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Effects Of A Custodial Sentence On Women

- Not only is prison ineffective in preventing reoffending in women and is expensive, it can be extremely damaging to the female’s well-being and their families. The effect that a custodial sentence has on women is arguably far worse than for men. Women are often not prepared or equipped for their life following their prison sentence; due to the fact that women are more likely to be lone parents before prison (Social Exclusion Unit, 2002), are more likely to leave prison homeless and unemployed (Wedderburn, 2000), and are more likely to lose access of their children whilst serving their sentence (Corston, 2007)....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Punishment, Sentence]

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My Writing A Compound And Complex Sentence

- I learned those vocabularies by understanding the whole sentence that includes this vocabulary first, and then I looked up for it in a dictionary to understand the exact meaning. Also, I looked for pictures which would make this new word stick in my brain. Furthermore, I tried to use that new word in my life and practice its spelling many times. Actually, some of them I didn’t need to practice their spelling because they are easy to remember, but the most important thing for me is to use them in my life....   [tags: Word, Sentence, Phrase, Goal]

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The Sentence

- As a judge dealing with a sentence for an individual that has been convicted of stealing others’ identity for monetary gain, specific information would be needed before a sentence could be imposed. The information needed would be as follows: How many people did he steal identities from. How was he or she planning to obtain money from the stolen identities. How did he or she steal the identities. Specifically, was it stolen from peoples’ garbage. Or was the identity stolen from a place that the person worked....   [tags: Retribution Incapacitation Deterrence]

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Pro Life Sentence Vs. Pro Death Sentence

- ... However, if my findings support my thesis, I do believe it will be hard to ignore the fact our tax dollars are being squandered immensely on a broken system that does nothing to help correct behaviors that got individuals there in the first place. In order to make a well-based argument I will research the costs associated with prison to determine the exact cost per person per year. From there I will (or could) go in two directions. First, I will apply these monetary findings to the individual cases from the documentary....   [tags: Prison, Murder, Capital punishment, Penology]

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Rape and Extending the Sentence for Rape

- Rape is a crime that is committed when someone is forced to have sexual intercourse through physical force or duress. “683,000 rapes occur every year” (CVS) and the national average for people accused of rape is eight years in a federal prison. Rape is a serious crime as well as other crimes but rape is considered to be a more serious and heinous crime along with murder etc. There are also different phases of rape that the victim may go through depending on how they handle it. Eight years in prison is not a good amount of time for someone to serve for what they did, all of the things that involve the process of rape should be incorporated into the sentence: force, against someone’s will, and...   [tags: crime, force, trauma, victim, jail, health]

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The Death Penalty Should Not Be Sentence

- ... Children under the age of 19 are not able to under that their behaviors could cause them to have a long term punishment because their minds have not developed enough to understand and retain information. Unlike adults, who maturity is higher than an adolescent because their minds are fully developed, meaning they are less like to make a decision off of impulse. In a recent study, held by Harvard Medical School, University of California at Los Angeles, and other surrounding school, they focused their research on analysis ing the implications and development of a person brain from childhood to adulthood (Arline, May 2005)....   [tags: Crime, Miscarriage of justice, Prison]

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The Death Penalty Is The Sentence Of Execution

- A death penalty is the sentence of execution for murder and some other capital crimes. Capital punishment can also be applied for treason, espionage, and other crimes. The death penalty, or capital punishment, may be prescribed by Congress or any state legislature for murder and other capital crimes. The Supreme Court has ruled that the death penalty is not a per se violation of the Eighth Amendment 's ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Death Penalty History The first established death penalty laws date as far back as the Eighteenth Century B.C....   [tags: Capital punishment, Lethal injection]

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The Death Penalty Is The Sentence Of Execution

- The death penalty is the sentence of execution for murder and some other capital crimes. The death penalty, or capital punishment, may be prescribed by Congress or any state legislature for murder and other capital crimes. The Supreme Court has ruled that the death penalty is not a per se violation of the Eighth Amendment 's ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Death Penalty History The first established death penalty laws date as far back as the Eighteenth Century B.C. in the Code of King Hammaurabi of Babylon....   [tags: Capital punishment, Lethal injection, Prison]

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The Moral Dilemma of the Death Sentence

- There are many instances where a person is executed wrongfully, if this is the case, why do it at all. If a loved one is murdered, and their murderer was sentenced to death, if given the opportunity, would you spare them their life. I believe if you chose not to spare a human life, you chose wrong; I plan on arguing why this is morally wrong, and how it could be resolved. Let’s analyze a scenario, a woman’s husband was murdered, she is certain that he is guilty of it because he confessed to the murder on the day he was going to be executed....   [tags: Capital Punishment, Justice System]

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The First Sentence Of The Chapter Whites

- The first sentence of the chapter “Whites” explains the relationship between different ethnic groups and the Caucasian. Otsuka phrases the relationship by stating, “We settled on the edges of their towns, when they would let us” (Otsuka, 2011, p. 23). This sentence explains a strong sense of discrimination even before World War II; such as, hanging signs expressing great detest toward the Japanese living in their counties. This made the women experience moving from one farm to the next picking different vegetables and fruits that belong to ‘them’ until the whites didn’t need them anymore, then they were forced to move on until they find somewhere new they were needed by them....   [tags: Japan, Japanese people, Japanese language]

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Juvenile Sentence As A Social Issue

