• Post-Post Critiques of Racism

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    contemporary artists who are defying contemporary social and political categories and taking art photo into an engage era. The essays by Annie E Coombes provide a critical analysis of how the contemporary scene is moving beyond categories of post modern, and post race. Both are efforts to rescue contemporary artists who are dealing with forms of oppression from being described as old fashion or out of date. Carrie Mae Weems is an African American photographer. She was born in 1953 in Portland

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    After a long break Saber had taken from actually going out to hunt, he decided that it was best to not let his skills get rusty. His bow was still flimsy and on the verge of falling apart as was everything else he wore, but his mind was sharp and he still remembered his skill set. The arrows he had strapped to his back were fresh and he had taken extra care to sharpen the initial collection he had built up as to prepare him for a long, tireless hunt. The game would compensate for any lack of damage

  • Post Impressionism: Post-Impressionism

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    Post Impressionism Essays 1. Post impressionism is a term that is used to describe a group of late-19th century and early-20th century artists whose work helped art transition into a new era. These artist defied the naturalism of the Impressionist to explore color, line, and form. This rebellion led to the development of Expressionism. Generally, the approaches were so varied that it is difficult just to focus on one artist and their technique. One of the most prominent Post-Impressionist artists

  • Post-Modernism

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    American society thinks. America seems to be trying to learn more about the ingredients of her melting pot. These efforts can be best understood by examining post-modernism. Post-modernism is especially important to breaking down stereotypes such as those that exist surrounding the black family.      To understand post-modernism we must first understand modernism. Modernism is the philosophy that began with the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment was an era when science and art

  • Post Reviews

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    Great post! I definitely agree that the Soft&Tough manufacturer should market their new male skin care product to white collar men because these professionals are very image conscious and they want to present a youthful appearance to be competitive in their career (Anonymous, 2007). Also, professional men tend to spend more money on personal grooming products than blue-collar men (Anonymous, 2007). You make a great point that baby boomer men would be very attracted to the Soft&Tough skin

  • The Jerusalem Post

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    Agron started the Palestine Post, a newspaper that openly supported Jewish citizens in Palestine and critically opposed the British policy that restricted Jewish immigration during the Mandate period. Following a bombing of the Post’s building in 1948, believed to have been done by two British army deserters, the Post was reduced to a two-page paper. In 1950, two years after Israel declared statehood, the paper officially became the Jerusalem Post. Today, the Jerusalem Post is a daily newspaper that

  • post op

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    pre-operative and post-operative care of 56 years old lady name Lucy who will be going under thyroidectomy. Lucy suffers from Graves’ disease and is diabetic. If Lucy was a real patient, her name will not be mentioned in the assignment to maintain confidentiality (NMC, 2008). Holistic assessment will be performed once Lucy is admitted to the ward before surgery. Pathophysiology and essential care of her medical condition will be discussed following holistic assessment. Her post-operative care will

  • Post-Bureaucracy

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    for a shift to a new, improved way of organizing work. It is widely believed that post-bureaucracy has stepped in now as an organizational structure which eliminates the negative sides of bureaucracy, but we need proof in favour of that argument. In this essay I will try to show that a new form of organisation is now used by doing a comparison on how is managerial work done now and before the stepping in of post-bureaucracy. In the rise of industrialization, administration of work has

  • Post Impressionism

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    Post Impressionism was not a certain movement or style, it was derived from another style from upcoming artist. These artist were upcoming artist in the 19th century who disagreed with the form or style of Impressionism and its limitations. The artist had developed ways to express emotion, symbolic, and spiritual elements that were missing from Impressionism. Impressionism was the first style of art that had became mainstream and popular in its day and age but for the upcoming artist its

  • Post Structurialism

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    Postmodern feminism is a methodology to the feminist theory that integrates postmodern and post-structuralism theory. Moya states, “Referring to an epistemological position and political vision being articulated by a growing number of scholars in the United States and abroad who are developing an alternative to the reductionism and inadequacy of essentialist and postmodernist approaches to identity” (p. 572). Therefore, Moya, attributes the lack of longstanding alliances with white feminists' "insisting

