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The Merchant Ship Worthy Passage

- The Golden Sea, warm, and vast, Cameron despised it. Who knew what was down there in its murky depths. Monstrous creatures that could sink a ship with little effort, sending its wooden corpse and all she carried with it, deeper and deeper to its sightless bottom. The ship sailed straight north from Kelmoor Keep, the wind blew strong, and almost constantly from the west. There was no sign of land or anyone else for that matter, just him and the Worthy Passage, and her brave crew. Once past the lengthy body of Baash (which only took four days) the Worthy Passage moved even faster because of the strong westerly current....   [tags: sea, ship, night, fog]

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The Unsinkable Ship: Titanic

- Titanic was the dreamship, the unsikable ship. It was supposeed to sail from Southampton harper and be in New York 17th of April. But the dream ship never made it to New York. The story of Titanic is both tragic and adventures. The passenger were both poor and very wealthy. They were seeking adventure in a new country. Some went to travel other went to live the American dream and start a new life. The dream for many people came to an end on 14th of April. The unsinkable ship went down after hitting an iceberg....   [tags: ship, iceberg, water]

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Cruise Ship Workers Have One Of The Most Dynamic Occupations

- In a world full of jobs, cruise ship workers have one of the most dynamic occupations in the world. In order to be a cruise ship employee, an individual has to be able to leave the normal life and take on a lifestyle that is very diverse from the norm. Crew sacrifice some important aspects of life, such as family, having a real home and being separated from work. Being a cruise ship employee isn’t just a job, it is a lifestyle that requires extreme changes. Becoming a part of a cruise ship’s staff comes with a few basic requirements....   [tags: Cruise ship, Ship, Cruise line]

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Magical and Realistic Elements in The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship

- Magical and Realistic Elements in The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship   Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born in a small Colombian town in 1928 and has written many short stories and novels over the years. One of his short stories, "The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship", published in 1972, is in a book called A Hammock Beneath the Mangoes that was published in 1991. This was an interesting story and had many magical and realistic elements.   The main magical element in this story would be the ghost ship, but many others exist, too....   [tags: Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship]

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The Unsinkable Ship

- I can still vividly reminisce about her. Titanic, ‘The Unsinkable Ship.’ 97 years ago she stood at the docks avidly awaiting her apprehensive passengers to board. After three years in construction, starting on March 31st 1909, the $400,000,000, 11 storeys high, glossy black ship set sail. 2,228 people were on board; 1,343 people were passengers and the other 885 were crew members. Little did they know that less than half of those deprived, vulnerable souls would arrive in America alive, and the vast majority would never see their loved and cherished ones again....   [tags: Historical Fiction]

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The Slave Ship

- Writing Assignment 1 I will be using this essay to discuss and answer questions about various topics that are vital to our country’s history. Without these events, people, and ideas, the United States of America would not be what it is today. We would not still be trying to heal from the institution of Slavery. American probably would not have gained religious freedom until much later in history. We would not have the courage to speak out against leaders we do not agree with. Olaudah Equiano was kidnapped and sold into slavery by his fellow countrymen as a young boy....   [tags: Slavery, Indentured servant, Unfree labour]

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Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald Ship

- November 10th, 1975, a massive storm rolls over Lake Superior. As many ships make their way towards the safety of the coastline, one ship is left behind, in the dark turbulent night. That ship, The Edmund Fitzgerald now lye in the depths of the Superior. The events of that night and what happened to the 729-foot freighter are still a mystery to the world. Many theorize what conditions caused the ship to go down that night. Some theories deal with the weather conditions as well as focusing on equipment malfunctions that took place....   [tags: weather conditions, lake superior]

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The Loss of the Fitzgerald Ship

- There are mysteries which men can only guess at, which may only ever truly be solved in part; the SS Edmund Fitzgerald’s sinking is one of them. At the time it was launched in 1958, the 729-foot long, 75-foot wide freighter was the largest ship to ply the Great Lakes. Although, on November 9, 1975 the ship embarked upon what would become its final voyage. She was carrying 26,000 tons of iron ore pellets and bound for Detroit and though the day was bright, in her path laid great turbulence. On November 10, at 1:00am, the first signs of trouble appeared, and prevailed into the afternoon....   [tags: lake superior, wreck, theories]

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The Process of Giving Maintenance to a Ship

- ... All this will have to be done within 2 days so that other jobs can be started.  The Critical Path is the most powerful tool that helps you schedule and manage your project. It helps you plan all the task that must be completed for a given job. It acts as a basis for the preparation of a schedule and also for resource planning. It would tell you the shortest time that it would take you to complete a certain job. Critical Path will also allow you to monitor the job and help you see where actions need to be taken to get the job back on its course....   [tags: dry dock, survey, critical path]

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The Slave Ship By Marcus Rediker

- Marcus Rediker is the author of “The Slave Ship”. Marcus earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in History from Virginia Commonwealth University. He taught at Georgetown for 12 years and right now he is Distinguished Professor of Atlantic History at the University of Pittsburgh. Marcus has also written and co-written nine other books. He has been a part of creating other novels that are similar to the topic of “The Slave Ship”, so his degrees and experience with this makes him more than qualified to write on this subject....   [tags: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade]

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The Slavery Of The Slave Ship

- When thinking of slavery, especially through an American perspective, plantations, harsh beatings, and runaway slaves are often what comes to the forefront of thought. What is often overlooked when looking at the history of slavery, are the slave ships, which transported the enslaved people away from their homes and their freedom. The slave ship was a hell-like environment that was intended to turn the fighting human spirit, which had only known freedom, to a broken and subdued spirit, not even recognized as human....   [tags: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, African slave trade]

