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Richard Cory 's The Speaker

- In every poem, there are feelings and emotions that are brought forth in a very a few number of words. The three elements of a poem, speaker, imagery, and listener, help to make a poetic story. The speaker; the voice of the poem, conveys the feelings. Poetic words and metaphors create the imagery around the story. The way the poem is read and understood by the listener can have different meanings and effects on people. These aren’t always clearly defined. So how exactly does one understand a poem and the elements within it....   [tags: Fairy tale, Cinderella, The Speaker]

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The Qualities And Qualities Of A Speaker

- In order to become an excellent teacher, one would need to display exceptional public speaking abilities. I have dreamed of becoming a teacher since I was a child, and I plan to be the best teacher I can be, which makes intercommunication, especially public communication, key. I am an advanced public speaker, because I demonstrate elocution, confidence, personality, and exceptional knowledge when I am public speaking. Within these main components of a speaker are: delivery, style, spotlight effect, credibility, and rhetoric....   [tags: Rhetoric, Public speaking, Public speaker, Oratory]

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Cultural Identity in Native Speaker by Chang-Rae Lee

- When asked to define ones cultural identity people usually take the path that leads to their country of origin. They describe their beliefs and tradition which mirrors the values of people within that geographic location. But what about the people who are torn between two cultures. How would they define their cultural identity. This is the problem faced by Henry Park, the protagonist of the book Native Speaker by Chang-Rae Lee. Originally from Korea, he immigrated to the United States with his parents when he was little....   [tags: Native Speaker Essays]

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Modern Politics: Speaker Joe Straus for Texas

- Speaker Joe Straus Joe Straus has been Speaker for Texas since the year 2009, and is going strong. There isn’t much prior knowledge of the Speaker, but may people and elected officials say that he is doing a great job. Upon research of Joe Straus he has many beliefs and ideas to make Texas a better state than what it already is. Joe Straus believes that any and all co-workers should work together and get along so that way the works gets done faster and more efficient. Teamwork is a very important task because he or she is not alone to try and work on something that he or she can’t do or operate....   [tags: jewish speaker, social media, education]

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Why I Have A Better Public Speaker

- Throughout this semester in this this class, I have been faced with a tremendous amount of challenges, some that stumbled me, some that I in a way even conquered. This class has caused me many sleepless nights and a few nervous breakdowns. If I had to describe this class in two words, it would be an all around awkward struggle. Although, I’d have to say, I have seen such an enormous change in myself as well as my confidence throughout the duration of this semester. I have battled, conquered, and completely overcame things I never honestly knew I was able to....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker, Speech]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Our Speaker '

- Our speaker seems a solemn individual. One, whom explores a city alone and by night, a favorable past time for anybody who does not want to be bothered. Yet, as evidenced in the form of the poem, our speaker seems to feel a spark of excitement when human interaction becomes a possibility within our story. However, it seems that our poet, Robert Frost, displays an uncanny knack for misdirection throughout the entirety of this poem, and unless we meticulously pick this poem apart, we may miss the real meaning behind Frost 's words....   [tags: Mind, Psychology, Thought, Time]

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The Straight Stanza And The Tone Of The Speaker

- The turning point happens in the fourth stanza and the tone of the speaker changes. In first three stanzas, the feeling of the speaker is comfortable and calm while staying with death; but in the fourth stanza, she seems to become a little bit nervous. The closer she gets to the destination, the more nervous she seems to be. “The Dews drew quivering and chill-/For only Gossamer, my Gown-/My Tippet-only Tulle-” (Dickinson lines 14-16) After passing the speaker’s different stages of life, death and the speaker enter a strange place that is cold, wet and dark....   [tags: Death, Life, Afterlife, Soul]

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The Tone Of The Speaker 's Tone

- The author/speaker’s tone is shown as sympathetic towards his brother Sonny, who has an addiction towards drugs. The speaker seems to understand Sonny’s problems and tries to help him throughout the short story.In the beginning of the short story it states “...stared at it in the swinging lights of the subway car, and in the faces and bodies of the people, and in my own face, trapped in the darkness which roared outside…” (page one). In the short story it also states, “And I didn 't write Sonny or send him anything for a long time....   [tags: Short story, Fiction]

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Case Study : ' The Natural Speaker '

- Dyadic Encounter In my meetings with my partner I learned a great deal on how to be a better communicator. After meeting with my partner five separate times, and following the guidelines to communication in the book “The Natural Speaker”, I have improved my communication skills. When a person is aware of the communication principles, they become a better communicator. Analysis of the Encounter Description of My Partner My partner is a tall 6.0 ft. male. He has a shaved head, leaving just a small amount of hair....   [tags: Communication, Nonverbal communication]

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Qualities Of A Motivational Speaker

- Qualities of Motivational Speakers Businesses are now investing in motivational speakers for its employees. Manpower is an integral aspect of business. When their interest at wok declines, their unsatisfactory performance affects the company’s productivity. If your company is failing to achieve its objectives, hiring a motivational speaker can be the remedy. Building teamwork, confidence between the management and the workforce, and common vision can success. A motivational speaker can redirect employees thoughts be presenting to them the different ways possible to handle their current condition....   [tags: Motivation, Regulatory Focus Theory, Employment]

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William Shakespeare 's The Speaker

