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The Ancient Relatives of Mammals

- ... For example, synapsids had two occipital condyles (which are bony knobs forming a joint between the head and neck). Synapsids have always traditionally been classified as reptiles for theoretical reasons because, the standard accounts of the history of life say that both mammals evolved from synapsids, and that mammals evolved from reptiles. If both of these claims are true, then synapsids have to be classified as reptiles. But is this assumption correct. It may not be so, as the earliest known synapsid fossils are actually the same age as the earliest known reptile fossils....   [tags: synapsids, moschops, mesozoic era ]

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The Letter From Our Relatives

- The letter from our relatives arrived just days before the plague struck. We would finally have to face the dreaded reality that we have been hearing about for months. Mother has been very wary about going outdoors, so I have been helping her mend clothes and cook. She has not even let me tend to my herb garden like I normally do in fear that corrupt mists are lingering outside, bringing the plague with them. So, you can probably imagine how reluctant she was to let me go out to buy some more barley because she was busy cooking supper for Father when he came home from selling eggs at his store in the neighboring town....   [tags: Judaism, Jews, Persian Jews, Israel]

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Caregivers: Caring for the Ill and Aging Relatives

- There are many older woman who drop out of the labor force to care for ill or againg relatives. On doing so, they forgo Social Security benefits later in life. Therefore the government should give these women credit for the unpaid work they do. I think this is highly important because caregivers are usually the adult children, typically the women, and it last up to seven years. The major reasons why the governemt should give credit to these women include the caregiver burdons and stress, their health declines, and they may have to live in poverty after the loved one passes....   [tags: health decline, poverty, burden, unpaid job]

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What are the Legal Ways to Recover Debt from Relatives and Friends?

- ... There is only fact that you did a favor to someone and they are taking advantage of you. It is the time to get little angry and stay this way. Now you are not friends or relatives anymore or they do from this point on is going to change that. Remind them about the debt repayment: You should remind them that they asked you about borrowing money not you. They request loan from you and you gave it to them. Remind them about what they committed to do. You should be certain about payment and dates....   [tags: debt recovery, collection agency]

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Healthy Family and Parenting Styles

- What is a family. Most people would define the term family as a group of people, usually made of parents, children, and other relatives that live together. In addition to the “normal” family, there are also blended families, single parent families, and adoptive families. No matter the make-up of the family, families are healthier when they have boundaries, trust, and support within them. In the novel, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine employs an authoritative parenting style, there is trust within their family, along with support....   [tags: children, relatives, caregiver]

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Relatives, Houseguests and the MT

- Providing accommodations for family and guests has never been an issue at Comfort Island in my years going there. There are five large second-floor bedrooms in the main upstairs section of the house that still have original tin numbers affixed to their respective doors. The numbers read “two, three, four, seven and eight.” In the 1880s there were apparently eight numbered bedrooms. I don’t actually remember being told that the bedrooms with the missing numbers were in the attic, but I do know the attic had sleeping cubicles back in the days of Great Grandfather Clark....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Analysis of the Southern Area Hospice Information Booklet for Patients and Relatives

- Analysis of the Southern Area Hospice Information Booklet for Patients and Relatives · The inforamtion is not straightforward in telling you where the Hospice is located and only descirbes where it is located, I feel that the booklet should include directions to the Hospice and an address should be in the opening introuction and should read, 'The In-patient Unit at Southern Area Hospice Services is situated at St. John's House Courtenay Hill, Newry, and is situated with views of the Mountains of Mourne and Carlingford Lough....   [tags: Papers]

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Kurt Cobain: Collection Of Personal Accounts From Family Relatives

- Kurt Cobain: Collection of Personal Accounts From Family Relatives I would like to share some of the memories and perceptions I have concerning this unique, rare and original human being called Kurt Cobain. I knew Kurt during his teen-age years in the period from about 1979 to 1984. I was in my mid-30s and living in and near Montesano. My sister married Kurt's dad, Don, and also lived in Montesano. My grandfather comprehended the intelligence and individuality in Kurt at a time when Kurt was being beaten down mentally and physically....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Social Media Is Defined By Meriam Webster

- Supplementary Connections Social media is defined by Meriam-Webster as “forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content” (Merriam-Webster). That definition does not capture the essence of what social media has become to each person individually. It is as if social media has become an extension of the person itself, when referring to the popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. It is used for self-expression, networking, and sharing experiences....   [tags: Social media, Facebook, Family, Distant Relatives]

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Influence of Relatives in Not Without Laughter by Langston Hugues

- Not Without Laughter by Langston Hughes is a novel about an African-American boy’s coming of age during the early 20th century. The narrative takes us through the childhood and adolescent years of the quiet and intelligent Sandy Rogers. Just as any other child, Sandy is greatly influenced by the people he meets, the places he goes to, and his experiences in different situations as a black child who is looked down upon in a dominantly white hegemony. Though all the people we meet in life affect us in some way, it is a common fact that those who are closest to us, our constant companions, are the driving forces that shape how we turn out to be as adults....   [tags: Family, Companionship, Growing up]

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Not So Distant Relatives: Evolution of Human Vocal Production

- Humans and nonhumans are closely related to one another through physical form, but what exactly differentiates them from one another. Several people argue that there is not much difference between humans and nonhuman primates, but the most obvious difference is the way they communicate. Compared to humans, nonhumans’ ways of communicating is very simple. While both have their ways of communicating with their members, their vocal communication systems are also similar and different in terms of how they produce their vocal sounds and how they are structured, how complex they are able to produce their sounds and what they mean, how it relates to their societies, and what they intentionally use...   [tags: sarcasm, vocalization, nonhumas]

