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Review Of ' Deconstructing The Mirror 's Reflection '

- Reading and evaluating research articles is a tool that will play a role in the success of a clinician. Continual education in addition keeping abreast of current research and trends in one’s field through professional journals, will allow for the innovation of new therapeutic approaches. “Those who write research articles present their research in a very systematic way” (Hudson-Barr, 2004, p. 70). Having an understanding of how the research material is to be properly presented will allow for a greater comprehension and implementation of the results....   [tags: Research, Scientific method, Narratology]

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A Self Reflection And Exploration Of Becoming A Counselor

- A Self-Reflection and Exploration in Becoming a Counselor Recurrently, I have encountered many people who question my reasons to become a mental health counselor. It is consequently of tremendous value for me to analyze the events in my life which directed me to the field of counseling. Previous evaluations of my motives suggest that I want to understand and help people who suffer from addiction. Other methods of insight have narrowed my purposes in line with social justice. Accordingly, I wish to assist those who are a part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) community who suffer from addiction exasperated by confounding issues....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, Bisexuality, Gay]

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Reflection On The And Its Effect On Our Future

- We have started to undervalue memories somewhat in society because we put an extraordinary amount of emphasis on focusing on the future. This was alluded to earlier in our idea of success. We are now very goal oriented and driven and this causes our perception to be intensely focused on where we are going, not where we have been. This tunnel vison helps us to achieve what we want to do and reach the locations we desire to go, but it doesn’t teach us very much without perspective. Our memories are one of the most powerful teachers we have in our life....   [tags: Time, Present, Future, Past]

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Crime and Punishment: A Reflection of Fyodor Dostoevsky

- Crime and Punishment: A Reflection of Fyodor Dostoevsky Crime and Punishment is one of the most well-known pieces of literature written by Fyodor Dostoevsky. It was written during a time of turmoil, when Dostoevsky’s wife and brother died and he was burdened with debts, which was made worse by his excessive drinking and gambling. As a result, Crime and Punishment reflects much of the author’s inner psyche, showing much of what the author thought of the world around him. In the book, Raskolnikov’s situation is not unlike Dostoevsky’s....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Book Review, Author]

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Pop Culture : A Reflection Of Social Change

- Pop culture is a reflection of social change, not a cause of social change” (John Podhoretz). It encompasses the advertisements we see on T.V, the clothes we wear, the music we listen too, and it’s the reason Leonardo DiCaprio has not won an Oscar yet. It defines and dictates the desires and fears of the mainstream members of society; and it is so ingrained into our lives that it has become as natural as breathing. Moreover, adults never even bat an eyelash at all the pop culture and advertising that surrounds them since it has become just another part of everyday life....   [tags: Violence, Sociology, Television]

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Reflection On My Foundation Of Learning And Aid

- Project 1: Reflection Adrienne Rich, writer and scholar, wrote, “Until we can understand the assumptions in which we are drenched, we cannot know ourselves.” To me, this is her way of telling us that to stop the future progression of society, we must know how we began. If one is to build upon something, it must first have a strong foundation of which to stand. By understanding history it will enable you to see the what needs to be transformed and removed within a culture to advance. I have experienced “the act of looking back” frequently this semester....   [tags: Woman, Female, Marie de France, Writing]

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A Research and Self-Reflection on Peanut Butter

- ... These skills that I have gained will help me through out my life. I am hoping to study medicine and will engage in numerous research studies. I feel that I have leanred the foundations that will equip and assist me to write research proposals in university. Medical research wll be an active part of my studies and I am grateful that I have learnt the basics. I am excited to further my studies in this methodology in my career. 6900kJ for a boy aged 7 and 6400kJ for a girl aged 7. This requirement will differ based on gender, amount of exercise done through out the day, height and weight....   [tags: affordable and nutritious food]

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Reflection Of My Nature And Nurture Development

- Reflection of My Nature and Nurture Development Jayce Thompson Concordia University   Developmental Psychology is an area which studies how we as humans change over the period of our life span. The majority of the focus is broken into three categories: cognitive, physical and social change. The creation of who we are today comes down to the everlasting debate of nature versus nurture. This ongoing debate of what makes us who we are and which one is the driving force in development may be so simple that it’s complex....   [tags: Nature versus nurture, Human nature]

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Reflection, Renewal, And Resolution On Cultural Diversity

- Reflection, Renewal, and Resolution on Cultural Diversity As society evolves and changes with the times the concepts of diversity and culture have transformed into a melting pot of ideas. One must take into consideration how a person’s cultural identity, education, economic status, language, and religion shape their perspective of how diversity and culture influences their life. In unit one of this course I was asked to analyze cultural identity within the educational realm. I was challenged to think out of the box to define what culture meant to me as well as how society views culture....   [tags: Culture, Education, Sociology, Ethnic group]

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Reflection Of Leadership For Today 's Schools

- Reflection for Leadership for Today 's Schools After completing all of your coursework, what jumps out as having a significant impact on your learning. This course was very informative, inspiring and thought provoking. I did a masters in Educational Leadership in the United States. That course never provided me with the information that I currently received. I was never exposed to Transformation, Transactional Leadership and Servant Leadership. The focus was only on Instructional Leadership. In retrospect, I believe my professors wanted to prepare me to be effective in my role as a building leader without being tied up with “unnecessary” information....   [tags: High school, Leadership, Education, Teacher]