- 1. The speaker in this poem is a poet but it is not to be confused with William Shakespeare as it is not stated that the poet is indeed Shakespeare. The speaker is very full of himself and controversial as he compared summer with his lover and ultimately insulted summer throughout the poem. The speaker is very full of himself as he says that he can immortalize his lover in his poetry due to the fact that people will continue to read his work and although that is true the speaker still seems a little bit boastful....   [tags: Poetry, Sonnet, Iambic pentameter, Meter]

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Presentation Of The Closing Bell Speaker

- The Closing Bell Speaker Series consists of lectures where presenters from different companies speak about professional development in areas that pertain to their career or a topic that they are passionate about. The purpose of this paper is to summarize two of the Closing Bell Speaker Series that I attended and to relate the information I was given to my own professional development. This paper will include a background of the speakers that presented, a summarization of their presentation, and my response to the information presented....   [tags: Coaching, Management, Youth mentoring]

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Introduction to Influence: Persuasive Speaker

- Persuasion: Who, What, and to Whom When people needs to say yes or needs to agree about something else, then persuasion is being used by the speaker while conveying their message. It is the goal of the speaker to make listener’s mind change and agree with him or her (Rhoads, 1997). We can try to understand this world we live in by using social psychology because it explains why people act or behave the way they do. Social psychology is an attempt to explain why people judge other, why they act with such persuasion and intent and why they help others (Feenstra, 2011)....   [tags: social psychology, charm, communicator]

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Abraham Lincoln : An Eloquent Speaker

- Several of his writing and speaking proves that Abraham Lincoln was an eloquent speaker. His voice still lives and speaks of his immense greatness and stand on issues to do with slavery and Civil War. For courses that covered slavery, antebellum and Civil War, his writings and letters are rated as a must-assign edition among teachers. From those famous editions such as Lincoln-Douglas debates and also the second inaugural address, all the way to his lightly considered pieces of works such as letters and memoranda, Lincoln’s voice covered all those critical issues of the day, including his take on emancipation and slavery....   [tags: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Abolitionism]

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Speech Was A Good Speaker

- Before I start I just want to say that Speech was a class that I never really looked forward to taking and I would always avoid it hence why I decided to take it last. I was never a good speaker and never did I want to speak especially in front of a class of people. I was the type of person who got anxiety at the slightest thought of speaking in front of people and when I did speak before people It would send me and my brain into an abysmal state of shock, my thoughts seemed paralyzed as if they were frozen in time and yet they weren’t it was just the opposite, they were racing through my brain so fast I could only pick out one sentence....   [tags: Psychology, Thought, Want, Need]

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Speaker Critique Assignment On Baseball

- Speaker Critique Assignment On Friday September 23th, I attended Mr. Paul Tuke’ s public speech at WQ Room 127. The time was 6: 00 P.M-7: 00 P.M. He is an instructor who teaching in IEI English program. His presentation was talking about American baseball. He gave so much baseball background to audience. He said he love baseball, his favorite team in Arizona. At beginning, he gave every audience a vocabulary list about baseball. I thought that was helpful to understand his speech. The first part of his presentation “Baseball around the word.” He used power point to show a map included America and Asia....   [tags: Baseball, Major League Baseball, Baseball]

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Erik Was The Guest Speaker

- Several years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Erik Wahl through a work event. Erik was the guest speaker. He was not the typical, three piece suit, freshly coiffed professional that I had expected to have to listen to. He broke the mold of what I envisioned as the motivational speaker. Within moments of him commandeering the stage, he had me mesmerized and hanging on to each and every word delivered. There was music blaring. There was a slideshow simultaneously being shown behind him....   [tags: Leadership, Communication, Message]

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The Guest Speaker, Kirby Lammers

- Throughout the whole presentation, the guest speaker, Kirby Lammers, emphasized and connected with self-awareness, leadership, and stress and how each apply in everyday life-style. Lammers retold his story of how he utilized his own leadership to not only put himself first but to also by being positive and a believer in any situation. Leadership is one of the most important characteristic anyone can have, whether it is for a group, a department or just yourself. Lammers’ own definition of leadership is “serving people that deem inspirational, trusting, respectful, caring that people want to follow.” There are so many leaders in the world that influence people in a good and bad way....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Fiedler contingency model]

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From A Non English Speaker

- From a Non-English Speaker to a College Student My day started as usual, after I woke up and prepared my coffee. When I checked the To-Do list, the first thing on the list was checking the mail. When I went outside, it was a nice weather that made me feel that it is going to be a good day for me. I entered the house and sat on the couch. Then I started to check my mail one by one. There was a white fancy envelope with a golden title that got my attention. I immediately opened the envelope to see what it was about; I couldn’t believe my eyes....   [tags: Education, Academic degree, University, Cher]

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Why I Am A Speaker

- When I heard about having a speaker in my communication 315 class, I was more than excited. We were told that a LGBTQ member was going to be coming into the classroom to talk to us about her experience during her transition. I always get very intrigued hearing about other people’s life stories. Whether it’s a new friend talking to me about their life or an old one, I am always interested when hearing about people’s past. When this speech started, I was unexpectedly unimpressed. There were three very noticeable top three weaknesses within this speech....   [tags: Linguistics, Language, Meaning of life, Hearing]

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Our Speaker, Dr. Goldman

- Our speaker, Dr. Goldman, explained the intricacies and delicacy in the matter of making film addressing this most horrible event. Dr. Goldman was extremely knowledgeable when it came to this subject and gave us a look back into what films were being made about during the time of the Nazi regime. He explains that in the beginning years while Hitler and his Nazi’s were just starting out with the persecution of Jews that the Jewish community of film makers no one wanted to speak out for fear of home grown anti-Semitism....   [tags: World War II, Nazi Germany, Cold War]