  • Post Death

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    There has been much speculation on concept of post death survival. Even though there is no cut and dry straight answer in explaining this, I believe Gretchen Weirob’s argument against the possibility of post-death survival is false. Weirob is persistent in the thinking that once she dies that will be the end for her. That her train stops there and that there is no possibility of being reborn or moving on to the next position in the life cycle. She believes that her physical body is the only

  • european post

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    THE EUROPEAN POST      Islam In Europe Pg188      Islam the religion that the Franks and the other Germanic people brought to Europe. It started in the west of Europe. The powerful force began spreading through the middle east and the Mediterranean world.Islam came from Arabiain 632. People that believe in Islam are called muslims. The Christians in Europe began to worry because the muslim army began to win victories in the mediterranean world

  • Discussion Post

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    care my children, how will I handle my life when everyone’s that I love go away. I honestly think that this movie would be about relationship that occurs because of food competition for the title is Eat Drink Man Woman. As being said in the class, posts by Rachel Soroudi, Alex Wen Han Chiu, and Dylan Eirinberg, this movie is similar to Hong Kong Nocturne in terms of the cast—a widower and three daughters. However, Eat Drink Man Woman’s story is totally different compared to Hong Kong Nocturne. While

  • post colonial

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    Conditions, the name of the southeast African country, colonized by the British, in which the characters live. At independence in 1980, the country was renamed Zimbabwe (“stone house” in Shona). The capital of Rhodesia is Salisbury, renamed Harare in post-independence Zimbabe. Another major city mentioned is Bulawayo. The homestead: the ancestral homesite and land of the Siguake family, of whom Babawamukuru is the head. Tambu’s father, mother, children, and other relatives, live at the rural Siguake

  • blog posts

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    Life is already designed with its natural ups and downs, twists and turns and these are over whelming for most of us to cope with. Market economy as a model was built upon “the promise of gain and the threat of hunger” (Watkins, 2011, p. 365). In business world, greed is good because it drives you to do even more, or is it? Unabated, greed conceals what you already have and only flashes out what you could have, therefore, very destructive. What we are calling greed is actually the fundamental foundation

  • ACC Post

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    The armies and individuals that made up the Sith's Empire were a fractious lot who would in normal circumstances likely destroy one another rather than work together. Yet from their division came strength. So long as the Sith forces were bound through their Emperor, their varying powers and specialties endowed the Sith with many terrifying abilities. It was from this vast strategic potential that the Sith’s grand strategist for this battle needed to draw the elements of an unstoppable invasion

  • The Post Office

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    Amal affected the lives of many people in his community. He shed a new light on the working class jobs of India. He in many ways is an inspiration to show that any life is better than a life spent indoors, but a life spent indoors is not necessarily a life wasted. Amal helps people in the play because he shows them how to appreciate their life and the job they are doing in it. Throughout the story we see that on numerous occasions Amal has let people leave his window happy, or happier than

  • Post paper

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    Leadership theory taxonomy provides a list of effective leadership characteristics that can be beneficial to a leader and or an organization. The leadership theory taxonomy allows a leader/organization to govern who will fulfil a role, as well as which roles are missing. These characteristics are designed to construct theories based on personality, relationships, and developmental styles. When an individual optically canvass the leaders/managers around them, questions may arise on how those certain

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    Every object needs to be put into its proper context in order to understand the meaning that it is trying to convey. Take the fountain of which houses an image of the Nile found at the Museum of Fine Arts; the fountain’s relatively simple architecture and decoration expresses a wealth of meaning about its uses and Roman views of foreign religions, while its possible location puts it into conversation with artwork from some of the finest villas in the empire. This fountain demonstrates that “Roman”

  • Post reflection

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    I really appreciate the presentations of the guest speakers for the End-of Life Care and Nutrition topic. I found the information very valuable and applicable at the personal and professional level. The three main things that I’ve learned from they are the legal considerations to consider while working with patients that had receive a diagnosis of death, to understand that hospice is a philosophy not a place and to know some essential tips to apply in order to assure that the nutrition treatment

