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The Revolutionary Rebels of the 1960s

- “Castles made of sand fall in the sea eventually…” – Jimi Hendrix, “Castles made of sand” From the Axis: Bold as love album track 9. Stated that all things will die: people, animals, fads, etc., but certain movements will never die. Historical events such as The American Revolution are written all over history books. One remembers this collective series of events every day through the compulsory recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in school and the singing of The National Anthem at the beginning of every sporting event....   [tags: counterculture Hippie movement]

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Diamonds Controlled by African Rebels

- A beautiful precious diamond can last forever, but what most people do not know is that a majority of our diamonds come from Africa. The civil wars in Africa over diamonds began around 1961 and ended in 2003. Conflict diamonds were rampant and it would be difficult to say if any jewelry sold prior to 2003 was conflict free. Conflict diamonds are diamonds that have been mined and controlled by African rebels. The rebels would use the profits from selling conflict diamonds to fund illegal activity and to purchase more weapons for their armies....   [tags: Civil War, Africa]

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The Conflict Between Assad and The Rebels in Syria

- Introduction There have been many conflicts throughout the world. When people think of conflicts, the primary reaction is negative. However, conflict could possibly be a good thing since change could possibly occur. Without conflict, everything would remain hegemonious and the status quo would remain. The conflicts that occur throughout the world can be two countries fighting each other, or countries that are fighting within. One major example is Syria, and their civil war that is going on between Assad dynasty and the rebels....   [tags: Syrian Civil War]

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China, the Boxer Rebels and Dissaproval of Western Influence

- By the late 19th century, 60 years had passed from China’s loss in the Opium Wars and the Treaty of Nanking was passed that opened trade with Great Britain. This treaty held economic bond but also eventually begot many sociological pressures from the strong, Christian nation that did not go unseen by Chinese who were keen to resist any change from their already advanced culture. Under a weak-governing body, an insurrectionists best method of retaliation against the influence of a strong foreign power was cohesive guerilla warfare....   [tags: Christianity, Westeners, Battle]

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DR Congo: War Crimes by M23 Rebels and the Congolese Army

- The Democratic Republic of the Congo, or as it has been called by the U.N as “the rape capital of the world” has been having problems since almost 1994. The armed group, M23, has committed dozens of war crimes including rape, citizen executions, and forced recruitment of children. Women, and girls have been left with burned flesh, broken bones, and even missing limbs. Even some perpetrators have even shot and stabbed these women in the vagina with shards of glass, rifles, and other objects. The violence in the DRC is unspeakable, many of the survivors have received devastating damage to their reproductive organs....   [tags: Rape, Violence, Government]

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Syrian Civil War: The Conflict between Assad Dynasty and The Rebels

- Introduction There have been many conflicts throughout the world. When people think of conflicts, the primary reaction is negative. However, conflict could possibly be a good thing since change could possibly occur. Without conflict, everything would remain hegemonious and the status quo would remain. The conflicts that occur throughout the world can be two countries fighting each other, or countries that are fighting within. One major example is Syria, and their civil war that is going on between Assad dynasty and the rebels....   [tags: Middle Eastern disputes]

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Comparing Rebels in Pleasantville, Fahrenheit 451, and Lord of the Flies

- Rebels in Pleasantville, Fahrenheit 451, and Lord of the Flies Despite the fact that rebels are viewed as troublemakers, in the long run, they help a society grow for the better. In Pleasantville, Fahrenheit 451, and Lord of the Flies, there have been so called "rebels" and these rebels were looked down upon for their different points of view. These rebels were what made these books and movie interesting because in a society, change is sometimes good. In all of these cases, change was feared and thought impossible, but eventually these changes happened, and there was a better civilization because of it....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Assumptions of Society in 3 Poems by William Blake

- Society is seen very differently through the eyes of different poets. Society is seen as a good and a bad, also seen through opinions. We can see the differences between classes, between children and adults, and between those who rebel against the government. Each poem is by the same poet, William Blake and he shows us different perspections of the world that he lived in. Therefore, how do these poems prompt me to rethink assumptions about society from the following texts as stated above. Firstly, what is society like in The Lamb and The Tyger....   [tags: rich, rebels, child labor]

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A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Bech

- ... Beah was taken into a rehabilitation center and was treated by a nurse who helped him get back into humanity and heal from the events that he has gone through. The overall purpose of him telling us his story is to inform us on how far we can go into something, like him being part of a rebel army, being able to rehabilitate back to his normal self, and understand these hardships. He writes about his experience to show how he’s changed. What shows his point of change is when Beah arrives in New York and he says its “crazy” and he had enough of that back home....   [tags: soldier, rebels, addiction, rehabilitation]

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The Brutality of Terrorist Groups in Afghanistan and Libya

- ... They required women to wear head-to-toe veils, banned music and television, and jailed men whose beards were deemed too short. (2) A majority of the time, the Taliban uses firearms and explosives, such as bombs and dynamite when they attack, though they also use chemical, incendiary and melee weapons. The Taliban mostly target government, military, police, and private citizens (in that order from least to greatest). Since 2002, Afghanistan’s National Police forces have grown to 68,000 personnel....   [tags: taliban, women, rebels]

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A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah

