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The Endless Possibilities of 3D Printing

- ... I am not trying to sell or promote a product here; instead I want to effectively reveal a 3D printer’s potential, significance and true meaning. The frustration of not being able to find the perfect lampshade, or any other product at a good price would no longer be a problem with 3D printers now available for consumers. “Although 3-D printers are not yet a standard part of home-computing equipment, the latest generation of devices, such as Cube® by 3D Systems, the Cubex™ or Makerbot’s Replicator™2X - which retail for between one and three thousand US dollars - are bringing the possibility of home manufacturing one step closer to reality” (Jewell)....   [tags: manufacturing, customization, technology]

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Microeconomics: The Production Possibilities Curve

- 1. Given the information I would suspect, even without evidence, that the economy might not be able to produce all the schools and beds it wants because there are inevitable constraints on any nation’s economy despite how big or small it is. On an economy’s production cycle, there are four main constraints (DukeEconomics, 2012). These are land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship. Land resources include natural resources like arable land, animals, water, etc (Jain and Ohri, 2010, p. 159). Capital encompasses man-made items like buildings and equipment; and these items are integral to present and future productivity in an economy....   [tags: entrepreneurship, goods and services]

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The Wide Possibilities of Nanotechnology

- ... The significance of nanotechnology in the engine oil industry is that the future projects of the industry move us towards different aspects of science that were not previously explored. Hence, Google should be building this product that will target engine oil companies to it reduce the contamination. Moreover, the application of nanotechnology in the medical field will help improving the world. As the technology becomes innovative, it creates an endless range of possibilities to save people’s lives....   [tags: environment, engine oil industry, medical field]

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New Possibilities for Mobile Advertising

- Review of Related Literature Nowadays, mobile phone advertising is becoming the mainstream and a new avenues that offers endless possibilities as digital innovations in all types of digital media including mobile phones or cellphones, cellular-enabled PC or tablets and another brees of hand-held device which transform and totally changed the game on how marketers advertise through mobile advertising and that is the advent of smartphones or highly advanced form of mobile phones. According to Dr. Preeta H....   [tags: phones, marketing, privacy]

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Educational Possibilities in Technology

- Educational Possibilities in Technology Imagine life without modern-day technology, having to work with obsolete tools, and having little or no communication between distant people. This, to a lesser degree is the current situation in our educational system. In the past fifty years, technology has drastically changed lives. The invention of computers, smartphones, and handheld devices that can access the internet, a vast new world of information, has created immeasurable new opportunities and possibilities....   [tags: Modern Technology, Education, Schools]

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Nuclear Fusion Possibilities

- Nuclear Fusion Possibilities In our classroom while were studying the process that the sun uses to create its own energy I started to think about the possibility of us humans harnessing the same power the sun uses to keep us warm, this is by means of fusion. The definition of fusion from our chemistry textbook is “Combining two light nuclei to form a heavier nucleus.”(1) My first goal in this research paper is to see first see what the requirements are to be able to facilitate nuclear fusion. My second is to see the availability of these requirements, and current restraints....   [tags: physics, energy]

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Oh the Possibilities!

- Oh the Possibilities. Whether we know it or not, throughout life many people mold and shape our lives. These are the people that make us who we are today. I am simply talking about one person in particular, a teacher. Teachers’ change lives every day without even sometimes realizing it. Erich Fromm said it best when he stated, “Education is helping the child realize his potentialities.” Knowing that I could have a positive effect on a child’s life is the main reason for my teaching career. In this paper, I will explain why I want to teach, my educational goals, and the philosophy that I will use during my teaching career....   [tags: Teachers Teaching Education Essays]

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The Possibilities of a Strict Interpretation of the Constitution

- The Possibilities of a Strict Interpretation of the Constitution The Supreme Court ruling on McCulloch vs. Maryland dramatically impacted the United States. The life of every American would have been more dependent on the States rather than the United States. The emphasis of power would focus on the sovereignty of the local, or State, branches of the government. This is the exact opposite of our currently domineering federal government. The United States would have become a totally different nation if the doctrine of strict constructionism had been followed....   [tags: Papers]

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Alternate Possibilities and Moral Responsibility by Harry Frankfurt

- In “Alternate Possibilities and Moral Responsibility”, Harry Frankfurt attempts to falsify the Principle of Alternate Possibilities. The Principle of Alternate Possibilities is the principle where a person is morally responsible for what he has done only if he could have done otherwise. A person would be morally responsible for their own actions if done by themselves. If someone else had forced that person to do the action, then the person doing the action is not morally responsible. Frankfurt does not believe this to be true and that the person doing the action is morally responsible....   [tags: natural intuition, Black and Jones]

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The Limitless Possibilities of Art

- Definition Essay – The Limitless Possibilities of Art Before attempting to define art in even the most abstract of terms, I must preface with an apologia, for any definition of art dooms itself to failure as long as it attempts to categorize together objects or actions which belong to no unified category. Where does one set boundaries to determine the limits of the category ‘art’. Mine will serve only to elaborate my own personal opinions as there exists no objective method of evaluation for a definition of art as a whole (at least one which does not set arbitrary boundaries)....   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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Belief Worlds and Epistemic Possibilities