- ... This issue has drawn the attention of many American, and there is a concern about the number of youths who will be facing judicial system if the issue continues growing. According to studies, a big number of the children who are tried in the judicial system with serious crimes are sentenced to life without considering their age. These children are imprisoned without the possibility of parole for offences or crimes they committed while they were under eighteen years of age. There is also a big of juveniles serving their term for homicide offences....   [tags: Prison, Life imprisonment, Murder]

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Life Comes With A Death Sentence

- ... Catholics believe that death is the “Entrance into eternity” (Guidelines for Funerals and Burials in the Catholic Church, 2012). For this reason, burial is the most recommended form to retain the body. However, if the deceased has said that they wish to, or their family has, it is not prohibited, unless it is for reasons that are contrary to the Christian teaching. It is the priest’s job to make sure that these reasons are valid and that there is satisfactory storage of the remains, whether it be buried or cremated....   [tags: Funeral, Burial, Funeral home, Death customs]

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Juveniles: Banning the Death Sentence

- As parents the worst news we can imagine is harm coming to our children, but having a child face a death sentence is completely tragic. You think of the life they could have, you ask yourself where you went wrong. You put yourself in the shoes of the family your child has hurt and how they were denied of a normal life. Sufficed to say when a child is on death row their actions hurt all involved. While many oppose capital punishment, we need to look at why we should ban it for juveniles who commit capital offences....   [tags: Criminal Justice ]

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Mandatory Sentence : Mandatory Sentencing

- Mandatory Sentence Mandatory sentencing refers to the practice of parliament setting a fixed penalty for the commission of a criminal offence. Mandatory sentencing was mainly introduced in Australia to: prevent crime, to incapacitate the offenders, to deter offenders so they don’t offend again, to create a stronger retribution and to eliminate inconsistency. There is a firm belief that the imposition of Mandatory sentencing for an offence will have a deterrent effect on the individual and will send a forcible message to the offenders....   [tags: Mandatory sentencing, Crime, Judicial discretion]

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Outline Of A Sentence Outline

- Instructions   For this assignment. you are to write a sentence outline for the comparison and contrast essay. You should follow the outline form used for the classification essay except your outline should include A 's , B 's, and C 's.  The topic sentences or each paragraph should be written by the Roman numerals. The A 's, B 's, C 's are used for examples. Sample outline: Crack Addicted Neighbor Next-door Thesis Statement:_My relapsed crack addicted neighbor have no respect despite her wants.___________ I....   [tags: Addiction, Drug addiction, Cocaine]

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A Thirty Day Sentence

- A former fifty-four year old high school teacher was released after a thirty-day rape sentence. Stacey Rambold was accused of raping his high school student, fourteen-year old Cherice Moralez in 2007. The term rape does not have a solid definition, but it can vary based on the laws each state has. Rape in my own words can be defined as a sexual act done to another person forcibly or without their consent. Usually in rape cases the male is the rapist and the female is the victim. Rape is considered a reproductive health issue because it affects females or males physically, emotionally, and or mentally....   [tags: Stacey Rambold, rape cases]

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Death Sentence

- Capital Punishment, killing a criminal through a lawful process, is one of the most highly debatable subjects in the world. Execution can be done in any of the following ways, beheading, electric chair, firing squads, guillotines, hanging, lethal injection, poison gas, crucifixion and stoning. The most popular form used in the United States of America is lethal injection. Some may argue that this is the most civil way of killing the criminal, but others would argue that the death penalty is not civil at all whatsoever....   [tags: Capital Punishment]

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Sentence Skill Development

- Learning Team Assignment Sentence Skill Development Listed below are the seven basic parts of speech accompanied with a description of its use and how they are commonly misused. The list is as follows: NOUN - A person, place or thing. A noun can be misused when using a plural form of the word, such as mouse and mice. Some nouns do not become plural by simply adding (s) or (es). PRONOUN – Replaces a noun in a sentence. A common misuse is when the pronoun and verb do not agree. Incorrect: They rides the bus....   [tags: Language]

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HIV/AIDS Is No Longer a Death Sentence

- I am positive; the simplest statement suddenly carries a huge weight when the words HIV or AIDS are followed right after. In the 1980’s HIV meant AIDS and AIDS meant a rapid and awful death. Death always seemed to be the end result in a world where we did not understand the disease that seemed to come from nowhere but was killing at an expedited rate. Thirty plus years later there is still no cure but there is now hope. Having HIV or AIDS is no longer an immediate death sentence. People infected with the virus can live a long and relatively normal life (2)....   [tags: Disease/Disorders]

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SAT-Level Sentence-Completion Questions

- Sentence Completion using Natural Language Processing Techniques The primary goal of this project is to automatically answer SAT/GRE style sentence completion questions. For this we have to build a model that will deal with semantic coherence on a sentence level. Initially, we start out by applying Natural Language Processing Techniques on simple sentences. Later, we will see how these Natural Language Processing Techniques scale to complex analogy-based sentences. [Sample sentences are listed in dataset section] This project will be done as a two-member team - 1) Sai Chaitanya Mallampati [109597269] 2) Paavan Kumar Sirigiri [109596437] In the research paper {\bf ``Computational Ap...   [tags: language, semantic, techniques]

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Reintroducing the Death Sentence in Britain

- Reintroducing the Death Sentence in Britain The death sentence is given to people who have committed murder of any kind. It has been around for hundreds of years and has been used in many different ways. It was abolished in Britain a long time ago. This essay will look at the question 'should Britain reintroduce the death sentence?' It will contain my own comments and arguments for and against bringing back the death penalty. The death sentence can be used as to deter potential murderers from committing murder....   [tags: Papers]