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The Conflict Between The Speaker 's Words

- This poem dramatizes the conflict between the speaker’s words and his or her true feelings. The poet also dramatizes losing as an “art”, or something that a person could potentially “master”. She presents a speaker with a tone that appears almost desperate. At the end of the poem, it becomes clear that the speaker addresses him or her self, not an audience, when they say, “though it may look like (Write it!) a disaster” (19). The speaker’s words enclosed in parenthesis make an attempt to convince themselves that they believe their own words....   [tags: Poetry, Stanza, Tercet, Meter]

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Female Speaker : Just Being Lazy

- People have been using it forever, we know that there are not any super serious long term affects, like serious effects in the same way that alcohol is. Male Speaker: Or cigarettes. Female Speaker 3: Or like heroine affects you and so I think, that coupled with each other, a lot of times, people don’t act out as much as they are when you smoke marijuana as if you were drunk. You are not as apt to hurt someone or things along those lines. Interviewer: Are there any disadvantages to using marijuana that you can think of....   [tags: Sex, Male, Female, Human]

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The Speaker's Madness Manifested as Obsessions in Maud

- The Speaker’s Madness Manifested as Obsessions in Maud Alfred Tennyson breaks away from the pastoral discourse that is typical of the Romantic Age and transcends into the Victorian Age with a poem full of obsession, madness, death, love, and patriotism in his creation of Maud. In Maud, the state of the speaker’s life and his mental health are called into question from the very beginning. The speaker’s initial mental state is one of madness, a melancholic, morbidity that has been influenced by the suicide of his father into a persona that is not perfect or happy, but a disturbed man with nothing to recommend him to a higher state....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Sonance Is A High End Speaker Company

- Sonance is a high-end speaker company with a strong history of innovation and product quality. One of the company’s recent example of their innovative talent is the Architectural speaker series. This is a high end speaker that is essentially invisible. While Sonance excels at providing the consumer a superior product, they struggle to maintain low manufacturing costs. In an effort to compete for more market share, Sonance has been targeting three markets, mass merchandisers, luxury home installers, and new housing developers....   [tags: Marketing, Luxury good, Aesthetics, Branding]

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Female Speaker : I Like The Rates

- As you all look this over, later down the line today, if there is anything on here where it says no information available and you know something about it, will you let me know. We actually have a rental coming in Sunday and I have no idea about it. It is going to work, but again it is sitting on top of Big River. Female Speaker: I like the rates and I appreciate the increase. I think they are fair and I think they are in line with the market. I do want to ask if it can be much easier to read, you need an advanced calculous degree to figure out the last rate part....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Add It Up]

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My Abilities of Being a Presentational Speaker

- Speaking in front of a classroom full of strangers is harder than you think. I have already done two big speeches for public speaking: Informative speech and commemorative speech. Conducting a speech is more work than I would have imagined. I had to learn how to do speeches before I could be a presentational speaker. The three abilities for being a presentational speaker for my individual speech assignments were my understanding, my score, and what I learned. First, I need to focus on my understanding for the individual speeches....   [tags: personal reflections]

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I Chose This Speaker 's Speech

- Former Admiral William H. McRaven served in the Navy for many years. He gave a commencement speech to the class of 2014 at the University of Texas at Austin. I chose this speaker because his speech is very motivational. The purpose of the speech is to teach people that anybody can change the world; he gives them 10 suggestions on how they can change the world. Although his speech is not perfect, he does a great job at communicating what was intended. The type of communication McRaven uses is public communication because he is speaking to an audience....   [tags: Communication, Nonverbal communication]

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The Point The Speaker By Noah Yuval Harari

- The point the speaker, Noah Yuval Harari, is attempting to make is that humans as a species have been able to survive as long as we have due to the unique characteristics and behaviors we have inherited from our ancestors that have allowed us to cooperate more efficiently and expand our complex cognitive processes through imaginative thinking. (b) Noah corroborates his theory by drawing comparisons of different animals to humans, and through the use of metaphors and real-life applications. One of the two main reasons Noah gives to why Homo sapiens have risen as a species is our superior cooperative skills: “The real difference between humans and all other animals is not on the individual l...   [tags: Human, Human evolution, Chimpanzee, Hominidae]

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Beowulf Features Of The Speaker 's Speech

- This passage of the poem Beowulf features revealing aspects of the speaker’s, Hrothgar’s, character. Hrothgar’s homily sermon is a stark contrast to the celebrations for Beowulf’s triumph over the monster Grendel and Grendel’s mother. This contrast is not only a function of elegiac narratives, it a vehicle through which Hrothgar’s character is divulged. This passage reveals: Hrothgar is a man of vast wisdom; he has a paternal love for Beowulf; and the contrast reveals his sense of foreboding fuels the urgency with which he imparts his wisdom to Beowulf....   [tags: Beowulf, Grendel, Heorot, Hroðgar]

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Plato 's The Republic, The Primary Speaker

- In Plato’s The Republic, the primary focus for a significant portion of the text is establishing the ideal state in order to determine the nature of justice and virtue. In doing so, Socrates, who is the primary speaker in the text, determines several requirements for the existence of the ideal state. The third requirement according to Socrates is that philosophers must rule as kings (or kings must adequately philosophize). Until this occurs, “cities will have no rest from evils” (473d). However, there is some objection, or anticipated objection, to Socrates’ requirement....   [tags: Philosophy, Plato, Ethics, Political philosophy]

