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Home Remedy for Sun Allergy

- Home Remedy for Sun Allergy Sun allergy also known as photosensitivity, is the body’s immune system overreaction to sun rays. People having dark to light skin tones can develop this allergy. The exact cause for this reaction is unclear. Researchers believe that it may be because the light radiated from the sun causes changes in some parts of the skin. This sun-altered skin is like an alarm to the immune system which identifies it as a foreign substance. This then triggers it to launch an attack by producing antibodies and as a result the allergic reaction occurs in the skin....   [tags: Health]

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Home Remedy for Egg Allergy

- HOME REMEDY FOR EGG ALLERGY There are many allergens which can trigger allergies among different people. Egg is one of the allergens that causes egg allergy. Egg allergy comes under food allergy and is due to hypersensitivity for some dietary substances such as whites of eggs or yolks. Eggs provide some of the basic nutrients and minerals in the body. But if the body is allergic to eggs, it reacts to the protein found in eggs and considers it to be harmful. The immune system responds to the antigens by creating antibodies that are developed to fight the protein in eggs....   [tags: Health Care]

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- CAFFEINE ALLERGY HOME REMEDY Caffeine allergy is a reaction in the body’s immune system due to consumption of caffeine or any caffeine products. It is available in drinking tea, soft drink, coffee, chocolates. It is also available in drugs to treat headaches, cold pills and pain relief. It is found that the consumption of caffeine among the adult US population is 80% in the form of food or other medication. A common term is used for the allergic reaction to caffeine and is known as anaphylaxis....   [tags: Health]

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Skin Allergy Home Remedy

- Skin allergy home remedy Description Human skin is sensitive to certain kind of substances known as allergen and react when comes in contact with such substances. The problem is termed to be allergy. The sensitivity varies from person to person and allergen may not be same for every person. Almost any part of the body can be affected by allergy. An abnormal tissue reaction after exposure to an allergen causes allergy. It may reach the tissues by direct contact with the skin or various mucous membranes of the organs or through the bloodstream after absorption....   [tags: Health Care ]

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Proposed Remedy for the Foreclosure Problem in America

- The foreclosure problem today in America is one of the worst economic crisis that has demonised the American economy in recent years. Like any other problem that has a solution, this problem can also be remedied too. To remedy homeowners from foreclosure risks, homeowners can approach this problem by using the structural adjustment mortgage or SAM option, using the home short sale option, or they can just accept the foreclosure of their properties. A homeowner's property will be foreclosed if the homeowner defaults on the monthly mortgage payment....   [tags: real estate]

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Ways to Help Remedy the Plagiarism Problem

- Plagiarism is a word that should be well known to anyone who has attended school. To plagiarize, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, is “to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own; use (another's production) without crediting the source; to commit literary theft; present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source.” While it would seem obvious that this would be a bad thing to do and, therefore, easy to avoid, many students and writers of all backgrounds find the subject confusing....   [tags: Education, writing, citation]

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The Best Herbal Remedy to Relieve Constipation

- Internal Blog – Online Herbs Tittle - Best Herbal Remedy to relieve constipation Keywords – Herbolax tablets from Himalaya There are certain days when you have cramps in the stomach and are struggling to pass the stool.There are days when you feel your abdominal bloated , have lumpy hard stools.These are nothing, but symptoms that you are suffering constipation .Constipation is very common in today’s life. Research says almost 27% of North American population suffers from constipation. Constipation is not a disease....   [tags: Herbolax tablets from Himalaya]

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Technology: Stress Remedy Or Causation

- Technology: Stress Remedy or Causation Abstract Is technology the savior of business people or the bane of their existence. Stress in business is as old as business itself. In modern times, a number of technological devices have appeared to make business more efficient and more productive. These devices include computers, cell phones, and Blackberries. Each device helps organized data, maintain communications, and facilitate business functions. In theory, this should reduce stress in the workplace but in reality, these devices have created new or different workplace stress factors....   [tags: Technology Pro Con]

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Domestic Violence Against Women- Root And Remedy

- Domestic violence against women- root and remedy Domestic violence has become an increasing grave global issue , a disease which is spreading like a malignant disease in the society at an alarming rate. It is heartbreaking to see that women are threatened in a place where they should feel the safest and that too by the person with whom they should feel the safest. For years and years we turned a blind eye trying to totally ignore the existence of domestic violence that is happening around us everyday....   [tags: Violence, Child abuse, Domestic violence, Abuse]

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The Law And Commerce : Fiduciary Duty, And The Remedy Of An Account Of Profits

- During my second year at YLS, the focus of my studies has shifted. Whereas the majority of my studies in year one revolved around the common law, this last year my legal education has focused upon the prevalence of the courts of equity in relation to the law of obligations and the law of property. Most notably, I have explored the far-reaching application of equitable redress. Additionally, another topic, which was touched upon last year, has been a core element of my work in relation to the interaction between the law and commerce - fiduciary duty....   [tags: Law, Common law, Fiduciary, Trustee]

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Emergency Remedy For Putrefaction : Impacts Of Realism Literature

- Emergency Remedy for Putrefaction: Impacts of Realism Literature Literature commonly displays as the mirror that reflect on the reality, especially in a particular period. After the Civil War, the United States of America came of age. During the Gilded Age, the United States economy skyrocketed at the fastest rate in its history. It transformed from a rural republic to an urban nation. As the generalization of industries, steel mills, and the transcontinental railroad, the prime of America seemed to arrive....   [tags: United States, African American, Romanticism]

