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Benefits of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

- Pace of technology adoption depends on perceived benefits in using technology. “Mr. Bush declared that every American should have an electronic medical record within 2014” (Pear, 2007). The goal was to move to EHR systems by year 2014. When President Obama took over he reinforced this goal and announced $20 billion in stimulus money to implement electronic record systems (Marcus & Nussbaum, 2009).According to an article by New England Journal of Medicine, EHR systems are widely adopted in countries like Europe, Australia but it is only fully adopted by 4 % of American physicians (Hoffmann, 2009)....   [tags: Electronic Medical Record]

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The Record and Information Management Program (RIM)

- Introduction: The final chapter that will be cover is, “the record and information management program (RIM). (381) In this stage of expanding our knowledge we need to exam and discuss all components of RIM. The goal of learning this information will be to have a career in this field of study. Part of this discuss will be elaborating on the responsibilities, purpose, and guidelines in the RIM program. A considerable amount of companies in todays, business environment have a back-up plan guard against natural disasters and system malfunctions....   [tags: record storage, retention, destruction, recovery]

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Difficulties of the Upcoming Electronic Health Record System

- Introduction In recent years, a tremendous growth in the internet raises concerns to perform all the tasks electronically which saves our time and effort. Nowadays, most of the business organizations are doing their businesses electronically and the software industries are trying to update and convert their software which able to work in online. People can buy airline tickets and check in to flights through online, buying goods on the web, and even get degrees from online. However, in spite of these advanced developments in our country, the majority of the patients are given handwritten medical prescriptions, and only a small number of patients are capable to email their medical doctor or t...   [tags: medical record syncronization]

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Archeological Studies: Why Do We Discount Children in the Archaeological Record?

- Archaeological studies of the paleolithic record commonly neglect to mention the or study in depth the children of the culture/time period in question. It is important to study children, because they can tell us a lot about the culture they lived in and the adults of that era. Sometimes studying children is problematic because of terminology and stuff, but there are a few things we know for sure. If we apply this reasoning to the study of neanderthals, we can learn more about the lives of neanderthals....   [tags: neanderthals, paleolithic record]

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The Electronic Health Record Mandate

- The National Electronic Health Record Mandate “An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart. EHRs are real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users.” ( The EHR mandate was created “to share information with other health care providers and organizations – such as laboratories, specialists, medical imaging facilities, pharmacies, emergency facilities, and school and workplace clinics – so they contain information from all clinicians involved in a patient’s care.” ("Providers & Professionals |", n.d., p....   [tags: health, human services, medical records]

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The Albanian Electronic Health Record

- Abstract. The issue of Electronic Health Records interoperability can be seen as very important at the beginning of conception or as an emergency associated with high impact in quality of care, and costs if left to be solved at an advanced stage of the process. This paper tends to analyze the Albanian situation in EHR interoperability and identify the major deficiencies. This case is complicated even more from the country population structure and emigration. A large part of population is living and working in western European countries bringing the question of their electronic records interoperability....   [tags: Health Care ]

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Goals of Record Producer

- Here comes Pharrell (record producer/music artist) on the radio with a new snazzy song. The song is such a hit that it has great vibes and a flowing rhythm. But wait, how does Pharrell create a song that is so attractive to your ears. A record producer would be able to answer the questions and help explain why Pharrell song is so brilliant. Record Producer is a great career to get into because they create new types of music and meet new or highly known musicians. Even though you have to learn new instruments it’s a great opportunity to create music....   [tags: music, beats, competitive]

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Electonic Health Record Paper

- Electronic Health Record Paper Introduction According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), “an EHR is an electronic version of a patients medical history, that is maintained by the provider over time, and may include all of the key administrative clinical data relevant to that persons care under a particular provider, including demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data and radiology reports”....   [tags: patient, care, mandate, facility]

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Sport Record

- Sport Record The founding father of the Olympic Movement, Pierre de Coubertin, referred to the sport record as having the same function in the ideology of Olympism as the principle of gravity in Newtonian mechanics (Loland 1995). The record was, so to speak, the eternal axiom of sport. No doubt, Coubertin was right in many ways. The fascination for records is a key element in our fascination for sports. Records are the stuff of which legends and myths are made. Johnny Weissmuller's 1924 one hundred meter freestyle swim under the minute, Wilma Rudolph's fabulous sprint records from the early 1960s, and Michael Johnson's explosive two hundred meter record run at the 1996 Atlanta Games, are al...   [tags: Sports Records Papers]

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Electronic Medical Record

- 1.0 Name of the system Electronic Medical Record (Clinic) 2.0 Summary Although the technology is kept on advancing from day to day, there are some clinics that are still using old method in handling their records. Piles of files in registry counter sometimes make the place looks messy and it takes a large space to store all the records of their patients. Sometimes, they cannot find a record due to misplace and the records might be lost. Each time they want to retrieve the records, they have to find based on the series number which sometimes the file is placed not according to the series number....   [tags: Problems & Solution]

