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Comparison Of Two Health Care Professions

- Introduction For this report I will compare and contrast two health care professions. The two professions I have chosen are Nursing and social work. In my report I will discuss education and registration, principles of the care profession, continuous development, the framework of clinical governance, code of conduct, parameters within professional practice and ethical issues and boundaries. Education and Registration Both health care professions have to register with a regular body, nursing have to register with Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) whereas Social Workers register with the Scottish Social Service Council (SSSC)....   [tags: Nursing, Sociology, Profession, Social work]

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The Role of the Health Professions Council

- Role of the health professions council – The health professions council is a regulatory association set up in grasp to defend the public with professions related to health care. In order for the health professions council to accomplish this they’ve set up a register which has all the names of candidates practicing of a variety of professions within the UK. In order to practice as a biomedical scientists you need to be legally registered and meet the standards set by the council. The requirements for registration – There are numerous requirements which conducting biomedical scientists and students ought to follow....   [tags: medical, education, requirements]

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Issues and Ethics in The "Helping" Professions

- Critique of Issues and Ethics Themes in the Helping Professions Workers in the helping professions endure a massive amount of ethical and professional issues. These issues affect the practice of counseling and the relationship with the client. The book Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions by Corey, Corey, and Hallanan gives many themes that one will encounter throughout their career. The book also gives possible solutions to problems and stimulates different ways to think about issues....   [tags: Ethics/Morality]

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Mentoring in the Nursing and Midwifery Professions

- Before commencing on the course I felt I had a thorough knowledge of mentorship and assessing professional practice. I had in the past successfully undertaken a programme of study at State University, gaining a Certificate in Education in post compulsory education. I had previously mentored numerous pre-registration student nurses and also spent time as a clinical practice teacher for specialist practitioner students undertaking the public health degree pathway to becoming Health Visitors. I was not sure whether I would learn anything new on this programme, so looked at the opportunity as a way of refreshing and updating my existing knowledge....   [tags: assessment of professionalism, attitude]

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Importance of Physical Appearances in Professions

- Employment is one of the most important objectives that people live through in the 21 century. In getting employed physical Appearance contribute a tremendous amount. Physical appearances show more than just how individuals look, it contributes to the person’s habits and ability to care for themselves. First impressions are one of the greatest contributions that employers look at. “beauty is good” is a modern stereotype that people contribute to. According to this stereotype people are treated more positively when they are seemed to be more attractive (Ritu)....   [tags: employment, first impressions]

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Professions Paper On The Nursing Field

- Professions Paper on the Nursing Field When people think of nurses, not everyone has the same idea of what a nurse is and what they do. Some people will say care givers, hospitals, doctors or helpers. Being a nurse is a big responsibility. You are responsible for all records of a patient, you have to take care of that patient in any way they need assistance. There are so many routs you can take with nursing, you can work in hospitals, clinics, schools, home care, long care, with any military services and many more....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse]

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Mental Health Work And Professions

- Chapter 7 titled, Mental health work and professions extends this idea to the roles, identities and functions of mental health workers. It explorers a variety of sociological approaches to mental health work. The assorted qualities reflects more extensive uncertain inside the fields of the humanism of the callings. Thus, these debates inside the field are joined with divisions inside social hypothesis, with post-structuralism speaking to the latest member in verbal confrontations about how well-being experts are to be seen in the public eye....   [tags: Psychology, Sociology, Mental health, Psychiatry]

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The Three Main Accounting Professions

- ... The life of an accountant is important but what is more important is how they get the job. I’ll be discussing the employment of these three accountants. A Chartered Accountant works in many industries and businesses 8. They tend to work in commerce businesses but could also work overseas, at the government and public practice 8. Chartered Accountants are usually individual workers but they can become self-employed 8. A Certified General Accountant can work anywhere but will likely work in the government, educational institutions and charities 9....   [tags: Chartered, Certified General, Certified Management]

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Public Mistrust Of The Professions

- In recent years, films have been increasingly notorious for distorting the image of professionals. It can agreed upon that popular culture has influenced the “public mistrust of the professions.” Professional journalists have been often portrayed as “hard-drinking, foul-mouthed, dim-witted social misfits concerned only with twisting the truth into scandal”. But because of journalism’s role in affirming the privately owned free press “ordained by the Founding Fathers as the engine of participatory self-government”, this idea has often times shielded journalism from criticism....   [tags: Journalist, Journalism, Investigative journalism]

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Virginia Woolf 's `` Professions For Women ``

- In the Broadview Anthropology of Expository Prose, Buzzard et al. describe Virginia Woolf’s essay “Professions for Women” as a “lecture to a society of professional women” (100). As a queer writer, Woolf’s voice during the 1930’s received much attention, along with praise and criticism. Woolf’s fight for women’s empowerment and gender equality are evident throughout her essay, and as of now, in the 21st century, it is unequivocal that Woolf saw herself as a feminist. However, as Woolf writes her “Professions for women” she makes use of the blanket terms “the woman” and “herself” to refer to a general professional woman....   [tags: Feminism, Gender, Woman, Sociology]

