among the frequency, wavelengt...   [tags: Wavelength, Standing wave, Wave, Frequency]

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The Second Coming Of Speed And Contact

- The Second Coming of Speed and Contact In the United States we have many great sports that get our attention on the television. Baseball, Basketball, and Football are some of the main sports we watch in America on a daily basis. These sports bring excitement and entertainment right into our living room. Out of all the sports we watch in the USA, football is the most popular sport of all. It brings the speed, hard hits, and amazing athletic plays we desire when we watch sports. Out of all the sports in America, football brings in the most money, and there is a reason, people want to see a fast paced, hard hitting, trash talking game....   [tags: United States, American football, Football]

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The Speed of Light Analysis

- When a curious observer looks to the cosmos, he/she travels back in time hundreds, thousands, millions, even billions of years. The photons from the mysterious stars he/she is looking at have traveled through time at 186,000 miles per second, until his/her eyes caught them. Light is the one particle that sheds luminosity over everything, and is the only way of seeing the elusive and magnificent nature of the universe. But to understand light is too understand its speed—a speed so great that nothing with mass can ever reach it....   [tags: physics, light, gelileo galilei]

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Is The Mere Speed Of Retrieval It?

- If you had to write a portrayal of yourself and the importance that technology plays in your life, where would Google be on your list. The most important and valuable technology in my life is my laptop computer, I check in regularly and respond to email and online classes I have numerous times daily. The ease and convenience of having a wealth of information at my fingertips definitely makes for a more stress free environment. In truth, the mere speed of retrieval it makes my life awesome at times! Google has become a large part of my life especially for research purposes so likely, it would be high on my list....   [tags: Mobile phone, Internet, History of the Internet]

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Strategy Basis - Speed Reading

- Strategy Basis Speed reading is an approach that allows readers to absorb large amounts of information in a short amount of time. It is used to increase reading efficiency, speed, and comprehension. This is not accomplished by simply forcing oneself to read as fast as possible, as doing so will meet with only limited success. Speed reading involves a complete transformation of how one reads, or at least how a person takes in information. From childhood most people are taught to read out loud, and then to read the same way, but silently (Cutler, 2002)....   [tags: Education ]

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Be Careful Of The Speed Limit

- Be Careful of the Speed Limit On the road we have a speed limit, but in life, we unfortunately do not. In high schools everywhere, students are stretching themselves thin in an attempt to meet the high expectations of their communities. In Concord-Carlisle, people are expected to do everything and anything they can to build their resumes and fill their time. Teachers, like students, have a time consuming job. In addition to teaching and grading and taking care of their students, they have lives of their own to tend to....   [tags: Education, High school, Teacher, Secondary school]

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The Advancement Of High Speed Internet

- As there were no word in the article that I didn’t understood, I took 3 words from the dictionary that I didn’t understand and listed them here: - Bruit, “to tell everyone a piece of news” Cambridge (n.d). - Xenophobia, “extreme dislike or fear of foreigners, their customs, their religions, etc.” Cambridge (n.d). - Lexicographer, “a person whose job is to write dictionaries” Cambridge (n.d). The technology advancement that is moving us toward a more globalized system, comprises of several main components, these are faster microprocessor, advanced memory chip, lithium battery, and high speed Internet fibre optic (fibreglass)....   [tags: Internet, Mobile phone, Dot-com bubble]

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The Explosive Power And Speed

- Explosive Power and Speed An argument can be made that there is a major difference in training regiments for sprinters and strength athletes such as powerlifters, or field athletes. The old stereotype was that sprinters lifted lighter weights and focused more on speed and plyometric training. While the strength athletes focused more on explosive power and the development of musculature. In my research, I found that these two types of athletes have more in common with their prospective training regiments than it has been thought in the past....   [tags: Muscle, Bodybuilding, Plyometrics]

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The Cheetah: Built for Speed

- The Cheetah: Built for Speed What animal do you know can compete with a sports car in a race. Take a wild guess. Cheetahs. Cheetahs are the best because they’re the fastest land animal. Also, they are fascinating felions and have many special features like no other animal. The cheetah is primarily found in Africa (D’Silva). They are made for speed. “Built more like greyhounds than typical cats, cheetahs are adapted for brief but intense bursts of speed (Smithsonian). In Africa, everyone head to the lion’s cage expecting to see the lions because they are the king of Africa as the movie, “The Lion King” describes....   [tags: Cheetah]

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Network Speed - 4G Technologies

