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Serious Games and Learning

- Contents Serious games 2 Common game attributes 4 Serious games and Learning: 6 Who uses serious games? 7 Games in higher education: 7 Games in schools: 8 Meeting the needs of today’s learner 9 Let the games begin 10 Conclusion: 11 Description of a learning artifact: 12 Construct a model: 13 Discussion of learning artifact: 15 References 17 Serious games Serious games refers to video and computer games which are designed mainly for the purpose not for purely entertainment base but have a purpose more towards serious side....   [tags: Developing Serious Games]

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Depression Is a Common but Serious Illness

- All individuals experience feelings of emptiness and despair at some point in their life. When these feelings seem to consume one’s life and not disappear it can lead to depression. Depression is a common but very serious illness. This illness affects the daily activities of an individual and the people that surround them. Depression can occur in many different ways. Major depressive episode, or major depression, is a period of intense depressed mood. This particular type of depression can occur at any age and have diverse characteristics depending on the circumstance....   [tags: emotional disorders]

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Spyware is a Serious Internet Problem

- INTRODUCTION: Spyware is a serious and actual problem, affecting every Internet user who is mostly does not know how much danger these software could impact his life and harm his machine According to the research firm IT-Harvest, spyware profits almost $2 billion a year, accounting for about 11% of the internet ad business (Elgin, 2006; 1). In the USA, spyware has infected nearly 60% of household computers, causing nearly $2.6 billion damages in 2006 (Sun, 2007; 555). The global financial cost of spyware has been estimated about 11 billion Euro in 2005 ....   [tags: computer, spam, program]

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Global Warming: How Serious Is It?

- As many people know, many issues are going around the world. People are living with along environmental issue, social issue, personal issue, and more. Each issue can be important for a person while can be unnecessary to the others. Also, some people try to solve those issues while the others do not care. However, the global issues around the world are the most serious and concerning problems. According to Globe scan, 64% out of 25,000 people said environmental issue is the most serious problem. Like other issues, environmental issue is a growing problem around the whole world....   [tags: Environment ]

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The Serious Problem of Domestic Violence

- The writer of this essay discusses about family violence, a serious social problem, and its effects on the public. Family violence also known as domestic violence “is when someone uses abusive behaviour [physical, sexual, or emotional] to control and/or harm a member of [his or her] family, or someone with whom they have an intimate relationship.” (Department of Justice) The writer explains why family violence/domestic violence is a social problem and whom the issue affects. The writer describes, how the problem shallows the whole society and the families with family violence occurring in the household....   [tags: abuse, family, victims]

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The Serious of Concussions from Sports

- A concussion is a common injury among athletes around the world. Concussions are serious injuries that should be treated with precaution and care. “A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that can cause long-term brain damage and diminish normal functioning” (Boriboon). Concussions occur primarily in sports with physical contact. Collisions occur often and it doesn’t always have to be with another player. According to the researcher Kia Boriboon, “A concussion occurs when the brain repeatedly collides with the skull, most often due to a blow to the head.” Even though we have a plan for dealing with concussions, it’s obviously not doing as well of a job as we expected....   [tags: concussions, injury, sports, solution]

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Bulimia: A Serious and Complex Disorder

- Have you ever been afraid of gaining weight and feeling unaccepted by society. If the answer is a definite yes, you must be very careful. The fear of gaining weight and the need to have a perfect body has led many down the self-destructive pathway of bulimia. This is a secretive eating disorder characterized by frequent episodes of excessive eating, followed by self-induced vomiting to rid the body of food. Bulimics also frequently use laxatives, diuretics, and diet pills to reduce their weight....   [tags: Causes of Bulimia, Eating Disorders]

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The Serious Problem of Global Warming

- Global warming is a big problem in today’s world and its hindering the quality of life for every species. It affects their habitats and environments. Temperature rises and changing landscapes in the arctic circle are endangering several species of animals. Only the most adaptable will survive. If we fail to cut back on the burning of fossil fuels, such as oil and coal, scientists say during the 21st century earth could warm up to an additional 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit. The first initial problem is ice caps melting which causes a rise in sea levels....   [tags: Climate Change, Argumentative Essay]

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Serious Business: Exploitation of Women

- Serious Business: Exploitation of Women Women and girls are being exploited every day in this world. Even though this has been around for centuries this epidemic has to stop. The number one victims of this behavior are women and young girls. Some of these ladies who are disabled usually become the number one source. According to Daniel B. Rosen, he states “Almost universally, authors believes and studies support two premises: (1) that women and girls with disability are the victims of violence and exploitation to a higher degree than is commonly assumed;(2) that collection of data on women and girls with disabilities who are subject to violence and exploitation is nearly impossible owing to...   [tags: Women's Rights]

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Stress, a Really Serious Problem

- In today’s society, life is fraught of troubles, deadlines, frustrations and demands. In the lives of many people, stress is so prevalent that it has become a way of life. According to many doctors and researchers stress refers to the response people have when facing circumstances that force them to act, change, or adjust in some way to maintain their footing, or to keep things balanced. Today, there are many important contributors to stress (called stressors) and the effects they cause to the human body and mind....   [tags: FInance, Work, Relationships]

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Cyberbullying is a Serious Problem

