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Poverty and Corruption: Indian Slums in A Nutshell

- Poverty: the state of being extremely poor. Corruption: dishonest conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. This is how many define poverty and corruption; however, without familiarity, words are just words – different combinations of the same twenty-six letters. Without actually experiencing either in one’s life, those of fortune can never truly understand the implications, associations, and repercussions of each, which is made evident by studying those who are living in rundown, despairing slums, which “for the purpose of census, has been defined as a residential area where dwellings are unfit for human habitation by reasons of dilapidation, overcrowding … lack of ventilation...   [tags: Poverty, Indian Slums]

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The Slums

- Being raised in the slums of New York City there were not many role models for me to take after. At seventeen years old, I dropped out of school to pursue my only chance of success; long distance running. My dream would be to win the marathon that will be held in Chicago next month. If I win this race, I will receive $50,000 and hopefully a contract with Nike. There is only one problem that I face; there are a few women that are faster than I am. I am in constant training, and I have placed amongst the top ten women in the Boston Marathon, but I have never won a major race....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Planet Of Slums By Mike Davis

- Mike Davis in his book Planet of Slums, discusses the Third World and the impact globalization and industrialization has on both urban and poverty stricken cities. The growth of urbanization has not only grown the middle class wealth, but has also created an urban poor who live side by side in the city of the wealthy. Planet of Slums reveals astonishing facts about the lives of people who live in poverty, and how globalization and the increase of wealth for the urban class only hurts those people and that the increase of slums every year may eventually lead to the downfall of the earth....   [tags: Poverty, World Bank, Economic inequality]

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The Slums of the Urban Crisis

- The Slums of the Urban Crisis The nineteenth century “Urban Crisis” featured a period of poverty, “white flight”, redlining, and urban redevelopment. During the 1930s America was slowly recovering from the great Depression and President Roosevelt had developed a New Deal. Since money was a major factor that led to the stock market crash, Roosevelt had to create plans that would allow America to balance its wealth. This meant that individuals would be able to receive jobs and would have enough funds to provide for their families....   [tags: US history, economy, labor policy]

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A Church in the Slums, A Life Changed

- Certain incidents in a man’s life can change his ways forever. One of these types of instances may be a wedding, a birthday, a first-pitch, or even running in to the right person in the hallway on a given day. For me, one experience that really changed my outlook of life was my mission trip to Costa Rica back when I was in the ninth grade. In fact, this journey taught me quite a bit about what it takes to be a man of God, what a true servant looks like, that patience and humility are a perfect match, and the real joy of giving one’s time and abilities for someone else....   [tags: Personal Experience ]

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The Movement Of The Black Slums Of Jamaica

- Rastafarianism is one of the most powerful cultural forces among youths in Jamaica. It has been recognized as one of the most popular Afro-Caribbean religions of the late twentieth century, but also as one of the leading cultural trends in the world. This religion claims to be composed of African-centered Christians. Rastafarianism is a newly recognized religion, which includes its history, beliefs, and practices that were and still are considered controversial to many. The Rastafari movement began in the black slums of Jamaica during the 1930 's, when Africa (considered Ethiopia by Europeans) was undergoing colonization....   [tags: Rastafari movement, Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia]

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Factories and Slums in Victorian England

- As the old agriculture system declined it gave birth to a new era known as the Industrial Revolution. This change led to the growth of factories and production of textiles. Even though people could argue that factories and slums were not terrible, during the Victorian England period, both those places had harsh and unsanitary conditions because the people who lived in the slums had an uninhabitable environment and factories had cruel and harsh surroundings. During the Victorian England period people were slowly changing their ways of life....   [tags: industrial revolution, machine, workers]

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Planet Of Slums By Mike Davis

- In the book, “Planet of Slums” Mike Davis mentions, why there are vast migration from the rural villages to the megacities of the Third World. What megacities are is a city when the total population in it, exceed over eight million. He also mentioned how the treason of the state, international banks and idea thinker like Hernando de Soto makes the lives of people in the urban south much worse. Urban south are cities like Mexico City, Delhi, Dhaka, Cairo, Beijing, Lima and etc (Davis 4) that experience in major increase in population by more than ten times its size from 1950 to 2004, it is cities in the third world....   [tags: Third World, First World, Poverty, Second World]

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Living in Slums: Living Conditions in Africa

- The infrastructures are frequently self- built from wood, cardboard, plastic, waste roofs and brick. Most of them are without windows, doorways, adequate ventilation, and are often small living spaces that are shared with one or two other household families. The floors are made of earth. These places are not livable for human beings nevertheless, slum dwellers have no other alternative. Slums are a severe failure because they lack infrastructural conditions that affect slum dwellers physically, socially and emotionally....   [tags: Migration, Rural Areas, Urban Areas]

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Harlem, New York 's Slums

- You 're walking down Fifth Avenue, New York City. Women in lavish fur coats and extravagant shoes carry huge bags of clothing from Chanel, Dior, and Versace. For a second, you excitedly look back and ask yourself if the girl that just passed you was Kylie Jenner. It wasn 't. It was just a woman who 'd copied her haircut, her make-up, and of course, her "Yeezy" shoes. You then hear a few high school girls giggling behind you. Self-consciously, you look back. Did I spill coffee on the back of my shorts....   [tags: Privacy, Privacy law]