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Garlic Effects Bacteria

- ... My group predicted that if S. marcenscens is exposed to crushed garlic soaked filter paper, then the growth of the bacteria would be inhibited more than it would be with the rinsed garlic or water filter papers because it would contain a higher potency of the chemical released from the breaking down of the garlic’s cell walls. Methods To conduct this experiment, the first thing we had to do was collect our materials. Our instructor had previously prepared our petri dishes by sterilizing them and filling them with agar, the food source for our bacteria (Gibson, 2014)....   [tags: experiment, remedy, observation]

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Case Study 1-1 Reinstatement And Back Pay Remedy For Illegal Discharge

- CASE STUDY 1-1 Reinstatement and Back Pay Remedy for Illegal Discharge 1. As a matter of public policy, an employer should not be a requirement to reinstate an unlawfully terminated employee even when that person is an illegal alien. Overall, this seems to be a violation of the Immigration and Reform Act of 1996, and also one of the Legal Arizona Workers Act. This would mean that the illegal alien employees would be the result of the breaking of state and federal laws. Therefore, making it illegal to reestablish the employees with the job employment positions....   [tags: Trade union, National Labor Relations Act]

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A Remedy for Failing Public Schools

- Our public schools are failing because they are operated under an antiquated system. Most are behemoth, bureaucratic bastions of inefficiency in which no one seems to be held accountable. It’s top-down management at its worst. The people who have the most contact with students in this over-burdened, under-funded system – the teachers – have the least input when it comes to “company” policy. This makes this system resemble a widget factory in which management has worked out all the kinks, so it thinks, and dictates to production line workers how to pump out a “good” product....   [tags: public education, ]

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Possible Solutions to Remedy the Detrimental Effects of Soil Acidity on Tropical Agriculture

- Possible Solutions to Remedy the Detrimental Effects of Soil Acidity on Tropical Agriculture Arable tropical soils, which mainly consist of Oxisols and Ultisols but also include regions of Inceptisols and Alfisols, cover approximately one billion hectares; this area represents 33 percent of the total potentially arable land of this world which does not require irrigation. Most of these soils have optimum conditions for crop production, including low population density, excellent physical conditions, and a favorable climate (Van Wambeke, 1976)....   [tags: Agriculture Agricultural Papers]

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A Natural Remedy: Hypnosis

- “Take a deep breath and slowly let it out. Imagine all your muscles slowly relaxing one by one. As you close your eyes picture yourself on the beach listening to the rhythmic beating of the waves against the shore. The salty breeze is the most soothing thing on earth and it makes you want to lie down and not think about your worries, but only about how tranquil it is by the ocean.” The hypnotist says these things as one slowly enters the hypnotic trance. This is one of the ways modern hypnotists use to induce someone into a hypnotic trance....   [tags: Pre-suggestion, suggestion, and post suggestion]

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Remedy to Immoralities That Are Part of Society Today

- It is undeniable that the computer and Internet play and important role in our daily lives. Today, many issues have been raised regarding the decline in morality and the pornification of culture. These issues have become a serious problem around the world and it leaves a big impact on many people regardless of their age, culture and religion. Muslims and non-Muslims are concerned on what the future brings if actions are not taken to decrease these bad influences that are getting more influential especially to the youths....   [tags: computer, internet, culture, lifestyle]

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Evaluating a Policy Problem and Remedy for Intervention Challenges Mary Kaldor’s New and Old Wars

- Failures in intervention are primarily due to conceptual inaccuracies about the characteristics of wars according to Mary Kaldor in New & Old Wars. Specifically, Kaldor states, “the most important explanation [for intervention failure] is misperception, the persistence of inherited ways of thinking about organized violence, the inability to understand the character and logic of the new warfare.” The characteristics of “new wars,” as defined by Kaldor, contrast with old, or Clausewitzian, wars in the actors, goals, warfare strategies and financing methods....   [tags: war, inaccuracies, intervention]

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Universal Human Rights Compliance in Ethiopia

- Introductory Remark’s All mankind should enjoy human rights because of the mere fact that they are human-beings. Human rights have two dimensions – entitlement and obligation. Entitlement is the right holder privilege of enjoying human right whereas obligation is a duty bearer responsibility in the enjoyment of human rights. Mostly the duty bearers for the enjoyment of human right are states. That is the main duties derived from human right fall on states and their authorities or agents not on individuals....   [tags: obligation to respect]

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The Different Types Of Remedies

- The different types of remedies are substantial to resolve a dispute. What. A civil remedy is when a court of law, enforces a right, imposes a penalty, or makes another court order to impose its will. The sum of the remedy is based on the degree of assistance required by the individual. This is imposed by a judge after the individual has recognized that she or he has had their rights infringed by the defendant. The cost of remedies is usually broken up into many subcategories with numerous conditions coming into consideration....   [tags: Appeal, Law, Contract, Lawsuit]

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The Distinction Between an Unfair Prejudice Petition and a Statutory Derivative Action

