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Sun or Shade Grown Coffee

- According to the International Coffee Organization, “The global spread of coffee growing and drinking began in the Horn of Africa, where, according to legend, coffee trees originated in the Ethiopian province of Kaffa ”("The Story Of Coffee"). Then, it was from this Ethiopian plateau the original shade grown coffee found its way to the Middle East, Europe, and rest of the world through trade and colonization. And, since then the demand of coffee has been rapidly growing along with the rise in global trade, economics, and population to this modern era where coffee has become the second most wanted commodity just after crude oil making a multi-billion dollars coffee industry....   [tags: history of coffee, horn of africa]

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Plants Adapting to Shade Conditions

- Plants Adapting to Shade Conditions Conditions of shade present low average light intensity for plants, along with a difference in the quality of light (in terms of the numbers of quanta of different wavelengths). Shade light contains more far-red and infra-red quanta and fewer quanta in the range 400 - 680nm. Additionally, light quality and quantity can vary enormously and rapidly due to the occurrence of sunflecks, (a valuable source of light, yet potentially damaging.) Adaptation to shade conditions can be determined genetically or be due to acclimation....   [tags: Papers]

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Argument of the Hume's Response to the Missing Shade of Blue

- In this essay, I will argue that Hume’s response to the “missing shade of blue” example is satisfactory. Firstly, I shall explain Hume’s account of the relationship between impressions and ideas and the copy principle. I shall then examine the “missing shade of blue” and its relation to this account. I shall then explore Hume’s response to his own counter-example and evaluate his position by considering possible objections and responses to his view. I shall then show why Hume’s response to the “missing shade of blue” example is satisfactory....   [tags: atomism, non-genetic thesis,copy principle]

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I Dug Beneath The Cypress Shade By Thomas L. Peacock

- “One stupid mistake can change everything.” -Unknown. This quote is simple yet meaningful. It shows the reader that simple things people do can have a major effect on the people and world around them. The poem “I Dug Beneath The Cypress Shade” by Thomas L. Peacock is a great example of just how major the consequences of our actions can be. In the poem, the speaker describes digging and decorating a metaphorical grave for the dying love between him and the person he loved. The speaker hints that the reason their love for one another has died is because they both made mistakes, and the consequences of those mistakes were fatal for their relationship....   [tags: Poetry, Rhyme, Alliteration, Love]

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Shade Of Citizenship: Race, Citizenship In Modern Politics

- Shade of Citizenship: Race, Citizenship in Modern Politics A very vexing topic of discussion indeed when it comes to the census and its racial undertones. The census can be defined as the scientific method of collecting data as records for the government or state use for the proper control of public properties. However, what completely alters the whole process is its highly comparative analytical stance adopted which inserts in elements of difference. The census is a crucial political instrument for good governance in the proper administration and organization of data collection of the population....   [tags: Government Politics Race Social]

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Investigating the Effects of Shade From Trees on Plants Below

- Investigating the Effects of Shade From Trees on Plants Below Introduction A collection of living things together at the same place and time is called a Habitat. The main purpose of a habitat is to provide and adequate food supply, a comfortable place to breeding/reproduction to take place and to provide a certain degree of shelter. Examples of various habitats are: ü Forests and woodland/ trees ü Bushes and shrubs ü Ponds/ lakes ü Sand dunes ü Grassland ü Rocky shores ü Mossy brick walls Apart from where the habitat is situated, there are also 5 other key factors that affect the living things in a habitat....   [tags: Papers]

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The Correct Seasonal Colors for You

- Color trends change each year. Luckily with a few basic skills and techniques anyone can navigate this ever changing kaleidoscope. Your Seasonal Color type will Tell you what you are and what flatters. Next, you can use this knowledge to select colors and tones to best flatter you with bright shades. Seasonal color analysis is based on your skin tone, eye color and hair shade. Simply put, your hair is either light or dark. Your skin is either warm or cool. To check your skin hold a piece of paper next to your face in natural light....   [tags: color,seasonal, shade, tone]

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Homeless and Abused Women

- Many women in the world are faced with domestic violence. Some of these women do not have the strength to leave the man who is abusing them. Other women leave the home or relationship and will find themselves in poverty or even worse, homelessness. They aren’t always trapped in homelessness alone, sometimes they have either children or pets. If domestic violence is prevalent in a relationship a woman can either be trapped or it can lead to homelessness and in most cases being homeless is the better option and for many women who have been abused it can be hard for them to get back on their feet, especially if they have children....   [tags: domestic violence, The Shade Tree]

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Color Matching in Prosthodontic and Restorative Therapy

- Color matching in prosthodontic and restorative therapy is a very significant task as it influences the esthetic outcome of dental restorations. Both shade evaluation and communication are crucial to fabricating a lifelike realistic restoration. Color is an extraordinary type of psychophysical sensation in the eye caused by visible light.1 Current methods for selecting shades can be influenced by both objective and subjective variables that can greatly affect the quality of the final prosthesis....   [tags: Dental, Restoration, Shading]

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The Importance of Believing in Yourself, Illustrated in Oppel's Silverwing

- Silverwing: Believe in Yourself When one is constantly being put down, one tends to put themselves down and feel weaker than what is true. When that person attempts something, one does not perform to their full potential, only the low standards set for them. In Silverwing, by Kenneth Oppel, Shade is a Silverwing bat, the runt of his colony. He is constantly being put down, so he tries to do something crazy which gets his colony in trouble and results in resentment by his peers. Later, when he gets blown to shore without his colony, he makes a friend and learns to survive without his mother....   [tags: Self-Esteem, self help, confidence]