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Problems Faced by Patients and Relatives in Coping With Illness

- · It is important to deal with the illness on a physical, emotional & spiritual level. Compliance with Rx · Problems identified as causing failure of adherence to clinical advice: o No named doctor being in charge of patients care. o No named nurse being in charge of patients care. o Being in pain most or all of the time. o Not being told on discharge when to resume their normal activities. · Factors in communication which improve patients’ adherence to clinical advice: o Clinician understands the patient....   [tags: Papers]

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Applying The Sports Analysis On Relative Age

- Applying the sports analysis on relative age to academics is quickly revealed to be a flawed approach. In athletics, it’s simple; if you’re older, bigger, and stronger, you can probably hit a baseball a longer way than your smaller competitors. However, the academic playing field has a tendency to even the odds. At first glance, there is some evidence that the redshirted children perform better initially (Zill, Loomis, & West, 1997, p. 40). However, unlike in sports, the effect doesn’t last. Erikson Institute President Emeritus Samuel Meisels states, “as children get older…whatever advantage is conferred by starting school a year older decreases dramatically” (Safer, 2012)....   [tags: Childhood, The Child, Child, Relative dating]

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The Use of Relative Clauses in Speech

- The elicitation task used in this study successfully instigated the production of relative clauses in the two groups of children and adults. There was no significant difference between the two groups of children in the use of RCs, although there was between the adults and children. Therefore, the children may have been too old to show the effect of developmental acquisition in the age range 5 to 8. As previous researchers have found (Utzeri, 2007; Tomasello, 2000; Diessel 2004), SRCs were produced unproblematically by both groups of children and adults, although as hypothesised, the production of ORCs were consistently avoided by all groups, but surprisingly i...   [tags: Language]

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A Research Study At The Beginning Of The Article By Providing A For Relative Empowerment

- The abstract clearly and concisely summarizes the main features of the article by providing a “brief description of the study at the beginning of the article” (Polit & Beck, 2012, p. 63). Li et al (2012) state the problem as: whether the Creating Avenues for Relative Empowerment (CARE) program is efficient. They state the method used as: the randomization of two subject groups, one receiving CARE intervention and the other receiving a generic program. They state the results as showing no statistically significant differences in-patient or family caregiver outcomes (FCG) between the two programs; however, evidence of role outcome suggests CARE may be beneficial to certain FCG subgroups....   [tags: Scientific method, Quantitative research, Research]

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Deviance is Relative

- “Deviance is Relative” is a controversial topic that has caused intrigued sociologists to have debates in order to come to a conclusion. Because there is no absolute standard application towards deviating behavior, we can only gain knowledge through practical implications, main ideas, and concepts & processes. Practical Implications of “Deviance is Relative” There is no absolute way of defining deviating acts. Deviance can only be defined in a relation to certain norms, but no standards are permanent....   [tags: Sociology ]

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The Relative Bargaining Power Of Spouses

- According to Orsini & Spadaro (2005) the relative bargaining power of spouses can determine each spouse’s share of the available resources. Individuals exercise agency in order to maximize their benefits. This agency is necessarily bounded by the social institution that determines resource sharing (Slootmaker, 2013). In our experiment, this social institution is a resource sharing game in which husbands and wives are asked to divide an amount of money between themselves and their partners. The amount is 100 Ethiopian birr (ETB), which is equivalent to the daily milk income in market participant households....   [tags: Marriage, Husband, Proposals, Spouse]

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Morality Is Not Relative, Rachel Argues

- Objections. 1. That morality is not relative, Rachel argues, “ Claims made by its proponents go beyond what the facts or arguments can establish”. She argues that we do not need morality because of culture differences and values based on where we are. Also talks about what can be learned from relativism and states that because of it morality is not needed and know what to do based on their moral codes. 2. Consequences of Taking Cultural Realism Seriously, (1. We can no longer say that other cultures societies are inferior to our own 2....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Value, Culture]

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Language : Language Is All Relative

- Language Language throughout the years has adapted and changed according to trends and current events. It’s always different and always changing. This raises the question, is there a correct way to speak. I think not. Language is all relative. Over the years certain words may start to mean different things. For example, the word “gay” during my grandpa’s teenage years meant something totally different than how it’s used currently. Although it’s still a word and used frequently, over the years the meaning started adapting to present day situations....   [tags: Writing, High school, Diary, Linguistics]

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John Mark, The Relative Of Barnabas

- • The book was written after Jesus death, between A.D 44-75, but believed to more closely to be approx A.D 67-68. At this time the audience may have been experiencing persecutions by Nero (Roman persecutor of Christians) which took place in A.D. 54-68 . The author is not stated but the consistent traditional view of the church history is that John Mark, the relative of Barnabas , is the author of the book. Papias (born between A.D50-60) appears to be the first witness of Mark indeed being the author of the book, along with others, Justin Martyr, Clement of Rome, and Ignatius came to the same conclusion ....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Saint Peter]

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Poverty, Absolute, Relative, And Subjective

