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Real Estate Investment Trusts

- Real Estate Investment Trusts A real estate investment trust, or REIT, is a company that buys, develops, manages and sells real estate assets. There are three types of REITs; they are equity REITs, mortgage REITs, and hybrid REITs. An equity REIT is a corporation that purchases, owns and manages real estate properties; it does not own or originate real estate loans. It may also develop properties. A mortgage REIT is a corporation that purchases, owns and manages real estate loans; it does not own real estate properties....   [tags: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework]

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Are Mental Images Real?

- Are Mental Images Real. This essay was my first stab at defining and discussing reality for my freshman seminar, What is Reality?. Using a questionable topic of reality (in this case -- are mental images 'real'?), we were to attempt a working definition and method for determing that which is real. Pretty lousy, I'm not gonna lie, but an interesting assignment. In the middle of the night, a boy awakes from the most horrifying chase scene he’s ever witnessed, terrified in a cold sweat. His heart is pounding, he’s lost his breath....   [tags: Reality Philosophy Philosophical Essays]

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The Real Walt Disney

- The Real Walt Disney Walt Disney as a real man. Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois to his parents, Elias Disney an Irish Canadian and Flora Call Disney, a German American. Walt was one of four children. Walt and his brother Roy and sister Ruth grew up in Chicago, where they attended Benton Grammar School together. He worked hard throughout his schooling and helped support his family during difficult times. When Walt was 23 years old, he and his sweetheart, Lilly, were married in Lilly’s hometown in Idaho on July 13, 1925, even though they had very little money at this time in their lives....   [tags: Biography Biographies]

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The Real Inspector Hound.

- The Real Inspector Hound Contrasting settings, ideals and people dominate The Real Inspector Hound. Almost every character has an opposite, and is otherwise totally unique. Cynthia is opposite to Felicity, Simon is the contrast of Magnus, and so on. Tom Stoppard has included these contrasts for a variety of reasons and effects that combine to create the disturbing effect of the play incredibly effectively. But what individual effects do his characters create by opposing each other so accurately....   [tags: Papers]

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The Incredible Power of One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

- The Incredible Power of One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich           It has been Russian writers in particular, who for two centuries have struggled against censorship and oppression to accomplish two great tasks: to create innovative and meaningful art, and to use that art to make a statement about a specifically Russian predicament. So often the theme was political, and so many generations of Russians criticised Mother Russia for her backward ways. Vissarion Belinsky's caustic admonitions in his "Letter to Gogol" were long a rallying cry for writers: "This is why, especially among us, universal attention is every manifestation of any so-called liberal trend, no mat...   [tags: One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Essays]

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Advantages to Having a Second Life

- The majority of the adult American population age 18+ is unfamiliar with the ever-growing virtual community known as Second Life. Second Life is a virtual world developed by Linden Lab, which offers its residents a place to connect, a place to shop, a place to work, and a place to love. There are many advantages for people to create a Second Life for themselves. Second Life’s residents are given the ability to explore any region they choose and allows one the ability to be themselves, or even someone different....   [tags: Social Issues]

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To Accept and Define Death

- The word “death” is unique. In fact, we can imply both peaceful and horrific in it. Moreover, death definitely has a powerful message that nobody is ever prepared for it. We are not only unprepared at the loss of beloved one, but also the loss of our own life. The fear of death is related to the uncertainty of what follows death since nobody comes back to tell of an afterlife. Based on national polling in 1997, “Heaven is not just in your mind: It's a real place”, says 88 percent of a national sample of adults interviewed by Opinion Dynamics for Fox News....   [tags: fear, uncertainty, We Real Cool, poetry, symbolism]

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A Brief Analysis of Life of Brian

- Monty Python’s Life of Brian is more than just a mere comedy; it is a Biblical, religious, and political satire. Like all Python films, Life of Brian seems to educate the viewer while at the same time providing entertainment. Unfortunately not all of the elements in Life of Brian occurred in real life, which takes away from the validity of the plot. While not everything is accurate, it seems that a majority of the film could be considered genuine. In order to understand an analysis of the film, one must first have a basic sense of the plot....   [tags: Film Analysis ]

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The Life and Times of a Philosopher of Flappers

- ... This shows that Fitzgerald did not stay within his family for the figures and characters he wrote about. One of the other love interests in This Side of Paradise was based upon a previous love interest he had before he met Zelda. Fitzgerald wrote stories that are still relevant today. There have been many film adaptations of The Great Gatsby, including the latest, released in 2013, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Film adaptations are still being made of his other works as well, including one based upon his short story The Curious Case of Benjamin Button....   [tags: F.Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby]

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The Life of a Shopaholic and How to Prevent it

- Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a shopaholic. What would your daily life will be like if you are a shopaholic. Being a shopaholic is not as fun as we think it would be. It’s not about you, shopping, buying bags, shoes, and clothes all you want because you’re rich. Well, you can do that if you have plenty of money that you know you won’t run out of one day. But actually, being a shopaholic might be stressful sometimes, and there are many people out there who are still struggling to recover from being a shopaholic....   [tags: fashion, shopping, cumpulsive buying disorder]

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To have an Active Life, Relax

