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My Mom the Matchmaker

- My Mom the Matchmaker I was walking around Fairfield High's Arts and Crafts show last weekend when I saw a mirror with that saying engraved around the edge. I didn't know whether to buy it for my mother or myself. I don't think many 17-year-old girls see a similarity between themselves and their mothers. That seems to come much later in life, if at all. But then again, most 17-year-old girls don't have a mother like mine. . . My mother made a list of colleges she wanted me to consider based on the ratio of men to women: Connecticut College was at the top....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile]

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Grandma, Schnitzel and Politics

- Grandma, Schnitzel and Politics I strolled the streets of Tel Aviv taking in the smell of fried falafel mixed with the salty ocean breeze. I watched people hurrying, lunging for bus doors before drivers pulled away. Then I realized that if I didn't get to my grandmother's in ten minutes, I'd be late - an offense that could provoke the dreaded silent treatment. I ran from the beach to her apartment on Bet-Lechem street and flew up the stairs two at a time, jumping over the Arab lady who sat scrubbing the floor....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile]

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My Debt to Grandfather

- Walking back into my grandparent's kitchen after being gone for so many years and under the present circumstances caused a flood of bittersweet emotions that seemed to steal the very breath from my body. As my eyes combed the room, I noticed people, some I knew, some I didn't, standing in small groups of two or three, all of them wearing black and all of them trying to maintain a solemn composure by laughing at jokes that weren't funny or by remembering a past best left unremembered. The funeral had been over for hours, but like the small sucker fish that symbiotically clings to the underside of the great white shark in hopes of feeding on the shark's leftovers, everyone at the wake seemed t...   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile]

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Grandmother’s Quilt (Grandpa's Love)

- Grandmother’s Quilt The inside of my body resembles that of a sieve. The biggest whole is buried deep beneath my aching soul. The rhythm of my heart seems to skip a beat with each breath that my lungs consume. As I stand at the front of the church entrance, I can feel the weight of my body shift from side to side. At any moment my legs may give way and buckle beneath my emotionally tired body. The warmth of the bodies from the room brushes past my face sending a flash of heat down my spinal cord....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile Essays]

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Grandfather’s Love (Grandpa's Love)

- My Grandfather’s Love As we neared the house I could see the front yard emerge amidst the hurricane-twisted pines that stood like sentinels guarding a castle. Pulling into the yard, I noticed that the grass looked like one of my great-grandmother's patchwork quilts. Old, but new in a way, shaded with varying hues of greens and browns seeming to be sewn together with sporadically mounted ant hills adjacent to a wondering dog's paw prints. We pulled into the driveway slowly as not to disturb dust that lay sleeping on the broken concrete....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile Essays]

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Mother Doesn't Know Best

- Mother Doesn't Know Best As a little girl, I was sure that a good parent would allow me to eat all the cookies in the cookie jar or buy me toys at Toys R Us. When I got a little older, I figured that a good parent would let me stay up past ten o'clock on school nights. Then I became a teenager and I felt that a good parent would buy me a car and let me be independent. According to these definitions of a "good parent," my parents always fell short. It wasn't until I became a parent that I began to understand what a good parent really is....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile Essays]

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Grandpa and His Canoe

- Personal Narrative- Grandpa and His Canoe Smallville, USA is about thirty minutes from Nowhere, USA. Smallville is a small town for small town people. My grandfather was one of those small town people. He owned a small camp on a small lake near Smallville. Kosoag Lake. From what I remember of the historical facts I gathered from growing up, asking questions, and pretending to listen, Kosoag Lake was earth. The lake was a part of Native American land flooded out for God knows what reason. In essence, it is a man-made lake, and that is why it is clean and beautiful....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile Essays]

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Childhood Memories of Grandfather

- It was a month after my fifteenth birthday when he died. I flew back to South Carolina on an express flight. It was Thanksgiving time, and the planes were packed. I sat uncomfortably in the back of the plane, feeling like a foreigner dressed in my black garb. My grandfather's death was not a shock. I had known he was dying of cancer for almost two years now, but when my grandmother called us and told us he was very close to the end, I still refused to believe it. I had seen him only a year ago on his eightieth birthday....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile Essays]

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My Amazing Grandfather (Grandpa)

- Personal Narrative- My Amazing Grandpa I don't have a lot of fantastic memories of childhood. There were no spectacular family adventures, no unique family projects that taught some sort of moral lesson, no out-of-the-ordinary holidays. We ate family meals together, but most of the time the children and adults lived in different worlds. The kids went to school, did homework, and played; the adults worked. I was lucky, though. When I wanted a little of both worlds, I could always turn to Grandpa....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile Essays]

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Learning From Grandfather (Grandpa)

- Learning From Grandfather My brother and I are playing on the porch steps, and are being watched intently by my grandmother. She gently rocks on the old cream colored swing, which proclaims of its lack of oil with every movement of its chains. The green indoor-outdoor carpeting that covers the steps too shows its age, with concrete poking through the edges. It scratches my legs as I sit and build things with my legos, but I have gotten used to the feeling. Today isn’t too hot, but the cool breeze that blows through is a welcome change....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile Essays]