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Electronic Medical Record

- Approximately seventy five percent of Ontarians have an electronic medical record and roughly 10,000 Ontario physicians are using them to improve patient care, enhance health outcomes and increase patient safety. The Electronic Patient Record (EPR) is UHN’s standard Clinical Desktop application developed by Shared Information Management Services (SIMS) which provides healthcare professionals with quick and easy access to integrated patient records available in real time. It includes access to more than one patient record at a time as well as access to other applications....   [tags: Health, reducing medical error]

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Electronic Health Record

- Present day electronic health record is a culmination of decades of effort put forth to digitizing health records. However, the goal, to compile patient medical history so it can be readily viewed and managed in one place is yet to be fully realized. The first EHR systems, circa 1960s, were known as clinical information systems and influenced later systems because their processing speed and flexibility allowed many users in the system at once [3]. Around the same time, the University of Utah and 3M jointly developed Health Evaluation through Logical Processing (HELP), one of the first clinical decision support systems....   [tags: Medical Technology ]

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Electronic Health Record

- After decades of paper based medical records, a new type of record keeping has surfaced - the Electronic Health Record (EHR). EHR is an electronic or digital format concept of an individual’s past and present medical history. It is the principle storage place for data and information about the health care services provided to an individual patient. It is maintained by a provider over time and capable of being shared across different healthcare settings by network-connected information systems. Such records may include key administrative and clinical data relevant to that persons care under a particular provider....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Medical Record Security

- Medical Record Security In the world of technology there are many types of threats to be considered when a hospital or health care facility depends on keeping their clients personal information private and safe from unauthorized people from viewing. When information safety, and regulations are considered by a healthcare facility it is held at high regards and high standards to assure that there is no chance of any information being leaked that should have been protected. A patients personal information should be kept safe from any unauthorized person from viewing, because a patients personal medical records can be used maliciously if it is viewed by anyone who is not authorized to view the i...   [tags: Network Security Privacy]

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Sugarcult’s Record Rundown

- Sugarcult’s Record Rundown The band has been implemented into dozens of both TV and movie soundtracks due to their innate ability to produce music the masses can relate to. The Santa Barbara band will always be able to produce both studio and live albums because of their strong following around the globe. Japan has been particularly supportive of Sugarcult and in turn the group has rewarded them with great music. Regardless of how many side projects Marko DeSantis is involved in showing his countless facets of skill he will continue to work with Sugarcult because there is no band that can hold a candle to the group....   [tags: Music Review]

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The Medical Transcriptionist and Medical Record Privacy

- In today’s age of electronics and gadgets it is harder than ever to keep medical records private especially when you work from home. It is very important that medical transcriptionists take care of the information they work with as top secret, and guard it from anyone not permitted to have this information. We cannot talk about our day at work like most people, we cannot even share amusing stories at a dinner party or at girls night out. As a medical transcriptionist, it is very important that we keep a high level of ethics for both professional and legal reasons....   [tags: Medical Ethics ]

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African American History in A Red Record

- A Red Record Slavery is one of America’s biggest regrets. Treating a human with the same beating heart as a low, worthless piece of trash only because of skin color is a fact that will forever remain in our country’s history. Those marked as slaves were sold, tortured, demoralized, raped and killed. After the Emancipation in which slavery was illegalized, many would think that the horrors were over and that America as a whole started a new leaf. Unfortunately, the man of the South, refusing to move forward tried to keep the colored man down as best they could....   [tags: torturing, unfairness, mistakes]

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Nursing: The Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

- Introduction Approximately seventy five percent of Ontarians have an electronic medical record and roughly 10,000 Ontario physicians are using them to improve patient care, enhance health outcomes and increase patient safety. The Electronic Patient Record (EPR) is UHN’s standard Clinical Desktop application developed by the UHN’s Shared Information Management Services (SIMS). It allows healthcare professionals quick and easy real time access to more than one patient record as well as easy access to other integrated applications....   [tags: ontarians, physicians, patient care]

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Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record

- According to the National Alliance for Health Information Technology (2008) and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) (2012), the personal health record (PHR) is defined as the individual lifelong electronic health records. Its features are electronic, readily available, personal control, standardization, resource sharing, and portability. Although the PCEHR is currently being implemented in several countries of the world, it still has many controversial disadvantages. Hoy, Yoshihashi, & Bailey, 2012) mention that some of the ideal functions of PHR, include patient controlled, longitudinal record, interoperable and resource sharing, portability, automated input of cl...   [tags: healthcare tools, strategies]

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Counselor´s Record Keeping System

- ... Her records are much secured, physically and electronically, thus protected by the same confidentiality and privacy laws. Most counseling centers have patients that see more than one counselor; it can be a psychologist and a counselor depending on the issue at hand. In this case there will be sharing of information in order to be able to consult with each other to deliver and provide effective services. The only members that can access Josephine’s information will be the Professional staff members and the information that can be access are test data, clinical progress notes and any other clinical information in her file....   [tags: consent, act, session, history, contact]

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National Electronic Healthcare Records Mandate

- The national Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) mandate requires an electronic compilation of a person’s medical history. The purpose is to provide healthcare providers accurate, up-to-date information about a patients’ health between facilities. In 2004, laws were enacted to promote the successful implementation of this mandate within ten years. Patient records are stored electronically, which would give other healthcare facilities full access to a wide range of valuable information, previously only available through patient reports or numerous requests....   [tags: Electronic Medical Record]

