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Thermodynamic Properties of Solid Solutions in the System Ag2S Ag2Se

- Thermodynamic Properties of Solid Solutions in the System Ag2S – Ag2Se 1. Introduction This paper is about the calculation of standard thermodynamic properties of the four solid solutions in the phase diagram of Ag2S – Ag2Se. They calculated these properties using the model of regular and subregular solutions. The four solid solutions are: a restricted fcc solid solution (γ- Ag2S-Ag2S1-xSe (x<0.3)), a complete bcc solid solution (β- Ag2S – Ag2Se), monoclinic solid solution (α) from Ag2S to Ag2S0.4Se0.6, and a orthorhombic solid solution (α) from Ag2S0.3Se0.7 to Ag2Se....   [tags: solution model, analysis]

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Solutions to preventing the spread of global warming and its affects

- “The American flag has gone through changes over time; those changes have made an impact on our country and made it what it is today.” Our earth is like the American flag, it is constantly changing, and one issue that affects our earth is global warming. We now live in an industrialized world which is filled with many new technologies that provide goods and services to us, provide us with energy and electricity and transportation. These new technological advances have made our lives much easier to live with....   [tags: Solutions, Preventions, Natural Resources]

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Rhetorical Analysis Of Is American Nonviolence Possible?

- Rhetorical Analysis of “Is American Nonviolence Possible?” ¬¬¬Though most American people claim to seek peace, the United States remains entwined with both love and hate for violence. Regardless of background or personal beliefs, the vast majority of Americans enjoy at least one activity that promotes violence whether it be professional fighting or simply playing gory video games. Everything is all well and good until this obsession with violence causes increased frequency of real world crimes....   [tags: Rhetoric, United States, Individualism]

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Global Solutions : A Global Solution

- Overview Company E227 Global Solutions is on the move to go green. Company E227 Global Solutions has already even spoken about going green already. Now it’s time for the Company E227 Global Solutions to get the whole idea of going green implemented. Throughout the years Company E227 Global Solutions has not made any efforts toward reducing the company’s carbon footprint on a global scale. Company E227 Global Solutions want to reduce their company’s carbon footprint by 25%. Therefore I generated three ideas for company E227 Global Solutions to reduce their carbon footprint on a global scale by 25%and go green....   [tags: Fossil fuel, Alternative energy, Renewable energy]

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The Best Long-term Parenting Solution for Bella and Dante Martin

- This letter to will assist you in determining the best long-term parenting solution for Bella and Dante Martin. It is my understanding that Eric and Elizabeth Martinez are requesting permanent custody, specifically as adoptive parents. The ideal candidates are Eric and Elizabeth. They possess requisite attributes of character, family history, community service, and provide a family home that is healthy, safe, and loving. Furthermore, they are diligent in their pursuit to instill character and uncompromising values, and provide all essential resources to afford their children opportunities for life-long advancement and personal growth....   [tags: parenting solutions, adoption, ]

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Piercing : Is It Possible?

- Piercing Presumptions: Is It Possible. Even when life is done right, there is always something there waiting to prove it was done wrong. How does one do everything right. A 1921 community of black people in Tulsa, Oklahoma thought they knew. For the residents of the Tulsa’s Greenwood community, doing everything right meant going to school for an education, owning property, building a successful life for themselves and their families, and creating community in which they could feel safe. Sadly, this was not the case....   [tags: Black people, African American]

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Health Related Information, Products, And Solutions

- Introduction One of the greater issues facing the United States populace revolves around the practice of an unhealthy lifestyle. This practice is one of the root causes for a variety of diseases and ailments. As more individuals have become aware of this, in recent times, an increase in the interest in fitness and health, in general, has occurred. This has resulted in an oversaturation of health related information, products, and solutions. The vast variety of information, products, and solutions may serve as more of an aid to the problem, as individuals may become discouraged from not knowing where to begin....   [tags: Marketing, Household income in the United States]

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The Effect and Solution of Gun Violence in the United States

- In recent events, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting has brought issues relating to gun violence to residents of United States. In order to understand the causes of gun violence in the USA, a comparison of gun laws and rates on gun violence in Massachusetts and Mississippi are viewed, the possible solutions of gun violence are discussed, together with a comparison of gun violence in US and Canada. CONCLUSION SENTENCE Gun violence, “may be defined as a category of violence and crime committed by the use of firearm” (Gun violence, 2013, para....   [tags: gun laws, self-defence, injury, death, firearm]

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Holmes Is Made Possible By Watson.

- Holmes Is Made Possible By Watson. Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular characters in literature. I read the three stories; ‘The Speckled Band,’ ‘The Engineer’s Thumb’ and ‘The Beryl Coronet.’ I have looked at; how the stories were structured, Dr Watson as the narrator, language used in the stories and the difference between Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes as characters in the stories. Most crime fiction stories are structured in the same way. Sherlock Holmes stories usually employ this structure; the crime is committed, an investigation is launched, a solution is thought up and an explanation is given....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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The Possible Mechanisms of Scrapie Contraction

- The Possible Mechanisms of Scrapie Contraction Scrapie was first discovered in Great Britain in the late 1900’s. The first case of scrapie in the United States was found in Michigan in 1947 when the flock owner had imported sheep of British origin several years prior. Since then scientists have researched to find the cause of the scrapie agent that are classified as transmissible spongiform encephalopathy. At the present, scientists have presented three main theories that explain why the scrapie agent holds a dangerous threat against its host and how it elicits its symptoms....   [tags: Biology Medical Biomedical]