- Overview [WINNIE] As the technology world evolves and develops faster and better every day, it puts new demands of speed and throughput on the network that supports it. Today especially, we live in a world where everyone is mobile, and it is expected that mobile networks keep pace with the innovations in technology. The successor of 2G and 3G mobile network standard is the 4G mobile network standard. The emergence of 4G, nonetheless, should provide faster and better mobile network connectivity to support the newer and ever more demanding technologies born every day....   [tags: Internet]

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My Life At Light Speed

- Five years ago, i sat in my room alone looking out across the city of pocatello. It was dark ,and cloudy outside so all i could make out were the street lamps down below. While i sat there on my bed tears were streaming down my face, and i was doing my best to block out the noise coming from down the hall. My parents were fighting again. The sound of their argument pierced my walls as though they were made of paper. I simply sat there simply not knowing what to do. After what seemed like an eternity of tears, my eyes started to feel heavy, but try as I might I could not go to bed....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, Happiness]

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Go! Go! Speed Racer!

- Whoah whoah. , As the fans were cheering and supporting their racers for today’s big Grand prix race. David could hear this outside the changing rooms. Nervous and terrified, he slowly walked out the changing rooms with his fellow racers. Then the noise rose and the tension grew as David at a snail's pace walked towards his McLaren F1 car. But just before getting in the car David looked around at the happy fans, then he see’s his wife and kids which made him a lot more comfortable. So David thought to himself “I am not letting my family and fans down so I’m going to prove to them what I’m made of.” Slam....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Sports: Speed Skating

- Speed Skating has been around for a while now. This specific sport has many different techniquies, and skills. There is a lot more to skating then putting on shoes that have wheels and going on a wood floor skating around in circles. In 1863 James Plempton had the idea to actually invent part of the skate. After James had spent time inventing it, James had thought it would be necessary to add something more to the skate. James added what he liked to call the “Fire Rocket”, which able’s the skate to be able to turn....   [tags: techniques, skills, skates]

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Research Experiment to Determine the Speed of Sound

- Abstract/Introduction: Sound is the sensation that our brain interprets when vibrations carried to our ears stimulate the auditory nerves. It is produced by the compression and rarefaction of matter. The speed of sound depends on the properties of the medium such as bulk modulus, density and the temperature though which it travels. It does not depend on the source of the sound. Sound travels faster in air which is less dense and in air with a higher temperature. Hence, more density and heat = faster speed of sound....   [tags: physics, Physics Experiment]

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Reversing The Speed Limit Raise in Forestville

- The argument that Forestville should reverse a decision it made six months ago to raise its speed limit by 10MPH due to a 15% rise in accidents because accidents in Elmsford, a neighboring region, declined slightly, is inconclusive. A base line study of traffic pattern disruptions and speed variances in Forestville and Elmsford comparing demographic data, location, rate, and type of accidents for more than six months might determine significant risk factors. Federal studies suggest that accidents rise if speed limits are raised on highways by as much as 5% for each 4 MPH but on moderate speed limit roads, no such relationship exists....   [tags: City Government]

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High-Speed Rail and the Advancement of America

- ... High-speed rail is not only a safer mode of public transportation, but it will also save lives by keeping people off the highways. The deaths amounted from car crashes in the United States are significantly higher than the deaths from all train accidents. The deaths from car crashes are around 900,000 in the past twenty-one years, whereas all the train deaths in the last twenty-one years are less than 15,000 (Freemark). Drivers on the road do not drive safely, and there are also problems with drunk, tired, and high drivers just to name a few....   [tags: futuristic technologies, flying cars]

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Speed Racer by Andy and Larry Wachowski

- Many people who grew up in 1960s and 70s with watching the Japanese animated television series by Tatsuo Yoshida would be very familiar with Speed Racer by Andy and Larry Wachowski in 2008 (American Film Institute Catalog, 2008). As a big hit in the summer of 2008, Speed Racer was considered as a box office bomb because it failed to break even at the box office and received generally negative reviews from film critics such as A.O. Scott and Jim Emerson. The Wachowski brothers were criticized in the conventional sense of cinema; however, it did succeed in its technological innovation and digital novelty (Emerson, 2008)....   [tags: tatsuo yoshida, semiotic theory]

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High Speed Pursuit : Chase Or Not At Chase?

