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Punishment for the Sake of Deterrence is Justified

- Introduction The author is a strong supporter of the notion that "punishment for the sake of deterrence is justified", and this is because people tend to obey the law after calculating the consequences attached by the law to a particular act of crime. Punishing a person for a crime in order to deter others from performing the same crime again does not guarantee us that the crime will never be performed by anyone at all, but it definitely lowers the number of people who would commit the same crime in future....   [tags: Deterrence Theory of Punishment]

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Life For The Sake Of Christ

- Is it possible to give up everything you have grown to count on in life for the sake of Christ. This is a question that usually has a very simple answer when placed against biblical text. That answer is a resounding yes. After all, when you look at the patriarchs and prophets of the Old Testament, and the disciples of the New Testament, the examples of people giving everything to serve the Most High God are to numerous to list here. However, I have found this is easier to conceptualize then to put into motion in one’s own life....   [tags: New Testament, Christianity, Old Testament, Jesus]

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In sake of our country

- In sake of our country Against the adventures of the beguiled. The "Sudan United" group has organized a cultural project- against separation- and the project was fruitful because our ears were furnished by hearing the phrase of (in the sake of our country), which refers to that project in which a large number of creators were involved and developed an encouraging slogan "against despair". Despite that the artists participating in the project differ in their ideologies and their intellectual and cultural backgrounds, all of them agree upon the unity of the Sudan and deny separation and political silence....   [tags: Middle East]

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Capitalism And Social Welfare For The Sake Of Multiculturalism

- 1.Neoliberalism often times results in performative solidarity for the sake of multiculturalism, which merely is “being complicit with a dominant neo-liberal structure whose racial politics will always threaten the lives of people of color” (12). Neoliberalism, as defined by Cohen is “a prioritizing of markets and a corresponding commitment to the dismantling or devolution of social welfare, from the national government to the states, to the local government” because of the meritocracy myth that everyone has equal and fair access to the free market....   [tags: Race, White people, United Kingdom, Black people]

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Going Off Grid for the Sake of Privacy

- The American government spies on American citizens every day. Brand new information, right. Orwell's novel, 1984, did not warn us at all about the reach some governments may hold over, well, everything. This spying may even include the technology companies that people use for their cellular phone plans. But, proven recently by the Edward Snowden leaks in the British newspaper, The Guardian, the National Security Agency of the United States in fact spies on their own citizens and nations the US supposedly holds in high esteem (Greenwald & MacAskill, 2013)....   [tags: American government spying on its citizens]

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Death For the Sake of a Ritual

- The greatest gifts one can give do not always come in small packages. Sometimes the greatest present a person could receive is the utter extinction of a person’s very existence. Through death, we can sometimes benefit even if it evokes mixed deep uncomfortable feelings. Death for the sake of ritual and or tradition is an act that has been practiced throughout history. By today’s standards this seems morbidly disturbing. Death for relief, revenge, and or for the opinionated bettering of society has also occurred as long as recorded history....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Business of Art: How its Becoming a Commodity

- The Business of Art Throughout time, artists have yearned to make a living off of the work that they create. Artists have been both instigators and creators of many social and political ideas, sharing their thoughts and opinions through their work. Just like America strives to make itself known as a relatively new and independent country, new artists struggle to make themselves stand out among the older and more well-known artists. The delicate environment that maintains their source of ideas and creativity is at risk of being overcome by the business of art....   [tags: no longer art for art's sake]

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Poems for the Eye Are Not Merely for the Sake of Eye

- Poems for the Eye Are Not Merely for the Sake of Eye What is poetry. Pressed for an answer, Robert Frost made a classic reply: “Poetry is the kind of thing poets write.” In all likelihood, Frost was not trying merely to evade the question but to chide his questioner into thinking for himself. A trouble with definitions is that they may stop thought. The nature of poetry eludes simple definitions. Definitions will be of little help at first, if we are to know poetry and respond to it. We have to go to it willing to see and hear....   [tags: English Literature Essays]

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Eric Hoover's Honor for Honor's Sake

- Eric Hoover's Honor for Honor's Sake The idea of being judged by your peers has long been accepted as the best way of regulating a population. Even the Constitution uses a peer based judicial system when laying down the framework for the United States government. There are, however, some limits to when and where this system can be effectively implemented. Eric Hoover challenges the use of peer review in universities by telling the testimonials of several students who have been hurt by a system that has overstepped their bounds....   [tags: Hoover Cheating Peer Review Essays]

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Should The Conscience Be Excused Because People Live For The Sake Of Living?

- can be excused because people live for the sake of living. A conscience becomes a separate set of rules determined by each individual to please them. The murderer thinks murder is okay and the normal person doesn’t. Living with a conscience relative to personal desires and not living without a conscience (when it is defined as a set of predefined and commonly accepted values) is the same thing. To understand why living without a conscience is bad, or a trained one at least, it is first vital to know what a conscience is....   [tags: The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde]

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Turkey Peaceful Protest, Brutality And Pain Will Be Felt, All For The Sake Of A Historical Park

- Turkey Peaceful Protest Brutality and pain will be felt, all for the sake of a historical park. People in turkey will sit, wait, and go through a lot of hits till their beloved park stays and does not turn into a mall. Turkey citizens were trying to keep a park that had historical meaning behind it. The government on the other hand had wanted the land to make a new mall. Due to people wanting to go against the government and the prime minister, the prime minister had called the authorities to start attacking the protesters....   [tags: Human rights]

