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Analysis of Current Military Robots and Capabilities

- Many robots can be categorized into two categories: autonomous and teleoperated. Autonomous robots are self-sustaining robots that can decide for themselves without outside control and can be operated for an extended period of time. The iRobot Roomba household robotics vacuum would be considered an autonomous robot; it can navigate itself through a house without control from a human. Newly emerging self-driving cars are also autonomous. They require no input from a human to navigate through roads and is self aware of other obstacles around it....   [tags: teleoperated robots, suspected bomb]

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Military Autonomous Robots (LAR) as Weapons

- Military Autonomous Robots (LAR) as Weapons Thesis statement: There are various social and political implications surrounding the use of lethally autonomous robots (LAR) as military weapons. The military use of lethally autonomous robots (LAR) is not science fiction – it is happening right now. A robot is a mechanism guided by automatic controls. Autonomous robots are able to independently maintain stability and plan action. The first generation of military robots have operated under direct human control....   [tags: Lethally Autonomous Robots, Weapons]

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Who is Responsible for Military Robots’ Lethal Actions?

- I) Introduction Robotic technology has enabled the US military to use autonomous robots (or unmanned systems, UMS) in modern warfare. In the war with Iraq, the US military sent 12000 ground robots at the end of 2008 (P. W. Singer). One of the most popular robots used in Iraq is the iRobot Packbot, an unmanned ground vehicle, which is capable of detecting and destroying improvised explosive devices. Exploiting robots in warfare can save lives of many human soldiers. Moreover, robots are faster, have longer endurance, high precision and immunity to chemical and biological weapons (Ronald Arkin).In the National Defense Act of 2001 the U.S....   [tags: Killer Robots Ethics]

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Physics of Robots

- Definition of a Robot A Robot is a reprogramable, multi-functional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or a specialized devices through variable programmed motions for the performance of variety of tasks. In order to make a robot do anything it has to have a program or a set of programs that tell it to do certain tasks. Robots come in all different shapes and sizes. Some robots have been used to try and look and behave physically like a human being. Other robots are used for home entertainments....   [tags: physics robot robots]

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Industrial Robots and Manufacturing Automation

- Industrial Robots and Manufacturing Automation Abstract Automation started out as an assembly line of workers doing the same repetitive task all day long. Some of the jobs were very boring, dirty, unpleasant, and possibly dangerous. After the introduction of the first robot in 1961, automation began to advance in ways people could only imagine. Each of the six basic styles of robot used in industry today were designed with different applications in mind. Some of the robots were designed for assembly, others are more suited for simple pick and place applications, while a select few are capable of carrying heavy loads over a large area....   [tags: Robots Automation Essays]

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On the Battlefield with Robots

- Imagine you are in World War II. You are facing the enemy on the battlefield. The last time a squad was in this type of situation, they all died. Every last one. But this time, something is different. You have the B.E.A.R (Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot). This robot could save all of your lives. And it does. You happened to faint and would have been shot down had the B.E.A.R not saved you. You now owe your life to a robot. Aren’t you glad that the robot replaced a human at your side. Robots should take over human jobs because robots are finish tasks safely, produce better quality, and less costly....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Development of The Robots

- In the 60‘s, 70‘s and 80‘s a Hannah Barbara production of “The Jetsons”, a family living in the year 2062 was a popular TV cartoon. The space age family age looks like our families with the exception of Rosie, a robot that manages the household. This might have been a far fetched idea back than however we may all have our own Rosie's, a personal home robot to tackle many jobs that we don’t like or have time to do. The development of the robot is being produced to look and behave like a human. It is with these characteristics that humans will relate to and probably trust to manage our own personal needs....   [tags: quick diagnosis, the jetsons, space age]

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History of Robots

- Robots designed for war have major advantages- from saving our soldiers to safely disarming explosives to operating in hazardous places like caves or underwater. Therefore without and fear and hesitation they are more likely to successfully carry out missions at a higher rate then human soldiers. Which would make them obvious favorites to dominate ware fields in the for-seeable future. But on the other side there is a legitimate fare that eventually war robots will become more autonomous. This creates chances for major issues in regards to how these robots behave with minds of their own....   [tags: soldiers, hazardous places]

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Human Perception of Domestic Robots

- Robots are now used in domestic environments to perform a range of useful tasks or functions. Thus, it is required that they must carry out these tasks or functions in a manner that is socially acceptable, comfortable and effective for people it shares the environment with and interacts with. In order to have an effective human-robot interaction, physical embodiment and behavior of domestic robots played a significant role. Previous studies have proved that the physical appearance of domestic robots had an impact on the expectations of people from the domestic robots....   [tags: Artificial Intelligence]

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Ethical dilemma of robots in soceity

- In recent years, robotics has become increasingly applicable in our society due to their usefulness. Initially, robots were automated machines that performed a limited amount of tasks, but over time, their usefulness has increased, as has their complexity. Throughout these years, engineers and scientists have improved robotic capabilities to the point that they are comparable to human abilities in several aspects. The first industrial robot was created in the 1960’s , used by the General motor assembly line for welding parts to auto bodies, according to the International Federation of Robotics ....   [tags: robotics, Sherry Turkle, David Noble]