- Book Summary In A Long Way Gone, Ishmael Beah, a former boy soldier with the Sierra Leone army during its civil war(1991- 2002) with the rebels of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), provides an extraordinary and heartbreaking account of the war, his experience as a child soldier and his days at a rehabilitation center. At the age of twelve, when the RUF rebels attack his village named Mogbwemo in Sierro Leone, while he is away with his brother and some friends, his life takes a major twist. While seeking news of his family, Beah and his friends find themselves constantly running and hiding as they desperately strive to survive in a land rendered unrecognizable by violence....   [tags: sierra leone, rebels, RUF]

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Conflict, Disarray, and War in Democratic Republic of Congo

- ... The offense of the rebels against minerals and diamonds rich Kasaï became decisive for Kabila’s political survival. A series of rebel advances was the only reason for Kabila and his allies to sign the Lusaka Ceasefire Agreement of July 1999, which included the main rebel forces as signatory parties in August 1999. The outcome remained uncertain. The effects that peace and war have in the Democratic Republic of Congo are incredibly huge, as a result of effects war has on some regions of the country....   [tags: rebels, financial, leadership]

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Seize the Day in the Movie, Dead Poet Society

- In 1989, a drama movie titled Dead Poets Society, was directed by Peter Weir and written by Tom Schulman. A few years later, it was adapted into a book by N.H. Kleinbaum. In the movie, Todd Anderson, Charlie Dalton, Knox Overstreet, and their group of friends struggle to meet the expectations that others have set upon them in the Welton Academy for boys, while also trying to live their lives to the fullest. As their charismatic teacher, Mr. Keating, would say, "Carpe Diem. Seize the day!" They restart a group, known as the Dead Poets Society, devoted to having fun apart from their mediocre lives....   [tags: teacher, rebels, carpe diem]

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Information on The Republic of Uganda

- Republic of Uganda is the multiparty democratic republic. A constitutional referendum in July 2005 cancelled ban on multi-party politics. The President of Uganda, currently Lt Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, is both head of the state and head of the government. President is elected by popular vote for a five-year term. Additionally, the constitutional term limit for the presidency was changed in 1995 from the previous two-term limit, to enable the current president to continue in active politics. Next elections anticipated to be held in 2016....   [tags: rebels, corruption, child labor]

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Chanda's Wars: A Narrative Fiction

- ... Therefore, she will do something to find her brother and sister. As show from her maybe she will sacrifice her life in search for her siblings. Furthermore, it is not only her whose siblings are lost, but also Nelson brother Pako was lost before them. So, maybe Nelson and Chanda will both go together to find all the children’s and get them back after what happened. She knows it is her responsibility to find them. They will not survive without her and she will not survive without them. This can only end after finding them she will happy and they will be happy too....   [tags: retell, reflect, siblings, rebels]

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William Wallace: The King of the Rebels

- Rebel, Hero, Freedom-Fighter, Martyr. These are just a few of the words that race through our minds when we hear the name of William Wallace. Over the past few hundred years popular culture has raised Sir William Wallace from the bloody battlefields of Scotland to a place on a pedestal among the greatest heroes of history. In this ascent, the line between the man and the myth has become blurred. So who was William Wallace. In my research I have found many conflicting theories, each historian or author to delve back into the past returns with a slightly different interpretation then those before him....   [tags: myth, game, changer, military, victory]

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Runaway Slaves: Rebels on a Plantation

- 1. What is the book’s theme (the subject of the book). The book’s theme is about how runaways had a huge effect on the institution on slavery. Runaways is equal to losing your property, so it would be in the slave master’s best interest to make sure his slaves don’t flee the plantation or at least be able to retrieve them if they found a way to sneak off. Since there were a percentage of slaves who seemed to be submissive, some of them were the main ones who plotted for their escape. You cannot assume that the more hostile slaves would leave because even though they were hard to be broken, some of them simply were not runaways....   [tags: book review]

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The Winter Rebels: Live or Die

- Chapter One: Betrothal Year 1013 House Winterlark The snow was deep, but the villagers were effusive with elation as the youngest Winterlark reached her 7th birthday. Seventh birthday means that everyone will be able to see the second Princess of Winterlark for the first time, just like how they saw the beautiful firstborn Princess Jessica. The whole castle of Winterlark was open for everyone – from commoners, governors and sovereigns the gates of Winterlark welcomed everyone who wanted to celebrate with the ruling monarch....   [tags: personal narrative]

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John And The Rebels: Act V Of Tragedy Of Richard Iii Rewritten As A Na

- The boy-page held the tent flap open as Richmond and his officers emerged out. They had been occupied in there since the messenger came with the letter from Stanley and had not emerged for hours afterwards. The page had waited obediently; making sure that no one interrupted the counsel. As Richmond came out, his kind eyes fell on the boy and he greeted him with a warm smile, “Hello John”. He remembers my name. John’s heart filled with pleasure. His nervousness didn’t let him speak so he just bowed and smiled back....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Rebels of Dharma Bums, Takin' it to the Streets and New American Poetry

- Rebels of Dharma Bums, Takin' it to the Streets and New American Poetry       You don't need a destination to run away. All you have to know is what you are leaving behind. In the 1960's, young men and women in the United States, especially on the west coast, made a mad dash away from almost two centuries of American tradition. They ran to so many different places that it would be impossible to generalize about their aims and philosophies. What they had in common was the running itself.   America was drowning in materialism....   [tags: Dharma Bums Essays]

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Comparative Critique of Frederickson's Dixiecrat Revolt and Kelley's Race Rebels