- Bullying has existed for generations. Bullying use to occur face- to –face; you knew who the bullies were and where they lived. Because of available technology, a bully can be totally anonymous on the internet. Technology advancements, internet and social networks have produced a new method of bullying called cyberbullyimg. Cyberbullying incidents have become widespread in the past few years. According to,” almost sixty percent of young people say that they have been cyberbullied before....   [tags: bullying, technology, social media, shame]

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Stress and Its Serious Effects

- This research paper concerns how individuals perceive stress and the serious effect on their psychological thought process and physical and mental health and how they can cope with their anxiety driven thoughts. Research was gathered using printed material obtained at the Syracuse Bird Library, and also using various online sources and scholarly journals. One printed source written by Frank Campbell addresses the health effects stress can have on an individual while author Richard Lazarus explores coping mechanisms individuals can use to attempt to get rid of the their stress....   [tags: anxiety, mental health, health, Shakespeare]

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Child Pornography: A Serious Crime

- Child Pornography is a particularly serious crime in the United States. The crime involves exploitation of children sexually by offenders who seek to benefit either directly or indirectly from the vice. This article looks at child pornography in different perspectives and explains its trends in arrests made in the year 2000 and 2006. The article used data from the national juvenile online victimization study, which is a longitudinal survey of a sample of 2500 law enforcement agencies in the US....   [tags: Pornography Essays]

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Global Overpopulation: A Serious Problem

- The world can only be home to so many people before it exceeds its limits. The environment has a certain carrying capacity. A carrying capacity is the largest population an environment can sustainably support. This means that the environment can only support so many people long term before it has nothing left to give. With the human population expanding, the environment has to give more in order to support us. The extensive population demands more and more from both the environment and also from society....   [tags: Population, People, Economy]

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Serious Issues Plaguing Chicago

- Every morning on my way to school I often pick up the Red Eye newspaper and read the latest news happening in Chicago. As I skim the pages I often see a section that shows the homicide tracker in the city of Chicago. This section of the newspaper shows numbers of deaths which occurred in a month in a specific area. Similarly to the homicide tracker in the newspaper the following articles also discuss homicide reflecting Chicago years ago. In the book, The Devil in the White City, by Eric Larson illustrates the dreadful events about crime, violence, and illness all leading to death; The Coldest Case: The St....   [tags: Municipal Issues]

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Serious Game for health

- Obesity is a condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to an extent that may have a negative effect on health. Obesity increases the likelihood of severe diseases which includes type2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, Dyslipidemia (diseases caused by increased amount of cholesterol and fat in the blood), Health failure, coronary heart diseases, Osteoarthritis, cancers and many others [1]. Obesity has become endemic and critical health problem worldwide in both adults and children. According to WHO report in 2008, the fifth leading risk of global deaths are overweight and obesity....   [tags: obesity, sports medicine,diabetes]

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Serious Medical Conditions: Depression

- Depression is a serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless, and unimportant and often is unable to live in a normal way. It brings together a variety of physical and psychological symptoms which together constitute a syndrome. At least 10% of people in the U.S. will experience major depressive disorder at some point in their lives. Twice as many women as men experience major depression and is known as the common cold among psychological disorders. Like the common cold, there are many types of depression....   [tags: psychological disorders]

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Gamification: It´s Serious Business

- Gamification: It’s serious business What is Gamification. Gamification is the process of taking something that already exists – a website, an enterprise application, an online community – and integrating game mechanics into it to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty through rewards, challenges and contests. Gamification takes the data-driven techniques that game designers use to engage players, and applies them to non-game experiences to motivate actions that add value to your business....   [tags: games, players, techniques]

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It's Not That Serious

- In today’s society, people can spend over half their lifetime engaged in relationships with one another. As humans, we are biologically drown towards each other and ultimately strive for an everlasting bond and commitment in marriage. When growing from an adolescent into adulthood, there are certain terms which no longer are suitable to refer to the opposing figure in a relationship. An adult male should not address his female counterpart by the term girl but of a title of maturity and sophistication....   [tags: Relationships]

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Obesity: A Serious Epidemic in the United States

- Obesity is a chronic medical condition—it is a disease. Obesity is a serious epidemic health issue in the US; today, 1 in 3 American adults are obese. To target the issue of obesity effectively, we must first have a clear understanding of the problem. The question of whether obesity is a disease or a choice is a controversial one, as was readily apparent last June, when the American Medical Association released an official statement recognizing obesity as a disease. This announcement sparked much debate across the country....   [tags: health, disease, treatment]

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How Serious Can a Cat Bite Be?