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The History and Importance of Robots

- The first known robot was created around 400-350 BC by the mathematician Archytas and was a steam powered pigeon. Archytas constructed his bird out of wood and used steam to power the movement of the robot. This bird was then suspended from a pivot bar at one point the bird managed to fly as much as 200 meters before it ran out of steam. This is not only the first known robot. Robots are machines capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically or controlled by imputed source by impued source....   [tags: electromechanical beings]

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Human Perception of Domestic Robots

- In this section, we will explore the results of some previous studies to identify the factors that affect the human perception of domestic robots, in general. By human perception, I mean what people think of appearance of domestic robots – machinelike or humanlike, the preferences and expectations of people from the domestic robots in terms of physical embodiment and capabilities. Researchers had found that human perception of domestic robots was greatly influenced by the science fiction movies and previous experiences [2, 4]....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Robots

- Robots Alive In today's society, robots come in different types and qualities, and robots’ use was mainly in the laboratories and factories; however, that has drastically changed where their uses are changing at a high speed. In addition to that, they have spread throughout the world. The main function of robots is to replace the work that people used to do, or perform tasks that man cannot. A robot is a mechanical or virtual device that uses a computer program, or electronic circuitry, to carry out its functions....   [tags: interactive equipment]

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The History of Robots and Their Effect on Society

- Think back to a time way before mass production and the inventions that powered them. A time when everything was made by hand with blood, sweat and time. These goods usually faced many problems quality wise, took longer to produce and could not be made any smaller because of human inability. Today, when people buy something new they usually don't think about who made it and what had to happen to create it. While most people can think of foreign workers making all of their products there is also another worker which plays a major role in the production of goods in our world....   [tags: innovation, robotics, automatons]

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The Benefits and Methodologies of Rescue Robots

- INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW OF SYSTEM Rescue robot is a robot that has been designed for the purpose of rescuing people in situations that employ rescue robots are mining accidents, urban disasters, hostage situations, and explosions. The benefits of rescue robots to these operations include reduced personnel requirements, reduced fatigue, and access to otherwise unreachable areas. Since then many new ideas have been formed about rescue robots . These robots are very important in disaster scenarios and are hopefully taking a change for the better....   [tags: disasters, snake, locomotion]

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- Robots always had a special place in mankind’s heart. There has always been an aura of mystery and discovery surrounding them. What is a robot. Wikipedia defines it as “an automatically guided machine which is able to do tasks on its own.” That is a good definition of a robot, but there are few exceptions too. The term “robot” was first created by Josef Capek. It was used by his brother Karel Capek in his play Rossum’s Universal Robots. The word literally means “work” in Czech. The science fiction author Isaac Asimov was the first person to use the word “robotics” in his short story "Liar!" One of the first robots was thought up by Leonardo Da Vinci....   [tags: Technology]

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The Development of Autnomous Robots

- What do you call a race between lots of transformers. A megathon. Autonomous Robots are being introduced to the average human as a robot that can potentially save the world. Unlike children, most adults do not believe that robots will be applicable to them in the future. The development of autonomous robots have transformed all the way from the Exoskeleton, low autonomy, Roomba, high autonomy on lower scale, Aismo, high autonomy on a medium scale, to a self-automated driving car, high autonomy on a larger scale....   [tags: Examples, Cars]

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Benefits that Robots Bring to Society

- Robots have been seen in science fiction movies and books for many decades. With technology increasing at an exponential rate, science fiction is quickly becoming fiction. Advancement in robotics technology will provide the opportunity for the improvement of the quality of human life, but actual implementation and integration poses some problems that will require careful thought. We should be open to this new age of technology, but must also be aware of the numerous difficulties and possible ramifications this new age may bring us....   [tags: science fiction, miltary applications]

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Industrial Robots in Toyota Manufacturing

- Introduction The concept of robotics is one that has been embraced in many fields. Robotics has many areas of application ranging from food and beverage to manufacturing and assembly. The basic functions and actions of robots include the ability to sense (Forge, et al. 19). The second robotic function is the ability to think through complex programming and processing capabilities (Forge, et al. 19). The third robotic function is the ability to act with immediate effect (Forge, et al. 19). Toyota has been instrumental in implementing robotics in its manufacturing plants for a variety of reasons....   [tags: Robotics, Manufacturing, Assembly]

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The Argument of Whether Robots Are Human

- “Man is a robot with defects,” (Emile Cioran, The Trouble With Being Born). Humans' are not perfect, but we seem to strive for perfection, so who is to say that in the future robots will not out number the human race on Earth. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, the character Data is very much a robot and not human, being composed of inorganic materials but designed with a human appearance (an android), but does that make it just a robot. In the show it is proposed that for one to be a sentient being and a person they must possess three qualities, intelligence, self-awareness, and consciousness....   [tags: Intelligence, Technology]