- ... It offers coping strategies and releases tension for managing stress. This is a place for me to integrate my experiences and place in life. A major study added to the growing evidence that stimulating one's mind by dancing can ward off Alzheimer's disease and other dementia, much as physical exercise can keep the body fit. Dancing also increases cognitive acuity at all ages. Dancing frequently - 76% reduced risk of dementia. (2) Second, My favorite sport unquestionably is swimming. I learned swimming when I was six years old and my parents tell me that I took to swimming like a fish takes to water....   [tags: energy, stress, exercise]

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The Life and Works of Ernest Hemingway

- Ernest Miller Hemingway was born into the hand of his father, who was a physician, July 21 1899 in Oak Park Illinois. His father, Dr. Clarence Hemingway had a great interest in literature and history as well as outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting. The second of six children Ernest greatly partook in the activities and interests of his father. His mother,Hemingway was the daughter of an english immigrant. She was more the domineering type who wanted a daughter, instead of a son, and continuously dressed Ernest up as a girl and called him Ernestine....   [tags: biography, in our time]

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The Meaning of Life In Literature

- Almost every human being is faced with the philosophy of their meaning of life; why they were placed in the setting they are in and what they feel the need to accomplish in their lifetime. Because this question is such a broad, vastly fully unanswerable one, it can be argued that characters in fiction often try and find meaning based on the setting, or environment they find themselves in. Characters might often find themselves on journeys to sudden epiphany, typically in their immediate or close setting in hopes to answer that big question about themselves....   [tags: Literary Themes/Elements]

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A Journey in the Making: My Life

- On the first day of January, 1994, I came into this world. I was born in the small town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico or T or C for short. The town’s name came from the history of the town. The town was originally known as Hot Springs due to the hot springs the town was built on. In 1950, Ralph Edwards, The host of the quiz show Truth or Consequences announced that he would host his show in the first town that changed their name to the radio shows name. Thus T or C was born, and forty-four years later so was I....   [tags: biography, ]

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Ideology Teaches a Life of Discipline

- Ideology has always remained an integral part of the domain of Cultural Studies, especially with regards to the teaching of the discipline. Cultural Studies, to a large extent focus on the emerging identities that take part within one particular culture, and often, these identities are represented by the ideologies. Although, the use of ideology as a domain of study within this field has tended to decrease in the recent years, it should be noted that it is one of the most important ‘conceptual’ category within this academic discipline....   [tags: culture, relationships, humanities]

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Devotion to Life and to Live

- Devotion to Life and to Live Willa Cather grew up living on the plains of Nebraska. The plain prairies helped influence Willa Cather into using her memory as well as her realism frame working to create the familiar stories we know today such as My Antonia, O Pioneers, One of Ours, and many more. Cather’s fiction is characterized by a strong sense of place, the subtle presentation of human relationships, an often unconventional narrative structure, and a style of clarity and beauty (Willa). Her books draw upon her memories and knowledge of Nebraska recreating personal relationships and stories with friends she cared most about....   [tags: Author Analysis]

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The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald

- Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fitzgerald’s chosen names signify his parents’ pride in his father’s ancestry. His father, Edward, was from Maryland, with a loyalty to the Old South and its morals. Fitzgerald’s mother, Mary McQuillan (also known as Mollie), was the daughter of an Irish immigrant who became wealthy as a wholesale grocer in St. Paul. Both his parents were Catholics. The Fitzgerald family moved between St. Paul and New York depending on his father’s employment, till he was twelve....   [tags: school, novel, alcoholic]

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What is The Game of Life?

- The Game of Life is a cellular automaton that replicates the survival and death of populations based on predefined rules. John Conway, a mathematician at Princeton University, released the Game of Life in 1970. The Game of Life is an unpredictable simulation. When a portion of a board setup achieves symmetry the symmetry is maintained unless the formation merges with another. The symmetry can increase and become very complicated. The game operates on a two dimensional grid and cells live or die based on the states of their neighbors....   [tags: simulation, cells, infection]

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Applications of Physics in Daily Life

- In real life situations, there are many applications of physics. Physics is applied in almost everything we do and everything around us from household chores, in school and in professional practices like engineering. It ranges from simple applications like boiling water to complex professional ones like road and rail construction. Some of the most common applications are as discussed below. Water and well pumps Water and well pumps are utilized to draw water from a profundity where the water table is a few feet underneath the range of provision....   [tags: water pumps, motor coolant, auto breaking]

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The Life and Works of Socrates

- Socrates, a Greek philosopher and teacher, was born June 4th, 469 BC in Athens, lived his life in Athens, and died in May 7, 399 BC. Because Socrates never wrote anything of his own, there is little evidence of Socrates life. Everything the world knows about Socrates comes mainly from the works of Plato, Aristotle, Aristophanes, and Xenophon. These works are mostly dialogues, plays, and historians’ notes. It is in the works and dialogues of two main witnesses that the life of Socrates has mostly been constructed....   [tags: plato, greek philosopher, socratic method]

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This Boy's Life Movie Critique