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Balanced Scorecard Of Maybank

- BALANCED SCORECARD OF MAYBANK The vision and mission of MPI is to achieve a top 10 position as a bank of choice in the upscale consumer market for strategic Deposit/Wealth Management Products; as well as Auto Loans, Personal Loans, CTS, Mortgage; and to be a known player in selected segments of top-tier companies for Corporate Banking. The past two years have been especially good for MPI, as for the first time, they have posted positive operating income and have obtained good results in other areas as well....   [tags: Maybank Company Profile Analysis]

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The Clothing Store Francesca's

- ... Rather than just selling apparel, Francesca’s has borrowed a page from Coach and Michael Kors by also including jewelry and accessories within its collections. By having a wide range of merchandise available, Francesca’s has built up its appeal to trend-seeking shoppers (Caplinger, 2012).” There are many competitors of Francesca’s to consider like, Abercrombie & Fitch, Buckle, American Eagle, and many more (Sutherland, 2013). Francesca’s has many advantages over their competitors that almost put them in a niche category....   [tags: company profille]

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Grandma and Grandpa

- Grandpa Pat McGill, Jr. of Wisner, Nebraska always entered a room smiling. Pat fathered eleven children, including my mother, and had over fifty grandchildren, including me. Even though my grandpa and I were not all that close, I admired and respected his kind and gentle nature. He passed away in the summer of 1996, and I didn't get to say goodbye to Grandpa Pat McGill before he headed up to heaven with all the other saints. All but one of the McGill grandchildren were at my grandpa's memorial service....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile]

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A Grandma's Memory

- The simple bowl is deep cherry wood with a silver rimmed bottom that reflects my face upside down as a result of the polishing it has received over the years. The grain is worn, but still radiates the strength of the tree that it came from. As I run my finger over the inside of the cavernous salad bowl, it picks up some of the olive oil residue from the homemade Italian dressing that has seeped into every little grain of the bowl over years of use. Never subject to washings; we only wiped it out with a paper towel, to better flavor the crisp Boston bibb lettuce salads that it delivered at every family dinner....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile]

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Grandmother's Sad Life

- Personal Narrative- Grandmother's Sad Life My grandmother died while squatting over a toilet. People say she deserved it. They say the way of her death shows what a sinful life she led. God punished her and killed her in midst her own wastes. When they wrapped her body in a yellow sheet, I did not cry. They laid her in the living room and her white hair spilled like milk onto the red carpet. They say she was very light, wrapped in that yellow sheet. Her soul had left her body and taken all her sinful heaviness away....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile Essays]

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Mother’s Last Days

- Mother’s Last Days Welcome to the Glenbrook Retirement Home. May I ask who you are visiting. Oh yes, you must be Mrs. Mitchell’s son. She talks about you so often. Right this way. Ignore the other patients peeking from behind their doors. Walk past them, down the long hallway. You are the outsider here. Don’t forget that; you are now the crazy one, not them. In this place, sanity is like a dream that you struggle to remember throughout the day. Scott, so nice to see you again. It’s been a while since your last visit....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile Essays]

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History of

- History of The impact of internet community caused by YouTube has been phenomenal. You tube has established many new legal, individual rights, social concerns that question the human implications of this new social experiment. That is why YouTube has become so popular and interesting to the world. It has built an international understanding of areas of human relationships between people from all around the world. It has set no boundaries to communication. The psychological implications that allow for people to express themselves in any way they feel; has allowed no limitations to the ability we see ourselves and how we would like others to see us....   [tags: History Profile]

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Gap Analysis:Global Comunications

- Gap Analysis: Global Communications Global has been losing profits over the past several years and needs to make major changes in order to survive. In past three years the company stock has fallen from $28 to $11. In order for Global to raise profitability and become more competitive with other companies in the marketplace they have to make some changes including having more options to the consumer and expanding its call centers to less expensive areas of the globe. The problem that came out of the decisions that Global has made was they did not work closely with their union to make sure that they negotiated a fair compromise that would work for both the employees involved and the company....   [tags: Market Analysis Profile]

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Developing the TLC and HPTLC Finger Print Profiles

- Aim of this study was to develop the TLC and HPTLC finger print profiles for various secondary metabolites of methanolic stem extracts of the traditional medicinal climber, Solena amplexicaulis. These studies were carried out as per the methods of Harborne and Wagner et al. The profiles of various individual secondary metabolites were made and developed for authentication. The methanolic stem extract showed the presence of 5 alkaloids, 6 flavonoids, 2 glycosides, 10 saponins and 7 terpenoids. Owing to the presence of rich variety of secondary metabolites, the stem extract of S....   [tags: bioactive, metabolites, medicinal]

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The Country of Liberia

- The Country of Liberia This paper is about a small country on the west coast of Africa called Liberia. It is a country built with the help of The American Colonization Society. It was established to place freed blacks in the days of slavery in the United States in the 1800s. The government was modeled after the United States. Monrovia, the capital and principal, port is named after a president of the united states, James Monroe. This country has historical significance for african Americans. As Africa's oldest republic, established by former black American slaves, Liberia played and important role as a model for African colones seeking independence....   [tags: Africa Profile Geography Anthropology Essays]