- . A specific dollar amount that for yearly income is considered the threshold for families and when families fall below that poverty threshold, they are considered living in poverty (Aber Morris & Raver, 2012). This is a general definition that the government uses to define poverty and can be inaccurate in many cases. There are three different definitions that scientists use to define poverty, absolute, relative, and subjective. Absolute is when a families income falls below the poverty guideline....   [tags: Poverty, Poverty threshold, Malnutrition]

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The Relationship Between Relative Prices Of Output And Relative Factor Rewards

- Sarah Little August 17, 2015 Final Exam Essay 1 The Stolper-Samuelson Theorem is a theorem that describes the relationship between relative prices of output and relative factor rewards, specifically, real wages and real returns to capital. By pinpointing a conflict of interest between the ruling elite and workers over trade policy, the theorem implies that workers may have an incentive to mount a revolution. However, this also implies that the elite can use trade policy to make concessions to the workers and hence avert a revolution....   [tags: Foreign exchange market, Currency]

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Is Morality Relative Or Are There Objective Moral Truths?

- Is morality relative or are there objective moral truths. In other to evaluate the nature of a culture/society, morals and ethics are needed. What exactly is “morals”. Merriam-Webster defines “morals” as concerning or relating to what is right and wrong in human behavior, basically what one think is right or good. Ethics, on the other hand is the discipline relating to right and wrong, moral duty and obligation, and moral principles and values. They both can have a similar definition but they both have their distinctions....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Ten Commandments]

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Family Model Family Is A Relative Term

- Families are what make up our society. Sure, there is the individual, but every individual is part of a family. Just like cells are the basic building blocks of life, despite the fact that organelles make up the cell. There are an infinite number of family models in our society. The one that seems to receive the most attention, however, is the model family. The model family supposedly internalizes everything perfect in our society. This family has been discussed in television sitcoms, movies, books, and in every-day encounters between friends....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Theology, Mother]

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Is Conscience A Cultural Relative Or Universalistic Phenomenon?

- Collapse . 1) Is conscience a cultural relative or universalistic phenomenon. What are the neuro-biological and psychological theories about conscious action, including conscious moral action. Be sure that you understand the difference between conscious and conscience. Conscience is a universal phenomenon because it is “the essence of the moral life” (Boss, p. 74). This is to say that all individuals have a conscience, but it is how they use it that sets them apart. Boss describes conscience as it “provides us with knowledge about what is right and wrong....   [tags: Morality, Psychology]

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Poverty in Canada: Relative Poverty Measurement

- ... It looks to see if what would happen if you bought only that was required and nothing else. This is different from the LICO measurement which looks to see if Canadians have enough income after necessities are purchased to live like a Canadian. It is the availability to have necessities that defines poverty in the MBM whereas the ability to have after It appears quite obviously then that the LICO measurement is most helpful to Canadian policy makers. The key word here is Canadian. If these policy makers are determining how poverty is affecting Canadians than a world standard is ineffective since Canada is a wealthy, highly advanced capitalist country....   [tags: culture, history, absolute poverty]

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Morality is Relative

- Morality is Relative James Rachels' article, "Morality is Not Relative," is incorrect, he provides arguments that cannot logically be applied or have no bearing on the statement of contention. His argument, seems to favor some of the ideas set forth in cultural relativism, but he has issues with other parts that make cultural relativism what it is. The first mistake is in his comparison following the example of there being different moral codes. In outlining and explaining the cultural differences argument, he gives an example that he began the article with regarding the Callatians and the Greeks, and their differences in funerary practices....   [tags: Papers]

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Natural is Relative

- Natural is Relative In his essay "From Pencils to Pixels," professor and author Dennis Baron wrote, "We have a way of getting so used to writing technologies that we come to think of them as natural rather than technological. We assume that pencils are a natural way to write because they are old…" (51). When assigned to develop my own writing technology, however, I discovered that this common human conception is wrong. Dead wrong. And the word "natural" - as we use it today - is relative. My mission was to forego modern writing tools (pencils, pens, paper, chalk, etc.) and write 20 words or less with natural materials of my choosing....   [tags: Invention Writing Technology Papers]

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Absolute Time, Relative Space, and the Hole in the Bucket

- At first glance, Isaac Newton’s bucket argument seems invulnerable to scrutiny. I never found the argument to be truly convincing, but like Newton’s supporters and perhaps a few of his critics, I possessed no means of successfully refuting it. In fact, proponents of the bucket argument have been so confident in its fortification that even now, in the 21st century, they continue to cite the bucket as undeniable evidence of absolute motion and, therefore, absolute space. One such supporter is Robin Le Poidevin, who revisits the bucket argument in Travels in Four Dimensions to defend the experiment against further scrutiny....   [tags: travels in fourt dimension, Isaac Newton]

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Relative and Absolute Quantitative Real-Time PCR

- Relative and Absolute quantitative Real-Time PCR (qRT-PCR) Introduction Quantitative Real-Time in PCR (qRT-PCR) The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a revolutionized technology used in molecular biology for detection and amplification of DNA generating thousands to millions of copies of a particular DNA sequence. Quantitative real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction PCR (RT-QPCR) is regarded as the golden standard technique in molecular biology and has been seen as a bench-marking analytic for DNA and mRNA detection, this technique is also used in a wide variety of bio-analytical science areas (Burns et al, 2005)....   [tags: molecular biology, DNA]

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How Morality is Culturally Relative

