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Representative Democracy and Compromise

- A representative democracy can be defined as a form of government where the people would elect their leaders who would then have to rule and make laws. This allows laws to be made intelligently by specialists. While the people still get a say in who makes those laws, they have no power to influence them directly. The power is therefore split. The people retain some power while the rest is held among the elected representatives. This form of governance is held by the United Kingdom where representatives such as the Members of Parliament meet in the House of Commons to to discuss and pass laws....   [tags: Government, Representatives, Leaders]

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The Political Power Of A Representative Democracy

- Madison says people have ambition and interest which are personal motives. These motives must not rule over to those who administer each department. In a representative democracy it is not only important to guard against the oppression of rulers, it is equally important to guard against the injustice which may be inflicted by certain citizens or groups.  He ardently advocated for political power for the minority, which could not happen under a direct democracy. Direct democracy favors the majority and can lead to mob rule....   [tags: Separation of powers, United States Constitution]

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Representative Democracy

- Today’s democratic societies practice representative democracy but the ideal of a true representative democracy, where those elected to power mirror the population of a given society is inconsistent with reality. The reality is that, there is an underrepresentation of different minority groups both in terms of their presence in the political assemblies and in terms of their substantive representation. History has shown that minority groups have been continuously underrepresented in most of the world’s democratic societies, and while there have been small improvements in some countries, for the most part minorities in general have yet to make any impressive gain towards more effective politic...   [tags: Politics, Minorities, Political Activism]

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Public Opinion On The Representation Of The Representative Democracy

- An essential principle or theory of our representative democracy is that the nominated representative should be quick to react when it comes to everyone’s wishes, needs, and wants. “Although many scholars agree that public opinion plays an important role in the policy process, there is less agreement about the magnitude and circumstance of its actual influence on specific policy outcomes.” Studies that were performed have revealed that there was a strong relationship amongst the public opinion and policies, with the public opinion frequently directing the policies....   [tags: Health care, Health, Health insurance]

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Democracy : A Democracy And A Republic

- A democracy is a form of government where the people rule directly on everything that has an effect on their everyday lives. In a democracy the government’s power is from the people and it relies on them to use that power. Citizen’s rights to the decisions made by the government can be handled directly by entering their positions personally or by representatives. Since government decisions are not made by the majority vote except for in a small amount of all lawmaking, the United States is not a direct democracy....   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy, Elections]

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Democracy And Its Impact On Democracy

- Democracy is robust, widely accepted and highly anticipated around the world. It is the triumphant form of government; dominantly used in Europe, North and South and America and becoming reformed and taking new roots in Africa and Asia. Although the term democracy is based on its Greek origin, demos kratos, meaning people rule, the term cannot be simply understood as such. Due to vast coverage, the adaptation of democracy has varied greatly, whether regionally, nationally, by state or through different branches of government....   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy]

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The American Political System Is Representative Democracy

- The American political system is representative democracy. There are three branches in the federal government under the Constitution. The legislative power is assigned in the Congress and made up of two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives. The most powerful in Congress is made laws and controlled finances of the U.S. The President is head of state, chief executive, enforces federal laws, control foreign policy. He serves as the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, and he has power make treaties with Senate approval....   [tags: President of the United States]

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The Representation Of A Direct Democracy

- A direct democracy is a form in government where the people governed themselves instead of elected officials, the people choose the laws and the way they are run in their country, this is also called a pure democracy. The democracy that we use is a representative democracy. In this case the people vote for representatives in their branches to decide on the laws that are created. Every state in America usually has three branches of government just as the nation has its own government. Executive branch of the state is for the governor and his cabinet who are elected by the people of that state....   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy, Election]

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Human Democracy And Its Effect On Our Democracy

- Elections aim to preserve our democracy in a number of ways, and they are effective in doing so from the way they are currently set up. Our elections take place under representative democracy and are efficient, have minimal transaction costs, and strive to reduce agency loss as much as possible (491, 7th Edition). The roles that elections serve are to maintain a stable representative democratic government without having any agency loss, which is accomplished by: 1.) Allowing citizens to vote and choose for any representative that represents them, 2.) giving those delegates more of an incentive to be responsive agents through the opportunity of keeping/improving their jobs, and 3.) encouragi...   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy, Elections]

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Democracy And The Government System

- For many people, the discussion of democracy or politics is very personal to each individuals taught and developed view point from their early stages in life in elementary school until their adulthood upon which their view becomes their own personal view point on the various aspects of American government. In doing this project, it was interesting to be able to gather the interviewee’s deepest and true thoughts on the Government System in which they live and have to abide by. It is amazing to me at how so many people can have such diverse opinions and view points on how Democracy and the Government is the best there is, hasn’t changed, need to change or is not going to change for the betterm...   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy]

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The Core Concept Of Democracy