- Kari Frederickson's work, The Dixiecrat Revolt, examined the growing disenchantment of Southern Democrats to the federal government, President Truman, and ultimately, the Democratic Party. These Southern conservatives rebelled against the Democratic Party in the 1948 Presidential election resulting in the eventual political realignment of the South to a two-party system, and the rise of the Republican Party within that system. The two chapters of Robin D.G. Kelley's book, Race Rebels, studied the rebellion of blacks in Birmingham over the segregated public transportation system....   [tags: American History]

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American Patriotism and Terrorism

- Patriotism The word terrorist has become synonymous with traitor, and now it is thrown around like a football. If you’re not for America, you're against it. At what point did questioning the rule of government become traitorous. Protesting is a protected right engrained in the constitution and yet the restrictions placed on it in the name of public safety are becoming too many to count. For the safety of the public it is now illegal to protest in any area under classified as a ‘National Special Security Event’, anywhere involved in food production, and anywhere involved in energy production....   [tags: traitor, freedom, rebels]

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Child Soldiers in Africa

- “My mother was against my joining the soldiers in our town. But when she was killed by the rebels, I had to do something. Also we had no food, nothing to eat, but the soldiers always had more food. It was how I became part of the soldiers” (Francis 7). In the world, there are about 300,000 children recruited as child soldiers (Hill 1). One-third of this number of children fight and serve for the government military or rebel groups in Africa (Hill 1). “According to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, child soldiers are defined as all children engaged in hostilities under age 18....   [tags: war child, destruction, rebels]

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Rebels in Medieval Times

- ... In the Edict of Worms, because of the power that the church had, they were able to forbid people from associating with Luther and all of his works. Using the Edict of Worms the church states, in defense against Luther, “We have declared and hereby forever declare by this edict that the said Martin Luther is to be considered an estranged member, rotten and cut off from the body of our Holy Mother Church. He is an obstinate, schismatic heretic, and we want him considered as such.” This is the turning point for Luther, when he is fully acknowledged by the church....   [tags: religion, government, laws, power, works]

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Hedda Gabler, by Henrik Ibsen and Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert

- Often times many authors depict their characters’ inner lives as well as their actions within their literary works. Other instances authors exemplify their probing of social problems, and the limitations society holds on its residents. In the two literary works, Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler and Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, they share a common portrayal: the main heroine faces the complications of societal restraints. The novella by Ibsen and Flaubert’s novel emphasize upon women that struggle with what can and cannot be done in their society....   [tags: Societal Restraints, Rebels]

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Al Qaeda and Chemical and Biological Warfare

- The Al Qaeda and Its Attempt to Use Chemical and Biological Warfare as a Means of Attack For approximately the past three decades, a terrorist group has come to plague the world with its activities (Gunaratna, 2002). This group is known as Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda, when translated means “The Base”. It is a terrorist organization that seeks to remove western influence from the Middle East and spread its radical Islamic views. Al Qaeda’s most prominent leader was Osama bin Laden, until his death during a raid upon his compound in Pakistan....   [tags: terrorist groups, rebels]

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Brief Canadian History

- 1. As the government of Canada was taking its first steps as a united country after confederation it was eying a vast amount of land which is now part of the Canadian prairies and Manitoba. The Canadian government was interested in Rupert’s land because Canada wanted to expand from sea to sea (A Mari Usque Ad Mare) therefore accomplishing sir MacDonald vision for a bigger better Canada. One of the main reasons why Canada was eager to buy Rupert’s land was because good farmable land was scarce in Ontario....   [tags: Settlers, Rebels, Expansion]

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Flappers: The Untraditional Women of the 1920s

- ... “Since the early twentieth century, the sexual habits of these American women had changed in profound ways” (Zeitz 21). Flappers drank, partied, and had romantic evenings with men. All of which were illegal for women. In addition, they were an embarrassment to society and they were able to get away with anything. “Flappers were a disgrace to society because they were lazy-pleasure seekers who were only interested in drinking, partying, and flirting” (Dipalo 1). For instance, Flappers went to clubs, drank, and hung out with men and were too lazy to do anything....   [tags: idolized, disagree, rules, rebels, families]

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Rebelz page

- his dramatic works, Shakespeare has provided insights into human nature which, in the opinion of many of his disciples, equal those of the greatest modern psychologists. The impact of the Bard's insights is compounded by a masterful use of the language which makes him the mostly widely studied English writer. Church records indicate that William Shakespeare was baptised in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire on April 26, 1564. April 23 is widely accepted as his date of birth. His father was a respected tradesman (a glover who was involved in a variety of commercial activities) who held several important municipal offices....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Talent Pool of Ole Miss

- The talent pool Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze inherited when he arrived in Oxford wasn’t what you would describe as deep or even comparable with the top schools in the SEC. However, with each signing class and each high-profile recruit the Rebels are closer to being considered one of the elite rosters in college football. Freeze has quickly built a reputation as one of the top young coaches in college football. Despite taking over a team that finished 2-10 the season before, Freeze led the Rebels to 7 wins including blowout victories in both the Egg Bowl and the Compass Bowl....   [tags: coach, football, quarterback]

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A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah

- Ishmael Beah’s memoir, A Long Way Gone, narrates the story of Ishmael’s life as a child soldier in the Sierra Leonean civil war. Ishmael chronicles his journey from a scared, adrift child who lost his family in the war to a brutal child soldier who mercilessly killed many individuals to a guilt stricken rehabilitated teen who slowly learns to overcome his remorse from his past actions. Ishmael’s life as a child soldier first started when the Sierra Leonean army took him and his friends with them to the village, Yele, occupied by army officials and seemingly safe from the rebels....   [tags: memoir, chroicles, war, family]