- How Morality is Culturally Relative Abstract Within this world that we live in, there is an enormous amount of people. Each of these people belongs to different cultures and societies. Every society has traits and customs that make it unique. These societies follow different moral codes. This means that they will may have different answers to the moral questions asked by our own society. What I am trying to say is that every society has a different way of analyzing and dealing with life's events, because of their cultural beliefs....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Differences Between Absolute, Relative, and Subjective Definitions of Poverty

- Background of the study Poverty is the lack of necessities like the basic food, shelter, medical care, and safety that are generally thought necessary to human (Bradshaw, 2006). Poverty is where people have unreasonably low living standards compared with others and experience hardship in everyday life (McClelland, 2000). The measurement for poverty is the “at risk of poverty line” that is derived from the net disposable household income which includes the income of all household members after taxes and social contributions, divided by the weighted factor of all household members, called “equivalent net disposable household income” (Buttler, 2013)....   [tags: income, poor, financial]

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The Impact of Relative Age Effects Educational Attainments

- Relative age initially stems from how we’ve chosen to group adolescence into groups (grades or year) in school and to decide their suitability for sports teams. For example Northern Ireland is the only European country whose compulsory school starting age is four years old, the youngest starting age in Europe. Closely followed at age five by their neighbours England, Scotland and Wales. The Republic of Ireland however has a later school start age of six years old like many other European countries....   [tags: birthdate, academics, success]

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The Theories Of Relative Deprivation, Frustration Aggression, And Social Mobilization

- Conflict Resolution Strategies Based on the theories of relative deprivation, frustration aggression, and social mobilization, constructing a resolution tactic on the macro scale is quite challenging. On a micro level, the best resolution tactic would be restorative justice for the victims, their families, and their local community. Restorative justice provides a chance for all of the parties to openly express their grievances and gain a sense of closure. The other resolution tactic that will be discussed is working with institutional policies that will hold police officers more accountable to the oath they take and possibly establish a separate system of investigation for cases regarding p...   [tags: Police, Police brutality, Crime]

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Is Knowledge Relative Because Epistemic Intuitions Vary?

- Is knowledge relative because epistemic intuitions vary. In a paper entitled Normativity and Epistemic Intuitions, Weinberg, Nichols and Stich (who I will hereafter refer to as WNS) have proposed a challenge for the “normative project” (WNS 2001: 2) of epistemology, a project which involves taking an analytic perspective on epistemology and thereby setting norms for how to pursue knowledge. One knowledge-forming processes that the this project is based on, as WNS point out, our “epistemic intuitions” (WNS 2001: 5), and it is from these intuitions that we may work out a normative account of epistemology....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Mathematics Is A Relative Term When Speaking With Some People

- Being “good” at mathematics is a relative term when speaking with some people. For example, some people may consider a person a “good” mathematician if they can work through problems without a calculator. Yet some may consider “good” as someone who can decipher complicated, high-level thinking challenges with a high level of accuracy. As it relates to me, I fall in between both definitions of good from the ones I just shared above. Most mathematics type problems, I can do mentally and I do have the capabilities to be successful on complex problems....   [tags: Mathematics, Algebra, Mathematics education]

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Relative Reactivity of Anilines

- Relative Reactivity of Anilines Abstract: Various Anilines were tested with Br2/HBr solution, the products were crystallized and melting points attained to verify relative reactivity. My assignment, 2,4-Dibromoanisol, was prepared in a yield of 52% with a melting point of 55-58 C . Reaction: Mechanism: Procedure: Anisole (0.35mL, 0.0378mol) was obtained and placed in a pre-weighed 25 mL round bottom flask, along with 2.5 mL of glacial acetic acid and a magnetic stir bar. Then the reaction apparatus was assembled, the dry tube was charged with conc....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Relative Dating

- The Fundamental Principles of Relative DatingRelative dating involves placing events in their proper chronological sequence, that is, in the order of their occurrence (Dutch 1998). This type of dating tells us which geologic event happened first, but does not give an exact date to which something happened. There are several different methods that are used in relative dating. These are the fundamental methods that are used in the field by geologists' and earth scientists to gather information about the relative age of rock bodies and other cool geologic stuff....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Relative File Organization

- Relative File Organization This topic discusses different types of indexing techniques that allows the location of records in a file relatively fast with fewer accesses. The techniques that will be addressed deals with random access file organization only. As this is the best file organization that allows records to be stored randomly rather than sequentially or in a contiguous manner. By using direct addressing, a predictable relationship between a key of a record and the location of that record on an external file is established....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Determination of the Relative Atomic Mass of Calcium

- Determination of the Relative Atomic Mass of Calcium In this experiment, I will determine the relative atomic mass of calcium by two different methods. v By measuring the volume of hydrogen produced. v By titrating the lithium hydroxide produced. Method 1 -------- [IMAGE] v 0.10g of calcium used. v 100cm3 of distilled water used. Results Method 1 Mass of Calcium (g) Total volume of gas produced (cm3) 0.10 37 v Starting point of water in cylinder = 238cm3 v Ending point, after reaction complete, of water in cylinder= 201cm3 v (238 - 201 = 37) Deduction of 37cm3, therefore 37cm3 of hydrogen gas produced....   [tags: Papers]

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The Relative Formula Mass of an Unknown Acid

- The Relative Formula Mass of an Unknown Acid Table of contents 1.1 Aim of the experiment 2 1.2 Introduction 2 1.3 Equipments and apparatus 2 1.4 Safety precautions 2 2.1 Procedure 3 2.2 Apparatus setup 3 2.3 Analysis 4 3.1 Implementing...   [tags: Papers]

