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Thoreau's Experiment, Walden, and Carpe Diem

- The mindset of the new generation. It is the advice that’s been heard from the old generations. Live for today. Carpe Diem, “seize the day.” Today, this phrase should be prominent in society; many people want to live every day as if it’s their last on Earth. What I mean is that people want to experience everything they can within the duration of their lives. Henry David Thoreau is an example of one of these individuals; however he chose to document and say, what he supposed, was the exact definition of carpe diem itself....   [tags: Biography]

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Knowledge Representation Using Semantic Web Techniques

- The emergence of the World Wide Web (WWW) has brought exciting new possibilities in information access and electronic business. The WWW has grown to be the largest distributed repository of information ever created. Current estimates reveal that the Web currently contains about 3 billion static documents and being accessed by over 500 million users from around the world [6]. Web content consists largely of distributed hypertext and hypermedia, accessible via keyword-based search and link navigation....   [tags: Semantic Web]

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Society's Conformity is a "Soldier's Home"

- The adjustment from years on the frontlines of World War I to the mundane everyday life of a small Oklahoma town can be difficult. Ernest Hemingway’s character Harold Krebs, has a harder time adjusting to home life than most soldiers that had returned home. Krebs returned years after the war was over and was expected to conform back into societies expectations with little time to adapt back to a life not surrounded by war. Women take a prominent role in Krebs’s life and have strong influences on him....   [tags: war, ernest hemingway, soldier's home]

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Ted Kooser: A Major American Poet

- Ted Kooser was born in Ames, Iowa, an area within the great plains of America. He credits his influences to both his mother and his father. His father worked as a store manager while his mother stayed home to raise him and his sister. During an interview he was asked how his parents influenced his poetry, he replied, "My Father was a storekeeper, loved the public, and was a marvelous storyteller. I remember a women once said to me that she'd rather hear my dad describe a person than see the person herself." (Meats, 335)....   [tags: abandoned farmhouse, american writer, carrie poem]

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An Inside Look at Extreme Programming

- ... Inspection is very important especially in terms of working in pairs and making sure work is correlated to reduce errors. Scheduling is rational, where programmers estimate tasks and then their schedule follows. Rather than having time-boxed slots that only allow a specific amount of time to complete work and time extensions are not part of the plan. In this developers can estimate time and progress at each stage and then plan their schedules as follows, this is very important in the stage that requires programmers to only work a 40 hour week, producing more effective proficient work during work hours....   [tags: software development methodologies]

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Saul Bass, The Screenwriter of Design

- In the 1940s, much was changing in the world due to the effects of World War II, specifically in the parts of Europe. Suffused with dictators and totalitarian governments the artists of the era wanted to escape the environment and embark upon a new journey and a fresh start. America during that time was a capitalist with a culturally and ethnically rich background in music, films and fashion. This was the best opportunity for the artists to visit America. Thus a group of artists with their modernistic approach, went to New York City and started a new wave known as the “The New York School”....   [tags: modernistic art, design, saul bass]

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When Employees Do Not Get Along

- Problems The engineers are annoyed with the skilled assembly workers at SC Co. Furthermore, the engineers are refusing to speak with the workers. These negative behaviors and attitudes are effecting production and risking quality testing of the produced product. Moreover, it seems as nothing overt is triggering these hard feelings and disagreements toward the workers. Additionally, there does not seem to be any truth to the engineers’ categorization of the workers. Moreover, industrial solvent is causing the consultant to have headaches, which is preventing dialog between the consultant and the skilled workers at this time....   [tags: self-esteem, disagreements, conscious control]

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Apple Is A Transnational American Corporation

- Apple is a transnational American corporation that is specializing in the design and development of personal electronic devices, software and personal computers. Some of the most notable product developed by Apple includes Macintosh computers, IPod, IPhone and iPad. Some of the most poplular software developed by Apple include Mac OS X, iTunes, iLife etc. Company was founded on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California. Initially it was named as Apple Computer, Inc. However, thirty years later, on the January 9 2007, the word “Computer” was removed from the company’s name due to the fact that the Apple entered the new market of personal electronic devices in addition to its traditional orientat...   [tags: Apple Inc., Macintosh, Mac OS X, IPhone]

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Ralph Emerson And Henry David Thoreau

- Only a few variations of carbon molecules truly separate organisms from objects. Yet this seemingly straightforward science ignores why humans, in all of their complexity, stem from just random happenstance, revealing that the science of life does not necessarily expose its meaning. For that answer, famed Transcendentalists Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau look within the self, rather than a laboratory. In his Self-Reliance essay, Emerson hypothesizes the meaning to be in independence; whereas, Thoreau, from his venture in the woods in Walden, theorizes it to be in simplicity....   [tags: Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson]

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Branding Exercise : Apple 's Brand

- Evaluating Brand Elements In order to ensure the success of a brand the company must put lots of planning and thought into the brands elements. The three brands I have chosen to examine in this branding exercise are Apple, Coca-Cola, and Target because they demonstrate many of the criteria used to evaluate brand success. Apple’s brand name enhances brand recall and is memorable because of its simplicity and it has a higher transferability than other brands because it’s name is not a made up word that would be hard to translate into other languages....   [tags: Logo, Brand, Advertising, Graphic design]

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The Invention Of The American Revolution