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Accessorize Your Casual Look

- The smoky eye is a makeup trick that should be in every woman's repertoire. This is a dramatic look that can be worn day or night. It takes a few tools, namely an eye shadow brush, an eye contour brush and a concealer brush. You will also need several shades of eye shadow in the same color. Eye makeup is often sold in sets for just this look. You'll need to have a darker shade, a medium shade and a highlighting shade. You'll need a face powder in the same shade as your skin. For the most dramatic of looks, you will also need an eyeliner pencil in the color of your shadow but several shades darker....   [tags: fashion tips]

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Analysis Of ' The Judgement Of Paris '

- Flemish artist Jacob Jordaens developed a naturalistic Baroque style in his oil canvas depiction of the Judgement of Paris. Jordaens use of form, saturated colors, effects of texture, and the fact that his female models are believed to representations of his wife make him unique during the Baroque era. The Judgement of Paris is a painting that illustrates a vital scene/moment in classical history, Greek mythology. Many Greek gods and goddess, such as Hera, Athena, Aphrodite, Hermes, and Paris of Troy, are portrayed in the artwork....   [tags: Trojan War, Greek mythology, Aphrodite, Hera]

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The Study of Pigments

- ... In the Nineteen fifties and 1960s, rabbit cover shade genes became increasingly used as a test program for learning induced and natural mutation. Due to the tremendous application of pigments phenotypes, a significant record of inherited loci with well-characterized phenotypes in rats has been gathered . The first pigments gene to be duplicated, tyrosinase-related-protein-1(Tyrp1), was initially thought to be the gene accountable for the albino rabbit mutant, but albinism was later mapped, duplicated, sequenced and correctly attributed to the tyrosinase locus Together, these loci offer outstanding applicants for learning flexible difference in organic communities of vertebrates....   [tags: marker, rats, gene, inherit]

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Technical Description Of Table Lamp

- Technical Description Table Lamp Introduction: The table lamp is an important feature for most households. In some new homes they only depend on lamps plugged in and synched with the switch instead of the old fashioned ceiling lights. We a will take a closer look at the whole lamp, not just how it will look in any particular room or décor. Lamp Shade The shade is a cream color with a light blue braided rope at the base of the shade. The height of the shade measures 12”. The width at the base is 18 “....   [tags: Incandescent light bulb, Fluorescent lamp, Light]

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Great Plants for Shady Gardens

- Light colors show best in shade. Those deep blue hostas are gorgeous, but the dark colors are hard to see unless you are up close. Dark blue and purple flowers tend almost seem to disappear. Choose light colors in both flowers and foliage. Foliage with yellow, white or cream-colored variegation add sparkle to a shade garden and make an excellent backdrop for flowers. Shady areas often have poor air circulation and high humidity, creating the perfect environment for fungal diseases. Space plants at the recommended distances, or even a bit further apart than recommended, to allow air to circulate freely....   [tags: Flowers, Protecting the Garden]

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The Effect of Shading on Various Photo-Voltaic Systems.

- 1. Introduction The shading is the most important causes of vulnerability for the power output of PV module. 5% (for example) of shading on the PV module leads to a decrease in the ability of the module may reach more than 60 or 70% of the module power. This is due to, the connected cells in a string, where the cell with the lowest illumination is the main reason for the reduction of the current series in full. On the other hand, it is possible that the cells become shaded reverse biased, and power dissipation by the rest of the cells of the string, this creates a “hot spots”, which have the thermal potential to destroy the module....   [tags: Research Analysis]

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Literary Theories: Metafiction

- Metafiction is a literary theory that is present in several works of literature. According to the Oxford English Dictionary metafiction is, “Fiction in which the author self-consciously alludes to the artificiality or literariness of a work by parodying or departing from novelistic conventions (esp. naturalism) and narrative techniques; a fictional work in this genre or style.” In other words, Metafiction is exclusively fiction within fiction, or when the writer self-consciously reflects the writing upon itself....   [tags: literary genres and styles]

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The Fae Princess

- Part 1 Chapter 1 The Fae Princess Night had fallen across the land as the girl walked through the forests. The darkness had enraptured everything it touched leaving her in a scene of picturesque beauty. She was surrounded by plant-life; flowers blue, red and black, and trees that shaded her from the glare of the moon. The moon itself, what little of it shined through, guided her path in the forest. She didn't need it of course. Her race, the Dark Fae, could see fairly well in the night. Some of the elders could even see through pitch-black....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Lawn And Keep Your Lawn

- To mow your lawn and maintain it, just like a professional landscaper. No matter how your lawn looks now or how you wish it to look, I will explain the importance of lawn maintenance and some simple ideals to consider for the best care and growth of the living organism you call your lawn. Let us start by pointing out the many benefits of having a well-manicured lawn. A well-manicured lawn can add thousands to the value of your home or property, increasing curb appeal or just add a level of comfort as a place to relax or even host a picnic....   [tags: Lawn, Lawn mower, Poaceae, Mower]

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Maybelline, By L ' Oreal

- The first fashion advertisement that was selected was Maybelline, who is owned by L’Oreal. Maybelline is the manufacturer and is a nationwide brand; therefore all their advertisements are national. This specific ad came from a June 2015 Cosmopolitan magazine. The second advertisement selected was by Covergirl, which is owned by Procter and Gamble. CoverGirl is the manufacturer who is known nationally as well. The ad was national and was found in a March 2015 Cosmopolitan magazine. The marketing forces refer to the four P’s of the marketing mix....   [tags: Marketing, Advertising, Marketing mix, Brand]