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Robots are Over-taking Us

- Robots are over-taking us. Or are being taken over by robots. There have been many robots developed to make life easier. Robotics has had some positive effects in the performance of certain jobs. It can help us complete difficult jobs that use materials that are not safe for humans to handle such as radioactive materials. A single robot can do heavy tasks that would require 10 people to complete. However, this savings in time and money for companies could result in loss of hours and wages for employees....   [tags: disadvantages, jobs, performance]

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Surgery Performed by Robots

- Surgery is already invasive enough without the prospect of a robot operating; people want to feel secure, not more vulnerable. Robotic surgery may be here, but it is not yet ready for the operating room because of the challenges and complications it brings with it. Like all new things, robotic surgery costs money; installing and the operation cost of the technology would come with a need to budget. While some people, even including doctors, would argue that, the cost of robotic surgery would be beneficial and rewarding....   [tags: technology in the operating room]

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Moral Status of Robots

- ... Lycan then moved onto with the example of Henrietta. Henrietta’s’ birth was like ours, but she went through a procedure that gradually replaced pieces of her with synthetic parts. This process continued until Henrietta has essentially become an artifact. Although her physical body is no longer human, she still retains her “intelligence, personality, perceptual activity, etc.” (Reason 360). If such a successful operation as this was possible, would we still consider Henrietta a conscious being or because of her new anatomy, she is no longer considered as such....   [tags: artificial intelligence]

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The Origin of Robots

- The Origin of Robots Over the years mankind has advanced greatly in the field of technology and day by day we continue to advance. The future holds many possibilities, one of which is living in a world with robots. Isaac Asimov shared his view of this possible future in his novel I, Robot. His view portrays robots as machines superior to humans mentally and physically. If robots are superior to humans, how do humans control the robots. Humans create the three Laws of Robotics, which are instilled into the positronic brains of every robot created....   [tags: Asimov I Robot Essays]

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Human and Robots Can Learn Together

- What comes to mind when you think of robots. Possibly robots taking over the world may come to mind. Some people may say this thought is absurd but, you are in fact quite close. Robots will not take over the world but our jobs. Some business owners prefer to have robots as employees rather than actually human workers for numerous reasons. Unfortunately, if this occurs people will become unemployed and will probably start to die off. On the bright side, scientists have already thought ahead and have devised a way to have robots and humans work together....   [tags: machines, complex actions]

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Robots Shouldn't Replace Human Labor

- With the development of technology in the world, people are faced with many things they never saw and knew before. In this modern life, technology has affected a lot in people’s lives in many levels. Robot is considered as an important product of technology. Robot was introduced by a writer, Karel Čapek, from the Czech word, robota, meaning “forced labor” or “serf”. Čapek used the word Robot in his play, R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) which opened in Prague in January, 1921, a play in which automata are mass-produced by an Englishman named Rossum....   [tags: humanoid, forced labor]

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Are Surgical Robots really the Future of Medicine?

- Knowledge is a basic fundamental right of today’s society. Individuals from across the globe strive to take their intentions one step further for reasons such as recognition, money, or the satisfaction of learning new things. There are no limits to learning new things since there is always new information that shapes our understanding of the specific topic; therefore, there is no one to question why one wants to build their knowledge, since it can only be a benefit to society. When Edward Jenner came up with the first vaccine to cure smallpox, society didn’t frown upon the fact that hundreds of Americans were saved from this deadly disease....   [tags: healthcare technology, equipment]

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Robots and Their Effect on Society

- Robots and Their Effect on Society If you think robots are the kind of thing you hear about in science-fiction movies, think again. Right now, all over the world, robots are performing thousands of tasks. They are probing our solar system for signs of life, building cars at the General Motors plants, assembling Oreo cookies for Nabisco and defusing bombs for the SWAT team. As they grow tougher, more mobile, and more intelligent, today’s robots are doing more and more of the things that humans can’t or don’t want to do and in many cases taking away the need for human labor....   [tags: Technology Science Essays]

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Robots for People: Do We Really Need Them?

- Robots for people: Do we really need them. Introduction: Scientific progress makes huge milestones toward developing new advanced technologies which are more and more present in human lives. Today robots replace people in many spheres such as health care, security and military, industry, education, entertainment and science. Role of robots becomes more significant because they are able to do the job which people are not able to perform well. Sometimes people are too lazy to do some routine work, due to such situation those tasks could be delegated to machines....   [tags: Technology ]

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- Robots Webster’s New World Dictionary defines a robot as any anthropomorphic mechanical being built to do routine manual work for human beings. This term was popularized by the Czech dramatist Karel Capek (1890-1938) in his 1921 play Russum’s Universal Robots (R.U.R.). The term has been used in fiction to describe self-controlling machines that resemble human beings. This concept has been the basis of stories starting centuries before, but has become popular due to the writings of science fiction writers and movies....   [tags: Papers]

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Technology - Robots Enlisted as Sodiers

- Robots Enlisted as Sodiers "Attack, Attack" the soldier typed into the computer as quickly as he could. He types every little action he wants the robot to respond to, in this specialized computer made for the robot. He directs the robot through the territory, through rocks and potholes, avoiding hidden land mines. After spotting human figures on the screen, the robot informs the soldier of enemies lurking ahead. This all started in the summer of 2013, during the next World War (World War III)....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Career Controversy: Should robots be allowed to act autonomously?