- High Speed Pursuit: To Chase or Not to Chase. Since the origin of crime, criminals have attempted to evade justice. This is evident when criminals tamper with evidence, take hostages, and attempt to flee the scene. With the introduction of the automobile, fleeing the crime scene has become dramatically simpler. As technology increases, these automobiles are safer, handle better, and go faster than ever before. The police therefore are forced into pursuit with their own automobiles, endangering the lives of officers and civilians....   [tags: Police, Crime, Automobile, Car chase]

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America Needs a Aational Speed Limit

- With the introduction of the automobile in the early 1900s, laws have been instituted to protect drivers on the road. With these laws come lawbreakers who put their agenda in front of the well being of others. Tens of thousands of lives have been lost, billions of dollars have been spent, and pollution has grown exponentially because of drivers travelling at high speeds on roads (Hartman). To conserve fuel and save lives, the fifty-five (55) miles per hour national speed limit should be restored....   [tags: Argumentative]

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Reduce the National Speed Limit to 55

- The world oil reserves are rapidly diminishing and are only expected to be sufficient to meet world demand for the nest 25 years, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. In 2010 the United States consumption rate of petroleum was 19.15 million barrels per day, accounting for 22% of the world's petroleum usage. Climate change and health related problems caused by CO2 emissions can be greatly curtailed by a change in our transportation habits. With the world's resources being rapidly depleted by over consumption; is it a depleted world our children will become heir to....   [tags: Lowering Oil Consumption]

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Full Speed Ahead!

- I utterly support projects that will improve my community. The residents of Hamburg, a town in northern Berks county, are fortunate enough to be undergoing many improvements. These individuals established the Our Town Foundation which is assists in financing restoration projects all over town. Mostly the foundation's focus is on storefronts and residential homes. All of these projects are a great improvement to the semblance of the community and until recently, none of these restorations are a burden to the residents....   [tags: Economics]

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Unsafe At Any Speed By Ralph Nader

- What makes you love the car that you drive in. Could it be multiple factors such as the color, the amount of miles you get per gallon, the number of people that can fit into it, or even how much storage it has. Buying a car makes you feel like a new person, the ability to transport from one place to another and getting to places a lot quicker than the train or bus makes life a lot easier. But does buying a car mean you’re technically safe from the all the dangers that the road ahead brings to you....   [tags: Automobile, Pollution, Chevrolet, Vehicle]

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Crashes of High-Speed Train and More

- Accidents happen all the time all over the world. Crisis management is a critical organizational function. When an accident involves general public, government is expected to manage the crisis. How the public react to the accident is largely depend on how the crisis is managed. Recently, the Chinese public’s reaction to the train crash was different from the public of the West would have responded to similar tragedies. China’s high-speed railway network, once a source of great pride for the Communist Party, has turned into an embarrassment....   [tags: Crisis Management ]

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How to Speed up Your Downloads

- ... Stop programs going online Stopping other programs periodically accessing the internet to check for updates or retrieve information will also help speed up your downloads because you won’t be competing with other items on your computer for the web connection. To check which programs and services are set up to connect to the internet, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, click Task Manager, Services and look through the entries that have network access. Items such as Adobe Acrobat Updates can be stopped. Limit when other people can use your web connection If all the devices connected to your network are ones that should be allowed web access, either change the traffic priority for your broadband conne...   [tags: stop programs going online, devices]

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Code Quality Vs Development Speed

- II. USER’S INVOLVEMENT It is an old practice to acquire the requirements of the user and then going to write the code for that. Its drawback is that the users are out of touch with the development team and when all the work is done then if a user complains then it becomes very difficult for the developer to fix the things rightly. But now-a-days it is very helpful in getting the users involved in the testing procedures of the software development. It is better that the user tell us about any flaws in the software development and the features which he wants rather than completing the software and debugging it later....   [tags: Software engineering, Software development process]

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Low-speed Circulating Wind Tunnels

- ... An axial fan generates air flow through the wind tunnel. As the air flows through the wind tunnel, the air flows through a honeycomb structure, a screen, a contraction section, a diffuser and the test section. However, due to added circulating ducts, the size of the wind tunnel increases. Though if space is limited, then the test section can be smaller than that of an open-type wind tunnel. However, with the use of a square duct as a test section does experience some problems due to boundary layer growth at the wall of the test section....   [tags: fluid, hot wire sensors, amenometry]

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The Evolution of Speed Through Technology

- The Evolution of Speed Through Technology Virilio and Gleick use speed as an analytic tool/concept to understand post-contemporary society. Both authors trace the evolution of speed through technology. However, Virilio sees the evolution of speed through war and Gleick analyses speed through the evolution of "time". Virilio?s technological military determinism in ?Speed and Politics. illustrates how we lost slowness through technology and further more how it was developed for the purposes, and from the logic, of war....   [tags: Papers]