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The Record Companies' Decrease in Sales

- The Record Companies' Decrease in Sales The music business is experiencing a recession where record sales are reaching all-time lows. All record companies have in the last few years experienced a considerable decrease in sales. Finding the cause or causes of this has naturally become a major concern for all of them. Some blame the recession in the West in general, but that can hardly explain why one industry is losing out so much more than others. Music today is less from the heart than it used to be only ten years ago....   [tags: Music]

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Information Management: The Medical Record as a Legal Document

- In order for hospitals and other health care facilities to prevent the thousands of deaths and injuries that occur every year due to medical errors; health care systems were required to implement new record keeping technology. This technology has made patient information and treatment accessible to all who needed to see it. This is especially important when a patient has more than one attending physician and their care relies on each doctor knowing what the other one has done, serving as the prime communication tool between doctors....   [tags: IT Security]

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Privacy and Security Risks for the Electronic Health Record

- In most cases privacy and security risks apply to both paper and electronic records. With the growing demand for the electronic health record (EHR) system, the transfer from paper to electronic can be risky. For this project we were asked to compare and contrast the security issues between maintenance of paper medical records and the EHR system, also we were asked to discuss what requirements and issues need to be considered when doing a conversion to an EHR. Inappropriate access is one of the most common ways a patient’s record is at risk....   [tags: Health Care]

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The Integration of Electronic Health Record Systems in Healthcare Settings

- The integration of electronic health record systems in healthcare settings has brought forth unfathomable capabilities. Quality patient care, along with decreased medical errors only names a few of the incredible improvements being made. Determining the cost-effectiveness of implementing a health information system in a large, medium, and small scaled facility is analyzed. Ethical issues along with legalities and advantages are discussed in this paper. Financial considerations A key issue to the implementation of electronic health records rests on unresolved issues and who ultimately is responsible for costs....   [tags: quality patient care, privacy]

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Darwin's Theories vs. The Fossil Record: A Philosophic Challenge

- Did you know the odds of proteins necessary to create a strand of DNA lining up in order naturally are only once in 4x10022 years (Werner 104). That’s highly improbable. Darwin didn’t anticipate that future discoveries would disprove the fundamental tenants of his theory of evolution. Modern science is repeatedly uncovering evidence that suggests that Darwinian evolution could not be the explanation for life on earth. The theory of evolution, proposed by Darwin, has been increasingly disproved due to its reliance on an implausible claim of spontaneous generation, gaps in the fossil record for which evolution lacks explanations, and contradicting scientific discoveries that overturn concepts...   [tags: Biology]

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The Pros and Cons of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) System

- Did you ever think about how much time is spent on computers and the internet. It is estimated that the average adult will spend over five hours per day online or with digital media according to This is a significant amount; taking into consideration the internet has not always been this easily accessible. The world that we live in is slowly or quickly however you look at it: becoming technology based and it is shifting the way we live. With each day more and more people use social media, shop online, run businesses, take online classes, play games, the list is endless....   [tags: Pro Con Essays]

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Documenting the Process to Record Equity in Financial Statements

- This narrative is to document the process to record equity in the financial statements. Gibson Energy ULC currently is not a publicly traded corporation and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gibson Energy Holding ULC who is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of R/C Guitar Cooperatief U.A., a Dutch co-op owned by investment funds affiliated with Riverstone Holdings LLC. As a result, the risks associated with recording share activity is low due to limited transactions and the process to record Share Capital is covered under the sub-process ‘Journal Entries’ documented in the Corporate Reporting Process Narrative....   [tags: Finance]

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Implementing Medical Record Software Systems in a Hospital

- Implementing an electronic medical record software system into a critical access hospital or a large multi-hospital/ clinic health system from a 100% paper documenting system can take time, money, and patience. The appropriate, knowledgeable people need to be available for this type of transition to take place. There are federal guidelines that have to be met for an electronic medical record software to be implemented. Meaningful use has to be established in order to pick the appropriate software....   [tags: Health, Information, Nursing]

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Electronic Health Record Business Case Research Analysis

- Electronic Health Record Business Case Research Analysis Healthcare is a prevailing topic of today’s conversation. People want and need better access to care. Electronic Health Reports provide access to better care because their implementation and use is considered to be of greatest importance for reducing medical errors and improving the quality of service that patients receive (Song et al. 2011). The traditional paper-based record keeping system will be a thing of the past as the US healthcare delivery system makes a shift to electronic record keeping....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Beatlemania: Paul's Death, Playing the Record Backward, and Fans

- Everyone was going crazy because of The Beatles. Beatlemania was defined by the multitude of crazed young women obsessed with this new rock 'n roll band. It began in 1963 and continued until they broke up in 1970. In 1969, a listener of WKNR-FM called in and made a comment that shocked the world: Paul McCartney, one of the four Beatles, was dead. The caller, who gave only the name Tom as an identity, claimed that in 1966, McCartney had been in a fatal car accident, but it had been withheld from the public to avoid riots and other mayhem by grief-stricken fans....   [tags: Music, The Beatles,]