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Requirements For An Apophantic Sentence

- Logic, as it appears in its everyday form, seems to stand on its own, without any requirements to needed to justify its existence. However, it is commonly overlooked that "logic is the science and means of clear . . . communication." Consequently, many sentences are regarded as logical, which in reality are illogical. It can therefore be found that the language used to communicate this logic must be carefully constructed using a certain format in order to form a logical statement. The requirements in such a sentence include a subject, the verb "to be", a predicate containing information that is relevant to the subject by means of the verb "to be", an adjective,...   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Garden-Path Model as a Method of Sentence Processing

- Fraizer and Rayner (1982) put forward the garden-path model as a method of sentence processing, used when encountering ambiguous sentences. The model states that when a reader or listener comes across an ambiguous sentence only one syntactical structure is primarily considered. When reaching a key point in the sentence, if the meaning attributed does not work, we must backtrack and rebuild the structure of the sentence. After reparsing the sentence we can then arrive at the right explanation of the sentence (Harley, 2008)....   [tags: Language ]

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Teaching Conditional Sentence to Foreign Language Learners

- 1. Introduction Grammar and Vocabulary are the two foundations of English language and they affect each other individually. Therefore, both of them should be emphasize in English language teaching. According to Greenbaum and Nelson (2002), Grammar refers to the set of rules that allow people to combine words in language into larger units. Mastering grammar well will contribute greatly to reading, writing and speaking. In grammar leaning, the student’s attitude matters. Meanwhile, the teaching methods are also the key factor for students to master well....   [tags: Grammar&Vocabulary, Educational Technique]

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Reasons for Edward Koch's Promotion of the Death Sentence

- Since 1976 over 1350 people have been executed in the United States (Facts about the Death Penalty). In 1985 Edward Koch published an article on the New Republic discussing the death penalty. Serving 22 years in public service as a district leader, councilman, congressman, and mayor, Edward Koch has heard all the pros and cons of the death penalty (4). With that knowledge and experience Mr. Koch begins discussing, as well as promoting the death penalty. The arguments used against the death penalty range from religious concerns such as “Thou shalt not kill” (12), to more in-depth government related attacks like the death penalty being used as a state sanctioned murder....   [tags: punishment, murder, ignorance]

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A Fair and Just Sentence

- A Fair and Just Sentence Both detectives held a gun, but neither of them could shoot at Richards. The gunman was hiding closely behind his hostage and exposing little of his body to them. Smith knew he couldn't risk a shot. There were too many people in the tavern, and most of them were behind Richards. He might hit one of them if he missed the gunman. And he probably would miss. The target being offered to him was much too small. Smith glanced at his partner, Mary Scott. She was a very good shot....   [tags: Creative Writing Crime Violence Essays]

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Why Do Not Indent The First Sentence Of The Abstract

- ... The purpose of this exercise is for you to a word-processing software to set-up the format of APA style for your future written projects. You must make every effort to learn the style correctly the first time. Remember letters used as statistical symbols or algebraic variables are presented in italics, as are foreign words like ergo and vis-à-vis. Methods Participants and setting The empirical study conducted consisted of 53 male and female students from Rutgers University; all students were enrolled in an Experimental Psychology class....   [tags: Typography, Citation, The Chicago Manual of Style]

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Pre-sentence Reports

- While looking at research done in Scotland and Canada, Pre-sentence reports (PSR), which are noted as Social Enquiry Reports within Scotland, are considered to be a key and influential aspect within their Criminal Justice System and the decision process on the subject of sentencing a custodial or non-custodial sentencing. While the idea of PSR’s are simple, to provide the court with personal information about the offender, such as circumstances that proved to be such a challenge, that he or she had abnormally excelled and expressed the ability to change for the better, and or have demonstrated that they have had a faulty character that could proveproves that a harsher sentencing is appropria...   [tags: Criminal Justice, Reintregation Into Society]

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Should The Mandatory Life Sentence For Those Guilty Of A Mercy Killing?

- If we are still to attach a degree of culpability to those guilty of a ‘mercy killing’ then perhaps the best approach to follow is that currently undertaken in New Zealand. Here, there is a relaxation of the mandatory life sentence for those guilty of a ‘mercy killing’. As established in the Sentencing Act 2002 ‘An offender who is convicted of murder must be sentenced to imprisonment for life unless, given the circumstances of the offence and the offender, a sentence of imprisonment for life would be manifestly unjust’ ....   [tags: Murder, Life imprisonment, Criminal law]

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The Opening Sentence of Crane’s The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

- Movies and books, about tales of the Old West, are still popular today. Western fiction is a genre of literature set in the American Old West frontier and typically set from the late eighteenth to the late nineteenth century. Stephen Crane's "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky" depicts the influence of the East on the West. It is interesting to note that the general concept and the dominant theme of the story can be summarized in the very first sentence, which provides the general framework for the whole story....   [tags: literary analysis, influence of East on West]

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The Man Who Overcame his Death Sentence. Earvin Magic Johnson

