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Refraction of Light

- Refraction of Light Aim: To find a relationship between the angles of incidence and the angles of refraction by obtaining a set of readings for the angles of incidence and refraction as a light ray passes from air into perspex. Introduction: Refraction is the bending of a wave when it enters a medium where it's speed is different. The refraction of light when it passes from a fast medium to a slow medium bends the light ray toward the normal to the boundary between the two media....   [tags: Papers]

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Exploring Refraction

- Exploring Refraction Refraction is the bending of the path of a light or sound wave as it passes across the boundary separating two mediums. If a wave of light travels from one medium to another the direction is changed. Refraction is caused by the change in speed experienced by a wave when it changes medium. A wave doesn't just stop when it reaches the end of a medium there will be some reflection off the boundary and some transmission into the new medium. The wave undergoes refraction as it approaches the medium....   [tags: Papers]

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Investigating Refraction

- Investigating Refraction Aim: Find the critical angle and refractive index for plastic using a graphical treatment for my results. Introduction: The Refractive Index is how the much a material bends the light. In this experiment I will be looking at the how much the angle of incidence gets refracted and I will multiply my results by sine. I will plot a graph from my results and, using a line of best fit, I will calculate the size of the angle of incidence in order for the refracted angle to be equal to 900 (critical angle)....   [tags: Papers]

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How a Rainbow is Formed

- A rainbow is one of the most amazing things that can be seen in the sky. However, many people do not know how rainbows are formed. For a start, I will start by explaining how rainbows are formed. A rainbow occurs as a result of refraction and dispersion of white light, as it passes through a prism. Since a prism has two indexes, their difference causes light to diverge in different angles as it comes out of the prism. This splits the white color into many components, which are different colors. Since a raindrop contains two refractive indexes, it produces the different colors when hit by sunrays....   [tags: Light, Prism, Refraction]

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Clinical and Morphological Corneal Changes after Keraring Intrastromal Corneal Ring Segment Implantation in Keratoconus

- PURPOSE:To evaluate clinical and corneal topographical changes induced by the implantation of Keraring intrastromal corneal ring segment (ICRS) in Keratoconus. METHODS: Keraring Intrastromal ring segments were placed in 30 eyes of 21 patients with keratoconus. The mean follow-up time was 5.8 ± 0.6 [SD] months (range 4 to 7.5 months). All patients underwent a complete ocular examination including uncorrected visual acuity, best spectacle corrected visual acuity, slit lamp examination fundus examination, corneal topography which obtained from Pentacam (Oculus Pentacam®, USA)....   [tags: corneal topography, visual acuity, refraction]

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Properties of Light

- 1. INTRODUCTION With the due course of properties of light, an optimum amount of the energy of the guided light is in form of evanescent waves which are very sensitive to changes occurring in the external environment, forms multilayer structural photonic band gap by propagating electromagnetic waves of certain wavelengths. The electromagnetic (EM) waves with frequencies falling within Photonic Band Gaps (PBGs) [1, 2] cannot propagate through the structure. The localized states can be created in the PBGs by introducing defects into the periodical structures....   [tags: energy, refraction, photonic]

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Surface Plasmon Resonance And Its Application

- Abstract: The phenomenon of free electron-photon oscillations, discovered in the 1900’s has changed the way we think about metals. Metals are no longer considered as devoid of optical properties. Applications of these properties have been reported in multiple disciplines. In this report, we discuss the phenomenon of surface plasmon resonance and its application in various sensors. Introduction to Surface Plasmons During an experiment conducted by Wood [1], an anomaly in the fringe pattern formed by light reflected by a mirror with diffraction grating was observed....   [tags: Refraction, Total internal reflection, Snell's law]

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Chaucer's Retraction in The Canterbury Tales

- Chaucer's Retraction in The Canterbury Tales Chaucer's ability to characterize people from all walks of life in explicit detail, as is so wonderfully displayed in The Canterbury Tales, is just one factor that allowed him to be known as one of history's finest literary artists. At the end of a career that would be considered by most artists as an extremely successful one, what could have caused Chaucer to apologize for any of the works which defined literary success. In "Chaucer's Retraction," which appears at the end of The Canterbury Tales (Norton 311), Chaucer not only apologizes for several of his secular works, he also goes so far as to revoke them, and ask for forgiveness for such work...   [tags: Canterbury Tales Essays]

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Physics Of Physics And Physics

- The more I learned about physics, the more I found out about physics applications in our daily life. From some typical activity we do everyday, we use Physics Laws and Theories every time and everywhere. For example, In order to maximize the force of player on using racquet, the physics perspectives of the movement of the ball after being hit needs to be analyzed. The ball’s velocity every time being hit is one of the most significant element for a player. During a collision between the ball and the racquet, he force applied on the racquet results in the acceleration of the ball following the Newton’s mechanics law F=ma....   [tags: Light, Electromagnetic radiation, Rainbow]

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Zacharias Jansen and The First Compound Microscope

- ... Spherical aberration is the blurred image of an object due to parallel light rays passing through the middle of the lens and focusing further away than light rays passing through the edges of the lens. The outcome is various focal points, giving a distorted/blurred image ( Chromatic aberration is a common optical issue that occurs when either wavelengths of colour are focused at different points in the focal plane and/or when the lens is unable to bring all wavelengths of colour to the same focal plane....   [tags: resolution, scientists, objects]

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The Mathematics of Bubbles in Beer

- Refraction Refraction is what happens to light when it passes from one medium to another. For example, things appear differently from the bottom of a swimming pool than on the top. Simplistically, refraction is the bending of light. The explanation for this phenomenon, however, can be described with light as rays and light as waves. No matter the case, it is important to remember that the speed of light is constant in every homogeneous medium, regardless of shape, size or form. The index of refraction Light travels ( in certain substances ) at a fraction of the velocity if it travelled in a vacuum....   [tags: Math Carbonation]

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How Does Music Affect Bacteria Growth?