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The Ship Shape By David Sedaris

- “In response he expected us to play the part of an enthusiastic family, but we were unwilling to resume our old roles” (Sedaris 5). In life, unreliable people surround us. These people often break promises, bringing disappointment in one’s life. Sometimes the unreliable person may not realize the disappointment the broken promises bring to others. Like in the quote from “The Ship Shape” by David Sedaris, the father expected the family to be excited about the promises, but instead they were disappointed because they had been let down numerous times....   [tags: Mother, Father, Promise, Family]

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The Command Of The Littoral Combat Ship

- Commanders are given their positions because they have demonstrated their ability to execute sound judgment. Judgment is the key factor when committing to actions that could be either favorable or disastrous, or anything in between. Moral decision making, however, takes more than sound judgment when complex problems with undiscernible outcomes arise. When developing leaders to understand decision making in high-stress or combat situations, a thorough understanding of moral judgment is warranted....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Paradox, Choice]

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If The World Were A Ship

- If the world were a ship, it would be sinking. On this ship is the world’s population and some people are trying to dump out the water with a spoon while others are convinced that ships don’t sink. For this world to be survive with all of it’s inhabitants intact we will need to change the way we think about our economy, change the way wealth is created, and change the way we view the world we live in as a whole. Currently the United States, and the entire world on some level, view economy as expandable and glorious....   [tags: Poverty, Wealth, Working class]

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The Ship in Virgil's Aeneid

- They brave gulping whirlpools and blazing infernos. They withstand the flagrant curses of a dying queen. Transporters of precious civilization, they are described by their captain Aeneas as carrying “gods / Of hearth and home, saved from the enemy” (Virgil I.521-522). Throughout the epic, ships are extremely vital to Aeneas – so much so that Virgil intuitively creates a powerful, unmistakable correlation between the two. In The Aeneid, Aeneas acts like a ship, carrying the weight of the Trojan society to Italy, and suffers like a ship, enduring beat-downs from humans and the gods; in fact, Virgil suggests that Aeneas is a human ship....   [tags: Aeneid, Trojan Civilization]

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Ship Wreck

- Fear has taken a hold of every man aboard this ship, as it should; our luck is as far gone as the winds that led us off course. For nights and days gusts beyond measure have forced us south, yet our vessel beauty, Le Serpent, stays afloat. The souls aboard her, lay at the mercy of this ruthless sea. Chaotic weather has turned the crew from noble seamen searching for glory and riches, to whimpering children. To stay sane I keep the holy trinity close to my heart and the lady on my mind. Desperation comes and goes from the men’s eyes, while the black, blistering clouds fasten above us, as endless as the ocean itself....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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World War II As A Survivor Of The Ship

- World War II was coming to an end in 1945. During the WWII and postwar many important events took place, however, there is one historical event that occurred towards the end of the war. An event that has not been talked about till decades after it happened. We are all familiar with the sinking of the Titanic and thousands of lives that were lost the day the ship sunk. A similar event took place in the Baltic Sea in 1945 of a ship called Gustloff. The sinking is considered to be one of the deadliest marine tragedies ever to happen in the world....   [tags: World War II, Germany, Nazi Germany, Baltic Sea]

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The Ship That Almost Saved Jewish Lives

- Molly Marks Mrs. Astudillo Composition and Grammar P.4_ 2 December 2015 The Ship That Almost Saved Jewish Lives: The S.S St. Louis “It was very traumatic,” said Fisher, who now lives in Newton, Mass. “Somebody tried to commit suicide, cut his wrists, and jumped overboard” (Sichel). The Holocaust started because of a man named Adolf Hitler. The Holocaust was a genocide in which approximately 6,000,000 Jews were killed by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime and its associates. Adolf Hitler thought that all of the problems that the Germans had were caused by the Jews....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Nazism, The Holocaust]

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The U.S.S. Indianapolis Ship During WWII

- Bombarding and exploding the bottom of the vessel was the last thing pressed against my mind as the ship began submerging into the water. I clung to life as if it was the last coconut on a small deserted island. I wanted to live. That’s all that I wanted. Japanese submarine missiles were the least of the worries for myself, since I had already survived what seemed to be the remainder of the bombarding. The vessel was sinking at a surprisingly rapid rate and what worried me was not only the ship and everything with it being at the bottom of the ocean, but what would be left for our own safety and even worse....   [tags: pearl harbor, japan, submarine]

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Equiano 's Autobiography : A Slave Ship

- In Equiano 's autobiography, he is eleven years old and kidnapped by white men from his home in what is now Nigeria. The captors took Equiano to a slave ship on where he fainted because he was overwhelmed by the sight of different Africans all chained to each other, of the sea which he had not seen before, and of the light complected men which was also new to him. On the ship’s journey to Barbados, Equiano fell sick because of the terrible conditions of the slave hold. When the ship’s crew tried to feed him, he refused and was consequently whipped with windglass by the crew members....   [tags: Black people, White people, African American]

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Stranded Ship on East Hampton Beach

- Stranded Ship on East Hampton Beach Thomas Moran is known for his oil paintings of the natural world. He captures nature at the moment in which he sees it; this may, in turn, be serene but also show the dramatic and violent natures of his momentary surroundings. In the compositions chosen he illustrates, as the title infers, a vessel caught in the turbulent, tumultuous sea. As he captured this image, he kept in mind the destructive nature of water also the constructive nature of water. Water has the ability to enable cultures to thrive and to barely survive....   [tags: Art]

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When the Ship Comes in by Bob Dylan