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Reflection : Self Awareness And Self Knowledge

- Journal Reflection - Entry 2 Knowledge comes from learning Emotional intelligence is all about recognizing, understanding and regulating the sub-conscious or the emotions that drive us. Emotions are often thought as irrational or “nonintellectual” feelings that are beyond our control. However, emotions are complex states of mind and body, consisting of physiological, behavioral, and cognitive reactions to situations that can be managed and directed1. Self-awareness and self-knowledge are the fundamental building blocks of emotional intelligence....   [tags: Emotion, Psychology, Feeling, Emotions and culture]

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The Social Service Reflection Of Sioux Falls

- Lutheran Social Service Reflection To the refugees and immigrants that end up in Sioux Falls, I am sorry. Sioux Falls is a nice and clean city, but it is not a hospitable home for a non-English speaker (also, it is a tundra). By metropolitan standards, few foreigners find their way up to South Dakota’s largest city. With that being said the Lutheran Social Service, or LSS, provides an essential role for the meager migrants that do come here. The LSS provides English language courses that are necessary to make it here....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Immigration, Language]

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Example Science Lesson Plans and Reflection

- Lesson Plan 1 Subject: 6th grade Science Standard(s): MS-PS1-1: Develop models to describe the atomic composition of simple molecules and extended structures. 5-PS1-1. Develop a model to describe that matter is made of particles too small to be seen. Objective : Content Objectives: Students will be able to develop a ball and stick model to portray simple molecules and extended structures. Key Vocabulary: Molecule Simple Molecules Extended Structures “Di” “Tri” “Tetra” Materials: Aluminum Foil Marshmallows (different colors) /or Gumdrops Toothpicks 12 Science Processes: Classifying, Observing, inferring, communication, Anticipatory Set/Opening/Hook: Distribute pieces of aluminum...   [tags: objectives, guide, molecules]

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Reflection Of My Service Learning Project

- Service Reflection For my service learning project, I went to Jan Brzechwy Polish School to volunteer. I had a great experience, and I did not expect it to go that smoothly. This experience allowed me to visit the same Polish school that I attended for twelve years every Friday night. Although it was hard giving up my Fridays to learn Polish, I am so grateful that I did because knowing the language that my parents know and communicate with is rewarding even though we primarily speak in English to each other....   [tags: Education, Teacher, The Little Things, Coco]

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Self Reflection And Values Clarification Paper

- Self Reflection/ Values Clarification paper At the point when our activities and words are adjusted to our values, life is for the most part great and we feel content, certain and fulfilled. In any case, when our practices don 't match-up with our values, we soon start to sense an uneasiness that starts to swell and develop within us. In any case on the off chance that we remember them or not, values do normally exist. Our lives can turn out to be not so much upsetting, but rather more gainful, when we recognize our own values and after that make the endeavor to live by and honor these values paying little respect to the circumstances we experience....   [tags: Sociology, Social work, Social change]

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Rad Lesson Review And Course Reflection

- Rad Lesson Review and Course Reflection Part A Constructing a RAD lesson is an intricate process that takes time and deep thought. One has to consider how to tackle the intended goals while catering to the needs of how the brain works and students differences in learning. My plan was to conduct the lesson with my tenth grade biology students. However, the course schedule did not coincide with the biology pacing. It did match closely to the schedule put in place for my Marine Ecology class; therefore, I used my RAD lesson there....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Symbiosis, Learning]

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Final Course Reflection : Iowa State

- Final Course Reflection Reflecting back on my short time here at Iowa State I have met many new people, learned a great deal about the campus, myself, and the Agricultural Business program. In college I have experienced many firsts. I moved away from home for the first time. I started my first day of college classes, and survived my first round of college exams. I joined clubs, met lots of new individuals, and got acquainted with life at Iowa State. Throughout my time at Iowa State I was lucky enough to be part of a great major that focuses on welcoming freshman....   [tags: A Great Way to Care, Learning, Iowa]

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My Reflection On Southaven Middle School

- My Reflection on Southaven Middle School My current job allows me the privilege of being able to travel to multiple schools within the Desoto County School District. I count this as a distinct advantage in growth as a future educator. This opportunity has allowed me to observe and be mentored by some of the best teachers that Desoto County has to offer. My time was spent primarily at Southaven Middle School, Southaven Intermediate and Chickasaw Elementary. The experience and knowledge that I gained from each of these schools is immense....   [tags: High school, Educational years, Education]

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Personal And Professional Ethics Reflection Paper

- Personal and Professional Ethics Reflection Paper Humans are social by nature, and wherever socializing occur conflicts appear. Since the dawn of civilization, people started many systems and methods by which they judge things right or wrong. The primary goal was to guide them to do the correct things and avoid troubles. These methods and systems developed to become more complex and the importance of ethics evolved. Now people realize more than ever that their actions affect others and can have unintentional consequences....   [tags: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality, Virtue]

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My Personal Note On Personal Reflection

- As before mentioned in my midterm reflection, I still feel I have room for improvement. My greatest weakness is still procrastination. I still have the habit of waiting until the last minute to write a paper that deserves much more attention ahead of time. I feel that I did not did the proper amount of attention to all of my papers. Personal problem aside, I find that my weaknesses mostly lie within transitions and proper comma placement. I run my papers through and I always receive a poor score for transitional phrases....   [tags: Writing, Paper, Comma, Better]