- Education is the passage of knowledge from one generation to the next, and educators have passed on their knowledge since the dawn of man. Educators transmit a vast amount of information, from the harnessing of fire and the creation narrative of some culture to the invention of the printing press and the history of the American Revolution. As the size of this information grew from generation to generation, educators sought to incorporate technology to simplify the process of learning without harming the component of critical thought....   [tags: Operating system, Apple Inc., Microsoft Windows]

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The Theory Of Diffusion Of Innovation

- Health information technology (HIT) can change the way nurses deliver health services to patients, for example, nurses are moving from paper-based medical records to electronic health records (EHR) systems. The change in technology can be overwhelming for many nurses and therefore create a resistance towards the implementation of a new system. Everett Roger’s created the theory of diffusion of innovation which uses five characteristics of innovation (relative advantage, compatibility with values and practices, simplicity, trialability, and observability) to help reduce resistance towards implementation of a new system (Lee, 2004)....   [tags: Health care, Electronic health record, Medicine]

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Henry Thoreau's Where I Lived and What I Lived For and E.B. White's Once More to the Lake

- Henry Thoreau's Where I Lived and What I Lived For and E.B. White's Once More to the Lake At first glance, Henry Thoreau’s, Where I Lived and What I Lived For, and E.B. White’s, Once More to the Lake, have nothing in common. After several readings; however, one can interpret that both authors have the same message. Even though Thoreau and White use extremely different styles, they both portray nature as the simplest way of life. Thoreau writes an argumentative essay in the 1800’s trying to persuade society to “simplify” by going back to relying on nature instead of technology (50 Essays pg....   [tags: Thoreau White compare Contrast Nature Essays]

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My Favorite Web Site and Why

- My Favorite Web Site and Why Some Works Cited Missing In contrast to most of the other people in this class, I had never done any net surfing. So to prepare for this paper I explored the WWW for approximately seven hours. This helped to create an impression on me of what constitutes a good Web site. Finally, I decided on a favorite SF/CP Web site and I asked myself what made this site better than others. The Web site is dedicated to William Gibson (Foley) site which scrolls a picture of the writer on the site projecting an air of authority....   [tags: Analysis Web Design Essays]

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Social Media and Behavioral Effects

- The internet has a greater impact on people today than ever before. It has been a constant source of news, entertainment, and education for users around the world for more than twenty years. However, the most revolutionary of its technologies, social media, didn’t achieve mainstream popularity until about ten years ago. As a result of this new development, Facebook, Twitter, and similar services are becoming the most visited destinations on the internet. These websites allow users to quickly and easily share pictures, links, ideas and messages with other users; theoretically facilitating social interaction....   [tags: Facebook Twitter YouTube Essays]

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Society's Best Friend: The iPhone

- ... In about five years, Apple's iPhone developed greatly when it comes to the technology within it. Also, the outside features went through modern enhancements, including change in appearance from the original, and getting slimmer with each new generation. Throughout time apple will continue to Sanchez 3 create improvements and developments with the iPhone. Today, iPhones can be used for educational, medical, fitness, entertainment, gaming, and much more (Kelly 2)....   [tags: modern communication technology, smartphones]

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Music in The Middle Ages

- ... As far as the rhythm, although evident, it is not extremely definite; it has free rhythm. Plainchant was mainly guided by the syllables within the sacred text being sung, so rhythm in this piece is quite vague. The rhythm seems to be fairy slow in oscillating between a constant flow of sounds produced with voice (in various pitches), until it comes to a gradual halt upon a phrase. The durations of these lengths of sound, followed by silence (phrases), ranged from about 8 seconds to roughly 15 seconds....   [tags: church, instrumental music]

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The Role Of Steven Jobs

- Apple’s products are now an indispensable part of people’s lives. Despite other competitors have longer history and outstanding performance, such as General Electronic Corporation (GEC) and Sony Corporation, Apple’s constant innovation makes it become a pioneer in business market. From the case “Design Thinking and Innovation at Apple”, there are some significant factors which cause the Apple’s success in the past 40 years. One of the vital factors is the leader. Steven Jobs, known as his strict and “dictatorial” characteristics, created Apple and endowed it with his initial value—simplicity and expertise....   [tags: Apple Inc., Operating system, Personal computer]

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Analysis of the Robert Frost´s Poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

- ‘Stopping by woods on a snowy evening’ is considered as a masterpiece since it was written in 1922 and published one year later. This poem certainly represents Frost’s expertise in providing us with powerful hidden meanings, which also challenge us to discover his real intentions behind the main theme. This critique is going to be based on several aspects that are worthy of discussion: Contrast between concepts, symbols, moods, author’s purpose, backround of the poem. In addition, it will dispense my personal opinion and feelings according to my understanding and interpretation of Frost’s work of art....   [tags: theme, backgroun, purpose, symbol]

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The American Life in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

- ... The overall simplicity of life in St. Petersburg is present throughout the novel and elaborated quite a lot. Life was innocent and simple in the time and very diverse due to it being the south for example, “White, mulatto, and negro boys and girls were always there waiting their turns, resting, trading playthings, quarrelling, fighting, skylarking.” The life was pleasant and in any rural town there will always be strict discipline. The discipline is expressed by when Tom’s teacher beats him, The master's arm performed until it was tired and the stock of switches notably diminished”....   [tags: idyllic, era, south, life]

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Thermal Phenomena and Temperature Behavior of Biological Bodies Project

