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Prisoners of War During WWII

- Wars have essentially been the backbone of history. A war can make or break a country. As the result of war, a country can lose or gain territory and a war directly impacts a countries’ economy. When we learn about wars in schools we usually are taught about when they start, major events/ battles, and when they end. It would take a year or two to cover one war if we were to learn about everything. One thing that is commonly overlooked and we take for granted, is prisoners of war. Most people think of concentration camps and the millions of Jews that suffered when prisoners and war are mentioned in the same sentence....   [tags: World War II]

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Prisoners of War

- Throughout history, prisoners of war have been mistreated. In the early history of warfare, there was recognition of a prisoner of war status. The defeated enemy was either killed or enslaved by the victor (Encyclopedia Britannica). During the time of the Aztecs, a prisoner’s negotiation option was to have their heart cut out (Smallwood). Until 1929, no one cared about the treatment of Prisoners of war because there was no greater power to stop the captors from mistreating them. But when the Geneva Conventions were signed, there was something to stop the detaining power from inhumane treatment....   [tags: rights, Geneva Convention, responsabilities]

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Prisoners of War

- Prisoners of War What has our society classified as a prisoner of war. A prisoner of war is someone who is a member of regular or irregular armed forces of a nation at war held by the enemy. After two years of war with the Middle East our society wonders what happens to the prisoners in jail. The other conflicts of prisoners of war is how they are treated in jail, also what did they do to be detained as a prisoner of war. In most situations, there is a legitimate reason why these people are taken captive....   [tags: War Politics Government Essays]

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Prisoners of War

- Prisoners of War The United States angers terrorists and other foreigners on a daily basis, but we find it hard to understand why. Examples abound and most often relate to ignorant decisions on behalf of the government concerning the welfare of these foreigners. The situation on the island of Cuba at the Naval Station of Guantánamo Bay has grown out of hand. Here, the U.S. holds the prisoners that it has captured as part of its war on terrorism in a camp. They hold ver 600 men there without contact with their home countries or families and without the legal consultation of a lawyer....   [tags: War Hostage Violence Government Essays]

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Terrorists Should Be Treated as Prisoners of War

- Terrorism has been affecting the world for many years, but most especially since September 11th. Countless amounts of time and money have been spent; many soldiers and American resources have gone out try to stop the problem, but what happens to the terrorists after they have been captured. A basic level of humane treatment needs to be given to all people even those suspected of or convicted of terroristic offences. Using torture to attempt to find more information is not the most helpful or effective method that could be applied....   [tags: Treat Terrorists Like Enemy Combatants]

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Prisoners of War in World War II

- Prisoners of War in World War II If you have never been a Prisoner of War (POW), you are extremely lucky. The prisoners of war during the World War II, (1939-1945) were treated poorly with no respect or consideration and were given the living conditions worse than animals. It was an extremely bad situation that no human being could survive. They were mistreated, manhandled, beat and even shot defending their country. No one wanted to go to war, but for those men who did, and for those who survived as POWs will always regret it....   [tags: World War II History]

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World War II - Australian Prisoners of War in Japan

- In 1937, Japan started a war against China, in search of more resources to expand its empire. In 1941, during World War II, Japan attacked America which is when the Allies (Australia, Britain etc.) then declared war on Japan. Before long the Japanese started extending their territory closer and closer to Australia and started taking surrendering troops into concentration camps where they were starved, diseased and beaten. When they were captured, one survivor reports that they were told ‘You are the guest of the Japanese you will be spared but not your country....   [tags: Japan, Allies, Geneva Convention]

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The Geneva Convention's Influence on the Treatment of Prisoners of War

- What is the Geneva Convention. The Geneva Convention was created to take care of prisoners of war. It contains rules about the treatment and rights of prisoners of war during captivity. A quote told by Michael Ignatieff, Human Rights as Politics and Idolatry about the Geneva convention: “...our species is one, and each of the individuals who compose it are entitled to equal moral consideration.” It sets out:  All prisoners receive a respectful treatment....   [tags: captivity, camps, starvation]

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How Should Prisoners of War be Treated?

- How Should Prisoners of War be Treated. In an op-ed piece for the New York Times, entitled "George W. to George W.," Thomas Friedman writes about the treatment of prisoners in United States custody being held in Iraq and Afghanistan. Friedman writes in his "George W." piece that “We killed 26 of our prisoners of war. In 18 cases, people have been recommended for prosecution or action by their supervising agencies, and eight other cases are still under investigation.” Friedman goes on to write that the United States has been very lax when it comes to punishing those United States officials and officers in charge during the time that prisoners of war have been tortured and killed....   [tags: American Soldiers Violence Army Essays]

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Comparing the Treatment of Prisoners of War in the Andersonville and the Rock Island Prison Camp during the Civil War

- A. Plan of investigation The ethics and rules of war have been a fiercely debated topic for centuries. One facet of war that is particularly divisive is the treatment of prisoners of war. This investigation compares the treatment of prisoners of war in the Andersonville and Rock Island prison camps during the American Civil War. Andersonville and Rock Island are widely regarded as the harshest prison camps of the Confederate and Union armies, respectively. The conditions of each camp will be examined and compared using factors such as nutrition, living arrangements, habits of camp leaders, and death rates....   [tags: ethics and rules of war]