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Heart Of Darkness : An Adventurous Journey For The Sake Of Retrieving The Ill Mr. Kurtz

- In Heart of Darkness, Charles Marlow undergoes an adventurous journey for the sake of retrieving the ill Mr. Kurtz. Similarly, in Apocalypse Now we follow the story of Captain Benjamin L. Willard as he travels through Vietnam on a mission to kill the treacherous Colonel Kurtz. In both stories, we see both Marlow and Willard come face to face with the horrors of colonialism and imperialism. The first theses in Monster Theory is that monsters are symbols and representations of a culture brought out as a reflection of their times....   [tags: Heart of Darkness, Apocalypse Now, Colonialism]

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I Don 't Think Couples Should Stay Together For The Sake Of The Children

- I don’t think couples should stay together for the sake of the children. It’s the conflict that harms children. Usually the conflict begins before the breakup (Cherlin, 2013, p. 395). Divorce is the end result prior to that there was a continual conflict between the couple. According to Cherlin et al., (1991) the children whose parents divorced showed more behavioral problems and were doing worse in school. When the researchers looked back at the beginning of the study they discovered that the children whose parents would later divorce were already showing more behavior problems and doing worse in school than those whose parents would remain together (Cherlin, 2013, p.395)....   [tags: Divorce, Marriage, Family law, No-fault divorce]

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My Family And The Right Decision For The Sake Of Others Who Could Be Parents, Children And Husbands

- Some women described accepting the disease for the sake of others who could be parents, children and husbands: I believe that I took the right decision in keeping my disease hidden from others. My family supported me and didn’t treat me differently. For sure, I couldn’t be in that strength without my deepest faith in on God (Ohoud). I didn’t let the disease destroy me…. I was fighting to live for my family. I didn’t want to show my family that I was weak … whenever I felt well; I resumed my duties as a mother and a wife (Sara)....   [tags: Oncology, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Health care]

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For the Sake of Others: Smoking Bans

- According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) second hand smoke causes an estimated 3,400 lung cancer deaths among U.S. nonsmokers each year. This fact is accurate because nonsmokers surrounded by smokers take in the same toxins and poisons as smokers do. When families go out to eat together they do not think about the air they breathe, but others are looking out for them. Officials have banned smoking in places throughout many cities across the United States. These laws have been successful in protecting nonsmokers, while there are still many cities that have not banned smoking in public, leaving themselves at risk....   [tags: negative effects of tobacco use and abuse]

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Depravity for the Sake of Obedience

- On some level, whether it is to our teachers, bosses, or just the local government, the majority of us are obedient. According to Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram, “Obedience is as basic an element in the structure of social life as one can point to” (631). Society would lack order and be full of chaos without obedience. Authority helps society function; obeying that authority ensures stability. But at what point does obedience cross the line from advantageous to detrimental. Obedience becomes dangerous when it is harmful to one’s self or others....   [tags: Nazi final solution, dangerous obedience]

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Land Conservation: For Humanity or for the Sake of the Wilderness

- Pinocht ,one of the earliest men to even consider conserving the forest , gave rise to the government to set aside more land under the forest protection. With more regulation set in place it pacified the fear of running out of resources faster than the nation could provide. Pinocht believed that to set aside the forests and later on other resources such as water, be set aside for the present generation to develop. In his essay, ‘The Fight for Conservation’, he quotes, “ The development for our natural resources and the fullest use of them for the present generation is the first duty of this generation.” Also from his essay Pinocht explains even though the resources are for the present,...   [tags: environmental issues]

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Health Care Reform: For The Sake of Americans?

- Several years ago, after her company was acquired and her husband retired, (I forget her name, from Mercury News) is left without an employer that could cover her family with health insurance. Having thought that getting individual health insurance was easy, she naïvely decided to get her family health insurance. She discussed with the insurance broker for options, filled out a very long application, yet only to find a rejection letter came in the mailbox. So, why was she denied. Was it because her long lists of ailments....   [tags: Health Insurance, Barack Obama]

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Those who give up liberty for the sake of security deserve neither liberty nor security

- Those who give up liberty for the sake of security deserve neither liberty nor security National Identification Card (NID) is not a new idea to the American Public or its politicians. The NID has been up and down the political stream as a means of fighting terrorism, welfare fraud, illegal immigration, crime, census “error”, and a vast variety of other so called crimes that you can think of. The NID once again rising up-stream after the terrible attack on the American soil as (again) the means to protect the American Public but is it capable of doing all it claims to or as a matter of facts it will make us more vulnerable to identity theft and more chaos....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Restrictions on Guns for the Sake of Life

- "Our cause is just, our cause is real, our cause is now!" cried out Mayor Wellington Webb. While watching the television news, I heard the mayor say this. I also found out that over the past five years one hundred and fifteen homicides occurred each year. Obviously the harmful situation involving guns is growing to new horrible heights. The news show was about gun control. If the mayor acknowledges that there is a problem, we as the citizens should also. Restricting the right to bear arms will undoubtedly make any community safer....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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The Shadow Lines by Amitav Ghosh