- Topic What is the core concept of democracy and what can you possibly hope to attain from a democratic government. Introduction Democracy, the political system that is the most recognized and ideally used all around the world. A democratic government is formed in order to help the people and give them more rights. In ancient times, often citizens of a small town or a city would gather together, and vote as a whole on decisions that will benefit for all. This form of government is known as a direct democracy....   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy, Government]

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The Political System Of Democracy

- The notion of Democracy can be defined as “a political system that permits citizens to play a significant part in the governmental process, usually through the election of key public officials” (Ginsberg, 10). This system of government allows citizens to exercise freedom and equality among themselves when they elect an individual to represent them. These individuals are elected as a proper representative to make a decision which ultimately affects the country and its citizens. Many individuals consider America a prime example of true modern-day Democracy, however, America does this notion actually exist in this country considering the intentions of Founding Fathers, the history of racism and...   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy, Monarchy]

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Democracy And The United States

- Democracy is important and valuable to the people of the United States. It is the form of government that rules us all. Democracy is one type of government with different variations. The idea of democracy has two meanings. The ideal and the real. The ideal is that democracy that listens to everyone and gives freedom as well as equality. For example, there is direct democracy, in which every person votes to come to an agreement. This is a type of democracy that cannot be accomplished in the United States due to the population size....   [tags: Democracy, Government, Representative democracy]

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Pluralist Democracy And The Democratic System Of Government

- Democracy is defined as ‘A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state’ (, 2015). However, there are varying interpretations on how this is achieved. This essay will analyse pluralist democracy, deliberative democracy, and the delegate view of representational democracy. These theories are the most democratic systems of government as they allow the most amount of citizens to have an influence in policy making. However, the system which allows for the highest quality of democracy and is more democratic is the pluralist system, as it is the most legitimate....   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy]

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Democracy Is A Political System Of Mass Participation

- What is Democracy. “Democracy is a political system of mass participation, competitive elections, and human and civil rights”. Breaking down democracy comes from the Greek word demokratia; demo meaning “the people” and kratia meaning “rule”. Some countries try to trick their citizens into thinking that the way they are ruling is a democratic way however does not have any of the components of what a “true” democracy is. Democracy is very balanced and very complex. It ensures human and civil rights, limits power, rules of law and carries out the thoughts of the citizens....   [tags: Democracy, Voting, Representative democracy]

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Democracy Is The Most Effective System Of Governance

- For thousands of years, democracy has been the most acclaimed form of government. From the agoras of Athens, where democracy first erupted, to our current world, democracy has been a decisive element in modern world politics. The term democracy translates to “rule of the people”, a system where eligible citizens are able to decide through a common vote. However, democracy has radically evolved over the centuries, and so did the negative aspects of it. First, we must state what is considered an “effective political system” and why democracy is, or isn’t the most effective system of governance today....   [tags: Democracy, Voting, Representative democracy]

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Democracy Today 's Society Government

- In today’s society government has a large impact on the day to day life of Americans. From laws, to military, to social security, government is clearly very important. Our government has been influenced by different countries and people throughout time, then improvised and made more efficient. The ancient greeks had a lot of influence on the way the government works today. There are many pros and cons about democracy according to Euripides. Some of the pros are the democracy is made to protect the people....   [tags: Democracy, Government, Representative democracy]

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Democracy Is The Best Form Of Government

- Democracy When it comes to the topic of whether democracy is the best form of government, most of us will readily agree that in theory, a well-planned democratically elected institution should represent an accurate sampling of the general population which it has been elected to serve. Where this agreement usually ends however, is on the question of which particular form of democracy is the best overall representation of the concept in question, and as to whether or not this ideal representation outweighs any other type of competing institutional system....   [tags: Democracy, Republic, Representative democracy]

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Political Parties Are Necessary For Democracy

- Introduction Many political pundits accept that political parties are necessary ingredients of democratic governance. Within this framework, many scholars agree that political parties are the principal agents of democratic consolidation because they are the key players shaping democracy’s emergence (Pridham, 1990: 29). Similarly, “party system institutionalization has been widely viewed as a requisite for the consolidation of democracy” (Kuenzi and Lambright, 2005: 423). However, scholars disagree on the effects of different party system characteristics on democracy....   [tags: Democracy, Elections, Representative democracy]

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Direct Democracy Vs Representative Democracy

- Direct Democracy vs Representative Democracy The term Democracy is derived from two Greek words, demos, meaning people, and kratos, meaning rule. These two words form the word democracy which means rule by the people. Aristotle, and other ancient Greek political philosophers, used the phrase, `the governors are to be the governed', or as we have come to know it, `rule and be ruled in turn'. The two major types of democracy are Representative Democracy and Direct Democracy. Clearly the arguments for and against each form of democracy are plentiful....   [tags: Politics Government Compare Contrast Essays]

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Questioning the Electoral College System