- The progress man has made in the field of technology is becoming exponentially greater. Each decade sees more progress than the century preceding it, than that century did of the millennium preceding it. As our innovation drives us towards greater results, the time at which robots may take on human-like intelligence comes ever closer. Philosophers and engineers alike have been grappling with questions related to that time for the last half-century. Yet as we march forward in this brave new world, other, much more intricate questions, such as those surrounding the ability of robots to complete tasks which require intelligence, the ability and right of robots to feel emotion, and the ethical c...   [tags: Artificial Intelligence]

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robots &machines for the Empire

- ROBOTS & MACHINES FOR THE EMPIRE THE GEORGE LUCAS NIGHTMARE. Coming very soon to a theater of war near you, your family and your home, will be the machines and robots which will greatly magnify and make more mobile the State’s deadly force for deployment against its eternal enemy: the people. Government Executive Magazine, traditionally pro-federal government, includes an article in its April 15th issue entitled "Future Combat Zone." Staff correspondent George Cahlink begins his article, "Six years ago, the Army decided to stake its future on an untested approach to acquiring futuristic weapons in support of a grand theory about the nature of 21st century warfare....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Autonomous SAR Robots Necessary for Natural Disasters

- Introduction and Overview Disastrous nature such as earthquake, flooding, or tornados gives a big impact to the affected area. These kinds of catastrophe cause another disaster such a landslide or collapsed building that may claim many lives. During this critical situation, people especially police, fire department are deployed in search and rescue mission to save countless life and of course under the circumstance their well being are put on high risk and expose to danger. Hence, the robot are build to replace human when it comes to difficult task and involving in critical situation neither human or tools can do....   [tags: rescue, victims, communication]

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Tiny Robots in Your Bloodstream: The Future of Medicine

- The thought of microscopic robots traveling through your body may seem like a science fiction novel from the 1960’s but, in the next decade or so, it may become science fact. Imagine clogged arteries being swept clean, cancer cells detected and destroyed and kidney stones being dissolved, all done by minute robots, eliminating the need for costly and invasive surgery. These are just some of the possible applications of nanotechnology in medicine, also known as nanomedicine. Nanomedicine can dramatically improve medicine and healthcare beyond our imagination....   [tags: Technology, Nanotechnology]

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Service Providing Robots

- Many years ago, service-providing robots have been considered no more as fictitious thoughts made by deranged scientists and professors. In recent years, people have seen it become a reality. Within the past few years, many robotic products have come out that provide services for humans. Demand for these products have increased dramatically since then. One such robot is the Roomba, by iRobot. One author stated, “Uh oh. Somebody’s going to have to clean this up, I thought, looking down at the sausage and hamburger bits all over the carpet…As I went to get the vacuum cleaner, I wondered if it was time to get a personal robot.” He isn’t alone, stating that more than 1.5 million domestic clean...   [tags: Robotics]

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Robots and Machines for the Empire - Article Critique

- Robots and Machines for the Empire - Article Critique Coming very soon to a theater of war near you, your family and your home, will be the machines and robots which will greatly magnify and make more mobile the State's deadly force for deployment against its eternal enemy: the people. Government Executive Magazine, traditionally pro-federal government, includes an article in its April 15th issue entitled "Future Combat Zone." Staff correspondent George Cahlink begins his article, "Six years ago, the Army decided to stake its future on an untested approach to acquiring futuristic weapons in support of a grand theory about the nature of 21st century warfare....   [tags: Politics Article Analysis]

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Qualia, Robots and Complementarity of Subject and Object

- Qualia, Robots and Complementarity of Subject and Object Jackson claims that a person who sees colors for the first time by this very fact acquires a certain knowledge which she or he could not have learned in a black and white world. This argument can be generalized to other secondary qualities. I argue that this claim is indefensible without implicit recourse to the first-person experience; also Nagel’s "what it is like" argument is polemically weak. Hence, we have no argument able to dismiss physicalism by consideration of first-person qualia (contra Jackson); however, it does not force us to endorse qualia-reductionism....   [tags: Philosophy Papers]

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Technology and its Evolution: A Brief Summary

- From a kid paying a DDoSer to shut down a business’s website, to an expert hacker coding a robot uprising, it only takes one person to ruin technology for everyone else. Does that mean technology is bad. Of course not. That would not be the logical thing to do. There will always be a bad apple in the bunch to try to mess things up, but they need to be punished and have the technology improved. In Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury approaches the effects of technology in his novel by talking about the wonders of technology and all it can do to make life easier....   [tags: Telephone, Robots]

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The Future of Space Exploration

- “Sheltered as we are by Earth's atmosphere and magnetic field, which deflect lethal radiation from space, we are like coddled children who have never ventured into a tough neighborhood” (Folger 2). Humans have been fascinated with space since the beginning of our time. Just like children and rough neighborhoods, we have tackled obstacle over obstacle to make it home again. In the end, we have a better knowledge and strength than before. The future of space exploration can assist us in answering the everlasting question of how the universe came to be....   [tags: Robots, Discoveries]

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When Machines Surpass Humans