- OED defines diaspora as “the dispersion or spread of any people from their homeland”. This notion of 'homeland' and whether this helps to form your cultural identity is problematic, as we question who or what defines you. Is it really true that home helps fundamentally form your sense of self and your conception of identity and therefore your cultural identity. If you have a sense of self does that help form a strong cultural identity. Do we need to have 'real' territory to have cultural identity or can imaginative geography and history help intensify ones cultural identity and belongingness....   [tags: the name sake, jhumpa lahiri]

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Feminism: All for the Sake of Beauty and Love in Rabindrahath Tagore's Chitra

- Rabindranath Tagore’s Chitra is an enthralling love story that dwells on the concept of feminism, specifically during the olden days. Chitra, the main character of the play, was deprived of living a normal life as a woman and was forced to grow up as a man due to her father’s insistance. Although Chitra was born a woman, she was raised by her father to be a man because he wanted a son. He taught and imparted her with different skills a man should normally possess. That is why when she grew older, she was considered to be one of the best when it comes to riding, hunting and fighting, she was both feared and respected by the people of her kingdom....   [tags: freedom, feminism, celebacy]

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The Best Way Of Life For The City

- Determining the best way of life for the city is a question that philosophers aim to resolve because the evaluation of this topic provides insight into the ultimate function of government. Aristotle proceeds to answer this question by first determining the best way of life for the individual in order to understand the best way of life for the city. An examination of Aristotle’s works, Politics and Nicomachean Ethics, establishes that Aristotle’s approach in answering this question is a result of his teleological perspective and unveils the similarities of his argumentative strategy with Plato’s strategy in Republic....   [tags: Plato, Aristotle, Reason, Nicomachean Ethics]

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Aristotle Views On Friendship As A Virtue, Or Involves Virtue

- Aristotle views friendship as “a virtue, or involves virtue” (1155a5) which is necessary for every human being and can hold cities together. A friendship is lovable (either good, pleasant, or useful) and mutual. Based on different motivations of being friends with one another, people experience different categories of friendship; it involves seeking of utility, pleasure, and goodness. The love between friends is reciprocated and friends are aware of it. The difference is that friends who love each other for goodness stand at the highest level of friendship which is called the complete friendship....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Friendship]

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Reconstruction of Aristotle's Argument from Physics Book 2, Chapter 8.

- In this paper, I offer a reconstruction of Aristotle’s argument from Physics Book 2, chapter 8, 199a9. Aristotle in this chapter tries to make an analogy between nature and action to establish that both, nature and action, have an end. This argument developed as a respond to natural philosophers, who argue that the results of nature/natural processes occur just by accident but not for an end (198b16). Aristotle argues that events and results that come to be by chance only are present a few times....   [tags: the end of nature and action]

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Aristotle 's Virtues As Necessary Conditions For Being Happy

- In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle explores virtues as necessary conditions for being happy. According to Aristotle the ‘best good’, happiness, is something that is complete and self-sufficient. Something is considered to be self-sufficient when through itself it creates a choice worthy, abundant life. Every other human action has some end; these ends are categorized as some type of good, either instrumental or non-instrumental. Instrumental goods, are goods that are not chosen for their own sake, but rather, for the sake of others....   [tags: Virtue, Nicomachean Ethics, Human, Ethics]

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Aristotle 's Different Types Of Political States

- Aristotle describes three different types of political states, two of which do not meet the criteria of an excellent city, and one that best suits the citizens to live a self-sufficient and excellent life. Aristotle begins to describe the city-state as a city in which free citizens share in ruling not to merely rule over citizens but to rule over them for the sake of the city. As for the sake of the city is to live a good life and be in pursuit of excellence. The virtue, in this sense, drives the citizens to live a good life around justice because their virtues constitute that that is the greater good of being a citizen of an excellent city....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Plato, Aristotle]

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Reasons for Having Children: Savior Siblings

- I believe that parents are not morally justified in having a child merely to provide life saving medical treatment to another child or family member, but that this does not mean that the creation of savior siblings is morally impermissible. By having a child solely to provide life saving medical treatment, you are treating this child merely as a means rather than an end to the individual child. By having the child solely as a means to save another, you are violating this savior sibling in that you are treating them as a source of spare parts that can be used by the sickly child in order to solely promote the prolonged life of the currently sick child....   [tags: Morality, Child Value]

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The Cranes Are Flying ( 1957 ) And The Battle Of Algiers ( 1966 )

- Twentieth century Europe was a period of drastic transition. The rise of nationalism, colonialism, militarism and industrialism in the second half of the nineteenth century set the stage for the following years of radicalism, violence and great change in Europe, and therefore, the rest of the world.Often during the 1900s, violence was used to stimulate the transformations which occurred during the century. Events such as the World Wars and decolonization are prime examples of radicalism and violence which drove for change in European power....   [tags: World War II, United States, Algeria, War]

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Don't Be Afraid to Die in Socrates' Phaedo

- ... When one looks at Socrates death as an act of martyrdom, he does not undermine what he said. In fact, he exemplifies everything he said by drinking the poison early. Socrates is a martyr because a martyr is defined as someone who takes his or her own life for the sake of someone else. Socrates displays martyrdom because he died for the sake of his friends. Socrates dies for the sake of his friends in order to show them that they should not fear death. He explains to his friends, throughout Phaedo that the soul is immortal, and he uses logical arguments to prove that it’s true....   [tags: immortal, suicide, soul]

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The American Of The Civil War

