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Project Wild Is A Program

- When I first heard about Project WILD, I thought it would be an excellent professional event to attend. Project WILD is a program taught by Indiana’s DNR, and educates teachers and other members of the community about how to teach lessons based around the environment, nature, and animals. The event was hosted in the education building at IUPUI and was put on by the education fraternity at IUPUI. Throughout the day, we learned how to teach lessons about wildlife and the environment to our students....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Deer, Natural environment]

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Exercise And Sports Nutrition Program

- I have decided to further my education at Texas Woman 's University and focus my efforts for the acceptance of the Exercise and Sports Nutrition program. Ultimately, I would like to earn a Master’s degree in exercise and sports nutrition and with TWU’s mission to be the foremost program in the country in application of exercise and sports nutrition in clinical, wellness, and athletic settings, I will acquire strong research skills in advanced nutrition practices. TWU’s program will allow me to participate in; maximizing sports performance, minimize health issues in men, women, and children....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Body shape, Childhood obesity]

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The Art And Science Of Nursing

- What makes someone a nurse. Is it the science of performing tasks such as catheter insertion or medication administration. Or is it the art of providing unwavering support and care to patients and their families. Or could it be both. The aim of this paper is to define the art and science of nursing, discuss the influences of art and science in current nursing practice, examine how the art and the science of nursing influences the student’s personal practice, provide major factors perceived to be changing the healthcare environment, indicate the observation in the student’s personal practice that has changed over the last five years, employ strategies to apply the art and science of nursing i...   [tags: Nursing, Nurse]

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Purpose Of Pursuing The Program

- The purpose of pursuing the program is to deepen my studies in sustainability in a more-detailed way. Today, sustainability is a topic where research is still maturing, and designs are relatively new. Cities in the United States and around the world have developed significantly, to the point that much of the inhabited land has transformed into Metropolitan areas. In addition to three million people or more living in these cities, people are exhausting their options; thus, the reliance on high-rise architecture is imminent....   [tags: Sustainability, City, Natural environment]

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Statment of Purpose for Computer Science

- I am a person with one of the most ancient cultures, studying a very modern and continuously changing profession upon third millennium. My culture has instilled insight within me, encouraging me to study diligently and acquire knowledge as much as possible. This philosophy propelled me to study master of computer science (Distributed computing) at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), and I’m a former B.Sc graduate of computer engineering (Software) at Islamic Azad University of Sari (IAUS). To take the wisdom to pursue my PHD program and expand my research experiences, I believe University of Pittsburg is one the prestigious institutes with its well-organized programs, outstanding staff, and hi...   [tags: education, experience, research]

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Engineering College Application Essay

- Penn Engineering’s interdisciplinary approach to education filled with penchant for invention, dedication to creating solutions to real problems around the world, commitment toward global citizenship, intellectual rigor, and bountiful resources will not only allow me to discover, develop, and deepen my multifaceted interests in engineering but also transform me into a socially aware engineer who is “without borders.” When I was sixteen years old, I met engineering for the first time. Rather than blushing from shyness, I was daunted by the challenge it held: constructing a physical model of the caspase-3 protein based on the atomic coordinate data and its alpha carbon backbone display on Jmol...   [tags: Penn Engineering Program]

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The Environmental Science For A Changing World

- In reading The Environmental Science for A Changing World Textbook, students become aware that the quality of water sources even perhaps the smallest of streams are valued in many ways. We learn that water is one of the most ever-present yet limited resource there is on earth thus users have a responsibility of protecting it and become more knowledgeable about it. Our river streams are what join together to form watersheds to which a plethora of animals and plants place their reliance upon (Environmental Science: For a Changing World, 262)....   [tags: Water, Water supply, Water pollution, Hydrology]

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The Popularity of Science Fiction

- “Science fiction is the major non-realistic mode of imaginative creation of the human age. It is the principal cultural way humans locate themselves imaginatively in time and space” (Franklin 2). Science fiction’s domain is based on the possible. It ranges from the present Earth the human mind knows to the limits of any possible universes the human imagination can project, whether its the past, present, future, or alternative time-space continuums (Franklin 1). Science fiction embraces the American ideology of technological utopianism such as beliefs that technological advances will improve human and social cultural relations fiercely....   [tags: non realistic mode, imagination, fiction]

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Choosing the Science Career of a Dietitian

- ... In Toronto which is the closest to Waterloo, they pay an average wage of $33.59 an hour so that would be a good place to be if you were a dietitian. To have this amazing job, some things you must do. First of all, you have to earn your Bachelors degree in food and nutrition. You must get this degree from one of the universities that have been accepted by Dietitians of Canada (DC). The types of courses that you would need to complete are, basic science (chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology), social sciences and communications, and profession-related courses, such as food science life cycle, disease specific, community nutrition and food service management....   [tags: health, nutrition, balanced life]

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Occupational Therapy : An Art And Science

- Introduction Occupational therapy is often times defined as the combination of both scientific and artistic principles. This is evident by which occupational therapy incorporates scientific knowledge, research, and philosophies in its practice alongside the use of personal experiences, beliefs, and values within its treatment. In the article, Weaving the Warp and Weft of Occupational Therapy: An Art and Science for All Times, Woods states that occupational therapy consists of two distinct fundamental principles: the warp and weft (Woods, 1997)....   [tags: Therapy, Medicine, Occupational therapy]