- Belief Worlds and Epistemic Possibilities ABSTRACT: This paper develops an individualistic, belief-based account for a limited class of epistemic possibility statements. Section I establishes the need for such an account by reviewing a recent version of the majority view (the "Relevant Community Account") and contesting two key assumptions. I argue that some epistemic possibilities are belief-based-contra the assumption that all are knowledge-based. Against the assumption that all epistemic possibility statements are analyzable in terms of the speaker's "relevant community," I contend that the truth value of some statements is a function of the speaker's epistemic states alone....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Essays]

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Challenges and Possibilities for BIM Supply Chain Management

- This paper could identify the strategic areas related to the construction challenges and possibilities for BIM established supply chain management between a main project stakeholder such like the Client, contractor and product suppliers. First of the areas is design management, where it is essential to clarify how the model based design provided by a product supplier is linked to the architectural and structural design of the construction project. Furthermore, there are also possibilities to improve monitoring and management of design status information with help of BIM and SCM so that delays in design could be recognized as early as possible to avoid discrepancies on construction work at si...   [tags: construction, contractors, parts]

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Possibilities for a Better World

- Possibilities for a Better World The picture painted of the world and humanity by Kurt Vonnegut in Cats' Cradle is not a positive one. It is not the utopia that so many of the novel's character's are striving for. It is a ridiculous world where truths are based on lies and the balance of good and evil is a manufactured state. If Vonnegut's attempt is to "poison minds with humanity… to encourage them to make a better world," it is only through showing the reader the follies of man, the foolishness we live with daily, that maybe we can change our outlook and make a "better world." Within the 191 pages of Cat's Cradle Vonnegut manages to slam nearly every mode of life, every motivating facto...   [tags: Kurt Vonnegut Cats' Cradle Essays]

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Photoreceptor Damage: Causes and Possibilities

- Photoreceptor Damage: Causes and Possibilities Over 10,000,000 people around the world suffer from some sort of blindness or handicap due to photoreceptor damage. These effects can be caused by a number of afflictions, including retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, and tumors. These illnesses vary in severity from being a mere hindrance to completely blinding the individual. Until recently, those affected were left without hope of a cure or even a treatment that would somewhat improve their vision....   [tags: Medical Medicine Papers]

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Game Theory: Thinking in Positive and Negative Possibilities

- ... Therefore, Shakespeare successfully took away the opportunity that the soldiers might retreat and not fight them. Hobbes used game theory in another way, he thought of all the options and decided that people do not have to kill. For example, if person X claimed that person Y broke a promise or deal, person X could hire a person to hurt person Y, which would not kill anyone and it would stop Person Y from being dishonest again. A non-zero sum game is a game that has one player that wins, and the consequences will not harm the losing player....   [tags: problem, think, games]

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The Sunflower on the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness by Simon Wiesenthal

- Forgiveness is to stop feeling angry, to stop blaming someone for the way they made a person feel, and stop feeling victims of whatever wickedness was directed towards them. Is forgiveness necessary. Can everyone be forgiven despite the circumstances. If forgiveness depends on the situation, then is it necessary at all. Does forgiveness allow someone to continue their life in peace. Is forgiving someone who causes physical pain to someone, as a pose to forgiving someone who murdered a member of the family the same....   [tags: forgiveness, crimes, murderer]

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Ray Charles: A Blind Man Sees A World of Possibilities

- Ray Charles: A Blind Man Sees A World of Possibilities In a world of darkness, misunderstanding, and confusion, there was a light of hope. Ray Charles was able to stand up and face this world, and he set out to pursue the impossible. Ray Charles overcame his disabilities by becoming a musician despite his blindness, stopping the use of heroin, and performing even though there were segregated audiences and unfair treatment. To begin with, Ray Charles overcame his disabilities by becoming a musician despite his blindness....   [tags: Musician, Disabilities, Blindness, Biography]

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Economical Possibilities For Cannabis

- Economical Possibilities For Cannabis There are many economical possibilities for Cannabis, the plant is highly resourceful in many ways and could be the agriculture wonder child (plant) for the next century for those that haven't taken advantage of it's resources. This paper will do an over view of some of the important resources that can be produced from of Cannabis. Cannabis sativa is a high, vertical annul herb that is able to grow to heights ranging from 3.3 to 16.4 ft. The Cannabis plants are wind-pollinated, with male and female flowers developing on separate plants....   [tags: Botany]

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Alternate Sources of Energy: Ideas and Possibilities

- Alternate Sources of Energy: Ideas and Possibilities Abstract:  Due to the economical and environmental costs of fossil fuels, as well as to the fuels limited supply, people are striving for renewable alternate sources of energy. Some energy possibilities for the future include the extraction of energy from solid waste, from highway winds, from nuclear fusion, and the earth's own inner heat. As the next century approaches, the world must confront many questions regarding energy. Information from recent research has found that the present energy conditions cannot and must not remain....   [tags: Technology Essays]

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Shakespeare's Rebuttal to Possibilities in Sonnet 96