- The unfair prejudice petition has always been regarded as the easier and more flexible option for minority shareholders’ protection compared to the statutory derivative action. The restrictive leave requirements under the statutory derivative claim where the concept of prima facie, good faith and ratification have been interpreted within the confines of the origins in the case of Foss v Harbottle do not add any appeal the statutory derivative claim. Further, the approach in relation to granting indemnity costs orders which is rather limited does not in any way encourage any potential claimant to pursue a derivative action....   [tags: court, jurisdiction, shareholders]

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Treatment Of Urinary Tract Infections

- Cephalexin is one of many western drugs that are used around the world today. Cephalexin is an “antibiotic used to treat certain infections caused by bacteria such as pneumonia and bone, ear, skin, and urinary tract infections” (Medline,2016). For a urinary tract infection, cephalexin is very safe and effective. An alternative, herbal remedy for a UTI is called Uva-Ursi or commonly known as Bearberry. UTIs are very regular and can be treated effectively with either the antibiotic or herbal remedy....   [tags: Urinary tract infection, Kidney, Urine, Bacteria]

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The Role Of Equity Law Over Common Law

- Law is usually, a structure of rules that are enforced and backed by the cohesive power of the state to govern and control the social order. Fundamentally, the law is formed through legislation, binding of precedents, decree and regulations. These sets of rules are further segregated into criminal law, civil law, common law & equity and Religious laws. This essay will discuss the origin of law and examine the usefulness of equity law over common law, analyse weakness of common laws and distinguish in the way that these two jurisdictions operate....   [tags: Common law, Law, Equity, Jury]

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The Sources Of The Groundwater Contaminant Plume

- The suspected sources of the groundwater contaminant plume are historical releases from several facilities (including Sunshine Laundry, Elite Cleaners, and American Linen Corporation) that operated laundry and/or dry‐cleaning facilities near the corner of 3rd Street and Roma Avenue from 1924 to 1973. In 1973, the buildings were demolished and replaced by a paved parking area as part of an urban development plan. The City of Albuquerque first discovered chlorinated solvent contamination in groundwater near the site in April 1989, during a routine inspection of the Coca‐Cola bottling plant water supply well, located at 205 Marquette Avenue NE, which was plugged and abandoned in 1989....   [tags: Water, Groundwater]

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Tomato Allergy

- Tomato allergy is a food allergy which is not common. However it becomes a real big problem to people who are allergic to tomatoes. The allergic reaction seems to be because of the skin, seeds and juice. This allergy falls in Type 1 Allergy also called contact allergy. The oral allergy to tomatoes can be also due to the cross-reactivity to grass pollens and Ryegrass. Since tomatoes and potatoes are close related plants, therefore there is a slight chance of being allergic to potatoes also. Ingesting tomatoes by people having true allergy to the vegetable can have fatal results....   [tags: Health]

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An Evaluation of Fairness for Breaches of Contract

- “A breach of contract is committed when a party without lawful excuse fails or refuses to perform what is due from him under the contract, or performs defectively or anticipates himself from performing.” The laws around breach of contract have often been criticized for their unfair results this may be because the law does not aim to punish the defendant to instead aim for restoration for the claimant. The inadequacy of compensation for breach of contract is a widely recognized problem. It seems that there are few cases where the claimant is able to claim their full damages generally they are given a nominal sum that seems almost irrelevant to the claim for damages it is only on rare occasi...   [tags: restoration, interest, damages]

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Types and Causes of Renal Failure

- When a client arrives in the emergency room with complaints of asthenia, malaise, headache, weight gain, and decrease in urination, the key factor is urine retention. That clue alone may lead to a diagnosis of acute renal failure. Acute renal failure is the loss of the ability to filter, remove, and balance fluid and electrolytes in your body. There are three types of causes, all of which have a necessary plan for treatment. Prerenal Prerenal is the disruption that occurs before reaching the kidneys, and are usually caused by inadequate blood circulation....   [tags: kidneys, flitration, proteins]

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Homeopathic Remedies

- Various eye injuries ranging from superficial to severe, may be treated with homeopathic remedies. A professional homeopath is trained to offer the best guidance about which remedy fits your specific dog and its condition, which remedies complement each other and what single or mixture of remedies will provide the most beneficial results. Always call your veterinarian when serious injuries occur. If you decide to use homeopathic remedies for your dog's eye injuries, the ideal situation would be to consult with your veterinarian as well as with a qualified and certified homeopathic or holistic health practitioner....   [tags: Health]

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The Theory Of Human Nature

- A Community of Inquiry, a social gathering of where participants put forth their views and questions are debated, fosters critical reasoning and the ability to express oneself. With regards to human nature, a complex notion that has been described extensively by different philosophies and religions, a CI can be the remedy to a theories diagnosis; yet can also counteract the remedy put forth by the theory. Each human has his or her own theory as to our nature, some classing while others align. Therefore, this essay will explore the merits and pitfalls to engaging in a CI with two distinct theories of human nature being debated....   [tags: Psychology, Thought, Reason, Logic]

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Freedom of Contract Theory

- RESEARCH QUESTION Tracing back the history of the freedom of contract theory, is the freedom to enter into contract(s) truly free. HYPOTHESIS With the codification of contract law, parameters have been set for people who can and who cannot enter into contracts i.e. all persons cannot be parties to contracts or enter into contractual relations. It has also been specified about the types of contract one can enter into. Hence, there are restrictions on persons.   1. INTRODUCTION In the beginning of the formation of state and the laws getting codified, the legal system as such did not recognize contracts as legal as legal entity or something in which the state will poke its nose into....   [tags: legal system, agreement]