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The Great Motivational Speaker, Earl Nightingale

- day I was listening to the great motivational speaker, Earl Nightingale. In his audio book, Nightingale talked about the power of reframing and perspective. He led me to believe that I was only broke and poor because that was my perspective. Instead of thinking that I worked so hard only to be broke, I should look at my work as paying for my freedom. I soon realized that for two years I was so successful as an entrepreneur that I didn’t have to have a job. I didn’t have to have anyone tell me when to wake up or what to do every day which was incredible....   [tags: Goal, Goal setting, Entrepreneurship]

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My Reaction : Breast Cancer Speaker

- My Reaction: Breast Cancer Speaker On October 25,2016, Sue Eichler came to talk about her experience with breast cancer. She works for at an office that works with women who have breast cancer. During her discussion, I felt pretty much informed. I feel a lot more informed on the challenges, process, and understanding of those who are going through treatment and what others decide to do. I feel a lot more confident about my knowledge of breast, as my fiancé’s mother was diagnosed with it over the summer....   [tags: Breast cancer, Breast, Cancer, Puberty]

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The Key to Being a Successful Speaker

- The Key to Being a Successful Speaker I am one of those who suffer from butterflies, that uncomfortable feeling in my chest and stomach, before speaking in public. This is not only a problem for myself, but it is also a common fear and a concern for many people. My purpose is to denounce a few dynamics I feel have helped me to become a more effective speaker and to manage my butterflies. I will prove to you that strong body language makes ideas and feelings more clear, vigorous and engaging. First, I will show how eye contact unconsciously engages the audience....   [tags: Papers]

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Self Representation and the Self-Defeating Speaker in Jonathan Swift

- Because Swift constructs a speaker who is meant to be seen as himself in “Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift, D.S.P.D.”, his approach to the satire changes, taking on a more playful approach. The poem is more personal than political, and is more comedic in the sense that he satirizing himself as well as other people groups. The self-defeating rhetorical approach is embodied in this poem in the way that he puts himself down and exposes his own follies throughout the poem. While this is no doubt somewhat tongue-in-cheek, this in some ways frees Swift from criticism from outside sources....   [tags: Verses on the death of Dr. Swift]

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The A Good Speaker, One Must Master The Skill Of Listening

- To be a good speaker, one must master the skill of listening. The vizier Ptahhotep discloses in “The Maxims of Good Discourse” different advices on listening and speaking, reveling that the secret for becoming a great specker, the secret for people listing, is listening to others; to remain silent until the moment one has acquire enough knowledge from the elders. Meanwhile, Plato in “Euthyphro” shares the manuscript a dialogue between Euthyphro and Socrates where the later wishes to learn what is piety and how he can use in his defense in court; the manuscript shows how great listener Socrates was....   [tags: Plato, Socrates, Rhetoric, Euthyphro]

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Effect Of Speaker Accent On The Implicit Associations Formed By Listeners

- 2.0 – Prior Experiments Although the primary focus of this research was to utilise a Visual World Paradigm eyetracking experiment in order to investigate the effect of speaker accent on the implicit associations formed by listeners, as eyetracking experiments are extremely time consuming (requiring training on how to use the equipment and software, as well as requiring multiple stages of formatting and analysis of complex data), it was felt necessary to first conduct a preliminary ‘offline’ experiment, in which participant responses were recorded in the form of completed questionnaires....   [tags: Middle class, Social class, Working class]

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I Really Enjoyed The Speaker, Chuck De Groat

- I really enjoyed the speaker, Chuck De Groat. The topic that he spoke on was one that is not talked about very often. Our human need to open up and to tell people about what is going on in our lives is almost countercultural to what is seen in Sioux County. Here, there is a don’t ask don’t tell type of mentality. This is easy to accomplish because around here, most people share the same morals, ideas, and mind-set. Since everyone supposedly thinks the same, problems aren’t shared. According to the speaker, it’s healthy to be vulnerable and to share your struggles with those around you....   [tags: Emotion, Thought, Feeling]

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Fr. Francis Clooney Lecture With Guest Speaker

- On Wednesday, October 7, I attended the Theology Department’s Annual Keating Lecture with guest speaker Fr. Francis X. Clooney, S.J. Fr. Francis Clooney gave an interesting presentation about interreligious learning in the Catholic Church. I personally found his lecture quite interesting, and full of knowledge about religion that I had not yet discovered. There were a few things that stuck my interest, the first being when he said that he had to learn from his Hindu Buddhist students in order to teach them....   [tags: Religion, Christianity, Roman Catholic Church]

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True Heroes of Literature: Atticus Finch, Macduff, and the Speaker in 'Porphyria’s Lover'

- Heroes are typically identified as firemen or police officers -- those who outwardly display courage and strength. While strength and courage are admirable, and even heroic traits, the distinguishing quality of a genuine hero is his/her selflessness. A hero is a person who does the right thing when no one is looking. In literature, there are the heros that are identified for obvious reasons and those that are overlooked because they do not fit a specific criteria. All good literature features a “backstage” hero, whose actions are not meant to reap personal gain....   [tags: To Kill a Mockingbird, Macbeth]

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Themes of Language and Racial Identity in Native Speaker, By Chang-Rae Lee

