Sexual Desire

  • Sexual Desire and Disorders

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    Sexual Desire 2 Sex is a natural human action that is necessary to maintain the human race. For most engaging in sexual intercourse the experience is very pleasurable but for some it can be a painful or uncomfortable experience due to a sexual disorder. A sexual disorder is the inability to perform sexually or as well as experiencing mental or physical pain and distress during sexual relations. There are many different forms of sexual disorders, the most prominent are: Desire disorders, Arousal

  • Christian Sexual Ethic and Desire

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    parts: first I attempt to define the role of christian sexual ethics into two main objectives: (1) primarily, it should be concerned with orienting sexual desires towards God and checking all desires against a desire for God above all. (2) And secondarily, sexual ethics should be concerned with the formation of a sexual character of commitment, loyalty and faithfulness. The second part of the essay is call for reform from the current state of sexual ethics as it relates to the most vulnerable social

  • What Are Sex And Sexual Desire?

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    1. What are sex and sexual desire according to Goldman? Consider two objections to his theory. Do they succeed? According to Goldman, sex and sexual desire is the desire to have contact with another person’s body solely for pleasure and desire which comes with physical contact. This sexual activity is only for desire and pleasure. The physical desire might be satisfied by certain activities without genital presence for sexual excitement, such as kissing and caressing. This could be objected by

  • Tom Ford Sexual Desires

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    seducing the viewer, but not in a forthright manner. This is yet another unique approach to drawing the attention of the viewer. Among the sexual image and sophisticated color scheme lies text that states, “you know [you are] not the first, but does it really matter,” implying that used Aston Martin cars are of equal quality to those that are brand new, using sexual intercourse as the humor factor. From a psychological standpoint, the advertisement proposes a question to the male superiority complex

  • Lust Is A Strong Sexual Desire

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    What is lust? Lust is a strong sexual desire. Superficially, the young woman in the story would seem to be lustful, but in her case, this lust is not a strong desire for sex but rather a desire to belong. Her random and haphazard sexual encounters spring only from her desire to be accepted. When she talks about being seated between Mack and Eddie and “they were having a fight about something. I’ve a feeling about me” (Meyer 276), she seems actually happy to be wanted and fought over all the while

  • Goldman 's Definition Of Sexual Desire

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    In this paper I will be looking at Goldman’s definition of sexual desire and discussing why it may be too broad of a definition. I will also suggest ways in which Goldman’s definition could be improved with a little specificity. Goldman defines sexual desire as the want to be in contact with another person’s body and the pleasure that the contact produces. He defines sexual activity as the activity which fulfills these desires and achieves pleasure. According to Goldman, contact with another person’s

  • Sexuality, The Sexual Habits And Desires Of A Person

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    Sexuality is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the sexual habits and desires of a person”. CITE. There might be a time where a person is a part of a certain religion and is a type of sexuality that their religion would not like, so they would not have the type of life that they are “supposed” to. There are also times where there are adolescent children coming to terms with what they in regards to their sexuality are feeling inside. Would being in a certain religion and having sexuality hurt you in

  • Stephen's Sexual Desire and Religious Morality

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    Throughout his life, Stephen is consumed by conflicting desires, the strongest of which being his sexual desire towards women versus religious morality. Confused and ashamed by these “sinful” thoughts, Stephen comes to view women in one of two extremes: they are either pure, virginal, and decent, like Emma, or impure, sexual, and corrupt, such as the prostitutes he visits in Belvedere. However, it is Stephen’s individual experiences with women from both ends of this spectrum that become the motivating

  • Representations of Female Sexual Desire and Faithfulness

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    William Wycherly's The Country Wife and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's “Epistle from Mrs. Yonge to Her Husband” both open a discourse on female sexual desire and fidelity, representing similar ideas. Both works consider the constraints of honour and societal expectations upon women, and the double standard for fidelity between husbands and wives. Ultimately the works present a final statement through consequences for women affected by the issues, with different views about the future for oppressed women

  • Motives of Rape Other Than Sexual Desire

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    Motives of Rape Other Than Sexual Desire Although there are many underlying motives behind why a man would rape, three of the most conspicuous are anger, power, and sadistic purposes. When an average person hears of a rape, he frequently assumes the offender was reacting to sexual frustration or that he was a demented sex-fiend harboring insatiable and perverted lasciviousness. The rape offender is often accused of being primarily motivated by sexual desires, and by committing the act of forced