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The Rise of Science Fiction

- “Science fiction is the major non-realistic mode of imaginative creation of the human epoch. It is the principal cultural way humans locate themselves imaginatively in time and space” (Franklin 2). Science fiction’s domain is based on the possible. It ranges from the present Earth the human mind knows to the limits of any possible universes the human imagination can project, whether its the past, present, future, or alternative time-space continuums (Franklin 1). Science fiction embraces the American ideology of technological utopianism like beliefs that technological advances will improve human and social cultural relations fiercely and imagines alternative worlds where current developments...   [tags: technology, atomic bomb, freedom]

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A Statement of Purpose: Computer Science

- ... In this four years intensive program, involves subjects of my interest like Operating System, Web Programming, Distributed Databases, Computer Networks, Automata and Compiler design in which I secured impressive grades. To augment my knowledge in hardware domain, I successfully completed hardware programming on 8086(Microprocessor) and 8051(Microcontroller). My firm belief in my objective to study graduation and research area was the result of my participation in various seminars. My papers including CARBON TUBES, Artificial Immune System and Nano ROBOTS in Human Body were highly lauded and appreciated....   [tags: technology, research, development, goal]

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Comparison in Information System Management Program between UiTM and IIUM

- COMPARISON IN INFORMATION SYSTEM MANAGEMENT PROGRAM BETWEEN UiTM (UNIVERSITY TEKNOLOGI MARA) AND IIUM (INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA) 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND PROGRAM INFORMATION SYSTEM MANAGEMENT IN UiTM Bachelor of Science Information System Management (Hons) is the program that recognizes information as a strategic resource. It is designed to educate and train students with knowledge and skills in managing information. It involves analyzing, designing, developing, and managing various types of information systems for identifying, acquiring, organizing, storing, and retrieving as well as disseminating information for users' strategic and competitive purposes....   [tags: college, choices, careers]

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Mission For Mars : Science And Engineering

- Crew mission to mars Science and Engineering A crewed mission to Mars would be the pinnacle of one of the breathtaking engineering endeavors of mankind in its entire history. This would require technological capability, engineering ingenious, and organizational infrastructure of the kind that must be refined through decades of drudgery and experience in operating space systems. Crewed missions to Mars would require to tackle unique challenges in logistics, operations, resources and environments at scales that have not been encountered before....   [tags: International Space Station, Human spaceflight]

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Physics : Physics, And Computer Science

- Math is a subject has always and will continue to pulled my interests. This was because it was a subject that would lead me to a single unique answer. Once I started to attend high school, physics then opened up another interest, not only with math, but an interest in Math with actual application into the real world. With physics, it allowed me to see how math could be used to predict events. The classes that I have taken that has shaped my interests for my major of science in mathematics are Physics, and Computer Science....   [tags: Problem solving, Mathematics, Skill, Leadership]

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Applying for a Computer Science Degree

- Every day brings a new challenge for Computer Science. The subject is extremely diverse and success depends on the creativity and the commitment of the individual. I gain satisfaction from solving logical problems and working with computer systems. Ever since my IT technician at Secondary School introduced me to programming in Powershell. I always want to know just how computers worked and how much they could evolve over time. This interest has only grown more intense with each new discovery that I make....   [tags: study, systems, degree, career]

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Multimedia and the Mass Communication of Science

- Scientific studies are published for the scientific community. More specifically, they tend to be written with the expectation of being read by peers. This may seem obvious, and yet it shouldn't be. The style of writing that occurs when writing to peers cannot help but alienate a portion of the audience that should be informed. This also results in increasingly isolated divisions of the scientific community and widens the gaps between disciplines in terms of interests, language, and knowledge. Archaeology is one of the first fields to become dissatisfied with this division....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Nursing: A Profession of Art and Science

- Nursing is a dynamic profession built upon a foundation of art and science. It has adapted to rapidly changing technology, rising patient acuity, and weathered the challenge of nursing shortages with an unwavering commitment to professionalism. In this paper I will discuss my beliefs and values, my vision for the future, and my strengths and limitation in pursuing my career goals. I will also reflect upon the influences that contributed to choosing nursing as a profession. Choice of Nursing In truth, a wide range of career possibilities did not exist in Southern Indiana where I grew up....   [tags: nursing, medical, ]

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Career as a Libraries and Information Science

- Library Professional Associations When an individual makes the decision to pursue a higher degree of education in a desired field of study, he or she may have decided to follow a professional path in the world of libraries and information science. My career goal has been to become the director of the library system that I am currently working. As director, I oversee all library programs, budget, staff, and library operations. I would like to continue as director for the next 3 to 5 years. After reading about the other opportunities in the library world in “So You Want to be a Librarian” by Lauren Pressley, my goals may have changed....   [tags: public libraries, library professionals]

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Business Intelligence and Data Science

- For the past couple of decades the majority of businesses have wanted to construct a data-driven organization or company. Furthermore, companies around the world are considering harnessing data as a basis of competitive advantage over other companies. As a result, business intelligence and data science use are popular in many organizations today. The increase in adoption of these data systems is in response to the heavy rise in communications abilities the world over. Which, in turn ,has increased the need for data products....   [tags: companies, knowledge, warehouse]