- My experiment is going to be how music affects bacteria growth. However because bacteria is “deaf” and actually cannot hear music it can only hear the vibrations emitted from the music. I am going to test how different genera vibrations from rock, classical, pop, and techno music affect the growth. However, before we see why music affects bacteria you would need to know how bacteria grows normally. For bacteria to grow you need four components: food, temperature, moisture, ph. level, oxygen and time....   [tags: vibration, temperature, oxygen, ultrasound]

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Investigating What Factors Affect Reflection

- Investigating What Factors Affect Reflection Prediction: The angle of incidence is proportional to the angle of Refraction. Angle I Angle r 10 6 20 14 30 21 40 28 50 34 60 39 70 44 80 47 Results: Angle I Angle r 10 8 20 15 30 20 40 28 50 33 60 38 70 42 80 47 Averages of both results: Angle I ======= Angle r 10 7 20 14.5 30 20.5 40 28 50 33.5 60 38.5 70 43 80 47 Averaging= I=20 r=14+15 2 R=14.5 Analysing Graph The graph shows my averages of the...   [tags: Papers]

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Investigating Whether the Color of Light Incident on a Medium Affects Its Refractive Index

- Investigating Whether the Color of Light Incident on a Medium Affects Its Refractive Index Background – Refraction is the bending of light when it passes from one medium to another. Refraction occurs because of the change in density in the new medium which changes the amount of obstruction of the light causing the light to deviate from its original path and take a new, shortest one through the new medium. Refractive index is a unique property of transparent and translucent materials....   [tags: Papers]

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Physics of Water Waves

- All waves possess the properties of reflection, refraction, diffraction and interference. These phenomena's were observed with the use of a ripple tank. A ripple tank consists of a large rectangular tray with a transparent bottom. Water is placed in this tan to a depth of approximately one centimeter. A light source is then placed above the tray of water. When the water is disturbed it can be seen on a white surface positioned under the tray. The first phenomenon observed was reflection....   [tags: Lab Report]

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Does Light Bend towards or away from the Normal as it Enters the Glass Block

- Introduction A general introduction to the topic, including why the investigation is important. This investigation will inquire about the nature of light and how it behaves when a beam of light travels through a clear glass block. This investigation is important so the way light behaves can be investigated further, as this investigation will act as the basis of knowledge for future experiments and investigations. It will also help understand the behaviour of light when it travels through different objects....   [tags: physics, electromagnetism]

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Analysis of Desity Variation by Shadowgraphy

- Analysis of density variation by shadowgraphy Keywords: Shadowgraphy, flow-visualization, edge detection I. BRIEF HISTORY AND WORKING PRINCIPLE Shadowgraphy is one of the oldest and simplest of the flow visualization techniques. Robert Hooke was the first person to study the Schlieren and Shadowgraphy techniques around 1665. He studied the shadow of plumes of a burning candle casted by sun on a white paper [1]. Hooke published these work in Micrographia [2]. In 1780, Jean Paul Marat published a volume on the physics of fire that contains apparently the first optical flow visualization image ever printed [1]....   [tags: flow-visualization, edge direction]

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Effect of a Water Droplet on a Rainbow

- The Formation of a Rainbow Sir Isaac Newton found that white light is composed of all wavelengths of visible light. White light is a mixture of all the colors of the spectrum, which are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. If we break up white light we can see the various components. A glass prism can be used to split white light into various wavelengths. This split occurs because each color in the white light has a different index of refraction. Thus, the different colors will respond differently to the glass....   [tags: Geometry Math Light]

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Mathematics of Human Vision and Corrective Lenses

- Missing figures/tables It is a daily ritual...wake up, eat, shower, contacts, class. I do this every morning, however I have never stopped to think, "Why?" No, not "Why am I going to class so early?" but "Why do I need these contacts?" With this project I will attempt to explain the basics of vision and corrective lenses, as I, myself, finally learn the reason for sticking my finger in my eye every morning. Basic Eye Anatomy The cornea is responsible for protecting the eye and for refracting incoming light rays....   [tags: Math Eye Glasses Contacts Contact Lens]

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Mathematics of Lenses and Optical Glass

- Missing figures PROPERTIES OF LENSES, OPTICAL GLASS Composition Glass is a solid, structureless and amorphous. There are two main group classification of optical glass: 1. Crown, and 2. Flint (has a high content of lead oxide) Chemicals are combined to produce new glass types. These new glass types are used to benefit other different types of cameras (such as high-speed minature cameras, black/white cameras, etc). Properties The most important optical characteristics of a glass are its refractive index and its degree of dispersion....   [tags: Math]