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The Divine Comedy Of Dante

- In the Divine Comedy we see Virgil portrayed as a sorrowful leader from Hell, but how does Dante show us this in his writing. Dante does not directly tell the readers all of the exact characteristics of the characters. However, he does use dialogue and action in the details to allow readers to analyze the characters. Virgil’s character is portrayed as a spiritual ghost, a leader, and a protective, sorrowful, and caring being because of Dante’s use of dialogue and details in previews and throughout the cantos....   [tags: Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri, Inferno, Virgil]

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Sun Imagery in Shakespeare's Richard III

- Sun Imagery in Shakespeare's Richard III      Shakespeare's Richard III is a play pervasive in figurative language, one of the most notable being the symbolic image of the sun and the shadow it casts. In an examination of a short passage from the text, it will be argued that Richard is compared to a shadow in relation to the sun, which has traditionally been held as a symbol of the king. The passage is significant not only because it speaks volumes about the plots of Richard, but also because it is relevant in understanding the overall plot of the play, which in the first few acts is almost indistinguishable from the plot of the scheming Duke of Gloucester....   [tags: Richard II Richard III Essays]

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Cocoa Production in Ghana: A Mechanism for Biodiversity Conservation

- ... According to Kolavalli and Vigneri (2010), “the damage to cocoa trees from capsid attacks tends to be higher for cocoa trees growing in full sun than for those in shaded systems” . Hence, the best possible environmental alternative to the current cocoa-growing practices in Ghana would be a mixed agroforestry system, where the forest understory is removed and the canopy is thinned and fruit trees with economic value are grown next to cocoa trees, providing both shade for the cocoa trees in the form of ‘forest rent’ and food and income for the farming house ....   [tags: alternatives to intensive farming systems]

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The Impression : Sunrise Is A Beautiful Painting

- When you think about the word “impression”, what does it means to you. It could be a feeling that you get about a person, or an idea you get from reading a book. Everyone has his or her own understanding on impression. However, Monet’s painting the Impression: Sunrise, painted in 1872, changed the way people usually analyze paintings. The Impression: Sunrise is a fascinating painting with lots of content, such as, ships, the sun, the sky, numbers of masts and the buildings (Monet). All these contents show a busy and brisk morning at the Port of Le Harre in France....   [tags: Color, Light, Sun, Green]

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The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- A Delusional Dream in The Great Gatsby Art and Literature connect in a multitude of ways, including style, message, and creative vision. Yet, it is not often that these two converge in a way that heightens the messages of both. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and Cugat’s cover art exhibit the synthesis of these two expressions. By writing the cover into the story, Fitzgerald blurs the line that separates these two pieces of art and merges their message of change to culture and the true nature of that culture....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby]

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Reading and Understanding Qualitative Research Studies

- The aspect of discerning quantitative and qualitative research enables a researcher with the ability to present a phenomenon to the academic community in an appropriate manner (Venkatesh, Brown, & Bala, 2013). The researcher chooses the best method to present the study to an audience based on items such as the type of study to be conducted, the type of data needed for the study, and the amount of resources needed to complete the study. The resources include money, personnel, and arguably the most important resource of time....   [tags: quantitative, mixed method]

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Summary of The Odysssey Book XI

- ... After, Elpenor asks for a proper burial because he did not receive one. Odysseus accepts and promises that he will carry out this task. Odysseus then sees his mom, Anticlea. He is surprised that she is a shade, but they do not talk just yet. Tereisias of Thebes, the dead blind prophet, shows up. He warns Odysseus of Helios' cattle and that he will die if he eats it. He tells Odysseus that he will be the only one to survive getting back to Ithaca and his companions will die. He warns him that even when he gets home, he will have to deal with troubling suitors and most likely, have to kill them all....   [tags: journey, survive, underworld]

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Unwarranted Searches And Seizures Of Students

- The Unwarranted Searches and Seizures of Students in Schools Today. “‘Look inside a high school, and you are looking in a mirror, under bright lights. How we treat our children, what they see and learn from us, tell us what is healthy and what is sick and more about who we are than we may want to know (Gibbs, 1999).’”(Beger 119). Gibbs through Beger tells the public of how unappealing public schools have become due to their carelessness and negligence. Schools have become power crazed institutions that punish students in the place of a parent....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States]

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Public Schools Should Not Be Banned

- “‘Look inside a high school, and you are looking in a mirror, under bright lights. How we treat our children, what they see and learn from us, tell us what is healthy and what is sick and more about who we are than we may want to know (Gibbs, 1999).’”(Beger 119). Essayist and managing editor of Time Magazine, Nancy Gibbs tells the public of how unappealing public schools have become due to their carelessness and negligence. Consequently, schools have become power crazed institutions that punish students in the place of a parent....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States]

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Vivid Color Of Henri Matisse

- Vivid color in Henri Matisse’s artworks Henri Matisse, one of modernist masters, is good at organizing color. When visiting to the museum, people are impressed by his abundant vivid color. Most of praises we’ve heard about him is “How can he painted like children”. Especially in his cut-outs, the artworks are filled of purity and simplicity. What is cut-outs. Matisse created cut-outs project in his last decade of life which called his second life. He used scissor to cut pre-colored sheets of papers and directed his assistant to pin them in the wall....   [tags: Color, Primary color, Color wheel, Green]