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Theory of War

- Theory of War The Theory of War is an ideology of what is acceptable in the context of war which covers aspects of war including reasonable cause, treatment of prisoners, what kind of tactics are aloud, and so. All of these are split in to two different categories; with one being the right to go to war, and the conduct of war. Many influences of the Theory of War include many Christian ideals which can reflect religions impact on the world. Some of the first known ideas that relate to the Theory of War date back to 400 BCE with the Mahabrarata, an Indian epic which doesn't directly establish war theory but lays down some of the principles of war theory in concern with how war should be co...   [tags: Treatment of Prisoners, World War II]

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The Differences in the Treatment of Prisoners of War by Britain, Germany and Japan

- The Differences in the Treatment of Prisoners of War by Britain, Germany and Japan Works Cited Not Included According international law a POW is defined as "persons captured by a belligerent while fighting in the military." International law includes "rules on the treatment of prisoners of war but extends protection only to combatants. This excludes civilians who engage in hostilities (by international law they are war criminals) and forces that do not observe conventional requirements for combatants." 1 In order to protect the rights of Prisoners of War a convention was set up which laid down the conditions in which a prisoner could be held....   [tags: Papers]

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The Geneva Convention: Preventing Atrocities Towards Prisoners of War

- The Geneva Convention: Preventing Atrocities Towards Prisoners of War The Allied established the Geneva Convention to protect wounded soldiers in 1864. They amended it four times with the fourth time following some of most atrocious acts against prisoners of war during World War II. I will provide evidence of what I believe led to the modifications of the Geneva Convention in 1949 to protect POWs. I will present the reasons behind the amendment and accounts of the 6th Bomb Squadron 29th Bomb Group 314th Wing during World War II....   [tags: American America History]

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The Holocaust and Nazi Germany

- ... Although the first prisoners to arrive in concentration camps were mostly political groups, Hitler and the Nazi Party began to put their upmost focus on the Jewish race. The Nazis and Hitler used extreme propaganda in attempt for people to accept their actions. Hitler made the Jews out to be a problem and a threat to the purity and perfection of German society (Holocaust Encyclopdia: Nazi Propaganda ). In Hitler’s speech to the Reichstag in September, 1942, he states, “In my speech before the Reichstag on the first of September 1939, I spoke of two matters: first, since we are forced into war, neither the threat of weapons nor a period of transition shall conquer us; second, if world Je...   [tags: World War II, Hitler, Prisoners]

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Life Behind Bars

- Life Behind Bars Almost every nation in the world took a fighting stance in World War 2, the bloodiest, deadliest, war ever known where tragedy had struck all around. Not one place was completely unscathed by the marks of yet another unnecessary war that had occurred once again. With more than thirty-eight million dead, many of them being innocent people, civilians all around had to endure the painful experiences that made a lasting impression on the world and will be remembered forever (Scholastic)....   [tags: world war 2, blanket protest, prisoners]

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Dachau Concentration Camp in World War II

- ... Dachau camp was also a training center for SS concentration camp guards. Because Dachau was the first regular concentration camp the way it was organized and the routine they had became a model for the many other concentration camps that were later made. Dachau had two sections, one was the crematories where many Jewish bodies were burned day and night 24/7 and the other which was the camp area. The camp area which was the second part of Dachau had 32 barracks, with one for those who opposed what the Nazi’s were doing, and another one that was for medical experiments....   [tags: jewish, guards, crematorium, prisoners]

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The Benefits of World War One on Australia

- ... In 1915 no wheat was available from Russia to be transported to Britain and poor crops in America resulted in Britain buying the entire Australian refrigerated mutton and beef supply for the rest of the war. Wars require uniforms, bandages and clothing and as other countries needed these, the whole wool clip bought at 55% above pre-war values (Anzac Day Committee Qld, 2014). These factors protected and boosted Australian industry and far outweighed the damage caused by the loss of trade to the Central powers....   [tags: allies, economy boost, prisoners]

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Prisoners : Prisoners And Prisoners

- 2. Prisoners must participate in all prison activities. 3. Prisoners must address each other by number only. 4. Prisoners must always address the guards as "Mr. Correctional Officer," and the warden as "Mr. Chief Correctional Officer." 5. Failure to obey any of the above rules may result in punishment. These strict guidelines along with over 10 others helped shape the prison. The guards at the beginning of the experiment formed these guidelines. Their authority, from the start, was absolute. They did not allow prisoners to speak, eat or even use the restroom without permission....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Philip Zimbardo]

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The Holocaust : A Terrible Place For The Prisoners

- The Holocaust is one of the biggest genocides in history. Many Europeans, mainly Jews, lost their lives in the death camps, or as they called them concentration camps. It became a death factory as soon as the crematoriums and factories were created. One of the largest concentration camps was Auschwitz, with more than 40 square kilometers of area, held about 1.3 million of prisoners of which is estimated that 1.1 million died ("Auschwitz-Birkenau/History of a Man-made Hell" 1). People from the different countries of Europe were deported to Auschwitz, were they either died in the gas chambers or were used as slaves for forced labor....   [tags: Auschwitz concentration camp]

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Human Guinea Pigs: Prisoners