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Loss of Innocence in A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

- A prominent theme in A Long Way Gone is about the loss of innocence from the involvement in the war. A Long Way Gone is the memoir of a young boy, Ishmael Beah, wanders in Sierra Leone who struggles for survival. Hoping to survive, he ended up raiding villages from the rebels and killing everyone. One theme in A long Way Gone is that war give innocent people the lust for revenge, destroys childhood and war became part of their daily life. In the A Long Way Gone, Ishmael Beah, a twelve-year-old explains how he used to go on a swim with his friends and his love for rap music and hip-hop dance....   [tags: Ismael Beah]

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America: The Story of Us

- Today America is one of the wealthiest, strongest, and hardworking countries in the world. It has a population of over three hundred million and growth rate of 0.97% annually. America has made many great contributions to the world politically and scientifically by inventing the telephone, discovering electricity, inventing planes, putting a man on the moon, and much more. America has grown and multiplied over time and it is still increasing. Even though today America stands apart from other countries, it was built from nothing but scrap....   [tags: history of the United States]

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The Ideals Of The Revolution

- The Ideals of the Revolution The Enlightenment and the principles of the French Revolution help the rebels of the slave revolution gain a better understanding of what rights they should be allowed and what has been taken from them. Even though these ideals did not take in mind slavery at, these ideas were part of the driving force that made the slaves stand and become rebels. The Enlightenment was the first document of its time to challenge what was universally accepted among the people. This brought forth the thought that slavery the way it was being carried out was wrong but also among the philophes there was not the general consensus that slavery should be abolished completely all in one...   [tags: United States Declaration of Independence]

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Biographies from the Victorian Era

- This easy to read and well written book by the former editor of the Church Times, provides mini biographies on five clerics from the Victorian era, who as the title suggests fought against the authority of not just the church but also the state. All five rebelled in order to bring back either monastic or Roman Catholic rituals into the Anglican Church of England. One of the main issues that they argued for was the idea of the Real Presence of Christ in the bread and wine surrounding the Eucharist service....   [tags: Church Times, Book Review]

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Compare and Contrast A Long Way Gone and The Bite of the Mango

- There was a war in Sierra Leone, Africa, from 1991 to 2002 where a rebel army stormed through African villages amputating and raping citizens left and right (“Sierra Leone Profile”). Adebunmi Savage, a former citizen of Sierra Leone, describes the reality of this civil war: In 1996 the war in Sierra Leone was becoming a horrific catastrophe. Children were recruited to be soldiers, families were murdered, death came easily, and staying alive was a privilege. Torture became the favorite pastime of the Revolutionary United Front rebel movement, which was against the citizens who supported Sierra Leone’s president, Ahmad Tejan Kabbah....   [tags: Sierra Leone War]

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Terrorist Attacks in Russia

- While living in the North Caucasus region of Russian’s mountains in Chechnya; the Chechens have been under the control of the Moscow government for nearly hundred years. But, after the Soviet Union coming to a fall separatists of the Chechens proposed a campaign for independence. This separatist group of people has always resisted and reluctant to Russia’s rule. They created the Chechen All-National Congress when they were considered the Russian Federation Republic of Chechnya. Unfortunately, the President of Russia declined them the chance to become independent because he said Chechnya was an essential part to the country....   [tags: Chechnya independence struggles]

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A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

- A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier Citation: Beah, Ishmael. A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007. iBook. Tour of the Book: A Long Way Gone is memoirs about Ishmael Beah’s life as an innocent civilian, an African boy soldier, being rehabilitated, and his attempts to not be pulled back into the war. Since Beah didn’t separate the book, readers can really imagine how fast everything happened. If Beah separated before the war and the time he was a soldier, readers could start thinking that a month or even a year went by without any action....   [tags: war, child soldier, escape]

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The Conflict Diamonds of Africa

- A beautiful precious diamond can last forever, but what most people do not know is that a majority of our diamonds come from Africa. The civil wars in Africa over diamonds began around 1961 and ended in 2003. Conflict diamonds were rampant and it would be difficult to say if any jewelry sold prior to 2003 was conflict free. Conflict diamonds are diamonds that have been mined and were controlled by African rebels. The rebels would use the profits from selling conflict diamonds to fund illegal activity and to purchase more weapons for their armies....   [tags: The Blood Diamonds of Africa]

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The Spanish Civil War

- The Spanish Civil War occurred in Spain, during the years of 1936-1939 primarily. This Civil War was a result of a military revolt against the government, which was Republican, controlling Spain at the time. This military revolt was lead by a military coup, which tried to take control of the entire country of Spain, failing, beginning the Civil War. Just as in any other Civil War, there were two sides fighting against one another, the Nationalists and the Fascists. The Nationalists were also known as the rebels, receiving aid from Nazi Germany and Fascists Italy....   [tags: Franco, Socialist and Nationalist parites]

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Easter Rising of 1916

- Easter Rising of 1916 The events of Easter Monday, the 24th of April, 1916 triggered a bloody confrontation that would have important ramifications both for the Irish people and the British Empire. What would later become known as the Easter Rising was an attempt to end British rule in Ireland. At the onset of the First World War in 1914 the Irish Home Rule Bill was suspended, returning the Irish people to direct rule by the British government. This was viewed as a slap in the face by many in Ireland....   [tags: Papers]