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Early Childhood Professions

- Professions in early childhood development are unique in such a way because not many other career paths involve the direct care of an individual. Law enforcement personal, doctors, nurses, EMT’s all help people in extraordinary ways but the early childhood field often involves the direct care and supervision of a young child for many months on end and very intimate and caring relationship often develop over the course of the care takers term of service (C, 2011) . It is because of this very intimate and detail oriented care that it is imperative and a huge challenge that the early childhood professional keep current with new changes and updated procedure in the field....   [tags: Education, elementary education, primary]

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Virginia Woolf 's `` Professions For Women ``

- Virginia Woolf, prolific novelist, essayist and critic, delivered “Professions for Women” as a speech before the National Society for Women’s Service on January 21, 1931. Her address highlighted the obstacles facing professional women while emphasizing the pressure placed on women by Victorian standards and expectations. Woolf’s purpose was to empower the solely female audience and to illuminate the simplicity in creating a career, despite the obstacles through outlining her personal experience....   [tags: Woman, Female, Gender, Girl]

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Analysis Of `` Professions For Women `` By Virginia Woolf

- Overcoming Obstacles in Life is Essential to Helping Overall Success Have you ever wondered if there could possibly be overwhelming obstacles in the way of someone being truly successful in life. Some may witness friends or loved ones not developing to their fullest potential in their profession because of these unobtainable obstacles holding them back. In “Professions for Women,” by Virginia Woolf, Woolf gives a speech to a group of women explaining why they must overcome certain things in order to be successful in their future professional careers....   [tags: Woman, Female, Rhetoric, Appeal]

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Stressors Are Common Among The Helping Professions

- Stressors are common among the helping professions, especially in the crisis setting (James & Gilliland, 2013). Many helping professionals in the crisis setting deal with erratic hours, extremely low pay, immediate deadlines, sporadic clients, and repeat callers. In addition to these many stressors, crisis workers are put into dangerous and traumatic situations. Thus, making terms like burnout, vicarious traumatization, and compassion fatigue common among these workers. Burnout Given the intimate nature of counseling, many helping professionals are highly prone to burnout (Gutierrez & Mullen, 2016; James & Gilliland, 2013; Leiter & Maslach, 2005)....   [tags: Psychological trauma]

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A Moral Basis for the Helping Professions

- Our consideration of moral issues in the helping professions should go beyond decision-making in particular cases. We need a more basic set of moral attitudes that can provide the context for making these decisions, and which describe the sort of person the helping professional needs to be. The helping professional needs to be able to perform a large number of supererogatory actions. We can compare helping professionals to both saints and good parents. The work of Sarah Ruddick on the virtues that inform maternal practice can be of great help to us here....   [tags: Employment Careers Ethics Papers]

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A Critical Analysis of The Legal Professions

- A Critical Analysis of The Legal Professions 1.0 Introduction The English legal profession, which applies in England and Wales, is separated into two different types of lawyer: the solicitor and the barrister. There are similarities and areas of overlap in both jobs. A solicitor deals with a whole spectrum of legal issues whereas a barrister usually specialises in one area and advises solicitors when asked. Solicitors are usually employed in a partnership as part of a solicitor's firm and their governing body is The Law Society....   [tags: Papers]

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Pornography And Prostitution Are Both Professions Of A Sexual And Contradiction Nature

- Pornography and prostitution are both professions of a sexual and contradiction nature. Neither is a common profession amongst the average American citizen. But none the less, they are each a profession that has its own business structure and are supported by laws. Pornography and prostitution are both businesses of pleasure yet one is legal and the other is not. I. Business of Pornography A. Government regulated When it comes to the business of pornography, I learned from my research and in my interview with Amy that it 's government regulated....   [tags: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Sex worker]

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The Truth Behind The Health Professions Scholarship Program

- The Truth Behind the Health Professions Scholarship Program: Dollars, Duty, and Death For undergraduate students looking to pursue a career in medicine, medical school can be a daunting financial endeavor. The Health Professions Scholarship Program is a military scholarship offered by the Army, Navy, and Air Force that covers all tuition and fees for one to four years at any accredited medical school or other qualifying professional program. The scholarship also gives the student a stipend for living expenses....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Medical school, Army]

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Analysis Of William Woolf 's ' Professions For Women '

- Born in 1882 Virginia Woolf is a noted novelist and essayist, prominent for her nonlinear prose style and feminist writings. Her essay “Professions for Women” designed as a speech to be given at the Women’s Service League in 1931, informs her audience of the powerful internal dispute she and other women face in an attempt to live their everyday lives as women living in a masculine controlled society, especially within the careers they desire. Woolf adopted an urgent and motherly tone in order to reach her female audience in 1931 during her speech and in response her audience gathered....   [tags: Rhetoric, Writing, Emotion, Woman]

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Analysis Of The Article ' Professions For Women ' By Virginia Woolf

- Discussed in the article “Professions for Women” by Virginia Woolf are the obstacles women face when trying to become a professional writer. Woof narrates her challenges to becoming a writer by explaining the many negative thoughts she faces as well as thinking about how the experience is while working in a field that consists of many men. Through her essay, Woolf explains her lifestyle as a writer by cheerfully conveying the idea of what needs to be accomplished in order for one to achieve their desired profession....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Idea, Cognition]