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Electronic Personal Health Record - Implementation Piece

- Implementation The decision has been made; our proposal for an electronic personal health record (EPHR) application (ap) has been accepted by the organization. Careful selection, contracting, planning, and training, are essential to successful implementation. (Esper, Procan, Henderson, Becker, Avitzur & Hier, 2010) Now the implementation phase will begin. Any change involving a quality improvement program is a major undertaking. The organizations’ culture will determine how decisions will get made and work will get done....   [tags: Business Plan]

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Setting the Record Straight in History

- To invoke a change in the viewpoints of a society all forms of communication must be used to persuade the masses; when it comes to slavery, it is supported in the literary form by The Heroic Slave by Fredrick Douglass. Douglass writes this fictional novella in such a way that our hero, Madison Washington, becomes a symbol of the trials and tribulations that slaves go through while Mr. Listwell, a white abolitionist, is a symbol of the change that is needed by white Americans. This novella is an attempt to show African Americans and whites alike that freedom must and does come from non-violent methods, through creating a sensational story that personifies the anti-slavery movement into the ch...   [tags: slave, perspective, settings, hero, trails]

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Napster vs. Record Companies

- Napster vs. Record Companies The evolution of technologies associated with the Internet has had a great influence on our society by allowing its users to access a great variety of valuable resources without leaving the comfort of their home. Simply by connecting our computer to a server through our phone lines, we are given an endless choice of what to do with our time online. We could purchase items ranging from books and tickets to sporting events and concerts to electronics and clothing. We can entertain ourselves with pornography or just listen to radio stations in foreign countries....   [tags: Papers]

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Records are Valuable Resource and Assets for Organizations

- According to Elizabeth Shepherd in journal “Why are Records in public sector organizational assets?” stated that record is recorded evidence of an activity that is of an action undertaken by an individual or a work group in the course of their business, which results in a definable outcome. A record is not defined by its physical form, its age, or the fact that it contains information. Its important characteristic is that it provides evidence of some specific activity. Activities may be carried out by people or may be largely or wholly programmed....   [tags: mix record systems, fiscal requirements]

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Grand Slam Record!

- Grand slam record falls again Click here for more on this story Posted: Sunday May 21, 2000 07:35 PM Jason Giambi crushed a 3-1 pitch over the right-center field wall for his 17th homer of the season and fifth career grand slam. AP NEW YORK (AP) -- Baseball had its grandest day ever. Less than one year after the first five grand-slam day in major league history, there were six hit Sunday. Anaheim's Garrett Anderson hit the record-breaker with two outs in the third inning off Kansas City's Chris Fussell....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Electronic Medical Record System and Computerizing Health Records in Five Years

- Introduction Shadowing a physician in Haymarket, Virginia, I remember first encountering a practice using an Electronic Medical Record system. Prior to that experience, I’ve always went to health clinics that had health records on paper. When the physician I was shadowing was on her laptop, I asked what software she was using. She responded, “It’s an EMR system. It basically has all our patient’s records, we can easily send prescriptions to pharmacies, can see when our patients arrive, and much more!” I was surprised of the EMR system because I have never heard of it before and was so intrigued by its capabilities....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Sony's Track Record as an Innovative Company

- Sony's Track Record as an Innovative Company There is no doubt that Sony has been successful and innovative. The company is extremely well known for being innovative and originating from a country that does not encourage that attribute. It is just one of the features which set it apart from its Japanese competitors in it's early stages. When you consider the innovations Sony has brought us, it is clearly apparent that it has a definite track record for being a highly innovative leader rather than a follower with its products....   [tags: Papers]

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American Songs that Record Culture and History

- American Songs that Record Culture and History As has been said many times over, songs are a reflection of society. They give insight into feelings, moods, historical changes, and the overall atmosphere of the society. Our American society is diverse and so too is our music. There are many genres of music and there were many evolutions to create those genres. Further, what happens in society, the historical changes, also effect those changes. Sex, drugs, alcohol. They are influential substance/actions by all accounts....   [tags: Music Communication Essays]

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The Differences Between an Electronic Medical Record and Clinical Information Systems

- Discussion A Describe the difference between EMR and Clinical Information Systems (CIS). What are the advantages and disadvantages of CIS’s. EMR is an electronic record of patient health information that is created by each encounter in any healthcare setting (Menachemi & Collum, 2011). Information in the EMR includes patient progress notes, medications, problems, vital signs, immunizations, laboratory and radiology reports and past medical history (Menachemi & Collum, 2011). EMR is used to organize and manage relevant patient, pharmacy financial, radiological and laboratory information (Burke & Weill, 2009)....   [tags: healthcare, technology, patient]

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Why are Electronic Health Record's Privacy and Security an Individual Concern?