- Shakespeare's Rebuttal to Possibilities in Sonnet 96       Shakespeare's apostrophic "Sonnet 96," one of the sonnets written to the blond young man, is arranged similar to a rebuttal in an argument or debate." In the first three quatrains, he describes several possibilities, such as the youth's winning nature and potential for mischief, only to refute them in the couplet." He begins with concise one-line points in the first quatrain, moves to a comparison utilizing the entire quatrain in the second, and transitions to two-line arguments in the final quatrain, evoking the idea of a logical, organized argument." Along with reason, however, are the romantic tones of the couplet, whi...   [tags: Sonnet essays]

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Homoerotic and Homophobic Possibilities in The Castle of Otranto

- Homoerotic and Homophobic Possibilities in The Castle of Otranto Eve Sedgwick describes the gothic novel as a “dialectic between the homosexual and homophobic” (92). Homosexuality was first recognized in the eighteenth century and resulted in far reaching social responses. With the establishment of the term “homosexuality”, social tensions appeared. These tensions found their way into novels as fears of sexuality and the struggle for sexual expression. Sedgwick terms this emerging homoeroticism as the “gothic unspeakable”, which is reflected through the depiction of male class and male sexuality (95)....   [tags: Homosexual Gay Gothic Sedgwick]

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An Analysis of The Hyundai Accent Campaign: New Thinking, New Possibilities

- 2.3 Ad content and patterns: Hyundai 3D projection mapping is a part of their new thinking new possibilities campaign. This particular technique was produced in Malaysia on 19th February 2011. The production period was four months and required one hundred and twenty crewmembers, six high-definition projectors, ten high-definition cameras, six cranes, one Hyundai accent car and one stunt man. The content involved graphics on a plain wall with an appearance of a building with huge gates. The gates open and the vehicle comes out....   [tags: Marketing]

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Possibilities in Ralph Waldo Ellison's Invisible Man

- Possibilities in Ralph Waldo Ellison's Invisible Man In the 1900’s opportunities for black people were very limited compared to the 21st century, where jobs are in abundance and more people seek-out for those opportunities. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, edited by Neufeldt and Sparks, an opportunity is, “A combination of circumstances favorable for the purpose; a good chance as to advance oneself” (413). It is not what opportunity is made available unto oneself but what decision is made to advance oneself to a higher level in life....   [tags: Ralph Waldo Ellison Invisible Man Essays]

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The Possibilities of Expanding the Business into New Overseas Markets

- The Possibilities of Expanding the Business into New Overseas Markets As international marketing consultant of Mackie’s of Scotland, the ice cream maker, it is my duty to consider the possibilities of expanding the business into new overseas markets, successfully. The Scottish ice cream market will be researched thoroughly. The UK target market of Mackie’s will be analysed. Finally a suitable country will be chosen to market the product to. The countries that will be selected from will be Saudi Arabia, Germany or Ireland....   [tags: Business Management Economy Ireland Essays]

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Free Essays on Possibilities Offered by Vouchers and School Choice

- The Exciting Possibilities Offered by School Choice        We are in the midst of an unprecedented attack on public schools in the United States. What is causing this attack. Since schools are public institutions, they are by their nature subject to close scrutiny in a democratic society such as ours. All would agree that public schools must be willing to change to meet the changing needs of the greater society. It just seems that in the past decade, the mudslinging has gotten out of hand.   Only now is evidence emerging testifying to the fact that much of the criticism leveled at public schools is exaggerated and misplaced....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Lateritic Soils in the Tropics: The Problems and Management Possibilities

- Lateritic Soils in the Tropics: The Problems and Management Possibilities The soil name "laterite" comes from a Latin word "later" meaning brick. It is an appropriate name, as soils under this classification are characterized by forming hard, impenetrable and often irreversible pans when dried (Soils and Soil Fertility 1993). Lateritic soils are also characterized by their low soil fertility. Due to the high rate of weathering, and resulting low charge minerals, the soil is unable to retain the nutrients needed for plant growth (Ibid., Coleman 1989)....   [tags: Soil Ecology Tropics Papers]

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Photovoltaic Rural Electrification Possibilities in Indonesia and the Philippines

- Photovoltaic Rural Electrification Possibilities in Indonesia and the Philippines With energy demands outpacing the growth in energy supply in rural areas of the developing world such as Indonesia and the Philippines, traditional electricity sources and structures will not be able to address many problems with current systems of rural electrification. Both Indonesia and the Philippines have large rural populations which are scattered over huge geographic distances that contribute in large part to the growing problem with conventional rural electrification....   [tags: Persuasive Argumentative Papers]

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The Possibilities of the Gap Year

- A gap year is a year off of academics, which provides time to explore interests and help determine career choices, containing both positive and negative aspects to consider. A gap year can be spent in a several ways from internships, working, volunteering, or traveling and exploring interests. It can provide students with life impacting traits that can provide a better future and greater outlook on life. If taken seriously, a gap year can have many positive effects on education and the motivation to continue school....   [tags: The Gap Year Abroad]

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Possibilities of Sustainability at Apple inc

- This paper aims at analyzing the initiatives, which such large organizations as Apple Inc. takes to improve their social, environmental and financial sustainability. The paper also sheds light on the way the organization can deploy cost accounting procedures to enhance their sustainability. Furthermore, the paper highlights the variations in the use of cost accounting by the company under consideration and companies in the past. In addition to that, the paper identifies the limitations in the current strategies of the organization and proposes recommendations to improve these limitations....   [tags: Employees, Cost, Development]