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The Democracy Of Democracy During The Middle East And Asia

- ... A stable dictatorial regime is better than an unstable democratic government. In March, 2011 NATO intervened in Libya when protesters started screaming and calling their current government a dictator. Protesters thought that their uprising would bring positive changes. However, they have not noticed the consequences of their demonstrations. Western media portrayed that Gaddafi’s government targeting civilians (Kuperman, 2013). Very soon a peaceful march turned into the skirmishes and brutalities which resulted massive death from both sides, rebels, government employees, and civilians....   [tags: Democracy, United States, Government]

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The Start of The War in Syria

- Sources The war started in March when they attacked 15 school children that wrote graffiti on the wall in Syria. The government and president Assad didn’t approve and he captured them and held them hostage and tortured them. The people of Syria wanted to have peaceful protest and not fight however the government didn’t approved and killed people. Also when they were mourning the 4 people that had died the government killed one more person. This threw the country into chaos because they were upset and fed up that President Assad didn’t want to listen to them....   [tags: president Assad, government]

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The Syrian Civil War and Debacle

- The Syrian civil war began in 2011 and has continued to tear the country apart ever since. It started out as a popular uprising against the regime of Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad. The peaceful protests of the rebel forces were answered with a brutal response from the government. This caused a violent reaction and sent the country of Syria into a full on civil war. The problem is the constant fighting between Assad’s forces and the rebel forces. The cause is President Bashar al-Assad has power of Syria and the solution is to find a peaceful resolution and end the civil war....   [tags: President Bashar al-Assad, unemployment rate]

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The Ripple Effects of Shay's Rebellion

- When a group rises up for what they believe in, it can have incredible results. Sometimes those results can even have rippling effects that have the power to create one of the strongest nations on Earth. Shays’ Rebellion was one of those defining moments and without it this country may have crumbled long ago. Farmers Troubles For the first few years of piece, after the Revolutionary War, the commercial and agrarian society’s future appeared to be in danger by a chain of debt bothering the postwar years depressed economy....   [tags: farmers, army, debtor]

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Analysis Of Star Wars

- Analysis Of Star Wars This essay will be analysing the opening sequence of Star Wars. It will be focusing on camera angles, binary opposition and codes and conventions. This film is a typical example of sci-fi, we can tell this by the use of visual codes and convention. The film is set in space and Spaceships are in conflict with each other, there are lazers being fired, robots are running around and there is a clear divide between good and evil. At the beginning of the sequence there are words scrolling back into the distance telling a story....   [tags: Papers]

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An Individual's Right to Live

- For contemporary political figures such as Idaho’s Rex Rammell, they have come to believe that the Federal administration has overstepped its boundaries in the Affordable Healthcare Act, an act branded to many as Obamacare, in relation to an individual’s right to choose health care. Rammell has stated, “The Federal government should do only those things which the states cannot do themselves.” The struggle that Rammell discusses, between local and the Federal authorities concerning civil liberties, is not unique, and its origin in American history can be found in the Whiskey Rebellion....   [tags: Civil Liberties, State Militia]

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The Marginalized Tuareg of Mali

- The Tuareg people are a historically nomadic ethnic group who have populations throughout Mali, Algeria, Libya, Niger, and Burkina Faso. In the past year the Tuareg’s strides for a state of their own has attracted the notice of the international community, particularly their strides in Mali. This conflict has involved many players from the international community and does not seem to have an end in sight. Unrest has plagued Mali for quite some time, this nation has had a series of coups and ousted leaders since freedom from the French in 1959....   [tags: Mali war of the Shadows]

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The Easter Rising of 1916

- Irish citizens took upon themselves the responsibility of overthrowing the British Government in Ireland during the “Easter Rising of 1916”, which was the result of centuries of rights violations against the Irish by the British. Oppression of the Irish began in A.D. 1367 with the Statute of Kilkenny, which restricted the traditions of the Irish and placed them under the authority of the English in Ireland. (Hardiman) Oppression of the Irish was expanded in the late 1600s and early 1700s with a series of penal laws....   [tags: violations against the Irish by the British]

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Sri Lank Ethnic Conflict

- ... Where is the conflict occurring. How does the location affect the conflict. The conflict is occurring in the country Sri Lanka which is in close proximity to India, which is why India got involved in the conflict. Also, since Sri lanka is an island with the quickest access to another country being a ferry ride, the innocent civilians trying to escape the civil war were confined to the island. What is the cause of the disagreement. The root of the conflict can be traced back to the British colonial rule....   [tags: Sri Lanka, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam]

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Why Have Race Relations between Black Kenyans and ‘Asians’ Been so Acrimonious in Kenya?