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Atmospheric Optics

- Atmospheric Optics Light is all around us, from both natural and artificial sources, during the day and the night. We think we understand it, and that what we see by it is an exact representation of what we are looking at. However we can be mistaken; the setting sun seen on the horizon has in fact already dropped below the horizon. Twinkling stars are also an effect of this same process, called refraction. Light passing through a medium such as air or water can be absorbed and scattered by the molecules in the medium or refracted by changes in air density....   [tags: Math Mathematics]

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Visual Analysis of Davis's Photograph

- Memories can be as short-lived as the moments that created them. The recollection of events and the deterioration of memories over time is a constant process that cannot be stopped. This inevitable passing of memory is fused to the inevitable passing of human life. Emily Davis’s still life photograph of wineglasses is reflective and fragmented, allowing the image to act as a metaphor for this fleeting aspect of memory through its own memory-like qualities. The photograph is also symbolic of the transience of human life through the use of the traditional symbol of the wineglass, ultimately serving as memento mori....   [tags: Art Analysis]

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Mathematics of Telescopes

- Missing Figures A Brief History of Telescopes Although telescopes has been around for several hundreds of years, there has been great discrepancy as to who invented it first. Here is one authors opinion. Lippershey was a Dutch spectacle marker during the early 17th century (approximately 1600). He was one of the first who created the "looker" (now called telescope) by placing two pieces of lenses together. The discovery that placing lenses together can magnify images were made by children who took Lippershey's spectacles and looked at a distant church tower....   [tags: Math]

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Light Paper

- Light is a kind of electromagnetic radiation. It is made up of vibrations between a certain group of frequencies. When light is given off from a source it spreads out over a larger area. Scientists are still dumbfounded by exactly what light is. When light hits a smooth or polished surface it "bounces" off at the same angle that it hit. Reflecting telescopes are made of concave mirrors and they have helped astronomers chart the universe because the mirrors interact with each other to magnify what is being observed....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Physics of Fiber Optics

- History Of all the pioneers of this industry, none stand out as the primary leader of discovery or development. This competitive environment was an integral part of this field's progress. Not all discoveries were harbored as proprietary. There was a great deal of information that flowed amongst the leading scientists developing this technology. Here are some of the key players and some of their contributions: Claude Chappe, French Engineer invented the Optical Telegraph, which used a series of semaphores mounted on towers to relay messages between towers Alexander Graham Bell,patented an optical telephone system in 1880....   [tags: physics light fiber optic wire]

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A Man's Early Developed Love for Science: Johannes Kepler

- Johannes Kepler is a famous mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer of the Scientific Revolution during the seventeenth century. Kepler has made some very important contribution to the fields of astronomy and mathematics. Without him we might not have made some discoveries until much later. He is one of the most important scientists of the Scientific Revolution. Johannes Kepler made some important contributions to astronomy and had some incredible works and accomplishments all due to his early developed love for science....   [tags: famous mathematician, astronomer and astrologer]

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Analysis of an Automobile During and After a Crash

- ... Further advanced designs can profit a variety of metals and another materials carefully designed to absorb numerous kinetic energy as possible. High-performance vehicle often use a honeycomb design, which it offers stiffness in normal conditions, but can crumple and collapse in a crash BMW and Mercedes Benz had obviously suffered a lot impact and show extensively damaged. On the other hand, none of the damage reach to the passenger compartment, the crumple zone did its job Example of old car didn’t have crumple zone or Safety cell Safety cell: The Safety cell has crumple zone at both ends and a 'cage' in the passenger compartment....   [tags: structural and material analysis]

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A Little History Behind Photonic Band Gap Materials

- Photonic Band Gap Materials:  A little history behind Photonic Band Gap materials (PBG). In 1987, an American physicist and engineer named Eli Yablonovitch and Canadian physics professor from the University of Toronto Canada, Sajeev John constructed artificial structures that then became the concept of PBG material. In order to evaluate this concept they created a 3D prototype diamond lattice in Plexiglas, which is a type of acrylic glass material. With this creation they were able to prove that PBG materials are capable of propagating electromagnetic waves....   [tags: photonic crystals, wave propagation]

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The Physics Of The Sub Atomic Universe

- Background research Throughout the past century, investigations of quantum and particle physics phenomena have proven to show the most significant concepts and ideas in the physical and sub-atomic world. However, the discoveries yet to be made are endless. One of the most fascinating concepts in the sub-atomic universe is the idea of spintronics. Spintronics is the quantum study of the independent angular momentum (not to be confused with the orbital angular momentum of the electron) of a particle, typically that of an electron (Introduction)....   [tags: Quantum mechanics, Electron, Light]

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Clinical Trail Microncrision Contaract Sugery (MICS)

- MATERIAL AND METHODS This prospective randomized controlled clinical trial was conducted from September 2012 to October 2013 and included patients who underwent microincision cataract surgery (MICS) at the Hospital Virgen de los Lirios. The study recruited 60 eyes of 41 patients. Eligible patients were those aged 65 to 80 with senile cataract and no other concomitant disease that would prevent a postoperative best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) of 20/40 or better. Exclusion criteria included history of ocular surgery or trauma, corneal disease, glaucoma, uveitis, vitreous opacities, retinopathy or visual pathway defects....   [tags: study, patient, disease, techniques]

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Flow Visualisation using Shadowgraphy Technique