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Androgogy Reflection: Understanding Adult Learning

- ... At the end of the class, grades were not explained, or justified. Being able to work in a group setting can be a very rewarding, and beneficial concept. However, it is important that groups are monitored. It would have been helpful if the professor had meetings with each group once or twice per week to check on progress, and also organized the group to where each individual student had a specific job. Otherwise, students sometimes don’t know how to delegate duties, and/or an butt heads about it....   [tags: developmental tasks, experience]

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Early Childhood Education: Kindergarten Reflection

- Kindergarten Reflection Entering my kindergarten teaching experience in the last quarter of school year I had to quickly become familiar with kindergarten content standards and the school’s curriculum. To do this I observed my mentor teachers instructional time with the children and gained as much information as I could about the children’s educational standing by developing a professional relationship with the my mentor teacher and the children. I learned that the majority of my kindergarten children had not previously attended preschool and that this was their first year of school....   [tags: Education, child observation, teacher observation]

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California Psychological Inventory 260 Reflection

- California Psychological Inventory 260 Reflection Like the California Psychological Inventory 430 (CPI 430), the California Psychological Inventory 260 (CPI 260) is designed to “furnish information to the interpreter from which a veridical (true-to-life) and useful picture may be drawn of the person taking the test” (Gough & Bradley, 1996, p. 1). A short form of the CPI 430, the CPI 260 was designed for use with businesses and career assessment. It is highly correlated with the CPI 430 and utilizes many of the same items....   [tags: Self-Assessment]

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Worse Than Slavery Reflection Paper

- Worse Than Slavery Reflection Paper David M. Oshinsky’s book “Worse Than Slavery” brings to life the reality that faced slaves after the abolishment of slavery. It recounts the lives that these men faced daily and it made me question the humanity of all those who were involved and question how as a society we let this ever happen. From the convicts being leased out to people who didn’t care about their well-being to a life back on a state ran plantation, where life was worse than it was for them as slaves....   [tags: Prison, Capital punishment, American Civil War]

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Writing Center Conference Reflection Paper

- : Writing Center Conference Reflection The writing center conference had a lot of useful information in each of the presentations that I attended. Each presentation had its own set of topics, which either provided ideas that were geared toward helping a particular group of students or just gave general information about certain programs that are available to help students succeed in school. There was also one presentation, which explained the results of a study conducted regarding writing center enrolled students....   [tags: Tutorial, Tutor, Teaching assistant, Paper]

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Reflection on a Daughter Losing Her Father

- This is a day I will remember for the rest of my life, it was like getting the wind knocked out of my body, like someone hit me in my chest, my head was left spinning. I felt grief and frustration like I never felt before. I have known death before (having family members in my families die), but to see my child suffer was something within itself. It all started months before, when my daughter found out that her father was once again serving time in prison. He had messed up again like he has done so many times in her life, while she was growing into an intelligent, woman despite his bad decisions....   [tags: personal reflections]

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Reflection on Class

- Reflection on Class My sixth period students begin to enter the classroom and many of them speak to me as they enter. The bell rings and I walk into the classroom closing the door behind me. I immediately begin telling students to sit and begin the warm-up that is written on one of the white boards. As the students settle they begin their warm-up, but many of the same students continue to laugh and play during this period. I call for the warm-ups, which are then collected....   [tags: Papers]

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Using Reflection to Identify Teacher Development Needs

- Within this assignment I will start with a brief outline of what reflection is and propose a rationale for engaging in reflection. I will then identify three key themes that featured in my reflective journal and explore these using theoretical models and critical analysis in relation to the development of my professional practice throughout the course and as a trainee teacher. I will then conclude with a summary of my development and identify future professional development needs. “Reflective practice is understood as the process of learning through and from experience towards gaining new insights of self and/or practice” (Boud et al 1985; Boyd and Fales, 1983; Mezirow, 1981, Jarvis, 1992)....   [tags: Teacher Education, Teaching Philosophy]

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Critical Reflection of and Experience with a Patient with Congenital Heart Disease

- The aim of this essay is to critically analyse a clinical incident involving an adult with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). I will define reflection, then select a reflective model and critically reflect on the incident demonstrating my new found knowledge. Lastly, I will suggest how nursing practice should change to improve the care of this group of patients. Reflection is a key element of the human learning process. It can be used to justify aspects of practice and legitimise the knowledge gained from it, as opposed to traditional forms of learning....   [tags: nursing, emotion, appointment]

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Art as a Reflection of Social Tre

- Art as a Reflection of Social Trends Art is something which can be analyzed to give deeper insight as to the common values and beliefs shared by the members of a certain society. Regardless of the place of origin or the time period of a form of art, it will always be a reflection of the social structure in which it's creator/s lived. However, the way the artist perceives the culture common to his time period is very relative. People pertaining to a higher social class had different values and ideologies than members of a lower class....   [tags: Art Artist Society]

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Reflection of a Homily by Gregory the Great