- The Mau Mau Emergency, one of the most violent episodes in Kenya’s colonial history which spanned from 1952 until 1960, has been subject to much debate amongst historians. It has on the one hand been seen as a nationalistic struggle for freedom from an oppressive colonial rule. On the other hand, it has been put forward that it was the breakdown of the Kikuyu tribe into a violent state of civil war. However, taken alone, neither of these explanations give the full picture of what Mau Mau was. Although the problems of colonial rule, in particular the issue of land and poverty, were the primary reasons for discontent amongst the Kikuyu people and Kenyans as a whole, this was not what Mau Mau i...   [tags: freedom, colonial, rule, tribe, violent]

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The Sudanese Oil Crisis and It's Impact on U.S. Interests

- The Sudanese Oil Crisis and its Impact on U.S. Interests The country of Sudan has been at war with itself for decades. Multiple civil wars, ethnic, religious, and economic conflicts have plagued the country and have resulted in South Sudan’s secession from Sudan on 9 July 2011. The country of Sudan sits on a significant crude oil reserve that produces an estimated 450-500,000 barrels of oil per day (Verhoeven, 2011). The secession created a severe economic crisis for both countries. They both need the oil revenue to run their respective governments and feed their people....   [tags: Foreign Policy ]

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A Long Way Gone and The Bite of the Mango

- No one knows what will happen in his or her life whether it is a trivial family dispute or a civil war. Ishmael Beah and Mariatu Kamara are both child victims of war with extremely different life stories. Both of them are authors who have written about their first-hand experience of the truth of the war in order to voice out to the world to be aware of what is happening. Beah wrote A Long Way Gone while Kamara wrote The Bite of the Mango. However, their autobiographies give different information to their readers because of different points of view....   [tags: Ishmael Beah, Mariatu Kamara]

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Saving a Family in Chanda's Wars by Allan Stratton

- Quote #1 “I want to throw things at them. I want to scream: Why weren’t you here last night. Why didn’t you save my family?”(221) Retell Grandma of Chanda told her the story when the rebels came to Tiro and attacked the city. They shouted and did things to adults. Soly and Iris were sleeping inside when the rebels came while others were sitting outside thinking if Chanda comes home safely. The Rebels found Iris and Soly in the back room and ordered them to be bound together. Grandpa thought they were the guest come for Chanda’s mom wedding....   [tags: suffer, siblings, feud]

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Looking for a Beneficial Solution to the Syrian Crisis

- Introduction The time has come for all parties – national, regional and international to take credible steps toward a mutually beneficial resolution to the Syrian crisis. The war between Bashar al-Assad’s administration and the rebels has reached an impasse. Neither side has been able to deliver a decision blow and the record on resolving civil wars is clear – until external actors reach some sort form of accommodation, they will continue to fund and arm their proxies, and the war will continue indefinitely....   [tags: UN, united states, saudi arabia]

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African Illegal Trade: The Issue of Blood Diamonds

- What funds many of the illicit acts, such as major rebellions, riots and coups in Africa. The blood diamond trade is one of the most powerful and dangerous illegal trades in Africa, which has been powering and igniting conflict for nearly three decades. The general purpose of the blood diamond trade tends to contribute to funding many things ranging from armed conflicts for guerrillas to funding militant forces. Such diamonds are illicitly mined in conflict zones, which are once mined, then used by guerrilla forces to fight and defy government control and force, the ramifications can be seen all through countries with major conflict of Africa....   [tags: sierra leone, illicit acts, riots]

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Foreign Politics in the United States of America

- ... How isolated bombing is to achieve this end remains a problem though. According to Moyn, military action should not be pursued because it could worsen the humanitarian crisis. However, not doing anything either is a bad choice. Moyn argues that “doing something to help the Syrian people need not mean war.” Moyn sides with pragmatism because “Pragmatism focuses on better immediate results for the long-suffering Syrian people” 2. Personal Point of View The latest reports from Syria paint a terrible picture....   [tags: intervention, Syrian civil war]

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A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah

- Hope enables people to move on by providing the thought that maybe tomorrow’s events will be better than today’s. Hope is a theme that remains constant in every part of A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah. Ishmael begins the novel optimistic, believing he will find his family again. This optimism is later lost when Ishmael is recruited by the army to fight against the rebels, causing him to become addicted to drugs and the thrill of killing. Three years after his recruitment, Ishmael is rescued by UNICEF-a group dedicated to rehabilitating child soldiers....   [tags: chasing hope, happiness]

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Rifles for Watie by Harold Keith

- ... Asa reacts cruelly and dishonestly to situations. 10. Captain Asa was a mean leader and a traitor to the union. He had instant hatred toward Jeff and almost made him change his name. Clardy’s motivation in my novel was to help Watie and the south win the war. 11. The main conflict in my novel is Jeff trying to decide if he wants to be in the Union or the Confederacy. 12. The rising action in my novel starts when the bushwhackers attacked Jeff's father. The bushwhackers attacked to steal the Bussey's food and mules....   [tags: bushwhackers, jeffery davis]

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The Reagan Doctrine Of President Reagan

- ... By freedom fighters, Reagan meant all those democratic nations who were eager to fight against the spread of Soviet prompted communism. In other words the principal reason regarding the formulation of the Reagan Doctrine was to hamper the Soviet Union’s growth of communism in diverse parts of the world (“Feb 6, 1985: The “Reagan Doctrine” is announced”, n.d.). The Reagan Doctrine introduced the formulation of the doctrine in response to some detailed events, which encompassed the insubordination of the rebels in nations like Afghanistan and Nicaragua against the Soviet regimes (Carpenter, 1986)....   [tags: Cold War, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ronald Reagan]

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The Bite Of The Mango

- ... At the age of 12 Kamara was raped and conceived an older villager’s child. This scar remained with her even as the war ended. Kamara wrote “I hated him for what he had done to me, and I missed Abdul.” (Kamara and McClelland 110). In this passage, Kamara describes her hatred for her rapist and how she misses her baby who died from malnutrition. Kamara experienced severe emotional trauma from being raped and losing her child at such a young age. Beah’s journey of escaping the war took many years....   [tags: Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone Civil War, Freetown]

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Sound and Image in Motion Pictures