- Flow Visualisation using Shadowgraphy Technique Shadowgraphy is one of the optical techniques for observing a flow in a transparent medium. The basic apparatus consists of a light source and a recording plane onto which the shadow of the varying density field is projected. The technique is based on the variation in refractive index of the transparent media caused by density variation in the flow field. The experiment is carried out in the laboratory and density gradient is created by generating temperature gradient or any other means (diffusion of perfume)....   [tags: gas dynamics, propulsion, optical techniques]

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Solar Energy: A Viable Alternative

- In today’s world, there is a huge demand for energy. With the continuous depletion of fossil fuels, there is an urgent need for alternate forms of energy, in particular technologies that are renewable, sustainable, and inexpensive. Solar cells have been considered a promising potential solution to this problem, but issues with conventional photovoltaic cells based on crystalline materials include high manufacturing cost, poor durability, and limited versatility. Currently, only 0.25% of the United States electricity needs are met by solar energy; to contrast, coal provides almost 42% of the country’s electricity, despite the massive health and environmental effects associated with coal pow...   [tags: renewable energy sources]

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Peropheral Vision in All Species

- Introduction Peripheral vision is used amongst every species ranging from a deep-sea marine animal to a bird flying hundreds of feet above the ground. However, each species’ vision differs to some degree and also differentiates within the species itself. This can be due to various types of eye conditions. Peripheral vision is the part of vision detected by the eye that occurs at the edges of the central focal point of a person’s gaze. Generally in humans, peripheral vision is much weaker than in other species, specifically in context of differentiating color or shape....   [tags: eye, condition, experiment, results]

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Isaac Newton 's Prism Experiment

- Isaac Newton’s Prism Experiment Theories should be tested, and have efficient evidence in order to be considered as scientific. Isaac Newton’s prism experiment was a critical experiment in the physics community where Newton researched and tested white light to isolate the explain that white light was made of several colours of light. In Newton’s day, colour was stated as being a mix of light and darkness, and white light obtained colour by passing through prisms. The resulting colour would depend on how much “darkness” was added to the white light....   [tags: Color, Light, White, Visible spectrum]

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The Discovery of X-Rays

- From the ancient time probably one of the most popular questions among people was how their bones re constructed, and how they are joned. Moreover, it was alsmost impossible for surgeons to identify where in the body bullets can be located and consequently a successful removement of it was equalized to magic. This situation continued until late 1895, when a German physicist, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, discovered X-rays, and as a result he invented a mechanism of filming human bones in a picture ( Tice 2007, 1)....   [tags: Benefits, History]

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What are Optical Illusions?

- ... The grid consists of black squares in which are in a grid, with white bars separating the black squares. “The fuzzy dot that appears at the intersections of the bars is called an illusionary dot.” (Blatchey, Moses, 2012, p.257). Humans are most likely to see the fuzzy dot in lower saturation of color; color and saturation affect the perception of the fuzzy illusionary dot. The Scintillating Grid is the modern version of the Hermann Grid. This grid uses special mechanisms that are in the brain and eyes....   [tags: images, color, light and patterns ]

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How Natural Processes Operate at Coastal Geographic Environment

- How Natural Processes Operate at Coastal Geographic Environment Natural Processes are actions or events that have natural causes, which result in natural events. The three main coastal environment processes that operate at Muriwai are Coastal Erosion, Coastal Transportation and Coastal Deposition. The elements that interact to produce natural processes are wind, waves and tides. Each phenomenon at Muriwai's coastal geographic environment has been produced by interaction. Coastal Erosion is a process at Muriwai that gradually wears away the rock particles of the earth's surface, transporting them to another location....   [tags: Natural Processes Environmental Essays]

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Latinos, Politics, and American Cinema

- Latinos, Politics, and American Cinema Feature films in the United States influence American viewers' attitudes on a wide variety of topics. Americans attitudes toward politics are shaped by films, and specifically the politics of racial interaction. The history of modern feature films begins with Birth of a Nation (1915), a film that misrepresents the Black race by justifying the existence and role of the Ku Klux Klan in American society. From this racist precedent, producers and directors understood that visual messages, however latent, were a useful means of communicating a political message to a large audience....   [tags: Movies Films]

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Green Flash from the Sun

- Many think it's just a myth. Others think it is true but its cause isn't known. Adventurers pride themselves on having seen it. It's a green flash from the Sun. The truth is the green flash does exist and its cause is well understood. Just as the setting Sun disappears completely from view, a last glimmer appears startlingly green. The effect is typically visible only from locations with a low, distant horizon, and lasts just a few seconds. A green flash is also visible for a rising Sun, but takes better timing to spot....   [tags: weather sunset]

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Applications of Prisms and Math

- Missing Figures Prisms and their Applications Introduction A prism is one or several blocks of glass, through which light passes and refracts and reflects off its straight surfaces. Prisms are used in two fundamentally different ways. One is changing the orientation, location, etc. of an image or its parts, and another is dispersing light as in a refractometers and spectrographic equipment. This project will only deal with the first use. Consider an image projected onto a screen with parallel rays of light, as opposed to an image formed by the same rays that are passed through a cubic prism (assume that the amount of light that is reflected is negligible)....   [tags: Mathematics]

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Landforms that are Produced as a Result of Costal Deposition

