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    Next, Satanism is misunderstood for many reasons these include: the way in which the media portrays it, false accounts of Satanic Ritual Abuse, and people who claim Satanc status without knowing what exactly Satanism is. There have been numerous accounts where the media exaggerates certain cases. For example in Hammond, Louisiana there was a man named Pastor Louis Lamonica Jr. He was pastor of the local church in town, he also happened to be a psychopath and a rapist. The media claimed the man was

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    Satanism The occult is on the rise; many young people are seeking their spiritual identity through Satanism. Satanism has become an issue of great concern in our society. It is a phenomenon that crosses the city limits into the rural areas of our nation. Satanism is not just a big city problem. The news wires carry story after story about young children being kidnapped, only to be found later as victims of some bizarre ritualistic crime. This paper will analyze and will come to a conclusion to

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    Satanism Sociology/Psychology I am hoping I can somehow make this seem like a psychological report without making it lose any of it's important details. My goal in writing this paper is to hopefully make people understand and agree that Satanism is not a "Devil Worshipping," animal mutilating, child scarifying cult organization. The psychological thing comes in when people say Satanism is wrong or evil, they hear the word Satan and automatically assume that it must be bad. They make these

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         Abstract Satanism is a blatantly, selfish, brutal religion. There are millions of Satanists worldwide. The occult is on the rise because young people are seeking their identity through what Satanism offers. Anton Szandor LaVey the creator of the Church of Satan believes in attitudes that are ungodly, controversial, unethical, immoral, and perversive as evidenced by the present society.           &

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    Welcome to the hidden world of Satanism, where evil is embraced, not feared. According to a 1989 “Seventeen” survey, Satanism is believing that Judeo-Christian religions suppress man’s natural urge to seek out pleasure. Followers follow the devil and turn toward evil for pleasure. Teenagers are affected greatly by Satanism. There are many methods used to lure young people into joining satanic groups. The first initial approach is inviting a young person to a meeting on a certain topic, appealing

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                    SATANISM When people think of Satanism or anything to do with that subject, they think of evil. People who sacrifice animals, do all sorts of drugs, murderers etc. But Satanism is completely different from what people may perceive it as. Satanism is actually a religion based on finding yourself and following a moral code other than the one society has made. Satanism goes back to ancient times before the birth of Jesus Christ any of

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    thought of by the church to have lost their souls. This is where the birth of Satanism first came into play. The Roman Catholics forced people into their religions, and by stating that someone had to be Catholic and follow their religion only caused more people to rebel and demonstrate their own strong opinions on their new found religions. Acting out against the church often caused people to feel more alive; however, Satanism is something that is deemed as evil and has been since Catholicism was first

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    Henry Cordes REL 110 ADO Wetherholt 12/10/17 Satanism Typically, when someone thinks of religion, they think about worship of a higher power, compassion for all living things, and a general love of the world. Satanism, while a religion, does not fit these conventions. The faith holds no belief in a higher power, is rather selfish in nature, and paints a bleak picture of the world and its workings. In addition, Satanism has controversy riddled history dating back to the seventeenth century. Due to

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    The Church of Satan is founded on the philosophy of LaVeyan Satanism. History: Anton LaVey founded the Church in the Black House in San Francisco 1966. The Black House served as the headquarters. In 1969, LaVey published the Satanic Bible, establishing the fundamentals of LaVeyan Satanism. This work is the dominant piece of Satanic literature. The Church was widely covered in the media in the 1970s and 1980s. Documentaries, television and radio news, and magazines. The Church has their own magazine

  • What Is Satanism?

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    What is Satanism? Satanism is the religion of the flesh. Happiness, to the Satanist must be found here and now. No heaven exists to go to after death and no Hell of burning punishment awaits the sinner. Strongly attached to our family and close associations, we make excellent friends. Satanists do not believe that you can love everyone and treat every person the same. By failing to hate you make yourself unable to love. Feared by their enemies and loved by their friends, Satanist's build their

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    Misconceptions about Satanism      Most religions like Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam have well defined meanings, one exception is Satanism. Most people have their own definition for Satanism.      Some people feel that non-Christian religions and all Christian denominations other than their own are forms of Satanism. This would imply that all Buddhists, Hindus, Moslems, and Jews. In fact at least 75% of the world's population would be Satanists.      Others feel that all religions