- By far the bloodiest war ever fought in North America, the Civil War would test the strength of the young American Union and show the world that the American Experiment was capable of maintaining its own stability. The Civil War was largely commanded by Abraham Lincoln, who had studied military tactics while president and was determined to preserve the Union. To Lincoln, there was no secession, no confederate state separate from the Union. In his eyes this secession that was supposedly justified by the constitution was a myth, because the Union was older than the constitution and was undissolvable....   [tags: American Civil War, United States]

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Socrates, Glaucon, And Adeimantus

- What does it mean to be just. Socrates, Glaucon, and Adeimantus take up this issue in the Republic, Bk.II. Glaucon and Socrates both have very interesting views on what they believe it means to be just, but who is right. I shall discuss each one of their views on this topic and then explain my view of what I believe it means to be just and how I came to this conclusion. First, Glaucon starts off by stating the three categories of value: good only for its own sake such as enjoyment, good both for its own sake and as a means such as health and knowledge, and good only as a means medical treatment when sick....   [tags: Ethics, Plato, Justice, Mind]

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Personal Statement : Canned Food Drives Were A Prevalent Act Of Charity

- When I was young, canned food drives were a prevalent act of “charity”. It was common to see that if a person donated, that person had a good heart and had cared for the less fortunate, however there was a distinct amount of canned food donated by each class. Classes with teachers who gave extra credit to those who donated had more cans than their counterpart. It only seemed to make sense, it encouraged the audience to contribute in order to receive. It seemed ethical at the time, however the majority of the public seem to think otherwise....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Moral psychology, Human]

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Theories for the Accounting Department of an Organization

- ... COSO International control framework is an important and well organized management based tool which used to bring internal control in the organizations. There are four different angles in which COSO Internal Control framework works which particularly are controlling the environment, assessment of risk, control based activities and information and communication control. All of these provisions are used to strengthen the internal system of the company with perfection and most of the organizations are now utilizing the same for the sake of the organizational productivity in particular (Guillermo D'Andrea, 2001)....   [tags: business management]

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Perfect Friendship is The Friendship of Men

- Once upon a time, there was a little bunny named Harriet, and she loved nothing more than playing with her best friend Alice. Alice lived across the field from Harriet’s burrow. They spent hours nibbling on clover and wiggling their whiskers. Most of all, they loved playing with Harriet’s Wii. One tragic day, the Wii broke. The next day, Harriet waited and waited for Alice to come over to play. Alice did not come that day, nor the next. Alice never came over to play again. Harriet did not know that Alice had found a new friend, with a Wii that worked....   [tags: ethics]

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An Enquiry Concerning The Principles Of Morals

- In An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals, David Hume explains that public utility is the foundation of the chief part of morals because we act on moral sentiments and passions and that we care about the outcome. However, in the Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals, Immanuel Kant argues that good will is the only thing that is good without qualification because actions are taken only for the sake of duty and that the moral quality of an action is based solely on the motive that produced it....   [tags: Morality, Immanuel Kant, Aesthetics, Ethics]

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Aristotle 's Views Of Virtue And Happiness

- Is an action choice worthy for its own sake only if it would be a worthy choice, whether or not it served further ends. How, then, can such virtuous actions be choice worthy for their own sakes. This research paper will examine Aristotle’s views of virtue and happiness based on his Nichomachean Ethics. The Nicomachean Ethics was the first book written on ethics that was meant to teach us on how to be virtuous. Aristotle assumes that all of our actions should be aimed toward one ultimate end, and that is for the highest good....   [tags: Nicomachean Ethics, Virtue, Morality, Ethics]

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My Individualism Written by Natsume Soseki

- Japanese and Chinese culture had different response towards the western modernization. The two document of “The Heritage of Japanese Civilization” written by Albert M. Craig will help us analyzed the differences and perspective from the Chinese reforming its country. The four document in “The Heritage of Chinese Civilization” which also written by Albert M. Craig will help us see a better perspective from different authors of Chinese culture changes through modernization. This will help us understands the difference between the Chinese and Japanese culture response of western modernization....   [tags: japanese and chinese culture, modernization]

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The Problem with America´s Federal Debt

- The Problem today is that the United States of America is on a very unstable financial path. The Federal debt is unsustainable. The government is spending more money than revenues that are being brought in, and they are borrowing money from feign countries to make up for the difference. More than 50% of the US debt is owed to foreign countries, the most is owed to China. If the creditors lose faith that the US can repay its debts, this may send us into a debt crisis. The budget has not been balanced since 2001....   [tags: government, money, foreigh, countries, business]

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Kant 's Argument On Kantian Ethics

- IV. Objections to Kantian Ethics Interestingly, some critiques consider Kant’s theory to be constraining. Yet, the work of O’Neil suggests otherwise. She focuses on the second categorical imperative specifically to say that we need to ensure that we do not use someone as a mere means. More simply said, we do not coerce or deceive someone to reach our end (104-105). I would like to emphasize that she specifically points out we “cannot just claim that our intentions are good and do what we will” (105)....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Ethics, Deontological ethics]

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Kant 's View On Moral Development

- 4)What is of importance to Kant in fostering moral development in children. ------------------ For Kant, education is not just about the instillation of knowledge—but the molding of one’s moral character. This is important in Kant’s framework because moral character makes someone of value to themselves and to society. For if they have moral insight, and the ability to discern right from wrong on their own out of a sense of duty, then this will make them upstanding human beings; ensuring they will seek to be and do what is “good,” no matter where their life takes them....   [tags: Morality, Human, Ethics, Agriculture]

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What Can You Do For Humankind?