- Landforms that are Produced as a Result of Costal Deposition Deposition is defined as 'the laying down of sediments, produced by weathering and erosion of landmasses…'. Deposition occurs when velocity decreases and therefore suspended sediment can no longer be transported. There are four main landforms that are resulting form landforms, beaches, spits and tombolos, forelands and barrier islands. The area that I have studied is the Vale of Glamorgan Coastline form Merthyr Mawr Warren to Breaksea Point and within this area there are many depositional features....   [tags: Papers]

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Snell's Law

- Snell's Law Snell's Law: sin i v1 ======== sin r v2 v1 is a constant known as the refractive index (m), using this we can rearrange the v2 equation to form: sin i = msin r This means that sin i is directly proportional to sin r and if we measure both of these we will be able to calculate the refractive index. [IMAGE] It can then be seen that once the ray enters the prism, it does not continue in a straight line, rather it is abruptly deviated and then travels through the prism until it reaches the far face, where the ray again suddenly deviates as it moves back into the air....   [tags: Papers]

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Physics Ripple Tank

- Physics Ripple Tank If someone were to spend time near an ocean in the southern United States, they would probably notice one thing. They would notice that it was so hot, that they would need to cool off all day long. And the best way to do this would be to go to the nearest beach, and cool off in the refreshing waters. At the beach, they would hear the seagulls cawing, feel the hot sun shining down onto them, and they would notice all of the waves in the ocean. They may notice different wave phenomena, such as the waves breaking and growing and wonder what were going on, and why this phenomenon was occurring....   [tags: Papers]

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The Speed of Light Through Perspex

- The Speed of Light Through Perspex Planning Light travels at different speeds through different mediums. The speed of light in air is 300,000,000m/s. When light enters an optically denser medium, it bends towards the normal (refracts). You can work out the refractive index of by dividing the sine of the incidence angle by the sine of the angle of refraction and then working out the ratio of the two. Sine i Sine r From this refractive index you can work out the speed of light through the chosen medium by dividing the speed of light through air by the refractive index....   [tags: Papers]

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Modern Optical Communication Industry

- Optical fibers are structures that are typically designed to transmit energy along a specified trajectory with minimal attenuation and single distortion. Optical fibers with small losses appeared in 1970. This event has laid the foundation for modern optical communication industry. However Si waveguides have some nonlinearity which occurs when electromagnetic waves interact with core of the waveguide. To do away with this problem it was begun to use Optical fibers with spiral winding known as complex optical waveguides....   [tags: slant angle, attenuation]

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Investigating How the Speed of Light Differs in Air and in Perspex

- Investigating How the Speed of Light Differs in Air and in Perspex Planning Aim: I am going to investigate how the speed of light differs in air and in Perspex. Background info: The refractive index is a ratio for working out the speed of light. The ratio varies for different substances, it indicates the extent to how light refracts through different substances. On passing from a less dense medium to a more dense medium, light is refracted towards the normal, and thus the angle of incidence, i, is larger than the angle of refraction, r., Willebrord van Roijen Snell (1591-1626), came up with a law explaining the ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence to th...   [tags: Papers]

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Finding out the Speed of Light Through Perspex

- Finding out the Speed of Light Through Perspex Aim To find out the speed of light through Perspex by passing a narrow ray of light through a D-Block of Perspex, by using the same concepts and ideas as Snell's Law. Background Light is an electromagnetic wave. The speed of light depends on the medium through which it propagates: it goes fastest in a vacuum, almost as fast in air but considerably slower in glass. Because of the special role it plays in many parts of physics, the speed of light in a vacuum has been given its own symbol: c....   [tags: Papers]

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The Contributions of Isaac Newton

- Newton, Sir Isaac (1642-1727), mathematician and physicist, one of the foremost scientific intellects of all time. Born at Woolsthorpe, near Grantham in Lincolnshire, where he attended school, he entered Cambridge University in 1661; he was elected a Fellow of Trinity College in 1667, and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in 1669. He remained at the university, lecturing in most years, until 1696. Of these Cambridge years, in which Newton was at the height of his creative power, he singled out 1665-1666 (spent largely in Lincolnshire because of plague in Cambridge) as "the prime of my age for invention"....   [tags: Sir Isaac Newton Essays]

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Mathematics of Microscope Resolving Power

- Missing Figures Imagine this, you are walking through the forest when all of a sudden you come across the most fascinating insect (perhaps insects may not seem too fascinating at first but once you learn a little about them they are the most fascinating creatures). Well, back to the story, so you find this insect and you realize that it seems very different from those you've previously encountered. Well, being the curious scientist that you are, you take out your trusty magnifying glass and take a look....   [tags: Math]

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The Physics of Photography

- The Physics of Photography The general population has become so accustomed to their simple point and shoot cameras that they do not either notice the poor quality of images that they are producing or do not have the knowledge to produce better images. For those who desire to take better photographs, photography will be an exciting life long adventure. There are many aspects to consider when taking a photograph. A good photograph is well thought out before the photographer snaps the shutter....   [tags: Pictures Photographs Careers Essays]

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Myopia Development in Infants

- Myopia Development in Infants An impairment in vision can lead to a very challenging life. Many Americans suffer from abnormalities in their vision. They suffer with diseases such as glaucoma, hyperopia, and myopia. Myopia, or nearsightedness, is fairly prevalent in the United States of America. In fact, it is estimated that twenty-five percent of the population of the United States is nearsighted (Kolata, 1985). Myopia occurs when the resting eye becomes focused on distant objects. The lens of the eye must become thicker and the radius of curvature must be increased in order for the eye to look at nearby objects....   [tags: Vision Sight Nearsightedness Disorders Essays]

