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Informed Consent, Refusal, and Competence

- In the medical field today, whenever a procedure is going to be done on a patient, informed consent must be given to the doctor from the patient prior the procedure taking place. Informed consent is the approval given by the patient to the doctor for treatment. In the case being discussed today, an 80 year old patient, with a history of congestive heart failure, is in the doctor's office complaining of chest pains. After an examination, the doctor believes the best course of treatment would be to have a surgical procedure, in an attempt to save the patients life....   [tags: the patients’ right to choose medical care]

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Julius Caesar's Refusal Towards The Throne

- Lucius Tarquinius Priscus reigned from 616 to 578 B.C. and was the fifth king. According to legend, he was born in Etruria and wasn’t royal blood at all. He moved to Rome and became wonderful friends with King Ancus Marcius, who made him the guardian of his children. When the king died, Priscus was elected king and built many monuments and the Temple of Jupiter. His son, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, reigned from 534 – 310 B.C. and the last of the Seven Legendary Kings. Superbus was a tyrant who took away the rights of the lower class men....   [tags: rome, lucius tarquinius priscus]

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Anorexia and Food Refusal in Children

- Anorexia and Food Refusal in Children "Eating Disorders in children and adolescents represent potentially life-threatening, debilitating conditions that impede physical, emotional, and behavioral growth and development. If treated soon after onset, childhood and adolescent eating disorders have a relatively good prognosis; however, if not treated, they may become chronic conditions by adulthood with devastating and sometimes irreversible medical, behavioral, and emotional consequences (Robin, Gilroy, and Dennis, 1998, pp421)." Feeding problems and eating disturbances in toddlers and early school age children are not particularly rare....   [tags: Eating Disorders Health Nutrition Essays]

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Russia’s Refusal to Allow American Adoption

- Russia’s Refusal to Allow American Adoption On July 3rd of 2013 the Huffington Post took to their pens and paper and announced that Putin had signed an adoption ban to any country that accepted same sex marriage, even if the couple trying to adopt was not same sex. Italy is the ONLY country in the world allowed to adopt children from Russia because they are the only country that bans same-sex marriage (Ford, par. 2). “In a combative news conference, Pavel Astakhov, the ombudsman, said he has been opposed to U.S....   [tags: life, putin, adoption ban]

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Jane Eyre Essay: Refusal to Sacrifice Moral Principles

- Refusal to Sacrifice Moral Principles in Jane Eyre    The need to love and to be loved is a general characteristic basic to human nature. However, the moral principles and beliefs that govern this need are decided by the individual. In the novel Jane Eyre , author, Charlotte Brontë, vividly describes the various characters' personalities and beliefs. When the reader first meets the main character, Jane Eyre, an orphan of ten, she is living at Gateshead Hall in England with her Aunt Reed and three cousins, all of whom she greatly despises....   [tags: Jane Eyre Essays]

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My Neighbor's Keeper?: William Faulkner's A Rose for Emily

- My Neighbor’s Keeper.           William Faulkner's A Rose for Emily is set in the small southern town of Jefferson during the early decades of the twentieth century . At this time, vast and cardinal changes were being made by the upcoming new south to conceal and move from the horrid truths that were a part of the town's history. In lieu of this, Jefferson was at a turning point in which they were having difficulty coming to terms with these changes . Integrating Faulkner's use of character and symbols with other sources,  it will be supported that despite of the attempts made to carry Miss Emily and others who expressed denial and fear of modernity, change is an inevitable reality that was...   [tags: Refusal to Change, Southern Traditions]

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Shrugging Off the Fears of Communism

- In the 1950’s the Second Red Scare also referred to as McCarthyism was in full swing. Fearful of communist overtaking the United States almost everyone, including educators were scrutinized and affected. In the letter “To Dr. William Ross”, Katherine Porter is responding directly to Dr. Ross and his request for an Oath of Allegiance as a condition of her employment at Colorado State University. She is writing during a time when refusal to sign such an oath, often resulted in denial or loss of employment, and destruction of careers....   [tags: Oath, McCarthyism, Refusal]

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Rawls and King on Civil Disobedience

- In the Theory of Justice by John Rawls, he defines civil disobedience,” I shall begin by defining civil disobedience as a public, nonviolent, conscientious yet political act contrary to law usually done with the aim of bringing about a change in the law or policies of the government”. Rawls is saying civil disobedience is the refusal to obey certain laws; which are usually motivated by a need to change the policies and laws held by the government and state. Civil disobedient actions require publicity, nonviolence and conscientious breach made to the law they are trying to take down....   [tags: refusal to obey certain laws]

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Violent Revolution and Civil Disobedience

- Back in the days a lot of people suffered from being mistreated and having no freedom. Civil disobedience is the active professed refusal to obey certain laws, demand s or commands of a government or of an occupying international power. Some say violent revolution make for a more effective means of gaining liberty and equality. Other says civil disobedience makes for a more effective means of gaining liberty and equality. I believe that civil disobedience makes for a more effective means of gaining liberty and equality because it causes no war/violence and lets you gain liberty equally....   [tags: government, law, refusal to obey]

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The Refusal of Conformity in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

- ... Especially after hearing that his behavior will determine whether or not he will go to Heaven or Hell scares him a little bit, because he wasn’t taught right from wrong his entire life up until this point. After this Huck's thoughts are, how can a man not be punished by law (his father), for abusing him, but Huck can be reprimanded for harmless things like smoking his pipe, or being dirty, or not using proper etiquette. This drove Huck insane, this made him realize that what he was being taught could not possibly be a black and white of right and wrong, that his own feelings towards right and wrong were correct and what made him begin his ride to freedom, his first step was to escape his...   [tags: Mark Twain novels]

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The United States Interaction with the International Court of Justice Over Consular Rights: How Our Refusal to Obey Is Impacting Foreign Nationals an

- The United States Interaction with the International Court of Justice Over Consular Rights: How Our Refusal to Obey Is Impacting Foreign Nationals and American Citizens On January 9, 2003, Mexico initiated proceedings before the International Court of Justice against the United States of America concerning the alleged violations of Articles 5 and 36 of the Vienna Convention; basically, claiming that the United States is not honoring the consular rights of foreign nationals within the United States ....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Mandatory Vaccination, and the High Risk of Vaccine-preventable Disease (VPD) to the Vaccine Refusal.