- Attention grabber. Bob Dylan’s influential folk-rock music was a factor that helped shape the Civil Rights Movement and public views on civil rights. Dylan was a singer-songwriter born in 1941 who had his career take off at the height of the Civil Rights Movement (Infohio). Protest music and other forms of demonstration art were prominent during this time period, with Bob Dylan and other artists such as Sam Cooke, Pete Seeger, and John Coltrane, leading the way. Bob Dylan’s music was influential during the Civil Rights Movement, popular during the time period, and performed at many civil rights rallies....   [tags: speech, civil rights movements, racial equality]

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The Independence Class Littoral Combat Ship

- The United States Navy has introduced a new high tech fighting machine. It is fast, versatile, and deadly. The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), Independence class, was developed to combat a new type of naval warfare taking place in coastal waters. The establishment of this coastal combat ship has created a new class of surface warfare ships known as DD(X) (O’Rourke, 2013). The modern design of the Independence class LCS is made out of aluminum, making the vessel light weight with a low draft displacement of about 10 feet, allowing it to be operationally effective in shallow waters....   [tags: U.S. Navy, Finance, Advantages]

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Has China 's Ship Sailed?

- Has China’s Ship Sailed. In the last 20 years, China’s economy has grown at a pace never before seen in the history of world trade (Husted & Nishioka, 2013). In the timespan from 1995-2010, China went from having virtually no share of the world export market to ranking as number one in the world having a 10.4% share of the world market (Husted & Nishioka, 2013). This rapid economic growth and development has not come without issue. In conjunction with its growth, China has undergone major structural changes....   [tags: Economics, Economy, Economic growth]

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God Fashioned The Ship Of The World Carefully By Stephen Crane

- The first line of Stephen Crane’s poem, “God fashioned the ship of the world carefully” reveals that this poem is one with a religious theme. Crane begins the poem with a description that seems similar to the story of creation. This poem shows the power of God and his actions in creating his masterpiece. It shows the work that God put into creating this “ship” and how proud he was of this creation. The poem makes an unexpected turn at line seven. At line seven there is a disruption in the calm story....   [tags: Universe, Creation myth, Power, Rudder]

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USS Arizona, A Great Ship

- On December 7th, 1941 tragedy struck when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. Many ships were sunk during the attack, but one of the most recognizable was the battleship the U.S.S. Arizona. This was one of the ships that was in line in the infamous battleship row. Because of where the U.S.S. Arizona was located it was a sitting duck to dive bombers and torpedo bombers of the Japanese. Once the ship was hit it went down in nine minutes. The sinking of the U.S.S. Arizona caused 1,177 service men to die while on board....   [tags: American History Pearl Harbor World War II WWII]

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A Brief Note On The World 's Largest Ship At The Time

- Kwabena Wiafe Ababio Engineering Ethics December 8th 2014 Engineering Ethics Final Paper The Titanic In 1912, the world’s largest ship at the time, on its initial voyage carrying some of the world’s richest people had an accident with terrible loss of lives. The Titanic was conceived in 1907 and ultimately met its demise six years later in the North Atlantic seas (Gunner). The ship was the biggest of its kind according to historians. It was 882 feet 8 inches long, and 92 feet 6 inches in breadth, also the ships waterlines were 34 feet and 7 inches above the keel and weighed over fifty two tons (Gunner)....   [tags: Virtue, Ethics, Virtue ethics, Vice]

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Science Fiction : Rocket Ship X M.

- On 20 July, 1969 Americans landed the first man on the moon; officially ending the space race between the former Soviet Union and the United States. This however was not completed over night. The conflict between the two super powers spanned over two decades and was not only about interplanetary travel but the pride that was to follow. Science fiction played a major role in inspiring the western population of what was to come of space travel and our future. Films and novels about space exploration tended to attempt to remain more realistic in their content and the way that space travel was depicted....   [tags: Nuclear weapon, World War II, Cold War]

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Going Down With the Ship: Affordable Care Act

- Glenn McCoy’s political cartoon, on the website, is a parody of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act and the 1921 tragedy of the Titanic voyage. It is very well known that the Titanic was thought to be unsinkable and because of that misconceived notion there were far more people than life boats. While on its first voyage the Titanic struck an ice burg and sank to the bottom of the ocean killing the majority of its passengers and crew. The captain of the Titanic was said to have made the decision to sink with his ship instead of taking a much needed spot on the lifeboats....   [tags: Political Cartoon, Security Protocol]

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Titanic: The Most Fascinating and Well-known Ship in History

- The most fascinating and well-known ship in history was the Titanic, which was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland on the 31st of March in 1909. When the Titanic boarded on her maiden voyage on the 11th of April in 1912, the world was filled with confidence and respect only to realize that in just a few short days, their emotions would be overwhelmed with feelings of heartache and shock. The time period of the Titanic is now historical, but the heart-rending personal tragedies of the passengers aboard the “Unsinkable” ship still remains a powerful focus in our world today....   [tags: passengers, social classes, flood]

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The H.L. Hunley- First Submarine to Sink an Enemy Ship

- The H.L. Hunley started out with two men named James McClintock, who built gauges for steam-operated equipment, and Horace Lawson Hunley, an owner of a large plantation who worked as a lawyer and a customs officer in New Orleans. Horace got mad at the Union because of the blockade. He was not able to ship or sell his sugar and cotton. He became so mad that he became captain of a blockade runner, a ship that moved supplies by moving silently through the blockade at night. Horace wanted to build a submarine that would destroy the large barges that formed the blockade using a torpedo attached to the submarine that would destroy something right on target....   [tags: American History, James McClintock]

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Ship Hull Structure Fabrication and Wrapping the Stiffener Weld