- ... Without proper treatment this can progress and pain may involve the whole arm, with red streaks on the skin extending to the arm. Lymph nodes in the armpits may become swollen. You may lose sensation in the fingers or hand, as well as ability to move the hand or arm. Fever, chills, sweating and loss of energy may also occur. These symptoms should send you to the emergency room or to your doctor's office. More serious complications include meningitis (affecting the brain coverings) and sepsis (widespread or disseminated infection)....   [tags: infection, complications, antibiotic]

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Strength Training is Necessary for the Serious Athlete

- Is your child dreaming of being a college athlete, a professional athlete, or an Olympian. Are you considering getting an extra edge over other athletes your child’s age. Is bigger, faster, and stronger better. The young athletes looking to move up to the next level are interested in improving speed, agility, and strength. Our youth are becoming increasingly involved in a more advanced level of competition with the hopes of obtaining their dreams of being the best at their chosen sport. It takes discipline to complete endurance and agility building exercises; thus you create a more disciplined athlete....   [tags: Strength Training]

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The Unpredictable Way of Life: A Serious Man

- ... Larry was a physics professor and was undergoing pressure from being fired from school. After pointing out some of the situation Larry was undergoing and from close examination watching the film, I tried to link reasons why I think these were happening to him. Firstly, I noticed; during Judith’s argument with Larry over the breakup of their marriage, it is made clear that the couples haven’t had sex in a long time and we see the woman very angry and seem to have eventually lost intimacy with him....   [tags: fims by the Cohen brothers]

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The Daniel Pelka Serious Case Review

- The Daniel Pelka serious case review is one of many that are conducted around the United Kingdom every year. A serious case review is a local enquiry into the death or serious injury of a child, where abuse or neglect are known or suspected. These are conducted by the Local Safeguarding Children Boards; with the main focus being on what lessons can be learnt locally to prevent this from happening again (Brandon, Bailey, Belderson, 2010). In this textual analysis we will be looking back at previous case reviews including Jasmine Beckford and Baby P....   [tags: united kingdom, daniel pelka]

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Serious Problem of Music and Movie Piracy

- ... One main problem is that the internet piracy became too easy , fast , affordable and popular that people all around the world are now using. It became a very repeatable action that people are doing it as if it’s a normal thing that they have the right for. The loss and failure caused by this action is outstanding not just financially but also physiologically where people feel so much disappointed after all the effort they made to find their work thrown in the internet with no value or needed appreciation the way they had expected....   [tags: internet, copyright, downloads]

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Childhood Obesity Becomine a Serious Problem

- Obesity is a serious problem in the United States. Obesity may have serious effects on children during their childhood and when they become adults. My husband, friend’s son who is ten years old .I think, he is at least twenty pounds overweight .When I saw him the first time, I had a lot of questions in my mind about his overweight. Why does he become obsess. What are the cause and effect of obesity. What is the symptom of obesity. They live close to my house and we frequently visit each other’s house....   [tags: Health, Weight, Eating Habits, Obesity]

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Anorexia Nervosa: A Serious, Deadly Disease

- Eating disorders affect many people and overcoming eating disorders can be a very difficult task. Anorexia Nervosa is a serious, deadly eating disorder that many people are diagnosed with every year, especially females. Women are seven to ten times more likely to develop an eating disorder than men. What would make someone want to go to the extent to starve themselves to lose weight. There are many reasons why people with Anorexia Nervosa refuse their bodies to eat. Treating the psychological disorder can be a very difficult task, but it is important to help people get back to a normal, healthy life....   [tags: Eating Disorders]

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Serious Disorders in America: Clinical Depression

- ... In fact, people who have shallow depression (forms of depression that fall short of the criteria for major depression) outnumber people with deep depression” (Jonathan Rottenberg, Ph.D: Is Minor Depression Minor?) All of these depression disorders are not to be taken as a easy challenge to overcome without some form of help. There are many reasons that may lead a person into a state of depression and some of these issues may not be able to be fixed unless you seek professional help and assistance....   [tags: causes and treatment]

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A Case Of Needing: Serious Revisions

- A Case of Needing: Serious Revisions Michael Crichton has penned some of the most engaging, timely, and thoroughly accessible tales to be published in the last twenty-five years. What his novels lack in literary merit and distinctive style they make up for in crisp plotting and edge-of-your-seat suspense. From alien viruses to regenerated dinosaurs, from evil Japanese monoliths to the insidious maneuverings of the modern corporation, Crichton latches onto the scientific and political controversies of the day, and squeezes out of them every last ounce of shock value....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Plagiarism: A Very Serious Offense

- Plagiarism: A Very Serious Offense Plagiarism is a very serious subject to talk about. It doesn’t sound like it is that big of a deal but very serious things can come out of it. Students could lose scholarships and get kicked out of school for something as simple as copying someone else’s work. Students should learn the rules and regulations of the school ,that they are attending, about plagiarism.[1] That’s basically what plagiarism is; copying someone else’s work. The true definition of plagiarism is “Using someone else’s ideas or phrasing and representing those ideas or phrasing as our own, either on purpose or through carelessness.”[2] There are many different ways of re...   [tags: Education Teaching]

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Serious Problems with DNA Fingerprinting

- Serious Problems with DNA Fingerprinting       Is there any piece of physical evidence so foolproof it could be used to prove or disprove anyone's case in a trial. Many people believe the answer to this question is DNA. In theory, this argument is true, but many believe certain factors can lead to inconsistent data gathered from DNA. There are many differing opinions on how DNA should be used, or if it should be used at all.   Many people are uninformed about what DNA actually is or how it is used in criminal trials....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Alcoholism - A Serious Disease

- Alcoholism - A Serious Disease Alcohol is the most used and abused drug in the world, for this reason there is no wonder why we have alcohol problems. The most common problem is alcoholism. Alcoholism is a chronic usually progressive disease that includes both a psychological and a physical addiction to alcohol. Alcoholics know what will happen to them when they drink but they are so addicted they cannot stop drinking. Alcohol becomes the most important part of the person's life. It totally consumes them, all their thoughts and actions have to do are somehow associated with alcohol....   [tags: Alcoholics Drinking Binge Alcohol Essays Papers]

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The Unabomber: Is He Serious?

