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The Housekeeper and the Professor, by Yoko Ogawa

- The Housekeeper and the Professor is a novel written by Yoko Ogawa, and published in 2003. The story is a bout a mathematician who is the professor in the story. The professor suffered from a brain damage after a tragic traffic road accident, and he can only produce 80 minutes worth of memories. The professor forgot everything about his former life, but could only remember numbers, since he had a passion for mathematics. The story is told from the narrator’s point of view (the housekeeper). The narrator was to take care of the professor who asked her to let her son come direct to his house after learning that she had a 10 year old son who used to wait for her at home till late night after...   [tags: The Housekeeper and the Professor]

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My Interview With Professor David Christianson

- In this paper, I will write a brief reflection over my interview with Professor David Christianson. I asked my professor fourteen questions, all question had different meanings and answers. I will start off my paper with some facts and advice which I received from my professor, my personal reflection on the facts, my personal reflection on the overall experience, and lastly, I will end my paper with the conclusion. All my questions were answered with great thought. In the answers, I noticed that my professor was telling me to make sure that everything I do is to better myself....   [tags: University, Professor, A Great Way to Care]

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The Professor Is A Dropout

- In “The Professor is a Dropout,” Beth Johnson tells the story of Guadalupe Quintanilla. When Lupe was a child she had to face trials and tribulations as she was growing up and even as a woman. As a child she was tested to be retarded, she had an IQ of sixty-four. As a result, her teachers treated her differently and had to drop out of first grade. Later on, she married when she was sixteen and had three children in the years to come. When her children started going to school, all three of them were tested retarded and were into a program called yellow birds for kids that were slow learners....   [tags: Bullying, High school, Feeling, Thought]

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Ethics of the Student and Professor Relationship

- When discussing the importance of professional boundaries in mental health work, most people think first of relationships between psychotherapists and clients. However, similar boundary considerations are relevant for professor–student relationships, supervisor–supervisee relationships, consultant–consultee relationships, and researcher–participant relationships. Although different dynamics are at play, the relationships psychologists have with each other, with other professionals, and with the general public have boundaries that warrant ethical consideration as well....   [tags: Ethics ]

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I Am A Professor Of Washburn

- Faculty Interview: Professor Heather Synder Professor Heather Synder is a new professor of Washburn, who came all the way from Michigan to be an instructor here at our University. She is currently teaching Biology in the Stoffer Science Hall. Looking back at the interview, it is evident that Professor Synder truly wishes for the best of her students and genuinely enjoys teaching at Wasburn University. There were two possible instructors I had in mind to interview, my Biology professor or my Psychology professor....   [tags: University, Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy]

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The Occupational Profile Of A Mathematics Professor

- There are a plethora of career choices in the world today. Many young minds find it difficult to choose just one. In a world with seemingly limitless possibilities, each person has the opportunity to choose something g g that sparks their own unique interests. One of those choices could be a mathematics professor in post-secondary education. The occupational profile of a mathematics professor has many different elements including interesting and important aspects of the job, educational requirements and their costs, future projections and rate of pay....   [tags: Higher education, University, College, Doctorate]

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Profile Essay : Professor Mcconnell

- Profile Essay Outline Professor McConnell is very inspiring in the way she teaches her class, and handles herself in class very gracefully, and professionally. Professor McConnell always encourages her students to do their very best, and if they have a problem Professor McConnell is always willing to listen. In this writing you are going to learn a little bit more about Professor McConnell. Moreover Professor McConnell is a very kind, and gracious person. She is distinguished in the way that Professor McConnell teaches her students in her class....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Cancer, Future]

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Profile Essay : Professor Mcconnell

- Profile Essay Outline Professor McConnell is very inspiring in the way she teaches her class, and handles herself in class very gracefully, and professionally. Professor McConnell always encourages her students to do their very best, and if they have a problem Professor McConnell is always willing to listen. In this writing we are going to learn a little bit more about Professor McConnell. Moreover Professor McConnell is a very kind, and gracious person. She is distinguished in the way the Professor McConnell treats her students in her class....   [tags: Education, University, Teacher, Cancer]

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A Communication Professor At The University Of Illinois

- A communication professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Steve Jones, wrote an article about the first educational technology that sparked the rapid development of online education. In the early 1960s, an engineering professor, Donald L. Bitzer, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) became interested in the literacy of his students after reading an article that revealed 50 percent of students in the U.S. were functionally illiterate. As Bitzer ponder over how to improve the literacy of students, computers were still relatively and advancing, leading Bitzer to wonder if computers could be used for educational purposes....   [tags: Education, History of education, Higher education]

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The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester

- “There is a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line” (“Oscar Levant Quotes”). Doctor William Chester Minor, a protagonist in The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester, was an unquestionable psychopath. His insanity has been confirmed by his deranged delusions and actions such as him murdering an innocent man and mutilating himself. Yet he still succeeded at being a highly praised surgeon and an intelligent scholar. These three facets of Minor’s life are strongly motivated by his personality....   [tags: doctor william chester minor, medicine]

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Candide, By Voltaire, And A Professor Of Metaphysico