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The Possibilities Opened by Learning

- I’ve always been the “smart one” of the family. Ever since I entered Middle School I’ve gotten A’s and B’s, so my parents and other family members called me smart and praised the grades I got. When they ask me why I did well in school I told them it was because I liked learning. That is my “secret” to my good grades; I love to learn. It’s just something about getting knowledge and being able to learn new things that makes me really excited. And learning, for me, doesn’t stop at the classroom. There is so much to learn from the people and world around me, and I plan to learn as much as I can....   [tags: school, history, teachers]

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Possibilities: A New World

- Whether England’s first settlers in the New World were escaping religious persecution or attempting to further their economic status, they endured hardships that tested their fortitude to the limits. The indigenous population, lack of supplies, and lack of manpower are just a few difficulties that England’s settlers faced on a continuous bases. So, how did they overcome the rigors of daily life. Sadly, many of them didn’t. Instead, the New World was full of back breaking work, famine, disease, and death....   [tags: the Sea Dogs]

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Protein Possibilities

- Yo-yo dieting is a popular trend among Americans in today’s society. The pressure is on to be thin and beautiful, and the diet and weight-loss industry is booming because of it. Meanwhile, nutritionists and dieticians are beside themselves, knowing the detrimental effects these diets can have on a person’s health. Nutrition professors, Yvonne Tapper-Gardzina, Nancy Cotugna, and Connie E.Vickery (2002), are just a few who argue against the use of these diets, especially the extremely popular High-protein / Low-carbohydrate diet....   [tags: Nutrition ]

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Youth Migration: It's Time to Explore the Possibilities

- Migration is the term most commonly used to refer to the movement of people from one area to another; setting foot to an unfamiliar environment to establish a better way of life. Ever since primitive men learned to make use of and maximize the environment for growth and survival, migration has always been a prevalent phenomenon. After exhausting all the natural resources like food and water in a certain area, these people moved to other places in search for more abundant food sources. Whatever triggers people to cross geographical boundaries; one thing is for sure: it all stems from a desire to improve and uplift living conditions....   [tags: illegal immigration, immagrants]

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Mesenchymal Stem Cells: The Possibilities are Endless

- Mesenchymal stem cells have been used in treatments for years, however the general public was just unaware. Bone marrow transplants are stem cell therapies. Years ago, these transplants were expensive and uncommon, but today they are performed all the time. Conditions such as degenerative disk disease could be effectively treated without the need for long term medications to decrease the chance of host rejection, spinal surgeries, and would greatly improve the quality of life of the individual by continuing mesenchymal stem cell research....   [tags: treatments, bone marrow transplant, therapies]

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Telepsychiatry: Improving Mental Health Possibilities

- INTRODUCTION It is widely recognized that mental illness affects a significant proportion of the population; however, it is complicated to determine exact numbers. This problem can be attributed to such issues as the changing definitions of mental illness as well as difficulties in classifying, diagnosing, and reporting mental disorders. Limitations to adequate mental health services including social stigma, cultural incompatibility between patients and providers, language barriers, lack of insurance and logistical barriers....   [tags: Mental Health]

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Exploring the Possibilities of Renewable Energy

- What would happen if the sources of the world's energy suddenly disappeared. Do not think it is impossible. While fossil fuels provide an overwhelming majority of the world's energy, they are non-renewable. So, what happens when they run out. This research paper confronts this question with a balanced view attempting to address the issue of what sources might provide energy in the future and come to an objective conclusion. As the world enters a new century, new sources of energy such as wind, solar, and hydrogen power need to be developed to help the world keep running on all cylinders....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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The Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness, by Simon Weisenthal

- Not See Atrocities The act of forgiving a murder is out of the question for most people. Simon is confronted with this very dilemma in The Sunflower. Karl, a dying Nazi, is asking forgiveness from a Jew, the narrator. The narrator leaves the dying Nazi with no answer, leaving him with an agonizing thought of whether he did or did not do the right thing. Due to the fact both Karl and the narrator’s psychological well-being is affected by not only wartime but other extenuating factors, the narrator should grant Karl forgiveness, as this dying man is an individual who is genuinely repenting for the crimes he has committed....   [tags: Thematic Analysis, Summary]

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The Possibilities of Utopias in Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift

- The idea of the perfect and model state has existed since the beginning of civilization. In Jonathon Swift’s satirical novel Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver travels to remote lands and is keen on analyzing and investigating the possibility of utopias. There are noticeable instances of utopias in Gulliver’s Travels; such is symbolized by the Houyhnhnms and the Lilliputians. However, most of these states could not be logically achievable in Swifts’ English society due to the fact that it would require a much different governing state....   [tags: society, government, pride]

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Social Possibilities in The Female Man, by Joanna Russ

- Often when looking at issues that involve the politics of socialization, the counter-response is often an archetypal polarization of a given personal philosophy. Good examples of this occur across the board – someone arguing for feminist principles can be labeled a man-hater, but someone who is more moderate in their views could be labeled as being too compromising, or weak. These polarized views are a good way to compartmentalize different ideals and social orders if used to separate. In Joanna Russ’ The Female Man there are many ways to take the fragmentation of the four main characters of the story, the potential outcomes of each social possibility....   [tags: Characterizations, Feminism]

