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Behavior Change Reflection Paper

- ... This goal was a little harder to meet and required me to budget my time and complete certain assignments way in advanced. My final goal of getting 8 hours of sleep a night was of course the hardest. While there are occasionally still some nights when I am unable to get 8 hours of sleep, more times than not, I meet my goal. In order to get 8 hours of sleep a night, I always plan out my schedule so that I can see any time I have in my day to work on future assignments. Even if it is only fifteen minutes, I use every minute of any extra time I have to complete assignments and other obligations so that I can get 8 hours of sleep....   [tags: a change in sleeping habits]

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Career Exploration Reflection Paper

- All college students should partake in career exploration project because it gives structure and direction. The result from an assessment identifies and prioritizes which careers will best suit an individual person or student. It does not necessarily mean they have to pick that particular job or career; it gives them more chooses to choose from. Career exploration is a life long journey that is emotionally, physically and mentally stress full. I say lifelong because as time goes on so does an individual’s views, abilities and skills....   [tags: professional choices, higher education]

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Hate List Reading Reflection

- In the novel Hate List Valerie Leftman starts dating a guy named Nick, she feels that he makes her whole life better and she loves how he helps her by distracting her from her parents struggling marriage. One day after being called mean names repeatedly she decides she is going to start a hate list, this list consists of people and things she absolutely hate. When Nick sees it he starts helping her put names on it, soon all Nick and Valerie are talking about is the list and how they want those people dead....   [tags: Jennifer Brown novel, character analysis]

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Reflection in Day Surgery

- Introduction The aim of this essay is to reflect on the person-centred care I provided to a client in my Practice Learning Environment (PLE). I will demonstrate the practical application of Module 3 (Involving People) of the 10 Essential Share Capabilities and how they influenced my delivery of person-centred care. The Ten Essential Shared Capabilities were established to support the growing importance of person-centred care and values based practice (NHS Education for Scotland (NES), 2012a). The essential shared capabilities, which I will focus on, are working in partnership and person-centred care....   [tags: partnership, centred care, client]

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Portfolio Reflection on Internship

- I would like to begin by saying I have been a Laboratory technician for over ten years now and have worked at my current job for over three years. I began my internship with the feeling that I would not have anything to write or say about the experience but I was wrong. I started out with the blood bank department. I work my weekends in that department, we are assigned a department for weekend rotations. My supervisor is also the blood bank department supervisor. I came to the Houston Medical Center with little blood bank experience and will leave there with a very good understanding of blood bank....   [tags: department, gel, supervisor, mircrobiology]

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Portfolio Reflection on Hematology

- The first department that I completed my check offs in was Hematology. I work in Hematology on a regular basis, but there were still things I learned by going through my check off sheet with the hematology supervisor. One of the first things I learned was the proper way to count a fluid on a hemacytometer. Recently our lab purchased two new Beckman DXH Hematology analyzers that believe it or not will do the cell count on a fluid for you. You can check the count on a hemacytometer if you want, but no one does that anymore....   [tags: liquid, platelets, urinalysis]

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Reflection of Group Project

- In our group, there is no obvious leader, each one of us at some point, discovered our own capacity for leadership. However, this was never giving direct orders to one another, rather it worked based on democracy. We are all very good listeners for what is needed in the moment, and expressed ideas such that they occur as opportunity for others. In my past group work experience, there will always be one person who acted as the leader for most part of the project, what separate us from that is that each one of us are leaders individually....   [tags: leaders, roles, team]

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Reflection of Community Service

- In order to fulfill the 12 hours of community service requirement for Nutrition course 139 I applied with five organizations on the approved list. The organization that replied me the fastest was Open Heart Kitchen, they mostly operate in Pleasanton and Livermore areas. Their application and signing up for shift process gives a feeling that this organization is massive, and many individuals really care about the less fortunate. From observation and conversations with the site supervisor, I believe this organization relies on individual donations, small business donations and large corporate donations such as Safeway and Walmart....   [tags: volunteer, soup kitchen, health]

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Reflection of English 20

- The discourse community to which the text belongs to is the Engl 20, section 47 class. The professor, Daniel Hammond, is the expert in this community who helps teach the novices, the students of that class. The text acts as a guide from the expert for the novices to follow. Without such a piece of writing, the students would not not know what is expected of them in the class and basically what to expect, in general, from the course they are attempting to take. In a way, the text also serves as an unspoken contract between the novice and experts so there is an understanding of what is required between both parties....   [tags: discourse, syllabus, rhetoric]

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Reflection of Portfolio Project

- • How do you feel you performed on the Portfolio Project in leveraging your knowledge and skills gained throughout this course. I feel that I showed more about my knowledge and skills gained when I took to the recommendation of my classmates on my introduction paragraph. During the Peer review, I was able to revise and submit my response. I felt more confident about what I was writing to express my points and why it was important to also refer to the “looking-glass” theory. It was important to me how my peers understood and review the Portfolio Project because my peers that were also going through the same process in trying to succeed in the course with the goal of reaching their career goal...   [tags: employees, skills, research]

