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Adpatogens and the PrimeQuest Program

- Adpatogens and the PrimeQuest Program Adaptogens are naturally occurring substances found in rare plants and herbs. Adaptogens were discovered by Israel I. Brekhman, M.D., a renowned Russian research pharmacologist and physiologist. Brekhman coined the term "adaptogen" as a plant type with certain characteristics: (1) it is absolutely safe and non-toxic, (2) it increases the body's nonspecific resistance to internal and external stimuli, and (3) it brings any disfunctioning body system back into balance (   [tags: Science Botany Scientific Essays]

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The Battle for Control of Political Science Education

- The Battle for Control of Political Science Education Abstract Quantitative analysis, formal modeling, and other forms of hard science dominate the leading journals and research institutions of American political science. To justify a hard scientific approach to the study of politics demands elaborate philosophical argument. In particular, it demands answers to three questions: What is the character of political life (the ontological question). How and what can we know about politics (the epistemological question)....   [tags: Political Science Politics]

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WHAT I HAD TO DO: We had to create a program that would read the users

- WHAT I HAD TO DO: We had to create a program that would read the users input, process it and display the results. HOW I CREATED THE PROGRAM: For this tutorial I used lblrpompt, txttemperature, cmdctof, cmdftoc, and cmdexit. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN INTRODUCTION I have been asked to prepare a personal report that addresses my approach to learning and provides a reflective account of my experiences, of carrying out a series of programming activities. The report that I will be creating is a reflection upon my collective and collaborative activities, working in a group....   [tags: Computer Science]

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Spreadsheet report - intended for a science teacher teaching a Year 10

- Spreadsheet report - intended for a science teacher teaching a Year 10 class in a secondary school. He is having difficulty managing all of the data concerning the marks and attendance of class 10X2. Spreadsheet Report The spreadsheet is intended for a science teacher teaching a Year 10 class in a secondary school. He is having difficulty managing all of the data concerning the marks and attendance of class 10X2. He would like to know if a computer could aid him to process the data from module tests that are being taken this year....   [tags: Computer Science]

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Philosophy and Contemporary Science

- Philosophy and Contemporary Science ABSTRACT: This paper is concerned with some of the differences between philosophy and contemporary science, and with the significance of these differences for the question of the nature of philosophy. Differences of particular interest here are ones that tend to be concealed and ignored through the influence of the professionalist attitudes of contemporary science, an influence that manifests itself in the prevailing normative attitude to the vocabularies and linguistic practices of professional philosophy....   [tags: Philosophical Essays]

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Computer Science at the University of Arizona

- The University of Arizona's Computer Science Department is a quality research program. The most recent National Research Council rankings place the department 33rd out of 108 PhD-granting institutions nationwide, despite the fact that we are a comparatively small department. In addition, we are the best Computer Science department of our size among publicly funded Universities, with the highest in number of citations (references) per faculty, and 17th overall in the number of publications per faculty....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Art and Science of Radio Programming

- The Art and Science of Radio Programming Ideally, radio programming should be more of an art than a science. It should be about what people want to hear and what the disc jockeys want to play. Station managers should strive to create quality programs, similar to like they did in the old days, before television was around. Radio is used much differently today than it was in the past. When it was first invented, families used to gather around the radio and listen to programs, similar to how families today watch television programs....   [tags: Papers]

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Maryland Science Assessments

- Maryland Science Assessments Within the discipline of science there are facts, principles, skills, and processes of five classified standards: earth/space, biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science. In the State of Maryland, the main assessment tool is the MSPAP (Maryland State Performance Assessment Program). Also, an individual teacher has to do assessment of his/her students throughout the school year. A teacher needs to know what to assess and how. Through an interview, a teacher of Bodkin Elementary has given her opinion about the state assessment test MSPAP....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Role of Mental Variation in Cognitive Science

- The Role of Mental Variation in Cognitive Science ABSTRACT: What is the role of mental variation in cognitive science. I will attempt to answer this question by dividing it into two separate questions: (1) what role does mental variation already (or implicitly) play in cognitive science. and (2) would cognitive science benefit by inquiring (explicitly) into the role of mental variation. I will attempt to show that mental variation already plays an important (though not always explicit) role in cognitive science....   [tags: Cognitive Sciences Scientific Essays]

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Design Of An Mba Program

- Sabanci University Faculty of Management, which opened its doors only in the fall of 1999 to its students, is a newly established institution, therefore so is the SU-MBA Program. Benefiting from being a relatively fresh program SU-MBA had the latest of information about the business world and comparative insights from other MBA programs, of which the number is quite large in the current market. The aim of this paper is to (1) compare and contrast the ontological and epistemological assumptions, (2) amount of experiential learning and (3) job opportunities created of the current and designed SU-MBA Program, also (4) to understand how it has positioned itself with other MBA programs....   [tags: MBA Business Administration Education]

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Science Curriculum in New York

- Science Curriculum in New York Researching the US National Standards of Science Education and the New York State Science Standards gave our group valuable information about any science curriculum in New York State. We searched the Web and the New York State Standards for Mathematics, Science, and Technology booklet. Conducting an interview with both Ethanie Holl, kindergarten teacher, and Dr. LaChance, professor, were also very helpful. To start with here is a list of principles that guided the National Science Education Standards (NSES)....   [tags: Education School Essays]

