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The Shortage of Physicians in Rural America

- The United States is going through a huge shortage of physicians, which is composing a very severe supply and demand problem in this country. Citizens living in rural areas should be able to receive the same amount of quality care as those living in urban areas. The shortage of physicians in rural America calls for immediate attention and change because the shortage is affecting the quality of patient care. The life expectancy of people living in these areas is declining due to treatable conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease....   [tags: healthcare reform law, scarcity]

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Mental Health Disparities in Rural America

- Mental Health Disparities in Rural America Mental healthcare has a long and murky past in the United States. In the early 1900s, patients could live in institutions for many years. The treatments and conditions were, at times, inhumane. Legislation in the 1980s and 1990s created programs to protect this vulnerable population from abuse and discrimination. In the last 20 years, mental health advocacy groups and legislators have made gains in bringing attention to the disparity between physical and mental health programs....   [tags: Illness, Disparity, Nurse Educators]

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My Family: Life in Rural America

- As a child growing up in a rural county, I didn’t have soccer practice or dance recitals; no play dates or playgrounds. I had trees to climb, woods to explore, bikes to ride and adventures to be had. I had bare feet in the grass, wincing on the gravel driveway, rocks digging into my soles. I had walnuts to crush, plums to eat, flowers to pick, bugs to catch. I had my little brothers to bug me, my mom to take care of me, my dad to laugh with me and my grandparents to hold me. I had books to read, worlds of words to get lost in....   [tags: essay about my family]

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`` Heartland : Symbolic Displays Of Aggression And Male Masculinity On Rural America

- Introduction Decades ago, the traditional of male masculinity was common to be responsible for the head and provider of the family. As for the females, they are expected to stay home, cook and take care of children and husband. “Both men and women in rural America have, thus, been forced to alter their discourse and engage in other symbolic actions to manage economic-based challenges to masculinity” (Heartland: Symbolic Displays of Aggression and Male Masculinity in Rural America). This explains that both men and women continues to point out on their economic status....   [tags: Gender, Man, Gender role, Masculinity]

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Out of the Dark: A History of Radio and Rural America by Steve Craig

- Targeted Audiences: Which One Suits You. According to Steve Craig in Signs of Life in the USA, the economic structure of the television industry has a direct effect on the placement and content of all television programs and commercials. Craig is a professor in the department of radio, television, and film at the University of North Texas, Craig has written widely on television, radio history, and gender and media. His most recent book is Out of the Dark: A History of Radio and Rural America (2009)....   [tags: age, sex, television industry]

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Tradition and Dehumanization in The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

- The Lottery by Shirley Jackson is a short story about a small town’s annual lottery drawing. Each year, the lottery is held, and instead of the winner being rewarded, members of the community stone them to death. The residents of the town have practiced this tradition for at least 70 years. Jackson’s use of symbols, names, and settings hide the true nature of this long-practiced tradition. The setting of the story is in quiet small town in rural America. The way Jackson describes the town offers little foreshadowing to the dark tradition that the residents blindly follow....   [tags: Murder, Rural, America]

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The Paradox of Prison-Based Economic Development in Rural America

- The Paradox of Prison-Based Economic Development in Rural America Introduction Whereas prison facilities were once viewed with aversion as threats to a community’s well-being, prisons today are the focus of competitive bids by rural communities desperate for economic stability. As non-metro economies deteriorated and prison populations exploded over the last two decades, rural America and prison facilities have developed a symbiotic relationship. This paper investigates whether prison-based economic development policies in rural America provide benefits that exceed their costs....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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A Critique of An Adolescent Vampire Cult in Rural America: Clinical Issues and Case Study

- The Vampire Cult article discussed some new and unusual issues facing our youth as well as the clinicians that attempt to help them. This article answers several why questions about the appeal of cults and who is drawn to them. The introduction discussed how murders of animals and human were causing the mental health community to take a deep look into the rise of vampire cults. These professionals believe that this morbid interest in vampirism has grown from myths, games especially the online variety as well as the game Dungeons and Dragons....   [tags: Vampire Essays]

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Contemporary Rural America Captured in Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

- Contemporary Rural America Captured in Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Most Americans probably believe our times are different from Washington Irving’s era. After all, almost 200 years have passed, and the differences in technology and civil liberties alone are huge. However, these dissimilarities seem merely surface ones. When reading “Rip Van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” I find that the world Irving creates in each story is very familiar to the one in which I grew up....   [tags: Legend Sleepy Hollow Essays]

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Domestic Violence and Poverty in Rural Communities

- Introduction: A rural community can be defined as encompasses all population, housing, and territory not included within an urban area (Defining rural population). Poverty can be defined as, the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions or renunciation as a member of a religious order of the right as an individual to own property ( Domestic Violence is defined as, violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner (   [tags: rural issues, religion, housing]

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Rural Healthcare And Rural Health Records

- Rural seniors are more likely to be living in households with multiple generations. Poverty and lack of insurance make these seniors more reliant on Medicaid. Studies estimate that approximately 20 percent of a rural doctor’s revenue is derived from Medicaid. Combined Medicare and Medicaid payments generate about 56% of their total annual revenue. Roughly, 60 percent of rural hospital revenue is derived from Medicare and Medicaid. The following are illustrative examples of the growing shortage of physicians practicing in rural America: A 2011 state survey found nearly 23 percent of Montana 's practicing physicians had already hit age 60....   [tags: Nursing home, Home care, Health care, Medicine]