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    times to these modern ages, the Wicca religion is still confused with the unmoral religion of Satanism. The Wicca religion has been around for many centuries. The Christian religion has harmed Wicca’s reputation by spreading fear that Wicca is an evil religion; no better than the worshipping of Lucifer. From the witch burnings in the medieval period till now, Wicca has been classified as part of Satanism. Common witch lore and costumes around the time of All Hallows Eve depict witches as evil beings

  • Satanism and Corrupt Christianity

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    Spiritual Alchemy & The Bible True Satanism is based upon the ancient religions that predated Judaism, Christianity, and Islam by hundreds to thousands of years. The traditional colors of black and red used in Satanism, date all the way back to Ancient Egypt and are symbolic of spiritual transformation. The ancient religions were based upon completing our Creator Satan's work: that of transforming the human soul into that of a god and achieving god-like power and immortality. Satan's Kingdom

  • Other Religions' Views on Satanism

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    defined meanings an exception is Satanism. Most people have their own definition for Satanism.  Some people feel that non-Christian religions and all Christian denominations other than their own are forms of Satanism. This would imply that all Buddhists, Hindus, Moslems, and Jews. In fact at least 75% of the world's population would be Satanists. Others feel that all religions other than Judaism or Christianity are inspired by Satan and thus are forms of Satanism. This would still leave the vast

  • The Appeal of Satanism in Young Goodman Brown

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    turning away from God and embracing evil. From the days of Cain to the present, there is a chain of men and women who have forsaken the promise of salvation in favor of what we call Satanism. Literature has sought to record this turning away in many instances. Even today, alternative, rebellious youths practice pseudo-Satanism. However, what remains unclear is the surviving appeal of the essentially self-defeating religion. Dr. Faustus sells his soul to the Devil in return for worldly success. Macbeth

  • Similarities And Differences Between Christianity And Satanism

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    Religion The topic I found most interesting to research is about Christianity and Satanism. I may sound bias because I grew up going to church and praying to God. I would go to church every Sunday with my family, we would do rosaries on special days and we would attend some of the events at church. My mom used to read in the alter and my dad used to be part of the choir. Now that I have grown I began to question things. Growth gave me the ability to make my own decisions. I started asking myself

  • The Fight between Christianity and Satanism

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    The Fight between Christianity and Satanism This is a fight between a slave world and a free world. Just as the United States in 1862 could not remain half slave and half free, so in 1942 the world must make its decision for a complete victory one way or the other. As we begin the final stages of this fight to the death between the free world and the slave world, it is worth while to refresh our minds about the march of freedom for the common man. The idea of freedom — the freedom that we in

  • Comparing Symbols and Symbolism in Young Goodman Brown and The Lottery

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    are the most significant names to the theme.  The stories each contain names, objects, and acts as important symbols.        Hawthorne uses the names to stress good people, but relies heavily on objects to portray Satanism.  The object of obvious Satanism  is the staff (a cane) mentioned throughout the story.  It is clearly identified when the old traveler throws it down in the sentence "it assumed life, being one of the rods which its owner had formerly lent to the

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    had any different views, they were killed and were thought of by the church to have lost their souls. This is where the birth of Satanism first came into play. The Roman Catholics forced people into their religions, and by stating that someone had to be Catholic only caused more people to rebel. Acting out against the church made people feel more alive, however Satanism is deemed as something evil. Even though structurally Satanists just like Protestants, were essentially a protest or a “rebellion

  • Is Harry Potter Evil?

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    enjoyable books in which people have liked, but within the past few years it has been banned for multiple reasons. Many religious figures think so with franchise having to deal with topics of Warcraft, dark-magic, etc and relating those topics to Satanism. With many adults fearing the book as a bad influence towards kids/young adults they have requested any types of these books to be taken out of the classrooms and school libraries. In the book it is shown that there are different blood groups “magical

  • Discrimination Exposed in I Want to Buy a Vowel by John Welter

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    the newspaper, there is an article that says "the police had 'arrested an illegal alien from Guatemala who originally had been involved in unfounded reports of possible satanism at an abandoned house north of town."(183). The satanism isn't even illegal, Alfredo's crime was just not having a visa. The satanism and Alfredo are not linked at all, but this newspaper article suddenly linked them. Now the townspeople are worried that Satan is coming, and Alfredo is bringing him. As