- ... In the beginning, the states were set to have a much larger say of who would rule the nation than the people themselves (Gringer, 2008). With the Electoral College, a two party system is maintained. While many disagree with the two party system, it “acts as a balance in the presidential election process” (McCollester, 2007). The alternative to a two party system is not any better than the system itself. In the past “multi-party systems have divided nations” and taken down their systems of government (McCollester, 2007)....   [tags: representative democracy]

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The Differences Between Democracy And Republic

- As of my understanding, democracy means a government governed by the population. In other words.. "majority rules". A republic is similar, except this makes sure that the minority are included, nobody is left behind. - Tami Jew. My understanding of the definition of a Democracy is that it is a form of government that gives power to the people. The difference between democracy and republic is for Democracy is its ownership is held by the population as a group. As for a Republic, the ownership is held by people as individuals....   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy, Human rights]

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Transparency Is Highly Valued By The Public Of The United States ' Representative Democracy

- Transparency is highly valued by the public in the United States’ representative democracy. It holds government officials accountable for providing its citizens with knowledge of the government. In this democracy, the citizens deserve to be included on public policies and laws that would potentially affect their livelihood. From knowing about the status of the country, to knowing the name of the President’s dog, the executive branch is fairly transparent. Congress is also transparent, considering that we are able to witness congressional hearings on CNN or CSPAN....   [tags: Separation of powers, Executive, Judiciary, Law]

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Understanding of two Political Systems: Deliberative Democracy and Representative Government

- This essay aims to provide a better understanding of two political systems namely deliberative democracy and representative government; it presents the advantages and disadvantages of both, the types of governance. Deliberative democracy as address by Guttman and Dennis (2004) is based on the notion that citizens and their representatives come to a common place to discuss matters such as finance budgets and come to a mutual agreement of what needs to have more attention. Representative government, on the other hand, is defined as a form of government freely elected by the people to make significant decision of the behalf of their electorate (McLean & McMillan 2009)....   [tags: democracy, political system, government]

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Examining the Ways a Pressure Group Contributes to Representative Democracy

- Examining the Ways a Pressure Group Contributes to Representative Democracy In a representative democracy, citizens elect representatives to make decisions for them. In doing this, citizens hand over the responsibility for making decisions to someone else. In Britian voters elect members of parliament’s (MPs) to represent them every four to five years and this makes the representatives in some way accountable to the electorate. However many are unsatisfied with their representation and join pressure groups to make their views heard....   [tags: Papers]

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The Political System Of The Modern World

- In the modern world democracy is often pictured as the ultimate egalitarian and moral political system. Institutions such as the United Nations believe that “democratic governance is the process of creating and sustaining an environment for inclusive and responsive political processes and settlements” . Even though, it is described as the most moral political system, is it really appropriate to claim that it is a universally valid form of rule. It depends on how the term is defined. Democracy can be easily defined in the simplest of terms as the “rule by the people for the people”, as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently said in his Gettysburg Address....   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy]

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The Theory Of Elitism : Political History And Current Condition Of American Politics

- The theory of elitism explains the political history and current condition of American politics in many ways from national levels to local levels. We see in our current election cycle, the division between the elite ranks of the body political and the masses of those that vote, as well as, those who don’t vote. Several of the candidates are quite wealthy in comparison to the masses and have political ties to special interest groups, former elected officials (even family ties), and banking. Even at our local level, some of the candidates have held office for a very long time, have strong business ties to the community, and family members that hold board positions and sit on local councils and...   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy]

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Questions On The United States

- Paragraph 1 1. What does Madison say have been the “mortal diseases under which popular governments have everywhere perished”. The instability, injustice, and confusion introduced into the public councils. 2. What problem does Madison say cause government to be unstable and contributes to its “unsteadiness and injustice”. Income inequality Paragraph 2 3. Define “faction” as Madison uses the word. Quote him. I understand a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or a minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community....   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy, Government]

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Flaws Of The Electoral System

- Electoral Defects Elections are considered to the most fundamental act to any democratic regime. It is quite interesting to observe that the institution that is often viewed to be the most powerful of its kind is in fact not insusceptible to evils, especially those residing in its electoral system. The United States is often regarded as the most powerful and exemplary democracy amongst those practiced in other States. While the U.S proudly accepts its title as the world’s leading democratic hegemon, one cannot simply assume perfection in its internal practices....   [tags: Elections, Election, Representative democracy]

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The U.s. Electoral College

- The U.S. Electoral College, like many other features of our American Constitution and government, follows the concept of dividing power among levels of government, federalism. American federalism is the motif upon which many of our government’s functions are based and, ideally, distributes power equally between the upper and lower levels of our governmental system. In the structure of Congress, for example, one house stems from the power of the people and the other derives power from the individual states....   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy, Elections]

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The Politics of Democracy

- A perfect government, as history has shown us, is next to impossible. While the degree of histories’ many governments is quantifiable, none can be defined as perfect. Whether it’s the size of the state, complexity of the time and issues, the rulers, the people, or unforeseeable matter-whatever it is-the human race has yet to find a perfect form of government. Consequently, while approaching this issue, the question is not which group is “right”. Rather which system more benevolently serves the people, since “democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people”....   [tags: Philosophy, Participatory, Representative]