- The Unabomber: Is He Serious. There comes a time when everyone has something to say. The next step would be to find someone to listen. If that doesn't work, I suppose you just have to make them listen. The Unabomber's Manifesto was probably one of the most interesting and thought provoking points of view that I have read in a while. It's just too bad that every time he made a point that I could relate with, he would contradict himself before I was finished with the paragraph. In my opinion, the entire manifesto and every viewpoint expressed therein, was a strange mix of confusion, fact and storytelling....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Diabetes Mellitus, Often Overlooked as Not Serious When It Actually Is

- ... Thankfully, there have been a number of advancements made to help individuals with diabetes live a longer, live healthier, and live a more normal life than was possible 200 years ago. There are a number of tests that can be performed to accurately check glucose levels in the blood to determine whether someone has diabetes. The A1C test measures the blood glucose average for the two to three months prior to the test. Many people choose to have the A1C test done because unlike all of the other diabetes testing the patient does not have to fast or consume a glucose drink....   [tags: glucose levels in the bloodstream]

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West Nile Virus is a Serious Mosquito-born Virus

- ... Stagnant water offer breeding place for mosquitoes and are easily infected so people who live around stagnant water can be at risk of the infection due to the infected mosquitoes. Those with low immune systems are also another group of people who are at risk of the infection. For example those infected with HIV/AIDS. They have low immune system and will not be able to fight the infection (Colpitts et al., 2014). Studying things like environments with stagnant water would be useful in gathering information for studies....   [tags: death, prevention, pregnancy]

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Environmental Pollution is Causing Serious and Lasting Damage to the Earth

- ... If we want to stop producing carbon dioxide we could be performed by eliminating the agriculture technology and transportation, which might causes other people to have a less enjoyment such as driving to work every day in the car and giving up products made in factories that cause carbon dioxide serious pollution. In addition, due to the expansion of modern agricultural technology, farmers tend to use a lot of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase the harvest. Many burning processes, such as wood and coal fires, wood stoves, and the burning of fuel in cars harvest tiny elements of carbon, in the form of smoke....   [tags: chemical, protection, agriculture]

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Child Abuse is a Serious Topic in Today's Society

- Do you know anyone who has been abused by someone they love or even you who has been abused. If you have or know someone who has its not okay. It happens every single day to millions of children everywhere. Child abuse is something not to be taken easily. It has seen to become a major social problem and causes of children’s unhappiness and health. Not all child abuse is reported but should be. It’s not just young aged children it is also teenagers who get abused. So take a moment and think do you know anyone who has gotten abused or is being abused....   [tags: victims, mentoring, parents]

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Check-up time! Early Detection of Serious Illnesses

- Every day working as a nurse at Kaiser Permanente, I have helped numerous of our members on their annual physical exam. How about you. Have you had your annual health check-up this year. Did you really do it. If you have a check-up one every year, do you actually know if it is completed. Do you understand the screening tests and examinations you have done. Most of you will answer “no” to at least one of these questions. What is a comprehensive annual physical exam. A comprehensive physical exam is a once-a-year routine screening being done for a general health check even if you feel healthy....   [tags: regular physical exam, early diagnosis]

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The Effects of Steroids Are More Serious than People Think

- ... When the bone plates are completely fused, growth is finished. Furthermore, over-treatment with steroids can result in growth deceleration (slowing of the rate of growth) and increased risk of HIV and Hepatitis. Because anabolic steroid users often do not have access to appropriate amounts of clean and sterile needles, or do not follow appropriate injection protocol, there is an increased risk of contracting HIV or other bloodborne pathogens(Association Against Steroid Abuse)". Increased risk of hair loss including facial, leg and arm hair....   [tags: performance enhancing drugs]

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Banning Smoking Due to the Serious and Fatal Side Effects

- ... Children are smokers are more prone to sickness than children of nonsmokers are. Second-hand smoke also causes stroke, lung cancer, and coronary heart disease in adults. People may not care enough about their own life to quit smoking but should care enough about the lives of their loved ones. People that breathe second-hand smoke have an increase of 20-30% increase risk for stroke, and 25-30% risk increase for getting heart disease. Many people have trouble trying to stop smoking because of the highly addictive drug nicotine in cigarettes....   [tags: cigarettes, second-hand smoke, cancer]

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Essay 2: Serious Issues Plaguing Chicago

- Every morning on my way to school I often pick up the Red Eye newspaper and read the latest news happening in Chicago. As I skim the pages I often see a section that shows the homicide tracker in the city of Chicago. This section of the newspaper shows numerous of deaths occurred in a month in a specific area. Consequently, similar to this homicide tracker on the newspaper the following articles have about the same homicide stories that have occurred in the city of Chicago years ago. In the book The Devil in the White City by Eric Larson illustrates the dreadful events about crime, violence, and illness all leading to death; The Coldest Case: The St....   [tags: Sociology ]