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Solution-Focused Therapies

- ... The constructivist appears to view the situation in much the same way and states that, “Reality is not out there to be found; reality is constructed inside each of us” (Norcross, p. 406). Empiricism focuses on scientific methods while constructivism views science as just another social construct. The constructivist believes that scientist have simply constructed their theories based on their individual reality and their time periods. In my view, this could be problematic in that randomized clinical trials are needed in order to establish a form of therapy as an evidence based practice....   [tags: behaviorism, psychological analysis]

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Technology Has Proven Possible For The Real World

- An increasingly common attribute of modern videogames is a character 's ability to utilize some variety of technology to see through opaque walls. This technology is employed most often for stealth missions, like in Batman 's Detective Vision in the Arkham series, or Promethean vision, which made its debut in the fourth instalment of the Halo series. As the Halo centered wikipedia article describes, “Promethean vision ... creates a short-range spectrum wave which allows the user to detect shapes and movement through solid walls and objects” (halo wiki)....   [tags: Electromagnetic radiation, Light]

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College Is Possible For All Because Financial Aid

- Graduating high school brings one to the point of life that he or she must decide how to impact the world. Whether this impact begins with the student continuing his education, joining the military, or going into the workforce, the deciding factor should be a personal choice, not a choice based upon money. Unfortunately, in today’s society money is the deciding factor for whether a student will attend college or not. One may argue that college is possible for all because financial aid is available, but I disagree....   [tags: Higher education, High school, University]

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Possible Improvements to Denver's Airport Baggage System

- Discussion:- Considering, the Denver’s Airport Baggage handle system project. The city of Denver in the U.S.A had been selected for the airport which would make Denver as an air transportation hub. It would be the largest airport in the U.S.A and would carry 50 million passengers annually. The airport’s automatic baggage handling system was a critical part of the plan. By this plan airport turnaround plan would become approximate less by 30 minutes. (Goatham, 2008) As the project was live there were many significant changes that were being asked to do, although the original negotiations, BAE had made it clear that no changes would be accepted....   [tags: passengers, project, redesign]

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Problem Solution: Lester Electronics

- Problem Solution: Lester Electronics Over the course of many years, the business relationship between John Lin, owner of Shang-wa Electronics and Bernard Shaw, CEO of Lester Electronics, Inc., has grown financially and personally (University of Phoenix, 2005). Shang-wa produces specialized capacitors for which Lester Electronics has the exclusive market in the United States. With the impending takeover by two outside firms, Transnational Electronics Corporation (TEC), and Avral Electronics, S.A., John has proposed a merger of Shang-wa with Lester Electronics....   [tags: Business Analysis]

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Advertising to Children Must Be Banned

- As a little girl I loved watching television shows on Saturday mornings. I’d get upset when a show would proceed to commercial. That is until I watched the shiny new toy being played with by the girl my age and of course the cool new one that came into the happy meal, then I’d forget. After seeing the appealing commercial I’d run to my mom and try to slickly mention it. “You know McDonalds has a new Monster’s Inc. toy in their happy meal. Isn’t that great. “Now I realize that back then I was targeted by big companies to beg my parents for things that I didn’t need or that wasn’t good for me in order to make money....   [tags: Problem Solution]

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Solutions to Poverty: It's Time To Deport The Homeless

- The homeless population is growing in America. There are more and more Americans living in boxes, sleeping on park benches and panhandling on the streets each day. These people tend to make us, the non-homeless, feel uncomfortable and unsafe. They are also placing increasing stress on the nation's economy. In short, the homeless are a burden on the rest of society. There needs to be action taken against them. "I shall now humbly propose my own thoughts, which I hope will not be liable to the least objection (Swift.)" I propose that all of the homeless be relocated to foreign third world countries....   [tags: Solutions to Poverty 2014]

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Competitive Advantage through IT Outsourcing

- Task 1 Question 1 Critically evaluate the competitive advantage that can be gained by companies through IS/IT outsourcing. Provide suitable example to support your answer. Competitive advantage occurs when an organization acquires or develops an attribute or combination of attributes that allows it to outperform its competitors. These attributes can include access to natural resources, such as high grade ores or inexpensive power, or access to highly trained and skilled employees. New technologies such as robotics and information technology can provide competitive advantage, whether as a part of the product itself, as an advantage to the making of the product, or as a competitive aid in the...   [tags: possible problems, ]

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Agile Software Solution Supporting Cross-Organizational Business Transactions

- ... 2. After schedule has been loaded they generate an xml file manually. The xml file is sent to multichoice. 3. Multichoice utilizes the xml file to display the information of the show (current playing and next show) and their three TV channels utilize the same xml to display Schedule on their website. If the Schedule changes e.g. on SABC1 at 20:00 is generation time. But sometimes you find that there is a soccer match like on 5/03/2014 Bafana Bafana vs. Brazil Match was televised on SABC1 at 20:00....   [tags: market, research, internet]

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Proposed Solutions for Challenges Faced by General Mills Canada