- With the advancement of clinical medicine in thermal disease diagnostics, it is quite important to understand the thermal phenomena and temperature behavior of biological bodies. To understand the concepts is only possible with investigating the temperature distribution in biological tissue. However, the precise thermal analysis of biological tissue is difficult, due to the fact that not only the tissue is heterogeneous and anisotropic, but also the mechanisms maintain body temperature, such as blood flow and metabolic heat generation....   [tags: thermal disease diagnositcs, ]

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King George And The Declaration Of Independence

- It would seem that a document written so long ago would not have a very large impact on our way of life now, but it was, and is, a basis on which our development as a democratic nation has been equated. If we were to influence our life now based on the text it would be important to look back into the past of the United States of America and read the document in context; develop an understanding of the intended audience. King George had been the announced audience, but the common people, in both the Colonies and in other countries, were an even more important audience....   [tags: United States Declaration of Independence]

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Analysis of a Television Advertisement

- Analysis of a Television Advertisement The television advert I am going to analyse is the John Smith’s advert entitled “Top Bombing” taken from late in 2002. This advert was part of a continuous “No Nonsense” series, which is still running on television screens with the most recent being a “doorstep challenge” type advert where the presenter turns up on the doorstep of an unsuspecting victim and asks a question which would usually have a yes or no answer. The basis of the advert is Peter Kay (A British comedian) in a diving contest against some of the world’s top professional diver’s....   [tags: Papers]

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Of Cannibals by Michel de Montaigne

- In “Of Cannibals,” Michel de Montaigne asks his readers to refrain from casting aspersions on other cultures whose values differ. He argues that the term barbarianism is used to pejoratively label nations whose rituals may appear primitive, but cautions against such indulgences. He does so, by contrasting the presumptive political, social and moral leader, European civilization, with that of the newly discovered Americas. During the mid sixteenth century, many Europeans were complacent in their position of superiority, viewing non-Europeans as lesser beings, perhaps to justify their continued domination....   [tags: injustices, food, shelter]

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Various Scopes of Web Designing

- ... With the inevitable need of internet sites for any website designing company Chennai, search for efficient net designers, is ever compelling. These professionals are needed in each field of business from massive firms to academics institutes, to little business to private uses. Here the web designer supposed to need knowledge in the HTML language and CSS. It contains domain name, perfect layout and hosting, design all kind of information can be handled in the certain sites. They are lots of jobs available for this career because lots of company is available in all over the world offering a web designing service for the customers or people can get a good experience towards it....   [tags: web, content, performance]

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Why Cornell's College of Engineering?

- Unperturbed with my questions like “Why does the popcorn pop?” or “Why is the sky blue when space is black?” my parents endeavored to provide me with the mindset and resources to go beyond the superficial, searching for answers on my own. I was given incredible freedom to learn and to experiment; my dad often letting me loose on his desktop causing the poor machine to crash, unable to bear my adventures. As I carefully observed him open the machine to undo some of my doings, I was dumbfounded by the intricate view inside....   [tags: academics, experience, technology]

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The Artwork of Henry Matisse

- ... The explicit focus of the frame is on the use of complementary and vivid colours. The exaggerated and unrealistic use of colour heightens the emotions of Matisse and creates an essential tool for his intensions in his artwork. The darker shade of red on the floor and around the canvas inspires and provokes the aggressiveness of the brush. The illusion of depth in the painting is created by using stronger and warmer tones in the foreground. The intensification of colour was aimed at increasing the impact required and experienced during the contemplation of nature....   [tags: illusion, fauvist paintings]

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At the Ball Game

- With the thousands of poems depicting the game of baseball and its remarkable players, coming across a poem seeking thorough cross sectioning of the crowd is unusual, and rarely encountered. William Carlos Williams has created a poem which portrays the crowd as a quasi-organized mob bent on either cheering for their team, or in turn, booing them. The reason why Williams does this is because he is portraying, in a sense, simplicity versus chaos with simplicity being the game of baseball itself and chaos being the crowd....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Transcendentalism: Henry David Thoreau

- ... Another theme of Walden is unity with God. Thoreau believed that God was unified with philosophy, nature, and humanity, an idea that stemmed from the Transcendentalist movement. The Transcendentalist movement was a religious movement characterized by the belief that religion was what was inside of you, not what other people told you (“Thoreau, Henry David”). Thoreau was a strong believer in what this movement stood for, and because of this, he immersed himself into nature to discover religion and God inside of himself....   [tags: waldo, writing, literary movement]

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The Physics of Fireworks

- The Physics of Fireworks "What are fireworks like?" she had asked. "They are like the Aurora Borealis" said the King, "only much more natural. I prefer them to stars myself, as you always know when they are going to appear…" -Oscar Wilde The Remarkable Rocket Why did we choose the topic of fireworks. Fireworks have been a traditional means of celebration in Hawaii for generations. They are fun to watch and even more fun to set off. Most of all, we chose this topic because we like to blow stuff up and cause our own non violent explosions....   [tags: Papers]

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Post Modernism in Architecture

- An architect’s goal is to design appropriately to the time. In the mid to late twentieth century post-modernist such as Venturi found the purism and oversimplification of modernism lacking. Venturi recognized that the world is not simple in nature, but full of complexity and contradictions. Post-modernists aim for an implicit richness of meaning through complexity and contradiction rather than an oversimplified blatant clarity of meaning. A building is basically comprised of a variety of paradoxes, such as outdoor and indoor, primary spaces and secondary space and so on....   [tags: contradictions, design, complexity]