  • Fundamentalist Christians and Negative Conceptions of Dungeons & Dragons

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    a source of murders is that it is considered part of the group of violent media. Additional factors for this violence claim lie in the fact that it is the target for other claims that increase violent tendencies (for instance, that D&D promotes Satanism). A third claim about D&D is that it teaches players to cast magic spells. William Schnoebelen, in his article “Straight Talk on Dungeons and Dragons”, states that “the materials themselves, in many cases, contain authentic magical rituals”

  • A Short History of the Devil by Neil Mohammed

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    myth was gradually born, as the inquisitors continually outdid one another in imagining new horrors of depravity in the worship of Lucifer, and under torture their prisoners confessed to it all. Christianity created its own reflection, and called it Satanism. In order to improve the consistency of the confessions, and thereby create the evidence for this imaginary foul creed, a special manual was required, detailing the exact acts of which the "witches" stood accused, and would therefore confess

  • Hades vs. Demons

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    forms of Satanism. They both encourage the belief in evil spirits, which has spread within numerous cultures across the world. Despite the difference of eras, Satanism of today is basically a study of investigations. They become for us, a spirit to which, we pay and worship. It becomes a malignant and negative spirit that haunts us and develops into our shadow. They're both greedy characters that wish harm to others and are concerned with increasing their society. The main situation of Satanism is that

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    life experiences and influences into the number one best selling series in all of history, Harry Potter, there is much controversy surrounding this book. Some of the controversies surrounding this book are; the fact that it supports witchcraft and Satanism. Many people believe that this book is a direct insult to the Christian god, God, saying that Harry Potter is saying that witchcraft is real and not always evil. Many people believe that the Harry Potter series should not be considered a classic

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    these cults throughout the United States, but only 75 to 100 are documented (Miller, 1991, p. 15-16). Satanism is the oldest form of such cults. A few other commonly known cults are Reverend Jim Jones and the People Temple, Heavens Gate, and Charles Manson and the Family. In the early 20th century, Allistar Crowly, AKA “The Black Pope”, started modern Satanism. It is said that Anton Lavey brought Satanism to the United States. Anton believed that he was the reincarnation of the “Black Pope”. He set his

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    LaVey and his organization of contemporary Faustians offered two strikingly new chapters. First, they blasphemously represented themselves as a “church,” a term previously confined to branches of Christianity, instead of the traditional coven of Satanism and witchcraft lore. Second. they practiced their black magic openly instead of underground. Rather than arrange a preliminary interview with LaVey for discussion of his heretical innovations, my usual first step in research, I decided to watch

  • Satanic Panic in the South

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    evidence found to substantiate these claims. A juvenile probation officer that was present at the crime scene behind the Blue Beacon felt this scene was a prime example of Satanic Ritual Murder. This officer had recently attended a conference on Satanism in today's society, so the thought of satanic criminals was fresh in his mind. The officer immediately felt there was only one person in their community that would be capable of committing a crime that revolved around satanic worship. From this

  • Elizabeth Bathory As A Serial Killer

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    sewed into the belly of a horse for punishment, and left to die. Another example that her family had a big impact on Elizabeth’s behavior of becoming a serial killer. Once Bathory got older one, of Elizabeth’s uncle taught her Satanism. According to, Satanism is an obsession with or affinity for evil; specifically: worship of Satan marked by the travesty of Christian rites. Another family member of hers taught her sadomasochism according to, sadomasochism the

  • Negligence Tied to Rebellion

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    and carved “an upside down cross was carved in her abdomen” (Spellman 1) to “sell his soul to the devil” (Spellman 1). Despite the sadistic nature of this crime, there had to be something that leads Reyes to commit the crime. “Teenage interest in Satanism turns out to be less of a threat than a cry for help”” (Reid1). According to a former employee at Platoe’s Closet who wanted to remain anonymous, Jose Reyes was raised by “his mom and dad who were both drug attics”. After receiving that information

  • Censorship

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    Film, “Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged). Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, by J.K. Rowling was asked to be forbidden in schools because the stories about wizards and magic lead the readers to Satanism (Marshall University, Drinko Library, Juvenile Collection, JF R884 Sor). Satanism is a modern religion with the central focus on Satan either as a symbol or a supernatural power. At the beginning of the book it appears that the antagonist of the story, Lord Voldemort, killed Harry Potter’s