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The Bead Bar Network

- The Bead Bar is a 1.5 million dollar company, that employee 15 full-time employees and 20 part-time employees. The company has three divisions that consist of studios, franchises, and Bead Bar on Board. The studio division oversees the company owned six studios across the Eastern part of the United States. The franchise division is in charge of managing the supply requirements of the five franchises. The last division is Bead Bar on Board, which designs the portable studios that are located on crew ships....   [tags: Case Study, Company Profile, solution]

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Blake Mycoskie: Chief Shoegiver

- "I always thought I'd spend the first half of my life making money and the second half giving it away. I never thought I could do both at the same time." (Mustafa C2) This is what Blake Mycoskie, founder of the TOMS organization, says of his actions-merely giving money away. But it's so much more than that. A now widespread, well-known organization, it is safe to say that Blake Mycoskie is changing the lives of many families and many children with his concept of "buy one, give one free" TOMS. Originally born in Nashville, Tennessee, Mycoskie moved to Arlington, Texas at the age of six, then to Orange, California when he was just ten....   [tags: Personal Profile Blake Mycoskie TOMS]

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Citi Bank Tarp Acceptance

- Citigroup History: Citigroup ' was founded as City Bank of New York in 1812 and remained a large regional bank until October 1998. Sandy Weill, then CEO of The Travelers Group an insurance company announced a $76 billion agreement to merge with Citigroup to form a new financial services conglomerate. It took only two years for the merger to pass federal law since the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act prevented banking and insurance companies from ever becoming one entity. As the new CEO of Citigroup, Sandy Weill was now at the helm of one of largest banking institutions in the world with over 300,000 employees and operations in over 120 countries....   [tags: Citi Company Profile Analysis Study]

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Corporate Analyisis Of Pentair

- Pentair, Inc. Headquartered in Golden Valley, Minnesota, Pentair owns and operates fifty facilities throughout eleven different countries. Pentair’s Technical Products Group is a leader in global enclosures, thermal management products, and custom enclosures that house and protect sensitive electrical components. The Water Group manufactures innovative products used in the movement, treatment, storage and enjoyment of water. Pentair’s local ties include two manufacturing facilities. The Sheboygan operation molds plastic and extruder block water filters, while the Brookfield location manufactures custom enclosures....   [tags: Corporate Analysis Company Profile Pentair]

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Serial Killers who Possess Necrophilic Tendencies

- Gruesome, cruel and heinous crimes unfortunately are committed by unstable, evil individuals who prey on innocent and vulnerable victims. Communities fall victim to panic and terrorization when high priority news headlines are announced regarding a crazed serial killer causing havoc in their area. Johnson & Becker (1997) state" members of society are captivated and at the same time delighted to hear and view the horrendous crimes and capabilities of serial killers." What exactly motivates these people to commit such horrendous acts of violence....   [tags: criminal profiles]

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Profiles Of Unions in Different Sectors

- Industry/Service: Private Catering Union(s) Involved: (1) IUF, (2) BFAWU, (3) T&G Profile of Union: (1) The International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Associations (IUF) is an international federation of trade unions representing workers employed in agriculture and plantations, the preparation and manufacture of food and beverages, hotels, restaurants and catering services and all stages of tobacco processing. The IUF currently has 336 trade unions in 120 countries representing a combined membership of over 12 million workers....   [tags: Labor Worker Unions]

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Avatars Will Replace Faces And Profiles

- I never thought when I started blogging that I would receive over fifty thousand views from one website alone. That is a big compliment for an old guy that lives in Brooklyn. I guess whatever I have to say must be stimulating. The lack of comments that I and most other male writers receive is not a sign of poor writing only a sign that women are not interested in a mans individuality or creative ability. I have seen many extremely boring and frivolous articles written by women receive over fifteen compliments....   [tags: Internet Net World Wide Web Media]

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The Memory Profiles in Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

- Memory profiles in individuals that have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have been studied and monitored for decades. Memory has been categorized as both the fundamental cognitive area principally accountable for the experimental symptoms of autism spectrum disorder or as inferior to a widespread cognitive discrepancy that goes beyond memory, such as executive dysfunction. Recent models have suggested that the memory abnormalities are an indication of core deficits in executive function (Bennetto, Pennington, & Rogers, 1996; Russell, Jarrold, & Henry, 1996)....   [tags: personal manners, spatial information]

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My Dad

- Personal Narrative- My Dad Oh my god, I thought this day would never come. He'll be all right, I hope. Why him, why not some one else. On the far southwest corner of the ranch the cool wind whispered through the tall cotton wood trees, forcing me to feel helpless. Time was winding down and I was to. Indescribable hot sweats came over me, my knees began to buckle. I heard my dads voice say, "I'm a goner" echo through the dust cloud that my jittery feet were creating. He was never wrong, in my opinion, but I wanted him to be so badly....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile]