- ... Massachusetts. Briefly, there was a Swedish immigrant who refused the vaccination for him and for his children during the small pox outbreak, because he thought that vaccination made him and his children sick, and he also refused to pay the fine. The case was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. (5) There was another story about the girl in taxes who excluded from the public school because she was not fulfilled the immunization requirement....   [tags: health issues and effects]

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Israel's Refusal to Sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

- Israel has recently come under fire from the United Nations for their failure to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. If Israel doesn't want to abide by the UN's ruling, then why did they give up part of their own sovereignty to be part of the United Nations. John Locke explains this in his essay The Treatises of Government. His thesis basically is that states are "willing to joyn in Society with other who are already united, or have a mind to united for the mutual Preservation of their Lives, Liberties, and Estates." Israel like other members of the UN, joined for security reasons....   [tags: Papers]

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Separation Anxiety Disorder Among Children and Adolescents

- This paper examines the various symptoms of Separation Anxiety Disorder among children and adolescents, the refusal of children diagnosed with Separation Anxiety Disorder to go to school, and the treatments that are used to treat this disorder. Studies have shown that Separation Anxiety Disorder is the third most common anxiety disorder among children. Symptoms are fairly easy to recognize, but must be addressed quickly. Refusal to go to school is one of the most significant consequences of this disorder....   [tags: Diseases/Disorders]

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Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa

- What is an eating disorder. A simple definition of an eating disorder is abnormal patterns of behavior and thought. All eating disorders have shared characteristics. There is fear of becoming fat, drive to become thin, an obsession with food, weight, and calories. Families of sufferers also have an increased incidence of depression, obesity, substance abuse, and eating disorders. Two main eating disorders are Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. Anorexia is an eating disorder in which a person is obsessed by thoughts of an unattainable image of “perfect” thinness....   [tags: Causes of Anorexia, Bulimia Nervosa]

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Bitterness in Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

- Essay a rose for Emily In William Faulkner's short story "A Rose for Emily," Emily's lack of social skills, exclusiveness and bitterness display Emily's refusal to adapt to the present. In the short story "A Rose for Emily", Emily displays her lack of social skills when the other ladies in the story try to call for her and she refuses to see them. Emily was not very social with the other towns. people. When the town gets the mail system for free, Emily refuses to let the towns. people put a mail box or postal number letters outside of her home....   [tags: A Rose For Emily, William Faulkner]

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The Language of Sexual Crime: Consent an Essential Factor in Sexual Offenses

- 1 Introduction Consent can be found in different kinds of human activities, including recruiting, signing contracts, giving approval for medical treatment and engaging in sexual activities. Especially in sexual activities, consent is a critical element for making conduct permissible. Although there are some studies on discussing whether the occurrence of consent is an essential factor in sexual offences (Pineau 1989; Tiersma 2007), it remains important in Hong Kong legislation. Hong Kong Ordinances Cap.200 s.118 has stated that, “(3) A man commits rape if – (a) he was unlawful sexual intercourse with a woman who at the time of the intercourse does not consent to it; and (b) at that time he...   [tags: sexual intercourse, interpretation]

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Racial Segregation and Discrimination that Led to the Civil Rights Act

- Racial segregation and discrimination were the key problems that caused the civil right act to happen. Racial Segregation was shown in the civil rights act with separation of; Schools, bathrooms, riding on buses, and things as simple as drinking out of a water fountain. Discrimination on the other hand is unfair treatment that happens to people based on race, age, and even sex. In the case of the civil rights act, all blacks were treated differently then the whites. They were denying the blacks of certain rights that only the white man could have....   [tags: equal rights legislation]

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The Problem with Work: Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics and Postwork Imaginaries

- Kathi Weeks talks about how critiques of work need to include “the whole work day” and not just waged work. This is related to the gendered nature of work. Summarize her argument. In her book “The Problem with Work: Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics and Postwork Imaginaries” Kathi Weeks (2011) argues that today we work too hard and that work is quite important that is a requirement to survive. Work has become a privatized system and ultimately is a way of life (p.3). She also claims that the idea that a subject must work to become a worker it is more related to discipline than it is to economic....   [tags: the gendered nature of work]

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Drug Experimentation Is A Widespread Problem Among The Youth Of Today

- As adolescents venture into their teenage years, the temptation of trying new things is ever present. Often, this is the time that young people become risk-takers, and because of this thrill-seeking nature, many turn to experimentation with drugs, for which young people have been warned of since they have been able to speak. The risk of trying new things, and rebelling against what they have been told taunts them, right along with their peers who are using. Drug experimentation is a widespread problem among the youth of today; it is imperative that students be given the competence, social resistance qualities, and drug refusal skills to avoid partaking in the usage of these harmful substanc...   [tags: Drug addiction, Adolescence, Illegal drug trade]

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Jane Austen 's Pride And Prejudice

- Pride and Prejudice Class Distinctions (Question #4) In Pride and Prejudice, the class of an individual plays a significant role in their treatment by others. Jane Austen presents the reader with a subtle hierarchy in which a character such as Mr. Darcy represents a much higher level of wealth than the Bennets. Instead of following all forms of class, Miss. Austen reflects primarily on the rural elite that consists of landowners. Within the upper-class there are differences such as wealth or the overall snobbishness of an individual as seen through the character, Lady Catherine de Bourgh....   [tags: Sociology, Pride and Prejudice, Working class]

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Vaccination Is The Vaccine Preventable Diseases?