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A Vindication of the Rights of Woman and An Ode Popular Superstitions of Highlands of Scotland

- Comparing Unification in A Vindication of the Rights of Woman and An Ode on the Popular Superstitions of the Highlands of Scotland        In A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Mary Wollstonecraft seeks to abolish repressive, orthodox conventions. She endeavors to abate manners that lacerate our society, that elevate man above woman, that prohibit equal exchange between the sexes. This unequal system of gender roles forms the basis of her argument. Wollstonecraft claims that civilization will not progress while half its population is subjugated....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Henry David Thoreau's Where I lived, and What I Lived For

- Henry David Thoreau's Where I lived, and What I Lived For I found Henry David Thoreau?s ?Where I Lived, and What I Lived For. made a very convincing argument. He has many examples to support his beliefs. Thoreau stresses the importance and value of living the simplest life nature affords, which I believe is as important now as it was in his day. ?Where I Lived, and What I Lived For. opens with Thoreau describing how he came to live in a small, dilapidated cabin near Walden Pond. He speaks of the many farms he imagines owning, yet never does....   [tags: Henry David Thoreau Where lived What For]

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A Comparison Of Henry David Thoreau And Ralph Waldo Emerson?s Beliefs

- A Comparison of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Beliefs concerning Simplicity, the Value and Potential of Our Soul, and Our Imagination.Henry David Thoreau tests Ralph Waldo Emerson’s ideas about nature by living at Walden Pond, where he discovers that simplicity in physical aspects brings deepness to our mind, our soul to its fullest potential, and our imagination to be uplifted to change our lives. These two men believe that nature is what forces us not to depend on others’ ideas but to develop our own....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Role of Women in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

- The Role of Women in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness Women have taken an increasingly important role in literature. Only recently have authors portrayed women in a dominant, protagonistic light. Sophocles and other classical writers portrayed women more as reactors than heroines. Since the ancient Greeks, however, a trend has been established that gives women characters much more substance and purpose. A definite shift from the antediluvian ways can be seen, and the overall complexity of women characters has increased exponentially....   [tags: Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness]

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Rousseau's Discourse on the Arts and Sciences

- Rousseau's Discourse on the Arts and Sciences Jean-Jacques Rousseau has been called both the father of the French Revolution and a rascal deserving to hunted down by society (Boswell, The Life of Samuel Johnson, p. 462). His works, controversial in his lifetime, have lost little of their ability to inspire debate in the seceding two hundred years. Although much of this debate has focused on Rousseau's political theories, his works on morality have not been exempted from the controversy. Much of the controversy surrounding his Discourse on the Arts and Sciences relates to Rousseau's self-proclaimed role of societal critic....   [tags: Papers]

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Business Structures Defined

- SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP: Sole proprietorship is an independent business owned by one individual. Sole proprietorship businesses are relatively small and in most cases the financial resources of one person are adequate to cover operational expenditure. Characteristics of Sole Proprietorship 1. Simplicity – Starting a sole proprietorship is quiet simple. The only legal formalities are applying for the required state or local license or permit. If the sole proprietor wants to operate the business under a different name other than his, then a special filling certificate is needed....   [tags: Business]

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For The Future

- A Vison for the Future As a child I lacked a hero. Instead I sought insight into the parts of the world that I did not yet know or understand through encyclopedias and by asking questions. While I greatly respect and look up to my parents, they weren’t the superheroes that I was longing for. It wouldn’t be until my freshman year of high school that I would ultimately cement someone as my childhood hero. And looking back on it, it was an odd pairing for someone of such a young age and immature mind as my own....   [tags: Apple Inc., Macintosh, Steve Jobs]

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How Ansoff Matrix Can Be Used as a Guide for Marketing a New or Old Product.

- Ansoff's matrix provides a very simple but very effective focus for considering different options for growth, and shows whether it is better to find new customers for existing products, offer more products to the existing consumer, or stay with existing products and attempt to gain a greater share of the market. Each section of Ansoff's matrix shows a strategy which would be used in times with what you are doing. For example this is particularly relevant to Apple. Apple found a new market with an existing product....   [tags: Marketing]

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Good Business Writing

- Good Business Writing As the discussion of good writing evolved in class, I began to wonder what made good business writing. I thought about the purpose in writing both within a particular company and between different companies and organizations. I decided that most writing in business is meant to be either informative, persuasive, or a combination of both. Whether informative or persuasive in nature, I have decided that most good business writing is very similar to other good writing. I have chosen to focus on three elements that contribute to good usage in business....   [tags: Education Educating Write Essays]

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A Wondering Ideal in "Walden"

- Henry David Thoreau writes of his experiences in his two-year experiment of "self reliance" on Walden Pond near Concord, Massachusetts. It is my opinion that Thoreau thought of himself as better than the average person and to an extent better than the person reading his very work. The allusions and ideals expressed in this work wreak of a smug and "better than though" context. The purpose of this experiment was to enact the philosophies and ideals of self- reliance and simplicity. His idea of simplicity is strewn throughout this work, ranting through a seemingly indecipherable mixture of allusions, metaphors, and actual ideas....   [tags: World Literature]

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Postman's Amusing Ourself to Death

- The "peek-a-boo" world of television has had a disastrous effect on the culture of the typographic mind. Neil Postman in his book, Amusing Ourselves to Death explains how the "peek-a-boo" world of television has impacted modern discourse. The typographic mind is that of a print based culture. The people in such a culture tend to speak in paragraph format and use proper grammar; they organize thoughts in a way that resembles a book. This is due to the fact that people were used to reading and therefore used to long periods of concentration, which allowed for long discussions....   [tags: Ethics]