- For years the medical industry had control of how medical information was preserved. For years past the medical system had control of how medical information was used. The medical records were previously handwritten on paper and stored in file archives. Today medical records are more frequently being stored in a digital format. The digital format varies from document style to databases. Electronic health records quickly changed the medical system and the governing policies that oversees them. Health care providers along with patients have both expressed great concerns that having a centralized location for health records may increase the inappropriate use the stored information....   [tags: healthcare data management]

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The Oldest Surviving Chronicle in Japan is The Kojiki Lit. Record of Ancient Things

- ... Are was renowned for his/her intelligence: "naturally bright and intelligent, Are could recite upon reading but once and memorize upon hearing but once." Temmu died before the work could be completed. Later, Empress Gemmei ordered Ō no Yasumaro to compile the Kojiki based on what Are had memorized in 711 using the differing clan chronicles and native myths, finishing it the following year, 712. The myths contained in the Kojiki are part of the inspiration behind Shinto practices and myths, including the misogi purification ritual....   [tags: descendants, historical, myths]

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Chronological Record of Various Acts that were Implemented for Persons with Mental Illness

- The Indian Judicial System is described as a system which is partly a continuation of the legal system, established by the British and follows a structure which is a combination of American Legal System and the British Legal System. It follows a hierarchical construction in the order of the court with Supreme Court (SC) at the top, followed by the High Court (HC), further followed by the District Courts (DC). The Indian Judicial System is an independent entity, which does not fall under the control of the government and its various branches....   [tags: asylums, lunacy act, mental health]

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St. James’s Hospital in Ireland and Electronic Paper Record

- 1.0 Introduction 1.1 About St. James’s Hospital St. James’s Hospital (SJH) is the leading provider of acute patient care in Ireland. Accordingly it is a key shaper of public policy within the Irish health system. It occupies a prominent position in the public eye, and places high emphasis on innovation and service excellence. SJH must constantly compete for resources from the government in order to achieve its goals. One such goal is to become the first hospital in Ireland to implement a full Electronic Paper Record (EPR) and effectively eliminate the use of paper from its operations....   [tags: technology, patients, outsourcing]

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The Story of Island Records

- Island Records is one of the most influential pop music record labels of all time. Mixing cultures and influences from reggae to pop, hip hop, and even punk, Island has shaken up ideas and introduced new genres to mainstream music, bringing cultures into the musical spotlight halfway across the world. Still alive and thriving today, Island has produced some of the music industry’s biggest names and groups including Jimmy Buffet, The B-52s, U2, and Bob Marley. But like all companies, Island too started out as a hobby before it was even a small business; and the story is incredible....   [tags: music industry, record labels, bob marley]

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The Greed of Music Industry Executives and Declining Record Sales

- The Greed of Music Industry Executives and Declining Record Sales The music recording industry is in trouble. For several years now, sales of new and popular music have steadily declined and show no sign of changing. The record companies are quick to blame the growing popularity of the Internet; music is being traded in a digital form online, often anonymously, with the use of file-sharing programs such as Morpheus, KaZaA, and Imesh, to name a few. The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) succeeded in disbanding the pioneer Internet file-sharing program, Napster, but is facing confrontation with similar programs that are escaping American copyright laws....   [tags: essays research papers]

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MP3's Benefit both Consumers and Record Companies

- You read the newest interview of your favorite band talking with Rolling Stone. In that interview, they are asked whom they are listening to these days. The answer is not what you expected. The rest of the interview is all about this new band that they are raving about. Who is this new band, and why do they seem so great. You quickly log onto your computer and start downloading a song from this mysterious band. The download completes, and the song is awesome. Now you know why this group is respected musically by the ones you respect in the business....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essay Examples]

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Electronic Record Management System for Central Bank

- BACKGROUND European Central Bank (ECB) was established in June 1998 and, together with the central banks of countries whose currency is the euro, is the financial power of the euro area. For the main objective is for maintain price stability which is to protect the euro.ECB has around 1,340 employees and is divided into 17 areas of business but Only five years after its inception, the ECB faced the reality that the management of records and information was straining under the weight of outdated methods of filing in the different business areas and finally it runs the risk of losing control over institutional memory....   [tags: Implementation, Technology, Finance]

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Downloading and Streaming: An Obstacle for Recording Companies

- The act of downloading and streaming music is creating an obstacle for major recording companies to recruit and develop new talent; whether the talent is songwriting, composing, engineering, or being the upcoming new artist. Most would think that having free access to music any time they wanted would be the answer to music consumers’ prayers, all while not thinking about the millions of dollars major recording companies are losing each year do to the fact that consumers no longer have to kick out a few bucks to hear their favorite songs over and over again....   [tags: Record, Labels, Profit]

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Laura’s Trinity of Escapes in Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie

- Tennessee Williams depicts three main symbols that help his protagonist, Laura, escape from reality in his play The Glass Menagerie. The first symbol that Laura utilizes begins with her father’s departure. When her father left, he left Laura his victrola and his old record collection. The record player helps Laura unwind as the record spins repeatedly on its platform. The second representation of escape occurs when Laura forces herself to become sick and vomit. Laura forces herself into a sickness when she finds herself in uncomfortable situations and this occurs multiple times throughout the play....   [tags: crystal crutch, record player]

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Interbreeding Between Neandertals and Modern Humans