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Computer Hackers

- Personal Narrative- Computer Hackers My perception of hackers was crafted long ago, by my brother, a hacker himself. He was involved with all manner of clandestine activites and tied up our phone line for hours. I, of course, never understood what he was involved with, but remember being excited when he broke into an army base, as the military was my passion at the time. I also never understood the constant calls from strange men our family would receive, nor did my parents. Now, my brother claims it was the FBI investigating him....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile Essays]

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Employers Should Use Social Network Profiles in the Hiring Process

- Social networks are increasing dramatically every year. Employers are turning to social networks because it is a tool to screen job applicant’s profiles. According to a survey conducted by (2013), 94 % of employers use social media profiles to recruit job applicants. This trend assists the applicants and recruiters. Job applicants should be judged by their social network profiles because social media give positive image about the candidate, prove the information in the resume, and help to identify if the person fits the culture of the company or not....   [tags: application, employers, ethics]

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A Career as an FBI Profiler

- When we were little, we thought the word “Career” was not a big deal, but as a senior in high school the word has become our reality as we start to finish our last semester. The question we’ve been asked all these years was what do you want to be when you grow up. But our answer was simple; we don’t want to grow up. As an innocent kid it seemed like the time would never come, but it has. It’s time to get serious and really ponder on this question. My mind has wondered for so long on what my career would be....   [tags: Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU)]

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Black & Decker

- Black & Decker Black & Decker (B&D) is a global manufacturer and the world’s largest producer of power tools, power tool accessories, electric lawn and garden tools, and residential security hardware. The company was a pioneer in innovation and development of power tools and has used that position to build strong brand names that enjoy worldwide recognition. Key Causes for Poor Performance in the Professional-Tradesmen Segment The reason B&D has performed poorly in the professional-tradesmen segment is due to the positioning of the B&D brand in this segment....   [tags: Black Decker Company Profile Performance Analysis]

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- History The launch of in July of 1995 was the creation of a new and bold way of doing business on the Internet. forced the traditional physical world brick and mortar retailer in the book industry to change the way they target the industry's consumers and then epitomized Business-2-Consumer e-retailing. Although, started as an online bookstore, according to eRetailNews , they have since spread its wings into other industries such as music, DVD, toys, videos etc......   [tags: Case Study Company Profile Swot Analysis]

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The Truth About Serial and Mass Murders

- ... Then in another part of the story he shows his back stage behavior. “He could open the door and look in on Anna and give her a big smile, just to let her know this was no accident, then close the door again, slam it, and return to his chair to see what happens next” (Larson 296). Profiling these characteristics is an important way to catch them sooner and end up with fewer victims. Murder sets most people on edge, whether serial or mass. But no matter the reaction they have on the community and the nation, they are two different types of killers....   [tags: different police profiles]

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Apple Innovation

- An economic crisis can be a crucible that forges new innovations in business operations or they can lead companies to make dumb mistakes that destroy them as they rush blindly to survive. We’re beginning to see corporations move into one camp or the other as the economic downturn gets worse and worse but one company one company stands out for forging ahead on innovation: Apple Computers. Apple’s innovation in their new product introduction leads the way and shows how product innovation can deliver superior economic return to a company and its shareholder....   [tags: Case Study, Company, Profile, solution]

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Mobile Phone Industry

- Industry and Company Profiles Industry: Telephone Communications Brief Reasoning of Choice As a major in Management and Computer Science, the optimal goal is to create a system that provides technology that is convenient, resourceful, and efficient. My main interests are in mobile systems that provide the leading edge in design, functionality, and resourcefulness. A possible professional career of a management and computer science major is in the mobile phone industry. Within this field, a possible area that a management and computer science major may be responsible for is providing a mobile phone with an optimized, consumer friendly system that is available to the any consumer that require...   [tags: industry and company profiles ]

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BP Oil

- BP started off its organization as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company but incurred many internal and external changes from 1909. BP executives decided the company needed to establish a network of retail marketing outlets in the United Sates. BP started a trend of mergers and acquisitions when it announced in 1998 a $53 billion merger with Amoco. Synopsis BP started off its organization as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company but incurred many internal and external changes from 1909. BP executives decided the company needed to establish a network of retail marketing outlets in the United Sates....   [tags: BP Oil Company Business Profile Analysis]

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My College Journey: A Career as a Criminal Profiler

- As I’m sitting at home on my bed trying to get all of my school work done on time for classes, I think of all the other things I could be doing or if I should even do it at all. I always end up playing with my puppy, searching the tv for something to watch, or go on social networks and put my homework aside to do later so I can think of ideas. Deciding on whether to even do it or not ends up with me wondering what would I do without a college education and how I need one to be able to pursue the career I want....   [tags: psychology, experience, classes]

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- Personal Narrative- Dad My brother and I were standing in a white room where people were franticly running around. I looked at this man being wheeled by lying on a blood soaked bed. His eyes were swelled shut and he was moaning in excruciating pain. I took a closer look and realized his skull was exposed. His scalp was completely off the side of his head. Tears started coming when I thought about this poor man's family. How were the doctors going to tell his wife and kids what he looked like; or even worse, he had died....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile]