- ... The harm of violation of someone’s human rights does not only affect prisoners as individuals but also affects the whole society, that this will turn the society into a non-tolerance society; because the research policy is sending a strong message that it's not only legal but also moral to violate prisoner's human rights and that it's acceptable to treat them as animals for medical experiments. The use of prisoners in medical research is about exploitation and profit. However, one must consider the long-term effects and outcomes of prisoner research on society and health care....   [tags: medical, research, inmoral, society]

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The Brutal Treatment Of Prisoners During The Holocaust

- In all of history there have been very few events as horrific and detestable as those which occurred during one of the longest and most prolific examples of genocide that has ever occurred, The Holocaust. During this time, Hitler ascended to power and devised a plan that called for the creation of the Aryan race by carrying out The Final Solution. In this plan, Jews as well as many other undesirables were captured and eventually imprisoned in one of many concentration camps established throughout all of Europe....   [tags: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Jews, Antisemitism]

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The Pain and Suffering of War

- Twenty nine million casualties and eight and a half million deaths was the final tally for the four year conflict known as the Great War. Dubbed the First World War, the clash between the Allies and the Central Powers encompassed almost all regions of the globe. The war was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. Because the perpetrators, a terrorist group called the Black Hand, were situated in the nearby country of Serbia, the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy sent the Serbs a list of uncompromising demands....   [tags: War]

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The War Of 1812 And The American War

- The War of 1812 was a battle fought between the United States and Great Britain, along with help from Canada and the Native Americans, from June 18, 1812 to February 18, 1815. The United States declared war against Great Britain due to multiple disputes that included trade restrictions against the United States, the capture of American sailors and the support of Native American tribes fighting against American settlers. These issues led to the War of 1812 which Americans ultimately declared the “Second War of Independence”....   [tags: United States, War of 1812]

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The War Of The Korean War

- War. Division. Terrible battles. Pestilence. And prisoners. What do these things have in common. Are all a part of history. Yes. Have they all happened in most, if not every country in the world. Yes. Do they prove that mankind is corrupt. Yes. War is a terrible but common event in our recorded history. Many places have seen scores of battles fought upon their land. Many people living in the Unites States today have at least one family member currently serving in U.S. military. In fact, the United States itself has seen one civil war, two world wars, and many others in which it has either directly or indirectly been involved in the action....   [tags: Korean War, World War II, North Korea, Kim Il-sung]

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Nazis Use of Slave Labor

- Nazis Use of Slave Labor During WWII the Nazis lent out their prisoners to companies. Companies and others benefited from the forced labor of prisoners allowing the Nazis to illegally profit from their labor and caused an increase in the Nazi need for prisoners perpetuating the Holocaust. Backround During WWII the Nazis used slave labor to make some extra money for the war effort against the allied countries. “In the 1930’s the Nazis started economically exploiting the prisoners of the concentration camps(The Holocaust.)”....   [tags: Prisoners, Jews]

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The Korean War

- On 25 June 1950, the Republic of South Korea was invaded by the North Korean Democratic people. Then, many things started to happen and these showed that they became the main significance of the Cold War that had been going on between the Allies power and the communists, since World War II was over. The invasion by the North Korean communists made President Harry Truman got furious. He looked at the attack as a direct dispute to America's decision to fight against international communism and to his 1947 Truman Doctrine....   [tags: History War]

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International Rights of Prisoners and Detainees

- It is estimated that over 10.2 million people are held in penal institutions throughout the world. With an overall population exceeding 7 billion this means that for every 100,000 people, 144 are detained or imprisoned. The prison population has grown proportionately larger in the past 15 years outpacing the general population growth by 10%. This phenomenon is becoming increasingly more apparent with countries, such as the United States struggling with a colossal incarceration rate, and countless reports of abysmal conditions and inhumane treatment across the globe....   [tags: penal institutions, human rights]

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Missing Child in the Movie "Prisoners"

- Held an Overall Captive of Prisoners Written by Aaron Guzikowski and directed by Denis Villeneuve, the film Prisoners, was released in the fall of 2013 (IMDb). While the film offers a universal theme of “what would you do if your child went missing?”, has a substantial plot that is riddled with religious references and symbols, filled with twists and turns, and a superb cast of well-known actors, the movie fails because of its plot predictability, an unsatisfying ending and portrayals of characters that fall into unflattering stereotypes....   [tags: Film, Suspense, Plot]

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The Last Prisoners Of The Holocaust

- The Last Prisoners of The Holocaust Introductory Paragraph The magnitude of Nazi looting makes one wonder why more action hasn 't been taken before. The MULTITUDE of artwork still missing today is incomprehensible. The owners, may whom are victims of the Holocaust, are longing for the return of the thousands upon thousands of missing pieces. Although much of destruction from the Holocaust can never be repaired, this is something that can be done, and must be done. The looting of Jewish art from museums and homes by the Nazis was the greatest art heist in history, efforts to unchain the last prisoners of The Holocaust must be increased and continued until all art is returned to its rightful o...   [tags: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Nazi plunder, Jews]

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The Last Prisoners Of The Holocaust

- The Last Prisoners of The Holocaust The magnitude of Nazi looting makes one wonder why more action hasn 't been taken before. The multitude of artwork still missing today is incomprehensible. The owners, whom are victims of the Holocaust, are longing for the return of the thousands upon thousands of missing pieces. Although much of the destruction from the Holocaust can never be repaired, this is something that can be done, and must be done. The looting of Jewish art from museums and homes by the Nazis was the greatest art heist in history, efforts to unchain the last prisoners of The Holocaust must be increased and continued until all art is returned to its rightful owner....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Looting, Nazi plunder]