  • Post- Analysis

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    Cross-cultural psychology helped me learn a variety of things this semester. When I first came into this class, I did not know what to expect. I was nervous and intimidated by the subject. I have taken a diversity course in psychology at community college, but I left without any knowledge of culture. In this class, I learned to appreciate culture. As I self-reflected on this class, I learned that I never appreciated how each culture is special .One of the things that I was expecting from this course

  • Modern Poetry And The Post-Post Modern Era Of Poetry

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    The Modern-Post Modern era of poetry took place between 1900 and the 1970’s. The main focus of this era was located in North America and in Europe. Modern Poetry is mainly known as writing with technical innovation in a free verse way when they write a poem or story. This time period was also well known for poets to use the word “I” to refer to themselves in their poems. This small change started a new revolution of writing and a new way to make their poems personal. Those two changes are directly

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Post Vietnam War

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    war, there always comes casualties. Soldiers can lose an arm or a leg, or even their life when they go to war. Unfortunately soldiers can even lose their minds because of war. Specifically, this research paper will focus on PTSD, or in other words: post traumatic stress disorder. PTSD has shown up as a factor from many wars, but for some reason, one war in particular stands out from all others regarding the the PTSD numbers. It is called the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War (1956-1975) was part of the

  • Defining Post-Modernism

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    Defining Post-Modernism In trying to define exactly what post-modernism is I shall firstly briefly consider some of the events and thinking that led up to the development of this particular school of social theory. I shall then consider some of the common strands of thinking in postmodernism concentrating mainly on the writings of Jean-Francois Lyotard and Jean Baudrillard. I shall then consider the view of David Harvey, a Marxist many consider to be writing in the postmodern tradition, who

  • The Post-War Era

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    to acknowledge the essential changes that took place within the United States during the Post-war era. The most common struggle during this time period was the return of American veterans to home ground. Millions of men returned to their hometowns and newly developed cities to settle down and create a family. However, these men were soldiers and pre-war students, but did not have a set place within the Post-war era society, therefore creating distress and struggle. Additionally, within the country’s

  • Humanism And Post-Structuralism

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    of meaning making, that are humanism and post-structuralism, have competing perspectives of the way ideals, beliefs and practises are produced and constructed and arguments are made in support for and against these notions. Humanism is the belief in universal principles and that the meaning of objects, persons or texts is inherent in the thing itself. Humanism is founded on dichotomous logic and rationality, their reasoning is objective. Contrastingly post-structuralism is more concerned with meaning

  • Post Concussion Syndrome

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    Post Concussion Syndrome Post-concussion syndrome is a complex disorder with symptoms can consist of headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and irritability that can last as little as a week and up to months after a head injury. The causes can be a traumatic blow to the head or neck injuries in which the patient does not have to lose consciousness. The effect of being injured can do permanent damaged to the brain and nervous system. Dealing with Post-concussion syndrome not only can have a physical effect

  • Post-Keynesian Economic

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    Post-Keynesian economic was formed and developed by economists such as Joan Robinson and Nicholas Kaldor who believed Keynesian economics was based on disequilibrium and uncertainty, and that challenges the general equilibrium assumptions of neo-classical theory. The main aim of post-Keynesian economics is to complete the unfinished Keynesian revolution. Post-Keynesian economists fundamentally used ideas from Keynes and his concept of effective demand, Marxist economist Michael Kalecki to provide

  • Post Modernism and Architecture

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    Post Modernism and Architecture If one were to walk around and casually ask five people what post modernism was they would probably get five different answers or none at all. It is one of those indefinable academic terms that applies to many different fields of study. Most people seem to understand what it means individually but few agree collectively. To make matters even more complicated, it is often used in discussions about deconstruction. "To some Post Modernism is an excuse

  • Postcard Or Post Card

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    A postcard or post card is a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard used for writing, then mailed without an envelope. There are special occasions, such as wood postcards, made of very thin wood, and copper postcards sold in the Copper Country, Michigan and coconut "postcards" from Hawaii. Cards with notes have been made and sent by people since the creation of the postal services. The earliest known picture postcard was a hand-painted design on a card, and sent in London to the writer