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- Personal Narrative- Grandpa Routinely pushing play on the answering machine, as I do every time I get home, I was about to hear the words that would forever change my life. The sorrow and agony in her voice gave away the horrifying news I had been regretfully waiting. My heart sank as I sat and reflected on what had happened. Since I was a little kid, my grandpa, Howard Scheuster, has always been a role model in my life. He was an intelligent man, loyal Christian, prominent family leader, and hard worker, thus I had many reasons for looking up to him my whole life....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile]

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- She's sitting there, a blown-out shell as hulking and vacant and lifeless as the enchanted castles of my beloved fairy-tale stories. The television cries for attention, but her eyes refuse to acknowledge even its blatant wail. Behind tinted glass-is that smudged dirt or a protective coating?-eyes finally flutter open, the first sign of life. Are they blank. Do they beg for help or scream of past and present pain. I can't say-I haven't the courage to look. The world rotates around its axis three times an hour and I run with it....   [tags: Personal Narrative Profile]

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Online Dating

- Online Dating Some people today feel they cannot meet someone in their everyday lives so they turn to the internet to find a prospective partner, people us the internet as a way of meeting new people Online dating has become the new way of finding your soul mate The internet has made dating more convenient you no longer to have to go out to a bar and spend money trying to impress or you really don’t have, for people who are shy this is the perfect way to screen a potential in the privacy. I thought I would never talk to someone online nor consider being in a relationship statistics predict more than 100,000 marriages take place through the internet, caution is needed all websites are not saf...   [tags: profiles, internet, e-mails]

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Profiles in Courage by John Fitzgerald Kennedy

- ... After he was discharged from the navy he worked as a news reporter for Hearst Newspapers. In 1952 John Fitzgerald Kennedy challenged Henry Cabot Lodge for his seat on the United States Senate. Kennedy was backed by his father's financial resources and he hired his brother as his campaign manager. John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s Brother Robert Kennedy put together and made one of the best campaigns in the history of Massachusetts and maybe even anywhere. John Fitzgerald Kennedy ran in a year when the Republican Party had control of the United States Senate and the House of Representatives....   [tags: catholic president, senators]

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Profiles In Courage

- Profiles In Courage is a book that focuses on the adversity that very few United States Senators have been willing to deal with in order to cultivate their ideas of better democracy. It focuses primarily on the independent thoughts and views that those few politicians have been willing to stand up for, with other odds against them. The first Senator that is focused on is John Quincy Adams of Massachusetts, son of John Adams. He was a Puritan and a Federalist, with odd loyalty to his father. One of the odd things about the younger Adams was his constant sense....   [tags: Kennedy US Government ]

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- Task 1: History of a Business Tesco History Tesco was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen. The Tesco’s in 1919 sold surplus groceries from a stall in the East End of London. The brand Tesco, was first introduced in 1924 when the founder, Jack Cohen, purchased tea from T.E. Stockwell. Jack Cohen then made new labels, using the first three letters of the supplier’s name, TES, and the first two letters of his surname, CO, thus making TESCO. The first store was opened in Middlesex, in 1929, and not only until 18 years later in 1947 did Tesco find its way onto the Stock Exchange as Tesco Stores (Holdings) Limited....   [tags: Company Profile History Market Analysis]

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Profiles in Courage: Sam Houston

- Sam Houston was a great man in our history. He stood up for what he believed was good for the Union not the North or the South. When Sam was rebuked for providing the winning margin for his opponents he said “I know neither North nor South; I know only the Union.” He also said everyone “…must stand firm to the Union, regardless of all personal consequences.” He was fiercely ambitious, yet at the end he sacrificed for principle all he had ever won or wanted. He was a Southerner, and yet he steadfastly maintained his loyalty to the Union....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Presidential Candidate Profiles

- Candidate Profiles I. Al Gore A. US Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore, was born on March 31, 1948 in Washington D.C.. His father Albert Gore Sr., a congressman from Tennessee, served in the House of Representatives and his mother Pauline La Fon was one of the first women to graduate from Vanderbilt Law School. Gore, a Baptist, attended Harvard where he received a degree with high honors in government. Even though he was strongly opposed to the war in 1970 Al joined the army where he served his time in Vietnam as an army reporter....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Some young people create profiles as their friends have, they desire to join in their peer group and to share a common experience with their friends. Joining like-minded peers appeals to their collective self-esteem, which eventually, gives them the unexpected pleasure in expressing themselves on SNS profiles. Often, young people provide specific information (e.g., name, birthdate, relationship status) on SNS, although such disclosure is often considered as personalized. Profile generation is an explicit act of writing oneself into being a digital environment (Boyd D., 2008) and participants must determine how they want to present themselves to those who may view their self-representation or...   [tags: Technology, SNS Profiles]

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Motives Driving ODA Flows: An Analysis of the Australian and Spanish Foreign Aid Profiles

- State decision making at the international level is often decomposed and analyzed with the domestic pressures of the state in mind; this method of framing international actions certainly extends to include the foreign aid sector of a state’s foreign affairs and is often used to help explain the trends and behaviors a state’s aid giving assumes. Foreign aid—or in the context of this paper more specifically Official Developmental Assistance (ODA) as defined by the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)—has long been a cornerstone of a developed nation’s international policy agenda but has been openly criticized as a modern for...   [tags: Australian Government]

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Profiles in American Enterprise A.G. Edwards Inc.