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Seeking Admission to a Computer Science Graduate Program

- ... Right from the school days, reading and collecting international computer magazines to participating in technical seminars and workshops, I have constantly strived to be in tune with times. One of my undergraduate subjects of Information System and Security, which has made me to get a head start and I was very much interested in learning and grasping new technologies in this field of Information Systems. As a student, I not only intend to learning the fundamentals and vital aspects in Computer Science, but my interest also lies in the field of IT Auditing for solving real world problems that presently plague database systems and network capabilities....   [tags: information technology, computer security]

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Science of Management and Business

- I am very glad to apply for admission in Masters Degree in Management offered at HEC – Ulg. My interest in management arose early during my education and later when I decided to work after graduation in health care industry. In middle 2008, I was fortunate enough to get appointed as sales representative in sales and Marketing Division at Hikma pharmaceutical company in Saudi Arabia. In middle 2011 after three years of successful working there, I decided to slightly change the career to medical device sales and fortunately I was hired as a product specialist in Johnson and Johnson; the biggest and most diverse medical device company in the world....   [tags: Application Letter to Program]

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Promoting Intercultural Understanding: International Baccalaureate Program

- The International Baccalaureate program that our school is a member of has adopted and implemented the IB philosophy of promoting intercultural understanding and respect. We encourage our students to become active in our communities, to think critically about themselves and the world around them, and to become compassionate, lifelong learners. Before I had heard of the IB program, I had already adopted this concept. I realize that my pre-teen students are so absorbed with our American pop culture and technology, thus somewhat oblivious to the real world around them....   [tags: International Baccalaureate program, ]

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Application to Pre-Medical Program

- Pediatrics is a field that combines my two primary interests: children and academics. The pediatrician has a critical role in the life and healthy development of a child and is a person on whom the parents heavily rely on. Children have always played a role in my life, in both work and social interactions, and I cherish each and every moment I spend with a young person—you always learn something new and are often pleasantly surprised by how insightful children can be. My time spent helping in the pediatric department in a hospital and shadowing a pediatrician greatly influenced me to pursue a career as a pediatric....   [tags: pediatrics, communication, education]

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Mathematics and Science: My Favorite Subjects

- My pedestal quality lies in the area of mathematics. It polishes my academic armor and sharpens my sword of educational merit. Mathematics is the backbone of my academic figure. Arithmetic and functions come like breathing and a math challenge is always appreciated; however, in no way is my prestige in math providing even the smallest level of interest for me. In fact, mathematics to me is comparable to a wrench in a toolbox: useful when needed, but otherwise useless. Nevertheless, my understanding of this subject provides exceptional resources to students in need....   [tags: Mathematics, career,]

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Statement of Purpose: Pursuing a Career in Computer Science

- STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I look forward to a career in committed research where I considered Computational Science program as a novel challenge in my profession. I find this program to be a great course which I believe is an excellent preparation and will give me a good foundation in theoretical and practical aspects to excel in the desired workplace of tomorrow. My decision to continue my education in this field is the outcome of my profound interest in Computational Science. I thoroughly prepared for further studies in the field of Computer Science and I would like to deepen my practical understanding of the course....   [tags: international exposure, future, goals]

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Cash Grants

- Consider the compact of co-responsibility between the government and recipients. What is needed to make the compact work. Progresa had the goal of increasing the basic capabilities of extremely poor people in rural Mexico (Levine, 2007, p.67). Progresa is a program developed by the government of Mexico in 1997, and was implemented by President Ernesto Zedillo. With the help of Santiago Levy who was an economist, Progresa was developed to help break the cycle of poverty in Mexico. In order for the compact to work between the government and the recipients, a change had to take place from the governments’ standpoint....   [tags: Mexican Government, The Cash Program]

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Community Service Project Report: Voluteering in Engaging Lation Communities for Education (ENLACE) Miami

- Giving back to society is a common goal most people target, but not many complete. During the summer of 2013, it was a pleasure to do just that, and give back to the most important members of our community, the children. From June 17, 2013 to July 26, 2013 I committed myself as a volunteer of ENLACE Miami (Engaging Latino Communities for Education), which is a collaborative, community wide partnership for education taking place at Florida International University and sponsored by the Children’s Trust....   [tags: commitment, program, education]

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The Emory Pipeline Program

- Screech!!. The bus’ brakes scream upon stopping. I look up to see buildings that look like stone and marbled statuses. The buildings stood tall with tan shiny finishes. The grass was too green to be true and the atmosphere felt like home to me. I had embarked upon a journey that I never thought would be. I was here, here at Emory School of Medicine. Numerous of people walking around with white doctor coats, teal scrubs, and soft colorful crocs. I was a part of an elite group of about thirty high school students, who would soon be a part of Emory’s School of Medicine mentoring program, called Emory School of Medicine Pipeline Program....   [tags: Health Care]

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Studying Computer Science in University