- The author of Candide, Voltaire, or François-Marie Arouet was born 21 November, 1694 in the Enlightenment era. The Enlightenment was a cultural movement of intellectuals beginning in late 17th-century Europe emphasizing reason and individualism. Growing up in this world, Voltaire became a French Enlightenment writer, historian and philosopher famous for his wit, his attacks on the established Catholic Church, and his advocacy of freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and separation of church and state....   [tags: Voltaire, Age of Enlightenment, French Revolution]

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Art Professor as a Career

- If I was to choose any career, I would want to be a college art professor. An art professor teaches college students how to express them selves in a preferred medium such as painting or sculpting. Im sure teaching art would hone my skills in the medium I enjoy which is sketching portraits with either charcoal or ink. Like most professors, art professors are usually experienced in their favored medium. I feel like all educators should not just know what they are teaching but also know how to do what they teach, a math teacher should be educated in math to be able to teach it, a football coach must be immensely experienced in the sport so that he can teach his players to a professional standar...   [tags: Career Essays]

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A Letter From Professor Meghdadi

- When I received the welcome letter from Professor Meghdadi, I was curious about the class theme, “cool”, because I was expecting a more narrow topic to analyze for this quarter. I was curious about what we can learn about “cool”, and how would that relate to the focus of a Writing 39B course, which is rhetorical writing. I was slightly confused with the theme when I first walked into the writing class because I only had a minimal knowledge of “cool”, and did not feel confident enough to analyze and write rhetorically about it....   [tags: Rhetoric, Writing, Critical thinking, Linguistics]

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An Interview With My Professor

- An interview with My Professor Lakshmi Amarachinta, a confident woman who teaches computer science in Diablo Valley College, has laid her eyes on the evolution of technology in the past few decades. Drew on her vast knowledge in the computer science field and experience as a social network user, professor Amarachinta not only transformed her students into successful programmers but also taught them the correct way of using networks. After talking with her about my research project, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview professor Amarachinta through email....   [tags: Sociology, Social network service]

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I Am A Professor Acting

- “Well, well, well. If it isn’t the yin-yang couple,” Mrs. Sorun cheered in a happy tone as we walked inside her classroom together. I had asked Tre for a ride to class since it was raining, but knowing her, she wouldn’t believe that story. “I heard Tre met your parents. How did it go?” “It went well,” I responded, Tre and I taking our usual seats. “I also heard you spent the night at her house. Tre, are you by any chance, cheating on me?” “How are you getting your information?” Tre barked, furiously glaring at her....   [tags: 2007 singles, 2005 singles]

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The Professor 's Big Stage

- In the article, “The Professor’s Big Stage,” published in the New York Times, Thomas L. Friedman, is enthusiastic about MOOCs and has raised many question, about the difference between online learning and a fifty thousand dollar education as they both result in a piece of paper. He states that institutions must move from a model of “time served” to a model of “stuff learned,” as the world only cares about what you can do with what you know. Friedman believes that MOOCs will be creating a competition that will force every professor to improve their pedagogy and that universities will have to nurture unique blended experiences to improve education outcomes in measurable ways at lower costs....   [tags: University, Education, The Reader, Grade]

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My Thanks to Professor Payte

- I've always had this fascination towards writing because it envelops an entirely eclectic discipline where one style of writing can be assimilated to create another, and be described as remarkable as the other. However, I let this penchant get the better of me. Before I enrolled in this course, I thought my writing abilities were beyond spectacular- boy was I wrong. I soon found out, with the help of Professor Payte and peers, that my writing is light-years away from "spectacular". During the span of the course, we were assigned various exercises designed to assist our thinking process for an upcoming essay which signaled the end of one progression and the beginning of another; in total, t...   [tags: writing development]

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Watching TV: The Electronic Professor

- Watching TV: The electronic professor “Stop watching television and go do something productive!” My mother would shout angrily when I would watch the “The Simpsons.” As mentioned in the article "Watching TV Makes You Smarter," Steven Johnson argued that 21st Century television shows develop complicated and more challenging narratives than those of an earlier time and offer viewers extra intellectual stimulation. Consequently television programming today reveals an astonishing narrative sophistication with unique plots increasing the viewer’s intellectual demands....   [tags: Television]

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Christianity by Professor Douglas Davies

- I was first introduced to this image as a Newly Qualified Teacher last year during RE training in Westminster. It is by Catholic artist Antonia Rolls who in 1985, when she painted this small (5” x 5”) picture, was living in West London, very close to where I live now and leading a similarly hectic life working with an Economic Consultancy. It had immediate resonance for me at the time as, like the artist I had spent many years travelling by tube observing the indifferent, even dispassionate behaviour of the mass of detached and isolated beings that I travelled with each day; carefully avoiding eye-contact, despite the often uncomfortably close proximity....   [tags: jesus, god, catholics, pains]

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Professor Mcconnell : The Way She Teaches

- Profile Essay Outline Professor McConnell is inspiring in the way she teaches her class, and handles herself in class very gracefully and professionally. Professor McConnell always encourages her students to do their very best, and if they have a problem Professor McConnell is always willing to listen. In this writing you are going to learn a little bit more about Professor McConnell. Moreover Professor McConnell is a very kind, and gracious person. She is distinguished in the way that Professor McConnell teaches her students in her class....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Cancer, Time]

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What A Professor Learned By Becoming A Student