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Psychodynamic Theory And Practice Of The Field Of Helping Professions

- Within the field of helping professions, there are many theoretical frameworks purported by varying renowned social scientists and researchers which are incorporated in the therapeutic process and services offered to individuals experiencing psychological distress. One such framework adopted is that of Alfred Adler with his Adlerian therapy. Adler’s theory and practices places great emphasis on the unity of personality purporting that it is the only way in which individuals can be understood as unified and complete beings....   [tags: Alfred Adler, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Therapy]

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Nursing Is The Largest Of All Health Care Professions

- Nursing is the largest of all health care professions, with there being more than three million registered nurses world wide. When someone chooses a career in nursing, they can 't just do it for the job benfiets or the pay, they have to really enjoy and love their career. A lot of people might go into nursing, because they know it can make very good money. If they were to go in for just that reason, they would eventually become very tired of having to deal woth all of the responosibilities that come along with the career and might give up....   [tags: Nursing, Patient, Physician, Nurse]

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Importance of Interpersonal Communication Skills in Healthcare Professions

- ... Empirical data suggested that participants that experienced higher rapport has better recollection of events and divulged more information (Collins & Lincoln, 2002). These results emphasise the impact establishing rapport has on the content individuals are willing to disclose and their ability to recall important information. Rapport building is essential in any healthcare context, specifically that of a psychologist as it develops the professional relationship and if conducted effectively can have a positive effect on the information quality the client is willing to share....   [tags: primary aspects of interaction]

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Ethics in Criminal Justice Professions

- Criminal Justice professionals make decisions everyday and they have to be able to recognize when an issue involves ethical considerations. Therefore, in order to recognize these issues and make appropriate and correct decisions, it is important that the criminal justice professional study ethics. In order to make a good ethical decision the professional will have to have the ability to apply knowledge of ethics, know the ethical terminology and the concepts needed in making a good ethical decision....   [tags: Criminal Justice Ethics]

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Health Professions

- Health Professions At age ten, I left everything behind in China to start a new life with my parents in United States. It was not long before I realized that I was, in many ways, different from all the other kids in school. Gradually, I became less confident and more isolated. One day in the schoolyard, while I was playing hopscotch alone, a girl named Becca walked up to me and asked if she could join in. Although we had difficulty understanding one another's speech, we had no problem communicating through gestures and expressions....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Personal Experience: Parents and Interests in Life

- I was talking to my brother’s friend (who is doing MBBS) about engineering. “Engineering is not a difficult field if you have interest”, if you love machines, I also love machines”, he said. I asked, “Then why are not you becoming an engineer”. He answered, “My father is a doctor and he wanted me to become a doctor, so…” There are a lot of people who have big dreams in their lives, who want to do something in their lives. But they are unable to fulfill their dreams because of their parents. Although parents don’t let their children do what they want, as parents want them to follow their footsteps, to have what they never had, to protect them, and because they have the greater experience, how...   [tags: engineering, professions]

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Max Weber's Ideas on Characteristics of Professions: Profession of Teaching

- Today we are told we can be anything we can dream up. Although this is true, Max Weber would argue that there are certain characteristics that define a profession. In his eyes the only ideal professions are medicine, law and priesthood. There are eight main points Weber makes each of which I feel can be applied to teaching (Bennet & Le Compte pg. 150). The first thing on Weber's list is that a profession is self-employed and provides a service to the community (Bennet & Le Compte pg. 150). One way to disagree with this statement is that teachers run off salaries, so they are not self-employed....   [tags: teachers, sociology, education]

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The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the Importance of Lifelong Learning

- Introduction According to the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) continuing professional development is defined as “the way professionals continue to learn and develop throughout their careers so they keep their skills and knowledge up to date and are able to work safely, legally and effectively.” (HCPC, 2012). Continuing professional development (CPD) is an important factor of health care professionals work and practice as it ensures that they are up to date with relevant policies and procedures, that their quality of work is of a high degree and also to benefit the service users....   [tags: health, professional development]

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Deborah Tannen’s Marked Women and Virginia Woolf’s Professions for Women

- It is as if a window finally cracks open revealing the sun’s rays brightening with the truth that men and women experience different challenges. Deborah Tannen’s Marked Women has to face the music when applied to Virginia Woolf’s Professions for Women. In Tannen’s essay the claim that “[t]here is no unmarked women” has trouble withstanding but manages to hold up Woolf’s position of the battle women fought against the traditional norm to the freedom they can possess. First and foremost, Tannen claims that all women are “unmarked” and that leaves the essay with room for doubt....   [tags: Virginia Woolf, Deborah Tannen]

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Psychological Therapy As Other Professions Within Social And Humanistic Sciences

- Psychological therapy as other professions within social and humanistic sciences, is a spotlight to the human being, so all their work must be based on deep and solid ethical foundation. The therapist enters like any other professional in the privacy of individuals, in the knowledge of their personalities, conflicts, feelings and dissatisfactions, with its consequent the influence on others. The therapist should not only be competent and have a solid ethical and humanistic education, but also acquire full awareness of their professional role, enabling him to assess at all times fair and correct performance against seeking help, especially in the field of patient health and also become an exa...   [tags: Interpersonal relationship, Psychology]