- REFLECTION ON A HOMILY BY GREGORY THE GREAT In Gregory’s homily it seems the congregation has trouble understanding the command of our Lord to love as He has. This entails loving even our enemies as Christ has. Yet, how do we love those who harm us. To often we believe that any harm to us demands a distorted form of justice. In other words, to give to them as we got. However, this is not the love of Christ, this is not justice, this is vengeance. So how do we love our enemies as He does. First, we must learn to seriously understand what it is to love those in family and community....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Reflection of Victorian Britain in Literature

- The Reflection of Victorian Britain in Literature Queen Victoria reigned in Britain between 1937-1901. During this time in British history a large degree of change occurred. The writers of the time often reflected these substantial changes in their literature focusing on the interests of society. I have studied a variety of literature from the Victorian period and have chosen to write about three particular pieces; 'The Signalman' by Charles Dickens (a short story), the novel 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley and another short story called 'The Tell Tale Heart' by Edgar Allen Poe....   [tags: The Tell Tale Heart Frankenstein Essays]

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Reflection on a Critical Incident

- The reason for this essay is to reflect on a critical incident experience during my six week placement as a student nurse on an orthopedic ward. To explore an event as a critical incident is a value judgment, and the basis of that judgment is the significance attached to the meaning of the incident. Critical incidents are created or produced by the way we look at a situation. Tripp (1993) The incident chosen has made an impact on me due to the fact the side effects of surgery can be very critical to a patient’s life, as would be demonstrated in the critical incident chosen (D.V.T)....   [tags: Nursing Reflective Practice, 2015]

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A Reflection On Herman Melvilles Accomplishments

- A Reflection On Herman Melville's Accomplishments "As an author Melville both courted failure and scorned success."(pg. 613, A Companion to Melville Studies). How many famous legends in time have existed to know no fame. How many remarkable artist have lived and died never receiving due credit for there work. Herman Melville is clearly an artist of words. Herman Melville is certainly a prodigy when it comes to writing. Herman Melville never received hardly any credit for any of his works....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Reflection Within Professional Development: The Gibbs Model

- Reflection Within Professional Development In this essay I intend to reflect upon a clinical skill, which I have learned and become competent in practicing. I will apply the Gibbs model to the chosen skill throughout the essay to allow for critical thought. Gibbs model includes the areas of description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan. (Gibbs, 1988) The term “reflection” directly refers to one’s own ability for serious thought or consideration regarding events, which have occurred in the past....   [tags: placement, defense mechanism]

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A Personal Reflection on The Training and Development Authority (TDA)

- Personal Individual Reflection on the Training and Development Authority (TDA) Introduction TDA is an organization based in UK, which is distinctively recognized for its unique endeavors in persuading and convincing students that teaching is the best career for any student. Its core mission lies in relaying the advantages of teaching by demonstrating and explaining what teaching involves. Its sole objective aims at educating children and the youth through this teaching profession so as to enable them become part of a tolerant and productive United Kingdom society....   [tags: Organizational Issues]

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Reflection on How to Make the Most of Working in Collaboration with Others

- In Lawrence’ (2013, p.195) point of view: “In the management classroom, theories on reflection and experiential learning clearly influence the use of personal, reflective writing exercises. They are used to illustrate course concepts and help students take charge of their own educational experience (and, therefore, practice making meaning for them).” Therefore, through reflection, we can make connections and examine our learning processes. When I started to learn this module, I found it includes lectures and seminars to examine the theory and practice of relevant areas through group cooperation and individuals work....   [tags: management education]

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Reflection on My Ability as a Teacher of Special Needs Children

- Final Reflection As I ponder over my personal professional development experiences as an educator the realization of how one has developed over time is personally satisfying. Educating children especially children with special needs is a challenge within its self. As a teacher it is important that this writer makes a positive influence with students. There are going to be certain ideas that one tries to uphold and other discriminations that one will not allow. Everyone has their own beliefs teachers should do what is necessary not to infringe on others, but show children different way to think so that they have all the information needed to make educated choices....   [tags: special education, learning disabilities, disabled]

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Final Discussion Board on Simulation Article and a Reflection

- ... Retrieved from: A Summary of the Article The study consisted of a 3 month follow-up survey of medical surgical graduate nurses at an Australian university. Fifty graduate students were immersed in high fidelity simulation training using Resusci Anne Simulator® and SimMan®. Thirty-eight of the 50 students then agreed to complete a follow-up survey three months post graduation. The four objectives of the study were to: a) evaluate frequency of use of emergency response skills, b) examine the extent of the of improved response, c) evaluate the most useful aspects of simulation-based learning and, d) to determine if...   [tags: nurses, blending, learning, emergencies]

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Reflection of Charles Dickens' Childhood in Olvier Twist

- Character Analysis of Oliver Twist and its Reflection of Charles Dickens’ Childhood Oliver Twist, written in 1837, the second novel by British author Charles Dickens, is notable for its detailed portrayal of cruel treatments towards the many orphans in London during the Victorian era. Oliver Twist is the main character in this novel who endures a miserable life as an orphan. The adventures of Oliver are like an epitome of the pathetic lives of the lower class. In many ways Dickens criticizes the unsound social system and corrupted criminal justice in the Victorian era through Oliver’s life....   [tags: orphanage, workhouse, child labor]

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The Storm: An Inner Reflection