- Profiles in American Enterprise A.G. Edwards Inc. The industry for securities is undoubtedly an exciting and fast paced industry. This means that brokerage firms such as A.G. Edwards and Sons must always be watching the stock prices on every stock in the market so that they can give their clients maximum profit. When A.G. Edwards and Sons’ clients do well then in turn so does the brokerage firm. A.G. Edwards Inc. is not the biggest corporations in America, but yet it is still a very large corporation and has great importance in the industry for which it participates....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Discrimination After 9/11

- On September 11, 2001, America was the victim of a brutal terrorist attack by members of the extremist group Al-Qaeda. That day will not only be remembered for the lives lost and the damage to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but for the changes it brought in the everyday American's lives and perceptions of people who are different, specifically those of Middle Eastern descent. Even now, almost 13 years later, we are still dealing with the discrimination against those of the Muslim faith and a loss of some basic freedoms Americans used to take for granted....   [tags: muslim stereotyping, terrorist profiles]

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Character Profiles from O'Neils Long Days Journey Into Night

- Character Profiles from O'Neils Long Days Journey Into Night Description: James Tyrone is 65 years of age, but looks to be in early 50’s. He is about 5ft 8inches tall, is broad-shouldered, and deep-chested but appears taller and more slender due to his soldierly posture. Walks tall, head up, chest out, stomach in and shoulders squared. Very attractive for being older, he has deep set dark brown eyes and thinning gray hair. Sports a full white beard. Personality can be described as cheap, penny- pinching and stubborn....   [tags: Papers]

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Finding Nemo: Psychological Profiles of Its Characters

- We all know the popular family movie “Finding Nemo” a kid’s movie that tells a journey of Marlin, a father clown fish, who crosses the vast ocean to find his son Nemo. During Marlin’s journey he comes across many new and scary things, but like any good children’s movie Marlin does eventually find his son Nemo and they go back home and live happily ever after. This all sounds good right. Wrong. Looking at this movie from a psychologist point of view, or in my case a psychology students’ point of view you slowly begin to realize from the moment the movie starts each and every one of the characters in this lovely kids movie is kind of messed up in their own special way....   [tags: personality traits, psychology]

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Take a Minute to Think Before You Post

- People really need to become more cautious of what they post on social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace. Here’s why. Many people believe that once they post a comment or a photo on a social network site, it is private and only viewable to their friends and family. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. What many consider being private is actually open to the public and can be viewed by businesses, colleges and universities. Even though people believe that their social networking profile is private due to their privacy settings, they still need to be careful....   [tags: Social Networking ]

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Issues In Psychological Profiling

- Issues In Psychological Profiling Historically, crime and criminals have always caught the attention of law-abiding citizens. Whenever there is mention of serial killers or unsolved murders or abductions, psychological profiling, floats to the top of the list of concerns (Egger, 1999). Psychological profiling is an attempt to provide investigators with more information about an offender who has not yet been identified (Egger, 1999). Its purpose is to develop a behavioral composite that combines both sociological and psychological assessment of the would-be offender....   [tags: Psychology]

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Car Checker Android Application: An Evaluation of the Final Purposed User Interface

- ... A couple of features that the application has is the apply for the user to find a car repair shop or a car dealership on a map to make sure that they know where to go to get their car fixed, the ability to create a car profile to keep track of the car’s maintenance schedule, and the ability to input repair information to the car’s profile to keep track of when repairs were done to the car and at what mileage was the repairs done at. Now, the various screens of the Car Checker Android Application User Interface prototype will be discussed in detail by each screen and what purpose does it serve for the entire application....   [tags: features, interface, screen]

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Images and Their Depictions on Social Network

- An image has the ability to convey philosophies that text possibly cannot; therefore, people tend to use images to express their emotions rather than texts. Images may look simple; however, they are in fact complex and hold various meanings behind them. Most social networks allow you to upload images in order to show your distinctive personality in any way you please. In other words, the pictures displayed in social networks do not necessarily show our whole personality, but only the aspects we would to be seen....   [tags: Facebook, Pictures]

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What is Profiling?

- Profiling came into the public eye with the debut of the popular show Criminal Minds which has been renewed for a tenth season. According to Lilienfeld et al. (2014) practitioners use information derived from patterns of crimes to determine the motives and personality traits of the offender. Law enforcement has used profiling techniques for the last thirty years but little empirical scientific research has been conducted on the validity of actual techniques used by profilers. Most articles are instead, discussion pieces about the perception of profiling within the law enforcement field....   [tags: popular TV show, Criminal Minds, crime, motives]

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Facebook Activity and Self-Esteem

- Method To look at the relationship between Facebook activity and self-esteem levels, we asked students in a research methods class to participate in an experiment. The independent variable was Facebook activity and had four levels. Specifically, we manipulated whether the participants looked at their own profile page, photos and possibly updated their status (Personal Profile Condition), their friends’ profile pages and photos (Friends’ Profile Condition), their newsfeed (Newsfeed Condition), or were in the control group which looked at geometric shapes (Control Condition)....   [tags: psychological research and studies]