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Toumai, The Oldest Relative of the Human Race

- Toumai, The Oldest Relative of the Human Race Discoveries relating to the human lineage are extremely exciting and often baffling. This is the case with the recent discovery of what seems to be the oldest member of the human family. A skull found in northern Chad in 2001, has been deemed the earliest relative to the human ever found. Nicknamed Toumai, and discovered by Michel Brunet and his paleontology team, this new category of human has been given the scientific name, Sahelanthropus tchaensis....   [tags: Anthropology Essays Paleontology Papers]

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Investigating the Relative Atomic Mass of Lithium

- Investigating the Relative Atomic Mass of Lithium Background information I’m going to produce a piece of coursework, which determine the relative atomic mass of lithium. Two methods are going to be used to approximate the relative atomic mass of lithium. 1) In the first method the RAM (Relative atomic mass) of lithium is determined by the Volume of hydrogen gas produced. 2) In the second method the RAM of lithium is determined by titrating the lithium hydroxide produced. To some extend, I think that the first method is the most practical and less complicated, because the less calculations has to be done....   [tags: Papers]

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Determination of Relative Atomic Mass of Lithium

- Determination of Relative Atomic Mass of Lithium Evaluation: In general the accuracy of the experiments was good. However with practice, the accuracy could be improved; accuracy being how close the results are to the real answer. I think I have carried pit the experiment as well as I possibly could at the time with the given conditions and time period allowed. I have gained precise results from the practical. However, looking back at the analysis section, the relative atomic mass values I found were not exactly 6.9 as presented in the periodic timetable....   [tags: Papers]

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Determining the Relative Atomic Mass of Lithium

- Determining the Relative Atomic Mass of Lithium An experiment has been carried out to determine the relative atomic mass of Lithium by using two different types of methods The first method that was carried out was to determine the volume of Hydrogen produced. In this experiment a fixed amount of Lithium was used, in my case it was 0.11g. At the end of this experiment, the volume of Hydrogen gas I collected was 185cm³. Then using the solution of lithium hydroxide made from experiment one, I used it in the titrating experiment, to find out the total volume of Hydrochloric acid used to titrate the lithium hydroxide....   [tags: Papers]

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Mechanisms That Give Rise To Rise To Absolute and Relative Pitch Perception

- With rare exception, adult humans are biased to process sound in terms of the relationship between pitches. We have no difficulty understanding a word spoken by two different individuals, even in a tonal language, since it is the relationship between pitches rather than the absolute pitch that is used to convey intonational and lexical meaning. Most adult humans are also effortlessly able to recognize two versions of a melody as the same if all intervals between its notes are preserved, even when the starting pitch is different....   [tags: Research Analysis]

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Activity-Inactivity Relative to Older Adult Patient Cared for in the Hospitalized Environment

- Aging is a natural part of human life. With modern technologies and medical innovations, the society has been able to prolong life and thus increase the number of older adults in the society. Normal part of aging are inevitable physiological and psychological changes, which need to be understood and addressed by nurses in order to provide appropriate care for older adults. Presenting patient’s description with appropriate data, I will utilize Watson’s Caring theory (2008) to assess the lower order need of activity-inactivity relative to this older adult patient cared for in the hospitalized environment....   [tags: nursing implementation, adult care, caring theory]

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The Observation Took Place Indoor At My Relative 's House

- The observation took place indoor at my relative 's house. I went to observe the child on Tuesday at 12:00 in the morning. When you first enter the house and walk through the hallway, you will see that the kitchen is on the right side and the dining table on the left. After passing the kitchen and dining table, you will see that the living room connects to the back-yard. The living room 's walls had multiple picture frames and decoration pieces hanging along with a brown color clock. Moreover, the living room had dark green sofa 's, television, a coffee table and variety of toys that include a white writing board, a box of legos, soft toys, barbie dolls, kitchen sets, play house, books, bal...   [tags: Child development, Jean Piaget, Childhood, Table]

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Why Was There Relative Stability in the Balkans, In the Period 1890-1908?

- Why Was There Relative Stability in the Balkans, In the Period 1890-1908. Between the years of 1890 and 1908 there was a period of relative stability in the Balkan area. Whilst, in this essay, it is my primary objective to look at what factors caused this, it is first important to understand that the climate was only stable in comparison to the years before it - when there was great tension, argument and conflict. It would be naïve to assume that after 1890 there was none of the aforementioned; the importance of the word 'relative' should not be overlooked....   [tags: European Europe History]

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On the Relative Intelligence of Women A Review of Two Essays

- On the Relative Intelligence of Women A Review of Two Essays During times in which there is increased social concern over the relative equality of men and women in various areas of study, there is a common desire to determine whether there is an appreciable difference in intelligence in relation to gender. Two essays which document various aspects of the relative intelligence of men and women are “Women and the Mismeasure of Thought” by Judith Genova, and “The Variability Hypothesis” by Stephanie Shields....   [tags: Papers]

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moralhod Relative Morality in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

- Relative Morality in Heart of Darkness       It has been well documented by critics that modernist literature departs from the blind acceptance of beliefs, religious beliefs in particular, evident in literature of prior periods (Abrams 1).  As Jump notes "[...] the modern western world is less sure of its values than most previous cultures with which we are familiar; relativism and subjectivity are facts of everyday experience" (15).  Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness is no exception.  The novel does explore the place of the individual in an increasingly complex society, but Conrad's presentation specifically focuses on the moral dilemma of man in a godless world.  The lack of Ch...   [tags: Heart Darkness essays]