- The Storm: An Inner Reflection Memories are all we have sometimes, but what if memories bring out unwelcome feelings. In Romesh Gunesekera's short story "Ranvali," a young lady goes back to her father's old holiday bungalow and begins to discover new feelings toward her beloved Communist father. The story is set in an idyllic bungalow in Ranvali, by the coast of India. Theorists such as Roland Barthes would argue that setting in modern narratives "no longer need meaning: they simply are: that is their meaning." (qtd in Chatman 145)....   [tags: Emotions Psychology Essays]

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Determining Overdeterminism: An Informal Reflection

- Determining Overdeterminism: An Informal Reflection Economics has always been for me a system of curves. There are supply ones and demand ones and curves that would belly up or down. In every class, my high school Economics teacher, a man approaching his late fifties, would rail on about the wonders of capitalism. Being a two-time divorcee and therefore a man of the capitalistic world, he accredited the bulk of his knowledge through life experiences, particularly those involving divorce. I remember sitting through one of his classes and thinking that he resembled some type of new-born evangelist preaching to us about the awesome power of capital and what joy it can bring....   [tags: Mississippi Masala Economics Essays]

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A Reflection on My Writing

- A Reflection on My Writing The journey through language and literature has always been an intriguing one for me. It is for this reason that I chose English as my major. It seems that every teacher or professor that I have had, has always been able to pinpoint one specific element in my writing that I need to work on. This has not been a negative thing by any stretch, because with each passing semester there is an element of my literature that will be perfected for the next. This is the wonder that is English, and the reason for my passion in this subject area....   [tags: Personal Narrative Education Writing Essays]

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The Discipline of Chinese Painting: An Internal Reflection of Life & Art

- When one comes into contact with a Chinese painting, the style is almost instantly recognizable. The attention to detail, craftsmanship, and vast depictions of elaborate landscapes appear to pay homage to mother earth in an attempt to reach a state of eternal balance with nature and life. Before this equilibrium could be achieved, one must attain internal discipline. This was required before one began mastering their brushwork in Chinese culture. In Mai Mai Sze’s “The Way of Chinese Painting,” 1959, New York: Vintage Books, Random House, Sze discusses the philosophy known as Daoism/Tao, or “the way.” Before one became a skilled painter, one trained in the personal disciplines of poetry, art,...   [tags: Art ]

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Are Standardized Tests a True Reflection of a Child's Knowledge?

- The purpose of standardized testing is to measure students progress in a variety of academic subject areas. Standardized tests vary depending on the state. A few of the test administered in florida are the FCAT, ACT, and SAT. So much emphasis is placed on passing these tests that students spend more time worrying about it the consequences they will face if they fail, than actually preparing for the exam. Is this test a true reflection of a students knowledge. A student’s academic level and future should not be determined by a 105 question test on reading and mathematics....   [tags: curriculum, educators, expression]

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Reflection of My Completion of an Assessment and Clinical Intervention

- My reflection on carrying out an assessment and a clinical intervention is a complex process. Many factors are involved which creates lots of difficulties over the process, especially when applying theory into practice (Beder, 2000; Howe, 1987). Often these factors require a substantial effort of social workers to establish connections between them to gain a holistic view of a given situation, and to create a theoretically sound framework to guide their practice (Howe, 1987). I assign these factors into two categories: analytical and conceptual....   [tags: social work, theory, conceptual]

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Personal Reflection On Gratitude And Its Effects On Prosocial Behavior

- Does personal reflection on gratitude lead to increased volunteerism. Our group has chosen to explore this question through an experiment in which participants will have feelings of gratitude induced within a laboratory setting and then will be asked to volunteer with an on-campus charity group. There has been a good deal of research conducted on gratitude and its effects on prosocial behavior. A 2006 article by Jo-Ann Tsang details an experiment in which researchers induced gratitude within the laboratory setting and measured subsequent prosocial behavior....   [tags: Experiment, Research, Sociology]

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Responsible Consumer and Travelers: Reflection on Holiday Consumption Experience

- This paper aimed to explore and reflect on the consumption experience I had during last Christmas. Goals and suggestions to improve that experience would also be carried out as to consolidate the positive aspects and to prevent the negative aspects of consumption happen again next time. Consumerism became a dominant ideology in many societies, consumers consume goods in large quantities, and this behavior can benefit the country by better off its economy. However, some negative consumer behavior come along with it, climate change and increase of solid waste are examples of prolong impacts which may brought by those behavior....   [tags: christmas, culture, hong kong]

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Ethical Issues In Networks Systems Design: A Reflection

- Reflection in the project Introduction : My topic was ‘Ethical Issues In Networks Systems Design’ . I have selected positivist research paradigm for use in my research process. Based on the nature of this research process , I opted to employ the paradigm duo its positive approach and its close relevance to the nature of research topic. This research topic also dictate that a positive approach be used in order to arrive at the ethical issues of concern being investigated. There is also the need to give the reality an objective manner....   [tags: Business Ethincs]

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Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis is a Reflection about Himself

- Have you ever experience a time when you just wanted to vent out your problems, your thought and opinion about your life but succumb to the fact that even the act of venting will not do you justice or help resolve the issues. Or have you ever felt a time when you wanted to express how you feel but instead, you bit your tongue to stop your comments from portraying you in a negative light, or that your truth will cause the people, the ones that matters, to be in a whole lot of hurt. This was the case of Franz Kafka; his inability to physically express his opinions to his family in reality, lead him to intellectually pursue his thoughts and relationship into the imaginary, his writings, as disp...   [tags: biographical and literary analysis]