- In a time when films were famous for presenting the importance of family life, the film ‘This Boy’s Life’ illustrates the significance of freedom with the help of a troubled boy’s coming-of-age story. The movie ‘This Boy’s Life’, which is based on the real life of American author Tobias Wolff, features renowned actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and Ellen Barkin in the leading roles while actors Jonah Blechman, Eliza Dushku, Chris Cooper, Carla Gugino, Zack Ansley, Tracey Ellis, Kathy Kinney, Tobey Maguire, Sean Murray, Lee Wilkof, Bill Dow, Deanna Milligan and Morgan Brayton play the other minor roles....   [tags: Movie, abuse, family]

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Like Life by Lorrie Moore

- Like Life by Lorrie Moore thematically presents stories revolving around romance and how heartache and how irony can arise in a relationship. Two stories within her book present characters that are unable to cope with the "real world" and end up being lonely. “Vissi d’Arte” and “Starving Again” focuses more with male protagonists who both fail at creating a long lasting relationship and affection for something by being narrow minded and blind by their actions. In "Vissi d'Arte" a talented playwright living in seedy Times Square sacrifices everything good in his life for his still-unfinished masterpiece, which is then crushed by a Hollywood sharpie....   [tags: Vissi d'Arte, Starving Again]

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The Movie, This Boy's Life

- The movie ‘This Boy’s Life’, which is based on the real life of American author Tobias Wolff, features renowned actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and Ellen Barkin in the leading roles while actors Jonah Blechman, Eliza Dushku, Chris Cooper, Carla Gugino, Tracey Ellis, Kathy Kinney, Tobey Maguire, Deanna Milligan and Morgan Brayton play the other minor roles. The film is directed by Michael Caton-Jones, and is a classic tale of domestic abuse, emotional neglect and other issues faced by Tobias....   [tags: Tobias Wolff]

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The Life of Barbara Ehrenreich

- ... But, when he hears about the lay-off of one of the committed workers at the amusement park, he knows that he has to buckle down in order to keep his job. “Dave was super dedicated. He grew his own beard long instead of wearing a fake even when on vacation went around barefoot to make his feet look more like the feet of an actual ascetic”(14). So, after learning about this, he does his best to help make Janet improve and also informs her of what was going on. She agreed that the circumstances might get them both fired so she too tried to get better at her job and be much more committed to it than she was before and so Saunders writes,” ‘Time to pull head out of ass, I guess,’ she says....   [tags: pastoralea, george saunders]

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The Life of Jesus Christ

- Jesus’ life was told through the writings and tales of his apostles which are found in the New Testament in the Bible. His ideas were unconventional during the Jewish religious establishment. There is little knowledge of Jesus’ life from infancy until the age of thirty and the mystery in the years before Jesus taught, between the ages of twelve and thirty years old. Jesus publicly ministered for approximately three years before he was killed by his own people (the priests) mainly because he was ruining their business....   [tags: Biography, world history, christianity]

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Jaques Maritain and Political Life

- The first principle or characteristic that Maritain proposes as necessary for a new Christian civilization is the communal element. That civilization is, or ought to be, communal entails that the specifying end of civilization and political society is the common good. The common good cannot be reduced to the sum of individual goods, for the former has a place of primacy over the latter. While Maritain is concerned with the material and social conditions being given to man such that he can “eat his bread with dignity,” he is quite clear that the common good is essentially a moral good, ultimately concerned with freedom and virtue....   [tags: christian, humanism, pluralism]

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The Life of Federic Douglas

- ... Being the first time Douglass ever witnessed such brutality, the whipping of Aunt Hester was a major and horrific moment for Douglass; Douglass will ultimately experience many more of these awful crimes to humanity, but this first experience changed his entire view of the world. If he didn’t fear his slave master’s before, then he certainly did at this point. Life for him wouldn’t be happy and free, but cruel and harsh, much like the beating of Aunt Hester. Clearly slavery was already real at that time in the 19th century, but this is the moment in Douglass’s life that slavery became real to him, and no one would want to live that sort of life....   [tags: slavery, abolitionist movement]

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Annie Proulx's Life and Accomplishments

- Annie Proulx, Edna Annie Proulx in full,was born August of 1935 in Norwich, Connecticut. Growing up, she was the oldest of five sisters. Her dad was vice president of a textile company. She moved around often as a child and attended to Colby College in Maine, where she met her first husband. Proulx left school, and began working various jobs. She then went on to the University of Vermont in 1963, and then George Williams University located in Montreal in 1973. In the early seventies, Proulx began writing articles in magazines such as Esquire and Country Journal....   [tags: Biography]

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A Glimpse of My Life

- My life at whole has been very interesting. I am from many places, none that are really home. I have done many jobs since graduating high school. I have held many jobs and accomplished many things. What follows is a glimpse of what has been my life. Originally my family is from the Netherlands. All previous generations of my family were born and raised there. I was born in Africa, Yaounde, Cameroon on October 19, 1981 to be exact. I lived there with my parents till 1983, moved back to Holland for a few months then back to Africa again for a year....   [tags: Autobiography]

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The Life of Jane Austen

- ... When Jane’s father had passed away in 1805, the three ladies of the family, Jane, her mother, and her sister, Cassandra, had moved to lived in a smaller house that was helped paid by the now wealthy brother, Edward. This house was located in the little village of Chawton. Later on Jane had been proposed to by one of her close friend’s brother, and she accepted only because she felt like it was the right thing to do because it was kind of an “in the moment” act. She had turned him down the next day and this was very painful for her because her father had always said that a good and sturdy marriage was the key to having a stable and secure life....   [tags: notrious English women authors]