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Formal Government Policies to Deal with the Slums of Egypt

- The formal governmental policies discussed above were solutions to housing problems, in general, used by the government rather than the solution to alleviate informal settlements specifically of their predicament. The issue discussed above was solely to show how the government’s policies, both formal and informal, were trying to solve housing as problem and while doing so they infected other areas, creating informal settlements. Now developmental policies used for alleviating slums themselves will be discussed....   [tags: shelter, housing, Cairo]

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The Slums Of West County

- The Slums Of West County It was our first day of freedom. On April 10, 1998, my best friend Laren and I were anxiously ready to move out on our own. We had been planning this for months, while sitting at Denny's for a few hours at a time. We were trying to figure out how much we would each pay in rent, bills, and food. Where we might live and what kind of rules we might have to keep us from killing each other (as roommates are prone to do) were other issues we resolved. So, now the two sheltered West County girls were going to have a taste of life on their own… but not too far away from Mom and Dad, just in case something went awry....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Movement Of The Slums Of Jamaica On September, 1930, By Marcus Garvey

- Rastafarianism was founded in the slums of Jamaica on November 2nd, 1930, that was based on a movement in 1920, by Marcus Garvey. This movement was named after Ras Tafari Makonnen, who was crowned the Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia when the movement started. The term “Rastafarianism” is disliked by many in the movement because the “isms and schisms” characterize the corruption and oppression that white society was known for (in their perspective) and was believed to be the term given by the same people....   [tags: Rastafari movement, Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia]

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A Study of Life in Favela: Four Decades of Living on the Edge in Rio de Janeiro by Janice Perlman

- In Favela: Four Decades of Living on the Edge in Rio de Janeiro, Janice Perlman provides a substantial study of life in the 1,020 favelas in Rio de Janeiro. She attempts to relocate and reinterview her previous subjects. Perlman returned to the infamous slums of Rio de Janeiro to follow four generations over 40 years. She has interviewed almost 2,500 people including her subjects’ children and grandchildren. She blends detailed personal testimonies with insightful analyses of the urbanization of poverty, the implications of public policy and the drug trade....   [tags: slums, poverty, latin america]

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Delhi’s Rain Basera - An Illusion of Urban Shelters

- ... Residents wander far and wide in search of food and some lucky relish the intestines of Chicken or Mutton. The little-ones spend their days roaming the nearby sites in packs tagged along by that tiny puppy from their shack, shared further on with 20 odd people without any prospect of education or a future. All of this merely sheds valuable insights on an ‘Impeccable’ aspect of our Society; the Grandiose Utopian Delhi culture that boasts of her prosperity in leaps and bound remarkably and has chosen to ignore the penury at hand....   [tags: homeless, slums, night]

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The Baddest Dog in Harlem by Walter Dean Myers

- THE BADDEST DOG IN HARLEM The fictional short story “The Baddest Dog in Harlem” is written by the African-American writer Walter Dean Myers, and is part of his collection “145th Street”, which was published in 2001. Drawing from his own experiences growing up in Harlem, Myers have often written about the challenging realities that face today's urban youth. The fictional story could easily have been a real story from the ghetto district. The composition is constructed chronologically and takes place at 145th Street in Harlem, a very poor and highly populated area with slums, gangs, crimes and a high rate of unemployment....   [tags: gangs, slums, crime]

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Haiti: Earthquake, Aftermath and Condition

- RESULTS Statistics: • 222,570 people died and 300,572 were injured • 1.5 million children under 18 were directly or indirectly affected by the quake • The total value of damage and losses caused by earthquake is estimated at US$7.8 billion — US$4.3 billion represents physical damage and US$3.5 billion are economic losses — some 120 percent of the 2009 gross domestic product (GDP) of Haiti • 60 percent of government, administrative and economic infrastructure has been destroyed, as well as parliament and the judicial sector Source: The United Nations’ Special Envoy to Haiti reported October 1, 2010 Haiti: A government with very little power and resources The Haitian government’s lack of p...   [tags: NGO, Slums, Housing]

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The Slums That Shimmer: Rap and Hip Hop

- Rap and hip-hop is an artistic mirror reflecting society, which is violent in some places, and needs not a moral dismemberment via the glorification of fictional violence. The history of hip-hop has some sting to it, being that deaths have been caused and childhoods are under affect; the actions that younger listeners who enjoy hip-hop are not influenced by the songs or the artists, but only by perception of their surroundings. All that hinders a strong faith in hip-hop is its “gangsta rap” counterpart....   [tags: Artistic Mirror, Literary Element]

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How AKH Group Can Help Make the World a Better Place

- ... Fig: Ansoff’s matrix The Ansoff’s matrix demonstrates four types of growth strategies. Among these the company can concentrate on market penetration as well as market development while helping in building overall nation. The market penetration strategy will help it to refine sales process, under cut competition etc. whereas the market development strategy will help them to attract new customers and increase in revenue per customer, development of new competencies etc. While helping in skill development and nation building program the company can promote their products to increase awareness like what lifebuoy and other companies has done....   [tags: slums, employment, poverty]

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The Centrality of Gender, Sexuality, Race, Sociability and Commercialized Leisure in Slumming by Chad Heap

- In Slumming by Chad Heap the author describes the true reality of slumming, and how it was more wide spread than what it appear just in the surface. Heap defines slumming, as he concentrate on cities like Chicago and New York, that were provide with entertainment. This entertainment would come from immigrants, blacks, gays and bohemians during a period of large scale immigration in this cities. The author explains in detail the culture of slumming, as well as how it helps to produce the sex/gender/racial system....   [tags: ethnic, exploration, behavior]

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What is the future of the ‘Megaslums’?

