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Purity And Filth : Blurred Lines

- Purity vs Filth: Blurred Lines Purity and filth have been on opposite sides of the fence ever since a distinction was made between the two. The purity vs filth battle can be seen in many aspects of life, whether that be displayed in race, religion, or even geographically. This brings into question, where is the division between filth and purity, or is there a division at all. This division is called out in Joe Weil’s “Ode to Elizabeth”, Nicolás Guillén’s “What Color?”, and possibly even in William Carlos William’s “This is Just to Say”....   [tags: Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, White]

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The Gay Movement, And The Purity Movement

- The “Ex-Gay Movement” and the Purity Movement in the 1990s offered a solution for those wishing to reconfirm their faith with Jesus Christ. The Ex-Gay Movement consisted of ministries, with a focus on the New Hope ministry described in Straight to Jesus within this paper’s realm, that worked to rehabilitate those who wished to abandon their homosexual practices in favor of a heterosexual, Christian life. The Purity Movement, with a focus on the re-masculinization of men, True Love Waits and Silver Ring Thing described in Virgin Nation, within this paper’s realm, served as a sex education organization with a focus on abstinence-only until marriage....   [tags: Gender, Male, Gender role, Sexual intercourse]

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The Desire to Perpetuate the Purity of Children

- In The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss wrote, “When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.” Children live in a world full of innocence, ignorance, and bliss. They are not affected by the corruption of the world; therefore, naiveté is preserved. In J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, innocence is shown through the pond and Holden’s desire for being a “catcher in the rye”; through Phoebe, Allie, and Sunny for their adolescence; and through the carrousel and the Museum of Natural History for their conservation....   [tags: J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye]

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Sexual Purity And The Bible

- Sexual purity plays an important role in the Bible. In fact, it has one of the most central roles in the Bible due to its beginning. From the very beginning, God created man and then woman because it was not good for man to be alone. (Gen. 2:18) God created sex as a gift to Adam and Eve. It is an act that follows after marriage and unifies male and female into ‘one flesh.’ (Gen. 2:24). Sex is an act so intimate that is written, “Adam knew Eve.” (Gen. 4:1) Genesis, the beginning and basis for the rest of the Bible, shows that God had intended male and female to be together in a monogamous relationship where sex only occurred between them as a unifier and procreation....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Marriage, Human sexuality]

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The Purity And Freedom Of Humans

- While Rousseau praises the purity and freedom of humans in the state of nature, he favors civilization’s stage of development into the “hut society” stage and views contemporary society as a corruption of human virtue. Hut society significant inequality as people remained independent without the division of labor. Rousseau describes hut society as “A golden mean between the indolence of the primitive state and the petulant activity of our vanity” (150-151). He sees hut society as having the best of both worlds; limited in its vanity, but also enough so that people enjoy the company of others and are at least somewhat productive....   [tags: Human, State of nature, Political philosophy]

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Life At Its Finest And Purity

- Waking up to a new day. As I rise from my bed I look off into the distance of my bedroom. The bedroom of my house, my very own property. I sit up from my bed, and start contemplating whether or not this is all a dream. But no, this is reality. My reality. I thank you lord for another day it is still very surreal where I am in my life now. 30 years old, living in a 3 story house with two beautiful girls, twins as a matter of fact. A gorgeous view of the world around us, looking out the windows of this gigantic house you can see nothing but beauty....   [tags: Debut albums, Mother, Sleep, Love]

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Purity Culture and Sexual Shame

- The scene is the same in Christian youth groups across denominational lines. The youth leader holds up the object of a purity--an unmangled rose, a paper clip with elegant and manufactured curves. Cue the entrance of sexual sin and shame--greedy fingers disfiguring the frail flower, violent grip bending the paper clip beyond repair. The leader explains that sexual sin is the one thing that harms you irreversibly, that makes you ‘damaged goods,’ that could ruin your relationships and spiritual journey for the rest of your life....   [tags: Christian Youth Groups, Sex]

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Purity Balls and Chastity Among Girls

- While I do not think Purity Balls or movements have intentionally positioned women as sex objects, I do think these balls have created a sex cloud over young girls and women. "Indeed, purity balls enter women into a system of commerce in which their sexuality becomes an object to be traded by and between men." (Fahs p. 133) In Chapter 10, Wood states, "Women continue to be portrayed as sex objects for men's pleasure". (Wood p. 279) Even the music industry and video games portray women as sex objects....   [tags: Controversy, Sexuality]

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Cherokee Medicine : The Purity And Wellbeing Of The Soul

- Cherokee medicine primarily focuses on the purity and wellbeing of the soul and assesses the physiological condition of the body as a secondary practice (Frazier, Goad, & Wolyniak, 2013). This holistic approach of healthcare benefits may be physical, emotional or spiritual. The Cherokee tribe combine numerous traditional Native American healing rituals including prayer, herbs, smudging, chanting, massage, counseling, harmonizing with nature, taking hallucinogens and ceremony (Lewis, n.d.). The combination of multiple healing techniques illustrates the Cherokee’s philosophy of medicinally treating an illness does not result solely from ingesting the plant or medicine, but from the delivery...   [tags: Native Americans in the United States, Cherokee]

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Kate Is Always Looking For Sin And Purity

- When I transferred from Ohio to Bureau Valley, a larger school, but in comparison, still very small, the class size issues were still a problem. My high school class was roughly 85 students, making each regular class 15-20 students big. However, if you were in the honors classes, like me, the class sizes were much smaller, roughly 5-8 students per class. While my honors class did indeed outperformed the regular English classes, it lacked a variety of ideas. I concentrate on class size in high school because of the inefficiency to have meaningful conversations....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Algebra, High school]