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Portfolio of Evidence

- Portfolio of Evidence Failing my Portfolio of Evidence has given me the opportunity to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses, recognising the mistakes I made. Such as being to descriptive instead of reflecting on what I have learnt in my essays. With this understanding I am able to redress my approaches such reflecting on my learning outcomes and formatting my arguments into a critical analysis. Through my feedback from my tutor it was noted that this was one of the reasons why I failed the model....   [tags: Reflection ]

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Personal Learning Plan

- Personal Learning Plan The author has designed the personal learning plan around the diagnosis of his learning needs, statement of specific learning objectives, learning resources and strategies, evidence of accomplishment, how the evidence will be validated, and how the learning will be evaluated. I will concentrate on the five disciplines: Systems Thinking, Personal Mastery, Mental Models, Shared Visions, and Team Learning introduced by Peter M. Senge. This will allow me to expand my leadership abilities at my current job as well as jobs that I may hold in the future....   [tags: Reflection ]

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Negative Mission Experience

- Mission San Buenaventura, located in the picturesque downtown Buenaventura is the epitome of hokey small town tourism. Located on the Main street, Mission San Buenaventura is surrounded by thrift stores, beach wear outlets, and old time-y restaurants, not the typical surroundings you would expect to find a structure with such great history and controversial past. Parking on the street in front of the mission, I was a little shocked to hear a jazz band playing in the background and to find a bustling street fair being held on the street parallel to the mission....   [tags: Reflection Reflective]

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The Naked Truth: Fiction

- The house is dark and hushed as I make my way up the stairs to my bedroom. As I collapse onto my comfortable bed, straining to keep my eyes open after a rigorous day of school and work, I am overcome with a realization: "I still have to take a shower." Despite my bed's magnetic pull, I use what little bit of conserved energy I still have and make my way to the bathroom. Although my body is weary from exhaustion, a sense of satisfaction overwhelms my senses and emotions as I step behind the plastic drapery to a simple place of relaxation and renewal....   [tags: bathroom, shower, reflection, decisions, water]

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Teaching Reflection

- The TV monitor can be an opening to adventures that students may never have the chance to explore. When I use cable television and video clips in my classroom my students get excited about what we are going to study. If a student is a visual-spatial learner the television or videos could be an excellent tool to use in order to meet their learning style. Alexander Golon explains “Visual-spatial learners are students who show advanced abilities with computers, maps, construction toys, and puzzles” (Golon)....   [tags: Education Essay]

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Team Reflection

- I always considered team work among our teams as our strength within the Information technology (IT) department in our organization. This attribute in addition to my teams system and business expertise, and dedication in developing custom software applications have resulted in several successful product launches. In our organization the drastic change in the landscape of retail business triggered the need for a new software system to handle the critical business functions and to tightly integrate with other existing software systems....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Criminology Reflection

- Over the years I have been a faithful fan of anything crime related; the anatomy of a crime, from the crime itself, to the investigation, and finally the court for trial and sentencing. I enjoyed the process. The internet became an interesting tool for me to learn all the different things I wanted to know about the subject of crime. I would see something in the media or on television but kept a neutral point of view about technology that was used on a program. Logically speaking, if a crime could be solved in 47 minutes and DNA results took weeks or months, not minutes to process than would it not make sense that real life crimes would be solved far quicker in the name of swift justice....   [tags: Criminology ]

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Communication Reflection

- Expectations and Personal Anxiety As I reflected on my experience with the team project, I found that at the conclusion of the project my attitude and opinion of group projects was more positive. Initially, the idea of a working on a group project in graduate school created anxiety, doubt, and skepticism. My uneasiness stemmed from my experience during my undergraduate studies as an adult learner; three out of five group projects resulted in poor quality research, content, and conflict between the high output team members and the low engaged team members....   [tags: Communication ]

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Communication Reflection

- Introduction On Monday, November 14, 2011, Terry Burnham, Shawn Carlson, Roger Chikamura, Heidi Davidson and Natasha DeJesus were assigned membership of Team 1 for a virtual team project. The purpose of the project was to conduct a leadership analysis of a world-renowned leader, to be presented in the form of a narrated PowerPoint presentation. Areas of organizational behavior to be analyzed include: leadership of diversity practices; leadership values, personality and decision-making; leadership of organizational culture; leadership of follower motivation; and overall success as a leader....   [tags: Business]

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Ethnography Reflection

- 1. Raybeck used most of the techniques on page 71 in Thinking Like an Anthropologist. He established key informants including Yusof and Mat, administered oral surveys to prostitutes, collected kin relations, and mapped the community. He also participated in the night guard (jaga) to learn the layout of the community, get to know his fellow villagers, and perform his civic duty. (26, 54-55, 62, 112) 2. Raybeck incorporated life histories and case studies as well as the semantic differential, a psycholinguistic instrument to quantitative analyze the connotations of concepts....   [tags: Anthropology]