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The War On The Moon

- When Mars declared war on The Moon, most Earthlings couldn’t believe it; Earth had always kept a loose, nearly non-existent leash on her colonies, but there was always a shared sense of humanity that kept each colony in check. With the way things had been going though, it should have been more apparent. During their last election cycle, in the year 2300, Martians had voted in a swarm of members from the Optimates party; a party whose last few Earth years of campaigning had been violently pushing for a more isolationist intersolar policy....   [tags: Mars, Earth, Moon, World War II]

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Conscience in War

- You’re in an unstable bunker that goes to only the top of your shoulders. You’re in Iraq, a land you have studied yet still feel as unfamiliar with as a never-ending desert. Your drill sergeant is screaming at you to fire at your enemies. You freeze. This was not what you remember signing up for. You came to this foreign land because you wanted to defend yourself and because you love America. When aiming at stationary targets not firing back, you felt in control. You didn’t really think about what you are doing then....   [tags: war, Conscience, Iraq, ]

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President Nixon and the Vietnam War

- The politics of the ultratight resonated deeply with Richard Nixon. Nixon had cut his political teeth as a young Red-hunting member of the House Un-American Activities Committee in the 1950s. His home district in Orange Country, California, was widely known as a Birch Society stronghold. The Los Angeles-area Birch Society claimed the membership of several political and economic elites, including members of the Chandler family, which owned and published the Los Angeles Times. According to the writer David Halberstam (1979, 118) the Times, which was once described as “the most rabid Labor-bating, Red-hating paper in the United States,” virtually created Richard Nixon....   [tags: Vietnam War Essays]

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The Korean War Veterans Memorial

- The Korean War Veterans Memorial Research Paper: The Korean War Veterans Memorial is an ominous depiction of an American squad on patrol alongside a 164 foot mural wall, to show that freedom is not free. The memorial is dedicated to those who served in the Korean War but more importantly those of them who were killed in action, are still missing in action, or were held as prisoners of war. The memorial was created by Frank Gaylord and Louis Nelson. The objective of the memorial is to remind the public of the dedication to the United States of the men and women who served in the Korean War....   [tags: World War II, Korean War, South Korea]

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Senator John Mccain 's First Hand Prisoner Of War Experience

- Congressman and senator John McCain is someone who also has first-hand prisoner of war experience. On October 26, 1967 McCain’s bomber was struck down by a surface-to-air missile that destroyed the aircraft’s right wing. (Kelly, 2015) During the ejection, McCain broke both of his arms and his right leg which knocked him unconscious. He woke up when he landed in a lake and sank to the bottom because of heavy equipment. Luckily he kicked to the surface and was able to activate his life preserver with his teeth....   [tags: Vietnam, Vietnam War, South Vietnam]

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Treatment of World War II Prisioners: Japan vs. United States

- Treatment of World War II Prisoners of War: Japan vs. United States The topic of POW's is a fascinating one that can be dealt with in various ways. First, one can gain information from primary sources from diaries and journals kept by POWs or their captors and guards. Second, there are secondary sources that can give general overviews of what treatment the POWs received. Another interesting thing in learning about POWs is to compare how the prisoners were supposed to be treated (in accordance with international law) and how they were actually treated....   [tags: History World War POW]

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Vietnam War : The Longest And Most Expensive War

- Vietnam Analysis The Vietnam War was the longest and most expensive war in the American History and it was the most unpopular war among the 20th century. This war had about 60,000 deaths of Americans and around 2 millions deaths amongst the Vietnamese. So, Why were we even there. Was this war necessary. Or was it some sort of heroic cause in attempt to save the South Vietnamese from a totalitarian government. From 1945 and 1954, the Vietnamese had paid for an anti-colonial war against France, which in return, received a staggering amount of $2.6 billion for some financial support gifted by the United States....   [tags: Vietnam War, South Vietnam, United States]

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The War For African American Freedom

- For about a year and a half, President Lincoln told the North to focus on saving the union and not worry about abolishing slavery. But somehow, the war for the Union managed to turn into a war for African American freedom. The Confederates depended heavily on slavery during. Slaves were used to build, carry material, tend to horses and perform camp chores. Slavery secured the Confederacy like it did in the Old South. Both Union military commanders and politicians began to realize in order to defeat the Confederacy; the North would have to destroy slavery down south....   [tags: American Civil War, Black people]

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Use Of Photography As War Propaganda

- The use of photography as war propaganda manipulates society into making emotional judgments and causes them to ignore evidence based on their understanding of conflict. Many situations place the general public in a position where they must make a distinction between the words "propaganda" and "information". Although the words are not synonymous, they are often used interchangeably. In the past, this misunderstanding has produced extremely uninformed audiences and continues to do so. While information consists of the unbiased facts, propaganda always favors a political position or point of view....   [tags: American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln]

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The Battle Of The Revolutionary War

- The first set of battles that were significant during the Revolutionary War were the battles at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. These two battles were the first engagements between the militia and the British Army. The British Army had set out from Boston headed towards Concord to seize an arms cache that the militiamen had been stockpiling in preparation for the impending war. Local militia men had known that the British Army was coming because of the famous ride of Paul Revere. The British Army were repelled by the militia and this was not only a huge boost their moral, but it showed the Colonists that they could stand up to the British Army (Middlekauff, 2005)....   [tags: American Revolutionary War, British Empire]

