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The Sage, The, And The Wise Old Man

- I. In arguably every construction of culture, religion, or society is the archetypical sage figure characterized by profound wisdom and enlightenment. The sage, the senex, or the wise old man, is depicted in folklore and literature often as a stock character, though is central to many ways of thought and religion. Saptarishi, the Seven Sages of Greece, Liu Ling, Wang Rong, and Zarathustra comprise only a portion of sage archetypes through history, representative of many cultures and traditions....   [tags: Plato, Philosophy, Socrates, Ethics]

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Leadership, Passion, And Sage

- Do you have a hero that you look up to. The way defines a hero as “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding behavior, and noble qualities”. A hero is not a person that is a menace to the people or person he or she is a hero to, and does not sit around being lazy, doing nothing with his or her life. There are three characteristics that I would use to analyze and define a hero; leadership, passion, and sage. First off, a hero will have good leadership. Leadership is defined by, “leading a person or a group of persons to do something”, according to   [tags: Leadership, Management, Hero, Basketball]

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EST and SAGE Analysis

- A) Expressed Sequence Tag (EST) Analysis There are huge numbers of genes in our genome yet only few of them express to synthesis mRNAs which encode different proteins. These mRNAs are collectively called as transcriptome and mRNA can be reverse transcribed into cDNA, which provides evidence for all mRNA transcripts. Hence, mRNA and cDNA are crucial for gene expression profiling and transcriptome study. Expressed sequence tags (ESTs) are short, unverified nucleotide fragment usually of 200-800 nucleotide bases....   [tags: genetics, DNA, RNA]

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I Am Not A Sage Or Buddhist Monk

- "Whenever we feel stressed out, that 's a signal that our brain is pumping out stress hormones. If sustained over months and years, those hormones can ruin our health and make us a nervous wreck." -Daniel Goleman. I am not a sage or Buddhist monk but I can still believe like many others that destructive emotions never help and so you control your actions. To help with controlling my emotions I believe in waking up every day and telling myself there is a reason to go on, to live life to the fullest....   [tags: Emotion, Psychology, Fear, Decision making]

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Victorian Thinkers: The Victorian Sage

- Matthew Arnold, Thomas Carlyle, John Ruskin and William Thackeray are among the Victorian thinkers to earn the title of “sage.” To some degree, the Victorian sages were respected and enjoyed by people from all social classes. They were certainly considered intellectuals and trailblazers of alternative viewpoints. They passed their message through public speaking, periodic columns in newspapers, poetry, and in novel-form. It is a difficult task to describe them as a group because they were each so unique in their style and beliefs....   [tags: European Europe History]

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Problems in the Further Implementation of Sage Philosophy

- Problems in the Further Implementation of Sage Philosophy ABSTRACT: With the recent death of Prof. H. Odera Oruka, founder of the ‘sage philosophy’ school of research based at the University of Nairobi, there is a need to look at some now-problematic issues. I suggest that the original impetus for starting the sage philosophy project-the defense against Euro-American skeptics who thought Africans incapable of philosophizing-has been outgrown. The present need for studies of African sages is to benefit from their wisdom, both in Africa and around the world....   [tags: Philosophical Africa Essays]

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Kay Sage From Another Approach

- Kay Sage From Another Approach My room has two doors and one window. One door is red and the other is gray. I cannot open the red door; the grey door does not interest me. Having no choice, I shall lock them both and look out of the window. -Kay Sage The work of Kay Sage (1898-1963) is known to be some of the most abstract art produced during the Surrealism movement. (Chadwick, 1997) Although it does not appear at first glance to be anywhere near as abstract as other Modernist artists such as Sonia Delaunay or Liubov Popova, (Chadwick, 1997....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Chaparral and Coastal Sage Scrub Field Investigation Make-up

- ... Because many of the consumers are displaced during the fires these wild flowers, also called perennials, grow freely. This can go on for about a few years, until the previous plants begin to sprout and grow back. Chaparral plants are able to regrow very quickly and encroach over the area of the flowers. This is necessary for the stability of that environment and ensures future success. The flowers from the flowers are trapped in the soil and are released next time there is a fire. This entire process is called secondary succession....   [tags: plant communities]

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Commentary on Lorna Sage, Bad Blood (2000)

- Commentary on Lorna Sage, Bad Blood (2000) This passage revolves around a young girl's life, how it has changed and what it has become. It is ironically, how a friendship has evolved into something that the two girls who are exposed in this passage have never thought it would become. Sage introduces us to what we can conclude to be herself in the first paragraph of this passage, whilst introducing us to her dear friend (or shall we say greatest enemy?) in the second paragraph. The relationship between Gail and the narrator is one of typical young girl's relationships with another girl....   [tags: English Literature]

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Commentary on Lorna Sage’s Bad Blood

- Commentary on Lorna Sage’s Bad Blood This passage, consisting of three paragraphs, out of Lorna Sage’s Bad Blood, is presented by an all-knowing first-person narrator. It revolves around a young girl’s, the narrator’s, school life and childhood experiences. It follows the evolution of a friendship between the narrator and her dear friend, or shall we say her “sworn enemy”(l 11), who is first introduced in the second paragraph, “Gail…had hair in ringlets, green-hazel eyes and pale, clear, slightly olive skin stretched tight and shiny over her muscles…” (ll 11-13)....   [tags: Papers]