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Summary and Analysis of The Parson's Tale

- Summary and Analysis of The Parson's Tale (The Canterbury Tales) Prologue to the Parson's Tale: When the Manciple's Tale was done, it was then four o'clock. The Host claimed that only one tale remained. The Parson, however, refused to tell a foolish story, for Paul advised against telling false stories. He says that he will tell a virtuous tale in prose. The Parson's Tale: There have been many spiritual ways that have led people to Jesus Christ and to the reign of glory. The most prominent of these ways is Penitence....   [tags: Canterbury Tales The Parson's Tale Essays]

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New Message Of The Music Industry

- In today’s music industry, it is nearly impossible to avoid mentioning one of the world’s biggest pop superstars, Adele. At 27 years old, the artist has already reached enormous amounts of success and shattered numerous music records, including best selling record of 2015 for 25, her most recent piece of work. Prior to the release of 25, Adele attained similar accomplishments in her albums 19 and 20. All of Adele’s records are named after the age at which the star wrote and recorded the album; this unique naming system allows fans to gain insight into pivotal moments of Adele’s life and see the artist mature through her music....   [tags: Love, Emotion, Pop music, Tottenham]

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Sales Force ( Sf )

- Sales Force Sales Force (SF) is an important aspect to any company’s success. In the past, we have known to associate SF with aggressive selling, as that was their main approach in obtaining revenue for many companies. Technological advances have changed the way companies utilize its SF. However, SF remains to be a direct link between customers and companies as they are the face associated with the brand (Kotler& Keller, 2012, p. 554). Companies must set attainable objectives and strategies that are specific to its SF....   [tags: Marketing, Retailing, Common cold, Sales]

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My Strengths And Weaknesses Upon Completion Of A Competing Values Skills Profile

- This paper examines both my strengths and weaknesses upon completion of a Competing Values Skills profile. Personal and corporate self-evaluation can help managers diagnose their roles and skills, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop action plans for improvement breakthroughs (Belasen, 2000, p. 59). First, I will discuss my current skill set that was identified through self-assessment. Next, I will discuss the necessary development plan needed to remedy particular deficiencies and finally, I will discuss how this CVF profile broadened my thinking and how with this information, I can elevate my value and placement in my workplace....   [tags: Management, Big Five personality traits, Time]

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UK Legislation: The Preliminary Reference Procedure Under Article 267 TFEU

- Summary • The ECJ can only give rulings on the interpretation of the Treaties and validity of secondary EU legislation, under Article 267 TFEU. • References are either discretionary or mandatory. • Bodies that can make a reference have to be courts or tribunals that satisfy the Dorsch criteria. Conclusions • If there is a judicial remedy available from a certain UK court, then that specific court has discretion on making a reference. • If there is no judicial remedy available (usually the court in question being the Supreme Court) then a reference would be mandatory....   [tags: British Courts. European Union Law]

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Is There a Valid Contract between Buyer and Seller

- Issue: The issue here is whether there was a valid contract between buyer and seller. If this case goes to the court, who is likely to succeed. By assuming that the buyer prevails in his lawsuit against seller, what damages buyer is likely to receive when: • Seller agreed to the buyer that he has to mail a cheque for $5000 and then pay the balance by 1 November. • Buyer then mailed Seller a $5000 cheque later that day. • Buyer's plans to borrow $20,000 from the investor to buy the van. • Investor agrees to loan $20,000 to the buyer....   [tags: legal case study]

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M3. Sales Under The Sale Of Goods Act 1979

- M3 Sales under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, when a business buys goods from another business, it means that they have entered into a contract with that other business, as the supplier of the goods. Under the Sale of Goods Act there are some rules that form the contract and, which the suppliers must abide by. The act states that the goods sold must be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose. By fit for the purpose this means that the product must be suitable for everyday use and for the purpose that the buyer is made aware of....   [tags: Contract, Contract law, Breach of contract, Sales]

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Marbury V. Madison : The Legacy Of Judicial Review

- Marbury v. Madison: The Legacy of Judicial Review John Marshall, Supreme Court Justice, created legal precedence in the historical case, Marbury v. Madison in 1803. Throughout history he is portrayed as the fountainhead of judicial review. Marshall asserted the right of the judicial branch of government to void legislation it deemed unconstitutional, (Lemieux, 2003). In this essay, I will describe the factual circumstances and the Supreme Court holdings explaining the reasoning behind Chief Justice Marshall’s conclusions in the case, Marbury v....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States]

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The Concept of the Corporate Veil

- The Concept of the Corporate Veil The ‘unyielding rock’ of corporation law, as established and relied upon in Salomon v A Salomon & Co Ltd, is the concept of the separate juristic personality of a corporation. Out of this century-old principle, the legal structure of modern business was born. The foundation of corporation law thus rests on the concept that a company has a separate legal personality which is recognised in the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (“the Act’). Section 19 of the Act allows a company to act in its own capacity, distinct from the personal capacity of its directors and shareholders....   [tags: courts, corporation law]

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Breach Of Contract And The Damages