- The Man Who Overcame His Death Sentence Earvin “Magic” Johnson did not earn his nickname of “Magic” for nothing. In 13 season playing for the Los Angeles Lakers he averaged a career double-double with 19.5 points and 11.2 assists per season (The Announcement). This led his team to many championships and put Magic in talks as one of the greatest point guards of all-time. Sadly this career was cut short by a terrible disease that developed in the 1980’s called HIV. This has now made him an advocate for HIV awareness and also pushed him to form organizations to help find a cure for the HIV virus....   [tags: famous sports figures HIV positive]

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Good Vs. Evil - Analytical Sentence Outline

- Theme: Good and Evil Create a SocietyParagraph 1:CENTRAL IDEA: Conflicts heavily arise between the two topics of good and evil. THESIS SENTENCE: Through common stories good and evil are portrayed through both protagonist and antagonist view, creating morals and opinions, and how societies views have changed over time. Paragraph 2:TOPIC SENTENCE: Common stories portray good and evil through both a protagonist and antagonist view.Paragraph 3: TOPIC SENTENCE: Significant morals and opinions are shown in stories made up of good and evil.Paragraph 4: TOPIC SENTENCE: Societies views have changes over time by the reality brought out in good and evil.Paragraph 5: CONCLUSION: Good and evil represent...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Improvements to the Justice System in Native American Reservations

- The justice system of a society is the reflection of a society’s values and a flawed system is indicative of an unsafe society, a result that can be seen in Native American reservations (Identification of Controversy) (Lead). The justice system in Native American reservations should be improved by increasing the number of prosecuted crimes, increasing the severity of prison sentences by tribal courts, and by promoting the Violence Against Women Act (Thesis). The Justice Department declines too many serious crime cases, such as sexual abuse cases, to improve the statistics of crime in Native American Reservations (Topic Sentence)....   [tags: crime, prosecute, sentence]

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Investigating The Ability Of A Controlled Variable

- ... There were six experimental conditions. Each child received three trials on every one condition. The video clips showed nine transitive and nine intransitive events. The study took place in the children 's preschool classroom. The experimenter asked the child if they wanted to watch video. The child and the experimenter watched the video. After the video ended, the child and the researcher played with toys. Then the experimenter asked the child if they wanted to watch the video clips for a second time, but this time they told the child they were going to ask questions about the clips....   [tags: Question, Sentence, Subject, Grammar]

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Analysis : ' The Sat '

- ... Pg1, P3, L9 - I feel as though a more effective transition would be “because there is only a 10%” rather than “while there is” because the low correlation supports your claim (rather than qualifying it) that one’s SAT scores are a poor predictor of future success. Pg2, P2, L1 - Another grammatical nitpicking here: “biased” rather than “bias” is necessary because “biased” is the verb form. Pg2, P2, L8-10 - I recommend rewording parts of this phrase (“This reflects...opportunities”) because the wording of “greater opportunity” is repeated twice within the same sentence....   [tags: Grammar, Word, Phrase, Sentence]

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A Look at the Conflicts of the Juvinile Court System in “No Matter How Loud I Shout” by Edward Humes

- ... The adult court transfers are not the most effective way to reduce more juvenile crimes, although for extreme delinquents I think it is the best way to sentence them. The transfers do not do anything to prevent more crime; they just reduce some of the workload of the overloaded juvenile system. Ronald Duncan is one prime example of the failings of the juvenile court. It is the one case written about in the book, that the juvenile system has virtually no chance of saving the juvenile from further crime....   [tags: sentence, rehabilitation, remorse]

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Analysis Of Stephen Crane 's ' Clockwork Angel '

- ... Rather than starting out with the word “evenings,” it is more common to start off with the prepositional phrase, “during the week.” While this removes the clarification of the character taking her out during evenings, this can be remedied by using evening as an adjective in front of plays. This way, the overall meaning of the line is retained, but the sentence structure is more typical of current language practices. There are other instances throughout the work that could benefit from similarly small syntax changes....   [tags: Word, Phrase, Sentence]

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Semantic Choices a Writer Makes in the Construction of Meaning

- Introduction This paper aims to discuss the semantic choices that a writer makes in the construction of meaning to make sense of the text at morphology level, lexical level, sentence level as well as discourse level. Meanwhile, it would demonstrate how to share information between readers and writer at discourse level in the act of communication which implicated the teaching method in English classes. To fulfill this purpose, this paper is consisted in the following sections: morphology level analysis, lexical level analysis, semantic level analysis, discourse level analysis, implications for teaching and conclusion....   [tags: morphology, lexical and sentence levels]

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Investigating The Ability Of An Study

- ... Fifty four monolingual German children were selected to participate in this study.There were eighteen two year olds ( eight boys and ten girls) , eighteen three year olds ( ten boys and eight girls), and eighteen four year olds ( seven boys and eleven girls). B. What were the subjects asked to do. The participants were asked an argument-focused question, a predicate focused question, and a sentence-focused question while watching a clip. The subjects were asked to C. How was the study performed....   [tags: Sentence, Question, Answer, Subject]

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I Performed A Miscue Analysis For Student Students

- ... Since she is able to recognize and self-correct without affecting the meaning of the text it will help her as she reads more challenging text. As she continues to come across new material and harder text, Student A will be able to use this strength to successfully read text without getting discouraged. She knows how to monitor well since she would stop, reread, and figure out sections of the text that may not have sounded correct. This strength will be an asset to Student A as she continues to build her knowledge and become a successful reader....   [tags: Question, Sentence, Reading, Reading]

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Comparing Life Inside A Prison And Life On The Outside Of Prison