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Graduation Speech On Art And Science

- Experiencing several painful dental procedures as a child, I never imagined I would feel such enthusiasm for dentistry as I do today. Fascinated by beauty of art and mysteries of universe, I spent my childhood painting and exploring Mother Nature, which seemed to satisfy my curiosity. With years of devotion, I developed my artistic talent, which led to recognition of my paintings in Tehran Visual Arts Festival. Simultaneously, I advanced my skills in other fields such as sculpture, music, and sports, while maintaining my passion for science in school....   [tags: Dentistry, Oral and maxillofacial surgery]

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Literary Works that Influenced Science

- American anthropologist Clifford Geertz once said, “I think the perception of there being a deep gulf between science and the humanities is false.” This statement could not be more true. Most people consider the sciences and the humanities to be completely unrelated, but in fact they complement each other splendidly. The sciences strive to explain the universe and all of its constituents through observation and experiment. The humanities involve the study and analysis of human culture, and are traditionally comprised of literature, history, and philosophy....   [tags: Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, ]

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Agriculture : Agriculture And Agricultural Science

- Agriculture is the refinement of animals, plants, fungi, and other life practices for food, fiber, biofuel, medicinal and other harvests used to endure and develop human life. Agriculture was the crucial expansion in the growth of sedentary human refinement, whereby farming of domesticated species produced food overages that cultivated the enlargement of the advancement of civilization. Agriculture is also known as the study of agricultural science. The history of agriculture ages way back thousands of years ago, and its expansion has been driven and defined by prominently diverse environments, beliefs, and technologies....   [tags: Agriculture, Human, Livestock, Plant]

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Implementing an Animal Science Class

- ... Students need to be prepared for what they will learn in college. With Animal Science classes, future veterinarians can be one step ahead of where they would be and ready for what comes next. Not enough students entering an animal-related occupational field are properly educated. Establishing this class may be the only way to accurately reduce that problem. Secondly, this individual class would have a significant impact on the school itself. Any form of something new at the school—whether it is a class, sport, or any form of extra-curricular activity—looks good on the schools part....   [tags: student benefit, trying out new things]

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Application Of Application For Master Science

- In an accounting large quantity of numbers in systematically arrangement makes possible for businesses to provide a view of its day to day activity, growth, and its financial standing. I created interest in learning accounting from my home, and make it my career, as well as to progress my career goal to become auditor and open up my own accounting business; I need to make my knowledge of accounting wider and stronger. Applying for Master Science in Accounting is a very important step toward achieving my career goal....   [tags: Bachelor's degree, Master's degree]

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Computer Science: The Practical Application

- Growing up in Africa, I saw little of computers. My high school got its first computer in 2006 only two years before my graduation, and prestigious institutions, like hospitals, limited its use to data storage. Despite their dearth, their flaws, like mismanagement, insecurity and corruption, were conspicuous around me. This birthed and kindled my passion for technology and encouraged me to seek out resources that exposed me to computers as a problem-solving science. I became acquainted with cyber cafés that were remote and costly, but the investment was worthwhile....   [tags: Personal Goals]

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Studying Computer Science in University

- The challenging, problem-solving and logical aspects of computer sciences are some of the many reasons why I want to study this at university. I have always had the ambition to do something related to IT even from as young as eight years old. Computer Science is the only degree that matches my interests, whether it be programming, Operating Systems, A.I, software engineering or database systems and many more. I have the desire to learn more and improve my knowledge, learning new things in IT is passion of mine; I would do anything to increase my knowledge of IT, as the industry continues to develop....   [tags: programming, systems, software, knowledge]

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The Evolution in Computer Science

- Contents 1 . Introduction 2. 2 . Problem 2 3 . The main idea 2 4 . Basic algorithm : 4 5 . Design of the program and explained : 4 6 . Error messages : 8 1 . Introduction The evolution in computer science , especially in the quality of software , and shift programs to facades and windows (User Interface), making those programs that do not work this way back down to the back and at least use it and over it became some users abandon those programs and looking for Alternative . This development was not immune to the translators , but became the success of any programming language is linked to the existence of an integrated environment supports language and facilitate the work of the programm...   [tags: programing, delphi, algorithm]

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Web Analytics : An Essential Science

- 1. Introduction Almost 42% of the world 's population has access to the internet. Also, more than 3 billion people around the world now use the Internet via a variety of different devices. In today’s world, for almost every business, it is essential to have a website which serves as an information gateway for customers or visitors to gain insights into the business. Also, the most of Business owners focus on their websites to attract more customers or visitors. Thus, the web analysts start to collect and analyze web data to understand more about customer’s behavior, web traffic, and usage to improve websites to meet customer 's needs and owner 's goal....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web design, Web page]

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Personal Statement On Computer Science

- STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I am very thankful for providing me this opportunity and it is with sincere sense of gratification that I pen my brief statement of purpose. The course of Information Technology which I pursued at GURU NANAK college of Engineering further advanced the deep curiosity I had in computer science and mathematics since childhood .It is only natural that after completing my course I had a penchant to learn more, which guided me to take up the decision to pursue graduate study in research oriented and technological areas like Computer Science and Information Technology, that touch the lives of many in this modern age....   [tags: Graduate school, College, Statement of purpose]