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Slavery and The Making of America

- By 1860, nearly 3,950,528 slaves resided in the United States (1860 census). Contrary to popular belief, not all slaves worked in hot and humid fields. Some slaves worked as skilled laborers in cities or towns. The Slaves also belonged to different social or slave classes depending on their location. The treatment of the slaves was also a variable that changed greatly depending on their location: city, town or rural. Although all slaves were products of racial views, their living conditions, education, and exposure to ideas differed greatly depending on their class levels and whether they lived in the city, town, or fields....   [tags: slave class, city slave, rural slave, town slave]

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The History of Modern Latin America

- The history of modern Latin America begins after the Second World War when the economic changes wrought by the war, namely the shift towards manufacturing and urbanization, produced political and diplomatic changes across the Americas. The end of the war led to increased imports from the West, reducing the competitiveness of Latin American industry. Additionally, falling crop prices led to increasing urbanization. The result of these economic and demographic shifts was the rise of a populist movement throughout Latin America....   [tags: Latin America]

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The Benefits of Telehealth in Rural Populations

- Benefits of Telehealth in Rural Populations Kansas is considered a rural state in the United States. Merriam-Webster (2012) defines rural theoretically as “open land” or “relating to the country, country people or life, or agriculture”. The U.S. Census Bureau considers rural to be “open country and settlements with fewer than 2,500 residents” (Cromartie, 2007). Nearly 17% of the U.S. population lives in rural areas, which is about 80% of all U.S. territory (Cromartie, 2009). What this means that there is more land mass compared to the people inhabiting the land; rural communities have fewer people living in larger, more remote areas....   [tags: Healthcare]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Rural South '

- Ideally, the term ‘rural South’ might bring to mind romantic orange roads through the verdant countryside meandering eventually to a secluded, white columned plantation home full of southern belles with hospitable accents and sweet tea. However, that is an antique fallacy. That is a stereotype more generalized than that all Asians speak Chinese. More commonly, what you would find in the rural south are washed out roads that only four-wheel drive trucks can crawl down. At the ends of these dusty roads are not glamorous plantation homes, but twenty year old trailers with no air conditioning and a sagging roof....   [tags: United States, Southern United States, Poverty]

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The United States And Latin America

- Many in Latin America believed that they would achieve a similar self-governance much like the United States and many European nations. The members of Latin American society that lived in more urban environments enjoyed the amenities similar to any highly advanced city centers around the globe. However those living in rural areas in Latin America suffered a different fate. A sort of new colonial system had been imparted upon them. A system of increased American and European influence that was very reminiscent of the previous colonial governments....   [tags: United States, Latin America, Americas]

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Liberation Theology in Latin America

- The populist governments, seen in the 1950’s and 1960’s in South America, spurred industrial growth and a sense of “consciousness” amongst the inhabitants of the Latin American countries. The industrial growth greatly benefited the middle-class and the working-class; however, the poor were driven into shantytowns and rural areas. To illustrate the great poverty of this time in Latin America, people living in “shantytowns” resided in vast settlements built of cardboard and other available materials such as metal and sheets of plastic....   [tags: Populist Governments, South America]

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The Gap Between Rural And Urban Communities

- In the United States, more people live in urban areas than rural communities. According to the U.S. Census, nearly 80.7% of the people live in urban areas whereas only 19.3% of Americans live in rural communities. The gap between rural and urban America created a tipping point generations ago but the gap is flaring in every aspect. One of the challenges rural areas face is the scarcity of affordable health care. There have been challenges in population health and the reform of health care systems in the United States but the biggest encounter is adapting rural communities to the shifts in national health policies and access to affordable health care....   [tags: Health economics, Medicine, Health, Health care]

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Outlining Hope in American Gothic and Rural Rehabilitation Client

- Grant Wood was a Regionalist artist who continually endeavored to capture the idyllic beauty of America’s farmlands. In 1930 he had been roaming through his hometown in Iowa searching for inspiration when he stumbled upon a house that left him spellbound. From this encounter came America’s iconic American Gothic. Not long after Wood’s masterpiece was complete the once ideal countryside and the people who tended to it were overcome by despair and suffering as the Great Depression came to be. It was a time of economic distress that affected nearly every nation....   [tags: art, compare, grant wood, Shahn ]

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Rural American Family Farms

- Oxfam America is a supporter of small family farm based business, according to Laura Rusu the US government spends up to 16 billion dollars a year on farm payments. Most of those funds from the US government go towards large commercial farms. Oxfam America is supporting the act called the Rural America Preservation Act, which will help smaller based farms with funding. Since there are so many loopholes in the current government system that are only helping the larger commercial based farms, this Act will help prevent these loopholes and help the smaller farms with more funding....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Health Differences and Availability in Urban and Rural Areas

- People throughout their lives hear about “city folks” and “country folks”. Whether it was that city people were snobby or country people were dumb, there have been biases against both. However, many people do not know the definition of urban and rural, nor do they know about how healthcare differentiates between the two. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of urban is “of, relating to, characteristic of, constituting a city. (Merriam-Webster). Rural is defined as “of or relating to the country.” (Merriam-Webster)....   [tags: Health Care]