- ... This is because the majority of the tasks completed by machines leave little for human beings. This leads to greater dependence of machines in production and in working environment. The few employees that are retained after introduction of machine can only depend on the devices. Therefore, in case of breakdown of machines in factories or at organizations may mean total stoppage of operations in the working environment. Also, That means this could affect the production proportion of companies and factories until they correct the problem that has occurred with the machines or they have to replace robots with new ones....   [tags: unemployment, robots]

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How Humans and Robots are Presented in Blade Runner

- How Humans and Robots are Presented in Blade Runner "Blade Runner" is a science fiction film set in Los Angeles in the year 2019. Nuclear war had just ended which caused large-scale devastation such as dramatic climate change, genetic change and all animals on earth becoming extinct apart from artificial ones. The Tyrell Corporation developed the artificial animals, which also happen to be the creators of Androids (Artificial beings) which the film is based on. The film "Blade Runner" revolves around the Nexus 6 series of Androids these androids were built to do the hard, tiresome jobs on off-world colonies....   [tags: Papers Blade Runner Film Essays]

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Surveillance Robot with Obstacle Sensing and Motion Detector

- The Proposed system focuses on the design and construction to make a design the robotic as in the base of Surveillance application. At the same all the things are done by human begins manually. The proposed system in case of low power consumption by ARM microcontroller. Proposed system in to two section which is Robotic section and monitoring section respectively. In the robotic section ultrasonic sensor is used for the obstacle detection .So the robotics keep its path for detection obstacles in the Rural region or Urban region....   [tags: Surveillance, Robots, Design, Construction]

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Robotics Will Improve our Way of Living

- Robotics have come a long way from their first start in early greek mythology. They have provided us with numerous products including: houses that send updates to a phone, drones, surgical instruments, prosthetics that act like real human limps, machines that speed up assembly lines, vacuums that don’t need to be pushed, and machines that help disabled individuals perform small tasks. All these products greatly impact several aspects of our modern world, and they are all examples of robots. Karel Cepek is a Czech science-fiction writer who invented the word robot (“THE”)....   [tags: robots, briggo, humanoid, robotics]

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Technology is Taking Over and Replacing Humans

- The robots are taking over and planning to destroy humanity as it currently stands. They’re smarter, faster, and stronger making them superior to humans in every way. Because humans were too lazy and put all their faith in technology it was easy for the machines to rise up and take over. Soon all of humanity will be enslaved by robots and computers. This is the plot for thousands of science fiction movies and novels in which humans make computer, personal robots servants, and other technology that are so advanced and make life easier that in the end humankind has lost most of its intellect and physical abilities dooming the world to a fate that has inspired many armageddon theories....   [tags: computers, robots, calculators]

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Manufacturing Activities in the United States

- Viewing the Globe in the Present Day and 50 Years from Now US factories have reached the point where we could offset a portion of those labor costs by saving on logistics. US factories have come to the conclusion and them announced that they were shifting some manufacturing jobs back to the United States. I believe that most of the manufacturing jobs that have been lost are gone for good, especially repetitive work on the factory floor. People sometimes think manufacturing is dead in the United States....   [tags: machines, robots, international trade]

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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

- ... A main problem is human acceptance of robots and by making them look more human like, its approach is to enhance people’s acceptance of robots and increase a robot’s familiarity.Robots will be like humans in how they speak, act, and even make jestures. “However, the role of anthropomorphism in robotics is not to build an artificial human but rather to take advantage of it as a mechanism through which social interaction can be facilitated. An underlying assumption is that humans prefer to interact with machines in the same way that they interact with other people....   [tags: ways of the future, robots, technology]

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Is Developing Artificial Intelligence Ethical?

- Accept our robot overlords. Actually, artificial intelligences, not robots. Artificial intelligence or AI is a program that can learn and improve upon itself whether at a sub, equal or above human level. Many believe that AI would bring humanity to an end as we know it, often due to movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Terminator, however those are fictional Hollywood blockbusters, not real life. In reality AI,s don't yet exist, however the human race is close to developing it. AI would improve life in many aspects....   [tags: human-like, robots, revolution]

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A Rhetorical Analysis of Michael Lind's "Human Spaceflight Should End" by Wyatt Cheney

- Michael Lind is an author, a columnist for, and a policy director at the New America Foundation. In the article “Human Spaceflight Should End,” he favors unmanned spaceflights, arguing that robot space probes have been so successful in space exploration, that human lives should not be risked (Lind, Michael). In my opinion, robot space probes are better suited for space exploration because they do not require oxygen and if the probes get destroyed, there is no emotional attachment. With the closing of the human spaceflight program, many people would argue that this decision is a disgrace to America and its space program....   [tags: Space flight, Robots, Probes]

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Creative Writing: The Gruhanis and Their Planet Gruhan

- Gruhan, a planet 12.78x10^7 km far from Earth. The Gruhanis are the most advanced civilization in technology, and second most powerful planet next to Earth among all the other planets. Gruhanis want to make Gruhan the superpower of all the planets. Although human are the second most advanced civilization in technology, they are more advanced in thoughts, emotions, literature, music, art, and all aspects of life. Gruhanis are basically high technology robots with brain which is 9^10 times advanced than humans....   [tags: technology, robots, testing]