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The Emory Pipeline Program

- Screech!!. The bus’ brakes scream upon stopping. I look up to see buildings that look like stone and marbled statuses. The buildings stood tall with tan shiny finishes. The grass was too green to be true and the atmosphere felt like home to me. I had embarked upon a journey that I never thought would be. I was here, here at Emory School of Medicine. Numerous of people walking around with white doctor coats, teal scrubs, and soft colorful crocs. I was a part of an elite group of about thirty high school students, who would soon be a part of Emory’s School of Medicine mentoring program, called Emory School of Medicine Pipeline Program....   [tags: Health Care]

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The Mentoring Process At A Four Year University Teacher Training Program

- In an effort to gain a better understanding of the mentoring process in a four-year university teacher training program, the researcher observed interactions between mentors and preservice teachers during their mentoring sessions. These observations were followed by online surveys of the preservice teachers and interviews of the mentors and preservice teachers. The resulting data were then analyzed to determine strategies that mentors used during the mentoring process. Background of the Study Past studies have recommended teacher educators increase their efforts in providing high quality teacher education in order to ensure that new teachers adapt well to their jobs and stay in the teaching...   [tags: School, Teacher, Education, Student]

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Becoming A Bachelor Of Science

- I am Samantha Brown from Prescott, Arkansas. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science, Education degree in Early Childhood Education (P-4). Some of my interests include exercising, baking, leading worship, being involved in my church’s activities, attending HSU/OBU Wesley Foundation events, hiking, camping, traveling to interesting cities, spending time with my family and friends, reading, paddle boarding with my dog, and occasionally being lazy at home. My family consists of my mom, my dad, and my older brother....   [tags: Teacher, Education, High school, Kindergarten]

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Why Should State Nursing Program Requirement Should Be The Same?

- Topic: Why each state nursing program requirement should be the same. General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience about why each state nursing program should be the same. Central Idea: If each state has the same requirement to enter the nursing program we would have less college dropouts, no shortage of nurses, and unemployment would go down. Introduction Gain attention: How would you feel that you were admitted to the hospital and you needed the nurse and you pushed the call signal button to ring for the nurse and no one came until 20 to 30 minutes later....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, University]

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The Space Program : The World Superpower And A New Age Of Economics And Politics

- When talking about the current space program, Neil Degrasse Tyson once said, “I got angry with America, because advancing is not just something you do incrementally. You need innovation as well, so that your advances are revolutionary, not merely evolutionary” (Tyson 3). America used to have the top space program in the world. Being first to the moon excited the country and gave everyone a sense of pride and fulfillment. Lately, though, we have been falling behind in space exploration. A successful space program is needed in America, and here’s why: we are losing our grip on the title as the world superpower and a new age of economics and politics is coming faster than we are prepared for....   [tags: Space exploration, NASA, Human spaceflight]

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Pursuing A Political Science Degree

- I started my undergraduate education pursuing a political science degree with an international relations concentration because I was interested in how to solve political conflicts on an international scale. I double majored in social policy & practice because I wanted to approach problems from a policy standpoint. However, as my studies progressed, I had two experiences that shifted my focus away from human behaviors and problems in the political and policy arena toward clinical psychology and the pursuit of a Psy.D....   [tags: Psychology, Clinical psychology, Psychiatry]

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Graduate Studies in Atmospheric Science

- ... And the School of Atmospheric Science at Nanjing University, the top school for this major in China has provided me with a rich environment to excel beyond the curriculum, debating and discussing questions with my professors. My curious and analytical attitude has made me a top student among my peers. Apart from the background training, the excitement of overcoming challenges independently has also fueled the enthusiasm in my studies. In my second year, I was keen to implement my studies from Synoptic Meteorology, a module I was studying at the time, and enhance my understanding of its content....   [tags: work, creativity, studies]

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Application Master´s College Entry Essay for Fashion Program

- From the moment I starting my educational path I knew four years wouldn’t be enough to fill me with all the dimensions of the fashion industry. This led me to make my decision to apply for the M.S. Global Fashion Enterprise degree. When asked how this program at Philadelphia University would benefit me, I will begin by giving a background on my previous education. I started my undergraduate degree at Buffalo State College in upstate New York pursuing a Bachelor degree in Fashion Merchandising. After being in the program for a year I was confident in knowing I needed a change....   [tags: Merchandising, Retail, Clothing]

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The Science Behind Sports Authority

- Samantha Ureno Professor Zia English 99 22 January 2016 The Science Behind Sports Authority “Nothing in a grocery store is where it is by accident. Every item on a shelf has been planned” (Paco Underhill). In the articles, “The Science of Shopping” by Malcolm Gladwell and “How Target Knows What You Want Before You Do” by Charles Duhigg, these authors exemplify effective marketing strategies which were composed by Paco Underhill and Andrew Pole. Underhill is an environmental psychologist; additionally he employs the basic idea that one’s surroundings influences ones behavior and invented structuring man-made environments to make them conducive to retail purposes....   [tags: Retailing, Marketing, Marketing strategy]

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The Stem Room Is A Magnet Program At My High School, South River