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Rural to urban Migration in Brazil

- Brazil Investigation . Challenges Of An LEDC Brazil is the largest and most populace country in South America, and fifth largest in the world in both area and population. Spanning a vast area between central South America and the Atlantic Ocean. Rural To Urban Migration Brazil?s economic development creates wealth like any other country, but due to many different reasons its development has mainly taken place in the Southeast of the country. For example, · Main ports and air ports are situated in this area making exporting goods easy · Has the right climate and land that is needed to grow coffee, which is Brazils main export · It has many mineral resources in the rocks on the coast i.e....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Special Education in Rural Communities

- Special Education in Rural Communities Christmas in January, I hurried quickly to the party, stereo in hand. Checking the time, I rushed across Pollock road to attend my first function as a member of Best Buddies, a community based program sponsored by universities throughout the world to enrich the lives of college students and adults with intellectual disabilities. I entered the room; a low buzz nagged at the edge of my hearing. As I placed my stereo upon the piano and plugged the chord into the socket, I kept my face adverted from the room....   [tags: Learning Disabilities School Essays]

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Rural Homelessness

- Rural Homelessness As the Joad family lost its farm and hit the road in Steinbeck's classic, The Grapes of Wrath, so to did America lose its ability to plead ignorance to the problem of rural homelessness. Yet, as the troubles of the Great Depression, and two million homeless Americans, were eclipsed by a world at war, the issue of homelessness was once again placed on the back burner, and then taken off of the stove altogether (Davis 275). Although this problem has seldom been discussed in the sixty years since, rural homelessness is again on the rise and threatens to become the major problem facing rural America (Rural Homelessness)....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Rural vs. Cities

- Rural vs. Cities By 1920, USA’s history was only 140 years old. The country was also known, as the “melting point” because of all the different nationalities that migrated to search for the ultimate “American dream”. This was the result of its development in such a short period of time. Ultimately this led to conflicts, which rose in the 1920’s between the traditional small town members, usually Anglo-Saxon, and the people living in a new urbanistic and cosmopolitan city. As a last attempt by the people in small-town and rural America to turn the clock back, measures such as: prohibition, fundamentalist religion and racism were taken....   [tags: Papers]

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The Rural Landless Workers Movement of Brazil

- The Rural Landless Workers Movement of Brazil The MST, or the Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra ( the Rural Landless Workers Movement) is the largest social movement in South America, with about 5000,000 supporters (Epstein 2). Under the slogan of "Ocupar, Resistir, Produzir" ("Occupy, Resist, Produce"), the MST uses non-violent civil disobedience to pressure the government to speed up agrarian reform and close the gap between the rich and the poor. The goal of the MST is to provide land to the millions of landless peasants who can cultivate and subsist on what appears to be a highly disproportionate amount of unproductive and under utilized land....   [tags: Papers]

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The Poverty Of Rural Schools

- Rural schools, especially those located in Appalachia, have long been given a bad reputation for having high dropout rates, poor facilities, low test scores and having very few students who go on to pursue higher education. Having attended a rural Appalachian high school myself, I wish I could say these stereotypes were wrong, but, sadly, sometimes they are all too true. My cousins class had 123 students her freshman year but by graduation day only 90 received diplomas. My mother, who is a high school science teacher in another school in our county, has to teach and preform labs in a trailer modular outside of the school building due to lack of facilities....   [tags: High school, Education, Higher education]

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Advancing Rural Healthcare: The APN Educator’s Ways and Means

- When assessing the current state of healthcare in the United States, properly forming an answer requires the separation of healthcare by geography, demographics, and economics. These factors influence the quality and availability of services and resources available to clients and professionals. The urban areas will usually have greater access to an array of services and resources, whereas the rural areas will see limitation in this regard. The rural community is normally a place with an eclectic collection of self-reliant people many of whom have never been exposed, within the context of healthcare, to the complexities contained within the healthcare organizations in urban environments....   [tags: geography, demographics, economics]

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The Factors that Mark the Difference Between Poverty in Rural Areas and Metropolitan Areas

- Poverty is poverty, but is it really the same. Although there are more people living in poverty in dense, urban areas compared to those living in sparely, populated rural areas, there are significant differences. According to United States Department of Agriculture, poverty rates increase as counties become more rural ("Rural Poverty," 2013). When it comes to poverty there are too many issues to be examined. However, the disparity between education, employment, healthcare and family living circumstances are major contributing factors affecting rural poverty....   [tags: living circumstances, education, employment]

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The Impact of the Remittances in Latin America

- Introduction In Latin America migration and remittances have become structural features in the economy, the society, and in the political environment; due to the underdevelopment and inequality of the region. Because they relative importance, trends in migration and the impact of remittances in population of Latin America are the main topics that we will analyze in this research focusing on reduction of poverty and inequality. This research will aim to answer the next: Do remittances finance development in the region....   [tags: remittance, poverty, latin america]

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Rural Seniors Face Environmental And Climate Disasters That Shorten Life