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The Affordable Care Act ( An Analysis On Overall Impact On The Healthcare Professions

- This paper explores five published articles about the Affordable Care Act including an analysis on the overall impact on the healthcare professions. This research will summarize the ten content areas of the bill and also provide an opinion on the overall outcome for everyone, and throughout the paper the results will vary based on the author’s belief about the new law. Other articles will discuss about the purpose of the Affordable Care Act and the changes that can occur and affect millions of people’s life status and career....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider]

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Rhetorical Analysis on Virginia Woolf´s Speech Professions for Women

- ... “You are able, though not without great labour and effort, to pay the rent. You are earning your five hundred pounds a year. But this freedom is only a beginning—the room is your own, but it is still bare. It has to be furnished; it has to be decorated; it has to be shared.” In this, she not only speaks of the physical rooms itself that these women are finally able to afford due to their own efforts, but the “rooms” or empty spaces in these women’s identities and the difficult task that they face in confronting old traditions and perspectives so that they are able to reconcile their past with their view of their future....   [tags: society, desire, metaphor]

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Challenges Faced Managers Facing Today 's Business Professions

- This paper explores the challenges that managers face in today’s business professions. The three things that need to be taken into consideration are; the effectiveness of the technological advances, the cost effectiveness of implementing the new technology, and the value of the human being that is currently doing the work that is being replaced by technology. The paper looks at each of these situations and pinpoints validity in why a manger should look closely at each before making a decision on the implementation of new technology in the workplace....   [tags: Management, Technology, ManaGeR, Human]

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Allied Health Professionals : Allied Healthcare Professionals

- Allied Health Professionals Allied health professions are health care professions that branch out from nursing, medicine, and pharmacy. It is said that allied health professionals make up 60% of the total US health workforce. These professionals work in teams to make the health care system function by giving a range of diagnostic, technical, therapeutic and direct patient care services, that are important to patients they handle and other health professionals they work with. There are a lot of professions that are associated with the Allied Health profession....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Allied health professions]

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Orthodox Sociological Understandings of Work, Employment and Professions

- Orthodox Sociological Understandings of Work, Employment and Professions There is a wealth of sociological literature concerned with understanding work, employment and the professions but until recently there has been little concern with women and work. For many years, sociologists concentrated on the work of white males and on paid employment. But since the Second World War there has been a gradual increase of women entering the labour market thus creating an interest in the work carried out by women....   [tags: Papers]

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The Role and Inter-relationship of the Medical and Health Professions

- Medical and health professionals have a major impact in society, on a professional and power / status level. This essay will outline a major development in healthcare then analyse the inter-relationship of doctors in today’s society in terms of power and status, linking that with the major development in healthcare. It will then proceed to sum these points up using Marxist, feminist and functionalist views. The latter part of the essay will outline an understanding of the history of the NHS and what developments have happened to shape our society today....   [tags: healthcare industry]

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Preparing the Future of Registered Nursing Through Baccalaureate-Level Education

- The pathway to become a registered nurse starts with training and education, as most other professions. Historically and currently, there is much controversy among national nursing boards, organizations, associations, and educators on what the minimal level of education should be for entry level practice including to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, commonly known as the NCLEX. The American Nurses Association has long supported a bachelor’s degree for entry-level nursing practice, despite the current minimum education requirement of an associate’s degree in nursing for a candidate to sit for the NCLEX....   [tags: nursing education, professions, nclex]

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Nursing Does Not Qualify as a Profession

- Determining if Nursing Qualifies as a Profession Abstract Nursing will be compared to common characteristics of a profession to determine if nursing qualifies as a profession. Does Nursing Qualify as a Profession. “There are six characteristics commonly used to asses whether a job is considered a profession: education of the practitioner, having a code of ethics, receiving compensation commensurate with the work, being organized to promote a needed service, having autonomy in practice, and being recognized by the government with licensure”(Pinkerton, 2001,p.130)....   [tags: Careers Nursing Nurses Professions Essays]

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Direct Access to Physical Therapy

- Introduction The physical therapy profession like many other health care professions is constantly evolving. The evolution is being followed by the growing pressure from the federal government, insurance companies, employers, and patients who are seeking high quality care to be cost effectively. Over the decades the roles of a physical therapist has been changing from dependence on physicians to independent practice under a self-governing professional model. Direct access allows patients to seek physical therapy interventions by going to them directly and not having to spend time and money in the doctor’s office to get a referral first....   [tags: evolution of healthcare professions]

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Economic Effects of Outsourcing

- Should Americans be concerned about the economic effects of outsourcing. Not particularly. Most of the numbers thrown around are vague, overhyped estimates. What hard data exist suggest that gross job losses due to offshore outsourcing have been minimal when compared to the size of the entire U.S. economy. The outsourcing phenomenon has shown that globalization can affect white-collar professions, heretofore immune to foreign competition, in the same way that it has affected manufacturing jobs for years....   [tags: globalization, white collar professions]

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Evaluation Of A Patient Health Care Providers From Different Professions Working Collaboratively Within Interprofessional Team