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Racial Profiling: An American Crisis

- The concept of racial profiling has been given many different definitions. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, racial profiling refers to “the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual's race, ethnicity, religion or national origin.” Everyday, people fall victim to racial profiling. Some people argue that racial profiling is a necessary and practical form of law enforcement. Others deny its entire existence....   [tags: Racism, Prejudice Essays]

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Social Networking Sites

- Social networking has come a long way since the introduction of multiple social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook in the early 2000s. Nowadays, it is almost certain that any application that involves online interactions can be linked to a social networking site. Social networking has reached a new level; almost every web application must-have or will-recommend its users to connect their application profiles to their social networking profiles. Because social networking sites and social media contain the personal information of its users, social media users are constantly connected in their tightly knit communities present on the web....   [tags: MySpace, facebook, twitter, applications]

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Overview of Criminal Profiling

- Being a criminal profiler is not like it is on all the television shows, but it is still an interesting and important job. Criminal profilers have been used to close many police and federal cases. They work in several homicide cases involving rape, racial killings, brutal killings, and involving serial killers. They help make it easier for the police to find the right person by examining the crime scene. Being a criminal profiler is a tough job but with hard work and dedication it is a great career choice....   [tags: career, criminal justice]

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LinkedIn: The Fastest Growing Media Platform in The World

- Prior to this assignment I had heard about LinkedIn many times but for some reason never created a profile. However, after being required to create a LinkedIn account I now realize the vast potential that it has to offer. For starters, it is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. “LinkedIn’s global network adds approximately one new member every second” (Eyres, 2009). Secondly, it provides people the opportunity to network with professionals who may work in the same field as you or people who have similar skills....   [tags: media marketing, cloud technology]

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Criminal and FBI Profiling Job

- FBI profiling People wonder what type of motive a person could have to commit crime. FBI profiling is the act of discovering what is happening in a person’s mind when a crime is committed. FBI profilers try to think like the criminals to help law enforcement catch the criminal and stop from further damages. FBI profiling has always been a passion for people, it eliminates the amounts of stress that can be apparent in the lives of people today. Some of the most interesting and unusual killers will be identified by profiling....   [tags: Government, Evidence, Crime]

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Screening Social Networks for Job Hiring

- People should embrace the practice of social network screening and use it to their advantage. People are now living in a technology-based age, making it only natural for the world of social media to be incorporated into an employers hiring process. A popular reason for not hiring a candidates after performing a social network screening was spelling and grammar errors in posts made online (Brown, V., & Vaughn, E., 2011, p.220), yet this can be easily fixed. Additionally, the internet allows people to demonstrate their skills as a candidate....   [tags: confidentiality, social networking]

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Constructs of Self-Determination Theory Through a Person-Oriented Lens

- In this article, Ratelle, Guay, Vallerand, Larose, & Senecal (2007) look at constructs of self-determination theory through a person-oriented lens. According to Ratelle et al (2007) one benefit of using this person-oriented approach to allow natural motivational profiles to surface rather than forcing student responses to fit into existing categories. By using this method, as well as examining areas of academic achievement, Ratelle et al (2007) hope to discover if one existing student motivation profile is more beneficial than another....   [tags: Article Analysis]

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Is There a Link between the Misconception that There is Binge Drinking on College Campuses and the Presence of Alcohol Related Content on Social Media

- ... The students participated under the condition that they would receive extra-credit for a psychology class. Of the 57 participants, 18 were males and 39 were females. Ages of participants ranged from 18-33 with about 70% of them being freshman students. In this study, participants were randomly selected to view one of two fictional Facebook profiles created by Fournier, et al. One of the pages included alcohol-related content, while the other did not. After the participants were exposed to one of the profiles, they were then asked to fill out a questionnaire which asked about their use of social media, use of alcohol, participant’s perception of drinking norms in college, and also include...   [tags: social norms theory, Fournier]

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Residual Stress in Structural Steel Members

- ... Comparing the specimens ID1 and ID2, which have the same gauge length of 80 mm with strain rate 0.00007s-1 but different specimen orientation, it is seen that the modulus in longitudinal direction have 1.0% higher value than the transverse direction. Comparing the specimens ID1 and ID4, which have different gauge lengths, width, thickness, the variation of average measured modulus is 2.5 GPa for all strain rate, indicating the effect of varying parallel length, gauge width, grip area and orientation of specimen....   [tags: material analysis and engineering]

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Michel Foucault, Panopticism and Facebook

- Welcome to Facebook. Make yourself comfortable as with each status, piece of information, and picture, you are slowly, but surely, more and more under the power of others. Why, you might ask. Isn’t Facebook just a great, flexible, free blog that one can use to create a virtual identity and keep up with everyone. Well, remember how they say that knowledge is power. Exactly. Everyday, you and your friends give Facebook the power to know your likes and dislikes, where you are from, colleges attended, pictures with you at every stage, and even where you are right now....   [tags: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn]