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Finding the Right Foundation

- Foundation is a liquid for your face that must be the same color as your skin and it is best known as make-up. I asked 8 females how many of them used make-up on a daily basis, and 6 out of those 8 females answered (yes) as in they would use make up on a daily basis. (Interview) Some of those females commented on how difficult it is for them to find a foundation for their skin tone. Many females these days have a huge problem discovering what foundation is best for them. I consider myself one of those females that have trouble finding the right foundation for my skin tone and skin type....   [tags: Liquid, Make Up, Skin Color, Clear Skin,]

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Book Cover on The Chrysalids

- For my Independent novel study project, I chose to do a book cover on The Chrysalids. The cover of a book cannot target a specific audience; however, I constructed mine to target people in the age group 12-18. I chose that specific group because the main character, David, is in that group when the story is being told; thus, the audience can relate to the characters at personal level. My visual is very obvious to deconstruct. In the bottom half of the foreground, there is a church, a mountain range, several farms, and a buggy pulled by the great horses mentioned in the book....   [tags: Chrysalids, art,]

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The Vaule of Personal Development in The Divine Comedy, by Dante Alighieri

- In Italian Dante Alighieri (1265) Poem, The Divine Comedy Inferno, Translated by Mark Musa. Dante demonstrates the value of personal development which is the ability to keep a balanced life and continuously learn from past mistakes in order to create a better future. Dante begins the poem wrapped in his own thoughts and suffering but by the end of the poem he begins to understand other’s sufferings beyond his own. In his growth throughout his journey he learns about pain and sorrow that he cannot comprehend....   [tags: dante alighieri, personal development]

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The 's Freedom From Its Corrupted Tyrant By Lope De Vega

- Fear, rage, and revenge, these are the steps of FuenteOvejuna’s freedom from its corrupted tyrant. FunteOvejuna by Lope De Vega is a play that illustrates the power of a flock of sheep; alone, a single sheep is an easy victim, although, together as a flock they can stand tall and proud defending each other. FunteOvejuna is a tragicomedy, combining both funny, joyous rhymes, and Commander Guzman’s reign of terror, claiming one female sheep at a time. The University of Houston production of FunteOvejuna is an excellent play, displaying wonderful examples of great usage of a thrust stage, beautiful music, usage of medieval clothing, wonderful theme, strategic lighting, and conflicting motives....   [tags: Protagonist, Character, Antagonist, Actor]

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Flowering Tree Guide for Plants in the Los Angles Area

- Jacaranda In Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, blooming jacaranda trees announce the coming of spring. This visually stunning tree can grow up to 100 feet tall, but most top out between 25 and 50 feet. Early growth is fast, but mature trees grow more slowly. Although some jacarandas exhibit an upright pattern, usually the branches are long and spreading, creating a wide and open crown. The bark is silvery gray to almost black and the lacy, fern-like foliage is bright green and abundant, providing plenty of filtered shade....   [tags: tree, flowers, los angles]

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The Difference Between Univeralism and Relativism with Sign Language

- In our discussion of cochlear implants that, in my mind, seemed at times distastefully eugenicist, I found myself grappling with some difficult questions: How different would my experience of the world be if I communicated via American Sign Language instead of English. Does the existence of sign language benefit the world in some meaningful way. Just what, if anything, would be lost if the world lost sign language. In trying to answer these questions, I am reminded of an aphorism my brother once shared with me that I've never forgotten: "There are two types of narcissism," he told me, "That of assuming one's experiences to be unique, and that of assuming one's experiences to be universal."...   [tags: language, linguistic, experience]

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Lab Report: Bramble Leaf Morphology

- B. IMPLEMENTING SUN SITE SHADE SITE Thickness of bramble leaf/ mm 0.31 0.30 0.25 0.26 0.31 0.29 0.27 0.26 0.33 0.32 0.29 0.25 0.35 0.34 0.27 0.27 0.29 0.25 0.29 0.32 0.25 0.33 0.36 0.31 0.37 0.34 0.27 0.36 0.28 0.29 0.22 0.17 0.24 0.19 0.19 0.21 0.22 0.18 0.16 0.22 0.16 0.19 0.22 0.19 0.17 0.19 0.17 0.19 0.20 0.16 0.22 0.21 0.18 0.19 0.15 0.20 0.16 0.21 0.19 0.18 Mean bramble leaf thickness / mm 0.30 0.19 Light Intensity / mV At 10:30 7.81 At 13:00 8.34 At 15:30 7.65 At 10:30 3.89 At 13:00 4.02 At 15:30 3.76 Mean light intensity/mV 7.93 3.89 Aspect of Site South East South East Results In order to investigate the effect of light intensity on bramble leaf morph...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Study of Co-Existence and Competition at Warren Woods

- Discussion Reproduction and passing on genetic and behavioral traits to an offspring is a common fundamental to all the species on this planet. When studying forest ecology, it is crucial to study the proportion of individuals surviving at each stage of their growth as the lives and mortality experienced in a species population describes a characteristic of the species in question. In the case of American beech and sugar maple, their attempt to produce seeds is analogous to entering lottery, where every seedling has a potential chance of becoming a canopy but only some will survive and reach the canopy size; thus, becoming the fit ‘winners’....   [tags: dendrology, canopy trees, American beech]

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Light as a Raw Material of Photosynthesis