- The challenging, problem-solving and logical aspects of computer sciences are some of the many reasons why I want to study this at university. I have always had the ambition to do something related to IT even from as young as eight years old. Computer Science is the only degree that matches my interests, whether it be programming, Operating Systems, A.I, software engineering or database systems and many more. I have the desire to learn more and improve my knowledge, learning new things in IT is passion of mine; I would do anything to increase my knowledge of IT, as the industry continues to develop....   [tags: programming, systems, software, knowledge]

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A Statement of Purpose: Computer Science

- ... In this four years intensive program, involves subjects of my interest like Operating System, Web Programming, Distributed Databases, Computer Networks, Automata and Compiler design in which I secured impressive grades. To augment my knowledge in hardware domain, I successfully completed hardware programming on 8086(Microprocessor) and 8051(Microcontroller). My firm belief in my objective to study graduation and research area was the result of my participation in various seminars. My papers including CARBON TUBES, Artificial Immune System and Nano ROBOTS in Human Body were highly lauded and appreciated....   [tags: technology, research, development, goal]

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Applying for a Computer Science Degree

- Every day brings a new challenge for Computer Science. The subject is extremely diverse and success depends on the creativity and the commitment of the individual. I gain satisfaction from solving logical problems and working with computer systems. Ever since my IT technician at Secondary School introduced me to programming in Powershell. I always want to know just how computers worked and how much they could evolve over time. This interest has only grown more intense with each new discovery that I make....   [tags: study, systems, degree, career]

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Mba Library And Information Science Program

- More than two years ago while living isolated in Northern Thailand, I resolved to pursue a master’s degree in an ALA accredited library and information science program. It was not a decision I took lightly, and thus prolonged officially applying in order to assess myself in various informational professions to develop insight on my strengths and ascertain my interest in this field. Through a part-time position at a city library in the evenings after my day job, I happily confirmed my enthusiasm and enjoyment of public librarianship still holds true....   [tags: Library, Library science, Public library]

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A Curriculum Driven Science Program Designed For Elementary School

- In the future, I plan to have a curriculum driven science program designed for elementary school students. Some of the best research in the area has been done on Pre-school programming. I have been focusing on this research, since it is some of the most cutting edge in the field. My hope, is that by understanding what works for preschool programming, a baseline can be established that I can work off of in the future for programming designed for a slightly older age group. Fisch in his book, G is for Growing (2001), acknowledges that there are a lot of critiques against the idea of promoting any television to child whether it is educational or not....   [tags: Television program, Television]

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Marine 's Citizen Science Program

- Marine Debris- Citizen Science Introduction: Pollution of the earth is a major limiting factor to the abundance of life on earth. Pollution of all kinds can kill wildlife, causes habitat degradation or destruction, create navigational hazards, and even destroy economies and human health ( These effects, though, are most evident in marine environments. The dumping of waste, especially plastics, causes severe stress to the world’s oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds....   [tags: Plastic, Ocean, Environment]

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I Want For Master Of Science Program

- I would like to introduce myself as Katamneni Sruthi who is applying for Master of Science Program in the Department of Public Health. My areas of interest are Public Heath, Dentistry, Behavioral Sciences, Health Science, Health and Social Care and Psychology. As I write this, thousands of miles from my homeland of India, I think on the path that led me to Public Health. I often wonder when people talk of health care disparities, if they can ever truly grasp what it means, what crushing poverty entails, and even what an underdeveloped nation looks like....   [tags: Public health, Medicine, Epidemiology]

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The Department Of Chemistry And Environmental And Resource Science Program

- I am applying to the department of chemistry and environmental and Resource Science Program,Trent University because your program allows me to get outstanding training in environmental science (interdisciplinary research), as well as interacting with your graduate students, faculty and other collaborators in those fields to enhance my knowledge. My backgrounds have prepared me well to take both graduate level research in biogeochemistry/chemistry and participate in a challenging interdisciplinary program at your university....   [tags: Environment, Natural environment]

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Media Arts and Science Program at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

- As of 2009, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) reports 28,756 students enrolled. Just over 10,000 of those students are listed as part time students (under 9 credit hours). IUPUI is made up of a total minority student population of close to 5,000. Just over 16,000 students are classified as 24 years of age or younger while over 12,500 students are 25 years of age or older. Nearly 700 students are enrolled in the Informatics degree program at IUPUI with 540 at the undergraduate level and 157 at the graduate level....   [tags: Higher Education]

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Application Essay for Master of Science in Biology Program (Online)

- I want to earn my Master of Science in Biology from University of Nebraska, Kearney, with an emphasis in either cellular biology and physiology or genetics and molecular biology. As one of the best and one of the few universities to offer an online master’s program in biology, I expect you receive many more requests for entrance than you have positions to offer. This leaves the question, “Why offer this opportunity to me?” If I could be a professional student, I would be. I am always wondering why, how, what if....   [tags: admissions essays]

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Ethical Leadership in the Master of Science Leadership Program

- ... When this occurs, I know I must first identify what the ethical dilemma actually is before I can proceed to a sound decision. Once I've firmly interpreted what the ethical dilemma is, I can then analyze all the factors that relate to the dilemma. There many ethical dilemmas factors, a couple include pressure to turn a blind eye to ethically questionable practices and overly ambitious to do unethical acts. Once I have considered all of the consequences of each possible decision, including the best and worst outcomes of my decision, I should then be able to make a decision that I am most comfortable with the outcome....   [tags: leaders, decisions, organization, goals]

