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Suppression of Individuality in Radiohead's, Fake Plastic Trees

- Suppression of Individuality in Radiohead's, Fake Plastic Trees "Fake Plastic Trees" criticizes how modern society stifles individuality and forces people to swallow idealized conceptions of how life should be. The whole song centers on the idea that humans, either through their own fallibility or through society's relentlessness, easily and obliviously mold their lives according to the unspoken standards they set on themselves. The result is a shallow, artificial, "fake plastic" living that perpetuates itself and destroys uniqueness....   [tags: Radiohead Fake Plastic Trees Essays]

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Designing a Phone Case for Radiohead Based on Their Band Identity

- If I ever had to design anything for a band, it would definitely be for Radiohead. The melody and lyrics produced throughout their career is outstanding. They always manage to keep up with the expectations of their fans. Possibly true that after I heard this band perform live, my affection and appreciation towards them increased. Radiohead is an English band formed in 1985, Oxford, England. Radiohead is exceptionally recognized as one of the most important bands of today. It is considered to be an alternative rock band, however they are also classified as Electronic, Indie and Experimental....   [tags: branding, music, albums]

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Radiohead and the Jubilee 2000 Campaign

- Radiohead and the Jubilee 2000 Campaign When the music group Radiohead first burst on to the music scene seven years ago, it became immediately evident through information means such as music articles, album covers, and an extensive website, that this particular band was not just another long-haired, head-bobbing grunge group only out to sell as many albums as they could. This band had a much greater mission than that. It was to inform as many people as they could of their political, social and economic convictions through their personal website....   [tags: Internet Net World Wide Web Media]

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Communicating Information in Radiohead's Music Albums

- Radiohead It is an important feature of the ideological system to impose on people the feeling that they really are incompetent to deal with complex and important issues: they'd better leave it to the captain. One device is to develop a star system, an array of figures who are often media creations or creations of the academic propaganda establishment, whose deep insights we are supposed to admire and to whom we must happily and confidently assign the right to control our lives and to control international affairs..." --Noam Chomsky, The Chomsky Reader Pasted on the inside of a Radiohead EP, Chomsky's quote serves as a reminder to the point these musicians are attempting to make: the esse...   [tags: Internet Net World Wide Web Media]

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Radiohead's OK Computer

- Radiohead's OK Computer In the mid-1990s, rock and roll experienced another of its many transitions. During the early ‘90s, the “grunge” scene, emanating from Seattle and its surrounding area, enthralled the youth of the time with the music of such acts as Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana. This surge in high-distortion, high angst rock snapped the genre out of the doldrums of glam-metal, which, for a long time, dominated the “rock music” racks of record stores across America. By 1997, grunge was dead, its end spurred by the death of Kurt Cobaine, the impending breakup of Soundgarden, and the increasing vapidity of Pearl Jam....   [tags: Music Musical Essays]

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The Battle Of Knights Forced Their Way Through The Crowd

- “If another man moves forward, or thinks of throwing a rock or speaking, he shall meet his end,” growled Maxen. “I promise you.” A line of knights forced their way through the crowd. They apprehended the men responsible for the attack and restored order. Jac was among them; however, he draped Rignuth’s arm over this shoulder and helped him back to the castle. Maxen had ordered the women to walk in a tight huddle before him as Rignuth limped along. “My lady!” said, Una. “Your arm is bleeding. Are you very hurt?” “It’s a bad bruise....   [tags: 2005 singles, 2007 singles, Radiohead]

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The Distribution of Ink-Printed Text Versus Hypertext

- The Distribution of Ink-Printed Text Versus Hypertext While browsing Radiohead's website ( one particular page of hypertext caught my eye. This page displayed was what looked to me like a scanned-in copy of ink-print text, which read: How To Construct a Dadaist Poem by Tristan Tzara. I had heard of Dadaism previous to this discovery, but hadn't the slightest idea about the man who had authored these simple instructions on how to construct a dadaist poem. So with the help of my mouse and keyboard I quickly erased the Radiohead URL (Internet address) and typed in that of a search engine called Hotbot (   [tags: Internet Net World Wide Web Media]

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Why Is Nineties Alternative Rock the Best Music Ever?