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Nature 's Harmony, Fairness, And Purity

- In the poem, “Lines Written in Early Spring”, Wordsworth displays a theme of nature’s perfection contrasted with the imperfection of humanity. This notion is further promoted through examples of nature’s harmony, fairness, and purity which is viewed as being absent from mankind. The poem calls into question what has become of the human race, implying that perhaps we have completely strayed from the path that nature had intended. A strong connection to nature is established in the first stanza as the speaker is depicted relaxing in a grove surrounded by the sweet sounds that the environment has to offer....   [tags: Human, Thought, Poetry, Life]

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The Deception and Destruction of Purity in The Italian

- The Deception and Destruction of Purity in The Italian Purity in the Gothic genre can be perceived from so many points of view. It involves sex, beauty, perception, and people's position in society. "The Italian" has many characters that behold either one or more of these traits. In this paper, we will explore how Ann Radcliffe uses purity and the deception and destruction of it to enhance her character's role in the Gothic genre. "The sweetness and fine expression of her voice attracted his attention to her figure, which had a distinguished air of delicacy and grace; but her face was concealed in her veil....   [tags: Italian Essays]

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Purity in Circle K Cycles by Karen Tei Yamashita

- What makes a Japanese person pure. Is it their lineage. Is it the fact they live in Japan. Circle K Cycles written by Karen Tei Yamashita revolves around the concept of what is pure. Yamashita uses her own personal encounters, along with stories in order to try to understand the concept of what makes an ethnicity pure, and the hybridization of ethnicities. As a writer, Yamashita tries to explore the essence of purity by using different forms of writing. Yamashita, throughout the book, refers to her own experience of migration to Japan and Brazil....   [tags: Circle K Cycles]

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Cultural Purity and the Refute of the Inevitable Momentum

- Cultural Purity and the Refute of the Inevitable Momentum In the introduction to “The Pure Products Go Crazy,” James Clifford offers a poem by William Carlos Williams about a housekeeper of his named Elsie. This girl is of mixed blood, with a divided common ancestry, and no real collective roots to trace. Williams begins to make the observation that this is the direction that the world is moving in, as Clifford puts it—“an inevitable momentum.” Clifford believes in that, “in an interconnected world, one is always to varying degrees, ‘inauthentic.’” In making this statement, Clifford is perhaps only partially accurate....   [tags: essays papers]

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Honor, Patronage, Kinship, And Purity : Unlocking New Testament Culture Desilva

- In David deSilva book, Honor, Patronage, Kinship, and Purity: Unlocking New Testament Culture deSilva states that context is extremely important as well as understanding the culture, without these elements one cannot properly understand the interpretation of Scripture. David deSilva gives an enlightening contextual study of first century Mediterranean culture. deSilva believes that all culture delivers the framework for all communication, and the New Testament writings is no different in how the culture provides the framework for communication....   [tags: New Testament, Bible, Early Christianity]

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A Theme of Racial Purity, Honor, Family, and Miscegeneraton in The Searcher by Ethan Edwards

- The Searchers contains a central theme of racial purity, honor, family, and miscegenation. Ethan Edwards, the main character of the film, is a Civil War veteran who returns to his brother’s, Aaron Edwards’, ranch three years after the war. What was supposed to be a friendly family visit turns into a disaster. During the turmoil that Ethan is put in and has to witness, we are able to infer some characteristics about this mysterious man. It can be concluded that in moments of stress and frustration, Ethan becomes protective, contains a lot of racial hatred, and possesses his personal code of ethics and morals....   [tags: veteran, massacre, native americans]

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Holden Caulfield´s Innocence and Purity in The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

- ... This passage from the story tells a lot about Holden, “I couldn't think of anybody to call up. My brother D.B. was in Hollywood. My kid sister Phoebe goes to bed around nine o'clock--so I couldn't call her up. (...) My parents would be the ones. So that was out. Then I thought of giving Jane Gallagher's mother a buzz, and find out when Jane's vacation started, but I didn't feel like it. (...) Then I thought of calling this girl I used to go around with quite frequently, Sally Hayes, because I knew her Christmas vacation had started already--she'd written me this long, phony letter, inviting me over to help her trim the Christmas tree Christmas Eve and all--but I was afraid her mother'd...   [tags: companionship, judgemental, mature, pleasures]

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The Spanish Inquisition: To Maintain Ethnic Purity or Merely Religious Orthodoxy?

- Racism is the belief that ethnicity is the primary determinant of human traits and that racial differences produce an inherent or natural superiority of a particular race over another. While racism is a more modern term, the prejudice beliefs behind it have been apart of history since the beginning of time. In the 15th and 16th centuries Spain enacted one of the most studied inquisitions in history. The Spanish Inquisition consisted of some of the darkest days in Jewish history and contains some of Christianities most shameful chapters....   [tags: racism, prejudice]

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The Nazi Euthanasia Programme Based on Racial Purity Theories

- The Nazi Euthanasia Programme Based on Racial Purity Theories While the actual program of 'euthanasia' was initiated by Hitler in 1939 the whole idea of racial purity, Social Darwinism and eugenics had been on the rise In Europe and more importantly Germany for quite some years. The issue that called for the commencement of the program was in fact written at the end of October but was predated 1st of September to coincide with the start of the war, as it was interestingly enough seen as a paralleled war by the Nazis....   [tags: Papers]

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Symbols Used in the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

- “They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and creatures and then retreat back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.” (page 179) Nick figured this out late in his endeavors. In most cases, a strong desire towards unattainable things will lead to failure- like Gatsby, or corruption- like Daisy, Jordan, and Tom, which will ultimately lead to lifelessness and death. Fitzgerald uses green to symbolize unattainable desire, and in the book it leads to corruption and false purity....   [tags: green, false purity]

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Why the Religious Law About Pure Sex is Beneficial for Jewish Orthodox Women?