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Modeling Ocean Acoustic Tomography

- Modeling Ocean Acoustic Tomography Ocean acoustic tomography is a recent scientific breakthrough in the last thirty years. This usage of this tomography is key because of the major affect the oceans play on the Earth’s biosphere. Water takes up about 75% of the world and plays a role in land temperature variance and seasonal climate changes. In 1965, scientists pictured the ocean’s general circulation being large slow-moving currents like the Gulf Stream. These conclusions were based on periodic observations....   [tags: Science Ocean Tomography Essays Papers]

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An Analysis on Damien Hirst’s Sculpture: This Little Piggy Went to Market, This Little Piggy Went Home

- The focus of this essay will be on an analysis on Damien Hirst’s sculpture, from the ‘Freeze’ exhibition, entitled ‘This little piggy went to market, this little piggy went home’. This analysis will make use of Barnard’s definition of denotative meaning and how the formal elements contribute to the connotative function of the work. Barnard (intext) defines denotation as the literal nature and explanation of what the image contains. In this case, Damien Hirst’s sculpture (figure 1) constitutes of two sides of a pig, severed in half and positioned in a translucent glass tank of formaldehyde....   [tags: Connotation, Composition, Movement]

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Effect of Finite Terms on the Truncation Error of Mie Series for Modeling Light Scattering

- The finite sum of the squares of the Mie coefficients is very useful for addressing problems of classical light scattering. An approximate formula available in the literature, and still in use today, has been developed to determine a priori the number of the most significant terms needed to evaluate the scattering cross section. Here we obtain an improved formula, which includes the number of terms needed, for the scattering cross section to be determined with an error smaller than the prescribed accuracy....   [tags: Scientific Research ]

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Explain How The 5e Lesson Format Has Changed Over The Course Of The Semester

- Explain how your understanding of the 5E lesson format has changed over the course of the semester. At the beginning of the semester I didn’t knew what a 5E lesson format looked like in a classroom, but throughout this course I learned the format of the model. At first I thought that the 5E model consisted of the same components of any other lesson, but at a different order. Then I realized that the teacher does not give the students direct directions, rather lets them explore with different manipulatives....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Knowledge, Lesson plan]

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Science Cannot and Should Not Explain the Existence or Not Existence of God

- There always been a question of God's existence in the world because for some individuals "seeing is believing." Thus if one cannot see, touch or hear God then does he actually exist. Some scientists or scholars will espouse that he does not indeed exist but there is a scientific explanation for everything from rainbows to the sun setting at dusk. For example, a rainbow is defined as an "optical and meteorological phenomenon that is caused by both reflection and refraction in water droplets in Earth's atmosphere, resulting in spectrum of light appearing in the sky." One who does not believe would confirm the aforementioned explanation of what a rainbow is and accept the scientific explanati...   [tags: faith, religious beliefs]

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The Is The Holy ( The Pious ) Loved By The Gods?

- question1 "Is the holy (the pious) loved by the gods because it is holy (pious). Or is it holy (pious) because it is loved by the gods?" Think about the essence of what Socrates is asking here. What is the significance of this question for religious belief. What is the philosophical impact of this question. How would you answer it. Can you think of some real-world event or experience that brings out the importance of coming up with a good answer to this question. Or, on the other hand, do you see this question as mere word play....   [tags: Philosophy, Mind, God, René Descartes]

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Representations of Native Americans in Dances with Wolves and The Searchers

- “Film is more than the instrument of a representation; it is also the object of representation. It is not a reflection or a refraction of the ‘real’; instead, it is like a photograph of the mirrored reflection of a painted image.” (Kilpatrick) Although films have found a place in society for about a century, the labels they possess, such as stereotypes which Natives American are recognized for, have their roots from many centuries ago (Kilpatrick). The Searchers, a movie directed by John Ford and starred by John Wayne, tells the story of a veteran of the American Civil War and how after his return home he would go after the maligned Indians who killed his family and kidnapped his younger n...   [tags: Film, Native American Studies, Movies]

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When can we trust our senses to give us truth?

- Since humans evolved, we’ve relied on our senses to guide us and help us survive, for without them, we’d have gone extinct a long time ago. Our sight lets us view the world around, allowing us not only to spot danger, but also to explore, and discover new places and objects, whilst our hearing allows us, for example, to survey our surrounding more efficiently. We’ve always needed our senses to survive, so much so that the idea of them being untrustworthy is a worrying thought, but is it possible for this to happen, and can our senses be deceived....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Islamic Contributions to Medicine: The Making to a Scientific Culture

- During the Middle Ages of Islamic history, eighth century and running until the twelfth century, a change in the way of spiritual thinking and flexible control in government allowed for a responsive advancement in the arts and sciences. Muslim scholars continued the intellectual traditions of the Greeks within the framework of the Islamic religion. “The positive influence of the Islamic faith which fosters learning and knowledge and this greatly contributed to the blossoming of a culture of free inquiry and rational scientific thinking....   [tags: muslim scholars, medicine]

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Development of the Periodic Table, X Rays and the Telescope