- ... According to Professors John Bessant and Joe Tidd, innovation tends to come from “bottom up team initiatives,” as seen from IBM’s success during Lou Gerstner’s tenure. , If low-level employees can associate, they can construct better ideas. A second solution to General Mills Canada’s problem is to “exploit their resources.” The idea is for employees to increase the efficiency of what they already do. They can increase innovation in this area by implementing new software to speed up any processes, or use the data from software to forecast demand and sales in a better way....   [tags: innovation, sales, cost]

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Origins and Solutions to Jealousy

- What is jealousy. Is it part of any normal relationship, or is it always destructive. The origins of jealousy are not clear. Some believe that jealousy was our solution to mate retention due to our "concealed fertilization" process (Basset 72). While others believe that it is how we compare what we have to what other have and is triggered by "perceived threats to relationships" and is designed to "trigger initial emotional reactions" (Basset 73). What is clear is that jealousy has been a part of the human race for as long as our species has developed social structures....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Project Management Approach : Catalent Pharma Solutions

- Catalent Pharma Solutions (Catalent) has given approval to revise the global CAPA, Correction, and Effectiveness Check TrackWise Quality system procedures. These revised procedures will provide Catalent employees with clear instructions on how to use TrackWise. Catalent has increased the use of TrackWise® because the system can manage quality in one system and query data quickly. TrackWise® is a one-shop program that utilizes workflows for each quality system. TrackWise® system is a 21 CFR Part 211 compliant system which uses electronic signature....   [tags: Project management, Management]

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Solutions to Poverty: First, End Welfare Fraud

- “Michigan lottery winner arrested on charges of felony welfare fraud” -- Melissa Anders --             Poverty is an issue in America that has become a growing problem. While it may not necessarily be an issue that gains a lot of attention from people in today’s society, it is still a problem that should be addressed, especially in times of economic hardship like the ones that we are currently experiencing. Money has become tight for a lot of people, but there are still those that have always had a problem meeting the needs that they have in everyday life....   [tags: Solutions to Poverty 2014]

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Eliminating Discrimination in the Workplace: Is It Possible?

- Eliminating Discrimination in the Workplace: Is it Possible. As a business consultant I have been asked to suggest different methods that can possibly reduce discrimination and prejudice in the workplace. Is it possible however to make everyone get along and ignore their differences. According to the growing research on discrimination and prejudice, these are learned behaviors that with practice can be unlearned, and ultimately eliminated (Baron & Branscombe, 2012, p. 195). Discrimination is defined as the negative treatment of different groups: Prejudice, on the other hand is viewed as the negative emotions or attitudes associated with discrimination (Ramasubramanian, 2010)....   [tags: treatment, sterotypes, minorities, norms]

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Is it Possible to Travel at the Speed of Light?

- Ever since 1966, when the first episode of Star Trek aired, there has been a question lingering in the mind of humans; fans, children, and scientists alike. To some, it is just wishful fantasizing, but to others, it is a goal to pursue and an idea that may not be so far-fetched -- Is it possible for humans to travel at the speed of light. If so, why should humans attempt this and will they. If not, what are some of the limitations of travel at the speed of light and are researchers trying to resolve them....   [tags: light speed, star trek, star wars]

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Analysis Of The Commercial `` Anything Is Possible ``

- In the commercial “Anything is Possible”, a young woman explains how she has worked to get where she is and how the things she 's done has changed the world. This commercial was made in response to the Cadillac “ELR Poolside” commercial. I will be comparing the two commercials in order to analyze how choices in rhetoric analysis gets their points across. When she begins the conversation, she compares herself to the dirt. This tactic might confuse the viewer at first, but it soon makes sense by the end of the commercial when she ends up in the Ford car: the dirt is meaningless and a waste of space, but then she goes on to describe how she is a entrepreneur, and uses the manure to create rich...   [tags: White people, Black people, Woman, Youth]

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A New Ice Age: is it Possible

- The “Go Green” lifestyle trend has emerged as a new way for humans to prevent a possible catastrophic environmental event that, some if not all, people believe will occur because of Global Warming. The people that have chosen to change their habits of recycling garbage, buying fuel efficient cars instead of 70's style gas guzzlers or live in a Eco-friendly house have spent some of their time researching what lies ahead for the human race if Global warming is not addressed. The scientific community has predicted many different environmental impact scenarios based on Global Warming, such as runaway heat waves and coastal flooding, but the one scenario that is most likely to come to pass for ou...   [tags: go green, global warming, scientific community]

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Is It Possible For Beat The Market?

- Is it possible to beat the market. "Playing the market" refers to trying to earn a return on investment greater than the S & P500 index, the US stock market performance of the most popular benchmarks. Investment costs are a major obstacle to overcome market. If you put a popular advice to invest in the S & P500 index fund, your investment will perform the same S & P500 index and investment costs will be deducted from the proceeds, to prevent you beat the market. Looking for an ultra-low fee and 0.1 to 0.2% per year in funding, you will be close to equal to the market....   [tags: Investment, Mutual fund, Finance, Rate of return]

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No One Truly Knows The Solution

- If ending world hunger is possible, why hasn’t it been done. The answer to this question has been attempted for decades. Yet, no one truly knows the solution. Scott Kilman, Roger Thurow and Paul Turner decided to search for the answer and teach the world their findings. Roger Thurow was a reporter at The Wall Street Journal for 30 years, 20 of them as a foreign correspondent. For the 2 decades that he was based in Africa and Europe, he covered stories about the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the release of Nelson Mandela, the Olympic games, and numerous other important events....   [tags: Famine, Malnutrition, Africa, Poverty]

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Vaccinations and Their Possible Link to Autism

- In today’s modern world immunizations are given to children to protect their bodies from harmful diseases by creating an adaptive immune response. This adaptive response can be achieved through two methods. The first is active immunity which is achieved by injecting a patient with antigens to provoke an immune response. The second is passive immunity which involves administering antibodies in antitoxins or antisera to a patient (Bauman, 2012). The activated immune system produces a reaction which eventually causes immunologic memory and a heightened response to future exposure (Bauman, 2012)....   [tags: Immunization, Thimerosal, Media Misinformation]

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Is it Possible to Harmonise International Trade?