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Events Industry's Impact on Regional Development

- After researching the impacts events have on regional development I have come to agree with the statement ‘The events industry is an effective and appropriate vehicle for facilitation of regional development’. The significance of this thesis is to critically discuss and demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the events industry and regional development while also providing an understanding of the history of events and the increasing significance of the event industry in contemporary society....   [tags: tourism, publicity, interest]

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Forensic Psychology and Criminal Profiling

- One of the major hurdles blocking the recognition of criminal profiling is due to not having enough commanding material, with no evidence to back up the approach of logical lessons to claim the profilers which lack the credentials to form psychological supposition about criminal behaviour. Some of the bylaw administration agencies in most countries around the globe are still somewhat skeptical about the criminal profilers’ duties. The data for the criminal such as the Railway Killer’s is commonly only asked for in situations where the police enforcement has drained all the other tips, at times comprising of astrologers and psychics (Holmes and Holmes, 1996)....   [tags: behavior, proof, analysis]

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Top Sites for Christian Singles

- Top Sites for Christian Singles "You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with." --Wayne Dyer While I enjoy being single, I do occasionally like male company for dinner, dancing or just good conversation. Fortunately, there are many sites for singles to find friends, dates and even mates; however, I was interested in sites for Christian singles. After contacting several megachurches to inquire as to which sites were most used by their singles, we learned that the directors for the ministries were not asking this question and the singles where not volunteering the information—although the felt the services were being used....   [tags: Social Media]

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The Psychology of Social Media

- Living in the 21st century requires one to stay current with latest technological advancements. Ever since the development of social networking sites, people are now able to create a carefully-crafted identity for themselves. This has led psychologists to question how well these online personalities match the person in front of the computer. The innovative branch of media psychology looks into how social networking portrays individuals and initiates human interactions within a society. A basic question is how well are people able to get to know each other through social networking sites....   [tags: Facebook Twitter YouTube Essays]

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Privacy and Security Issues on Facebook

- Executive Summary Problem Statement: In this white paper we will address how privacy and security can be improved on Facebook. Important Points: · Background of Facebook · Privacy Problems with Facebook · Possible Security and Privacy Solutions · Summary · Works Cited Background of Facebook Facebook allows people to connect with friends across the seas with different cultures. Originally, Facebook was started in 2003 by a man named Mark Zuckerburg in his college dorm room at Harvard University....   [tags: Social Networking, Online Privacy]

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Searching for My Education Soul Mate

- The time is quickly approaching for me to submerge myself into the college application process. Finding the perfect college should not be taken lightly and I have found the never-before discovered key to success. Today, adults utilize our advanced technology to assist them in their failing love lives; over the past decade or so dating websites have contributed a whole new avenue to finding one’s perfect match. And the dynamic of this epidemic has leaked into the college application process. Students must understand that applying to college is the same thing as creating a profile on an education dating site....   [tags: university, honesty, relationship]

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Is Psychological Profiling the Solution to Terrorism?

- ... The Mad Bomber investigation is one of the most well known cases that psychologists were allowed to investigate. As a result of Jack Brussel’s spot-on detailed description of the Mad Bomber, police started to consult with more psychologists and psychiatrists. Psychological Profilers have abetted in multiple well-known cases and have locked up some serious psychos, such as, Jack the Ripper and the Green River Killer. Psychological Profiling is very effective because it uses the style and nature of the crime to apprehend its offender and has a higher closing rate than cases used without it....   [tags: mad bomber, crime, police]

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The Use of Profiling to Combat Terrorism

- Profiling by Israel security forces is a very important factor when it comes to fighting terrorism. Profiling allows for certain types of people with similar characteristics to be grouped and identified to help understand why certain people commit different crimes. Because the profile of a terrorist has changed over time, Israel now uses a type of profiling that is predictive. Instead of looking at the crime after it has already been committed to profile the criminal, Israel uses predictive profiling to determine the suspicion and threat of everybody before any criminal activity is able to occur....   [tags: Terrorism ]

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The Basics of Online Dating

- Love has been around since the beginning of time and for as long as romantic relationships have been around; people have tried various ways of meeting one another. The mid-1990s marked the start of online dating and since then has evolved into a much more common method of dating. Online dating is typically taken advantage of in one of two ways. Some people prefer to create their own profile and rely on themselves to choose their mate choice, while others allow the online dating services to create matches between the online subscribers....   [tags: attraction, internet, romantic relatioships]

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Thermodynamic Optimization of Flow Over an Isothermal Moving Plate

- The system of equations 7 and 12 with their boundary conditions has been solved numerically with Shooting method where the results were in best agreement with previous studies [3]. Moreover, for the first time, an equation for generated entropy is presented and minimized inside the boundary layer over a moving flat plate. Having considered the concept of λ, the problem is studied for λ<0, λ<1 and λ>1. It is worth mentioning that we have assumed that in Eq.20,〖 θ〗_∞=2, Re=1000, Pr=1, Ec=0.01. Fig.1 shows velocity profile for a moving plate in opposite direction to free stream velocity, i.e....   [tags: Scientific Research ]

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