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Investigation to Determine the Relative Atomic Mass of Lithium

- Investigation to Determine the Relative Atomic Mass of Lithium Introduction My aim of this experiment will be to determine the R.A.M using two separate methods In the first method I will dissolve a piece of lithium of a known mass in water, I will then collect the hydrogen gas produced, which can be used to calculate the relative atomic mass of Lithium. The balanced equation of our reaction is shown below; [IMAGE]2Li + 2H2O 2LiOH + H2 In the second method I will do a titration experiment of lithium hydroxide(produced in experiment 1) The balanced equation of our reaction in experiment 2 is shown below; [IMAGE]LiOH + HCl LiCl + H20 Background Inform...   [tags: Papers]

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The Rise and Decline of the Great Powers and Their Relative Economic Performance

- The Rise and Decline of the Great Powers and Their Relative Economic Performance The great powers relative economic performances played a large role in determining their strength and power. Economic change in Britain, Turkey and Russia led largely to their declines between 1900 and 1919, while in the USA and Japan it led to their rise. However there were also many other factors in each country's change in power. Size of Military strength and also the army's reputation for success or failure in wars previously were very important as they determined how powerful the country would be in a time of war....   [tags: Papers]

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Prejudice in Heart of Darkness: Racism is a Relative Term

- Heart of Darkness: Racism is a Relative Term Racism is a relative term. While many people argue that Conrad's novel, Heart of Darkness, contains the theme of racism, they tend to ignore the fact that this novel was written around the turn of the century. During this time period it was accepted practice to think of a black man as savage because that was how the popular culture viewed the African American race. If someone called a black man "savage" today, that someone would be considered a racist....   [tags: HOD Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness]

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Peace, Prosperity and American Relative Power Capability

- Peace, Prosperity and American Relative Power Capability There appears to be in the world an era of unprecedented peace. Contrary to the predictions that the end of the Cold War will bring about the fragmentation of international order and the emergence of multipolar rivalry among atomistic national units, today the world’s major powers enjoy co-operative relations and world economy is progressively liberalising and integrating. The peace and prosperity of the current era, however are sustained by the constant operation of a single factor: American relative power capability (Kupchan, 1998, p....   [tags: essays papers]

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Exploring the Relative Significance of the Four Interpretations of Romeo

- Exploring the Relative Significance of the Four Interpretations of Romeo My four interpretations of Romeo were melodramatic, artistic/poetic, self piteous and confused. I think that these are the four best interpretations and that Romeo is actually a mixture of all four of these qualities rather than just one of them. I think the most significant interpretation is the idea that he is actually being melodramatic. This is because he seems to be exaggerating all of his problems and showing off to Benvolio just how hurt he is....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Relative Points and Insights Relating to Sculpture of the Paleolithic Era

- This paper will discuss relative points and insights relating to sculpture of the Paleolithic era, specifically the Venus of Willendorf, through the essays of Christopher Witcombe. Venus is a term that has long been associated with artwork, most specifically the classical forms of beautiful women. The term Venus has also come to represent female sculptures of the Paleolithic era. The most notable of these female sculptures is the Venus of Willendorf, 24,000-22,000 BCE. The age of the figurine has been changed several times....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Social Movements As Private Sectors

- There are two main things I want to talk about; harm in viewing social movements as private sectors instead of a part of something bigger, and the multidimensional social justice actors and how privilege actors plays apart within social movements. Flaws in Viewing Social Movements as Private Sectors I do not have any issues any of Aslandis’ main points on social movements. I do have an issue with his lack of acknowledgement of the ‘they’. Aslandis, himself, makes a point about power of identity within social movement and how to make a ‘we’ there must be a ‘they’....   [tags: Sociology, Social movement, Relative deprivation]

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Economic Theories and Relative Perspectives

- A theory is an idea based on different conclusions, understandings, and responses. Therefore, it’s evident that economic theories differ according to the specific perspective that is being considered. They focus on different characteristics of the economy and are portrayed in a unique way. Neoclassical Economists, Marxists, and Radical Feminists all have different approaches and beliefs on the concept between care work and market work. Neoclassical economics focuses on maximizing utility. Both Marxist and radical feminist stress the importance of power relationships in care work and labor work....   [tags: economics, feminism, masculinity]

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La Strada Fellini And Rota Use The Different Musical Themes

- Music in film is normally either used to color the emotion of a scene and fitting the setting (Dyer 250), or to inform the audience about a character. In La Strada Fellini and Rota use the different musical themes to tell the audience about the characters, and their development (Van Order 53). Through the diegetic and nondiegetic playing Il Matto, they show characters transition from ignorance about their self importance, to a state of cognizance, and then to their eventually understanding their levels of importance in the world....   [tags: Key signature, Relative key, Minor scale]

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The Requiem Of D Minor By Mozart ( 1756-1791 )

- Requiem in d minor by Mozart (1756-1791) was written in 1791. Mozart fully completed Movements I and II: Introitus and Kyrie. Movements III and IV, Sequenz and Offertorium, were sketched out. When Mozart died on December 5, 1791, Franz Xaver Süssmayr (1766-1803) completed the Requiem shortly after Mozart’s death. The original key is d minor. Movements I and II are in d minor. Movement III moves from d minor, B-flat Major, g minor, d minor, F Major, a minor, and back to d minor. Movement IV is in g minor, E-flat Major, and g minor....   [tags: Relative key, Key signature, Musical keys, Fugue]