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The Sage

- Throughout history, there have always been stories. From the myths of ancient civilizations long since past to today’s epic blockbuster movies, civilizations have used stories not only as entertainment, but as a way to convey ideas, or to pass down oral history through the generations. However, over time, as we look through these myths, books, movies, and other mediums, we find a common similarity in many of them. We find repeated patterns of situations, characters, and other parts. The patterns have been classified as “archetypes.” For instance, one of the archetypes we often see in myths, books, and movies is the “outcast.” The outcast is one who has been exiled from his home to wander t...   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Transaction Processing

- Transactional Processing The accounting software packages developed and distributed by Sage and Microsoft, respectively, each use their own methods for recording accounting information. Sage 50. There are three different areas which must be discussed. These are the revenue, expenditure, and financing cycles. These areas are written about from the author's own knowledge from using the software, as learned from the book by Carol Yacht (2013). Revenue cycle. For revenue cycle recording, Sage 50 allows the user to go through a pipeline of stages which need to be accomplished....   [tags: accounting software, Sage, Microsoft]

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Comparing Sexuality in Grey's Riders of the Purple Sage and Doctorow's Welcome to Hard Times

- Sexuality of the Frontierswoman in Grey's Riders of the Purple Sage and Doctorow's Welcome to Hard Times The presentation of femininity in Doctorow's Welcome to Hard Times is a strong departure from the heroine of Zane Grey's Riders of the Purple Sage. Through the metaphor of the gun as the embodiment of masculinity, both authors closely examine the complexities of the sexualized relationship of a frontierswoman to the men of her society. Doctorow mirrors the tensions present in Grey's novel though Molly acts as an extraordinarily different vision of what the West required of a woman than Jane Withersteen....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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I Am Transitioning Into A Position Of Independence

- The process of knowing and understanding your true self can feel like a marathon. Often hearing the phrase “discovery of self” causes me to hurl because of the saturation of its use making the phrase an absolute cliché. Although it may seem Meaningless at times, the cliché’s original meaning has gained a new importance in my life now that I am transitioning into a position of independence. Knowing myself does not seem to be a Herculean task, but I find myself at age seventeen and I have only seen a glimmer of my inner thoughts and nature....   [tags: Thought, Mind, The Sage Gateshead, Creator deity]

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Gene Expression

- Introduction Functional genomics is defined as the use of molecular biological tools to explore the gene functions and interactions from genome sequencing data (SERC, 2013). Expressed Sequence Tag (EST) and Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) are among the techniques that are commonly used in functional genomics. The goal of transcriptome studies is to identify the transcripts expressed in a genome. Since human genome studies, EST was the main technique used for transcript identification. Recently, SAGE has been widely used in transcriptome analysis....   [tags: GEnomics, EST, SAGE, transcriptome]

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Jeffersonian Era: Choosing between His Principles and Domestic Affairs

- ... But Jefferson viewed that it only bred bureaucrats and put an unnecessary burden upon the farmers. By removing the excise tax it cost the federal government about a million dollars a year. Other than the excise tax, Jefferson kept the Hamiltonian system intact. After the Incident on the U.S. frigate, the Chesapeake the american people were unified in their outrage and would have fully supported Jefferson if he declared war. However Jefferson still did not declare war, instead he composed an embargo trying to keep America out of the European war....   [tags: ideals, economy, sage, peace, power]

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An Amendment Of Ias 1

- In December 2014 it was decided that there was to be an amendment to IAS 1, which has now been in effect since January 1st 2016. The purpose of this standard is to lay the foundations on which the rest of the accounting standards are based upon. This determines how an organisation`s financial statements should be structured, what information they should include and which concepts should be taken into account foremost- going concern and accrual basis accounting. The main differences between the statements produced and the amendment of IAS 1 is that the terminology used is different for certain line items....   [tags: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles]

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Estimating Construction Costs Software : Project Accounting Software

- Estimating construction costs software | Project accounting software By Jack Taglyan Jan 31, 2015 Software for Estimating Construction Costs Estimating construction costs properly, efficiently, and accurately are critical to your business in today 's competitive construction industry. The all-important bottom line and the very success of yourcontracting or construction business, as well as your reputation are on the line. Additionally,the ability to create an accurate cost estimate is the key to long term success, profit and growth in the construction industry....   [tags: Project management, Construction, Cost]

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The Room Of An Agent

- At 3:00 pm, William logged off his computer and took the elevator to Sage’s office on the top floor. He waited patiently under the watchful eye of an agent posted in Sage’s reception area. At 3:30 pm, Sage’s newest receptionist told William he could go in. William walked into Sage’s dimly lit office. The only light in the room flooded in from the bathroom. The closed blinds robbed the room of any natural light. Sage and Governor Birch stood up from a couch when William entered. The blonde assistant who had distributed the binders in the conference room stood in the doorway to the bathroom, silhouetted in the room’s only light source....   [tags: Conservatism, Liberalism]

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Taking a Look at Paapmochni Ekadashi

- Paapmochni Ekadashi falls on the 11th day of fading phase of moon in Chaitra month, according to north Indian Hindu calendar. This Ekadashi is the last one in all 24 Ekadashi fasts. As per South Indian calendar, it is marked on the Krishna Paksha of Phalguna month whereas it is celebrated on Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month according to the North Indian calendar. Interestingly this Ekadashi falls on the same day in both north and south Indian calendars. The Paapmochni Ekadashi will fall on 27th of March in 2014....   [tags: fasting holidays in Hinduism]