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Real Boys

- The book Real Boys by William Pollack explores the lives of boys. He states that boys hide they feelings. So it may seem on the outside that a boy is tough, cheerful, and confident, but really they are sad lonely and confused. He looks at the “mask” boys have been put on. Also explains how to get behind that mask. He goes over the boy code and explains it. Also he goes over the truths behind the myths. He goes over many other things also. I will try to outline the book as well as possible. He explains that boys hide their feelings they may seem normal on the outside but on the inside they are hiding something....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Complicated Life of Socrates

- Socrates was a classical Greek philosopher that was born in Athens, Greece around 470/469 BC. He served in the Athenian army and fought in many battles. When Socrates retired from fighting in the army, he began focusing on expressing his beliefs. He wasn’t the typical “teacher” or “preacher”; he was a very critical and analytical thinker that helped guide his students and the Athenians during his time. Through his teachings and beliefs, Socrates had positive and negative influence on the people during his time and modern time....   [tags: Biography, Greek Philosopher, Athens]

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The Life of Jackie Robinson

- Jackie Robinson is one of the most famous people ever to live. From football to basketball to track and to baseball, he could do it all; one of the greatest athletes ever. Jackie Robinson played Major League Baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson was a hero both athletically and socially; he was treated awfully but he had the courage to keep going and do what he loves most: baseball. Jackie Robinson had an interesting early life. He was born in Cairo, Georgia but then moved to Pasadena, California....   [tags: biography, Jack Roosevelt Robinson]

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Life on Martian Meteorites

- ABSTRACT In this paper, the great dispute of whether or not there is real evidence of life on martian meteorites is discussed. Findings of carbon globules, nanocrystal magnetites, and rod-shaped objects on ALH84001, Nakhla and Yamata 593 suggest biogenic processes once occurred on Mars. Furthermore, past atmospheric conditions and a current abundance of methane gas build more justification to martian life. Many of these discoveries are accused of being accounted for by either terrestrial contamination or abiotic processes, but composition analysis and model experiments show that contamination cannot be held fully responsible....   [tags: Mars]

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River of Life Explication

- Scotland, or “the land of Scots”, is home to many famous people and poets, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the notorious Sherlock Holmes novels. Besides the novels, the poetry published is very influential and astute. “The River of Life”, by Thomas Campbell, is one such example. This poem follows an ABABCDCDEFEFGHGHBIJIGIGI rhythm scheme for the entire poem. The pattern does change near the end, however. “The River of Life” is a poem describing mainly life and time. It describes the stages of life, of childhood, of middle age, of oldness, all thanks due to the slow yet quick passage of time....   [tags: Poetic Analysis]

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Post High School Life

- Choosing what to become in the future is considerably easy but actually accomplishing that goal is a whole different story. It will be a long journey but will take many important decisions to get there. The first important decision is whether to go to college or not. Up until senior year in high school, students have access to all the help they need to get by. After high school is a new world, many students are on their own to get a chance to form their own life. Students must work hard to prepare themselves for the real world after high school because that is where it becomes more difficult which is why they should attend and work hard in college to have a secure future....   [tags: college students, college degree]

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The Life Ayn Rand

- ... She spent the next six months in Chicago and soon obtained an extension on her visa and set off to Hollywood in pursuit of a career of writing screenplays. On her second day in Hollywood, Cecil B. DeMille offered her a job as an extra, and soon after she met actor Frank O’Connor and married him in 1929. She struggled and fought for several years doing non-writing jobs but soon began to write plays and screenplays all while working on her novels that soon propelled her. The things that Ayn Rand experienced in her early life made her grow up at an early age and made her realize that the things that Russia was doing was in fact suppressing the individual and she witnessed first hand her a...   [tags: career, philosophy, objectivism]

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Life With Spina Bifida

- BACKGROUND: Having a chronic physical disability affects many aspects of a person’s life beyond his or her general health (Eiser 1997). Myelomeningocele, the most severe form of spina bifida (SB), is commonly associated with hydrocephalus, Chiari II malformation, diminished or absent sensation or motor function in the lower limbs, and impaired bowel and bladder control (S.L. Kinsman 2007). Many people with SB rely on some form of assistive technology for mobility, such as wheelchairs, crutches, or orthoses....   [tags: Health]

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Mathematics in Everyday Life

- Mathematics is possibly one of the most underappreciated sciences. It everywhere in our lives, mathematics runs our computers, flies our aircraft, and protects our information. But for such a major part of our lives, very few people can say that they know how it is done, how the RSA encryption protects their e-mail, or even that 21 squared is 441 without going into tedious mental calculations or reaching for their calculator. Contrary to popular belief, mathematics has a wide range of useful applications....   [tags: Mathematics]

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Susan Eloise Hinton Life

- Susan Eloise Hinton, one of the world's most respected authors was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on July 22, 1950. Also known as S.E Hinton, best known for her young adult novels, especially The Outsiders. Antoine Wilson’sbiography The Library of Author Biographies: S.E Hinton highlights some of the problems Hinton endured on her path to become one of the most influential authors in America. Growing up in the 60’s wasn’t necessarily the easiest time for a young woman to publish books. While Hinton was growing up, women didn’t have as many rights or opportunities as they do today....   [tags: writing, author, book, the outsiders]