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Democracy - " A System of Government for the Ages"

- Democracy as defined by the textbook refers to a type of political system where the people rule themselves, or “rule by the many”, rather than being ruled by a King or Queen as in a monarchy or by the few as in an oligarchy such as Sparta. The main idea pushing democracy is that ordinary people have the need and want to govern themselves and are completely capable of doing so. Democracy over the years has gained extreme popularity the world over. From corner to corner of the globe examples of democracy can be found more and more each day....   [tags: elections, representative, citizens]

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A Good Representative Is An Organization

- Every individual has a different opinion about what a good representative is. I believe that a good representative is an official who governs and advocates for the advancement of all people, and respects the opinions of his or her opposing party. A good representative doesn’t look at their job as just a salary. “During the early Congresses, being a senator or representative was a part-time occupation” (Davidson, Oleszek, Lee, & Schickler, 2015, 35). Today, a good representative spends more time working with other elected officials to rectify the issues that all people are hindered by....   [tags: United States House of Representatives]

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What 's Gone Wrong With Democracy

- Originating from the Greek words demos and kratos (meaning “people” and “rule”), the ideology of democracy was first implemented over 2500 years ago by the ancient Greeks (Mintz, Close, & Croci, 2013). Praised for its elected government that ideally represents the people’s interests; maintains a high level of transparency and accountability, as well as a limited role of government, the concept of democracy gained popularity throughout the centuries to follow, with representative democracy being the most prevalent form of democracy in modern-day society (Mintz et al., 2013)....   [tags: Democracy, Government, Liberal democracy]

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Democracy Is The Jacksonian Dictionary 's Definition Of Democracy

- What is Democracy. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition of democracy is “government by the people; especially : rule of the majority; a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections” Throughout the history of the United States we have had different forms of democracy ranging from groups of small communities to outright organized government. When you think of Democracy what is it you think of....   [tags: Democracy, Human rights, Tyranny of the majority]

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The United States Is Not A Democracy Or A Republic

- Alright, I suppose it is a little clearer now. I imagine, in many respects, that we might just be talking past each other. What I tried to explicate in the last comment is that it seemed like you have set up a false dichotomy (either/or); viz., that it is either a democracy or a republic. I reckon this is where I was confused. I do not consider the terms “republic” (the way I think you are using it) and “democracy” are mutually exclusive. Your definition of democracy is fine, but I just want to remark it is very general....   [tags: Democracy, Elections, Election]

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The Political Theory Of Democracy And Freedom

- Sipan Dehjet Prof. Queen Political Theory 6 June 2015 Question #2 Democracy and Freedom “Give me liberty or give me death!” These were the words uttered by Patrick Henry from a speech he made to Virginia Convention. He wanted the Americans to come together and fight the British for their freedom. Throughout history, many political theorists fought to end social inequality. Karl Marx believed in communism, in which that class war was inevitable and all property must publicly owned where workers are paid according to their abilities and needs....   [tags: Political philosophy, John Locke, Democracy]

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The Greek Of Greek Direct Democracy

- The Greek direct democracy began as a new political construct of the reason centred world that had been brought about through philosophy at the time. The polis as they called it, was more than just a city-state, it was a community of citizens that came together to discuss rights and responsibilities for the whole of the people. Ancient Greece was a collection of almost 200 independent poleis. But to understand the full construction of the Greek democracy one must first understand that it started as a monarchy in c....   [tags: Democracy, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece]

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The Main Aspects Of Athenian Democracy

- Government: Athens was one of the first places to develop the idea of a democracy. They experimented with the idea of a direct democracy where instead of electing a representative who voted on the citizen’s behalf, all citizens were able to vote for themselves. However, not everyone was a citizen. To be a citizen one must be born in Athens, male, landowning, and free-born. After meeting all the requirements they were able to vote on all bills and legislation. The assembly was a main aspect of Athenian Democracy, they had many jobs such as making public announcements, and voting on the primary issues of Athens....   [tags: Parthenon, Athens, Athena, Athenian democracy]

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Democracy Is The Perfect Solution For Running A Country

- Many people have the perception of democracy as the perfect solution to running a country. This may be because we often use the idea of democracy in our everyday lives. For example, children in schools have incorporated voting as a mechanism for making decisions such as choosing activities and electing class council members. It is also becoming more and more popular in the workplace as it’s fair nature is appealing for any kind of policy making. So what else can we expect. From a young age we have been taught that democracy is fair and efficient but the reality is that this is not the case....   [tags: Elections, Election, Voting, Democracy]

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A Model Democracy : A Democracy Country