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Physics and the Speed of Sound

- The Speed of "Sound": is actually the speed of transmission of a small disturbance through a medium. The speed of sound (a) is equal to the square root of the ratio of specific heats (g) times the gas constant (R) times the absolute temperature (T). a = sqrt [g * R * T] Sonic Boom Sound generated by airflow has been around and reasearched for a long time. The increased use of fluid machines and engines has led to an increasing level of noise generation, and hence to an increasing interest in this area of research....   [tags: physics sound]

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It's Time to Abolish Speed Limits

- It's Time to Abolish Speed Limits It is 8:45 and Paul has just gotten on the interstate to make his normal commute to Longview from Tyler. About halfway there, Paul notices a state trooper right behind him. He frantically checks his speed. Too late!!!!!. The state trooper turns on his lights. Not only was Paul speeding, but now he will be late to a very important meeting at work. The problem here is that Paul was just driving to work. He was not intentionally speeding just to get away with it....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Investigating the Speed of Water Waves

- Investigating the Speed of Water Waves Introduction In this experiment I will be investigating the wave speed, of waves on water in a tray, and how this speed is affected. Waves can be longitudinal, when the particles move in the same direction as the direction of the wave, or it can be transverse, when the particles move at 90o to the direction of the wave. Water waves are transverse waves even though transverse waves cannot travel through liquid. This is because the waves travel on top of the water....   [tags: Lab Report]

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The Discovery of High-Speed Manned Flight and Mach

- This report analyses and discusses the discovery of high-speed manned flight and ‘Mach’ - in particular research and aviation breakthroughs relating to the specified topics. High-speed speed flight is technically defined as ‘flight near, but below the speed of sound’ [1A]. This begins at an airspeed of around 250 mph, or 400 kph. Properties regarding the airflow around an object at low speed or below this threshold of 400 kph are relatively straightforward, and can be compared to that of an aircraft moving through a body of water....   [tags: aviation breakthroughs]

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The Speed of Light Through Perspex

- The Speed of Light Through Perspex Planning Light travels at different speeds through different mediums. The speed of light in air is 300,000,000m/s. When light enters an optically denser medium, it bends towards the normal (refracts). You can work out the refractive index of by dividing the sine of the incidence angle by the sine of the angle of refraction and then working out the ratio of the two. Sine i Sine r From this refractive index you can work out the speed of light through the chosen medium by dividing the speed of light through air by the refractive index....   [tags: Papers]

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Investigation looking At the Speed of Reactions

- Investigation looking At the Speed of Reactions Introduction The aim of this experiment is to find out how a variable can affect the results from a scenario set up in scientific environment. The experiment is to see how a certain variable will affect the amount of Gas produced from a Calcium Carbonate and Hydrochloric Acid Reaction. The Science Calcium Carbonate is a generally white or colourless mineral that is translucent. When compressed or exposed to great heat the mineral binds together in small to large clumps forming calcium Carbonate Chips, however left in it's formed state it is powder, a chalk like substance....   [tags: GCSE Chemistry Coursework Investigation]

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Creating a High Speed Rail Line in Wisconsin

- ... The United States department of transportation was given $8 billion dollars to distribute to the states that were planning to build high speed rail lines. The states of Ohio and Wisconsin were given about $1.2 billion, but they both passed the grants up. The funds were reallocated to other states (“Wisconsin and Ohio”). For many the hope for high speed rail in the near future in Wisconsin has diminished because of Governor Walker rejected the funds, but Minnesota never stopped planning. Governor walker would have liked to spend the money on other things such as highway systems for the state and other infrastructure....   [tags: cost, revenue, emissions, traffic]

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Speed of a Trolley Investigation

- Speed of a Trolley Investigation Investigation into whether the height of a ramp affects the speed of a trolley travelling down it. Aim: In this investigation I will place a trolley at the top of a ramp and then release it. Then I shall try to calculate its speed and from these results I can obtain whether the height of the ramp increases or decreases the speed of the trolley. When the trolley is raised to the top of the ramp, it gains a certain amount of gravitational potential energy as the trolley is released; this energy is converted into kinetic (movement) energy as the trolley moves down the slope....   [tags: Papers]

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How Does Light Speed Affect The Universe?