- What is the future of the ‘Megaslums’. Throughout the world, it is estimated that there may be up to 200,000 slums. These range from slums containing a few hundred to some which house as many as a million people. [Planet of the Slums: 2006: 26] It is these ‘Megaslums’, in particular the great slum capitals of South Asia which my essay will focus upon. Since their birth these “Metropolises” have grown exponentially and today this trend shows no sign of letting up. Swallowing up the hundreds that flock to them every day beneath their endless canopy of corrugated rusted metal sheets....   [tags: dharavi, poverty, development]

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Free Education Should Be Provided to Third World Children

- Amidst all the honking of the Delhi traffic, a soft tapping noise rouses me from my sleep as I flutter open my heavy eyelids. Groggy, I take a quick peek outside the car window. My eyes land on a little boy standing outside my window with his palms outstretched, begging for money. His clothes, tattered and covered in dirt, hang loosely around his thin body as his bony limbs shake from the cold wind. The little boy, no older than 7 is filthy: his hair is matted with sweat and grease and his face is darkened with soot and mud....   [tags: Importance of Education Essays]

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City of God, by Fernando Meirelles and Pixote, by Hector Bebenco

- The innocence of Brazilian lower class children are lost in both films ,City of God directed by Fernando Meirelles, and in Pixote directed by Hector Bebenco. In both of these films the loss of innocence stems from a lack of authoritative power and most importantly the lack of a familial structure. This lack of innocence derives from the lower class socio-economic status the youth are born into. The children and teenagers are able to gain an astonishing amount of power when introduced to violent lifestyle of the streets ....   [tags: film analysis and comparison]

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Dharavi: Asia´s Largest Slum and Problems

- Dharavi, widely known as Asia’s largest slum, is home to more than a million people and characterized by its prime location in the middle of India’s commercial and financial capital of Mumbai. With significant government and market pressure to develop into a world-class city, and increasing population growth continuing to limit housing opportunities, the fate of Dharavi has become a highly contested and politicized issue (Boano, Lamarca & Hunter 2011). In light of this pressing problem, this essay will provide an overview and description of Dharavi, an outline of the key housing issues and challenges that the government and stakeholders face, and an analysis of housing policy initiatives....   [tags: India, Housing]

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Immigration into the United States

- Immigration into the United States has been a motivating factor in a large population growth emerging from the slums of urban areas such as New York and Chicago, which has created a huge cultural absorption that has impacted the history of the United States. Throughout Poverty, Ethnicity, and the American City, 1840-1925, David Ward’s attempts to explore the negative and what some would call incorrect views and beliefs that many Americans have regarding the slums, the ghettos and the impoverished immigrant lifestyles....   [tags: Environment, Slum, Poverty]

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What is Right and Wrong with Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe's Regiment

- Analysis The First thing to be analyzed pertaining to the book Sharpe’s regiment is that the basic idea of the beginning incident of the book where the British parliament does not want to send soldiers to the Spain or continue to fund the war. The book portrays this parliament quarrel as a major setback for the British fighting throughout the Spanish conflict. Throughout the beginning of the book Major Sharpe is fighting in Spain, but after the battle of Vitoria he needs reinforcements in order to continue fighting do to the losses in battle (the depiction of the battle of Vitoria will be addressed in depth later on)....   [tags: british, war, slum]

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Impact Of Urban Planning On The Film City Of God

- The Impact of Urban Planning on Poverty and Crime in the Film City of God The film City of God (2003) co-directed by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund explores the impact of urban planning and urban environment on the social and cultural behaviors of urban residents. The movie portrays urban planning as a factor in the allocation of resources to different urban neighborhoods, and how this allocation promotes the development of two social classes- the poor and the rich. Secondly, the film attributes urban planning to social decadence as the marginalization of poor neighborhoods through government policies that limit resource allocation creates the perfect social environment for crime, moral d...   [tags: Sociology, Poverty, Decadence]

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City Of God Directed By Fernando Meirelles And Katia Lund

- The film City of God (2003) co-directed by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund explores the impact of urban planning and urban environment on the social and cultural behaviors of urban residents. The movie portrays urban planning as a factor in the allocation of resources to different urban neighborhoods, and how this allocation promotes the development of two social classes the poor and the rich. Secondly, the film attributes urban planning to social decadence as the marginalization of poor neighborhoods through government policies that limit resource allocation creates the perfect social environment for crime, moral decadence, and socialization of a whole generation into criminal activities....   [tags: Sociology, Poverty, Decadence]

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The American Dream : The Great Gatsby, And The Virgin Suicides

- Many people have described the American Dream as the style of living in the United States. Everyone gets that pretty little picture of living in a suburban neighborhood, having the white picket fence, the dog, the perfect job, and the right amount of children. In fact, the American Dream is one of the most popular themes found in American literature. The true question is: Does the American Dream really exist. While closely observing all the readings from this semester, it appears that this “dream” exists, but does not at the same time....   [tags: The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald]

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Neoliberalism and The Environmental Issues