- A Model Democracy A democracy country is drawn up on the basis of the sovereignty of citizens. There are a lot of democracy countries in the world like Australia, Japan, Canada, Span, Sweden, United States, etc. The United States is a modern country through five reasons: free, frequent, and inclusive elections; offer a meaningful choice among political alternatives; system promotes political equality and inclusion of political minorities; citizens enjoy a wide range of individual freedom and personal expression, and government institutions and processes relatively transparent....   [tags: Democracy, Elections]

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How Democracy Can Become Corrupt

- With rapidly changing values in emerging cultures, and an ever increasing population growth one must question how can democracy cope when some governments are undermining their own policies and human rights are being devalued and overlooked. This essay will critically discuss how democracy can become corrupt, within some governments and what causes it. By using historical and current evidence to point out why democracy becomes undesirable. Also pointing out classical characteristics of democracy, executive powers, leading to corruption in the early forms of government....   [tags: Democracy, Separation of powers, Executive, Law]

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Democracy Is An Important Aspect Of Our Socio Economic Life

- Traced from the 7th century BCE in Athens, democracy is an important aspect of our socio-economic life today as is a major determinant of good governance. Democracy defines as “government by the people and for the people.” The definition entails that citizens of a given state have an active participation in both their civic and political lives. The concept involves a system of choosing political leaders through a free and fair election (Newton, 2010). It is codified in the constitutions of most states as a fundamental right and freedom that need be upheld....   [tags: Democracy, Separation of powers, Government]

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Democracy Is Not A Democracy

- The majority of Americans when asked what type of government their country practices, will answer with a strong and proud, “Democracy!” but the reality is vastly different. The Unites States is not strictly a democracy. Democracy as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary is, “a system of government in which all the people of a state or polity… are involved in making decisions about its affairs, typically by voting to elect representatives to a parliament or similar assembly,” (Oxford English Dictionary) and if you observe our practices including gerrymandering, the electoral college, the intentions of the founding fathers, our history of racism and discrimination, and a republic vs....   [tags: United States, President of the United States]

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United States as a Democracy

- United States as a Democracy Thomas Jefferson once wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Today, this quote stands tall in defining and describing the type of government the United States has created...   [tags: Democracy Government Politics]

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Democracy Is A Popular Government System After World War I

- Likeall great cities around the world, democracy originated in Athens, in ancient Greece. Athenian democracy was established in 508-7 B.C. On the other hand, communism occurred during the 17th century. The first nation that became democratic was the Corsican Republic in 1755. However it did not last long and the first modern nation to establish an official democratic system was France. Democracy was a popular government system after World War I. Communism basic ideas came from the famous writers Thomas More, in his novel, Utopia, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in their novel, Communist Manifesto....   [tags: Democracy, Communism, Marxism, Communist state]

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Democracy Is An Impossible System Of Governance

- Essay Topics Please select one of the following topics. Democracy is an impossible system of governance. Discuss. Former U.S. president Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as: “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”. The idea of democracy looked great on paper, and was utilized as a primary government system for generations, but has democracy really proven to be effective. Are democratic systems really forms of government where power is ‘in the hands of the people’. We can only tell by going over the main assets that democracy represents and stands for....   [tags: Democracy, Elections, Voting, Election]

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Representative Bureaucracy : The Internal Relationship Within A Bureaucratic System

- Representative Bureaucracy is a theory examining the internal relationship within a bureaucratic system. A representation from a broader group of people might result in policy-making decision help reconcile the problems of under-representativeness. Representative bureaucracy contributes to resolving the social conflicts, and also to improve internal democracy. This paper will attempt to accomplish three tasks, 1) engaging in a brief overview on Representative Bureaucracy and discussion of the theory both in the passive representation and the active representation; 2) examines principal-agent theory that contributes to the understanding in representative bureaucracy in different views, and 3)...   [tags: Public administration, Government]

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Participatory Democracy: The Better of the Two

- Several forms of government have been formed since the development of centralized power. The form of government that has showed the most international growth in the last century is democracy. There are currently over 160 democracies in the world today. These democracies, however, are not complete democracies. They are representative democracies that have been created by the leaders of our predominantly patriarchal international system. Due to this, many citizens of these democracies are considered second class citizens and their views are not heard by their supposedly democratic society....   [tags: power, democracy, society, political, analysis]

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The Constitution And Constitution Of Democracy

- In writing the Constitution, the Framers were aiming to rectify the states’ inadequate attempt at establishing a democratic government. They wanted to create a stronger government while simultaneously keeping it a democracy and protecting the Peoples’ power within it. Wary of monarchy, they intended to constrain their envisioned government’s power by creating checks and balances between and within its branches. Did they do a good enough job. In Section I, we see the Framers’ intentions for the legislature’s lower chamber to be the government’s source of democracy....   [tags: Separation of powers, United States, Democracy]

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Democracy Is Rule By The Constituents Of A Domain