- How does light speed affect the universe. What about our everyday lives. In the History Channel documentary, “The Universe – Light Speed”, what light speed is and how it affects the universe helps explain how important it is for not only learning the history of our Solar System but the universe itself. How light speed affects stars we see from Earth, the significance of redshift, light horizon and how it affects our glimpse into space, and how ideas are being formulated to traverse space are key points in this documentary....   [tags: Universe, Cosmic microwave background radiation]

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Speed of a Falling Paper Cone

- Speed of a Falling Paper Cone Six paper cones will be made, one with a radius of 2cm, one with a radius of 4cm, one with 6cm, one with 8cm, one with 10cm and a final one with a radius of 12cm. The cones will be made by using a compass to draw a circle on a piece of paper. According to the radius required, the compass point's distance from the pencil will be measured and changed using a ruler. Once the circles are drawn they will be cut out and folded over themselves by a quarter of their circumference to form cones....   [tags: Papers]

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Finding the Speed Of Sound

- Finding the Speed Of Sound Analysis [IMAGE]According to the graph, an increase in the distance causes an increase in the time. This shows that they are directly proportional to each other. There is a very strong trend in the graph, which shows a strong positive correlation. I can tell this because I have drawn a line of best fit. There don't appear to be any major anomalies since all the points are either directly on the line or close to the line of best fit. This shows that the results are relatively reliable....   [tags: Papers]

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Danger and Excitement in Speed

- Danger and Excitement in Speed The film speed was released in 1994. It was directed by Jan de Bont. The film is titled speed for a good reason, the film never lets up in its suspense. The stars in the film are Keanu Reeves who played the part of Jack Tavern who is the hero in the film. Dennis Hopper plays the role of a nasty villain called Howard Payne. The genre of speed is action and adventure and in such films, the things we expect to see are explosions, suspense and tension, combat, car chases, jeopardy, guns, acceleration, love interest, special effects, technology and the sense that a good person is going to overcome an evil person....   [tags: Papers]

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Exploring the Effectiveness and Dangers of High Speed Police Pursuits

- It is common for Hollywood to glamorise high speed police chases, often depicted with police vehicles speeding through the streets with sirens blaring and the offender always being caught without incidence, however this depiction could not be further from the truth with police chases often having serious consequences and the outcome often far from ideal. It is due to these less than ideal outcomes that the media and public at large often call for the practice to be banned or for further regulations to be imposed....   [tags: law enforcement]

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Progression of the Sport of American Football

- ... Horned Frogs’ speed to a dump truck and a Ferrari. Focusing on speed, there are many factors that are taken account, such as the evolvement of the sport, types of cleat combined with the running biomechanics, impact absorption, and frictional properties. Each of these factors can be very influential in the enhancing of speed, resulting in a superior game play. When examining concussions in regards to football, the impact of speed was greatly inspected by the N.F.L., national football league; especially in a study titled Does Football Have A Future....   [tags: speed, cleats]

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Studying Processing Speed in Children With Specific Language Impairment

- A recent research study has concluded that the speed of processing in children with specific language impairment (SLI) is generally slower than that of children with normal language. The purpose of this study, which was performed by Miller, Kail, Leonard, and Tomblin (2001), was to test the generalized slowing hypothesis using a broad variety of carefully chosen tasks that were all administered to the same children, and to contrast the slowing of children with SLI with the slowing seen in a group of children with nonspecific language impairment (NLI); to fit the data to three different models of the relationship between the response times of children with and without language impairment; an...   [tags: slowing, deficits, speech]

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Lacrosse Midfielder: Improving Performance, Speed, and Agility

- Lacrosse is a sport that was created by the Native Americans around the 1600s (5). The sport once known as stick ball to the Indians has evolved to a major sport across the world. Lacrosse was a sport that was a real major part of European culture before it made its way to America. It has just recently been picked up in the major ranks of colleges and even a professional level. So with the rise of this sport comes the rise of the preparatory phases to get ready for competition. Lacrosse was once a sport played with as many as 100,000 players on in the valley at the same time....   [tags: sports, native americans]

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How Temperature Affects Speed of Falling Asleep

- How does temperature affect the speed of falling asleep. Insomnia related sleep problems impact 30% of American adults( Doheny). Many people with insomnia problems typically try traditional solutions for their sleep like a glass of warm milk, avoiding caffeine and a schedule but what about a room temperature. When you go to sleep your body's wanted core temperature is decreased( Doheny). This drop in core temperature is what induces sleep(Bucklan). Though debated to be in ranges of 65°F-75°F and 60°F-68°F however, many doctors recommend the median of about 65°F room temperature when sleeping....   [tags: insomnia, cold, energy]