- Sound and Image in Motion Pictures Motion pictures and television are audio-visual mediums and so of course engage both our visual and aural senses. The meaning and emotion of a piece is commonly thought to come from the image and that the sound at best just duplicates the meanings from the image. For example Aaron Copland has said that a composer can do no more than" make potent through music the film's dramatic and emotional value." ( Sound does however perform much more important, intricate and complex functions than commonly accepted....   [tags: Sound Image Movies Films Essays]

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The Cuban Revolution

- After year of recruiting, training, plotting, Fidel was ready to launch his revolutionary offensive. “His rebel ‘army’ consisted of less than 200 men, and two women;” (Huberman 1960: 28) the group consisted of students or graduates, and nearly all of them were young people like himself and his brother, Raúl. Most of them were “politically active, articulate and impatient young men who had been drawn to the radical movements or to the ardently reformist Orthodox Party of Eduardo Chibas.” (Macgaffey 1962: 275) The rebels gathered outside Santiago, in the Fidel’s native Province of Oriente where they could launch an attack on Moncada Barracks, the army’s second largest military installation...   [tags: Cuban History, Fidel Castro, ]

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Involvement in Syria

- Throughout history, people have fought and died for their rights and with that comes strong pride and loyalty. Human rights are not given freely to all, depending on where you live that privilege does not exist. For example in North Korea, since it’s under communistic society, certain rights that are available in the United States are things that North Korea citizens have never experienced. In situations, where there isn’t a democratic government, many brave people have attempted to challenge their governments and usually, but unfortunately each time a small group of protesters that try to make a difference, they just get some type punishment in return....   [tags: Near East Policy, Civil War]

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The Kenesary Kasymov Rebellion

- One of the most important events in History of Kazakhstan is the rebellion of KenesaryKasymov (1837-1847). In this paper I will analyze the article “The Kenesary Kasymov Rebellion (1837–1847): A National-Liberation Movement or “a Protest of Restoration”. ”written by YuriyMalikov, which was published in December 2005 in Nationalities Papers. The author in his article claims that the rebellion of Kazakh sultan Kenesary was “neither a “national-liberation” revolt nor “a protest of restoration.” Not return to the “good old days” but the creation of a new type of state without precedents in Kazakhstani history”....   [tags: Kazakhstan Essays]

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Promoting the Establishment of a Weapons Trade Embargo on Syria

- Committee: Disarmament Commission Topic: Promoting the establishment of a weapons trade embargo on Syria, for all factions involved, as a means of aiding the peace process. Sponsor: Spain Disarmament Commission, Deeply Concerned about the transfer and circulation of arms and light weapons and their excessive accumulation and uncontrolled spread in Syria, Recalling the obligations of States to fully comply with arms embargoes decided by the United Nations Security Council in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, Referring to articles 41 and 42 in the UN charter that talk about the consequences for those who breach embargos, Noting with Regret the increasing number of deaths...   [tags: disarmament commission, peace process]

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Gender Roles in Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins

- In Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins, Katniss takes on her new position as the rebel of district 13 which is a secret district that is rebelling against the capitol. Katniss and a few of her friends were lucky enough to escape from the second hunger games but, Peeta was not so lucky as he was captured by the capitol. Peeta warns district 13 about the capitol’s plans of bombing district 13, and Katniss and the rest of district 13 retreat underground for a few days and when it is all clear, Katniss makes a propo while a rebel team goes to retrieve Peeta back from the capitol....   [tags: reading, log, story, character, summary]

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Comparing the Western Rebellion and Kett's Rebellion in Terms of Causes and Threat

- Comparing the Western Rebellion and Kett's Rebellion in Terms of Causes and Threat The year 1549 in which both rebellions took place was a troublesome year for the Lord Protector, at the time, Somerset. It was plagued with bad harvests, inflation, poverty and war. These factors made 1549 a watershed year for rioting and rebellion. Though these are the only two rebellions that posed a serious threat, they were definitely not unique. There were outbreaks throughout the country ranging from Leicestershire to Gloucestershire for most of the year....   [tags: Papers]

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Literary Techniques Used in the Memoir of Ishmael Beah, A Long Way Gone, Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

- In the memoir of Ishmael Beah, A Long Way Gone, Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, Beah states that his life’s journey has been a huge obstacle, but has learned to overcome that struggle by venting while the two contradictory sides continue their battling. Beah accomplishes his goal of explaining to the reader his point of view through the use of rhetorical questions, scenic narration, and parallelism. Ishmael Beah’s apparent purpose is to share personal accounts of his life with his fellow country men, in a country where war affects people to a level beyond the imagination....   [tags: literary devices, critical analysis, literary anal]

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To What Extent Was Brutality Used by Fidel Castro During the Cuban Revolution

- “A revolution is not a bed of roses ... a revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.” – Fidel Castro, 1961. This statement was certainly true for Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries during the Cuban Revolution, an armed revolt that took place between July 26th 1953 and January 1st 1959, which ended successfully. During this revolt, many of Fidel Castro’s fellow revolutionaries were killed in this process of violent revolution (My Life, p133, 2006). However, Castro and his accompanying revolutionaries, of which he was the leader, also caused their fair share of deaths using brutality in the name of revolution and political justice....   [tags: International Government ]

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Fear Technology in Mark Hagerott and Daniel Sarewitz's Article, A Future in Denial