- Photosynthesis is the process of making glucose using the raw materials water, carbon dioxide and radiant energy. Which is trapped by the chlorophyll molecules and then oxygen is given off as a bi-product if the process. It is the conversion of radiant energy into chemical potential energy. The occurrence of photosynthesis is very important to us as humans, because it provides us with the oxygen we need to breathe and plants are at the bottom of every food-chain and so without them, I would collapse....   [tags: radiant energy, chlorophyll, glucose]

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The Bedroom By Vincent Van Gogh

- This painting by Vincent Van Gogh is on display at the Art Institute of Chicago Museum, in the Impressionism exhibit. There are many things going on in this painting that catch the viewer’s eye. The first is the piece’s vibrant colors, light blues and browns, bright greens, and more. The brush strokes that are very visible and can easily be identified as very thick some might even say bold. The furniture, the objects, and the setting are easy to identify and are proportioned to each other. There is so much to see in this piece to attempt to explain in only a few simple sentences....   [tags: art, paintings, impressionism]

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David Hume 's Copy Principle

- I believe that ideas are not innately formed within the mind. From the time we are born, we are surrounded by impressions of the world. Inspired by our own desire for self-discovery, we come up with concepts that derive from the experiences of everyday life. Not only can we create these ideas from external occurrences, but they can be created internally as well. All the same, the emotions that we feel in different contexts such as love, anger, sadness, even the general way we feel towards someone, are based on interactions....   [tags: John Locke, Empiricism, Mind, Idea]

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The True Meaning Behind That Layer Of Blue Nail Polish

- The True Meaning Behind that Layer of Blue Nail Polish When the red-based shades such as pink and orange were the only type of nail polish females dared to wear, I remember wondering if in the near future they'd dare switch to completely new shades such as blue or green. Now that day and age has come when all different shades of blue can be seen painted on teens' nails. Yet, this new choice of blue isn't just another craze of the moment. Rather, it symbolizes something slightly deeper. This latest trend of “ blues” not only broke the barrier of “reds only”, but broke the limits of society each girl felt she had when it came to choosing a simple shade of nail polish....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Unfettered Language

- The Unfettered Language In advancing through the stages of one’s life, one also advances through different levels and styles of speaking. One’s personal style of language is adapted to fit these distinct periods of life. In citing a language and using words that others are unfamiliar with, many can be left in a state of confusion. Over time there have been many styles of language that we find difficult to understand and relate to. In Keywords, Raymond Williams is able to take a certain language or group of words and show the reader the different forms of the word/language by giving examples and background, thus clarifying some of the confusion that new languages and words can have....   [tags: Speaking Language Essays]

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Xerox Is The World 's Leading Enterprise For Business Process And Document Management

- Xerox is the world 's leading enterprise for business process and document management solutions. They give administrations, innovation and skill to empower our customers from little organizations to extensive worldwide ventures to concentrate on their center business and work all the more successfully. Xerox has changed extraordinarily in size and extension since the creation of the copier. Nonetheless, the organization 's fundamental standards have continued as before. From printers and multifunction gadgets, to business administrations and answers for transportation, training and health awareness our architects, researchers and specialists keep on developing ways that make work, and life,...   [tags: Xerox, Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox, Photocopier]

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An Artist Through Photography Rediscovered The Work Of A Gentleman J. Alden Weir

- T. Harrison Judd, an artist through photography rediscovered the work of a gentleman J. Alden Weir whose work was published a hundred years prior to his own work. It is inspiring to see the similarities between Judd’s work and Weir’s work since they never knew each other. Both of them lived in Connecticut and worked in Windham which is a strange coincidence that may connect some of their work. Judd believes that him and Weir had the same values about art and were trying to spread a message about the world....   [tags: Color, Blue, Primary color, Sun]

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Why I Hate School: A Look at African American Culture

- The notion of self-hatred present in African American culture is irrefutable, as is the fact that it is misconstrued, and unchallenged. The unparalleled powerful emotion of internalized self-hatred currently plaguing the minds of numerous Blacks is abnormal phenomenon developed over centuries. It is not a nameless occurrence empty of coherent justification. It is the consequence of an intentionally condemned system of suppression and oppression. Society has established a massive approach to preserve the notion of white normality....   [tags: Racial Issues]

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Color as Metaphor in Film What Dreams May Come

- Looking at landscape art, especially when painted by one of the masters, many have undoubtedly pondered: what would it be like to live there. Shapes and attention to detail are, of course, important in a painting. However, it is color that draws the eye and inspires the heart. Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet and dramatist, spoke well of this when he noted that, “Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. (qtd in “color”)”. Vincent Ward had a similar understanding of this impact when, in 1998, he directed the movie What Dreams May Come....   [tags: Film Analysis ]

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Equality and White Superiority in The Little Black Boy

- Equality and White Superiority in William Blake’s “The Little Black Boy” William Blake's "The Little Black Boy”, written in 1789, is about a little black boy who compares himself to a little English white boy that he and his family work for. The poem was written in recognition of slavery. The poem is written in quatrains in each stanza with a rhyme scheme of ABAB in a ballad style. The setting of the poem sounds to be during the time of slavery. This is concluded in lines 25-26, "I'll shade him from the heat till he can bear/ To lean in joy upon our father's knee"....   [tags: William Blake poem analysis]

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John Milton's Representation of Early Modern Literature: Misogynistic?