- What Can You Do for Humankind. During his 1961 Inaugural Address to a United States on the brink of war, President John F. Kennedy told Americans, “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” Americans have always considered their country as an example for the rest of the world. Similarly, Romans from the time of Virgil considered their empire an example for the world. Through the Aeneid, Virgil acknowledges Rome’s Trojan roots through parallels to the Iliad, but also acknowledges Rome as an advanced society because of her beliefs about war, family, and heroes....   [tags: Aeneid, Aeneas, Iliad, Roman mythology]

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Aristotle Between Aristotle And Hobbes

- Aristotle and Hobbes have different views on what is good, which results in contrasting moral theories. These philosophers both have different views on what is good, how to act, and how to be. The way in which Aristotle defines happiness, is opposed in the views and beliefs of Hobbes. Aristotle believed that there was a final good and opposing him was the belief that Hobbes had which was that there was no final good. They both believed that being moral wasn’t only good for you but also good for others....   [tags: Ethics, Virtue, Plato, Nicomachean Ethics]

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The Ethics Of The Fool

- Although Hobbes has created a logical response to the Fool, I have some objections to his argument. According to Hobbes, every man has the right to self-preservation and are permitted to do whatever it takes to hold that right. This also means that the world’s worst criminal could reasonably refuse punishment. That person could escape imprisonment, lie under oath while in court, or commit theft and he or she could argue that it was all necessary for their self-preservation. Strictly speaking, this means anything one does could be deemed as necessary for his or her self-preservation and it could never be considered unjust or unreasonable....   [tags: Soul, Plato, Philosophy, Justice]

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Sacrifice in A Tale of Two Cities

- New Wark or New York A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens is a story of great sacrifices being made for the sake of principle. There are many examples of this throughout the book made by many of the characters but some or more evident than others. In Book The First, entitled “Recalled to Life,” the most obvious sacrifice for the sake of principle was made by Dr. Manette. He is imprisoned for eighteen years in the Bastille, for no apparent reason. Another noticeable sacrifice made for the sake of principle was made in Book The Second, entitled “The Golden Thread,” also by Dr....   [tags: Charles Dickens]

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Personal Consideration for Others

-    We all live in the one society. Nobody can exist alone, and everything we do will directly or indirectly affect each other. From this point of view, transposition thinking and personal consideration for others contribute to the harmonious coexistence between people.    Personal consideration for the sake of others helps you develop good character. Because transposition thinking for others, sometimes asks for your sacrifice of own interests, time, energy or other aspects. Especially in today's society that various social problems emerge in an endless stream, most of the people around tend to care for only their own interests....   [tags: Interpersonal, Interaction, Respect]

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Ambition: To What Extent Is Best?

- ... Having this certain ambition is not bad, since it is just a goal that she wants to achieve. It is also beneficial since after her husband becomes the king she will be the queen, and they will have a lot power. After obtaining that power, they can do a lot of good deeds and be proud of themselves. So, it is beneficial for Lady Macbeth as well as others. Overall, ambition is a really good human quality since it benefits the person with that ambition and the others as well. Having an ambition is not bad, until the one with an ambition goes viral over the desire to achieve that particular goal; which shows the negative effects of having an ambition....   [tags: optimistic, pessimistic, benefit, harmful]

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Oedipus The King Is A Drama Full Of Incest, Pride, And The Wrath Of The Gods

- Oedipus the King is a drama full of incest, pride, and the wrath of the gods. It is a story that has been read and performed for centuries, and the compelling characters written by the dramatist, Sophocles, have a lot to do with that. One of those dynamic characters is Jocasta, Queen of Thebes, wife and mother to the play’s protagonist, King Oedipus of Thebes. She is persuasive, level-headed, protective of her family, and exemplifies the confident nobility of a royal woman; Jocasta has many layers to her personality, and her purpose is to be the common ground and voice of reason during hardships in her family....   [tags: Oedipus the King, Oedipus, Marriage, Creon]

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What Is Friendship And How Is God Man 's Best Friend?

- What is Friendship and How is God Man’s Best friend. What is a friend. If someone were to ask this question, it would get many contending answers. Some may say a friend is someone who has common interests, others may say it’s someone who is incredibly generous and enjoyable. These are two different types of friends, but are they true friends. How does one know if a friend is real or false. As Aristotle explains in Book 8 of Nicomachean Ethics, there are many forms of friendship, yet only one is true....   [tags: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Virtue]

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Art Must Give Its Audience a New Perspective

- Some may believe that art as art serves beauty, not morality. They believe that the purpose of art is only to express beauty and it may do as it chooses in search for this perfection. As defined by, art is “the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.” Others believe in “art for art’s sake.” However, Tolstoy opposes this when he contends, “there is no such thing as art for art’s sake, anymore than science for science’s sake, since every human function should be directed to increase morality and to suppress violence” (Corey 113)....   [tags: beauty, morality, truth]

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What Can Be More Basic Than Food