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My Computer Science Graduate Program at ASU

- Four years of my undergraduate study have exposed me to a plethora of sub disciplines in Computer Science because of which my knowledge is not limited to any particular topic. However, a graduate study in Computer Science will help me increase my knowledge in areas which are of particular interest to me. My primary interests lie in the fields of Data Mining and Machine Learning. I believe pursuing a graduate program at XYZ University will be the ideal step towards fulfilling my career aspirations....   [tags: AIESEC, Data Mining, machine learning]

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The Court University Attracted Me With A Social Science Program And Its Close Knit Community

- Georgian Court University attracted me with its excellent Social Science programs and its close-knit community. Automatically, I was welcomed with open arms to GCU and I was submerged in its warm environment. At first, it seemed as though I would be completely on my own with no support from anyone; that I had to fend for myself. Currently, I have come to realizations that at an Institution like Georgian Court, I am never alone. There is always a Good Samaritan around every corner. While being here, there were many learning experiences that applied to many aspects of my life....   [tags: Psychology, Clinical psychology]

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The Mysteries of Science

- The Mysteries of Science Introduction As I write this essay, I am over whelmed by what human beings can accomplish given time and space. As I look through my window, planes are flying over smoke that lazily ascends from the industries beneath them; vehicles fill every available space along the streets as the news report another successful rocket launch on its mission to the Mars. If only the views of the unborn mind could be trusted, I would have been born centuries earlier. In the current world that is driven by fear over global climate changes, global warming, global economic recession, global terrorism amidst a host of many other global concerns, I may not help but burry my head in the pe...   [tags: Science]

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Evaluation Of A Medical Technician Program At Valencia College

- Introduction While attending high school I always wanted to work in the healthcare field. I completed an emergency medical technician program at Valencia College. I started working at Florida Hospital Orlando (FHO) as a psychiatric technician in their behavioral health unit. While working at FHO I meet many nurses, I saw what they did, and desire grew on me to become a registered nurse. The path into becoming a registered nurse was a very confusing process for me because there are three entry levels of nursing, the bachelors science nursing (BSN) degree route, the associates degree (AD) route, and the diploma in nursing, which is basically a hospital based nursing school (Black, 2010, p....   [tags: Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing]

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Why Is Science A Science?

- In life, is important to have values, moral and goals; which serve as motivation. Science is a big subject with many branches and purposes that inspire people to perform and obtain good results. The result and goals I aspire in the scientific world are to produce simple access and good quality to every person who need it. The way I plan to acquire it is by completing my objectives. One of my main objectives is to graduate with a Biology Degree and a Minor in Psychology; and after that pursued a higher education....   [tags: Scientific method, Science]

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The Theory Of Science And Science

- Position Paper: Teaching NOS in High School Curriculum Nature of science or NOS is a term that refers to the epistemic knowledge of science, the knowledge of constructs and values that are intrinsic to the subject. The constructs and values include historical groundwork to scientific discovery and social incorporation such as sociology, philosophy, and history of science (“Nature of Science”). Nature of science, in my opinion, should not be explicitly taught in high school science curriculum. The basis for my standing on the issue is representative of the lack of a fundamental standard understanding of what Nature of Science is, as well as the lack of effectiveness in explicitly teaching Na...   [tags: Education, Scientific method, Curriculum, Science]

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Sample Resume : Maine Mathematics And Science Alliance

- Rationale Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance (MMSA) has much to gain from raising its profile within its target audiences (teachers, educators and their students) and its’ stakeholders (funders, state decision makers, supporters, parents). MMSA needs a coordinated plan in which every staff member plays some role in communicating our work. We need to root communications efforts in the work of the organization as a whole, not isolated independent projects. This organization wide strategy will increase the profile of MMSA and benefit all projects/programs....   [tags: Communication, Message, Program management]

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Graduate Program in web Designing

- Computers can be considered the eighth wonder of the world. Their use has become indispensible in every field – Communication, Database Systems, Banking, Robotics, Medicine, Vehicular Systems and what not. The World Wide Web and Internet has brought a new revolution across the world bringing the people closer through a plethora of networking applications such as chat, video conferencing, social networking and e-mail. When my father brought the first computer, a Pentium 3 processor, I was so amazed seeing the GUIs of the websites and the Windows have always attracted me....   [tags: learner, program, browsing]

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New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio 's New Program

- New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s video announcement that city schools were starting a new program that will bring computer science education to all students is late. America is dragging where it should be exceling. Less than 10 percent of the city’s schools offer computer science education and only one percent receive that education. New Yorkers should still applaud their mayor for taking on this monumental task that states should have addressed years before this announcement because New York City isn’t alone in this failure, only one in four U.S....   [tags: Computer science, Computer, New York City]

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My Statement of Purpose for a Graduate Program at UTCS

- Statement of Purpose All through my undergraduate studies, I have strived to develop a strong understanding of topics across the breadth of computer science as I believe an initial holistic approach can prove a solid foundation for any future pursuits in the field. Now, I would like to delve deeper into those topics that interest me and carve out a niche for myself in them. Over the years, I have been particularly interested in Computer Security. It is required in almost every aspect of systems development and draws heavily on knowledge of the intricate workings of networks, operating systems and mathematics....   [tags: computer science]