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Application of Wheeler STEM School

- I have always been interested in space and robotics since I was a child, and I have always dreamt of going into space, and I have built robots since the 2nd grade. It was always a good learning experience plus it was pretty fun to do. Although they weren’t made from scratch, it still took time, effort, and creativity. Also I have loved to experiment with new technology and software, whenever there is a major breakthrough; I like to test them out when I hear about them, like when there was a new IOS update, I really wanted to see the new features....   [tags: space, robots, tehnology, software]

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The Complex World of Search Engines

- ... It is also sometimes used to let search engines know whether or not to follow links on the page (Search Engine Watch). Another essential programming language of any webpage is CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets. These “style sheets” are used to add styles, such as fonts, backgrounds, text sizes, et cetera, to one’s website (W3C). Without the use of style sheets, webpages would look very bland, having basically black text on a white background. If there were a “big three” for web programming languages, JavaScript would be one of them, the other two of course being HTML and CSS....   [tags: software robots, protocol, google]

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Human and Inventions: The Computer Evolution

- ... it is said that the human mind will never be replaced by the computer because we are the ones that created them. we only know the computer wins is when it outsmarts us but till now, we are winning. Computers can calculate and evaluate problems that humans can barely think of, yet even come close to. Maybe mankind could calculate the problems that a computer can, they will always be solved way faster by the computer. Humans want the computers to do the work for them, thinking that sitting and watching everything being done in front of them is the key to success....   [tags: thinking, robots, calculating]

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Autonomomous Manufacturing Systems Aid Manufacturers

- In today’s manufacturing system, the disturbances such as tool wear, breakdown of machines, and malfunctions of robotic systems, significantly affect the productivity and cost of the products. These disturbances generally bring disruptions to operation of the manufacturing systems, especially the conventional manufacturing systems. These unplanned disturbances in manufacturing systems are commonly related to recovering time and inability to recover. Those can be classified by internal and external disturbances....   [tags: robots, machinery, breakdowns]

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Ethical Issues with Artificial Intelligence

- As a society over the past two hundred years scientist have made numerous achievements that few could of dreamed of beforehand. However, some will raise the question of “Will science ever advance to far?” To many people are going to far with the dream of creating artificial intelligence, namely those that could be considered sentient in at least some regard. To understand this lets examine the history, advantages, disadvantages, and finally whether or not creating artificial intelligences would be ethical....   [tags: technology, supercomputers, robots]

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How Can Robotics Help People?

- Over the past several decades, society has become particularly interested in robotics. Shows such as The Jetsons have forecasted the future to be a world where robotics plays an everyday role in life. In addition, it has inspired many to work towards this future. Everyday, society is getting closer and closer to this futuristic world. Robotics is a rapidly changing field that has the potential to help society in a positive way. In 2005, military funded research was carried out by Boston Dynamics in order to develop a robot that could work side by side with soldiers in combat....   [tags: robots to the service of humans]

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War on Terror: Droned Out

- ... The U.S. takes great pride in our military, and depicts our soldiers as some of the best in the world. Now, because of drones, the standard for a great American soldier has changed. Instead of the strong admirable men that we’ve grown to know the new breed of “so called ‘warriors’ who just use computers to do this get higher accolades than the men who fought on the ground ever got,” are becoming more prominent (Babbin, 2013, Obama’s Drone War). These men are basically computer geeks who get recognition for risking their lives, meanwhile they’re sitting behind a screen....   [tags: counter-terrorism, robots]

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

- It has been said that God created man in His own image. Whether this statement is true or not has had no bearing on the desires of mankind to do as God supposedly did, and create a being in its likeness. Ancient Jewish legends tell stories of constructs, known as golems, that were made of worked dirt or mud and brought to life with magic, and would obey any command to the letter (Kopelman Foundation). As mankind turned from the arcane and began to embrace science, so too did the focus of such stories....   [tags: artificial intelligence, robots, monster]

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Analysis of the Development of Artificial Intelligence

- Artificial intelligence has come a long way since the first robot. In 1950, Alan Turing of Britain publishes, Computer Machinery and Intelligence. This book was proposed to be the birth of artificial intelligence as we know it. The first robot that presents the usage of artificial intelligence was built in 1969. The purpose of this robot was to try out navigation using basic tools such as cameras and bump sensors (Marshall 371). Since then, we have made a million robots way better than this one and we’re going to continue doing so....   [tags: internist/caduceus, robots, alan turing]

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Analyzing the Technological Singularity

- From 1963 to the present day we have unforeseeable developments of machines with Moore’s law showing that over the microprocessor transistor count growing over six million times over this time period. Professor Kevin Warwick states that robots will become the dominant life form by 2050 and will take over the human race. Warwick is wrong to some extent; robots will not take over the world, but will rather merge with humans. An exploration of the processing power and technological advances of robots in 50 years’ time, the technological singularity and the coexistence of machines and humans in the future will prove why machines will become the dominant form of life....   [tags: robots and technology taking over the world]