  • Song and Dance Creating An Atmosphere of Both Women Sexual Desire

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    College). In Indian films women are represented as the object of men’s desires, and are often seen and not heard. Song and dance in Bollywood cinema allows women to express their sexual desires in a non-disruptive way, specifically I argue that this is attained through women who are rendered as respectable. Bollywood films portray unequal power relations between the female and male characters. Male are allotted to have sexual desires and are portrayed to be active lookers, while females on the contrary

  • Our Modern Views On Society 's Ideas About The Boundaries Of Sexual Desires

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    us to have more choices than we initially had in the 20th century. Most societies have redefined the boundaries of sexual desires. It is no longer a must to have a commitment, wed before sex, or even ask for someone’s hand in marriage. Casual sex, oral sex and sexual pleasures are similar to hunger pains; when you are hungry; you have to eat. You can engage in either of these desires regardless of whether you make a commitment to a stick to certain a diet or if you decide you are going to be committed

  • The Other Side Of Desire By Daniel Bergner

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    Sexuality is very diverse, in some instances normality is based on the cultural context of the individual 's society. In "The other side of desire" by Daniel Bergner, the author goes in depth into the lives of four individual 's whose lust and longing have led them far down the realms of desire. The current paper addresses the four individual 's Jacob, the Baroness, Roy, and Ron each exhibits a paraphilia that may or may not meet the full criteria in the DSM-5. Furthermore, each person’s specific

  • Sexual Dysfunctions Involving Women

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    Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder In the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is sending female sexual interest/arousal disorder, interpersonal context must be taken into account. In desire discrepancy in which a woman has lower desire for sexual activities and her partner, is not sufficient to diagnose female sexual interest/arousal disorder in order for the criteria for the disorder to be met, there must be absence or reduced frequency or intensity of

  • kk

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    The question of whether or not sexual activities are natural or unnatural has been a debate between many philosophers. What characteristics make sexual activities and sexual behavior natural or abnormal? Human sexuality consists of the desires and activities that involve searching and achieving sexual satisfactions. Philosopher Thomas Nagel and Alan Goldman have their own standpoint and theories on what ultimately determines sexual activities and desires as natural or immoral. Philosopher Thomas

  • The Waste Land

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    Faulkner presents sexual desire in The Sound and the Fury as a paradox of both entrapment and freedom. As he works his way through the nonlinear piece, information about sexuality of the characters, sexual symbols, and unfilled desire present themselves, each commenting on one another directly and indirectly. T. S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” serves as a helpful lens in understanding the requirements to escape the waste land of the ruined Compson family by providing a backdrop on which The Sound and

  • The And Other Sexual Acts

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    Adultery and other sexual acts are often in greek mythology. The Gods sometimes sleep with many women, have many wives, have illegitimate children or all of the above. However, the women are often subordinate to their husbands or the males in their life. Greek mythology is very patriarchal in the sense that the men can do what they please while the women do not have that same freedom. The representation of women in greek mythology suggests that an ancient greek view on female sexuality was that

  • Sexual Immorality And Its Effects On Society

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    Corinthians and Confessions, sexual immorality is a prominent issue on which both Paul and Augustine spent long lengths— Paul made numerous warning to people not to be immoral and Augustine was regretful about his adolescence years for having too many immoral sexual behabior. According to these two authors, sexual immorality is defined as any sexual experiences without getting married and is often known as adultery. Even though they share the same definition for sexual immorality, they differ from

  • A Billion Wicked Thoughts by Ogi Ogsa and Sai Gaddam

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    graduate student in the film Kinsey” (P. 152). This illustrates just one aspect of female sexual desire, sex with a younger man. This book explores the concepts of sexual desire for both males and females and answers the question of why we desire what we desire. Since most people are often worried about what society would think about their specific sexual desires, and therefore lie about what they truly desire, Ogas and Gaddam came up with a rather intelligent solution to this problem: The internet

  • The Scientific Community Of Human Asexuality

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    research so that this sexual minority will be better recognized instead of being categorized into sexual disorders or gender identity without any scientific understanding of how their brains differ or coincide with regular sexually functioning people’s brains. In addition to how the brain is working, it is important to scientifically research the psychological differences between asexual humans and sexual humans. Looking into how depression, anxieties, and hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in

  • Sex Research Proposal

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    between men and women regarding the desire for sex. According to Randy J. Larson and David M. Buss's book Personality Psychology: Domains of Knowledge About Human Nature, men view pornography more often than women (d=.63). Men also desire more sexual partners, have more frequent sexual partners, and are more willing to accept offers of sex from a stranger (Hald & Hogh-Olesen, 2010). Evolutionarily, sex differences have relied on parental investment and sexual selection theory. The sex that invests

  • Human Sexuality: How Do Men and Women Differ?