- My Freshman Year- What A Professor Learned By Becoming A Student by Rebekah Nathan is about a college professor who investigates college students’ lifestyle in their freshman year. There has been many times when college professors have assigned a great deal of work and expected it to be due in a short period of time. To the professors, they may think a week is enough time. However, to students like myself it looks to be only two or three days. As college students, especially in our freshman year, we have a lot of pressure....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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A New Professor At The University Of Your Dreams

- Picture this: You are a new professor at the university of your dreams. You are African American, yet you believe that this will not hinder your success as a professor. You walk into faculty orientation and that’s when it happens: everyone in the room stops what they’re doing to stare at you in awe. You stroll further into the room, contemplating the reason why your presence seems to shock the whole room. Then it hits you. You are 1 of the 2 African Americans in the room. As time rolls on, the stares begin to bother you, and the realization hits that this will most likely be an everyday occurrence....   [tags: University, Academic degree, African American]

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A Slow Professor Is Not Entirely Self Serving

- Introduction: Part One “A Slow-Professor is not entirely self-serving” For the past few months, I have been considering moving forward with a doctorate degree after I am finished with graduate school; which was one of the reasons why I was motivated to analyze an organizational development competency and apply to the field of academics. Knowing this, I was happy and a little surprised to see that authors and professors themselves, Maggie Berg and Barbara Seeber, acknowledge that their new book titled, Slow Professor: Challenging the Culture of Speed in the Academy, is partly addressed to the generation of graduate students who have either completed (or almost completed) their master’s degre...   [tags: College, University, Higher education, Texas]

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The Lecture Provided By Professor Elias Kary

- The lecture provided by Professor Elias Kary on the nineteenth of November merely was a recapitulation and overview of the previous lecture, plus a summarization of the past few weeks of class lecture/material. There was an overview of Applied Anthropology and how “anthropologists have a practical place in solving problems.” (Kary 2015) There was an overview of colonialism; the Maori and Moriori of New Zealand; and the history of anthropology itself. There was a foray into the work of Charles Mann and revisionist history, particularly from the point of view of his book 1491....   [tags: Sociology, Anthropology, Culture]

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Anne Marie, A Professor At Cal Poly

- Teaching is Changing Anne Marie, a professor at Cal Poly, teaches science in the liberal studies department. Anne Marie is trying to change the way science is taught in the classroom and affect her students’ lives in a positive way. Her love and passion for science is seen and transferred from her to all her students. Anne Marie’s passion started summer of her senior year in college when she got an internship with an outdoor environmental program. She remembers exactly “leading the first group on a hike and the teacher,Sally Carter, and realizing that is what I want to do.” The teacher, the students, and what she was teaching, she realized it was her passion was to teach science....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, History of education]

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A Interview By Professor Zalman And Ron Keine

- This interview was conducted by Professor Zalman and Ron Keine and is about Ron’s exoneration. Ron Keine was wrongfully convicted of the murder of a college student in Oklahoma. The duration of this case was full of corruption and ended in Ron being convicted and sentenced to death row. While being on death row, Ron thought he was going to die for a crime that he did not commit. There are so many aspects in this case, but to start the Detroit News conducted an investigation and what was uncovered was procedural misconduct....   [tags: Crime, Police, Gang, Criminal justice]

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An Professor 's Rapid Fire Questions

- Realizing that I wanted to be a lawyer, for me, was a series of small moments rather than any one large one. I arrived at college as many freshmen do, without a clear picture of where I would be in four years. However, I began actively trying to find my direction. As a member of the Honors College, I was required to choose one class from a list of Honors elective, and fortunately for me, I decided to enroll in American Government. It quickly became my favorite class, and I decided I should declare a major and continue in Political Science classes to see where it would lead me throughout my college experience....   [tags: Lawyer, Practice of law, Intern, Internship]

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Rate My Professor App Project

- This semester in for engineering by design we were assigned to design a product that we would work on for the whole semester and hopefully have complete by the end. Throughout this semester we also learned what the process of design entails. From learning how to choose a product for the market to figuring how the product would affect the environment. We learned a great deal this semester. Our group decided to design an application for the semester. This came with a lot of challenges but also a great deal of learning....   [tags: App Concept]

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The Professor's House

- Write what you know. These are words that Willa Cather lived by. In the novel, The Professor’s House, Cather’s life is directly parallel to the life of the main character, Professor Godfrey St. Peter. Through St. Peter, the reader is able to observe the struggles as well as triumphs that occurred at that point in Willa Cather’s life. Her struggle with materialism versus idealism, discovery of religion, and her own mid-life crisis are all shown through the character of Godfrey St. Peter. In 1922, Cather became “ increasingly distressed with the growing mechanization and mass-produced quality of American society” (Norton)....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Background Information Of Interviewee By Professor Brandi Berry

- Background Information of Interviewee I interview Professor Brandi Berry-Lovelady for this Ethics Assignment. She is my professor for Social Work 320, Childwelfare. She has her LLMSW and is currently working for the state as the Permanency Resource Monitor. This means that if a child has been in the foster care system for more than a year, she evaluates the case and tries to move the process along so that the child is either returned back to his/her’s parents or moves to have the parent’s rights terminated and finds a permanent home or adoption for the child....   [tags: Bullying, Abuse, Social work, Child abuse]

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I Had The Pleasure Of Interviewing A Wonderful Professor