- The issue in this case is whether Big Board has breached contract and the damages available to Specialty and the reasoning behind them. Breach of contract is a situation that occurs if one or both of the parties do not perform their duties as specified in the contract. If a contract has not been discharged or excused, the contracting party owes an absolute duty (covenant) to perform the duty. There are 3 levels of performance of a contract, complete, substantial and inferior. Complete performances discharge the parties from the contract....   [tags: Breach of contract, Contract, Contract law]

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Customer Assistance Hardware Solutions

- In our fast driven society fueled by technology, businesses small or large have to process huge amount of customers within a limited time. Processing customers ranging from customer assistance, product or service information and discounts, transactions, or for interaction through social media. Developing a hardware solution that will remedy most of the key problems that relates to the customers, social media and marketing. ‘Pharos’ main functionalities is to address all customer related concerns such as mitigating the queuing up in shops, providing real time discount to customers and assisting shopping lists....   [tags: pharos, complications, technology]

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Psoriasis Home Treatments

- Psoriasis is a noncontagious skin infection that develops a rapid skin production which results in dry patches, red and thickened of the skin. It commonly affects the skin of knees, scalp, elbows, palms of hands, genitals and soles of feet. It is a chronic and autoimmune disease that occurs, when the immune system sends false signal that speed up the growth cycle of the skin cells. Psoriasis causes scaly patches called psoriatic plaques, this area have an excessive skin production and inflammation....   [tags: Health ]

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Home Remedies for Sinus Infections

- Sinus is basically an inflammation in the nasal passage. Coughing, sneezing, feeling tired and achy are the common symptoms of sinus. This indicates the sinus condition. Suffering from sinus may have different types of headaches as well, like tension headache, cough headache, eye strain headache, sore throat headache, blurred vision headache. One may also suffer from headache nausea. The symptoms of sinus infection depend on it is chronic or acute. Signals vary from person to person. There are basically two types Acute Sinusitis and Chronic Sinusitis....   [tags: Health]

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Hair Damage Home Remedies

- Treating hair to a variety of harsh chemicals like hair colors, hair extensions, hair dyes, is one of the obvious reasons of hair damage along with other reasons. Blow drying, rebonding, treating hair to excessive heat while straightening, perming, and certain hairstyles like braids are other causes of hair damage. Hair can have a dry texture due to chlorine water while washing, over use of hair care products, chemical treatments and pollution. Damaged dry hair can also be due to lack of regular oiling, shampooing and conditioning....   [tags: Home Remedies ]

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Home Remedies for Abrasion

- Home Remedies for Abrasion Abrasion is an injury that occurs on the topmost layer of the skin called the epidermis. This external scratch is a minor condition that may result in bleeding. The scar and sign gets healed within a small duration of time. However if the injury occurs owing to some rough surfaces then the skin may appear red or pink. There can be a burning sensation without any bleeding. This may be mainly because the second layer of the grazed skin is exposed to injury. The common victims of abrasion are children and kids who often get scraped knee and bruised arm....   [tags: Health Care]

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St. John 's Wort

- St. John’s Wort (Hypercuim Perforatum) a yellow flower plant. This medicinal herbal remedy is said to stabilize your mood. St. John’s Wort has antidepressant properties and even potential antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Although some studies have determined that St. John’s Wort is very toxic to livestock when ingested. Typically this herb would be found growing wild like a weed in Europe. (Britta Kleemannm, 2014) St. John’s Wort can be purchased at any local drug store for around fifteen dollars for around ninety capsules....   [tags: Pharmacology, Medicine, Pharmaceutical drug]

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Seasonal Allergies

- Allergies occurring during a certain time of the year are known as seasonal allergy. The main cause of these allergies is pollen, which is due to response of the reproduction of trees, flowers, grasses and weeds. The two most frequent seasons that are responsible for allergies is spring and winter or which commonly known as fall. These are the seasons when the highest pollination takes place. The NIAD (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) recorded that about 35 million people are infected from seasonal allergy also called allergic rhinitis....   [tags: Health Care ]

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Chocolate Allergy

- Chocolates have benefits that can cure allergy but there are people who suffer from chocolate allergy. Chocolates are an addiction to many of us and researchers have found that dark chocolates contain antioxidants. This makes it a reason for many of us to indulge on it all the more. Chocolate allergy falls in Allergies Type 1, also known as contact allergy. Chocolate, a very delicious and mouth watering food is actually a very complex food that contains 300 chemical compounds like caffeine, element calcium....   [tags: Health]

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Sinus Infection Headache

- Sinus infection headache Description- sinus infection is curable at home. The most common symptom is headache other than coughing, sneezing and ache. Sinus is basically an inflammation in the nasal passage. Coughing, sneezing, feeling tired and ache are the common symptoms of sinus. This indicates the sinus condition. Suffering from sinus may have different types of headaches like tension headache, cough headache, eye strain headache, sore throat headache, blurred vision headache. One may also suffer from headache nausea....   [tags: Health Care]

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Ways in which Lifelong Learning can Contribute towards the New Global Culture and New Knowledge Society

- Introduction: In this essay, ways in which lifelong learning can contribute towards the new global culture and new knowledge society, facts about lifelong learning and how the educator deals with the learners will be discussed. What is learning. Learning is defined as obtaining a new ability or knowledge. For example: leaning to ride a bike, learning to walk, learning a new language, and so on. What is lifelong learning. According to the English dictionary, lifelong learning is the “use of both formal and informal learning opportunities throughout people's lives in order to foster the continuous development and improvement of the knowledge and skills needed for employment and personal fulfil...   [tags: teaching and learning techniques ]