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The Concept of Efficiency with Respect to Process in Business Management

- Simplify process of production is a way to improve efficacy in business. In past, people have used steam engine in the first industrial revolution and changed the all over the world, and in the last century assembly line have simplify production in lots of factories. Still now, the assembly line is popular in many developing countries, because most companies move their factories, production department or let original equipment manufacturer (OEM) produce their goods. This essay will introduce and discuss the assembly line and industrial robots in developing countries....   [tags: production, OEM, assembly line, industrial robots]

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Issac Asimov's I, Robot

- Issac Asimov's I, Robot Asimov’s robots can be described as clumsy, hard-working, cost-efficient, soulless, strong, fast, obedient, human-made, a cleaner better breed, more human than man. Robots can be caring, gentle, self-aware, creative, intelligent and also evil, rebellious. Robots are made out of metal, plastic, aluminum, gears, bolts, wheels, sensors, memory chips, and other gadgets. TEXT STUDY Asimov’s book “I, Robot” is full of exciting short stories about human-robot relations. But the one story that really touched me was the first of the nine: Robbie....   [tags: Asimov Robots Robot]

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Creativity and Machine Design

- Creativity and Machine Design Robots and machines have become very prevalent within recent years. We use robots to assemble cars, explore dangerous areas, and even as servants to clean our houses. In the future, we might even see robots help in delicate complex tasks like performing surgery. Many people think that the process that goes behind designing a robot is unimaginative, involving a lot of dull equations and assembly lines. In reality, the design process can be very creative. While the process behind designing a machine is creative, it should be noted though that eventually engineers were going to design robots to perform these tasks....   [tags: Technology Robots Papers]

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Brain Computer Interface Technology

- Keywords—component; Artificial Intelligence, BCI, Robot, EEG, Fuzzy Systems. I. INTRODUCTION Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is method to convert brain activities signal to understandable action for machine or robot or any actuator, one of the commonly method to get brain activities is electroencephalography (EEG) system which is easier and low cost and also non-invasive method compare to other brain computer interface systems [1], [2]. In Recent researches of non-invasive brain computer interface based on EEG to control actuators result of create some equipment that controlled with brain, for example electrical wheelchairs [3], mobile Robots [4], humanoid robots [5]....   [tags: EGG, signals, electrode, brain activity, robots]

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Industrial Robots and Manufacturing Automation

- Since early 2003 the Electrical Inspectorate has been working to raise public awareness of Residual Current Devices (RCDs), with the aim of eventually enforcing the use of these devices as recommended by the standard adopted by the St. Lucia Bureau of Standards for wiring of buildings SLNS/BS 7671: 2001- Requirements for Electrical Installations ¡V IEE Wiring Regulations ¡V Sixteenth Edition. These Regulations though only recently adopted by the Bureau of Standards is the Regulations referred to by the St....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Hazards of Robots in Manufacturing

- Robot Hazards Introduction: the aim of this assignment is to gain general awareness and an understanding of the legal requirements and responsibilities that are involved in the safe working practices associated with robotic assisted manufacture. This is to be achieved by the identification of associated hazards with robotic applications and provide an understanding of how these hazards are overcome. Typical sources of hazards associated with robotic operations within the working environment include....   [tags: Robotics]

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Humanoid Robotics

- There is no definition of a robot that satisfies everybody. International standard ISO 8373 defines a "robot" as an automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multipurpose, manipulator programmable in three or more axes, which may be either fixed in place or mobile for use in industrial automation applications. This definition works well for ISO's main concern, industrial robotics, but it doesn't really take care of other realms. Joseph Engelberger, a literal pioneer in industrial robotics, once said, "I can't define a robot, but I know one when I see one." Robots can also be defined in a different way....   [tags: Technology Robots]

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Robotics-Advancement or Setback?

- “Robotics-Advancement or Setback?” “When it comes to robots, reality still lags science fiction. But, just because robots have not lived up to their promise in the past decades does not mean that they will not arrive sooner or later. Indeed, the confluence of several advanced technologies is bringing the age of robotics ever nearer-smaller,cheaper, more practical and cost-effective”. This statement was taken from an article written by Jim Pinto titled, “ROBOTICS TECHNOLOGY TRENDS”....   [tags: Technology Technological Robots Essays]

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Use of Robots to Clean Ponds and Lakes

- Background Water is one of the world’s most important natural resources. It is an essential part of life because it not only sustains life but it harbors many forms of it as well. Therefore, it would be in one’s best interest to make sure this source does not become contaminated and make it useless and harmful. There are several different organisms and chemicals that can be produced that will harm other, and bigger, organisms. A major component of the chemicals and organisms that emerge from contaminated waters is nitrogen....   [tags: Water Chemistry]

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Artificial Intelligence

- Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence is a key component to the vision for human-centric computing. Within the wide arena of artificial intelligence, expert systems could become useful for completing specific complex tasks. AI will remain valuable regardless of whether we're able to build fully- functioning robots or human-esque brains. AI, the harnessing of intelligence on the computer, will turn complex thought processes into fast computer simulations; it will be used to analyze past events and predict the future....   [tags: Technology Robots Essays]