- ... Felons and convicts that are considered labeled as a felon or convict can make the outside of prison life extremely difficult. Being charged with crimes such as murder, retail theft, assault, and even driving under the influence can have a major effect on a person’s outside life after prison. Nobody wants to face the fact but ex-convicts will be labeled as just that an ex-convict. Being judged off of mistakes you make that you serve a prison sentence for can cost you your entire future. Despite the fact that things inside and outside of prison are similar the differences distinguish on being told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it....   [tags: Prison, Convict, Crime, Sentence]

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The Crimes and Trial of Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsy

- ... Hawke-Petit and killing the daughters, who died of smoke inhalation. Mr. Komisarjevsy was held accountable for his crimes against the Petit family in a separate trial. He was convicted of the killings and a slew of other crimes, including sexually assaulting the 11-year-old and taking indecent pictures of her on his cellphone. Although the two men faced two different trials, and juries, both men were sentenced to death. Komisarjevsy’s lawyers were adamant about changing his sentence due to his past....   [tags: murder, damaged, sentence]

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Integration Is A Form Of Adapting Back From A Unified State

- ... There are barriers they face after getting out of prison some of the most important ones are housing, education, employment, and voting. (College, 2015) There is also the worry after being released from prison and not being able to stay out of the system. Bureau of Justice Statistics studies have found high rates of recidivism among released prisoners. One study tracked 404,638 prisoners in 30 states after their release from prison in 2005. The researchers found that: Within three years of release, about two-thirds (67.8 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Sentence, Criminology]

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Capital Punishment: California's Financial Burden and Legal Nightmare

- Capital Punishment in the state of California represents the ideals of justice in no way which can justify the great financial and legal burden required to maintain a system that has not actually put any person to death since 2006. It is somewhat of a mystery why California voters allow the process to continue despite having opportunities on fairly recent ballots to discontinue the practice. The current implementation of capital punishment in the state of California spends large amounts of money on the many legal proceedings and processes, while carrying out so few executions of death row prisoners that some would label California as a “De-facto prohibition” state regarding it's practices o...   [tags: inneficient, ineffective, death sentence]

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Sins inThe Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

- “Be true. Be true. Be true. Show freely to the world, if not your worst, yet some trait whereby the worst may be inferred” (Hawthorne). As this sentence is read in the The Scarlet Letter, the reader will realize that the main theme of the book is the sentence above. Throughout the book, secret sin damages the lives, soul, and the integrity of the main characters. However, it could have easily been evaded through open confession of their sins. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s purpose in writing this novel is an attempt to influence the reader to openly confess their sins and never be ashamed of who they are....   [tags: sentence, guilt, witchcraft trials]

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Grammatical Processing in Language Learners

- The keynote article “Grammatical processing in language learners” by Clahsen and Felser, aimed to compare the grammatical processing in adult native speakers, child first language learners, and adult second language learners (L2ers) (3). The authors examined works that observed the processing of morphology, ambiguous sentences, and syntactic dependencies before going into their general discussion in which they summarize the results and suggest the shallow structure hypothesis. The first topic looked at by Clahsen and Felser was morphological processing....   [tags: sentence processing, languages processing ]

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Those Winter Sundays By Robert Hayden

- ... The poet ends this stanza with “No one ever thanked him.” The other of his families becomes accustomed to what he did and without grateful to it. The poet present writes his memories. He adding the last sentence also shows his regretting to his father – why doesn’t he feel grateful to his father. Follows is the next stanza, “I’d wake and hear the cold splintering, breaking. / When the rooms were warm, he’d call, / and slowly I would rise and dress, / fearing the chronic angers of that house,” While the focus of the first stanza is on his dad, now the poet pays attention to himself....   [tags: Poetry, Rhyme, Sentence, Stanza]

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Analysis Of Junot Diaz 's ' This Is How You Lose Her '

- ... Of course, such parents’ marital discord affects their children’s personalities. Both Yunior and Rafa are frustrated since they arrived because their father did not allow them to go out to play, while their mother offered husband to let them go out. As Rafa’s frustration increased, he developed a bad temper. Furthermore, when Rafa became a teenager, he uses Yunior like a watch dog while he sleeps with a woman in a basement. Rafa grew up like his father, who thinks only he matters. As for Yunior, he cannot stand any more being captured at home all day and finally broke his father’s order....   [tags: Family, Mother, Sentence, Father]

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Ahmedi Man Convicted over Blasphemy Charges

- Ahmedi man convicted over Blasphemy charges The country’s controversial blasphemy laws are again in the spotlight as a court in the garrison city of Rawalpindi has handed down a death sentence to a 70 year old British man over this contentious issue. Muhammad Asghar, belonging to the minority Ahmedi sect, was found to be writing letters claiming to be a prophet after which he was apprehended by the police in 2010. The special court inside Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail, where Asghar is being held, rejected defense claims."Asghar claimed to be a prophet even inside the court....   [tags: muslim, pakistan, death sentence]

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William Shakespeare 's King Lear And Second Generation

- Both Shakespeare and Neil Biswas in King Lear and Second Generation, explore the idea of physical and psychological suffering. In King Lear and Second Generation, almost every character seems to fall victim to some nature of suffering: Sharma and Lear 's madness when daughter 's abandon them, Edmund reminded of being illegitimate, Edgar 's true identity has to be hidden, Sam 's clash of culture with his true love, Kent 's obedience towards his master, Khan committing suicide and Gloucester 's blindness....   [tags: Suffering, Emotion, Question, Sentence]