  • Religion and Heavy Music

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    Carl A. Raschke wrote a book called Painted Black: From Drug Killings to Heavy Metal - the Alarming True Story of How Satanism Is Terrorizing Our Communities, in this book he says “The end result [of heavy metal] is to erode the nervous system with noise, as drugs destroy the cerebrum.” Toward the end of the book Raschke waivers on his stringent ideals that metal music and satanism will cause the downfall of the world “And if no one can blame rock music directly for the 300 percent rise in adolescent

  • The Rise of Cult Activity

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    joining the cult. If their parents joined so did they. Big news events like the Manson Family murders, and the mass suicide at Jonestown, only happen every so often. However, events that seem to continuously be in the news are those related to Satanism. Most of these events are small and isolated, but the massive numbers of them are stirring worry. A highly publicized example of this occurred in Jasper County, in southwest Missouri. Three high school seniors Ron Clements, James Hardy, and

  • What´s Paganism?

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    of symbols exist. Ranging from simple protection symbols, to complex diagrams for rituals, the amount of common misconceptions surrounding this religion are astounding. Of the other occult religions, Paganism is most often confused with Wicca and Satanism. One of the most popular ones, is the 5 pointed star. Commonly referred to as a pentacle, pentagram,or simply 5 point star. In Paganism, the 5 pointed star represents the world, and the universe around it. Respectively; EARTH: (bottom left tip)

  • Witchcraft

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    protection, thus the spirits they did compel were evil demons. This was a huge reason witches were so feared. If these witches compelled evils demons which were controlled by Satan than they must be evil themselves was the general consensus. This alleged Satanism became a central idea of witchcraft. This belief only fuels the hatred of witches and lead to their infamous persecution in late medieval and Renaissance periods in Europe. (Russell & Magliocco, 2005) From the 9th to 13th century the Church mainly

  • Capital Punishment

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    with Satanism was mostly left out of the jury's decision and the possibility that he could have been sexually abused as a child was left alone so much it might as well have not been introduced into the case at all. In one of his last appeals he claimed that he had "found God" and that if the decision to keep him alive were made that he would dedicate his life to trying to dissuade teenagers from taking the decision he took and to try and turn some away from Satanism and

  • Definition Of Hip Hop

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    some to view the music as a more than just another type of genre. In an article he wrote in a local newspaper, Jack Chick compares the nature of hip hop and rap music to that of Satanism. The ex-high Satanist that he interviewed stated, “…it (hip hop music) is identical with the voodoo chants and rituals used within Satanism to summon up demons of lust and violence.” (Small 1992:4) Now, this is a prime example of the misconception people have about the meaning of this type of music. We can draw on

  • Paganism: Pagan Gods and Goddesses

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    of symbols exist. Ranging from simple protection symbols, to complex diagrams for rituals, the amount of common misconceptions surrounding this religion are astounding. Of the other occult religions, Paganism is most often confused with Wicca and Satanism. One of the most popular ones, is the 5 pointed star. Commonly referred to as a pentacle, pentagram,or simply 5 point star. In Paganism, the 5 pointed star represents the world, and the universe around it. Respectively; EARTH: (bottom left tip)

  • HIstory of Heavy Metal Music

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    Black Sabbath’s lead guitarist Tony Iommi recollects how he never went on stage without a cross on him. (Dunn) While Black Sabbath’s early music portrayed Satan as someone to be afraid off, commercial pressures and fan demand caused them to exploit Satanism and establish themselves as an anti-religious, almost satanic band. Monte Conner, senior vice president of Roadrunner Records, also commented that portraying extremes was a means of gaining popularity for many bands, specifically quoting the heavy

  • A Brief History of Some Scary Things: Zombies

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    state that “Unlike many religions and philosophies, Satanism respects and exalts life. Children and animals are the purest expressions of that life force, and as such are held sacred and precious in the eyes of the Satanist. Besides, it is very un-Satanic to take any creature’s life against its will. It is equally un-Satanic to cloud your brain and impair your judgment with mind-altering substances.” For those who have little knowledge of Satanism; below are their “ten commandments” so to speak, with