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The Wisdom of Franz Kafka’s On Parables

- The Wisdom of Franz Kafka’s On Parables Is it even possible to gain a better life through knowledge and wisdom. Should we listen to the words of the wise. Franz Kafka tries to answer these questions in his short essay ``On Parables,' with a resounding ``No!' In this Kafkan world, one filled with the daily struggles and cares of life, the only thing we can know is the incomprehensibility of it all. He states that all wisdom is expressed in parables then destroys any hope we may have by trouncing the authenticity of parables....   [tags: Kafka On Parables Essays]

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The Benefits of Aromatherapy for Students

- Introduction Aromatherapy is defined as the therapeutic usage of fragrant liquids in order to advance mental and physical health (Lua & Zakaria, 2012). These therapeutic oils are made from the distilling or steaming of plants (Lua & Zakaria, 2012). Some various uses of aromatherapy include wound-healing, sedative, antibacterial, analgesic, calming, and stimulating effects (Lua & Zakaria, 2012). Aromatherapy claims to have its roots in India as well as ancient Egypt (Lua & Zakaria, 2012). Studies that show that the use of oils, such as lavender, can be used to control symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and pain in patients of postoperative events (Kim, Kim, Yeo, Hong, Lee, & Jeon, 2011)....   [tags: health, aromatheraphy]

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The Endangered Species Act ( Esa )

- A species of plant or animal classified as endangered is a species that faces the risk extinction. Their possible extinction can be attributed to human activity, climate change, critical habitat loss, disruption in predator/prey ratio, and many other factors. The Endangered Species Act (ESA), established in 1973, is a federal mandate that requires the endangered species to be listed and subsequently protected to avoid future extinction of the species - included is the protection of their critical habitat....   [tags: Endangered species, Species, IUCN Red List]

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Review of a Library and Information Science Periodical

- In this review, I will discuss the basic information and content of the Journal of Information Science. This journal began its illustrious life in 1979, and since then it has been birthed from the loins of its publisher, SAGE Publications on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, on a bimonthly basis. All of its issues are available for perusal in both electronic and print form; it has not gone by any other name, so any and all information science information seekers out there can find it with the greatest of ease....   [tags: Article Review]

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Parkinson’s Disease

- Parkinson’s disease has a dramatic impact on one’s ability to control everyday movements, thus affecting quality of life and independence. (Sage, Johnston, & Almeida,2011). Parkinson’s disease is chronic, progressive, as-of-yet incurable(Hirsch, Iyer, Englert, & Sanjak,2011). Pharmacotherapy remains to be the primary treatment for Parkinson’s disease. However, it arouses complications such as motor fluctuations, dyskinesia and wearing off (Sage, Johnston, & Almeida,2011). It prompted the researchers to discover alternative therapies such as exercising, which may have the potential to improve the individual’s suffering from Parkinson’s disease, as exercise is commonly associated with cardiova...   [tags: Health, Diseases]

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Saulot, A Vampire and Classification of True Daeva

- Clan: True Daeva Progenitor: Troile House: Tirinavich There is little consistency in the knowledge about the Daeva progenitor because the stories may confuse three individuals: the Troile (triplets). One was a creature of fierce unpredictability responsive to her passions and desires like a leaf to the wind. Another was a cold, humourless, and ruthless pragmatist who was constantly calculating machinations of future events. The final one, a prophetess torn in between her siblings trying to please both yet find compromise and lead them and their childer....   [tags: Vampires, Clan]

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The Rise Of The Sun Ancient China

- Split between the Seven Warring States, the Zhou Dynasty saw intermittent violent outbursts which shook ancient China to its very foundation. The socioeconomic changes that had disrupted the traditional social order gave root to a philosophical tradition known as Daoism. When speaking of Daoism, we generally refer to the concepts of three insightful texts that date back from around this Classical period. Initially attributed to Laozi (老子), whether he actually existed is up to dispute; however, the work attributed to him – the Daodejing (道德經) – is dated to the late 4th century BCE....   [tags: Chinese philosophy, Taoism, Laozi, Tao Te Ching]

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Communication Can Make Or Break The Deal?

- How well a person communicates can affect their life in many ways; it could be the difference between getting a promotion, raise, defending yourself, or keeping a relationship from failing. Teordor Popsecu (2013) assessed from research that presentation skills represent perhaps one of the most important qualities a business person can have nowadays. Communication can make or break the deal (Popescu, 2013). This concept can thus be applied to many aspects in everyday life. Tarigan (1990) states that speaking is a language skill is developed in early childhood, preceded by listening skills, and it is then when speaking skills are learned....   [tags: Education, Learning styles, Learning]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Buddhacarita '

- Buddhacarita, which is believed to be written by the Indian poet Ashvagosha between the first and second century A.D. (Life of the Buddha, 56), describes the life and deeds of the Buddha. This paper specifically addresses the very first part of the Buddha’s story from this epic, which is about the story before Siddhartha Gautama went out of the palace for the first time. It is subtitled “His Birth and the Sage’s Prophesies” in the material online (Life of the Buddha, 57-60). The story began with the Buddha-to-be’s parents, a glorious King and his wife Maya....   [tags: Gautama Buddha, Buddhism, Mahayana, Nirvana]

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Cultural Studies: The Semiotic Method