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Physics of Speed Detection

- Speed detection is one of the most notorious functions of our local and state police. How do they know how fast we are going. Speed determination is accomplished in two basic ways. First, the least sophisticated method is dependent upon an officer's ability to guess your speed. Second, either some electronic method using radar or laser instrumentation authenticates that officer's guess. As you will see, their guesses are usually right on target. What does this mean for you. Usually a speeding ticket or if your infraction isn't a flagrant disregard for safety, a friendly warning....   [tags: police law enforcement radar gun speeding ticket]

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High-Speed Rail

- The eight billion initial investments in the high-speed rail are expected to produce about 320,000 jobs and roughly thirteen billion dollars in economic benefit. These include construction and operation jobs, as well as manufacturing and supply chain options. By increasing mobility while decreasing crowding and spreading, high-speed rail makes our country more competitive while simultaneously creating economic development. The High Speed Rail could boost the economy and could provide alternate transportation, therefore it should be built....   [tags: modern transportation, environmental impact]

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Physics Investigation of Speed

- Physics Investigation of Speed In this investigation I am finding out how the height of a ramp affects the speed of a toy car. To do this, I first need to know about speed and gravity. I know the equation for speed is: Speed = Distance Time From that equation I can now work out what the speed of the toy car will be, when I know the distance the ramp is and the time it took the car to come down the ramp. Now, gravity is a bit more complicated: [IMAGE]Over three centuries ago, Isaac Newton invented a new kind of mathematics called calculus so that he could model motion...   [tags: Papers]

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Speed of Dissolving Jelly

- Speed of Dissolving Jelly Introduction The investigation I have to do is I have to investigate what affects the speed at which the jelly will dissolve in water. This investigation will be using the theories we have covered on the rates of reaction and the collison theory. I am going to try to get the jelly to dissolve quicker by increasing the surface area. I predit that when increasing the surface area of some jelly, I think each time I change the surface area then the time the jelly dissolves will be increased....   [tags: Papers]

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Speed Kills

- Speed Kills The high speed limits are often causes of accidents that cause serious injuries and even death. The speed limit should be lowered so we can control accidents caused by high speed driving, pollution, and the high cost of operation and insurance. First of all it is obvious that a motorist driving over the speed limit has more chances of getting into an accident that a motorist who is traveling at the average speed. One who drives fast does not have proper and that well of a control on the vehicle as one that is moving at a safe speed or at the speed limit mark....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Speed Limits

- Speed Limits Jim was leaving work late, and he knew that his wife was at home waiting on him. She had prepared a nice meal for their anniversary and was sitting on the couch all alone. As Jim pulled out of the plant and onto newly paved two-lane highway, he noticed a large white sign with the words “speed limit” and the number “50.” It was a thirty minute drive home, and he could easily make up the time he lost at work if he could just drive as fast as he wanted. For the next half hour, however, Jim drove fifty miles per hour, all the while, contemplating why we have speed limits....   [tags: Expository Speeding Government Essays]

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The Effect of Height of a Ramp on the Speed of a Trolley

- The Effect of Height of a Ramp on the Speed of a Trolley For this piece of coursework, I intend to investigate the relationship between the heights of a ramp to the change in speed. I will be measuring the speed from these heights: - * 5cm * 10cm * 15cm * 20cm * 25cm. Formula AIM The aim of this investigation is to find out what the relationship his between the height or a ramp and the change in speed. Hypothesis The greater the height of the ramp the more the speed of the trolley would increase....   [tags: Papers]

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physics lab speed of sound in air

- Physics Waves Lab SL Introduction: This lab will investigate the properties of mechanical waves such as a longitudinal wave, focusing on the question: Does a change in the frequency of a wave result in a significant and convincing change in the speed of the wave. Hypothesis: Changing the frequency of the wave will not result in a change in speed because the wavelength will change proportionally as in theory. Student Designed Investigation Procedure/ Planning Procedure: 1. Three students would get into a group....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Investigating Speed's Relationship to Size and Shape

- Investigating Speed's Relationship to Size and Shape Aim I am investigating if the speed of an object changes when the size or shape is changed. I will investigate this through 2 experiments. Apparatus list Stopwatch 20 pieces of tracing paper Scales Preliminary work Before my main experiment, I decided to do some practices to determine how high to drop the paper from. I started at 1m and noticed immediately that the time it took to reach the ground was too quick for us to take a reading in....   [tags: Papers]