- “What can be more basic than food itself. Food to begin to grow. Without it, you’d starve to death, even academics. But don’t stop there, my friend, don’t stop there, because food is the point of departure. A place where growth begins.” – Hiromi Goto, Chorus of Mushrooms A forgotten woman, Naoe sits in her chair in the hall and sees all that happens around her (Goto 3). Naoe relentlessly mutters in Japanese, but her daughter and son-in-law will not hear her (4). Memories of miso-shiru and crunchy daikon (5) drift through Naoe’s mind, while her daughter’s own “forsaken identity” has converted from “rice and daikon to wieners and beans” (13)....   [tags: Pleasure, Hedonism, Pleasure principle]

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Aristotle 's Idea Of The Good Life

- This paper will explain Aristotle’s idea of the good life as well as how virtues fit into the equation and if they are stable and enduring. Pertaining to the prompt, I will explain the three types of friendships Aristotle describes and how one of the friendships is the best according to him. I will also show the reason why Aristotle views friendship as one of the greatest goods. To answer the critic, I will show that although Aristotle holds that the good life is self-sufficient, because he holds friendship in such a high regard, he believes that a person will not be able to obtain perfect happiness without friendship....   [tags: Virtue, Nicomachean Ethics, Virtue ethics, Ethics]

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Virtue Is A State Of Character

- Alristotle: Virtue and Happines “Virtue, then, is a state of character concerned with choice, lying in a mean, i.e., the mean relative to us, this being determined by a rational principle, and by that principle by which the man of practical wisdom would determine it (...) Hence, in respect of its substance and the definition which states its essence virtue is a mean, with regard to what is best and right an extreme.” (Perry, page 555). A very famous Greek philosopher named Aristotle wrote a book called Nicomachean Ethics, were he relates happiness with virtue and defines virtue as a state of character concerned with choices....   [tags: Virtue, Ethics, Nicomachean Ethics, Virtue ethics]

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The Nature Of Humanity : Evil

- The nature of humanity is a heavily debated topic. While many believe that humans are by nature evil, many others believe the opposite, which humans are by nature, good. Are people capable to do good deeds for the sake of being good, or are good deeds disguised under selfish motives. Kant stated the only thing that is unconditionally good, or as he termed it a categorical imperative, and the only categorical imperative, is good will. If good will, is unconditionally good, and is the only categorical imperative, then categorical imperatives are nonexistent, because there is no such thing as having a good will....   [tags: Categorical imperative, Immanuel Kant]

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Walter Whitman 's Leaves Of Grass

- Nationality in Walter Whitman’s Leaves of Grass The glamorization of American opportunity created a great sense of nationalism which encouraged many to embrace ideas like manifest destiny. Walt Whitman was a poet living in the nineteenth century who wrote many poems which figuratively painted a picture portraying enrichment and opportunity in America, and the greater opportunity which could be achieved through traveling west. One compilation of poems entitled Leaves of Grass, was quite influential to those living in America and abroad, catching the eye of many opportunists seeking a better future for themselves....   [tags: Walt Whitman, United States, Nationalism]

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Let's Impose a Total Ban on Smoking in All Public Indoor Areas

- Banning smoking in all public indoor areas has been a controversial topic in recent years. Opinions on the issue are divided. Some members of the society have been expressing their resentment towards the ban, while some insist that such a ban is of practical necessity. In fact, a total ban on smoking in all public indoor areas should have been imposed a long time ago. Those criticizing the ban claim that smoking poses no immediate danger to people nearby. However, as we all know, this is far from true....   [tags: argumentative, persuasive]

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Rationalizing Rejection in Sonnet 42

- Sonnet 42: Rationalizing Rejection Shakespeare’s Sonnet 42 is about a man, the speaker, who is contemplating the loss of his lover to his friend. The speaker is exploring the motive for his lover’s choice of betrayal; more notably he is attempting to explain why this betrayal has occurred with a series of different rationalizations. The speaker appears to believe that he will not be as pained by his loss if he were to rationalize why his lover betrayed him. Shakespeare notoriously wrote three separate types of sonnets....   [tags: William Shakespeare]

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A Formal Definition Of Happiness

- A formal definition of happiness can be approached from several perspectives. It can mean the common feeling of living well or flourishing. Happiness is a feeling of completeness and sufficient good. This implies that happiness is desired for itself and not for the sake of anything else. Nowadays happiness is something everybody wants to achieve but has different views on what elements happiness should consist of. Happiness satisfies all the desires and does not have any evil in it and it is, therefore, stable....   [tags: Nicomachean Ethics, Virtue, Meaning of life]

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Aristotle 's Theory Of Friendship

- In Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, he distinguishes three types of friendships; utility, pleasure, and complete, of which corresponds to a particular type of good either coming from or residing in the friend. Aristotle states that friendships of utility and pleasure are defective, and that a complete friendship is the closest to perfection. Throughout all of the friendships each individual must be aware of the purpose of the relationship. In addition, friendship improves virtues such as modesty, and as a result enhances eudemonia....   [tags: Virtue, Friendship, Pleasure]

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Aristotle 's Views On Relationships

- Ever have seen the type of “friends” that someone thought would always be there for them, but ended up only being their friend for their sake. Aristotle illustrates “those who wish well to their friends for their sake are most truly friends” (23). I believe this quote that Aristotle has explained can compare too many friendships today. He is truly right and if everyone looked at their “friends” to see how many real friends, they have; there won’t be many friendships that last. There are a lot of commitments put into good relationships; if friends work together and go through life obstacles, friends are most likely remaining together for a lifetime....   [tags: Friendship, Love, Interpersonal relationship]