- Chang-Rae Lee’s Native Speaker expresses prominent themes of language and racial identity. Chang-Rae Lee focuses on the struggles that Asian Americans have to face and endure in American society. He illustrates and shows readers throughout the novel of what it really means to be native of America; that true nativity of a person does not simply entail the fact that they are from a certain place, but rather, the fluency of a language verifies one’s defense of where they are native. What is meant by possessing nativity of America would be one’s citizenship and legality of the country....   [tags: Chang-Rae Lee]

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Native Speaker And Count Zero By Chang Rae Lee And William Gibson

- Exploring the novels “Native Speaker” and “Count Zero,” by Chang-Rae Lee and William Gibson, it comes into view that they packs punch with a strong theme about corporate powers and the embedded idea of unknowable human identity. Taking the corporate ideology into account, in this essay, the corporate bases, the supporting corporate superstructures, and the corporate cultures of the two companies, Virek’s corporation and “Glimmer & Company,” are comparatively analyzed. Comparison of the features of the two companies is also used to points out the idea that human identity is almost unknowable and elusive....   [tags: Corporation, Company, Types of business entity]

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The Elementary School Is Offering The Second Language Program Class For Nonnative English Speaker

- Context The Morningside Elementary School is offering the Second Language Program class for nonnative-English speaker students. Students will focus on Basic English practical skills for 35 minutes a day for five days a week. SLP class combines creativity and language skills for different student level proficiency. Students will be able to step out the general teacher-centered instruction classroom setting. The program is open to all 2nd through 5th grades. The curriculum divides by 35 minutes....   [tags: English language, Second language]

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Soliloquies - Role of Speaker in Browning's Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister

- Role of Speaker in Browning's Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister The speaker in any poem is significant because he enables the reader to aquire information necessary in order to enter the imaginary world of the work. In Browning's Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister, the solitary speaker, who is a monk overwhelmed with hatred toward a fellow monk, plays an important role as the guide in the world of the poem. The diction, structure, and tone of the entire poem communicate the speaker's motives, perceptions, emotions, and behavior....   [tags: Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister]

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The Speaker's Role in Three Poems by Howard, Wyatt, and Raleigh

- The Speaker's Role in Three Poems by Howard, Wyatt, and Raleigh The speakers in "Farewell, False Love," by Sir Walter Raleigh and "My Lute, Awake!" by Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder have similar motivations, although the poems have differing constructs. Each speaker seeks to unleash his venomous emotions at a woman who has scorned him, by humiliating her through complicated revenge fantasies and savage metaphors. Through this invective, he hopes to convince us of this woman's inward ugliness. Raleigh catalogues a long list of conceits for his false love: she is every horrid thing from a "siren song" to "an idle boy that sleeps in pleasure's lap"....   [tags: Farewell False Love Essays]

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My Student, Thrown By A Horse, By Theodore Roethke

- April 24, 2014. That day, I wore my black suit. I was in a large crowded room. People throughout the room smiled with tears and teared up when telling stories. Suddenly, the room became silent as the doors shut; the funeral service for my friend’s dad was about to begin. I regretfully remember that throughout the service I fought to contain my tears. For some unknown reason, I felt that it was unacceptable for me to cry for someone else’s dad. I thought that society would not acknowledge my grief since I was not part of his family....   [tags: Syllable, Poetry, Meter, The Speaker]

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William Stafford And Elizabeth Bishop

- For many people, the early hours of the morning can hold numerous possibilities from time for quiet reflections to beginning of the day observations to waking up and taking in the fresh air. In the instance of the poems “Five A.M.” and “Five Flights Up,” respective poets William Stafford and Elizabeth Bishop write of experiences similar to these. However, what lies different in their styles is the state of mind of the speakers. While Stafford’s speaker silently reflects on his walk at dawn from a philosophical view of facing the troubles that lie ahead in his day, Bishop’s speaker observes nature’s creations and their blissful well-being after the bad day had before and the impact these nega...   [tags: Emotion, Poetry, Mind, The Speaker]

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Snowball from Animal Farm and Leon Trotsky's Roles in the Russian Revolution

- ... But in someway, Snowball lack inventiveness. He copies the ways of the humans, but is too satisfied to say that they were not his inventive ideas. In this way, he is much like the person he is representing. Snowball clues not by the choice of the people around him, but because of his ability to mislead and terrify others. Snowball believes in a sustained revolution: He claims that in demand to support and defend Animal Farm and toughen the certainty of Old Major’s dream of a life without humans, mixt up rebellions in other farms throughout England....   [tags: leader, rebellion, speaker]

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English as a Second Language in Amy Tan's Mother Tongue

- Language is like a blooming flower in adversity – they are the most rare and beautiful of them all as it struggles to express itself. It blooms and flourishes in strength, awe, and passion as the riches of thought is imbibed from the seed and into a finished beauty. For others, a non-native person speaking in a language that they are not familiar with sprouts out like a weed – the way its thorns can puncture sympathy and comprehensibility. Amy Tan, however, addresses the nature of talk as being unique under its own conditions....   [tags: literature, reader, speaker]

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The Speech Delivered By Dwight David Eisenhower

- On January 17th, 1961, Dwight David Eisenhower surprised the entire nation with his farewell speech. Instead of doing an emotional good bye speech, he came strong. He hit the airwaves in a different manner than any other former presidents had done before, making an impact on society. His delivery of the speech was successful as he warned the United States about the future “military-industry complex” . He addressed the solution to how to keep balance in the nation in a monotonous and not so well rehearsed manner, but it was successful....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker]

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Is It Possible To Be A Verbal Intelligent?