- The wrapping of the welds at the web side of the stiffener is difficult since it must be completed through the scalp. A large scalp may be required to provide access for the welder. However, a large scalp reduces the amount of weld that can be placed which may lead to weld failures from the cross frame forces. Elimination of the scalap and allowing the crossing of the stiffener and web-to-flange fillets welds is a possible alternative. Analyzing of stiffener details with and without a scalp was conducted....   [tags: Scalp, Cracks]

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Funa Benkei or Benkei Aboard Ship, by Kanze Nobumitsu

- The traditional Japanese no play, Funa Benkei or “Benkei Aboard Ship”, was written by the playwright Kanze Nobumitsu sometime during his life from 1435 till 1516. The storyline of the play follows the historical figure Minamoto no Yoshitsune just after the conclusion of the Genpei Wars of 1180-1185. The establishment of the Kamakura Shogunate, 1185-1333, was the result of a five year series of battles between the rival Minamoto and Taira families over control of the Japanese monarchy. The Minamoto victors were led by two generals, Minamoto no Yoritomo, and Minamoto no Yoshitsune....   [tags: noh play, Mianmoto and Taira]

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A Memorable Cruise Ship

- I was smacked in the face by a gust of hot, humid Texas air as I found my way off the bus. The once brisk morning was getting hotter by the second. My friend Kristi and I looked towards our left and there she was, the Norwegian Sea. The cruise liner that we would be on for the next week. It was the biggest ship I had ever seen up close. Ten stories high and nearly 1000 feet long. It had an intimidating presence that took one's breath away. Our parents had arranged for a cruise from Houston, Texas with stops at Cancun and Cozumel, Mexico....   [tags: Descriptive Writing Examples]

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The Crash Of The Night Awoke The Old Man

- A crash in the middle of the night awoke the old man. As he slowly descended the stairs he saw that his favourite chair had been torn along the side, and his floor was scratched in a pattern that showed erratic movement. The scratch marks lead underneath the rug. Tired from the sudden awakening, the old man decided that whatever was in his house left because there was no signs of anything under the rug, so he retired back to his bedroom. The next day the old man went downstairs and saw exactly what had happened in what he thought was a dream....   [tags: Cruise ship, Ship, The Lump]

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Rose's Journey Upon the Ship of Dreams

- Rose’s Journey Upon the Ship of Dreams My journey started when I saw a report on the television. The report was about a picture which the ocean archaeologist’s found. The picture was of me, not now a course but when I was a young teenager. Titanic researchers with the ocean archaeologists were looking for a ruby which was worn by someone on the titanic, they’d been looking for 20 years but now they’d come across a picture of a lady wearing it around her neck. They had found the picture miles under the ocean, they were showing there founding’s on TV....   [tags: Creative Writing Titanic History Essays]

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- Historical fiction is a type of genre that helps paint a more captivating and colourful picture of the past. It combines fact and fiction as it presents mostly fabricated characters set in a definite period of history. Ship of the Hunted, by Yehuda Elberg, defines this genre as it entwines the lives of a fictional family with historical facts and elements such as life in the Warsaw ghetto, hiding to survive, and the Brichah movement of Jews out of Poland. History has recorded that over half a million Jews were crowded into the Warsaw ghetto between October and November of 1940....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis of Thomas Birch’s painting An American Ship in Distress

- Analysis of Thomas Birch’s painting An American Ship in Distress Examining the formal qualities of Thomas Birch’s painting An American Ship in Distress was very interesting. This paper will analyze and illustrate what I saw in this particular piece of artwork. The paper will also discuss the art elements such as line, shape, color, texture, scale, and composition of the artwork. I chose the art piece entitled An American Ship in Distress because it looks pretty amazing. Another reason I chose to analyze this piece as opposed to the others is because it was the piece I liked the most, therefore making me analyze it more closely and discover other aspects of the work would make me appreciate...   [tags: Art Analysis, Humanities]

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Analysis Of Tanizaki Junichiro 's Naomi, And Kobayashi Takiji 's Factory Ship

- In the era after World War I, Japanese workers were determined to create a revolution that would liberate them and make their lives better. The literature and arts from this period depict the power struggle and the conflicts between the masters and the working class in Japan. This was the age where most Japanese individuals were obsessed with the idea of modernity that was inspired by the west. The mostly younger working class had a great urge to break away from the traditional lifestyle of the past generations and to adopt the new culture....   [tags: Western culture, Western world, Christendom]

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Review Of Living On Cargo Ships

- Review of Living on Cargo Ships The risk towards a cargo ship’s crew is ever-present with the occurrences of harsh weather and isolation from the mainland, but working on the lake is worth the hardships since current technology maintains connects with the mainland and the pay and benefits make the job well worth it. Research finds that people aboard ships will do many things to stave off the boredom and isolation that is presented while living on a cargo ship or freighter to keep their sanity. Of course one of the perks to get them through the hardships would be the great pay that they make as well as the benefits they receive....   [tags: Ship, Cargo ship, Cargo, Ship transport]

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The Tea Act Was The Final Straw Of A British Ship And Throwing Chests Of Tea Overboard

- The famous stories of the Boston Tea Party refer to the Sons of liberty stalking up to a British ship and throwing chests of tea overboard. Even though this is not completely accurate, the story behind the Boston tea party helped to shape the new world. The Tea Act was the final straw of a long list of taxes and laws that Great Britain implemented on the colonists that led to the Boston Tea Party and eventually led to the American Revolution. At the start of 1754, Great Britain had acquired large sums of debt from their involvement in the French and Indian war....   [tags: American Revolution, Boston Tea Party]

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The Battle Of The Revolt Of 1839 On A Spanish Slave Ship By La Amistad