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    also helped give new insight to the human mind and their most basic needs. The first topic that was approached in this essay was sexual desire among men, women, gays, and lesbians. The research concluded that men have more sexual desire than women. Men not only have more sexual desire, but they also have more interest in sex, sex fantasies, and spend more money on sexual products like porn and prostitutes. Another subject that was brought up was that in heterosexual relationships the man in the relationship

  • Amy Jessica Stein : Queer With A Strong Emphasis On Understanding The Fluidity Of The Term Itself

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    under the definition of queer as a rejection of identities, sexual and other, that are deemed traditional – i.e. not homosexual, heterosexual or bi, but some convoluted mixture of them all. Vague in both definition and recognition, however, it is this indeterminacy that creates a non-specific overlay permitting a wide range of possibilities. Being queer is rebuffing what can be labeled, but being what you are and succumbing to what you desire. Kissing Jessica Stein tells the story of a conservative

  • How Age Does Not Play An Influential Role? Aging Adult 's Sexual Drive?

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    Age You Become Less Sexual There is this overwhelming belief that as adults age, they become less sexual or they loose their sex drive. During my research on how age does or does not play an influential role in aging adult’s sexual drive, I found to be many reasons why this belief is actually true. I also had a personal belief that mostly women become less sexual as they age, however after reviewing and comparing my research, I found that both men and women become less sexual as they age for many

  • Dexter Morgan Works For Miami Police Department As A Blood Spatter Analyst

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    his girlfriend’s family because he is following the moral code his father taught him, which is to fit in. Dexter wants to feel a sexual connection to his girlfriend Rita and wishes one day he can stop his addiction. Currently, Dexter is experiencing low sexual desire and feels burdened that he has no sexual desire for Rita even though he sometimes engages in sexual activities with her. Whenever him and Rita have sex, he is constantly thinking of his addiction. He believes he does not have the

  • Symbolism In The Company Of Wolves By Angela Carter

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    feminist and gruesome retelling of the fairy tale “Little Red Riding-Hood”. The story involves a werewolf, who represents a sexual predator. The werewolf is used as a symbol for both danger and desire. It also involves a young girl who does not fall victim to the fear of the wolf that she is surrounded by. She embraces her newfound sexual power and serves as symbol of sexual desire/power and female strength. The first part of the story tells folk tales about the wolf and werewolf. Here, wolves are used

  • Sexual Innuendo in William Thackery´s Vanity Fair

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    adapted to. When reading over the semester the first two novels presented to were French and in it the sexual references were known. Not necessarily in an inappropriate manner, but it was acknowledged by the author, whereas the English were a little more subtle with their sexual references. In Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray, the reader would have to decipher if certain passages suggests sexual advances. Although the novel carries the famous slogan “a novel without a hero” it can be assumed

  • Desire within Duras’ The Lover and Acker’s Blood and Guts in High School

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    explore the desires in which drive both of the young women’s sexual behavior that Duras and Acker express through their narrators. Desire can be defined as a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. A desire can be expressed as a wish, can be longed for or something you feel. A sexual desire is a motivational state and an interest in sexual objects or activities. This includes a wish, need or drive to seek out sexual objects to engage in sexual activities.

  • Damned by Desire

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    Faust is a tragedy that gets worse at every turn. Even so, these two plays share a common thread: the sexual desire of characters. This sexual desire is a driving force behind the plot of both of these plays. The characters of Tartuffe and Faust depict the lengths mankind will go to to attain the object of their desire, and how their actions result in their downfall. Tartuffe's strong desire to have Elmire is only introduce in Act 3, and soon overshadowed by his plans to take Orgon's Estate.