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Junior Reflection

- During the past year, we have learned quite a bit about ourselves in our Turk Tracks Advisory groups. This includes our personality strengths and weaknesses, our academic life, community service, and what our future will possibly hold for us. According to the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, I am an ENFP, or what is called a “Champion”. Champions have a wide range and variety of emotions, and a great passion for novelty. They see life as an exciting drama, pregnant with possibilities for both good and evil, and they want to experience all the meaningful events and fascinating people in the world....   [tags: achievements, academics, college]

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GAPS Analysis Development Plan

- “The gaps of GAPS analysis help leadership practitioners identify high priority development needs...,” (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy 2012). The gaps of this analysis are the spaces in-between each step (Hughes et al., 2012). To bridge these gaps, a development plan should be constructed (Hughes et al., 2012). “A good development plan is like a road map: it clearly identifies the final destination, lays out the steps or interim check points, builds in regular feedback to keep people on track, identifies when additional resources are needed, and builds in reflection time so people can periodically review progress and determine whether an alternative route is needed,” (Hughes et al., 2012)....   [tags: road map, feedback, resources, reflection]

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Strengths and Weaknesses

- Strengths and Weaknesses Throughout the Mid-SEE I have written reflections on my writing and participated in group activities. I have received comments back from my peers and suggestions to help with revising my paper. With the help of my professor, Professor Church and my classmates, I was able to comprehend their suggestions to me to make my essay better and by revising my classmate’s essays, I was able to point out mistakes that I might have made in my essay, which made myself go back to my essay and check and see if I had mistakes that just flew by my eyes....   [tags: Self-Reflection]

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Interactive Artwork Reflection

- As this was the first piece of Interactive Artwork I have ever created, I leapt into it with some serious concerns about how we could present a piece with engaging capabilities in a short timeframe. I also knew that whatever we came up with, had to be durable enough to withstand repeated usage. The programming behind the whole project needed to be rock-solid, with code handling any type of scenario that users could subject it to. It means you need take extra care with lots of advanced planning so as to avoid any show-stopping traps, and in our case, it meant looking deeply in the servo movement code to account for all possible positions, since that was the backbone of our whole concept....   [tags: Art]

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Finance Course Reflection

- The three most important things that I learned in this course are as follows: 1) Causes of Financial Crisis Financial crises have influenced the os of financial markets in past. The most important the Great Depression in 1929-30, the 1970s inflation failures and the banking difficulties in the 1990s led to problems in the financial markets causing serious disturbance. The recent financial crisis which became known in 2007, though the roots were implanted much earlier, has been the worst situation financial markets have ever faced....   [tags: Finance]

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Literary Course Reflection

- During the course of this class, I have had the opportunity to read literature from authors who come from different backgrounds and places in the world. Some of the stories and poetry we read were straight forward while others were confusing and sometimes required a second look. But one thing is clear, it changed the way I think about literature in a few ways that I wasn’t expecting. Three works in particular stand out in my mind. “ I Wont Let You Go” by Rabindranath Tagore, “To New York” by Leopold Senghor, and Pedro Peramo by Juan Rulfo all had an impact on my thinking for similar yet different reasons....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Teacher Education Reflection

- The quotation above inspired me to embark on this project as I have just been the protagonist of a highly profitable and unforgettable experience in the US over the months of January and February, 2009. At the American Language Institute (ALI), division of the College of Extended Studies of San Diego State University (SDSU), I had the privilege of doing the TEFL/TESL course of its Teacher Training & Certificate Program. During the training, I attended, observed and taught classes at the ALI, and I also joined some SDSU undergraduate program classes at the SDSU College of Arts and Letters....   [tags: Education, philosophy of education]

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Seminary Course Reflection

- Now that I have completed this course, I can see the course applying to my ministry in the following ways so that I may understand the text and the different ways of preaching each subject. As a preacher, it is necessary to understand how to explain God’s promise in which he will pour His Spirit upon people in every special way so that every man receives a different gift that he who has ears and hearts will listen to God’s words and come to Him. The most significant things to my ministry are that each theme has four main different parts of teaching such as introduction, Law, Gospel, and application....   [tags: Course Review]

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Critical Thinking Reflection

- Critical thinking is a significant and essential topic in recent education. The strategy of critical thinking skills helps identify areas in one's courses as the suitable place to highlight, expand and use some problems in exams that test students' critical thinking skills. Critical thinking means accurate thinking in the search of appropriate and dependable knowledge about the world. Another way to describe it is sensible, insightful, responsible, and skillful thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe or do....   [tags: Critical Thinking Essays]

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Psychology Class Reflection

- Over the course of this class I have pieced together many things about my own life that before went unnoticed. I am now able to see things in a bit of a different light. Now that I have been introduced to the realm of psychology I understand some of the reasons for behavior around me. I have learned that there is a reason for most everything and a lot of our behaviors and mental processes can be explained through psychology. Studies have been conducted for many years to try and pinpoint the source of our behavior and it is not something that most people think about every day....   [tags: Psychology]