- Amistad focuses on the aftermath of the revolt of 1839 on a Spanish slave ship called La Amistad. The slaves manage to kill many Spanish sailors and take over the ship with their leader, Cinque. Even though the slaves manage to win the uprising against the Spanish slave traders, the slaves are founded and held prisoner in Connecticut. Amistad focuses on the trials and long debates in court about the 44 slaves that take over La Amistad. The main issue that arises during courtroom sessions is the issue of ownership....   [tags: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, British Empire]

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The Slave Ship : A Human History By Marcus Rediker And Rebecca Ginsburg 's Lecture

- Slavery of course has never been a positive thing for society, but never had I thought about how it may have been misrepresented. The chapter “African Paths to the Middle Passage” in The Slave Ship: A Human History by Marcus Rediker and Rebecca Ginsburg’s lecture both showcased the lesser known information about the Atlantic slave trade. Professor Ginsburg’s slides showed us multiple maps which misrepresented the cruelties of the slave trade. Humans were being shipped by the masses half way across the world, but the same maps that we grew up learning about slavery with put their value on par with common goods like cotton and wood....   [tags: Atlantic slave trade, Slavery, Africa]

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The City Of Charleston, South Carolina

- Introduction Imagine: It’s Saturday morning in Charleston, South Carolina. On this brisk morning, a resident is reading a book with a cup of coffee on the porch of his historic home. Without warning, a boisterous call from the PA System of a cruise ship pierces the tranquility of the morning. This call signals the departure of the cruise ship, which is then followed by an unnecessary horn, wailing four times. According to a citizen of Charleston, this is a common scenario as it repeats 104 times a year....   [tags: Cruise ship, Tourism, Pacific, Ship]

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The Old Man 's Eyes Shot Open

- The old man’s eyes shot open. The sound of shattering glass from inside his own home put the old man into a worrisome state. At the end of his slow and cautious descent to the bottom of his stairs, lay his favorite chair with a tear along the side. Scratches along the floor showed something sinister had moved with an erratic pattern towards the rug. Tired, the old man decided that whatever invaded his home had left because the rug had nothing under it, with a hefty sigh, he retired back to his bedroom....   [tags: Cruise ship, Ship, Anxiety, The Lump]

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Economic Impact Of Cruise Tourism : The Case Of Costa Rica

- From a Journal Brida, J. G., & Zapata, S. (2010). Economic impacts of cruise tourism: The case of Costa Rica. Anatolia: An international journal of tourism & hospitality research, 21(2), 322-338. This is an Economic analysis of the impacts of cruise ship tourism specifically pertaining to Costa Rica. The analysis was published in the “International Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Research”. The source has trusted information written by two established, well known, professors, in the tourism field, Juan Brida and Sandra Zapata....   [tags: Cruise ship, Tourism, Ship, Economics]

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Summer Break Cruise - Spring Break Cruises

- Spring Break Cruise Have you ever wanted to have a whole month of just pure relaxation and enjoyment at an affordable price. Will now you can with Santa Blue a cruise ship to the Caribbean. Rooms start at $4,000 that 's a steal compare to other places. Some other cruise ships will charge you around $10,000 for 25 days maybe even 30 days out in sea. With that said you will be able to visit some of the most entertaining Caribbean islands. Not enough for you no worries on the cruise we will have a bunch of entertainment for your liking....   [tags: Ship, Cruise ship, Cuba, Caribbean]

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Personal Narrative : Vacation Of A Lifetime

- Vacation of a Lifetime Like Rose on the Titanic picture yourself flying into the sunset abroad a cruise ship on the vacation of a lifetime. A cruise vacations can more affordable than you think. Even though land base vacations can be achieved on a budget, a cruise vacation are cost effective because of the world class entertainment. The customer service that you receive is some of the best in the hospitality industry. Also, your accommodations, meals, snacks, use of the ship’s facilities and onboard activities/entertainment are all include....   [tags: Cruise ship, Ship, Cruise line]

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Impact Of Tourism On New Zealand

- Cruise ship tourism is vital to New Zealand I’m witting this report to show the positive and negative effects of tourism within New Zealand, but mainly focusing on Dunedin’s port. Dunedin’s port is called Port Otago; this port has two berthing facilities, larger ships berth at Port Chalmers and the smaller ships will berth at Port Dunedin which is close to the city of Dunedin. The reason I am writing this report is to find out if the positive outweighs the negative within the community and the environment....   [tags: Cruise ship, Tourism, Ship, Dunedin]

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Human Anatomy And The Animals

- Although it is impossible for humans to breathe underwater, what if it was a possibility. The human anatomy would need to change in order to support the same anatomy that allows fish to swim and breathe underwater. All fish have gills. Gills are tissues which consisting of filaments. These filaments have capillaries that allow the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, acids, and ammonia. The gills are located on either side of the pharynx. “How Fish Breathe Underwater” states, A fish breathes by taking water in through the mouth and forcing it out through the gill passages (   [tags: Ship, Cruise ship, Ocean, Oxygen]

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Analysis of It's Your Ship by Capt. D. Michael Abrashoff

- Analysis of It's Your Ship by Capt. D. Michael Abrashoff Capt. D. Michael Abrashoff Warner Books, 2002 Executive Summary It’s Your Ship, by Capt. D. Michael Abrashoff is good read on understanding the basics of what he calls grassroots leadership he developed while a Commander in the Navy. He takes the reader through the journey of having a cutting-edge ship handed over him, while finding his own leadership lacking his expectations. While defying conventional Navy leadership tactics, Abrashoff created “a crew of confident and inspired problem-solvers eager to take the initiative and responsibility for their actions.” He ultimately succeeded in turning the USS Benfold into the “b...   [tags: Captain D. Michael Abrashoff Navy Essays]