- In this Chapter, I will discuss John Milton’s ideas on sexuality and gender to deduct whether his representation of women in Early Modern Literature can be seen as misogynistic. I aim to identify his motives and question his portrayal of Eve in Paradise Lost. I will also contrast the ideas of Milton’s critics in order to deduct if the stigma of misogyny was an underlying factor in his ideas or just a consequence of the time. I will do this by studying and researching not only the work of Milton, but of his contemporaries including Aphra Behn, Mary Wroth, Aemilia Lanyer and Edmund Spenser....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Sometimes It's Necessary to Cut Down the Trees

- {Although most of us enjoy the natural beauty of trees and the shade they provide to a front or backyard, there are times when trees must be removed. |Trees must be removed even though they provide much needed shade and beauty to our homes and backyard|It is necessary to remove a tree when needed even though they provide good shade and scenic beauty to our homes.}{There are many valid reasons to remove a tree|A tree must be removed for many reasons.|There are a lot of reasons to remove a tree.}....   [tags: parting with natural beauty]

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Commentary on Friends and Enemies by Louann Gaeddert

- Ever since the beginning of the United States, the people there have always fought for their beliefs. They believed in their freedom to religion, politics, second chances, etc., and they have always believed in fighting for them. These faiths kept the foundation of the country strong throughout its existence. It has inspired many noble causes with just as many noble heroes. Unfortunately, life is never so cut and clear. In reality, there are no sides of black nor white. The truth is that their righteous conviction is just another shade of gray....   [tags: World War II, Menonites]

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The Effect Of Plant Outdoor On The Plants

- Many problems arose when conducting this experiment. Initially, I planned to record results every day for the plants, however, the plants did not always grow every day. The plant which received the most light in particular did not show many results initially as it took it up to nine days before recording results was possible. This was a set back and I ended up having to change the times at which I was recording results. I ended up measuring a day apart and then waited 3-4 days before recording results again....   [tags: Light, Photosynthesis, Plant, Fern]

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My Philosophy Of Education : A Tree

- I envision a tree to illustrate my philosophy of education. A tree started in a nursery, planted and tended with all the proper items needed for it to grow and flourish. Temperature light nutrients space. Each tree would be given these requirements based on its unique needs its species, its growth habits, and its individuality. Each tree starts out the same but differences soon are evident once sprouting and early growth occurs. Some are privileged with prime sunlight and nutrients because of where they germinate....   [tags: Learning, Education, Lifelong learning, Knowledge]

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Joy Of Living, Matcha Green Tea

- Joy of Living, Matcha Green Tea The Japanese tea ceremony celebrates not only the culture of this mystical eastern nation but boasts the Matcha green tea and its superiority. The only species of green tea used in this ritual. Consuming organic foods and living healthy in today’s society has rapidly grown at a rate of 20% annually according to the film, Food Inc. (Food Inc.). Presently in today’s world the trend is organic and focuses on what is in the foods that a person consumes. Should one consider Matcha green tea as part of their diet, it boast of significant health benefits....   [tags: Tea, Green tea, Camellia sinensis, Matcha]

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The Birth Mark By Nathaniel Hawthorne

- Nathaniel Hawthorne (born July 4, 1804, Salem, Mass. — died May 19, 1864, Plymouth, NH) is an American novelist and short-story writer who was an expert of the allegorical and symbolic story. One of the best fiction essayists in American writing, he is best known for "The Scarlet Letter" (1850) and "The House of the Seven Gables" (1851). "The Birth-Mark" is a mental thriller short story composed by Nathaniel Hawthorne. (Reference book Britannica. 2016) It was distributed first in 1843 in the March version of The Pioneer literary journal....   [tags: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Short story, The Old Manse]

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The Creepy Language Tricks Taco Bell

- Kiera Butlers article “The Creepy Language Tricks Taco Bell Uses to Fool People into Eating There,” summarizes professor of linguistics at Stanford, Dan Jurafsky’s book The Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu. The book proves that certain words and phrases are put together to make something sound better than it actually is. Not only does Taco Bell do that but most eating establishments do. The fancier the restaurant the food will have fancier names to make you feel as if you are getting something special....   [tags: Language, Linguistics, Semantics]

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Comparing John Milton’s Paradise Lost to Pleasantville

- Comparing John Milton’s Paradise Lost to Pleasantville I don’t know if I connected the experiential dots with any dexterity regarding John Milton’s Paradise Lost until I visited Disney World recently. It wasn’t until Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Cruella De Vil, Jafar the evil sorcerer, the Beauty, and the Beast came down Main Street, U.S.A. that I was more able to appreciate the prodigiousness of the procreative masque within Paradise Lost. Panorama grabs the viewer; and, with a mere touch of the remote control, it thrusts him/her into Eden, Main Street, or Pleasantville....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway

- Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway “Which line of criticism best suits this short story. Ernest Hemingway’s ‘Hills Like White Elephants’ is suited to a Psychoanalytic perspective criticism and is the most effective, as it contains hidden, deeper meanings which the author had represented in this piece, by explicating the text to explore the themes of choices, plot, setting and imagery, and essentially abortion. Psychoanalytic criticism expresses the secret unconscious desires and anxieties of the author....   [tags: Hills Like White Elephants Essays]

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African American Consciousness and Self-Contempt

- Black self-contempt seeping into African American culture is irrefutable, as is the fact that it is misconstrued, unchallenged, and undervalued. The unparalleled intense emotion of internalized self-hatred currently plaguing the minds of numerous Blacks is not an ordinary phenomenon developed from centuries of evolution. It is not a nameless occurrence empty of a coherent justification. It is simply the consequence of an intentionally condemned system of suppression and control. An enormous scheming method used for preserving the present grand image of society....   [tags: Self Contempt, American Culture Issues]