- Contemporary patient-centered care is requiring health care providers from different professions working collaboratively within interprofessional team to improve better patient outcomes. When members of multiple disciplines communicate well with each other based on mutual respect and value each other’s opinions, the whole team understand better, functioning better, and less chances to end up with negative patient health care. Research findings indicate interprofessional team approaches improve quality of patient-centred care (Buscemi, Steglitz, & Spring, 2012)....   [tags: Health care, Nursing, Health care provider]

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Effective Teachers and Their Importance

- Most people do not see teaching as a critical job. The failed to realize that teachers are shaping the future leaders of our country. Even worst, some teachers do not recognize the significance of their jobs. They do not understand that our country will need more than a set of memorized rules to stay on the vanguard. Teachers must possess and exhibit an array of features that demonstrate their ability to create successful learning experiences. Teachers ought to cause successful learning, create interest, and increase competence and confidence in students (Wiggins, 2010)....   [tags: education, professions]

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Reaching for the Stars: Planning for the Future

- ... As a corporate lawyer, you can perform as a guider toward business executives, or an act for a company in court. You can go as far as studying, drafting contracts, promote unification and take on human resource issues while extending in the direction of the judicial system. This specific type of lawyer can be more common than a trail lawyer. As said, corporate lawyers often work with lawyers from other companies to register deals and guarantee that everyone is complying with the applicable law (What Does a Corporate Lawyer do?)....   [tags: career, professions, lawyer, doctor, school]

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Truth-telling versus Deception

- Healthcare professions have codes of conduct and ethics that address the issue of honesty and trust in relation to patient encounters yet truth-telling (or being honest) versus deception (or being dishonest) has been identified as an ethical issue in hospitals, particularly about diagnosis and prognosis disclosures. Dossa (2010) defines being honest or telling the truth as relating the facts as one knows them. Furthermore, Dossa (2010) states that deception can be an act of dishonesty but also can be without lies....   [tags: healthcare professions, ethical dilema]

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Becoming an Obstetrician-Gynecologist

- Obstetrician/Gynecologist Have you ever wondered what it would take to become qualified to work with the female reproductive system. The career of Obstetrics and Gynecology is a challenging yet fascinating career because of the ability to be a part of the introduction of a new life into the world, along with other obligations that come with this career. The research will describe the career of Obstetrics and Gynecology, what is required to become a successful OB/GYN, and the impact this career has on society....   [tags: career choices and professions]

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Social Workers the Warriors of Change

- ... In that time it was those workers who set the stage for what we now know as the field of Social Work. The social worker may have many responsibilities or functions but one that will always stand out as paramount would be that of an enabler. In the enabler role the social worker works with the client to become capable of coping with situations or transitional stress. As a social worker one would convey hope, reduce stress, resistance and ambivalence, recognize manage feelings, identify and support personal strengths and social assets (Height 1)....   [tags: professions in the social realm]

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Analysis Of ' The Laramie Project '

- The Laramie Project is a unique play because it is created by the combination of interviews done after the death of Matthew Shepard. While this format is not usually seen, in this production, it was successfully done and was a enjoyable play to watch. All of the acting, design and directing aspects for this production were properly handled and fit the purpose of the play. The acting for this play was successful in its goal. The actors were more than successful in making their characters seem credible and convincing....   [tags: Theatre, Actor, Theatrical professions]

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Legalizing Prosititution in America

- Some put one a suit and tie. Some strap on a hard hat and a safety vest. Some put on revealing clothing and heavy makeup. All have bills to pay and all have real jobs. However, only two can count a safety and the protection of law enforcement in their line of work. It’s been said that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, yet it still carries an enormous amount of stigma, and is still illegal in one of the most industrialized nations in the world. Although prostitution and sex work in general have many negative societal connotations, its legalization would not only have economical benefits, and improve working condition for those already working in the industry, but would also contr...   [tags: sex workers, legitimate professions]

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Evolution of Healthcare Informatics

- ... Through each upcoming visit, my new doctor had to continue to learn more and more about me. Not that I’ve moved back to Ohio, all my medical records were easily transferred back with me. The doctor out of state took notes with the ease of a tablet, which recorded his work and saved into my file. When doctors from Ohio needed specific records, I simply signed off on paperwork for them to send everything back home with me electronically. No messy paperwork, simply just a few electronic files. It is necessary with the healthcare system changing as quickly as it is today to have a system that can be shared with everyone but it simply is not like that....   [tags: increased technology, medical professions]

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U.s. Army - A Profession Of Arms

- U.S. Army – A Profession of Arms Colonel Mathew Moten once said, “Professions are not professions simply because they say they are. Their clients, society as a whole, have to accept their claims and trust the professions with jurisdiction over important areas of human endeavor”. Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind the words, "Profession of Arms?" Or what it takes to be part of an organization. There are many occupations, but none quite like the Army Profession of Arms. Typically, I would refer to Webster for a concise definition of the Profession of Arms however; a definition does not exist in the dictionary....   [tags: United States, Military, Professional, Profession]

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The Importance Of Teaching As A Profession