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End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time

- Poverty in developing countries has increased in the past few decades and the rest of the world can do something to end it. Many regions, including Sub-Saharan Africa, live in extreme poverty. These areas have different conditions than rich countries do, which is why these issues are present. However, they are not permanent. Poverty can be eradicated in a few years if the steps are taken to improve the conditions that cause it. Many countries are underdeveloped because of harsh conditions, but these underprivileged communities can begin developing with the right tools and supplies....   [tags: conditions, tools, supplies, poverty]

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Awakening to the World of Posibilities in Charles Baxter's Gryphon

- ... She wears “gold-rimmed”(246) tinted glasses, and she carries a purple purse and a checkered lunchbox. Gryphon can be also attributed to her storytelling teaching technique”without glancing at the book she began to talk”(251). Like gryphon itself Miss Ferenczi combines real parts into unreal wholes. She sounds sane in one breath and delusional in the next. An other fascinating fact about the title of the story is the spelling of the word gryphon. It is a variant of griffin,which is more popular way of spelling the term....   [tags: teacher, outcast, mystery]

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The Importance of Being Open To All Possibilities of Life, Depicted in Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter and Emerson's Nature

- Individuals are products of society and, yet, society can also be a product of individuals. In either relationship, the individual and society affect each other. In “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hester becomes an individual through being open to being positively guided by her own values and morals even if those values and morals are not prescribed by society. Similarly, in “Nature” by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emerson discusses how the individual has the capability to, if the individual is open, be positively inspired and changed by the natural world....   [tags: The scarlet letter, nature]

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The Possiblities of Genetically Engineered Food

- Genetically engineering food could be a viable possibility to ending the problem world hunger. There are many advantages to this solution but there are also disadvantages. This paper will aim to show both the advantages and disadvantages. I also hope to show the environmental impact that it could have. What is genetically engineered food. Genetically engineered foods are created when genes from plant and non-plant species are modified and transferred to create a food species that has certain desired effects such as being drought or pest resistant (Whitman, Deborah, 2000)....   [tags: Genetic Engineering ]

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Malevolent Upbringing Increases the Posibilities for Children to Become Criminals

- It is widely known that the upbringing of a child plays a large part in how they turn out as a teenager and also how they turn out as an adult. In fact, many parents like to expose their children to the music of Mozart and other classical composers and engage them in as many activities as possible in an effort to increase their chances of becoming successful and well off adults. However, this has the potential to go both ways, and when faced with a violent and often malevolent upbringing, the possibility of the child turning to criminal behaviour increases....   [tags: parents, classical music, violence]

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It Isn't What God is, But What God is Not

- Let's play a game; I will give you an example of my rule, and your objective is to guess what my rule is. You may propose other examples to test your hypothetical rule and I will confirm if it agrees with my rule or not. Let's begin; my one and only example of my rule is this: 2, 4, 6. Now, if this question was asked to a sample population, the average answer would be a multiplet of 2 (e.g. 8, 10, 12 or 5, 10, 15). Although, these answers fit my rule, “multiplet of 2” is not the rule. The correct answer ( or rule, in my game) is that the numbers are in ascending order....   [tags: confirmational bias, Maimonides, God]

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Cheating and Plagiarism - Just Don't Do It !

- Plagiarism A writer has only two things to sell: his words and his ideas. If you steal either, it’s as bad as stealing any other peddler’s stock-in-trade. Unlike other peddlers, though, the writer gives you permission to use his stock-in-trade at your will as long as you point out that the stuff originally belonged to him. Original Material, from Henry I. Christ, Hamlet with Reader’s Guide, Amsco School Publication, New York, 1970, p. 321. The play is an eternal challenge, a lock with many keys, none of which ever fits perfectly....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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The American Dream in A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

- In my research paper I would talk about the themes of The American Dream, and choices and possibilities from the book A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry and I will talk about the author. Playwright and activist Lorraine Hansberry wrote A Raisin in the Sun and was the first black playwright and the youngest American to win a New York Critics’ Circle award. Lorraine Hansberry was born on May 19, 1930, in Chicago, Illinois. Throughout her life she was heavily involved in civil rights. She died at 34 of pancreatic cancer....   [tags: racism in chicago, class, ethnicity]

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“The Yellow Wallpaper”

- “The Yellow Wallpaper” is a very ironic tale filled with a lot of symbolism that is used to portray her own concept of what she believes the institution of marriage is like specifically for women during her time. The entire piece has an extremely eerie and horrific feel to it that only aids in reinforcing what she thinks marriage is like. At first glance of the tale one might think that it is simply a scary story about a psychotic woman who needs to be under constant watch by her husband because she is seemingly out of her mind....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Coaching Assessment Models

- There are many different assessment models developed which enable the coach to assess the client from a number of varied perspectives. The majority of these models are simply used as a tool, providing a schema for noting observations. An ideal assessment model is an instrument used to obtain structure within the framework of the coaching encounter. The coach is never limited to the parameters of the model, but the model should provide a guide in the evaluation of the client. In other words, the model allows the coach to develop a frame of reference for client observation....   [tags: five elements model, mood]

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Does Artificial Human Cloning Challenge Ethical Boundaries?