  • Asexuality Essay

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    who was certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, believed that asexuality must be caused by some hormonal imbalance or psychological issue, and claimed "Saying, 'Hi, I'm an asexual' is a cozy way to create a place in a highly sexual culture, but it doesn't mean their condition is rooted in some unusual set of circumstances" (qtd. in Melby 4). A fellow certified sex therapist, Marty Klein, said “The fact that ... one researcher refers to people who are uninterested in sex by a

  • Ethics

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    “not all sexual activities involve mutual respect” (p.1). A merit to Estes’s claim here was that she took her possible non-Kantian opponents into account when she noted that not all moral theories would agree with her account of sexual morality but that most would agree that sexual relations should include some sort of mutual respect. From this idea of the lack of mutual respect in sexual activities, she moves onto the explanation her third claim where she states that “Mutual consent, desire and concern”

  • The Correlational Effect A Pedophile has on Their Victim

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    ever do those sexual acts to a child, knowing very well the outcome of their choice. Their immediate assumption is the pedophile is a vial human being, unworthy of acceptance and forgiveness. But what exactly is going on inside the pedophile’s brain, and why does he or she make those choices? And what exactly are the consequences for their acts to them and their victims? Pedophilia is a dangerous desire for the person and the child. What Is Pedophilia? Paraphilias and Sexual Perversion With

  • Alan Soble’s article “Sexual Use and What to do about It

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    definition of sexual desires and sexual use in the metaphysics of morals in consistency with his moral system. Sex has moved away from the patriarchal conception of it where the rape victims claim to have exclusive rights, which has replaced Kantian conceptions in ideas of sexual objectification, and the dominance of consent in distinguishing between the acceptable an unacceptable morality. It is true that humans have to engage in sexual acts for procreation. Kant’s own solution to the sexual problem

  • Perversion

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    Dermott O'Flanagan Sexual Ethics Paper The issues of sexual ethics in relation to morality and perversion have been addressed in depth by each of the gentleman at this table. Sexual activity as described by Solomon and Nagle is comprised of a moral standard and ‘naturalness’ aspect. So, in claiming an act is perverted we must first examine it through a moral framework and understand how this interacts with the ‘naturalness’ of a particular act. Solomon makes the distinction as follows “Perversion

  • Sexual Expression And Individual Expression

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    concept of sexual expression and articulately defining this topic in a critical matter. It will look into topics such as individual expression, which consists of defining oneself in terms of actions. For example: appearance, way of communicating, or simply how one acts. Sexual expression will be seen through social interactions and of how and where people can relate to others. Sexual expression will most importantly be looked into the different types of emotions felt to achieve sexual expression

  • Causes of Sexual Dysfunctions

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    Causes of Sexual Dysfunctions "Sexual dysfunctions are an important public health concern, to which general health and emotional problems contribute" (10). What is a sexual dysfunction? A sexual dysfunction is any condition that inhibits someone's ability to enjoy sex. Some common sexual dysfunctions are: hypoactive desire disorder (low sex drive), hyperactive sexual disorder (high sex drive), sexual aversion disorder, lack of lubrication (females), impotence (male erectile disorder), premature

  • Analysis of Excess in Sexuality According to Sigmond Freud and Leo Bersani´s Theories

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    Sexual excess is an antithetical idea, one that denotes both liberated pleasure and contemptible transgression. Therefore, it is also an idea that rests on the assumption of boundaries and an insatiable desire, one that needs to move beyond normative parameters in order to achieve pleasure. Whether it is the uncontainable physical sensations, the decision to avoid the “talk” with children, or even the inability to construct emotions into words, the notion of excess spawns from the inevitable interconnection

  • Lihaf, by Ismat Chugtai

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    enslavement and neglect of their sexual desires. Ismat Chugtai’s Lihaf, published in 1942, deals with the sexual frustration of women and unconventional sexual relations as opposed to heteronormative ones. I intend to show that Chugtai's Lihaf examines the restrained and objectified existence of women in patriarchy, with a special reference to Begum Jan, owing to the restriction of movement and expression. The persistent oppression and neglect of her sexual desire leaves Begum Jan despondent and sexually

  • Freud and Dora

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    fame in the psychoanalytic world. Freud can be seen as the predecessor of modern psychology. His views on the unconscious mind were groundbreaking to the 19th century world. He became interested in women's psychoanalysis and the fact that their sexual drive could cause them to become hysterical. During this time the world had believed that humans had control over both the knowledge they retained about themselves and their environment. This was when Freud came up with the idea of the unconscious

  • The Human Factor

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    complexity of sex. These questions range from what sex is, to what is a sexual perversion, and far beyond exploring every nook and cranny of the subject. One of the authors that is well know for this type of discussion for idea of how to explain sexual desire is Alan Goldman. During his writing of “Plain Sex”, Goldman tries to define what sexual desire is, what a sexual perversion is, and other claims relating to sexual desire, often shrugging off previously believed theories. His ideas lead away

  • What Do We Want?