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Pursuing A Graduate Degree Program

- Some people in life usually do not have any perceptions of what their professional career is all about before they get into it. Some, once they got in, do not have any desire or ambition of moving further to acquire more education in addition to what they already have. There are others whose life experiences have shaped their beliefs and have been the driving force for their dream career. My life experiences have been the driving force behind my dream about carrier in nursing and why I decided to further my education to pursue a graduate degree program....   [tags: Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing]

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A Short Note On Honors Program Application : Supplemental Questions

- UCSD DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY BA/BS HONORS PROGRAM APPLICATION SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS: (Please respond to all questions, using a maximum of 1,000 words total on a typed separate sheet) Briefly describe your reasons for applying to the honors program. I am applying to this program to achieve my utmost potential. Only the brightest psych majors go through this program, and that is what I aspire to be. With the proper training, mentors, ability,community and help, I can become my ideal self....   [tags: Psychology, Cognition, Cognitive science]

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Personal Note On Computer Science

- Google Essay Application Ekua Awotwi 200 words or less 1. What sparked your interest in computer science. How have you pursued this interest so far. What do you hope to accomplish with your computer science degree. I recall the feeling of power and freedom to create that I experienced from designing a brick breaker program in my first CS class at Stanford. This feeling struck a chord in me that went back to the childhood excitement I had when I was given my first video editing software. I would spend hours filming and editing short movies, making sure to cut the scenes and music precisely or finding the angles to accurately communicate the mood....   [tags: Computer science, Electrical engineering]

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Description Of A Computer Science

- Introduction This is the final portfolio for CH1051 which displays what I have accomplished and learned in this course, and also how this course has help me in moving forward in the future. There are ten objectives, which are important to my major because these skills demonstrate the ability to identify a problem, come up with a testable solution, and then carry out the proposed solution while accurately recording the results and effectively communicating them within both your group and effectively to the public....   [tags: Experiment, Science, Conclusion, Theory]

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The Public Art Program Of The University Of Texas At Austin

- Name: Dung Le – DNL458 Landmarks – The Public Art Program of The University of Texas at Austin ART 320K September, 18th 2016 Circle with Towers by SolleWitt The University of Texas at Austin is a great place that actively promotes a diversity of art around campus. One of the artwork that belongs to the Landmarks’ collection, is the concrete block structure Circle with Tower by LeWitt, with the Wall Drawing #520 inside the building. The Public Art Program of The University of Texas at Austin has purchased this concrete block sculpture, which is called “Circle with Towers”, from the Madison Square Park Conservancy in New York....   [tags: Art, Modernism, Science, Visual arts]

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The Danger Of Requiring Computer Science

- Computer science is a field of study that while widely used, is not well understood without some education. Parents desire the best education possible for their child, including getting the most out of their education by encouraging pursuit in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). For the past several years across the United States there has been a new discussion in what classes should and should not be required. Some say that requiring such classes will be too much of a burden or an unrealistic ideal, while others say that requiring them will have a number of long-lasting and wide-reaching benefits....   [tags: Education, Secondary education, Computer science]

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My Career Out Of Computer Science

- As a young child, I always had an interest in computers and how they work. As a kindergartener, my parents gave me their old computer; a large creamed colored monstrosity that was considered old even for its time. Despite this, I was amazed by the device and how it worked. This interest continued with me as I grew older and went through school. Throughout middle school, I learned more about computers and took every chance I could taking computer classes. In high school, I took part in my first computer science class and learn the basics of coding....   [tags: Computer science, Computer, Programming language]

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Chapter 2: Return on Investment of Training Program

- ... Typically the metrics analysed under Level 4 are output, quality, costs and time, it is still important to go past Level 4 however, as even though the business outcomes may be achieved, it is important to analyse whether the programme costs outweigh the benefits. Until the early 1990’s the Kirkpatrick model was the dominant reference for evaluating ROI, until other experts began to expand and develop the model, by examining its application in industry (Alliger and Janek 1989). Criticisms that were raised was the inability to predict the results of the higher levels of evaluation based on the lower levels, another criticism was that the levels are too generalised and are merely classifica...   [tags: measure, knowledge, buisness, science]

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Computer Science Is Not Just A Four Credit Class

- Computer Science is not just a four-credit class that students can take at St. Mary’s to fulfill their math credit for the core requirements; it is the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications (“Computer Science”, 2015). Most think that computer science is just about learning the basics of computers, such as learning to use word processors, navigating the Internet, or how to download certain programs. This is a very common misconception. Computer science is however involved with developing these programs to make the lives of computer uses much easier....   [tags: Computer science, Computer, Mathematics]

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Women 's Influence On The Creation Of Computer Science

- Women have played a large role in the creation of computer science. The first computer programmer was a woman (Philips 463). The first compiler for a programming language (Grace Murray Hopper) and object oriented programming language were developed by women (The Early History of Smalltalk). Today, the field is very different, with only 18% of undergraduate degrees for computer science awarded to women which has decreased from 37% in 1985 (Why So Few Women Are Studying Computer Science). If this problem is not addressed it will only become worse as the disproportionate number of jobs in the field are taken by men which can discourage female participation and even create a sexist environment....   [tags: Computer science, Computer, Programming language]

