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Psychology : Psychology And Practice Pursuits

- Psychology Psychology is concerned with understanding, evaluating, alleviating, and preventing mental and emotional disorders and promoting human adaptation, adjustment, and personal effectiveness and satisfaction. Psychologists address the intellectual, emotional biological, psychological, social, and the many different behavioral aspects of human functioning across the lifespan, varying cultures, and all socioeconomic levels of humans. Psychology is an absolute science that creates research efforts to find and confirm data about what people are like and why they behave the way they do....   [tags: Psychology, Clinical psychology, Psychotherapy]

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Police Pursuits

- There are virtually an unlimited amount of aspects about police work that places them in harm’s way every day. Some of which officers are trained to mitigate and exercise some form of control over while others are mostly out of police control. Vehicle pursuit is one instance where police have little control over and thus must adopt a mostly reactionary response rather than a proactive approach. Police officer training and preparation for such pursuits are conducted during their initial phases of training and some receive advanced Emergency Vehicle Operational and Control (EVOC) training that they will bring back to their respective agencies to provide training for the rest of their fellow of...   [tags: Law Enforcement ]

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The Political Pursuits Of The African American Community

- In consideration of the upcoming November election, reevaluating policy initiatives relevant to the African-American community seems prudent. Due to the 2016 election cycle’s irregular nature, the balance of priorities in the nation’s top office remains uncertain moving forward. As a result of this unpredictability, temperance must be exercised regarding the political pursuits of the African-American community. That being said, the most efficacious way to ensure socioeconomic benefits for the African-American community during the administration of the United States’ forty-fifth president lay in championing job creation and addressing domestic economic concerns....   [tags: George W. Bush, President of the United States]

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Academic Pursuits Initiated With A Bachelor Program

- Reeling back in memories of my first visit to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, I can recall how excited I was moving into the city. The incessant rush of people back and forth, the omnipresence of automobiles on the thoroughfares, towering structures, and city lights: everything struck me as new and exhilarating. Nevertheless, as I started living in Dhaka, I soon realized that the city is suffering from an array of urban development ills, which came as an immediate byproduct of feckless planning and rapid, yet chaotic development....   [tags: Public transport, Bus, Sustainable transport]

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Exploring the Effectiveness and Dangers of High Speed Police Pursuits

- It is common for Hollywood to glamorise high speed police chases, often depicted with police vehicles speeding through the streets with sirens blaring and the offender always being caught without incidence, however this depiction could not be further from the truth with police chases often having serious consequences and the outcome often far from ideal. It is due to these less than ideal outcomes that the media and public at large often call for the practice to be banned or for further regulations to be imposed....   [tags: law enforcement]

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My Scientific Pursuits From My Postdoctoral

- 2. My scientific pursuits from my postdoctoral (habilitation) dissertation have found its teaching equivalent in the form of a seminar titled Anthropology of Writing and Reading, which I am currently holding at the Institute of Polish Philology, University of Wrocław. During the course, in collaboration with students I am analysing the problems regarding the area of theory and practice of the creative process, questions of the relation between the author and his creative output, as well as issues of reading theory/practice and reception of literary works by literary audience....   [tags: Literature, Literary criticism]

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Police Pursuits of Criminals

- Police Pursuits of Criminals      There has been a heated debate over the last few years whether police chases are worth the risk of public safety to catch a fleeing criminal. Each year these hot pursuits end in the arrest of thousands of criminals wanted for a wide array of crimes. At the same time it can cause injury and some times even death.      There is a huge misconception that police are out chasing the red-light violator or the burned-out tail light criminal. This is not the case at all....   [tags: Criminal Crime Police Essays]

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Police Pursuits

- Imagine being a police officer doing your daily routine job. You are in a patrol car on the highway, watching the cars and trucks drive by. You are also looking for speeders to warn them to be more careful and maybe you’ll ticket them. It has been a very boring day for you, since you have only been called on your radio once, and it was for an accident (fender bender). Almost at the end of your shift, a blue car drives by going ninety miles an hour, but you know the speed limit is only fifty-five miles an hour....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Economic Pursuits of the Jews in the Middle Ages

- Economic Pursuits of the Jews in the Middle Ages The Jews in the middle ages progressed economically through various occupations. Their economic status was very volatile for many reasons. No area of Jewish life in Western Europe offers such a perpetual change as the economy does. The Jews most specifically participated in international trade, crafts, slave trade, local trade, and most popularly in money lending. The Jewish people participated in commerce in the countries of western Mediterranean ....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Lululemon Athletica 's Clothing That Are Most Suitable For Athletic Pursuits

- day. lululemon athletica uses fabrics for their apparel that are most suitable for athletic pursuits. The main fabric that they use is called “luon”, which is a mixture of spandex and nylon. The sizes that lululemon athletica offers range from US sizes 2-12 in their tops, bottoms, sports bras, and outerwear. Since lululemon athletica caters to men and women, their product mixes for each gender vary a bit. On the women’s end, lululemon athletica is mainly known for their extremely comfortable yoga and workout leggings....   [tags: Trousers, Shorts, Brassiere, Clothing]

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