- Teaching as a Profession Until the twentieth century, teachers had very little preparation and training to becoming an educator. Teacher training typically involved one to two years at a teacher’s college before being employed at a local school, where teachers had to follow strict rules and regulations- even outside of the school. However, teachers have recently been working hard towards being professionals in their fields and they have earned the right to be judged on their success at work, rather than their behavior outside of the school....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Profession]

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U.S. Army: A Profession of Arms

- The impact of the War on Terrorism on our military is profound. Over the past decade the Army has rapidly expanded, lowered its entry standards, and reprioritized its training objectives. Now as the wars now diminish, the Army again faces change due to budget cuts and troop reduction. Such actions have forced critics to question whether the Army is still meeting the expectations of a profession. The answer is that the Army is holding true to the title of a “Profession of Arms” like never before....   [tags: profession, budget, reduction, standards]

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Teaching As A Unique Profession

- Question One: Teaching as a Unique Profession There is much controversy surrounding the idea that teaching is not considered a “profession.” However, there is much evidence that debunks the theory that teaching is more of an occupation than a professional field. According to the National Labor Relations Act, the formal definition for a profession is an occupation that is “engaged in work predominately intellectual… involving consistent exercise of discretion and judgment… of such character that output cannot be standardized… requiring knowledge of an advanced type in a field of science or learning customarily acquired by prolonged course of specialized intellectual instruction and study” (To...   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Profession]

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Pre Health Professions: Medical Laboratory Technician

- My dream career is a medical laboratory technician. I think this is the direction God has called me to go. Laboratory lab technicians do not attend medical school but they need to get an education and get certified. The main duties of medical laboratory technicians are to perform lab tests. Since they run all the laboratory tests, they help to diagnose conditions or diseases in a patient. They test many types of samples in the lab such as skin or body fluids like blood and urine. Lab techs have the responsibility to not only perform the test but to record the results and get the results where they need to be....   [tags: eduaction, certified, patient, tests]

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The Phantoms of Society in Virginia Woolf´s Progessions for Women

- Human beings find the expected so comforting. People want to be prepared for any catastrophe and keep chaos in the world under control, but this strategy is flawed. In the conquest for control, humans have created an ideal of how life should be, and phantoms are formed from this ideal. Doris Lessing’s “To Room Nineteen” and Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas are both examples of how different people live with ambiguity. However, Virginia Woolf’s “Professions for Women” most clearly explains how society’s ideals affect its members....   [tags: ideals, society, ambiguity, control, expected]

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Female Lawyers in the 20th Century

- Female Lawyers in the 20th Century As early as the American Civil War, women fought to enter the legal profession. Since then, they have repeatedly proven themselves competent, and yet many have felt the pressure of opposition from their male counterparts. Even today, discrimination still exists, not from outside the profession, but from within. The reader will confront the history of female attorneys, what obstacles stand in their way, what advances are being made with regards to equality, and where the profession stands today....   [tags: Attorneys Law Careers Professions Essays]

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Nurses in Works Progress Administration Memories

- Nurses in Works Progress Administration Memories Evidence from American Life Histories: The Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1940 American nursing transformed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century from a family and community duty performed largely by untrained women in family homes, to paid labor performed by both trained and untrained women and men in a variety of settings. Distinctions between types of nurses increased in this transition. Life histories of nurses taken by Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) writers in the late 1930s provide valuable insight into the experience of some of these nurses....   [tags: Nursing Careers Professions Medical Essays]

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Why I Want to Be an Anesthesiologist

- Everyday, people go through surgery and require a specialist that will monitor their surgery as well as give them what they need to be able to persevere the pain, which is exactly what anesthesiologists do. In order for the patients to be able to get into surgery and deal with the agonizing aches after the abscission, anesthesiologists have to give the sufferer the proper treatment before and after the surgery. Overall, anesthesiologists must be highly educated in both medicine and communication, they need to be able to give the patient the right amount of medicine as well as speak with the family of patients and other doctors to inform them all with what will be done during the surgery, a...   [tags: career choices, medical professions]

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The Philosophy Of The Profession Of Engineering

- When Christian students graduate from high school and begin their journey into college, a distinction is often made between those going into full-time ministry and those working towards a secular career. Although it is uncommon for students pursuing a secular career to be criticized for their decision, those pursuing pastoral work or foreign missions are sometimes viewed as working towards a “higher calling” from God. They have surrendered their entire career over to the Lord. The profession of engineering is, by definition, a secular career field....   [tags: Engineering, Professional Engineer]

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Joining the Nursing Profession

- Nursing is a rewarding career for people who love to saves lives, however it requires people who are patient and critical thinkers because every life counts. Most of the people consider it a calling, but to be a nurse, good communication skills, and especially fluency in English, are essential to ensure understanding both orally and in writing (Buerhaus et al). A good memory is essential since a nurse is required to memorize drugs, uses and side effects, and standard doses. Nursing also requires one to be a good test taker to pass the nursing licensing exam....   [tags: career choices, healthcare professionals]

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The Trial I Attended Was The State V.