- Chapter Rural & Frontier Seniors Almost all rural seniors face environmental and climate disasters that shorten life. –Author Introduction T here is no single, unanimous definition of the term “rural.” At present, federal programs use more than 9 definitions; and the share of rural population ranges from 17 to 49 percent, depending on the definition. The most used definitions are based on either the Census Bureau or the Office of Management and Budget. Even these definitions allow different places to be defined as rural....   [tags: Health care, Health, Medicine, Public health]

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The World of the Child in a Rural Setting in Frost's Poem Out, Out

- Throughout ‘Out, Out’, Frost utilises a multitude of techniques in order to express the thoughts, feelings and poignancy of a young child and the rural idyll he inhabits. The exploration of this important theme, and the injection of subtle vocabulary, allegory and syntax it entails, is of paramount importance to Frost and he treats it with according lustre. Throughout the poem Frost conjures a bleak and wholly malicious image of innocence being overwhelmed by the adult, and industrial, world: a theme prevalent throughout a large proportion of his poems....   [tags: literary techniques, poem analysis, poetry]

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The New Age Of Latin America

- New Age Europeans first discovered Latin America in 1492, what followed can only be described as a free for all between European powers to control its resources. As we know, when the Europeans first arrived in numbers some came to start new lives, but some not so well minded individuals came out exploit the land and the people. Latin America’s entire history is tainted with that of murder, exploitation, and genocide. That legacy has stayed and played in the state in which Latin America is in today....   [tags: United States, Mexico, Latin America]

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The Rural Privilege in A White Heron by Sarah Orne Jewett

- The Rural Privilege in A White Heron by Sarah Orne Jewett Sarah Orne Jewett's "A White Heron" is a brilliant story of an inquisitive young girl named Sylvia. Jewett's narrative describes Sylvia's experiences within the mystical and inviting woods of New England. I think a central theme in "A White Heron" is the dramatization of the clash between two competing sets of values in late nineteenth-century America: industrial and rural. Sylvia is the main character of the story. We can follow her through the story to help us see many industrial and rural differences....   [tags: Papers White Heron Jewett Essays]

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The Poor Of Major Rural Roads Nationwide

- The poor of major rural roads nationwide is at fifth-teen percent and the nationwide rural traffic fatality rate was 2.2 deaths per one hundred million miles traveled (Ramsey, 2015). West Virginia rate is higher than the nationwide rates of rural traffic fatalities. According Pam Ramsey article, the spokesman for West Virginia Department of Transportation, Brent Walker, stated, “West Virginia’s high ranking for rural traffic fatalities is not surprising. More than ninety percent of the state’s road mileage is classified as rural and a majority of residents live in rural areas.” However, according to chart 2 below, West Virginia has less fatal traffic deaths then the surrounding states in 2...   [tags: Road, Traffic, The Road, Lane]

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Does Poverty Fosters Crime?

- Can you believe that 60% of rural children in the United States are living in poverty. Poverty is one out of many problems that America faces today. So, where does this all start. It starts with education. Education plays a huge role in this problem because most of America is not fully educated. They cannot get jobs to support their families, like farming and such. So, what about the families in poverty that live in metropolitan areas. They are faced with more problems than people in rural communities....   [tags: rural crimes, corruption, violence]

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Cardiovascular Disease in Adults

- Cardiovascular heart (CVD) diseases in adults from rural area (1) Current scenario of cardiovascular diseases in America Cardiovascular heart diseases (CVD) are now becoming prominent cause of death in USA . {Roger, 2011 #5} In adults, Cardio vascular diseases are mainly two types "acute" and "chronic" cardiovascular disease. Acute cardiovascular diseases are mainly acute myocardial infarction and most common chronic cardiovascular diseases are hypertension, coronary artery diseases , COPD , cardiac myopathies et cetera....   [tags: Rural Areas, Policies]

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The Reduction : A Collaboration Which Must Include Patient Education And Empowerment

- Readmission Reduction: A Collaboration Which Must Include Patient Education and Empowerment Introduction According to Kouame (2010), the approximately 51 million, or 20%, Americans live in the rural areas and depend on local resource for their health care. This population is at risk for less than adequate health care due to the lack of resources and support available. Nearly half of the rural residents in the US have at least one chronic health condition (Harvey & Janke, 2014) higher than their counterparts in the urban setting, and meeting the complex needs of this population has become a challenge in the current health care system....   [tags: Medicine, Health literacy, Rural, Illness]

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The Blame Game Analyzing Gun Violence in America

- Introduction In 1993, there were more than 18,000 firearm homicides in America. That number has been decreasing for the past two decades. In 2011, the reported number of firearm homicides was a little more than 11,000. In another part of the world, Germany was reported to have less than 200 firearm homicides, France less than 50. It is also estimated that there are around 270 million guns in America. This paper examines the possibility that if the American government put into place gun regulation laws, and made penalties more harsh for gun related crimes, the national murder rates would go down....   [tags: Firearm, Homicides, Gun Control, America]

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America's Role in the Cuban Revolution

- America's Role in the Cuban Revolution The revolution in Cuba was not a result of economic deprivation, nor because of high expectations in the economy, it was the political factors and expectations which evoked the civilians to revolt. The Cuban economy was moving forward at the time before the rebellion but the dominant influence of the sugar industry made the economy "assymetrical" and encouraged no "dynamic industrial sector". Because of the dependance on sugar, the unemployment rate ranged between 16 and 20% rising and falling with sugar prices, ebbing and flowing as the season changed....   [tags: American America History]

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How Does The Brain Drain Affect The Community?