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Comaring Thoreau To Kerouac

- Recollections of the Past: From Pioneer Naturalist to Mountaineer Buddhist (Thoreau and Kerouac) An old adage says "never let the truth get in the way of a good story". However, where is the line drawn between embellishment and fabrication. Artistic privilege is just as it sounds; a liberty to manipulate and coerce verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and other parts of speech and sentence structure to yield a far more pleasing narrative. As with any privilege there comes responsibility, in this case, a responsibility to not change the original intent of the story or the context in which it took place....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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The Doctrine Of Christ And How Those Principles Can Influence Our Lives And Lead Us Unto Salvation

- Doctrinal Analysis of 2 Nephi 31-33 Nephi’s final writings in 2 Nephi 31-33 are a simple yet profound declaration of his testimony of the doctrine of Christ, and how those principles can influence our lives and lead us unto salvation. Nephi’s testimony is one of “plainness” and simplicity, yet it is still one of true faithfulness and more importantly, one of a genuine knowledge, brought about by experience. The simplicity reflects the marvelous scale, and yet the very personal nature of the gospel....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, God in Christianity]

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The Nature Of Innocence By Wolfgang Von Goethe And Mary Shelley 's ' The Great Gatsby '

- Innocence can often times be acceptable, such as when a young child breaks an expensive item, or if a friend were to feed someone food that she did not know would cause an allergic reaction. Though innocence can be a typical label for someone that is uncorrupted by negative experiences or unaware of consequences, it easily becomes destructive because it can be used as a tool to construe a situation in a way that’s beneficial to one person. Both Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Mary Shelley’s characters idealize innocence in ways that justify their actions, no matter how horrid, through downplaying the existence of other traits and factors that may exist in a complex situation besides innocenc...   [tags: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Romanticism]

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The Surrounding Of The Buildings And Villages Casson Painted Represent People 's Encroachment On The Landscape

- One could suggest many of the buildings and villages Casson painted represent people’s encroachment on the landscape. Or, one could also suggest, Casson was capturing the rural village life on the edge of Toronto’s city life during the depression. In any event, Casson was turning away from painting “wilderness” and “landscape” paintings that were empty of the human presence. He was returning to his interest in capturing intriguing architecture and the play of light and shadow using the structural elements of buildings....   [tags: World War II, Great Depression, Village, Cold War]

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The Importance Of A Good Business Organisational Website And The Responsibility Of One Handling The Website

- Ever since, websites have become an important aspect of a business in order to promote, advertise and connect clients with their companies for any service and facilities, which they provide to the customers. A website is a page owned by any company or an individual and website designing is a process of creating a website exhibiting their speciality. In todays’ world, technologies are being evolved rapidly, hence all those business companies using websites should be really quick in the topic of website designing and during the race of being competitive, and they may have numerous problems which may affect their business as well as their customers, creating a huge loss....   [tags: World Wide Web, Website, Web design, Web page]

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Christian Images of Power and Humility in Rudolf Seño’s Superman and the Child

- In the context of 21st century, Christianity is at its peak of dominance as one of the world’s religion. The upsurging character of growth which pertains to man’s search for his ideal self and God are very intriguing issues since time immemorial up to our present age. This paper presents the paths of how to blend the extremes of power and humility into well-stroked proportions in the context of Christianity. Closing the gap between the peak of greatness and the chasm of humility becomes the main theme in understanding man’s mundane pilgrimage....   [tags: Christianity, power, humility, values, self, knowl]

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The United States Illogical Practice of Democratic Peace Theory in the Middle East

- The idea of a lasting, ideally global, peace has been present in the minds of people for centuries. The most notable formulation of this is Kant’s vision of perpetual peace. “He saw it as a condition that needed to be maintained by politics between states with governments which represented society and separation of power. From this basic framework stems the idea called “democratic peace theory” (pg. 82). Democratic Peace Theory (DPT) asserts that democracies do not generally fight other democracies because they share common norms and domestic institutions that constrain international, state actors from going to war....   [tags: Democratic Peace Theory (DPT)]

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God and Transcendentalism in Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston

- Some people would argue that God is a being who watches over us, however other would argue that God manifests through nature, our surroundings, and us. Transcendentalism revolves around the idea that God is nature. It also supports the theory that God is all around us and inside of us and we should be self-reliant and strive for simplicity. These transcendentalist ideas and traditions were present in Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston, as Janie experienced herself and the world around her head on over time....   [tags: nature, self-reliance and intuition ]

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The Neuman Systems Model ( Nsm ) Is A Holistic And Open System

- Overview of Theory The Neuman Systems Model (NSM) is a holistic and open system that involves the shifting relationship between a client / client system and its environment (Neuman & Fawcett, 2002). Because of Neuman’s holistic perspective, the model suggests that the client must be understood comprehensively by constructing the client system to include the physiological, psychological, sociocultural, developmental, and spiritual variables (Neuman & Fawcett, 2002). The client system is also shown in the model as circles to include a basic core structure (basic survival factors), lines of resistance (closest to the core and protects the system), normal line of defense (normal state of operati...   [tags: Nursing, Nursing practice, Nursing theory, Science]

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Leadership Is The Action Of Leading A Group Of People Or An Organization

- Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. In this day and age we as a world need more leaders. Leaders can be innovators, entrepreneurs, workers, and just normal everyday people. A leader doesn 't have to be the president of an organization, but has to have the ability to motivate and lead people to be their best selves. Leaders always have great qualities and they love helping those in need. Steve Jobs used leadership and focus to make an empire known as Apple. Jobs would take 100 or so people on a retreat just to simply come up with the next year 's inventions....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Skill]

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On Vagueness of The English Language and a Proposal to Remove It.