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Comparing The Aho 's ' The Menacing Authority And Power '

- The Aho’s both through the book suggest their discontent with modem biomedicine. From the first chapter, the Aho’s both adamantly state that modern medicine is a “menacing authority and power”. The authors wanted to debunk and understanding and interpretation of human diseases, illness, sickness that was produced mainstream medicine. One point the authors specifically pointed out was that they wanted to move away from the Cartesian view, which saw the mind and body as two separate entities. The book wanted to break down our views and see in a new light medicine, health, and the body by using Heidegger’s views of phenomenology....   [tags: Medicine, Illness, Disease, Evolutionary medicine]

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The Case Of Carlill V Carbolic Smoke Ball Co

- Question 1a: The legal issue in this question is whether or not there is a binding contract between Leila and Julie since Julie had returned Leila’s gold locket and chain without telephoning Leila first. In this situation, the general principal of law relevant to this issue is that, Leila has made a commercial agreement of a unilateral offer by placing an advertisement in the newspaper. This offer has been made to the world at large hence, a promise of performance of an act made to the world cannot be revoked....   [tags: Contract, Invitation to treat, Consideration]

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Trillo Apparel Company District 4 Production Warehouse Move

- Trillo Apparel Company District 4 Production Warehouse Move Wamin-Famin Project Management (WFPM) did a pre-assessment when the bid was given to the Trillo Apparel Company District 4 Production. Although there were delays, the Trillo Apparel Company did not experience any significant increase in the cost. The Trillo Apparel project’s quality of workmanship was a success. In part, this was due to the exceptional work done on the installation of the loading dock. WFPM renovated, the new Trillo Apparel Company District 4 warehouse....   [tags: Project management, Management, Project manager]

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The Role Of Gender During The Witch Hunts

- The healers and people most trusted during Early Modern Europe with healing the community were typically women. But if the remedy they gave to help heal an ailment did not work, or caused more harm, they were given the title of witch. Many community healers during this time were convicted of witchcraft, and were sentenced to death. Mostly women were convicted of witchcraft, but men were being convicted as well. Those running the trials were close with the church, and were highly respected individuals....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Witchcraft, Witch-hunt]

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Homeopathy Medicine : A Self Healing Alternative Medicine

- Homeopathy medicine is a self-healing alternative medicine developed in 1790 by German physician and chemist Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathy medicine aims to treat the whole body and not just the symptoms. Homeopathy medicine was very popular throughout the united states during the early 1900 but began to die out after the civil war. Homeopathy medicine is approximately 200 years old, though it is believed to have originated in 400 B.C through Hippocrates. However, Samuel Hahnemann gave this medical practice a name in the late 1700s and developed three principles for Homeopathy medicine that still stands today....   [tags: Homeopathy, Alternative medicine, Medicine]

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Alternative Medicine is Better than Modern Medicine

- Over the centuries, several treatment methods have been utilized by humans for remedy diseases when they caught. Two of them are modern medicine and traditional medicine. Traditional medicine, which is also called alternative treatment, is older than modern medicine. This effective treatment had been used for many centuries before modern medicine was found. On the contrary, modern medicine has been used since the 1900’s (Lyons). In this system, drugs’ tests are carefully done in the safe laboratories, and their side effects are identified before they are given to the patient....   [tags: treatment methods, holistic doctors]

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See Hoffman Plastics Compounds, Inc. V. Nlrb

- See Hoffman Plastics Compounds, Inc. v. NLRB, 535 U.S. 137, 147 (2002) (holding that “where the Board 's chosen remedy trenches upon a federal statute or policy outside the Board 's competence to administer, the Board 's remedy may be required to yield.”). S. 2042 § 2. The WAGE Act bills introduced to the House and Senate are identical. S. 2042, H.R. 3514. See Robert M Worster III, Casenote: If It’s Hardly Worth Doing, It’s Hardly Worth Doing Right: How the NLRA’s Goals Are Defeated Through Inadequate Remedies, 38, U....   [tags: Unfair labor practice]

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Best Home Remedies For Chronic Digestive Disorders

- Best Home Remedies for Chronic Digestive Disorders The slowdown of the digestive system leads to many issues like acid reflux, constipation, heartburn, stomachache, bloating, nausea, indigestion, and more. It is not always necessary to run to the pharmacy to cure digestive issues. Conventional medicine only provides temporary relief from digestion issues whereas natural remedies can provide real solutions. Here is a collection of the best chronic digestive disorder home remedies to provide you with lasting relief from digestion problems....   [tags: Digestion, Stomach, Gastric acid]

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Wamin Famin Project Management ( Wfpm )

- Wamin-Famin Project Management (WFPM) did a pre-assessment when the bid was given for the Trillo Apparel Company District 4 Production warehouse move was given. Although there was a delay, Trillo Apparel Company experienced delays, but no significant increase in the cost. Trillo Apparel project’s quality of workmanship was a success. In part, this was due to the exceptional work done on the installation of the loading dock. WFPM renovated, the new Trillo Apparel Company District 4 warehouse. There was an expansion done to increase the production section of the warehouse....   [tags: Project management, Management]

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Home Remedies for a Sinus Cold