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The Role of American NGOs in the Regulation of Cruise Ship Pollution

- The Role of American NGOs in the Regulation of Cruise Ship Pollution Each year, thousands of tons of pollution are generated on cruise ships and dumped into the world’s oceans. This pollution threatens the marine environment, the cruise ship industry, and the people who depend on a healthy ocean. Neither historical nor current international oceanic regimes provide comprehensive regulation on cruise ship pollution. To address the threats posed by limited oceanic pollution regulation in American and international waters, several American nongovernmental organizations have pursued diverse tactics to generate government, industry, and consumer response....   [tags: Environment, ocean, pollution]

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The Sinking of M/T ERIKA: Erika Casulaty

- Based on the review of the CEPM Report released, regarding the sinking of M/T ERIKA. Some miles south of the coast of Brittany, it has been noted that the ship-owner and the ship-manager of the vessel having the responsibility for the maintenance of the ship, relied on the inspection procedure of vessel’s classification society. Moreover, it is evident that vessel’s classification society was not able to effectively monitor the deteriorating structural condition of the vessel. Even though some areas of concern have been identified and inadequate mitigating measures have been taken....   [tags: CEPM report, sinking ship, ship owners]

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International Marketing, The Changes That The International Cruise Industry Is Experiencing

- The globalisation of consumer desires, the development of an open global economy and the relentless expansion of the internet, have all contributed to connecting nations’ economies (Doole and Lowe, 2008). Consequently, worldwide, managers are increasingly recognising the importance for their businesses to advance through developing their skills, knowledge and ability to effectively compete against international markets (Doole and Lowe, 2008). According to Cateora and Ghauri (1999), internationalisation is the expansion of a business that leads the spread of an organisations products and services to customers in more than one nation, in order to gain profit....   [tags: Cruise ship, Ship, Tourism, Cruise line]

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Positive And Negative Impacts Of Cruise Ships

- Positive and Negative Impacts that Cruise Ships have in Tauranga Positives: Dredging has begun in the Tauranga shipping channels. The channels will be widen and deepened form 12.9 metres to 14.5 metres inside the harbor and 15.8 metres outside the harbor. With the new depth and width of the shipping channel, Tauranga will be able to receive visits from ships that are 8,200 twenty-foot equivalent and the current it can withhold is only 4,500. The dredged material will mostly consist of clean sand and will be placed in an off-shore deposition site....   [tags: Cruise ship, Ship, New Zealand, Bay of Plenty]

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Positive And Negative Impacts Of Cruise Tourism

- Written report – positive & negative impacts of cruise ship tourism in Tauranga. In 2013-14 Tauranga had 83 voyage calls, 25 vessels entering with 83 port days in total. They also had 100 unique passengers and 149,000 passenger port days. Tauranga has established itself as a go-to destination for cruise passengers, with its natural beauty and friendly locals it is not hard to see why. Over the years, Tauranga’s cruise tourism has changed from the 2013-14 statistics, the amount of voyage calls this year has gone down but the amount of unique passengers has gone up to 160,100....   [tags: Cruise ship, Ship, Tourism, New Zealand]

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Case Study : International Cruise Industry

- ASSESSMENT COMPONENT 6: TM: INTERNATIONAL CRUISE INDUSTRY Over the past few years, cruise ships visiting New Zealand has grown drastically. Between 2014-2015 alone, the cruise sector was worth $436 million in value to the New Zealand forecast. This is predicted to grow to a whopping $543 million between 2015-2016. As the cruise ships entering New Zealand are getting bigger and there are more coming, the New Zealand cruise industry will be growing, as well as providing adequate infrastructure. Making these continuous changes is going to have many positive and negative impacts on the country and its residents....   [tags: Cruise ship, Ship, Tourism, New Zealand]

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The 's Article Goes Over The Ship Breaking Industry And Its Movement Towards Less Developed Nations

- Langwiesche’s article goes over the ship breaking industry and its movement towards less developed nations. The move occurs over time as past ship breaking countries, such as the United States, realized that the cost of breaking ships down over ride the benefits for several reasons. The reasons are labor cost; environmental protection and health of the labor make it more expensive then the value of steel. In the southern nations such as India, Pakistan, and parts of Africa, labor is cheaper, and environmental standards are lower, meaning that the nation can still make money off of ship breaking through the value of steel....   [tags: Sustainability, Environment, Recycling]

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Free Combat Zone : Box Me Up And Ship Me Home By Tim O ' Brien

- In the book If I Die In A Combat Zone: Box Me Up and Ship Me Home, author Tim O’Brien showed that the Vietnam War was wrong and felt like hell. He supported his claim by exposing the brutality of war, showing the injustice of it, explaining the arrogance of the war plus the men who fight in them, and how the war was physically, emotionally, and mentally damaging to the soldiers. First, Tim O’Brien showed that the Vietnam War was wrong and hell-like by exposing the brutality of it. An example of this would be with all the blood, injuries, and the deaths that the soldiers witnessed while fighting on the battlefield....   [tags: Army, Vietnam War, Vietnam]

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The Tragic Ending of The Titanic

- It has been more than a century since the Royal Mail Steamer, Titanic, met its tragic ending the Atlantic Ocean, during its voyage to America. Instead of reaching New York, its final destination was in the deep ocean on April 15, 1912. Titanic’s creators believed the ship was “unsinkable” ship and could not be defeated by the laws of nature (Ryan 28). This boldness explains the emotional impact the sinking had on the public. There was a disbelief that the ship could have sunk due to slow and unreliable communication....   [tags: tragic ship sinkings]

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The Titanic: Could it Have Been Saved?