- Throughout the course of the semester, neoliberalism is a concept that is continuously reflected within the literature. Neoliberalism is a set of political-economic practices that proposes human well-being can best be advanced by deregulation of the economy, privatization, private property rights, lower government spending on social services, and by free trade/country can’t impose tariffs. Neoliberalism connects In the Shadow of Melting Glaciers, Planet of Slums, and Forest Guardians Forest Destroyers....   [tags: literature, capitalist economy]

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The Deteriorating World of Urbanization

- As populations around the world begin to exponentially rise, it is becoming quite evident that an influx of rapid urbanization is increasingly affecting global cities. Rural populations are shrinking as both megacities and hyper cities form – however, these various cities that are emerging are not remotely urbanized, lacking serious levels of growth. Fluctuating populations are ultimately severing the economic stability of less industrialized countries. Mike Davis, a modern day Marxist and author of “Planet of Slums”, vividly illustrates the great disasters that humans are forced to live with on a day-to-day basis throughout the Third World....   [tags: levels, growth, economic, disasters]

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The Health and Sanitation Crisis in India

- India is a thriving country with many possibilities similar to those in the U.S. The country is advancing in technology and is a major tourist attraction throughout the world. Though India is a growing and developing country its lack of resources in health and sanitation to the inner city slums is causing a substantial shift in living conditions and living rates across the country. The lack of sanitary mediums causes substantial health issues among adults and children in these slums. While analyzing the health conditions we can learn about the causes of the sicknesses found in this country and relate it to situations mentioned in the class read “Behind the Beautiful Forever’s” as a first h...   [tags: Public Health Essays]

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Population Growth: The Problems Created By Urbanization

- As the world continues to evolve, it is evident that population growth is one of the leading issues humans face. The 21st century world has displayed how science, medicine, and technology have been able to sustain human life, while also creating a human birth boom. Although many of these advancements are positive, they also bring forth many challenges that society must learn to face. The rise of megacities such as Mumbai, India are key examples of how urbanization in search for better opportunity has led to many problems such as poverty, poor living and health conditions, and extreme depletion of resources within the environment....   [tags: poverty, poor living, overpopulation]

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An Abandoned Bundle By Mbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali

- An Abandoned Bundle by Mbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali Nightfall in Soweto by Mbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali How have two poems confirmed or altered your views and feelings. An Abandoned Bundle and Nightfall in Soweto are both veracious poems that have enlightened me about the poverty and anguish suffered in South Africa, as well as the desperation that people in these places suffer. These poems convey life in third world slums, and the brutal, dangerous situations that people endure. In An Abandoned Bundle, Mtshali recounts his discovery of an abandoned child, on faeces and garbage, attacked by wild dogs....   [tags: Poetry, Metaphor, Blood, Rabies]

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The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

- In the novel, The White Tiger, by Aravind Adiga the main character, is Balram, one of the children in the “darkness” of India. Adiga sheds a new light on the poor of India, by writing from the point of view of a man who was at one time in the “darkness” or the slums of India and came into the “light” or rich point of view in India. Balram’s job as a driver allows him to see both sides of the poverty line in India. He sees that the poor are used and thrown away, while the rich are well off and have no understanding of the problems the poor people must face....   [tags: poverty, India]

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The Housing Act of 1949

- After World War II returning veterans faced a shortage of affordable housing at home. The Housing Act of 1949 was passed in order to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, the act led to unforeseen complications that would exacerbate the urban crisis farther. Affordable high-rise housing built as a result of the act would force people who could afford it to move out into the growing suburbs and the poor devour the structures. As a result of displacement and previous Supreme Court decisions blockbusters would move African Americans into previous white neighborhoods which caused the movement of segregated districts within the cities to change....   [tags: Government Housing]

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Urban Stress in Nairobi

- I. Introduction As human civilization has grown, most inhabitants have increasingly chosen urban areas as their preferred area of residence. This is due to the availability of resources such as employment opportunities, housing, and greater wealth than can be found within the rural countryside. However, this build-up of individuals within a small urban area causes a great deal of urban stress upon the inhabitants of the city. Urban stress is the stressors within city areas that cause increased pressure and mental health disorders within individuals....   [tags: environment, pollution, overpopulation]

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Review of Slumdog Millionaire

- Review of Slumdog Millionaire Jamal Malik, an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, experienced the biggest day of his life. One day Jamal was given the chance to compete on the television show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” Throughout the show, Jamal correctly answered all of the questions leading up to the final one. Jamal was beaten and tortured by authorities, who refused to believe he knew the answers to the questions asked. They think he somehow cheated. Overall, I would highly recommend this movie to any adult viewer who is interested in seeing a good suspense movie. Each scene of Jamal’s life seemed like a rollercoaster....   [tags: Movie, Film Review]

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New York City; A Model City for the World

- Five star general and 34th president, Dwight Eisenhower once said that, “this world of ours... must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect”. When established in 1624, New York was only a very small colony of French Huguenots from the Netherlands where everyone was seen as equal to one another. However, as New York began to develop and change, a wealth gap developed between the wealthy and those who lived in poverty....   [tags: domestic problems, poverty]

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The Positive and Negative Impacts of Migration in Mumbai.