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Real Family Values

- “Real” Family Values What are some things that you could never live without. You might say food, water, shelter, or clothing. Other, less conventional, answers might include a cell phone, lip gloss, or Starbuck’s coffee. However, according to psychologist Abraham H. Maslow, all people need belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization. Carol Shields sustained that family values include qualities such as nurturing caring, and emotional support in her essay entitled Family Is One of the Few Certainties We Will Take with Us Far into the Future....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Real and Feigned Madness of Hamlet and Ophelia

- In William Shakespeare's Hamlet, a kind of madness ultimately infects everyone, leading to an ending in which almost every major character is dead. Two of these maddened characters are Hamlet and Ophelia, who also share a love for each other. But though their irrational behavior is often similar and their fates alike, one is truly mad while the other is not. Both Hamlet and Ophelia act very strangely. Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, insults everyone around him. He tells Ophelia he never loved her, calls her father a fishmonger, and in subtle ways calls his mother a whore and her new husband a murderer....   [tags: GCSE English Literature Coursework]

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Is There a Real Difference Between a Neurosis and a Psychosis

- Is There a Real Difference Between a Neurosis and a Psychosis A major part of clinical psychology is the diagnoses and treatment of mental disorders. This can often be difficult and controversial due to the fact that many of the disorders can be confused with others; there aren’t always clear guidelines in which to follow. An example of this confusion can be seen in the disorders Neurosis and Psychosis. Neither neurosis nor psychoses appear as major categories in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-III)....   [tags: science]

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Real Estate Development in the Ski Industry

- Real Estate Development in the Ski Industry The NH ski industry has been a part of my life since day one. I literally have grown up at the bottom of the slopes of Dartmouth Skiiway. I have been a racer all my life and have for years had my fair share of extensively traveling NH mountains and sampling all that the NH ski industry has had to offer. It was not until recently that I have come to understand that my beloved ski mountains are also well entrenched in environmental issues. Being a resource economics major I now realize that the NH ski industry is no longer the perfect wonderland it seemed to me as a child....   [tags: Papers]

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The Real Monster in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

- The Real Monster in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Mary Shelley was born in London on 30 August 1797, the only child of two notable intellects. Her father was the philosopher William Godwin, and her mother was a pioneering feminist, who had died only eight days after Mary's birth. When Shelley wrote the novel Frankenstein, she said that her desire was to 'curdle the blood, and quicken the beatings of the heart.' This indicates to the reader that the novel should be placed in the gothic genre....   [tags: Papers]

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The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard

- The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard For this unit, the play which we are studying is "The Real Inspector Hound" written by Tom Stoppard, an English playwright famous for his clever use of language and ironic political metaphors. Stoppard was associated theatre of the absurd, and often his play referred to the meaninglessness of the human condition. He combined the English tradition of the "comedy of manners" (a play that attacks the customs of the upper classes) with contemporary social concerns by concentrating on the intricate and comical duplicities of everyday conversation within a wider, and often menacing, historical perspective....   [tags: Papers]

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Personal Narrative - My Real Father

- My Real Father "Never forget the past…because it may haunt you forever. Regret all the bad things…cherish the good things. Look ahead always…but don't let the bad things from the past get in your mind." As a young child, there were so many incidents in my life that made me become the person I am today. There were rough times as well as good times. If I were to tell you all of them, I would remember half of them. I think some of my incidents really had some impact, and some were just simple ways of life....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Antigone--Who is the REAL tragic Hero?

- Who is the Tragic Hero. Many may say that Creon is the tragic hero of Antigone. Creon and Antigone¡¯s personas are equal-and-opposite throughout this play. The story belongs to both of them. Creon is the one who makes a mistake; his figure is perhaps more tragic. He¡¯s the one that realizes that he¡¯s wrong, and he suffers for it. Antigone walks to her death with her eyes wide open, without shame. Antigone is the true hero of the play because she makes a correct, justifiable decision and dies by it....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Siberian Work Camp and One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich

- The Siberian Work Camp and One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich       In Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn describes in three volumes the Russian prison system known as the gulag.  That work, like Kafka's The Trial, presents a culture and society where there is no justice - in or out of court.  Instead, there is a nameless, faceless, mysterious bureaucracy that imposes its will upon the people, coercing them to submit to the will of the state or face prison or death.  In One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich, we are presented with exactly what the titles tells us, one day in the life of Ivan Denisovich.  However, Ivan Denisovich spends his days in the gulag in Siberia, freezing...   [tags: One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Essays]

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The Meaning of Life

- The Meaning of Life Since the beginning of human history, we have used logic and reasoning in order to explain why things happen and to advance ourselves. This desire to understand and comprehend is always present. We are constantly striving to search for purpose and meaning in everything we do in our lives. We need reason and purpose in order to do anything just like we need a reason to continue living. Otherwise, our lives may become meaningless. I believe the meaning of life is to find what is true to you using your own personal experiences and philosophies....   [tags: Papers]