- The human archaeological record is a long and undefined story that may be the most complex question researched today. One of the big questions in human history is the disappearance of the Neanderthal people from the archaeological record around 30,000 BP. While for thousands of years Neanderthals and Anatomically modern humans crossed paths and perhaps lived in close relations, we have yet to really understand the degree to which they lived together. My hypothesis is that these two hominids, Neanderthals and Anatomically Modern Humans, interbred exchanging genes after Modern Humans dispersed from Africa and creating like cultures and material remains....   [tags: archeological record, modern humans]

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Race to the Hall of Fame for Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa

- ... Steinberg adds that players who do not use steroids and decide to get in shape by eating right and exercising are not playing on a “level playing field” (Steinberg). Leigh comments that players who use steroids have an unfair advantage over baseball players who do not use them because steroids increase a player’s statistics substantially. Steinberg declares, “Sending players with proven steroid use into the Hall of Fame is simply not fair” (Steinberg). Leigh also looks into how it would affect young people if steroid users were allowed in the Hall of Fame....   [tags: baseball, record breaking, homerun]

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Observation Analysis of the Types of Groups at Langdon Cafeteria

- The behavior I observed was the types of groups people sat with when studying and socializing in the Lakefront on Langdon Cafeteria. I choose to observe this behavior for two reasons. One, as I was sitting in the Lakefront on Langdon Cafeteria Wednesday the 20th of November, I started to take record of the people around me. I spend a lot of time in Memorial Union doing homework, studying, meeting with people, eating lunch, and in general, relaxing. I find the combination of open study spaces, food options, and quiet study areas to be a great combination to increase productivity without feeling like being stuck in a stuffy library....   [tags: people, record, gender, segregation]

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Comparison on the Polybius from Punic Wars and Ssu-ma Chi’en

- At the end of the third century B.C., there were two independent and strong powers existing separately at the southeast of China in Asia and at the core area of Mediterranean in Europe, the Han dynasty and Rome. They have both reached the high point of the contemporary civilizations. Also, they formed their empires by defeating their own hostile forces. There are significant differences between the two great empires in their process of birth, growth and perfection, ruling ideologies and institutions and so on....   [tags: record, hitorian, world, history]

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Why should medical editors CARE about case reports?

- „Always note and record the unusual…Publish it.“ (1) -William Osler While contemplating the evolution of medical publishing, one might be tempted to think of it under terms of the Recapitulation theory. Namely, as ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, similarly it might be conjectured that both evolution of medical publishing, at least in its forms, and the stages of scientific production in a clinicians` career follow similar progression of evolutionary stages. In other words, a modern „evidence-based“ clinician, trough his publications, climbs the steep „Level-of-evidence“ pyramid, recapitulating much the growth of the pyramid itself; during his first clinical steps, he writes case report...   [tags: Record Keeping, Medical Novelty]

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Dynamic Threshold Value for the Traffic Lane Extraction

- Executive Summary This project is to find out the dynamic threshold value for the traffic lane extraction . At the early stage, we found that the threshold value of the image was the main item we had to solve. This is because the threshold value of the image can provide us the better image on the traffic lane extraction. Dynamic threshold value determination is to produce a continuous threshold value to the traffic lane extraction. By using the LabVIEW Program, we can easily extract the light intensity and HSI data of the image and get the threshold value by comparing the data with the threshold value database....   [tags: solve, search, concept, record]

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The Importance of Having a Portfolio

- INTRODUCTION Portfolios serve the purpose of an extensive record of a student’s best work and skills. As the student progresses through life, record keeping and reflection becomes an expectation. A résumé cannot possibly describe the entire list of qualities each individual possesses. As a result, portfolios thrive in high schools and offices alike to demonstrate a person’s capabilities in the greatest detail. Any person with a future-oriented mindset should have a portfolio to create opportunities for a successful life....   [tags: portfolio, resume, extensive record]

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Employment Law for Human Practice

- Employment law is a broad term that encompasses the relationship between an employer and an employee. In most case scenarios, employees have been discriminated overtime hence the need for the government to come up with employment laws that regulate the relationship between the employees and other various groups such as the employer, government and trade unions. It is an important issue that needs to be analyzed carefully by any involved personnel. Employment laws cover the employer-employee relationships but exclude negotiation process which is covered by labor law....   [tags: employer, workplace, record]

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Human Rights of Indigenous Australians

- Human rights are the inborn and universal rights of every human being regardless of religion, class, gender, culture, age, ability or nationality, that ensure basic freedom and dignity. In order to live a life with self-respect and dignity basic human rights are required. “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status....   [tags: Australia's Human Rights Record]

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The Juvenile Justice System

- Harassment, reckless endangerment, and burglary are all juvenile offenses. These juvenile offenses almost always stay on the juvenile’s criminal record, and the offenses displayed on a juvenile’s criminal record may cause employers, educators, and other authority figures to think less of the juvenile offender. As a viewer can see, this one mistake or lapse in judgment can ruin the juvenile offenders chance to further their success in life. For example, juvenile offenders may not obtain the dream job that they have always wanted, get into the college that they have always wanted to, or be eligible for a scholarship whether athletic or academic....   [tags: harrassment, burglary, criminal record]