- Most religions of the world address moral issues that arise from people's sexuality within the human interactions. “Sex and religion- two of the most powerful, passionate, and poetic aspects of human existence”( “Manning and Zuckerman pg. 1“). There are many distinct religious beliefs about the complexion of sexuality and the appropriateness of various sexual behaviors. “Some religious (or aspects within them) can be described as comparatively “sex positive”. By “sex positive“, we mean that sensual, erotic activity involving the consensual pursuit and / or actualization of gratifying bodily pleasure is understood as natural and acceptable , even holy....   [tags: behavior, touch, purity, law]

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The Fall of Innocence in Lord of the Flies by William Golding

- It’s one of the most famous stories to ever exist, the story of how two people changed what defines us as humans. It’s the story of Adam, Eve, a serpent, and the unbecoming of mankind, the Fall of Man. This iconic account has been the premise for many works over the centuries. Today, Lord of the Flies by William Golding is considered one of the most influential novels of our time, not only for its adventurous story of stranded boys on a lost island, but also because of its allegorical tale of the true fault in man’s soul....   [tags: eden, savage, purity]

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The Quest for Atonement in Ian McEwan's Atonement

- Ian McEwan illustrates a profound theme that builds details throughout the novel Atonement, the use of guilt and the quest for atonement are used with in the novel to convey the central dynamic aspect in the novel. McEwan constructs the emotion of guilt that is explored through the main character, Briony Tallis. The transition of child and entering the adult world, focus on the behavior and motivation of the young narrator Briony. Briony writes passages that entail her attempt to wash away her guilt as well find forgiveness for her sins....   [tags: guilt, purity, immature]

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Women's Rights during the Victorian Era

- Women’s Rights during the Victorian Era The Victorian era, spurred a momentary sequence of both women and men in search of a prosperous relationship regulated by the demanding etiquettes of the Victorian Society. If these desired qualities were not in possession, a man or woman could be labeled as ‘unsuitable’ in the positions of a husband or a wife. Women suffered mostly throughout the Victorian Era as rights were ceased and the rules and guidelines of society were placed. The Victorian Era caused the rights of women to escalate when the Vision of the “Ideal Woman” was introduced amongst society; producing segregation between men and women to last for years to come....   [tags: ideal woman, domestic purity]

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Julie Taymor’s Titus Andronicus

- Julie Taymor’s film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus has many theatrical elements that aid in creating an interpretation of the written play. One of the most prominent elements that Taymor uses is color. Taymor uses color to develop Shakespeare’s characters. Many times throughout the film, color is used to represent a character’s mood or their hidden agenda during a scene. We also see color used to represent good versus evil. The three colors that are most widely used during the movie to show symbolism and imagery are black, white, and red....   [tags: Symbolism, Purity, Theatrical Elements]

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Childhood Purity vs. Knowledge of Maturity: Review of Photograph Virginia at 6 by Sally Mann

- Sally Mann has a gift of pushing buttons—critics and random people alike. Whether those buttons ignite a flame of hate or generate a spark of fascination, a strong reaction is guaranteed. Mann, once again, delivers a thought-provoking piece with Virginia at 6, where she effectively manages lines, value and contrast to illustrate a stimulating battle between childhood purity and the vanity and knowledge that comes with maturity. In Virginia at 6, Virginia, the child, poses nude with her arms comfortably shaped in a triangle over her head, body determinedly arched....   [tags: photograph, lines, youth]

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Snow White: Nothing More or Less than Beautiful

- Snow White: Nothing More or Less than Beautiful Both “Lessons from a Mirror” by Thylias Moss and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” by Anne Sexton provide a unique dialogue with the Snow White masterplot. Both works demonstrate how feminine beauty ideals and assumed purity are inextricably linked to a woman's inherent worth. Sexton accomplishes this while still remaining fairly in line with the masterplot yet her overall tone suggests disapproval of these ideals making her piece read almost as a satire, something that uses humor as a way to criticize a topic....   [tags: masterplot, beauty, ideals, purity, worth]

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Purity and Social Distinction in Persepolis and Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

- The two novels - Persepolis, and Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, both raise issues of social distinction, and separation, along with Identity and Purity issues in social classes. Social distinction in both novels involved birth status and the balancing of understanding the place of inferiority in their related cultures. In the novel, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, social class plays a role in the significance of your stature in society. Linda Brent, the protagonist of the novel, deals with separation from her parents, her siblings, and later her children- due to being born a slave....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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Purity and Civility in The Praise of Folly by Desiderius Erasmus and Of Cannibals by Michel de Montaigne

- Purity and Civility in The Praise of Folly by Desiderius Erasmus and Of Cannibals by Michel de Montaigne Both in “The Praise of Folly” by Desiderius Erasmus and “Of Cannibals” by Michel de Montaigne-relating to the common point to which attention is tried to be drawn-inquiry of true civility with regards to the Nature and its necessity according to certain circumstances are substantiated. First of all,Erasmus stating “Truly,to destroy the illusion is to upset the whole play.The masks and costumes are precisely what hold the eyes of the spectators.” Aspires to put forward the idea that there is a definite pact between people-which can be rather called as a concious...   [tags: Papers]

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Symbolic Meaning Behind Charlotte Perkins Gilman´s The Yellow Paper