- I had the pleasure of interviewing a wonderful professor by the name of Carolyn Szafran. Professor Szafran is a Field Practicum Coordinator/Lecturer in Social Work at the School of Applied Studies at Washburn University. I chose to interview Professor Szafran because of her compassion in social work and her interest in reducing childhood poverty. I am currently employed in the before and after school program at Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka. There I aide in mentoring our youth, especially those in need, to reach their fullest potential as productive and responsible citizens....   [tags: College, Higher education, Kansas, University]

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Critical Thinking Skill At Me My Professor

- As a Science major I am not given the opportunity to explore my imagination; everything that I learn is factual and unquestionable. English 1301 gave me a voice of my own, this course made me understand that the best way to discover knowledge and wisdom is through reading and interacting with literature. Prior to taking this course I struggled with different writing skills such as, understanding the process of writing, analyzing reading selection and applying basic critical thinking skill in an argumentative essay....   [tags: Critical thinking, Learning, Writing, Skill]

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Professor Jock Young : An Influential Criminologists Of All Times

- It is argued that Professor Jock Young is one of the most influential Criminologists of all times. “William “Jock” Young was bon in Midlothian on March 4th 1942 and schooled in Aldershot before studying sociology at the London School of Economics from 1962.” “He begun teaching at Middlesex University in 1968 and remained there for 35 years, during his time he was also the director of the Centre for Criminology.” “In 2002 he relocated to the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York.” “He later served as professor of sociology at the University of Kent and then returned to New York as distinguished professor of criminal justice and sociology at CUNY’s Gradu...   [tags: Criminology, Sociology, Crime, Criminal justice]

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Formal Application For A Associate Professor Of Epidemiology At Mayo Clinic

- With this letter, I would like to submit my formal application for the Assistant/Associate Professor position in Public Health. As a graduate of a historical black college and university, it is an honor to apply for this position. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. My primary research interest has focused on understanding the best practices for conducting Community Engagement in Research (CEnR), which some have called studying “the science of CEnR” and striving to make it the norm in biomedical research....   [tags: Research, Scientific method]

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Dr. Gregory Boyd : A Professor Of Theology At Bethel College

- Dr. Gregory Boyd is a professor of theology at Bethel College. As well as being a professor he is a pastor at Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, and has authored three books and several articles. This particular book is a dialogue between him and his father, Edward Boyd. Edward lives in Florida and worked for 35 years in sales management. He has six kids, fifteen grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. Gregory attempted for years to try and convert his father to Christianity without any success....   [tags: God, Christianity, God in Christianity]

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Analysis of the New Jim Crow by Professor Michelle Alexander

- Professor Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, writes that a racial caste system existing in America reflect the Jim Crow laws that were "separate but equal" from the time of the Civil War until the passage of the Civil Rights Acts in the mid 1960's and which continue today. She is a graduate from Stanford Law School and Vanderbilt University and clerked for Justice Harry A. Blackmun on the United States Supreme Court and for Chief Judge Abner Mikva on the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C....   [tags: racial, review, political]

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Assistant Professor Of The Department Of Medicine New York University

- INTRODUCTION As Chair of the Department of _____, it is my pleasure to recommend Abd Moain Abu Dabrh, M.B.B.Ch., M.S., for promotion/appointment to the level of Assistant Professor of _____. I have carefully reviewed the criteria for Assistant Professor and feel that Dr. Abu Dabrh clearly meets these criteria. After finishing his clinical training, Dr. Abu Dabrh trained in Clinical and Translational Research at the Department of Medicine New York University (NYU), and afterwards earned his Masters from Tufts University, School of Medicine in Boston, MA....   [tags: Medicine, Medical school, Internal medicine]

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Why I Didn 't Be A English Professor?

- As I entered this semester I knew that English wasn’t my strong suit. I had never excelled in English at any level. I used to love reading and writing when I was in grade school. As time went on I started getting English pushed on me. I started having to read many books that I could care less about. It continued through high school about not caring about the pointless process of writing papers and reading books. It also carried with me as I took the ACT. I wasn’t strong in the subject because I hadn’t pushed myself to learn the material....   [tags: High school, College, Middle school, Murray]

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The Ascent Of Money By Historian And Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson

- The Ascent of Money, published by historian and Harvard professor Niall Ferguson in 2008, is a non-fictional account of the world’s financial history. Since the Spanish conquest in America to the current interdependence between the American and Chinese markets, the author argues that money has been an ambitious drive behind human progress. He guides the reader through different stages of the continuous development of the financial system, like the bond and the stock market, and highlights two influential forces behind it....   [tags: Capitalism, Economics, Stock market, Money]

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The Flight From Conversation By. T Professor Sherry Turkle

- In today’s society, the advanced development of technology changes people’s ways of communication. Whatever people do or wherever people are, they are busy calling, texting, and surfing the Internet via smartphones. An article “The Flight from Conversation” written by M.I.T professor Sherry Turkle, published in The New York Times, illustrates the impacts of technology on physical communication to emphasize the necessity of stepping back from the non-verbal conversation. Throughout the article, Turkle uses various kinds of persuasive strategies to tell her readers the importance of having a face-to-face conversation....   [tags: Rhetoric, Emotion, Communication, Person]

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Graduation Speech : An English Professor At Gannon University