- A problem long plaguing the English language, and all spoken communication for that matter, has been the ambiguity between one's own understanding of what they are talking about as opposed to another party's own understanding of the same terms or concepts. There is no way to fully impart your thoughts to another and know for certain that the complete concept was received. The mere act of speaking instantly changes the idea as soon as it is translated through the others ears and matched to their own meanings to the words....   [tags: Language ]

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Load Balanced Routing with Constant Stretch for Wireless Sensor Network with Holes

- Because of its simplicity and scalability, geographic routing is a popular approach in wireless sensor networks, which can achieve a near-optimal routing path in the networks without of holes. With the occurrence of holes, however, geographic routing faces the problems of hole diffusion and routing path enlargement. Several recent proposals attempt to fix these issues by deploying a special, forbidding area around the hole, which helps to improve the congestion on the hole boundary but still causes significant load unbalancing due to static detour routes bypassing this fixed forbidding area....   [tags: wireless sensor networks]

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Give Your Brand's Online PR a Boost with the Blogger Outreach Equation

- Give Your Brand's Online PR a Boost with the Blogger Outreach Equation Are you looking to boost a client’s brand appeal. Or perhaps implement a fool-proof link building strategy. If so, blogger outreach is still the hottest way to do so legitimately. In producing fantastic content for someone else’s blog, not only are you getting your voice heard by a different audience, and your company’s name out there, you should be earning that crucial back-link. We know the value of inbound links for SEO, as well as the difficulty in generating quality ones....   [tags: marketing and publicity strategies]

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Language in The Last Night of the Earth Poems by Charles Bukowski

- The language in “The Last Night of the Earth Poems” by American poet Charles Bukowski does not contain strong metaphors nor deep structured rhymes, therefore his poetic stories, which are instant pictures from Bukowski’s perspective, can be understood easily since the reader knows what people are going through in their life. As a result of this, the author could express his ideas smoothly. The enjambments, unnatural line break that is used by poets to excite the readers, through Bukowski’s poetry makes the reader wonder how the next line in a poem is going to be....   [tags: metaphors, rhyms, feelings]

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Is History A Vital And Necessary Tool For Foreign Policy Decision Making?

- Is history a crutch to foreign policy decision makers. The answer is yes. This, however, postulates positive and negative implications. Positively, history supports and reassures both the strategic measures taken in a decision making process, as well as the framing of the outcomes of decisions. Negatively, history can be viewed as a tool of dependence in the previous stated aspects. So yes, history is a crutch, but it also perhaps the most useful and utilized instrument in foreign policy decision-making....   [tags: Decision making, Cognition, Decision theory]

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The Death Of Milton, By Thomas Edward, Thomas Warton, And Mary Robinson

- Upon the death of Milton, the sonnet form became sparsely utilised by English poets. However, this cannot be obfuscated by claiming that it was unsuitable for the English language, nor because Milton had little influence over the form. This disappearance occurred as a result of the cultural distance the eighteenth century imposed between itself and the Elizabethans, whose example was effaced in the subsequent refinements of language, literary conception, and versification. In the eighteenth century, Elizabethan practices were considered to be barbaric, which resulted the omission of the sonnet form from editions of Shakespeare produced in this time....   [tags: Sonnet, Shakespeare's sonnets, Poetry]

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A Short Note On Streptococcus Pyogenes And Its Effects On Human Cells

- Streptococcus pyogenes that utilized nuclear localization signals to shuttle the CRISPR reagents into the nucleus. All of the combinations involving spCas9, tracrRNA, and pre-crRNA were successful in human cells, which proved that heterologous expression using mammalian transcriptional machinery is possible. While heterologous expression means that CRISPR can be assembled outside of S. pyogenes, the subsequent gene modification by the nuclease complex demonstrated CRISPR’s potential cross species use....   [tags: DNA, Genetics, Gene, Molecular biology]

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Youth: Life at Its Peak in "Sonnet 15" by William Shakespeare

- As each day goes by the beauty of our vibrant youth decays and diminishes. In "Sonnet 15" Shakespeare refers to youth as life at its peak, however this precious point in our life is short-lived. Shakespeare speaks of youth as a single moment of perfection. He glorifies youth and alleges to immortalize it through his poetic words. He uses metaphors, imagery, and rhyme in a way to enhance the beauty and perfection of mans youth while in its prime. Through this he demonstrate the love and richness of youth despite the tole time takes on it....   [tags: Sonnet 15, Shakespeare, youth, ]

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Analysis Of Robert Frost 's ' The Road Not Taken '

- The human existence is a series of choices leading to either an individual’s success or doom. As one tries to fit in, in an attempt to survive in an insecure world, one is often left wondering, what of the road not taken. Robert Frost addressing this core concept of humanity through his poem “The Road Not Taken.” In this poem, Frost presents the speaker with a forked road. The speaker has no choice but to chose one way or the other. As the speaker looks back he finds how significant his choice was in shaping his life....   [tags: Poetry, Rhyme scheme, Rhyme, Choice]