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Teaching Methods Reflection

- In this course I experienced an important change in my beliefs about teaching; I came to understand that there are many different theories and methods that can be tailored to suit the teacher and the needs of the student. The readings, especially those from Lyons, G., Ford, M., & Arthur-Kelly, M. (2011), Groundwater-Smith, S., Ewing, R., & Le Cornu, R. (2007), and Whitton, D., Barker, K., Nosworthy, M., Sinclair, C., Nanlohy, P. (2010), have helped me to understand this in particular. In composing my essay about teaching methods and other themes, my learning was solidified, my knowledge deepened by my research and my writing skills honed....   [tags: Education ]

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IB Student Reflection

- As an IB student, it is very important to recognize that the study program is indeed an international program that involves schools all around the world. Therefore, IB is present in a variety of different cultures and countries. As a student in the IB program, I’ve noticed that a lot of study is focused centrally on literature. Whether it’s in an English class setting or in a history class, there are multiple occasions where books, popular novels, and poetry are studied. Also, many of these can be world literature pieces or examples of literature popular in the American society....   [tags: psychology and world literature]

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Digital Reference Reflection

- The future is bright and confusing all at the same time. Libraries are scrambling to deal with economic limitations and an ever-accelerating technologically driven world. Every decision made needs to be evaluated and weighted against the mission of the library. That mission will in some way focus on service to the community and providing access to information. As libraries advance, they will be required to do so in line with those ideals. In addition to maintaining these standards, libraries do not want to become irrelevant because they waited to see, how technology would change, instead of acting (Law 15)....   [tags: Library Science ]

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Self-Reflection: Writing Composition

- I have always enjoyed writing, and I believed writing was a subject I was naturally good at. I turned in papers that were still rough drafts, I did not evaluate my sources, nor did I ever take the time to fully understand the prompt. It was not until my first semester of college, in my writing composition course, I realized that I had a lot of work ahead of me to be as good a writer as I thought I was. In the writing course, the students were required to compose several essays using different methods to help progress on the course objectives....   [tags: informative, writing, engeneering]

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Therapy Session Reflection

- Therapy Analysis The purpose of this paper is to examine the efficacy of my work as a co-therapist during the fifth conjoint session with the simulated couple; Katy and Michelle. I will discuss our therapy agenda and the goals we hoped to attain during the session. It is prudent to begin by giving a brief outline of the couple’s presenting problem and the patterns of dysfunction that I have identified within their relationship. In my opinion, it is the therapist’s job to recognize patterns and behaviors that disrupt the intimate bond between the partners....   [tags: Therapy Session Analysis]

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Multicultural Literature Reflection

- As a young teacher, I aimed to have my students read multicultural literature because I wanted to open my students’ eyes to the differences between people on this planet we share. I wanted them to see the differences as a beautiful, natural thing. However, looking back at those early years, I did little to enhance what my students were reading other than handing them a book and helping them read through it with some discussions that were not about controversial topics, only about character actions....   [tags: knowledge is power, teaching perspective]

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Social Work Reflection

- Working with others and improving own learning and performance are highly essential skills in social work. In this essay I will reflect on how well I have developed these two skills and what I need to do to improve them. Before starting the degree course in university, I already had the skill working with others. As I have worked with others who were on the same course as me in the sixth form and also I did voluntary work placement which required people working together. Before starting the university my working with others was sometimes effective and sometimes not very effective depending on the people I worked with, on the topic or area we had to work on....   [tags: learning, performance, development]

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Group Project Reflection

- In a team-oriented setting, everyone contributes to how well the group succeeds overall. You work with fellow members of the group to complete the work that needs to be done. Having the right people in the correct roles is an important factor in measuring the success of a team, where you are united with the other members to complete the main goals. Every group is made up of definite strengths and weaknesses. Our team's 3-5 major strengths necessary to work accordingly consist of Informer, Summarizer, Orienter, Piggy-Backer, and Encourager....   [tags: team, leadership, communication]

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Guest Lecture Reflection

- The guest lecture by Peter Johnson, last Thursday, was highly informative for many reasons. Peter Johnson brought in a vast amount of Maine political knowledge. Mills spent time in both the Maine Senate and Maine House of Representatives and recently ran for Governor of Maine. Today Mills is the executive director of the Maine Turnpike Authority and was chosen for this position by Governor Paul. The most important insight that Peter Johnson left us was his opinion and rationale for paying teachers more....   [tags: political, legeslature, taxes]

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A Personal Reflection on the Importance of Differentiated Education

- During the course of this class and a previous class I’ve been learning and researching the importance of differentiated instruction. It is by no means a new concept maybe just a new term. Take a one room school house, years ago. There were no separate grade levels. Everyone was in the same classroom with one teacher and the teacher taught to meet the needs of each student in the room. This was differentiated instruction; they just didn’t know it at the time. Differentiated instruction comes from the belief that there are differences among students, how they learn, learning preferences, and interests....   [tags: teaching, educator]