- According to Walter S. Minot, an English professor at Gannon University; teens and young adults who working and going to school are jeopardizing their education. Minot argues that students who work that interfere with their education are more likely to be unsuccessful in school. These student’s jobs are also interfering with time that should that they should be used for homework and studying, and because of all the tiring work these students do throughout the day at their jobs, by the time the students return home to study and complete homework, they are too tired....   [tags: Education, School, Homework, Teacher]

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Basing My Career Choice on Interviewing a Professor

- As soon as I knew that we would have to write a faculty interview paper and preferably talk to someone associated with are major, I knew exactly who I wanted to interview. This semester I am taking Entomology 218 or introduction to forensics. There are two instructors for the class and I chose Patrick Jones. This decision was easy to make, because the first day of class, Patrick had said that he was a retired police officer and had done a lot of different work in that area. After I knew this I was immediately intrigued and wanted to know more about him....   [tags: interviews, career,]

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The Cultural Dimensions Theory by Professor Geert Hofstede

- Hofstede’s Value Dimensions According to World Speaking, after examining the actions between civilizations, Professor Geert Hofstede created the cultural dimensions theory. He constructed the model based on four primary cultural elements: power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism/collectivism, masculinity/femininity, and long-term/short-term orientation. Each of these dimensions holds a different cultural value that is common around the world. Hofstede ranked Indonesia on the first four of these dimensions....   [tags: power distance, uncertainty avoidance]

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Architecture in the United States: Professor Dell Upton

- Dell Upton is a historian and renowned professor of architecture and Urbanism at the University of California. He has published several books on architecture; one of them is “Architecture in the United States”, published in 1998. In this book, Upton analyzes the architecture of the United States in different aspects, such as nature, money and art, thus depicting the great variety in architectural forms, and how throughout the decades, different interests have lead communities to different ways of building, different purposes and materials, thus reflecting their way of thinking and their relationship with the environment....   [tags: american architecture, building techniques]

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Peter Fee Is Professor Emeritus Of New Testament

- The author Gordon Fee is Professor Emeritus of New Testament at Regent College, where he taught for sixteen years. Gordon Fee has received his BA and MA from Seattle Pacific University and his PhD from University of Southern California. He is a noted New Testament scholar, having published several books and articles in his field of specialization, New Testament textual criticism. He also published a textbook on New Testament interpretation, co-authored two books for lay people on biblical interpretation, as well as scholarly-popular commentaries on 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus and on Galatians, and major commentaries on 1 Corinthians and Philippians....   [tags: Bible, New Testament, Exegesis, Christian terms]

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The Fire Fighter Professor

- The Fire Fighter Professor is the best study guide system designed to help you obtain your optimal score on the Fire Fighter exam so you can start your career as a firefighter. The Fire Fighter Professor is the number one provider of high quality knowledge designed to help YOU score high on your firefighter exam. Experienced firefighters and exam consultants have provided content, explanations and feedback given by the Fire Fighter Professor. By studying with the Fire Fighter Professor, you will: Increase your understanding of the necessary firefighter material Improve your firefighter exam comfort, familiarity, and completion speed Start preparing immediately as there is no software to...   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Nurturing College Professor

- The Nurturing College Professor Nurturing behavior regarding teaching is defined in both negative and positive ways when addressing the effectiveness of the teacher and his or her impact and influence on student learning. Helping a student become a better and more involved learner is an important issue when talking about nurturing teaching because it exists as one of the ultimate goals of this kind of encouraging and supportive teacher.This teacher wants to see his or her students as engaged as possible with the material.ìÖwe would expect students who are really learning to be asking question and exploring connections between their personal lives and the course material in their writings an...   [tags: Nurture Classroom Students Helping Papers]

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Edith Abbott and her Contribution to Social Work

- ... Major Contributions: Edith spent the majority of her career trying to change the way social work was taught in Universities around the nation. She also spoke out on controversial issues, for example, her opposition to World War I and the immigration laws that followed; she battled for labor laws to be created to protect workingwomen from exploitation (“National”, n.d.). Edith believed that social work was both a cultural and disciplinary subject, and that preparation for the field could not be delegated to other places within a University (Wisner, 1958)....   [tags: Generalist, Professor]

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O.C.C. Professor Has A Passion For Teaching

- O.C.C. Professor Has A Passion For Teaching Ah, yes the college days, the days of the best teachers that opened your eyes to the world. The teachers who had a burning desire to teach us everything. Well those teachers still exist, very close to home. Jim Place, a native of Detroit, Michigan grew up in the southern tier of Corning, N.Y. Place has lived in Syracuse for 26 years and has made a name for himself in his years here. Place is a full time faculty member at O.C.C in the English department....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Professor Ngugi and Writing as Social Communication

- Professor Ngugi and Writing as Social Communication During one of his Postcolonial African Literature classes, he stated that by adopting reading and writing as the chief form of social communication, a civilization is truly freeing itself to forget its own values, because those values no longer have to be part of a lived reality to have significance. A first-year undergraduate with a blind faith and deep passion for literature, I always cherished the idea that the written word has the ability to alter individual lives, to shape one's own identity and potentially, national identity....   [tags: Papers]

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The British Empire : A Neutral Point Of View Professor Jim Jones