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The Disparity in Sentencing Amongst Minority Prisoners

- THE DISPARITY IN SENTENCING AMONGST MINORITY PRISONERS Although some say the disparity of minority to white prison sentences are due to repeat offenses by second and third time offenders, the disparity in the population between black and white Americans in the U.S. doesn't support the fact there are more blacks than whites in American prisons. The make- up of judges, juries and law enforcement officials in the judicial system are a factor. A larger percentage of white defendants come before a judge then black defendants, however the conviction rate and sentences imposed for blacks is higher for the same relative crimes committed....   [tags: minoritities, jail, prison, whites, blacks]

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World War II Poetry

- World War II Poetry World War II was a gruesome time. Many people were captured and kept as prisoners of war just because they were soldiers on the enemy's side. The saddest part though is that innocent families, from children to elders, were kept in camps because of their race. The country feared they were still in conspiracy with their homeland which was the enemy. In extreme cases, like the Holocaust, the Germans were kept the Jews hostage and killed by the thousands all because they felt their race was inferior....   [tags: world history, war, writing, art]

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The War Of The North And The South

- The night before, Confederate soldiers command Union soldiers to board a train at dusk. The next morning five hundred Union prisoners embark on a train with absolutely no room. They stand for five days thinking they will soon be home. There is excitement that there will be an exchange of soldiers between the North and the South. I cannot imagine the feeling when this reality dissipates. The stop and go journey is long, which begins to lead to perplexity to where they are going. This is an unfortunate position for the prisoners who are dreaming of freedom....   [tags: American Civil War, Confederate States of America]

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The Vietnam War

- The Vietnam War was known for the thousands of lived that were lost and the billions of dollars in debt that destroyed the US economy. To this day, it is debatable as to whether or not US involvement in the war was worth the devastation it caused to the country. In 1954, French involvement in Vietnam ended and led to the Geneva Conference where a ceasefire agreement was negotiated. From the Geneva Accords, Vietnam was divided into two portions, North and South, at the 17th parallel. At the time, North Vietnam was communist and was gaining followers quickly (Rogers)....   [tags: Vietnam War, South Vietnam, Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem]

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Vietnam War Memory and the Nixon Administration

- The battle over reconstructing the collective memory of the Vietnam War is a battle over reinterpreting America, and it started even before the end of the war, and continues to the present day. George Orwell summarized the significance of such struggles in his novel 1984: “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” Since national leaders invariably assume a leading role in the development of an official memory of traumatic events in a nation’s history, the article begins with Nixon’s efforts in redefining and reconstructing the war....   [tags: Vietnam War Essays]

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Veterans Of The American Civil War

- More than a month after Appomattox, a group of Iowa soldiers, veterans of some of the American Civil War’s fiercest battles, decided they would raise their weapons in anger for a final time in their country’s uniforms. Enlisted men of the 22nd and 28th Regiments of Iowa Volunteers went to the plantation and peach orchard of a Robert J. Butler located near their campsite on a South Carolina hill across the Savannah River from Augusta, Georgia. The men surrounded the kennel in which Butler kept over twenty bloodhounds, which had been used against both runaway slaves and prisoners of war....   [tags: American Civil War, Slavery in the United States]

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The Role that Other Lesser-known Concentration Camps Play in the Holocaust

- ... Westerbork was not a concentration camp, but rather a transit camp. Jews were imprisoned in transit camps before being sent on to a concentration camp or deported to one of the six Nazi extermination camps in Poland” (Transit Camps) Westerbork was located in the northeast of the Netherlands. Originally, it was set up to hold German Jews who had entered the Netherlands illegally, but was then transformed shortly after the Germans invaded in May 1940. Following Westerbork was the most well known concentration camp of the entire Holocaust....   [tags: prisoners, buchenwald, prejudice, discrimination]

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The Battle Of The Civil War

- The Civil War was a momentous time in American History but it was also a very complex phase in history in the Lower Cape Fear region of North Carolina. Being a prominent port city, Wilmington quickly became the most important city in the Confederacy. historians argue that it was events in Wilmington and the Lower Cape Fear that determined the trajectory and the conclusion of The American Civil War. On April 16th of 1862, in the wake of the American Civil War at the young age of 19, Solomon Reaves Ward enlisted in the Army of the Confederate States of America....   [tags: Confederate States of America, American Civil War]

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The Media During The Vietnam War

- The media played a critical role in the ending of the Vietnam War. With television rising in popularity at an exceptional rate, the media quickly began to be the most efficient method of gaining knowledge of the world. Due to the “The Buddhist Crisis” in 1966, America already had a negative opinion of Vietnam. “The Buddhist Crisis” was the result of the South Vietnamese political leader, Ngo Dinh Diem, imposing his Catholic government on Buddhists. This resulted in the public suicide of Buddhist monks, which turned the South Vietnamese citizens against Diem for his embarrassing insensitivity and intolerance....   [tags: Vietnam War, South Vietnam, Lyndon B. Johnson]