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Aristotle 's Influence On Society

- In Aristotle’s Greek world, the system he lived in was very exploitative. Each city-state was governed by citizens, or adult males, who enjoyed a great deal of luxury and freedom while the slaves, women, and laborers provided food, equipment, and shelter. Although this was a very unbalanced system, the periods of leisure that the citizens experienced arguably made one of the greatest periods for philosophy. In a given city, each citizen was expected to have a voice in politics, rather than having an elected individual speak for everyone....   [tags: Virtue, Nicomachean Ethics, Ethics, Happiness]

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Civil Liberty vs. Security

- Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, once said “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” In America’s society today, some are willing to sacrifice their civil liberties in order to gain protection and security over some potential threat. Especially after the events of September 11th and several attempted bombings in U.S. cities. This sacrifice of individual freedoms such as the freedom of speech, expression, the right to information, to new technologies, and so forth, for additional protection is more of a loss than a gain....   [tags: Government]

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Qaddafi vs. The World

- It was just a short couple of months ago that the world thought that the Arab World was beginning to calm down. Crude oil prices were beginning to fall, U.S. Involvement in the area was waning, and it seems that relations among Israel and the other Arab States had improved considerably. Then this peaceful coexistence began to fall apart with the ousting of Tunisia's long-standing president Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. His shameful exile inspired democratic protest across the region, including Egypt, Bahrain, and now Libya....   [tags: Arab World, Current Events]

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Happiness Is an Activity

- In this paper I will discuss Aristotle’s claim that happiness is a kind of activity and not a momentary pleasure. Some people might worry that Aristotle is wrong in making this claim by presuming that happiness is a state of mind rather than a constant pursuit in which a person must actively strive for throughout the entirety of ones life. I will argue that Aristotle is correct when he declares that happiness is a kind of activity that we strive for and ultimately attain throughout the entirety of our lives rather than just a feeling or state that we happen to have at any given moment....   [tags: Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics]

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TV Advertisements and Entertainment

- Are TV advertisements considered to be for the sake of entertainment or is it educational. “Have a break, have a Kit Kat chunky”, this itself is considered teasing, and it would also be enough to answer the above question, as it suggests having a break with a Kit Kat chocolate while being entertained by the upcoming commercials. TV ads does not show the real image about what are the products essential for, it may deceive society due to how advertisement fantasies their products. Besides, entertaining the viewers to make them interested in a particular product is an effective manner....   [tags: Products, Education]

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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

- The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde Art. It's Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Art can be so beautiful or so hideous. So monotonous or poignant. So imaginative or clichéd. So………right or wrong. Art really has no moral, does it. Although the book, The Picture of Dorian Gray has no ethical stance, it was not Oscar Wilde's intention to have a moral. It was to show the splendor of art for art's sake. Through out the paperback of The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde, wildly shows his beliefs in art for art's sake (Cauti XIV)....   [tags: Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde Analysis]

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Why Do We Choose Virtuous Acts?

- Aristotle says that we learn which acts are virtuous, choose virtuous acts for their own sake, and acquire virtuous habits by performing virtuous acts. According to Burnyeat, Aristotle thinks this works successfully because virtuous acts are pleasant. The learner’s virtuous choices and passions are positively reinforced. I argue that Burnyeat’s interpretation fails because virtuous acts are not typically pleasant for learners or, perhaps surprisingly, even for virtuous people. Instead, I maintain that according to Aristotle moral progress is motivated by different sorts of pain associated with vicious acts....   [tags: Aristotle Ethics and the Virtues]

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Animal Testing Discussion

- The major ancient philosophers, Thomas Aquinas and Rene Descartes, argue that animals lack a moral status because they do not engage in rational thought, are not conscious, and do not behave morally (Wilson, 2001). However, contrary to their beliefs, non-human animals do display the characteristics that Aquinas and Descartes claim qualifies humans for a moral status. In this paper, I will argue that animals should have an equal moral status to that of humans. This is due to the lack of relevant differences between humans and animals in the areas of thinking rationally, having a conscience, and behaving morally....   [tags: Ethical Issues, Animal Ethics]

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Marxism vs. Randism

- “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is one of the most famous quotes found in the Communist Manifesto. When compared to a line in Ayn Rand’s book, Atlas Shrugged, that states, “man- every man – is an end in himself, not the means to the ends of others”, I believe that Marx’s quote better fits how society should be. As a whole, the quote promotes philanthropy and contentment, while Rand’s encourages selfishness. To me, the first part of Marx’s quote means that people should give to society the best they can according to their abilities....   [tags: Ayn Rand, Karl Marx]

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The Nicomachean Ethics

- In Aristotle’s The Nicomachean Ethics, he explicates the basic principles of friendship. However, he does not only explain friendship between two people. Aristotle delves further into the topic and sheds light on “intrapersonal” friendship – friendship with oneself. Although this idea of comprehending the relationship people have with their own selves might seem intricate and hard to understand, Aristotle applies the same principles of interpersonal friendship to the kind of friendship people have with themselves....   [tags: self-love and friendship]

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Keats Attitude Towards Nature