- ... These elements are called the transuranium elements. I think without the development of the periodic table we may not have different types of medicines, or maybe just generic products to help us along the way of life. For example, humans need Zinc. A doctor can simply tell a person how much Zinc he/she needs or a simple nutrition label can tell how much of the element is in the product. With the development of the periodic table, it gave scientists lead way of discovering new elements. There’s possibly even more elements just waiting to be explored and discovered....   [tags: history of chemistry and technology]

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Eye Sight Is The Most Important Sense Of Human Body

- Eye sight is the most important sense of the human body because without eye sight one will forever live in mystery. For example, they would not know what people around them look like, what their surroundings look like, and probably most important of all, what they would look like. Eye sight is more important than other human senses in many ways. For example, if one was blind but could still hear and someone tries to explain something, like a color, to them, they would never understand what the concept that person is trying to explain....   [tags: Eye, Retina, Cornea, Visual system]

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How Pregnancy Affects A Woman 's Experience Of Consumer Vulnerability

- Baker, Gentry & Rittenburg suggest future research on pregnant women in Building Understanding of the Domain of Consumer Vulnerability to provide further insight into consumer vulnerability. Pregnancy is an appropriate contextual population to base further exploration on due to a common feature of the definition of consumer vulnerability –as presented by Baker, Gentry & Rittenburg (2005). – and the state of being pregnant; this commonality is transiency, thus rendering it applicable to a liminal phase such as pregnancy....   [tags: Childbirth, Pregnancy]

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The Feminization and Colonization of Ireland by the English

- Tudor England viewed Ireland with both fascination and revulsion. While the English regarded the Irish landscape as sublimely beautiful, they also saw it as untamed and uncultured and recognized its inherent threat as a launching base for England’s enemies. The land was seen as unchanging – people live and die, but the land continues to be used. This stability was challenged though by the very instability of its people, who were continuously changing – though from the English view, not towards civility....   [tags: weak, landscape, untamed]

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Fuel Oil Was Displacing House Heating Coal, L.g, Inc.

- As fuel oil was displacing house heating coal, L.G. Everist, Inc. closed out the retail coal business and concentrated on gravel and rock production, which supported Western’s contracting work. To bail out a deteriorating situation, the State of Iowa happened to pass a $100 million bond issue to hard surface the main state mud roads. Concurrently, an opportunity developed to buy the Northwestern Gravel Co. as a joint venture with Ben Condon, President of Hawkeye Cement Co. in Des Moines. The purchase notes were paid off by earnings the first season, so the four plants cost us nothing....   [tags: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Neville Chamberlain]

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The Theory Of Eo Polymer Based Travelling Wave Mmi

- Adopted from Zhang, Hosseini, Lin, Subbaraman and Chen a. 2- Domain YFDC modulator that is EO polymer based, with lumped element driving electrode. b. EO polymer based travelling wave MMI fed 2 domain directional coupler modulator. The solid red lines and the dashed green lines the area covered by EO polymer that is pooled in opposite directions. c. EO polymer refilled silicon PCW MZI modulator. d. MZI polymer modulator fabricated by UV imprinting and inkjet prints. Silicon/polymer hybrid photonic crystal waveguide modulator with low switching voltage Hybrid silicon and electro-absorption (EO) polymer photonic devices benefit from the large EO coefficient of polymer and compact size made po...   [tags: Optical fiber, Refractive index, Optics]

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How Color Effects Our Mental, Emotional, And Physical States

- Color, its something that most of us encounter constantly in our daily lives. But have you ever notice that you feel drawn to certain colors, or even maybe specific products because of their color. Maybe a certain room feels more inviting then another simply because of the colors used within it. Scientists have been researching how color effects our mental, emotional, and physical states for a few years now and have come back with some interesting findings. But before one can start to try and understand the studies that have gone on with the psychology of color they must understand how we perceive color and the components that make up a color itself....   [tags: Color, Green, Primary color, Red]

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OPTICAL ILLUSIONS: The Art of Deception of Perception

- “Our senses can be trusted, but they can be easily fooled”(Aristotle 1) What is an optical illusion. For most of us, the term brings to mind images of a unique arrangement of vibrant contrasting colors, and geometric shapes that deceive the eye, and violates our expectations in a myriad of ways “about representation, about shape, about color, and so forth”(Sekel). Figure 1 is one common example of this definition. In this image the circles appear to be expanding when in fact the image is static....   [tags: Art Analysis ]

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The Man that Created the Laws of Motion

- The Man that Created the Laws of Motion Sir Isaac Newton, the man that helped people figure out why things move and how they move, had a very interesting life. In the beginning of his early life, he dealt with hardships, and progressed to be an extremely inspiring man later in his life. In college he had many breakthroughs with his scientific works, including the laws of physics that we still use today. His life has answered many of people’s scientific questions that are still being asked today in physics’ classrooms all around the world....   [tags: Physics studies, Sir Isaac Newton]

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Discussion on Whether Premature Birth Affects Refractive Development

- Before discussing whether premature birth affects refractive development, it is important to appreciate what ‘prematurity’ actually means. Prematurity and preterm birth are two different but positively correlated concepts. Preterm birth refers to a baby being born at a gestational age of less than 37 weeks (Robinson et al., 2001; Goldenberg et al., 2008). Normal embryological development includes the maturation of many organs between 34-37 weeks, therefore, a preterm birth means many of these organs are not yet fully developed i.e....   [tags: pregnancy, vision, myopia]