- In the Atlantic ocean over a thousand years ago, many vikings would cross the ocean in large boats. A lot of them risked being blown off course by bad storms or dying of some disease they had caught on the boat. The boats would sometimes hit something in the water causing the boat to sink. The Titanic however was the exact opposite of other boats. It had no fear of going into the ocean and risking thousands of people’s lives. Do not go anywhere because the story of how the Titanic changed the way of life on the ocean will be continued....   [tags: transatlantic ship sinking tragedies]

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Shipping Of Goods Has Been Around For A Long Time

- Shipping of goods has been around for a long time. From the Greeks to the Vikings the ocean has been used as a source of travel for people and goods from one place to another. Off course there has been advancements, gradual advancements, that slowly paved the way towards faster, safer, more efficient, secure, and more profitable transport. But, it has not been too long since the world of shipping completely changed its face. From transporting goods and products individually in “barrels, sacks, wooden crates, etc.” loaded into ships by hand using a large force of people who worked hard day and night to load and unload one ship then another, “this method was known as break-bulk shipping,” (Sta...   [tags: Containerization, Cargo, Container ship]

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The Commanding Officer 's Moral Dilemma

- The Commanding Officer’s Moral Dilemma United States Military Officers from all services are trained in military tactics, standards, and values. One of the most important lesson they are taught is the health and welfare of their troops. Commanding Officers (COs) hold the lives of thousands of service men and women in their hands, and their decisions directly affect the safety and well-being of subordinates. The moral dilemma to risk the lives of many to save a few, or its opposite, to save the lives of many by sacrificing the lives of a few, is one of the toughest situations for a CO to be in, and one of the toughest decisions to make....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Rescue, Ship]

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A Tragedy Unfolded: The RMS Titanic

- A Tragedy Unfolded On a dark, but star struck, frigid April night in 1912, the North Atlantic became a part in history like no other. Today, she sits 2.4 miles under the ocean, once adored and applauded for her prestigious amenities and sophisticated elegance, The RMS Titanic lays shattered and scattered on the ocean floor. We read about her in articles and see documentaries on television, the luxurious cruise liner that will forever be known as the “unsinkable ship”, tells a story of her own even more than 100 years after her foundering....   [tags: notorious and tragic ship accidents]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Mako Collects Glass '

- Mako collects glass. Granted, he can’t keep most of what he finds on the ships he boards (the best pieces have to be sold as per his agreement with Captain Zolt, who sails away with the profit), but that doesn’t stop him from squirreling away bottles of rum and broken portholes in the caves along Republic City’s foggy coast. Keeping something, even the tiniest mockery of a true hoard, is better than going without. After all, no dragon worth his salt would ever go without a collection. Well, according to Zolt, no dragon passes up an opportunity to hoard, but Zolt has a habit of both believing in rumor and toting opinions as fact, so he pushes two rumor-facts to his crew above all else....   [tags: Ocean, Water, Dragon, Ship]

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Business And Consumer Relations : Ups And Fedex

- Consumer relations are a very important aspect of companies today. This notable communication between a business and consumer is especially seen in shipping services. The two corporations that will be examined in this essay are UPS and FedEx. These industry leaders showcase consumer relations throughout their campaign. Both of these companies focus on comparable audiences and provide similar services. Consumer relations in the shipping industry holds a lot of importance in how people view the companies....   [tags: Shipping, Ship, Christmas controversy]

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Flags of Convenience: A Threat to Maritime

- Introduction More than forty thousand merchant ships, and countless number of smaller coastal craft, ply world oceans which comprise nearly seventy percent of the earth’s surface. Each year approximately ten million containers of cargo, containing raw materials to finished goods are transported by seas. The ships are owned by different states, private companies or individuals and manned by mixture of seafarers from different countries, mixed together from various nationalities. These ships are perhaps the most autonomous entities on earth as rule of law allows frequent change of their allegiance or identity by choosing a flag to suit their requirement....   [tags: ship, state, maritime laws]

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Similarities and Differences Between the RMS Lusitania and September 11

- ... Alcoholism, drug addiction, violence, suicide - all this and more stalked my siblings into their graves. (Diary of a Lusitania “Survivor”, 2005). This experience turned an otherwise lovely and caring mother into an individual that saw evil and destruction in everything around her. The events of May 7 also had a lasting impact on the views and opinions of the American people who were a world away. Regardless of true guilt or blame, the Germans were guilty in the eyes of America. The President launched protests against the German government who later announced they would only sink passenger ships with prior warnings....   [tags: ship, attacks, terrorists]

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A Report On Cargo Of Sulphur

- QUESTION 6 THE PROCEDURES YOU WOUD ADOPT TO PREPARE THE CARGO HOLDS READY TO RECEIVE THE CARGO OF SULPHUR. • Before the loading of sulphur, the cargo hold must be in a grain clean condition. • Every remnant of previous cargo carried must be removed from the hold and clear of any odour. • Areas that are not reachable either by hand or sweeping materials should be made clean with the aid of air wands. • Dunnage(if any)should be stowed securely outside the cargo space • Cargo holds need to be washed thoroughly with sea water and rinsed thoroughly with fresh water and dried in other to avoid corrosion....   [tags: Oxygen, Water, Ship, Seawater]

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Royal Carribean Toxic Waste Dumping

- ... Holst gives an apology given by Jack Williams, the Royal Caribbean international president, after being charged with the twenty-one felony charges. Williams makes a sincere sounding apology, however placed the blame on those enforcing the rules and regulations within the company, and not on the corporate employees. Holst also explains that the company was monitored by the court for the five years following the charges in 1999 (1999). As previously established this is, according to Friedrichs, a corporate crime....   [tags: chemicals, crime, cruise ship]