- The nineties were an exceptional decade for music which, unfortunately, has not been reprised to this day. The formerly mentioned decade witnessed the emergence of alternative rock music as an outlet for those who were saturated by the excesses that characterized the eighties and the lack of substance of some of its music. Accordingly, during the nineties, music audiences began to value talent over appearance, catchy rhythms, meaningless lyrics, and flashy choreographies. Moreover, throughout this time, music was conceived as a means to inspire and move listeners, rather than a mere tool for product placement....   [tags: grunge, music generes]

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Existentialism And Its Impact On Popular Music

- Existentialism is a difficult philosophy to define as many philosophers have rejected the term being applied to themselves. The main idea of existentialism, “existence precedes essence” (Sartre), is one of the accepted definitions for existentialism. Some of the other themes associated with existentialism are, “Dread, boredom, alienation, the absurd, freedom, commitment, nothingness, and so on” (Stanford). Existentialist themes are prevalent throughout film and literature, but the philosophy is not as common in popular music....   [tags: Existentialism, Jean-Paul Sartre, Eleanor Rigby]

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What Mookie Did The Right Thing?

- To start, Mookie did the right thing because property can’t and will not ever equate to human life. Yes what Mookie did was illegal, however Radiohead Raheem’s life is vanished and can never appear again. Sal’s pizzeria is dismantled, but it can be built again with insurance money. Sal only cares about his pizzeria, not the death of Raheem because the first thing Sal says pertains to the broken window, Mookie is the one who brings up Raheem’s death. When Mookie moves to get his money from Sal, Sal says, “ Your money couldn’t begin to pay for the window you broke.” Then Mookie says, “Motherf*cker, Radiohead Raheem is died,”(2:17:49)....   [tags: Police brutality, Police, Police officer, Fuck]

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Music Has A Price?

- Music has a price. Music been popular for centuries, from folk to popular music. There is no doubt that music plays an important role in every consumer’s life. However, record companies are using that as a way to take advantage of consumers. They are rising concert ticket prices and putting a price on music. It it true that music cannot be completely “free”, but it can be to some extent. Some free music includes music from new artists and songs that aren’t too popular.These music should be free because it’ll benefit the consumer, artists, and, importantly, the record labels....   [tags: Record label, Music industry, EMI]

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Newspaper Article Analysis

- Newspaper Article Analysis Title: “Official: Radiohead makes kids think of death (and ice cream) – NME The article focuses on childrens perceptions of music by Radiohead who are known for being a depressive band but others say ‘creative geniuses.’ If the media changes trends and perceptions then what effect can one bands’ songs have on an individual. ‘Those social stimuli that are the products of the behaviour of other people essentially constitute culture.’ As stated by Segall, culture relates to perception and generalisation of this can depend on age, wealth and country....   [tags: Papers]

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Analysis of the Songs Bittersweet Symphony, Fixing a Hole, and Creep

- Analysis of the Songs Bittersweet Symphony, Fixing a Hole, and Creep Music has played an important role in the daily lives of people everywhere and perhaps the most influential music has come from British artists. The Beatles faced a problem when, John Lennon innocently stated that The Beatles were, in fact, more popular than Jesus. In the song "Fixing a Hole", The Beatles sing about the problem with the media. The song "Creep", by Radiohead, deals with a personal problem. It illustrates the writers frustration, and inner turmoil with his life in a negative, self-hating way....   [tags: Papers]

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Alternative Bands

- Throughout the years there have been many rock-style bands that did not quite fit on rock radio. These bands soon came to be played on "alternative" radio, such as college, community, and pirate stations. Hence the alternative rock moniker stuck for these uniquely different rock bands. Some of my favorite alternative bands from the early 1990's include Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Radiohead. The Smashing Pumpkins follow their lead singer's, Billy Corgan, theory that, "Great music completely obliterates any conceptions of genre." The Smashing Pumpkins took their local Chicago sound of metal, alt-rock, psychedelic dream pop, and shared it with the world....   [tags: Music]

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Spotify Pays Enough Revenues to the Music Industry

- ... Music works in pretty much the opposite way. You listen to it, and then only go and buy the album if you like it enough. If people don’t have a way of sampling the wares of an artist, of getting to like their work enough to buy it, then albums are not going to bring in as much money as they could, which is a far more significant economic problem that what percent of a penny is paid out per play on streaming services. Spotify doesn’t need to pay out as much money as an album sale would because it also pays in other ways, like exposure, that can lead to an increase in revenue later on....   [tags: radio play comparison]

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Reflections on a Tough Personal and Academic Year

- ... Along with being interested in the musical aspect of the culture, I am very interested in the film aspects. As an avid Doctor Who fan, I believe that this is the most intricately, beautiful program out there. It has the power to evoke many emotions. It has fifty years under its title. I believe these fifty years are due to an extensive amount of film knowledge from the directors, actors, and everyone that works behind the scenes. I am also very interested in the literature that has been brought into existence from the great likes of Shakespeare and Jane Austen to J.K....   [tags: studying abroad]