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Thesis Statements And Arguments For Writing Experiences

- In previous english classes, most assignments consisted of a general summary of the text with little interpretation. Thesis statements and evidence were used mostly to prove that "I read the text" rather than to support any type of argument. However, my experience was much different this semester. Focusing on poetry, short stories, and drama, the essays assigned for this class required me to concentrate heavily on analysis and argumentation. Focusing on these elements allowed me to draft stronger theses supported by interpretation of evidence....   [tags: Essay, Writing, Essays, Sentence]

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How An Activity With The Class

- ... First, I decided that I would make a presentation for the class to view. I decided on this method for my presentation because it gives the viewer an idea of how creative one can be with these poems. After deciding on the form, I really wanted my classmates to get a sense of how easy it is to express yourself with these poems. I decided that I would pick two articles that go together but in an unconventional way. The first article was about the essence of the heart and the second article was about the influences the brain plays....   [tags: Word, Phrase, Sentence, Poetry]

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The Language Assessment The Child

- ... This could be because the child was speaking fast and in his connected speech the word was chopped off so the child could speak with more ease or it could be a term that the child has learned because the child 's parent also says the exact same thing. The child also experienced a hiccup when trying to pronounce a word with the /r/ phoneme in its initial place. The child produced a combination of the /w/ and the /r/ sound in the word “real.” When the child was speaking the word sounded off and seem like Tanner was saying the word “wreal”, though these mistakes were not made consistently in the Language Sample it was mistakes that should be noticed in the area of phonology....   [tags: Sentence, Phrase, Word, Morpheme]

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Public Policy on Third-Strike Law

- Three-strike law is ineffective, inefficient and costly. The costly and controversial three-strike law does nothing to prevent crime despite increasing population of state prisons (Miller, 2012). The public of America find crime rates alarming. The crime rates are high and people feel like prisoners in their homes, afraid of venturing out because of fear of becoming another statistic figure. For the past two decades, federal and state crime control and prevention policies base on belief that harsh statutes will prevent people from committing crime....   [tags: crime prevention, sentence, prison]

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Never Let Me Go Lecture

- ... That is what I saw, it wasn’t really you, what you were doing, I know that. But I saw you and it broke my heart, and I’ve never forgotten” (pg 272) After that I became more interested into what the presenter might have to say about the book. Because the quote it self made me think more about the book. Even if the author only portrayed it after a boarding school that they saw. It then make me think what I felt from that boarding school to write a book about it. That also make me listen to any important points that I hear from the lecturers....   [tags: Thought, Mind, Psychology, Sentence]

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Presentation Of Verbal Communication Skills

- ... Intimate space is characterized by 0 to 18 inches of space between two individuals, which is a distance reserved for physical contact or intimate encounters. Personal space is characterized by 18 inches to 4 feet apart, which is a distance reserved for close interpersonal relationships or private discussion topics. Social space is characterized by 4 feet to 12 feet beyond, which is used for informal activity, business consultations, and other impersonal encounters. Public space is 12 feet and beyond, which is a space reserved for highly formal encounters and interactions with public figures....   [tags: Nonverbal communication, Question, Sentence]

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The American Penal System

- Imagine living your life inside of an enclosed, seven by twelve foot, concrete cell. The only access you have to outside world is the small slot in the door used for delivering medication and food, and a tiny window, used by the guards to make sure you are alive and breathing. The fact that they even have to check if you are alive should be a red flag to society. You are here for twenty three hours a day with only one hour of “recreation” outside of this cell. This time can be used to shower, workout or make a phone call, but you are still isolated....   [tags: solitary confinement, punishment, sentence]

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Incarceration Vs. Alternative Sanctions

- ... Half-way houses are small residential areas located in the community. They offer professional counseling and better living conditions than prison (Travis III 2012). Furloughs or work releases allow the inmate to leave prison in order to work and contribute to the community. This also benefits the inmate because they could put their service on their resume and secure housing (Travis III 2012). House incarceration, also known as house arrest, essentially means you are an inmate in your own home....   [tags: Prison, Punishment, Penology, Sentence]

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Analysis Of The Author Marquis R. Nave

- ... The three parts of a sentence are; phrases, dependent clauses, and independent clauses; combinations of these three is what results in the formation of the four simple sentence structures. All these parts of a sentence have their own instructions that direct their function. Dependent and independent clauses are the main players in sentence structure where phrases are not an essential part of sentence structure. A phrase may contain either a verb or a subject, but in order for it to qualify as a phrase, it cannot have both a subject and a verb in it, it always behaves as a component of speech....   [tags: Sentence, Dependent clause, Syntactic entities]

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It 's Essential For Proofread Before Submitting

- ... I only used two examples for the books instead of three. Then I removed any sentences that reiterate the same point. For the email subject lines, I kept the first two-subject line as it because it didn’t need correcting. After reading the third subject line, I thought it was confusing. So, I changed it to “Why Your Employee Don’t Reply to Your Email.” The fourth subject line, I changed the word “can” to “could.” Then I thought the fifth subject line was weak, so I changed it completely to “ Everything You Need to Know Before Writing An Email” and target the audience as older adults....   [tags: Word, Sentence, Writing, Need to know]

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A Call for a Revision of Mandatory Minumum Drug Laws