- “When many educated or professional people leave a particular place or even a profession and move to a different one that gives them better pay, more benefits, and better living conditions is known as the brain drain” (Brain Drain, n.d., pg 1). The brain drain is becoming a huge problem in rural areas all across the nation, with so many people making the individual decision to leave the rural area, because they are doing what they think is best for themselves. Many will wonder, is it in there best interest or how will it effect the community....   [tags: Rural, Rural area, Rural geography, Population]

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Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger

- H.G. Bissinger’s Friday Night Lights brings to mind the cold, autumn nights of 1988 where a town, just like any other rural town in America, was brought together in such a raw and emotional way. From the rise and fall of Boobie Miles to the push for the playoffs, it is clear that 1988 Odessa was swept up in the glory of football to replace the grandeur of the 1950s, which seemed to deteriorate throughout that hectic decade. While a modern reader may view Bissinger’s masterpiece as a tale from a dated and faraway place, several factors have kept it in the public’s eye....   [tags: rural town, football crazy, texas]

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A Report On Saudi Arabia

- Saudi Arabia is my country and I was going to America to complete my education. It was my first air travel. I was to venture out from Jeddah to California. My heart was beating as I strolled through the entryways of the Jeddah air terminal. I was gripping my bag as I walked up to the counter to get my ticket. I needed to hold up in line to get my ticket and after that get my pack checked. At that point I heard it "flight 0091 to California is presently loading up." After I gave this nominal old man my ticket, I got on the plane....   [tags: Rural area, Rural, Rural culture, Jeddah]

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Paul Carter’s “The Twenties in America” and His Writing Style

- In many years of reading books on American history, I find the best authors will set the stage for the subject matter, and allow me to immerse my mind in the topic as it is explained to me. By focusing on the key issues of the period being described and staying within those “boundary lines”, I always find the authors descriptions a very worthwhile and exciting experience. I gain a greater amount of knowledge on that subject as a result. In reading Paul Carter’s “The Twenties in America,” I had a very difficult time trying to focus on what Carter was saying about the 1920s....   [tags: 1920's, USA, history, Twenties in America]

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Thomas Cole 's View Of Mount Holyoke

- The first work of art that I will be examining is Thomas Cole’s View of Mount Holyoke, which is more commonly referred to as The Oxbow. The shortened title is a reference to the shape of the river, which is the central focus of this work. This work is a depiction of the view of Mount Holyoke, which was a tourist attraction, as a thunderstorm retreats into the distance. Cole makes a calculated decision to eliminate a hotel that was located just to the right or the viewer’s perspective and replace it with lush greenery and trees....   [tags: City, Rural area, Urban culture, Agriculture]

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The Impact of Rural-Urban Migration on the Provision of Care for Older People in China

- Intrigued by Global Care Chain theory and the shifts of elderly care under the national rural-urban migration trend, this study aims to propose the new research direction of the national care chain in China. In the background section, the starting point of Global Care Chain will be followed by the status of elderly care and rural-urban migration contributions in China. Considering methods, this study collects secondary data and designs a survey for quantitative analysis, while conducts interviews for thematic analysis in the case field of Shanghai....   [tags: global care chain theory, elderly care]

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Bryan Stevenson : A Black Man Who Was Born Into Rural Delaware

- Bryan Stevenson is a distinguished black man who was born into rural Delaware in 1959. Stevenson was raised in an impoverished community where he discovered that there is an obvious division between human beings. He realized that life is much different depending on what class and/or race you are a part of (2009 Justice Prize 1). His minority status caused him to be repeatedly mistreated and misunderstood; nobody took the time to get to know him prior to making false assumptions and accusations. It was this mistreatment that caused Stevenson- whether he knew it or not- to enter his specific field of work....   [tags: Race, Racism, Black people, Miscegenation]

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Summary On Chinese Of America

- Summary of Chinese in America In 1865 railroad owners needed cheap labor, they did what America always does, and they found immigrants that needed work. These Chinese worked in freezing weather in the mountains, some men would die out there and the body was left there to rot. Men were whipped when they said they wanted to quit. They were not paid equal to the white men that were working alongside them, the Chinese were getting paid only a dollar a day. The Chinese men were aware of all the protesting that went on and they saw themselves equal to the rest they thought they’d do a sit in....   [tags: Social work]

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The United States Of America

- The United States of America is an economic powerhouse, but it was not always like that. The era between 1865-1880 profoundly attributed to the country’s wealth. Affluence in a country can be hard to achieve and can be a lengthy process, yet western expansion in America had an immense impact on the process. Discoveries, advancements and expansion would headline the era, and help create a powerful country which would only continue to grow. The United States wealth can be portrayed by the country currently having the highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the world, which measures the total value of all of the goods and services that the country produces yearly....   [tags: United States, Economy of the United States]

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The Impact of The British Revolution on Society