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The Education of Life

- The Education of Life In Jon Spayde’s article Learning in the Key of Life.He states that “the world’s a classroom”(Spayde 58) and I agree.I also agree with the idea that a formal education is a serious undertaking and that it is a very necessary tool in life.This article is not in any way meant to dissuade you from going to an established institute to obtain a degree, it is however intended to get one to think about continuing one’s education outside of the classroom. Spayde feels that every situation a person goes through is an opportunity for learning....   [tags: Learning Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Proposed Plan to Aid the Foreclosure Crisis and Improve the American Economy

- Hard times lie ahead of us, and yet our best days are still to come. The purpose of the present paper is to elucidate the nature of the present foreclosure crisis, to examine its causes and to discuss possible recommendations for resolving an ever-growing rash of foreclosures, and to nurture a real, lasting recovery. Thousands of personal and family foreclosures are occurring every month as millions of people reorganize their lives. Countless banks have failed and continue to fail, albeit quietly as very few individuals in media are discussing the continued closures and takeovers....   [tags: economics, real estate]

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Fuzzy Logic Is a Way to Deal with Imprecise Concepts

- ... Already recognized internationally for his work with mathematical systems, Zadeh’s paper on fuzzy logic started a new phase in his career, and since then almost all of his publications have concerned fuzzy logic or soft computing (Zadeh). Fuzzy logic is a more realistic way of dealing with imprecise concepts, and thus it can be applied to imprecise situations in the real world. As Peterson writes, rather than dealing with true or false, “fuzzy logic deals with the degree of truth, expressed as an assigned value between zero and one....   [tags: real world, computing, analysis]

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The Emergence and Popularity of Reality TV

- 1. Introduction The emergence and soon popularity of reality TV in some degree demonstrates the huge market of selling “real experience” through exposing “realities” of privacy, relationship between players, etc. (Deery 2004 in TV program area.). However, reality TV may not be intrinsically “real” though almost all involved players are unprofessional actors and programs are usually highly inscribed. Players are actually selected carefully (e.g. audition or interviews) and constrained by various signed agreements and all filmed scene sections are delicately edited with special purposes, making reality TV kind of erasing reality and fiction together (Bingchun & George (2003))....   [tags: real experience, relationships, privacy]

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The Relations between Science and Religion

- ... That's why more and more abandoned religion. That's how it happened. This happens if we just look at the surface level. In fact, we should see that sebenrnya telogi simply a human intellectual construction that tries to understand the religious messages of the prophets. Thus we must dare to confront theology with science and make them grow dealektis and complementary to solve human problems posed by the application of advanced science. an barbour example is a thinker who is very conscious of that....   [tags: no real conflict, harmony]

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Babbitt's Mid-Life Crisis

- From the beginning, Babbitt wanted to escape from his life of middle-class monotony (early fairy girl reference). He lived his life tied to the pressures and assumptions of his peers, never forming his own opinion. Trying to rebel from the conservative businessman status, he seeks acceptance in the bohemian crowd named “the bunch”. Discovering the similarity between the two lifestyles, Babbitt returns to his old life when his wife falls ill. He then encourages his son to pursue the life he always desired but never had, a life full of excitement and unpredictability, a real life....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The movie, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

- To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life”.- Walter Mitty (Movie). Life is about finding yourself, each other, and being true to one’s self. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is an extremely original and creative story written by James Thurber. The movie, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, starring Ben Stiller, conveys a daydreamer escaping his typical life by disappearing into a realm of fantasies filled with heroism, romance and action....   [tags: scape from reality, the crew]

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Live Your Life

- Three small words can bring inner happiness to me and others. Having the ability to change your attitude towards life and what defines one will create a feeling of peace. Living your life can bring good and bad regrets, but by the choice we make can bring happiness, and a meaningful life. The goal of this essay is to show what credo I live by and what defines me as a person. Having the power to live with the choices I had made, determination towards a goal, and finding a deeper meaning to life. When growing up in this day, with many of our fellow men and women trying to get a taste of the good life....   [tags: goals, credo, meaning]

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Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

- Abortion is a highly controversial topic of debate; this debate evokes strong emotions on both sides. Abortion is a pretty cut and dry topic; you are either Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. Pro-life advocates are people who believe abortion is ethically and morally wrong, and that it is the government’s job to protect all people including the lives of unborn children. Pro-choice supporters say that it is not the government’s responsibility to protect the unborn children, and women should have the right to determine whether or not they continue with their pregnancies; by choosing to have an abortion....   [tags: Abortion]

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Life with Asperger’s

- Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental syndrome. It is said that every 2 out of 10,000 children are affected by this disorder. Asperger’s is mostly diagnosed in young children. Parents usually recognize symptoms of this disorder in their kids around the time they turn 3 years old. Asperger’s is sometimes considered a form of autism. I find this syndrome to be very intriguing. I’m going to enlighten you with more information about Asperger’s and a few real life cases of it. The symptoms of Asperger’s are some of the following....   [tags: Disease/Disorders]