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I Found That Sesame Street : The Tv Program

- I found that Sesame Street: the TV program which is designed to be "educational", combines the basic knowledge of basic reading, arithmetic, color names, letters and numbers with children through various expressions such as puppetry, animation and live performance. And sometimes it also teaches some basic knowledge of life. It has been broadcast from 1969 to date. Also, it has 46 quarters and more than 4,000 episodes. Compared to Sesame Street, SpongeBob is not suitable for the early childhood (3-8 year-old) audience to view, probably because of rude language, bad humor, mild violence, or content for children under the age of 7 is too horrible or too controversial, so it may not be categori...   [tags: Television program, Television]

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Political Science And International Relations

- Kawkareik, a small town of Kayin state of Burma, surrounding by Dawna Range, is the place where I was born and had to flee. Civil wars, military rules, and religious conflicts are part of her misfortunes and, for sure, I had witnessed some of her pain. Other portion of my childhood had also associated with the experience of living in Mae Sot district and Nu Poe refugee camp in Thailand before I settled in the United States. When I first arrived to the America, I had observed the difference of societies in term of peace, prosperity, and harmony....   [tags: Political science, Politics]

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Technology And Computer Science And Technology

- From a young age I have been genuinely fascinated by the intriguing world of computing and technology. I have always enjoyed keeping up-to-date with the latest advances in technology and have remained amazed at the speed of computerized developments over the past few years. For as long as I can remember, I have been encouraged by my cousin. He has stronger enthusiasm on scientific research and help me discovered another enthralling world to explore. From my cousin, I learned that for scientific research should not only have a tremendous enthusiasm, but have the rigorous study style and indomitable perseverance to face many difficulties encountered in the future....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Science]

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The Profile : Computer Science

- The Profile: Computer Science Computer scientists are stereotypically mistaken for nerds. Society sees them as geeks who spend almost their entire life staring at a monitor. "Another historic issue has been the nerd stereotype, or the related perception that computer science is only for boys, both of which reduce “coolness” among teenagers and thus student turnout," said Hadi Partovi, the founder/investor of Quora. In a Forbes article Partovi mentioned the problem with how society views computer enthusiasts as a group of people....   [tags: Computer science, Computer, Computer programming]

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Application Of A Computer Science Learning

- Most clients see a PC at the front and utilize the graphical client interfaces. The first occasion when I utilized a PC, it interested me to know how these interfaces function, the hypothesis behind PCs and the strategy of how they function. I am a quick to promote my Computer Science learning. Contemplating Computing, ICT and Maths at A-Level has expanded my craving to need to know more about this subject. Besides I trust that my two week work experience arrangement, situated in IT support at ARM Holdings, gave me an incredible understanding into how a worldwide Computing business functions and affirmed that I needed to go into processing....   [tags: Computer, Software engineering, Computer science]

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Evaluation Of A Lab Accreditation Program For The American Society Of Crime Laboratory Directors / Laboratory Accreditation Board

- Lab certifications. According to the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB) publications, accreditation assures the customers of the lab that it is a “competent source of testing and/or calibration services (ASCLD/LAB, 2015). Furthermore, accreditation ensures the lab is compliant with International Standards Organization (ISO) publication 17025-2005 requirements and any applicable requirements of ASCLD/LAB (ASCLD/LAB, 2015). The first step in the process is to purchase a copy of the ISO/IEC 17025-2005 standards from an authorized distributor, followed by completion and submission of the 2011-FSo 17025-2005 certification statement and the AS...   [tags: Computer forensics, Forensic science, Costs, Cost]

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Mark Kruse 's Computer Science

- Mark Kruse has a degree in Computer Science. He worked a Kodak for most of his career before he moved on to Nexpress, and then to where he is now at a division of Sikorsky here in Rochester. His title is currently Senior Software Engineer. His official boss only has three subordinates (including him). However, for his current project, he is on a different team. That team consists of about a dozen separate people, including the boss. At Sikorsky, he’s doing stuff only on the “periphery” (i.e. a nonessential part) of military aircraft, so the team not organized very well—the requirements for any given feature often consist of only two sentences, and there’s no software development life cycle o...   [tags: Software engineering, Computer, Computer science]

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My I Became A Science Teacher

- At the age of 9 when I was in 4th grade. I always wanted to be a science teacher. I was really influenced by my science teacher because I always enjoyed my science class because the teacher was very nice to me, and to everyone in my class. She was calm, and a very soft spoken person. With a very beautiful smile on her face. That made me feel really comfortable. Because I loved her a lot I felt great being her student. She made me do very well in her class, I also did very well in most of my science classes....   [tags: High school, Family, Science education, College]

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Entering A Program And The Canadian System Of Justice

- Entering a program such as Social Science with a focus on law has definitely had an impact on who I’ve become and how I now see the world. Exploring a lot of social aspects of our society led me to be a more understanding and respectful person. It is easy to judge or misunderstand others when one is not well informed on a topic. Before coming to Dawson, I wasn 't as aware of social, economic, and political issues as I am now, and although I still have a lot to learn I now have better understanding of Canada’s laws, issues, and such....   [tags: Psychology, Sociology, Social sciences]