- Introduction In the more recent years there has been an increase in parental refusal of vaccinations for their children. According to the CDC parents are opting out of getting kindergartners vaccinated at twice the rate of 7 years ago (2016). The increase in parental refusal of vaccinations of children have created many concerns regarding the potential for resurgence of vaccine preventable diseases. A recent incident that shows the potential harmful effects of refusal to vaccination is the measles outbreak that occurred in 2015 at Disneyland where 125 United States residents contracted the viral disease....   [tags: Vaccination, Vaccine, Immune system]

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The Matrix Of The Monomyth

- The Matrix of The Monomyth The amount of hero stories and films created is nearly infinite. A simple meaning of hero provided by Merriam-Webster is “a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.” Additionally, a hero is thought to be a relatable, influential, and versatile character as they can be presented in a plethora of ways. The physical attributes, motivation, type of situations faced, and number of heroes in a story may change from one book or movie to another. However, the main plot of each hero story almost always includes a variation of the tried-and-true elements of the monomyth created by Joseph Campbell....   [tags: Morpheus, The Matrix, The Matrix Revolutions]

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Assisted Death Should Be Legalized

- In regards to assisted dying, Canadians should seek a policy that balances interests of non-maleficence that seem to conflict: the avoidance of unnecessary suffering, and the preservation of current and future well-being. Policies that lean too heavily in the interest of the second type of non-maleficence risk sacrificing the individual right to autonomy in medical practices and raises questions about an individual’s right to assisted suicide if they are in fact harming themselves, and how this relates to a refusal of treatment....   [tags: Suicide, Death, Euthanasia]

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Childhood Immunization Controversies : What Are Parents Asking?

- In the article,” Childhood Immunization Controversies: What are Parents Asking?” Dr. Daniel R. Bronfin gives s thorough history and current evaluation of child immunizations. Dr. Bronfin breaks down several different childhood immunizations from Smallpox to measles. During his break down of each of the common diseases, he gives a history, how they developed a vaccine, and how the effects of the vaccine is currently working. Dr. Bronfin wrote this article to educate parents to the benefits of immunization....   [tags: Vaccination, Vaccine, Vaccination schedule]

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My Personal Experience with Pregnancy Discrimination

- Pregnancy discrimination in the work place is alive and well in the 21st Century. There has been an increase in the need for laws protecting the rights of pregnant women. Due to disparate treatment of pregnant women, laws have been established to protect their employment rights. Although laws are in place to prevent such discrimination, it has not eliminated the problem of employers discriminating against pregnant women. What is Pregnancy Discrimination. Discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions constitutes unlawful sex discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Women affected by pregnancy or related conditions must be treated in...   [tags: Labor Law]

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Destabilizing the Social Norms Between Men and Women in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

- The social order and love within A Midsummer’s Night Dream is skewed without the influence of the fairies, yet Oberon, Titania, and their troupe of troublemakers forcibly insert themselves into the plot with their own personal squabbles that exert power over the characters and events of the play. The crazed and maniacal actions of the characters go against the traditional forms of accepted behavior in Elizabethan society, and just like in dreams, they turn the plot topsy-turvy and breed a chaos that runs unchecked until the young Athenians emerge from the woods at dawn....   [tags: social order, sex roles, oberon]

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Rhetorical Analysis of Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech

- Rhetoric: "The use of words by human agents to form attitudes or induce actions in other human agents....The use of language as a symbolic means of inducing cooperation in human beings that by nature respond to symbols." If Kenneth Burke is correct, then I would propose that speakers who use the technique of Rhetoric properly will thoroughly "induce" their listeners to action. Perhaps no other speech nor speaker eloquently used rhetoric, amongst other speaking techniques, to evict such emotion, persuasion, and call to action as the "I Have a Dream" speech by Martin Luther King Jr....   [tags: Rhetoric of I Have a Dream Speech]

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Anxiety and Sleep Disorders in Children and Adolescents

- 3. Describe the study in your own words. a. Why was the study done. What was the purpose of the study. i. The purpose of this study was to examine relationship between sleep-related problems (SRPs) and anxiety disorders among children and adolescents. Previous research indicates a significant association between SRPs and anxiety disorders. However, there is limited research investigating SRPs in children and adolescents and their possible effect on functioning during the day. Therefore, this study attempts to address these discrepancies by means of an introductory inspection of various kinds of SRPs amid an abundant sample of children and adolescents with anxiety disorders....   [tags: Medical Research]

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Justice Thorpe 's Right And Legally Appropriate Thing

- When the application is to be heard by the court, the court will go through certain steps and criteria established in legislation and previous caselaw in order to establish the right and legally appropriate thing to do that upholds the patient’s integrity. I will analyse each possible step and advise the likely outcome of this application to the court. Haatim refused treatment in ‘fear that the surgeon will insert a microchip into brain to track his movements and then change the colour of his blood’ S1(4) of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 states a person is not to be treated as unable to make a decision merely because he makes an unwise decision....   [tags: Mental disorder, Mental health, Psychiatry]