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The Effects Of Music On The Music Industry

- Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services. And since its breakthrough, access to music have never been easier – just type in the name of an artist or a song and press play. The advantage of it is that listeners gets to listen to their wanted music instantly and for free and artist gets paid royalties. But since spotify’s big breakthrough there has been big debates if free music streaming is going to kill the music industry or if it’s going to help it. From my, as a listeners point of view, Spotify is a great way of listening to music instantly – without downloading and having my computer’s memory loaded with thousands of mp3s also it can be easily accessible anywhere – on your co...   [tags: Record label, Music industry, Royalties, EMI]

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Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' Orwell '

- 1. Orwell himself is the one who coined the term of political purpose, and because of this, he seems to be the best person to compare other writers to when discussing political purpose. Orwell defined political purpose as, “Desire to push the world in a certain direction,” and he writes, “…no book is genuinely free from political bias. The opinion that art should have nothing to do with politics is itself a political attitude” (3). Orwell, therefore, believes that art is ultimately political in purpose whether that was the intention or not....   [tags: Writing, The Reader, Truth, Oprah's Book Club]

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Music 's Effect On Our Emotions And Actions

- Music cannot directly cure diseases such as cancer, but it can remarkably relieve the aches and pains that affect the patient 's. In discussions of music, one controversial issue has been whether or not music can actually affect our mood, feelings and actions. On one hand, researchers argue that the music you listen to will affect your output on life. On the other hand, some researchers believe music does not affect mood or action. However, others that are in between believe music can only affect your mood to a certain point, before causing you to act out....   [tags: Brain, Human brain, Emotion, Gang]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' A Bed '

- Hours passed, and she stayed in the tub until every last bubble had popped, revealing her in the tepid water. She smoothed her hands over her thighs, remembering... His pen digging into her skin, scrawling promises that he wanted her to make, but she had laughed. Didn 't he know that promises were part of a language she had never learned to speak. That one had been funny, but then the others... More last times. In a tent, under a tree... In his bed. She sighed, wrapping her arms around herself. Maybe he had meant it, maybe he hadn 't, but the risk of believing in anything past the next hour seemed too terrifying....   [tags: 2007 singles, 2008 singles, Profanity]

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The Music Economy: Entering a Post-industrial Era

- Within this essay i shall be examining to what degree the music economy has entered a post-industrial state. I shall do this by first highlighting the the definition of post-industrialism and show how this affected musicians in the present day; and as a result how this has affected my personal and professional development within the music industry. I will highlight interesting factors such as the different interpretations of how we define an era, what place the creative industries have within a post-industrial society and areas of my own professional development, goals and education....   [tags: post industrialism, musician, technology]

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DJ Mixtapes Today and the Best Around

- Once upon a time, DJ mixtapes were for the faithful. Today, it's the opposite – everyone can access them, and more and more, they do. By the time you finish this sentence, 20 more live-casts and podcasts, club and stadium sets, amateur and pro, old and new, will go up on SoundCloud, and 20 more on Mixcloud. It's overwhelming, but it's also a treasure trove, as this chronological selection of 20 of the best we heard in the first half of 2013 proves. The 25 DJs that Rule the Earth Tensnake, Essential Mix (February 16th) Hamburg DJ Tensnake's approach on his 2010 club banger "Coma Cat" – friendly, assured, patient...   [tags: soundmixing and the cloud]

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Music: Which Cultures are Known for Plagiarism?

- ... Although at that time; it wasn’t plagiarism or intentional theft as much as it was a common practice to get inspired by other composers. Some say that the main reason that some pieces became famous is because they were copied and played by many. Many composers were known to keep copy books with them at all times in order to write down any inspiration that they may get from hearing other pieces. For example: Mozart knowingly copied a Clementi sonata for the overture to his Magic Flute. Schubert introduced many tributes to Beethoven in his14th String Quartet Recently in the 1950s, Shostakovich sarcastically commented on the issue of plagiarism in music by using a part of the famous "We Wi...   [tags: sampling, jazz, musicians]

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Music File Sharing: An Ethical Debate

- We are different. Living amidst a new era, technology has changed our lives forever. For more than a decade, our generation had commonly been referred to as the “net generation.” Our fortune brings us life in the age of digital information, where information flows freely and knowledge is infinite. We have embraced the concept of freedom and taken several levels farther than what our forefathers imagined. Whether we realize it or not, we naturally question the unknown and demand answers to our questions (and quick answers at that)....   [tags: Ethics ]

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The Significance of Sound in Film