- The trial I attended was the State v. Horne trial on October 29th, 2015, at the Monmouth County Courthouse in front of Judge Ronald Lee Reisner. The State v. Horne case was about two brothers, Duane and Maurice Horne, who allegedly robbed a gas station attendant. The part of the trial I was able to witness was the defense 's cross examination of a witness. The witness on the stand was a police officer of the Howell Township Police Department. He was the second officer on the scene after the incident, and the officer in charge of writing up all of the paper work, including the police report, taking the witness statement, and the search warrant affidavit....   [tags: Police, Crime, Constable, Legal professions]

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Medical Assistant vs Licensed Practical Nurse

- The medical field is one of the fastest occupations in the world. Medical Assistants and LPNs have different roles and responsibilities. You will get a better understanding about each occupation position in the medical field. Understand the difference between the two is not as difficult as it seems. The difference between the two is Medical Assistants handles basic clinical tasks. They are responsible for medical records, book-keeping, and answering call. Most Medical Assistants help Doctors examine and treat patients....   [tags: Medicine, Medical Professions, Compare and Contras]

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Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Police Officers

- Sheriff 's share the same responsibilities as police officers, but have a much larger jurisdiction than just a town or city. Misconceptions are views or opinions that are based on misunderstandings or false thinking. While stereotypes are images or ideas that are fixed on a certain person or thing. There are many misconceptions due to unhealthy attitudes and unrealistic thinking. Also, the large amount of stereotypes are mainly due to the manipulation of mass media. Yet, when it comes to stereotypes and misconceptions peace officers and individuals with law enforcement experience a large deal of them....   [tags: Police, Constable, Sheriff, Legal professions]

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Professional Identity And The Profession

- Introduction Professionals are people who have equipped themselves with the knowledge and skills in a given field. The interest of improvement of the professional identity is an evidence of how high standards are placed upon the professionals in the community (Johnson et al., 2012). Each profession creates its norms, values and scope of practice that distinguishes it from any other profession. Different legal ethics are upheld and everyone needs to work as per the stipulated ethics in the field to be part of the profession....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Professional, Profession]

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Human Service Profession Of Industrial Organizational Psychology

- Introduction There are a number of professions individuals can choose under the broad umbrella of human services. Typically, these professions are categorized into three broad classifications: nonprofessionals, human service professionals, and specialists (Woodside & McClam, 2015, p. 179). While these seemingly disparate career paths, ranging from physicians to probation officers, appear to have nothing in common, they all rest on one key goal: improving the well being of others. Each career will entail different education, training, and licensing requirements (contributing to their placement in the previously mentioned categories [Woodside & McClam, 2015, p....   [tags: Psychology, Employment, Professional]

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Civil Litigation Is The Area Of Law That Interests Me Most

- Civil litigation is the area of law that interests me most. In civil litigation, there are two opposing sides to each case: the plaintiff, or the individual bringing the case, and the defendant, or the individual or other entity, such as a business, defending themselves against the plaintiffs allegations. If I were working as a paralegal on a case, I would much prefer to be employed on the defendant 's side for several reasons. First, defense lawyers generally work under conditions that allow for them to bill for their employment by the hour and work an average of 1800 hours per year....   [tags: Lawyer, Law, Law firm, Legal professions]

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The Role Of An Qualified Professional Profession

- Essay #2 The role of any employee is to perform their task to the best of their ability, regardless of their occupation. Whether you are behind the tortilla station at Chipotle or behind the vest of a sworn in officer. You are obligated to put forth your best foot forward despite the situations you may encounter. While always putting the health of the person you are serving first. With hierarchy in society this obligation carries more meaning and status depending on one’s profession. The professional role of an engineer is not only to form the pathways to a more productive society by mending the practices of math, science and reason to do so....   [tags: Morality, Human, Ethics, Profession]

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Nursing is a Profession

- A profession is more than just learning a set number of skills or acting in a particular way. Even though nurses do not have complete autonomy in decision-making and practice, Nursing should be considered a profession because it requires an extended education and has a theoretical body of knowledge. No one factor can delineate a job from a profession. To act professionally, means to administer care in a conscientious and knowledgeable way without impeding harm on others. The nursing profession remains committed to the care and nurturing of both healthy and ill people, individually, or in groups, or communities (Cherry & Jacob, 2008)....   [tags: argumentative, persuasive, Nursing Career]

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Is Journalism a Profession?

- INTRODUCTION "Society demands that the men who minister to its health be in the highest sense of the word professional men − professionally trained, professional in their ethics, professionally responsible. Society demands professional training and professional conduct of the men who minister to its needs in legal matters. The fact that society demands less of the men who minister through news to its knowledge and attitudes is one of the great and dangerous inconsistencies that give shape to the twentieth century (Schramm, 1947, p....   [tags: Journalism Debate]

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De-regulate the Medical Profession

- De-regulate the medical profession. The government has to many regulations on who can do what in medicine. Someone who is a 3rd year medical student can perform surgery and medical task and a nurse with 30 years of experience can’t. We live in a county with more than 300 million people and only have 600,000 doctors, that’s 500 patients for every doctor. There are many potential students who can make it through medical school but cannot afford it, or a family crisis. Over 95% of forms are rejected and its true we want the most proficient team of medical students but in a health care crisis like we have we have to take our chances....   [tags: medical profession, ]