- ... This creates a sentencing inversion.” With the discretion of the judges included in the sentencing process, the offenders will get the sentence equal to the crime they committed. A job of a judge is to determine the sentence for an offender that will be fair and just. Through the establishment of this law, judges cannot add their input for when there is extreme circumstances, but the offenders must serve the time attributed to the crime committed. One of the more serious problem with mandatory minimum sentences is that they have a disparate effect on non-White offenders....   [tags: drugs, sentence, judges, severity, laws]

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The State And Federal Objectives Of Punishment

- In this research paper I will discuss what the state and federal objectives of punishment are, and explain how sentencing affect the state and federal corrections systems overall while supporting my answer. I will define and explain what determinate and indeterminate sentencing is, decide which sentencing model I feel is most appropriate and explain why and provide an example. What are the state and federal objectives of punishment. Punishment is the correctional goal emphasizing the infliction of pain or suffering....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Criminal law, Sentence]

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Sentencing Of The Criminal Justice System

- ... Rehabilitation sentences are used to establish conditions that the court considers will enable the offender’s rehabilitation. A sentencing option that may be used to rehabilitate an offender is a community service order or a drug treatment order if drugs were a contributing factor to the offence. A recent sentence imposed in the Tasmanian Supreme Court aimed at rehabilitating an offender is the case of Michael Samuel Charlesworth v the State of Tasmania in which the judge came to his decision regarding the offender’s prospects of rehabilitation and the fact that he is undertaking programs available to him in prison....   [tags: Criminal law, Crime, Prison, Sentence]

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The Disparity Of Federal Sentencing : Noncitizen Crime As A Social / Group Threat

- ... The second hypothesis proposed that citizen offenders would receive longer prison terms in their sentences than non-citizens. Additionally, their third hypothesis conjectured that large non-citizen populations would correlate with lengthier prison terms for all offenders, regardless of citizenship status. Following up on the third hypothesis, hypothesis four stated that federal districts with a large non-citizen population would result in longer prison terms for non-citizen offenders than districts with a much smaller non-citizen population....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Criminal justice, Sentence]

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Should Minors Be Sentenced? Sentences If They Are Guilty Of Violent Crimes?

- ... Minors are get experience to know right from wrong. Although minors ' brains are still to be developed, they can also be impacted by a particular person whom they did trust. Gang members, for example, use the youth of today to use them to do the crime they were originally supposed to do. Gang members could some how influence minors, because of their age, if they were to he caught by police, a judge would give them a 'light ' sentence such as probation, or a few months in a cell. The environment of the minor could also effect them they could easily misunderstand what they think the "streets" will do, such as protect them and keep them out of jail....   [tags: Crime, Murder, Violent crime, Violence]

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Explain Sentencing And The Theories Behind It

- ... Rehabilitation is not possible to the offender and thus meaning that they are not safe to be allowed back into society. With this type of punishment, the death punishment is used, but in certain cases incarceration for a lifetime is used as a replacement. Banishment and transportation were two prehistoric methods used. Banishment often meant death and transportation meant that they would be moved to a place where they aren’t capable of reoffending because the environment does not fit. Thirdly, retribution is a common argument stating that criminals should receive punishment because they deserve it....   [tags: Crime, Criminal law, Prison, Sentence]

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Giudice Family Punishment : Why?

- ... The incapacitation theory is about strictly putting people into jail or prison for their crimes with the mindset that if the person is incarcerated they will not be able to commit any other crimes. Deterrence focuses on trying to prevent the person from committing crime, which is refereed to as specific deterrence. Another aspect of this theory is general deterrence, which sentences to try to get the general population to not commit crime. I will go into both of these theories more invasively to layout why we punish they way we do as well as why the couple was punished the way they were....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Sentence, Criminal law]

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The Crime Of The Uk Prison Population

- In history, crimes have been dealt with by the justice system according to its severity as well as the offender: if the crime committed was not very serious and the offender was deemed “non-delinquent”, or “free of any real criminal disposition”, they would be cautioned or fined. However, were the crime a more serious one and the offender appeared to have a “criminal character”, they would receive more severe and more deterrent punishment (Garland, 2001: 42). In more recent years, numbers of the UK prison population have been on the rise – less serious crimes have been more severely punished - whereas the number of financial penalties issued to offenders have been falling (Cavadino & Dignan,...   [tags: Prison, Crime, Criminal justice, Sentence]

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I Have Gained A Better Understanding Of Emerging Readers

- ... I would incorporate activities, like the phonological mini lesson, that gives a student a sound and asks them to come up with as many words that start with that sound as they can. When I completed this activity with the younger student, I felt like she gained a better understanding of similar word sounds. The older student really surprised me with how easily she was able to move through the assessments. She was able to answer the questions before I finished reading them in some cases. One area she did struggle with was identifying the number of words in a sentence....   [tags: Question, Sentence, Educational psychology, Word]

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Personal Statement : High School

- ... And finally, the sentences must pass the "So What?" test, a test designed to prove the significance in a writer 's claim. For my first draft of Revised Essay 1 thesis: "Don Siegel’s Dirty Harry is a critique on the justice system following the war in Vietnam in which, Eastwood’s portrayal of vigilante, Harry Callahan, shows that the system in this era was lacking respect, reliability, and in need of purification." The first thing about this thesis is that it 's very basic. In saying, "respect, reliability, and in need of purification," I give my reader 's a very simple outline, but at the same time, I 'm just pairing this era 's justice system with adjectives....   [tags: Writing, Sentence, Evidence, Dirty Harry]

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The New Booking Diversion Program