- ... The population increase depended on the productivity, while the living standards maintained the same. The Industrial Revolution was a long period during which invention of machinery which could be applied to manufacturing processes. It first came to textile industry. John Kay invented the flying shuttle (1733) and it showed a growth in hand weaving, crafting demand for faster yarn spinning. In this recent 1700’s many inventions tool pave which gave a great advantage to the society. Due to this revolution, new inventions and innovations contribute to a more modern outlook on life, self-improvement in the workplace and got the benefits from a fantastic way of thinking....   [tags: rural-agricultural and commercial society]

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America 's Impact On America

- America was forever changed by the events that took place on September 11, 2001. On that day, America faced the largest terrorist attack ever on American soil. There was a total of 4 hijacked planes that were crashed at various locations in America. The first plane, Flight 11, crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. Shortly after, a second plane crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Nearly an hour later, Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. The fourth plane, Flight 93, soon after crashed in a rural field in Western Pennsylvania on route to Washington, DC....   [tags: September 11 attacks, World Trade Center]

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The Issues Of Kansas

- The Issues Of Kansas Kansas is a very peculiar place, politically speaking, as seen in Thomas Frank’s book “What’s the Matter With Kansas”. The big political question Frank attempts to answer is why do so many people vote against their social and economic interest in the US. Why is it that many people from Kansas, who were of the poor-working class, choose to vote republican when it is not in their best interest. Upper class, republicans have manipulated the people of Kansas into thinking that they have their best interest at heart, when in reality all they promote is privatization, deregulation, and monopolies in every industry such as cows and meatpacking....   [tags: Rural, Republicans, Politics]

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The Extreme Capitalist Values Of Industrial America

- During the New Industrial Age in America, many aspects of American life were in flux. People were moving from rural areas to large population centres and factories were booming. This was also when America started to become an extremely capitalist country, with values to match. The economy was set up in a way that lower class Americans struggled to make a living, and as such child labour came into play. Children would work in factories that had conditions barely suitable for adults, let alone still developing children....   [tags: Industrial Revolution, Working class, Capitalism]

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A Look Into An Immigrant 's Viewpoint Of America

- A Look Into an Immigrant 's Viewpoint of America For this paper, I decided to select Topic #2 (Oral History-Immigrant) and interview my father, Genaro Gopar. While doing this paper, I come across new experiences he shares with me--ones that he has never revealed to the family. In this interview, he reveals his overall immigrant experience, adversities, values, and thoughts. My Father was born in a poor family and raised in a small town called Oaxaca in Mexico. He is the oldest child of three. Both of his parents worked as fruit vendors and my father along with his siblings were responsible for helping out....   [tags: United States, Family, Mexico]

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The Ethical Dilemma Of The United States Of America

- The ethical situation in question is a culmination of intolerance, ignorance, cultural insensitivity, and failure to follow hospital protocols and procedures. The location of the facility in which the ethical dilemma took place is a small, rural hospital in the Midwest of the United States of America. A new male patient has been admitted and he is currently a practicing Muslim. The facility does not have a large Muslim population and does not have any cultural protocols in place to accommodate the Muslim religion....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Autonomy, Islam]

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How is Rural-Urban Migration Shaping the Provision of Care for Older People in Urban China

- Intrigued by Global Care Chain theory and the shifts of elderly care under the national rural-urban migration trend, this study aims to explore the role of rural migrants in the elderly care labour market in urban China. In the background section, the starting point of Global Care Chain will be followed by the status of elderly care and rural-urban migration contributions in China. Considering methods, this study collects secondary data for quantitative analysis, while conducts interviews for thematic analysis in the case field of Shanghai....   [tags: health, global care chain]

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Women’s Suffrage Movement in America

- As I walked into the Crowne Plaza on the Ventura promenade on November 2, 2010, I was preparing to vote. I walked into the polling room, gave my name and identification, and was handed a voting sheet just as I had every other time I went to vote. I think this was the first time that I really contemplated about how lucky I was to live in a time where my voice has meaning. So many of my friends ask me “why do you vote, it doesn’t matter” and to me it is this kind of attitude that we need to as a society reflect on and regroup our thoughts on this issue....   [tags: Women's Rights ]

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Medicine In America

- James Cassedy’s Medicine in America, A Short History takes a comprehensive look at medical progress in America from its colonial days to the present time. The book takes on five different themes in discussing medicine. First, it discusses the medical establishment, and how it develops over time. Second, it looks at the alternative to established medicine. Alternatives consist of any kind of medical practice outside the orthodox practice of the time. Third, Cassedy explores the science of medicine, taking time to recognize individuals who make significant discoveries in the field of medicine....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Industrialization in America

- In the 17th Century there was a high level of competition for land and power between the European countries because the more land a country colonized the more money it could make off of that land. Britain colonized America in order to provide themselves with raw materials and in effect made agriculture dominant in America’s economy rather than industry. Without industry, the colonists were forced to import the majority of their goods from Britain instead of from domestic production (Reef 1). After the American Revolution, America was independent from Britain both politically and economically and Americans began to feel the pressure to industrialize in order to keep up with the demands of Ame...   [tags: American History, The Labor Movement]