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Nathaniel Hawthorne's Life

- Nathaniel Hawthorne was an extraordinary writer, who used real life experiences in every one of his stories. However, growing up in a Puritan society during a reformation gave Hawthorne a distorted view on God’s character. Hawthorne was intelligent, but by no means a people person, which created a pathway for him to become an author. There were a few key points in his life growing in a religion zealous society that lead him to abandon his faith. Hence, the short story of “Young Goodman Brown” representing that humans are cynical and evil, and the dangers of losing your faith in God....   [tags: extraordinary American writers]

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Formation of Real Truth: Plato's Allegory of the Cave and Shakespeare's Othello

- Truth is an objective in a person’s life in which a journey is taken to find the answer to their question or an identity of themselves or others. In Plato’s allegory of the cave The Republic VII, Plato discusses the steps that is needed to taken to find the real truth to one’s self. These theory created by the world famous philosopher can be related to many text and life on how truth is formed. Plato relates the Republic VII to a cave and how a man must step out the darkness of the cave and its many obstacles to find real truth....   [tags: Stereotypes, Tragic Events]

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Gary Paulsen: A Life of Adventure and Survival

- ... This experience was very memorable for Paulsen and was significant enough that he wrote about it in one of his non-fiction novels. Also in Hatchet Brian crafts his own bow and arrows and hunted with it just like Paulsen would in real life, he preferred hunting with a bow instead of a firearm because bows were silent and “ didn’t disturb the sound of the wilderness in the woods “ (Paulsen 76). Paulsen has encountered many animals and has been stalked by mountain lions, bitten by snakes and punctured by porcupines, many of his Brian stories have hostile animal encounters (Paulsen 30 )....   [tags: young adult literature authors]

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There Is More to Life than High School

- Being in my Counseling 110 class has taught me that there is more in my life than High school. I learned that I need to separate myself from my high school and I need to learn to be more of an independent person and pilot my own life. According to Eric Hoffer on page 14 of the On Course, “In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future” I learned that in order to succeed in my own life I need to have Discipline, responsibility, and motivation in order to survive in real life....   [tags: My Counseling 110 class, personal reflections]

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Fantasy in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

- Fantasies are what people go through on a daily basis. People love talking themselves away from reality and putting themselves into a world of their own with no limitations to where they could go. People get so into their fantasies that sometimes it may help build confidence or even cause them to lose track on what they were supposed to do or time. Fantasies become a love—hate relationship because at one point, you’re in love with the fact that you’re doing something out of your character and for your own pleasure, but it’s a hate relationship because you know that it will most likely not happen or come to an end soon enough....   [tags: walter is married, canterbury]

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“Kong Yiji” and Ah-Q- The Real Story: A Study in Comparison

- Zhou Shuren, better known by the pen name Lu Xun is generally regarded as the father of modern Chinese literature and was thought by many to have his finger on the pulse of the nation’s conscience. His early notoriety was achieved as a result of his short works of fiction which were often satirical, sometimes humorous, and at times very gloomy (“Lu Xun”). Lu Xun was a mindful of his art and labored over his stories to eliminate unnecessary detail, yet they are filled with rich characters, interesting plot lines, vivid imagery, and strong themes....   [tags: Chinese Literature]

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Logical Fallacies and the Bumper Sticker "Real Christians Don't Judge"

- While driving behind a vehicle plastered in bumper stickers, the first one to catch someone’s attention may say “Real Christians don’t judge.” Most will not give it a second thought, while others may analyze its message and the individual giving the message. In general this sticker may be found on a variety of vehicles. The vehicle itself is not as important as the individual driving it. While discussing this bumper sticker it will be important to understand where it is found, the fallacies it involves and the problems with the argument....   [tags: Logical Fallacies, Bumper Stickers]

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The Real Reason So Few Women are in the Boardroom, by Marty Nemko

- In “The Real Reason So Few Women are in the Boardroom,” Marty Nemko states the reasons why men are more prosperous in the workplace. He says that men choose work over personal relationships, and women often choose personal over business. Although Nemko uses rhetorical strategies to make good points about why some men are more successful in the workplace than women, he unnecessarily downgrades women about the decisions they make to be more family oriented. Marty Nemko makes a few logical points in this article....   [tags: women's role, nemko]

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The Passions of Life Revealed Through Poetry

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning, poet, addict, recluse and part of one of life’s true love stories, used her poetry to explain her beliefs about life, love, religion, nature and, later in life, even politics. Through her sonnets, she could freely express and describe feelings and thoughts that were important to her. Elizabeth Barrett Browning experienced great love and loss in her life and she used these events as inspiration for her writings, poems and sonnets, especially Sonnets from the Portuguese, which are still popular and quoted today....   [tags: Literature]

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Life in Prison for Criminals that Rape a Teenager

- Your mother, your sister, your aunt, your daughter, and your wife are the target victims of rapist. There are no particular people who are not in danger of being raped. The reasons why rape suspects if found guilty, deserve the harshest punishment that the law allows because rape ruins a person’s life. For instance, in the articles “Thanks for Ruining My Life” and “Dead California Teen’s Family Sue Suspects in Sexual Assault Case,’ the victim express depression and deep emotional scars which were dug deeper by the court system not believing the victim....   [tags: sexual assault, depression, substance abuse]

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The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