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Applying For A Post Baccalaureate Degree Of Computer Science

- In applying for a post baccalaureate degree in computer science, I bring an array of abilities founded on the earning of my bachelor’s degree in journalism from Marmara University; a school which selects their students from the top 0.01% of the examinees, and I was one of the students so selected. In earning this second BA, with interest in software development and/or database administration, I am of the conviction that this is an excellent life choice.  To say I’ve been interested in technology since childhood, is clearly an underestimation....   [tags: Software engineering, Computer science]

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Statement of Purpose for a Master of Science in Computer Science

- STATEMENT OF PURPOSE (SOP) Major: Master of Science in Computer Science (MS in Computer Science) When I was 13 years old my father presented a personal computer as a birthday gift to me. Having seen the profound impact which personal computers have made and witnessed its prolific growth right from my childhood, it has been a great fascination for me to study computers and related technologies. This childhood fascination made me opt for Computer Science as mainstream diploma subject. With invigorating enthusiasm throughout the course duration, I completed my diploma with a good percentage....   [tags: technology, education, qualifications]

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Origin of the Apollo Program

- Origin of the Apollo Program Every American has come to associate the Apollo programs and its missions with the moon. They have heard of the adventures and missions of various Apollo missions, from Apollo 11, the first moon landing, to the horrific yet successful outcome of Apollo 13. Yet, beyond the actual landing of these missions, little is known about the origins and the accomplishments these missions have done for the nation. The program begins during the Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower, where the Apollo Program was established with its focus on the three-man spacecraft that would follow the one-man Project Mercury which put the first Americans in space....   [tags: cold war rivals, missions to the moon]

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Graduation Speech : The Mentoring Program

- Marianny- Student M has been attending the mentoring program consistently this month. Student M has been working very hard to improve both her Math and English grade, by seeking mentoring support on a regular basis. Student M is extremely proud of herself as she was accepted into her first choice High School, which is High School for Health Careers and Sciences at the George Washington High School Campus. Mr. Fernandez is excited his daughter will be transitioning to this school as he aspires for her to become a pediatric doctor....   [tags: High school, College, Anxiety, Grade]

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Graduation Speech For A Graduate Program

- I was the first in my family to attend college and I am the first person to apply to a Graduate program. I am the sole individual in my large family. Unfortunately, this is true for many individuals of immigrant parents. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences from University of California, Santa Barbara. Education is the key to developing the future and by adopting new teaching practices to help advance the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics we are creating a positive feedback cycle that allows more individuals to pursue a higher education....   [tags: Learning, Education, Bachelor's degree, Monterey]

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The Manhattanville Music Curriculum Program

- The Manhattanville Music Curriculum Program INTRODUCTION During the 1950s through the late 1960s the United States went through an era of curriculum reform. Throughout this time, multiple organizations, in various schools, were developed, such as, the School Mathematics Study Group (SMSG), Physical Science Study Committee (PSSC), the Contemporary Music Project, as well as the Manhattanville Music Curriculum Program (MMCP). The purpose of these organizations was to develop new curricula; test and revise said curricula, as well as offer summer programs to train educators in the newly developed curricula....   [tags: Education, Learning, Curriculum]

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Speech And Language Pathology Program

- We are writing to you collectively to provide feedback in regards to the program in its entirety as well as the request to address concerns that the aforementioned individuals have. To begin with, we would like to express our appreciation for the Master of Science Speech and Language Pathology program here at the Miami Campus. We can all agree that it has been a valuable learning experience and has motivated us and introduced us to the journey we will be experiencing as we become the future SLPs of tomorrow, as well as the pioneers of the program here at Albizu University....   [tags: Question, Interrogative word, Sentence, Questions]

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Nutrtion Diet Program Analysis

- Jean Nidetch initially created the Weight Watchers diet plan in 1963 when she invited friends over for a weekly meeting about weight loss. Weight Watcher is now in 30 different countries around the world. In North America 20,000, meetings are held each week. (Northwestern, 2005) This diet is a weight loss program derived through the study of science. By keeping up to date on the latest medical and scientific research, Weight Watchers is able to keep their program constantly changing, evolving, and becoming a state-of-the-art program....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Most Beneficial Program For Myself

- I believe that the most beneficial program for myself is epidemiology. I am choosing to pursue an MPH, because it will allow me the opportunity to make a contribution to the community, it ties in to my psychology and biology background. The program would allow me to build on the skills I developed as the founder of Success 1st, which emphasizes education to encourage youth to think and be knowledgeable before engaging in risky behaviors such as sexual activity. As a determined, passionate, and committed individual, I find the prospect of working in such a career most ideal for me....   [tags: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse, Health]

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Graduate Program Admissions Essay

- My interest in information science first emerged while working on household survey and clinical research projects at RTI International and Duke University Medical Center. While working in different roles in project management, operations, and training, I became involved in a variety information technology activities including, managing a field test of new project hardware and software; identifying functional requirements and creating specifications for project websites and data collection tools; testing systems; providing troubleshooting support & software training; and working as a liaison between management and IT staff for system changes and new developments....   [tags: Admissions Essay]