- In regards to cultural studies, the semiotic method allows for analysis through different levels of interpreting an image. Semiotics being the study of signs and signification, it directly relates to how one approaches such an analysis because it is one of the tools used for understanding and interpreting social constructs and how meaning is relayed to others. “Within semiotic theory a signifying system such as language is understood as an ordering of signs that constructs meaning within itself through a series of conceptual and phonic differences” (‘Semiotics’ 2004, in The Sage Dictionary of Cultural Studies)....   [tags: interpreting an image]

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The Epic Of The Ramayana

- Ramayana is known as saranagathi shastram. Through the epic, we learn that saranagathi is available to everyone irrespective of caste, creed or gender. We learn from the Ramayana about the saranagathi performed by a crow (kakasura) thus, proving that saranagathi is even available for animals and birds. Perumal has shown us the proper method for performing saranagathi in Ramayana. Lord Rama killed two demons during His trip with sage Vishwamitra. While He killed Tataka & Subahu, with His third arrow, He only pushed Maricha into the ocean but, He did not kill Maricha....   [tags: Ramayana, Rama, Hanuman, Rakshasa]

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Ramayana: Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa

- One of the most striking relationships throughout the entire Rāmāyaṇa is that between India's epic hero Rāma and his half-brother Lakṣmaṇa. What is interesting about this affair is Lakṣmaṇa's pure fidelity toward his brother and all his goals. While Rāma is the king on leave throughout most of the Hindu epic, Lakṣmaṇa acts more or less as his royal servant and bodyguard of his most prized possession, that being Rāma's wife, Sītā. Interestingly enough, Lakṣmaṇa is very much an intelligent being himself, and one who revels in the longevity of his brother's interests and aims....   [tags: Valmiki, Rama, Lakshmana]

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Amazing Grace

- To craft a well structured and universally appealing narrative, the author must consider the relationship between the speaker and the audience it is directly addressing. The creation of a good speaker/audience relationship is greatly dependent on the openness and accessibility of the main character to its readers. This two-way communication is constructed through a first person narrative. In the narrative titled, “Amazing Grace,” by Abdel Nasser Ould Yessa, the speaker not only creates an intimate relationship with its readers, but also directs its message to a specific audience....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Abdel Nasser]

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"The Once and Future King" and "A Great and Terrible Beauty"

- Literary archetypes are universal models or patterns that characters are based on, they aren’t necessarily stereotypes. Archetypes can enhance or degrade the novel depending on their quality. Fantasy novels are heavy with archetypes, possibly more than any genre. T.H. White and Libba Bray break through the wall of the norm and expand the archetypes of the sage, the shrew, virgin huntress and the reluctant hero in both novels The Once and Future King and A Great and Terrible Beauty. Without a doubt, Merlyn is a vital component to Arthur’s destiny to become the greatest king of England....   [tags: Literary Archetypes, T.H. White, Libba Bray]

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We Must Have Learned Their Lesson From The Great Depression

- “Okies should have learned their lesson from the Great Depression. It’s not our responsibility to prop up the lives of those who chose to inhabit a land that never should have been inhabited. They’re experiencing the laws of natural consequences. Natural consequences are part of the natural order of things. Life it not easy and government should not try to inoculate individuals against the harsh realities of life. Government would have only made the problems in Oklahoma worse. Instead, natural consequences are working out the details, not government....   [tags: Cleanliness, Hygiene]

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Movie Analysis : Not Just A Game

- The main point of the movie Not Just a Game would be does sports and politics mix in U.S sports culture. Throughout the movie Not Just a Game it presented many convincing arguments that support the main point, like for example Dave Zirin points out that American sports is the center of a major political struggles that involve the issues of race, gender, nationalism, war, homosexuality and capitalism. Other examples that support the main point is how Dave Zirin talks about race and how Muhammad Ali took a conscious political stand against the injustice of African Americans in America and also how Ali does not want to be a corporate puppet, and could careless about any endorsements that drop h...   [tags: Black people, Race, White American]

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What Learned at Critical Systems, Inc.

- I started working at CSI on September 25, 2013 and I finished on November 22, 2013. When I first stated Jill Mortensen and I sat down with Saira Ortiz and discussed my learning objectives. Jill Mortensen was my supervisor, but I worked with Saira Ortiz more, because she deals with more of the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Jill deals more with the payroll, taxes and 401k’s. Sometimes, Jill worked with some of the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Saira and I also entered in checks that we received for vendors....   [tags: personal reflection]

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A Statement of My Personal Goals

- I currently work in a research lab part of Ames Lab under the supervision of of a doctor. The research I am currently involved in is trying to find a ferromagnetic compound that reduces the amount of expensive rare earth used in industrial magnets. Currently the industrial standard for anisotropic Ferro magnets used in all types of consumer electronics is Nd2Fe14B. This has a ratio of 2 rare earth atoms to 15 non rare earth atoms. Our research group is trying to find a compound that lowers this ratio....   [tags: research, renewable energy, gender equality]

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Wonderland of Love

- I don't know what to do anymore. She's ruining me, and I am absolutely, one hundred percent okay with it. The only thing I ever think about anymore, is Sage. Her. With those brown doe eyes, and those naturally pink lips that always felt like heaven against mine. Her, with the pale skin and dark clothes. Her. I take another sip of my Coke; another long drag of my cigarette,. Feelings suck. "Hey. I got your message." Sage chirps in a slightly strange, bright voice. She licks her lips, before sliding across from me in the booth....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Night - Original Writing