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Homophobia in America

- Homophobia in America Homophobia continues in our society, urban and rural, which is apparent in Michael Lassell's poem 'How to Watch Your Brother Die' and in Neil Miller's essay 'In Search of Gay America: Ogilvie, Minnesota.' What are homophobic people afraid of. Do they know. Knowledge and awareness of homosexuality is the best way to prevent homophobia. According to 'Homophobia has a variety of meanings, including hatred of homosexuality, hatred of homosexuals, fear of gays and lesbians, and a desire or attempt to discriminate against homosexuals....   [tags: Gay Lesbian Homophobe Essays]

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Citizen Action and Policy Process: The Case of Disney’s America and Prince William County, Virginia

- Citizen Action and Policy Process: The Case of Disney’s America and Prince William County, Virginia Introduction Regardless of point-of-view, the events surrounding Disney’s America theme-park provide compelling lessons to policy makers, business interests and citizen activist groups. The purpose of this paper is to examine the Disney’s America controversy through the lens of public policy process. I first analyze the core issues of the case. Second, I identify predominant actors and stakeholders....   [tags: Disney America Expository Research Papers]

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America Should Not Be America Without African Americans

- In this essay I will demonstrate why America would not be America without African Americans. African Americans contributed a lot to America and is a main factor of all that is going on in America to this day. Without black people America would not be. Like it or not African Americans helped with building this famous nation. W.E.B. Dubois asked, “Would America have been America without her Negro people?” Put the question in our head of what would America be without its black people. How will our world change....   [tags: African American, Southern United States]

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Social and Racial Tension in 1920's America

- The roaring twenties was a decade of excitement. For the first time in many families’ lives, leisure times were extended thanks to the time saving inventions such as the vacuum cleaner, the refrigerator, and the washing machine. Another factor that made the 20s the best decade for many Americans was because of installment, also known as “buy now, pay later,” buying which allowed the middle class families to afford those products when needed and pay it off later. Clubs bustled with life, filled with the stench of alcohol, and the noise of tapping shoes as men and women danced their soles off their shoes....   [tags: Social Issues]

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Slavery in Latin America

- Slavery in Latin America After Mexico and South America had been conquered, Spain and Portugal wanted to develop the economy and export the resources that would benefit the monarchy back home. The Indians were working in the silver mines in Northern Mexico, supervised by blacks. The gold mining regions in Central Mexico were hot and tropical, and after the introduction of disease, these areas became death zones. The indigenous people could not stand a chance in these areas, so there was need for people who were able to work under these conditions and that were easier to dominate....   [tags: Slavery Essays]

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School Shootings in America

- You are in the mall and someone yells everyone "'Get down!" Or I will shoot." Your first instinct is to hit the ground before shots are fired. Now imagine that in the school cafeteria. Scary, right. As scary as it sounds scenarios from horror movies are playing out in schools all over America. You are eating lunch in the cafeteria and a student enters the cafeteria and starts firing off a firearm. First instinct is to scream for help and get on the ground, but why are scenes like this taking place in the learning place....   [tags: Mass Shootings, School Shootings Essays]

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Automobiles in Early America

- Automobiles in Early America The automobile changed American life, but the process was gradual. Though historians argue the date and inventor of the first automobile, we can say that Henry Ford’s creation of his Ford Motor Company in 1903 marked perhaps the major milestone of the early twentieth century automobile industry in America and around the world. Five years after the company’s inception, Ford’s legendary Model T of 1908 would revolutionize transportation and the world economy....   [tags: Transportation Technology Essays]

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Gangs in America

- Gangs are very dangerous to everyone in society. “Gangs are groups of people (mostly young males) who band together for protection and a sense of belonging. The U.S. Department of Justice officially defines a youth gang as a group of young people involved in criminal activity” (Gangs 1). There are about one million gang members in more than 20,00 criminally active gangs in the United States. Also, that group of about one million people, are accountable for up to eighty percent of our nation’s crimes....   [tags: Social Issues]

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Obesity in America

- Obesity has grown so much it can now be said to have replaced smoking as the number one preventable cause of diseases in America. Even though the obese have to be responsible when deciding what and how much to eat, society is what not only created obesity but also discriminates against them. The media, food market, and the rapidly advancing technology are all factors that influence not only the increase in obesity rates, but also the psychological status of the obese. According to epidemiological studies, there is a direct correlation between BMI and the risk of obtaining an obesity related disease....   [tags: Obesity Epidemic]

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Transgendered in America

- ... Genetics, the prenatal environment, and life experiences are all major factors in transgender identities. In 1980, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) declared that transsexuals had gender identity disorder. Recently, they changed it to gender dysphoria, which is the persistent feeling the individual is in the wrong body; gender dysphoria does not pertain to all transsexuals while gender identity disorder did. Furthermore, many transgendered individuals don’t find their gender distressing or debilitating so it does delineate as a mental disorder....   [tags: Sexuality, Discrimination, Prejudice]

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The Numerous Changes to America from Reconstruction to the New Deal

- America following Reconstruction was completely different from America during FDR's New Deal. In 1876, the government was based on the ideas of Laissez-faire which meant that government stayed out of the citizens' lives. Society in 1876 was dominated by white men who ran the country while there were no rights for women, blacks, and immigrants. In 1876, Americans lived on farms in rural America. By the 1930's, America was a welfare state with government just starting to control different aspects such as economy and corporations....   [tags: American History]