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Motherhood : Women 's Rights And Personal Needs

- Motherhood in this developed nation has many of its downfalls, but many of which are due to the psychological repression and disempowerment of these women’s rights and personal needs. To begin, we must delve into the two concepts that are often reinforced in motherhood-- that being the new-momism and motherhood as an institution. The American institution-- aims to hold women’s reproductive rights and their children under the control of men. This continues to exist because it is run by a patriarchal society that seeks to “alienate women from their bodies by incarcerating them” while creating a divide between private and public, which often sets standards for mothers who matter to society....   [tags: Mother, Family, Mother, Sociology]

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The Effect of Palliative Care on Patients

- Question 1 Palliative care approach is to bring the quality of life for incurable disease patients. Palliative care provides services and medical care to relieve physical and psychological pain for patients. In addition, palliative care also provides spiritual support patients at the end of their life and their families (WHO 2002). Palliative care nurses have an important role in improving the quality of life for patients. Palliative care nurses will provide care and support for patients at the end of life and support their families (Kaasalainen et al....   [tags: healthcare, services ]

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The Hero 's Journey By Ben Harcourt

- The Hero’s journey is a structure which all stories are created from and with which the structure provides the core for creating amazing stories. The Hero’s journey consists of twelve steps the Ordinary World, The Call to Adventure, Refusal of the Call, Meeting the Mentor, Crossing the Threshold, Tests/Allies/Enemies, Approach to The Inmost Cave, Ordeal, Reward (Seizing The Sword), The Road Back, Resurrection, and Return with The Elixir. All of the stories and plays we have heard go along with the outline from the Hero’s journey the order may sometimes change but at the very least it is a common structure used by most writers....   [tags: Monomyth, Hero, Adventure, Twelve-step program]

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A Good Personality And A Kind Heart

- N is for Nothing compares “There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart” (245). Emma says that there is nothing as attractive as being good hearted. She says this in describing why she is fond of Harriet; though she is not wealthy or intelligent, Harriet is kind. Emma’s opinion is a theme that is portrayed throughout the novel. When Harriet is asked about Mr. Martin’s appearances, she says, “not handsome… very plain at first” (25). She describes him as a plain looking person, not overly attractive, yet she is very fond of him....   [tags: Emma, Jane Austen, Middle class, Working class]

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The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

- To summarize his most notable flaw, Prince Hamlet of Denmark reasons that “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Throughout Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Hamlet, the main character maintains a grieving state in memoriam of his father, and in doing so thinks himself into insanity and inaction, but also struggles indefinitely with the passing of chivalry and its replacement by a hunger for power or revenge. Hamlet exemplifies the harmful consequences of refusing to adapt to new circumstances by obsessing over times past and dedicating himself to revenge on his uncle instead of “moving on” as others encouraged....   [tags: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Prince Hamlet]

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The Police On Jersey Registered Car

- The facts The police in Jersey received an intelligence report in 2007 that D has perfected and concluded arrangements to transport a consignment of drugs by car from Amsterdam to France which will be shipped to Jersey. The Jersey authorities consented to the installation of tracking and an audio recording device in D 's Jersey registered car. The installation of the tracking device was given approval by the French, Belgian and Dutch authorities. However, the French and Dutch authorities did not grant approval to the request for the audio monitoring....   [tags: Judge, Jury, Crime, French language]

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Benefits Of Childbirth During Childbirth

- For some, childbirth is one of the most wonderful and worthwhile experiences of their lives. In contrast, for others, their deliveries are looked back upon as harrowing and traumatic. Oftentimes a negative experience with delivery can be attributed to the attending medical staff—for example, their performance of situationally unnecessary medical interventions such as routine episiotomies. An episiotomy is a surgical incision made in the perineal area and the posterior vaginal wall during childbirth to hasten delivery....   [tags: Childbirth, Obstetrics, United States Congress]

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U.s. The Affordable Care Act

- A fundamental component of a well-operated democratic society is having leaders who will be bound by ethical decision making; it is questionable if Texas has such leaders. Texas’ decision to refuse to expand Medicaid under the federal Affordable Care Act was unethical because it refuses Texans the right to health and abnegates the opportunity to aid the economy; this results in political implications which have affected the state of Texas today. The refusal to expand Medicaid in the state of Texas has ultimately prohibited underprivileged families to receive the healthcare they desire; in addition, congress’ refusal is essentially a refusal to aid and stimulate the economy....   [tags: Barack Obama, Health care, United States]

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The Sexuality And Sexuality Education

- “…in the absence of comprehensive sex and sexuality education…adolescents are largely getting their sex education and socialization through media—and the higher their ‘sexual media diet,’ the earlier their sexual experimentation begins.” (Olfman 10) The vast lack of acknowledgment that the media controls childhood sexualization is astounding. As Dr. Sharna Olfman explains “Media can be viewed then as both a reflection and a shaper of society.” In the patriarchal society U.S. citizens live in, there seems to be a massive blindspot where there should healthy sexuality education....   [tags: Rape, Sexual assault, Sexual intercourse]

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Tradition, Change, Time And Death