- IIntroduction: Mumbai is in India. It is the largest and most populous city in this country. A lot of people from different places move there for finding jobs, improve the conditions of life. This essay seeks to investigate the positive and negative impacts of migration in Mumbai. The essay will begin with consideration of city’s economy and finish with research of social inequality. Economy. The positive factor of migration is development economy. Mumbai is considered as an industrial, financial and commercial center....   [tags: economy, social inequality]

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Comparison: Jacob Riis & Mary Ellen Mark

- Documentary Photography One has often heard the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When a person looks at a picture, it could take them back to their past or it could take them to a place they have never been. Photographs have the ability to describe scenes in a way that words cannot. One branch of photography, documentary photography, is particularly good at stepping in when words fail. Documentary photography was first introduced in the twentieth century when pictures were first used as a visual language....   [tags: Documentary Photographers, History]

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Analysis of Flavios Home by Gordon Parks

- Introduction In the article “Flavios Home ” , Gordon Parks talks of how Flavio, a 12 year old living in poverty and experiencing the harsh times that comes with it has to take care of his brothers and sisters. Throughout the essay one can see various impressions brought out by Gordon parks rhetorical strategies. Gordon Parks wrote the essay as a way to reach out to the government and other policy makers in the country as a way of urging them to try and urge them to try and improve the lives of the people living in the slums such as the one Flavio was living in....   [tags: strategies, government, policy, improve]

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City Of God By Fernando Meirelles

- “In the eyes of too many people, street children are not even human, and so they are dispatched in much the same way one would step on a cockroach” (Latin 281). This is not a productive way to view such a large group of children, especially since they populate much of the poorer cities and areas. There are approximately 40,000 children who live in the streets throughout just Mexico City. Also, both Sao Paolo and Bogota contain similar amounts of street children, somewhere in the tens of thousands....   [tags: Education, School, Urban decay, Poverty]

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The People Of The Shadows

- The People of the Shadows Why care for the workers. Why would someone such as you or I care for those who make our shoes or our cell phones. Many choose not to care for these people. Simply think they are but shadows that require not food to eat or bed to sleep. Others choose to no ignore these workers. People such as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels have contemplated this question much and have tried to bring the lives of these shadows into the light. Yet these great minds of the 19th century failed to totally answer the question of why one should care about the workers....   [tags: Karl Marx, Marxism, Working class, Socialism]

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urbanization in third world countries

- Urbanization and its effect on third world living conditions Urbanization is the spreading of cities into less populated agricultural areas. Most people would not think that this is necessarily a problem. They would say that it is good that the “developing countries” were becoming more developed. With urbanization comes factories and more jobs, so the people can make more money and be happier. Right. The problem is that these people must sacrifice their traditional lifestyles, for this new “Urbanism”(the way of life, attitudes, values, and patterns of behavior fostered by urban settings Knox 234)....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Poverty Is A Dynamic Condition

- This population pyramid conveys that the population growth is rapid. The people have relatively low life expectancy and a vast growth birth rates. This mean that the working class is going to have to provide for a large number of children and that is almost impossible with the limited resources they have. There is only a certain amount of land, clean water, health care, etc. and as of right now there is already over 100 slums is Logos and 70% of its inhabitants live in theses slums. Therefore, the amount of people in poverty will increase as the population increase because it is impossible for the working class individuals to provide for all of these children....   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Climate change, Water, Population]

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Urban Poverty in 18th Century America Depicted in Riis', How the Other Half Lives

- With his book How the Other Half Lives, Riis offers the audience a glimpse into the unsettling and unnoticed reality of the urban poverty in America at the turn of the 19th century. Not only he revealed the dark side of the society, he also showed the urgent need for change. Riis used emotional as well as logical appeal to support his argument in favor of the need for a social reform. By combining powerful pictures and detailed annotations accounting the conditions of life in the New York, Riis made How the Other Half Lives unique and very effective in delivering his message and initiating a change....   [tags: Urban Poor]

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Analysis of The Story Q & A by Vikas Swarup

- The story Q & A, written by Vikas Swarup, illustrates the lives of those in the slums of India and how those living there experience life. The novel recites the unimaginable journey of a slum dog who becomes a billionaire. Throughout the rags to riches story of Ram Mohammed Thomas, he is presented with several catalysts which change his life. In third world countries, dreams represent a catalyst for the citizens living there. Although most dreams are infrequently achieved, the dreams motivate them to work towards achieving something significant in their lives....   [tags: Vikas Swarup,catalyst, India, wealth]

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Creating A New Career And Making Money For Their Family

- Shanty towns, as Google defines them, are deprived areas on the outskirts of cities consisting of large numbers of crude dwellings. There is already a countless number of shantytowns around the world, but that number is growing. The main reason why families are moving into shantytowns is economic opportunities…“The driving force behind these migrations is the abundance of jobs in the cities” (Teghrarian, 1997). People, in hopes of pursuing a new career and making money for their family, often resort to these shantytowns for a temporary living space, but soon find out it’s too hard to leave (Painting with appositives)....   [tags: Poverty, Shanty town, Slum, Favela]

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Differences Between Developing Countries And Developing Nations

- There are many differences surrounding the urbanization in the Third World versus urbanization in the First World. Although many of these developing countries are highly urbanized they all share a pattern of uneven development that is much more extreme than that found in the older, developed nations (Gottdiener & Hutchison, 2011, p. 283). According to Smith and Timberlake (1993), the main differences between developed and developing nations are factors such as: elite power, state policies, integration into the global economy, and the effects of class structure....   [tags: Third World, Country classifications, First World]

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What are Global Cities?