- The term power is defined in the Oxford dictionary as capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. We can certainly say that this is one of the traits the British Empire definitely had. Egypt was controlled by the British Empire in 1882 and gradually progressed onward. This historiography paper will examine two historians’ theories from a neutral point of view Professor Jim Jones from West Chester University and Marxist- Leninist point of view from an Arabian Soviet Union Historian specialist Vladimir Borisovich Lutsky on the topic British Empire gradually controlling Egypt....   [tags: Egypt, British Empire, Suez Canal, Russian Empire]

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My Freshman Year : What A Professor Learned By Becoming A Student

- In a society where a collegiate degree is almost necessary to make a successful living, the idea that a student cares less about the education and more about the “college experience” can seem baffling. In My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student, Rebekah Nathan, the author’s pseudonym, tackles the idea that academics are less impactful on a student then the culture of college life. Nathan, a 50-year-old cultural anthropologist and university professor, went undercover as a college freshman for a research project....   [tags: University, Academia, Student, Education]

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Applying Foster's How to Read Literature like a Professor to The Pearl by Steinbeck

- ... This made the wound heal a little but definitely not all the way. Kino came up from his dive with the most wonderful sight for Juana; a giant pearl. The pearl was an extravagant sight that contained all their hopes for life. The doctor hears of the pearl and agrees to treat their infant now that they have the appropriate amount of money to pay for the treatment. The night of the treatment there's an intruder looking for the marvelous pearl. This intruder made Juanna believe the pearl is evil, and they should get rid of it....   [tags: treatment, challenges, son]

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The Professor Judit Kerekes Developed A Short Chart Of The Xmania System

- On the second day of class, the Professor Judit Kerekes developed a short chart of the Xmania system and briefly explained how students would experience a number problem. Professor Kerekes invented letters to name the quantities such as “A” for one box, “B” for two boxes. “C” is for three boxes, “D” is for four boxes and “E” is for five boxes. This chart confused me because I wasn’t too familiar with this system. One thing that generated a lot of excitement for me was when she used huge foam blocks shaped as dice....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Number, Numeral system]

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Personal Narrative And Research Paper : Dear Professor And Her Literate Colleagues

- Dear Professor and her Literate colleagues, I wish to thank everyone who impacted my education in any way and gave me motivation to keep studying when I felt like I did not have the ability nor the skills to continue my education. This course molded me into a better writer and made me enjoy writing more than anything else. The revisions that I made throughout the course allowed me to improve my sentence structures, organize my essays, and personalize them by creating a theme for the genre pertaining to each essay, and avoid writer’s block for my personal narrative and the research paper about Chicanos in education....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Learning, The Reader]

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My English 1310 Course Was Taught By Professor Daniel Stuart

- My English 1310 course was taught by Professor Daniel Stuart. He taught us the concept of academic writing and why it is important. Academic writing is the process of breaking down ideas, using a formal tone, deductive reasoning and third person. Writing done to carry out the requirements of a college or university on a research based level. It requires a starting point or introduction, followed by a thesis on the preferred topic, then comes proving and disproving of the evidence based arguments....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Rhetoric, Essays]

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The Issue Of Immigration Is The Us Be Vigilant And Charitable ' Written By Professor John F. Kavanaugh

- Ethics on Immigration Who or what has the power to make someone “illegal” in a world made for all humans to inhabit. Can you blame someone for wanting a better life. The United States has over 11 million undocumented immigrants, most of which are in search of a better life. Undocumented immigrants have profound effects on a nation. There are many aspects to the issue of undocumented immigration in the U.S. One aspect is the ethical issue. In the article Amnesty. ‘Let us be Vigilant and Charitable’ written by Professor John F....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, Immigration]

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Wendy Lower Is A Professor Of History At Claremont Mckenna College And A Research Associate

- Wendy Lower is a Professor of History at Claremont McKenna College and a research associate at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. Lower is also a historical consultant for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. She has published numerous articles and books on the Holocaust and conducted archival research and fieldwork in central and eastern Europe since 1992. Some of her published works include The Diary of Samuel Golfard and the Holocaust in Galicia and Nazi Empire-Building and the Holocaust in Ukraine....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Jews, The Holocaust, Antisemitism]

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My Experience As A Professor At The University Of Texas Rio Grande Valley

- Throughout my experience as a professor at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, I have only come across a few students who I would consider TRUE standouts. Adrian Lozano would be one of them. Adrian was a young student of mine, handsome as hell with the wit of a coyote, who entered the university already completing two years of undergraduate work in high school, an accomplishment that could be something out of a movie. I met this young man when he was eighteen and noticed he was one of the youngest students, if not THE youngest student I have ever taught in my class....   [tags: Financial services, Insurance, High school]

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Senior Nursing Professor Who Received A Variety Of Distinguished Accomplishments And Accolades

- PATRICIA BENNER 2 Patricia Benner Ashlee Seek South University Running head: PATRICIA BENNER 1 PATRICIA BENNER 10 Patricia Benner Dr. Patricia Benner is a retired nursing professor who received a variety of distinguished accomplishments and accolades throughout her career. Dr. Benner completed her PhD in 1982, published nine books and numerous articles. Her book ?Novice to Expert Theory. received book of the year from AJN four times ("Patricia E. Benner," 2013) Benner?s mid-range nursing theory From Novice to Expert is a theory based on the belief that expert nurses develop skills and understanding of patient care over time through an educational foundation as we...   [tags: Nursing, Nursing theory, Skill, Nursing practice]