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HIV and Sexual Health

- Residing in rural districts is a major risk factor for delayed HIV diagnosis (Weis, Liese, Hussey, Gibson, & Duffus, 2010). Thus, Desire to Relieve and Enlighten All Mankind, Inc. (DREAM) Clinic proposes an idea to model an intervention after the Safer Sex Skills Building (SSSB) intervention, a CDC evidence-based intervention (EBI). The target population, heterosexually active women of low socioeconomic status currently in drug treatment residing in rural areas of Dawson, Georgia, lack supplementary treatment and services in these areas, presenting a noteworthy dilemma....   [tags: rural districs, sexual education, mental health]

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The Transformation of the United States from a Rural to an Urban Nation

- The 1920’s, wedged in between WW1 and the Great Depression exemplified an era of much progression but a lingering of traditionalism; nonetheless the period sparked a dramatic cultural change. With a combination of positive and negative forces, the events that characterized the era reflected American society and it’s heavy diversity. Positive forces were characterized by the economy and consumerism, women’s new sexual and political freedom, the New Negro, morality of Prohibition, while negative forces included the wealth gap, women’s traditional gender roles with bondage to child rearing sparking their support of prohibition, and the fear of the other: exercised by the Red Scare, KKK, and ant...   [tags: the roaring 20's, Ford Motor Co.]

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The Effects of the American Industrial Revolution Described in "A People’s History of the United States", "America: A Narrative History" and "A Histor

- The mid 19th century is one of the major turnaround in the history of the United States. That is the time when America became an Industrial giant and emerged as one of the powerful countries in the world. Industrial revolution changed the people’s way of living in the whole world especially the United States from hand and home productivity to machine and factory. America rose from rural and agricultural country to an urban-industrial that introduces new technologies. United States has been through a lot of ups and down in spite of its emergence and three books tells the story of the Industrial America in three different perspectives....   [tags: american history]

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The Music Of America 's Musical Styles

- One of America’s musical styles has become one of the major music genres worldwide and it is jazz music. The genre was developed around the late 1800s to the early 1900s, and originated from African Americans in New Orleans and Louisiana (Issitt 1). Within Jazz there are many different categories such as Dixieland, swing, cool jazz, hard bop, jazz-rock, fusion, and many more (Philipp 3). In addition, “Jazz as a whole is frequently regarded as one of the United States’ greatest cultural achievements” (Issitt 2)....   [tags: Jazz, African American, Black people, Blues]

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Education And Its Effects On America

- Education tends to play a big role in life, especially in America. Though school supplies and uniforms tend to get expensive, by law, children are required to go to school. Americans send their children to school for an average of eight hours a day five days a week. Students learn mathematics, language arts, social studies and science as well as fine arts and health. Although students in America do get a good education in private and public schools, other countries are not as lucky. Latin American countries struggle every year due to insufficient funding for public and private schools....   [tags: School, Teacher, High school, Education]

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The History and Influence of Jazz in America

- Jazz is consider one of the most influential types of music an America History. Some of the greatest artist in the world have contribute to the success jazz have had not only on America History but throughout the world. This paper will explain the history of jazz, where it all came from and the effect it has had on the America Culture. states the in the 1930’s and 1940’s jazz was at it all time highest. Although it is unclear when jazz first started some believe jazz started in New Orleans....   [tags: Jazz, music, USA, ]

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Nationalism in America: The Reform Movements

- ... Horace Mann was the leader of the reform and was the Massachusetts state’s supervisor of education. He rose the taxes in the state to build better public schools, raise the salaries of the teachers, and give the teachers special training. Man also lengthened the school year to six months and made improvements in school curriculum. By the mid 1800s most states fallowed in Horace Mann’s steps. Even though the school system was moving in the right way it still for the most part did not except females....   [tags: education, industrial, transportation, technology]

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Progress and Integration in Central America

- For my mapping assignment I chose the Central America region. This region is unique in the sense that its present situation is heavily intertwined with its colonialized past. Central America today is a place still reliant on agriculture as a notable part of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It is mostly the eastern side of the region that receives heavy rainfall, but on the whole, holds a climate throughout that is very welcoming for agriculture. Agriculture in general is the largest employer throughout this region....   [tags: GDP, agricultural economy]

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America 's Year At College

- The bottom 90% of Americans make around $33,068 as of 2014 ( Priester/Mendelson), this income alone is not enough to live in America today, especially in a major city in America. That in itself, is someone 's one year at college. There is no way that can be paid off, not without working a job that makes more or going back to school to get a higher degree. America’s highest earning 10% make $295,845, top 5% make $448,489, top 1% make $1,260,508 and America’s top .01% make $6,087,113 ( Priester/Mendelson), this drastic increase in wealth as you go up the chain shows how much of a money distribution problem America has, not even, two years ago....   [tags: Middle class, Working class]

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The United States And Latin America

- The United States and Latin America have had a long history of relations in regards to populist movements. Many times these populist movements have been anti- United States. We have intervened many times and in many different ways, however I do not believe there is one course of action for Latin America as a whole as it is made up of many different countries with different needs and different leaders. Two examples of when the United States government responded to populist politics, revolutions, or revolts in the 20th century was in Argentina against Juan Peron and his populist movement as well as in Cuba against Fidel Castro....   [tags: Fidel Castro, Cuba, Cuban Revolution]

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