- The scribbling of a marker on a whiteboard with the loud typing of students struggling on the last few words of their conclusions as they need to print them off and turn their papers into the teacher for grading. This is the “Science Technology Engineering Technology” or STEM for short which is a magnet program at my high school, South River. The STEM room is where all of the STEM students go to hang out and get their work done. To me, the STEM room was my home. The STEM room provided an extremely professional environment and is where I grew and develop as a person and student....   [tags: Education, Homework help service, Student]

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The McCormick Writing Program

- The CBE Writing Proficiency Program remains busy with more students making appointments as the semester draws to a close. A web page was created recently for the program. It can be found under the Student Resources section of the CBE web site. The McCormick Writing Proficiency Program has made an enormous impact on how the College of Business and Economics (CBE) addresses the writing skills of its students. In just a few short months, our two graduate assistant tutors have worked with 77 students across the curriculum to improve their skills in editing and proofreading....   [tags: Business Plan]

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The Guest Worker Program

- The Guest Worker Program The paper that I am writing will be on the topic of immigration, more specifically the immigration bill. In the bill I will focus more so on the section that will establish the guest worker program. The guest worker program is a great starting initiative to fighting illegal immigration, but it would do more damage than reparation. In this paper I will discuss in detail what the guest worker program is and its implements, and why it should be revised. I will present numerous arguments as to why the guest worker program portion of the bill should be revised and changed, and will then present a revision....   [tags: Immigration]

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H. A. A. R. P. (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)

- H. A. A. R. P. (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) may seem like a worthless research project when first viewed from a limited viewpoint. However, when you get into more detail about this project you will see just how secret and covert it really is. Since the start of HAARP many people have had questions go unanswered and this lack of information is just another example of how projects are kept quiet. This is why we must have a committee to review the uses of the project and the dangers it could cause....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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What Is Sb.a Program Is Based Largely On The Opportunities I Want For A Long Time

- All my life, I have been told that anything outside of Oregon or Washington was a fantasy. Something to dream about, but unattainable. However, I don’t believe that anymore. I am not chained to the town, or even the state I grew up in. For a long time now, I have wanted nothing more than to move out of small town Oregon. Corvallis seemed like it would be a good compromise, but shortly after moving there all I wanted was to be somewhere else. Somewhere with diversity, and with an urban “buzz.” But more than anything, I want to live in California....   [tags: High school, Education, Bachelor's degree]

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Is Music Education A Science?

- Music education is more than just a subject in a school, its a science class, a math class, an english class, of course it can be a history class, and even a physical education class. Music takes all of the core school subjects and combines them all into one subject that can be understood anywhere in the world at any given moment. Music is a science because there are special elements that it takes to create a symphony that could quite possibly taken three long years to compose and produce. Music is math all because you have to know how to count a certain number of measures of rest, know how to count the time that the song could be written in and many many more other variations of counting ti...   [tags: High school, Education, School, Music]

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Environmental Science And Natural Resources

- The World Is Not Passed Saving, We Just Need More People to Care The end is not coming in a giant tidal wave, nor is it coming with massive fire. There will be no zombies, and there will be no mass explosion. The end is coming in increased carbon dioxide levels and slowly melting ice caps. Its coming in habitat destruction and human greed. Its end is almost here or maybe it is already here. But one this is for certain, the world needs people to care about the environment and the impact that humans are having on the environment....   [tags: Sustainability, Environment, Natural environment]

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The Political Science Of Canada

- Less is (Definitely Not) More Political Science 101 Term Paper Abraham Lincoln famously stated that “No man is good enough to govern another man without the other 's consent”, indicating the importance for governments to be responsible. In Canada, we are thankful that our voices are represented in the government and that we have an as fair as possible election system. Canada has a tradition of relatively short elections, with the most recent 11 week election being the lengthiest in multiple decades....   [tags: Election, Elections, Voting, Voter turnout]

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A Study Of Cognitive Science

- In the study of cognitive science, there are numerous areas of study that are cumulatively relevant to understanding the both the ways in which humans think about daily issues, and the reasons behind the decisions they make when confronted with various dilemmas presented to them. One of the most benign methods of illuminating the details of these processes (and thus the underlying morality behind them) is the hypothetical thought experiment. One of these is the trolley problem. It contains two scenarios that state: 1) A runaway trolley is barreling down the railway tracks....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Psychology, Cognition]

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Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Program

- Approximately 490,000 babies are born every day worldwide. About 11,000 babies are born each day in the United States alone, which means that at least eight babies are born every minute. Whether a pregnancy is planned for or not, the size, physical characteristics, and intellectual capabilities of a baby are predetermined by the chromosomes that combine in the mother during fertilization. The possibility and probability of a baby having any number of genetic diseases is also determined by genes and the embryo that is fertilized....   [tags: Genetics]

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My Dream in Computer Science

- My childhood dream was that someday my actions would dramatically impact the world. After a great deal of self-evaluation and an exciting journey through my undergraduate education, I have come to realize that it is not as hard as I had imagined it to be. I find the success of the Google search engine that touches a million lives each day inspirational .It was after all a research project developed by its founders during their student days at a US university. I feel that such are probable prospects of a graduate education at a university as esteemed as yours where a single line of code that I might write could touch the lives of millions around the world.10 years down the line I see myself i...   [tags: code, networks, college, skills]

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Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics

- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), looks to build, via a strong cross curricula experience, students who will lead Australia in the coming decades (Office of the Chief Scientist. 2013). This goal is reflected via ACARA (2015), and MCEETYA (2008), each strongly supporting a lifelong learning policy for all Australian schools. The STEM lessons chosen within the two week block reflect this stance in a number of ways. Firstly, STEM lesson one is both designed and scheduled to work with the numeracy block immediately following....   [tags: Education, Learning, Psychology, Primary education]

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Statement of Purpose: My Interests in Math, Physics, Statistics and Computer Science

- For years, I was surrounded by people who would react astonishingly when I told them my academic profession. In high school it was physics, in Fudan University it was computer science, and I’m beginning statistics - all fields that aren’t as common for girls. “Wow…” they’d say, as they scanned me from face to toes. It would be unreasonable if I claim that I had never questioned my choice, especially during the adaptation period into computer science as a rookie. I can still recall the desperation I felt in my first program designing class....   [tags: Educational Goals, application essays]

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UiTM vs. UKM Bachelor of Science Information System Management

- 1.0 PURPOSE 1.1 Background UiTM ISM program, Bachelor of Science Information System Management (Hons), equip graduates with knowledge and skills to take on the challenging demands of managing information in various forms and in various types of organizations. The graduates become the main driving force for the development of a knowledge-based society, transforming Malaysia into a developed nation, ensuring that the country’s rich reservoirs of knowledge are systematically organized, maintained and enhanced for optimum value....   [tags: career and university choices, comparison]

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The Impact Of Social Science Analyst On The Federal And Higher Educational Sectors

- • Social Science Analyst with over 20 years of experience in the federal and higher educational sectors • Multidisciplinary graduate training and knowledge of theories, principles, social science research frameworks and statistical analytical methods for various research studies and programs • Experiences in advising, planning, leading, coordinating, and monitoring the progress of a research and evaluation program (including immigration research and evaluation) of considerable scope and complexity • 13 years of applied research experiences in designing, planning, managing and executing qualitative and qualitative research and evaluation studies, collecting, and analyzing quantitative and q...   [tags: Quantitative research, Qualitative research]

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Bachelor of Science Information System Management at Open University Malaysia

- 1.0. PURPOSE 1.1. BACKGROUND OPEN UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA (OUM) is an OUM is owned by a consortium of the first eleven Malaysian public universities and as such have access to renowned subject-matter-experts (SMEs) to develop their learning materials, to supervise and where appropriate to serve as tutors and facilitators. These universities have the program which have the few similar program with have been offered in University Technology Mara (UITM)The program which has in OPEN UNIVERSITY (OUM) is a Bachelor of Information Technology and Management with Honors....   [tags: career and university choices]

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Statement of Purpose for Material Science Major at John Hopkins University

- Personal Statement My passion in engineering and science is, in part, due to my Grandfather, who is the deputy director of one of the research institutions at the Chinese Academy of Science. Influenced by the atmosphere of scientific and intellectual conversation, I have been exposed to cutting edge technology my entire life. In particular, my interest in material science can be traced back to my explorations in civil engineering and mechanical engineering at Stony Brook. In my freshman and sophomore years, I was taking a lot of civil engineering and mechanical engineering courses, through which I discovered that the major breakthroughs in those fields were at the material level nowadays....   [tags: engineering, research projects, technology]

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It's All About Science

- What can be the most interesting and exciting thing in your life. What can be the greatest thing that fuels your curiosity. For me, it’s all about Science. Understanding life and living organisms, including their structure, function, development and origin in context of atoms, molecules and their interactions is the most interesting and exciting thing in my life. The concept of asking a question and coming to an answer through a set of experiments has always fascinated me. It fuels my curiosity and the challenging nature of scientific problems intrigues and motivates me to discover unique solutions....   [tags: Reflection, Dreams, Personal Narrative]

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PhD in Computer Science

- “Time and tide wait for no man”, this we all know. Having done an inspiring four-year course in Computer Science Engineering. I would like to put to use this knowledge to do my PhD in Computer Science. This would give me the leading edge in technology and the practical low-down and the information I require. For the past few decades man is advancing in to the unknown realms of science and technology. This advancement is to make life easy and to increase human comfort at home and at work and I would like to be an integral part of such betterment....   [tags: research, application, knowledge, power]

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Reflection on How Master of Science in Public Administration Influenced My Opinions

- ... Recently, a third report was about the Los Angeles City Council member Jose Huizar. A story about Mr. Huizar surfaced in the media where he was being sued by his former Deputy Chief of Staff. Although, these were only allegations, and he had not been convicted of any wrong doing the fact is that these allegations were definitely going to cause some headaches and possibly his re-election as he was getting ready to campaign for his third four-year term as a council member (Zahniser, 2013). With so many new channels of communication and ease to publish information, new public servants are faced with a new challenge of how to keep certain things private (Menzel, 2007)....   [tags: service, education, management]

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Asimov's Science in His Science Fiction

- Asimov's Science in His Science Fiction Isaac Asimov, a twentieth century Russian American, was a very prolific writer. He wrote hundreds of books. He is not only a writer, but he is also a scientist, where many books that comprise his body of work are reference books. The subjects range from Space science and geology, to Shakespeare and the Bible. As a man who graduated High School as a genius at fifteen and also as one who could create different believable worlds in a piece of writing, he has successfully bridged knowledge and creativity....   [tags: Papers]