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Europe During World War II

- Europe needed financial help due to damage to many roads, bridges and buildings during the war. Germany had taken control over a lot of Europe during World War II. Many in the west returned to the same governments and borders they had before to the war. In 1948, the currency reform had given money to them by the Marshall Plan saved West Germany.. Germany was split into districts in Eastern and Western Germany. The Eastern part was controlled by the Soviets. The Soviets also taken control over many of the countries in Europe where they had fought the Germans like Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia....   [tags: Cold War, World War II, Eastern Europe]

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The Battle Of The Civil War

- In 1861, the backwoods of America, a soon to come war will evolve between the northern and southern states where the country will fell separation at its fullest. Where the newly developed country will fight itself after dealing with multiple wars, what can one more do. It turned out to be the bloodiest war in U.S. History. The main cause to the Civil War was that there was a disagreement between the free and slave states on where territories that are not states yet, if they should prohibit slavery in those areas....   [tags: Confederate States of America, American Civil War]

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Realist Viewpoint of World War II

- ... At that time General Eisenhower expressed his dreading opinion of the devastating decision, the Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson though the strategy move was necessary to win against Japan. Eisenhower thought the contrary, he even tried to go speak with President Truman and his advisors to change their mind, however his recommendation was ignored. Why would a General risk his position if he did not thought it was truly necessary. He believed Japan was trying to surrender but did not know how to do so and maintain its face, expressing his depression for the shock that would be given to the world....   [tags: interest, devision, surrender, war]

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Determining the Legality of the Confinement with Habeas Corpus

- Even though some prisoners are deemed dangerous, they should not be held indefinitely because it is against their civil liberties. Prisoners should either be tried and sentenced or released. It is a person’s right to have a clear statement as to why they are being held captive and be released if there is no evidence against them. Habeas corpus is a Latin term meaning, "you have the body". Habeas corpus is a court order, which directs officials who have custody of a prisoner to appear in court with him in order to determine the legality of his confinement....   [tags: prisoners, court, civil liberties]

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World War I

- Stephane Audoin-Rouzeau and Annette Becker, authors of 14-18: Understanding the Great War, are directors of the Historial de la Grande Guerre in Péronne, an international museum and research center near the Somme. Audoin-Rouzeau graduated from Jules Verne University of Picardy, and Becker graduated from the University of Paris, X-Nanterre. Both have completed a high volume of research and writings on World War I. Each has also published one book relating to World War I before writing 14-18: Understanding the Great War....   [tags: History, War, Informative]

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Susie King Taylor And The Civil War

- Susie King Taylor was an African American freed slave who made many contributions during the Civil War. Susie King Taylor is also the only African American women to publish a memoir explaining her experiences serving close to war as a nurse. (Georgia encyclopedia) She was born a slave but was educated secretly, being literate would allow her many opportunities. In 1862 she fled her hometown and landed on an island in Georgia that was occupied by the Union. Her previous education allowed her to organize a school in the town and she became the first black teacher for freed African American students in the South....   [tags: American Civil War, African American]

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What Makes Waterboarding Torture?

- Why Waterboarding is Torture The US Reservations of the UN Convention against Torture defines torture as “any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining information from a person.” Waterboarding fits into this definition very well. In the “How to Do It” article waterboarding is described as filling up the upper respiratory system with water causing both physical and mental pain. This causes the person being tortured to feel like they are drowning without them actually dying from the drowning....   [tags: suffering, prisoners, guantanamo]

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Vietnamese Immigrants During The Vietnam War

- Vietnamese in America Vietnam has gone through a major change during and after the Vietnam War. In the beginning the country’s citizens were fighting with the help of America to gain control of their government. Refugees are people who solely have a push factor of migration. They have to leave their country and usually do not have a specific destination in mind. Refugees are due to political reasons or war, there status has been legally recognized since the 1950’s. Vietnamese refugees coming into America were introduced by the Communist regime taking over after the Vietnam War....   [tags: Vietnam War, United States, Vietnam]

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Proficiency of People Before and After War

- Proficiency of people before and after war The current civilization in most countries across the world has brought with it a number of challenges. The fact that most countries nowadays operate as sovereign states implies that there will always be some instances where these countries will strongly disagree on global issues affecting them (Abidi and Singh 12). As such, whether justified or not, there will always be wars and physical confrontations between disagreeing sovereign states. When such wars occur, affected countries usually divert their attention and useful resources to combating the enemy in the effort of protecting their sovereign pride....   [tags: Countries, Sovereign States, War, World History]

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Are we or are we not the prisoners?

- Are we or are we not the prisoner or our own conceptions. In the cave allegory, Plato describes the human condition as a type of blissful ignorance. I agree with Plato that we are prisoners of our own belief. In this essay, I describe my own opinions and issues to answer some of the questions. The first question that I would like to discuss is, Are we prisoners to our own beliefs and notions of truth. I believe that we are prisoners to our own beliefs because since childhood different beliefs and notions of truth have been imposed on me through family, friends, and society....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Why The United States Failed The Second World War

- The statement “Killing 150,000 people in less than a second actually allowed fewer lives to be lost.” might sound horrendous. However, that statement is the reason why the United States was able to win the Second World War. In contrast to this statement, some people might argue that it is inhumane to massacre that many people in less than a second. The dropping of the atomic bombs on August sixth and ninth of 1945 was the correct decision for American in order to effectively and efficiently end World War Two....   [tags: World War II]