- Tradition, Change, Time and Death in “A Rose for Emily” "Alive, Miss Emily had been a tradition," the narrator of William Faulkner 's “A Rose for Emily” tells us (Faulkner, 204). To the people of Jefferson, Miss Emily is a figure of awe and a source of fascinating stories. Within this short story, the narrator explores the life and death of an eccentric, stubborn, and traditionally minded woman who refuses to change with the times and embrace the early twentieth century. Emily Grierson lives a traditional lifestyle compared to others in the town and seems determined to fight the influence of the changing times whenever she encounters it....   [tags: William Faulkner, Sartoris, Short story]

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Bartleby, the Scrivener

- Mother Teresa once said, “Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat” (Teresa). Many people in our world are left forgotten in the numerous folds of our world, and those are the people who are the most important to pay attention to. Bartleby is an example of one of these people, someone who becomes poked fun at and sometimes rejected. However, Bartleby pushes on because of a deep devotion to finding his internal world, following through with his actions to his very end....   [tags: Catholic Church, Mother Teresa]

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Thriving with Failure

- Imagine waking up one morning and looking out of your window only to find the Earth stripped of its vegetation, thick clouds of smog filled with death floating by your window, and your neighbor struggling to the fetch the newspaper because he has been stricken with an incurable illness or disease, all because humanity has failed to be a good steward of the Earth. But what does it mean to be a good steward for the Earth. A good steward for the Earth is one who does her part to take care of the Earth and encourages others to do the same....   [tags: fear, horror, chemicals]

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Mother Courage and Capitulation

- Mother Courage and Capitulation Brecht tells the reader that capitulation is not just an idea but a feeling and the reader's objection to the world is not as strong as it once was. He tells the reader this through Mother Courage's refusal to capitulate through out the entire work. In today's world, people like Mother Courage cannot relate to capitulation as a feeling because of the regulations that today's world has that Mother Courage's world did not. As technology advances in today's world, people place more and more restraints on individual's and society's personal freedoms and choices, such as the decision to refuse to capitulate....   [tags: English Literature Essays]

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Analysis Of Nathaniel Hawthorne 's `` Young Goodman Brown `` And `` Masque Of The Red Death ``

- Accepting Sin The popularity of modern dystopian stories is rooted in its dark themes and settings, but this interest goes back to the early stages of American Literature. Two of the most well-known American authors, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allan Poe, delved into the sinfulness of human nature and presence of evil in mortal lives through symbolic journeys of their characters. In the short story “Young Goodman Brown”, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s main protagonist, Goodman Brown, takes a journey through a forest with a mysterious man, who shows him the sinful nature of his townspeople....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown, Nathaniel Hawthorne]

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Journey in Rainbow’s End by Jane Harrison and Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen Mah

- It is the journey toward a sense of belonging that allows a person to understand what the concept means. How have the composers of your set text and one text of your own choosing explored the journey toward an understanding of a sense of belonging. Journeys assist a person’s understanding in their sense of belonging. The person’s journey is illustrated with techniques. This is explored in Rainbow’s End and Falling Leaves. The play Rainbow’s End by Harrison explores how a person discovers their sense of belonging through their newfound love on their families....   [tags: Belonging, Identity, Culture]

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The Power of Death in A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner

- William Faulkner, the author of A Rose for Emily, uses language, symbols, setting, and time to elaborate Emily's resistance to change and the conflict between the past and the present. In addition, Faulkner uses these elements to illustrate the power of death, which prevailes even when Emily refuses to acknowledge it. Even though the events do not appear chronologically in the story, the author's use of words helps the reader organize the scenes in order to make sense. Furthermore, the author's description of Emily, her house, and the people who lived around her makes it easy for the reader to understand secrets that are hidden in the story....   [tags: chronological, relationships, mental illness]

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The Great Gatsby And Othello By William Shakespeare And F. Scott Fitzgerald

- I believe that Jay Gatsby and Othello’s inability to face the truth lead to their tragic consequences, but in real life I believe it is not the case. The Great Gatsby and ‘Othello’ are both stories beautifully constructed by William Shakespeare and F. Scott Fitzgerald. I believe that the refusal to face the truth for Gatsby and Othello, was definitely an element used by the authors to construct them as tragic protagonists. Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby is an ambitious and hopeful character. He is the protagonist of the novel and he is pursuing an unrealistic dream, thinking that Daisy Buchanan was a nature of perfection that could not possibly be real....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Sir Gawain And The Green Knight '

- The characteristics that heroes hold are highly influenced by the culture that they come from. In the poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight", the hero Gawain represents the Celtic culture and the views that the ancient Celts held for heroes. The characteristics that Gawain possesses are humble, focused, brave, loyal, virtuous, and religious. Within the poem, the trials that he undergoes, and the events in the journey that are faced are influenced immensely by the characteristics that he has, some Celtic cultural symbolism, as well as the steps of the hero 's journey....   [tags: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight]

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Edward Teller’s Eccentricities and Their Effect upon Nuclear Weapons Development

- From the development of the atomic bomb to the revocation of Robert Oppenheimer’s security clearance in 1954 (“Oppenheimer Security Hearing”), Edward Teller has been an important figure in the top secret scientific community. He endlessly pursued the hydrogen bomb and was instrumental in Oppenheimer’s security clearance being revoked. These actions and his complete refusal to do calculations or other “grunt work” as he saw it, caused tensions at Los Alamos along with the rest of the scientific community, and slowed the development of nuclear weapons....   [tags: sciencie, fusion bomb, atomic bomb]

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Creon' Exemplification of Aristotle's Tragic Hero in Antigone by Sophocles