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Analysis Of Henry Lawson 's ' The Drover 's Wife '

- The 19th century Australian Novelist and short story writer, Henry Lawson, uses distinctly visual techniques of writing, which allowing responders to visualize the hardships faced during . Australia’s colonial period The iconic story “The Drover’s Wife” reveals the hardships faced by women and the sacrifices and adjustments they made to survive. Lawson’s story “In a Dry Season” gives the reader an insight into the difficult lives of Australians during the colonial period. The Artwork “Sunday Evening” by Russell Drysdale stresses the hardships faced in the Australian outback....   [tags: Short story, Poverty, Woman, Drover]

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Eating The Flowers : Advice From William Shakespeare And Ferris Bueller

- Taking Time To Smell The Flowers: Advice From William Shakespeare And Ferris Bueller Ever-changing and ephemeral, life expands beyond human existence and transcends time. Human beings remain subject to the inexorable process of growth from nascency to death. Life’s universally unavoidable progression clandestinely erodes one’s youth as time unsympathetically moves onward. Historically renowned poet and playwright, William Shakespeare, addresses this evolutionary truth through his fifteenth sonnet....   [tags: Madrid Metro, Metropolitana di Napoli]

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The Use of Forensic Soil Evidence to Determine Grave Location

- A plethora of methods exist to analyse soil in order to determine grave location varying from geophysical techniques to lab analysis. These tests rely on testing soil samples to determine their origins, samples can be compared with others to see how closely they match. Each method has advantages and disadvantages, in forensic contexts results need to be accurate so evidence can hold up in court therefore certain tests will be better suited for the task. The main types of soil are clay, silt, and sand the soils formation and properties are determined by the parent material, climate where it originated, topography, the organisms that inhabit it, and time....   [tags: geographical technique, lab analysis]

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Henry David Thoreau's Call for a New Ideology in Walden

- As most naturalists do, Henry David Thoreau detailed his two-year nature experiment with extensive observations in his book Walden; Or, Life in the Woods. But Thoreau was far more than a common environmentalist he was a revolutionary. Through transcendentalism, simplicity and art Thoreau calls readers to contemplate a paradigm shift in their existence toward a genuine self. To do this, the individuals must remove themselves from a life that is defined by society and enter into a life that is true to them....   [tags: transcendentalist, nature, agriculture]

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The Model Is An Economy Of Aggregate And Idiosyncratic Shocks

- The model considers an economy of aggregate and idiosyncratic shocks. Time is discrete and is indexed by $t=0,1,2...$. The economy consists of three types of agents, a continuum of infinite lived consumers of measure one indexed by $iin[0,1]$, a single representative firm and a government. There is one (homogeneous and non-perishable) good in the economy produced by a neoclassical technology, $F$. The firm employs physical capital $K_{t}$ and human capital $H_{t}$ to produce $ Y_{t} $ units of output....   [tags: Economics, Capital, Investment, Capital]

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Summary Of ' A Sorrowful Woman ' By Gail Godwin

- MiriYam Judd American Experience HHH Miriyam Judd A Sorrowful Life Nothing is ever as it seems. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. We live in a society where if you break the status quo even the slightest bit, you are looked down upon, labeled a freak or an outcast. We are told to be different, unique, ourselves; but when we are people judge us. We think we have control over our lives, but, in reality, we don’t. If we did have any whatsoever, why would we choose to live this way. Why would some choose to feel so much pain, deep in their core, that they just couldn 't take it anymore....   [tags: Henry David Thoreau, Walden, Concord]

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Analysis Of Mary Oliver 's ' The Value Of Imitation

- Artem Danilov Poetry Handbook Summer Assignment Journal 1 In this poem Mary Oliver wanted to send a message to her readers about how important imitation is in the process of learning how to write a good-quality work. “You would learn very little in this world if you were not allowed to imitate. And to repeat your imitations until some solid grounding in the skill was achieved and the slight but wonderful difference – that made you you and no one else - could assert itself. Every child is encouraged to imitate....   [tags: Poetry, Sonnet, Robert Frost, Iambic pentameter]

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Film Review : ' The Gods Must Be Crazy '

- The film, ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’ gives an interesting look at the juxtaposition of two cultures. The first is one of serene simplicity, that of the Bushmen (referred to hereafter in the more correct form, San); and the second is that of the western civilization, characterized by extreme busyness and stress. The two worlds of course collide in this 1980s South African comedy. The film took much flak however, from those who thought its depictions of the San were incorrect and even racist. Nevertheless, the film was an international hit, especially in America were it grossed $51,200,000 in 1980 (IMDB)....   [tags: Africa, African Union, Western culture]

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Early American Literature Influenced by Religious Ideologies and Philosophies

- In the beginning times of American Literature, Puritan writers were prevalent which grew into the Age of Reason by way of scientists and philosophers, which eventually emerged into Romanticism and the Renaissance writers, which developed into Realism by the middle of 19th century. Throughout American Literature, religious ideologies and philosophies influenced the way that writers portrayed the time period, characters, feelings, and God. Through Puritan writers, literature is influenced by religious ideologies and philosophies....   [tags: American Literature]

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Pachelbel's Canon in D and Barber's Adagio for Strings