- For many years, there have been several attempts in the harmonisation of international trade. Unfortunately, sales of international goods are very complex and this leads to great difficult in unifying trade law. People have tried to create universal laws to mend shipping issues, seller to buyer relationships and fraud, however, there is still no global international trade law. So far, with every attempt, it becomes clearer that nations have conflicting ideologies or viewpoints and hinders the progression of global harmonisation of international trade....   [tags: Goods, Sales, Trade]

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Writing Is Not The Best Writer Possible

- The reader and writer that I am today is not the best writer possible. I am interested in getting better in my writing to make it the best it could be. Writing helps me by having me to say what is on my mind, and also how I want to make a point. My grammar might be a little bad and needs improvement, but I think my writing is decent. Writing helps me take out emotion and helps me feel better about myself. When I was younger I did not really focus on grammar but what the theme and topic would be about for that specific paper....   [tags: Writing, Better, Improve, Need]

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Organ Shortage Solution For An Organ

- Organ Shortage Solution There is a large shortage of organs, causing thousands of people to die. Every day someone else is added to the growing list of applicants waiting for an organ transplant. According to UNOS there are approximately 122,649 people on that list, and most of them have been on there for more than one year. Some suggested solutions for the organ shortage are: paying dead donors, which in all reality would mean that their family would get a bit of money to help with funeral costs, presumed consent with an opt out choice where someone could choose to be a donor but have the chance to opt out if they prefer....   [tags: Organ transplant, Organ donation, Organ, People]

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The American Dream Is Still Possible?

- The American Dream is still possible Mostly anything you want to achieve requires time and perseverance it doesn 't just come to you easily. In America we all have dreams we want to achieve, a set of goals for the future. The American dream is in your perception, what you want it to mean for you. It’s what you want to consummate in America where you can 't anywhere else. How you can succeed in life enough to survive and be happy. The reality of the American dream is the essence of any person living in America, immigrant or not....   [tags: Barack Obama, United States, Democratic Party]

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Is the American Dream Still Possible?

- The American Dream is so important to our country and especially for our generation to take seriously. The American Dream is the opportunity to reach the goals one sets for themselves. It is about having your dream job and life you have always fantasized about. The dream is also about having freedom and equality. The American Dream was much easier to attain a few decades ago compared to today. However, it is still possible. The economy was better fifty years ago than it is today. People are in greater debt now and the United States is in higher debt than it was fifty years ago....   [tags: american dream, freedom, equality]

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Socialism is Possible and Can Work

- Could socialism ever work. This is the question that has at least crossed the minds of hundreds of millions of the people around the globe, especially with credit crunch and recession that unfolded over the past few months. Variety of issues that have revolved around socialism as a concept, theory or an idea is not about its complexity or its difficult interpretation, but the fact that, to most people it sounds too good to be true. Many people having been through demoralizing systems of capitalism, having become convinced that nothing as good as socialism could ever happen in life- just like that without a possible catch somewhere (Colin, 2009, p....   [tags: persuasive essay]

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Parking at BSU, Possible or Not

- Parking at BSU, Possible or Not With the diversity of students that attend the University, there are a variety of challenges and advantages that are unique to each sector. Parking on the Boise State University Campus can be a difficult and frustrating but with a little bit of help and information, you can maneuver your way anywhere. Parking is a function that is necessary and required by almost everyone that visits or uses the Boise State University campus. This may range from teachers to visitors to employees....   [tags: College]

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Making It Possible to End Homelessness

- Making It Possible to End Homelessness (MIPH) is a subgrantee’s of the HPRP program, which was created to help families gain housing stability in Middlesex county. The program was awarded $1.4 billion to service clients threatened with evictions. The program’s intent is to reduce homelessness by keeping families stably housed, connecting with mainstream benefits, and working on a stabilization plan to avoid homelessness in the future. However, the program is under pressure to spend more funding because it's quarterly report indicated that its not servicing enough clients....   [tags: Urban Development ]

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The Possible Drawbacks For The Change

- Q5c The possible drawbacks to the strategies I propose at (B) are these: Change seems unnecessary. The drawback is that the evidence I produce to explain the rationale for the change may not be sufficiently convincing, and a further a drawback will be that it will be considerably time-consuming and very difficult to obtain such accurate and persuasive data about any competing operators as it will likely be commercial-in-confidence and not readily available (Schuler, 2014). There have of course been well-documented instances when despite due diligence, change has not been beneficial – the costs have exceeded the benefits....   [tags: Cost, Marketing, Time, Regulatory Focus Theory]

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Possible Outcomes Of A Successful Prediction