- Home remedies for sinus cold Description Sinus is basically an inflammation in the nasal passage. Sinus infection is one of the common infections across the world. An infection in the sinuses or cavities present in the bones near the nose is the main cause of sinus attacks. When swelling occurs in these sinuses due to some infection it results in fever, headaches, difficulty in breathing and other discomforts, known as sinusitis. The symptoms of sinus infection depend on whether it is chronic or acute....   [tags: Health Care ]

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Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

- Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the chronic medical conditions that cause the pressure of the blood to go high. It has become a silent killer and a common disease of the modern age. The physical and mental pressure of the fast pace of life can be in way responsible to increase the adrenaline in the blood stream that causes the pressure to elevate. The heart exerts a force as it pumps blood into the large arteries and as such creates a pressure within them which is known as blood pressure....   [tags: Health Care ]

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Security Management Models for Information Systems

- Background Security management within the context of information systems “needs a paradigm shift in order to successfully protect information assets” (Eloff & Eloff, 2003). Due the rapid increase in information security threats, security management measures have been taken to proactively remedy the growing threat facing information security. As a result of this, security management “is becoming more complex everyday, many organization’s security systems are failing, with serious results” (Fumey-Nassah, 2007)....   [tags: Security ]

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Adele's Death: Wrongful Acts and Causation

- The present case deals with three individuals and the roles they played in Adele’s death. This paper examines the wrongful acts committed by the individuals and which of these acts it the legal cause of Adele’s death. It will do this by: first, examining Imran’s wrongful act and how he started the chain of causation; second, analysing Rita’s wrongful act and why she is not the legal cause of Adele’s death; and finally, reviewing the paramedic’s contractual duty to act and why they are not liable for Adele’s death....   [tags: Adele's Death]

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The Case of Marbury v. Madison

- ... Adams signed the appointment and Marshall sealed it thereby giving Marbury legal right to the office he was appointed to. Therefore, denying delivery of the appointment to him was a violation of his rights and the law provides him remedy. The third question was to determine whether the Supreme Court had the authority to review acts of Congress for their constitutionality. The Court decided that it did have such authority to determine whether laws were unconstitutional and void. The judiciary has the duty to interpret the law and determine if a law violates any part of the Constitution....   [tags: supreme court, jurisdiction , congress]

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Common Law Torts: Elements and Defenses

- ... Tort law has gradually found a home in the business sector with many individuals resorting to tort law as a remedy to their business related conflict. Law of tort concentrates on obligations related matters and not in crime. For instance, Property law identifies the owner of the land as tort law protects the owner’s rights of privacy and governs trespass. There are various common law torts including personal torts, personal property torts and real property torts. The term element refers to a portion of a rule that comprises the preconditions necessary in the entire rule (Statsky 2011)....   [tags: morality, property laws, judicial system]

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Modern Medicine And Early Medieval Medicine

- Modern medicine has always been known to be the only medicine that has ever worked to cure our illnesses. Medieval medicine has always been cast aside, but today historians are beginning to explore the early medieval understanding of health and medicine. In eighth and ninth century Anglo-Saxon England’s use of medicine is summarized in The Life and Miracles of St. Cuthbert by Bede, Bald’s Leechbook, and Herbarium by Pseudo-Apuleius. Through these texts we are able to see how early medieval people created and used concoctions that they believed cured the sick....   [tags: Middle Ages, Dark Ages, Late Antiquity]

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Personalization Mall As A Gift Store

- About Personalization Mall Use Personalization Mall as a gift store and get the required items for purchase when you are incumbent to do so. See a more advantageous meaning in buying that has provisions, make the right bet with buys online. Seek a difference there is as you agree with an accessible process and trade online. Select this store as a key in purchasing always understood as it is with provisions of gifts from it. People usually use this store when they want an arrangement made and selected as the right store....   [tags: Retailing, Online shopping, Trade, Shopping]

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Kaizen Approach : Supply Chain Management

- KAIZEN APPROACH TO SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: FIRS STEP FOR TRANSFORMING SUPPLY CHAIN INTO LEAN SUPPLY CHAIN. Chains are usually series of entities established for the sole purpose of offering services and goods to the market and the management mechanisms for supply chains vary significantly. One of the most prominent management approach employed in chains is the lean supply chain management. Kaizen approach to boost the lean control mechanism is an integral part of the process, usually applied at the early stages of the lean management strategy....   [tags: Supply chain management, Management]

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Questions And Interpretation Of The Text

-   Extra Credit  Please respond to the following in short answer/essay format. Please illustrate your answers  and interpretation of the text as clearly as possible.   1.   a. What are the two types of duress and what is the effect of each on the contract involved.  The two types of duress are physical compulsion, which is a violent way to force someone to sign a contract. It can be pointing someone with a gun. Improper threats, which includes economic and social coercion. Physical compulsion renders the contract void, and improper threats renders the contract voidable by the party who was coerced.         b....   [tags: Contract law, Contract, Law, Common law]

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The Development of Common Law and Equity

- The Development of Common Law and Equity 1.0 Introduction I have been asked to write a report on the development of common law and equity. Common law refers to the law created by judges that was historically significant but has been since superseded by parliament. It is in parallel with equity which refers to the source of law created by the Lord Chancellor which was designed to supplement the common law and allow people the opportunity to avoid the inherent problems....   [tags: Papers]