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The History of Accounting

- ... During the times of the Italian Renaissance, one of the most forgotten facts was that they highly depended on a population that was fluent in the language of accounting. Merchants and property owners used accounting not just for their businesses; They also used it for getting in touch with God, their environmental settings and family members. Francesco Datini, a famous Italian merchant wrote “In the Name of God and Profit” in his ledger books. Merchants like Datini (and later Benjamin Franklin) kept moral account books, too, for tallying their sins and good acts the way they tallied income and expenditure....   [tags: record of human society and commerce]

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Core Principle of the NMC Code of Conduct and How It Affects Professional Practice

- Identify a core principle from the NMC Code of Conduct (2008) and demonstrate how this may affect professional practice This essay contains discussion on the importance of proper documentation and record keeping as a core principle of the NMC Code of Conduct. The report further highlight how this may affect professional practice and the implication of poor record keeping practice. Medical records are the most basic of clinical tools (Pullen and Loudon 2006) and their main importance is to serve as a form of memoir or aid in client and patient support....   [tags: conduct, professional practice, record keeping]

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Outline the different strategies used by record companies to market and promote their stars to audiences. Record companies have used many different st

- Outline the different strategies used by record companies to market and promote their stars to audiences. Record companies have used many different strategies throughout time to promote and market their stars, with more opportunities as technology and times have changed. This includes promotion from Jukeboxes playing ‘Soundies’ in the 1940s to the introduction of MTV in the 1980s, and with the increased amount of merchandising available as well as the abuse of censorship rules to create media hype....   [tags: Papers]

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The Gospels as Myths that Convey Moral Truths Rather than Record of Fact

- The Gospels as Myths that Convey Moral Truths Rather than Record of Fact Statement Three – The Gospels should be regarded as myths that convey moral truths rather then record of fact. Question – Explain and assess this claim with reference to the different approaches to the New Testament and evaluate the consequences for Christians of holding such a position. Several of reasons have to be looked to see why was the Gospels written and what effect has it got on the Christian communities....   [tags: Papers]

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Designing an Application to Replace the Current Manual Record-Keeping System for Terry's Turkeys

- Designing an Application to Replace the Current Manual Record-Keeping System for Terry's Turkeys I have been asked to design/ create an application, either programmed or using a relational database or using a combination of both, to replace the current manual record-keeping system for a company called Terry’s Turkeys; a small farm which supplies fresh, home-grown turkeys at Christmas. Initially, at least, there will be only one standalone workstation with a printer attached. This is to be kept locked in the farm office....   [tags: Papers]

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Should Chinas Human Rights Record Prevent Permanent Normal Trade Relations

- Background Since the initial warming of U.S.-China relations in the early 1970s, policymakers have had difficulty balancing conflicting U.S. policy concerns in the Peoples' Republic of China. From Nixon to Clinton, presidents have had to reconcile security and human rights concerns with corporations' desires for expanded economic relations between the two countries. While the U.S. regularly objects to China's human rights violations, the Chinese government counters with complaints that the American concerns represent unwarranted American intrusion into its internal affairs....   [tags: Human Rights Essays]

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The Conservatives' Record in Government and Their Likeliness to Lose the General Election in 1906

- The Conservatives' Record in Government and Their Likeliness to Lose the General Election in 1906 Between 1900 and 1905, the Conservatives' under Lord Salisbury (1900-1902) and then Balfour (1902-1905), steadily lost support and respect from the British public. From a period of political dominance from 1885 to a crushing defeat in 1906, which saw a landslide victory for the Liberals', there were a series of decisions, indecisions and acts passed during the 5 years in question that many historians view as the reason for the Conservative defeat in 1906....   [tags: Papers]

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The CCR and CCD Contain Some of the Same Standard Rules

- ... This allows for the transmission of information to happen either electronically or paper based. Therefore patients can either carry their information manually to the receiving physician, especially for the receiving physicians that do not have the current or compatible technology to transfer documents accurately (Health, 2009). With the current technologies, most documents are transferred electronically. In order for this to happen, a structure electronic format must be created. Therefore, CCR is a XML based standard that is used for the exchange of clinical data (Health, 2009)....   [tags: healthcare, testing, material, care record]

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History of Writing

- Throughout history, writing has had many various uses that have helped record information from history to the present day. Writing has obtained many different uses as to how and what we use writing today. When writing was formed in 3200 B.C. it was used to record and communicate. We have since then used writing for numerous issues such as recording information in which we may learn about the past, and for poetry or literature for people, both children and adults, to read and learn from. People throughout history and today even use writing for religious reasons such as writing out a prayer to God or even taking note on what has happened or talked of in the sermon....   [tags: Record Information, Communication, Learning]

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Nurse´s Patient Evaluation

- The purpose of the paper is to discuss the activities involved during the evaluation of a patient. Evaluation of a patient can be seen as the process of examining a patient critically. It comprises of gathering and analyzing data about a patient and the illness (Allan, 2012). The core reason is to make judgment about the disease one is suffering from. Such judgment will guarantee proper treatment and diagnosis. Typically, gathering of information from the patient is the role of nurses while making judgment and prescription is the doctor’s role (Jacques, 1988)....   [tags: Record, Details, Healthcare]

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Clinical Decision-Support System