- When it comes to predicting future behavior regardless if it is deviant or conventional involves a number of initial decisions. The first issue is the determination of what is actually being predicted. There are four potential outcomes of prediction and they are true-positive, false-positive, true-negative, and false-negative. True-positive is something predicted to occur and it does. This is considered a successful prediction. False-positive is where a failed prediction has occurred because the prediction did not occur....   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Future, Criminal justice]

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It's Possible to Reverse Global Warming

- The Industrial Revolution began in the United States in the 1800s. During this time the demand for goods increased because of new transportation systems like the steam boat and locomotive, these inventions made it easier and cheaper to transport goods across land or water. Therefore, factory production increased to meet the country’s demand of many goods. This era marked the beginning of global warming because factories were powered by coal, and as a result increasing greenhouse gases. A greenhouse gas is “a gas such as carbon dioxide, ozone, or water vapor that contributes to the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere by reflecting radiation from the Earth’s surface” ....   [tags: Climate Change, Argumentative Essay]

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The Possible End to World Hunger

- The end of world hunger or the end of precious life, do genetically modified foods help or hurt humans. Genetically modified foods are a game changer in agricultural as we know it. Genetically modified food provides advantages to crops that seem unfeasible, but in reality genetically modified food advantages are well within reach. In an effort to fight the never ending battle of world hunger, scientists have created genetically modified foods that have the impetus to harm just as many humans as they help save....   [tags: genetically modified foods]

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Paranet Solutions: Top-tier technology solutions and services

- Right Column Paranet Solutions expertly guided Granite Properties through the journey of updating its physical server network to a virtual environment, resulting in greater standardization, stability and scalability. Right Column Quote “We wanted to get out of the IT business so we could fully focus on managing our business applications. Paranet designed a smart, economical solution that will meet our long-term expansion needs.” – Clint Osteen, Granite Properties, director of IT Paranet Solutions Seamlessly Tranforms Granite Properties’ Aging Server Network into a High-Tech Virtual Environment with Zero Downtime When Granite Properties joined forces with Paranet Solutions in 2008 to upd...   [tags: Business, Information Technology]

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The Invitation 's Possible Outcome

- The Invitation’s Possible Outcome Since Joe has put himself in a conflict of interest, he has to be very careful about this invitation. A conflict of interest is when an individual has a clashing personal and/or business interest in the outcome of a situation (Editorial Board, 2015). One thing he has to consider is what the possible outcomes are if he accepts the offer. Another thing he has to consider is what the possible outcomes are if he declines the offer. Joe has to also consider how ethical it will look to both the stakeholders and those not involved if he either accept or decline Bill’s invitation....   [tags: Virtue, Ethics, Virtue ethics, Business ethics]

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An Integrated Solution to the Foreclosure Crisis

- Foreclosure. Only recently has the term become a buzz word among the American public and various media. The crisis that has enveloped the United States has initiated widespread questioning of the very financial systems in which the American innovators have grown to prosper. Although the foreclosure crisis is often viewed as a product of greedy financial institutions, causation cannot be distilled to individual constituencies; further regulation on various components of the crisis can develop the preconditions for recovery, but 2009 has elucidated a stunning reality: the American financial system possesses an independent resiliency that is currently rebounding and developing recursive and fut...   [tags: foreclosures,]

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Recovery From Addiction Is Possible

- "The message of this book is that recovery from addiction is possible."( 2). Recovery is an ongoing journey that requires a lot of attention and constant dedication and being sober is only the beginning. In this book experts Sterling Shumway and Thomas Kimball have laid out six principles that help along the journey, which are: Hope, Healthy Coping skills, Achievement and Accomplishment, Maintaining Meaningful Relationships, Unique Identity development, and Reclamation of agency....   [tags: Twelve-step program, Addiction, Debut albums]

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Water Scarcity: Privatization is Not the Solution

- Water is vital for humanity as it sustains human life and is a fundamental aspect in most of the products which are consumed by an average living person. This is why water supplies are crucial, because through them this substance is provided sadly these services are being perturbed by various obstacles that at the end are provoking a severe water scarcity around the globe. This has been attempted to be solved by privatising water services, since it is believed that water available for free has generated an overexploitation of this resource....   [tags: Drinking Water Shortage]

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Proposed Solution to the Foreclosure Crisis

- Today’s America is in crisis; we are in a recession. The greatest factor driving this major recession is Foreclosure many Americans are forced to face every day. In simple terms, the foreclosure crisis was caused by greed in the banking industry and too much optimism of the American people. This resulted in a bubble of subprime mortgage lending, which eventually collapsed once leading mortgage firms in the banking industry such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac needed to be bailed out by the government....   [tags: real estate, economics]

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Diabetes : A Possible Threat

- Diabetes: A Possible Threat to Even You Is that chocolate chip cookie and coca cola you have everyday after school really worth putting your health at risk. Before munching on that sweet snack or sipping that ice cold soda, just consider looking at the nutrition label on the back. One chocolate chip cookie typically contains 11 grams of sugar, while one can of coca cola has almost 40 grams of sugar. Neither one of these offer any nutrition or benefit to the body. All it is doing is slowing down your metabolism, beating up your heart, and ultimately causes you to become fatigued....   [tags: Blood sugar, Diabetes mellitus, Obesity, Sugar]

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The Status Of Possible Discrimination