- Throughout literary history, tragic heroes have been defined as a great or virtuous character in a dramatic tragedy who is destined for downfall, suffering, or defeat. However, philosophers such as Aristotle tried to find connections between tragic heroes in Greek plays. This in-depth analysis of tragic heroes lead Aristotle to create six criteria for a true tragic hero: He or she has to be a Noble figure of royalty and noble in character, has to be imperfect by design, has a flaw or error that is a choice, is punished excessively for this choice flaw, has to undergo a downfall that leads to a realization, and the story of this tragic hero has to make the audience reach a moment of catharsi...   [tags: noble, flaw, downfall]

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The American Revolution And The Colonists ' Eventual Permanent Independence

- For nearly two centuries, the British colonies had operated under the forceful rule of Great Britain, a highly powerful country which had gradually faltered by the time of the Revolutionary War. As such, it had begun to impose restrictions, taxes, and tariffs upon the colonies, which the inhabiting colonists had rightfully perceived as unjust and tyrannical. Due to the rebellions against taxation and British tyranny set forth by the American colonists at the time, 1765 had been the year which most accurately depicts the origins of the American Revolution and the colonists’ eventual permanent independence....   [tags: American Revolution]

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The Importance Of Consent And Its Types And Legal Fundaments

- The purpose of this essay is to introduce the concept of consent, briefly identify its types and legal fundaments, examine significance of consent in a healthcare provision and illustrate the main issues involved with patients’ consent with midwifery practice as the focal point of interest. According to Medical Dictionary (2003) ‘consent’ is an ‘act of reason’, voluntary agreement to proposed treatment made by a mentally capable person upon receiving relevant information. Patients’ consent is closely associated with individuals’ liberty, person’s autonomy and the right to decide about themselves and their body with assumption of taking full responsibility for decision and its consequences (F...   [tags: Autonomy, Informed consent, Human rights]

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When a Parent Refuses Medical Care for Their Children

- Parents, with the extreme exceptions, want to do what is in the best interest of their child. They believe they are entitled to make decisions about the welfare of their child and that it is a violation of their right for anyone to order them to take measures they believe are wrong. The views of parents with binding religious and moral beliefs, greatly conflict all too often with the medical world. When is it justifiable to overrule a parent’s decision to refuse medical treatment for their child....   [tags: Medical Ethics ]

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The Importance Of Advance Care Directives ( Acd )

- The legal term of consent reflects a person’s agreement to something; while informed consent means that a patient has full knowledge of the possible consequences of the proposed treatment and has the right to accept or decline (Queensland Health, 2011). Informed consent is provided and gained during a conversation between a client and the treating health professional and is critical to providing patient-centred care (Freegard, Isted & Russell, 2012). This essay will aim to discuss the use of advance care directives (ACD) in healthcare using several ethical principles and theories such as respect for autonomy, beneficence verses maleficence and paternalism....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Patient]

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Contractual Law: A Look at John and Chen

- a) What arguments could Chen use to support his refusal to pay John more than the original agreed price. A valid contract that is legally enforceable should consist of an offer, an acceptance, an intention to be bound and a sufficient consideration. Accordingly, the first contract formed by Chen and John includes John’s agreement to build for Chen extension of the house in consideration of payment of the price of building materials as per the date of completion of performance of the contract and labor costs of $6000 at the performance of the contract....   [tags: contract law, case study, duress]

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Women's Roles in Antigone and A Doll's House

- In the plays Antigone and A Doll's House, the playwrights discuss gender roles and how they relate to the characters in each individual play. Antigone, by Sophocles, follows a young girl who defies a law issued by King Creon against burying her brother, who fought against their town in the recent war. Creon orders her to be executed, but she ends up committing suicide. In A Doll's House, by Henrik Ibsen, a wife named Nora takes out a loan by herself, unacceptable for a woman during that time period, and tries to appease the lender who threatens to reveal her loan....   [tags: compare contrast comparison]

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War Of Aggression, Wars, And Wars Of War

- Explain wars of aggression, wars of refusal, and wars of retribution In this essay, I am going to talk about wars of aggression, wars of refusal and wars of retribution. First let me define what wars of aggression is. Wars of aggression, as known as the wars of invasion. It was countries or certain people who want to declare war without any specific reasons. As people concern about their waging rate, they believe that if they start a war, things might get better, so they turn conflict into war to make things right....   [tags: World War II, United States, Law]

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Civil War : A Dictatorship Under Porfirio Diaz

- After a dictatorship under Porfirio Díaz, that lasted for approximately thirty-five years, the Mexican people finally revolted upon his refusal to give up power. As a response to Diaz’s refusal to give up office in 1910, Francisco Madero, a favored presidential candidate at the time, initiated an anti re-election campaign and talked about land reform (a topic which was of interest to the indigenous communities, who had lost communal land during Díaz’s years of “Progress”). Additionally, several rebellions broke out in different parts of Mexico, each under different leaders, that were eventually successful in forcing Díaz out of office in 1911....   [tags: Mexican Revolution, Mexico, Emiliano Zapata]

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The Effects Of Underage Drinking On Young Adults

- PREVELENCE Alcohol abuse has always been prevalent in our culture, and many other cultures; however, now teens are abusing alcohol. Alcohol consumption has increased gradually over the last few decades, with alcohol consumption peaking at young adulthood ranging from the ages eighteen to twenty-four years. More than fifty percent of past year drinking males, and approximately forty-five percent of females in this age group are consuming above the recommend daily levels (Smart, 2016). This section will study the differential prevalence between adults and adolescence....   [tags: Drinking culture, Alcoholic beverage, Adolescence]

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The Pros and Cons of Civil Disobedience

- Civil disobedience is the refusal to obey civil laws in an effort to induce change in governmental policy or legislation, characterized by the use of passive resistance or other nonviolent means. The use of nonviolence runs throughout history however the fusion of organized mass struggle and nonviolence is relatively new. The militant campaign for women’s suffrage in Britain included a variety of nonviolent tactics such as boycotts, noncooperation, limited property destruction, civil disobedience, mass marches and demonstrations....   [tags: Civil Disobedience Essays]

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Metaphysical Poetry: What Does It All Mean?