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Analysis Of ' Winter ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- The first thing that the listener notices upon the beginning of the song is the aura of tension that is displayed. The beginning starts off slowly and crescendos until the feeling is resolved. Immediately after violins start to sound erratically. The aesthetic of “Winter” paints the aesthetic of a man leaving the safety of his home and searching for firewood in the harsh winter. The turbulent violin runs represent the fierceness of the storm and the struggle to survive it. The constant sounding of low strings represent the stamping of feet, and the dissonant sounds represent the chattering of teeth due to the cold....   [tags: Relative key, Key signature, Minor scale]

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How does the Relative Molecular Mass change in heat combustion of an alcohol?

- How does the Relative Molecular Mass change in heat combustion of an alcohol. Planning Introduction ============ As alcohol burns in air it gives out energy as heat and light. I am going to investigate how the energy output of an alcohol in combustion changes, with increased relative molecular mass, or RMM. RMM is the sum of the atomic masses of every atom in the molecule. Using the alcohols: Methanol, Ethanol, Propan-1-ol, Butan-1-ol and Pentan-1-ol, I will plan, and complete an experiment that tests the prediction below....   [tags: GCSE Chemistry Coursework Investigation]

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Evaluate The Relative Importance Of The Following As Factors Prompting Americans To Rebel In 1776

- Evaluate the relative importance of the following as factors prompting Americans to rebel in 1776: Parliamentary taxation Restriction of civil liberties British Military Measures The legacy of colonial religion and political ideas The British colonies in America from the time they were established up until around 1763 had a policy of Salutary Neglect. Salutary Neglect meant that the British would not interfere with the colonies national or even international affairs. This benefitted the colonies, they got to experience some forms of democracy, and they also were able to experience independence in a way though they took it for granted....   [tags: American History]

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- INTRODUCTION In answering the above question, I shall address myself first to examining manufacturing exports and the British position, followed by a word on the Imperial Preference which hindered British trade flows with the rest of the world. I shall go on to talk more generally about whether there has been a decline in the aggregate economy (essentially exploring the pessimistic implied in the title). Further, I shall argue that the British economy has performed well against some serious cultural and structural constraints and should not be subjected to unduly negative analysis....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Relative Influences on Macbeth to Kill his King in Shakespeare's Macbeth

- Relative Influences on Macbeth to Kill his King in Shakespeare's Macbeth There were a number of factors that influenced Macbeth's decision whether to assassinate King Duncan or not. Each of these arguments worked for or against Macbeth's better judgement of the situation. Eventually, a combination of all these factors broke down his conscience through his mental weakness; this led to an unwise decision to kill the King. The consequences of this were fairly disastrous because Macbeth began to regret his actions just moments after the deed was done....   [tags: Papers]

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Dirty Harry Problem relative to Police Officer Roles and Functions

- 1) What are the implications of the "Dirty Harry Problem" relative to community expectations of police officer roles and functions. How does this issue relate the role of balancing individual and societal rights. "When and to what extent does the morally good end warrant or justify an ethically, politically, or legally dangerous means for its achievement?" This is the question posed by Carl Klockars about the ever growing Dirty Harry problem in society. This has become a focus of mass media and even a source of profit....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Relative Ethics on Globalization

- In today’s world there are so many cultures that have different beliefs and standards than America. Being that all countries are so diverse with their beliefs we all have to realize that all beliefs should be respected and accepted to the fullest. Just because a country has different beliefs than America does not warrant those beliefs to be disrespected in any way. Even if other countries beliefs are as evil as they come, we unfortunately have to accept those beliefs and respect them. Some of those evil beliefs boil down to terrorist attacks....   [tags: Globalization Essays]

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Extreme Poverty in Japan

- Introduction Friday 20 February 2012, Saitama, Japan: three members of the same family are found dead in their apartment building in Saitama, north of Tokyo. The victims were found decomposed lying on futons together with the carcass of their pet cat. The fridge was found empty and one-yen coin seemed to be the only money they possessed. The victims were an elderly couple in there 60s and their son, thought to be in his 30s. The cause of death of the family is unknown, however officials believe they either died of starvation of committed suicide....   [tags: elderly, disable people, relative income poverty]

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The Relative Merits of Bounded and Global Citizenship

- The concept of citizenship and its boundaries are contested, yet its plainest definition is to be a member of a political community, such as a nation-state and possess legal rights and duties. Seen from its many ideals – namely bounded and cosmopolitan – citizenship has multiple sources of meaning, be they cultural, religious, ethnic or gender related. These conceptions each have merits and downfalls, measured in this essay by the extent to which they permit the best use and protection of citizen’s rights....   [tags: Political Science]

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Relative Moral Superiority and Proselytizing Vegetarianism

- The benefits to maintaining a vegetarian diet are myriad and increasingly well-defined by modern science; these benefits include decreased risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Many vegetarians claim to feel better and more perceptive, and two of the top three sprinters in the world are vegan. Vegetarians often claim moral superiority over non-vegetarians through varieties of a “hurt no living thing” credo. Nevertheless, only 2.8% of American adults are vegetarian. The advantages to vegetarianism are well-known, and the disadvantages seem negligible, yet in most countries only a tiny portion of the populace are vegetarian or vegan; Why would anyone ignore the option to live longer and f...   [tags: Vegeterian Diet, Health]