- Does Artificial Human Cloning Challenge Ethical Boundaries. Are you one of the millions of humans that take their individuality for granted. If so, adding a replica of a loved one no big deal. Or is it. Human cloning, will it be the wave of the future which will create a human being that will genetically superior or simple replace a loved one that died. What would a parent pay to replace a lost child $1000.00, $10,000.00, or as much as one million dollars, and if so would this be justifiable, moral, or even ethical....   [tags: Medical Ethics ]

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Critical and Creative Thinking

- ... Critical thinkers assess, classify, interpret, identify and categorize during their thought process. Creative thinking is a process is one that is more mental than logical. Creative people make more use of their mental raw material and practice less intellectual regulation (Baumgartner, 2013). In the creative thinking process, there is a lack of seriousness and more playfulness during thought. They can have strengths in one area while having weaknesses in others, however that allows for a certain level of balance for a critical thinker....   [tags: mental raw material, decision making process]

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Comparision between Generalized and Restrictive Action Potence

- Unlike animals that are in tune with their environment and satisfy their needs directly, humans meet their needs for living such as food, clothes etc. through societal integration. This means that instead of working directly, and independently humans participate in an organized division of labour that is broad enough to satisfy the needs of all individuals. Everyone does their share of work whether it is in a factory to provide goods or farm to provide food and everyone is compensated by being paid for their work which in return allows individuals to afford the necessities of life....   [tags: organized division of labor]

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The Journey, not the Arrival Matters

- The Journey, not the Arrival Matters Journey is a multilayered process which is inevitable in ones lifetime. Whilst journeys can be inner or physical it is our imagination that enables us to escape into new worlds and visualise new possibilities. These imaginative journeys occur in the realm of the mind where fantasy is created and reality is considered. The human capacity to dream and transcend actual existence often opens amazing possibilities. It is through imagination, speculation and inspiration that the exploration of new worlds, possibilities and human potential is achieved....   [tags: Papers]

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University of Canberra Degree and Three Possible Careers

- The main purpose of this report is to look at and analyse a degree at the University of Canberra that you are interested in studying, also looking at three possible careers that can be done in completing the degree. As I am interested in a career in marketing I need to complete a degree in Commerce. I looked at certain career paths that were relevant to my interests, such as a Marketing Manager, a Product/Brand Manager and a Advertising Manager. I looked at the positives and negatives of these three careers and the personal qualities and skills need to excel in the marketing field....   [tags: Personal Goals]

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Inevitability of Genetic Modification in Redesigning Humans

- ... The author uses metaphor in conclusion to his argument as well when he restates the coming restructure of society due to germline engineering. He says that “what is occurring now is no less than a birth…the head is beginning to show…we cannot push the head back, and we risk doing ourselves grievous harm if we make the attempt” (Stock 199). The comparison to birth suggests a beginning because of the archetype it is associated with in literature; thus, Stock makes the reader excited to be part of the first generation to truly utilize the genome....   [tags: metaphor, rebirth, humanity, change]

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Company's Strategic Plan Brings Higher Performance

- Within my team, we have several different personalities. As part of our company’s new strategic plan, which as research shows directly ties to higher performance levels. Based on our personality test, all of our team members have the ability to perceive new possibilities and are able to make effective decisions using logical objectivity. The team member’s personalities presented a unique challenge and require as the best management technique a hybrid between Autocratic, democratic and consideration....   [tags: employees, personalities, team]

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Using Technology to Improve Education

- Purchasing a new technological gadget can be an exciting experience. After tearing through stubborn security labels, discarding excessive wasteful inner packaging, and tolerating the scent of new plastic wafting through the air, the consumer finally reaches their electronic goodie. Without power, the device is useless. It is simply a plastic brick with some fancy buttons attached. However, when this device is given a source of energy, it comes to life, and brings to its user access to entertainment, information, or communication....   [tags: technology and Education, computers, internet]

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Freedom in Leibniz’s Monadological System

- In The Monadology, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz creates a metaphysical system that attempts to explain the nature of the material world. Leibniz does not believe that the material world can be explained using mathematics and other scientific principals, so he develops a rational theory to give him the causal explanation that he needs. This system Leibniz creates, appeals to the sufficient reason that is God and the pre-established harmony of the monads that make up the material world. Leibniz sets out to prove that his system has a substantial account of freedom, however, the principles and the rationalization he defaults to makes freedom almost impossible....   [tags: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz]

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Science Takes Over to Destroy

- “There are those who say: 'the First World War was chemical; the Second World War was nuclear; and that the Third World War – God forbid – will be biological.'” (Foley) Throughout these recent years, humans have been fascinated with genetic engineering. The information of these are mostly public, for worse or for better. There is no such thing as just curiosity, some scientists think these as possibilities to save more human lives and possibly even find a cure for leukemia and cancer, nevertheless, there are people who think these as possibilities towards warfare – as biological weapons....   [tags: chemical, nuclear and biological war]

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Science Takes Over to Destroy