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Reflection on The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost

- Perhaps one of the most well-known poems in modern America is a work by Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken. This poem consists of four stanzas that depict the story of the narrator traveling through the woods early in the morning and coming upon a fork in the path, where he milled about for a while before deciding upon one of the two paths, wishing he could take both, but knowing otherwise, seeing himself telling of this experience in the future. Frost uses several literary devices in this brief account, such as imagery, personification, metaphor, and alliteration....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Reflection on Philosophies of Man on Life and Death

- Throughout the history of man, various philosophies have lived on, died, and have been passed on through the proceeding generations that eventually lead up to the free thinkers of today's world. Such philosophies can include anything from existentialism to absolute absurdism. Throughout the analysis, there are several points to go over. Such points include how we got here, whether or not we are completely free in life, who or what shapes us, and (the most controversial of all) what happens to us when we die....   [tags: Religious Beliefs, Free Will]

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A Personal Reflection on the Liminal Spaces in Life

- Chuck Wendig has said writing the middle of a novel is the hardest task. He calls it the mushy middle. Others call it the sagging middle. Liminality are the in-between moments. It is often an interval of tribulation, of halt and alteration. Your old habits, beliefs and even personal identity deteriorates. In that moment of liminality, you have the chance to become someone new. Liminal space is the middle of every great story. In movies, it is the period you find that there is a twist in the plot....   [tags: self analyis and retrospect]

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Eye movements are a reflection of cognitive processes

- Introduction The mind is an intriguing element of the human life not only because of its complexity and capability but mostly because of its opacity. How does psychology begin to understand something so obscure and complex. Evidently, by observing and measuring the product of the cognitive processes that occurs through an interaction between the external and internal world. The term ‘cognitive processes’ is a rather collective term referring to a range of mental processes such as perceiving, thinking, speaking, acting, planning and imagining (Ward, 2006)....   [tags: Psychology]

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A Reflection on Curriculum Development, Instruction and Design

- Designing curriculum, instruction, and assessments are steps teachers use to help them make sense of the concepts they teach and helps drive instruction. These steps can take on many different forms and drive a classroom in a plethora of ways. These steps, when developed properly, can help a teacher utilize each moment in the classroom and help students gain more insight to the standards they need to become proficient. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Curriculum development is the first step used by a teacher to help them develop engaging lessons....   [tags: education, teachers, assessments]

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Reflection on the Community Health Practicum Experience

- I completed my practicum at the State University Health Research Center. The HRC was launched in March 2014 by the State School of Medicine. Its mission is to utilize the Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR) approach to build the community capacity and leadership for health promotion and disease prevention across the diverse populations of the county. The HRC is funded by a 5-year, $4.1 million grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as part of the Prevention Research Centers Program....   [tags: Community Health Internship]

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A Reflection upon Creation: Hinduism and Buddhism

- Hinduism has been a religion for a long time, the Buddha was a Hindu before seeing how terrible the world was, he then found the religion Buddhism. Since the creator of Buddhism was Hinduism as a child, it is only expected for the two religions to be similar. While the two religions are similar they are also quite different as seen by their creation stories. The creation stories are these religions way of explaining how the world started. With most religions the creation story gives the most basic beliefs of the religion as this is where their religion supposedly starts its life....   [tags: The Four Ages, The Origin of Things]

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Reflection on a Significant Incident from Practice

- Introduction Ethics can be defined as a system of moral conduct and principles that guide a person’s actions in regard to what are considered to be right and wrong (Marquis & Huston, 2012). Nurse managers make decisions each day about their patients, their employees and their organization. According to Marquis & Huston (2012), management is a discipline not a profession and because of that management lacks the set of norms to guide ethical decision making. Therefore managers’ decisions are made based upon the organization’s values and ethical principles....   [tags: Nursing Reflective Practice]

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Arthur Miller's Work and Reflection on Society

- As American began to 'grow up,' several aspects of American life also underwent change. Some of the change was sociological, such as America's evolution from an agrarian society to an urban society; some of the change was technological, such as the development of almost instantaneous communication, and the ability to broadcast news and ideas to the entire population simultaneously; some of the change was political, evidenced by American involvement in two World Wars. As these important sociological, technological, and political changes in two World Wars raced through American life, writers kept up by creating important new works of fiction and drama, all of which reflected America's cha...   [tags: American Literature, Theatre]

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Professional Reflection from an Experienced Teacher

- I have been a teacher for 12 years and in that time I have developed a deep understanding of pedagogy and teacher training practices. I have been involved in the development of the successful teaching and learning model at Cramlington Learning Village, and a comprehensive knowledge of Accelerated learning, Effective Teacher Behaviours, Assessment for learning, Collaborative learning, Thinking for Learning, effective and creative use of ICT, the Learning to learn approach and of Enquiry Based Learning....   [tags: Education, teaching]