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My Career Goals in Nursing Profession

- Profession of Nursing is always regards as a complex, dynamic and noble. The nursing profession requires many things such as hard work, a vast knowledge, excellent communication skills, and a passion for the noble profession. All these qualities are needed to be an effective nurse. Today, nurses are living in a world of ever changing field of medicine .The present patient statistics poses, nurses are expected to take responsibility of accomplishing the requirements. The requirement for excellent nursing skills is added as well as well-formed skills in different aspect....   [tags: Nursing Profession]

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Organizational Culture Of The Accounting Profession

- Organizational Culture of the Accounting Profession Culture in an organization is created, embedded, evolved, and ultimately manipulated, and at the same time culture can constrain, stabilize, and provide structure and meaning to the members of the organization. An organization founder or leader creates the organization’s culture. Leadership is entangled with culture formation, evolution, transformation, and destruction (Schein, 2004). Organizational culture is an important topic for members of the accounting profession....   [tags: Accountant, Accountancy, Profession]

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Curriculum Development for the Nursing Profession

- ... They are problem-centred since they seek educational solutions so that they may move to wherever they wish in their profession (Mary, 2009). As adults, they are self-directed and do not mainly depend on others to get directions – therefore, they might move at their own pace, which may be slower, taking them slightly more time to learn. In fact, they are often skeptical regarding new information and therefore preferring to first try it before acceptance. Adults are also result-oriented, keeping specific educational results in mind and therefore, they seek education that directly applies or relates to their perceived needs, which are appropriate and timely for the current life that they a...   [tags: learning in the healthcare profession]

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Teaching Is A Difficult Profession

- Teaching is a difficult profession that is not meant for everyone. There are multitudes of valid reasons to not be a teacher. There are people whom think that a teacher’s job is simply an eight-three job but that it far from the truth. Teacher’s entire nights are essentially overtime, but without the pay other jobs give for the extra hours. Teachers are revered in other countries, but in America they are criticized. There are abounding amounts of bad teachers out there in the world and I may just become one more uninspiring person in a child’s life....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Profession]

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The Army Profession

- Webster’s dictionary defines the word profession as a type of job that requires special education, training, or skill. Many Soldiers would not consider the Army as a profession but a way of life. Some think the word profession belongs to everyday jobs like a plumber, mechanic, or doctor. Dr. Don M. Snider stated “the Army is a profession because of the expert work it produces, because the people in the Army develop themselves to be professionals, and because the Army certifies them as such” (Snider, D....   [tags: training, doctrine, soldiers]

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Code Of Ethics And Principles Of Professional Conduct

- Running Head: CODE OF ETHICS & PRINCIPLES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT Code of Ethics & Principles of Professional Conduct Impact on School Environment Christopher Gilchrist Lynn University   The code of ethics and principles of professional conduct for the education profession in Florida has been the standard and rules that everyone in the education profession has lived by. The code of ethics and principles of professional conduct has one goal, to protect every student and to ensure that everyone has equal rights to education and is treated equally and with respect....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Ethics, Profession]

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The Social Work Profession Is Defined As A Practice Based Profession

- The social work profession is defined as “a practice-based profession and an academic discipline that promotes social change and development, social cohesion, and the empowerment and liberation of people (ISFW, ‘Global Definition of Social Work’, 2016).” The definition may be true about the profession but it is more in depth than just that. To me, the profession’s primary focus is to help others through life as much as we can while letting them make their own choices and guiding them. In society, social workers are utilized in many different nonprofit and government roles....   [tags: Sociology, Social work, Social change]

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Creating the Professional Nurse

- Creating the Professional Nurse Nursing encompasses several levels of education and licensure. For decades the differentiation between these levels has been debated, primarily between the differentiation of the Associates degree in Nursing (ADN) and the Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing (BSN). The associate’s degree, which began with the intention of creating a technical nurse, has developed into being “equivalent” to a bachelors degree (Hess, 1996). The two degrees however are not equivalent, the bachelors educated nurse receives two years education beyond the associate, in the liberal arts and upper division nursing courses Both the ADN and the BSN take the same licensing exam, rec...   [tags: nursing, medical profession, licensure]

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Codes Of Ethics State And The Profession Of Educator

- The purpose of this paper is to describe the three codes of ethics National, state and the profession of educator and the main rationale of this paper is to analyze a case study based on the code of ethics. Educators must take into account the principles, values and dignity of each person by maintaining a professional attitude at all times trying to do his best to achieve the development of student potential. Respect and trust between students, colleagues, parents and other community members must be maintained considering the codes of ethics....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Profession, Ethical code]

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The Best Profession By Far

- The Best Profession by Far Kendy P. Phommavong Advance Leaders Course SSG Ramdipsingh/SSG Bass The Best Profession by Far The Army profession is imposed, by Chief of Staff of the Army, to all Soldiers and Department of Defense civilians, Army professionals, to carry on their responsibility in maintaining the Army as a military profession. Army professionals are the Soldiers and civilians who maintain the Army Profession; who meets the Army’s qualifications of competence, character, and commitment....   [tags: Military, United States Army, Army, United States]

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