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My Fascination With Science

- Why do I like science. Why is science so special to me. Why am I drawn to this particular investigative discipline more than all others. This fascination, maybe an obsession, to find out logical answers to why the world behaved the way it behaved, always stuck with me. Ever since I could read, I remember looking through whole bookshelves of science books, flipping through those pages filled with a cutaway diagram of the sun's core or drawings of animals from the primordial oceans, and always begging for more....   [tags: Personal Experience, Autobiography]

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The Battle Between Science And Humanities

- Literature, English, Philosophy. These practices that were extremely important at one time but we forced to change their shapes to accommodate the wants and needs of the present time. All of these studies were once important in the early 20th century, but now in the 21th century, struggle to stay afloat. Professor of law and ethics at the University of Chicago, Martha Nussbaum, discusses the downfall of the humanities. She calls it a “silent crisis.” She adds, “The future of the world’s democracies hangs in the balance.” Nussbaum’s solution to fixing this imbalance is to encourage the learning of the humanities and show how important it was 80 years ago....   [tags: Liberal arts, Liberal arts college, Music]

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Nursing Is A Human Science

- Defining what a nurse is varies from person to person. Some have described a nurse as a person who shows care to their patients while others say that nurses assist to regain the ill’s health back. There is no wrong answer in defining what a nurse is. Moreover, I believe that a nurse is one who treats their patients with the dignity and respect that they deserve, and assists them in promoting and preventing their health illness and lastly, enhancing their health to optimal status. Nursing is viewed as a human science because nurse must display a connection with each patient....   [tags: Health, Nursing, Illness, Health care]

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Computer Science, Fall 2017

- Statement of Purpose: Shweta Shenoy – Applicant for MS in Computer Science, Fall 2017 From writing my name on the door of my room when I was six, playing games on the computer and pretending to “be at work” to working as an Associate Software Developer in DevOps, Dell R & D, I believe I have come a long way. At every phase of my educational career, I made decisions that would take me closer to my dream of becoming an engineer. From choosing classes like Web Design, HTML/CSS as my electives in high-school, to getting in touch with an inspirational engineer like Vinod Dham, inventor of the Pentium Chip, and interviewing him to gain advice about the profession of Engineering....   [tags: Software engineering, Engineering]

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Careers in Computer Science

- Background Computer Network & Support Technician is a field that deals with the computers, servers and virtualized OS (operating system). Networking includes different processes such as Installing, Maintaining, troubleshooting and upgrading Web-server hardware and software. The main purpose of Computer Networking is to manage routers, up gradation and troubleshoot problems in such a way that extra efficiency is achieved with low cost of total expense. The job responsibilities in this field include managing each and every computer or routers and keep update with technology, bring new ways to troubleshoot the problems, and get prepared for future problems or causes....   [tags: web, network, servers, clients]

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Virtualization in Computer Science

- Virtualization, in computing, refers to the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including but not limited to a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources. The term "virtualization" traces its roots to 1960s mainframes, during which it was a method of logically dividing the mainframes' resources for different applications. Since then, the meaning of the term has evolved to the aforementioned. The term "the cloud" is essentially a metaphor for the Internet] Marketers have further popularized the phrase "in the cloud" to refer to software, platforms and infrastructure that are sold "as a service", i.e...   [tags: hardware, operating system, storage]

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My Views On Science And Science

- Throughout my years of schooling, I have always had a passion for science. My interests arose at a young age. Classroom lab experiments introduced me to this subject in elementary school, and my interest in science continued to develop as I continued as a student in high school. My high school career contained multiple science classes that I thoroughly enjoyed. Although I knew that I adored biology and chemistry during secondary school, my ideas for post-secondary education were not clear. I was unsure of which university to attend, however, I always knew that I sought a career in a science related field....   [tags: College, Higher education, High school]

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Application to Infection and Immunity M.Sc. Program

- Personal Statement Application to Infection and Immunity MSc Program I began high school in 2003. Like every other student I aimed for the so called high and prominent careers and my first choice was Medicine while my second choice was nursing. This led me to volunteer in a hospital immediately after High school but after the results were out I did not qualify for the Medicine program as a government sponsored student instead, I was selected for the General Science program. I did not know what the program entailed when I enrolled in the university but I embraced it positively and settled on making it work for me....   [tags: personal statement of purpose]

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Spring Valley High School Program

- Spring Valley High School is named one of America’s most academically challenging high schools by Washington Post. Of the roughly 23,000 eligible U.S. high schools, approximately 10% qualified for this recognition. Spring Valley is one of only 20 South Carolina schools to make the list. With 23 Advanced Placement courses, Spring Valley’s AP program is one of the most comprehensive in the state of South Carolina. Spring Valley High School launched “The Discovery Magnet Program” in 1995, which is designed for talented students and focuses on science and math....   [tags: High school, Middle school, College]

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Online Master of Computer Science Degree

- The online Master of Computer Science is offered by many online universities and colleges those indulged in computer education.. This online Professional Degree is course work only and is designed to qualified students across the world. In this Masters degree program, you will study topics such as object-oriented hardware circuit designing, software design, software testing, network analysis, network security, logical algorithms, and machine designs. Course work develops analytical thinking, investigatory skill and in-depth knowledge of IT functionalities....   [tags: Higher Education]

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