- “There are those who say: 'the First World War was chemical; the Second World War was nuclear; and that the Third World War – God forbid – will be biological.'” (Foley) Throughout these recent years, humans have been fascinated with genetic engineering. The information of these are mostly public, for worse or for better. There is no such thing as just curiosity, some scientists think these as possibilities to save more human lives and possibly even find a cure for leukemia and cancer, nevertheless, there are people that think these as possibilities towards warfare – as biological weapons....   [tags: biological, mutations, terrorists]

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What is Open Source Licensing

- ... A conclusion that came out was that the open-source licensing regimes are no longer confined to idealistic or academic programmers but have led to the creation of diverse licenses that provide for different possibilities and accordingly are more or less compatible with copyright protection. In chapter five the most important legal controversies around open source software licenses from a contractual point of view were put under scrutiny. This analysis estimated that the uncertainty around the contractual nature of open source licenses should be considered minor due to the fact that the courts, after a period of skepticism, have shown a positiveness to apply and enforce any license of sof...   [tags: software, intellectual property rights]

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The Structure of Possibility

- The Structure of Possibility I call attention to the following theses concerning possibility. 1) Anything that has become actual must have been possible in the period of time immediately preceding its actualization. 2) The logically possible is a conception, and conceptions exist within the mind. 3) The possible is not a mere name. 4) The possible is not a mental entity and that alone. 5) Every possibility, whether mental entity or not must be, or image, an ontological entity, real although not (yet) actual....   [tags: Philosophy Logic Papers]

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Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

- Umbilical cord blood banking has been a new topic for the media and public. Science has shown there are copious benefits and a few drawbacks with the use of cord blood. One of these drawbacks is the cost of cord blood banking. If insurance companies were to be mandated to cover cord blood banking, then more people could reap in the benefits of having cord blood stored. Umbilical cord blood was formerly believed of as a waste product. Now it is known that cord blood has two types of stem cells which offer multiple treatment possibilities (Waller-Wise, 2011)....   [tags: stem cell reproduction industry]

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Advancement of Technology and Science and its Influence on Science Fiction Novels

- Advancement of Technology and Science and its Influence on Science Fiction Novels The rapid pace of technology and the advancement of scientific understanding in the past one hundred years are at the backbone for the distinctly twentieth century genre -- science fiction. Such rapid advancement in these fields of technology have opened up literally worlds of possibilities for the future. One hundred years ago the possibility of simply flying from city to city may have seemed nothing more than a distant futuristic dream to most....   [tags: Technology Science Literature Essays]

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Combinations in Pascal's Triangle

- Combinations in Pascal’s Triangle Pascal’s Triangle is a relatively simple picture to create, but the patterns that can be found within it are seemingly endless. Pascal’s Triangle is formed by adding the closest two numbers from the previous row to form the next number in the row directly below, starting with the number 1 at the very tip. This 1 is said to be in the zeroth row. After this you can imagine that the entire triangle is surrounded by 0s. This allows us to say that the next row (row one) is formed by adding 0+1 to equal 1 and 1+0 to equal 1 making the next row 1 1....   [tags: Mathematics Math]

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Philosophy of Managment

- Management plays an important role in almost every aspect of a person’s life. Many people do their best to manage their personal time, money, goals, and decisions. People also tend to have some form of management in their social and family lifestyles. Management is important to understand and consider for a variety of situations. My focus in this paper will be to relate my management philosophies to defined management styles. I will also to describe my personal and social management philosophies and how they compare and contrast to one another....   [tags: Life Skills]

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Personality and Temperament

- Introversion and extroversion are just two ways of getting energized, and any forward looking organization that values relationships and people must have this in mind. Extroverts tend to be more motivated from other people, where as introverts get their energy from within. However, introversion and extroversion operates in continuum; some are near the end and others around the middle. God was never biased in his creation. He gave us different personalities, gifts and talents to ensure that we view one another as parts of one body, with its own unique features and roles (Ephesians 4:4)....   [tags: Psychology]

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IB/ALP Program Application

- I believe that I have numerous skills that have allowed me to excel in school but I have my flaws, as does everyone. I have been told many times, “It’s not how smart you are, but how you’re smart.” I find this to be quite true, but I don’t believe it to mean that you cannot learn to become smarter in different areas. I have hopes that the IB/ALP program will do many things to help me further succeed beyond what I could expect, by helping me achieve my goals, work towards ameliorating in my weaknesses, heighten my potential, and open new possibilities for me that I couldn’t believe possible....   [tags: risk, taker, open, mind, potential, goals]

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Improvements in the Quality of Life of the Hearing Impaired: Modern Technology Impact

- ... However, not everyone performs to the same level with the cochlear implant. The organization expresses the importance of speaking to multiple medical specialists and a cochlear-implant surgeon before deciding if a cochlear implant is the right choice. Many reasons could cause someone to choice against an implant. Money, risk factors, and time are all things to take into consideration. Cochlear implants are expensive, and some insurance companies will not pay for it. Secondly, the surgeries are usually safe, but there is always a risk of complications....   [tags: deaf, therapy, technology, implants]

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Ayn Rand's True Philosophy, and the People and Events Who Show It