- Movies ultimately engage two of the main senses, vision and hearing. Director Steven Spielberg once said, “The eye sees better when the sound is great.” Sound is just as imperative as an element as every additional component of film form. As stated in the textbook on page 41 “Any attentive filmgoer is aware of the enormous power music holds in shaping the film experience, manipulating emotions and point of view, and guiding perceptions of characters, moods, and narrative events” (Gorbman). The sound, in the majority of narrative films is the element that provides distinctive cues that assist the spectators from expectations with reference to significance; and in numerous occasions, sound es...   [tags: Cinematography Sound Analysis]

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The Change in the Music Industry

- The limitless access to music makes it easy to forget that people's careers rely on the profit behind every song. A profit that is continually shrinking, something that is forcing companies to re-think the way they get music to us, the fans. This will affect everyone who has the slightest interest in music. Some for the worse, but many for the better. MUSIC INDUSTRY STATE Earlier this year (DATE???) alt-rockers Cake topped the Billboard 200 chart with their first album in seven (???) years, Showroom of Compassion....   [tags: Informative Essay]

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The Coachella Music and Arts Festival

- If someone were to ask people ever wanted to see almost every artist from any genre of music in one place. Of course, anyone would say yes, because most people haven't been to an event like the huge one that happens in California each year. This is an event many people save up all year to attend just maybe once in their life time. The Coachella Music and Arts Festival, it is one of the most talked about festivals that this generation knows about. It is like a whole new world for most people each time they attend....   [tags: protest, ticketmaster, all genres]

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The Sound Of A Beating Heart

- At 2:25 there is the sound of a beating heart. This reminds me of how much my heart used to thud in my chest. Since Kevin is my first love, there was a point where I didn’t know what was going on. I was so confused by my feelings and the word “love” freaked me out. In “Cosmic Love,” at 2:07 the harps start slowing down. This reminds me of a time to think and reflect; reflect about what I was getting myself into and if I was ready for it. At 2:34, the music comes back loud and intense. That’s when I realized that I am ready to commit to this relationship, no matter what....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Sleep, Debut albums]

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The Trade Agreement ( Nafta )

- In the recent years, we have witnessed several changes in the world. There have been many changes experience, in North America, there has been the change in trade operation. The changes have brought a significant impact on the manufacturing industries. There have also been changes in music and fashion; where by comparing the lifestyle in the 80s and 90s in much different to the current one. The way people dress is different, and also, the taste of music has been altered respectively. Additionally, due to economic constrain and bilateral relationship the manufacturing industries, especially in the America, has been faced with globalization and outsourcing of jobs....   [tags: International trade]

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The Cost of Illegal Downloading

- At the end of the 20th century, file sharing and illegal downloading through Napster were the biggest hits among audiences everywhere. Because of this, many people started to believe that the music industry was failing due to declining CD sales. Although a valid statement, the music industry is not failing; instead, it is changing in many aspects due to file sharing and illegal downloading. Music is always evolving in new and innovative ways, regardless of the minor comeback vinyl records have made....   [tags: Music ]

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Cost of Free Music Downloading

- In 1999, Napster hit the scene with a peer-to-peer file sharing application that changed the world. Within a year, millions of people were trading songs from a simple download. It didn't take long for Metallica to sue Napster and to ban users from access. Napster was forced to shut down in 2001 (Mason). This opened the door; in the next few years, P2P networks and file sharing across the world grew exponentially. The torrent protocol and sites such as The Pirate Bay, Torrent Reactor and TorrentSpy became very popular....   [tags: Music]

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The Costs for Free Music

- Illegal downloading is causing billions of dollars in financial loses to the music industry every year. "In the decade since Napster emerged, music sales in the U.S. have dropped 47 percent, from $14.6 billion to $7.7 billion. From 2004 through 2009 alone, approximately 30 billion songs were illegally downloaded on file-sharing networks” ("Students"). In 1999, Napster hit the scene with a peer-to-peer file sharing application that transformed the world. Within a year, millions of people were trading songs from a simple download....   [tags: Music ]

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Restrictions to Protect Intellectual Property

- Restrictions to Protect Intellectual Property Most people have heard the term,” Intellectual Property”, which means the creations of the mind, such as inventions, trademarks, or designs. In the contemporary era, people have many arguments about their lives and environment. One of the biggest arguments is about intellectual property. With the development of technology, people can share their ideas more conveniently, which is related to intellectual property. The argument is whether people should restrict intellectual property or not, which means people should protect intellectual property or abandon it....   [tags: inventions, trademarks, design]

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Influential Musical Instruments: The Guitar