- Global cities are cities with substantial economic power, controlling the concentration and accumulation of capital and global investments. Despite this, global cities are the sites of increasing disparities in occupation and income. This is as a result of large in-migration and growing income inequality together with capacity and resource constraints, and inadequate Government policies. Global cities are key command areas in the organization of the world economy, acting as a focus for trade flows and world finance and containing the principal marketplaces for the leading industries....   [tags: capital, global investment, immigrants]

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Class War in Chicago

- America, circa 1900, had virtually no middle class. Cities like Chicago had neighborhoods of high society and old money and slums of immigrants suffering in atrocious conditions. The separation of these two classes, the rulers from the serfs, and overall alienation from nature allowed the living and working environments of the lower class to become unbearable. With no power to fight for themselves, the poor, along with the environment itself, were simply ignored. Until the wealthy took notice of the great injustices occurring in their own city, reform movements could not happen....   [tags: Reform Movement, US Histort]

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A Culturally Defined Nation

- Nothing defines a nation greater than it’s culture. The culture is the unifying force that brings the people, the economy, and the politics into one. For the people it’s a sense of belonging. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the souls of its people.” The culture ultimately establishes a traditional set of morals that lives on through the people to be passed on through generations. It becomes a part of life that even the most different of people can relate back to....   [tags: culture, Tsotsi, Apartheid, slavery, music]

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People and Society

- People from any society or culture can become negative products of their environment if their environment and families are built on negative foundations. Stephen Crane, and Toni Morrison show examples of women who have unstable backgrounds and are affected in their lives by constant negativity. Maggie, and Florens share the constant struggle of negative environments and unstable families that cause lasting effects on them mentally. Many may argue that there is no such thing as being a “product of the environment,” but rather the choices individual make is what affect their lives....   [tags: Culture, Social Issues, Informative]

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Colonial History Of Haiti And Modern Social, Political, Economic And Environmental Problems Facing Haiti Today

- In what ways has the colonial history of Haiti contributed to the modern social, political, economic and environmental problems facing Haiti today. Several of the problems that Haiti faces today have their genesis in the country’s colonial history. The country was like a toy being fought over by spoiled children. The first of these children arrived in the early sixteenth century in the form of Spanish settlers in search of gold. They enslaved the native Taino population and, poisoned by avarice, nearly eradicated the indigenous work force....   [tags: Haiti, Slavery, Latin America, French language]

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The Effects Of Michael Brown Incident On Racial Relations For The Better Or Worse?

- Imagine an 18 year-old male gets shot to death through undisclosed means. Was the death that occurred that of an adult or a kid. Some would say yes, others no. For the Michael Brown incident this was a major contributing factor on how people received the news of his death. The true dilemma with defining anything revolves around perception. In reality, not everything can be labeled in simple black and white terms, there are grey areas and discrepancies. That distinctions remain up to debate. More importantly than an age classification, other terms must be analyzed and defined such as race, segregation, color blindness, white privilege....   [tags: Racism, Race, Black people, Ethnic group]

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Women Headed Families in Underserve Settlements and Housing in Colombo Sri Lanka

- Introduction Gender inequality is a common phenomenon in planning in both western and eastern countries. Many researchers have pointed out the women injustice in planning in relations to housing, infrastructures, city safety, recreation etc. Importance of the inclusion of women headed families in planning can be seen in very limited studies or only in micro researches. Primarily this is because of their hidden visibility and this invisibility eventually let them excluded in planning. In the Sri Lankan context, generally male are consider as the head of the family and women headed families are often become marginalized....   [tags: gender inequality, poverty, housing]

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The Reality of Napoleonic Wars in Sharpe's Regiment by Bernard Cornwell

- Crashing cannon balls, firing muskets, Calvary charging with blades of cold steel. These are the images that are presented to people when contemplating, which many people in our society do very often, the Napoleonic wars. The reality is quite the contrary, to some extent this image is true. The reality is the Napoleonic wars were ones of attrition. The goal of army’s were to have enough troops to sustain the ability to fight in the next battle. The British government had this attrition as one of the principal complications with their army and Navy do to their constant involvement in war no matter where public opinion stood....   [tags: troops, battle, commander]

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The Death Of Agnes Of My Daughter By Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu

- On August 26, 1910 Mother Teresa was born in Skopje, Macedonia with the name Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. Not much is known about her early life but when she was only 8 years old, Agnes father suddenly died and she grew much closer with her mother. Agnes mother was a compassionate woman who greatly cared for others and had an open invitation for people of the city to eat in her home. When Agnes asked why people were eating with them, her mother responded, “Some of them are our relations, but all of them are our people.” The attitude of Agnes mother and their care towards others as Agnes grew up is likely what inspired her on her future endeavors....   [tags: Mother Teresa, Missionaries of Charity]

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Studying Population Development With Climate Change And Human Health

- As of July 2015, the Earth is home to 7.3 human beings. And even with high death rates of those who live in poverty, the world’s population is expected to increase to 11.2 billion by the time 2100 rolls around (Quick Facts…). This rapid increase has put us in a predicament; we are left to answer questions about our home’s ability to sustain itself as a home for our future generations. Studying population growth in accordance with climate change and human health is an important aspect of understanding how to best intervene in this situation....   [tags: World population, Green Revolution]