- Give your assessment of the status of possible discrimination in the U.S. today. Be Specific. Discuss how problems should be addressed. If someone were to tell you to delve deep into America’s society with the task to expose the kinks, that were so very well hidden, and to your surprise, you would discover that there lies a very large imperfection and that this imperfection impugns America’s own character. By nature, America is a country of differences and is famously known to be a “melting-pot” of cultures because its own birth was carried out by the hands of various immigrants....   [tags: Racism, Race, United States, Discrimination]

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The Possible Consequences of Bullying

- Bullying Have you ever bullied by someone since you were in high school until now. Bullying is kind of bad behavior that all the people in society hated. But sometime people bullied their friends because they just want to have fun. However, being bullied is fearful that can normally lead confident people to become self-conscious, suicidal and unconfident. Firstly, bullying can make people to become self-conscious, because it can easily to lose their controlled. Victim is hesitated to do something and they might feel nervous....   [tags: physical and psychological abuse among peers]

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World Peace is NOT Possible

- Due to the nature of humankind, the imbalance in wealth and power, and diversity in culture and religion global peace is not a genuine possibility. First, I will define human nature from a biblical prospective. I will then examine the state of nature in the context of Glaucon and Thomas Hobbes. Finally, I will draw on the literature of Immanuel Kant, and Jean Baudrillard. For the greater good within us, we would all like to live in a world without war, a world where competition is replaced by co-operation and individual freedom....   [tags: Terrorism is Inevitable]

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Is The Worst Possible Outcome?

- Evil, in the terms of my discussion can be said to be the worst possible outcome, or at least, the not so desired one. And good being vice versa. Some may ask that people do not always desire for the best things, but for my definition, the desired outcome goes farther to include those outside and within the actions immediate effects. For example, 10 people in a room and one shouts, then those people hear and are affected by the shout, but those outside are not, in any direct way, affected. If a child spills milk then he has, to some extent, committed the less desired outcome, but in doing the evil, the child has the chance to learn from his mistakes....   [tags: Plato, Soul, Logic, Existence]

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Poverty Is Not Always Possible

- Unfortunately, the “paradise” is not always possible. Everyone wants a comfortable life. People want a life where they can have all the resources that they need without difficulty and live without concerns. But Poverty is always present. Poverty is a condition where people 's basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met. David Dante wrote, “People assume poverty results from weak values and poor decisions”(150). I partially agree with this statement because even though you have not very good values, you can succeed in life because success is personal....   [tags: Poverty, Malnutrition, Cost, Africa]

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Solution of the Cubic Equation

- Solution of the Cubic Equation The history of any discipline is full of interesting stories and sidelines; however, the development of the formulas to solve cubic equations must be one of the most exciting within the math world. Whereas the method for quadratic equations has existed since the time of the Babylonians, a general solution for all cubic equations eluded mathematicians until the 1500s. Several individuals contributed different parts of the picture (formulas for various types of cubics) until the full solution was reached; these men included Scipione dal Ferro, Nicolo Tartaglia, Girolamo Cardan, and Lodovico Ferrari....   [tags: Math]

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Human Trafficking: Searching for a Solution

- Thailand is very well known for its high proportion of human trafficking. The men and woman are constantly sold for their resources. Labor and prostitution are the most common cases. In Thailand there has been an uprising of human trafficking on the fishing boats or trawlers. On the trawlers many men are forced to work without pay under the impression that they owe money. The men come from neighboring countries of Cambodia and Burma. Among many boats, abuse is a normal practice to keep the men detained and to continue forcing them to work....   [tags: Thailand, Human Traffick, Children, Men, Womes]

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The Mediation : A Viable Solution

- As negotiations proceed, Parties sometimes reach an impasse -- often not due to overt conflict, but rather due to resistance to workable solutions or simply exhaustion of creativity. While the impasse might signal that the dispute is unresolvable in mediation, the mediator may believe that a workable agreement is still possible. Below are some techniques to get negotiations moving. Always remember: The goal isn 't to overcome impasse per se, but to help the Parties analyze and negotiate constructively....   [tags: Negotiation, Dispute resolution, Mediation, Party]

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Simple Solution to Climate Change

- Global heating and cooling has occurred on a cycle for millennia, however in the past thirty years the increased use of energy and fuels by humans has drastically changed this natural occurrence (Juerg, 2007). The largest cause of this warming is the release of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide levels are twenty-five percent higher than they were in 1957 (UCS, 2013). This seemingly insignificant change has caused a myriad of negative effects. The endangerment of species, rising of sea levels, and increased natural disasters are just a few examples of change brought about by global warming (Juerg, 2007)....   [tags: Global Heating, Cooling, Cycle, Energy, Fuels]

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The Solution For Prison Overcrowding

- The Solution to Prison Overcrowding in the United States In the 1980 's the media sensationalized crime and the only way to contain this threat was to imprison criminals for as long as possible. In turn, the United States began to fight a metaphorical "War on Drugs". This "tough on crime" mentality began to lead to a system of mass incarceration. Mass incarceration is the vast system of laws, customs, and policies that makes up the justice system that is responsible for the enormous amount of people that occupy prisons in the United States....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Violent crime]

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Solution Focused Brief Therapy

- Solution Focused Therapy Introduction Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a unique approach to therapy that neither focuses on the past nor the future but on what is possible now. SFBT is a post modern approach to therapy that became popular in the 1960's and 70s based on the theory that posits small progress can lead to long term change. This approach was created by...creatorsThe clients and the counselor collaborate to establish realistic goals that can be reached in a relatively short period of time....   [tags: envrionment, client, counselor, roles]

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Are Happy Endings Possible?