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Annable Lee: Poe's Reflection on Love

- There is a difference between loving someone and being in love. Loving your family or loving a friend is an example of one type of love. It is a type of love when you care about the person a lot and have an emotional attachment. Loving your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend are examples of being in love. This type of love is stronger because you have a passionate desire for the person and or deeper affection for them. To either love someone or be in love the emotion is powerful and can make a person feel and do many wild things....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Service Learning Research and Reflection paper

- Each school, because of government mandate, has to provide services for exceptional students. The textbook Human Diversity in Education defines exceptional students as “those eligible for special educational services” (Cushner, McClelland & Safford, 2011). There are several categories for exceptional student but they all fall under the Ability/Disability continuum. Some of the categories for exceptional students are the: intellectually gifted, specific learning disability, emotionally handicapped, hearing impaired, visually impaired, mentally handicapped, and physically handicapped....   [tags: Education]

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Reflection of Six Ethics Case Studies

- In this essay I am going to consider the ethical issues that arose in the six case studies I have written, as well as look at theories that can be applied to the situations. The first case study I will be looking at is the Enron accounting scandal. The issues that arose from the scandal include hiding losses off the balance sheets using special purpose entities (SPE’s), executives personally profiting from the company’s loses, and subsequent bankruptcy, as well as a disregarding for fiduciary duties....   [tags: Ethics Case Studies]

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Barth Reflection God Here and Now

- When looking at the common theme that Barth develops in God Here and Now, it becomes apparent for the need of congregation to justify, ratify, and promote the Bible as the living word of God. When and where the Bible constitutes its own authority and significance, it mediates the very presence of God through the congregation. Encountering this presence in the Church, among those whose lives presume living through the Bible’s power and meaning. Barth states that the Bible must become God's Word and this occurs only when God wills to address us in and through it....   [tags: literary analysis, theme, word of God]

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Public Service Scholar Reflection Essay

- My service experience at UNC has been nothing short of phenomenal. Although I was not incredibly involved with service in my freshman year, I was very privileged to have been offered an opportunity to perform a service project in Bolivia in the area of microfinance. My summer was spent working in a microfinance NGO in Cochabamba, Bolivia called CADEPIA, La Cámara de Pequeñas Industrias y Artisanías. I spent my first few weeks performing a needs-assessment with employees within CADEPIA as well as the micro-entrepreneurs who worked with the organization....   [tags: Personal Statement]

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Cultural Reflection: Child Rearing Practices

- Culture is a defining factor in our lives. It can dictate how we see ourselves, how we socialize, and how we care for others. This encompasses child rearing practices. Pregnancy, childbirth and a child’s upbringing can vary greatly depending on the culture(s) of their parents. In the United States, mothers take precautions during pregnancy, generally deliver in a hospital, and raise their children with the support of relatives, day care programs and child care providers. In Vietnam, women are put on dietary restrictions during pregnancy, babies can be birthed at home if a hospital is inaccessible, and the mother traditionally takes the primary role in raising the child....   [tags: vietnamese women, daycares, pregnancies]

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My Family's Co-cultures

- ... Holidays and local festivities were family celebrations, and my family put significant time and effort into making them special. On Christmas and Thanksgiving, everyone helped with the cooking and cleaning, and the whole family sat down to watch football together. Halloween, Easter and the 4th of July, Maude Gras and other local festivals, art shows, parades, and summer weekends were special times spent with my parents and grandparents. My parents were interested in the topics of the day, and even as a small child I would watch the news and read the paper with my father....   [tags: white, nuclear family, personal reflection]

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Reflections of the Past

- Edmund Burke is considered one of the most influential intellectuals, best known for criticising the French revolution in his 1790 publication, “Reflections on the Revolution in France.” It is a book that has been the topic of a variety of debates and disagreements, but has always had the distinction of being able to influence a number of different groups, including the classic liberal. The text criticizes the French revolution on a number of different principles. One of Burkes main problems with the revolution is that the revolutionary leaders attempted to change the entirety of Frances political system overnight rather than take it gradually and change things one by one....   [tags: French Revolution, French Politics, Burke]

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Rewinding Time

- Life moves rapidly, often leaving a minimal amount of time to look back and ponder. Taking time to reflect is a choice one must make and can leave one refreshed, energized, and motivated. However, if done in the wrong way, reflection can lead to regret, depression, and discouragement. Reflection means to carefully consider or contemplate past events. Contemplation of previous occasions - specifically those occurring in one’s own life – is beneficial to one’s soul. Through reflection, beauty, joy, pain, and healing can emerge....   [tags: reflection, Saint Augustine, The Confessions]

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Tracing the Problems with Human Self-Understanding through Hannah Arendt's Reflection on Vita Activa

- Coping with Uncertainty in Science and Morality: Tracing the Problems with Human Self-Understanding through Hannah Arendt's Reflection on Vita Activa ABSTRACT: Today we live in a society in which hazards can no longer be regarded as mere side-effects of progress. How much more serious the problems we face today are is understood not only by seeing the magnitude of material or biological crises (such as environmental disruption), but also by discerning what we may call our 'epistemic and moral inability' — a crisis in our ability to cope with uncertainty both in science and morality....   [tags: Philosophy]