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Legal & Ethical Issues Of Business Organizations Directed By Professor Lisa Andrews

- Legal & Ethical Issues in Business Organizations directed by Professor Lisa Andrews showed me how court cases work and the importance of proper ethics when running a business. The course began with giving me an understanding of how the constitution works with the court system. Continuing on the course most of the work was based around completing an understanding of how the judicial system works in America. The cases the class looked were real cases allowing me to see what would happen in different scenarios if my business were sued or I wanted to sue another company....   [tags: United States, Ethics, Law, Judiciary]

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The Professor's House and The Great Gatsby: Wealth in Post-War America

- Novelists such as Willa Cather and F. Scott Fitzgerald used themes of desire of wealth as a fundamental element to motivate their characters. In their novels, the theme is reflected by the rich Americans who primal desire is to obtain more and more wealth. These characters are so infatuated with and blinded by money that they no longer regard the more noble qualities of life. In each of their works, these authors present intricate, self-conscious characters that desire wealth in order to attain their dreams....   [tags: Willa Cather, scott fitzgerald, compare]

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John Kenneth Galbraith

- John Kenneth Galbraith, born on October 15, 1908, was one of American’s more influential economists, longtime Harvard professor, and a U.S. ambassador to India, an author, an economist, and “used caustic wit and an iconoclastic temperament to help set the foundation of modern economic thinking” ( He, along with another famous economist, and longtime rival, Milton Friedman, believed that everyone has an idea, and that every idea matters, and were masters of the debates and are both very smart people, however, Dr....   [tags: bibliography, professor]

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Market and Freedom by Professor Dwight R. Lee

- Market and Freedom by Professor Dwight R. Lee The Cold War is the long time war that was taken among the former USSR and the United States of America, and the war started immediately after the end of World War II. This war was essentially a clash, or a war, of two different ideologies; the Capitalism and the Communism. The Collapse of the former Soviet Union and its transition toward the free market economy proved that capitalism and its principles as the proper way of life. Capitalism's principles such as the privatization, specialization, small state authority, individual rights, freedom, and free market economy became the ideal and the model for many nations to follow....   [tags: Papers]

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Old Professor New Lessons Tuesdays with Morrie

- Old Professor New Lessons Tuesdays with Morrie Thesis: In the novel Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Aldom gains a new understanding on life's lessons taught by his old professor Morrie. Old Professor-New Lessons Mitch Albom attended many classes taught by Morrie Schwartz during his years at Brandeis University, but he does not attempt to learn the meaning of life until he is in his forties. The knowledge of his favorite professors illness forces Mitch to rekindle an old friendship. In the process of finding an old friend, Mitch acquires many life lessons that give him a new meaning to his existence....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Project that Made Me Want to Become an English Professor

- As I studied the faces of my classroom peers, searching frantically for another face interested in the thought-provoking discussion on escape velocity, I suddenly realized that I was temporarily engaged in an exercise in futility. My classmates were not interested, and my teacher, as a result, was beginning to falter in his explanation of the long-distance travel concepts. I realized, with something akin to horror, that the general apathy was beginning to affect me, as I had to stifle a large yawn....   [tags: How Education Has Impacted My Life]

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Graduation Speech : College Students

- Rate My Professor As the number of college students using Rate My Professor website is growing quite quickly in the U.S. whether it will benefit students’ schoolwork quality or not has sparked a lot debate. Rate My Professor is the largest online destination for entirely student-generated professor comments and ratings. Indeed, there is no doubt that the celebrated website, Rate My Professor, tends to be the quite popular reference for our college students to arrange every next semester schedule due to its including a general range of college’s professors, no matter senior or young....   [tags: University, Professor, Higher education]

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Ethics And The Ethics Of The Chemistry Profession

- According to Merriam Webster ethics is the rule of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad. They study of ethics deals with what is actually good and bad behavior. Ethics is a branch of philosophy studying what is morally right or wrong. Associate Professor of Chemistry at Metropolitan State University of Denver, Dr.Susan Schelble conducted a study called “Using Interactive Case Studies to Create an Ethical Culture in the Chemistry Profession.” There were two different cases in this study....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, University, Professor]

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The Professional Growth Plan ( Pgp )

- PGP Overview The purpose of this professional growth plan (PGP) is to think beyond my current Doctoral journey in the field of Educational Technology (ET) Leadership and establish a clear roadmap to reaching attainable goals. Chrissy Scivicque (2011) suggests that a core component of a PGP is the establishment of a goal. Therefore, my PGP will be guided by my goals. The establishment of my goals (What) will be followed by the purpose of my goals (why); the plan to attain my goals (how), and a strategic timeline to accomplish my goals (when)....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Leadership, Professor]

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Should Colleges Really Eliminate The College Lecture?