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The And Lay Leaders ' Training For Literacy Enhancement

- Pastors’ and Lay leaders’ Training for Literacy Enhancement Pakistan is a predominantly a Muslim country with a population of nearly 200 million, while Christians population is between 2-3%, including Catholics. However, we have a very small number of evangelical congregations in Pakistan. Currently, Pakistani Christians are living in dire conditions because of their faith. Sadly enough, Pakistan has been placed on 6th rank in the world for extreme persecution for the Christians (Open Doors 2016)....   [tags: Islam, Pakistan, Literacy, Religious persecution]

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Stephen Crane’s “Maggie: A Girl of the Streets”

- After the Civil War, realism became a dominant form of writing in the United States, with writers attempting to write about everyday life. After realism came naturalism, a form of writing similar to realism, but with more pessimism. One of the reasons for this pessimism stems from free will and the question of whether people possess it or not. In realism, it is definitely true, while in naturalism it seems less so, but the options are often less than ideal. Because choices do exist for characters, free will is still there, which indicates that naturalism is a derivative form of realism....   [tags: Character Analysis]

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Use of Persuasive Argument in 12 Angry Men

- The movie “12 Angry Men” examines the dynamics at play in a United States jury room in the 1950’s. It revolves around the opinions and mindsets of twelve diverse characters that are tasked with pronouncing the guilt or innocence of a young man accused of patricide. The extraordinary element is that their finding will determine his life or death. This play was made into a movie in 1957, produced by Henry Fonda who played the lead role, Juror #8, and Reginald Rose who wrote the original screenplay....   [tags: 12 Angry Men Essays]

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Child Malnutrition : A Major Public Health Issue

- Epidemiology Child malnutrition is a major public health issue that has been gaining attention in recent years. India is home to nearly 40% of the world’s malnourished children, one of the highest proportions of this population in the world. In India, 2.5 million children die annually and more than half of these deaths are preventable with proper nourishment. According to the Global Hunger Index, a measure of insufficient food availability, child malnutrition, and child mortality based on information captured by the United Nations, India is 96th out of 116 counties when it comes to hunger (von Braun, Ruel, & Gulati, 2008)....   [tags: Malnutrition, Poverty, Nutrition]

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The Assumption That Anthropogenic Climate Change Is Occurring

- This paper will work from the assumption that anthropogenic climate change is occurring and can be attributed in large part to greenhouse gas emissions. The changes wrought by this phenomena will be broad-based, multifaceted, and inextricably interconnected, as is the nature of our fragile planet. In overly simplified terms; climate scientists suggest that these changes may have profound impacts on the water cycle and specifically; “atmospheric water vapor concentrations, clouds, precipitation patterns, and runoff and streamflow patterns.” As the lower atmosphere warms, evaporation rates will increase due to the rising temperatures....   [tags: Global warming, Earth, Precipitation, Water]

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Brazilian National Films: The City of God

- If you run, the buck catches; if you stay, the buck eats The City of God is one of the greatest Brazilian national films of all time. This film is an amazing piece of art. A huge part of the success was observed in terms of the narrative, genre and values. However, the genres features could possibly be the themes of the film and the fears and concerns of the characters are very specific to their sceneries. The film conquered its goal in showing the poverty involving the shantytowns of Rio de Janeiro and the madness that accompanies it....   [tags: rio de janeiro, poverty]

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`` Slumdog Millionaire `` By Vikas Swarup

- What is poverty. Poverty is hunger, it is the lack of shelter, it is being sick and not being able to see a doctor and it is not having access to school and not knowing how to read. Poverty is not having a job and fearing for the future, living one day at a time. Some people take for granted what they have, such as food, water, shelter, etc. These three common everyday necessities that people in the third world countries have not been blessed to have. It is heartbreaking that while some people waste food, people in other parts of the world are struggling to survive....   [tags: Poverty, Wealth, Slumdog Millionaire, Kibera]

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A Room of 12 Angry Men

- Twelve men are put in a room to decide the fate of a boy on trial. Did he commit murder. Or didn’t he. At first none of the men seem to care about the boy. He grew up in the slums, had a criminal record, and was always in trouble. Every one of the men had someplace they needed to go and just wanted to get it over with, especially juror number seven, a baseball fan who was going to miss his baseball game. They took a vote, and as expected, everyone voted guilty. It was an open and shut case. All the evidence was there....   [tags: murder, innocent, guilty]

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Vaccinations And Its Effects On Children

- Vaccinations have been a topic of debate for recent years. Although vaccinations have a many benefits, they also have many disadvantages as well. Families are forced to choose a side in this matter. Whether to have their children and family vaccinated, but some areas in our world do not even get this privilege. The citizens of this countries are struggling in many ways. With the assistance of vaccinations a weight could be lifted off their shoulders, but a lot of work would need to be done. Third world countries need assistance with vaccinations because vaccinations are limited and there is disorganization administering these vaccinations; however, if these problems where fixed it would lead...   [tags: Vaccine, Vaccination, Smallpox, Rabies]

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Twelve Angry Men By William Shakespeare