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Sir Isaac Newton 's Theory Of Human Thought

- Sir Isaac Newton, a space expert, mathematician, and a scientist is depicted to be one of the best names in the history of human thought. Newton, born on December 25, 1642, in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England, was interested in making mechanical toys as a young man. He even designed an amazing, little windmill, which would grind wheat and corn, at a youthful age. Newton explored beyond the secret facts of light and color, discovered gravity, and even found another type of mathematics, called calculus....   [tags: Newton's laws of motion, Isaac Newton]

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The Out Of Holland 's Six Personality Types

- Out of Holland’s six personality types: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, Enterprising, and Conventional, my career most suitable for the social personality types because I like to help others by being a Physician Assistant. Growing up in a developing country, I saw people dying due to lack of medication and medical attention. I felt so helpless during my childhood, which motivated me to choose a future in the medical field. Currently, I am majoring in psychology and intern to be a Physician Assistant in the future and help those in need....   [tags: Personality psychology, Emotion, Psychology]

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A Brief Note On The World Oil Demand

- 1. Introduction Automation has played a very important role in production industries, especially in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals industries. The world economy has been developing with oil as its lifeblood for over a hundred years now. It has been observed that whenever the oil prices increase, the prices of various products also increase. The Oil Industry also through oil production accounts for a large amount of the consumption of energy (as seen in Figure 1). Figure 1 Global energy producers by fuel type [1] The World Oil Demand has also been increasing consistently (as seen in Figure 2)....   [tags: Petroleum, Oil refinery, Automation, Oil well]

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Trace Evidence: Proper Collection, Preservation, and Analysis

- Glass Importance of Glass Trace Evidence Unique characteristics and properties of glass may provide valuable information to investigators. Glass is made of materials having no definite form on their own melted together and cooled to rigidity without crystallization (“Glass”, 2011). Glass can be made in varying thicknesses, colors, and with patterns and designs or smooth. Glass may be produced in a manner that reduces or prevents shattering, resulting in small pieces rather than slivers or fine powder-like pieces (Saferstein, 2009)....   [tags: Forensic Investigation]

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Religion and Faith vs. Reason and Science

- The general assumption with people is that science and religion, or faith and reason, are stuck in an infinite war against each other. Someone must choose to be a person of thought, reason, and science, or choose to embrace religion, scripture, and faith alone. If this is true, then someone who is with the Roman Catholic Church rejects science with all of its theories, and if one embraces science, then one rejects the Church and all of her teachings. Despite this general idea that faith and science cannot coexist, there are many beliefs and people that prove that it can and does coexist....   [tags: The Roman Catholic Church]

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Johannes Kepler’s Three Laws of Planetary Motion

- Johannes Kepler was one of the most significant scientists of the Scientific Revolution in the middle ages. Kepler was an astronomer and mathematician who was born in Germany. He showed all the planet’s orbit the sun, and not the sun orbiting the earth. Kepler formed three laws, in which he defines the governing motion of the planets. He was dedicated passionately to circles. Kepler also became the founder of modern optics. His work in developing the Planetary Laws of Motion supersede all discoveries in celestial mechanics....   [tags: planets, motion,optics, laws]

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Tobias Mayer, Inventor of the Color Triangle

- Tobias Mayer Tobias Mayer, full name Johann Tobias Mayer, was born February 17, 1723 in Marbach, Germany. Mayer was raised in Esslingen in poor conditions. There were 6 children within the family, including Tobias. His father was a hardworking water engineer. It was his job to construct a suitable channel for the supply of drinking water to a small castle near Esslingen. When his father was appointed as an inspector and foreman he was to expand his knowledge of the machines and water engineering by visiting neighboring places....   [tags: mathmetician, astrology, germany]

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The Enlightened Thinking of Sir Isaac Newton

- There were many Enlightenment thinkers; however an Englishman shined brighter than all the rest, Sir Isaac Newton. Sir Isaac Newton was born on Christmas Day 1642 (January 4, 1643, New Style) in Woolsthorpe, England. Sir Isaac Newton’s father died three months before Newton was born. Newton’s mother remarried Barnabas Smith leaving Newton with his grandmother, all when he was three. When Newton was 12 his mother returned with three of her other children and pulled Newton out of school, with the intention of making him a farmer....   [tags: inventions, astronomy, laws of motion]

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Diagnosis Of An Eye Specialist 's Effectiveness

- Problem statement: Decrease the wait time and increase an eye specialist’s effectiveness in treating patients. It has become the norm for the initial wait time to between 30 minutes to up-to 2 hours from the time you enter the office and actually get to see the doctor. The time spent waiting versus actually spending time with the doctor is phenomenal. In addition, in today’s world most doctors are not connected to other institutions thereby needing endless paperwork and phone calls to confirm patient history from the primary care doctor....   [tags: Patient, Physician, Doctor, Patience]

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My Journey Towards The Field Of Optometry

- My journey towards the field of optometry began in an unsuspecting place; a tiny pharmacy situated inside of a local medical facility. Throughout high school, I spent my time outside of class behind a counter, shadowing and working for a pharmacist who instructed me on the many facets of the profession. I always knew I wanted a career in the field of health, and the more I experienced the more I was certain that becoming a pharmacist was the perfect profession for me. As time progressed and my experiences grew, they became more redundant and rudimentary....   [tags: Health care provider, Health care, Patient]

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