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A Reflection Paper About The Whole Tesol Project

- Final Reflection Paper To write a reflection paper about the whole TESOL project for the past one and a half years is not a difficult thing for me because I never regret my choice to study in Alliant International University and learning master’s TESOL program here. With completing the master’s TESOL program, I was be able to benefit a variety of new things from different courses, as well as refresh my memory on thing that I already knew. The first semester which I experienced left me a deep impression....   [tags: Learning, Education, Second language acquisition]

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Reflection Essay on My Online Writing Class

- When I started this program, I was worried I would not be able to do an online course. This is the first online college course that I’ve ever taken. On top of this course, I have been taking five other classes and have been very involved in other activities. However, I’ve worked hard to keep up and improve my writing skills. Every day that I’m able to use a computer, I sign into Moodle. When I’m not around a computer, I work on the paper or assignments that are due for that day. In this paper, I will review my first paper in this course compared to the writing skills I have established now....   [tags: paper, problem, quality, skills]

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Reflection Paper Toward Higher Education Student Affairs

- Reflection Paper Cornelia C. Welch-Dick University of Southern Mississippi Reflection Paper After a summer internship at a news station that was in direct correlation with my declared undergraduate major, I am anxious to begin focusing my work and study toward higher education student affairs. My experience this summer forced me to do some self-evaluation and assessment as far as my strengths, weaknesses, and what kind of environment I envision myself thriving in. My vision for my career is ever developing....   [tags: Graduate school, College]

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Self Reflection Using Hays Addressing Model

- Self-Reflection using Hays ADDRESSING Model Multicultural issues in the workplace manifest in different ways from communication style to political views. The purpose of this paper is to use Hays ADDRESSING model to reflect and evaluate multicultural issues in workplace, such as language diversity, political views, gender, and sexual orientation as it relates to professionalism, privilege, and personal bias. Reflection The Hays model acronym stands for age, disability, religion, ethnic/racial identity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, indigenous heritage, national origin, and gender (Hays, 2008, p....   [tags: Sociology, Psychology, Discrimination, Gender]

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A Reflection on the Defeat of Power in Fathers and Sons by Turgenev

- A Reflection on the Defeat of Power When asked about his thoughts regarding the great men and women of society, George Bernard Shaw replied, “...they don’t exist. We believe in them a lot like we used to believe in unicorns and dragons. The greatest man or woman is ninety-nine percent just like yourself” (George). This concept remains hard to keep in accord with human nature. In the novel Fathers and Sons, Russian author, Turgenev, enshrines this human “goal” to become “great” and “powerful” symbolically in one character; Bazarov....   [tags: fate, emotions, society]

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A Reflection On The Mind, The Truth, And The Man 's Eyes

- Jesus said that He is “the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (JN 14:6, KJV). Jesus is truth. God is light. The Bible is clear about the importance of honesty. “He that walketh upright walketh surely: but he that perverteth his ways shall be known” (PR10:9. KJV). Walking upright is integrity. It is from this concept that the sayings related to hanging one’s head with shame have come. In society, we should all be ashamed, for it has become a place where integrity is a foreign thought, and the classroom has become a place where cheating is too common....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Cheating, Academia, Morality]

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A Reflection Of Her Upbringing And View Of The World Around Her

- The writings of Kate Chopin are a reflection of her upbringing and view of the world around her. Her experiences living in the South served as both a setting and character in her work. She used her writings to explore the position of women in society with emphasis of the effect of the institution of marriage. She wrote about female sexual identity and desire. Some of her stories were considered scandalous for the time period since they covered topics and subjects that were considered socially unacceptable....   [tags: Short story, Marriage, Natchitoches Parish]

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The Released: A Reflection of the Plights of Mentally Ill Convicts

- Purpose The general public does not usually go around contemplating the trials of the mentally ill. Especially not the mentally ill that have a habit of going in and out of prison. “The Released,” however, is trying to change that. Focusing on the lives of convicts under the persuasion of mental illness, “The Released” is a current documentary that intends to display an intimate look at the lives of these men with a proposition that they need help. Help that they cannot give themselves. Help that is not easy accessible....   [tags: Literature Review]

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A Reflection of Society in Ordinary People, Frankenstein, and Antigone

- In the three chosen works of literature, Ordinary people by Judith Guest, Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and Antigone by Sophocles, alienation, initiation, journey, suffering and reconciliation are among the themes covered by the these great works of literature. The writers through the various characters in the scripts have clearly brought out the five themes as the main themes. These works of literature act as a reflection of what was happening in the society then. In terms of literature not much has changed and would still expect the same to be happening in the society today....   [tags: grief, ambition, initiation]

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Using Grim's Framework of Reflection on the Healthcare Quality Strategy

- Introduction The aim of the Healthcare Quality Strategy (HQS) is to deliver excellent healthcare to the citizens of Scotland, and in the process brand NHS Scotland as a world leader in healthcare (Scottish Government, 2010). A key ambition of the HQS is to provide compassionate and person-centred care which encompasses the needs of service users, therefore, allowing their values to direct decisions (Scottish Government, 2010). A HQS improvement intervention is the prevention of pressure ulcers (PU)....   [tags: patient, pressure ulcers, skin]