- The roles in which gender is the main factor has been fought over but the fact of the matter is that it is still being fought over today. Not only is a gender role an old disagreement, but it is also the hidden symbolic meaning behind Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper. In her short story published in 1899, author Charlotte Perkins Gilman effectively use symbolic patterns to comment on how societal oppressions create insanity. Although John thinks he is being supportive by enforcing the “rest cure” for his wife, his lack of listening reflects the roles determined by gender....   [tags: societal oppression, gender roles, cult of purity]

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Womens Equality

- In the 1800’s a women was suppose to have four things Piety, Purity, submissiveness, and domesticity. These principles shaped the “Cult of True Womanhood” an idea that women were to be seen but not heard. Women had no say when it came to politics, they couldn’t own property, they were not allowed to do many jobs, and they couldn’t even speak in front of men. They had the duty to be a mother and raise their children but even thought they had this responsibility it was the husband who had the complete control and guardianship of the children....   [tags: purity, politics, education, responsibility, piety]

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Drugs, Cheating, and the Purity of America's Pastime

-      Most children who have grown up in an American household have at one point in their lives looked up to sports figures as heroes. Whether it was your grandfather telling his stories of watching Babe Ruth become a legend, your father’s stories of Mickey Mantle and the legendary Yankee teams of the 1950’s and 1960’s, or your own memory of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa chasing the home run record, the feeling of wholesomeness that baseball provides has always found its way into many people’s hearts....   [tags: Baseball Sports Steroids essays research papers]

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A Reflection on Women's Piety in the Quran from the Writings of Barbara Stowasser

- The readings of this past week discussed women’s piety and roles as defined by Islam and the Quran. The writings of Barbara Stowasser discussed Hadith and Quranic histories which featured exemplary Muslim women. These scriptures are significant because the Quran and its histories are used to extrapolate laws and codes of conduct for men and women alike. The role of Eve in the Garden of Eden as revealed in revelation by Mohammed differs slightly from the Christian narrative of the same story. This seems to be a small change with much larger implications....   [tags: prophet, purity, conduct]

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Dietary Laws of the Jewish Religion

- In the Jewish religion dietary laws are one of the most important parts of keeping the faith. These laws are thought to be sent from God to keep the Jewish people pure. Over the year it has became easier for Jews to eat kosher but many people have chosen to assimilate with passing time. A tradition that started around 3500 years ago that has kept its importance. Around 1275 B.C.E many of the Jewish prophets started to talk about kashrut otherwise known as keeping kosher. They talked about how God wanted them to eat only certain foods so that their souls would stay clean....   [tags: Dietary Laws, Purity, Kosher]

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Coco Chanel: The Powerhouse of Fashion

- Coco Chanel is an exclusive French luxury fashion brand most people know about. It is the one brand that has remained classic and pure. Chanel never has anything outrageous or too out there in their collections, it is just basic as Coco Channels motto has always been “back to basics”. The classic black and white pattern of Chanel will always remain a legend and has been quite successful with the company being worth billions of dollars. The private company has been called the powerhouse of fashion being owned by Alain and Gerard Wertheimer who were Coco Chanel's early business partners....   [tags: company, customers, purity]

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Analyzing And Purify Of Aspirin And Oil

- Discussion 19 The purpose of this experiment was to synthesize and purify of Aspirin and Oil in wintergreen. While determining the purity through analytical techniques. During the first part of the lab the crude sample of acetylsalicylic acid, Aspirin, was synthesized. The synthesis of Aspirin shows a general trend of chemical reactions known as esterification reactions. The compound containing a hydroxyl group reacts with a compound containing a carboxylic acid group, producing an ester molecule and water....   [tags: Aspirin, Carboxylic acid, Salicylic acid]

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Is Socrates view of the soul becomes purify similar to the Christian view of living in the world not of it?

- The soul is a mysterious entity; unlike its counterpart the body, it cannot be concretely study as a physical object. Parts of philosophy and religion delve into the topic of the soul, trying to denude its nature. As philosophy and religion sometimes resemble each other’s views, assumptions of similarity are made between the two. However, despite appearing similar, upon deep review of the subjects, philosophy and religion may differ in views. This is seen in Socrates’ view of the soul versus the Christian idea of it....   [tags: Philosophy]

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An Experiment Of Purify One Of The Largest Populations Of Antibodies And Soluble Proteins

- DISCUSSION The goal for the present experiment was to purify one of the largest populations of antibodies and soluble proteins, Immunoglobin G (IgG) from rabbit serum. In addition, IgG was purified through Binding affinity chromatography. Due to proteins A and G having a high affinity for IgG a mixture of protein A and G was added to the column as it selectively binds to IgG while a mild buffer was used to wash away unbound protein molecules. Dilutions of bovine serum albumin (BSA) of known concentrations were produced....   [tags: Protein, Molecular biology, SDS-PAGE]

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The Strength Of Pure For Marriage

- An Uncommon Form of Strength Called Purity This world portrays strength as a source or ingredient found in a superhero or a person in combat. However, there is a kind of strength much challenging for the average person in this generation to carry, because many would rather be living for the now and instant satisfaction. A strength only found in those willing to live set apart and submit their lives for what God desires of them; the very best. This is the strength of remaining pure in relationships....   [tags: Marriage, Love, Emotion]

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The Study of Culture

- 1. Discuss the idea of Mary Douglas, including how the idea of clean versus dirty is paramount in her theoretical perspective. According to Mary Douglas, purity or clean versus dirty or impure represent the boundaries of a society, and is a manifestation of the society’s fears. Douglas examined the use of blood as a means of purification and as a source of contamination that must then be purified in the Judeo-Christian tradition, as well as in a variety of African groups. Douglas emphasizes the symbolic meaning of purification rituals, and how they are manifested through ritual and daily practice....   [tags: Cultural Anthropology Essays]