- Democracy is rule by the constituents of a domain, but beyond that core principle, its interpretations varied wildly. Most notably, many of the concepts behind the original democracy that existed in Athens are unable to cover the system that directs the United States today, for two key reasons: population and distance. In the Athenian system of democracy, such a high emphasis was placed on individuals taking action in politics in a central location, that the entire system would fail under the strain that over 235 million (1) eligible participants, spread out over 3.806 million square miles....   [tags: Democracy, Voting, Voter turnout, Republic]

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Democracy Is Government Of The People

- A memorable expression said by President Abraham Lincoln reads, “Democracy is government of the people, by the people, and for the people”. Democracy, is a derived from the Greek term "demos" which means people. It is a successful, system of government that vests power to the public or majority. Adopted by the United States in 1776, a democratic government has six basic characteristics: (i) established/elected sovereignty (where power and civic responsibility are exercised either directly by the public or their freely agreed elected representative(s)), (ii) majority rule(vs minority), (iii) (protects one’s own and reside with) human rights, (iv) regular free and fair elections to c...   [tags: Democracy, Human rights, Government, Religion]

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Democracy Outweighs The Other Forms of Goverment

- Even though democracy has been in existence since the ancient Greek, it rose to prominence in the twentieth century with a large number of countries shifting to democracy. This transition to democracy has sprung up a debate over its appropriateness as a system of government, with some supporting it as an ideal system while others coining it as the vilest form of government. Although it is argued that democracy and economic growth do not go hand in hand, nevertheless, democracy is not the vilest form of government because it provides better governance, protects individual liberty and rests sovereignty with the people....   [tags: ancient greek, transition to democracy]

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A Democracy Republic Hybrid By A Democratic Republic

- Description The form of government we propose is a democracy-republic hybrid, not to be confused with a democratic republic. This government would be composed of at least three branches (evaluative, pseudo-legislative, and executive), in similar fashion to the United States of America. Additionally, this is only the structure at the federal level. The evaluative branch in this model would serve to evaluate the efficiency and act as a check to the general operation of the government. This would be a small branch (~9 persons, annually elected by equally sized electorate districts)....   [tags: Democracy, Separation of powers]

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Representation of Citizens in Democracy

- One of the main arguments presented by Crick in In Defence of Politics is that politics is a realistic good necessary for well-organized governance. From my experiences in the field, I understand that democracy allows for differing interests and views to be heard in a diplomatic manner. While democracy elicits diverging ideas and opinions for people, citizens in a democratic state still understand their interests are often served through democratic values and equal representation in government affairs....   [tags: Internship Experiences]

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Plato 's Democracy

- Plato uses the ship analogy to demonstrate the paradox of democracy; as more power is distributed to create equality among people, desire for personal gains will lead to the worst of all regimes: tyranny. Plato suggests that regardless of people’s desire for equality and peace as they accept their fundamental functions within a society, democracy can easily turn into a tyranny if the rulers are trusted too much with deciding for large number of people, without any regulations. Plato claims that though democracy is flawed just like the other form of regimes, its transition into tyrannical state where a tyrant rules all without any consent of/for people, allows one to realize the importance of...   [tags: Democracy, Oligarchy, Tyranny of the majority]

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Democracy Is The Worst Form Of Government

- What is democracy. Democracy a form of government in which the people freely elect representatives to govern them in a country, democracy guarantees free and fair elections, basic personal and political rights and independent court of law. There are two types of democracy, direct and indirect democracy. Direct democracy or pure democracy is where there is direct participate of the people; people make decisions for them instead of letting them representative make decision for them. Indirect democracy the decisions are made by the representative on behalf of the people that voted for them....   [tags: election, representation, people, government]

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Democracy An American Novel, by Henry Adams

- In the late 1800’s, Henry Adams wrote Democracy An American Novel, in which he portrayed Washington society through the eyes of a wealthy young widow, Mrs. Madeline Lee, who is looking for the basis of American governmental power. In her search for the basis of power, Mrs. Lee encounters many facets of Washington society, such as the types of people who control the government. The novel moves beyond a simple plot and story and includes portrayals of the basic Washington types of people, Washington society, and Adams’ assumptions about American democracy....   [tags: democray, Henry Adams]

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The Internet and Democracy

- The topic of Internet voting is a controversial one, but as our society continues to advance I do not see why we should shy away from it. Internet voting will substantially increase voter participation, and ultimately reflect societies values more accurately with each election. We are at the height of the digital age, a closely integrated society where information is being commodified, and sold. This is referred to as an information economy, and it is a global epidemic that is only being made possible by our growing dependency on the Internet....   [tags: internet voting, digital age]

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- Representation has been a core value of democracy; thus, industrialized nations who are democratic are very much interested in effectively practicing representation. California has been a state that has struggled with representing its residents. Lustig notes that the core of American democracy is representation. Witko emphasizes that the legislature is the most representative body of all the three branches for each legislator is suppose to represent their respective constituents. According to Lustig, California is currently experiencing a crisis of representation; although, California is experiencing a representation dilemma, it does not mean that California does not represent its residents....   [tags: Politics, Representation]