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A Critical Reflection Of Different Aspects Of Internationalisation & Education

- A critical reflection of different aspects of internationalisation & education. In the following essay I will focused on how globalisation, multiculturalism and internationalisation have an effect at different education levels. The first part includes a brief explanation of the concept of globalisation, and how it affects the educational structure in secondary education through global competence. How this can make the educational environment more complex, and what it implies to be successfully achieved....   [tags: Education, Higher education, Globalization]

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Personal Identity : A Reflection On The Ever Evolving Self

- Infinite Minds, One Body: A Reflection on the Ever-Evolving Self Philosophers have been pondering the idea of personal identity for thousands of years. Yet there is no general consensus on what truly makes us who we are, be it a soul, the sum total of all our experiences, or something else. Personally, I would suggest socialization at home and at school has the greatest impact on personal identity. However, keep in mind that I do not have thousands of years of philosophical theory to aid my argument, only twenty years of life experience (the first few of which I had to spend in diapers)....   [tags: Education, High school, Educational psychology]

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King James II: A Reflection of Autonomy and Responsibility

- King James II of England and the Glorious Revolution A Reflection of Autonomy and Responsibility James II of England was the first king to succeed to the kingdoms of both England and Scotland and to be crowned King of both. He was also known as the Duke of York, the Duke of Albany, and the honorary Duke of Normandy; a title that was never to be held again by an English monarch. He was called Lord High Admiral as he commanded the English navy in the Anglo- Dutch war, which resulted in a new English city renamed for him (New York)....   [tags: Biography]

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The Culture within Starbucks: A Reflection of Human Interaction

- ... Due to my previous experiences within coffeehouses and Starbucks, I was considered an insider in the setting. I don’t think that this had any implications such as bias because I often did not go to observe what was going on around me but rather just to complete schoolwork. It was quite easy to remain invisible throughout this experiment because most people don’t socialize in coffeehouses and fortunately I did not meet anyone at Starbucks that I knew. I think because of the setting it really allowed me to be nearly an invisible researcher....   [tags: methodology, data, analysis]

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The Life of William Henry Harrison: Summary and Reflection

- On March 4th, 1841, William Henry Harrison took office, becoming the 9th President of the United States. Our ninth president is mostly known for his incredibly short time in office, which lasted only one month. Contrary to popular belief, the life of Harrison was incredibly eventful, and held many achievements. To begin, Harrison’s early life took place on his wealthy father’s plantation in Virginia, then going to college in order to study history at Hampden-Sydney College, and later medicine at the University of Pennsylvania....   [tags: president, whig, battles]

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Reflection Paper On Mindfulness And Piecing The Puzzles Together

- I have to say that these past eight weeks have been an incredible journey for me in this class. It 's amazing looking at the different perspectives on mindfulness and piecing the puzzles together. Do I feel that paying attention to your own moral code makes you a happier person. Absolutely. It 's a must for everyone. We definitely need to recognize our own perception towards reality on both an individual and universal level. Educating ourselves is key to this I believe, to be open minded rather than set on a particular way can help us create a positive change....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Religion, Mind]

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Practicum Reflection : Elementary School Working With Mrs. Lauer

- Practicum Reflection Essay For my practicum I was in the Glyndon Felton Elementary school working with Mrs. Lauer in her 5th grade classroom. She teaches the subjects of Math and Science. Mrs. Lauer has a homeroom group of students as well as a second group of students that comes into her room for a few hours each afternoon for their Math and Science lessons. Her homeroom students are across the hall learning English and Social Studies with a second 5th grade teacher during this time. The classroom environment is a very crucial part in students’ learning as they learn best when in a comfortable environment, with lots of room to ask questions....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Social class, Intelligence]

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Producing Integrative Thinkers Reflection : Sara O ' Toole

- Producing Integrative Thinkers Reflection Sara O’Toole American College of Education Introduction During this course, we have discussed, experienced, and dug deep into the four main pillars of integrative thinking. Intuitive, analytical, creative and rhetorical thinking are not separate entities but work together to strengthen each type of thinking’s weakness. The problems we face, are not one sided, they are influenced by many factors, thus how we come up with our solutions should also not be one sided....   [tags: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Thought]

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A Reflection on Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

- Literature is both shaped by our culture and shapes it. Because of this it is an effective representation of the culture of a time. One can tell how people were affected by the events of the times by how it comes through in their writing. Aldous Huxley's Brave New World is a prime example of this. The work was targeted at people in a post WWI world. This is a time between WWI and WWII where the world is still shocked by how rapidly the science of war had advanced. People also continue to be appalled with the mass death of a World War caused by such technology and therefore yearn for a more stable world....   [tags: Brave New World Literary Analysis ]

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Reflection Of 12 Angry Men And Group Stages

- Reflection of 12 Angry Men and Group Stages Groups develop in a healthy way, dissolve because of lack of care, or end up in disarray. Understanding how to begin and nurture a group significantly improves the chances that the goals of the group and its members will be achieved, and chaos will be avoided (Gladding, 2012). This paper will examine the various characteristics of the Gladding (2008) stages/transitions of group development. Research will illustrate understanding of these areas and how these concepts are revealed in the movie 12 Angry Men....   [tags: Jury, Not proven, Verdict, Grand jury]