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Analysis Of Goblin Market The Main Idea On The Surface

- In Goblin market the main idea on the surface is about a bond between two sisters but below the surface lies this poem is about the idea the being gay or having sex with someone of the same gender is not a bad thing either you are gay or just experimenting it’s not a bad thing and nor does this take away any purity from you. Towards the beginning of this poem where Laura gives the goblins a piece of her hair for this fruit, basically she’s giving a piece of herself for this fruit which kind of like the first time you have sex....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual intercourse]

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The Regulation Of Sexuality As A Social Problem

- Sexuality has long been the ultimate subject of moral regulation projects. In Hunt’s Governing Morals, the regulation of sexuality is introduced via Hunt’s description of the historical timeline of various phases of moral regulation campaigns. Conversely, in Kinsman’s “The Creation of Homosexuality as a Social Problem”, Marxist’s analogies, as well as the role social relations and are utilized to explain the regulation of sexuality. While there are commonalities between the two authors in their approach to the governance of sexuality, each provides their own unique twist on the topic of such regulation....   [tags: Sociology, Homosexuality, Marxism, Gender role]

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A Travel Of Time : The Modern Puritans

- A Travel in Time: The Modern Puritans Psychology powerfully decodes the framework of perspective. Today, a branch of psychology known as “color association” is taking root: why do we comprehend colors as we do. ----- Case in point, red symbolizes sin in America, but to fully understand America’s unspoken culture protocol, one must first understand why America perceives red in that regard. To do so, one can trace back to the Puritans of colonial New England, whose lifestyles are illustrated in Nathaniel Hawthorne 's The Scarlet Letter....   [tags: Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter]

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Marriage Is A Good Thing

- Marriage is a unification between two people who share their love for each other. It is said to bring joy, happiness, and satisfaction to one’s life. I really never believed in the idea of marriage, and reading and discussing more about marriage, I see why. Over the years, the idea of marriage has been tarnished by the hands of who force women into marriages, or teach girls that they must aspire to get married. That their lives are completed once they have a secured man by their side. Marriage is something that is supposed to be sacred between two who love each other; not some mere game that can be played with....   [tags: Marriage, Wedding, Woman, Wife]

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Women in the Dead Sea Scrolls

- Since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Qumran caves, the lives of a now deceased society has been placed under the microscope. With the amount of work archaeologists and manuscript scholars have committed themselves to accomplish, more information on these Qumranites has been learned. Scholars have been able to determine that they were a Jewish sect, while also learning that they were a Jewish sect and obtaining their Biblical canon. The majority of scholars have associated the sect of Qumran with the Essenes due to their similarities....   [tags: Archaeologists, Ancient Manuscript]

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What It Means to Be a Human Being in the Hindu Tradition

- In the early text of the Hindu tradition, the Veda, everything evolved around sacrifice. As a means of acquiring something, the elite class would make sacrifices to their gods in order to obtain the things they so desperately needed. An example of this would be the slaughtering of an animal to the gods in exchange for a sufficient rainy season during harvest time. The essence of what it is to be a human being in the Hindu tradition comes from a later text known as the Upanishads. This text did not focus on sacrifice rituals, but instead focused on the quest for knowledge....   [tags: humans, Hinduism, religion, ]

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Nathaniel Hawthorne 's Young Goodman Brown

- “Things are not always what they seem”, this popular euphemism is used in towards all aspects of life and to the misfortune of many english students is especially used in reference to literature. An author’s intricate use of allegory and symbolism, transforms simple characters and objects into major themes and motifs that extend pass the page and ultimately comments on human nature. A prime example of this literary technique is Hawthorne’’s story “Young Goodman Brown”. Hawthorne’s character of Faith is not only the main character’s wife but symbol of his personal faith but serves as a comment on female purity in the puritan community as well....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown, Allegory, Nathaniel Hawthorne]

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Jay Gatsby´s Outlook on Life in F. Scott Fitzgerald´s The Great Gatsby

- ... When Nick, the narrator, goes to meet Daisy and her friend Jordan Baker early in the book, he makes note of the amount of white surrounding Daisy. In describing Daisy and Jordan, Nick says “They were both in white” (Fitzgerald 13) He even makes note of the minute things around Daisy, like the windows in her house, which were “ajar and gleaming white” as well (Fitzgerald 13). Much later, Gatsby himself refers to her as the one who lives "high in a white palace, the king's daughter, the golden girl", meaning that she is surrounded in purity (Fitzgerald 115)....   [tags: pure, free, society, age]

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Analysis Of Hawthorne 's ' Young Goodman Brown '

- Symbolism in “Young Goodman Brown” is not discrete. This makes analysis of this piece seemingly simple. We can observe the various roles that Goodman’s wife, Faith, holds in the story. In “Young Goodman Brown” Faith holds the major roles of purity and protection as Goodman embarks on his journey through the wilderness. Faith is representative of Goodman’s innocence and purity. She is the only pure-hearted character leading up to the ritual in the woods. As Goodman ventures farther and farther into the woods, Faith continues to be more and more endangered....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown, Goodman, Nathaniel Hawthorne]

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The Color Of Sin By Sherman And Clore