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The Ups and Downs of the Impact of Technology in Our Society

- Every since the late 90’s and early 2000’s there has been controversial arguments about the good and the bad along with the ups and the downs of the impact that technology. Technology has brought through the Americas and what is rapidly spreading throughout all the countries inside all the continents that make up the globe. Although it seems very unlikely to any common homo sapien that we could possibly be overrun by anything especially not a race of pure robotic army from which could only possibly be engineered by humans themselves....   [tags: computers, knowledge, robots, military]

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Artificial Inteligence in John Searle’s paper: Minds, Brains, and Programs

- Searle’s paper, “Minds, Brains, and Programs”, was originally published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences in 1980. It has become one of modern philosophy’s (and broadly, cognitive science’s) most disputed and discussed pieces due to the nature of the argument presented in the paper. In said paper, John Searle sought, or should I say, seeks, to dispute the claim that artificial intelligence in the form of computers and programs do, or at the most basic level, could (one day), think for their synthetic selves; essentially it’s a refutation of the idea that computers or programs can actually “understand” in the same way that a human can....   [tags: Robots, Computers, Programs]

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The Worlds End is an Adventure Movie Everyone Should See

- ... Furthermore the bars all have to do with the scene making the movie like some sort of fun game to play while watching. First is “The First Post” this used to be a post office but was then made into a pub. Next is the “Old Familiar”, this bar is identical to the last besides the bartender and where the main character runs into an old friend. After that is “The Famous Cock (which is a Rooster in case you didn’t know)” ironically this the bar where our protagonist Gary King has been banned for life....   [tags: aliens, robots, dark ages]

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Causes and Effects of the Mechanization of the Workplace

- The run of human kind for more efficiency, productivity and progress may have just about start to show its dark side. For decades the universal truth was that the better we will be in those categories, the more everyone will benefit. Well, it is turning out that it may not be entirely true. This paper aims to argue and reason why we should be worried about future of workplace, its mechanization to be more specific. It is based on the fact that World has technologically evolved and mechanized in the past decades and some jobs are inevitably gone....   [tags: Economy, Technological Innovation, Robots]

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Kansas Best Robotics Retrospective

- Kansas Best robotics retrospective at kick off day we were a little intimated by the course and the objective but as it went on the objective and goals seemed easier and more attainable. We started with last year’s base and looked to modify it making it faster and more agile for this year’s competition last year’s robot base was large and was thicker than it might have needed to be so we cut off as much excess shortening it and making it thinner to lighten it up and speed it up that way we could grab the balls and bring them back to our spotter who was usually Buckland who did a good job of spotting During both Mall and Game day....   [tags: robots, science, education,]

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The Future of Cyborgs

- The Future of Cyborgs Terminator and Bladerunner, portrayed cyborgs or cybernetic organisms as creatures of destruction. Are they really as horrible as the movies make them out to be. They can be more useful than perceived; it is necessary to first perfect the technology involved in creating and operating them. In this paper, I will describe how these cyborgs work and how they are portrayed in the movies. Furthermore, I will explain the helpful ways that they are expected to perform in the future....   [tags: Technology Robots]

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Robotics Changes the World

- Robotics Changes The World Robotic technology has taken an important role in our society since many years ago. These recent days, scientists and engineers have been developing an automotive technology that allows cars to park themselves without any troubles. Noel Sharkey (2008), a professor of computer science at the University of Sheffield and an expert on robot science and techno games, in “The Ethical Frontiers of Robotics” shows the unavoidable of the use of robots in the future and ethical problems that come together (p....   [tags: technology, science, children]

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Increasing Mobility of Micro-robotics

- ... Some other bio-inspired inertial tail projects include the MIT Cheetah robot (Briggs, 2012) which increased maneuverability in running robots, and fish-inspired robots that use these tails for turning (Hirata, 2000). This project also deals with the use of inertial appendages in under actuated miniature robots. An inertial appendage in the form of a tail was added to a robot to study the effects a tail would have on dynamic steering. Tails can contribute to steering through either a shift in the robots center of mass or through the transfer of angular momentum....   [tags: inertial, appendages, movement]

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Personal Robot or Not: I Robot

- Think ten years into the future, as you come home from work and the house has been cleaned, the kids have started their homework, and dinner is almost finished. After dinner you sit back and relax as your children are put to bed and the kitchen is cleaned, soon you go take a bath that has already been prepared for you. Your personal robot completing the long list of chores you left for it has plugged itself in for the night and will be ready for more work tomorrow. Domestic robots or service robots are machines designed to accomplish household chores....   [tags: personal assistance, Isaac Newton]

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Pros and Cons of The Robotic Revolution

- Before the 17th century, innovations in the world were very few. The largest number of the population was farmers, and they had to grow their own food. On the other side, after the year 1760, when the industrial revolution started, the entire world began to experience a great amount of transformations both economic and social. In the present day, we are still feeling and seeing those modifications. Technology innovations have one of the largest impacts affecting the world nowadays. After all this new technology being developed, a new revolution is approaching; a transaction that may or not change our lives forever....   [tags: Robot Technology Essays]

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