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The Government, Democracy, Social Contract, And Ontological Foundations

- James Madison and Jean Jacques Rousseau had a lot in common. They are both classic liberals and lived around the same time period. They do have their differences but they are not as contradictory as one may think. This essay will discuss the views of the way they viewed the government, democracy, social contract, and ontological foundations. Looking at both of their views on these subjects and comparing them, readers can see just how similar the two philosophers are. Madison believed in a strong government....   [tags: Political philosophy, Democracy]

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Analysis Of Robert Putnam 's Making Democracy Work

- Between 1970 and 1989, Robert Putnam, author of the book Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy, and a few of his colleagues assessed the new regional governments in Italy. Their goal was to uncover relationships and understand what creates an effective representative government by studying social, political, and cultural environments throughout Italy. The appraisal revealed tremendous differences in the institutional performances of the regional administrations (Putnam 5), which led to Putnam’s inquiry into the conditions that create successful governments (Putnam 6)....   [tags: Democracy, Political philosophy, Government]

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Descriptive Representation Of The American Democracy

- Citizens of the United States rely heavily on their representatives to ensure that their concerns are heard, as well as that their needs are met. Descriptive and agency representation are two types of representation. Descriptive representation is the idea that one will get representation when they share characteristics with representatives such as race, religion, and gender (Conover, 10/13). This means that persons who have similar backgrounds and experiences should also have similar political preferences....   [tags: United States House of Representatives]

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Islam and Democracy

- Discuss the argument that characterise the debate about Islam and democracy Since the rise of the Islamic movements around the world especially in the Middle East and the current tension between Muslim and the Western countries in particular after 9/11, the different debates and arguments has been made by scholars, in particular Western intellectuals about the capability of the Islam to accept the principles of democracy. I will examine the relationship between Islam and politics, definition of Islam and democracy, the connection between Islamic teaching (Hadith and Quran) and Islamic movements and different perspectives of Islamists or Islamic countries....   [tags: islamic movements, middle east]

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Critiques of Democracy

- The various critiques of democratic theories and practices question the purpose and progress of political systems in carrying out promises for its citizens. Realists, such as Max Weber, argue that politics is exploitative because of its ability to perform both evil and good acts. Therefore, to study and endure political life is to know of the dangerous consequences it presents. Norberto Bobbio, a noted neorealist thinker, posits that democracy is represented as a struggle among groups and individuals for power and democracy....   [tags: Government, Politics]

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Democracy: An Analysis

- Winston Churchill once remarked that “democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried”. In agreement with his statement, this paper will examine the problems of democratic governments using specific examples, and compare it to the failure of fascist governments in Nazi Germany and Italy and communist governments in the Soviet Union and China. Theoretically, democracy is a stable form of government where power is in the hands of the people. In a democracy, people have the liberty to elect officials that best represent their interests, and political institutions exist as a result: Benjamin Constant argues in The Liberty of the Ancients Compared with that of...   [tags: Analysis, Winston Churchill]

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Transition to Democracy

- Since the initiation of the Third Wave of Democracy, several countries have attempted to form a democratic system of governs. We take note that not all have succeeded. At the dawn of this era, democracy was being applied to countries with no prior history of a governing body that was place by the people for the people hence success of such a system could not be guaranteed because of the innumerous variables that existed in each country. People being the highlighted factor of variance, it may become easier to understand how countries such as Pakistan and Nigeria, both countries prior to the Wave had no local governing machinery....   [tags: Political Science]

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Do we Aspire to Democracy, or is Democracy Something Achieved?

- There are various systems of governance, namely democracy, autocratic, authoritarian, despotic, dictatorial, tyrannical, totalitarian, absolutist, traditional, monarchic, oligarchic, plutocratic, aristocratic, and sultanistic. Of all the systems of governance named democracy is the only system which takes into consideration the rights of the people. All the other forms, power is given to individual or individuals, because of wealth or birthright. Democracy according to Dahl “is a system of governance in which rulers are held accountable for their actions in the public realm by citizens, acting indirectly through the competition and cooperation of their elected representative”, (4)....   [tags: system of governance,liberation,soverighty]

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Mill´s Construction on Representative Government

- ... By valuing the passive quality of political participation over its active quality, he underhandedly undermines the practice of democracy; education need not amount to any influence on the exercise of authority. Surreptitiously, Mill claims democratic influence on the exercise of authority is great theoretically, but only theoretically; practical influence on the exercise of authority must be left to the “specially trained and experienced few” of “superior minds.” Mill openly champions representative government – government in which people rule through their representatives – as the best form of government....   [tags: democratic, government, authority, political]

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Separation of Powers in the US Government

- The separation of power throughout the united states government prevents one part of the government from becoming so strong that it can infringe on the freedom of the governed (Bernstein 24). The united states government is a representative republic. A representative republic is a type of democracy where the people elect representatives to vote for them in the nations matters, rather than having every person vote on every single election and issue. The U.S. government is separated into three main branches, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial....   [tags: Representative Republic, Checks and Balances]