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A Summary and Analysis of the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

- Book Title: The Count of Monte Cristo Author Name(s): Alexandre Dumas Publisher/City & Date of Publication, Number of pages: Barnes & Noble Books, New York, NY, 2004; 591 Pages Literary Genre: Historical Fiction (10 points) Author Biography: Alexandre Dumas was born on July 24, 1802, in Villers-Cotterêts, France. Dumas was a playwright and a novelist whose books have been translated into over 100 different languages. He is the one of the most widely read French authors ever. One of his acquaintances once said, “He is the most generous, large-hearted being in the world....   [tags: ship, treason, irony]

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The Worst Day of My Life As a Blogger

- Hello friends, it's almost two months I haven't posted a single content as got a bit busy in my clients and on my niche sites. Today's post is about my personal experience what I faced even after I was having my Backup all I can say is a matter of luck. So we are not going to discuss how to take a backup of your site, it's just about how important is to have a backup so that you are ready for any disaster. was my first blog, and everybody knows the feeling of first love. Still it was not one of the best site, but I learned from it a lot....   [tags: ship, corrupt, hard disk]

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In the Heart of the Sea

- In the Heart of the Sea In his Novel, In the heart of the Sea, Nathaniel Philbrick beautifully reconstructs the sinking of the Whaleship Essex and describes the struggle of its crew to survive in open whaleboats to reach to safety. The story was based on the true event of Whaleship Essex and her crew. This novel seems to be greatly influenced by the 19th century classic MOBY DICK, due to the reason that Herman Melville had written his famous novel MOBY DICK after inspiring the real life event of Whaleship Essex....   [tags: ship, whales, cannibalism]

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Hycn: Encounter On The Dead Planet

- A smile flickered across her face as she realized why she agreed to come along with him. She’d agreed because it was an excuse to fly her anti-gravity fighter craft. She didn’t give a damn about exploring dead worlds and wandering planets. She wasn’t the touring kind; there was nothing interesting in exploring dead worlds. Not for her anyway. There definitely wasn’t anything worth writing home about out here on the dead planet, only ruins left behind by an alien civilization long dead. “I heard you loud and clear the first time.” A suprisingly deep but friendly amused voice came through the high definition 3D sound communications system installed into the ship....   [tags: ship, worlds, craft, planet]

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Tesco's Sinking Ship: Japan

- Tesco’s aspiration for multinational status had proved successful. Just about any country they chose to do business in ultimately made them the world’s third largest retailer. Their niche, however, was in emerging economies and they had entered all the emerging economies of the world that they felt were of importance. Japan for many years had been an interest because it was known to be the second largest retail market in the world. When the two existing supermarket chains went up for sale, Tesco decided it was time for entry into the Japanese retail market....   [tags: Business Analysis ]

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Cruising on the Titanic

- Foreword The Titanic was one of three 'Olympic Class' liners commissioned by the White Star Line to be built at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast. These ships were the industrial marvels of their age. Titanic was to be the biggest, fastest and most luxurious ship yet, and was supposed to be unsinkable. "I took passage on the Titanic for I thought it would be a safe steamship and I had heard it could not sink.” (Passenger Margaret Devaney). Titanic had four elevators, a heated swimming pool, a gym, two libraries, and two barber shops, which was very impressive for a ship of that era....   [tags: ship, iceberg, cabins]

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A Crime at Sea

- For centuries, humans have committed the act of piracy whether they knew it or not. By stealing another fisherman’s goods, or just taking the lives of members at sea. But now and days the world relies on shipping as a main source for transportation. If any flaw or error is made during the shipping it affects people, business, and possibly you. Next time you order from around the world remember that the people who are on those ships with your goods may have to put their lives at risk of being captured or killed by Pirates of the sea....   [tags: vandalizing, stealing, fisherman, ship]

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The Russian Revolution

- I once asked a friend what made Sitmar Cruises special and without missing a beat she replied, “They serve mixed nuts to the last night!” It was that high level of service which distinguished Sitmar among its competitors. Even now, almost thirty years after they merged into Princess Cruises, former passengers still talk of the attention to the small details that made Sitmar unique. Yet, despite its reputation for service and luxury, Sitmar’s origins were very different. Russian-born businessman Alexandre Vlasov, who had fled Odessa at the time of the Russian revolution, got his in the shipping business transporting coal from Poland to Turkey, Greece and Italy....   [tags: Ship, Cruise ship, Holland America Line]

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The Titanic Sang

- What if you were in the middle of the sea on a sinking ship, what would you do. Many would go straight to the crew on the ship for guidance but on the Titanic, only a few of the crew members knew what to do during an emergency. On the 15th of April in 1912, the Titanic, a first class ship sunk with only 705 survivors out of the 2,200 passengers on board. The captain of the ship, Edward John Smith, crashed into a huge iceberg because it seemed to be small above water. The water began to flood the ship and a few hours later, the ship sunk....   [tags: ship design, life boats]

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About the Titanic in the Book, A Night to Remem ber by Walter Lord

- ... All but a few cared about it - if they even heard it. The ship's reputation would hold up to some grinding noise any day. After a while the word got around that they had stuck an iceberg. Surprisingly no one cared and everyone continued with what they had been doing. It was known that the captain of the Titanic could, in the event of an emergency, hit an electric button and many air-tight doors would seal off special rooms. This could keep the ship afloat even if it had a hole in its double reinforced hull....   [tags: cruise ship, atlantic ocean, iceberg]

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