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pH Soil and Plant Growth

- The acidity or alkalinity level is dictated by the pH, potential of hydrogen, scale. Soil pH or soil reaction is an implication of the acidity or alkalinity of soil and is measured in pH units. Soil pH is characterized as the negative logarithm of the hydrogen particle fixation. As the measure of hydrogen particles in the soil builds the soil pH diminishes along these lines getting to be more acidic. From pH 7 to 0 the soil is progressively more acidic and from pH 7 to 14 the soil is progressively more alkaline or basic....   [tags: plant development, alkalinity of soil]

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Light Skin, The Right Skin

- Light Skin the Right Skin Colorism is a form of discrimination based on the color of someone’s skin tone. Colorism has the greatest impact on the African American culture and community. It is sad that we have to face discrimination within our own ethnic group, Along with every other ethnic group in the United States. Colorism has been passed down generation after generation. It is dated all the way back to the slavery dates. The idea of light skin being better than dark skin has been deeply rooted in our culture....   [tags: Colorism, discrimination, African]

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Cat Breeds to Choose From

- Today a cat lover has their choice of cat breeds to choose from. From the great many cat breeds available, each potential cat owning person can find just the perfect kitty. No matter what kind of household you have, you too will be able to find a perfect cat from among the cat breeds. Most experts on cat breeds will tell you that there are basically two comprehensive types of cat. You have the basic Oriental archetype of cat breeds and the basic European archetype of cat breeds. Within these two families of cat breeds you will find well over 80 types of cat....   [tags: pet types]

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Racism : African American Women

- “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” -Harriet Tubman. There are many African Americans today that are suffering from internalized racism. However they may be oblivious to the fact that they possess self hatred. Deep down inside they do not love who they are. Some African Americans can adopt a white supremacist mindset that can be a reason for their self hatred. Primarily African American women perform actions needed to minimize and invalidate the black features in which they were born with....   [tags: African American, Black people, Race]

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Simple Steps For Your Eyes

- Simple Steps to Glamorize Your Eyes I was fifteen years old when I started wearing eye makeup, my mom would never let me wear a full face of makeup, and she would only let me wear eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner. Since I was a first beginner, she would let me use her products to start off. The first time I did my eye makeup, the results came out horrible the mascara was all around my eyes, the eyeliner was crocked and my lipstick all was around my lips. My mom showed me some steps but she wasn’t always there to help me....   [tags: Cosmetics, Human skin color, Eye color, Color]

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Melanom Cancer And Its Effects

- Malignant Melanoma Cancer is the result of cells, any cells in the body, that start to mutate and multiply. Melanoma is caused when melanocytes, which are responsible for our skin pigmentation, start to grow and mutate. Melanocytes, based on our DNA, cause our skin to have a color or tint ranging from light tan to a dark brown shade. Usually when these cells start to mutate they will darken in color from light to a much darker shade of brown or even black. The largest obstacle of finding and getting treatment of melanoma is recognition....   [tags: Cancer, Ultraviolet, Sunscreen, Melanoma]

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What Role Does the Amazon Rainforest Play in the World?

- People have been trying to find out what role does the Amazon rainforest plays.Also there are many shifts of climate in the Amazon rainforest. Each year 28 million acres of land is burned,and cutted down causing deforestation. Killing many living species in that process.If this continues,then very many plants,and animals are going instinct in areas. The oil productions can hurt the rainforest.It says” in 2003 an oil pipline that runs through the amazon rainforest in Ecuador.”So we can see that there was a pipline going through the rainforest.That oil pipline was causeing irreparable damage to the Amazon rain forest....   [tags: deforestation, hunting, extinction]

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Setting in Hills Like White Elephants, by Ernest Hemingway

- Swaying trees in the distance, blue skies and birds chirping, all of these are examples of setting. Setting can create the mood and tone of characters in a story. In the story Hills Like White Elephants, the story starts out with our two characters, Jig and the American, also referred to as the man, on a train overlooking mountains. “The girl was looking off at the line of hills. They were white in the sun and the country was brown and dry” (Hemingway). In the case of this short story, the hills provided Jig something to take her mind off of the grueling conversation she was having with the Man....   [tags: Hills Like White Elephants Essays]

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Unconditional Giving in Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree"

- The act of unconditional giving is an attribute that many cultures hold up as the highest form of love. The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein, is a classic childhood book that illustrates the selfless act of unconditional giving which manifests as unconditional love, between a tree and a boy. Giving by the tree, to the boy, begins in the boy's childhood and continues on until he is an old man. This story is representative of the relationship between mother and child. The story opens with the young boy playing while the tree "gives" to the boy her shade and branches....   [tags: Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein,]

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Cause and Effect of Deforestation in Sumatra Forests

- ... Another cause of deforestation is illegal logging. Many people who cut down trees to sell to other companies. Illegal logging can include cutting down property that is either not theirs or is a protected species. The demand for plywood and hardwood have increased and because of this illegal logging has also increased. According to fourty percent of the trees cut down in 1998 were from illegal productions. WWF’s research in 2002 shows that in Africa, rates of illegal logging vary from 50 percent in Cameroon and 70 percent in Guinea and 80 percent in Liberia (Greenpeace)....   [tags: palm oil plantations, endangered species]

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Describe Directions And Observe Subject Behavior