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SWOT Analysis

- The SWOT analysis is a useful tool for identifying our personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to our plans and goals. According to a “Fuel My Motivation” article (2010), this analysis considers internal influences that can positively or negatively affect our ability to achieve our goals. The internal factors are our strengths and weaknesses. Also considered are opportunities and threats, which are external influences that can have a positive or negative impact on the ability to achieve our goals....   [tags: Reflection ]

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Self-Reflective Essay

- During the course of the quarter, I feel that I have progressed somewhat. I've gained a lot of knowledge on rhetorical strategies and how to present arguments effectively. In the writings I have written, I feel that each writing works towards meeting the course goals. Logos, ethos, and pathos were strategies and ideas we were introduced to (if not already in the past) and were built upon throughout the quarter. The knowledge gained over the course of the quarter weren't only those three types of appeals....   [tags: Reflection ]

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Evidence-Based Practice

- Part A Think about your specific practice setting. Based on your new knowledge of evidence-based practice, pick one unit procedure in your work place and explore whether it is based on research evidence or not. Discuss what you think would be needed to make the procedure more in line with best practice in the area or what was done to ensure that it was based on best practice. At Fremont-Rideout the big issue was pressure ulcers, every month all the patients in the hospital had to be assessed for them....   [tags: Reflection ]

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Learning Journal

- A couple of things stood out for me last class, those two things are the documentary Remember Africville (1991) presented by the National Film Board of Canada and the article The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house (1984) presented by Audre Lorde. As I sat in class I found myself to be bewildered for I had never heard of Africville in my short life – upon hearing it I had to think it must have happened over in Europe or perhaps Australia or was incorporated into a history that I felt I wouldn’t be knowledgeable about....   [tags: Reflection ]

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A Reflection on Mark My Words: Letters of a Businessman to his Son by G Kingsley Ward

- A Reflection on Mark My Words: Letters of a Businessman to his Son by G Kingsley Ward Common sense is a disappearing art form not only from business but also from society. It used to be that students seeking a higher education would go to school to build around their common sense. Today students go to school in the hopes of attaining common sense. I'm afraid our society has become so emotionally driven that decisions are made on emotion rather than common sense....   [tags: Ward Kingsley Mark Words]

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Charles Dickens' Reflection on Society in Hard Times, Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby, and David Copperfield

- Charles Dickens' Reflection on Society in Hard Times, Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby, and David Copperfield In this essay I will be examining how and why Dickens chose to comment on the society in which he lived through his novels. I will be examining ‘Hard Times’, ‘Oliver Twist’, ‘Nicholas Nickelby’ and ‘David Copperfield‘. Charles Dickens was considered to be one of the greatest English novelists during the Victorian period, and during this period, novelists had a tradition of commenting on issues affecting society through their work....   [tags: Charles Dickens Twist copperfield Nickleby Essays]

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Art as Reflection of Anciant Civilization

- Ancient Egytian and Greek sociaties both made significant contributions to western civilization, specificaly in the areas of politics and social structure. The political system of antient Egypt was primarily based on the religios belife that the Pharoah was a divine entity, while Greek politics were based in a democratic system that valued individuals in a unique way. The poitical and social advancments of both Greek and Egyption civilizations are best reflected in the advancement of each cultures artwork....   [tags: essays papers]

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Reflection on Studies at the University

- Past Present and Future Paper This is a three-part paper in which I will reflect on my personal and professional growth during my program of study at the University. Part one will reflect upon were I was in my personal and professional life when I started the University program. Part two will evaluate the growth my experienced during my University program of study. Part three will analyze the impact of completing the University bachelor's program on my current and future professional goals. Part One After high school I attempted to pursue more of an education at Miller Hawkins Business College....   [tags: Personal Essays]

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Reflection On The Merchant Of Venice

- I was chosen to be ‘Portia’ for the staging of our class’s play. Obviously, it stole the colour of my cheek as Mr. Mior honoured me to be the main character in the ‘Merchant of Venice’ play. I had mixed feelings since I was scared that I would not be able to play the character well. Nevertheless, with the lecturers’ trust and my friends’ support, I confronted the challenge. It is undeniable that most of us encountered difficulties in reading the ‘Merchant of Venice’. The different values and culture as well as the old English that is used in Elizabethan era baffled us as we read it....   [tags: Free Merchant of Venice Essays]

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A Reflection On College Drinking

- In the past few months I have learned a lot about myself. When the incident first occurred I was very angry. I know plenty of people that drink that are under age and they don’t get caught. I kept asking myself why me. At first I was hesitant to change, but the last few months have been eye opening. I have definitely used this situation to my advantage. There are so many things that I have learned about myself. I have used these last few months to really evaluate my life and set new goals for myself....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Ethics Reflection