- Religion and existence have always been subjects that mankind has struggled with for centuries, often resulting in wars, persecution, and social change. This perpetual struggle has provided the backbone for many distinct schools of thought, none so much as literature. Man’s relationship with religion and the validity of life, has been the target of many writers, but many of the questions revolving around faith and our own existence, remain unanswered in many regards. These philosophical and spiritual subjects gave birth to a movement, in which writers and poets examined the concepts of being, religion, and other fields from a logical viewpoint, opposed to one based in emotion....   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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The Roles And Responsibilities of A Nurse

- The nursing profession has changed drastically over time. The roles and responsibilities that nurses take on have increased and become far more complicated. Nurses are managers, leaders, supervisors and have become experts in many areas of care. Every day nurses are faced with the task of improving and strengthening professional leadership within their work environment. Managing good quality and eliminating risk is the major challenge in health care. All members of the team must work together to accomplish outstanding patient care....   [tags: nursing]

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Shirley Jackson’s Constant Battle of Self Satisfaction

- Noted by Darryl Hattenhauer, Shirley Jackson, an American gothic author, was "ranked among America's most highly regarded fiction writers" during the "1940s, 1950s, and 1960s" (1). Jackson argued that “a good story must engage its reader, persuade him that he wants to belong in the story for as long as it lasts” and if the author fails to provide such experience then they can consider their work a failure (Hall 113). The idea of authors providing an experience of enjoyment, made Jackson a successful writer....   [tags: gothic author, fiction writers, beliefs]

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Allotment of Shares for the Verity Company

- INTRODUCTION This case deals with Company Law and more specifically with share capital in relation to allotment of shares and transfer of shares. With reference to the Companies Act 2006 and appropriate case law it is hoped that a reasoned conclusion is reached for the issues put forward by Verity. ALLOTMENT OF SHARES The general provisions for the allotment of shares are found in sections 549 to 551 of the Companies Act 2006 and there are different provisions depending on what type of company is involved....   [tags: company law]

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Shirley Jackson’s Constant Battle of Self Satisfaction

- Noted by Darryl Hattenhauer, Shirley Jackson, an American gothic author, "ranked among America's most highly regarded fiction writers" during the "1940s, 1950s, and 1960s" (1). Jackson argued that “a good story must engage its reader, persuade him that he wants to belong in the story for as long as it lasts,” and if the author fails to provide such experience then they can consider their work a failure (Hall 113). The idea of authors providing an experience of enjoyment by involving them in the story, made Jackson a successful writer....   [tags: Author, Women]

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Organ Donation : The Gift Of Life

- Dominique Pontiflet Professor Daniel Plunkett English 1101 Section: J November 28, 2014 Mandatory Organ Donation Organ donation is the gift of life. In the United States alone, there are over 120,000 patients on a waiting list for an organ transplant. Many of patients, such as those suffering from kidney failure, can survive prior to receiving a donor organ with treatments like dialysis which can extend life until a kidney becomes available. Other patients may not be so lucky, but a system has been developed to distribute organs as they become available to those in the most need....   [tags: Organ donation, Organ transplant, Mandated choice]

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The Death Certificate Of The United States

- Two men, John Arthur James, and James Obergefell, filed a motion challenging the city’s denial to recognize and validate marriages of the same gender on essential documents such as the death certificate. The two individuals got married in 2013 in Maryland. One of the plaintiffs, Mr. Arthur, succumbed to a terminal illness a few months after the legal process started. Based on the Ohio revised law, the men believed that the state would not acknowledge the union of the deceased after his death and refuse to write Obergefell’s name as the partner....   [tags: Marriage, Same-sex marriage, Injunction]

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Vaccinations : Vaccines Helping Or Causing Trouble?

- Vaccinations: Vaccines Helping or Causing Trouble. The controversy concerning parents vaccinating their children has been a debate for many years. A vaccination is an injection of a weakened or killed organism that produces immunity in the body against that organism. In further detail: when germs such as bacteria or viruses, invade the body, they attack and multiply. This is then called an infection (an infection is what produces illness). When the immune system realizes, it then must fight back the infection with antibodies that the human body produces against the foreign substance....   [tags: Vaccination, Immune system, Vaccine]

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The Sermon With The Rabbi, Louis Shares

- In the beginning of the play, after the sermon with the Rabbi, Louis shares: In the passage, Prior implies that Louis introduces himself as “Lou” in order to hide his lisp when he pronounces “the sibilant S”. A lisp is a childlike, imperfect, or faltering way of speaking. Because they are on the subject of talking about Louis’ homosexuality, Louis’ refusal to display his lisp, something which he sees as imperfect, can be interpreted as Louis’ refusal to display his homosexuality in front of his family....   [tags: Coming out, Sexual orientation, Closeted, LGBT]

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Symbolism in A Rose For Emily