- Formulate Directions and Observe Subject Behavior Perception involves a person using all of their senses in order to make connections to the world around them (Lecture 2, 2016). It combines both the visual stimuli (one of the senses), or outside world, and previous knowledge, or inner world (Matlin, 2013). The participants were given a task to perform using perception, using the senses of vision, hearing, and touch. The participant listened to instructions on how to perform the task, which asked them to touch the color on the screen that is different from the other colors in that frame....   [tags: Psychology, Sense, Attention, Perception]

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The Importance of Riparian Areas

- Riparian areas are the areas that surround rivers, streams, lakes, etc. The word “ripa” is Latin for bank. They are the transition zone between aquatic and on land ecosystems. It wasn’t until recently that riparian areas have been viewed as important places, rather than ‘sacrifice’ areas that could be given up for livestock and crops. They take up a small part of our earth, but they are vital to ecosystems and to the water they surround. The roles of riparian areas are rather simple, but they are extremely important to vegetation, wildlife, water, and us....   [tags: Ecosystems]

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Tropical Forestlands and Human Activities

- Tropical forestlands have been severely impacted by human activity, resulting in 850 million hectares of degraded land [1]. Intact forests provide a variety of ecosystem services, and degraded forests sequester less carbon, have lower biomass and biodiversity, and may even promote the spread of infectious diseases [2-4]. Restoration of these forests may occur passively through natural forest succession. Passive regeneration may have fewer unintended consequences (such as slowed regeneration), and requires fewer resources and manpower than the active planting of trees [5]....   [tags: biomass and biodiversity]

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The Origin Of Ideas

- In Hume’s Enquiry, the section titled “Of the Origin of Ideas” deals with the distinctions between two forms of thought, which Hume calls impressions and ideas. Hume also touches on components of creativity (which could also serve as limits of the imagination in a sense) and provides us with one very distinct instance of which ideas can be totally independent. Two puzzles we’re invited to analyze is whether or not we’re able to recreate impressions using our ideas (of which Hume says we cannot), and whether or not our imagination is quite limited (of which Hume says it is)....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Perception, Idea]

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Explore the ways in which two or three of these poems present the

- Explore the ways in which two or three of these poems present the experience of living between two cultures and the difficulties it causes. The two poems I am choosing are "Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan" and "Search for My Tongue". "Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan" is written by Moniza Alvi, a woman who was born in Pakistan but moved to England at an early age. Her mother was from England and white, her Father was Pakistani and so black. This makes Moniza 'half-caste', as well as the aunts in poem being from her father's side....   [tags: English Literature]

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The Light-dark Metaphor in Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad

- Throughout his narrative in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Charlie Marlow characterizes events, ideas, and locations that he encounters in terms of light or darkness. Embedded in Marlow's parlance is an ongoing metaphor equating light with knowledge and civility and darkness with mystery and savagery. When he begins his narrative, Marlow equates light and, therefore, civility, with reality, believing it to be a tangible expression of man's natural state. Similarly, Marlow uses darkness to depict savagery as a vice having absconded with nature....   [tags: Heart of Darkness Essays]

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Dependence to Independence in Hills Like White Elephants

- Dependence to Independence in Hills Like White Elephants   In Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants,” the lives of Jig and the American, the main characters, are put on display for a brief period of time.  Jig and the man have had a romantic relationship for quite some time, and now their future together is in jeopardy.  The impregnation of Jig has caused the American to pressure her into getting an abortion.  We find these two individuals in the Valley of the Ebro.  Traveling from Barcelona to Madrid, the couple takes these few minutes to discuss the future of their baby.  Jig now must make one of the most important decisions of her life – to have the abortion and stay with the...   [tags: Hills Like White Elephants Essays]

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The Hiding Place

- By the time Nate returned to the ridge, the agents had gone. He stayed low as he slipped down the cliff and crossed the road into the woods. The agents had left Hajji's car. But Nate hadn't seen them leave, so he couldn't be sure they weren't camouflaged and hiding in the wood. He didn't think so because there was no reason to keep watch, the car's movement could still be tracked through the GPS. But no way had they given up that easy. They probably had people at key points and lots more would probably be coming soon....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Color and Mood

- Overall, results indicate that the manipulation of the color of questionnaire had no effect on mood. However, there was an effect of time of day on mood as well as an effect of gender on mood. The results did not support the main hypothesis that different colors would elicit different moods. Thus, this study found no support for the prediction that brighter colors would elicit positive moods, whereas less bright colors would elicit negative moods. These results do not support past research findings that brighter colors tend to elicit positive moods, whereas, dark colors elicit negative moods (Hemphill, 1996; Kaya & Epps, 2004)....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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What is Agroforestry?

- What is agroforestry. Many people do not know what exactly agroforestry is. The answer is simple. Agroforestry is the combination of trees, crops, and/or livestock into a system which focus on the interactions between the components rather than the components themselves (Sharrow 1997). It is mostly practiced in developing countries where its ability to be used to produce several different outputs is critical to the farmers. Agroforestry is not practiced on the same scale that monoculture agriculture is practiced in the United States....   [tags: livestock, trees, production]

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Beauty of the Night

- Beauty of the Night He moved along the beach, his long graceful strides kicking sand behind him. His movement was so quick, that in combination with his white coat, he was nothing more then a streak of lightening on a perfectly clear day. Many times, in order to emphasize a feature, poets compare objects to nature. In Lord Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty,” the poet is enraptured by woman’s beauty and compares her to the beauty of the dark and light. Lord Byron was inspired by his cousin by marriage, Lady Wilmot Horton....   [tags: Free Essays]

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