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Output, input, Storage and Speed of the Computer

- Output, input, Storage and Speed of the Computer Printed questionnaires Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) would be the best choice. Its the ICR technology that allows data capture software to automatically to, read information from all types of documents - even handwritten ones. Telephone survey-voice recognition is best because a voice input device can be programmed to distinguish answers spoken into the receiver allowing it to all be completed by computers. Bank checks- scanning devices that recognizes bar codes are called MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) a magnetic scanning input device....   [tags: Technology Computer]

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The Power of Speed, Energy, Confidence, and Strength

- The Power of Speed, Energy, Confidence, and Strength "Students, line up (yes sir!) Cha Ri-Ut. Jung-Ja. Kuk-Ki Dae Kyung-nea Ba-ro. Won-Ki Dae Kyung-nea, (Kuk Sool) Ba-ro. Kuk Sa Nym Dae Kyung-nea (Kuk Sool) Ba-ro. Kwan Jang Nym Dae Kyung-nea (Kuk Sool) Ba-ro. Kyo Sa Nym Dae Kyung-nea (Kuk Sool) Ba-ro. Jo Kyo Nym Dae Kyung-nea (Kuk Sool) Ba-ro. Bu-Tak Ham-Ni-Da (Bu-Tak Ham-Ni-Da) Ba-ro!" (Sareyvoth). These are the first sounds of the Kuk Sool class starting; the instructor and students are ready to begin....   [tags: Papers]

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IndyCar Racing - We Need Speed

- Every year on Memorial Day auto racing fans around the world wake up in anticipation to see the most famous race in the world. The Indianapolis 500 is an annual IndyCar race that has been run since 1916 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is a race of great tradition that is supposed to represent the fastest racers in the sport at the fastest raceway in the sport. However, Tony George, President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the IRL, is changing everything about the race and the sport....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Speed Demon - Original Short Story

- Speed Demon - Original Short Story It was early, but he could hack it. People were paying good money for him to do this job and he was going to make damn sure that he did it right. The morning dew glistened on his track, and a hazy evanescence could be seen arising from the cold, hard tarmac. He had just completed a previous lap of this, his, circuit, he owned that circuit, it was his, and he made sure that it was his by beating off any rivals who even dared to try and complete it....   [tags: Papers]

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Jan de Bont's movie Speed

- Jan de Bont's movie Speed Speed- a Jan De Bont movie starring Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock and Dennis Hopper is a film worthy of rivaling the very best in action movie history and certainly deserves a place in our top ten modern action films due to its riveting action sequences, flamboyant stunts and surprisingly good cast. If you wanted to find a classic action movie which contains absolutely everything an action movie is forecasted to have and be, look no further. Speed is a classic action film with emphasis on the action....   [tags: Papers]

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Australia Should Not Adopt High Speed Rail as a National Infrastructure

- High Speed Rail is modern passenger trains that have the capacity to move at an average speed of 250km/h or more, on purpose-built tracks. The Shinkansen in Japan, the French TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) and the German ICE (Inter-City Express) are just some of the example of High Speed Rail. Currently there are new railways under construction or being planned in countries including China, Portugal, Russia, Vietnam, United States, and India. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the feasibility of this infrastructure in Australia, specifically focusing on a high speed railway line between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane....   [tags: International Government ]

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Outline to Developing Cardio-respiratory Endurance, Speed and Reaction Time

- Long- term goal_ - To develop cardio respiratory endurance and to improve their speed, and their reaction time. Session 1-Basketball chest pass relay: Session 1 Goal: To improve your speed, and develop good skills using the proper cues of the chest pass. Number of students- 12 Warm Up- Two lap around the gym and Static Stretching. Equipment -: Basketball, and Cones Activity-: After the students is finish with their warm up session. A cone will be place at the starting point and one on the ending point....   [tags: football, basketball, soccer]

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How Technology Improves The Speed And Productivity Of Any Task At Hand

- New technologies are allowing us to do things faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever before. Almost every new innovation in technology improves the speed and productivity of any task at hand. Electronic mail (E-mail) is possibly one of the greatest things to happen to the world. Despite this, there are people who find mistakes in using either E-mail or letter. To help decide whether to use E-mail or the letter, a comparison of each one 's speed, ease of use, reliability, portability, and cost....   [tags: Internet, Envelope, United States Postal Service]

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Core Product Decision : Speed Up Rules For Korean Baseball League