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Statement of Purpose for Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Science’s Economics Curriculum

- While other children watched their favorite cartoon or played their favorite video game, reading business articles and watching the fluctuations seen in the stock market enthralled me. Renowned leaders in the business world have always been of interest to me, specifically Warren Buffet. My favorite quote by Buffet is “It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than you and you’ll drift in that direction.” By attending CMU, I would personify this quote....   [tags: global electronics, mba, academics]

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Evaluation of the ISM Program in the UiTM versus Similar Programs at INTI International University

- 1.0 Introduction 1.1 IPT chosen INTI International University 1.2 Background 1.2.1 INTI International University INTI International University, Laureate International Universities is a private university located in Putra Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, about 50 km from the center of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was known as INTI University College until 31 May 2010 when the Higher Education Ministry announced its upgrade to university status. It is owned by INTI Education Group which has formalized its partnership with Laureate International Universities in 2008....   [tags: Malaysian higher education programs]

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Benefits Of Student Exchange Programs

- An exchange student is a student that leaves his/her country for a foreign one for a year, where she/he usually learns a new language and experiences a new culture. Nowadays, there are more than 35 international exchange programs from which very many high school students benefit. For instance, each year, almost 13000 students travel on American Field Service Intercultural Programs between 65 countries (AFS, 2011). Unfortunately, the number of students who go on exchange is still relatively low, even if the benefits they receive are big....   [tags: Exchange Program Essays]

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Environmental Science

- When we sit in a science class, most of the time we are bored as bored can get. We really do not get a chance to explore on our own to find out what’s really out there. Teachers sometimes are not able to get in depth outside the textbook because they are required to teach that all in the year. That is why a lot of kids do not really get into science because they are stuck to the book all the time. Some kids love science and do not really care about the work they have to do. Environmental science, is more than the book really says....   [tags: Nature, Animals, Pollution, Natural Resources]

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Distinguished Scholar Program

- The Distinguished Scholar Program is a strict and difficult program. It encourages students to challenge themselves and reach their full potential. Altering a few rules and parts, such as lowering the required grade point average (GPA) and dropping some of the more rigorous classes, such as Honors Chemistry can truly make it a beneficial and successful program in the regular educational system. Not to mention the great improvement in students test scores and overall take on education. Distinguished Scholars is a curriculum unique to Wilson Classical High School in the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD)....   [tags: Argumentative Essay]

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Magnet Recognition Program

- Magnet status is an award given by the American Nurses’ Credentialing Center (ANCC) an affiliate of the American Nurses Association (ANA) to hospitals that meet Magnet status criteria. Upon analysis of the history, concepts and theories which drive Magnet status, and reactions to Magnet status by various professionals, one will see that the Magnet Recognition Program awards an extremely positive accreditation that improves nursing, hospitals, and community image. Magnet status started in 1983 when the American Academy of Nursing's (AAN) Task Force on Nursing Practice in Hospitals conducted a study of 163 hospitals to identify and describe variables that created an environment that attracted...   [tags: Nursing ]

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Designing A Complex Task For Writing A Program

- Introduction Programming can be a complex task; however, to make the task of writing a program easier a developer can leverage algorithms and functions. An algorithm and a function have their respective uses. It is possible to write an entire program using only algorithms; however, the application would be complex, and difficult to maintain (Lambert, 2012). That said, there are instances where an algorithm may be more efficient on computing resources than a function. Algorithms In programming, an algorithm is a set of instructions or procedures that are executed to ultimately solve a problem (Miller & Ranum, 2014)....   [tags: Programming language, Computer]

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A Masters Of Occupational Therapy Degree Program

- A Masters of Occupational Therapy degree program is offered at the University of Texas Medical Branch (“How to apply,” n.d.). In order to apply for the Masters of Occupational Therapy (MOT) program, a range of prerequisites must be completed, including taking particular college courses, obtaining a bachelor’s degree, and having at least 20 hours of observation in an occupational therapy setting. The application process includes submitting three letters of professional recommendation, college transcripts, and a completed OTCAS application....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Master's degree]

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The Role Of Peer Mentoring Program For Students

- According to the Robert Blum’s research on “School Connectedness” creating trusting, respectful relationships between students, teachers, parents and administrators will increase student engagement in school which has substantial impact on the measures of student achievement. As a principal, I would work with site-based decision making committee to implement strategies for systematically communicating with and gathering input from all campus stakeholders through parent-teacher conferences, home visits, family nights and similar activities to increase parental engagement and involvement....   [tags: Educational psychology, Education, Teacher]

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The Adolescent Medicine Fellowship Program Requirements

- Works independently in planning and carrying out the day-to-day functions of the fellowship, using experience to identify and solve problems and handle unusual occurrences. Utilizes Graduate Medical Education (GME) Directory published by the American Medical Association (AMA) guidelines to address questions and concerns with the SAUSHEC Adolescent Medicine Fellowship Program requirements. Utilizes Army and Air Force Regulations and other reference material pertaining to administrative procedures and file maintenance, medical dictionaries, and the SAUSHEC Residents Handbook and the Adolescent Medicine Fellowship Guide....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Medical school]