- ... For instance, the guitar represents a lot of different things to a lot different people however main thing that the guitar represents is music in which it expresses how the person is feeling. Overall the guitar represents joy and an outlet to say what is on their mind. For instance, when I see a guitar it represents a voice that is ready to be heard. For example, Jonny Greenwood guitarist from Radiohead plays guitar in soothing, yet unquie way that interies the audience. Jonny Greenwood enhances the music by playing the guitar because without the guitar the songs would not be as impacted to the audience....   [tags: making music, creativity]

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Music : Influence Of Music

- Music: Influence or Not Music cannot directly cure diseases such as cancer, but it can remarkably relieve the aches and pains that affect the patient 's body. But, theoretically, that isn’t all music can do in terms of health. In discussions of music, one controversial issue has been whether or not music can actually affect our mood, feelings and actions. On one hand, researchers argue that the music you listen to will affect your output on life. On the other hand, some researchers believe music does not affect mood or action....   [tags: Brain, Human brain, Gang, Emotion]

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American in the 90's

- The era of the 1990’s was an explosive time in American history both figuratively and literally. In the 90’s there was an extreme variety of different failures and also advances in technology. We as a nation had new advancements in space travel, our military and the way of life preparing for the turn of the century. As a country we didn’t know what the new millennium had to bring for us, but we were ready. Most significantly changing America though was from our creativeness that took place, the fear we had, and our militaristic ways....   [tags: US History]

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The Growing Problem of Music Piracy

- The Growing Problem of Music Piracy   At the turn of the millenium, the music industry has been faced with an unforeseen phenomenon that has affected its very foundation - mass scale music piracy. The decline of CD sales in the past three years have been blamed on the availability of songs that can be downloaded from Internet sites and service providers like Napster, KaZaA and Morpheus free of charge. Today the issue of intellectual copyright infringement in music has been taken more seriously than ever before, as large record labels and companies like Sony and EMI struggle to maintain healthy album sales in the face of online music piracy....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Internet Music Sharing and the RIAA

- Internet Music Sharing and the RIAA In today’s high-tech computer savvy world, one of the largest controversies brewing on the internet is the downloading and sharing of music using various peer-to-peer programs such as Kazaa, Limewire, Audio Galaxy, and many others. These programs use software that, “rather than going through a server to request information, can make requests directly to other software. This attribute is what allows users of P2P networks to freely exchange music, movies and other types of files (Friedenberg).” To the everyday user, downloading all of their music from the internet is great....   [tags: Internet Online Communication Essays]

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The Intruder - Original Writing

- The Intruder - Original Writing ‘It’s always best when the light is out, I am the pick in the ice Do not cry out or hit the alarm, you know we’re friends ‘til we die’ - Thom Yorke (Radiohead), ‘Climbing Up The Walls’ ‘Alone. The most awful word in the English tongue. Murder doesn’t hold a candle to it and hell is only a poor synonym.’ Humphrey had read this somewhere, probably in a Stephen King book, he couldn’t remember exactly which, but he agreed with the passage then and he sure as hell agreed with it now....   [tags: Papers]

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Copy Protection And The Drm

- Piracy of digital information today is a huge problem. However, an even bigger problem is the way that the government and private companies react to it. Private companies make the problem even worse by making over-protective software secutiy systems that also limit our freedom. The government even takes these laws so seriously as to arrest innocent people. Piracy itself is a problem, but even worse is the way it is being handled. Software piracy leads to many companies becoming over-protective about their software and they hire companies like SecuROM, Sony BMG and Starforce....   [tags: Copyright Digital Rights]

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Controversial Movements In Music

- "The ultimate achievement for any culture is the creation of an art form" (Marsalis, Pg 3). Wynton Marsalis is a strong supporter of traditional jazz whose impression is that music should stay traditional. On the other hand, Herbie Hancock believes the opposite. For music to grow or become anything, the artist must experiment and try new things. Herbie Hancock's theories allow for the movement of jazz music from the traditional to a more progressive new form. He believes what makes history is what music reflects on....   [tags: Music]

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- Kelley - guitar Scooter - vocals/guitar Jeremy - bass Sam - drums Terry - guitar After the dawn of Alternative Rock, dozens of bands began focusing their negative energy to create spiteful songs that resonated with crashing guitars and howling, pain-stricken vocals. Depression and frustration became the emotional conditions of the hour, and the music scene became glutted with groups that either feigned despair, or were so bleak they became inextricably tangled in their own gloom. Today, in an era where angst and volume have become passe, there are still a handful of bands that choose to internalize anguish and regurgitate it as a visceral, deeply moving melody....   [tags: essays research papers]

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