- In Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, he is telling the story of a Dominican family but mainly about the son, Oscar de Leon. The book opens with the story of Oscar as a child and him having two girlfriends at the same time. The older people in town see him as a ladies man and encourage him. The boy and the two girls all break up and his life seemed to be on a steady decline since then. He grows up to become a nerdy, fat, and awkward adolescence with few friends and even less interest from girls....   [tags: Junot Diaz's story]

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Road to Stardom: The Life of the Rich and Famous

- Road to stardom Life of the rich and the famous, Imagine your name in lights everywhere you go, people shouting your name and loved by all, sounds like a pretty good life right. Like Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting, film is one of the world's oldest and greatest art forms. In 1827 Claude Niepce took the first ever recorded photograph. And after that day an evolution started a whole new industry. The film industry, and when I was at the age of four that was the type of career I was working in....   [tags: career, sacrifice, talent, education]

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Life of a Sensuous Woman, by Ihara Saikaku

- In the novel Life of a Sensuous Woman, Ihara Saikaku depicts the journey of a woman who, due to voraciously indulging in the ever-seeking pleasure of the Ukiyo lifestyle, finds herself in an inexorable decline in social status and life fulfillment. Saikaku, utilizing characters, plot, and water imagery, transforms Life of a Sensuous Woman into a satirically critical commentary of the Ukiyo lifestyle: proposing that it creates a superficial, unequal, and hypocritical society. Ukiyo is a culture that strives to live a strictly pleasure-seeking routine....   [tags: literary analysis, ihara saikaku]

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The Narrators’ Dissatisfaction with his Normal Life

- The novel “Fight Club” written by Chuck Palahniuk is a story about how the narrator’s discontent throughout his life contributes to his developing mental illness. The narrator is unsatisfied with his daily life from contributing factors such as his loneliness, consumerism within modern society, and achievable masculine goals. His job deals primarily with death and apathy in society, although it never occurs to the narrator that it may be the root of his problem. His issues with society and struggle for identity lead him to become depressed; as a symptom of depression the narrator develops insomnia, “Everything is so far away, a copy of a copy of a copy.”(21) The narrator sees a doctor for h...   [tags: Fight Club, Chuck Palahnuik]

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Putting Together The Puzzle of My Life

- Life can be like a puzzle when putting pieces of the history together: When times were bad in the nineteen hundreds people begin to immigrate to new parts of the world. My great grandparents immigrated from Italy in the early nineteen hundreds they had to move away from there own country to survive. Many people moved to the north part of the world as many others move to the south part. My great grandparents decided to move to the south. They choose to immigrate to the city of Chihuahua. The city was small at that time; most part of it was land....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Kant´s Theory on a Happy Life

- Growing up, I was given the freedom to choose who I wanted to be, to decide what I wanted to do. I grew up with many different opportunities and chances to try out new things. A simple life I led as a child, sheltered and loved by all, but I was oblivious to reality, lost in my own “perfect” world. Yet as I grew up and began to surpass the age of imaginary worlds, the idea of “perfection” had begun to fade and reality began to settle in. Like a splash of cold water, I went from a childish mindset to an adult’s....   [tags: morality, abortion, freedom, intentionality]

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The Teacher Who Changed My Life

- Summer break was over, and it was the time to go back to school to my eleventh grade. School for me wasn’t that different as my summer break. I never felt like not going to school after a long summer break because I used to have a lot of fun in school. School for me was a place where you would socialize, gossip, brag, drive attention, miss conduct, daydream, text students, sing, ask silly questions and flirt with girls. I think now you know how my days at school used to be. However, a day has come that I would not expect it to come at all....   [tags: The Teacher Who Inspired Me]

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The Life of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

- Post-traumatic Stress disorder is exactly what it sounds like. After a stressful event in your life including but not limited to: car accidents, deaths in the family, assaults, and also combat; it is possible to develop this disorder. Symptoms of PTSD have been appearing for more than 1000 years. In 1666 London experienced a great fire in which many people, homes and other precious belongings perished. A man named Samuel Pepys kept a diary of the events and of what happened in the following months....   [tags: Psychology]

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The Musical Goerges Seurat´s Life

- ... It also shows how the artistic community is scorned during by one’s peers and members of his/her generation. The second Act takes the viewers 100 years after Seurat introducing them to Seurat’s American descendant who is also an artist but is suffering from burnout and cannot figure out which path he must take. Madame Bovary, on the other hand, focuses on the life of Emma Bovary who leads an adulterous life in order to escape the boring provincial life much preferred by her husband. In order to escape such boredoms and the banalities associated with her life, she opts to support her extravagant lifestyle by engaging in excessive borrowing....   [tags: product, painter, art, sacrifice]

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Jamaica Kincaid's Roller Coaster Life

- Family makes us who we are whether we like it or we may hate it but the author we meet not only do we read about her obsession with how her family we can see it because of how strong her writing is. This incredible authors name is Jamaica Kincaid who has written many wonderful books but one in particular is My Brother it is not a novel but a memoir. She goes on this journey of trying to be a good person to her brother, a man who is dying of AIDS. A man she once said he was perfect until he wasn’t because of what it is that’s going on with him, I will be focusing on Jamaica Kincaid’s memoir as a close reading and the relationship with her brother and how it seemed to just slowly...   [tags: My Brother, Memoir, Literary Analysis]

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