- The main symbolism running throughout A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner, is the theme of how important it is to let go of the past. Miss Emily clings to the past and does not want to be independent. The Old South is becoming the new South and she cannot move forward. The residents of the South did not all give in to change just because they lost the Civil War. In A Rose for Emily time marches on leaving Miss Emily behind as she stubbornly refuses to progress into a new era. In the story, symbolism is used to give more details than the author actually gives to the reader....   [tags: A Rose For Emily, William Faulkner]

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Harry Potter and The Hero's Journey

- In movies, novels, and life, people are named as heroes. The heroes we establish and the heroes we recognize, however, may not meet the criteria for a mythic hero. A mythic hero ventures forth on his journey, and comes forth from the hero’s path to greatness. Joseph Campbell, a mythologist who studied many of the great human myths and religious tales, realized, in studying these myths and tales, that there were certain steps that every hero went through. Campbell called this “The Hero’s Journey”; it is based on Carl Jung's idea that all human beings have an archetype....   [tags: story analysis, J.K Rowling]

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The Hero With A Thousand Faces

- An Analysis of the Ten Stages of the Hero’s Journey in Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces (200)This mythic study will define the first ten stages of the hero’s journey as defined by Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Campbell defines the various stages of the hero’s journey within the context of a universal mythic "cycle” found in world ligature. These similar events define the universal stages of the hero’s journey in (1) the call to adventure, (2) refusal of the call, (3) supernatural aid, (4) the first threshold, (5) challenges, (6)revelation (7) abyss (rebirth), (8) transformation, (9) atonement, and (10) the return in the gift of the goddess....   [tags: Monomyth, Hero, Consciousness]

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Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

- Same-Sex Marriage Same-sex marriage is a marriage or practice between two people of the same gender. It could be between a man and a man or between a woman and a woman. Same-sex marriage has been a controversial issue with the word today. Despite the arguments and refusal of its acceptance, same –sex marriage is still gaining ground in some of the states in America. The issue of legalizing the practice of same- sex has been lingering on for decades, government official from different works of life made an endless effort to see that it became a reality....   [tags: United States, United States Constitution]

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A Heated Debate On Forced Medication

- There has been a heated debate on the issue of forced medication especially in psychiatric hospitals. Clients with mental illness often complain on the practice of forced medication because according to them the effects of forced medication outweighs the benefits of the psychotropic medication. On the contrary, mental health clinicians state that it is necessary to use forced medication because without the medication, the clients can become violent and dangerous. Due to these conflicting opinions, people are left wondering who should have the right to decide whether a client has to take medication....   [tags: Psychiatry, Mental disorder, Psychiatric hospital]

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Legal And Ethical Issues Of Nursing

- Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing Ethics asses the values, morals, and principles of nurses. Legal codes or laws are rules established by our government. It’s important that nurses have a clear and comprehensive understanding of ethical and legal codes within their career. The understanding of these codes is essential for nurses to safely practice and to protect their patients. Nurses must abide by these principles or face the consequences of legal action. These principles include autonomy, utilitarianism, confidentiality, and many others....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Nursing, Business ethics]

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Folklore in Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, and Alice in Wonderland

- Folklore in Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, and Alice in Wonderland Folklore in the movies usually focuses around a hero or heroine, that hero or heroine is in a situation that they have to overcome. The hero or heroine can come in many different forms; it could be a teenage boy a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, or an over the hill astronaught lost in space, or a little girl who falls down a hole. I am going to show how three movies contain folklore, Star Wars IV: A New Hope, Planet of the Apes one, and Alice in Wonderland....   [tags: Movies Film TV Television Essays]

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Symbolism in A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner

- Symbolism in A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner William Faulkner used a great deal of symbolism in this story. His use of symbolism captivated the reader until the shocking end of the story. Some of the symbolism was blatant while some was vague and disguised. While Faulkner’s use of the color white in this story wasn’t obvious at first it soon becomes clear that the color white represents innocence and youth. The Grierson house was white and when Miss Emily was a young girl she wore white dresses as opposed to the black attire she wore in her latter years....   [tags: Papers]

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The American Landscape of Literature

- The authors J.D Salinger and Joseph Heller have created novels that depict the American landscape based on spirit, culture, identity and values. American spirit is defined through rebellion in both novels. J.D Salinger captures rebellion through Holden’s refusal to go with the flow of society, and Joseph Heller shows rebellion using Yossarian to capture rebellion by his ideals that it is better to survive then fight in a war while most Americans uphold the belief that it is an honor to sacrifice oneself for one’s country....   [tags: Literary Analysis, J.D Salinger, Joseph Heller]

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Post-War Yugoslavia and Josip Tito

- During Stalin’s reign, Yugoslavia was one of the many satellites states under the control of the Soviet Union. The most important factors that led Yugoslavia from Soviet control were the revolutionary Yugoslavian leader Josip Tito. He was able to liberate Yugoslavia from Soviet control with his reputation of a great military leader during World War II, his revolutionary approach against the Soviets, and his uneasy alliance with the Western world, while maintaining a Communist ideology. Tito’s leading role in the liberation in Yugoslavia not only gained him international recognition, but also united all ethnic based states of Yugoslavia into one....   [tags: World Leaders]

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Ethics in Professional Nursing Practice

- This assignment addresses the implications relating to an ethical dilemma encountered in practice using an appropriate model of reflection. The assignment will highlight ethical theories and four guiding ethical principles, such as autonomy, beneficence, paternalism and non-malificence. The two main principles that will be discussed in depth will be autonomy and beneficence and how they impact on practice. I will use Bortons (1970) reflective model, which was taken from Jasper (2003). An incident, which occurred on practice placement, involved a patient’s decision to withdraw from active treatment....   [tags: Nursing Ethical Principles]

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