- Twelve angry men is a play about twelve jurors who have to decide if the defendant is guilty of murdering his father, the play consist of many themes including prejudice, intolerance, justice , and courage. The play begins with a judge explaining to the jurors their job and how in order for the boy to be sent to death the vote must be unanimous. The jurors are then locked into a small room on a hot summer day. At first, it seems as though the verdict is obvious until juror eight decides to vote not guilty....   [tags: Jury, Not proven, Prejudice, Verdict]

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The Living and Working Conditions of the Black Country in the Late 19th Century

- The Living and Working Conditions of the Black Country in the Late 19th Century During my trip at the Black Country Museum I have learned a lot of things. The employment, housing, the school and mine, the way of transport and the shops. There were many types of employment and the main one was the manual labour. One of these was working in the mine. A very dangerous job indeed but no-one was concerned because the employers need labour not scholarship and people needed money for food and in those days if you do not work, you don’t eat....   [tags: Papers]

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Analysis of Stephen Crane's, Maggie: A Girl Of The Streets

- Analysis of Stephen Crane's, Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Today in modern America, it has become almost impossible to avoid the tales of horror that surround us almost anywhere we go. Scandals, murders, theft, corruption, extortion, abuse, prostitution, all common occurrences in this day in age. A hundred years ago however, people did not see the world in quite such an open manner despite the fact that in many ways, similarities were abundant. People’s lives were, in their views, free of all evil and pollution....   [tags: Maggie: A Girl Of The Streets]

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Homelessness in the United States

- According to the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, “approximately 3.5 million people are homeless each year, while 36.3 million live in households without enough food.” This statistic only reflects the United States, and to many people, it just doesn’t make sense. For instance Alfredzine Black of the YWCA in Marion, Indiana says, “I don’t understand why we have so much poverty in the richest country in the world!” Citizens of the United States have a hard time defining and identifying poverty in their communities, so the country should crate a consistent and accurate measure of poverty....   [tags: Poverty ]

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Prejudice in 12 Angry Men

- 12 Angry Men is about 12 men who are the jury for an 18 year old accused of murder. The judge states in the opening scene that it is a premeditated murder in the 1st degree, if found guilty will automatically receive the death penalty. The 18 year old male is accused of killing his father with a “one of a kind” switch blade, in their home. The prosecutors have several eye witness testimonies, and all of the evidence that they could need to convict the 18 year old male. In the movie it takes place on the hottest day of the year in New York City....   [tags: 12 Angry Men Essays]

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Movement in City of God

- Movement is the act of changing physical location or position. Filmmakers have a goal of transmitting a message throughout their film; therefore, they make or create meaning by extensively using the movement technique. This is how a scene is put together to produce an image. Fernando Meirelles directed the Movie City of God, a Brazilian crime drama film. City of God strikingly portrays the evolution of the city’s crime from robbing gas trucks, to a city owned by one boss, Lil Ze; leading to an all out war zone between rival dealers....   [tags: filmmaking, film analysis]

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Slumdog Millionaire By Vikas Swarup

- People take for granted what they have. Food, water, shelter are all common necessities that people cannot live with. These three everyday necessities that people in the third world countries have not been blessed to have. It is heartbreaking that while some people waste food, people in other parts of the world are struggling to survive. Is it not right that people in the third world countries are also looking for the same happiness that first world people have. They don 't deserve to be in that situation....   [tags: Poverty, Wealth, Slumdog Millionaire, Kibera]

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The Cultural Aspects Of India

- For my research I will be talking about the cultural aspects of India, as brief over few of India, it’s economic growth has increased in the past 2 decades, well behind China. As a stand point, according to a survey, there are 1.75,000 billionaires in the United States and only 14,000 billionaires in India. Education system in India, primary education refers to the education of children between the ages 6-11 years old (grades 1-5). India spends only 3.3 percent of its GDP on education compared to an average 5.8 percent in developed countries....   [tags: Hinduism, Religion, United States, Islam]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Children Of Heaven '

- Children of Heaven is a film that portrayed a story mainly about a brother and a sister in Iran, and a pair of shoes was the reason why the story happened. The film also connected the urban planning with a plenty of plots, such as a family culture in the communities; distinguished physical setting between poor and rich neighborhoods. In addition, the film described a variety of people’s attitudes when they encounter setbacks. The most significant aspects of the film were the social factors that differentiated distinguished fate, and the embodiment of the family value that displayed precious love....   [tags: Poverty, Family, Wealth, Sibling]

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The Relationship Between Race and Crime

- Crime has always been a hot topic in sociology. There are many different reasons for people to commit criminal acts. There is no way to pinpoint the source of crime. I am going to show the relationship between race and crime. More specifically, I will be discussing the higher chances of minorities being involved in the criminal justice system than the majority population, discrimination, racial profiling and the environment criminals live in. It is a stereotype that black people are more likely to be criminals than white people....   [tags: criminal justice]

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Gangs of New York

- Picture Manhattan in 1860, a time before the city had been dolled up and gotten ready for the silver screen, before the glamour and allure took over. Amsterdam Vallan (DiCaprio) is a young Irish man that migrates to the USA at a young age. Amsterdam’s story takes place in Five Points District of New York, a filthy and dangerous part of the city before it was deleted form history. As a young boy Vallan witnessed his father’s murder at the hand of William Cutting or Bill the Butcher (Day-Lewis) during one of their many gang wars....   [tags: Film Analysis ]

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