- Watching TV and listening to radio broadcasts, an audience would notice splendid speakers who are able to present marvelous speeches that impress their audience. This arouses the question of whether great speakers are born with ability of using words in a way that affect people, or whether they were given a special kind of training that entitled them to be good speakers and writers. Despite the widespread belief that verbally intelligent people were born with this language ability, the truth is that the process of linguistic intelligence is acquired, not innate....   [tags: strategies to become a good speaker]

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FREE Video Recording or Streaming for Your Conference

- You’re probably already using video in at least some aspects of your conference or event planning… Maybe you’ve got video projectors for your speakers’ PowerPoint presentations…or you have a video camera being using to project your keynote speaker’s image up on the big screens. More and more, video is being utilized as part of every conference or event. And more and more, people are asking, “Can we get that talk on video?” “Can I watch this session online?”… Video recordings, and now LIVE Internet streaming, are becoming standard features of conferences everywhere....   [tags: event, keynote speaker, budget]

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Essay on Alan Axelrod’s Summary of Franklin Roosevelt’s Inauguration Speech

- In Alan Axelrod’s brief interpretation of President Franklin Roosevelt’s inaugural address, he touches on a few key points about Roosevelt’s character. He sees the address as a direct manifestation of Roosevelt’s unique character. His ability to calm a struggling Nation with but a few words and the unfrazzled depth of American steadfastness. Axelrod correctly analyzed Roosevelt as being calm in the face of danger, an outstanding leader, and an eternal realist. President Roosevelt was a levelheaded, and Axelrod’s interpretation of the inaugural address shows this as being one of his most dominant traits....   [tags: character, speaker, leader]

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Dealing With Public Speaking

- COMMUNICATION ANXIETY is very common in the world of PUBLIC SPEAKING mainly because of fear. Maybe the speaker is not sure how the audience will accept or feel about their message, so the in the result of this fear ends up becoming sweaty palms, scrambled thoughts, and stuttering from the speaker, and as for the audience, skeptical thoughts. The good news is that by implementing distinctive steps within fundamentals, delivery, and research, once fearful speakers can generate massive confidence and drastically reduce and even remove speaking anxiety....   [tags: communication anxiety, speaker, audience]

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Product Review: The Creative Zen X-Fi 16 GB Video MP3 Player with Wireless LAN and Built-In Speaker

- Technology is developing day by day and we can see the advancement too. The Creative Zen X-Fi 16 GB Video MP3 Player with Wireless LAN and Built-In Speaker (Black/Silver) is one of the best gadgets you can use for listening music. It has an inbuilt wireless LAN system which can be connected for accessing internet. Well no one guessed that we would be accessing internet on the mp3 player. It has other features too which work perfect and ensure you get different playback options. Technical specifications  Capacity: 16 GB  Size: 3.3 x 2.2 x 0.5 inches (W x H x D)  Weight: 2.4 ounces  LCD: 2.5-inch TFT 16.7 million color LCD; 320 x 240 resolution  Storage Capacity: 16 GB (4,000 songs, 60 ho...   [tags: Product Review ]

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Headphones and Nathaniel Baldwin

- From the roaring twenties, through the hippie seventies, until today music has altered the natural lifestyle of humans and what better way to listen to music then through compact headphones. Overtime, headphones have evolved from big over-ear headphones to smaller compact ones. Headphones have brought about an extreme diversity of music throughout different cultures. The first headphones were in vented by a man who goes by the name of Nathaniel Baldwin. He built the first headphones back in 1921 for people to carry music around and listen to it portably....   [tags: speaker, sound, technology, music]

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The Speaker Mode Of My Selection Is Epic Because There Are More Than One Voice That Speaks

- I believe that the speaker mode of my selection is epic because there are more than one voice that speaks. Most of the time that narrator, who is undefined, speaks. At other times between dialogue, characters such as Elizabeth and Miss Clara speaks. Throughout the selection, the audience modal analysis shifts based on who is speaking and who is being addressed. Majority of this text’s audience modal analysis is lyric. The main character Elizabeth always address herself and what’s going on in her life, and about her husband....   [tags: Fiction, Protagonist, Narrative, Drama]

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Compare And Contrast The Way Plath Presents The Speaker’s Fears In Three

- Compare And Contrast The Way Plath Presents The Speaker’s Fears In Three Of The Poems That You Have Studied Sylvia Plath writes poems that are thoughtful and intriguing. They have clever and subtle suggestions that leave her poems open for interpretation by the reader. Her poems mainly have themes with either an odd or disturbing nature. The three poems I have chosen to compare and contrast are; “Mirror,” “Bluebeard” and “The Arrival of The Bee Box.” In the three poems there are several different moods that are shown throughout....   [tags: English Literature]

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Public Speech Is The Action Of Addressing Public Gatherings

- Public speaking is the action of addressing public gatherings. In order to come up with a good speech, one needs to have a good mastery of the elements of a good speech. A public speech has three basic elements that anyone who desires to be a good public speaker should master. This is the most important part of the speech since it involves the introduction of the speaker and his topic to the audience. If the speaker loses, the audience at the introduction there is a better chance that he or she may not be able to have them in the rest of the speech....   [tags: Rhetoric, Public speaking, Public speaker]

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Elements of Making an Effective Request