  • Post-Mortem Photography

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    Post-mortem photography was, and still is, seen as a psychologically unhealthy practice, even when such photographs are historical documentations. Photographs taken during the liberation of concentration camps in the 1940's happen to be some of the most controversial, yet they are crucial to remembering the great tradgedy. Some opponents against post-mortem photography believe that atrocity photographs taken from the Holocaust should be hidden from view as they do nothing to honor the memory of the

  • Post War Construction

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    Who is responsible for post war economic rebuild? That is the question that “End and Beginning” poses to the reader. The victor is usually the responsible party for cleanup and rebuilding. The first line of the poem portrays to the reader that someone must do it, “After each war somebody has to clear up put things in order by itself it won’t happen.” (Szymborska 690) What if the victor is an outside influence that has no intention of staying? The answer is the liberated country is responsible

  • Post -Westphalian Governance

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    Increasingly major policy areas are being influenced by international forces. The question posed here and which this paper endeavours to answer is, are we entering an era of post-Westphalian governance? The hypothesis put forward in this paper is two prong in nature as the answer to the question is yes, we are moving towards an era of post-Westphalian governance. However this answer is with slight hesitation as the shift towards it is happening slowly. The analysis is based on the idea of diffusion, which

  • Impressionism And Post Impressionism

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    The goal of this paper is to discuss Camille Pissarro’s, The Goose Girl at Montfoucault, and Vincent van Gogh’s, The Rocks. This paper will analyze the stylistic changes between Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. I will also reflect upon the historical development of these styles in reference to these paintings. By analyzing these paintings individually, we can develop and acknowledge the differences between the styles that they belong to. This will be accompanied by comparing the paintings to

  • Post-modern Fiction

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    worldly level, religion viewed birth as the beginning and perhaps death as the end. On a greater scale perhaps it viewed the creation of the world as the beginning and according to the eschatological view, the ‘end of time’ or the ‘end of the world’. Post modernist believed that this view did not reflect reality and therefore attempted to adopt a similar mimesis in their works. They attempted to use fragmentation in the novels to reflect life as being more complicated. In the Bible the quote ‘in all

  • Post-Mortem Photography

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    In this essay I shall be asking the question if post-mortem photography is still acceptable in modern society. I shall be looking at the history of post-mortem photography and be comparing it to the more contemporary response. The practice of photographing dead relatives or friends was publicly acceptable in Europe until about 1880, with photographs of corpses displayed openly in American homes, and professional photographic studios advertising the services. Postmortem photography, photographing

  • Post Partum Depression

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    Post Partum Depression Unlike "the baby blues" which affects 70% to 80% of new mothers and does not require prompt medical attention due to its mild nature. Major Post Partum Depression attacks 10% of new mothers and is entirely a beast of a different nature, one that must be reckoned with. The most recent Post Partum case that has rightfully caused a media frenzy is the Andrea Yates case. Yates was the mother of five young children. This past summer Yates held each of her children in a

  • The European Union As A Post Modernism And Post Nationalism Ideology

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    The European Union is a project of the elite class of Europe. This privileged class denies the value of the genuine heritage of European civilization. The project seeks to replace the heritage and politically dictate a post modernism and post nationalism ideology The project was pushed after World War 11 to assemble and protect European governments from a takeover. Also, the idea of freedom was promoted to grow and prosper. The ideal of open orders, trade, and fluid currency, the Euro, among ideas

  • Impressionism and Post-Impressionism

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    of art movements is testament to the growth process of the world of art, proof of how the art has been evolving ever since. Impressionism and Post-Impressionism are two art movements that happened in succession, and the characteristics of and existence of Post Impressionism reflects how Post Impressionism is a reaction to the earlier Impressionism and how Post Impressionism, despite its efforts to introduce something new still retained many important characteristics found in Impressionism. Discussion

  • What is Post-Modernism?