- Keats is one of the greatest lovers and admirers of nature. In his poetry, we come across exquisitely beautiful descriptions of the wonder sigts and senses of nature. He looks with child-like delight at the objects of nature and his whole being is thrilled by what he sees and hears. Everything in nature for him is full of wonder and mystery - the rising sun, the moving cloud, the growing bud and the swimming fish. But Keats is not only the poet of nature. Infact, all the romantics love and appreciate nature with an equal ardour....   [tags: World Literature]

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Claudio and Hero's Relationship vs. Beatrice and Benedick's

- Claudio and Hero's Relationship vs. Beatrice and Benedick's The main topic of discussion is based around the relationships of Claudio and Hero and how their relationship differs from Beatrice’s and Benedick’s. The idea of marriage is an important factor. In Shakespeares time marriage was seen as an obligation and your wife would be ‘chosen’ for you. The decision making was made by the men. It was a very patriarchal society. Beatrice is a prime example of one of Shakespeare’s strong characters. She refuses to marry because she has not found the perfect equal partner and is unwilling to eschew her liberty to the will of a controlling husband....   [tags: Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare Love Essays]

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State and Evaluate Aristotle's Function Argument that Happiness Is an Objective Feature of the Characteristic Activity of Human Being.

- The happiness is an objective feature of the characteristic activity of human being. Thus, whatever human being’s activity is the final goal is achieve or gain happiness. Many people works for money or their belief, but in fact both money of belief let them get happiness and that why they continues their current career. And I find that the following considerations will provide a convincing argument for happiness is an objective feature of the characteristic activity of human being. First at all, all human activities aim at some good....   [tags: philosophical analysis]

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An Agreement on Both Ends: Viewpoints of Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln on the Civil War

- The Civil War was a dark time for America, brother fought against brother, and it is still the costliest war, in terms of lives lost, in American history. The secession of multiple states from the Union of the United States was caused because of disagreements of slavery. While the people and government thought of slavery as a sinful act, and worked hard to banish it from America, the Southern farmers and people depended on slaves for their finical income. Also, with the new territories arriving, and states forming, the tension increased between states that allowed slavery and states that didn’t allow slavery....   [tags: slavery, secession, civil war]

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Destabilizing the Social Norms Between Men and Women in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

- The social order and love within A Midsummer’s Night Dream is skewed without the influence of the fairies, yet Oberon, Titania, and their troupe of troublemakers forcibly insert themselves into the plot with their own personal squabbles that exert power over the characters and events of the play. The crazed and maniacal actions of the characters go against the traditional forms of accepted behavior in Elizabethan society, and just like in dreams, they turn the plot topsy-turvy and breed a chaos that runs unchecked until the young Athenians emerge from the woods at dawn....   [tags: social order, sex roles, oberon]

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Aristotle 's Philosophy Of Personal Morality And The Various Potential Paths One

- In The Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle did the most important study of personal morality and the various potential paths one can make in life. Through this essay I will discuss his conception of the highest good by exploring what exactly he means by “highest good”, why he does think that the highest good exists and this highest good is the happiness. I will also give his definition of happiness and how it is related to moral virtue .i will explain in final why I think his point of view of happiness is adequate....   [tags: Morality, Virtue, Nicomachean Ethics, Human]

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An Ilustration of the Concept of Virtue in the Nicomachean Ethics

- Virtue is a concept which cannot be explained easily: it embodies many different properties and depends on many variables, such as social context, historical period, religion. Aristotle has given is own account of virtue in his ethical system, describing it as the way to reach the best life possible. The aim of this essay is to give an illustration of the concept of virtue in the Nicomachean Ethics, but before two specifications are required. The word used by Aristotle and generally translated as “virtue” is “arete”....   [tags: philosophical analysis]

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Analysis Of Dietrich Bonhoeffer 's Life Together, Tested And Equipped Me

- Every page of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book, Life Together, tested and equipped me. Dietrich’s core ministry philosophy caused me to be more introspective on what is truly important in Christian living. Ministry is more than a program, but a, “Christ-centered community…united in service to and for one another” (Bonhoeffer, 2015, p. 48). This entire book was a ‘wow’ for me and I appreciated the careful spiritual guidance Bonhoeffer provided to his seminary students and to us as readers. He emphasized how critical it is for the entire body of Christ to work together....   [tags: Holy Spirit, Jesus, Christianity, Trinity]

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Rationalizing Radicalism in "Crime and Punishment" vs. "Demons" by Dostoevsky

- Crime and Punishment and Demons by Dostoevsky are two novels that are directly reflective of the time that he spent in exile. Crime and Punishment was a precursor to Demons and laid the foundation for the psychological novel that would characterize these and a later novel by Dostoevsky. Dostoevsky was made aware of the problems with Nihilistic ideas while he was exiled in Siberia. Crime and Punishment was Dostoevsky’s first attempt at a psychological analysis of a person’s inner struggles to rationalize this radicalism....   [tags: Crime and Punishment, Demons, Dostoevsky, ]

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Symbolism and Symbols in the Poetry of W. B. Yeats

- The present research work deals with the development of symbols in the poetry of W. B. Yeats. To comprehend and thereby fully appreciate Yeats’s poetry requires some knowledge of the forces working together to form the basis of his philosophy and the symbolic system Yeat’s view of the artistic function of the imagination and of the symbol and the development of his personal symbolic system are made clear in this chapter. W. B. Yeats has been regarded as a great symbolic poet. Arthur Symons dedicated his book “The Symbolist Movement in Literature (1919)” to W....   [tags: literary analysis, the tower]

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