- I saw him in the congested halls, with his books pointed up to his nose, trembling over students while rushing to get to class. I looked at him as he looked in every classroom confused, frantically looking at a crumbled white paper. While he passed everyone in the halls, all I saw were the scrunched up faces in disgust. Also, I saw people turn to their friends and laugh while watching him. The boy seemed to be popular in the reason that everyone was chatting about him like they knew him. The boy began to run into the bathroom pushing everyone out of the way and it seemed like no one noticed him....   [tags: Laughter, Joke, Debut albums, People]

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Evaluation Of A Single Subject Rated The Likeability Of Individuals Based Simply On A Photograph Of Their Face

- In this experiment, a single subject rated the likeability of individuals based simply on a photograph of their face. The rating entailed moving a slider to indicate a lower likeability or a higher likeability. The rating produced a score ranging from 100 (very likeable) down to 0 (not at all likeable), with variations occurring based on the subject’s judgment of a person’s face. The feature being tested for was the age of the individuals in the photos, although this was not revealed to the subject until the end of the experiment....   [tags: Statistics, Normal distribution]

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Effects of School and Class Size on the Quality of Students' Education

- Introduction Education is fundamental in today’s modern society and is the subject of endless debates across the United States. Recently, it has risen to the top of both state and national agendas (Finn, 2002). One reform movement currently being debated is the effects of school and class size on the quality of student education. Advocates of smaller classes argue students learn more when there are fewer students in the classroom. Many studies are conducted to try to prove this theory. Although some studies show positive results, the many failed experiments led opposers of class size reduction to believe that there is no link among class size and student learning....   [tags: Education, Small Classes]

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Transformation of Islam: Islam in the societies of Central Asia

- The next work used to study the Islamic government is “Siyasatnama” (“Treatise on government”) which provides a model of statecraft and administrative practice. “Siyasatnama” was written by a distinguished statesman of 11th century, a grand vizier, Abu ‘Ali al-Hasan al-Tusi (1018-92), who was given a title of “Nizam al-Mulk” (“the regulator of the state”) for faithful service to Seljuk sultans Alp Arslan and Malik-Shakh (Ibn Khallikan, page 90). “Siyasatnama” is chosen for present investigation because it reflects social and political life and moral values of the Seljuk period (Scott Meisami, page 145)....   [tags: Religion, Siyasatnama]

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Voltaire's Use of Satire to Compare Europe and El Dorado

- Voltaire's Use of Satire to Compare Europe and El Dorado The late seventeenth century was a time of change, a time of ushering out the old and bringing in the new. This was a period of exploring logic and understanding instead of religion to answer one's questions. Otherwise known as the Age of Enlightenment, society was out to seek reason rather than to find all of their answers from the Catholic Church or other faiths. Voltaire's story Candide displays his thoughts on the Enlightenment by mocking the monarch and currency system of a small village....   [tags: catholic church, utopian village]

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Analysis of Insanity Developed by Cohen and Coffin

- The media effects coupled with predisposers, precipitants and facilitators can have dire consequences on their own, but the last subject for mass murderer that demands attention is mental illness. In order to distinguish between the various kinds of mental illness and criminal culpability, this paper will analyze the criteria for ‘insanity’ developed by Cohen and Coffin. The victim is innocent and there is no reasonable way the perpetrator should consider them an enemy. The motive is unintelligible, delusional, unrealistic, and inappropriate for the nature of the murder....   [tags: serial killers, mass murders, insanity]

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Public Education Policy For The Past Three Years

- “Absolutely,” William said. “I know I am.” “What makes you so confident?” Sage asked. “Lots of things,” William said. “While you were in the bathroom, I was looking at those pictures on your desk. That one from Governor Birch’s inauguration caught my eye.” “That was one of the greatest days in the history of Virginia,” Sage said. “Absolutely. Three lines from the Governor’s inauguration speech have framed my thinking about public education policy for the past three years. Every time The Movement Education Committee gets together, we begin each meeting by re-reading those three lines....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Virginia]

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Confucius As A Symbol Of Major Confucian Values

- As one of the greatest founding novels of Taoism, Book of Chuang Tzu serves to strengthen Lao Tzu 's arguments in Tao Te Ching and lays the foundation for Taoism 's place in Chinese philosophy. Because Confucianism and Taoism are two competing philosophy schools that share more outstanding differences than similarities, the followers of both schools often refute and evaluate the ideals of the opposite school. However, the constant appearance of Confucius as the main character in more than twenty chapters in Book of Chuang Tzu not only surprises the readers, but also calls for deep analysis of the roles played Confucius in order to understand the true meaning of this ancient literature....   [tags: Confucianism, Taoism, Confucius]

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Coping With Fear in Life of Pi

- There are many conventional methods to coping with one’s fears but the most effective is by facing it. In the novel, Life of Pi, the main character, Pi, is one of astonishment; even through the darkest points in his life, he is still able to somehow remain both faithful and hopeful. Pi clings to his religious faith as a way of coping with his fears as opposed to acknowledging conventional methods. He is able to do so through praying, storytelling and various interpretations. Fear takes a lot out of an individual as it can be the very substance that destroys them....   [tags: Life of Pi Essays]

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The Cold War And The Soviet Union