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    What is Post-Modernism? The aim of this essay is to explain how Post-Modernism has influenced our contemporary built environment and explain what other movements have derived from it. I would argue that Post-Modernism is a worldwide movement in all arts and disciplines. A definition of postmodernism will provide a better understanding of the trend that would show how it is relevant to contemporary culture and important for the future. Postmodernism became an important movement right after

  • Post Impressionism and Art

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    Post Impressionism and Art Modernism is an art movement that is characterized by a deliberate departure from tradition to a more expressive form that distinguishes many styles in the arts and literature of the late nineteenth and twentieth century. Emile Bernard was part of this modern art movement as can be seen in his painting, "Breton Woman and Haystacks", painted around 1888. Impressionists were modern artists who tended to paint outside landscapes and street scenes and were concerned

  • Post Modern Artists

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    Post Modern Artists The realm of postmodern art encompasses various aspects of contemporary styles. There is no set format to creating artwork anymore. Art pieces in the past basically conformed to the Kantian-Hegelian theory of art. Thomas McEvilley claim, "It was essentially an aesthetic theory of art, which held Beauty is a universal force that enters the soul with immediate, unquestionable authority at the instant when the soul approaches the beautiful object

  • Post Falls Dam

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    For over 100 years, the Post Falls Dam has served the North Idaho area in a variety of ways. Arguably one of the greatest impacts in the north Idaho region. To fully understand the history of the dam, it is important to start at the beginning, before the dam was built, before the Schitus’umsh people (Coeur d’Alene Tribe) lived on site, even before there was a Spokane River or Lake Coeur d’Alene. Before Lake Coeur d’Alene existed in its present state, the St. Joe River ran through the valley of the

  • Indonesia Post-Suharto

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    Indonesia has gone through a major reform process in 1998 post of the fall of its authoritarian leader, Suharto. This reform has in some level progressed toward transformation its economic, political and social landscape of the country. However one of this reform biggest challenge today is still in its attempt to eradicating the endemic (systemic) corruption that has positioned Indonesia still as one of the most corrupt country in the region. (ref. T.I ranking) . Demise of Suharto was seen as

  • Impressionism and Post-Impressionism

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    Impressionism and Post-Impressionism are two artistic movements that had profound influences on the artistic community and world as a whole. Both sought to break the molds of previous artistic styles and movements by creating work truly unique to the artist him or herself. The artists of the Impressionism and Post-Impressionism movements employed vibrant color pallets, well defined brush strokes, and unique perspectives on their subjects that sought to capture light, movement, and emotions on canvas

  • Post Colonial Literature

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    Post colonial’ as we define it does not mean ‘post-independence’, or ‘after colonialism’, for this would be falsely ascribe an end to the colonial process. Post-colonialism, rather, begins from the very first moment of colonial contact. It is the discourse of oppositinality which colonialism brings into being” (pL.117) The term post colonial is resonant with all the doubts and complexities of the various cultural experiences it involves. It also addresses all aspects of the colonial process from

  • Antifeminism And Post Feminism

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    society regarding women and challenges these inequalities. Feminism has changed along side the changing position of women in today’s modern society and emerging from these changes are new theories such as post feminism and antifeminism. In this essay I will discuss how both antifeminism and post feminism has challenged the founding concepts of feminism in today’s modern society. I will highlight my points through contemporary media examples such as the work of Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. An anti feminist

  • Post Partum Depression

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    concentration, isolation and headache. (Andrea Yates) Women are given time off work and are instructed to do minimal physical activities, they do this in the US so that the woman’s body may recover. Recovery takes a long time and there is an 80% chance that post pregnant woman will become diagnosed with depression, which is when a person feels sad or down for a long period of time. But are these women getting all the help they need to recover psychologically from such changes? A woman can feel extremely

  • The Post-Industrialism Era

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    The era of post-industrialism refers to a period of change where a society advances from a manufacturing base, to a society reliant on knowledge, services, and research. What emerges from the remains of the industrial society is a society based around services, contracts, precariousness, segmentation, and insecurity, etc. Divided are the prospects for this globalized, post-industrial society. People question who will benefit from this new era of globalization. Some view the post-industrial era

  • The Post Communsit Regimes

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    The post communist countries; Poland Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia, and Uzbekistan share much of the same history, but the current reformation of each counties government after communism is quite different. The post communist counties that are doing better than the others owe their success to three factors; firstly how indoctrinated into communism the countries were, secondly how each of the countries governments reestablished themselves after gaining independence from the Soviet Union, and thirdly the


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