- There is a firefighter who is obligated to make a crucial decision. Upon arrival to a five-alarm blaze, the firefighter must make a life or death decision. There are two individuals unconscious in the burning building, and only one can be saved. One person is Dr. Rutland, a world-renowned pioneer in treating suicidal-depressives. The medication he has developed has helped thousands of patients already, and when perfected, will save many more. The other individual is Dr. Rutland’s secretary. Being that only one person is to survive, who should be saved....   [tags: essays research papers]

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9/11 Reflection

- On September 11, 2001 terrorists apprehended 4 airplanes and committed the most heinous act in American history. They flew two planes into the world trade center, one into the Pentagon, and one crashed in a field in Pennsylvania crash killing more than three thousand American citizens. Since 9 /11many things have changed in America in relation to our national security. One of the major changes that have effected most people is in the airports. There are several new procedures one must go through to take a flight these days....   [tags: September 11th Terrorist Attacks]

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Behavior Modification

- “We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.” ― Santosh Kalwar, Quote Me Everyday. I recently found this quote online and thought it was a fitting example of my addictive behavior modification experience in CSL 466. Initially, I thought addiction is that can be changed over time with willpower, determination and help from others. However, what I’ve learned through my experience in CSL 466, is that you can try as hard as you want but some addictions never quite go away....   [tags: addiction, self-reflection, health, food]

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Patch Adams Reflection

- In Patch Adams, Robin Williams portrays a doctor who strives to “improve the quality of life.” The movie is a perfect example of many cases of sacramental awareness and the sacrament of Annointing of the Sick. Patch encounters a “once-brilliant” man in a psychiatric clinic. Arthur Mendelson helps hunterThe first character Patch meets is Arthur Mendelson. Arthur influences Patch’s ability to see through problems. In a Christ-like manner, we must see through and past the problems and look ahead toward the solution....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Beowulf as a Reflection of Anglo-Saxon Values

- In history, evil men have reigned supreme across many cultures. Some people say that being evil is inherent in every human. If this is true, then writing may be the ultimate way of releasing hatred of the world without hurting anyone. In Beowulf, all of society's evil men can be personified within the demons of Cain. The main demon presented in Beowulf is Grendel. Grendel personifies the exact opposite of what the Anglo-Saxons held dear. Beowulf, the story's hero, is the embodiment of what every Anglo-Saxon strove to become in their lifetime....   [tags: Epic of Beowulf Essays]

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Personal Reflection on an Assignment Regarding Health

- After reviewing the charts created from the packets given to the class, I discovered that the results from were right around were I expected them to be. One of the charts required me to take half of all the vitamin requirements then add it to the original amount. I had to do this because I weighed between 121 and 180 pounds. That was one of the only changes I had to make in this packet because all of the other questions had to do with smoking, being overweight, and other various circumstances of which had nothing to do with me....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Personal Reflection of Unhappiness and American Life

- Is America Headed Towards Revolution Unhappiness in a daily life is a very common thing in the new millennium for new and old generations for many reasons. This could lead to lots of things sometimes good but mostly bad. For example unhappiness in daily life could give inspiration for old and new generation to strive harder to become happy and have a better life but every time the people would strive to get a better life there would be rising expectations and dissatisfaction daily life which will shatter their chances of becoming happy for example people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth get a good life the best clothes and especially the best education and go to the bes...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Driving Solo: A Reflection on Today's Icons

- The focus today on America's modern icons can be ridiculous. Our icons are no longer people who have done anything touchable. Florence Nightingale saved our country from future disease. Harriet Tubman helped to free slaves. Francis Scott Key wrote our beloved national anthem. Now, in the 21st century, we have Britney Spears, sexpot. We're proud to say that we are the home of the raunchy Christina Aguilera. And Kurt Cobain. We can't forget Kurt, can we. At the mere mention of any of these names, curiosity and conversation run rampant....   [tags: Sociology]

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Class Reflection on Study of Indigenous People

- WOW When I first came into this class, introduction to indigenous studies, I was uncertain of what to expect but really interested. Part taking in my major towards history and noticed this class I immediately pounced on it as I was quite interested and very pleased. I have been paying attention to many circumstances going on with the indigenous people, their land and culture over the past few years. As even into the first day of class it opened my eyes to a whole new way of life, situations and much much more that indigenous people have went through and are still going through taking my perception much more in-depth, and I cant belief how astonished I am already only six weeks into the cou...   [tags: Indigenous Studies]

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A Speakers Reflections

- A Speaker’s Reflections Robert Hayden’s poem “Those Winter Sundays” is a reflection the speaker has regarding his father. An analysis of the poem’s tone and language reveals the speaker regrets his father did so much for the family and “no one ever thanked him”. It is obvious the speaker feels regret for the way he behaved toward his father in the past by examining the phrases in the poem, particularly with the description of the father. The connotations of the language used in this description denote the father in a certain way that the speaker did not see him as before....   [tags: essays research papers]

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