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Marijuana Does Not Cause Serious Diseases like Cancer

- Marijuana is a drug and several researches have now confirmed that unlike tobacco and alcohol marijuana does not cause serious diseases like cancer. In addition to this there are proven facts that the Government could earn millions more in tax dollars to help benefit the people of the country if marijuana was legalized and polices implemented to support the cause. Marijuana cannot be compared to cocaine, heroin and other dangerous drugs. The time has now come to legalise use of marijuana and reap the benefits of legalising this drug....   [tags: illegal substances, tobacco, drugs]

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EMF Radiation: Serious Health Hazard for People

- Technology changes everything in this world. Our life has become more convenient and more efficiency which benefits by these new technology. But during this time, some people have considered about some risks of these technologies. EMF radiation is one of them. People have argued for a long time that whether EMF radiation really poses health hazard or not. I insist that EMF radiation is harmful for people’s health and particularly to young children. This opinion can be well proved by all the information I have searched and more people should know about this....   [tags: Technology, Electromagnetic Fields]

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Plagiarism: A Serious Crime

- Plagiarism: A Serious Crime Plagiarism is a serious crime and should be treated seriously by anyone who chooses to plagiarize. Plagiarism should not be treated lightly and is something that needs to be thought about thoroughly before anyone decides that he or she wants to plagiarize. It is nothing needs to be ignored or brushed off like itðs nothing and the person can get away with it. People spend too much time thinking, writing, experimenting or working for someone to just think that they have the right to just come in and steal that personðs idea....   [tags: Crime Cheating Education Essays]

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Serious Sam

- Serious Sam You've seen the movies and the screenshots. Now find out the story behind one of the best FPS games in ages. From the start (which is completely different than the original public demo), Serious Sam makes no mistake in stating its intentions. It's an FPS game with basically no storyline, no character development and no NPC interaction. It is, however, one of the most fun FPS games we've played in ages. The gameplay is pure adrenaline and the level and enemy design are both top-notch....   [tags: Papers]

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Serious Trauma

- Serious Trauma On a boring Wednesday afternoon, I sat in a brightly lit CPR classroom listening to the instructor drone on and on. I began to wonder if I would ever actually need to use these skills. I highly doubted it. The past two years I have worked at the "little-kid-infested" North Fork Swimming Pool, where there have been absolutely no emergencies. A bloody nose or a stubbed toe here or there but never any serious traumas. These skills that I thought were so useless were put to the test on a chilly Tuesday night in March....   [tags: Narrative Memoir Essays]

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How Does Bernard Shaw Create Comedy, Seriousness, Sympathy, and Empathy in Pygmalion?

- In the play, Pygmalion, Bernard Shaw creates many events that consist of comedy, seriousness, sympathy and empathy. These four emotions helps the audience decide what they feel towards --------------Shaw creates a lot of humour often in ways where Higgins is not aware of it. After Eliza had showed her anger and hatred towards him by throwing insults at him Higgins calmly replies back. The surprise for the audience in this is that usually the audience would expect Higgins to retaliate in a similar fashion, but instead he talks to her in a peaceful manner....   [tags: emotions, humor, sarcasm, serious]

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Marijuana to Allieviate Symptoms of Serious Illness

- The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that federal law bars the distribution of marijuana even to people who say they must have it to alleviate symptoms of serious illness, dealing a setback to the movement for "medical marijuana" laws and limiting the impact of the state laws already on the books. Ruling 8 to 0 in a case involving a California "cannabis cooperative" that supplied the drug to patients suffering from cancer, AIDS and other illnesses, the court said federal anti-drug law allows no "medical necessity" exception to the general prohibition on selling or growing marijuana....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Educating Rita Raises Serious Issues

- 'Educating Rita' Raises Serious Issues 'Educating Rita' was voted best comedy of the year when performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1980 and by 1983 it had risen to be the fourth most popular play on the British stage. Russell uses humour as a tool to engage and entertain his audience whilst at the same time dealing with serious topics. Without the humour, the play would be less accessible and would probably have reached a much more limited and elitist audience. The play is naturalistic with a fixed and simple staging, which firmly reflects the real world....   [tags: Educating Rita Essays]

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Life and the Death Penalty

- Life and the Death Penalty Does the death penalty support the value of life. The death penalty has been utilized as a form of punishment for serious crimes since there was a division of people on social levels. According to the National Library of Crime in the article “Origins of Capital Punishment”, there are records that indicate its existence as early as 1760 BC. (1) During this time, the methods that carried out the death penalty included hanging, beheading, and being crushed by an elephant....   [tags: serious crimes, punishment, morals]

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Sports Nutrition: Improving Performance

- Serious athletes push their limits to become stronger and faster. A key feature of physical activity is that it increases the rate of energy use, causing athletes to have a greater need for energy nutrients (carbohydrate, protein, and fat) (Bernardot, 2006). The practice of sports nutrition has evolved over the years and has become increasingly complex. At one time, the focus was on achieving a high protein intake, especially animal protein. This idea is attractive since it is easy to believe that a high intake of protein will support the building and repair of muscle proteins....   [tags: serious athletes, adequate intake]