- The Color of Sin by Sherman and Clore discusses the relationship between sin being dirty and dark, and purity being white and clean. It details that white and black are not just analogical assertions but actual perceptions of moral purity and pollution. As the article states, “black is not just the opposite of white, but it is also a potent impurity that can contaminate whiteness.” Conversely, white is known to be an easily tarnished thing that to remain pure must remain unstained. White is therefore known to be a symbol for moral purity....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, White people, White]

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Nature’s Pearl, Nature’s Dim, and Hester Prynne

- Through Pearl’s, Hester Prynne’s, and Arthur Dimmesdale’s interactions with nature in The Scarlet Letter, author Nathaniel Hawthorne concedes that the Transcendental belief in the connection between man and nature exists and hints at one’s spiritual purity, but he adds that the connections between man and nature sometimes results in aiding the sinner on the path of attaining salvation and in the individual gaining wisdom and compassion, while other times the sinner receives corrupt knowledge leading to weakness and eventual destruction, death, and damnation....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

- ... Angel Clare freely admitted to falling wayward from the path of righteousness, expecting full forgiveness from a woman. When Tess admitted to being raped, and therefore being void of her purity, Angel replied saying, “‘Forgiveness does not apply to the case. . . . How can forgiveness meet such a prestidigitation as that?” (223). This reveals the injustice for women, that women must actively guard their purity with their lives while men have the luxury of making mistakes. Furthermore, for women, it matters not if she is a victim of a crime, as long as a woman is bereft of her purity, she is unworthy to be wed....   [tags: double standard for women, story analysis]

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Reflection On The Practice Of Yoga

- Through the practice of yoga, I have begun to learn many things about myself that I did not know before. These new findings are due to the implementation of the practice of yama and niyama into my everyday life. Yama means restraint or behavior to avoid. While, niyama means observance or conduct to cultivate. Yama principles focuses on a person’s interactions with the world while niyama is more of a self observation and how to deal with ourselves. I find that these ten commandments of yoga have caused me to examine myself and the world around me in a way that isn’t negative but of understanding....   [tags: Thought, Mind, Psychology, Ten Commandments]

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Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl

- In "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl", Harriet Jacobs writes, "Slavery is terrible for men; but it is far more terrible for women" (64). Jacobs' work shows the evils of slavery as being worse in a woman's case by the gender. Jacobs elucidates the disparity between societal dictates of what the proper roles were for Nineteenth century women and the manner that slavery prevented a woman from fulfilling these roles. The book illustrates the double standard of for white women versus black women....   [tags: Harriet Jacobs, misogyny]

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The Caste System Of India

- The Caste System is commonly known to be a social structure within India’s population of over one-billion people. The word Caste is derived from the Portuguese word Castas meaning pure. The choice of the word Castas, was perhaps used due to relevance of cleanliness and ritual purity, richly found within Indian society. The ideology pertaining to the caste system, is developed through the Veda’s, the veda’s are a group of four holy books, witch the hindu faith’s obtain a large portion of their doctrine through, although the sanskrit writing such as the Bhagavad Gita, does teach an ideology of which India’s caste system is structured on, there is controversy with wether the Caste system of to...   [tags: Sociology, Hinduism, India, Vedas]

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Cooling by Tori Amos

- Cooling by Tori Amos Tori Amos is an unabashedly truthful songwriter and singer who builds her lyrics on personal experiences, uncertainties concerning religion and faith, and an undying desire to get in touch with her inner self. Amos’ song “Cooling” is a biography of one woman’s life from childhood to death, and ultimately the heroic journey for purity. The first stanza of “Cooling” begins with Amos referring to the death of Speed Racer, a cartoon character. This image is essential in creating a childlike innocence shattered by the semi-realistic microcosm of adolescence....   [tags: Papers]

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No Ordinary Sun & Rain by Hone Tuwhare

- Essay Question: Discuss the ways in which symbols and figurative language (imagery) are used to develop themes in at least two poems you have studied. *No Ordinary Sun & Rain, by Hone Tuwhare* Hone Tuwhare uses symbols and figurative language to develop themes in his poetry. Tuwhare’s strength is his ability to use effective imagery and symbols to develop persistent ideas that, in the poetry I studied this year, relate to the purity and beauty of natural things. Rain, an apostrophe to a “rain god”, and No Ordinary Sun, another apostrophe to a tree and Tuwhare’s protest against nuclear weapons, reflect ideas about nature that are persistent in many of Tuwhare’s works....   [tags: essays research papers]

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An Analysis of Theme in Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

- Nathaniel Hawthorne, in his short story “Young Goodman Brown,” details the frailty of human morality when he has the story’s protagonist (Goodman Brown) journey through the forest on All Hollows Eve to witness/participate in a witches’ Sabbath just to see what evil/sin is all about. During Young Goodman Brown’s journey, his faith is shaken as he witnesses those he respects the most also journeying to and participating in the witch’s Sabbath. In “Young Goodman Brown,” Nathaniel Hawthorne demonstrates that an idealistic faith in our fellow man’s righteousness could lead to disappointment, distrust, and fear....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown]

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Comparing and Contrasting the Chiaroscuros Between Othello and Iago

- In a work of typical literature, the blackness of something represents its darkness and how evil it is, and the whiteness represents the purity and goodness of something. William Shakespeare plays with the status quo of literature in his play Othello by giving Iago, a white man who should represent purity, an evil, black heart and by giving Othello, a black man, a noble, white heart when he should represent evil. Shakespeare “founds his play on the rupture between outward signifiers and inward signifiers, between the Moor’s evil-seeming black face and his ‘perfect soul’, between his ancient’s honest-seeming white exterior and the ulcerous evil that breeds around his heart” (Calderwood 59)....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature ]

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The History of Cities and their Architecture