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Prisoners Written by Aaron Guzikowski and Directed by Denis Villeneuve

- Prisoners (2013), written by Aaron Guzikowski and directed by Denis Villeneuve, portrays the story of two families torn a part after their daughters are kidnapped. The film follows the psychological horror that can overcome a parent’s fear when an event like this happens. You either choose to keep faith or crawl deep with hate, grief, regrets and revenge. The cinematography of this film is quite impressive, as the images are completed with intriguing sequences from scene to scene. The authentic feel and realism in this film is fascinating; there is also the practice of face to face drama that projects a lot of credibility....   [tags: film review and analysis]

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General Dwight David Eisenhower And The American War

- General Dwight David Eisenhower is regarded by citizens as one of the greatest war generals America has ever had. His excellence in leadership as five star general during World War II showed in his successful invasion of France, which resulted in the ultimate defeat of the Axis powers in Europe. On the contrary, there are others who regard Eisenhower as a mass murderer due to his treatment of German prisoners. Was Eisenhower the quintessential American war hero or was he a war criminal filled with hatred for the Germans....   [tags: World War II, Cold War, Dwight D. Eisenhower]

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Torture Goes against Domestic Human Rights Laws

- Torture has been a security system for many countries for a long time. Torture is “any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental is intentionally inflicted on person for such purpose as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed” (Bassiouni 418). Torture is a very complicated subject, because there are many ways of torture like waterboarding, beating, head-slapping, and electro-shock....   [tags: means of obtaining information from prisoners]

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The Bataan Death March, And The Rape Of The World War II

- In Japan, key traits of totalitarianism such as ideology, control of individuals, and control of information led to the atrocities of Unit 731’s medical experiments, the Bataan Death March, and the Rape of Nanjing committed during World War II. First of all, Japanese ideology helped cause the atrocity of the medical experiments committed by Unit 731 as the Japanese thought surrender to be dishonorable and this allowed them to distance themselves from their prisoners of war. Ideology in a state refers to the ideas that guide the government and people in that it creates and justifies the goals and actions of the state....   [tags: World War II, Empire of Japan, Japan]

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American Pirsoners Of War In Vietnam

- Prisoners of War (POWs): In international law, term used to designate incarcerated members of the armed forces of an enemy, or noncombatants who render them direct service and who have been captured during wartime.1 This definition is a very loose interpretation of the meaning of Prisoners of War (POWs). POWs throughout history have received harsh and brutal treatment. Prisoners received everything from torture to execution. However, in recent times efforts have been made to reduce these treatments and to get humane treatment for POWs....   [tags: Vietnam War Essays]

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The United States ' Involvement And Policies Regarding Their Participation During The Cold War

- Group Discussion Essay Week 3: Cold War and Vietnam Brooke Lake History 413: Contemporary America Professor Brock Ruggles October 28, 2015 I. The United States’ involvement and policies concerning their participation in the Cold War would become an integral part of Vietnam throughout the span of November 1955 to August 1973. The competition of political ideologies between the Western Bloc (The United States and its allies) and the Eastern Bloc (The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and its allies, including China) would influence the third world during the Cold War....   [tags: Cold War, Vietnam War, South Vietnam]

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The Significance of Vietnam War

- The Significance of The Vietnam War Within one generation, The United States have experienced The Second World War, The Korean War and fifteen years of The Cold War crisis. The Vietnam War was the last drop into the cup of American patience. The costs of The Vietnam War were intolerable, because they contravened traditional American values and hopes. In the year 1965, American government announced, with public support, that America is going to win the guerilla war and defeat the “global communist conspiracy”....   [tags: Vietnam War Essays]

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The Policy Of Appeasement Was Responsible For The Severity Of The World War

- The passive approach of the policy of appeasement was responsible for the severity of the World War. Hitler’s expansionist ideologies of lebensraum made war inevitable, however the appeasement was unnecessary since Germany did not have the military strength to oppose Britain and France. The appeasement policy allowed the formation of the ‘Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression’ Pact, which undermined Brittan and France’s reliance of Soviet intervention. The League of Nations was intended to resolve international disputes peacefully, however its concept of appeasement demonstrated its place as a ‘toothless tiger’ in events such as the invasion of Manchuria (1931.) The appeasement policy allowed for the t...   [tags: World War II, League of Nations, Adolf Hitler]

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Analysis of Christopher Coker´s Essay: Can War be Eliminated?

- Since the end of the Cold War, non-state actors have risen in both prevalence and apparent power. The presence of non-state entities has caused significant ethical and political problems with Western ideology. Coker discusses issues concerning non-state actors in “Ethics and War in the 21st Century” with special attention given to the conflicting cultural ideas regarding warfare concerning the USA. The ability to label a target as not only an enemy combatant, but a fundamentally opposed force that is willing to ignore common practices and ethics is one that Coker denounces and attempts to explain....   [tags: Cold War, Tactics, Argument]

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World War I Was A Great War

- When World War I was announced on July 28, 1914, it was not considered shocking Europe. After decades of militarization on both sides, the time had come for what would be known as the Great War. What did come as a shock was how long the war would span; lasting nearly four long years and causing immense devastation. Between military personnel and civilians, approximately 38 million casualties and losses resulted between 1914 to 1918. The high causality rate was in response to the rapid pace at which technology evolved, making weapons more lethal than they previously were....   [tags: World War I, Trench warfare, World War II]