- 2.2 Elements of making an effective request. Sometimes people ponder over why their request are never fulfill, by listeners, in the way they really want. In order to make an effective request the speaker has to plan it and be prudent (Potts 2012). According to Pamela Potts (2012), “there are specific elements that, if present, will ensure that a request in effective.” The author later goes on to say; “effective means that if person accepts the request, the likelihood that they will deliver what was requested is high.” (Potts 2012)....   [tags: plan, clarity, speaker, listener, action]

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Rep. Dennis Hastert

- Sadly, I had no idea who Dennis Hastert was until assigned this paper. I chose Rep. Hastert for several reasons including the fact that he was the presiding Speaker for the majority of my childhood. As I youth I remained pretty non-partisan and practically avoided any political involvement. Once I reached high school I realized how important politics was and how it will play a vital role in my life to come. Secondly, I feel a little guilty because I know so little about a man responsible for a lot of legislation that will affect me in the future....   [tags: Speaker of the House, Avoiding Media]

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My Speech On Public Speaking Class

- At first I thought I would never make it to be a motivational speaker. However, this class has really altered the perception and understanding about me as a public speaker. It has enabled me discover the potential I had in this field. At the commencement of my classes in public speaking, I thought I would be a boring public speaker, less convincing, less persuasive and would freak out if asked to offer an impromptu speech. But it has come to my light that in fact this is the field where I would want to pursue my career in, it is the field that my dream lies in....   [tags: Public speaking, Rhetoric, Public speaker]

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I Visited The Sbe Event Called Linkedin : Build Your Professional Network

- On May 5th I visited the SBE Event called LinkedIn – Build Your Professional Network. There I learned many things about LinkedIn and how beneficial it is for people to make a profile and connect with businesses across the world. The presentation was mainly based on how to set up a LinkedIn profile in order to maximize its effectiveness. First off, the speaker introduced herself and her background. It was beneficial in order to establish her credibility on the topic. She then started off explaining what LinkedIn was and why students should have it....   [tags: Audience, Thing, The Speaker, Critical thinking]

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The Student Outcomes For This Course

- The student outcomes for this course are to incorporate and learn different forms of material that will help the student deliver a structured speech. In order to deliver logical and organized speeches. As well as learning to speak with confidence and to understand how to control their own individual body movement when delivering a speech. A student also has to learn how to apply concepts such as language, organization, support, and delivery. In order to effetely deliver an informative, persuasive, entertaining, and commemorate speak....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker, Rhetoric]

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I Signed Up For Public Speaking

- I signed up for Public Speaking because I always felt anxious to deliver a presentation. Before the class, I set out three goals I that wanted to accomplish by the end of the class. The first goal was to get comfortable with public speaking. I did not know much about how to make a convincing presentation, so delivering public speeches is a skill that I lacked and felt distressing about. My second goal was to overcome public speaking anxiety. As an introvert, I get an anxious feeling when surrounded by a large group of people, and hence delivering a speech in front of a crowd was always something that I was afraid of....   [tags: Public speaking, Rhetoric, Public speaker]

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Analysis Of Abraham Lincoln 's Gettysburg Address

- Throughout history, many orators have utilized public speaking to persuade, inform, and commemorate. For example, Abraham Lincoln 's Gettysburg address, which commemorated the victory of the Union in the Battle of Gettysburg. Within the speech Lincoln memorialized the soldiers that fought courageously and emphasized the equality that would soon apply to all of the United States citizens. Still, in order to give a exceptional and influential speech there are a multitude of factors that one must consider before devising a speech....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker, Orator]

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Should Students Be Aided?

- Many of the students that enroll in post-secondary education will be required to face one of the greatest fears known to man – having to stand before an audience and deliver a prepared speech. This dreaded action is courtesy of the requirement of a public speaking course in numerous degree paths. The majority of students will enroll in a public speaking course just to “check the box”, and have no intention of ever really utilizing the skills that they will be taught. There exists a minority of students who recognize the importance of effective public speaking, and desire to move past the basics and become effective orators....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker, Oratory]

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Analysis Of Meghan O ' Rourke 's Intense And Image Rich Poem ' Unforced Error

- Meghan O 'Rourke 's intense and image-rich poem, "Unforced Error," presents the gamut of emotions as its speaker reflects on different moments in his or her life. The poem 's tone is alternately joyful, despairing, and much in between, and it evokes a strong emotional response in readers because of its use of imagery, paradox, strong evocative diction, and deep philosophical reflection. A careful analysis of the poem 's strategies and devices reveals O 'Rourke 's subtle yet devastating poem about the human inability to predict or control life 's outcomes, and the need to savor life....   [tags: Meaning of life, Life, The Speaker, The Next Line]

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I Finally Have The Power !