- The History of Cities and their Architecture HEAVEN AND EARTH: discussing the relationships between the church of St Stephen’s Walbrook by Sir Christopher Wren and Agnolo Bronzino’s Allegory with Venus and Cupid (also known as Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time). The current church was designed by Wren to replace an existing building destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666. Constructed 1672-91, it is an example of English Baroque Architecture and was praised by Palladio as “the truest proportioned enclosed building in the world”2....   [tags: Architecture, Art]

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Why Satan Lost His Stature Of Theology

- Faculty, peers, and distinguished guests, it’s an honor to be speaking to you all. Thank you for coming here to listen to me speak tonight. We have a lot of information to cover, so I am just going to jump right into the topic. My intention is to explore the nature of the introduction of Satan into Western Tradition through the works of the ancient Israelites, and then by providing a description of the theodicy proposed by Augustine, I will explore some of the reasons behind why Satan lost his stature in theology....   [tags: God, Theology, Evil, Christian philosophy]

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The Societal Expectations Of The Victorian Woman

- In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Lucy Westenra and Mina Murray are used to contrast the societal expectations of the Victorian woman. The novel shows many elements of the literary theory of transnationalism by introducing matters of travel, gender, and sexuality. Lucy and Mina both start out similarly as typical Victorian women, but multiple events throughout the novel demonstrate their extreme differences. Lucy is portrayed as the inferior Victorian woman, who gives into sexual desires, and Mina is portrayed as the more modern and late Victorian woman who is not only pure and chaste, but also resourceful and somewhat independent....   [tags: Abraham Van Helsing, Dracula, Victorian era]

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Stephen's Sexual Desire and Religious Morality

- Throughout his life, Stephen is consumed by conflicting desires, the strongest of which being his sexual desire towards women versus religious morality. Confused and ashamed by these “sinful” thoughts, Stephen comes to view women in one of two extremes: they are either pure, virginal, and decent, like Emma, or impure, sexual, and corrupt, such as the prostitutes he visits in Belvedere. However, it is Stephen’s individual experiences with women from both ends of this spectrum that become the motivating factor behind both his art and personal growth as an artist....   [tags: sexuality, religion, morality, James Joyce,]

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An Inside Look at Hitler's Utopia

- Utopia: an imaginary place in which the government, laws, and social conditions are perfect. In other words, utopian societies are impossible to achieve; however, Hitler did not believe this. During the Nazi Regime, in Hitler’s attempt to create a utopian society, catastrophic events occurred. Nazi ideology was the key factor in the creation of Hitler’s utopian society. Many of the concepts from Nazi ideology stemmed from Hitler’s novel, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), which was a novel written by Hitler while he was in prison....   [tags: nazi ideology]

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Gaining A Better Understanding Of Religion

- Gaining a Better Understanding of Religion Say a student is given an extract on a world religion that only includes information on divinity, a few doctrines, and rituals of that tradition, but they wanted to have a better understanding of that particular religions tradition, beliefs, and gods, however had no other information or resources. What would they do. For starters the student could look into a few categories such as myth, gods, ritual, and that religions systems of purity. This would help to inform the student of religious studies, about tradition and more....   [tags: Religion, God, Deity, Ritual]

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Queen Elizabeth: Majestic Virgin Queen

- “When I received this [Coronation] ring I solemnly bound myself in marriage to the realm, and it will be quite sufficient for the memorial of my name and for my glory, if, when I die, an inscription be engraved on a marble tomb, saying, “Here lieth Elizabeth, which reigned a virgin, and died a virgin.”” Unfortunately these words had become spasmodically through her reign as Queen. Queen Elizabeth was in a constant battle with Parliament for her to marry and leave an heir to the throne. She never married and did indeed die a virgin....   [tags: biography, biographical essays]

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Hegemonic Masculinity in American Society

- Masculinity is described as possession of attributes considered typical of a man. Hegemonic masculinity is a form of masculine character with cultural idealism and emphasis that connects masculinity to competitiveness, toughness, and women subordination. Masculinity hegemonic is the enforcement of male dominion over a society. Masculine ideology dates back to the time of agrarian and the industrial revolution in Europe when survival compelled men to leave their homesteads to work in industries to earn a living for their families while women remained at home to take care of family affairs (Good and Sherrod 210)....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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A Scarlet Child's Human Nature

- “A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men”, is a truth verbally expressed by Martin Tupper that is known as well accepted around the world. Tupper raised the question, if children are born as the link between angels and man, then why do we have some many devils in the world. Hawthorne answered this question in his novel, The Scarlet Letter, by demonstrating that children are born innocent and are innocent in all things until taught a different nature in which to live their lives....   [tags: Nathaniel Hawthorn's The Scarlet Letter]

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Federal Funding For Only Education

- John Oliver reported that “Congress increased federal funding for only education from about 50 to 75 per year and at least part of that money gets matched by the state”. There the extreme dive that this generation has seen with this. Young people are a lot more open about certain things and sex is no different. At one time school videos would warn children of the dangers of sex outside of a marriage. There often was a vast miscommunication between people and factual know age. Today the common person is still miss lead by the media....   [tags: Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior]

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The, By John Wyndham

- The novel, The Chrysalids by John Wyndham, foretells of a futuristic story which unfolds about injustice and oppression of the innocent. In a dystopian world a group of eight telepathic children struggle to grow up undiscovered and when the time comes, to escape. A religious creed is set up “The Definition of Man” as a ‘purity standard’. As a result, people lived with much fear and self-hatred. The standard set one neighbor against the other in fear of another ‘tribulation’. A world scale disaster had occurred many generations ago and out of the chaos the ancestors and consequent generations held to what they thought was the ‘true image’....   [tags: Sociology, Religion, John Wyndham]