- The Cold War was a time between 1947 to 1991 in which tensions between two of the largest superpowers of the world were at an all time high: United State of America and the Soviet Union. The war never had a true battlefield between the two, but traces of each the superpowers could be found in many of the wars at the time directly or indirectly like: the Vietnam War, Korean War, and etc. Though the feud didn’t always happen on the battleground. The Soviet Union and United States faced off in expanding their power of their technology and economy at the time, which led to events like the Space Race, Nuclear Arms Race, and even globalization in the countries....   [tags: Cold War, United States, World War II]

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Complementary: The Sacred and the Secular

- Contrary to common belief, religion is composed of both religious—divine reverence, and irreligious elements—politics and philosophy. Reciprocally outlining Chinese ideals, this complementary blend of religious and irreligious elements allude to harmony of opposites without conflict. However, widely interpretative, the Western term “religion” prevents clear distinction between religion and philosophy when applied to Ancient Chinese religion, Confucianism, and Daoism. Though each equitably dissimilar, each sector influenced the upbringing of the other politically, while continuing to uphold similar purposes of perceived harmony....   [tags: Religion, Chinese Ideals]

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Archetypes in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible

- When analyzing literature from an archetypal perspective, one does not simply look at the character’s behavior in that literary piece. Rather, when using the archetypal theory, one connects the traits and actions of the characters in the literary work, the settings, the surroundings, and the situations to a familiar type of literary character. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, the characters Abigail Williams, John Proctor, and Reverend Hale exhibit common archetypal behavior and fit into a certain archetypal figure....   [tags: literary analysis, Arthur Miller]

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My Experience With The Aging Process

- Sometimes the best way to learn is through experience. I have not experienced the aging process. My knowledge of the aging process has only come from what I have observed from the older people in my life and things picked up from various media. However, I have never discussed with someone, who has gone through so much of life, the process of aging and how they have managed it. Mr. Blackman taught me plenty about how to live life as it advances. I also have not had much experience working in group composed of people involved in nursing and social work....   [tags: Old age, Ageing, Gerontology, Wine]

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Epic Of Gilgamesh, The Epic Hero

- Defining the Epic Hero Clearly defined in The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Aeneid, and The Ramayana are the indispensable traits required by an epic hero. Through these works, each epic hero undergoes a series of particular events that illustrates the essential traits to being an epic hero: being a great warrior, piety, and knowledge. The first distinct quality of an epic hero, illustrated through the multiple characters, is his ability to be triumphant in war. One instance where great feats and divine actions are prominent is in The Epic of Gilgamesh when Gilgamesh and Enkidu defeat Humbaba and the Bull of Heaven....   [tags: Epic of Gilgamesh, Epic poetry, Aeneid, Enkidu]

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The Mission Of Bob 's Supermarket

- Bob Thompson, along with his brother Sam, reopened and operated Bob’s supermarket, a family-owned independent grocery store in Hanover, Indiana (Parnell, 2014). The mission of Bob’s Supermarket is “to provide groceries, fresh foods, and ready-to-eat food that is of the highest quality and convenient at a fair price, while being a valued member of Hanover” (Parnell, 2014, p. 396). With such a strong mission, Bob’s Supermarket did not appear to focus on marketing, growth, and innovation. The small supermarket seemed to be meeting its mission....   [tags: Wal-Mart, Hypermarket, Supermarket, Grocery store]

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Life in the Ottawa Tribe

- This paper addresses the results of interviews, observations, and research of life in the Ottawa tribe, how they see themselves and others in society and in the tribe. I mainly focused on The Little River Band of Ottawa Indian tribe. I researched their languages, pecking order, and interviewed to discover the rituals, and traditions that they believe in. In this essay I revealed how they see themselves in society. How they see other people, how they see each other, what their values were, what a typical day was etc....   [tags: Native American Tribe, America]

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Analysis and Description of Siddhartha

- “Wisdom cannot be imparted. Wisdom that a wise man attempts to impart always sounds like foolishness to someone else ... Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it. (Hesse Pg)” Siddhartha is introduced as a handsome Brahmin with browned slender shoulders, a slim figure and king-like eyes. As a young man, Siddhartha was anxious by the lack of understanding and he needed someone to provide him with knowledge....   [tags: siddhartha, govinda, wisdom]

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The Curse From Act Four

- Many acts from the Recognition of Sakuntala are important in understanding the play in its entirety, for example the curse that was placed on Sakuntala. The curse is a major part in the climax of the play, King Dusyanata forgetting and disclaiming Sakuntala and her unborn child. By explaining the curse from act four shows how it contributes to the play in more than one way. Also, how it helps understand the play in more depth. After Sakuntala and King Dusyanata secret marriage is performed, she is preoccupied by the thoughts of herself and her new husband....   [tags: Marriage, English-language films, Curse, Boy]

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Differences Between Legalism And Confucianism

- It has been said that Legalism takes after Daoism, borrowing some of its well-known ideas such as non-action or the usefulness of being empty. Though Legalism is typically grouped with the other early Chinese philosophers, it is actually quite a different system. Han Feizi’s Basic Writings, an exemplary text of Legalism, is aimed at how to successfully run an empire, and caters to one person in particular: the ruler. On the other hand, writings like the Dao de Jing are aimed more towards the individual and are personable....   [tags: Chinese philosophy, Taoism, Wu wei, Tao Te Ching]

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Short Speech On Pay Transparency