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Botulism, the Deadly Toxin

- Botulism is a rare but very serious paralytic illness that is caused by the botulinum toxin that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. C. botulinum is a gram positive, anaerobic, spore forming bacterium that is naturally occurring in soil. Botulism dates back to the eighteenth century when the first food borne botulism was documented. During this time many people were doing home fermented sausages and this was thought to be the cause of botulism. This is how the toxin got its name since “Botulism” in Latin comes from “botulus” which means sausage....   [tags: serious paralytic illness]

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Serious Humor in To His Importunate Mistress, by Peter de Vries

- There are two sides to every story. Where one might see love and passion another sees burden and indifference. Such is the case with Peter de Vries “To His Importunate Mistress”, a comedic parody of the 17th century work by Andrew Marvell, “To His Coy Mistress”. Peter de Vries uses satire and rhyme as a way to present a humorous approach to the reality and consequence of a modern day extra-marital affair. While poetry is a literary art that takes on many somber subjects, some feel that humor and profound thought reside on opposite ends of the spectrum....   [tags: Poetry, Satire, Alternate Versions]

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Gun Crimes Cause Serious Harm to Children by Christine Watkins

- Many people in America are coming to the realization that gun violence is beginning to have a dramatic affect on teenagers. Christine Watkins, the author of, “Gun Crimes Cause Serious Harm to Children” Gives much evidence on why she believes more gun control, or even removing all firearms from homes will be the solution to this crisis. She tells readers that teenagers from urban areas have the greatest risk of being involved in some kind of gun crime. With her estimate of over 280 million gun in America, she believes firearms are too readily available and teenagers are accessing them with little to no trouble, legally, or illegally....   [tags: gun violence, teenagers, gun control]

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The Fastest Growing Problem in the World: Overpopulation

- ... Another problem with over population may also threaten people’s health. We can easily see that with a crowded nation it is hard to maintain a health care system that can take care of all people. Also, the low income of each large family isn’t enough to afford a nutritious diet and treat disease when they are acquired The environmental pollution makes people vulnerable to get illness, the most popular diseases are cancer and infective diseases. Another problem with over population is that it forces countries to speed up the exploitation of natural resources that causes the exhaustion and the unbalance of the nature....   [tags: serious condition, population control, china]

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Much Ado About Nothing is a Comedy with Serious Incidents

- "This play we must call a comedy, tho' some of the incidents and discourses are more in a tragic strain; and that of the accusation of Hero is too shocking for either tragedy or comedy" (Charles Gildon 1714) How far do you accept this comment about the play's events and language. "Much Ado About Nothing" is a play categorised as a comedy, and written by the dramatist William Shakespeare. A comic play is usually accepted to be a light-hearted play with a happy conclusion. A play classed as a tragedy is serious and sad, usually ending with the death of the main character....   [tags: Much Ado About Nothing Essays]

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Free College Essays - The Tragic and Serious Othello

- Othello   Tragic and Serious Othello, a play by William Shakespeare, takes place in Venice during the invasion of the island of Cyprus by the Turks. The protagonist of the story, Othello, is a newlywed, Moorish general with a very gullible nature. The antagonist of the story is Iago, an officer under Othello who wishes to be promoted to lieutenant, but the position was given to the young and attractive Cassio. Other major characters in the play are Desdemona, Othello's wife who is accused of having an affair with Cassio....   [tags: GCSE Coursework Shakespeare Othello]

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Violence Against Women In India

- Violence against women is not a problem of today; it is rooted decades before. It is present all over the world .The condition is getting worse day by day. It is crossing all the borders and races. Violence against women is a very serious and sensitive issue as it is one of the most pervasive of human rights violation denying fundamental rights to almost half of population (females and girls).Domestic violence is much more drastic than violence outside because home is a place where individual seeks love, security, safety and shelter but we can’t deny the fact that it is also a place that imperils lives....   [tags: serious sensitive issue, current events]

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What is drama? The Collins dictionary describes drama as a serious

- What is drama. The Collins dictionary describes drama as a serious play for theatre, television or radio. Introduction ============ What is drama. The Collins dictionary describes drama as a serious play for theatre, television or radio. Drama is enjoyed today as much if not more than in when it was invented. Everyone around the world in some time in their lives has relied on drama to bring pleasure, fear and entertainment. Millions of people have become famous and have earned their living through bringing drama to the public through the silver screen and through the small screen....   [tags: Drama]

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To What Extent is Inflation a serious Economic Problem

- To What Extent is Inflation a serious Economic Problem ====================================================== Before considering whether Inflation has serious Economic Problems, we have to get to grasp what it exactly is. Inflation is defined as a sustained general rise in prices in the Economy. Obviously the government can't measure every single price change for every single good in the economy, so therefore they take a basket of goods and by using a price index measure a change in it. The basket of good has a representative range of goods and services and it needs to be recorded at a regular basis, to measure how inflation is changing....   [tags: Economics]

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Bisphenol A in polycarbonate is not a Serious Hazard to Human Health