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Factors of the Enslavement of Africans

- According to Manning, "This story of black people in the modern world acknowledges but does not advocate the concept of "race" (Manning 12). For Manning, the history of black people is the history of black community. He proposes that one way to look at racial difference is color. Another way is biological difference. A third is religious belief and a fourth is purity of blood. All four of these contribute to our sense of "us" or "them." This sense of us or them feeds the concept of racism and is not contained to only one element....   [tags: race, culture, identity]

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Kinetic Production of Isoborneol through the Oxidation-reduction Sequences of Borneol

- Through an oxidation-reduction reaction sequence, Borneol is converted to isoborneol. First, borneol is oxidized through a reaction with sodium hypochlorite at 400C to form camphor. When the camphor is then reduced by sodium borohydride, isoborneol is formed. The percent yeild of isoborneol collected was 56.4%, and the melting point range was found to be between 174.2-179.90C. Through analysis of the product through 1H NMR spectroscopy the percent purity is found to be 77.2% pure isoborneol. Introduction Oxidation-reduction reactions can be used to stereochemically control and produce many different organic molecules....   [tags: Chemistry]

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The Innocence of Childhood in The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

- Growing up and becoming mature can be an intimidating experience; it is difficult to let go of one’s childhood and embrace the adult world. For some people, this transition from youthfulness to maturity can be much more difficult than for others. These people often try to hold on to their childhood as long as they can. Unfortunately, life is not so simple. One cannot spend their entire life running from the responsibilities and hardships of adulthood because they will eventually have to accept the fact that they have a role in society that they must fulfill as a responsible, mature individual....   [tags: caulfield, phoebe, teenagers]

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A look at the How and Why of Adultery in Ancient Greece

- The chapter “Adultery, women, and social control” in David Cohen’s book Law, Sexuality, and Society argues that adultery in Classical Athens was not as straightforward as the laws created for it, and that scholars need to start looking at the how and the why of it to truly gain insight. What Cohen is examining in this chapter is how sexuality and honour are linked. For a man, it’s actively protecting the sexual purity of the women in his care. For a woman, it’s maintaining that purity before the eyes of others....   [tags: gossip, sexuality, david cohen]

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Honor in Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

- In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, the theme of honor is one that presents itself throughout the novel by having a major role in the plot. In a small town in Colombia, honor is taken very seriously. Angela Vicario, a young bride, is returned to her family for not having her virginity intact. When her twin brothers find out about their sister’s dishonorable actions, they set out to murder the man who they believe did this. “On the other hand, the fact that Angela Vicario dared put on the veil and the orange blossoms without being a virgin would be interpreted afterwards as a profanation of the symbols of purity” (Márquez 41)....   [tags: Murder, Sin, Chastity]

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The Cultural Value Of Gender Roles And Honor As Motivating Force

- The Cultural Value of Gender Roles and Honor as a Motivating Force “The ends justify the means” – Niccolo Machiavelli. This is a quote we often hear, meaning the end results will compensate for our actions. In the novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold, this is the general mindset of several characters because honor is their priority. Honesty, fairness and integrity in one’s beliefs and actions are qualities that one must acquire to be honorable. Often, these values and desires to be honorable originate in the cultural values of society....   [tags: Woman, Gender role, Gender, Novel]

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An Analysis Of ' Nothing Gold Can Stay '

- In J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye and Robert Frost’s “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” symbols convey the reoccurring theme that change is inevitable. In general, change is something that cannot be averted because it is imminent. Along with symbols, the characterization in The Catcher in the Rye and setting in “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” reveal this theme. The symbols in The Catcher in the Rye and “Nothing Gold Can Stay” prove that change cannot be avoided. The Catcher in the Rye has important symbols that show change does occur, no matter how badly one wants to avoid it....   [tags: The Catcher in the Rye]

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Innocence Stolen in William Blake’s The Chimney Sweeper

- Throughout world history their have been and are many occurrences of society corruption and oppression of masses, such as the forcing of small children to sweep chimneys. Thus, William Blake’s Purpose in writing the two “The Chimney Sweeper” poems was to express his outrage at society for having oppressed and stolen the innocence of powerless children in forcing them to sweep. Both poems are similar in that he uses the actions and view point of the child speaker to express his rage against society, mostly through his verbal irony....   [tags: Poetry Analysis, Poem]

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The Taming Of The Shrew By William Shakespeare

- Woman used to live in a time era, where women didn 't have the voice or privilege to speak for themselves. Men were superior and predominant, a woman was forced to obey the guidelines of society 's views of how a woman should be. Being a shrew was not acceptable, don’t tease or tempt a man and that a good women depends on four characteristics. But as time progressed slowly women have been fighting for their voice; changing the views and perspectives society onces used to have on the “ideal” women and giving it a whole new concept and ideology....   [tags: Woman, Wife, Women, Female]

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The Feminist Movement Of Bram Stoker 's Dracula

- In the late nineteenth century, when Bram Stoker was writing and publishing Dracula, the feminist movement was beginning to find its feet. The concept of a “New Woman” was born and along with her came education reforms, increased divorce rate, and women tired of being put in an idyllic and antiquated box. The Portrayal of Mina (Murray) Harker in Bram Stokers iconic novel Dracula is Stokers input in the ongoing conversation of the New Woman. Through Mina, Stoker displays the Victorian, predominantly male, idea of a woman and the constant danger surrounding her by the invading ideals of the “New Woman”....   [tags: Dracula, Bram Stoker, Woman, Wife]

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