- We learned the term “happy endings” or “happily ever after” as young children by watching the famous and well-told love stories created by Walt Disney. Disney movies were simply made to portray magical and imaginative stories that conclude in happy endings. As a child, watching films such as “Aladdin,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “Pocahontas,” all give off feelings of pleasure and happiness in which have lead children to believe that anything is possible. Disney love stories fulfill in the idea that love is real, wonderful, and consists of no conflicts or troubles....   [tags: Happiness Essays]

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Ethical Dilemm Core Beliefs, Possible Resolutions, Evaluations, And Comparisons

- How many of us can agree on being in a situation, specifically within a group, when we had to choose between voicing our beliefs or losing respect over our beliefs to “go along” with the crowd by being told you had to sign something or become derecognized. Well, Tina, a volunteer leader of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, is soon to be hit with a religious dilemma in respect to a policy that is forced to be signed for nondiscriminatory purposes. Facing ethical dilemmas is very common in the world and we have to learn to deal with them on a daily basis....   [tags: Christianity, Religion, Faith, God]

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Does Cooking Food Destroy Its Possible Vitamin C Levels?

- Beah Cyrus Mrs. Williams Biology September 24, 2014 Science Fair Research Project Does cooking food destroy its possible vitamin c level. Vitamin C is a nutrient found in many fruits and vegetables like oranges, broccoli, grapefruits, cauliflower, potatoes and several others. The nutrient is important for the human body and helps boost immune systems. It also keeps gums healthy, improves vision for people with uveitis, heals burns and cuts, and much more (Ehrlich). The amount of vitamin C in food is greatly affected by how someone chooses to cook it....   [tags: Vitamin C, Nutrition, Human body, Vitamin]

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Technical Issues Solution Strategy

- Technical Issues Solution Strategy In this section, a strategy will be defined to address the issues identified in the previous section. The solutions will leverage Peter principals as the baseline to compare the IT organization issues with principals. The outcome of this effort is to produce a strategy that will be implemented over the number of months. Principal 1: Recruit, train, and retain World Class IT employees In order to address the situation that emerged out of the reorganization where IT employees were transfer into different specialties without considering the employees’ career development....   [tags: Principals, Implementation, Skillset]

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The Cloud Computing Solution

- Our research group has to agree that implementation of cloud computing to PCB companies can be done within the next few years because the IT industry being used by PCB companies will drastically change as the research group knows. Most or some employees may not fully understand the concepts or even grasp the basics of cloud computing in this present era but it takes time for them to learn. Personnel of PCB companies especially upper managers would expect good results and benefits both financial and technical from cloud computing in this fast moving years run by society depending on tons of IT platforms....   [tags: Information Technology]

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The Security Weaknesses Of Aircraft Solutions

- Executive Summary The reason of this information is to identify the security weakness in the Aircraft Solutions inter structure. Aircraft solutions is a known frontrunner in the design and manufacture of component for commercial, defense, and aerospace industry headquartered in San Diego, CA. I have found two security vulnerabilities in the organization, first there is software issue of not having a firewall between the Commercial Division and the internet world, which can be solved by installing a fire between CD and internet....   [tags: Computer security, Security, IP address, Risk]

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Gun Control : The Problems And Solutions

- Gun Control: The Problems and Solutions The United States today can be a scary place. Someone that is disgruntled, has a mental health issue, radicalized through terrorist propaganda or for any other reason can take up a firearm and mass murder innocent people. It can happen anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Anyone that pays attention to any news or newspapers has probably heard something about gun control. It’s a hot topic in this country and around the world. There are a lot of problems with gun control and regulating guns in the United States....   [tags: Gun politics in the United States, Firearm]

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P Xylene And Toluene Solution

- The freezing point of p-xylene was calculated by taking the average calculated Kf of the three trials of the p-xylene and toluene solution. The average of the three trials was computed as 4.56(C/m) as shown in Table 1, however, the theoretical value was slightly lower than calculated, 4.3(C/m). This resulted in a 6.04% error as shown in Equation 5; possible causes of error could have resulted from adding too much solute or too little solvent, then the calculations would have been off given that the solution was not dilute enough....   [tags: Solvent, Solubility, Melting point, Solution]

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A Solution to E-Waste

- Over the past decade there was a profound development achieved in the sphere of high technologies production. Now the scale of electronics market becomes wider and spins up day by day with a cyclic launch of new electronic appliances with enhanced features. “According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), consumers were expected to purchase 500 million units of consumer electronics in the US in 2008.” (Electronics Takeback coalition, 2010) Consequently, a clear tendency toward rapid substitution of electronic appliances can be observed....   [tags: Recycling Electronics]

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The Social Solutions Of Wealth And Poverty

- The Social Solutions of Wealth and Poverty The evidence of this economic inequality is ubiquitously. Income and wealth is an essential part in supporting basic physical and mental health, however, it is distributed unequally throughout the globe creating wealth and poverty stricken social classes. There are solutions available in diminishing and preventing the wealth and poverty inequality. The vast amounts of prosperity can be distributed equally between the different social classes and poverty can be reduced, if not complete eradicated....   [tags: Poverty, Sociology, Economic inequality]