- The two pieces chosen for this paper are particularly famous and are recognizable audibly, if not by name, by the majority of western populations. Pachelbel’s Canon in D was virtually forgotten from the 1700’s until it was rediscovered in 1919 by Gustav Beckmann. It gradually gained publicity, and burst into the popular culture after being used as the score for a movie, it is now by far the most famous canon and of the most well known pieces of baroque music. The canon is a musical form popular in the Baroque period and is characterized by imitative counterpoint in which multiple voices, in this case violins, play the same piece of music but start at different times and in different keys....   [tags: Music]

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Again and Again a Poem Written by Robert Creeley

- The simplicity and length of the poem Again written by Robert Creeley leads one to believe, upon the initial glance, that this poem will be straightforward and easy to understand. However, this is not the case when considering what this poem is actually speaking about. Throughout the fifteen lines of this poem, Creeley illustrates a journey through an average day of an average person in the modern society. Although this illustration of a journey such as this appears to be simple and boring, the poem itself is rather asking the question, “Why not do more?” This very question is something that Creeley seems to embrace in both his other writings and his life....   [tags: modern society, outcry for change]

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Smart’s Belief That Brain-processes are Identical to Mental Sensations

- Explain the way in which Smart argues that brain-processes are identical to mental sensations with respect to what he says about topic-neutral sensation language. Smart argues from the stance of identity theorist and believes that mental sensations are identical to a corresponding brain-process. Much of Smart’s paper is a counter argument against an identity theorist’s greatest rival, the dualist. Most of the human body has been explained by science in terms of biology, chemistry, and physics; though the brain remains largely mysterious....   [tags: identity theorist]

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The Quantitative Study by Turid Moller and Olav Linaker

- ... In the study, SMAST-13 and DAST-20 tools were used because of simplicity and accuracy in predicting substance use disorders. Simplicity ensures that participants can provide information without difficulties while accuracy enables the researchers to carry out correct predictions of their conditions (Vance et al., 2013). Similarly, the researchers chose the AUS and DUS tools because of reliability when used by case managers. The analysis of the data has been aided through the use of SPSS statistics package....   [tags: psychotic patients, behavioral disorders]

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The Superficial Tag Between East Egg And West Egg

- The superficial tag between East Egg and West Egg is the hollowness of the upper class. They put on a façade to show that they are the same and one is not from Wolfsheim’s gang and the other from old money. F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby,” the author based the novel on failure and success in the illusional age of materialism. Fitzgerald was inspired by other authors such as Joseph Conrad. Conrad’s style is extremely dense and Fitzgerald wanted simplicity in his writing .Daisy, Gatsby and Tom like everyone have their own problems and they would like to think that they are the only ones with secrets....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby]

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Sojourner Truth 's Speech, Ain 't I A Woman?

- In Sojourner Truth’s speech “Ain’t I a Woman?” and Frederick Douglass’ “The Hypocrisy of American Slavery” use rhetorical questions for emphasis, anecdotes to connect with the audience, counterarguments to Christianity’s opposing stance and repetition to force the audience to listen. These contemporaries used similar ways to prove their causes were not only worthy but necessary for society to move forward from its oppressing history. Both of them draw from personal experience, as former slaves. Although neither of them would live to see their goals fully realized, these speeches played an immense role in changing public opinion and they continue to inspire marginalized societies....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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Ms. Chanel : The World Of Women 's Fashion

- Known for her feistiness, perfectionism and rebellious attitude, Ms. Chanel built herself from nothing, which drove her to revolutionize the world of women’s fashion. She liberated women from the tight grip of their corsets because she believed that the key to her success was simplicity and comfort. She created a world renowned logo and look as exemplified by her little black dress. Gabriel Chanel, known as Coco Chanel, has created a legacy that will continue for years in the fashion industry. Three things explain Ms channels fashion statements, simplicity, elegance and comfort....   [tags: Chanel, Little black dress, Coco Chanel]

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Public Health Data Systems And Its Effects On Health

- Without information systems such as immune registries, we lack sufficient data systems to evaluate how well we are getting along in an improved framework regarding access, quality, and results. Notwithstanding the populace base, public health data systems can give imperative data, including ecological impacts on health or pathology patterns and flare-ups. They can give data about geographic territories that are underserved or that have amassing of unfavorable health markers. By giving exact data around a whole populace these frameworks additionally permit evaluation of incongruities of health status in diverse populace subgroups as indicated by age, sex, race or ethnicity, and different com...   [tags: Vaccination, Immune system, Public health]

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Alive The Feeling You Can Do Anything And Everything

- Alive the feeling you can do anything and everything. For me, being alive is creating new and different memories with my family. Midland, Ontario, a population of 16,572, lays right on the Georgian Bay. Many people from all over come to visit because it lays right on the alluring bay. The heart of Midland is right at the top of a hill, where you have a panoramic view of the blue cove shimmering against your eyes.The sun beats right down on it nearly blinding your eyes. As you go down that dark black gravel road, you see small shops surrounding the hill....   [tags: Debut albums, 2008 singles, House]

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The Differences Between The And Lao Tzu From China

- The world today is run in many different fashions that in the end are all fundamentally the same. This concept is known as government, but can be described as a collection of individuals who work together to watch over and lead an association or group, typically seen as a nation. Now this idea of government is vastly universal while the ways in which it is carried out can vary from a few rule changes to having completely opposite views on every small topic that could be discussed. Their are more individualistic forms of government such as Socialism and Democracies, while other styles can be extremely controlling such as Fascism, Communism, and Dictatorships....   [tags: Political philosophy, Government, Autocracy]

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