- I finally have the power. After a semester of taking a course about hiding glossophobia as best as I can, while juggling critical thinking and persuasion skills in a public speaking setting. I have finally been given the power to judge others, who have set out on the path of becoming a great public speaker, on how well they can hide their own fear of public speaking. Countless minutes have I spent throughout the semester looking for a good speaker to write my critique paper on; someone interesting, speaking about an interesting topic....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker, Speaking fee]

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My Weaknesses For The Annual Performance Of My Individual Speech

- I was pleased with the overall performance of my individual speech. Obviously, there are going to be some things that you dislike and some things that you like in every speech that you deliver. I had several goals going into this speech, and although I did not accomplish them all, I accomplished some of the goals that I did not think I would be able to. Within this essay, I will be explaining three of my strengths as well as three of my weaknesses that I observed while delivering my speech. I will then further explain how I plan to even further my strengths, and how I plan to work on my weaknesses for the upcoming group presentation....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker, Speaking fee]

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My Speech On Public Speaking Class

- My public speaking class has already enhanced my knowledge and my ability to give speeches greatly. I know that with time and experience in public speaking, I will become a more skilled and professional public speaker. I will be sharing my first thoughts about my public speaking class, my strengths and weaknesses as a speaker, the speech I am most proud of so far, the speech that was the most difficult so far, and areas I know I need to improve on in order to be a skilled public speaker. Although I have had previous engagements with public speaking in high and middle school, none can be compared to the nervousness I felt about speaking in college level classes....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker, Speaking fee]

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The Content Is The Most Important Part Of A Speech

- The content is the most important part of a speech. It doesn 't matter how compelling the organization or the delivery is, if you’re speaking about something like killing puppies- people are going to raise some eyebrows. This semester, I learned how much creative language can support a speech. Yes, you should use everyday language in speeches but using more colorful words can intrigue people which leads to a more engaged audience. I’ve definitely expanded my vocabulary this past semester and I feel like it was not only good for this course, but for my future courses as well....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker, Speaking fee]

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The Power Of Public Speaking

- How has public speaking become so feared. “In a study [of 9,000 people] that concentrated on fears in a social situation, their top ranking fears were public speaking, speaking up in class, meeting new people, talking to people of authority, important exams or interviews, going to parties and talking to strangers”(Lucas, 2012, pg. 9). This question has always perplexed me, because I too suffer from a fear of speaking in public. But after reading chapter one of The Art of Public Speaking, I understand now that it is a blend of different subjects that make public speaking seem so unappealing....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker, Speaking fee]

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My Speech At The Start Of The Year

- At the start of the year, I have set a goal for myself to be a better public speaker. Specifically, I aimed to improve my eye contact, my speech fluency and have a louder voice while presenting. This was a challenge for me because although I have given speeches before, I have never given a formal speech that I would prepare for in English. From the start of the semester, I realized that even the best public speakers need hours of practice to give a several minute speech. I knew that if I wanted to give a good speech I must practice at least an hour for every minute of my speech....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker, Speech, Better]

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Speaker identification and verification over short distance telephone lines using artificial neural networks

- SPEAKER IDENTIFICATION AND VERIFICATION OVER SHORT DISTANCE TELEPHONE LINES USING ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS Ganesh K Venayagamoorthy, Narend Sunderpersadh, and Theophilus N Andrew Electronic Engineering Department, M L Sultan Technikon, P O Box 1334, Durban, South Africa. ABSTRACT Crime and corruption have become rampant today in our society and countless money is lost each year due to white collar crime, fraud, and embezzlement. This paper presents a technique of an ongoing work to combat white-collar crime in telephone transactions by identifying and verifying speakers using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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I Am A Fun Learning Experience

- This class has been a really fun learning experience. Before this class, I didn’t really have any public speaking experience. I spoke in front of one of my classes last semester, but it wasn’t something I had to plan. I basically talked about things I worked on over the previous week so it was very easy. This class however has challenged me to plan my speech beforehand and try to get the attention of my audience in different ways like using an anecdote to start my speech. Coming into this class, I was a little nervous about how I would do and I had very little expectations of myself....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker, Speaking fee]

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My Speech On Public Speaking Skills

- My journey as a public speaker over the semester was somewhat challenging. Before I took this class, I believe my public speaking skills was poor. I usually present my speeches reading off the slides which makes it very boring for the audience. I knew that eye contact is very important to maintain during the speech. I know that public speaking skill is a skill that is commonly used in almost all occupations. So, I decided to take this courses, in order to improve my public speaking skills even though I’m not very good at talking in front of a large audience....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker, Speaking fee]

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Are Introverts And Public Speaking?

- All the Same: A Look on the Misconception of Introverts and Public Speaking Universally, people are quite familiar with the butterflies fluttering inside or the stomach dropping. Nevertheless society tends to separate people into two categories: extroverts and introverts. In general, extroverts are more outgoing and seen more as socializers while introverts often keep to themselves and come across as timid. Whenever the topic of introverts and extroverts is brought up, people rarely hear a comparison, and they will focus mainly on the contrast....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker, Speaking fee]

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Why We Must Overcome Anxiety

- Universally, people are quite familiar with the butterflies fluttering inside the belly or the stomach dropping. Nevertheless, society tends to separate the public into two categories: extroverts and introverts. In general, extroverts encompass a more outgoing personality and are more socializers while introverts often keep to themselves and come across as timid. Whenever the topic of introverts and extroverts comes across in a discussion, folks rarely hear a comparison, and they will focus mainly on the contrast....   [tags: Public speaking, Public speaker, Speaking fee]

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Forgotten Planet

- In “Forgotten Planet” the speaker is reminded that knowledge erodes wonder. Through a series of events, the speaker discovers new destiny for his daughter, while he discovers knowledge waiting to be understood. The first stanza focuses on introducing the reason for the flashback to occur. For example, in lines 1 and 2, the poem takes the reader straight into a conversation between the speaker and his daughter, and when she says, “Venus...Mars...Plunis!”, it causes the speaker to go into a flashback, starting on line 3....   [tags: speaker, stanza, imagery]

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