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Finding Solutions to the Problems of Education

- Problems of education connect to funding, teacher quality and the status of the teaching profession, student academic performance and standardized testing, racial imbalances, and equal educational opportunity. The lack of parental involvement seems to be a problem for education also. Parental involvement in their child's education makes them feel good about themselves. They usually have higher grades; higher test scores on standardized tests, classroom assessments and at arrive at school all the time....   [tags: Parental Involvement, Resources, Teachers]

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The Unsustainability of the Fishing Industry and Solutions

- The fishing industry has been an important one since the dawn of mankind, being a rich and reliable food source. It has changed and evolved overtime but still kept its core purpose. In the past the problem may have been catching sea life, today it is sustainability. Our population is far too high and demand too great for the industry to keep up. At this pace we will strip the oceans of its fish and be left with none. A solution is necessary, as this problem will not fix itself. Sustainability is the capability of something to be continued indefinitely, with few effects to the environment....   [tags: aquaculture, food source, trade]

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The Case of LG CNS Solutions

- Service Innovation in Public Transportation: The Case of LG CNS Solutions 1. Introduction Public transportation has grown as attractive investment opportunity in economic sub sector nowadays (Allison, Lupton and Wallis 2013). Mostly public transportation acquisition has been conducted by the government, responsible for whole transport infrastructure activity as the owner and regulator. Since sustainable transport design were gained for better future, government give a space for private company in collaboration, generate the value based on co-creation (Enquist et al....   [tags: public transportation, Korea, service, innovation]

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The Effects Of Steroids On Sports And The Solutions

- Athletes are often pressured from an early age to be better than the rest. In sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and soccer, the need to be “great” is becoming a dominant factor in the world of sports. Regardless of which sport is chosen, the stigma to be great is slowly surpassing the main goal of sportsmanship among team players. With the notion that being great is the key; many athletes, both amateur and professional, are relying on steroids to help bring them to the top of their game....   [tags: Anabolic steroid, Testosterone, Addiction]

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Solutions to Child Trafficking in Romania

- Solutions to Child trafficking in Romania The Guardian describes the story of Marinela, A seventeen year old Romanian girl who was kidnapped and sold as a sex slave. The British newspaper shared that “[Marinela’s] Daily shifts lasted twelve hours, 10pm to 10am, seven days a week.” She was later discovered and arrested for prostitution in England. It was also reported that, “Her first day in custody was the first time since her arrival in England six months earlier that she had not been forced to have sex.” (Townsend)....   [tags: The Guardian, Kidnapping, Sex Trafficking]

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Solutions to the Cruelty of Animal Treatment

- “The chains cut so deep; it was hard for me to breathe. I haven’t eaten in days. I lay there wondering why, but it never comes to mind. Rips and shreds cover my ears, from being beaten with that stick. My big brown eyes now filled with tears, they chained me up and left me for dead. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but all I could do was weep.”(Unknown) There are two types of animal abuse passive and active; both were repented in the poem above. Active abuse is when there is pain given to the animal all at one, like the animal being kicked or hit....   [tags: animal neglect, active abuse, passive abuse]

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Solutions to the Clean Water Shortage

- ... Another large factor is the amount of energy it requires to create one cubic meter of drinking water. Most of the energy used to power the plants is met through the use of fossil fuels, of which our supply is already rapidly dwindling. Pollution is also a major con because removing pure water from a salty source like the ocean, contributes to a higher concentration of salts.This creates brine. Brine often contains chemicals such as chlorine, anti-scaling and anti-caking agents. These chemicals will likely have a negative effect on the surrounding environments and ecosystem....   [tags: pros and cons ]

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Solutions to the Foreclosure Crisis and Beyond

- Solutions to the Foreclosure Crisis and Beyond “Ster•il•ize : to deprive of the power of reproducing, as in surgically sterilizing cats and dogs.” Such is the definition of this word as listed in Webster’s Dictionary.(1) In looking at all the havoc the financial wizards of Wall Street have laid upon the global economy, it seems appropriate to review this term. Our society has been overcome with notion of “excess” in the past few years. Excessive spending, excessive homes and mortgages, excessive credit, and even excessive eating were becoming the norm....   [tags: US Economy]

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Solutions for the Underepresented Populations in STEM

- Analysis Different research methods can indeed be used to study and propose solutions to the problem of underrepresented populations in STEM. Each of these studies chose to focus on one theory as to why this problem is occurring, and rather than discuss, set out to prove their theory with quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods analysis. Faculty Relationships One factor discovered to be significant in URP interest and success was the quality of faculty relationships. Cole & Espinoza (2009), Garcia & Hurtado (2010), and Espinosa (2011) discovered this through quantitative research....   [tags: faculty, learning, women]

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The On Youth Delinquency And Potential Solutions

- Scripture wisely exhorts fathers to be wary of how they treat their children; specifically, Ephesians 6:4 warns against provocation, and encourages a Godly model of compassion with a proper response to bad behavior. This Scripture encompasses a variety of behaviors or actions by a father that could potentially be provoking or damaging to a child. Along with this, the potential harmful effects of such behavior on youth delinquency and potential solutions to these problems will be discussed. Proverbs 22:6 and Colossians 3: 21 profoundly remind fathers that their duty is to protect their children, not to provoke them, and to raise them to serve the Lord....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Domestic violence, Family]

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