- ... One thing this article seems to lack is a solid structure. In the beginning of the article the tone is very conservative “In his defense of the recently revealed National Security Agency telephone surveillance programs, President Obama has also welcomed a national discussion about how to strike the balance between security and freedom” (Hagerott, and Sarewitz 1). The first sentence usually set the tone for the entire paper however as the article progresses it takes a more flaccid tone. While in the first paragraph the authors talk about President Obama and the NSA scandal in the next few paragraphs though it talks about the implausibility of movies such as Psycho and Thelma and Louise du...   [tags: NSA, Edward Snowden, scandal]

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The Negative Consequences of the US Intervention in the Guatemalan Civil War

- The Guatemalan Civil War was a 20th century civil war that raged from 1954 until 1996. It has profoundly affected geopolitical relationships in Central America, as well as and US policy toward hostile governments. The war shaped geopolitics in that region and impacted not just Guatemala but the countries vested in the so-called Cold War as a whole. There is disagreement among historians, however, concerning how much US influence guided the outcome of the conflict. Through extensive research, it is clear that the United States of America’s impact on the war was both highly significant and highly detrimental to the US’s geopolitical interests....   [tags: Guatemalan Civil War]

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Three Types of Cyber War in Small Wars Journal by David Hollis

- ... An E-mails of Georgian politicians were targets of the attack. This is one more coincidence with Estonian case, where comment and an email spam constituted a notable load on both private and governmental web pages and e-mails Methods used by Russian hackers indicate that they have developed detailed plan of campaign against Georgian internet space before the beginning of the conflict .Also attackers created new web pages which one more time proves their preparation for the attack. Supposedly Russian cyber attack was conducted by hackers it is even possible that they were civil citizens....   [tags: criminal law, russian-georgian conflict]

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The Battle of Gettysburg: The Turning Point in The Civil War

- The bloodiest battle of them all, the battle to end all United States Civil War battles, and the three days of warfare that would affect United States history forever. The Battle of Gettysburg restored the people’s hope in the Union government, forced Confederate troops to retreat from battle, and put an end to one of the most well-known civil wars in history. The south’s rebellion and desire for secession from the United Sates to create the Confederate States of America is blamed as one of the major causes for the war to begin....   [tags: bloody battles in American History]

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The Fight Between Virture and Love in The Bronze Bow

- Set in Judea during the time of Jesus’ adulthood, this Newberry Medal Award winner shows Daniel bar Jamin’s fight between the power of virtue and love, for himself and his country. Though a fictional book this piece reflects great historical accuracy. It also shows how it was for most Galileans growing up in the time of Roman rule. Showing strong hatred for all Romans, Daniel is tested for his loyalty to his country to do what is right. Being an orphan form a very young age, Daniel and his sister Leah, are taken in by their grandmother....   [tags: loyalty, romans, jesus]

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The East Africa Food Crisis and the AIDS Epidemic

- Africa has one of the highest rates of conflicts and issues in effect to this day, as well as in the past. After reading and learning about Sierra Leone, The East Africa Food Crisis and the AIDS epidemic – I’ve come to a conclusion that if I were to have unlimited resources, in terms of both money and power, I would direct my attention into helping Sierra Leone. I found the Human Rights violations in Sierra Leone to be most pressing and a very important factor that the world should focus on. From the 1970s up until the early 1990s parts of the Lebanese civil war were fought in parts of Sierra Leone with many Lebanese militias looking for financial assistance from the citizen of Sierra Leon...   [tags: human rights, poverty, corruption]

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The Problem Of The Middle Eastern Country Of Syria

- ... Other strategy attempted as remarked from the Address to the Nation by the President in December 6, 2015 is that of shared intelligence with allies with Europe, talks of working with Turkey to secure borders, further using intelligence to limit the threats made to the US through terrorist travel, and having close ties with countries that hold muslim majorities to fight against ISIS’s ideology. Furthermore, the United States has begun Operation Inherent Resolve, as part of the degrade and defeat strategy, were you (The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama) have approved airstrikes against ISIS....   [tags: United States, Iraq War, Syria, Iraq]

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It Takes a Lot to Break a Man

- It Takes a lot to Break a Man Do you believe “Big Brother is Watching You?” Do you believe “War is Peace,” “Freedom is Slavery,” and “Ignorance is Strength?” If you live in Oceania you had no choice, you must believe or else suffer the consequences. 1984 was the totalitarian world created by George Orwell. The structure of this society was one similar to that of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. The government, called the Party, was a suppressing dictatorship in which most people are scared into believing things they know are not true....   [tags: George Orwell's 1984]

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Out of Control; Exploitation in the World

- Out of Control; Exploitation in the World People are most commonly taken advantage of because their weaknesses are preyed on and played; their own faults are used against them to help a cause that they have no say in the matter. Child soldiers, suicide bombers and tourism on a corrupt impoverished country all fall into the dominated group because they’re all targeted for a specific reason. Beah, Said, Khaled and the country of Antigua are constantly led to believe that these sadistic acts that are diminishing their home are for the benefit of both themselves and their people....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Rising Gas Prices in the United States

- Once upon a time Americans hopped into their cars on warm spring days and took long drives to admire the beauty of nature. Teenagers took joy rides around town to meet friends and rode from one “hot spot” to another. Those were the days when gas prices were affordable to the average American. Over the past few years, gas prices in the United States have been on the rise. What is causing the increase in gas prices. To understand the increase in gas prices, one must first identify the distribution of dollars paid per gallon at the pump....   [tags: The Oil Industry]

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