- Is the Bisphenol A in polycarbonate a serious hazard to human health. Abstract: Polycarbonate, which is a polymer plastic, is found in many bottles and food packaging around the world. However, because Bisphenol A is used in the processing of it, there is a potential danger to humans. Bisphenol A is a molecule that is a hormone inhibitor and also mirrors the function of estrogen. Although the EPA has released a safe level for Bisphenol A ingestion, recent research has shown that those levels may not be safe for humans....   [tags: Biology Medical Health Food]

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Environmental Hormone Mimics and Their Serious Health Threats

- Environmental Hormone Mimics and Their Serious Health Threats Chemicals affecting human health have been a problem for the past years and have still been a growing problem for our society. Issue 10 is concerned about this problem. It is pointing out the major harms and the reasons for this problem. First, it is talking about the argument that is against these chemicals. After this, an argument that says these specific chemicals do not necessarily have an affect in human health is discussed....   [tags: Papers]

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Noise Pollution: Practical Solutions to a Serious Problem

-   Noise Pollution:   Practical Solutions to a Serious Problem             Noise pollution is a growing concern for most Americans.  It is a problem because many city, suburban, and rural areas are affected.  Noise creeps into our cars, our homes, and schools and disrupts everything.  Noise pollution is a more harmful pollutant than most think.  Medical evidence proves that noise can have detrimental physical and psychological effects upon a person.  It is a danger to one's mental health, it interrupts the learning development of children, and it hinders sleep....   [tags: Health Wellness]

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Conquering Mental Illness Depression

- ... They discussed much information as we drove, but many insignificant topics began to cause my dad to become angry and upset, as he was experiencing extreme anxiety and stress due to our financial situation added onto many other issues at the time. All I remember was the yelling as my dad argued over little, insignificant things that were absolutely irrational. This was the moment I truly realised the that drugs, which were supposed to help my dad’s depression, were causing severe issues that at some times seemed to outweigh the benefits....   [tags: serious issue, doctors, drugs, medicine]

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What is Heart Failure?

- 1 INTRODUCTION Heart is the basic part of the body. Heart-failure is a serious medical situation in which this master organ doesn’t operate properly. The malfunctioning of the heart may impact the whole body organs since it is affiliated to all the body parts through its arteries and veins. One of the most dangerous and insidious heart diseases is the heart attack. It can be delineated as a chest pain aligned with a constriction in the coronary vessels which is called atherosclerosis. The two main indicators for heart attack that have been focused on in this work are the type of chest pain and the coronary vessels clogging rate....   [tags: serious medical situation, organ, operation]

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Labeling Obesity in Society

- A commercial comes on the television, advertising salty fries and greasy hamburgers. The man watching the commercial starts to get hungry. “That looks so good.” He thinks as the commercial shows a well-muscled man biting into the juicy sandwich. The man watching the commercial looks down on himself, and then back at the well fit man on the TV, who now has a satisfied look on his face as he chews the burger. The man sitting on the couch is no longer hungry. Hopelessness now fills him. He is a big man, who has tried many things to lose weight....   [tags: Serious Health Problems, Epidemic, Obesity]

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Childhood Obesity: An Epidemic

- ... One way to get kids off the couch and get them moving is by planning family outings. “On weekends, go for a hike or bike ride together at any of the local parks or walking paths. Families can go to places with lots of outdoor activities for vacation” (Marshall). There are so many types of exercise that can be done such as walking, running, dancing, jumping rope, biking, skating, swimming, playing basketball and soccer, even climbing stairs works. Parents can also sign their children up for a sports team, experiment with soccer, swimming, karate, basketball, tennis, etc....   [tags: unhealthy lifestyle, serious problem in the US]

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Why did the Nazis Never Face the Threat of Serious Rebellion on a National Scale in Germany Between 1933 and 1945?

- ... Although the disunity within and between opposition is a key reason for the destruction of the German Communists. The terror and oppression delivered by the Nazis to their opposition was extensive and took many forms; at the beginning of the regime there were purges to remove any opposition. In these months the Nazis purged everything to do with opposition from destroying paramilitary wings like the Red Front Fighters League and all trade union organisations were wiped out. The trade unions had their assets taken and were disbanded by 2 May 1933....   [tags: Gestapo, fear and terror]

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Drunk Driving is Not a Serious Offense

- Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) has become an issue of national concern, a both state and federal levels (2Githens and Sloan 403). Hearty fines, jail time and a revoking of the convict’s license follow most DUI offenses. DUI penalties need to be decreased and cause of conviction needs to be addressed, because people who are not criminals are going to jail, and enduring insurance fees even though these punishments have been shown to not decrease drinking and driving. Officers are given too much discretion to choose who get convicted, and who doesn’t, being convicted of a DUI can be life changing and should not be taken lightly....   [tags: Reduce DUI Penalties]

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The Serious Effects of Cyber Bullying

- Cyber Bullying Cyber bullying is the bullying of someone over Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Cyber bullying began when social media came around. Bullying often occurs in people who don’t know how to control their emotions. They feel powerless which is why they resort to cyber bullying. By resorting to cyber bullying kids feel power over people, which makes them feel good about themselves. Most kids that are cyber bullied act out in school or at home and cause problems. Teenagers often resort to cyber bullying because they are trying to figure out who they are....   [tags: depression, abuse, suicide]