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Journals, Reflection, and Learning

- Journals, Reflection, and Learning A journal is a crucible for processing the raw material of experience in order to integrate it with existing knowledge and create new meaning. Among the many purposes for journal writing are the following: to break habitual ways of thinking; enhance the development of reflective judgment and metacognition; increase awareness of tacit knowledge; facilitate self-exploration and personal growth; and work out solutions to problems (Andrusyszyn and Davie 1997; Mitchell and Coltrinari 2001; Moon 1999)....   [tags: Journalism Writing Essays]

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Reflection Manuscript: Sister Callista Roy's Adaptation Model

- Introduction Being provided with the opportunity to listen to a legendary scholar, such as Sister Callista Roy was one of the most stimulating events in my career as a nursing student at Holy Family University. The process of students undergoing nursing school is so that they may acquire knowledge and clinical skills through different levels of adaptation. With that in mind, the Roy Adaptation Model may be used as a guide for student nurses throughout their progression from student to healthcare professional....   [tags: Nursing Student, Coping Mechanism]

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Migrant Panel Reflection : Child Development Center

- Migrant Panel Reflection This visit to the Agri-Buisness Child Development center (ABCD) was an enlightening experience. The discussions with the panelists, both parents and teachers, proved to be helpful to me as an educator for several reasons. Prior to this visit I was unaware that this school existed, I also did not know that there were 13 other ABCD centers within Western New York. I was elated to discover these centers’ abilities to provide migrant students with a bilingual, culturally and linguistically diverse environment to begin their schooling....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, Second language]

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Individual Reflection: Big Five Personality Test

- Individual Reflection – Big Five Personality Test After taking the Big Five Personality Test I’ve concluded that it is a fairly accurate assessment of my personality. 1) On Openness to Experience/Intellect I ranked at the 53 percentile, with the description that I don’t typically seek out new experiences. I would agree with this assessment. While I am somewhat creative, I am no artist. It takes me more time to do something creative than something analytical, but I do still like to be creative on occasion....   [tags: Traits, Leadership, Shy]

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When World 's Collide Reflection Paper

- When World’s Collide Reflection Paper To begin, before viewing this film and taking this course, I possessed a very broad sense of the tragedy of the conquered indigenous natives in both the Latin America’s and the USA. I have always despised the ethnocentric depictions of history throughout movies, images, textbooks, as well as other media and musical influences. This film truly helped expand my knowledge and put what we have read so far into perspective. Before this film, one concept that was unknown to me was the fact that corn, or Teocicle, was an import and not native to either Europe or Spain....   [tags: Indigenous peoples of the Americas]

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Professional Learning And Ethical Practice

- Title Interpretation and Evidence Content Standard 9: Professional Learning and Ethical Practice The teacher engages in ongoing professional learning and uses evidence to continually evaluate his/her practice, particularly the effects of his/her choices and actions on others (learners, families, other professionals, and the community), and adapts practice to meet the needs of each learner. Standard 10: Leadership and Collaboration The teacher seeks appropriate leadership roles and opportunities to take responsibility for student learning, to collaborate with learners, families, colleagues, other school professionals, and community members to ensure learner growth, and to advance the professi...   [tags: Education, Teacher, Reflection, Reflections]

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Supervision Of Teachers And The Methods An Administrator

- Introduction The supervision of teachers and the methods an administrator uses to go about doing this work is possibly the most important aspect to the job of a principal. Obviously the most important part of a school day is the instruction given to the students by the teacher. Since the principal no longer has the daily instruction of the students as one of their roles, the supervision and guidance of the people hired to do that role becomes the principal’s most important job. As stated above, along with hiring good teachers, the methods used to supervise and guide the teachers and help them grow as educators is the most essential role a principal can play in the success of a school....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Reflections, Reflection]

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Reflection on My Portfolio

- Reflection on My Portfolio Literature has fascinated me from an early age. I was always an extremely active child, yet all I needed to settle down was a good book. The worlds created from the page within my mind were wondrous and amazing. However, I never imagined that I would become an English Literature major in college. Like many others before me, I wasn’t sure what you could do with an English major but teach or write, neither of which I planned on doing. A business or management major seemed much more practical....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Reflection On World Religion

- Reflection on World Religions It has been an outstanding five weeks. This was the course that I've been waiting to take since I started Capella back in April of 2004. Finally after weeks of reading World Religions by Huston Smith, I have developed an understanding of some of the world's religions. I can never be an expert in this field, and I don't want to, but at least I have an idea where these religions originated and have a general concept of the beliefs behind each religion. Each of the religions we covered have one thing in common that stick out, and that is promoting peace and harmony....   [tags: Theology Religion Religions]

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Infancy and Childhood Reflection

- Infancy And Childhood Reflection 1.) The shows I chose to watch are shows that children usually don't grow out of or are attracted to at a younger and older age. The Simpsons, a classic comedy which draws the majority of us in with its realistic family and practical witt. The family goes through hardship,excitement, triumph and everyday experience that most families go through. 'Homer' the father of the family is employed by the power plant and is in constant battles to keep his job. 'Marge' the wife of the family is edgy or easily becomes paranoid, her main job is to be a stay at home mom, however she often goes out and tries to become more distinguished in society by working outside the...   [tags: essays research papers]

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