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Assessing the Relative Importance of the Reasons Why the July 1944 Bomb Plot to Assassinate Hitler was Unsuccessful

- Assessing the Relative Importance of the Reasons Why the July 1944 Bomb Plot to Assassinate Hitler was Unsuccessful This question focuses on an evaluation of the significant factors that resulted in a failed coup d’etat, which involved an attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler on the 20th July 1944. For the purpose of this essay a coup d’etat may be interpreted as; ‘ a sudden overthrowing of government and seizure of power by others’ and assessing the ‘relative importance’ refers to evaluating the weight of factors in comparison to one another....   [tags: Papers]

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Investigation to Find the Relative Energy Release of Five Alcohols: Ethanol, Methanol, Propanol, Butanol and Propanol

- Investigation to Find the Relative Energy Release of Five Alcohols: Ethanol, Methanol, Propanol, Butanol and Propanol Aim: In this experiment I will investigate to see which alcohol releases the most energy during combustion; Methanol, Ethanol, Propanol, Butanol or Pentanol. Hypothesis: I think that the alcohols with the longest carbon chains will release the most energy. This is because when a bond is broken energy is released. This means that the alcohols with longer chains and therefore more bonds will release more energy....   [tags: GCSE Chemistry Coursework Investigation]

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Comparing the Relative Importance of Political Leadership, Military Skill and Resources as Reasons for the Outcome of the American Civil War

- Comparing the Relative Importance of Political Leadership, Military Skill and Resources as Reasons for the Outcome of the American Civil War The American Civil war was the bloodiest conflict in American history, with some 620,000 Americans to die in the four-year conflict. This 'inevitable conflict' as William Seward a politician named the great animosity between the Union and the Confederacy, was the result of years of antagonism, due mainly to the particular institution of slavery....   [tags: Papers]

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A Review of the Federal Reserve and its Power Relative to the Government

- When most people think of the Federal Reserve, they think of the the national debt, inflation and bailouts. The Federal Reserve is charged with monetary policy as well as regulation. Starting with the Great Inflation, the Fed has played and increasing role in the economy. In response to the Great Recession in 2008, an independent Federal Reserve played its largest role yet in a financial crisis, the Great Recession. Many have criticized the Fed's response and questioned their influence. Since its inception in 1913, the Federal Reserve has had a major increase in its power and role in monetary policy, is this power to great in one single entity or is there enough oversight in what it does....   [tags: Economics, Monetary Policy]

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The Relative Costs and Benefits of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on a Host Country

- Foreign direct investment (FDI) plays a crucial and a growing role in the modern world and in global businesses. It helps third world countries to over-come their problems by sharing their resources with other countries in exchange of an investment. More formally FDI is defined as a company from one country making an investment on another country that are known as the host countries. Recently, due to the rapid growth and alternative global investment patterns, this definition has been developed to comprise the acquisition of a lasting management interest in a company or enterprise outside the investing firm’s home country....   [tags: Economics]

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The Van Cliburn Piano Recital At Temple College

- ]On October 22, 2016, I attended the Van Cliburn Piano Recital at Temple College in the Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center. This concert was performed by Vadym Kholodenko, a gifted piano performer, who was the 2013 gold medalist at the Fourteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. The concert was performed in a small concert hall that had a capacity of about 500 people. The performer was dressed in a suit, while the audience was dressed in nice formal wear. He performed music from the Romantic period from three composers....   [tags: Relative key, Key signature, Music]

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An Examination of House Bill 051 Concurrent to Senate Bill 025, Relative to School Consolidation

- Introduction One of the first bills passed during the 107th General Assembly was the greatly discussed House Bill 51(HB51)/Senate Bill 25 (SB25) by Representative Curry Todd of Collierville and Senator Mark Norris of Collierville respectfully. From the beginning, this bill encountered a plethora of backlash from the community to which the bill was aimed— Shelby County. This bill became known as the consolidation bill and was scrutinized to a great extent by Shelby County officials as well as Memphis City officials....   [tags: Education ]

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Hearing Music : The Case Of Pianist, Composer, And Synesthete, Amy Beach

- Hearing Music in Color: The Case of Pianist, Composer, and Synesthete, Amy Beach Synesthesia, a perceptive disorder that involves the cross-modal interpretation of different senses, is surprisingly prevalent in a number of famous artists and musicians, now and throughout history. One of these musicians was Amy Beach (1867-1944), a professional pianist and composer whose synesthesia highly influenced her choice of keys and modes within her writing. Synesthesia Synesthesia is a neurophysiological condition in which a sensory stimulation leads to a secondary perception in another sensory modality....   [tags: Relative key, Key signature, Musical keys, Sense]

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Act IIi Scene I Of His Opera Pelleas Et Melisande

- In Act III Scene I of his opera Pelléas et Mélisande, Claude Debussy employs methods of voice leading by step and tritone, several repetitive and stressed motives, and an overarching transition throughout the scene from E minor to E major, overall displaying the themes of innocence, lust, desire, and betrayal. The overarching voicing leading through the scene takes us from E minor to E major, by stepping down to the middle goal of C in measure 105, and then steps up to return to E in measure 180....   [tags: Key signature, Relative key, Chord, Minor scale]

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