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racial inequality

- Some people define race as if it is something solid or concrete, but what they don’t see is that it is a “social fabrication”(Mathew Desmond, Mustafa Emibayer,2009;2). Race is based on the difference in physical appearance which is determined, for example, by the most apparent trait; skin color. Inequality emerges when people living, whether on the same sovereign terrain or across continents, are not treated with the same amount of respect and not given the chance to engage their rights in a free and fair manner....   [tags: Social Fabrication, Serious Poverty]

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Cyber-Crime is a Serious Problem

- Millions of people around the world use computers and the internet every day. We all use it in school, work even at home, computers have made us life easier, it has brought so many benefits to the society but it has also brought some problems and cybercrimes is one of them. “The times have really changed,” said Greg Garcia, the department’s assistant secretary for cyber security and communications. “We’re seeing now phishing, farming, botnets … war dialing and domain server spoofing. And we’re seeing coordinated cyber-attacks against nation states.” (Fowler 5) Cybercrime is one of the most prevalent and most popular rising crimes being committed today....   [tags: Crime Essays]

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How Serious is Global Warming?

- Are Scientists exaggerating the facts of global warming. Will the planet eventually balance itself out. The facts can tell us. Over the past 50 years or so and even in recent years the global warming epidemic has been literally forced down our throats. Scientists have stated that the products we use, the pollution we have made through industrial means, littering, and the cars we drive have created these holes in the ozone layer which is formed naturally through the interaction of solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation with molecular oxygen (O2)....   [tags: Environmental Issues, Climate Change, Greenhouse]

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Comic and Serious Aspects in Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

- Comic and Serious Aspects in Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare In Much Ado About Nothing there are many intersecting deceptions between the main plot and the sub plot. For example, there is the deception of Claudio and Don Pedro by Don John which at first seems separate from the comical deception of Benedick by the male tricksters until Act 4, Scene 1 where the consequences of the comical deception turn serious. Each type of deception gives a lighter or graver aspect to the play, whether it is from the characters reactions or from who is doing the deceiving....   [tags: Papers]

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The Serious Psychiatric Illness of Schizophrenia and Its Effects on a Person's Everyday Life

- The Serious Psychiatric Illness of Schizophrenia and Its Effects on a Person's Everyday Life Schizophrenia is one of the most common serious psychiatric illnesses. It affects one percent of the general population. This is a socially and financially devastating disease that robs people of their most productive years of life. Schizophrenia still continues to be one of the most complex, puzzling and disabling of the major mental illnesses. Most symptoms develop in men around the age of sixteen and twenty-five years old, and around twenty-five to thirty years old in women....   [tags: Papers]

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Serious Errors within Rene Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy

- Serious Errors within Rene Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy One of Rene Descartes’ major culminations in Meditations on First Philosophy is “I must finally conclude that this proposition, I am, I exist, is necessarily true whenever it is put forward by me or conceived in my mind” (Descartes:17). This statement can be explicated by examining Descartes’ Cartesian method of doubt and his subsequent discovery of basic truths. Even though I do believe that Descartes concludes with a statement that is accurate: cogito ergo sum, there are areas of his proof that are susceptible to defamation....   [tags: Philosophy Religion Essays]

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Obesity Rates in Adolescents

- Obesity rates in adolescents are on the rise and this poses a serious health issue and a need for proper nutrition. When a child does not receive proper nutrition, they face not only obesity, but are at risk for other disease as well. Busy guardian’s with bad eating habits also affect how the child will then choose to eat. Families with financial restraints often have less access to healthy foods and when they do,more often than not they are too expensive for the family. Finally, the rise in marketing unhealthy foods to adolescents is a major factor in how children from what they want to consume....   [tags: Serious Health Issues, Proper Nutrition, Health]

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Does School Have to Be so Serious?

- In the process of creating my own High School I would look at how the students are learning. From personal experience of going to a normal public school, I know that sitting in a classroom all day long did nothing. It kept me uninterested and not wanting to learn. Some students like that setting. Personally I don’t. In my school I would make it an environment that the students could choose what learning techniques they like best. I would make it a fun environment for students to learn while also making sure the students stay on track....   [tags: my utopian school idea]

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Child’s Play is Serious Business

- “For young children, there is no distinction between play and learning; they are one and the same. Playing is a priority in early childhood, yet not all play is the same” (Butler, 2008, p. 1). Since the beginning of mankind children have imitated adults and learned to survive through play. Evidence of this includes toys and board games from 6,000 years ago that have been found in Egypt and Asia (Dollinger, 2000). In the last two centuries, child’s play has been observed and studied by theorists and recognized as an important tool for adult life....   [tags: Child Development ]

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Exploring Why the Cold War in Europe and Asia got More Serious Between 1960 and 1964

- Exploring Why the Cold War in Europe and Asia got More Serious Between 1960 and 1964 Introduction The term "Cold War" is broadly described as a state of permanent hostility between two powers which never erupts into armed confrontation or "hot war". Current historiography recognises the term "Cold War" as the conflict between the United States of America and Union of Soviet Union from 1945 until 1989. The Cold War is based on political and economic issues between sides. The Cold War was exacerbated by propaganda, covert activity by intelligence agencies and economic sanctions....   [tags: Papers]

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