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The Horrors of World War II Depicted in Literary Works of Twentieth Century Writers

- World War II had many effects in the middle of the twentieth century. Included are the emotional and psychological effects on those who wrote literary works and used their experiences as subjects to write about. Such are the cases of Italian writers who saw to the deepest extents the effects of WWII in Italy. Twentieth century Europe has been for many people a time of great turmoil and destruction. Two world wars have impacted the lives of many, and the events in the war have been the source of inspiration for great writers....   [tags: world war II, european history]

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The Great War And World War I

- When interpreting history, it is much easier to point a finger and blame, rather than gather information and understand what really happened. The Great War, or World War I as it became known, is a great example of misinformation and many nations blaming each other for its outbreak. Common knowledge would argue that Germany, the new European superpower was the direct cause of the devastating war. However, recent evidence points that each nation engaged in the war had an ulterior motive for joining it....   [tags: World War I, Bosnia and Herzegovina, German Empire]

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America 's Influence On The Great Awakening During The Civil War

- The sport that began as a modified version of two more popular imported games had its great awakening during the Civil War. The sport had grown somewhat in popularity especially in northern industrial cities like Boston and New York. However, the rules of the game varied slightly depending on what city or region of the country you were in. In New York, the game resembled modern baseball while in other parts of the country baseball resembled cricket or rounders more so than the modern sport. The vast regional differences between what was considered baseball, cricket, or rounders exemplified the divides in the country....   [tags: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War]

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The Vietnam War - The 1968 Tet Offensive

- The Vietnam War - The 1968 Tet Offensive For several thousand years, Vietnamese Lunar New Year has been a traditional celebration that brings the Vietnamese a sense of happiness, hope and peace. However, in recent years, It also bring back a bitter memory full of tears. It reminds them the 1968 bloodshed, a bloodiest military campaign of the Vietnam War the North Communists launched against the South. The "general offensive and general uprising" of the north marked the sharp turn of the Vietnam War....   [tags: Vietnam War Essays]

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Did The United State Commit War Crimes Against Japan During WW II?

- Part A- Plan: This investigation will evaluate the question, to what extent did the United States of America commit war crimes against Japanese civilians and POWs during their Pacific campaign in World War II. This question is important because it raises present day controversy that the United States did not commit war crimes, when evidence may prove otherwise. The scope of this investigation focuses on the United States entry into World War II and the events during the war, specifically the war with Japan in the Pacific during 7 December 1941 – 2 September 1945....   [tags: pacific campaign, the fog of war]

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World War Two and the Atomic Bomb

- World War Two and the Atomic Bomb World War II is one of the most historic points in the history of the world. The war was by far the most devastating in the history of the world. There were many controversial actions during the war, but one of the biggest was the decision by the United States to drop atomic bombs. The atomic bomb should have been used to end the war because it saved more lives than continuing the war. The official bombing order was signed on July 25, 1945, by Thos. T. Handy and sent to General Carl Spaatz....   [tags: WWII World War 2 Essays]

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The Incident Of The Vietnam War

- In May of 1960 ( within a month of the planned visit to Moscow by Eisenhower), Gary Powers and his U2 Spy Plane was shot down by Soviet missiles and he was interrogated. The Russians announced almost immediately that they had shot down a US plane and had an American pilot, but the United States denied it. Eisenhower said that it was just a NASA weather balloon. This led to Khrushchev to give Eisenhower another chance to admit that Powers belonged to America, the bait that Eisenhower did not take again....   [tags: Cold War, Vietnam War, John F. Kennedy]

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Wwi Of The Great War

- WWI The Great War WWI was the war to end all wars; it is referred by many as the “Great War”. Just what about this war was so great. Could it have been because of the largest death tolls ever seen before. Or possibly the greatness came from the way the war changed world and the world’s thought forever. The changes that happened during the war nearly put an end to all of Europe. It was the aftermath of the war that truly had the largest effect on the world. Perhaps one of the most vital parts of information to the start of World War was the large amount of treaties....   [tags: World War I, World War II]

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Michael Dougherty Diary : A Prisoner Of War

- In Michael Dougherty diary, he writes about his experiences as a prisoner of war to the confederates. This is a primary source of how those camps functioned, and how they treated them so cruelly. I believe that the northern prisoners were treated very badly. On February 26th 1863, Michael was in the 13th pennsylvania cavalry when his troop was ordered to go scout out the Shenandoah Valley. They captured eight rebel foragers and drove the rest to camp Woodstock, 11th Rebel regiment, but on their return, they were captured by the enemy that flanked them on both sides....   [tags: Prison, The Prisoner, Confederate States Army]

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The War Of The Vietnam War

- “For seven months, Tiger Force soldiers moved across the Central Highlands, killing scores of unarmed civilians - in some cases torturing and mutilating them - in a spate of violence never revealed to the American public,” (“Rogue”). During the Vietnam War, a small yet elite group of paratroopers called the Tiger Force was assembled for a special task. Their job was to secure the remote Quang Ngai province in Vietnam, an important supply line to the Vietnamese guerilla fighters (“Rogue”). Just weeks after arriving in Quang Ngai, the Tiger Force began to carry out the longest series of atrocities in the Vietnam War....   [tags: United States Army, Army, Tiger Force]

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