- Summary In the article Should Colleges Really Eliminate the College Lecture. by Christine Gross-Loh, Loh discusses the relevance of traditional college lectures and how it could become obsolete in the near future. She explains how a “flipped classroom” could be more beneficial in terms of academics and show improvements in students learning abilities. Loh explains that not every college professor is properly taught how to give a lecture, making it difficult for students to get the correct education from a professor who isn’t trained to explain the material....   [tags: University, Professor, Lecture, Education]

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Summary : ' The Handbook Of The Indians Of California '

- ALFRED LOUIS KROEBER 1876-1960 Idealistic. Kroeber one of three students who decided to make his seminar in American Indian languages at the University of Columbia with Boas; the results obtained of the fieldwork with the "Arapajos" of Wyoming, "Shoshone", "Utes", and “bannocks". With this work Kroeber a broad and influential Anthropology book:, "The Handbook of the Indians of California," where he did an incredible amount of ethnographic case and become one of the major reference book on American ethnology, in most parts of the globe, Mexico and Peru, India and east and Southeast Asia....   [tags: Anthropology, Franz Boas, Professor]

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College Is The Place For Students

- Trigger Warnings and Universities Traditionally, college is the place for students to be exposed to new challenges, new cultures, and overall a new way of life. It is widely known that most colleges give a student the perfect opportunity to expand and grow as a person. Going to college is very prestigious and almost a necessity to obtain most jobs, so therefore, a student’s educational experience is a very valuable thing in today’s society and it is not to be tampered with. The argument of trigger warnings shows up mainly in the case that professors are fighting against the implementation of them into their class curriculum....   [tags: University, Student, Professor, Education]

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Becoming A University Is An Influential Force On Campus

- One way to determine whether or not someone is influential towards a university is to look at the type of impact they have made. This could be through dedicated teachings, being well versed in many areas, whether that be in one college or the university as a whole, and having done research on a plethora of different topics, but also having that research be widely accepted. When weighing all of these factors one person comes to mind, that person is Amy W Ando. Amy has gone above and beyond any expectation the university has of a single professor and represents what it truly means to be an influential force on campus....   [tags: University, College, Professor, Doctorate]

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The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe: Analysis

- The Masque of the Red Death is an allegorical story written by Edgar Allan Poe. This story is about Prince Prospero who tried to save himself of a dangerous disease (known as the Red Death) but he end up dying in his castle along with his friends. This allegorical story is divided in meaningful points which are represented in relevant symbols such as the clock, which represents time; the seven chambers, which stand for seven life stages of humans; the characters, which correspond to different reactions of people facing difficulties; and the Prospero’s dance of life, which means a religion concept related with the holy trinity....   [tags: prince prospero, professor Zimmerman]

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Why I Want to Attend Western Oregon University

- ... You must have a prerequisite of four years of English, two years of a Foreign Language, three years of Math, two years of Science, and three years of Social Studies. It is recommended that you have a year of History, four years of Math, and one year of a Lab Science. Western Oregon provides a number of scholarship opportunities. Having a student versus teacher ratio of 19-1 you are guaranteed one-on-one time with your professor. I really enjoy this because guidance from teachers is extremely helpful to me and so I could see myself attending Western Oregon for this very reason....   [tags: size, cost, professor, retention]

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Benefits Of A Permanent Salary

- The most interesting topic of the semester was about the current situation where colleges hired adjunct professors instead of full-time professors. We grow up learning that in order to receive a stable, reliable, salary one must undergo the process of education. While there are some exceptions to that idea of education, the majority of successful people attend high school and now more than ever, attend college. The reality of this statement is that a permanent salary as a professor is something that tends to occur less frequent....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Professor, School]

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Dr. Kristal Curry 's The Master Of Arts

- Dr. Kristal Curry is an Assistant Professor in the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program in the Spadoni College of Education. During the 2015-2016 academic year, Dr. Curry submitted her dossier for promotion to Associate Professor and tenure decision. This letter is a review of the calendar year of 2015. The definitions of descriptors defined in the Promotion and Tenure Faculty Annual Evaluation Rubrics (cited in 2013-2014 Spadoni College of Education Policies and Procedures Handbook) were used to make the determinations of “outstanding,” “very good,” “good,” and “needs improvement.” TEACHING: In the area of teaching, Dr....   [tags: University, Professor, Tenure, Academia]

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Poetry by Keats, Genius is Loving Your Mistakes

- First, re: Keats: his letter addresses something that I've been wondering about "genius." I'm reminded of this popular quotation from Ulysses: "A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery." If Genius (I love that it's capitalized) is some sort of spectral or seraphic presence independent of mind, then it seems to visit or attach itself to only a few people every generation. Why is it so selective. This is a superstitious explanation for "genius," of course, and we know statistically that genius IQs really are rare....   [tags: professor, seriousl prodigy]

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Graduation Speech : Mandatory Attendance Policy

- Beep. Beep. Beep. The seven thirty alarm begins to go off in a small little dorm room at Pitt Greensburg. I rush around getting dressed putting all the right books in my bookbag getting ready to take on the day. I begin the long walk to powers excited to see what I am going to learn today in class. I am always a student that is always on time and does my homework, and does well in school. But my thought on class quickly changed as soon as I walked into the classroom. Its packed the only spot left is the seat in the back-left corner by the window I was even fifteen minutes early....   [tags: University, Professor, Prince, Privatdozent]

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America Needs For A Better Every Freshman And Complete The Ucc 101 Course

- To help us adapt to Utica better every freshman had to complete the UCC-101 course. During this course we learned information such as locations for the health office, campus safety, student success, student activities, etc. The course also taught students how to deal with stress, time management and explained how to overcome some of the problems we would face as freshmen. To help better understand Utica and prepare us for a successful college career, Professor Gordon invited four guest presenters to come in and speak to us....   [tags: University, Student, Education, Professor]

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