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Application for the Fast Track Nursing Program

- ... Consistently, though, I find myself pulled towards discussions of patients' psychosocial and discharge care needs – typically roles more closely aligned with primary care. I excelled in N235 (Psychiatric Nursing), which more than teaching me about psychiatry, taught me how to engage with patients and quickly build a therapeutic relationship. Of course, the truly invaluable knowledge I gained through my physical assessment, pathophysiology, and basic science courses will assist me in my career for years to come....   [tags: experiences, qualifications, passion]

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Statement of Purpose for Cornell's Engineering Program

- 1970 was the year of NASA’s most successful failure. Apollo 13 was the seventh manned mission in the American Apollo space program and the third intended to land on the Moon However, even the best of plans can go awry. Apollo 13’s oxygen tank exploded significantly past its mid-correction course – the last point at which the aircraft could return back to Earth in case of an accident. It was overpowered by the moon’s gravitation and a crash seemed imminent. With oxygen and water running out on the ship it was up to NASA’s engineers to bring the astronauts back home....   [tags: NASA, research, astronauts]

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Observation On The Classroom Of The Head Start Program

- 1. What type of setting did the observation take place in. The observation took place inside the classroom of the Head Start Program. 2. What areas in the classroom did the child play in and what did you observe. The class I observe was schedule to be in the science and music area that day. After having breakfast and brushing their teeth, we proceeded to the science and music area where the children got to choose in what section of the room (according to their interest) they wanted to explore that morning....   [tags: Observation, Scientific method, The Child]

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Creating A School Based Consultation Program

- Introduction One of the key contributing factors in both quality patient care and positive outcomes in behavior analysis is human capital. In the current healthcare climate in the state of Mississippi, Board Certified Behavior Analysts are scarce. As of 5/20/16 The Behavior Analyst Certification Board currently lists a total of 51 board certified professionals in this state. Of this number, six hold the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA) designation while 45 hold the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) designation (BACB, May 20, 2016)....   [tags: Psychology, Behavior, Applied behavior analysis]

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Application Essay for the Ph.D Program in Chemistry

- The decision to continue my education by pursuing a Ph.D in chemistry stems from my desire to be a lifelong learner and the satisfaction I have received from my research during my undergraduate studies. After visiting the University of Wisconsin-Madison during the CHOPs visitation, and speaking to the the faculty and students, I saw they share the same passion as myself in solving new problems and having an extensive education, and is why I have chosen to apply to its Ph.D program in chemistry. What do you intend to study in grad school and why....   [tags: education, chemistry, undergraduate]

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MIT's Architectural Program

- In 2013, Architect Magazine, ranked MIT’s Architectural program #2 among graduate schools in the USA. As it builds up its prestigious reputation in Architecture, MIT has tried to inspire its students to be creative and fanciful in their projects through the unique buildings that they have on campus. The Stata Center, an academic complex designed by Frank Gehry , originally got a lot of attention, because of its novel appearance. Critics said it was a good act of self-expression, and its complex design was a good representation of the intellectual capacity of the scientists that were going to be working there....   [tags: academic and career choices]

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Joining The Navy 's Nuclear Program

- Where to go from here. Consider joining the Navy’s nuclear program.            Looking to their future many students will day dream of alluring opportunities. Pondering what the subsequent step in life will bring to them. Various young adults will look towards a starting a profession, others will contemplate traveling and spending time overseas. Nevertheless, you have the noble minority who receives pleasure from school, and wish to continue their scholastic achievements in college. Consequently, they embark on a path to research college, finding themselves on the precipice of the rest of their life wondering what it will bring....   [tags: Electricity generation, Nuclear power]

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My Journey Through The Nursing Program

- The Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program has been on my mind since I started my journey through the nursing program at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) in August of 2014. I have memories of visiting Vanderbilt as a young girl with my grandmother, who was ill throughout my childhood and had many appointments to attend at various offices and hospitals. I thought that VUMC was a beautiful hospital where people came during the worst times in their lives and left feeling well; patients were surrounded by loving and caring nurses, techs, and doctors, as well as other nonclinical staff....   [tags: Nursing, Learning, Nurse, Registered nurse]

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Application for a Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering

- ... Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a wireless technology that utilizes radio communication to identify objects with a unique electrical identity. The widespread deployment of RFID technologies may generate new threats to security and user privacy. A hardware implementation of the mutual authentication protocol for the RFID system was simulated using Modelsim XE II and synthesized using Xilinx synthesis technology. The project experience unearthed the skills hidden in me. The projects being group work taught me the virtues of group co-ordination, continuous interaction and team work which are essential qualities needed to build one’s career....   [tags: education, experience, technology]

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Graduation Speech : Graduate Degree Program

- As the past becomes the present and the future expands sooner than expected, a new era waiting with obstacles and challenges human’s ability to survive. Now more than ever in a time of the uncertain truth, I have decided to undertake my passion, pursuit the answer to our most untouched questions, and contribute to knowledge base of humanity for the future generations to build upon their foundations. My willingness to enroll in the graduate degree program does not cease there, but further expands into my desires of wishing to obtain from the completion of the graduate program the benefits of unmaterialized achievements consisting of honor, prestige, zeal, and discipline to myself and its diss...   [tags: Ethics, Business ethics, Immanuel Kant]

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