- Ayn Rand’s True Philosophy, and the People and Events Who Show It “I worship individuals for their highest possibilities as individuals, and I loathe humanity, for its failure to live up to these possibilities.” (Ayn Rand). Ayn’s novel lives up to these possibilities by expressing her hope for independence and individuality in the world. Freedom can only be achieved by man’s own ability to think, feel, make choices, and form their own judgement, and that is exactly what the novel is about. In her book Anthem, Ayn Rand presents the philosophy that independence and individuality are very important in a society....   [tags: individualism, equality, gay pride]

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Surveillance Techniques of New Technologies Demand Rethinking of Online Behaviour

- Daily usage of the new media technologies like updating our Facebook profile over the internet offer a vast set of opportunities, which are already integrated into our life, but nevertheless the services of these technologies require to expose information about ourself, which are sent over unknown data highways, cached and stored in diverse memory locations and, most of all, read and transferred by many unknown connection points. We are not fully aware of what happens until our data are saved at the desired location, neither do we know what happens with our data....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Politics and The English Language in George Orwell´s Animal Farm

- ... Another commandment that can be changed into simpler terms is “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."(Orwell 133) This commandment sounds too repetitive and can be changed into something simpler like all animals are equal but others are better than other animals. Squealer gave a speech about the pigs should eat what they are given. "Comrades. He cried...Many of us actually dislike milk and apples. I dislike them myself.... Milk and apples (this has been proved by Science, comrades) contain substances absolutely necessary to the well-being of a pig....   [tags: language, society, active, passive]

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The Engineering of Human Genetics in Dreams and Nightmares

- Since the beginning of scientific research, the information discovered has led to many technological breakthroughs and advancements at a rapid pace. The velocity of the incoming discoveries may allow one to overlook the powerful emphasis we as humans hold over human life itself. While human research has been developing an understanding of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) since Friedrich Miescher isolated the double-helix shaped molecule, efforts in recent decades to map the human genome have instigated a great amount of opportunity to the potential manipulation of the basic elements of life....   [tags: ethical issues, scientific research]

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What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Your DNA

- New technologies in genetic testing, has brought many new opportunities in the medical world. For some people, genetic testing is a window into the future of their children or themselves. But incidental findings in genetic testing can cause controversy between the doctors and the patients. The question that has come up several times about genetic testing is, should doctors be able to withhold information, from incidental findings, from their patients. The possibilities from the genetic mutations can scare people to make rash decisions....   [tags: genetic testing, mutation, screening]

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Social Media’s Effect on the Culture of Dating

- All humans have the innate desire to create intimate relationships with others. The manner in which people engage in romantic relations has evolved throughout time, and today, social media plays an influential role as a medium of communication for initiating romantic connections. While social media has increased the opportunities to connect with others, it has been detrimental to the quality of the interactions that occur in the dating world. Therefore, the conveniences of connecting through social media have generated the consequences of expecting too much and committing too little....   [tags: Facebook Essays]

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The Influence of Social Media in our Society

- ‘Beep’ that was the sound of notification of the message on my smart phone, my friend just wrote on my Wall. Yes, I mean on Facebook. He’s got promoted to CEO. And guess what he has even uploaded the celebration video. Isn’t that remarkable. I am in Bahrain and my friend is in Australia. Social Networking is a diversified technology today, which makes it possible to travel around the world while just sitting in your chair. Communication was particularly a challenge in the past, locally or abroad but it was a tedious affair....   [tags: facebook, messages, marketing]

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Everyone Should Have Access to Higher Education

- College stresses a person to use his or her critical thinking skills and it’s key that he or she use it without the cost. Without a person’s critical thinking skills they could not get through every day. Critical thinking is an important tool for humans to master. College works on that skill so that when the students graduate from there, they can use those skills to make more educated and responsible decision. Not everyone would have the chance to work on their critical thinking skills if college has a price....   [tags: college, critical thinking]

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Neils Bohr and How the Universe Works

- Throughout history, we have become increasingly better at understanding the way the world works. This understanding began with simple observations of our world that remained the accepted truth for centuries. Our observations explained what we didn’t know; we were able to use intuition to find out about the world and the universe, which became a central part of the knowledge we had during our development. Almost all of that was wrong. Through the establishment of empirical science, we have discovered that many old ideas that we had accepted as fact were in fact fallacious....   [tags: quantum physics and mechanics]

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Comparing Two Engineering Careers: Electrical and Computer

- ... Report Organization The report focuses on two main career choices: Electrical Engineer and Computer Engineer. The report is broken down to main section and the following sub-sections: • Job Responsibilities • Academic Qualifications • Estimated Compensation • Growth Potential The report finalizes with a conclusion the recommendation for the most appropriate career choice for the Michael. The career choice is based on the research found in this report and Michael’s previous career path and future desired goals....   [tags: path, goals, sources, career]

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The Main Characteristics for Success is Courage

- ... This is one of the characteristics of the Learner Profile that I posses and demonstrate throughout my daily life. On a constant basis, both inside and out of school, I think deeply on things that pertain to a situation at hand, as well as, ideas and concepts that have no reference to anything relative. With the ability to formulate new and creative ideas that promote excellence and efficiency in every detail, I am constantly eager to create an outstanding product that serves as a betterment to the whole of society....   [tags: inquire, balance, thinkers]

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