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Promoting Democracy in the Middle East

- I negate the resolution U.S efforts to promote democracy in the Middle East are desirable. The value that I hold in this round is autonomy. Autonomy is defined as the power or right of a country or region to govern itself. When practicing autonomy it serves as a model for the people whose interests are reflected in the principles of government. The criterion held in this round is individualism. The Middle East should be allowed to follow by their own government. Political individualism is purely concerned with protecting a country’s autonomy....   [tags: elections, contention, government]

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Democracy Of The United States

- Although there are many different forms of democracy, in a true democracy the power is in the hands of the people. In a representative democracy the nations “restrict popular decision making to electing or appointing officials who make public policy” (Text, 4). According to this definition, democracy is a form of government in which power and responsibility reside with those who have been appointed to make decisions for the good of the whole. The United States of America is said to be run through the process of representative democracy....   [tags: United States, President of the United States]

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How Effective was Athenian Democracy?

- Plan of Investigation Between the years of 508 BCE and 322 CE, Greece flourished under democracy. However, some question if the flourishing of Athens is due to the democracy that was in place as opposed to other factors relevant in building a successful community. This investigation will examine the effectiveness of Athenian democracy in Greek society. Relevance of Athenian democracy can be seen in foundation of many democracies found worldwide. In this investigation the right to vote, protection of minorities, use of social class, the structure of democracy and how Greek democracy has influenced the world will be addressed....   [tags: right to vote, minorities]

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Islam and Democracy: Mutually Exclusive?

- The September 11th terrorist attacks unleashed unimaginable devastation upon the United States and subsequently upon the Arab-Islamic world. While the government of the United States scrambled jets and prepared soldiers for war, there was another battle, arguably more important than the war the United States was preparing to wage. This battle was waged not on battlefields but in classrooms, between scholars who struggled to define and rectify the democratic deficit in the Muslim world. Theories have been offered ranging from Islam and democracy being diametrically opposed, all the way to Islam considering democracy, or democratic principles, as essential....   [tags: Religion]

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California's Direct Means of Democracy

- California is a democratic republic consisting of three branches of government. The first is the executive branch, i.e. the governor and a group of elected constitutional officers. Second is the judicial branch which consists of the Supreme Court of California and the various local courts. Officials are appointed by the Governor and ratified in the next general election. The third branch of government in California is the legislative branch. It is a bicameral body which includes California’s Senate and Assembly....   [tags: Prop 19]

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Direct Democracy and Athens

- ... ( Pericles funeral oration p.4) This quote means Athens are the model and the teacher of all Greece city state and also their man had different and god gave them different abilities for them, in other word their citizen had distinct. The second one is their building. That means they were highly in architecture. For instance, “ Athenian architecture was of the most important types of art that still survive, which like anthills, are strong and sturdy. This form of art was extinct in Greece from the end of the Mycenaean period, which is about 1200 B.C....   [tags: history of good government]

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Roots of American Democracy

- America is a country whose emergence is contributed to many sources. More specifically, the American form of Democracy stretch back beyond the formation of the United States, having origin in ancient Greek thinking, the Enlightenment, as well as the English and their injustice, The United States owes its birth as a country to many areas of influence. The Ancient Greeks were the first to put the power of a nation in the hands of the average citizen, they created the idea of the democratic government, practiced as a direct democracy....   [tags: american government]

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Roots of American Democracy

- When referring to classical antiquity period, most think of Greece and Rome dominating and flourishing in the areas of philosophy, sciences, mathematics and literature. One other admirable achievement, the establishment of early forms of democracy, came from this time period and should not be overlooked as it is the historical basis of our government today. The Founding Fathers of the United States were influenced by Greek and Roman concepts in law, government structure, and even philosophy. Concepts described in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States can be traced back historically to the classical antiquity period, and show that the United States governme...   [tags: Government]

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Democracy in the UK

- Democracy in the UK Direct democracy comprises a form of democracy and theory of civics where all citizens can directly participate in the decision-making process. Direct democracy in its traditional form is rule by the people through referenda. The people are given the right to pass laws, veto laws and withdraw support from a representative at any time. In the United States when specific direct democracy issues, other than the election of representatives, reach a local- or state-level ballot, they are commonly referred to by local and state governments as "ballot questions" or "ballot measures"....   [tags: Papers]

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Modern Democracy

- In 1947, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Sir Winston Churchill, articulated a scathing opinion of the global political spectrum in the post-war era after witnessing the fall of European fascism in Germany and Italy as well as the impending rise of communism. He remarked, “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” This essay agrees vehemently with Churchill’s assertion that democracy – for all of its faults – was, and still is, the world’s preeminent form of government when compared with all other alternatives, notably fascism and communism....   [tags: Political Science]

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