- ... Jurisdictions that have diversion programs have a greater liability; if criminal justice personnel misdiagnose an offender, their department can be open to a lawsuit. 2. (1) The purpose of the presentence investigation is to provide the court with accurate, relevant, and timely data. The information in the report helps assist the court with deciding on a reasonable sentence. (2) The report assists prison and jail institutions with classifying inmates and helps find institutional programs that are suitable to the inmates needs while they are incarcerated....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Criminal justice, Sentence]

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The Effects Of Mass Incarceration On College Campuses

- ... The US has 5% of the world 's population and yet, it has 20% of the world 's prisoners. There are 2.3 million people in jail, 850,000 are on parole and 3.2 million are on probation in the United States. The system has an incredible number of people within its scope and there is also the continuous churn of people going in and out of the prison system throughout the course of any given year (Wagner and Rabuy, 1-4 ). The groups that this falls hardest on, the ones that are hit disproportionately, are blacks and Hispanics, people in urban areas, and the poor....   [tags: Prison, United States, Recidivism, Sentence]

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My Experience of Using Reading Strategies

- ... In general, the postscript contained conclusions of all previous chapters and the author added some new ideas and explanations since this chapter was written seven year after the book was first published. A theory that the author held on throughout the book was that every scientific community consists of scientists who have undergone similar educations and professional trainings. Although they are brilliant and well educated, they have their own specialties. So translations, by which Kuhn means using different but proper languages to express a experimental result so that scientists in various fields can understand each other better and seek help from others, always exist within those sci...   [tags: read, title, efficiency, practice, sentence]

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Personal Narrative : I Apologize This Story

- ... He took a picture for me and i decided to buy it because i can not leave a store without buying something; also it was about 30 minutes i was up there i would have felt like i wasted his time. my mother, during the time i had changed in an out of it, had gotten info on him and told me he was a Hindu but followed Christianity now which my reply was okay because why would i feel the need to ask. anyone follows their own path. So she asked the awkward question on why he changed since his mother was still a Hindu and he went to temple when she did....   [tags: Question, Sentence, Salwar kameez, Hinduism]

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Peer Review : Olivia Teter

- ... I would try to rearrange phrase, condense the information, or split the sentences into multiple sentences to avoid this. Also, you change the spacing between paragraphs four and five. I think this is just a mistake, but make sure to remain consistent in spacing. Your overall organization is very effective, and your transitions are strong between paragraphs. Your introduction really helps set up a strong paper, and your conclusion is effective as well. Score: 3 Overall: In the second-to-last sentence of your second paragraph you say that Cleopatra lived “centuries ago,” but to strengthen the moment of antiquity, you could say “millennia ago” because this is still correct....   [tags: Logic, Critical thinking, Sentence, Reasoning]

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The Ucr Crime Report Of Canada

- ... 16). Digging a little deeper, we find that in 2013 the number of robbery offences in Canada fell at 23,249 and possessed a crime rate of 66 (Police-reported crime statistics in Canada, 2014, Table 5, pg. 33). Conversely, in 2014 there happened to be a drop in the number of robbery offences, and crime rate in Canada, as they reported the total number of robbery offences at 20,924 and crime rate at 59 per 100,000 (Police-reported crime statistics in Canada, 2014, Table 5, pg. 33). Furthermore, the highest robbery rates of the population in a province or territory was in Ontario, as they had a robbery number of 7,660 (Police-reported crime statistics in Canada, 2014, Table 6, pg....   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Criminal law, Sentence]

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The Case Of Brookes Hatlen

- ... Because of this ability Red is placed on a certain pedestal of importance when looked at by other prisoners. Red’s only purpose in life and in the prison has become smuggling items into the prison. If he were to be let out into the real world, that purpose would be taken away, and he would have a very hard time finding meaning in his life. In this matter Ellis was institutionalized, just as Brookes had been. A moment when this is supported in the film is when Red tells Andy "These walls are funny....   [tags: Crime, Criminal law, Prison, Sentence]

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The History of Capital Punishment

- The clock ticks to 10:53. The late night has grown longer, and Troy Davis is strapped down to a gurney. If he is scared, he does not show it; he appears strong and resolute in what is undoubtedly a very daunting situation. “For those about to take my life,” he says, “may God have mercy on your souls” (“Georgia”). Davis has been on death row for over twenty years for killing a police officer. After every request and appeal has failed, the time has come for Davis to be executed by the state of Georgia....   [tags: human rights, death sentence, execution]

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Prison Is The New Black

- ... In women’s prison because they are usually not serving for a violent crime they are released sooner than other who may have committed a harsher crime. Because they do not serve as long of time people don’t see the need for rehabilitation courses. Even though it would make sense to have more prominent rehabilitation courses within women’s prisons because women are more likely to be returning back to their families they do in fact lack, across a majority of women’s prisons. According to an online study website called study....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Sentence, Violent crime]

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The Punishment Of A Prison

- ... But this has to be balanced with the human rights of those convicted of crimes themselves – can we justify the imprisonment of such people. Does our society ultimately benefit from keeping people away under lock and key. In 1993, the psychologist Terrie Moffett published a paper in the Psychological Review that argued that there were two fundamental types of prisoner – the adolescent-limited and the lifelong-persistent. The adolescent-limited are young, primarily men, who commit crime to support themselves, for fun, as part of a gang, or other reasons, who eventually mature, settle down and give up the lifestyle that was contributing to their criminality....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Criminal justice, Sentence]

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