- Looking back in time over the last 40 years even computers were huge, bulky, and unsightly. Few homes had them and individuals had no idea what capabilities could arise. After the evolution of the internet, and computers becoming more popular, physicians had been able to use these tools to improve the quality of patient care. However with the recent mandate the government has put on electronic health record systems (HER), one key objective is to optimize the use of Clinical Decision based support systems (CDSS)....   [tags: electronic health record systems]

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Clinical Report on Lewin's Field Change Theory

- While some people are receptive to change, others may not be so forth coming. The concept of change in itself can be terrifying because people get used to doing things a particular way, therefore, any deviation from the norm poses difficulty. Within the context of this paper, I will examine two components related to my learning goal and my clinical placement at St. Michael’s hospital. First, the knowledge component will entail a critical review of five evidenced-based scholarly journals related to change and the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), incorporating the strengths and limitations of each study....   [tags: electronic medical record, change ,nursing ]

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Argumentative Writing on the Good Effects of Advanced Technology

- You are racing to your bus stop because your stupid alarm clock didn’t wake you up. You get there just on time, as you enter the school bus you can feel the hot air pulsing through the vents that are allowing the children to warm up after walking the sidewalks in the cold morning. When you get to school you begin to fall asleep in the classroom and you look out the window. You think of your journey to school and you realize how far we have come and how bad it would be if the school bus wasn’t reliable too pick you up everyday....   [tags: learn, record, data, social interactions]

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Music Lyrics: Rights for Rights

- “[T]his nation was founded on respect for a wide range of viewpoints and faiths, a factor that has given the United States a special heritage and unique stability.” There have been many cases in which music lyrics have been changed as a result of offensive lyrics that citizens did not agree with, and unfortunately people hold the power so changes had to be made, but is it right. Record companies must not put regulations upon music lyrics, because it breaks an individual’s constitutional rights. (Patman) A very important and large reason that any record company should not censor music lyrics is simply because a 200 year old document, known as the constitution protects an individual from being...   [tags: music lyrics, record company, songs]

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The Most Problematic Social and Economic Problem in Today’s Society

- Identity Theft might just be the most problematic social and economic problem in the US. Identity theft can cause many problems for the victim and the thief, obviously. One problem is the victims personal record, it is extremely important to have a clean one if you want to apply for college, buy a house, become a citizen, etc. Another problem is after the identity theft has taken their toll, the victim is suffering with trying to recover all the money that they have lost. And the most dangerous problem is victims can be accused of crimes that they have not committed....   [tags: identity theft, economic fraud, personal record]

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Technology in the Medical Field

- In today’s medical field technology plays a big role when it comes to patient care. Technology is huge when it comes to giving the patient the best type of quality care when they are in the hospital. In the old days people would just write it down on a sheet of paper and record it by hand, which caused mistakes. Now with the Electronic Health Record those mistakes are drastically declining. Statistics have shown that using the Electronic Health Record has lowered Nursing mistakes as well as improved patient care....   [tags: medicine, Electronic Health Record, patient, care]

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Basic Ways of Determining Electoral Results

- There are two basic ways of determining electoral results: first-past-the-post and proportional representation. First-past-the-post is the British and American way. From Britain, it spread to all the former dependencies of the British Empire. It is a solid system in that it makes the elected representative of a constituency inescapably responsible for his voting record. Every time there is an election the representative or the parliamentarian has to go back to his electors and convince them that he, mainly as an individual (although party performance also affects public perception), deserves to be re-elected....   [tags: vote, voting record, public opinion, democracy]

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Comparing Let Us Now Praise Famous Men and An American Exodus: A Record of Human Erosion

- Comparing Let Us Now Praise Famous Men and An American Exodus: A Record of Human Erosion The Great Depression, which began with the stock market crash of 1929 and lasted for the next decade, was a time of desperation and disorientation in America. In an effort to bring the country back on its feet, President Roosevelt initiated the Farm Security Administration (FSA) project. Photographers were hired and sent across the United States to document Americans living in poverty, and Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans were two of those photographers that were sent out....   [tags: James Agee Paul S. Taylor Great Depression Essays]

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Ethical And Legal Obligations of Financial Reporting

- The FASB, SEC, and PCAOB Ethical financial reporting is critical to ensure consumer confidence within an economy. Accounting entries record cash transactions in the form of financial reports. Financial reporting is used to interpret and analyze business activities for the purpose of investing and efficient management. Misrepresentations, whether intentional or accidental, can send the wrong signal to interested parties resulting in wrong decisions being made. Companies have an ethical and legal obligation to financial reporting....   [tags: Accounting Finance Record Keeping Business Ethics]

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Setting the Record Straight with the Book The Sheikh's Harem by Elizabeth Fernea

- Harems were prevalent in Islamic tradition since the beginnings of Islam and the different dynasties that were being creating. The most famous harem of all was the Harem of the Ottoman Sultan which led to harems branching out to various other localities and dynasties. Western thought has mistaken harems for typically only having importance for sexual relations and have mistaken them for being brothels. Scholars of the western world saw the Ottoman Empire as something that was in decay during the 16th and 17th centuries, which is why they formulated the idea of harems only being about sexuality....   [tags: sex, tradition, dynasty]

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