- Annotated Bibliography Burkus, David. "Why You Should Know How Much Your Coworkers Get Paid." TED: Ideas Worth Spreading, Ted Conferences LLC., Jan. 2016, Accessed 4 Nov. 2016 David Burkus’s speech is about pay transparency. Pay transparency is when everyone in a company knows what everyone makes. He explains that main reason that companies don’t allow this is because they can save a lot of money by keeping everyone’ salaries private....   [tags: Source, Start, Begin, The Work]

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Using Python to Solve Chemical Engineering Problems in the Classroom

- Computer programming and engineering problem solving have much in common. Both use a structured approach to ensure the right steps in the right order with correct information. Therefore, programming a computer to solve chemical engineering problems can help a student begin to develop the skills to set-up and efficiently solve problems. Essentially, in programming you are ‘teaching’ the computer to solve the problem. Therefore, you have to understand the problem to translate it successfully into a working program....   [tags: Information Technology]

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Athletes And Professional Athletes Are Caught Cheating Across The Board

- Time and time again professional and collegiate athletes are caught cheating across the board in all types of sports. The main motive for athletes to dope and think they’ll get away with it is money. If one wins more competitions, one will in turn get more sponsorships or get paid more. For collegiate athletes they are the ones striving to make money, and they think that in order to do that they have no other choice than to dope. Athletes seem to get caught up in the idea of competition, specifically winning, and they lose track of the real reason they compete....   [tags: Professional sports, Amateur sports]

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Doris Lessing

- Doris Lessing Doris Lessing is considered a South African writer, although Africa is not the place of her birth. She was, in fact, born in Persia (now Iran) to British parents in 1919. As a child, she and her parents moved to Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), where she lived until 1949 (Sage, 15). White colonists had not previously settled in the part of Africa to which her family moved (Charters 894). In 1949 she moved to London where she still, apparently, resides. Lessing's life appears characterized by displacement....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Waterfall Methodology for Hardware Design Projects

- The waterfall methodology was first published by Winston W. Royce in 1970 as a sequential type of development process, and has been widely followed by many organizations in the IT industry. The waterfall methodology originally invented to build large-scale software systems, at that time most of software developer are working on multi-year projects and designed software for large computer systems that evolved relatively slowly. To develop large-scale software systems that involve by many developer, there is a need for a base programming paradigm or model that represent the whole project....   [tags: Engineering, Software, Development]

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Computerised accounting system.

- Computerised accounting system. Please Specify which product you need when ordering. Sage Line 50 training software is available both with and with out a comprehensive assessment system.. The sage line 50 product contains Basic and Advanced tasks for operation of the Sage accounting software. Sage Line 50 uses a powerful "show and tell, then have a go" style training. This makes it easy for users to understand new concepts and provides then with a chance to "have a go in a safe training environment"....   [tags: Computer Science]

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Establishing Reliability and Validity

- Establishing Reliability and Validity In conducting a research or survey, the quality of the data collected in the research is of utmost importance. One’s assessment may be reliable and not valid and thus this is why it is important that when designing a survey, one should also come up with the methods of testing the reliability and validity of the assessment tools. For MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to conduct a survey, the questions they propose to use must pass the validity and reliability test for one to conclude that the survey is reliable and valid....   [tags: Surveys]

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Servant Leadership Would Make the World a Better Place

- In such a corrupt world, there is the need for laws and enforcement of those laws. It is expected that those put in positions to keep those safe, such as politicians, police officers, and firefighters, are actually putting others before themselves, but this is not always the case. Unfortunately, there are many in these types of positions who hold their positions because of gaining income (which is of course of importance) but do not have a strong passion for people. This brings to the case the theory of servant leadership....   [tags: Servant Leadership]

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The ?Way? As Seen In Taoism And Confucianism

- Taoism and Confucianism are both very complex and important religions of their time. Both mainly Asian religions, these creeds were more prominent in the times they were developed then they are today. Each of these religions had a certain belief that there was a “Way” that things should happen and should work so that goodness and peace will regulate in the world. Confucius was the founder of Confucianism. His works were taught in the Confucian Analects. His sense of mission to be “a human among other humans.” He was said to have fortune cookie knowledge and was admired by many people, including his many followers....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Gothic Genre and What it Entails

- "The invaluable works of our elder writers re driven into neglect by frantic novels, sickly and stupid German Tragedies, and deluges of idle and extravagant stories in verse. The human mind is capable of being excited without the application of gross and violent stimulants.." William Wordsworth, Preface to The Lyrical Ballads, 1802. "..Phantasmagoric kind of fiction, whatever one may think of it, is not without merit: 'twas the inevitable result of revolutionary shocks throughout Europe thus to compose works of interest, one had to call on the aid of Hell itself, and to find things familiar in the world of make believe.." Marquis (Donatien Alphonse) de Sade...   [tags: Gothic Criticism]

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Philosophy of Life

- Normally the strongest survive in many obstacles like in works and business, but not everyone believes that it is true. The quote “softness triumphs over hardness, feebleness over strength. What is more flexible is always superior over that which is immovable. This is the principle of controlling things by going along with them; of mastery through adaptation” by ancient Chinese sage Lao-Tzu explains that our life is a challenge that needs to get along with the people around us and about learning to manage on your own obstruction....   [tags: Chinese philosophy of Lao Tzu]

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Joseph C. R. Licklider

- Joseph C. R. Licklider died when he was 75, on June 26, 1990. His death was caused by a heart attack that followed because of complications from asthma. Licklider was born in St. Louis, Missouri and educated at Washington University and the University of Rochester. There he received his three bachelor's degrees in math, physics, and psychology. Licklider was well liked and had a very good reputation for being very humble, often letting others take credit for his ideas. Licklider humility and good manners were probably part of his mid-western upbringing....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Maureen Peal & Imitation of Life