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Home Remedies for Yeast Allergy

- Home Remedies for Yeast Allergy The prime use of yeast is to ferment food items. Some food items that contain yeast include bread, cheese, wine, beer, cheese, vinegar, mushrooms, and dried fruits. Yeast belongs to the fungi family and is a microorganism that is found in the body and many food items that we eat everyday. Yeast is not harmful when taken in smaller amount and does not cause any kind of imbalance. When the amount of yeast in the body increases, the body may develop some allergic symptoms....   [tags: Health]

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Types and Characteristics of Injunctions

-   INJUNCTION - Introduction An Injunction is an equitable remedy, it is an order given by court under which a person has to do or cease doing a specific action. It is an extraordinary remedy that courts utilize in special cases where preservation of the status quo or taking specific action is required in order to prevent injustice. An injunction is a specific order of the court forbidding the commission of a wrong threatened or the continuance of a wrongful course of action already begun, or in some cases, when it is called mandatory injunction commanding active restitution of the former state of things....   [tags: restraining, judicial, wrongful ]

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Lord Diplock And Lord Steyn

- Both Lord Diplock and Lord Steyn have at some point taken a negative view towards the doctrine of privity, the former described the privity rule as “an anachronistic shortcoming that has for many years been regarded as a reproach to [the] law ” and the later declaring it has having “no place in our more complex commercial world ”. The decisive case that establishes the doctrine of privity of contract is Tweedle v Atkinson , where the courts ruled that there is no legal entitlement conferred on third parties to an agreement nor are third parties able to derive any rights from that agreement nor subject to any burdens imposed by it....   [tags: Contract, Common law, Contract law]

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Poor Kids Are Starving For Words By Jessica Laheyoct

- Children from lower socio-economic status struggle in their math and reading skills when compared with children from a higher social economic status. This idea is not new; it is backed-up with researched evidence, but the solution is still a continuous work in progress. Is the solution to this problem solved in the schools or is it solved in the homes of poverty stricken families. Should communities take steps to address this growing problem or should the federal government step in and provide infrastructure to battle this issue....   [tags: Socioeconomic status, Social status, Poverty]

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Presidential Candidates Have Garnered Reputations For Dishonesty

- Certain careers have garnered reputations for dishonesty. These include lawyers, used car salesmen, and politicians. Although their claims and promises can be proven untrue later, it is generally advantageous in the moment for them to lie or stretch facts. This temptation historically has reached some people in all of these professions, creating the reputation. A trend in politics now is not to mitigate this reputation but instead follow it. Presidential candidates have continued stretching and ignoring the truth in their rhetoric, and have now started to double down on it in an attempt to increase their credibility....   [tags: Lie, Truth, English-language films, Rationality]

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The Suffering Of Innocent People

- The suffering of innocent people is the foundation of religions because pain and suffering are part of the human conflict, but it is recognized in religions by blaming themselves, others, or they considered it to be the way of life. Suffering of the good person is still in effect in this world from worldly events to everyday life, but is there an answer. To find a some answers to suffering of the good person, history, religions perspectives on suffering is required. Theodicy is a branch of philosophy and attempts to solve the issue of evil with ideas of philosophy....   [tags: Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Suffering]

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Ragweed Allergy Home Remedies

- Ragweed is a common type of plant also called bitter weeds or blood weeds. The scientific name of ragweed is Ambrosia, which is derived from Ancient Greek. The plant is from the family of sunflower called Asteraceae. It is well-known for producing pollens which causes severe allergies. It produces one billion pollen grains and it can go up to 400 miles out in the sea and 2 miles in the atmosphere. The pollen count is largest after dawn. The apt condition for ragweed is dry, sandy soils, river banks, grassy plains, roadsides, and poor soil structure sites....   [tags: Health Care ]

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Home Treatments for Wrinkles

- Wrinkles are delicate folds caused by sagging and thin skin. Wrinkles occur when the elastin and collagen present in the connective tissues of the skin is damaged or lessened in number. Skin that has weakened looses fat content, smoothness and elasticity and also appears thinner. Symptoms of wrinkles are as follows: o Creased and lined skin o Dropping and baggy skin o More affected areas include sensitive skin near the eyes, neck and lips. Though creases are temporary but they tend to get deeper with age....   [tags: Health]

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Home Remedies for Insomnia

- Home Remedies for Insomnia After a long and tiring day you come home to relax. But the moment you lie down on your moment you feel that your sleep has vanished and you remain awake the entire night. This is a syndrome of insomnia or sleeplessness. And a common story for most of the people in big and urban cities. Insomnia is a condition in which the person has difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep. Sleep is necessary and important for the body to function normally. This periodic rest is efficient to relief worries and tension....   [tags: Health ]

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Home Remedies for Angina

- Angina is a severe pain in the chest that is caused due to ischemia of the heart muscle. It happens due to lack of blood which results in shortage of oxygen. Generally there may be obstruction or spasm of the heart blood vessel called the coronary arteries that creates a feeling that the heart is strangled. Angina may or may not cause a heart attack with or without pain. Nevertheless there can be pain in other part of the body like shoulders, arms, jaw, neck and back. Types of Angina There are basically three types of angina which are listed below: • Stable angina It is the discomfort of the chest associated with minimal or no existence symptoms at rest....   [tags: Health Care]

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