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    understanding of desire is an easy one, because it all comes down to one question; what do we want? As simple as it may seem, this very question has been plaguing the realm of politics for what seems like thousands of years. Furthermore, throughout history different thinkers have tried to formulate the answer to this question again and again. Coming up with different interpretations each time. However throughout all the differences one thing has remained constant, and that is that desire is not a universally

  • Masculinity and Sexuality

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    themselves. The article, “Constructing masculinity in response to women's sexual advances” drew a connection between masculinity and how “unwanted sexual experiences with women as adults” influenced men’s experiences with future sexual experiences. The research was done through interviews with 20 men. Through these interviews it was revealed that men engaged in sexual gatekeeping, which meant “setting limits on women's sexual advances.” This was done because men view it as their job in heterosexual

  • An Analysis Of The Yellow Wallpaper And The Turn Of The Screw

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    character in The Turn of the Screw has limitations placed upon her sexual desires, which are scorned in the role of a pure Victorian woman. Her desires are transferred onto the few male characters in the story, a young boy and the enchantment of a ghost. The actions of these women are too easily dismissed as products of the Victorian mindset when they exhibit complex emotional behaviors that are closely linked to their feminine desire for love, affection, and compassion. Both women have a prescribed

  • The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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    The Damage caused by Gertrude Shakespeare repeatedly tackles sexuality within The Tragedy of Hamlet. Sexuality is important when establishing the reasons for Hamlet’s desires, mood swings, and his constant struggle with gender identity because sexuality is in the center of it all. For example, highlighted in act 3.4 Hamlet argues with his mother, Gertrude, over the content of the performance that Hamlet directed. Hamlet outright accuses his mother of being a whore and of being deceitful for marry

  • Sexual Dysfunction Essay

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    Sexual Dysfunction is the loss or impairment of the ordinary physical responses of sexual function. Women are usually unable to reach an orgasm, which is called female sexual arousal disorder. It once was called impotence but was rejected because it was too judgmental. When men are unable to attain or uphold an erection it is called an erectile dysfunction. Desire disorders, Arousal disorders, orgasm disorders, and Pain disorders are the four categories of sexual dysfunction. It is common when you

  • The Dramatic Conflict Of Native Son

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    him living. His hatred and desire to overthrow his white environment transmutes into sexual arousal when presented with a female body. Through Bigger’s conditioned hatred, the white and black female bodies bear the brunt of the violence precipitated by the race-class system. While his actions illuminate the violence that occurs when the white female body is seen as a symbol of inaccessible white power, it also makes clear that it is the black female body that suffers sexual violence and bears the burden

  • The Role of Performance Anxiety in the Development and Maintenance of Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women

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    Anxiety in the Development and Maintenance of Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women International Journal of Stress Management 2005, Vol. 12, No.4, 379-388 The author Marita McCabe wrote this article to discuss a current study that focused on the association of the attitudes towards sex regarding relationship quality performance anxiety, stress and sexual dysfunction (McCabe 2005 pg. 379). The results of the study demonstrated related types of sexual dysfunction amongst a group of men and women.

  • The Importance Of Real Sex

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    sex. This erroneous link between good and real has resulted in a deterioration of sexual ethics. In our cultural pursuit of good sex, we have traded Christian teachings and scriptures about sex for those set out in Cosmo. Fact of the matter is, good sex is not necessarily real sex but real sex is always good. In Lauren Winner’s Real Sex: The Naked Truth About Chastity, Winner attempts to correct this wave of sexual immorality overwhelming our culture. Winner emphasizes the relevance and importance

  • Erotic Tension in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    relation of death and sexual tensions in both human and nonhuman. The first occurrence of sexual tension in this story is between two men. Robert Walton, Victor’s “affectionate brother,” says that he “desire[s] the company of a man who could sympathize with me, whose eyes would reply to mine,” and “need[s] them most to support my spirits. I love you very tenderly.” (Shelley 33). Admittedly, instead of expressing the longs for women, Shelley uses the language of erotic desire for a man. Also, despite

  • Sexual Frustration as the Root of Evil

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    Sexual Frustration as the Root of Evil Sigmund Freud contends that people develop neuroses as a result of frustration. Freud’s essays on this topic postulate that sexual repression may result in aggressive behavior. These two elements emerge in the characters in Macbeth. In Freud’s book, Civilization and its discontents, he takes the premise even farther by correlating severe sexual frustration with the onset of psychoses. In regard to Macbeth, I believe that Macbeth