- Imitation of Life is about Peola Johnson, light skined black girl who tries to go through life as a white person. To achieve this she ostracises her family. She breaks all ties with her black mother and her culture and tries to fit into this community in which she really has no place. "It's because of you, you made me black. I won't be black!" The problems Maureen Peal and Peola Johnsson share are as serious as the ones the young blck girls have in the bluest yes. According to Sandy Flitterman-Lewis: In each film's representation of the transgressive woman-the black daughter who looks white, and who, because of the contradiction between being and seeming which defines her, can fit comfortab...   [tags: John M. Stahl, Film, Movie]

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General Support for Class Size

- General Support for Class Size “Of course class size is important. You have to find the child before you can teach the child (Archived… 2000).” Though this opinion may seem radical to most people, you can see the underlying theme in the argument. Smaller classes allow students to have more personalized, individual attention from teachers. Many teachers and smaller class size advocates believe that such classes will allow for more constructive group activities, strengthen students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills, and accommodate for a wide range of learning paces....   [tags: essays papers]

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Different Practices of Taoism

- Different Practices of Taoism Taoism applied to everyday life "Practice not-doing and everything will fall into place" (Chapter 3). In Taoism this is the concept known as "wu wei". Wei wu wei is the practice of doing and not-doing. This concept comes from the theory of the Yin and Yang. The Yang, along with wei, is the practice of doing. The Yin, along with wu wei, is the practice of not-doing. One compliments the other, and each cannot exist alone. The Tao tells people to practice not-doing because it will bring happiness in their life....   [tags: Papers]

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Annuloplasty Ring

- Millions of people suffer from heart valve disease every year (SAGE Sourcebook of Modern Biomedical Devices: Business Environments, 2007). Out of all of the heart valve diseases, “mitral regurgitation is the second most common valvular heart disease” (Baumgartner, Gabriel, Kalbeck, Klaar, Krejc, Maurer, Rader, Rosenhek, &Schemper, 2006). This is due to the fact that the mitral valve experiences the most pressure and blood flow compared to the other valves in the heart (SAGE Sourcebook of Modern Biomedical Devices)....   [tags: Medical Research]

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What Effect Does Color-blind Racism Have on Minorities in Society Today?

- Research Statement: In society, during the pre-Civil Rights Movement era, minorities experienced discrimination, abuse, and life-threatening situations placed on them by the White community. Though over time, this abuse has decreased in magnitude of violence, and now in society the abuse has took a new form of racism into being colorblind racism. This new form of racism is not as violent, but it affects the society in similar ways. Colorblind racism causes segregation by stereotypes and prejudices based the color of a person’s skin color....   [tags: unfairness in society, Civil Rights movement]

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Comparing The Confucian Analects, The Mengzi And The Daodejing Of Laozi

- The phrase “the way” means a method by which one can achieve a goal, but is ambiguous and insignificant without proper context. In warring states China “The Way” or the “Dao” became extremely popular as a philosophy of governance as rulers began struggling to maintain order and peace within their respective states. In this paper I will analyze different interpretations of the “Way”. As products of subjective human thought, these “Ways” incited debate between philosophers and rulers as to who’s “Way” was correct....   [tags: Confucianism, Chinese philosophy, Confucius]

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The Importance Of Professional Staff At The Jefferson Country Detention Center

- In today’s society, we often find people who have a bias against the correctional system. We find these people to have no credible source besides the information the media proposes, third party information, or if they themselves have been locked up. Whether we sit and listen to them preach about the corruptness is up to us. When we talk about the correctional system we are talking about it as a whole. This includes jails, prisons, the inmates, and employees. Whether we agree or disagree with our own personal thoughts most of us haven’t seen it at first hand like the interviewee I had interviewed....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Corrections, Crime]

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The Rights Of A Person Through A Fair And Equal Trial

- Due process reflects the rights of a person through a fair and equal trial, focusing on the privileges and responsibilities of humans. Americans have the entitlement to receive information on the law and to be informed of the charges against them. Our reflection of the law is understood in popular culture, specifically in crime shows and movies. Although they present us with a background of the legal system, they lack the knowledge of due process because they are not worried about the rights of a criminal; their only focus is to convict the criminal....   [tags: Police, Crime, Criminal justice, Law]

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Ancient Indian and Chinese Philosophies: Differences and Historical Significance

- ... Their focus is in the past. When understanding that their history holds an example of societal success, there is little wonder why their focus would not remain in the past; what had been done before could once again be achieved. Beyond the focus, a philosophy often demands a motivation through which all actions should be completed. In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu a central god of the ancient Indian philosophy, is speaking with the warrior Arjuna who is facing the decision to wage war on his enemy who are members of his family....   [tags: geographical terrains, population, culture]

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Reflection on the Integration of Technology in the Classroom

- ... The use of students as knowledge brokers can have several benefits. First, they can save teachers valuable time which can be spent meeting the many other demands of the teaching profession. Secondly, empowering students as knowledge brokers does just that: it empowers students, making them more involved and more engaged in their learning. Lastly, using knowledge brokers also helps move teachers from the traditional role of ‘sage on the stage’ to the role of ‘guide on the side’, working and learning alongside their students....   [tags: digital learners, teachers, applications]

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