- Core product decision: Speed Up Rules in Korean Baseball League Back in 2006, games of Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) league posed boredom to the fans due to excessive amount of time. In the United States, Major League central office and each team were working closely together to reduce the playing time, and showed some practical effect of the speed up. While in the Korea Professional Baseball, the average game time had shown no signs of reducing after it was beyond 3 hours in 1999. KBO encouraged faster gameplay using a variety of ‘promoting rule’....   [tags: Baseball, Major League Baseball]

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Speedy Reader : How to Increase Your Reading Speed in SIX Steps

- 1. Introduction - Meet Speedy Reader Remember Gonzales, the Mexican speedy mouse from Looney Tunes. Well, it is very similar to the Mexican hero of mice, just that it applies with reading. Speedy Reader is a funny title for a little friendly e-book that supports efficient reading as a test for personal limits and exploration of inner boudaries, thanks to its exercises - briefly explained in 5 steps - designed to increase the speed level of reading. Perpetual practice can increase the reading speed up to 300% or even more....   [tags: efficiency, monologue, exercises]

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Impact Of Technology On Our Lives Improves The Convenience And Speed Of Communication

- The twenty-first century marked a new dawn in the information and technology field. Advancement in technology is the order of the day as society adopts the changes brought about by this evolution gradually. Technology is useful in nearly every workplace thus making it an inevitable human invention. Technology innovation pursuits have revolutionized the way people approach learning, teaching, office work, research, and general industrial and human activities (Kelly). The use of computers, robots, and emphasis on Artificial Intelligence receives diverse thoughts and opinions from the society and brings forth positive and negative consequences depending on how gets managed....   [tags: Computer, Artificial intelligence, Computing]

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Computers Have Changed All Aspect Of Our Lives At A Breakneck Speed

- Computers have changed all aspect of our lives at a breakneck speed. So much so that every industry in America and around the world has been greatly influenced by technology. No industry has been left unscathed not even the financial industry, where technology that was once left for the very privileged and elite is now available to every household. Small no-name boutiques and financial players with little capital threaten to upend the status quo. So where did the first stock market ever start. While there is a common misconception that it started in Amsterdam, there has always been a trade in debt and commodities for centuries....   [tags: Stock market, Stock exchange]

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Diesel Or Petrol : The World Population Increases At Break Neck Speed

- Khan, Muhammad Mrs. Lescure English 1301, MWF 12-1 November 25, 2015 Diesel or Petrol People around the world use many different sources of energy to get through their day. In order to run cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, planes and even generators we need either gas or diesel, the two most common types of fuels. Now the question stands as the world population increases at break-neck speed, is the demand for a certain type of fuel going to change our quality of life. If so, which fuel is more efficient, powerful, and earth friendly....   [tags: Internal combustion engine, Petroleum, Gasoline]

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The Mantis Shrimp, Stomatopoda: A Look at the Force and Speed of The Underwater Strikes of a Violent Predator

- In the tropical oceans of the South Pacific lurks a predator that violently launches itself at its prey and spears it with raptor-like blades. These animals have been known to reach speeds so great that they can break aquarium glass. They are a crustacean commonly known as mantis, shrimp and they belong to the phylum Arthropoda and the class Stomatopoda. All have an exoskeleton, which means their bodies do not have internal bones for support. Other characteristics of Arthropod's are segmented bodies and bilateral symmetry....   [tags: subphylum Crustacea, Class Malacostraca]

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Supersonic Dream: Problems of Supersonic Transport and the Concord

- What is the different between supersonic flight and subsonic flight. The term “supersonic” and “subsonic” are used to describe the travel speed in Mach unit in which “supersonic” is used for the speed between Mach 1 and 5 while “subsonic” is for the speed below Mach 1(Smith, 2009, para.2)When a plane is flying at supersonic speed, it is flying faster than sound. The major difference in a supersonic aircraft is the design principal. The most important thing to consider when building a supersonic aircraft is airflow: “Managing that airflow is especially troublesome as a plane approaches the speed of sound… The faster the plane travels, the more difficult it is to push the craft through the air...   [tags: speed, environmental impact, cost]

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Coal Burnt Rivers: A History of Steamboat Travel in the 1800s

- The early years of the 1800s brought a multitude of major advances in travel across America. This great revolution in American transportation can be included in a much larger movement taking place during the same time period: The Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution is credited for countless major changes in human technology around the civilized world, including the way people and items got around. During this sweeping change, all previous methods of mobility were improved drastically beyond their current capabilities, upgrading travel on both land and water....   [tags: transportation, speed, mail delibery]

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