  • Why this Article is Wrong

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    and even if it did ended badly, he still made a loving, peaceful community that didn’t change its ideology and stayed the same until the end. Another group that still stay the same was the Satanist. A part of the New Religious group, a new type of Satanism was founded by Anton LaVey. He founded the church because he felt like “… ordinary churches were twisting and distorting the nature of man, making it impossible for him to find true joy.” (Ellwood, Partin, 176) He wanted to have a religion that “If

  • Sociological Theories Of Crime

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    people more accepting of violence against women (Malamuth &Check 1981). He was addicted to pornography later which he collected a number of “snuff” magazines; it is a combination of homicide and pornography. Another important influence on Bundy was Satanism that also explained to his following criminal acts accordingly. Ted found that his crimes are satisfying, that gave him excitement, power and sexual pleasure, and it is more pleasing than consensual sexual activity. (Levin & Fox 1985, p.68) states

  • The Theory Of The Therapist

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    specifically women with alcoholic fathers played an additional unto their future relationships with their husbands (Kearns-Bodkin & Leonard, 2008). Also, the family being strictly Catholic expect for Samuel who is “into Satanism” may be a sign of Samuel’s desire to rebel as Satanism was related to Conspiracy stories aimed to scare society (Franks, Bangerter, & Bauer, 2013). With the complexities of an individual’s culture and how it represents in their lives, creates the need for therapists to allow

  • Greek and current Religion

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    defines us, or what makes us come to be? Even a more brooding and heavy subject is what is religious history? America is a very religiously diverse place with many, many different types of religions. It is rare where you find a country that has Muslem, Satanism, Catholicism, Mormonism and Buddhism and many more types of religions in the same country. Comparing and contrasting the main religion in America, Christianity, and ancient Greek religion is interesting.      As far as festivals

  • America's Violence Fixation

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    is part of a healthy life for a child, I would like to know what is. I recall the incident in Maine earlier this year when hundreds of adults held a public burning of the wildly popular "Harry Potter" novels because they supposedly induce Satanism. What about the children? Some of these people should be happy that their children would actually be excited to pick up a book and read, rather than being out on the streets doing drugs. If this was a world where just plain everyday life was

  • Richard Ramirez

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    young Richard pictures. They would discuss Satanism and smoke marijuana together. It is believed that it was from Miguel that Richard could trace his sociopathic tendencies from. He looked up to the man, and it was after Miguel murdered his wife Jessie in front of thirteen-year old Richard that noticeable changes erupted. He became sullen and withdrawn and his pot-smoking habits morphed into LSD experimentation; he also became noticeably more invested in Satanism. Soon after, his criminal record began

  • The Harry Potter Series By J.k. Rowling

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    Ronald Weasley. Many religious groups argue that this series glamorizes Satanism or Witchcraft to the young adults who are reading them. All over the world some have been denied the pleasure of reading these best-selling novels. J. K. Rowling writes these novels not as a Christian trying to persuade people towards certain religious beliefs. These novels are of pure fiction and should not be condemned on alleged views of Satanism or Witchcraft. Like every great novel, there are lessons to be learned

  • The Metal Of Metal Music

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    murder and satanism. Mayhem’s biggest controversy was that they wanted to wear makeup that made them appear to be actual corpses, nothing like the makeup of the band Kiss for example. Dead, the band 's vocalist, would entomb the clothes he wore for his stage performances and dig them back up to wear for that night 's concert in order to complete his overall image of a corpse. To conclude, it is easy to see why their is a controversy with metal when there is a strong influence of satanism involved in

  • Information on the Illuminati

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    refused to go. Later Sara and her brother came to America as master wiccans, and thus helped open the door for Satanism and many other dark religions to come to America. More history about the Collins family was discovered. There was another branch of the Collins family which was known as the Todd family. Since the Collins bloodline had died off the Todd family was the key to keeping Satanism and its family ties in America. Thelma Todd was known as hot toddy. She was an extremely beautiful movie actress

  • Scientology Essay

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    The Satanic Bible and live according to the tenets outlined within. There is a registration fee that was established by LaVey and is a lifetime membership. The Church has rules prohibiting sexual activity with children and non-human animals. In Satanism, sexual activity is only permitted between consenting adults. The Church of Satan only accepts legal adults as active members; any minors need to get parental consent in which sometimes is revoked due to legal and pressing issues. There are no rules